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February 02 2018 - present

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Rodriguez, Basilisk, Zetas, my Hamish, Fussubuses, and other things

February 17-18 2018, 12:55 midnight - Zetas and me had a conversation today. They confided in me that they do not have self-ownership and that they regret that. I wondered if it were the Reptilians who owned them, but the Zeta said that no it is those like Manon, meaning that the Alpha Thetan Dark Lords they own the Zeta Reticulans. I said that surely hopefully one day the Zetas will regain their freedom and sovereignty, but the Zeta said that regretfully it will forever be that way, it had to do with what the Zetas forever after will owe due to the fact that the Zetas have received eggs. Zetas rarely provide information like this, so it was highly refreshing to have this chat with them, I also gave them my condolences and told them I was sad to hear it.

Andromedans told me today that a Dinosaur is freezing, so I got alarmed and hollered out (telepathically) to Lasarus, I presumed the aliens were keeping Dinosaurs in the cold room again for storage which makes them calmer but I objected out of concern for their well-being, but Hamish looked at me with such a gaze that I knew that it was bothering him that I was showing any sympathy toward the Dinosaurs, so I turned to cooing my dragon instead so that he would be happy. Hamish then told me that he was not happy here anymore and that he wanted to go to other assignments, he was not happy with the sofa that we have here. I told him that I will of course support him if he wants to change where he works and I also suggested that we could have a fun day and go to the aquarium or to see some koalas in a zoo if he would like to have fun with me. Hamish has since sat down on the sofa and is minding his own business again, being just what a Dragon Turtleback is.

A MIB whose name is "Rodrigues" has been staring at me at times today, and when he does I am very aware of him, you know that feeling in the back of the neck that someone is staring? With remote viewing or what not of course. What's worse is that when he does, I am feeling his thoughts quite clearly, and he was thinking about the reasons why he would not date me and the kind of women that he would date, so I fussed at him and I informed him of the kinds of men that I would date so there. We are not getting along, even though I intended to be nice. I think he is the one with ancestry from Puerto Rico. And a second MIB also the one with black hair. Both of these gentlemen are on the younger side, so it seems that my MIBs team is staying alive and well with newer recruits, I am starting to look like I am now getting MIBs that I am about as old as. In my teens I was the 14-year old girl and these were all adult men in ages ranging from I would say Andrew was the youngest he seemed he could have been 26 at the time and the older were something in their 50's or 60's I would presume, but now it seems with these two younger men who seem to be in their mid 30's and I am 35, the dynamics and things become a whole lot more interesting and different. It was always me as a little girl and they as the adult men, but now that we are all of a sudden of the same age, well that makes things sure different don't it! (I realize that is a grammatical error, just expressing myself that way)

We don't really want to see you naked, but I guess that we have to. - says a MIB now
We do not want to eat or drink or to breathe gases! - a Reticulan nervously is quick to say, in my other language, as if in a way to defend themselves
We are also not a bully. We really would like to be freed too. - another Reticulan
We are with the buttercups. - Hamish
Hello Hamish. I am proud of you today. You are a proud Draconians. I love you Turtle Sock. - me
We don't want to know if one of our men has come from an island. But you also said Costa Rica? Who is from there? Surely not our Rodriguez, whose blood we need? - Reticulan asks me

Because as I was writing where he comes from earlier I almost wrote Costa Rica then I remembered it was Puerto Rico, that is what the Zeta is referring to, they have been reading my thoughts.

The MIBs have told me that the aliens are asking them to have children with me, that is why these men are showing up and looking at me and considering to themselves whether they would want to have sex with me, but all of this is irritating as heck! Rodriguez was thinking today that he guesses that he would have sex with me, and so I told him that it is actually my choice and that I say no.

Yesterday or today I was told about a "Pavel" who wanted to talk to me. I was happy to talk to him, I said, but no conversation took place. This all telepathic of course.

This morning a black reptile visited, I saw him in a mental image, and he said about himself that he is the Basilisk. He is beautiful, with black scaly body, a shine to the scales, the snout is v-shaped and protruding, the top of the head is flat and level with the snout, the eyes are very small and black and very widely spaced apart. I said that he is beautiful and cute (many times). He did not fuss or argue as Alpha Draconian Reptilians do, and based on the lack of fussing and verbal hostilities alone, I am inclined to suspect him not being of Alpha Draconian kind, but, him being a basilisk also suggests another species. Remember we encountered the "basilisk" when I remote viewed Saturn and found out that the Dark Lords are living in cities on Saturn together with the basilisk.

Zetas talked about putting the tubing into my nose to suction out stomach contents. I bought a small strawberry yoghurt today just to say thanks and show some love to my aliens, but I haven't eaten it yet. It really is just a small yoghurt cup, but it really makes them happy, not that they ever say thanks.

I really try to form friendships to my aliens. Dark Lords are easy to have laughs, storytime and friendships with, only that they are sinister so I do not allow them to visit anymore. Reptilians I find are very easy to be friends with, they are wonderful to observe and to spend time with, and once you learn to read their eyes and body language you see their rich repertoire of emotional expression and their great (sadistic) sense of humor! I have shared many jokes and laughs together with Reptilians. When I laugh with Reptilians,

Hello, we are the Butt doctors. And, we thought that we were coming in to see you at 3 AM. - Zeta Reticulan
Will you be awake then, my pretty? We are the bonus doctors too. Very pleased to meet you! We are coming in, with the Zeta Reticulan kind! - Dark Lord or basilisk
Well. It is 1:15 AM - me interrupted from continuing, as a Dark Lord manifested at the bedroom door, and as he did, completely sucking out all of the goodness that is in the air here and placing a sinister satanic blackness over the air here, but only for a while, and then he vanished again

When I laugh with Reptilians, I place an index finger on my lower eyelid, they know what it means. I cannot raise my lower eyelid but I can show that. But it has to be jokes that a Reptilian can relate to.

I really do not want him to be here. I would like him to get out. - Hamish comes right up against me and clasps his hands on my bare arm next to him, he is afraid of the Dark Lord!
Hamish, I will tell him to leave. - me
Yes, please excuse me and my duck feet. - Hamish, he seems calm and happy again and he lifts one duck foot up
Dear Dark Lord, please leave my home I am allergic to you, I will begin to sneaze and get a headache. - me
I am the goat gods. I am the goat herder here. - DL
There are no goats here. - me
That is why we are farming them? And, have you smelled me and how I like to bleed? - DL
Yes, you smell like roses and fragrance. - me, I am just saying silly things to them

A Zeta now says that the children that they have there like the Mickey Mouse club with the black plastic ears hat that the kids have. Then the Dark Lord tells me on another topic that they the Dark Lords do not like animal porn anymore.

I am Hamish. And I am starting to get very afraid! My goosebumps, I wanted him to see them. - Hamish, Hamish is lifting a duck foot into my bed about ready to climb into bed to crawl into my lap for safety, as if he has nowhere else to run and hide to!
Hamish. Tok Tok. Tok Tok Tok. I will protect you. - me
Yes, and take also that away. - Hamish with mental image clearly of a sewing needle
I have seen you picking them. And, Yes-No, ouch! - Hamish, I pick some off the floor at work sometimes, that is what he means
I will protect you. I will keep you safe. - me
Do not worry. We are their masters. We keep them here, and, we are mining with them. MINING FOR OUR MINIONS, WE SHOULD SAY, HAH HAH! - DL [Added a few minutes later: he refers to Reptilians]

Hamish has climbed into my bed with me, he is next to me on my right, and that is highly unusual for him to ever climb into my bed with me.

Yes-No! Ouch! And, should I say, that I also smell like cheese? - Hamish
Yes-No, that colour! - Hamish about blue color of the Dark Lord
Hamish? You smell like a langoustine, it has the right smell therefore. - me
I do not want to worry you, but I am climbing into you. And, Yes-No, ouch! - Hamish lifting his flat duck feet trying to climb onto me for safety, the yes-no ouch he thought of a needle again
Hamish, I am protecting you from the Dark Lords. - me, he thinks of his cheese smell again
Do not worry about your smell, Darling. You can come close to me whenever you want. I love you Turtle, I love you Hamish. - me
I will not bite you I said, but your hands and fingers are typing really fast! And then I want to grab them. - Hamish, about my really fast typing fingers!
Yes, Hamish, I know. - me
Mine, hunger, Yes-No, *click* Buttercup! - Hamish saying that he is not hungry at the time and the palate click indicates that he is happy right now
Dark Lords and other Fussubuses are kindly asked to leave these premises at once now, since I am allergic to them and since they are also making my dragon a bit worried, so they are asked to leave now. - me
Adios!, we will go now into our flying machines. - DL with thought of a brown cigar UFO those are as always theirs
Is it better now, Hamish? - me
I would like to eat some pancakes, some flapjacks. - Hamish
Do you eat pancakes Hamish? - me
My eye said ouch, Yes-No. - Hamish right next to me on my right, he thinks of needle in his eye, he is worried so his mind goes to other things that worry him too, brings up the fears
You are safe from needles today. There are no needles in this bed. - me
I would like to hurry, and show them my back. Then they know I was dominant! - Hamish turns around in bed to show his back to the needles that are not here
We are the Nurses. - Zeta Reticulan
Hello Zeta Reticulan nurse. - me but not even mildly enthused to hear them
We wanted to take some of your poo. - the Zeta nurse, "poo" in my native language

The Zetas did that energy rape thing with me and a young hybrid boy today again, while I was drawing the Triceratops for a remote viewing video, so I had an upset for a while there I promised them that I was going to talk to a doctor about having my ovaries removed, I was so upset that I wasn't even worried about losing Hamish I thought that surely he will be able to find food somewhere else. I asked Arcturians for help against the Zeta but I don't know if they did. But the Zeta seemed to leave after a moment thankfully. I need to start punishing the Zetas by eating sugar, maybe I can control their behavior with reward and punishment psychology, but I highly doubt it.

Hamish you can always come into my bed next to me if you ever get scared, and I will do all what I can to protect you. - me, and there was a whiff of Hamish's scent, a smell that is like of diarrhoea this time, a fresh manure barnyard kind of smell, but not offensive in any way

Of course my dragon can come into bed with me to snuggle and to be safe, and I will do all in my power to keep him safe from all the harm in this world, from cactuses that have owls in them, lanterns inside carved angry pumpkin faces, sewing needles and broken glass on the floor, from yes-no onions and from the bad men the Alpha Thetan Dark Lords.

Zetas, Tortoise, and other things

February 15 2018, 7:01 PM - In the recent days I have had visitations by aliens in the form of mental images depicting them, telepathic conversations, and interactions in the evening when I go to bed or in the night if I wake up at night. I have been shown an image of Kermit (which made me happy of course). One evening the sleaze guy was visiting and the aliens seem to want him to have sex with me to have children and I don't like him cause he is a sleaze. One night I was shown a hybrid male, he was of the same make as this hybrid drawn here, notably of a pink-beige skin color, no hair, small eyes that are very widely set apart, eyewhites in the eyes and blue irises. This one I was shown its feet, the foot is flat and the toes fan widely and symmetrically on both sides of the foot. This one I was shown seemed to be an adult or a young adult.

Today a Zeta Reticulan told me in my third language about itself that it is a "women's doctor", in a term that is the valid term for a doctor who specializes in women's health, the Zeta then explained that it means "ob-gyn", and later Lasarus which seemed to be a second Zeta different from this first one also said hello. I was shown the hand of the first Zeta, the palm of the hand is very small, and I saw three long fingers on the hand, and this first Zeta talked about how it used to have suction cups on its fingertips but that those were removed.

And Hamish has been cute and adorable. I bought some food items today and Hamish went over to the grocery shopping bag that is still unpacked on the bedroom floor (with no frozen items in it, so don't worry) and he pointed to the jar of cherry marmelade which I wanted to eat with my oatmeal and he said "Yes-No" about the cherry jam. Hamish or Reticulans said that it disrupts my ability to get pregnant. Today or yesterday Hamish or one of my other aliens talked about a "pregnancy test", and today Zetas told me that it was good that I will not take contraceptives. Oddly I have recently become very adamant about my choice to not ever take birth control pills. Did the Zetas make up my mind on that, because, could they not make hybrids on me if I were on the birth control pill? I only took birth control pills one time several years ago and it gave me such a bad PMS with so much pain that I swore to never take the pill again, but Zetas seem to be pleased with that decision. I am not sexually active at the moment since many months so it is not a problem, but I just thought it was interesting how the Zetas thought that it was a good idea that I am not on any contraceptive pills, hm. Zetas are hm.

I am trying to befriend the Zetas but that isn't working, our relationship is very complicated and we quarrel a lot with each other. One sassy Alpha Reticulan looked at me today and said I was a dog and was fussy, I said we should be friends and friendly with each other but they are always angry, sassy and mad. At least I have my friendly tortoise, he looked at me today right at my face and I saw him fire engine red and head buttons and all and he just did this most beautiful palate click to me, nothing makes me as happy as a Dragon Turtle looking straight at me and doing a palate click. Hamish I love you. Hamish was given some snacks today, so that makes me feel better and easier about it. I thanked the Zetas today for feeding my Tortoise.

Hamish tackled me two or more times in the past days, when I am in bed he can turn me over, during this time I will see him closely and it looks and feels is if he were right over my body, his eye staring right into mine. I love it. I love it when Hamish turns my body over, he said in one of these times that he was therefore dominant, but I do not mind why he does it, I just love cuddling with my dragon, even if he means it in another way.

The aliens brought a MIB around yesterday and I knew from the context that the aliens will want him to have sex with me so that the Zetas can take the children. This man has dark brown hair and brown eyes, he looks young like mid 30's. I talked to him and asked him where his ancestors came from, which I always like to know of Americans. I guessed Scottish, but he said Puerto Rico. He is really nice and friendly and he seems to be a new MIB, or did I hear him say that he is Gillespie? Would my Gillespie be of Puerto Rican descent, really? I know almost nothing about my Gillespie. Hey a new remote viewing target, we are going to remote view my Gillespie! (I will do that sometime later.)

I had a strange dream last night or the night before, about someone saying that they are placing a thermometer to measure my temperature but it went deep into my throat, and perhaps it was a Zeta in front of me doing that. I remained calm even though I could feel that gadget at the back of my throat, it was placed into my mouth and not through the nose.

Jack was talking about considering me as his wife, I said sure contact me in real life and I will go on a date with him and consider him. He also said that I am not very feminine, I said I don't care. The aliens said about Jack that he is with NASA. Is Jack really working for NASA?

My Hamish

February 09 2018, 9:46 AM -

My Livers, snacks. In my mouth. - Hamish, "in my mouth" in my third language

Yesterday I was busy on other things when all of a sudden like out of nowhere a red dragon shows up with his mental image depicting a koala. Hamish then continued to share his thoughts with me. I was so happy to see him. Every time that I forget about him, when he then shows up it is like rediscovering him for the first time! Like getting to receive and to open a present many times. He is wonderful. He has informed me now several times that the multivitamin fruit juice that I bought two packets of yesterday "is the wrong tea". I checked the label carefully it should not have any added sugar, I told him that it has added vitamins. This morning when he said again that it is the wrong tea, I asked him if he could tell me why, and he said that it contains substances which cause my heart to beat the wrong way. I thanked him for the information. Perhaps one of the many added B vitamins are synthetic, maybe an isomer of the actual desired structure and harmful, who knows?

Yesterday Hamish gave me a mental image depicting a yellow Dragon Turtle who was laying on its back on a metal table it looked like in a morgue I asked is he dead and I started to cry. I said sweet things to the yellow Reptile and I found that it was alive because he talked to me. He looked just like my Hamish, only yellow. So beautiful I told the yellow one how much I love his race.

I saw Hamish standing in the hallway just a minute ago, his upper eyelids were partially diagonally closed downwards because he is smiling. Such a beautiful sight, seeing a Draconian Reptile just standing there and smiling. He gave me a mental image of orange yellow flowers that I think were nasturtiums just a while ago.

11:12 AM. I just finished eating half of a huge papaya fruit that I had been scooping out with a spoon and as I put the hollowed out empty shell of the papaya aside on the table:

Were you eating a gourd? - Zeta Reticulan

I told him that no I was eating a papaya fruit. Gourd picture, papaya picture. I love the way how the Zetas do not know the names of all foods, Hamish does that too, and how they use names for similar food items instead. It makes the aliens seem so real, but also charming.

I am sorry that I did not know the right name of that fruit. It just looked like a gourd. Because we have seen them a lot. And we thought that you were drinking them. The juicy stuff, that comes from the inside. Why does it go inside there? - Zeta, from "and we thought that..." until "why does it go inside there" he refers to when I scooped with a spoon the seeds out on a plate first and threw it in the bin
The seeds from the inside may be a bit juicy yes, but they are generally not eaten, so they go into the bin. It is a delicious fruit, one of my favorite foods. - me
Yes, the bees also like the honey. It has been pollinated by them. We also like to do that. We take, your fruits out of your womb. We like to look at them! - Zeta, "look at them" he then means the black round seeds of the papaya to look at those

Zetas can be charming and cute to talk to, like now how we are having a conversation, but I know it can turn at any moment into a heated argument because of how they break cultural rules and taboos and send me into a raging fit, but for now we managed to have a decent conversation, about something simple, so I'd best slip away from the conversation and leave it on a positive note like that before it gets ugly. Let's leave on a happy note and quietly slip away.

My Munchkins

February 07-08 2018, 12:12 midnight - Last night the aliens were letting me see them in beautiful mental images, many of my red Hamish, of a Dinosaur, and of Zeta Reticulans. I honestly don't know if I was seeing them so clearly because I just started doing remote viewing tests (see YouTube videos titled Remote View Test) or if they had coincidentally at that same time decided to, but I let them know that I was going to reward and thank them for this kindness by eating yoghurt, and so today I bought a big bucket of natural yoghurt, to my surprise this one was creamy and delicious it tastes and feels just like a combination of fluffy whipped cream and ice-cream and not that fatty bitter yoghurt even though it has 2% fat in it, this is a Greek yoghurt so yummy so I think me and the aliens might make a deal.

Last night Hamish showed up and he just said to me quite blatantly: "My ovary". There is something uncanny, cruel, heartless and selfish about the way that a Reptilian can say such a thing to a human, but I remind myself that this is the dragon pooch that I love. Hamish also showed me a mental image depicting the bundle of seedlings that sit on the top of a blossomed dandelion and ready to set free and float across the air. They are clear about what they want. I am also clear to them about what I want.

Today also I have been seeing Hamish more clearly than usual. I think it has to do with my start of doing remote view tests so it has opened up my vision of them to much clearer. When I see him I tell him that I honor him. Hamish had pood on the toilet room floor next to the toilet brush again, a Dinosaur had come to clean it up the other day. I told Hamish that it was fine and that he lives here and he can use our home any way that he wants to. Recently he said about his ruggy snug that it was his, and I told him that yes indeed it was his ruggy, I told him that it is his and that I never step on it.

Hamish tackled me in bed last night, he turned my body around, at that time I see him so closely his body in the dark somewhere and his reptilian eyes, only that I really enjoy being turned around and tackled by a Reptilian. I know they mean it to be an act of domination, but how can a girl not love being "hugged" by a Reptilian friend? I truly enjoy those close moments when Hamish hoists me up or turns me around, I never take it the bad way.

Hamish is in reality rude, hostile, territorial and dominating

I will bite you for what you said! I will say, Yes-No dominating! - Hamish
Hamish, I am sorry, I apologise for what I said. I have honored you for a long time. I am happy with you and your race. - me
It was about, mine, back. About my hill. - Hamish, "hill" in my - our - third language, he pats on his back

I mean, in reality he is those things, but I adore him so much my heart sings at the mere sight and thought of him. I could never love him any less, I cheer when he assertively turns me around to show his dominance and to put me down, I cherish when he claims things in this home as his, I enjoy his company when he talks about being the superior race and dominant, and when he thinks about biting my fingers (when he objects to something) I just think he looks cute. I have also been shown cute images of frogs, even today of a really happy smiling puppet frog's face and then I see a Dinosaur in the background of that image, and it makes me really happy.

A Zeta is interested in my feces today I told him that he can give me a container for a sample but he didn't respond to that. The other day I had eaten seaweed cooked in my rice and the Zetas were very interested in that "salad", they are always extremely interested when I eat any brand new type of unusual food then they want a sample. Well they said they wanted a sample of that, what I told them was a seaweed from the ocean, and I said they can have some from the jar that is in the kitchen, but they only want to have some that has been digested by me. They also talked about suctioning out something from my stomach. Last night I had an uncomfortable dream about a man going to have sex with me and I wasn't really into him, as I woke up and thought about that dream a Zeta then said that the stork is going to come, in many European countries we say that the stork which is a big white bird is what brings newborn babies into homes, so that made it really seem the timing and all that the dream may have been more than just a dream.

Life and stuff and things

February 05 2018, 11:31 PM - The Zeta Reticulans decided to energy rape me today. This topic is extremely painful to write about and also horrendous. It seems, as I have reported also in the past, that Reticulans try to help a human abductee and its hybrid child to bond with each other by instilling by some mechanism that is unknown to me a strong sexual feeling in the two. I don't want to write about it, sorry. It's the kind of stuff I reserve for the books, so I will write it on the side and stuff it in the books.

Hamish is visiting in my home this evening and he showed me a mental image of a little red crab and later he asked me if he was allowed to sit on the sofa, I insisted to him that he is welcome in my home and that I share my home with him and that he may always sit wherever he wants to without needing to ask for permission, and so he sat down on the sofa and is in the world of his thoughts. Dinosaur was also visiting so I told Dinosaur he was welcome too. And that military officer who is with the Navy whom I refer to as the "sleaze" is around too. Anyhow, so is life.

Fussubus with Beetle - and bargaining with the aliens about milk and sugar and meeting, and I don't like baseball but someone does

February 03 2018, 9:09 PM - A reader of the website sent me a drawing she had made of Hamish, and another drawing depicting Malik. Malik or another Dark Lord took this as an invitation for him to visit me, he put his projection of a big black beetle down on my body and was talking about being here, I have informed the Fussubus that I am allergic of him and that he is therefore not allowed to visit. I have seen mental images of Hamish and Zeta Reticulans today, and last night I was shown a mental image of a green frog when a Dinosaur was around. Hamish told me that his name is Hamish and that he likes the color yellow, he suggested that I wear yellow socks. I don't have any yellow socks but if I see some in a store I will buy them.

9:40 PM. I am bargaining with the aliens, or trying to. Namely that I will start to drink milk and eat yoghurt and stop eating sugar and chickpeas, in exchange I want to meet them in person to see that they are real and not just voices in my head. Hamish came to tell me to "stop showing power", and during my conversation to the Zetas Hamish would say that I should "stop showing power" several times. I explained to Hamish that I would never show power, and that I was only discussing how we could be of mutual benefit for each other. A sassy Alpha Reticulan was listening, and was being sassy. Hamish told me that when I go there I hit them, I said when did I hit them and whom did I hit, Hamish said I had not hit him (meaning Hamish) but that I have hit the ones who collect eggs. I said I do not remember. I told them I am not going to stop eating sugar, which I love, and to start drinking milk, which I hate, unless I can be certain that they are real beings that exist. The Reticulans started talking to a military officer about all of this, and I read the man's thoughts he was thinking about baseball, so I know that this man is not something I hallucinated because there is no corner of my mind that would think about baseball. I asked him why he likes baseball but he didn't say.

An assortment of aliens (and Langdon)

February 01-02 2018, 1:38 AM - A black Orion reptile let me see itself in a mental image today and then he showed me his penis which was white and slender with the pointy tip which is typical for Reptilian ones. A Dinosaur let me see itself in a mental image and told me that the chocolate bar I was eating was "the wrong cheese for the eggs" and he suggested that I instead eat a pizza. I thanked the Dinosaur for giving me information and I acknowledged to him that I had listened.

The other day the Carian that I contacted in the remote viewing wanted to talk again and I told him that the Andromedan Council had not wanted us to talk to each other, the Carian showed me that place where I had been naked on a stage with all those men in the audience, I have seen that from the mental images of aliens many times by now but I have no memory (or actually I do, find the notes on the dream where I started with chemistry papers and thought I was doing a presentation on stage and my interaction with some of those people who were sitting there). The Carian told me quite frankly that I go there so that they can select me out. A MIB with black hair has been sort of checking me out and considering me so I have told him to leave. The Carian could probably give me a lot of information about what my aliens are doing, because the Carian seems inclined to bend rules including the rule of secrecy, so that could be useful, it is just that it is dangerous if I talk to the Carians because they are highly warring, I do not fear whatsoever that a Carian would harm me but as the Andromedans have informed the Carians can start wars and the Carians also want to destroy humanity, so I cannot talk to them for these reasons.

My flatmate was hanging up some of her clothes which she will give away to some of her friends who are coming by tomorrow, the MIB with the black hair was thinking to himself (but I heard his thoughts) if those were "WalMart" clothes and he thought to himself that he never shops at WalMart and I heard from his thoughts that he shops at "Sears". I told him that we have no WalMart stores in Europe and that he needs to leave me alone.

Hamish has been wonderful and beautiful and amazing as always. Again I have seen the world through his eyes, he sees the world in bright bright neon red, orange and yellow colors, also his visual perception of detail is far more enhanced than it is in human eye sight. The world he sees is beautiful. I still suspect that Hamish might not be able to see colors green, blue, and purple.

An Orion reptile of some sort (meaning either Alpha Orion or black Orion reptile) said Omrigosh to me today, followed by a two-word phrase which I recognize, which one of the Orion glyphs stands for, ah yes, the one that is "be wise", so he said to me "Omrigosh be wise", which he could have also chosen to say in two Orion words but he said "be wise" in English. "Be wise" was either Pine, Atek, or Languish I think. We also have the words Shuurah for eggs or future, and Kembraah and Kenumbraah which each mean two different things one of which means "idiot".

Zeta Reticulans let me see themselves in a mental image today. Then an image of a Zeta that was holding a scalpel in its hand and making a move as if one cut was made with the scalpel either across air or into something, either in a real situation or as a hypothetical situation. I gave the Zeta Reticulans a friendly greeting.

I wanted to go UFO watching today but it was cloudy and rainy. At least I learned how to use the focus adjustment so that I can actually film something that doesn't show up blurry when I zoom in on it.

Carlisle, or Langdon, was talking today about letting me move to "Santa Monica". He also wanted me to see what his face looked like when he was a few years younger and he asked me if his face looked familiar with which he meant if I would recognize that he looked like me. This morning I did some dance workout and Carlisle said that "if he were my father" then he would not disapprove of that. I asked him why does he say that but he did not clarify. But as he had told me about going to Santa Monica (which I now look up is a city in the state of California) I then picked up from his thoughts or from him a strong sense of Navy, not that he had said anything to me about the Navy but I could feel Navy so I told him that I do not trust the Navy. I asked the Dinosaur who had earlier told me about the chocolate and pizza if he could tell me who is Carlisle or Langdon and the Dinosaur told me that he is "an Assistant", I asked the Dinosaur what kind of an Assistant is he and what does he do but the Dinosaur did not tell me. At least Hamish makes perfect sense to me, his back and all.

Look, if Carlisle is my father then I need to be informed. I told him that if he means it about me coming to Santa Monica then all he needs to do is to contact me in real life and that would not be a problem. If he is my father then I would adopt him right away. I've already lost Derek and MacIntyre so if Carlisle is my father then I am not going to wait until I lose him too! Isn't it time that I get to meet everybody? Including Stephens. Everyone. But not Andrew.