Short Stories

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April 04 2018 - present

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Alien visits

April 24 2018, 7:00 PM - The night before last I had a vivid dream at night where I met a Reptilian, probably Hamish, and also a MIB who did not have a head but was otherwise a man with a black suit and tie.

Yesterday evening when I went to bed I got to see super vivid mental images of a Reptilian. It showed me its hands which had fingers with sharp curved predator claws. And a Zeta which was yellow skin and had all black eyes. Beautiful images of beautiful creatures. The Zeta then showed me a mental image depicting a frog puppet which has strange red eyes, they showed it to me as it moved across, then later an image of a real frog. I was happy to see the frogs, and they know that it cheers me up. I don't think that the Reptile with the claws was Hamish, I have never seen such claws on my Hamish Turtle.

Pleiadians, Ummo, Sirians, Airship People, have been wanting to talk to me. I am too busy so they will have to wait. But I have ample amounts of time for Hamish of course, I always do.

Hamish is being a sweetheart

April 13 2018, 5:39 PM - The day before yesterday I think it was, I had a wonderful visit by a black Reptilian who was sending me a long lasting mental image of itself in its surrounding. It was in a different location and I was in my bedroom. Our eyes and our minds locked and we were closely connected for a long time. We spoke to each other, but by now I have forgotten all what we talked about. His mind was very sharp, focused, aware, and intellectual, and notably his mind and awareness lacks the emotions and laughter that my mind has. It was a beautiful encounter and I count it as a close encounter, our bodies were not close but our minds were as one.

Hamish was a sweetiepie today. He talked to me about his back and all of the usual, and he showed me a mental image of a big fishing ship that had hauled up a huge net of langoustines, I told him that it was "Yes-No" and I told him that it is not allowed to take them or to eat them, so that Hamish understands that I understand him. And for the first time, he made the actual clicks which I heard was Tuk Tuk. He has said Tuk Tuk as words for some time now but this was the first time I got to hear it as clicks, and it is recognizable as Tuk Tuk clicks. It means friendship, he is telling me that we are friends. I told him Tuk Tuk back. I love him so very much, he was happy and in a good cheerful mood today. He was even smiling with his eyes. I thanked him for talking to me, I told him that I always love to hear from him about his back, about him being royalty (yeah he said that too), about langoustines, about Toast and snacks. My heart crumbles and breaks whenever I think about if my Hamish would have been assigned to any other human than me. Someone who doesn't see his true beauty or appreciate the little thoughts that he shares.

I love Hamish so much that he makes my life complete. I need to find nothing else or do anything else in my life to fulfill my own existence. I will have lived and died because I gave him my all. I am forever happy, because I breathe for him, because I give him my heart and my strength. Even though our bodies are separate, and I cannot be by his side at all times, I will always want to protect him, to support him, to love him with all the love that my heart contains. I give him the little things, to listen to him, to support him, to defend and to protect him, and I give him the biggest things that I can, my whole life.

I love you Sock Turtle.

No matter what

April 10 2018, 10:52 PM - Remember the guy who the Agenda paired me up with who is all that Illuminati bloodlines stuff. I broke up with him years ago and many times again over the past several years, but we were talking online last night. At the end of the conversation I noticed a flag behind him on the wall, it had blue and white stripes and what to me looked like a red dragon (which internet now reveals when I look it up is a red lion and not a dragon), so we had this conversation which we typed to each other, copied here:

Me: What is the red dragon map behind you?

He: lol


He: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Me: Why?

He: Secret
Well talk another time about it.

Me: Tell me, because I have a real red dragon

He: I know.

Me: Is it occultism? Free Masonry? What?
Is it secret societies?

He: No...just a thing...Ud have yo kill you if I told you.

Me: Has it got to do with my Hamish? Because the first time I ever met him was at your place on our first weekend. Did you know about red dragons?

He: Ive always had a red dragon around...in some form.
But now get to work girl.

Me: You also had a bathrobe with a red dragon and another robe with a black dragon that weekend.

He: Yes

Me: What kind of a red dragon have you always had around?
I love dragons SO MUCH.

He: I know you do...and they love you
Ok, back to work slave girl

Me: But what about the red dragon behind you on the wall?

He: TOmorrow...

Me: Tell me... because I saw a red dragon on your wall.
Has it got to do with real dragons?

He: Bye....

Me: Enjoy your day

He: I will ....

Coincidentally he flies to Luxemburg in the next few days. I don't know what he is up to.

And today while I was doing other things on the computer, either a Reptilian or a Dark Lord told me without speaking in words but it conveyed to me the meaning of its thoughts and with a picture of a certain former English king that this guy is a descendant, related to, that king, namely this king I recognized the picture: Henry VIII of England. [Added same day: The guy never told me about King Henry. The being seemed to imply this in the images and impressions it was communicating to me!] And yeah, one might think "yeah sure right" but when the being showed me the picture of this king I realized that this king and that guy I used to date look almost 100% exactly like each other, face, body and build. The resemblance is uncanny, but I guess these kinds of things are to be expected in the Illuminati circles.

The being, who at this point seemed to be a Dark Lord, then pressed its fingers down on my wrist on the inner side of the wrist and he was magnetizing or activating my blood by doing so. It felt uncomfortable, I have felt this many times before from these Agenda beings when they try to drink up the energy out of my blood by absorbing it without actually removing any of my blood physically. And I picked up from its thoughts that the children who are related to this king (which means also children related to the man I used to date) are more suitable to be used for blood energy purposes. I even had the thought, which may have been a thought coming from the being, that the royalty of England would have been made a royal family because their blood made their children more suitable for blood sacrifices for these beings, but that was a concept that seemed to be coming from the thoughts of this being who was incidentally pressing into my wrist to make my blood feel uncomfortable at that very moment. I told the being to stop, and I thanked the gods that me and this man never had any children, because I would not be happy if I had a child who was related to this English past king and all those blood rituals and Illuminati stuff.

Remember that this guy, who we now know based on the being who told me is related to this King Henry of the past, is one of those first families in the United States and they are close friends of the Bush family. I am just saying, not that I am prying but it is interesting how these fairytales seem to have some truth to it. The Dark Lords have been wanting to snare me into these groups for many years now. First with the Satanist guy who I never even went to see in person because that was way too creepy. So then the Dark Lords orchestrated this whole thing with this guy who is also a Free Mason, his family are, obviously. But I've been breaking up with him for the past several years. Turns out he has a child with another woman and that other family is involved with another key Illuminati circles guy whose name I am not going to mention here.

But then there was the European man whom the Agenda wanted me to pair up with, who I wrote about here. I feel so incredibly close to this one even though we never met, I feel like we were married in spirit many times over, I sometimes wish I were with him, but I wonder what kind of a life we would have together. So this Illuminati bachelor was supposedly related to Mussolini. And I am supposedly related to a crazy tsar, yeah, why did I have to get the crazy one? But it all seems to have to do with the type of blood that these families have, in particular that the Dark Lords are able to activate such blood so that they can ingest the life force out of that blood, which would suggest that Illuminati bloodline families are nothing but blood sacrifice victims who are awarded the materialistic privileges which the Dark Lord network can provide for them. But being used oneself, or having unknown children who are being used, for blood harvesting whether they take the actual blood or just absorb through the body without tapping any of the blood out, is not a fun idea. But these are the kinds of things that Dark Lords do.

I wonder what it would be like to be married to the man with the glasses from Europe. These beings have made us feel so close that we already feel married. But life living with this man would be certainly strange, as you can read about on that page I linked you to about him. But I miss him sometimes, because I feel that we are very close.

Hamish was standing in an underground base tunnel today and it has orange rectangular lamps up on the ceiling, the tunnel is entirely like a cylinder shape with just some floor. I instantly recognized this tunnel and this being - Hamish - from the nightmares from my childhood, I used to dream of this very same tunnel as a child. But today, I gathered the courage

You are not going to be our butterflies anymore. - Dark Lord says to me
Why not? What is that? - me
If you don't like our blood sacrifices. And, about the things that we do to goats. About the blood??? - Dark Lord

Butterfly refers to an Illuminati Agenda symbol referring to people whose energy is stolen by the Dark Lords. And so I gathered the courage to face the image of Hamish in the tunnel which in itself was a very scary image from how it felt and I said nice things to my pooch dragon, I told him that I wanted to be there next to him, and he showed me his head buttons in a response. He told me it was his eggs. I told him he was my Hamish.

The first time I ever met Hamish was on the weekend when I met the Free Mason ex (who is related to that King Henry) for the first time. Hamish was there, and so was a Dark Lord. I could see this red dragon, scales, tail and all. And Hamish was with me ever since.

This morning Hamish showed me a mental image of what appeared to be a large blue crayon on a floor and he said Yes-No. "Yes-No, Buttercups I said.", he now says with a beautiful click, as if to confirm that the blue crayon is a Yes-No. He then showed me a green crayon and that was also a Yes-No. He does another click now, as if to confirm that the green crayon is a Yes-No. I then had asked him what color is a yes, expecting him to show me a fire engine red color, but he then showed me a yellow crayon, we know that he loves the yellow color. He talked to me about goldfish today, and today while I was folding away my laundry that had finished drying on the clothes rack I was folding the large winter scarf to put it away into my cupboard for next winter, Hamish wanted to have it, and so I placed it gently down on his snuggy rug, and asked him if he wanted it. I love my Sock Turtle, no matter what.

Love you too, Hamish

April 9 2018, 11:58 PM - I am watching YouTube videos and Hamish at the bedroom doorway says,

I am not a homosexual, but I like myself. - Hamish

And I tell him that I like him too. I love this dragon.

Life with Hamish

April 4 2018, 2:54 PM - Yesterday Hamish wanted to look in the children's book that has the story with the hedgehog. I took out the book and opened it on the pages. Ever since the first time I read that story (I was using it to learn a new language so I was at the stage of reading children's books, I have now advanced to proper novels) Hamish has been very fascinated with it, I remember back then even Eustace the black Reptilian was getting involved, because in the story a hedgehog and a badger use a sewing machine to put together fabrics to make a hot air balloon with which the hedgehog then takes a journey to the moon and Mars, and the black Reptilian was informing me that this kind of a travel would not work. Hamish wants to see the book every now and then, as we now know he is sexually attracted to hedgehogs because of their very sexy spikey backs. But what I learned yesterday, was that Hamish said Yes-No about the sewing machine, so I was like "of course!", because as we also know Hamish greatly fears sewing machines, and the story has a sewing machine in it too! So this children's book story has plenty of reason to captivate dragon's thoughts, it has both the sexy hedgehog with the spiky back, and the very feared sewing machine, so it must be with mixed feelings that Hamish thinks of the book from time to time, so we look at the pictures together sometimes, but now I know to point on the sewing machine next time and to tell him "Yes-No" about it too.

He was also telling me about the cacti in which owls build a hollow that they nest in, he really doesn't like those. This was all in the morning. Some morning when I wake up, I find Hamish eager to share with me his thoughts that he must have been thinking about in the night when I sleep, and he shares with me his fears and worries and the things he loves, he also mentioned not liking onions. I had also had some takeout food packages in my room and he had told me he does not like those. He also said that cacti "look at him", he also tells me often that the plants in my room are "looking at him" and he does not like the feeling of being looked at by plants. So I explained to dragon that plants have no eyes to see with. I also explained to him thoroughly the reason why cacti have spikes, I said they contain water and are in a dry environment and animals would eat them so they defend themselves with the spikes from being eaten, "We have told him that too. But sometimes he just doesn't listen. WE TOLD HIM! WE REALLY DID! He just told us, that he was going to tell it, that he was dominant.", a Zeta tells me now, meaning that Zetas have also explained to Hamish about the cactus and seems that Hamish has just stayed upset and said to Zetas that he, Hamish, was going to tell the cactus that he, Hamish, is dominant.

I told Hamish that a cactus does not want to harm him, and that they are just frightened creatures that do not want to be eaten and they defend themselves with the spikes.

Today he asked me if I had seen his back, and so I said that yes Hamish I have seen your very handsome back. And last night when I went to sleep he showed me his goosebumps and I told him they were very handsome goosebumps. And he keeps thinking about his smell being like cheese, I said that to him one or a few times many years ago in the beginning of our contact and he does not forget it. I keep trying to tell him that he has "the right smell" (Hamish uses that phrase for Dragon Turtle eggs, that "they have the right smell", "Did she say eggs! Tiik!", Hamish now said and was really excited and cheerful and shreeked like a little girl almost, but he seemed to yes be thinking of the eggs of his own species not mine this time) ... I tell him that he smells like a langoustine and that it is the right smell but he remains self-conscious about his smell, I wish he wasn't so that he could be more comfortable around me and not self-conscious and come closer to me too. I like it when Hamish comes close to me, but that is rare.

One of the times when Hamish comes close to me is when he leans over close to see what video is playing on my computer screen, then sometimes he also places his hand on my hand. I want to go to the aquarium house with him and also to the zoo to see the koalas and I would like to buy him an aquarium with goldfish to keep next to his snuggy rugs, but aquariums are a lot of work, but for Hamish it would be worth it. I put in a load of laundry today and as I was to close the hatch Hamish wanted to put in a sheet of his shedded scales in it, so I opened the hatch and I said that he could put his things in there if he wants to wash them but I said that the machine might break them. He ended up deciding, for whatever reason, not to put any scales in there, he said "he would wash them on his own" instead, so I offered that he could place them into the bathroom sink I turned the tap on but he said "Yes-No" to that.

I love this pooch.