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November 12 2012 - December 11 2012

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Stompy Stomp with my Dragon!!

December 11 2012 - I saw Hamish and so I said with a very girly voice, "Hamish!", and "Hamish!" I have so many different ways of saying his name, in various nuances of puppy talk, baby talk, and dear affectionate friend talk. Like how girls talk to cats and dogs and babies. The second time when I said "Hamish!" in this way, it made Hamish stomp his feet up and down about three stompety stomps! Oh I was so delighted.

Usually he stomps his feet up and down real fast, when I shriek his name at him really excitedly, but now this time I wasn't using an excited voice but a calm and high-pitched voice. I used to wonder whether he got nervous or stressed when I shriek "Hamish", when he stomps his feet, but this time I wasn't using a tone of voice that might stress someone out. So for some reason he responds by stomping his feet a few times up and down to this voice too. So maybe my other theory is the right one: that Hamish simply gets excited and happy, but not stressed out. Oh the delight of seeing a Dragon stomp his feet. It looks like this:

Stompety stompy duck feet!

"Yes-No, Get Married!"

December 11 2012 - "Yes-No, Get Married!", Hamish says now. "Just relax with him!", says my MKULTRA cooperative (whatever cooperative means). "I'm always relaxed with my Hamish", I say. (He said Yes-No in my other language and Get Married in English. He mixes languages.) Hamish doesn't want me to have sex. And he doesn't want me to get married. Because he is guarding my eggs.

Don't worry though, as you all know I love having Hamish here with me all day. I love all that he does and says and is, we have good times together! "Yes-No, take off that blouse!", Hamish about my purple-crimson knitted sweater. "Why Hamish?", me asks my Dragon. "It is not the tent.", Hamish says. What now, Hamish? There is a place that they call "the tent". It is literally a tent-like place at the human military base. They've shown me that they always bring me to the tent first before an alien abduction so that the human military guys, especially General Patton, can see me and make sure that I'm safe and ok with the aliens. Without this protection from the US Military the aliens would do terrible medical torture and cut me up and I'd be a goner. So thanks, guys! Yay military! But then military gets drugs and prostitutes (I'm the prostitute!) from the aliens, so meh whatever. The aliens give me drugs too, all the time. I say no but they do it anyway. One of the drugs they rub under my nose then I get all tingly and sexual, no it's not funny don't laugh, it's terribly invasive and I feel that it is rape and sometimes that makes me near a nervous breakdown and anxiety.

Hamish always bites into my arm when he catches me daydreaming or thinking about finding a boyfriend. So, I guess, that having a boyfriend or a husband or getting married, is a Yes-No.

"Yes-No, Get Married! Yes-No, Get Married! Yes-No!", I say to my Dragon. "I will get married to Hamish!", me says to my Dragon. After two seconds: "Yes, but I will not sleep with you.", Hamish the Dragon says. "I am not planning on getting into matrimony with you.", says Hamish in my other language. "No, Hamish.", me says. "But I will guard my eggs!", says Hamish the Red Dragon. "So I will promise you one thing! That we won't lick at each other!", and with that Hamish shows me a mental image in which he would be licking between the fingers of one of my hands. Ok Hamish. "Yes Hamish.", me says. "I will live with you Hamish.", me. "Yes, that is what I thought.", Hamish.

And then Hamish pushed me down on the bed and said that he will "Rule/control his eggs" (translating from other language). He kept me pushed down on the bed and I couldn't get up, and he did sexual feelings on me that felt like orgasms one after the other, only a bit different, they are in the spine and brain and not in the lady parts like normal ones are. He kept saying to me that he will "Rule/control" over me and over my eggs. I told him that I couldn't get up and if I could get up, it still took a few seconds before I could push myself up from the bed. Hamish doesn't do this often. I think he did this sexual encounter with me because of what I was saying to him just prior. I don't like this, I want my old Dragon back, the one that is more innocent and sweet like a puppy. I don't intend on having a sexual relationship with my Dragon. Our friendship is too good to ruin or to alter.

Adult material: Hamish then pushes me aside a bit and indicates toward my lady parts, he then shows me his dog-like slender penis, and he says "Yes-No". Too bad I don't know what Yes-No means. Does it mean Yes? Does it mean No? I wish I knew in matters as important as this. I don't want to have sex with Hamish, he is too dear of a friend. I don't want to ruin anything. He is like family so it would not feel right, sorry Hamish but you are my best buddy, I want you to be the cute Dragon. Though every once in a while Hamish has a fierce moment, rare outbursts of being macho and dominating, but he is most of the time just friendly and sweet. I'll just ignore and pretend this all didn't happen. Back to my packing, we're moving. Heheh, "we". Me and Hamish will find ourselves in a new room soon, and I will buy him some red Christmas tree balls that I will hang up in the room for him. My Dragon. Our bathroom snug rug is of course also coming with.

Three minutes later: "My ***", Hamish says that my lady parts is his. He uses my native language for "my" and he uses another language I used to use not English for the other word. Oh Hamish ha ha!

Sofas and Hygiene - about my Hamish

December 11 2012 - Suddenly Hamish declared, "A Sofa!". I don't know where he was seeing a sofa but he was delighted. Hamish loves sofas, he loves to sit on a sofa and just be comfy. I have never seen anybody enjoy a sofa as much as that time when I caught Hamish relaxing on the sofa in my previous apartment. We had nice leather sofas there, not my favorite but the Draconians and Aliens LOVED those leather sofas. They were always hanging out there. Even Elmer the Draconian loved those leather sofas. And Malik would always catch Hamish enjoying the sofa and would order Hamish to get out of there, because it was too much fun for Hamish.

Hamish just gets all relaxed and comfortable when he sits down on a sofa. I don't have any good chairs in my bedroom and I always feel bad for him having to stand up all day. Sometimes he retreats to the sofas for a while, but I've taken the habit of inviting Hamish to sit with me on the bed (which is where I am, even now). Last night Hamish tried it, he sat down on the foot end of the bed, but he didn't stay there for long, and it wasn't one of those aahh-moments like on the sofas. Comfy Dragon.

And just now Hamish was in the bathroom with his duck feets on the bathroom rug and he said to me that he would like to wash his feet there. Hamish often tells me that he wants to wash up and groom in the bathroom. He sees me doing it all the time and so he wants to do it too. The other day he asked me if he could use my "potty" (toilet). I said yes that Hamish can most certainly use my toilet, and to tell me if he wants me to wash it for him, I mean, it's clean enough but the aliens are aliens. I also told Hamish that I would help him in the bathroom if he needs me for anything, like heheheh hahaa if he wants me to wipe him or something. You know I would, lovingly so, like a mother with a child. He's my Dragon Turtle. And that I would flush for him after if he wants. A while after that Hamish tells me that he has used my potty. I look in the toilet and there is nothing there. And nobody flushed. So I don't know what's up with that. Even when he claims to be grooming stuff from his scales on the bathroom rug and he acts like stuff is falling down on the rug then I look and I see nothing there. I don't know it must be invisible like he is. By the way I think that he spat into the toilet that day when he wanted to use it, because he had something in his mouth that he showed me first.

Hamish tends to pee. His urine is probably both a urine and excrement. It is always a small amount and is more viscous and is yellow with almost a bit of orange color. He has a bit of incontinence so every once in a while he pees a little whereever he tends to be. It can happen in the underground basement corridors or elsewhere. Sometimes if I bother him then it makes him pee because of the stress. Look guys, readers, this isn't some funny joke. Hamish is a biological creature, he is a wonderful person who happens to be in this red body of his. And we all have the bodies that we were given. Hamish is very cleanly and self-conscious about both his appearance and his hygiene. He just happens to be a Red Dragon.

He is affected when the Japanese men in Komi Saki tell him that he smells (you know how the Japanese are totally fussy about their hygiene, so I am not surprised). And when I informed Hamish that his breath smells bad like "old cheese", he still apologizes to me months after about his breath smelling like "old cheese". He tries to wash his mouth now because of me. So you see, we humans should not bother the reptilians. They have their own natural behavior and I have no right to impose on this Dragon to somehow start to do hygienic practices that aren't natural to him. Who cares if Hamish smells. He is not a human. And I probably smell to him. He is a Beautiful Dragon and I wish to have him just the way he is. I don't want him to be constantly grooming himself and washing his feet, if that behavior is not natural to him. I want him to do whatever he needs to do but not because he sees us humans be overtly cleanly. I mean, I shower usually twice or three times a day (mostly because I love a hot shower to relax).

I love you Hamish, and I always will. Right now Hamish shows me in images that the Dinosaurs tend to wash him. I knew of that before. I want to have the honor and the privilege to get to wash Hamish too. "Yes! But we do not use any soap.", says Dinosaur or Hamish. "I want to wash Hamish too. Please let me wash my Dragon." And, just another day with my Hamish.

Yay and Nay

December 11 2012 - First the Nay: I was watching a seriously scary movie tonight (The Hole, don't watch it) and I got worried that maybe Hamish would see it and get scared or affected. Cause he watches everything I do so closely. I told Hamish not to watch it, but after the movie was over I know that Hamish watched it with me because Hamish showed me his mental image of the girl who cried blood from her eye. I told Hamish that it was not real, and I will never watch a scary movie again. It's kind of like when you have kids, as a parent you want to restrict what they are exposed to. Well I am a mom of a Dragon Turtle, and we will be watching cartoons from now on, heh.

I guess I could also watch porn with Arek, heh. Arek wanted me to watch some (I never watch any to be honest, really) back when they were going to have me have sex with the black Draconian (not Malik someone else) and then I got really sick cause they took my immune system down so that my body wouldn't kill the baby and so I got the worst flu ever. Not. I mean, Nay. I also don't watch scary movies often this was a rare event, so we're all good. I watch mostly documentaries and tv shows.

As for the Yay! Hamish has taken quite a delightful interest in the red Christmas tree balls, so as soon as I get settled in my new place of residence, I am buying some pretty red Christmas tree balls just for Hamish. In fact I am wrapping them up as a present for Hamish. Whether he can or wants to open it or not is up to him. Now of course he will know what is in the present, because he watches me ever so diligently. But it is a Christmas present nonetheless and he will enjoy them. I love Hamish.

Hamish knew that I was going to go have a shower and he said that he did not want me to go in there. Seems that Hamish has already gotten settled in the bathroom there, cause usually I am fast asleep at this hour. (It is a few minutes from 1 am on December 10/11th.) So I told Hamish, that I would be sure to ask him for permission before I tread into his territory. Look, Hamish isn't being mean by saying that. Think of it like a bird with a nesting behavior, or a dog with a blanket. He gets comfy in areas and wants to oversee his nearest whereabouts. It's a behavior not rooted on aggression. He's just getting snug and likes to know where things are so that he can rest.

It's now time for me to go into the shower room and have my evening shower with Hamish. Then I'm going to bed. And tomorrow morning, if all else is as usual, I will wake up and only a few seconds after I wake up Hamish will come around and place his head right up close to me. He is a near-sighted Dragon so that's why.

Stompy Stomp!

December 10 2012 - I made a sudden outburst toward Hamish in which I shrieked "Hamish! Hamish!" out of pure joy of having such an awesome Dragon. This caused Hamish to get either nervous or excited and that made him stomp his feet up and down for a few times! I've seen Hamish react this way to my shrieks of delight toward him before too. It can't be helped. Hamish is too cute. I think he gets stressed or nervous and relieves some of that energy and emotion by stompety stomping his feet for a little bit.

The Books are coming out soon!

December 09 2012 - "You cannot show me naked to them." - Hamish explains carefully
This refers to when I wrote to you all (see down below on this news page) about how Hamish got sexually aroused and I saw his penis and all.
"But Hamish! Every man has a penis! You shouldn't feel ashamed! And you get to see me naked all the time!" - me to Hamish
".. Do you think that we care about that which you said to Malik?" - Hamish
"I don't know, Hamish." - me
"We have to take beatings here." - Hamish
"Yes Hamish, I know that Malik hurts you. Malik is mean." - me
"He says that I have to guard your hunnun!" - Hamish (hunnun=eggs)
"I will help you to guard my eggs. We will guard them together. I will help you. My Honored." - me

So as I was about to say... The first book is coming out soon! In it, you get to follow all my adventures with Hamish, Malik, Dinosaurs, and Orion doctor, all of it from the very beginning when this first started in August 2011! I took hundreds of pages of notes of our telepathic conversations. I wrote down every bit of contact I had, everything I saw, heard, felt, or had experienced with the aliens, and I document my whole progress and the journey in getting used to the fact that, yes, my life is full of aliens.

This first book got a natural dividing line at the point where the Zeta/Thubans and their pesky hybrid children appeared in April 2012, and the rest of the material will make it into Book 2. Now, you might have been enjoying reading about our stories here on this website, but mind you this website features only about 20% or less of our material. For most of it is too shocking, too sexual, too graphic, or otherwise unsuitable for a general audience on the internet. So for the full story, including emails and other material that I have not posted, the books will have it all.

In the first book I first get acquainted with the Dinosaur and the Orion doctor (hence the name, "The Orion Mind Project") who talk to me about the genetics project and my DNA. And then, a little bit later, I get acquainted with this fantastic red Dragon, whose name is "Hamish The Great, also known as Hamish The Elder". My relationship with Hamish is in the beginning a bit shaky. He acts arrogant and a little bit hostile with me, to show me that he is in charge, but as he learns over time that I actually do honor and admire him, we capture each other's hearts and he has been with me ever since.

I have never known a person, not alien or human or otherwise, whom I have loved so much as that Hamish. He lives with me every day and we have gotten to know each other very well. So, catch the first part of our friendship in that first book. I can't wait to share with you all. Hamish of course doesn't want me to, but what gives. This story is awesome and fantastic and it has to be shared. This is amazing, and Hamish is amazing. Lub u Ham-mis.

Update: Boo-hoo, this is too much for a little human heart to bear. As I was reading through this post to check for spelling errors or what not, when I get to "I have never known a person, not alien or human or otherwise, whom I have loved so much as that Hamish" above, Hamish appears and says "Yes" and puts his hand-paw on my chest to indicate where I have my heart. This reminds me of that time when I was writing about breast cancer for a school project and Hamish got concerned that I had breast cancer. I have never been treated with such love and compassion, as when Hamish and the Dinosaur came up to me to offer me their support. They did not feel pity or sadness, but utter and pure love and attention, caring and consideration, in an uplifting way that I only wish we humans would know to do to each other in times of need. (I do not have breast cancer.) Hamish can be the most tender and beautiful thing at times. He doesn't often express loving moments like these, but I somehow feel it there in him. I can feel his soul and his personality, and I have never loved anyone like I love my Hamish. Words can't express, but I sure do try to write this down.

Hamish and Malik help General Patton

December 09 2012 - This morning General Patton wanted to do mind control and was training me again to be an MKULTRA Cat. Malik and Hamish are helping the MKULTRA to train me. Malik and General Patton took over my body so that General Patton was inside of my body and head, while Malik was whispering to me about "world domination" and that they would do this to everybody on Earth. I said to Malik that there were too many people on Earth, about 7 billion, for them to have to conquer, one by one. It's ok, I mostly go with it because I'm curious.

They are trying to make it a sexual thing so that I would feel gratification from being mind controlled and then want to do it. Malik can mess with my thoughts and he plants sexual feelings and images into me that I am supposed to get involved with, but I see the trick that they are doing so it doesn't work as well with me. Malik keeps training me and then he tells General Patton and the MKULTRA gang that I am ready for them. They want me to become either the MKULTRA Doll/Puppet or the Cat, probably the Cat because that's what General Patton wants. General Patton wants me to be his "MK-Cat".

But then Hamish shows up and Hamish starts connecting my mind with General Patton's! So Hamish was doing it too! I was asking like, "Hamish what are you doing?!?!!" And then after this training was over Hamish resumed to "guarding my eggs". So it has been a day of stuff.

Packing with the Boys

December 09 2012 - I'm packing and getting rid of things now that the college semester is over and I am soon moving. Hamish watches me pull things out of the closet and rummage around my room. One thing I've noticed about Hamish is that he gets easily stressed out when there is too much stuff happening or too much people to keep track of all at once. Maybe that is because everyday life between me and Hamish is just same old and very boring and quiet indeed. So when I start messing around like crazy Hamish started to tell me that he felt scared seeing all that. I assured my Dragon that I would protect him and that there was nothing to be afraid of. After a few hours of me rummaging and packing and throwing stuff away, Hamish told me that he was now feeling better, because he had gotten used to seeing all this commotion.

Once I got to the kitchen to throw old foods and cookers and plates into a big white garbage bag, Hamish yells at me and declares, "No! Don't throw away the snacks!" I LOVE it how Hamish calls foods "snacks". It is delightful and it's so awesome every time. So I've started calling foods "snacks" with Hamish too. Like friends in real life we are building our own mutual language together, and that feels nice, having a friend like that. He is my family. I assure Hamish that when I arrive in my new place, there will be "snacks" to buy for me to eat. I thought that was delightful, he is ever so much fun but I am sorry that he feels bad about all of this commotion going on here.

So I've emptied all of my dresser drawers. Mostly. One of the few things remaining is that slave collar my ex the Free Mason sent to me in the mail because I was meant to wear it even though we are apart. We live very far apart so we haven't met each other in person over several months, but he still wanted me to have this even when we are apart. I haven't worn it. I hadn't taken it out yet because I didn't know what the heck to do with it or where to put it. Can I throw it away? Do I bring it with me? Where do I put it? Yikes.

So Malik, the Incubus, arrives. The fun with Malik is, that as you can see in the picture below, he is a rather frail build. He has this humble appearance, like one of the black Gremlins without the ears, and like an aged elderly man weak like an old tree that only has the crooked trunk remaining and no leaves or life. Yet he is ever so strong and powerful, when he wants to be. So he is both. But above all, Malik is my cute little uncle who tiptoes around the house, who sometimes hides under the bed to give me nightmares and drink my juice (life force) at night and so I find him there and yell "Malik! Get out from under my bed!" It's funny to have this powerful vicious Black Incubus Demon, who then again tiptoes around like an old uncle, and likes to hide underneath the bed. There's humor in having Malik around. It's like being best friends with Freddy from Nightmare from Elm Street and playing chess together or watching movies all cuddled up on the sofa, only that me and Malik try to do activities like reading Tarot cards and sometimes we cuddle in bed so that's nice. It's very funny and scary both I love it.

Slave collar & The Curious Secretly Sadistic Mr. Mischief Malik the Incubus Fussubus

So Malik for some reason is aware that there is a slave collar in the dresser drawer and he comes up real close to me and says in a gentle almost whispering voice almost singing it out because he's ever so curious and keen on it. "What is that?", asks my gentle uncle Malik the Incubus, and he asks me if it is a "leather whip". I say to Malik that oh, it is a slave collar. Malik is ever so keen on it. Of course. He should be. He is the one who put me together with that Free Mason Master and when we got together Malik was there and Malik was having a field day. Malik was so into it and Malik possessed the man and it was Malik who ordered me around and had me kneel for him and call him Master. Those were some tender moments, but, yikes.

And so I ask Malik if he wants me to put the collar on, but he doesn't say. Then appears one of the Illuminati hybrid chums, and he is also very into this "sadomasochism" thing and he is also keen on that collar being there. I don't put it on and I just come here to write this story to you all. They are funny aren't they, heh?

Or I will eat a whole box of donuts!

December 09 2012 - Hamish made me put my fingers beside the corners of each of my eyes and he then showed me his own eyes very closely, he does this often and it means that "he sees me", it is a sweet and tender moment I think. I then started stroking Hamish gently on his forehead just above the eyes and being very gentle towards him.

Well that made Hamish get sexually aroused. His penis came out! I haven't seen it many times during my one year and three months with Ham-mish. I sometimes think that he surely must not even have one. But it is small and slender like on a dog. He keeps it on the inside of the body. All the Draconians do, cause Malik has one too. Sorry to embarrass anyone. I then left Hamish alone, but Hamish was already getting carried away and so he made me put my hands around my neck so that he could strangle me and he pulled my head backwards toward him. Hamish has a throat- and strangulation fetish, if you didn't know that already.

So I started to fuss at Hamish to stop, and then I showed him my mental image of the box of donuts that we had had at the college presentations the other day when Hamish had said "No" because I wanted to have a donut, and so I tell to my Dragon that "if he doesn't stop strangling me, I will eat all of the donuts in that box". So Hamish stopped. Oh well oh dear my Dragon and me. Just another day, weirder than most.

Smalltalk with Hamish

December 08 2012 - So just to make conversation I ask Hamish, "If you could have any present in the world what would you ask for?" Hamish says: "I would ask for more scales." Hamish is covered in scales all over from head to toe to tail. And so I say to my Dragon: "But Hamish, you are already covered in scales all over your body, where would you put them?" And so he says: "In my mouth." The inside of his mouth is smooth and has no scales. Badum-tish. Me and the Dinosaur had a moment where we shared snickering at the thought of scales inside of Hamish's mouth.

Animal videos with Hamish

December 08 2012 - One of my favorite things to do with Hamish who spends all day watching me is to watch animal videos with him and see his reaction. He can see the videos and he usually talks about it. Sometimes I have to ask him to tell me what he is thinking so that he will start talking. Typically he just asks me about the "race" (animal) that we are watching, and whether or not that they have "eggs". And Hamish will say that he wants to show them his power and rule over them. I watched a video with red pandas and Hamish started hiss/growling at them with short barks. See more of our animal video watching here Hamish and Annie watch some Animal Videos

I plan to soon have a day at the zoo and bring Hamish with me to watch, and I want to spend the whole day just watching Hamish's reactions and comments. I want him to see walruses, camels, lizards, frogs, you name it, everything. It amuses me. I can't say that Hamish enjoys it, he seems mostly distressed to see more and more "races" that would have to be dominated or considered for extraction of eggs and DNA. But I have to do something to entertain my guest, my best friend in the world, my love of my life, Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle.

I wish I had some toys or something for him to play with. He has asked for an "armchair", "an armchair that is not a revolving armchair", and then he has his bathroom rug. He likes comfort, he really enjoys a good sofa like nobody else. I want to find more ways to entertain Hamish during the days. I know what Mischief Malik likes, he is into pentagrams and tarot cards and such, but what fun would Hamish like to have with me? I don't know. I just feel so guilty because I am not keeping him more company. Do his days become boring? I love this Dragon.


December 08 2012 - MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE ON ORIONMINDPROJECT SINCE ITS START: A video showing exactly what it looks like when Hamish does stompety stomp real fast with his feet! The feet even look the same like Duck Feets! Hamish was aware of this video and I said to him that this is what it looks like when Hamish stomps his feet real fast up and down. To that Hamish replied? A very pleased Yes exhale, with the very rare grunt-purr that means he is enjoying. Oh what a day.

Can you imagine the joy of joys having a red Hamish Dragon standing on the bathroom rug next to me when I shower and he does his stompety stomp Duck Feets real fast? Could there be anything more delightful than Hamish stompety feet. I still don't know why he does it, he says he is grooming and wiping his feet clean on the rug.

Hamish drinks my iron

December 08 2012 - Hamish said to me this morning: "I will give you an ultimatum. Either that you listen to me, or I will drink your iron." I said to Hamish, "Here is my answer. I will listen to you, and you can drink my juice, both. I love you Hamish." In that very moment, Hamish engages with me and he drinks my juice, does energy vampirism. It was the most intense juice-drinking that a Reptilian has done to me. He goes on to engaging my central nervous system across the spine the Kundalini energy and drinks it too. I then tell Hamish, not to drink all of it, because I would surely die if he did. Hamish goes aside and stops and he is filled with intense and beautiful pleasure sensations from my energy, and I am left feeling very empty and drained, like a lifeless shell. I don't think this is healthy for me to do.

There is something in the human blood where the iron somehow is what carries the juice or energy that they drink. It must be a magnetic phenomenon, as iron has interesting magnetic properties. They also use the iron when they maneuver me and use their mind powers to make my body move or toss me around.

They often tell me to eat more iron.

Look who it is? Hamish!

December 07 2012 - This morning I get out of bed. As soon as I go to the bathroom to use the bathroom and have a shower, whom other than Hamish is there! He is all eager to see me do my things and he always loves to see me in the shower. He was literally crammed in the small shower room with me. Me and that big Space Dragon called Ham-mish Kissy Duck Feets Aahh! Plus he has to see if I do a #2 (which I didn't) because then he has to tell the Dinosaurs to come see. Because the Dinosaurs are studying my human metabolism. So I had that big red Camel Dragon there with me, by my side.

Later that day I am at some English presentations and there are cookies and donuts on the table. I have already had some cookies and just as I think about going to get a donut, who appears? Hamish, from remotely afar. "No". Says Hamish, and shows me his mental image of all the donuts there on the table. "No", I sigh and say to my Hamish, telepathically and totally discrete of course. I go and have one anyway, and remind myself that I was about to go get some delicious ice-cream later this evening when I think that nobody (aliens) are watching. I like to sneak in a bit of ice-cream at least, every once in a while.

Later I am sitting by the computer in the library. Who sneaks up close to me and asks me if he may come to this library computer room I am in, if not Hamish? "Yes Hamish", I say to my Dragon. "You may be here with us just don't show yourself to any of the other humans, or that they might be afraid of you." I then reflect upon the first time I ever saw my Haamissss. When he first appeared in August of 2011 and there he just was. A big red space Dragon. And Hamish has been with me ever since. And I was never afraid.

"No, Sugar!", says Hamish to me now that he knows that he may be here with me in the library room. In my confounded state, not knowing how to respond because I have just done a no-no and a boo-boo by eating that *one* donut (on top of the cookies), so I say, "Yes-No!" I can't pretend to know what Yes-No means, but I think it can mean a lot of things. At least Hamish knows what it means. So I am hoping that it saves me out of my situation. Later I say to Hamish, that I blame myself, for having eaten sugar. Because they have finally explained to me why it is a no-no and a boo-boo and a Yes-No.

The carbohydrates attach on the DNA and thereby act as some sort of markers that trigger certain genetic expressions. When I eat sugar it then changes my DNA, and then the aliens have to wait several (I think three?) days after my consumption of the no-no and the boo-boo and the Yes-No, before they can again use my DNA and my ovum. So that is how it works. "No, Sugar!" "Yes-No, crabcakes!" "No, Onions!" "No! Shellfish soup!"

Oh yes indeed

December 06 2012 - Just now:
"MKULTRA Project, huh?" - says a man probably General Patton all of a sudden
"Absolutely!" - I say

Oops. He must know what I have written about him just prior. I wrote on our Facebook page,

"Haha I hope so. But would be nice if it were General Patton, he's such a hottie, especially now with the beard. There. I said that. Hihih, giggles hahaha I like General Patton. :)"

Giggles. General Patton still has that dark beard. It suits him. Hahaha, I am such an idiot. Oh well, at least it's General Patton so I don't have to be alone. Bless his heart. Yay he's fun. Sort of. I don't know why but I'm getting a bit nervous. Oh well, at least I like General Patton. No I don't want to see them. Ok I have to go because I'm getting all anxious. Bye.

Yes. Yes. Says Hamish.

December 06 2012 - So I was working on the internet when Hamish creaps up close to me all of a sudden and I see his cute adorable red scaly self Dragon Reptile and he says "Yes". Obviously he was content and pleased about something that I was doing. "Yes", Hamish says a second time. I then realized that maybe he is pleased that I just had a late meal. I have forgotten to eat all day! I love it when Hamish gives me praise.

Oh you should have seen Hamish last night and the night before! He was munching on my arm so much that I declare it was like being kissed by a Dragon! Though I think that he bites into my arm (with his soft toothless Aah Kissy Feet mouth) just to warn me and show his power. But it makes me delighted to have that big red Space Dragon Camel Turtle Feet kissing on my arm. Aah Hamish I love you so.

I have also seen some Dinosaurs lately. They are cute. They have their own little language where they make little frog ribbit sounds, LITERALLY! And they smell good like a forest, with something slightly bitter and sharp in the scent. The Dinosaurs get beaten with bats. When they tell me my heart just sinks and I want to get me one of those bats and go on a berserk rampage killing everything that has ever touched or hurt a precious Dinosaur.

Hamish Hamish Hamish I love you. "I also wanted to see you eating yoghurt.", says Hamish now, ah so yes, his pleased "Yes" a while earlier was because I had finally eaten a meal! "Hamish I love you", me says. "We have also collected some semen", Hamish says. Ok whatever, I am sick and fed up with the breeding program, cause I really hate those hybrids. Hamish Hamish Hamish. Yoghurt, he always says yoghurt, but I won't eat it.

"Yes-No Kissy Feet", says Hamish now, and I could nearly die and melt from the awwness and cuteness. "The Lizards are overlords", says somebody now who is either Hamish or Arek, because I just saw a red feller Reptilian. "BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE!!", me says. "I LOVE THEM, SO CUTE! AAH!", me says to Red Dragon. Cuteness. Pure and utter cuteness. I could kiss and cuddle my Ham-MISH!

*The red one who said "The Lizards are overlords" was indeed Arek. Because now Arek showed up and he said something about "Arek" and he uses his own voice which is like a smooth velvety whisper. I like Arek. But I am not letting his team make me pregnant with intercourse with a black Reptilian AGAIN! Because last time they did they had to take my immune system down so that my body would not kill the baby and then I got really really sick with the flu. So there.

Hamish is shedding scales again

November 27 2012 - Hamish's face is all patched with white from loosening scales on his pretty little Sock Puppet face. Because I've been calling out for Hamish (telepathically) for him to come visit me this evening (mostly because I'm bored, but also because he is cute). I tell him to come close to me so that I could give him a hug. And then he reminds me that I forgot to honor. He puts his little head right up close to me and lets me look at him.

He really is a peculiar-looking creature. His body is huge and he has that camel humpback ornamented in growths of black thorns, but his head is tiny in comparison with his body proportions. Just a tiny little head with two eyes. The head sits at the end of his neck and the head is the same width as the neck is, so there is no block-head like what we humans have. Just the end of a tube, where his eyes and mouth sits. No nose to speak of, and no ears.

The scales on Hamish's face are rounded like a series of warts, and patches of white scales now once again sit loosely on top of the red ones underneath. He looks all dandruffy on the face, but this time, Hamish is not whining or crying about shedding scales. He seems to be quite comfortable with himself, my precious Dragon. HAMISH!!! I LOVE HIM!!! His cutie Kissy Feet aahh!!! Cuter than puppies!

Malik and Hamish

November 23 2012 - Malik and Hamish have still been around. That Saturday, the day before Malik had said he would marry me on the Sunday, Malik showed up to remind me that we were about to get married. I kind of went eh umm I can't marry a man with scales, I can only marry someone of my own "race" (the aliens call species "race"). Tonight Malik is here showing me his penis and saying that he wants to inseminate me, hah hah. Aliens my dear. Indeed!

Hamish still frequents our bathroom. He camps on the bathroom snug rug and he goes there to groom his scales and wash up, the dear old thing. I still love Hamish, and always will. He is a cutie pie, my Lobster Duck Feet Kissy Dragon. He is for real, you know, guys! Hamish is a real live Dragon Lobster Turtle Duck!

Malik showed up, and rather than being afraid of Mr. Incubus Monster, I tell him that he's pretty small and petite to be a Monster Incubus. And that he needs to brush his teeth cause his breath smells like poo-poo. Oh Malik you Satanic Mr. Incubus! I've been pushing them away lately. I don't want their negative black energies around. Also I don't let anybody with scales "drink my juice" any more. My juice is my vital force. I'm not down with that!

The other night Hamish said he was afraid of the Black Ones (=Malik) so I told Hamish that he should come curl up next to me in bed, I would hold Hamish all night and watch over him and keep The Blackness busy if he decides to show up. Hamish is very scared of Malik, and Hamish tries to find places to hide here from him. Hamish once asked if he could go into my closet to hide from him. Too bad that closet is too small. I wish Hamish would take the habit of sleeping next to me! I'd be more than happy to keep Malik busy! I mean, we could read Tarot cards all night, Malik and me. Just playing cards and keeping him busy so that poor Hamish can have his peace and rest. Good god these boys.

Baking Bread with Malik - NOT

November 14 2012 - I told Malik that he should try eating fruit instead of children, as I munched on some green grapes. Several minutes later, Malik returns to say, that they cannot eat fruit. Then the conversation goes into me saying that he should be friendly towards people so that he would have friends who would want to work with them. The Dinosaurs should be set free and then they might work out of kindness. Zeta or Thuban then said that they have tried that but it doesn't work. The Dinosaurs will not work unless they are forced to.

So I say to Malik, yeah but what if somebody forced you to do something you did not want to do? And here's the kicker, Malik delivers one of the alltime classic comments these aliens have made. This one goes into history:

"Like baking bread?" - Malik

I could nearly burst how cute it is that Malik's idea of being made to do something he does not want to do is to bake break. Then I imagine Malik baking bread, how cute is that.

Only later does Malik add, that he said so because he had seen me eating bread with my meal earlier. In fact I still have some bread on my bed left from dinner that I'm going to enjoy later. So that is why Malik jumped to that example. But isn't that neat? I love the sometimes funny and odd things that Malik says. Because he is supposed to be some very scary monster, but he has his moments where he is just fun and charming. I think. Because Incubi aren't supposed to talk about bread baking.

Scheisse was moved to here

Malik! Cuddle me! I'm sick with the flu!!

November 12 2012 - I'm really really sick with the flu and cough and fever and I decided to do a passtime with Malik The Scary Black One. Don't get me wrong, Malik is a really creepy dude. If he looks at you, you have one of those Hitchcock terror moments where the lady can't even scream but just goes insane with madness and fear! But he's my Malik, my uncle who tiptoes around the apartment. He doesn't mean me any harm, so there's some sort of comedy - I think - in him being so scary but actually kinda sweet at the same time.

What with Aleister Crowley and Pentagrams and stuff, and him liking to camp underneath my bed to give me nightmares at night so that he can ingest my fear juice energy, still being bored and really really sick I decided to reach for my Malik the King. I was just saying silly things to him like a girl would to a puppy. Just nonsense girly drivel to make me feel a bit better. It's almost funny like something from the South Park cartoon, I recall an episode where there was a Succubus and so it's real funny when something real scary is up and about. It amuses me to approach Malik The Oh Great One with a light heart and innocent fun in my intentions.

I was just saying nonsense to Malik. "Malik. Did you ever get a salary for all your hard work?" What a funny thing to say to a Malik Incubus haha! "No! Never!", Malik declares. Haha that makes it even more funny. Scary Incubus who could be Satan himself for all I know, just talking to him chitchat about fun things it amuses me because it's so scary that it becomes totally funny instead.

I asked Malik if I could make him some presents. What would he like? I would wrap them up like gifts and Malik could open them. "Malik? Do you want presents? Malik, my King Prince Lord?" ... "I don't know what to say.", says Malik the Oh Incubus Black One. When you look into his eyes and mind there is pure madness in there, but also something lonely and tragic. And his body is really just a humble Black Gremlin, without the ears. Somehow he's my Teddy too, I can cuddle him.

Oh, now comes the brown Praying Mantis to visit. I don't know what to say. "You mustn't call our King good.", says Insect. "Why?", me. "He has not done any good deeds.", says Insect. Ok. That spoiled and ruined the fun. I just like to be silly with Malik but I guess NOT!

"I will show you a slave race." - says Malik
"I don't want to see it, right now!" - me

"Malik? Do you have a Birthday?" - me
"Yeah when I am given the eggs!" - Malik says
"What do you do with the eggs? Do you get to eat them? Did you ever have chocolate eggs? Or, just human eggs? Do you have to boil them first." - me
"We are not coming here from space." - Malik or Hamish says (I saw both feller dudes so I don't know who said it)
"Malik I'm sick, would you rub my back?" - me
"... ! There are no lights here that we like!" - Malik
"Do you like darkness, my Lord." - me

Aah, he's just a cutie. In a dark evil satanic kind of way. Oh whatever I'm bored.