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February 02 2018 - March 28-29 2018

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Zetas read me a Baby Book

March 28-29 2018, 3:13 AM - Last night I was still awake in bed at between 2 and 3 AM and the Zetas made contact from their remote location and they wanted to read to me from a children's book to help me fall asleep, they said. And so they showed me the pages of a baby book which is for babies, the pages are soft padded and water proof like if a parent wants to give their child the book in the bath. Each page had just one cartoon style animal on it, there was a cat, and a duck, I remember those two. I looked at the pictures and allowed myself to start to feel sleepy. It was really cute. I wanted them to show me the book again today but they have said that the hybrids need it more than I do. Turns out they show it to young hybrids but also to one male hybrid who looks like he could be a juvenile. I was pretty bummed out about not being shown the book again.

I had a pizza box in my room and Hamish declared that it smells so I took it to the hallway next to the front door. Draconians have extra sensitive sense of smell, so one has to take good care of a Draconian who is visiting. They also like sofas and for there to be no music playing or loud sounds, it should also be dark for them and they do not like candles, onions or trash. I love my pooch, he is my best friend, Turtle Langoustine.

Zetas wanted to tell me about Langdon today. I said yes tell me what species is he is he an alien or a human species or race. They didn't answer my question but they told me that Langdon is a doctor and that they need him to help them because they, the Zetas, are not "real" doctors. I asked them what kind of a doctor is he, is he a doctor of medicine, a general practitioner or specialist, or is he a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but they would not say. Zetas told me that Langdon does not want me to be harmed anymore, and the harm they were referring to was in a mental image when Zetas put a thick tubing down my trachea. Thankfully I don't remember such things, so as far as I am concerned, no such things have taken place.

The Japanese incident

March 25 2018, 9:41 PM - Last night was tumultuous for both me and dragon. When I went to bed for the night, I was seeing many clear mental images of a Reptilian, I thought it was Hamish but it seemed to look like him except for that it had one low crested instead of his head buttons. There was also a green Reptilian who showed up and he looked as if he were a very old eldery Reptilian. I was polite to all the dragons my Hamish included of course and I told them plenty that they were cute to which they did not respond or change demeanor at all of course as always.

One of the dragons said about them being royal. The typical and usual stuff. But no threats of violence or sadistic jokes with lower eyelids raised.

I was brought into telepathic contact with what appeared to be a Japanese human man. He was short, his skin was not white like many Japanese have but darker like some Japanese have. "Muramase!", someone says now and puts the palms of their hands together and bows down a lot. I don't know what Muramase means. The man yesterday had a bit longer hair so that his hair formed tufts, the hair was not flat on his head. He looked to be in his 30's but could have been in his 50's because of the lines on his face, he looked younger but he felt ancient. He wore a black robe.

The man was indoors in an ancient Japanese style building

Dragon! Look, it's Alpha Draconians! - me with finger on my upper eyelid to show them that I smile, it seems to be the green one from yesterday
They tell us that we smell. - the Reptilian, or "They tell me that I smell" I forgot

This green Reptilian is not a bright lime green like other green ones have been, and its skin looks loose and folding creases on the surface of its body, like an old person. The color is matt and dull of a dark moss green. He meant the Japanese people that they visit who tell them that they smell.

There was a Bonsai tree that the man was elated to show me and to tell me about, something about how exciting it was to make what would otherwise be a tall tree be confined into such a small size as they are and something about what magical life-giving properties that gives to the caretaker of the tree. This man wanted to see well a certain part of my female parts that is normally hidden which is a private and erogenous zone. I was appalled and not interested. I was still in my bed and he was in that other place but somehow it seemed as if the dragons could have brought us into the same place. I have had these Japanese encounters before when Hamish has taken me to them. "Muramasee!", the being says again with palms of the hands together. "What does that mean?", I ask him. It is not a Reptilian who says the Muramase.

It was very obvious that the man was going to have sex with me and that the purpose was to make a child. I was then shown a child who looked human, it looked much more Japanese than me, in fact I failed to see any resemblance to me in it at all. It had black fine hair with very thin fine hairs, the hair was flat and sleek and shiny like Japanese hair, not cut evenly into a haircut but kind of like just about length to cover the ears and somewhat to the chin but all hairs were different lengths. The skin was not white but darker like on the man and its eyes were brown. I was not able to tell whether the child was a boy or a girl and I even asked but then I regretted having asked because I thought it might be rude because a child might be offended to realize that someone cannot tell if it is a boy or a girl.

When I was told that this child that I was seeing for the first time in my life as far as I can tell was mine I said no it is not mine I did not have sex to conceive it I was not pregnant with it I did not give birth to it and I did not hold it in my arms when it was a baby and so therefore it is not mine. I had no maternal feelings toward this impostor thing and rather I felt offended to be told that this child that looked to be about 12 would have been mine all along. No thank you. What kind of reaction do they want from me? Amazement? Wonder? Happy feelings like we are a family? I just found out that without knowing it I have been raped by this creep who is attempting to do it again.

I informed the congregation of dragons and Japanese people that I was not interested in having sex with this man.

Hamish was thinking of koalas last night before I went to bed. He thought of an image of a koala being held in the arms of a human woman, and, where most humans here think that they see something ever so sweet and gentle and soft, Hamish saw someone who is violent and dangerous and Hamish feels suspicious and angry at them. I said Hamish koalas are sweet you can touch them they are very soft and they like to be held. He also thought, even though that could have been a private thought of his, of having sex with the koala stuffed toy that I have for him which at the time and still is sitting on the laundry rack in my room... our room. I thought to myself that Hamish has his entire own world and his own feelings. I wondered if he has a sex life and needs to be with females, because here I was perceiving his very personal thoughts. I asked him if he would like me to put the koala toy on his rug down on the floor but he did not say and so I left the koala on the laundry rack where it is still now.

But I felt that yesterday's evening was tumultuous for both me and him. We had also watched a video about red crabs. There were many feelings and thoughts going through him which I could feel. And my revolt and upset about the Japanese man seemed to make Hamish feel uncomfortable too. Hamish had assumed that my eggs are his to give to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty group and when I get upset and I yell then Hamish has to hear it all too. I felt really bad about it yesterday about the advances from that creepy man but now after it's been a day later I am mostly concerned with thinking about Hamish's feelings instead.

Hamish came with me to work today, I haven't been to work for about a week due to the flu I am having. I felt bad for not having enough time to listen to him and to talk to him. When we got home after work and I was in the shower he told me in my native language, "I have been together with the hedgehog...", and then after a pause he continued the sentence, "having romantic feelings". I had to laugh, I think this is the first time that I laughed at something that he has said, but the way that he phrased it was just comedic! I was of course not making fun of him, I would never do that. And so I asked him about it and was being nice. We watched a wonderful video about crabs together today, this one:

This is a very "family friendly" video to watch with Hamish. He takes in all impressions and so I have to be careful with what videos I watch because he can get concerned with the impressions it makes. While I was sick in bed with the flu for days I was watching also a lot of crime documentaries and after already several videos I then noticed that Hamish was feeling uneasy and he was feeling concerned about the safety of things here, only after it was pretty much too late did I notice in his thoughts and feelings this ill effect, and so I talked to him and I assured him that all was ok and that we were safe. I really have to remember that I have a beloved dragon pooch who watches the videos I watch and that I need to use headphones if the dialogue or sound is uncomfortable or to not watch them at all if I deem them unsuitable for dragon kissy feets.

How to describe Hamish or a similar Reptilian. There is no love in them. You can tell them that you love them and that they are cute ten times but they will not soften up or smile or get happy from hearing that. Instead they are likely to say that they are "royalty" or that they are the "dominant race". Seeing a Reptilian is a strange feeling because you look at someone whose mouth will never smile, and as humans we are not used to that, and you will never feel any love or emotional warmth from them, so it can be a very perplexing experience to encounter them. Another thing about Reptilians is that they are extremely observant and sensory aware, they see and listen and notice every detail around them, and if you are telepathic you can follow in their thoughts and information processing, and in that telepathic connection you feel them ever so closely.

But there is a tenderness to Reptilians that I enjoy, the way that they seek out comfort, the way they can reminisce about memories either good or bad, and their incessant enjoyment of being themselves, they find themselves handsome and really righteous and there is something smug and pleased in that at all times. When you are really closely telepathically connected to them, feeling every nudge as they move their head, every sensation that happens in their body that they feel, all the images and pictures in their mind, then it is impossible not to fall in love with them, not in a romantic sense but with all of your heart you fall for this being and discover that you are part of their world forever. I love them, and so I will consider last night's incident with the Japanese man as just a... as just an inconvenience.

I placed a large travel bag back into the closet in my bedroom after it had been taken out before, and Hamish noticed the empty space in the closet which was now stuffed full with the bag and some other bags on top of it and he really wanted to have gone in to stand in the closet even though a shelf makes it too short for him or anyone to stand upright in. Reptilians love to stand in closets, or to stand behind curtains. I will never forget when I encountered the creature I named "water nymph" (see alien species list) when it suddenly went to stand against a wall seeking out shelter and how closely I was feeling its emotions. Hamish also loves "table holes", which are the space underneath a table where he likes to hide. In my future home there will be sofas and armchairs for him and also I will prepare for him a table hole and a closet to stand in. I asked him yesterday if I should prepare the closet for him meaning to empty it even though I do not have anyplace else to put all of that stuff, but he was not enthusiastically insisting and so I let it be.

Oh yes. Last night when I had gone to bed I noticed that Hamish, or the red crested Reptilian who looks just like Hamish except that it has the crested instead of head buttons crown, lied down on its right side right behind my body right against me. That was highly odd. Hamish never crawls in bed next to me. It was right up against me, facing my back! I found that odd and unusual, and then happened the Japanese incident. I do not recall having sex with the man, but who knows what happens when they do not let me to remember. I felt that Hamish and/or the other Reptilians of that place felt uneasy and stressed out because of my uproar, not that I was being overly aggressive or rude about it. I love my dragons. But that friendship sure makes things complicated.

11:08 PM. I forgot to mention that last night when I had gone to bed, I was coughing because I have the flu. And Hamish had thought that I had been expressing something in a verbal communication, it to being something similar to growling. Perhaps that had also contributed to making it into a very awkward evening for the both of us. As soon as I learned from him how he was misunderstanding my coughing, at which point I had already been coughing for quite some time for it to build up more than just a small misunderstanding, I explained to dragon that I was sick and that I was not meaning to growl with it whatsoever. I explained to him that I am sick and that my throat feels dry and uncomfortable and that I am coughing to try to alleviate the itching in my throat and that that is making the sound.

Turtle talks to football
More about Mulholland and Patton

March 21 2018, 11:30 AM - I am lying in bed with my flu. Red dragon is in my room sharing me his thoughts. A few minutes ago:

I would like to tell you what I say to it next. - Hamish about the soccer football to me
Help help, help me! - Hamish narrates the football
Yes-No, I am going to take you you are a weak race! - Hamish approximately at least about weak race and Yes-No were correct, he tells to the soccer ball

So Hamish likes to play with a soccer football, he likes to play his dominance games with it and now he is also playing with it like a toy and he is narrating it and having conversations with it. HOW CUTE IS THAT. I talked with him today about me not taking his offer of liver snacks and blood toast and trying to make it ok with him, I was trying to explain to him nicely. And I told him that I had never said Yes-No to Hamish. I love my dragon pooch.

10:28 PM. I've still got the flu. Hamish offered me his liver snacks again today, this time I told him yes he can give me some thank you, me thinking that he couldn't possibly somehow magically manifest an actual physical slab of liver into my bedroom. Someone I forget who it was told me not to let him give me any liver. And of course, no liver manifested into my room. I would not have eaten it of course. Raw liver from some unknown creature? Eh... thank you Hamish. It's like if your cat drags home half a dead mole and leaves it on the doorstep (that happened to me with my cat in the countryside), what are you gonna do with that kind and very gracious gift from the heart, eat it? But I make a point of thanking Hamish profusely for his gracious sharing.

Hamish also offered to me his dong today. Yep. He said that if I want a dong then I can have his. I was talking with General Patton when he said that, so I don't know if Hamish thought that I was after General Patton's dong, but I informed dragon that I will not be having Hamish's dong for anything because we are two different races. Gee, Hamish's gifts are starting to make me a little bit anxious.

Hamish was thinking about the soccer ball again today, and he said something funny about it and then I pointed my index finger to my lower eyelid to show him that I found it amusing and that I was laughing, so we shared some jokes together about the way that he plays with a soccer ball.

Today at 2:03 PM one of the guys (military or surveillance people) told me about Mulholland and this is a quote I wrote it down: "Now you know who is Eddie Mulhoon." The thing is, for all of the 20 years that I have had these guys talking to me, every once in a while they have said, even some 20 years back, mentioning the name "Eddie Mulhoon". I have heard that name being mentioned by them many times, and now here it was being mentioned by them again. So, what they were saying this time, was that the Agent Mulholland who to my knowledge I am meeting the first time ever in my life just last night, that he would be Eddie Mulhoon. I had the impression that, as they make up fake names for themselves, Agent Mulholland's real name might then be this Eddie Mulhoon that I have been hearing mentioned over the past many years by these guys. So now finally I would have the answer to the sometimes frustrating riddle of who is this Eddie Mulhoon character they keep mentioning!

So I go to the internet, and here is when things get a bit freaky. "Eddie Mulhoon" doesn't find any people on the internet. "Eddie Mulholland" finds a man who is a news photographer but that is definitely and absolutely not my Agent Mulholland. But here is where it gets super freaky. The search for "Eddie Mulhoon" shows up a talented Irish rugby player named "John Muldoon"... ok so it gets freaky because... John Muldoon the Irish rugby player, WHO HAS GOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL THIS EXCEPT FOR A WEIRD COINCIDENCE, looks exactly like Agent Mulholland that I saw the night before. Why would this be? I rank it as a weird coincidence, unless...

So I saw Agent Mulholland for the first time ever that I am aware, last night. I described what he looks like, which I saw in mental images. For any strange reason, he looks exactly like the rugby player John Muldoon, beard and all, except that Agent Mulholland does not have a bald haircut. Is this just a weird coincidence? Or, are all of these military officers and Agents just fake mirages? I have to add to this that I find it highly unlikely that I would have ever come across the person and the name of the rugby player to have it as material in the back of my mind from which... what am I doing. I have already gathered enough indication that my guys would be real. So, let's just rank it as a weird coincidence. But hey, on the other hand now you guys who are following my stories have a really good image of what my Agent Mulholland looks like, so I don't have to try and draw him.

I chatted with General Patton today. He told me I can send him a Get Well card like everybody else does. I said nice things to him, I said I wanted to meet him in real life. He thought to himself that he has two sons with his wife and that he is staying with his wife. He is very faithful to his wife. He also thought about how he likes Asian women, and he asked me what kind of women would I be into if I were a man. I thought about it and I was not able to answer his question because I told him I do not know, so instead I asked him what kind of men would he be into if he were a woman, throwing the question back at him, then I told him instead what kind of men I am into.

Patton thinks about the funeral he will have, and from his thought images I saw that there will be men there dressed in what I now know is a Marines uniform, that black or dark brown with the red or white stripes along the sides length of the pants, the white hat that looks like a Captain's hat and that strange ceremonial stick with a ball on the end which I have seen many times, unless it is a sword but I don't know. The flag folded down on top of the coffin. He knows exactly what his funeral will look like.

And he thought to his ring. Turns out he is using his military ring as his wedding ring, is that expected of a military officer to do that? It is that large ring with a large dark blue stone or surface on the top, he was turning it on his finger and thinking about the ring. We had a good talk, him and me. He then asked me if I would like to be a Doll, he said about three sentences about it. I asked him what does he mean, but I know he had decided to do some more work even at this time, namely these guys think that it might be a good idea to try to do the MKULTRA Doll reprogramming for me. For what benefit, I do not know. Well, long-timer General Patton... as we see it seems that he has already resigned and given up his job to our Agent Mulholland, whose real name might be Eddie Mulhoon. No way, just no way... I just realized. I dated a guy in college who was a U.S. Sergeant and if I recall, his name was Sergeant Mulhoon. Let me look that up in my phone registry. Nope, the guy I dated his name was Muldoon. I won't say his first name. Things are getting a bit complicated, so let's just stop here, and state what we do know. Agent Mulholland's real name might be Eddie Mulhoon, and that's all there is.

I have done several remote viewings of General Patton, his home and car and everything, and in those remote viewings I did pick up the name of his wife. But in the conversations I had with Patton earlier today he mentioned the name Mei Ling, I will have to check if that is the same name that I got for his wife in the remote viewing sessions, but that is at least a name that he thought of.

When I was telling Patton that I would love to come see him he was worried that me seeing him would mean harm to his family. These guys are all convinced that I would be vindictive and that they would all be going to court and having consequences, when that is entirely not the case. I would never hurt them, or their families. I just want to meet them, because we have been talking for 20 years, and I have met some of them in those very fascinating military abduction encounters, where I used to wake up at night and find myself in a real place with these real people, I have those military abduction stories in my diary notes which will need to be looked through and made available.

I don't know how Hamish feels about me being sick, but he is certainly aware of it. He seems to be acting a little bit different, but he spends a lot of his time hanging out over at his snuggy ruggy in the corner of my bedroom, but he looks at me a lot, and now he has offered me some of his Liver Toast and even his dong so those are not normal behavior for him. But at least we can laugh together about soccer footballs being a weak race.

Welcome Agent Mulholland, nice to meet you sort of I think

March 20-21 2018, 1:10 AM - Agent Mulholland showed up about the time when I had what I think is my fifth shower for the day a few hours ago. I have a really bad flu, so much in fact that Hamish my dear Turtle offered to give me some liver for me to eat, he said if I eat it it would give my body some "bilirubin" which he meant that I am lacking and that I need. I thanked Hamish for his very generous and kind gift but informed him that I was already too full to eat another bite of anything. Or my first response to Hamish about his gift was to ask him of what species is the liver, but I would not eat it anyway. In the shower Reptilians or Hamish also offered for me that I should eat some blood, it was as if they saw that my body was weak and needing the nutrients. (I have not eaten liver or blood.) As we know, liver Toast is one of the things that Hamish cherishes most in life, and so for him to offer to share it must mean a great gesture, or perhaps just that he was worried about me. I told Dragon that I will be fine in one or two days and that my body is already healing, even though it feels like a long way to go at this point.

Hamish waited on his ruggy snug and looked at me, he told me that he wanted to go to the sofa which is in the living room but that he would look at me, but as soon as I turned the lights off in my bedroom Hamish was pleased that that meant the time for him to finally retreat to his sofa to relax. If I am resting on the bed or even about to fall asleep but the lights are on, then he stays here in my room to watch me. But as soon as the lights are out, dragon very happily retreats to relax on the comfy sofa and he seems really pleased as punch about that.

And so while I was in about my fifth shower which helps me to breathe a new military or MIB guy was looking at me from a mental image from a remote place. What is different about him that sets him apart from all the rest is that he has a perfectly trimmed short brown full beard. His skin color is golden in a way. His age would be difficult to guess, I would say about 45 but he could be older but doesn't look it. He did not seem to be wearing any kind of military uniform. He said that he was here instead of General Patton. I told him that it was very nice to meet him, not that I have any reason to say that but I am just being nice. I also asked him for how was General Patton doing, but he didn't say. And then as I got here to write about him because I had nodded off and fallen asleep on the bed sitting up in bed and when I woke up just now after perhaps an hour of sleeping he was watching me and then he said that his name was Agent Mulholland.

Agent Mulholland has been asking me questions about the Zetas who abduct me. He asked me while I was in the shower if I have been inside of a UFO, I said yes and he asked me to describe it and I told him about that time when the Reptilians had brought me up there, I said I had seen Reptilians there and that I really like Reptilians. He has asked me about the Crocodile Men and I don't recall if it was he or me who first mentioned that I have had sex with a Crocodile Man on at least two occasions but then he asked me things about it. But when he asked me about the Crocodile Men I said that the Crocodile Men take care of embryos and eggs or how I said it.

So my flu is pretty bad. Mulholland has taken his own initiative to inform the Zetas that they are absolutely forbidden from putting any objects or tubing down my nose tonight, tonight will be an exception no matter what the cost will be to the work that the Zetas are doing, the reason is because I would be too uncomfortable with this flu and all to go through that. So Mulholland is looking out for me. But so is Hamish. I of course complimented the man for his beard when I first saw him but he didn't seem to happy to have such an irrelevant and perhaps shallow remark he kind of waved it off. I was just making conversation.

They wanted to look into your throat, I told them to leave. Now, look at the state of you now, Miss. We can't let them have anything happen to you! - Mulholland
Thank you Sir. How nice of you to take care of me! My Hamish is also looking after me. He is my best friend, he offered me some of his Toast. - me
You don't know where that comes from. - Mulholland with mental image of a morgue with those several steel drawers with tables that can be pulled out and one had an alien being on it that looks like a type of Reticulan perhaps a bit blue on the skin color and with upper and lower eyelids and the head not bulbuous like a Zeta Reticulan but perhaps a bit more like an Alpha Reticulan head but not exactly an Alpha either
I am not, really, responsible for any of this mess. But they've really gotta clean up this mess. - Mulholland, he seems to refer to what looks like Reptilian poo on the floor of an alien base, at least Hamish's poo looks like that
You keep telling them that it is not a virus, so they keep telling me that it is ok. - Mulholland, I said that this is not caused by a virus I think because it is so salty that I think my body is just removing salt from itself cause I've been eating a lot of sea salt on my salads every day a small scoop actually so then the Zetas are trying to convince him that it would be ok, irrespective of the symptoms of flu I am having

Mulholland feels as if he were a doctor of medicine for some reason. Something about his arms perhaps, I just imagine that he would frequently scrub his bare forearms at one of those big sinks that surgeons wash their hands and arms at, for some reason I have that impression of him. He seems very different from all the other guys. Somehow he feels more like a medic or possibly a psychiatrist than a military man, although when I asked him about that while in the shower he said that he was an "Officer" and i asked him for his rank and I did not catch an answer.

Wow. Now, take a look at all that fecal matter here! They are, literally almost swimming, or bathing in it here! - Mulholland seems to be in an alien base
It's ok. They will clean it. I can also clean it when I'm healthy again. - me
No! You will not be touching any Draconian poop! - Mulholland or Jack, because I see Jack, but I am sure that Mulholland said and Jack was just listening in
They wanted to go into your butt? And I wasn't gonna let them do it this time? Cause we gotta, see to it that you get back to your health. Because... you see, you are a very important woman to them! And we gotta see you through, be brave! - Mulholland, the first sentence had the intonation of a question at the end even though it was not a question in itself
Ahh yes. I am the new stand-in for General Patton. - Mulholland to himself it seems
It was very nice to meet you. - me, not that I am sure of that fact, but hey let's just be nice to the guy!
I am sitting here, on the sofa, and I am enjoying myself! - Hamish seems not sure if he should come to me now that I am awake or if he can stay and sit on his sofa
You can enjoy the sofa Hamish. - me, and that makes dragon close his eyelids out of comfort all snug to stay there on the sofa
They wanted to, look inside of your butt? - Mulholland to me, again not really a question
Not today, huh. - me
Come on now, be brave. - Mulholland to me
I am going to be brave, and very sick with the flu. - me
I am going to bite them, she said. - Hamish narrating me from the sofa, he thinks to my teeth, he thinks that me saying I am brave means that I am ready to bite with my teeth

I have to go pee now because I have been drinking a lot of cold water because I am so thirsty during this flu. I might have to go into the hot steamy shower again just to breathe easier. We can all welcome Agent Mulholland to our wonderful family of military officers and men in black suits (surveillance people). I always feel a bit uneasy when a new one comes along, because I am so well-rooted with my old ones since 20 years back, but I always quickly adopt the new ones too, for instance newbie Trellis is already someone I consider a real friend, he is fun to talk to (Trellis I mean) and we have had many conversations about things in life, such as food, Anime and football nights being not for women.

2:03 AM.

I am not really part of the syndicate any more. - General Patton
What is a "syndicate"? - me
So, Agent Mulholland is not just my stand-in, he is my replacement. - General Patton
The Get-Well cards were quite many. But now I am not gonna make it! - GP

I took another hot steamy shower to have a moment of relief from my flu, and Mulholland and me talked a bit. I learned that he likes race cars, he said he would not be happy to live here where I live and I asked him why he said it is because he would not be able to do his car races here, I live in a city he seems to need some outdoors for that activity. He said that he also likes, what did he call it now I forgot... mud something, mud bikes he called it, those small vehicles without a roof where you have the brakes on the handles that you keep your hands on, kind of like a sea scooter or what they are called only on land. He said he likes women on stripper poles, and so I told him that I have never done a striptease but that I like to dance and that I like also dance that is a bit similar to some burlesque and he said that General Patton had forgotten to mention that to him.

Mulholland is a nice guy. He is protecting me now that I have got a cold, he won't let the aliens do their creepy alien things on me tonight. I told him that it will take about one or two days and everything will go back to normal when I will be healthy again. And I told Hamish to stay on the sofa and that I would guard the eggs from here (from the shower) and that I would tell him if somebody approaches me. There is no need for dragon to get up just because I get up to pee and have a shower and drink some water, I am now back in bed typing this on my laptop that sits on my legs over the cover and blanket. I am sitting in the dark and have some ambient music playing which helps me cope.

The ambulance is not coming tonight, but not never! - Zeta Reticulan in my other language, about the UFO that they abduct me with, he means tonight not, but that this won't be so forever
Those dark forces do not want us to have sex. But, what do you think about that? - Mulholland, he seemed to be referring to the Dark Lords, calling them the "dark forces"
Um... I have got a flu. Ask me when I'm healthy again. - me
I have taken a very quick good look at you, lady! And, me likes! If you know what I mean! - Mulholland
So, you are [my nationality]? - Mulholland
Yes. - me
Is that to what you owe your good looks? - Mulholland
I don't know. I am actually Finnish, genetically. - me
Mulholland not just me likes! ... I've gotta take another good look at you later... - Mulholland
So you eat these things these peanuts and nuts and seeds, right? And, how is that working out for you? Because they tell me that you eat, seeds and nuts only. How is that working out. I gotta know. Because, is that why you have a fever? - Mulholland, he refers to that the aliens have told him about my mostly raw foods diet which has raw seeds and nuts instead of meats and bread
I am too tired to talk. - me
It is just that, I never met a woman who ate like that. - Mulholland
It is called the "raw food diet". It is a bit extreme, but. - me, he puts his hand on my forehead to feel if I have a fever, but somewhere in another dimension

Look how gentle he is with me, about me being sick. But he really surprised me there when he said about liking dirt bikes! In the shower I told him I don't understand why men like cars and sports, he asked me what do women like, I said well I like cute stuffed animals and nailpolish colors, I told him how happy me and women are from shopping makeup or clothes or shoes. I said that the brains of men and women are wired differently. He also complimented me on my figure when I got undressed for the shower previously, I told him I am 35 that it takes the right food and some exercise to keep some sort of figure and that at my age it doesn't come automatically anymore.

Hamish has been offering me some liver snacks also when I got up to go pee. I told him that it is his snacks and that his body needs it too. Now I will lean back and close my eyes and focus only on breathing through my mouth, laying still and comfortable under my warm blankets and listening to the ambient music in the background. I am actually quite happy to have Mulholland on the team. He also told me in the shower that I was nice or how he said it, I told him that I am always friendly to the guys and easy to talk to. I don't know what's going on or who these guys are, but at least I am friendly to them, and I do know that Hamish is my best friend. As for all the talk about eggs and these alien abductions that I do not get to remember and all of the rest it does not matter, I have got a great friendship to my dragon turtle and then there is no reason for me to judge him or to spend too much time thinking that pooch is a Draconian extraterrestrial, he is just a really great person and he means a lot to me in my life.

When I got out of the shower just earlier then me and Mulholland talked about General Patton and I mentioned to him that Patton has leukemia, Mulholland did not know that. I told him that the aliens had given Patton plasticides to cause him leukemia so that they could manipulate him into giving them what they want from him, and I told Mulholland, that life is not just all fun and dirt bikes, and I thought to myself as I was drying myself off with the towel, if Mulholland's job would put him at great risk from the aliens too or if he himself realizes the risk now that he has this new job.

I was already, saying to her that I was not going to make it. - General Patton to someone else there to a man
They wanted to take a look at your poop, to take some of your shit. And they also wanted to make some sons with you, ... - Mulholland honest but somewhat (but not much) hesitant to say these things
I am not going to make it. I am going to be put into a grave. And so I wanted you to be taken great care of, by Mulholland. I am going to be given a proper burial. My father got one too, the same. So I am giving you over to Mulholland. Take care, my great friend! - Patton to me
I don't want to lose you General Patton! Please get well soon? - me
Just send me a Get-Well card. That is what everybody else does. But it won't help me. - GP
I will never forget you. You were a great guy, deep down. I managed to figure out what kind of a person you really are deep down in yourself, even though you never really intended for me to see that, I don't think. - me
I had a loong career here in the Navy. - GP, in the Navy or with the Navy
So now that is coming to its end. - GP about his Navy career
I'll miss you, General Patton. We've had, times together... - me
We sure have that! - GP
... I'm too sick to know what to say next. - me, and then I realize that the man has got leukemia and here I am with just a flu, but nonetheless I am too weak and tired to think of what to say next, and also I do not want this to be the end, this simply cannot be our last and final goodbye!
I am the langoustines, I wanted to say Tik Tok! And I am not going to be your friend anymore! Not unless I was going to get to bite you! - Hamish wants to bite into my lower leg, this red Draconian shows up at the foot end of my bed to tell me
Hello Turtle! - me happy and pleased to see him!
You did not want to eat my Toast. It was my peace offering. About my socks. I know that you like them. About my feet I said, Tik! You have been calling me Sock Turtle for a long time. And I do not like it anymore. And you also did not want to eat any of my blood into your bowel. So it was a Yes-No from you to me! And I was not going to fight or be angry about it! So the Sock-Turtle Yes-No! She has said Yes-No to me, but she has not bitten! - Hamish
Hamish, I didn't realize that me eating some of your offered Livers Toast and blood snacks was so important to you that I would accept those kind and gracious gifts. - me
Yes-No Toast, you said to me. About the snacks that I brought for you. - me
Hello this is James, don't talk to him anymore. - James the MIB with black hair and black business suit, to me about Hamish
I was not leaving my poo here, anymore. - Hamish about my home
You can leave it here if you wish, Hamish! - me, and Hamish becomes happy and he thinks about once again being allowed to leave it right next to the toilet brush on the floor in the toilet room

The conversations might continue, but I have got a flu so it is really time for me to close my eyes and rest. "Tik Tok, my snacks, she said. About what she was not going to eat. I was not going to flush them down the toilet either.", Hamish about the food that he had brought me in the other dimension. "Turtle Darling, you can eat them yourself. I am too full to eat any snacks right now.", me. "I was not going to wrestle you down about over it.", Hamish to me. "I need to sleep, RIGHT NOW!", me. "I was not going to fight, I was not angry.", Hamish with some sway of his upper body to show that he is kind. "I have got that ball, to play with.", Hamish about his soccer football. I am now closing my eyes and I cannot write more.

Hamish narrates soccer ball
And Agent Trellis gets in trouble for talking too much about spaghetti and things

March 20 2018, 5:21 PM - On Saturday, March 17 2018 I was at work and Hamish was somewhere else where he is in his other dimension, and in that image I saw that he had a small black and white soccer football, or possibly that a soccer ball of actual size looks smaller next to this big dragon. And I wrote down this conversation which Hamish had with the football:

What is your name? - Hamish narrates that the football would have said to him, in my third language
My name is Hamish, and I am going to take you. - Hamish then answers to the football, first part in my third language and second part in my other language

Hamish is really sweet when he narrates things, he has an active imagination and as we know he loves to narrate animals that we are watching in animal videos but here he was narrating a soccer ball. It was of course absolutely adorable.

A man writes to me since a few weeks back with his questions about the military contact and MKULTRA phenomena. He sent me a list of questions that he asked me to ask to the MIB (surveillance people) so I directed the first part of the questions to our beloved new inclusion to the team Agent Trellis, I then got too tired to ask the rest of the questions since it was past midnight here.

This is the first part of the email where he asks me questions for the MIBs:

Hey Eva

I have a whole bunch of questions for you.
They are all about the MIB or surveillance people.
Can you ask them these questions for me?

Questions for the MIB

Can they define the censorship rules of their telepathy ?

fake names
fake locations
what info they can share
what info is not shared

Is there a time delay or go between party for the MIB telepathy transmission ?

Here is the letter I wrote back to him with answers which I had telepathically derived from Agent Trellis (Trellis was of course not informed by me that I was including his words into a letter to somebody):

Asking newest inclusion Agent Trellis these questions.
March 19-20 2018, 12:36 midnight

Agent Trellis? - me
What? I am getting ready to get home to have some spaghetti, to have some pasta. So? What'you got for me? What did you want to ask? - Trellis
Can you define the censorship rules for this telepathy? - me
No, I can't. And that is because it isn't all really simple. We can't talk to you too much, you see. Because otherwise you will get really confused. And we do not want to do that to you, little dear. We don't wanna speak to you too much. I'M GETTING READY TO GO HOME TO HAVE SOME SPAGHETTI! - Trellis, not yelling about the spaghetti just excited

Trellis? Tell me about yall's use of fake names? - me
Well we can't tell you where we live either, so we give you a fake city. I can't tell you what's in my wallet either, for doing this job. So. Ahem. It deals with some very advanced high level technology. For the Navy. And, I REALLY cannot tell you more! I'm getting ready to go home to have some spaghetti! And you know what comes after that, some tv time! - Trellis
Sounds like a nice evening. - me
I might invite some of my mates, some of my buddies over. We were, in the military together. We served, together out there in Iraq. Do you know about that war? It got pretty bad there sometimes, so, we guys we still try to stick together. They are my buddies, they are my buds. So we are getting ready to crash on the sofa. NO WOMEN INVITED, NO WOMEN INCLUDED! Just us guys there, heh! So, no women INVITED! So you know what that means, guys night out watching football! And with no women there! We gotta do some old farm jokes. - Trellis
"Farm" jokes? - me

Trellis? What about fake locations? - me
What do you mean? Do you mean about where I am at? What do you wanna know? - Trellis
Where are you at? - me
Well, have you ever heard of the battle at Syracuse? - Trellis
Syracuse, New York? I've heard of it many times. So where are you today? Tell me where you are? - me
I can't tell you. It would worry you. So, I've REALLY gotta tell you about Iraq! It's where we fought, with the best! We've gotta do this, for the Navy. And this is now when I'm getting really serious. I CANNOT talk to you or tell you anything more! I've gotta... promise to keep these secrets! DO NOT get upset with me over this! Or, or I won't come back, I promise! - Trellis
Don't leave me Trellis! I won't bother you with questions! - me
I gotta go take a piss soon. Then goes my football night, over out there with the guys. We're gonna miss you! - Trellis
You don't have to miss me. You can come back tomorrow to see me again. - me

Trellis? What information are you allowed to share with me? - me
None. Pretty much nothing about it. - Trellis
Trellis? What information are you NOT allowed to share with me? - me
Oh? That would be about all of it. Do you know why we do this bullcrap? Because we gotta do it for our Nation! We gotta SURVIVE! And that's all I'm gonna tell you about it. - Trellis

[Note: I would never, nor would my own mind, use the word bullcrap.]

I can tell you there is no time delay in telepathic transmission because of the time between my questions to them and their answers to me.

I will answer the rest of the questions later, it is now late and I am tired!

Trellis is a good one to talk to, a talkative fellow this one.


All ended well between me and Trellis on a good note and I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, my U.S. military guys were already active with asking me telepathically to remote view military targets in the world. THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THAT THESE GUYS ARE ASKING ME TO REMOTE VIEW THINGS LIKE MISSILES WHEN I AM ASLEEP. I don't know if I am answering their questions while I am sleeping. But for some reason times when I wake up in the morning and they are in the act of asking me these questions, I start answering their questions, in that slumber state before waking fully up. So I will be like just woken up and still drowsy and talking about where missiles are stored and such.

They were three men who seemed to be U.S. military. I can see them in a mental image when we talk. One guy looks to be in his 40's, I don't know if he is one of the guys on my list. He has brown hair and I told him about a heart problem that he has which I said I think is due to a mineral or ion imbalance probably magnesium. He then took me to see an office where the second man was. The second man was very fit and his body looked like someone who is 20 even though he felt like he would be 50. He was in great shape even though not overly muscular. I could see from that man in the office his memory images from military time so I talked to him about what I see from his past. He felt like a higher rank than the first guy. I also felt that the second man has education which comes from training activities out in the field as opposed to just from books. The second man had white or blonde hair and was rather tan.

The first man was wearing a short sleeve shirt with his military uniform and on the sides of the sleeves at the shoulders I saw a patch on both sides, the patch has two or three - most probably two - brown yellow V-shapes on each shoulder, which of course has to do with his rank.

Then there was a third man who was wearing a dark green camouflage uniform with military boots that have shoelaces. He had short silver colored hair. I sensed that his boots have been to places, and that is when he said yes that he had his boots in Iraq. He talked a bit about Iraq. I sensed that he has become bitter and angry and I talked to him a lot about his emotions and things. One of the three men is married to a woman named Barbara. I think the man with the camouflage uniform told me his name but I forgot!

They asked me to remote view various places and missiles and submarines and to tell them about "Europa" as they called it (not "Europe") and about who are the threats to the U.S. Then me and the brown haired man were talking and I mentioned to him that I do not drink alcohol other than gin or vodka, and when I said vodka, that word struck a chord in you guess what... a Russian military man was listening in on our conversation and when I said vodka then that stirred him up and that is when and why I noticed him. So I talked to the Russian man too. He had been eavesdropping! [Added on March 21, 2018. The Russian man on this day told me that his name was Gregor and his last name that he told me started with a Y but I wasn't able to make out the name because it is Russian even though I heard it.]

The Russian man was probably in his 50's, a bit plump, it looks as if his uniform was an interesting steel blue color but he was not wearing a hat. He has round gray blue eyes and his hair was white and tufty. I sensed that he is a man who laughs a lot. I also saw that in the summers he goes with guy friends to a sauna which is in the forest. He was nice to me the whole time, then after some time of conversations he mentioned to me that he has killed one man. He said it was because that man had trespassed into Russia. He then said he would wring my neck if I was trespassing on them. I told him I don't know what's going on and that I would not choose sides.

Earlier I was asking the Russian man to talk to the U.S. man with the camouflage uniform about military things and angers and things, because when I was talking to the man with the camouflage uniform about his feelings after Iraq I felt that the Russian man who was listening in (eavesdropping) was like nodding as if he could relate, so I told the Russian to give some words of advice to the camouflage man, and the Russian man said in broken English with a Russian accent that he needs to go to a party with lots of women to feel better about things. I wasn't sure if that was the right piece of advice.

I told the guys to be friends with each other. But when the Russian man - who had been revealed as eavesdropping on us because I felt him when I said the word "Vodka" - he was confronting then the Americans like about what the hell was going on the Americans I could feel especially the brown haired man went super calm and quiet. I have never seen these guys so calm. I told the Russian man that I had a past life in Russia in the late 1600's in Sankt Petersburg my name was Katya in short and my maternal uncle was a diplomat and so forth, I told him that there are my great grandchildren from that life still walking in Russia today and that even he could be related to the woman I was, even though he doubted that last fact.

The American guys told me that Trellis had been fired. Turns out the guys had asked Trellis what he ate for dinner last night and asked him if it was pizza or spaghetti or what and Trellis had said that he ate spaghetti. You see this means that SOMEHOW my guys knew about the letter (given above) that I sent to the guy and there was some upsets about Trellis talking too much. I said oh no blame it all on me, that I have a way of getting information out of a person's head, even though the truth of the matter really is, that Trellis is a talker, and he shouldn't be. I said please give Trellis back his job. They said they can't because Trellis had quit on his own. I didn't believe that Trellis would have quit because of how he was loving his job (and money and wallet) the night before (in those conversations). So I said give him his job back or that I would be grumpy. That'll do the trick. They won't want me to be grumpy.

Me and the brown haired man flirted a bit with each other, turns out he and I would go on a date together not that that is ever going to be happening. Then Jack from the NASA team got jealous, Jack told me today about the first time that he saw me and how he fell in love with me right away and that he is still in love with me today. In his thought image I saw that it was me in college around the year 2008 or so abouts, I can look it up it was that summer when I was living in the campus housing that has those wooden stairs to go upstairs with but in my first university not the second one I went to. Actually, back then in college or before or after because when I was in another different housing on that university then I remember seeing mental images of Jack but back then we didn't speak much and I didn't know it was somebody named Jack, he was just staring at me and bothering me. My U.S. guys or the brown haired guy mentioned HAARP technology to me today. And the guys today wanted me to talk to Langdon next, they said he was in the room with them, but Mr. Langdon didn't say anything to me. I confronted him about being my father. What if Langdon is my real father? I also told the guys that I need to meet them in real life, I told them that Cunningham has invited me to one of his cookouts just that he can't bring me there, then the guys said that it's "Major" Cunningham, so I said "Major Cunningham".

I have been shown mental images of Dinosaurs and frogs and frog puppets and I have been telling them Deb Deb Deb. They also mention now and then that they eat white grubs. Hamish also talks about his Toast. The U.S. guys this morning talked about how "they" take me, they really seemed to be referring to aliens but they wouldn't say, they meant however not themselves. I told the guys that the aliens and me are friends and that I really want to meet them. I of course told them that Hamish is my Alpha Draconian best friend in the whole world. And Hamish is guarding the eggs of course, I love him.

Trellis and me were talking the other day and he told me that he likes Anime, he likes Anime girls I told him that seems a bit too pedophile. He is such a nerd, but I love him.

In case my guys are reading this. I have known you guys for 20 years now. You have been a part of my life and I grew up with you guys. You guys put me through hell and nightmares when I was young, you shaped the years when I was growing up and made things difficult and I suffered, but I have grown past it and you cannot hurt me anymore with your words or threats. I hold no grudge or hard feelings. I only feel the love each day, that I know that I will feel in my heart that one day when we finally get to meet in person. Give me my life back by letting us meet. I live on the hope of that day. And just in case if Carlisle is my father then it is cruel to keep us apart from each other a single day more.

I went and got a pizza home today because I have got a flu and Hamish was happy when I told him and he told me he wanted to carry the pizza carton on his back, I thanked him for wanting to help me. But this was a different pizzeria so the carton wasn't big and red on the top, so Hamish didn't say anything about wanting to carry it. I told him this was a different carton.

Last week and also this week have been tough at work and I have been really stressed out. Life has been feeling horrible, but when I take one look at Hamish, the pain and darkness in me melts away and crumbles apart and I just love him with all my heart and soul. This beautiful Alpha Draconian Turtle. He thanked me for cleaning our home when I had cleaned the apartment a few days ago. Reptilians like clean floors. I also saw the black Reptilian (note: has no tail, is of some sort of Orion origin) today in a super clear image, he looks beautiful with black eyes and black scales and looks like a snake man wearing a purple tight fit like rubber uniform, I told him Omrigosh, and since I did not know many other words in his Orion language, I just said Omrigosh Shuurah, hoping that would make him happy. I love all my aliens and military guys and even the Russian man, we are one great big happy family I love them all. Just a pinch of love and we will get through this life where our paths cross together, we don't have to have all the answers but we can all be kind to each other. I came across the word "cacophony" in a novel book I was reading and it made me all sentimental remembering back to about the year 2012 when I was speaking a lot with the Thuban Auntie whale. She is also part of my heart, even though life was tough back then.

PATRICK. The man with the camouflage uniform his name was Patrick. By the way I was seeing his name written on the front side of his chest on the uniform and I was trying to read it and almost could.

Hamish in the morning

March 10 2018, 9:54 PM - This morning when the alarm clock rang I decided to give myself another 20 minutes in bed after I turned it off. Hamish stood by the doorway to my bedroom, "Tok Tok, we have to go and look at these rings!", he said with a mental image of toilet seats. I have a job where I inspect hotel rooms so that is part of what I do. Hamish watches me inspect rooms and in the beginning he asked me what I was looking for. When I inspect the friges in the rooms he had thought that I was looking for food. Hamish is always very eager in the morning for us to go to my work. He is not grumpy or sleepy in the morning. And he comes with me to work, but mostly he just waits for me in the elevator rather than running after me the whole day. He said something funny and memorable today that I wanted to remember but I forget what it was. Oh well, he will say more funny and memorable things to me in the future. I have been shown wonderful various mental images of green frogs by the aliens, denoting Dinosaurs of course.

You don't really look like us. But you resemble us more than you look like Hamish. That is why we wanted to be your friend. And to help you get rid of those guys. - Pleiadian woman I think
Hamish is my best friend. - me
Do you know that he likes to stand here and just look out the window. He watches over you, and then he thinks, that you like him. - Pleiadian or Hamish himself, image of him standing by the foot end of my bed looking facing toward the window which is covered by curtains by the way and even if it wasn't covered by curtains there is nothing to see outside the window it faces toward a wall that is near to my wall and just a small courtyard with nothing in it outside
I love him. - me
I am defending you against better Bread and Butter. I am defending you against my own family sometimes too. Because they want to eat my Bread. - Hamish
Yes-No! eat Hamish's bread! - me
That is what I said. To them. Tik. - Hamish
I said Yes-No about them coming here I was worried about them. - Hamish [Added same day: he refers to other Reptilians]
I wanted you to leave my ports alone. - Hamish or Dark Lord or Hamish said and Dark Lord listening

Let's write a poem for Hamish... does it have to rhyme? No, rhyming makes it difficult. Ah, I'm too tired to make a poem, but you know how I feel for Hamish already, and Hamish knows it too. Good night!

Tall Whites say hello

March 08 2018, 11:09 PM - Tall Whites say hello to me. I see them in a mental image. They are tall and white yes, they have white long hair, the eyes are large and glowing and "hollow" looking with white and blue color, they seem to wear long-sleeve white long dresses, they look as if they glow of white light and they look a bit like ghosts or like revived zombies not that I mean it in a bad way.

I was watching some clips from the Dr. Phil show which is a show where a psychologist talks to guests on the talk show, a clip about adopted children who were kept in cages by their adoptive parents this one. The Tall White said to me that they are the Tall Whites and that they have always taken care of me as if I were their daughter so that I would not have to cry. The reason they were visiting was because of that clip, perhaps the clip gave them concern of the safety and well-being of children, or perhaps that the clip gave them the opportunity to mention to me that they were guarding me when I was a child.

This is the first time in my entire life that I am greeted by beings whose identity I know to be the Tall Whites. However, similar beings have been with me in my life for as long as I can remember, and when I was researching trying to figure out the identity of those white beings who have helped me, the Tall Whites were one of the best matches with alien beings that have been encountered by others.

We are also with a man named Gregory, because he has also thought that he was mentally ill. So we are helping him to not feel like crap. Because sometimes he does, and he cries for help! So we come to those in need, because we do that because we care, out of need and concern. We don't want people to feel like crap here on this Earth. We also go to other planets, to forward to their civilization. And we have come here to you too. So we also go to this man named Gregory. - Tall White

There will be a day when I will tell you all about the dysfunctional childhood that I had and how I grew up. I want to say that I was neglected as a child even though my family would be upset and in disbelief if I said that. I remember there being many benevolent alien beings who took care of me when I was a child. One of them was named Rama-El, he had brown hair and small almond shaped slanted eyes that were all brown without whites or pupils, he taught me among other things how to use out of body experiences and make astral travels. The Altair men of the tall astral Altair people took care of me as brothers. And then there are the white light beings who have taken such close care of me that I say that one of them incarnates into me and can take over my personality and live through me, so close are we. There have been times over the years when I have been feeling really bad and this light being woman will hold me close and sing to me in her alien language so that I am soothed and I forget all about my worries. When she moves into my body my eyes change color and my body shines with a white light and many other things happen as well.

We don't want you to know that you are not with the Tall Whites anymore. - Tall White
But you have been. - Tall White adds
I wanted to thank you, for all of your kind help. - me

There is an extraterrestrial woman who would live through me and be the person in me. My whole entire life would change for her, but I have been too nervous to let that happen, even though I dream about it the most. I suffer every day for years for not having the possibility to be her in this life. She is a light being with long white hair and wide green eyes. We are so close that she becomes me in this life, but I push her away because I am afraid of things, even though I want nothing more than to be her.

I have not really spoken about her even though it should be another topic of The Orion Project, one of the many mysteries of my life. It is private I guess, I protect it. Even though it means the whole world to me. We are so close. So is she one of the tall whites? She certainly looks like how other people are describing the Tall Whites. I have protected her, and so I have not spoken of her, but if things were different in my life, if I had a means of being her, then I would let her incarnate and live through me, and all things in my life would change, and it would be she in my body. I dream of that opportunity, but where? With whom? When? It is my dream, my only wish.

Hamish the love of my life

March 08 2018, 5:40 PM - I was shown a mental image of a Dinosaur today while at work, the aliens called it "frog", I was happy to see it. And Hamish was there too, Hamish always gets jealous when I notice and admire the Dinosaurs too much, then he reminds me of his presence too, and I always give Hamish a lot of love and attention too so that he does not feel neglected (it is a status thing, not a thing about affection!). I am having a really bad day, didn't sleep good last night, had to call in work to tell them I am coming in later, work is tough lately, and I am sick and tired of my flatmate, and I just switched back to raw food yesterday with all that comes with it. I had decided to feel bad all day, but then I took one look at Hamish and it changed my whole world. Just seeing him made everything ok. He is my best friend, I love him.

Do not say Tok Tok, unless you wanted to honor me. - Hamish says now
Tok Tok. I honor you Hamish. My honored Draconian Hamish. I love you. - me
My Buttercups said. - Hamish

I have my period and Hamish calls my bloody tampons "snacks sticks". He is not pretending not to look at them this time, this time he stands near to where they are. Usually he pretends to not be too interested and when he thinks I am asleep (which is always too soon because I have not fallen asleep yet) he goes to rummage for them in the trash. Today he and Dinosaur had shown up so that Hamish was telling me "my eggs" about my eggs.

I cannot solve all the problems in his world, but I sure do try

March 06 2018, 8:53 PM -

We would like to show you Mickey Mouse. - a Zeta Reticulan shows me a Mickey Mouse toy puppet

A few days ago there was a Reptilian visiting me. It was one of those Reptilians whose thoughts and movements are very quick and swift like a boxer in a ring, quick responses, quick thought processing, quick thinking, quick reflexes, some Reptilians are that way. It was adorable of course and I was happy to meet it. There was no altercation between it and Hamish. Typically visiting Reptilians tend to see Hamish's very prominent hump back and accept that Hamish is the higher in rank, and Hamish seems to know that, so things can be very peaceful and respectful when most Reptilians are visiting. Hamish right now is enjoying sitting on the sofa in the living room, his eyes are closing fully out of comfort from the softness of the sofa. A Reptilian can enjoy a sofa it is like a human in a hot tub.

Did I tell you about why I like the fish? Because they are golden. - Hamish from the sofa to me about goldfish
Yes Hamish, they are beautiful. - me
And they do not smell like me. - Hamish, eyes closing due to the comfort soft of the sofa under his bum
Nor do they smell like Lasarus. - Lasarus the Zeta says, or that Hamish said and I saw Lasarus but most likely Lasarus himself said

Last night I was shown the Alpha Reticulans. I had gone to bed but was still awake. I was shown a mental image of a room somewhere else that had many, about five or more, Alpha Reticulans. I can tell the Alphas apart from the Zetas because the Alphas have that indented flattened on the center of their top of the head and also other differences as well. They wore no clothes. They looked at me. They had managed to create an incredibly comforting atmosphere and feeling in the room there, it felt like home and like the love of a mother. There was nothing sassy or arrogant or scary about the place. I was shown hybrid children, one of which was an Asian hybrid girl with long black hair but otherwise a Reticulan hybrid with white skin. I was able to look around in that room, to look to the left or right. The Reticulans wanted me to see the hybrid children. But I started to ask for Hamish, I looked around the room and searched around the room with my eyes, hoping to see Hamish just as clearly as I was seeing the Reticulans. The Reticulans told me that Hamish had been told not to be in the room, because he would upset the children. "Tok Tok Tok!", I started calling for Hamish, first with words and then with the actual palate click sounds that the words represent. "Tok Tok Hamish!". But Hamish was not allowed into the room, I felt sad. I really wanted to see my best friend, and they didn't let me.

Why did I like the fish, you said? - Hamish, as if he was hoping that I would ask, so that he could have a chance to tell me
Hamish? Why do you like the fish? I wanted to know. - me, what I don't do for dragon
They are such pretty things. So golden, and nice. And I wanted to meet with them. To show them my hand. To give them my hand up. - Hamish, the first "hand" was (NL), he thinks of beautifully golden glistening goldfish scales

The other night the Reticulans showed me

I would like to marry with them too. The ones that are nice and golden. But first I would like to battle it out with them, about their teeth! To take their teeth out, I mean! Or otherwise they might nibble at me, thinking I am snacks. - Hamish, "snacks" in my third language but in the version of the word that means like kibbles or snacks bits
... I love you turtle. You are amazing. - me, Hamish makes a deep guttoral smack sound with his mouth, one I have not heard before! New language!

The other night Reticulans showed me a mental image of a hybrid baby that they said died before it was born because it did not have any lungs to breathe with. It was gray skin color, it had bulging out two large oval eyes, the oval placed horisontally on the long side, eyes had upper and lower eyelid where even the lower eyelid can be raised up more whereas on humans our lower eyelids cannot do that. I told Zetas their work must be very difficult because merging humans with their own species because we are too different from one another. Humans have lungs to breathe with and the Zetas do not, so when you merge our two species it is difficult. Not just for breathing function but the metabolism they struggle with a lot, with how to get the hybrids able to eat and keep food down and digest and all of that, which is why they want me to eat yoghurt and drink cow's milk which they could pump up out of my nose to feed in a digested and ready to absorb form to the hybrids through another tubing down their nose.

Hamish I love you a lot. I would do anything for you.

I would not fight with you either. Not even, for the eggs. - Hamish says, he said either "for" or "about" the eggs I forgot although I heard it right the first time

The sight of my beautiful dragon sitting on the sofa, he places his bum ever so gently down on the sofa cushion so that it barely touches, and he keeps lifting and lowering his bum ever so little every now and then, as if he is almost too careful not to sit down on it, and his lower and upper eyelids are both closing fully because Hamish is enjoying the softness of the sofa against his bum. Sitting there and daydreaming about the beautiful bright golden orange color of goldfish scales. I have everything I need in my life, when I have got my beautiful dragon relaxing and enjoying his time with the sofa and thinking about goldfish. I would give him the world, but he seems happy just like that.

I think it was this morning or the morning before, that when I woke up Hamish was saying "Toast" again, so I told the Reticulans to please feed Hamish. And they gave Hamish some Toast. Toast of course is not roasted slices of bread, but more probably liver snacks.

We would not have feeded them, to the langoustines. - Hamish is quick to say, with a mental image of little pink shrimp
We were feeding them not to the langoustines, I said. I like their smell. They kind of smell like me, only better. I have made friends and acquaintance with many of them. I was told to see the lobsters, so we made friends, lobsters and me are friends, "Hamish", I said, "Hamish is my name", "nice to meet you, lobster!", and "TIK!". - Hamish
They are going to be told, to be careful and stay away of the nets. Or they will drown there! And then no one will be pleasant! I will get very angry! ABOUT THE LOBSTERS I SAID! THEY WERE NOT FARMING ANIMALS! And that is because, they were made like me, Tik! I was not having lunches with my own race. - Hamish, lunches with my own race he means that his own race or the similar race of lobsters are not a lunch or a food to be eaten
I will never eat, crustaceans, again. - me
They were my little brothers and sisters! The langoustines! With their little arms! Do not bother my little brother. They were made to look like me. We have never had them in our snack barrels! - Hamish, his image was of the large blue plastic barrel that is filled with chopped up pieces of food for Reptilians, that those barrels never had any crustaceans for the Draconians to eat
Hamish! Is there a snacks barrel! Did you get a snacks barrel? Do you get one for yourself, or do you have to share it with other Reptilians? - me
I will come in there, when the music stops. And when you go to sleep, and breathe easy. And then I will look at my farm. - Hamish, I have gentle music playing

Did you know about Susanna? Why I don't like her? - Hamish, just as I had written the title of this and going to hit Save and leave
Why don't you like Susanna? - me
She didn't want to give me the eggs. The eggs that she had, were all hers, she said. She was the female! - Hamish with mental image of himself as if his own arms hugged around a whole nest of about eight Dragon Turtle eggs to pull them up closer to himself, in this image Hamish was fire engine red and his round yellow bulging eyes were widely set apart, the eggs as always were light beige with dark green splotches of color as if painted on with a sponge for camouflage
Hamish? Did you have Hatch-its? - me, he wants to bite into my arm for mentioning Hatch-its, he always responds that way when I mention Hatch-its, I knew it even before I said it but I still wanted to ask
It was not about my throats! I did not want to harm them! It was mine! - Hamish, referring to my throats, probably that he did not want to harm me, and that he also wants to protect the babies and what was his were the hatch-it hatchlings
Darling? You are a proud race. - me
Look at our Mickey. - Zeta with the toy again
The other children they like him very much. So we bring them in when they start to argue and to fight. - Zeta, aha so Zeta thought that me and Hamish were having a conflict, and that the mere sight of the Mickey Mouse puppet toy would restore happiness and peace (but instead the Zeta was bothering my conversation with Hamish)
I love you dragon. I would always keep your family safe. - me
Yes-No. My lunches. My Draconian friends. - Hamish, it seems he is thinking of a Crocodile Man, these guys take the hatchlings away, I see the image of a Crocodile Man with its black and white asymmetrically checkered belly
That is why I was here, so that I would not be fired at. - Hamish, some weapon that fires yellow hot beams and is up in the spaceship, he means that is why he is here at the sofa
Sweetheart... I will always love you. - me
Is it because I have shown you that? Is it why you do not want trouble? Because I was not the king, here. - Hamish about his head buttons, he showed them to me earlier today and I had complimented on them
I love you because of the person you are. You are wonderful, Hamish. I love you. I am proud of you a lot. - me
You also like my dragon feet. You have also complimented them. Did you know what we smell like? - Hamish, earlier I saw his turtle duck feet as he was sitting on the sofa and I got into a frenzy of cooing over his cute adorable duck feet

I cannot solve all the problems in his world, but I sure do try.

9:56 PM. Hamish is sitting on the sofa and I am playing a video game. I have music playing in the background, still the same one as earlier that Hamish commented on. He tells me that he thinks that I am looking at the jellyfish that are swimming in the video of the music to see if I can catch them and eat them. He thinks that is why I saw the jellyfish in the music video. He then thinks to his ruggy snugs, "My rug". He says that a while later again, "My rug". I tell Hamish that I would never take his rug away from him, that it is his rug. I love this turtle dragon with all my heart.

Do they look tasty? I would never eat them. - Hamish, he then lets out what sounds like a very content long grunt growl almost like a belch growl from sitting over at the sofa and his eyelids were closing out of comfort and content, he then says that he waits until I go to sleep, he will then get up to stuff when I am safely in bed for the night

It is my bedtime right now, at 10 PM. I wonder what Hamish gets up to at night when I am sleeping?

Hamish? What do you get up to when I go to sleep? What do you do when I am sleeping in the night? - me
I go to my own kind, to relax! I leave you alone then! And I go to my own camp! At nights. I do not stay here. I do not need to watch you then. And, then the Zeta Reticulans they take over. So I get my pay over there at the barrels. To eat my snacks. And they are not any fish. I am going to tell you about the pumpkin. That, why does it look at me? With those angry glowing eyes? I did not like them to see me. I cannot shake off the feeling. That they were watching me. With those, evil and very glowing eyes. Thank you, and Yes-No. I wanted to go to my camp now. And, have you seen my hump, I am Hamish. - Hamish, both "camp" and "pumpkin" were (NL), "hump" was in my third language

Time to go to bed now so that Hamish can enjoy his spare time in the night.

Yes, I have seen your hump Hamish. It was very prominent. - me
Now is time to relax. - Hamish, or worded differently because I did not write it down immediately
Goodnight, Hamish. - me, and tomorrow I will tell him good morning
She said, that she has seen my hump, that she has watched it. - Hamish getting excited, hunching down underneath his back hump, talking about me of course
I have seen your prominent back. I love you. - me
Tuk Tuk! - Hamish
Tuk Tuk! Goodnight Darling! I love you! Tuk Tuk, Tok. - me
My prominent back, and you have seen it. And then she called me her darling. I was not in the spikes. The spikes were no longer there. - Hamish about his back spikes that are not there
I have seen your spikes before. - me
Ah yess... - Hamish closes his eyes out of content about his back spikes having been seen by me before

Attempted rape by I think a Dark Lord
Ummo, and my love for Hamish

March 02 2018, 7:44 PM - A few nights ago when the Blue King had visited, I then went to bed to sleep and what seems to have been a Dark Lord in one of its forms tried to rape me. First someone talked about how the Blue Kings are known to have sex with human women (I seem to recall from literature that the deity Krishna in Hinduism had sexual relationships with human women unless I remember it wrong). I had already finished the conversations and asked everyone to stop talking because I had to go to work tomorrow so I was not engaging in any conversation or replies to that. I then literally felt that I was touched in my privates, and then the black creature intended to have actual sex with me it had what looked to be a white penis which has the pointy end, I try to recall what those have looked like on Alpha Theton Dark Lords in the Gremlin form, but at least similar to that and also similar to the Crocodile Man penis. This creature was not a Blue King, it was black and not blue, and it did not have hair whereas Blue Kings have black hair, and it was not ornamented with golden jewelry whereas Blue Kings are. I was appalled and offended and I dismissed the creature and asked him to stop and to leave and he left me alone and nothing more happened.

I found it to be extremely rude to just go ahead and start to have sex with someone without asking first. (Also without any kind of foreplay, hugs, or preparation first.) Of course I was going to dismiss him. I hated reporting this story here, which is why it took me a day or two before I wrote it down, because the whole story is unsettling, but of course I do not edit anything out.

This is however not the first time that such black figures appear right after I first encounter a Blue King. So here are my two theories, one of which may be correct: 1. When Blue Kings appear, it opens up some sort of door to another world, and then these vicious black creatures who are not Blue Kings also appear through that same door. Or 2. that the Blue Kings themselves change shape into dark entities who are sinister. I am not sure at this time of which is more closely to the correct answer, or if there is a different explanation. The physical appearance, energy radiance, feeling, behavior and communication, are vastly different between the Blue Kings and these black creatures, making them by all means seem to be separate species.

An Ummo man talked to me I think it was last night. I saw him in a mental image. It looks like a northern European human man with brown hair and a trimmed brown beard and Caucasian skin color but whose body had been dehydrated or shrunk into a smaller size, he is about one third of the height and size of an adult human. They are not just smaller in size than humans, they also really look as if their skeleton and body is shriveled or compressed together, so it is not as simple as imagining them as looking just like a human only smaller. I talked with him a bit, meanwhile in anguish over the fact that I was not writing it down, turns out that a long long time ago, northern European humans were their forefathers. He specifically said "Eastern European", suggesting lands such as Russia. I also got to see an image from their home world, and what is striking about it is more about the feeling it had, it felt like the most beautiful and harmonious place, the feeling of the Ummo world was like that of a paradise, and when I told him that, he told me that it is because they do not harm anyone else. Ummo are highly benevolent and active in having good prevail in the world.

I recall that the Ummo may have mentioned that Ummo and Blue Kings are in the same collaboration. I have reported on this before. Also remember that I have witnessed that Blue Kings and the small pink squid walrus that is a Vega were in the same place, and the Vega was indeed same as Ganesha in Hinduism. Krishna and Vishnu of Hinduism are Blue Kings (or they call themselves "Vedic or Dharma") and Ganesha the small pink elephant was the small squid walrus Vega. The Vega created all of these and many other species.

The Agenda, to which belongs Hamish and other Alpha Draconian Reptilians, Zeta Reticulans, Alpha Orions (not willingly, but by siege due to wars) and many others, they are another group. The Agenda, and what we could call the Vega group, have conflicting interests. Dark Lords are the leaders of the Agenda, and I think it was a Dark Lord who was going ahead to rape me, possibly even, I have to think, to try to ruin the moment I had previously had with the visit from Blue Kings, because Dark Lords and the Agenda detest Blue Kings. Remember the story given by Blue King Amrishtad in 2012 Amrishtad.

When I woke up this morning Hamish kept saying the word "Toast", and so I turned to Lasarus and informed him that Hamish might be hungry because he is saying Toast, so I asked if they could feed him. Hamish was given a Snack and then he felt better. I take care of my dragon. He doesn't always keep saying "Toast", but when he does I suspect that his body needs to eat.

Last night Zetas informed me something marvellous about Hamish. I was taught that Hamish's body uses "molybdenum", which I recognize as one of the trace nutrients that even human bodies use. I was shown a mental image depicting red tissue with fibers in which a molybdenum sits there and directs tissues to come together to bind and form. Using my knowledge of chemistry, it seems as if the molybdenum attracts with the electric charge that is on itself and on the fiber components, parts of the fibers, those fibers attract to molybdenum but would have otherwise repelled one another and never come close. The fibers then come into the right formation where they can be fixed into tissue, and without the molybdenum, the electric repulsion between adjacent fibers would have not let them come into place next to each other. When I had asked what molybdenum does in Hamish's body the Zeta explained that it deals with microscopic processes, or how he said it.

Here you can read about Molybdenum. On Wikipedia we learn that there are enzymes with molybdenum, that I did not know in advance. Enzymes are exactly that which I was described, one of the things that enzymes can do in the body is to bring molecules or fibers closer together which would otherwise not come together. So Hamish has some kind of molybdenum enzyme. This is the very first bit of information I have received, in all our years together, that whispers of the secrets from the inside of my very beloved dragon's body, into his very fibers. It touches me deeply to be allowed to know this. I have so much love for my dragon.

Hamish came with me to work today. As usual, he wanted to stay in the elevator, because it is the place I cross by the most times as I walk around at work. I invited him to come to a room, and he did, for a while. Then I heard him saying "Tok Tok" to me, I said that I do not know where he is. (He does not usually ever call for me while I am at work, this was probably the first time that had happened.) He told me to find him by following his smell. Sweet dragon, he does not know that I cannot smell him normally. I learned from following conversations with him that his race they find each other in the forests by knowing where each other are from their smell. I also talked with him about the smell of Susanna, I asked him what does she smell like, and he said that she smells the same way as his father, interesting, would that be because they are both yellow (is Susanna yellow, I forgot?). I also learned from his mind from his point of view that my bedroom here at home smells very pungently and strongly of a scent of me, the smell was so strong from his thoughts that I promised to him that I was going to open the window when I get home, "so that my room would get the smell of fresh air instead", but I have yet to do that. I do not sense that smell in my room myself. The sense of smell of a Draconian is extremely well-developed. They are beautiful.

We are not doing bestiality anymore. We promise. But we like doing it with your kind sometimes. - Dark Lord to me now about the beforementioned attempted rape incident

Dark Lords have been trying to come into this my new home, I have insisted that they may not. They will ruin health, finances, career, the energy and feeling of a place. I refuse to let them. They bring something satanic into a home.

Zetas showed me an image of a Mickey Mouse today again, next to the image of themselves. I said to them I want to meet them. Nothing will come of it, they won't. A Zeta has been telling me lately that it is a "women's doctor", translated from my third language, meaning like a doctor specialising in women's health. I also get to see Dinosaurs, sometimes with the image of a really happy smiling frog puppet first.

I saw the mental image of a Reptilian today which seemed to be in my bedroom. It was cute and with one or three low crested. I started cooing it of course, "How cute!" and so forth. But I informed the cutie that I am with Hamish.

It's the person that Hamish is. I am very close to him. As a person he is someone who is rather sweet, observant, cowardly also, who likes to tend to the things he enjoys, he also loves his comfort such as ruggies and sofas. He is this sweet little person who talks to me about his shedded scales and shows them to me like a little boy showing his mom a drawing that he made at school. He thinks a lot about his body, the body that his mind lives in, he is not all settled with taking himself for granted, it is as he seems to still feel lost, amazed, and somewhat frightened, about realizing himself as a sentient conscious mind that feels the undersides of the soles of his feet, the hungers and the pleasures of eating food, the strong information from smells in his nose. He thinks a lot about the body he is in, it reminds me of the stage that 2-year old human children have, who are still exploring their hands and feet and still a little bit frightened with how their body works and what it all looks like.

And he has his memories. He remembers his childhood, and how his mother used to call for him with palate clicks. He remembers his father, who was yellow in color and who also had goosebumps. He loves to look at bright orange, red, and yellow goldfish or Japanese koi fish, he sees colors with such splendor that we humans cannot even imagine, how brightly colors appear before him. He can spend long times just looking at the colors and flashing moving scales of fish, he also notices how they "talk" to him by opening and closing their mouth to him. All Draconian Reptilians, Hamish who is of the old race but also the more modern races they are very observant, they look around and they see things. They experience the images, and they think about the things that they see. They wonder about what things are used for and what things mean and what they do. There are things that they like to see, and things that they do not like to see.

It is wrong of me to keep this creature living his life by my side. If I could go and live by his side, in a life that was crafted for his needs, I would go to be with him. We could live in a group of Dragon Turtles, a world with their strong smells, filled with the many different types of click sounds that they communicate with. I would die for this dragon. This morning when he was saying "Toast" and he had been fed after I asked them to feed him, I literally thought about what it would be like to cut my own liver out for him to eat, because I know that I would do that if there was no other food left in this world for him. (Any mother would die just to feed their baby.) I wondered how I would take a substance to numb the pain away and then cut into my abdomen to take the liver out and then die, I literally would do that. Of course I will never ever have to do that, but you know that I would do anything for him.

Koalas, hedgehogs, table holes, goldfish, shedded scales, the soft rug, comfy sofas, owls nesting inside of a cactus, sewing needles, angry carved pumpkin faces with a lit candle inside, Spiderman, putting his feet ankle deep to stand in water, lobsters, shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans, little baby Hatch-Its and dragon eggs "with the right smell", Susanna, his mother who was red, his father who was yellow and also had goosebumps, his very prominent back hump, being a proud race, stepping up and down slowly with duck feet, Toast, Lunches and Snacks, and Liver, a plastic bag of snacks, Yes-No onions, sixteen blunt buttons on his head that are a crown, raising lower eyelids to laugh, lowering upper eyelids into a smile, palate clicks, Tik Tok, Tuk Tuk, Tok, and Tok Tok, this is the life of a wonderful person. It is his mind, his thoughts, his memories and his emotions.

My life is complete. All of the space and universe and all of time has been hauled into a great big net and captured and is contained but all there then was is a little spark which is the love that I have for Hamish which I hold in my hand. I die and dissolve completely and I cease to exist, and at the same time I become the whole entire universe, and I fade away and I become the reflection of his face on the surface of the water where he stands with his flat red duck feet ankle deep in the water. It makes the whole world explode and it creates the whole entire world into existence, all of it, because I love this Turtle. There is a little person inside of his eyes. Hamish I love you.

I am only here about the eggs. That is why I wanted to make you pregnant. - Hamish, in the second sentence he sways his body slowly side to side to show contentment or kindness and "pregnant" was in my other language

They were talking about pregnancies today but I don't care. It doesn't really even matter. For the rest of my life I am only going to do everything I can for Hamish.

The Ummo earlier told me about when humans had met them and the humans were wearing those non-contamination suits because of fear of introducing pathogens to the Ummo. The humans had examined the bodies of the Ummo. The Ummo did not like any of this. I told the Ummo that there are A LOT of viruses and bacteria and diseases here among humans... If Ummo are descendants of ancient European humans then it is reasonable to fear the introduction of fatal illnesses from Earth humans and onto Ummo. The Ummo want to talk to me, many out of the 76 different alien species would love to talk to me. I don't find the time, with a fulltime job and everything. But here before me I have a lifetime long work with documenting the aliens. Hamish I love you.

My little sex kitten. - Dark Lord to me, since I wrote the title which in part reads "Attempted rape by I think a Dark Lord"
Don't. It is not appreciated. - me to Dark Lord

Vedic Dharma Blue Kings are here

February 28 2018, 11:30 PM - I had gone to bed about an hour ago, still listening to soothing music in the dark room and chatting a bit with my Hamish, about little things like asking if he is tired too, or if he needs to relax, and telling him that I love him. Then someone of the Agenda group showed me a mental image of one of the Blue Kings, meaning that species or race of aliens who have blue skin, black hair, and - as was the case this time too - wear golden jewelry ornaments as a crown on the head and on their arms, and this Agenda alien (who was not Hamish) asked me if I had also wanted or was it tried to "kick them" out, meaning to kick the Blue Kings out.

So I talked to the Blue King and when I referred to him as the Blue King I asked him what do they call their species or people since that was only the name that I had given them. We then had this conversation:

The Vedas, and the Dharmas. We are the Vedic kind. - Blue King meaning that is their name
We are the Vedic, and the Dharma. AND, VERY NICE AND PLEASED TO MEET YOU! - Blue King
We have never been called Kings, by anyone who did not want to know us that way. SO WE THANK YOU! We are the Vedic kind. Have you heard of us? We do not belong here, anymore they said. We are the non-Pyramidic group, and kind. We are not belonging with any of them. - Blue King, they said is the Agenda group
Do you know why that is? It is because they think that we smell. - Hamish
Yes-No! - me to that
We do not want trouble with any of your kind. - Blue King about Reptilians
Especially not with my race. - Hamish in my third language
Do you like serving with the Eye, do you? We do not like that. And, that, and that alone, does not make us into the kings! - Blue King to me
We are the peaceful Brothers. We do not like warfare. Or, not any kind of cruelty of any matter. - a pink alien humanoid man or the blue king and that I saw the pink man

I am forbidding them from talking to me any further because I have to go to bed to get some sleep because I have got work tomorrow. I am dealing with a fulltime job. If The Orion Project were my fulltime job then you could expect marvellous extensive documentation, more drawings, and all of it. Meanwhile SETI scientists are making money looking for space signals, cough ahem... and I am trying to keep up with documenting over 70 different alien species and with a fulltime job which is meaningless in comparison to what I should be doing... The Orion Project.

I told the Blue Kings to not bother Hamish because Hamish is my best friend, I said that sure he belongs to a group that does questionable things but that he is the love of my life and that I protect him. So there.

A little toddler alien hybrid boy told me "pacifier" in one of the other languages, I said do you have one, what color is it, do you have more than one? It noticed my stuffed animals and toys in my room, I said he could play with them and borrow them but that he has to return them back to me later. This toddler who says "pacifier", he has it in his mouth then takes it out to say the word for it and puts it back into his mouth, appeared also some days ago. If it were a human at this age then it would not be able to speak yet. It's hard to get angry at such a little child but I know that hybrid children are best gotten rid of immediately.

A Dinosaur was shown to me today, or first they showed me a quick mental image of Kermit then the Dinosaur, I said Deb Deb to it. I picked up the scent of a Dinosaur recently, it smelled again like it always does of forest floor and ocean, a nice nature scent. They said they are the "Croakers", military call them that.

And as I was in bed before the Blue King appeared (have to get used to calling them Vedas now) I was shown by Zeta Reticulans a quick mental image of a Mickey Mouse, then the image of a Zeta after that. I played my excitement, "Mickey Mouse!", I declared. "Oh and then next I get to see a Zeta!". Zetas think they have got all humans all figured out, that all humans would be scared of them and that all humans need to see Mickey Mouse first to get happy and then if they see a Zeta Reticulan standing next to a Mickey Mouse then nobody would be afraid anymore. Oh well. At least I get to see Hamish without any puppets. Even Dinosaurs are shown to me first with Kermit. Oh well.

A member of the alien species of Vishnu and Krishna is visiting and eager to talk but I have to tell him that I need to go to bed and that I cannot talk because I have got work tomorrow. All I can say is that that is irritating but there is nothing I can do about that.

And also before the Blue King appeared, when me and Hamish were just talking, Hamish told me that he would like "from the eggs" a sofa. I asked him what color should he want his sofa to be, and he said "yellow". He really loves the color yellow. And he said he wants it to not have a foot rest on it. And I said to him, "and to have a good back rest", he has told me that before. "And a non-revolving armchair", I said. I told him I will need to look in the stores for a yellow sofa for him, and his eyes closed (not fully closed in this gesture) for a smile.

And earlier when the crested Reptilian who had first posed as a politician was visiting it asked me or commented that I don't bleed meaning my menstruation, I said to it that I almost never do but that if I do then it belongs to Hamish and I told the Reptilian that Hamish likes my bloody tampons and that he calls them "snacks sticks". True story.

And also while me and Hamish were just chatting when I had settled in bed, Hamish came over to me and he placed a nice large sheet of his shedded scale down on the back of my neck. I thanked him for his kind gesture, I told him that I know that his shedded scales mean very much to him, I also told him that I was not sure of what the gesture means, but that I thanked him anyway. It was for the eggs, he said. (I am the eggs.) I like to think that it means that he recognizes me as another conscious individual that I am another me to him, but I rather think that he is just mapping out his territory instead.

And Hamish talked about that now that I did not eat "gingerbread cookies" (the brown chocolate cookies from days ago) then it would be easier to get me pregnant, and the Agenda aliens talked about needing to check if I am pregnant. I am pretty much like whatever about that.

Hamish news from my cutie

February 28 2018, 9:18 PM - Friday the 23rd February Hamish said something funny while I was at work, this was at 2:30 PM. I was giving him compliments as usual, and he said, translated from my native language: "I am not a homosexual, but I like myself." Badum-Tish, Hamish said another funny. And he said this one two more times in the following days as well, always as appreciated by me of course. Draconians love praise and adoration. They would not allow one to pet them or touch them, so giving them words of adoration is the next best thing to give them a pat on the head.

The other day Hamish asked to see some red crab videos when I was on YouTube browsing. So we watched some videos of red crab migration. He then wanted to see videos of turtles with eggs, so we watched some. It was fun to spend some quality time together with Hamish.

Today was a trialling day for Hamish. My flatmate had put some frozen raw prawns into a pot in cold water to thaw them. When I saw them in the sink I thought oh no, Hamish had of course already seen them. I felt so embarrassed and I wanted to sink through a hole in the floor. Hamish was of course concerned. I assured Hamish that I give him my condolences and that the shrimp were already dead and that it was too late for me to do anything to help them, and that otherwise I would have put them into water and given them some snacks to eat. I also assured him that they do not suffer or live anymore. Hamish was asking and thinking about how they have shells like his that have been crushed. He thought about would someone eat his and Susanna's flesh and I had to assure him that no one would and that otherwise and just in case I would protect and defend him. (Susanna is the female Dragon Turtle who was Hamish's girlfriend some time ago.) He also asked me if the shrimp have some eggs, I said yes they do and that they have many, hundreds, at a time, and Hamish told me that his race does not have any eggs anymore, that that is why they have had to change their genetics to try to correct for that problem.

Hamish wanted to leave my home, most probably because of this distress, and he thought about how there is no "table hole" (in my native language) here so that he would have to leave. I offered him to go to under the laundry drying rack which I said to him is sort of like a table hole and that I would protect him and keep him safe. When Hamish retreats to a table hole (the space underneath a desk or a table) it means that he is not feeling safe, that he is feeling very vulnerable and scared, and my heart cries out for him I want to protect this big dragon pooch!

But on top of the shrimps ordeal, I unpacked my new work shoes from the cardboard box they came in, they are brand new shoes but Hamish commented on that they smell. I put my nose against a shoe and sure enough, it has that very same rubber industrial smell of new shoes that was on the big red ruggy that I bought for him years ago for our anniversary and which he rejected because it did not smell right, and so I packed the new shoes back into their cardboard box and put it into a cloth bag and folded the bag so that it stays sealed, and I told dragon that I apologise that the shoes smell and that I have put them away now.

After that Hamish snuck up real close to me while I was sitting on the bed, and he put his long rigid twiggy arm with its hand into the palm of my hand. In the other dimension of course, and I looked at him. I love him so much.

Yesterday when I went to buy the shoes, I had of course told dragon that I would not be going straight home from work, but that I would take a detour to buy some shoes, and Hamish who seemed to have been on the train with me, he did not step off at the same station as me because it was not the usual station. He asked me to wait for him, I said I can't, but I said that I would protect the eggs while we are apart. I told him to go home and to wait for me there that I would be home soon. Sure enough, as I forgot all about it and was trying on some shoes at the store, a new brown Reptilian showed up there in the store (in the other dimension)! I greeted this new Dragon with that they are Hamish's eggs and I spread the fingers of one hand wide and I said to him, telepathically, "Tiik Tiik!". That is how Hamish does when an impostor comes to steal my eggs. I told him that I am with Hamish. When I got back home it was just me and Hamish, so all is well in our world.

A MIB has been bothering me lately, it is a younger man who has black hair and wears

Oh come on, call us an Agent! - a MIB now

The Agent wears a black business suit I think with a tie. He keeps complaining that my clothes look like bought from "WalMart", I tell him we don't have WalMart in Europe. He keeps thinking about how he buys his clothes at "Sears", I've written about this same guy before and about the same behavior of his. He then thinks about how he would "not" be interested or attracted in me, I tell him I am also not interested in him, which I am not, and I get really frustrated at this jerk and I argue at him. He is literally worse - or the same - as Andrew was in the 90's! Then there was a time recently when he was around when I heard that he is with the Cabal. Cabal are the Illuminati group of mean people who try to make life tough for people who they think are against the Illuminati or who they think could be a threat against the Illuminati. So it seems that this "Agent" is here to try to break me down on purpose, by using any tricks of verbal insults and harassment, also when he stares at me sometimes it gets too invasive because I can feel him in my body overlapping and it is really disruptive so I ask him to leave. I told him that they need to hire someone like MacIntyre instead. And I think Agent Trellis has been around some evenings too, but he is not as much of a jerk.

Today the strangest thing happened. (Well not so strange, because similar things have happened.) I was given a mental image of Hillary Clinton, which then quickly morphed into a bright lime green colored crested Reptilian which I got to look at in clear mental images for a long consecutive time. This Reptilian was gorgeous (well, they all are). I kept saying "Aww Lizard! How cute lizard!". It has large eyes that bulge out of the head, the central crested is not tall but is low. I commented to it that it has a "crested" (which I know to call it) and I complimented it on the crested. I saw it in so much detail that I should have drawn it, but lately I am far too busy with my remote viewing videos! It communicated to me that they eat human babies, I said that humans eat cows, pigs and chickens. It seemed just a little bit surprised that I was not upset that they eat babies. I said it is the same thing, humans eat animals too. It also communicated that they want to take over the world. I did not ask it any questions or pry, but I did tell it that it is cute. Well, I have befriended my beloved Hamish, so seeing another Reptilian means that I am much closer to seeing a friend in them than a foe. I know that Draconians are people too. If you knew how magnificent Hamish is as a person then suddenly realising it you would cry for two days.

It is not that I am "pro" anyone harming any human baby of course, it is just that it is hypocritical to say that it is wrong to injure a human child when at the same time humans go to restaurants and eat tortured and murdered animals and animal children. Hypocrisy. Plus I have seen more examples of kindness and tenderness toward animals in Draconians, than I have in humans. Draconians have this way of sympathizing with little creatures, with centipedes, fish, and crustaceans. But of course Draconians are hunters and predators and they do derive lots of entertainment and fun from hunting acts. But which is worse, mindlessly eating a tortured and murdered animal (humans) or at least deriving some pleasure before eating it (Draconians). At least Draconians do not place poor little chickens into miniature cages. I bought some eggs the other day and I got the very expensive ones that are from happy chickens that get to roam around! It is hypocrisy and racism to presume that humans are angelic and that Draconians would be evil, when I see so much evidence of the contrary! Draconians are cute. Humans rarely are.

Hamish pees in the plants and Agent Trellis is around

February 24 2018, 7:06 PM - Yesterday Agent Trellis informed me that Hamish pees in the potted plants in my room. I told him that is fine and that I have told Hamish to make himself at home. I told Trellis that Hamish is a person who I am sure thinks about the choices that he makes and that I can trust his judgement. If Hamish thinks it is a resonable choice to pee into the potted plants then he has clearly made a contemplated choice on where to do so. I have no problem with that. And today Trellis was watching me it seems, and he was thinking some obnoxious things so I fussed at him, but when I caught him thinking about quitting his job (because I was fussing at him) I told him to stay because the other guys used to be far worse than he is when I was a child, I told him. So I hope that he stays. Hamish has shown me his rows of blunt head buttons and his back, I told him I was proud of him and that he is a very handsome dragon langoustines.

Dragon pee and storks
Which is scarier, Zeta or Mickey Mouse?

February 22 2018, 5:43 PM - Last night Hamish talked to me about his pee. He asked me where he could pee. I suggested that he could pee in the shower because it has a large wide basin on the floor and that the shower water would flush it down the drain. He then told me that he pees on the shedded scales that he has on his rug. I already knew, I have watched this dragon for six years now. I have seen how he places his shedded scales on his ruggy and that he pees on them, he will then wash those peed on scales in the toilet water, or in the sink, maybe he even places some in the shower on top of the drain to let them wash when water comes there. I tell him that he can make himself at home. He has his own routine. He is more than welcome here, and he can do whatever he wants. I won't judge how he tends to his things. I love him endlessly.

Today Reticulans asked me if the stork comes with the babies. Just to be fun I told them yes that it does, and I asked them or what did you think brings the babies? They are of course alluding to the fact that they create babies. It did not turn into any kind of discussion after that.

Yesterday Hamish, or another Reptilian, suddenly just told me, translated from my other language: "the master race", or perhaps to be translated as "the ruling race". Referring to themselves obviously. I was fine with that, Alpha Draconians are cute.

8:21 PM. I now recall what made the Reptilian tell me "the ruling race" about themselves. I was right at that time active with gazing at myself in the mirror checking my teeth after lunch, so I was grinning in a way and the Reptilian felt that I was showing my teeth to show power, so it was reminding me that they are in charge. I had made the Reptilian feel insecure or challenged in his dominant role, so he was reminding me. Oh the everyday adventures with Reptilians!

I am watching YouTube videos and in one of them, videos of UFOs were shown, one cigar shaped and one saucer shaped in close up. Hamish came to watch the screen very closely and he was calm and really taking in all the impressions. I could feel him thinking, seeing, and processing and sorting the information. He was concerned because he said they are in those and he was concerned if those have been taken. I told him that no one has taken the spaceships but that some have made videos of them in the past and that they were safe. When I clicked the videos away he told me he wanted to continue watching, so I let him watch some more. I then said to the aliens that I want to visit them in their spaceships, and a Zeta Reticulan showed me a mental image of itself standing next to either a fictional mental projection image or - much less likely - an actual Mickey Mouse doll. They show me Mickey Mouse thinking I would be scared to see a Zeta, and happy to see the Mickey Mouse, but it is actually the other way around.

Rodriguez, Basilisk, Zetas, my Hamish, Fussubuses, and other things

February 17-18 2018, 12:55 midnight - Zetas and me had a conversation today. They confided in me that they do not have self-ownership and that they regret that. I wondered if it were the Reptilians who owned them, but the Zeta said that no it is those like Manon, meaning that the Alpha Thetan Dark Lords they own the Zeta Reticulans. I said that surely hopefully one day the Zetas will regain their freedom and sovereignty, but the Zeta said that regretfully it will forever be that way, it had to do with what the Zetas forever after will owe due to the fact that the Zetas have received eggs. Zetas rarely provide information like this, so it was highly refreshing to have this chat with them, I also gave them my condolences and told them I was sad to hear it.

Andromedans told me today that a Dinosaur is freezing, so I got alarmed and hollered out (telepathically) to Lasarus, I presumed the aliens were keeping Dinosaurs in the cold room again for storage which makes them calmer but I objected out of concern for their well-being, but Hamish looked at me with such a gaze that I knew that it was bothering him that I was showing any sympathy toward the Dinosaurs, so I turned to cooing my dragon instead so that he would be happy. Hamish then told me that he was not happy here anymore and that he wanted to go to other assignments, he was not happy with the sofa that we have here. I told him that I will of course support him if he wants to change where he works and I also suggested that we could have a fun day and go to the aquarium or to see some koalas in a zoo if he would like to have fun with me. Hamish has since sat down on the sofa and is minding his own business again, being just what a Dragon Turtleback is.

A MIB whose name is "Rodrigues" has been staring at me at times today, and when he does I am very aware of him, you know that feeling in the back of the neck that someone is staring? With remote viewing or what not of course. What's worse is that when he does, I am feeling his thoughts quite clearly, and he was thinking about the reasons why he would not date me and the kind of women that he would date, so I fussed at him and I informed him of the kinds of men that I would date so there. We are not getting along, even though I intended to be nice. I think he is the one with ancestry from Puerto Rico. And a second MIB also the one with black hair. Both of these gentlemen are on the younger side, so it seems that my MIBs team is staying alive and well with newer recruits, I am starting to look like I am now getting MIBs that I am about as old as. In my teens I was the 14-year old girl and these were all adult men in ages ranging from I would say Andrew was the youngest he seemed he could have been 26 at the time and the older were something in their 50's or 60's I would presume, but now it seems with these two younger men who seem to be in their mid 30's and I am 35, the dynamics and things become a whole lot more interesting and different. It was always me as a little girl and they as the adult men, but now that we are all of a sudden of the same age, well that makes things sure different don't it! (I realize that is a grammatical error, just expressing myself that way)

We don't really want to see you naked, but I guess that we have to. - says a MIB now
We do not want to eat or drink or to breathe gases! - a Reticulan nervously is quick to say, in my other language, as if in a way to defend themselves
We are also not a bully. We really would like to be freed too. - another Reticulan
We are with the buttercups. - Hamish
Hello Hamish. I am proud of you today. You are a proud Draconians. I love you Turtle Sock. - me
We don't want to know if one of our men has come from an island. But you also said Costa Rica? Who is from there? Surely not our Rodriguez, whose blood we need? - Reticulan asks me

Because as I was writing where he comes from earlier I almost wrote Costa Rica then I remembered it was Puerto Rico, that is what the Zeta is referring to, they have been reading my thoughts.

The MIBs have told me that the aliens are asking them to have children with me, that is why these men are showing up and looking at me and considering to themselves whether they would want to have sex with me, but all of this is irritating as heck! Rodriguez was thinking today that he guesses that he would have sex with me, and so I told him that it is actually my choice and that I say no.

Yesterday or today I was told about a "Pavel" who wanted to talk to me. I was happy to talk to him, I said, but no conversation took place. This all telepathic of course.

This morning a black reptile visited, I saw him in a mental image, and he said about himself that he is the Basilisk. He is beautiful, with black scaly body, a shine to the scales, the snout is v-shaped and protruding, the top of the head is flat and level with the snout, the eyes are very small and black and very widely spaced apart. I said that he is beautiful and cute (many times). He did not fuss or argue as Alpha Draconian Reptilians do, and based on the lack of fussing and verbal hostilities alone, I am inclined to suspect him not being of Alpha Draconian kind, but, him being a basilisk also suggests another species. Remember we encountered the "basilisk" when I remote viewed Saturn and found out that the Dark Lords are living in cities on Saturn together with the basilisk.

Zetas talked about putting the tubing into my nose to suction out stomach contents. I bought a small strawberry yoghurt today just to say thanks and show some love to my aliens, but I haven't eaten it yet. It really is just a small yoghurt cup, but it really makes them happy, not that they ever say thanks.

I really try to form friendships to my aliens. Dark Lords are easy to have laughs, storytime and friendships with, only that they are sinister so I do not allow them to visit anymore. Reptilians I find are very easy to be friends with, they are wonderful to observe and to spend time with, and once you learn to read their eyes and body language you see their rich repertoire of emotional expression and their great (sadistic) sense of humor! I have shared many jokes and laughs together with Reptilians. When I laugh with Reptilians,

Hello, we are the Butt doctors. And, we thought that we were coming in to see you at 3 AM. - Zeta Reticulan
Will you be awake then, my pretty? We are the bonus doctors too. Very pleased to meet you! We are coming in, with the Zeta Reticulan kind! - Dark Lord or basilisk
Well. It is 1:15 AM - me interrupted from continuing, as a Dark Lord manifested at the bedroom door, and as he did, completely sucking out all of the goodness that is in the air here and placing a sinister satanic blackness over the air here, but only for a while, and then he vanished again

When I laugh with Reptilians, I place an index finger on my lower eyelid, they know what it means. I cannot raise my lower eyelid but I can show that. But it has to be jokes that a Reptilian can relate to.

I really do not want him to be here. I would like him to get out. - Hamish comes right up against me and clasps his hands on my bare arm next to him, he is afraid of the Dark Lord!
Hamish, I will tell him to leave. - me
Yes, please excuse me and my duck feet. - Hamish, he seems calm and happy again and he lifts one duck foot up
Dear Dark Lord, please leave my home I am allergic to you, I will begin to sneaze and get a headache. - me
I am the goat gods. I am the goat herder here. - DL
There are no goats here. - me
That is why we are farming them? And, have you smelled me and how I like to bleed? - DL
Yes, you smell like roses and fragrance. - me, I am just saying silly things to them

A Zeta now says that the children that they have there like the Mickey Mouse club with the black plastic ears hat that the kids have. Then the Dark Lord tells me on another topic that they the Dark Lords do not like animal porn anymore.

I am Hamish. And I am starting to get very afraid! My goosebumps, I wanted him to see them. - Hamish, Hamish is lifting a duck foot into my bed about ready to climb into bed to crawl into my lap for safety, as if he has nowhere else to run and hide to!
Hamish. Tok Tok. Tok Tok Tok. I will protect you. - me
Yes, and take also that away. - Hamish with mental image clearly of a sewing needle
I have seen you picking them. And, Yes-No, ouch! - Hamish, I pick some off the floor at work sometimes, that is what he means
I will protect you. I will keep you safe. - me
Do not worry. We are their masters. We keep them here, and, we are mining with them. MINING FOR OUR MINIONS, WE SHOULD SAY, HAH HAH! - DL [Added a few minutes later: he refers to Reptilians]

Hamish has climbed into my bed with me, he is next to me on my right, and that is highly unusual for him to ever climb into my bed with me.

Yes-No! Ouch! And, should I say, that I also smell like cheese? - Hamish
Yes-No, that colour! - Hamish about blue color of the Dark Lord
Hamish? You smell like a langoustine, it has the right smell therefore. - me
I do not want to worry you, but I am climbing into you. And, Yes-No, ouch! - Hamish lifting his flat duck feet trying to climb onto me for safety, the yes-no ouch he thought of a needle again
Hamish, I am protecting you from the Dark Lords. - me, he thinks of his cheese smell again
Do not worry about your smell, Darling. You can come close to me whenever you want. I love you Turtle, I love you Hamish. - me
I will not bite you I said, but your hands and fingers are typing really fast! And then I want to grab them. - Hamish, about my really fast typing fingers!
Yes, Hamish, I know. - me
Mine, hunger, Yes-No, *click* Buttercup! - Hamish saying that he is not hungry at the time and the palate click indicates that he is happy right now
Dark Lords and other Fussubuses are kindly asked to leave these premises at once now, since I am allergic to them and since they are also making my dragon a bit worried, so they are asked to leave now. - me
Adios!, we will go now into our flying machines. - DL with thought of a brown cigar UFO those are as always theirs
Is it better now, Hamish? - me
I would like to eat some pancakes, some flapjacks. - Hamish
Do you eat pancakes Hamish? - me
My eye said ouch, Yes-No. - Hamish right next to me on my right, he thinks of needle in his eye, he is worried so his mind goes to other things that worry him too, brings up the fears
You are safe from needles today. There are no needles in this bed. - me
I would like to hurry, and show them my back. Then they know I was dominant! - Hamish turns around in bed to show his back to the needles that are not here
We are the Nurses. - Zeta Reticulan
Hello Zeta Reticulan nurse. - me but not even mildly enthused to hear them
We wanted to take some of your poo. - the Zeta nurse, "poo" in my native language

The Zetas did that energy rape thing with me and a young hybrid boy today again, while I was drawing the Triceratops for a remote viewing video, so I had an upset for a while there I promised them that I was going to talk to a doctor about having my ovaries removed, I was so upset that I wasn't even worried about losing Hamish I thought that surely he will be able to find food somewhere else. I asked Arcturians for help against the Zeta but I don't know if they did. But the Zeta seemed to leave after a moment thankfully. I need to start punishing the Zetas by eating sugar, maybe I can control their behavior with reward and punishment psychology, but I highly doubt it.

Hamish you can always come into my bed next to me if you ever get scared, and I will do all what I can to protect you. - me, and there was a whiff of Hamish's scent, a smell that is like of diarrhoea this time, a fresh manure barnyard kind of smell, but not offensive in any way

Of course my dragon can come into bed with me to snuggle and to be safe, and I will do all in my power to keep him safe from all the harm in this world, from cactuses that have owls in them, lanterns inside carved angry pumpkin faces, sewing needles and broken glass on the floor, from yes-no onions and from the bad men the Alpha Thetan Dark Lords.

Zetas, Tortoise, and other things

February 15 2018, 7:01 PM - In the recent days I have had visitations by aliens in the form of mental images depicting them, telepathic conversations, and interactions in the evening when I go to bed or in the night if I wake up at night. I have been shown an image of Kermit (which made me happy of course). One evening the sleaze guy was visiting and the aliens seem to want him to have sex with me to have children and I don't like him cause he is a sleaze. One night I was shown a hybrid male, he was of the same make as this hybrid drawn here, notably of a pink-beige skin color, no hair, small eyes that are very widely set apart, eyewhites in the eyes and blue irises. This one I was shown its feet, the foot is flat and the toes fan widely and symmetrically on both sides of the foot. This one I was shown seemed to be an adult or a young adult.

Today a Zeta Reticulan told me in my third language about itself that it is a "women's doctor", in a term that is the valid term for a doctor who specializes in women's health, the Zeta then explained that it means "ob-gyn", and later Lasarus which seemed to be a second Zeta different from this first one also said hello. I was shown the hand of the first Zeta, the palm of the hand is very small, and I saw three long fingers on the hand, and this first Zeta talked about how it used to have suction cups on its fingertips but that those were removed.

And Hamish has been cute and adorable. I bought some food items today and Hamish went over to the grocery shopping bag that is still unpacked on the bedroom floor (with no frozen items in it, so don't worry) and he pointed to the jar of cherry marmelade which I wanted to eat with my oatmeal and he said "Yes-No" about the cherry jam. Hamish or Reticulans said that it disrupts my ability to get pregnant. Today or yesterday Hamish or one of my other aliens talked about a "pregnancy test", and today Zetas told me that it was good that I will not take contraceptives. Oddly I have recently become very adamant about my choice to not ever take birth control pills. Did the Zetas make up my mind on that, because, could they not make hybrids on me if I were on the birth control pill? I only took birth control pills one time several years ago and it gave me such a bad PMS with so much pain that I swore to never take the pill again, but Zetas seem to be pleased with that decision. I am not sexually active at the moment since many months so it is not a problem, but I just thought it was interesting how the Zetas thought that it was a good idea that I am not on any contraceptive pills, hm. Zetas are hm.

I am trying to befriend the Zetas but that isn't working, our relationship is very complicated and we quarrel a lot with each other. One sassy Alpha Reticulan looked at me today and said I was a dog and was fussy, I said we should be friends and friendly with each other but they are always angry, sassy and mad. At least I have my friendly tortoise, he looked at me today right at my face and I saw him fire engine red and head buttons and all and he just did this most beautiful palate click to me, nothing makes me as happy as a Dragon Turtle looking straight at me and doing a palate click. Hamish I love you. Hamish was given some snacks today, so that makes me feel better and easier about it. I thanked the Zetas today for feeding my Tortoise.

Hamish tackled me two or more times in the past days, when I am in bed he can turn me over, during this time I will see him closely and it looks and feels is if he were right over my body, his eye staring right into mine. I love it. I love it when Hamish turns my body over, he said in one of these times that he was therefore dominant, but I do not mind why he does it, I just love cuddling with my dragon, even if he means it in another way.

The aliens brought a MIB around yesterday and I knew from the context that the aliens will want him to have sex with me so that the Zetas can take the children. This man has dark brown hair and brown eyes, he looks young like mid 30's. I talked to him and asked him where his ancestors came from, which I always like to know of Americans. I guessed Scottish, but he said Puerto Rico. He is really nice and friendly and he seems to be a new MIB, or did I hear him say that he is Gillespie? Would my Gillespie be of Puerto Rican descent, really? I know almost nothing about my Gillespie. Hey a new remote viewing target, we are going to remote view my Gillespie! (I will do that sometime later.)

I had a strange dream last night or the night before, about someone saying that they are placing a thermometer to measure my temperature but it went deep into my throat, and perhaps it was a Zeta in front of me doing that. I remained calm even though I could feel that gadget at the back of my throat, it was placed into my mouth and not through the nose.

Jack was talking about considering me as his wife, I said sure contact me in real life and I will go on a date with him and consider him. He also said that I am not very feminine, I said I don't care. The aliens said about Jack that he is with NASA. Is Jack really working for NASA?

My Hamish

February 09 2018, 9:46 AM -

My Livers, snacks. In my mouth. - Hamish, "in my mouth" in my third language

Yesterday I was busy on other things when all of a sudden like out of nowhere a red dragon shows up with his mental image depicting a koala. Hamish then continued to share his thoughts with me. I was so happy to see him. Every time that I forget about him, when he then shows up it is like rediscovering him for the first time! Like getting to receive and to open a present many times. He is wonderful. He has informed me now several times that the multivitamin fruit juice that I bought two packets of yesterday "is the wrong tea". I checked the label carefully it should not have any added sugar, I told him that it has added vitamins. This morning when he said again that it is the wrong tea, I asked him if he could tell me why, and he said that it contains substances which cause my heart to beat the wrong way. I thanked him for the information. Perhaps one of the many added B vitamins are synthetic, maybe an isomer of the actual desired structure and harmful, who knows?

Yesterday Hamish gave me a mental image depicting a yellow Dragon Turtle who was laying on its back on a metal table it looked like in a morgue I asked is he dead and I started to cry. I said sweet things to the yellow Reptile and I found that it was alive because he talked to me. He looked just like my Hamish, only yellow. So beautiful I told the yellow one how much I love his race.

I saw Hamish standing in the hallway just a minute ago, his upper eyelids were partially diagonally closed downwards because he is smiling. Such a beautiful sight, seeing a Draconian Reptile just standing there and smiling. He gave me a mental image of orange yellow flowers that I think were nasturtiums just a while ago.

11:12 AM. I just finished eating half of a huge papaya fruit that I had been scooping out with a spoon and as I put the hollowed out empty shell of the papaya aside on the table:

Were you eating a gourd? - Zeta Reticulan

I told him that no I was eating a papaya fruit. Gourd picture, papaya picture. I love the way how the Zetas do not know the names of all foods, Hamish does that too, and how they use names for similar food items instead. It makes the aliens seem so real, but also charming.

I am sorry that I did not know the right name of that fruit. It just looked like a gourd. Because we have seen them a lot. And we thought that you were drinking them. The juicy stuff, that comes from the inside. Why does it go inside there? - Zeta, from "and we thought that..." until "why does it go inside there" he refers to when I scooped with a spoon the seeds out on a plate first and threw it in the bin
The seeds from the inside may be a bit juicy yes, but they are generally not eaten, so they go into the bin. It is a delicious fruit, one of my favorite foods. - me
Yes, the bees also like the honey. It has been pollinated by them. We also like to do that. We take, your fruits out of your womb. We like to look at them! - Zeta, "look at them" he then means the black round seeds of the papaya to look at those

Zetas can be charming and cute to talk to, like now how we are having a conversation, but I know it can turn at any moment into a heated argument because of how they break cultural rules and taboos and send me into a raging fit, but for now we managed to have a decent conversation, about something simple, so I'd best slip away from the conversation and leave it on a positive note like that before it gets ugly. Let's leave on a happy note and quietly slip away.

My Munchkins

February 07-08 2018, 12:12 midnight - Last night the aliens were letting me see them in beautiful mental images, many of my red Hamish, of a Dinosaur, and of Zeta Reticulans. I honestly don't know if I was seeing them so clearly because I just started doing remote viewing tests (see YouTube videos titled Remote View Test) or if they had coincidentally at that same time decided to, but I let them know that I was going to reward and thank them for this kindness by eating yoghurt, and so today I bought a big bucket of natural yoghurt, to my surprise this one was creamy and delicious it tastes and feels just like a combination of fluffy whipped cream and ice-cream and not that fatty bitter yoghurt even though it has 2% fat in it, this is a Greek yoghurt so yummy so I think me and the aliens might make a deal.

Last night Hamish showed up and he just said to me quite blatantly: "My ovary". There is something uncanny, cruel, heartless and selfish about the way that a Reptilian can say such a thing to a human, but I remind myself that this is the dragon pooch that I love. Hamish also showed me a mental image depicting the bundle of seedlings that sit on the top of a blossomed dandelion and ready to set free and float across the air. They are clear about what they want. I am also clear to them about what I want.

Today also I have been seeing Hamish more clearly than usual. I think it has to do with my start of doing remote view tests so it has opened up my vision of them to much clearer. When I see him I tell him that I honor him. Hamish had pood on the toilet room floor next to the toilet brush again, a Dinosaur had come to clean it up the other day. I told Hamish that it was fine and that he lives here and he can use our home any way that he wants to. Recently he said about his ruggy snug that it was his, and I told him that yes indeed it was his ruggy, I told him that it is his and that I never step on it.

Hamish tackled me in bed last night, he turned my body around, at that time I see him so closely his body in the dark somewhere and his reptilian eyes, only that I really enjoy being turned around and tackled by a Reptilian. I know they mean it to be an act of domination, but how can a girl not love being "hugged" by a Reptilian friend? I truly enjoy those close moments when Hamish hoists me up or turns me around, I never take it the bad way.

Hamish is in reality rude, hostile, territorial and dominating

I will bite you for what you said! I will say, Yes-No dominating! - Hamish
Hamish, I am sorry, I apologise for what I said. I have honored you for a long time. I am happy with you and your race. - me
It was about, mine, back. About my hill. - Hamish, "hill" in my - our - third language, he pats on his back

I mean, in reality he is those things, but I adore him so much my heart sings at the mere sight and thought of him. I could never love him any less, I cheer when he assertively turns me around to show his dominance and to put me down, I cherish when he claims things in this home as his, I enjoy his company when he talks about being the superior race and dominant, and when he thinks about biting my fingers (when he objects to something) I just think he looks cute. I have also been shown cute images of frogs, even today of a really happy smiling puppet frog's face and then I see a Dinosaur in the background of that image, and it makes me really happy.

A Zeta is interested in my feces today I told him that he can give me a container for a sample but he didn't respond to that. The other day I had eaten seaweed cooked in my rice and the Zetas were very interested in that "salad", they are always extremely interested when I eat any brand new type of unusual food then they want a sample. Well they said they wanted a sample of that, what I told them was a seaweed from the ocean, and I said they can have some from the jar that is in the kitchen, but they only want to have some that has been digested by me. They also talked about suctioning out something from my stomach. Last night I had an uncomfortable dream about a man going to have sex with me and I wasn't really into him, as I woke up and thought about that dream a Zeta then said that the stork is going to come, in many European countries we say that the stork which is a big white bird is what brings newborn babies into homes, so that made it really seem the timing and all that the dream may have been more than just a dream.

Life and stuff and things

February 05 2018, 11:31 PM - The Zeta Reticulans decided to energy rape me today. This topic is extremely painful to write about and also horrendous. It seems, as I have reported also in the past, that Reticulans try to help a human abductee and its hybrid child to bond with each other by instilling by some mechanism that is unknown to me a strong sexual feeling in the two. I don't want to write about it, sorry. It's the kind of stuff I reserve for the books, so I will write it on the side and stuff it in the books.

Hamish is visiting in my home this evening and he showed me a mental image of a little red crab and later he asked me if he was allowed to sit on the sofa, I insisted to him that he is welcome in my home and that I share my home with him and that he may always sit wherever he wants to without needing to ask for permission, and so he sat down on the sofa and is in the world of his thoughts. Dinosaur was also visiting so I told Dinosaur he was welcome too. And that military officer who is with the Navy whom I refer to as the "sleaze" is around too. Anyhow, so is life.

Fussubus with Beetle - and bargaining with the aliens about milk and sugar and meeting, and I don't like baseball but someone does

February 03 2018, 9:09 PM - A reader of the website sent me a drawing she had made of Hamish, and another drawing depicting Malik. Malik or another Dark Lord took this as an invitation for him to visit me, he put his projection of a big black beetle down on my body and was talking about being here, I have informed the Fussubus that I am allergic of him and that he is therefore not allowed to visit. I have seen mental images of Hamish and Zeta Reticulans today, and last night I was shown a mental image of a green frog when a Dinosaur was around. Hamish told me that his name is Hamish and that he likes the color yellow, he suggested that I wear yellow socks. I don't have any yellow socks but if I see some in a store I will buy them.

9:40 PM. I am bargaining with the aliens, or trying to. Namely that I will start to drink milk and eat yoghurt and stop eating sugar and chickpeas, in exchange I want to meet them in person to see that they are real and not just voices in my head. Hamish came to tell me to "stop showing power", and during my conversation to the Zetas Hamish would say that I should "stop showing power" several times. I explained to Hamish that I would never show power, and that I was only discussing how we could be of mutual benefit for each other. A sassy Alpha Reticulan was listening, and was being sassy. Hamish told me that when I go there I hit them, I said when did I hit them and whom did I hit, Hamish said I had not hit him (meaning Hamish) but that I have hit the ones who collect eggs. I said I do not remember. I told them I am not going to stop eating sugar, which I love, and to start drinking milk, which I hate, unless I can be certain that they are real beings that exist. The Reticulans started talking to a military officer about all of this, and I read the man's thoughts he was thinking about baseball, so I know that this man is not something I hallucinated because there is no corner of my mind that would think about baseball. I asked him why he likes baseball but he didn't say.

An assortment of aliens (and Langdon)

February 01-02 2018, 1:38 AM - A black Orion reptile let me see itself in a mental image today and then he showed me his penis which was white and slender with the pointy tip which is typical for Reptilian ones. A Dinosaur let me see itself in a mental image and told me that the chocolate bar I was eating was "the wrong cheese for the eggs" and he suggested that I instead eat a pizza. I thanked the Dinosaur for giving me information and I acknowledged to him that I had listened.

The other day the Carian that I contacted in the remote viewing wanted to talk again and I told him that the Andromedan Council had not wanted us to talk to each other, the Carian showed me that place where I had been naked on a stage with all those men in the audience, I have seen that from the mental images of aliens many times by now but I have no memory (or actually I do, find the notes on the dream where I started with chemistry papers and thought I was doing a presentation on stage and my interaction with some of those people who were sitting there). The Carian told me quite frankly that I go there so that they can select me out. A MIB with black hair has been sort of checking me out and considering me so I have told him to leave. The Carian could probably give me a lot of information about what my aliens are doing, because the Carian seems inclined to bend rules including the rule of secrecy, so that could be useful, it is just that it is dangerous if I talk to the Carians because they are highly warring, I do not fear whatsoever that a Carian would harm me but as the Andromedans have informed the Carians can start wars and the Carians also want to destroy humanity, so I cannot talk to them for these reasons.

My flatmate was hanging up some of her clothes which she will give away to some of her friends who are coming by tomorrow, the MIB with the black hair was thinking to himself (but I heard his thoughts) if those were "WalMart" clothes and he thought to himself that he never shops at WalMart and I heard from his thoughts that he shops at "Sears". I told him that we have no WalMart stores in Europe and that he needs to leave me alone.

Hamish has been wonderful and beautiful and amazing as always. Again I have seen the world through his eyes, he sees the world in bright bright neon red, orange and yellow colors, also his visual perception of detail is far more enhanced than it is in human eye sight. The world he sees is beautiful. I still suspect that Hamish might not be able to see colors green, blue, and purple.

An Orion reptile of some sort (meaning either Alpha Orion or black Orion reptile) said Omrigosh to me today, followed by a two-word phrase which I recognize, which one of the Orion glyphs stands for, ah yes, the one that is "be wise", so he said to me "Omrigosh be wise", which he could have also chosen to say in two Orion words but he said "be wise" in English. "Be wise" was either Pine, Atek, or Languish I think. We also have the words Shuurah for eggs or future, and Kembraah and Kenumbraah which each mean two different things one of which means "idiot".

Zeta Reticulans let me see themselves in a mental image today. Then an image of a Zeta that was holding a scalpel in its hand and making a move as if one cut was made with the scalpel either across air or into something, either in a real situation or as a hypothetical situation. I gave the Zeta Reticulans a friendly greeting.

I wanted to go UFO watching today but it was cloudy and rainy. At least I learned how to use the focus adjustment so that I can actually film something that doesn't show up blurry when I zoom in on it.

Carlisle, or Langdon, was talking today about letting me move to "Santa Monica". He also wanted me to see what his face looked like when he was a few years younger and he asked me if his face looked familiar with which he meant if I would recognize that he looked like me. This morning I did some dance workout and Carlisle said that "if he were my father" then he would not disapprove of that. I asked him why does he say that but he did not clarify. But as he had told me about going to Santa Monica (which I now look up is a city in the state of California) I then picked up from his thoughts or from him a strong sense of Navy, not that he had said anything to me about the Navy but I could feel Navy so I told him that I do not trust the Navy. I asked the Dinosaur who had earlier told me about the chocolate and pizza if he could tell me who is Carlisle or Langdon and the Dinosaur told me that he is "an Assistant", I asked the Dinosaur what kind of an Assistant is he and what does he do but the Dinosaur did not tell me. At least Hamish makes perfect sense to me, his back and all.

Look, if Carlisle is my father then I need to be informed. I told him that if he means it about me coming to Santa Monica then all he needs to do is to contact me in real life and that would not be a problem. If he is my father then I would adopt him right away. I've already lost Derek and MacIntyre so if Carlisle is my father then I am not going to wait until I lose him too! Isn't it time that I get to meet everybody? Including Stephens. Everyone. But not Andrew.