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November 8 2012 - November 12 2012

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Sex with Reptile and stuff

November 12 2012 - I will try to be brief, because I am having a very bad cold and I'm weak and tired. But last night has been very eventful, ironically when I had the flu I had what is probably the most action-packed Reptilian encounter.

Ex-cop Matt called me on the phone with his latest news. He is investigating a mass abduction where lotsa people including him were conscious during a reptilian combat training procedure. From his end, two Reptilians connected to me. One of them was red and his name was Arek. The other one was green (and very handsome might I add) and I wasn't given his name.

Arek has been very chatty, he's told me all about the DNA and what not. I have twelve DNA strands, they say, and they desperately need my eggs. I woke up during the night and had a new black Draconian with me. He was strongly built and very handsome too. (Yeah yeah I like my Lizard Men.) This new black Draconian (not Malik in other words) said that the Draconian Reptiles had become infertile. They have no eggs. When I inquired as to why, and had they not had eggs and fertility in the past, black Draconian told me that the reason was that they had genetically enhanced the Reptilians for strength, and in the process with their genetic alteration of their species they had lost the genetics that code for the ability to breed. See how much strength, power, and domination means to them? They even were willing - to some extent - to surrender fertility to attain more power.

Black Draconian told me that they had tried to create a new Reptilian species using Earth crocodile genetics. That is when it finally made sense. I'm sure that a lot of you are wondering, why would the Reptilians "make" the Crocodile Man? A conscious sentient Crocodile that walks on two legs and talks? I know I know, the idea seems absurd, but hey guess what. It makes perfect sense. The crocodile is similar to them, and it is very fertile. So maybe by combining some Draconian Rep DNA with the crocodile, they could somehow restore a fertile, yet Draconian, Reptile? And so they tried, but they are not happy with the result. They feel unwilling to consider the Crocs as "them" and to let their future selves be that population that would take over. It just isn't the Draconians, now is it.

So what they are doing now is they are searching for other fertile species whose DNA when mixed with their own might produce a fertile reptile, that still retains Draconian identity and characteristics. There are a few rare humans on Earth who have twelve DNA strands and the right genetics for them, and that is where I come in. Not only am I fertile, but I have alien DNA, they say. It seems I may have some Draconian Reptile DNA, after all I was switched out after birth, they have said to me.

The problem with the Crocs, said Black Draconian, was that the Crocodile Men live on sugars. That is what all life on Earth does, we all get our energy from sugars such as glucose, doesn't matter if it's bacteria, yeast, fungi, fish in the sea, birds, reptiles, or mammals. We all use glucose and ATP. (Well, some exceptions occur but those are bacterial life, feeding off sulfur or what not.) The issue is that Draconians feed on something else. It is something they find in blood, it is either the blood itself (blood drinking) or just the energy contained in the blood which they can "drink" just by being near. Arek was in fact coming very close to me several times and he was just full of good feelings from being so near to my blood. He thought of my blood and heart like what I look like when I'm drooling over some coconut ice-cream with whipped cream on top.

So they want: find genetics that provides a) fertility and eggs, b) while still being able to get sustenance from the "juice", and not glucose. So the reason they like me, I gathered, is because I am one of those rare, they have said, who can actually feel the juice. When a Reptile "feels the power" and "drinks my juice" (ingests my life force, energy vampirism), he feels an intense pleasurable sensation, almost sexual but better and different. The thing is, I feel it too. So when Arek was about to "drink my juice" I was happy about that, but being sick I kept deferring him to please come back tomorrow, which is today, so we'll see if he does the "conquest" today.

Somehow I tolerate and understand and can relate to the Draconians. And that is why they like me. Every time that I honor them or seem to understand their culture, and how they feel that I am not afraid when I see them, they declare that yes, my children will be good for these projects. They are hoping that my children, too, will be able to "drink the juice" (instead of glucose, sugars), and be fertile. And generally overall "aligned" with the Draconians.

Wanna hear something extra creepy, or fantastically delicious depending on how you take it? Throughout my life I often at times stop eating food in order to live off "energies" only. I find energy in the surroundings. I DO NOT however take any energy from people. People's energies are lower than mine so I just draw it in from the universe. Did I inherit this from the Draconians? Seems so.

But please keep reading, things are about to get interesting. Arek said that they would fertilize me - of course. But he was going to do it himself. With his penis. He showed me his penis and I suppose it was another one of those dog type penises, with the same slender shape. Ok I am not going to censor this because this is interesting and it shouldn't be too graphic for a child audience reading on the internet. Kids these days they know about penises and what those are for. Yes Kids, Draconian Reptiles they come from outer space, and they too have penises like what fathers have when they make a baby with a mommy. I know, let's write this as if children were reading; maybe then it will make sense to an adult audience too.

The story retold from a child's perspective: So I am a girl and that is why I have eggs in my belly. Just like how chickens and fish have eggs that we eat. Eggs are what grow into babies, baby chickens, baby fish, and baby humans. The Draconians are big space Reptiles. They look a lot like lizards, only they are big and tall like men. They have a tail and most of them have teeth, and their bodies are covered in scales. But once upon a time, the Draconian Reptiles became greedy and wanted more power. They wanted to become stronger and stronger and stronger, so they went into the DNA which is what decides what a body looks like, and they changed that DNA by rewriting it, so that the Reptiles would have more strength. But in exchange they actually became infertile, which means that they can't make babies anymore. So they are dying out because they can't make any more children. They are very scared that there won't be any Space Reptiles in the future, so they are asking for help!

Then the Reptiles came to Earth and they saw that we have crocodiles here. Crocodiles are big lizards that live in the water, and they have lots and lots of eggs! In fact, a crocodile lady lays several eggs all at once. And the crocodiles had scales, and a tail, and big sharp teeth. "What if this crocodile could have the right DNA so that we can change ours back again, and become fertile?", said the Draconians. And so they took the DNA out from a crocodile and put it into their own and mixed them all together in a big, big bowl, and made new babies whose fathers were the Draconians and whose mommies were the Crocodiles from the river. And this is when Crocodile Man was born, and he can speak English and he is just like a person! Only problem is, Crocodile Man eats the same food that everybody eats here on planet Earth. We eat sugar, and we get that sugar from cereal or fruits and even from meat.

The Draconians eat power so they don't eat sugar. They can pull into themselves power from other people and they call it "drinking the juice". And when they eat power they feel really, really good and they just enjoy and enjoy! Most of this power in humans is in the human blood so that is why the Draconians really like blood a lot. Because it has the energy that they eat. Because the Draconians who came from space they can't eat things like cereal, or bananas, or onions, or meat, which is why Hamish my red Space Lizard often tells me, "No! Onions!", and he doesn't... jeebus crikey! Hold on and stop for a moment! I got it! I finally know why the Reptiles don't let me eat sugar! They are testing to see if I could somehow ingest the energies! Hahaha, I finally figured it out why they don't let me eat sugar! Hehehehe I am so smart! I just totally figured it out.

So where was I. So one day my mommy had a baby and the Draconians took that baby away and cloned it. So that they made a copy of it and put some of their own Draconian DNA into it. Either before birth or after birth. But don't tell my mommy that she has a Draconian Space Lizard - partially - in the family. My mother is really afraid of snakes, and reptiles, and anything creepy that likes to crawl and bite. So the Draconians put some of their own DNA into my body so that I could too eat the power instead of eating the sugar, which is why sometimes for long periods of time I actually stop eating food and I live on "power" from the universe. I just didn't realize that it was a Draconian thing.

I guess that's the end of the story. Oh, no! Then it gets juicy! So Black Draconian Man came to see me last night and he and me did what mommies and daddies do to make babies. He has a penis just like what all boys have. So now I am going to have a baby growing in my belly that is a Draconian Reptile baby, because then after we cuddled then came one of the white feathered Bird People and he or she did a "Fertility Rite" to me he/she said and they said that this would make it work so that I get pregnant.

Back to adult version: his penis was pretty big but not like really big. It is all slender like what dogs have. I think he was asking me if he could, and I said yes because I was so sad that they might not be able to survive as a race. Then I felt that he entered his penis into me, but it was almost painful, or actually a bit sore. He just had it inside me and against me, he didn't push it in or out more than that. For maybe about a minute he had it in me. He told me that he would need to grab onto my hips with his clawed hands so that I don't move so that I wouldn't accidentally ruin it. I told him that he could, but I didn't feel that his hands or clawed fingers would have been on my hips.

"Yes, we don't want you to eat sugar." - some Reptile
"Sometimes I don't." - me

I was trying to enjoy the moment, trying to feel that I was being with a handsome Man, but there was nothing tender or sensual about it. He was just a guy. It wasn't more sexual or passionate than sitting with someone on the other side of the table drinking coffee while the other one is reading a newspaper and doesn't seem to show much interest. It was fine, I still cherish the fact that I had a Reptilian in me, but there wasn't anything sexual or passionate about it that would make me tingle.

But he said that this was why he had asked me to watch some porn last night. I said to him that I don't want to watch any porn because I much prefer a Reptile Man and I didn't need to or want to do it that way. I am quite capable of having the moment with a Space Reptile.

And then I woke up again at night and one of the new Reptiles, maybe Arek even, otherwise the Black Reptile, showed me the Easter Island statues and said to me that they were not Draconian involvement, at "Rapa Nui", and that they are often asked about that.

Well, the saga continues, and we finally know why I wasn't allowed to eat any sugar, and why the aliens say that "sugar disrupts my DNA and ruins their work". They are testing to see to what extent I could offer them the DNA that is "both fertile, but at the same time can live without sugar by living off the power". So there. That is my Reptilian Alien story. What's yours?

There is MUCH MORE TO ADD. About how Arek chased Hamish away because Hamish has shedded scales and has no teeth so Hamish is powerless, and Hamish went to the forest and sat on top of that pile of leaves under which he has buried his shedded scales, and I showed Hamish a video of a reptile on Earth shedding scales and said that it was beautiful and a process about renewal but Arek told me that to them it is embarrassing like how humans feel about farting.

But I woke up at night and Hamish was back here and normal, back on his bathroom rug, handsome as ever, and defensive and protective of me and my eggs. So I was pleased to have my Space Dragon back. And last night I think an Illuminati Chum had sex with me. All for now!

Little Zeta Girl, and - No! He will be harmed!

November 10 2012 - I was playing a computer game and noticed a little tiny Zeta Grey standing in the dark hallway of some underground base. (Via telepathic connection.) It spoke to me without words that she would like to be like a little girl. I told her that she can be exactly who she is, and that I would see her through her own eyes and heart and see her for who she is. She was happy to hear that. I told her she was beautiful. She told me that she collects urine samples into vials and that they have hundreds of various samples from me. A while later a larger Zeta appeared and they said that he was a doctor.

Little Zeta girl said that they (Zetas) do not hop on top of people. She referred to when I had earlier today written to John Rhodes about how Draconian Reptiles like to throw themselves on a person to do the wrestle to see which of them is strongest. But little Zeta girl then declared to me, that she too would like to sit on top of me. I told her that she would be more than welcome to sit on top of me and that I wouldn't hurt her. She just wanted some close contact, but she wasn't here so we didn't touch. She is in an underground dark base. Precious little thing, just like a little girl. She said that she would like to be a woman like me. She wanted to also have female genitalia and she said that my clothes were pretty. She wanted all that girly stuff, but I told her that I'd much rather be a Zeta, and I said that it is too bad that we cannot switch.

After the Zeta talks I was playing TheSims3 again (I never stopped) and all was quiet for a while. In the video game, I sent one of my lady blue people out for fishing. Just as I had highlighted the information box about a fish bowl that was one of the character's wishes, all of a sudden Hamish possesses my left hand and puts my left index finger right over the fish bowl and just points at the fish bowl. It is in fact Hamish's hand and red scaly finger with black claw that is superimposed with my own left index finger and he is pointing right on the screen at the fish bowl. He says: "No! He will be injured!" Hamish did not want me to buy a fishbowl and place the anchovies I had caught into a fishbowl.

Here we go again. There was a time when I was playing this game and one of my characters caught a lobster with the fishing rod. My goodness Hamish was sad about that. You see, Hamish is fully convinced that fish and lobsters are related to himself. Because they have scales. Lobsters and fish have scales, see? I am not allowed to catch fish or lobsters in TheSims3, and god forbid to put them in a fishbowl! That poor little anchovy (even though it is not real) would be injured. By swimming around freely in a fishbowl. Because it has scales. And Hamish has scales. I promised Hamish that I would release the fish back into the lake. (But I will sell them for money.)

I didn't know this, but Hamish has been beside me the whole time, and he spends his days here with me. We live together. And when I play TheSims, Hamish is right beside me and watching every move that my characters make. I feel like, I should do something more productive with Hamish. Like, take him out to the park. Or visit to the zoo. But it's just Hamish and me. Living life. Talking about scales. And honoring. And me giggling to the cute things that he does and says. Like when he stomps his feet up and down real fast on the bathroom rug. Hamish and me.

Actual screenshot of what Hamish saw
Larger image

And more: I giggle at Hamish thinking about what he said about the fishbowl and those poor anchovies in the game. Hamish then possesses/superimposes my left arm with his left arm so that I see his left arm where mine was, and he then takes my right hand and caresses what is like his left arm. All across his now brown scales, covered with orange blunt bumps. (Hamish recently changed from a red color to a brown color. Beats me why.) He was letting me caress him thusly. Hamish then says, and this is related to our discussions yesterday and this morning,

"I have no penis, but I can sit here." - Hamish says

Yes Hamish, you may not have a penis, but you are the man of my life.

Darn. Oops. Damned it. I just realized. Next to me on the bed is a box of pizza that has anchovies on it. Yes! Right now! Hamish didn't know. Oh my god I just ate his grandmother. Damn it. I will have to discretely hide the box from him before he notices, or before anyone tells him. Now I feel really bad. This is terrible. I'm sorry Hamish, I feel so bad about this I could cry. Guys, this is not funny. Just look at how he feels about a fake anchovy in a game and about being in a fishbowl. Here I am, real anchovies on a pizza, and I've ate some. Aahh... I'd better hide the evidence and say my prayers and hope that this doesn't break his little Hamish heart. What an ironic coincidence, but I feel really bad about this. My beloved Dragon Hamish! Oh nooo!!! (Guys, DON'T LAUGH, this is NOT FUNNY!)

Ham-mish likes John Rhodes

November 10 2012 - I stumbled upon the work by John Rhodes who seems to travel worldwide in search of the Reptilians. He believes that they are remnants of Earth's Dinosaurs. I've wondered about that too, though my Reptiles say that they are from "Alpha Draconis", which is a star. But who knows, I kind of suspect both.

To my fantastic surprise, Hamish was really fond of John. (John hasn't responded yet but when I was writing to him.) Hamish talked about knowing John and about wanting to be seen by John. My jaw dropped. Because I have tried to get Hamish to visit SETI and he refuses to and gets angry and fussy when I nag. But here we go, Hamish likes John.

But some dark Reptiles who are in a cave, connected to me mentally when I thought of John Rhodes. It is like telephone lines. When I think about John, my telepathic telephone line connects to John, and then everybody whose lines cross with John's can sense me there. So it becomes one big conference call. These Reptiles said that John had been on the ground in their location, under which they have these underground caves. They are watching John.

These dark Reptiles are lovely and seem gentle (but who knows). But Hamish seemed pleased to meet them. Hamish went there to watch them, and Hamish made sure that I see them too. Hamish was protecting me from them and keeping them from getting close to me. It felt great having Hamish by my side, protecting me. Not that I knew if I would need protecting, but it felt safe having Hamish by my side. Hamish always chases away every other Reptile who comes my way. For instance, Hamish is very fussy when North Port Gargoyle comes for a visit. Hamish protects me, and I feel safe. I don't have a care in the world.

Hamish now comes close and makes an exhale while saying "Yes...". Hamish is very keen on John Rhodes, and Hamish seems excited and happy and wants to meet John. This is great. I love Hamish, he is full of surprises. My... camel space dragon turtle duck feets kissy foot stompety stomp Hamish!!! I forgot to add, sock puppet.

"You are sheep on our yard." - John's dark reptiles say from that cave, while showing me a mental image of like Iceland or something with small pastures with sheep
John's Reptoid Research Center

Switched out after birth!

November 09 2012 - Stop the press! Crocodile Man showed up to guard my eggs instead of Hamish (Hamish is still around though) and Crocodile Man and his Reptilian friends have been talking to me ever since. (This is after I wrote November 09 2012) He is talking! Crocodile Man talks about how the Reptilians are conquering races all across the universe and then "enhancing" them genetically. They are now working on enhancing and modifying the human race and that this will be done "gradually".

So stop the press, not because of Crocodile Man or anything else he has said, but he then said that I had been switched out after birth! There had been a baby and they say they switched it out and put me in its place! I asked him to clarify, and all he said then was that "this was done without insight", that people were not told about it.

And the military governments were given weapons and accelerating systems in exchange for women's eggs and I said to the Reptilians that they've been had because they could have had my eggs for free and don't have to give me anything in return. I just said that I want to have more contact with the Reptilians.

These guys said that there are twelve - and one upper - dimensions and when I asked them if I was in the 3rd dimension they said that I am in the 4th! And when I asked which one they are in they said that they are in the 6th.

Talking with them has been great. They have so much information. I tried asking about astronomy and larger scale massive things but they said they were not allowed to talk to me about astronomy. So I've just reverted to talking to them about whatever they choose to talk about. This is great! I guess!

Oh! And, ha ha! Crocodile Man kept showing me his feet because Hamish had informed him pretty much that "this crazy girl has a serious thing for feet"! Cause I love Hamish's Kissy Feet so much! I had to tell the Crocodile Man that no, it's Hamish's feet that I so love. Oh well. What gives.

Stompety feets

November 09 2012 - By the way the time order of these entries are that the newest always appear on top so this is a realization I have after having the argument with Hamish a while ago (which is an earlier entry below). I just remembered how Hamish stomped his feet real fast up and down again this morning, and how happy that had made me! It is the best!

"Hey you! This is not a circus!" - calls Hamish out at me now in response
"Yes but I love when you, stomp your feet!" - me
"I do that to avoid chaos." - Hamish
"What chaos?" - me
"The one that you would feel." - Hamish
"But I...! I just love it! Don't take the fun away from me, it is too cute!" - me

Oh the horror of realizations, what if Hamish isn't doing the stompety stomp with his feet just to be cute and adorable! What if he is a scary space lizard who doesn't do cute things! It is fun and makes me nearly die and burst with fun. It's more fun than a cat in a paper bag. It is just so cute. If Hamish doesn't do that to be cute then that would ruin all the fun. I don't want to hear it. Hamish let me have my fun with you when you stomp your feet up and down real fast.

"We don't want you to smoke nicotine." - Hamish
"Maybe I should. So that I can be with a man. So that I can have sex with someone." - me

The aliens often thank me for not smoking because it would disrupt and ruin my DNA if I did. Maybe that's my way out. If I started smoking then maybe they would all leave, because my "hunnun" (their word for eggs) would be ruined. And I could have sex. And a boyfriend. Maybe if.

I need a human man, with a penis!

November 09 2012 - Hamish and me had an argument, and I even cried and screamed at him. Hamish doesn't think I should have sex with a human man. He says it would take "bread out of their mouth", presumably they eat my children over there from the genetic factory. Hamish then went on this big rant about how "he assumes" he will now have to eat those white octopus from the ocean floor that the aliens have been harvesting with their submarine/spaceships and he showed me the whole long story and what those white octopus look like, like I was going to have to take pity on him.

I was trying to tell Hamish that I am aching and in agony and that I am going to die if I don't have sex with a man soon and that I want to find a man and get married. I was crying and then I started screaming at Hamish (telepathically) and then I said, several times, the very serious phrase, "I blame you!" The worst thing that the Draconians ever say to me is "I blame you for what you did/said" and that is when you should feel really embarrassed. It is something serious to say that. So I said that to Hamish. At least three times.

Hamish was clearly shaken by the argument, I could feel that he felt almost a bit weak from it, almost a bit cold. But he didn't get angry. Me being a human - and in particular a woman one of those - I expect the person I am arguing with to get angry in response so that we can yell it out. But Hamish never responds with anger like I want him to. But, after a while, Hamish makes the static sound, which I haven't heard since Hamish had that several-day long Hissy Fit a couple of months ago. It is the same sound that a static television or radio makes.

When Hamish makes static it seems to say "end of conversation", and "go away I've had enough of you". It is a short sound about one or two seconds only, and then he turned away from me. But, that was perhaps our first argument, or, I seem to recall an argument some time ago. But anyway, arguments between me and Hamish are rare.

"Tell them that you are the bee that pollinates our flowers." - Hamish tells me to add now
"Yes but I have to have sex. Otherwise I die. I'm in agony. I need a boyfriend, and I need to think about a boyfriend, without you biting into my arm." - me
"Don't you want to feel lust, with us?" - Hamish
"I need a human man, with a penis!" - me, haha, just putting it out there, being specific

That's all my reading friends for now. Another day in the life with a Red Space Dragon named Hamish The Elder, also known as Hamish The Great.

Hamish DEMANDS Chastity

November 09 2012 - So earlier today I was daydreaming about a man again. What does Hamish do? I didn't even realize Hamish had been watching me. But he bites into my lower arm this time, usually it is the upper arm that he bites into. Hamish. Every time. So I asked him why he does that, it is because he doesn't want me to become pregnant. It would ruin their work I guess for nine months.

"I will stay on guard, so that you don't procreate with your race." - Hamish then said a while after

Hahaha, I have a Red Camel Dragon Turtle Sock Puppet Lobster Kissy Duck Feets watching and waiting so if I go on a date Hamish will peek over my shoulder and he will break up any advances by biting into my arm. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to marry Hamish.

Red Devil, Bacchus and Malik, oh boy, three Satan's boys

November 08 2012 - "Just tell them that we were eating your bloodlust." - the Red Devil

Last night (while I was awake) a Red Devil Monster appeared. He looked like your typical depictions of a Red Devil, even had the long tail like a thread with the fork end on it. He came over to drink my juice. (It felt very sexual.) They take the human chakra energy, twist it around and feed off it, and that turns it into sexual energy for them (lust) and then leaves the human feeling drained and with empty black chakras that have been stomped out.

He was accompanied by a new Black Monster who had thick curved horns like a mountain goat and his legs were like goat hooves. I said to him, "Hello Bacchus. You are also called Dionyssos." These boys didn't hurt me they just wanted to drink some juice.

Oh! But I totally forgot! Before these two boys came around, I saw the most horrific sight that I didn't want to see. It was the "Creepy Eye" God of theirs, except that instead of an eye it was total black darkness. It was like a black hole. It was pulling me in and the feeling was terrible. I had to work hard to not look at it. And then the two Devils, Red Devil and Bacchus, appeared to drink my juice.

Today for some reason Malik was messin' with me real bad. He has been making me grumpy, he even made me cry in my science advisor's office. I cried twice. And I am a grown woman and this is a person I am trying to impress. I have also been exceedingly frustrated and agitated and jittery all day. Angry and raging. I noticed that it was Malik messin' with me, so I said to Malik quit yer messin' with me will ya. He then became defensive and it almost turned into a verbal quarrel and agreement to disagree. I said to my Malik the Oh So Holy Black Incubus One, that I don't want us to fight. I thought that we were friends. I love Malik, I said to him, and I don't want all this fuss. Malik, quit yer messin'.

"Quit trying to get rid of us, that's why." - says Malik after a moment of silence
"Then how do you think I'm gonna come back if you mess with me?" - me
"We weren't trying that. We were just making you sure, that we are the ones you need here." - Malik
"But I don't want ALL THIS SATANIC!" - me
"We want your bloodlust." - Malik
"It's not about what you want. It's about our bloodlust." - Malik
"Yes, but stop messin'! Stop trying to make me angry all day! I WANT TO BE HAPPY! DAMN YOU MALIK! I wanna be happy." - me