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October 27 2012 - November 7 2012

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Nopes! No daydream of a man! Because men ruin eggs! So there! So stop it will you! Or I will bite!

November 07 2012 - I was standing outdoors waiting on a bus when my mind drifted to the fact that I am single. So I started daydreaming about what a perfect man would be like. I envisioned me and a handsome man out and having dinner, and how he would start kissing me on the neck and...

That is when Hamish made his appearance. Hamish has a stern and rather upset aura about him and breaks up my daydreaming, but this time without biting me, probably because I was outdoors and not home in my bed. (Normally he bites me on the upper arm every time that I daydream about being with a man.)

So I tell myself, I guess I'm his ho. A while later Hamish appears and is saying, "Yes... no. Yes... no." Every time he says "yes" he shows me an image of himself and his whereabouts, and when he says "no" he shows me an image of the man I was daydreaming about. So I say to Hamish, "I guess I'll just have to marry Hamish then."

Sorry not to censor this (it's hard to censor everything all the time!) Hamish shows me a mental image of himself and his penis (Hamish has one, it is like that of a dog, but I've rarely seen it and he never expresses it or any thoughts of it with me). So I say to Hamish, "You don't have to have that if you love each other." Because I interpreted Hamish as saying that he doesn't have one or that he doesn't know how to be married to me. (He could have meant something else entirely.) I then declared to myself, "I guess he knows why women get married."

But every time I daydream about being with a man Hamish breaks it up! Usually by biting into my arm! Once by biting into my arm and shaking me vigorously and having thoughts of stomping on me with his feet! It reminds me of a dog who bites into the ankles and pants legs of owners to get their attention. Every single time. Every time! Doesn't matter if I'm home in my bed. Or if I'm standing outdoors waiting for a bus. He will always find me, Hamish is always watching, and

"It's because he doesn't want him to ruin our eggs." - Hamish says approximately, also sounded like "It's because we don't want him to ruin your eggs", so it's "It's because he/we doesn't want him to ruin your/our eggs". Ok. Mystery solved.

"The Dinosaurs don't like it either." - Hamish says now
"Why does a man ruin my eggs? How does that happen?" - me
"Because we don't want you to have a family." - Hamish
"Why not? But can't I have a boyfriend at least? You know I'm aching for a boyfriend. Women have certain.. needs. I have to have a boyfriend! ... Please? Just one? Just one man? Not two, or several? Hamish?" - me

Hamish has changed color!

November 06 2012 - Important early morning update: Hamish used to be a bright fire engine red color, sometimes accompanied by a neon orange glow if he is standing in darkness (he has luminescent sticky fluid inside of the blunt orange bumps on his arms that glow in the dark!!), but this morning I see Hamish and he is a much more dull brownish red. More brown than red. Hamish has turned brown. Is this because of after he shedded scales? Was Hamish perhaps a young Dragon?

He says that he is of the "old Draconian race", and he used to want to be called "Hamish The Elder" (which is technically half of his name, his name being Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder). But was Ham-mish a youngling? Is he maturing? Why is Hamish changing color?

Ever since I noticed his color change this morning, I've called out for him and asked him why he has turned brown, but Hamish has not said. Aww shucks, *kicks can*, I'm sure gonna miss his bright fire engine red coloration. It was part of what made him so, so... cartoonish! And why he was like a fun stuffed animal and so cute! This brownish red hue I declare is much less cute and cuddly and cartoonish.

Hahaha as I'm looking for an example of the coloration he has become, browsing on women's nail polish colors, Hamish shows up - looking all brownish red in his new color - and he says, "Yes-No!" Hahaha, Hamish and his Yes-No.

Well. This is close to his new color, it is in fact the color of dried blood. Don't read too much into the "blood" factor, it's just a color that happens to be a rusty kind of brown red. Oh Hamish, why did you have to change? How will I ever get used to you in a new color! Oh Hamish Hamish Hamish please change back to your bright fire engine red that I so loved! Why do things have to be changing? I want my Dragon back.

Just calm down. It's still my Hamish Red. Just a brownish color of red, and not so bright like a fire engine red. My Hamish. It's still my Hamish. He still stomped his feet up and down this morning, even though he was a brownish red. I love Hamish.

"Hamish has changed color." - I say to Hamish
"I will blame your race!" - Hamish says

Ok. He seems normal.

Night And Morning With Hamish

November 05 2012 - Hamish was a bit cranky last night because he had spotted a box of matches on the kitchen table, so he came up to me when I had gone to bed and he showed me a mental image of a lit match and he said "No, fire!". "No Hamish, no fire", I said to my Dragon. Hamish was unusually chatty again last night, my jaw just drops at him at times like these when he just starts talkin' and talkin'! He had so many things on his mind and so many things to say.

He said that it smells in my room of "ham". I had eaten a anchovy-bacon pizza yesterday. I couldn't smell any of it in my room, but Hamish - I've found out - has an acute sense of smell. He kept sniffing in my room and saying that "it smells like ham". And then, "it smells like cheese". But he wasn't disgusted by the smell, he said that it smells like food, if I recall. And he said that it smells like onions in the kitchen, if I recall. Hamish said that he hadn't been able to be with me in my room during the day because of the music I had had playing. I apologized to him and said that I had not known that Hamish had been around, or I would not have played music. "I want you to be comfortable here, when you visit, Hamish", I said to him, to my beloved red space Dragon.

Hamish thanked me that I would think of him. I said that I would care for his needs, and that he should let me know if there was anything else that he needs while he visits with me. He is such a beautiful Dragon, even though he does have a sock puppet of a head. Hamish then showed me his scales up close, and he had thought images of the pile of leaves that he has prepared in the forest under which he placed his shedded white scales that look kinda like bubblewrap. He felt very embarrassed about it. He kept thinking about the scales, and I could feel his anxiety and sadness. I said to him that he does not have to feel embarrassed about shedding scales, and I told him about how we humans shed our scales all the time, only that ours are so small that they cannot be seen. But Hamish said that this was different, that him shedding scales was embarrassing like how I feel when I have pads in the trashcan, he said. Yep. He said that.

This morning Hamish was around when I woke up. And I was so happy to see him. After yesterday's stern informing of the matches that were lying on the table, and his sadness and concern about having shedded scales several days ago, he was now in a good mood. I wonder what Hamish does when I sleep. What does he think about? Where does he go? Does he like me? Does Hamish know and understand that I love him so? But Hamish was here with me. And he stomped his feet real fast up and down like out of excitement the way that he does! I do not know why he does it, but it sure makes me happy! It's like a kid in a mud puddle, stomping his feet real fast up and down! Oh how it makes me giggle and makes me beaming with happiness, my precious sweet Hamish Camel Dragon Turtle Kissy Feets oh how I love it when you stomp your feet really fast! HAAMIIISSSSS!!!

My chest was aching all morning as I took the bus to go to school. How I wished that I could run back home to be with my Hamish, especially since he was being in such a good mood. It's like when you just don't want to leave a pet, or a baby, behind in your home when all you want is just to be with them. It was unbearable for me to leave Hamish at home, just unbearable. But I am now home again after a long day, and I hope to spend my evening together with Hamish again. And I don't mind it if he has another cranky day (those are rare, and not that cranky at all), or if Hamish needs my support as he thinks about his shedded scales. But I am here for him. My beloved Dragon, love love love you Hamish. Pure love.

I forgot to say another of the many things Hamish said to me last night, cause he was so chatty he was just saying one thing after the other very talkative. He said that "the bird race created his race".

Hamish lifted my feet up into bed!!!

November 03 2012 - Hamish came in to my room because a roommate of mine went to use the shower. I'm still reading. Hamish indicates with his thought images toward the underneath of the desk. (The other day he camped underneath my desk.) I got up from bed and moved the chair away so that he can go under the desk. And I put the 1-year anniversary red bathroom rug under the desk nicely. I told him that "I know that the rug smells, but feel how soft it is!" After a little while Hamish went under the desk but he indicated that the rug smells. It's got some kind of factory smell that he cannot handle. I guess I should run the rug through the washing machine a couple times with just water.

So I was lying in bed on my back and reading my book. Both of my feet were hanging off the edge of the bed. I rarely hardly ever do that, but I had just put some lotion on my feet and I washed all the sheets today so I wanted to have my feet dangling off the edge to dry so that I don't get my new sheets all messy.

All of a sudden something tugs my feet in to the bed. It is Hamish!!! Hamish is pushing my feet so that they would be on the bed!!! He made several consecutive tugs or pushes or lifts, about three of them, because they didn't quite manage to hoist my feet to the bed, but only to push them toward that direction. It took me a while to realize what was going on. Because I was so engaged in my book. I absolutely was not doing this myself, and the way that my feet were being moved it wasn't like as if I would have been moving them or dangling them. My feet were absolutely and definitely being moved by someone else. And it is Hamish.

He seemed a bit annoyed by my feet dangling off the edge. Not to blame him, because my back was straight and then I made an awkward angle with the feet bent off the edge. But I love how he seemed a bit irritated and annoyed by my feet. Then he retreats back toward his "nest" underneath the desk and I hear him say, "We will fertilize your eggs." Just another day with me and the aliens.

Then Hamish indicates toward my throat and that I ate some salmon scales today. I tell Hamish that no, fish are not reptiles and I have not eaten reptile scales. We always go through this every time that I eat that salmon they act like I just committed cannibalism geez! Hamish then says something like (I forgot the exact words), "We will not talk more about it!" It was a kind of an "end of discussion" kind of thing to say. Ok. I guess that means we'll disagree. Hamish really and truly feels that eating salmon scales is like eating reptile scales. Ok. Hamish.

Then a Dinosaur showed up and he was looking at me gazing at me closely and he was amused by something and then that made me giggle. I sure have fun with my aliens. I'm having great fun! I'm now done with my book and going to bed. Will talk to Hamish some more. Love having someone to talk to at night. I will ask him for a close encounter, or ask him to lift me up! So that I can giggle some more with my Space Dragon. Now Hamish is underneath my desk and he is saying, "Yes, yes..." That means that he is content, and that all is well with the world.

Married with Hamish (sort of)

November 03 2012 - You know when you're married and you have had your evening shower and brushed your teeth and gotten ready for bed and you are lying in bed reading a good book with the reading light on, and the feeling you get when your significant other is still in the bathroom grooming and getting ready for bed too, there is something soothing about that evening ritual that is done in silence, first you and then your beloved. And it feels good knowing that your loved one is safe and that both of you are winding down for the night, after a long day of work.

No I am not married, but I am sort of married to a big red space Dragon named Hamish. You see we live together. Hamish has been with me every day since he first appeared in August 2011. He is here because he is guarding my eggs, my ovum that is, from other alien genetics teams who would also want to use them. Hamish lives with me and he guards my eggs all day long, and when you live with someone and for so long, you get to know one another. You can't help but to feel married to this guy, to this red space lizard named Hamish.

So I had had my shower and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair and curled in bed to read a good book with the reading light on. And in that silence of the night, Hamish says from the bathroom, where he had now retreated knowing that I was done with my evening grooming ritual, "You may not see me grooming my scales", Hamish says from the shower room. Ok Hamish. He likes to retreat to his bathroom rug to groom his scales, perhaps not every evening, but at least many evenings. "Ok Hamish, I will close my eyes and look away", I say to Hamish but don't take my eye off the book I am reading.

That feeling of having a loved one, a significant other doing his grooming business in the bathroom. It may not be the exact same as mine grooming rituals, but grooming it is. Hamish, having an entirely different body than mine, he seems to need to sweep some white stuff out from in between his arm scales. His arm scales do not lie flat against the body, but stick out in closely stacked rows with narrow spaces in between. This white dust that he clears out looks like dead skin tissue.

Hamish, although he is a red space Dragon, is very self-conscious and hygiene-aware. He regrets that he has a body odor. And he goes bathroom in a creek here on Earth, and then washes himself a bit in the water after. And Hamish was miserable that time when his scales were shedding. And he seems to want to groom his scales in private. But I like having Hamish doing his own evening grooming ritual in the bathroom after I'm done. It's nice knowing that a loved one is safe at home, both of us after a long day of chores.

I love this creature more than anyone will ever understand. We chit-chat all day long, mostly about "No, Onions!" (which was the first thing he said to me this morning when I woke up, was "No, Onions!") (he doesn't like the smell), or "Yes-No, get married!" (he doesn't want me to get married or to have a boyfriend). And what do I talk to him about? "Hamish I love you." "You are so welcome here, my Honored." "Hamish I honor your scales!" "Hamish you are so cute, I love you". Or, I just reply with, "No, Onions.". Or tell him, "Yes-No, Hamish!"

I love that Dragon. He has retreated to his favorite spot right on the bathroom rug for tonight. He knows that I am going to settle down and go to bed. He has watched me for more than a year, and he knows my patterns. He will sit slumped on the bathroom rug, where his soft Kissy Feet (I call them that, cause they are cute and soft) can feel the soft rug underneath his feet. Oh how he loves that rug! He will watch me all night. Maybe he sleeps there for a little while. But Hamish will stay there on his bathroom rug, as I sleep in my bed. He will guard me from other alien teams who would otherwise steal my eggs, and from Malik The Black One who would otherwise come to eat my soul and give me nightmares. Hamish The Great. My favorite. My hubby. I love you.

"We are not bored here with you." - Hamish says to me now
"And I love your company too." - me to Hamish
"I will spend time with you here for a long time." - Hamish says
"Yes Hamish, stay with me." - me
"This is my favorite place to be." - Hamish says in English (other is in another European language)
"I, ... honor your scales." - me, I couldn't think of any other way to tell him how much he means to me

Goodnight all.
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Creepy Monster Basement Aaahh!!!!!

October 27 2012 - Last night the aliens took me down to meet them aaahhhh!!! Ok. I was begging to get to meet Hamish and gang. But it sure was creepy! Oh my goodness. If there ever was a creepier place... well, there isn't. For what could be creepier than creepy alien monsters with a vicious sadistic side who love medical torture and scary experiments and have a whole basement filled with medical experiment monsters and genetic freaks and all kinds of dead bodies and organs and bodily fluids and excrement. And to top it off, for some reason, the aliens just have that Satanic Hellish vibe from Hell, to them. Filling your mind with utmost terror from the mere sight!

At least there wasn't smells. Because Hamish said, and he showed me the corners that were clean, that they have washed everything *just for my visit*. Ahh. Ain't that make me feel special. So no smellys this time. They cleaned.

Before the underground basement, the encounter took place in a place higher up and there was more light there. The aliens showed me a vial with live cylindrical purple bacteria. They said it was "pestilence" or "plague" or whatever. They failed to mention that when they gave it to me and I took it in my hand and was going like, "huh? bacteria. how neat" cause when they told me I was like "aahh get this away from me no thanks!" I know that they are doing bacterial studies and Malik has a keen interest on collecting various "pestilences" over there. He has that sparkle in his eye when he shows me his pestilence samples, like a nerd who has a stamp collection and happened to procure some rare specimens from 1950's Africa. Anyhow.

They then showed me these fantastic and most fabulous crystals. They were large and they were crystals not rocks. Crystals that had grown into beautiful patterns. Not like quartz crystal. I've been a crystal collector and never seen ones like these. It must be some alien crystals. They were most definitely metal crystals, not just silicon, oxygen, and stuff. Definitely some iron or other metal in there. The color was a sharp bright golden like iron sulfite crystals but not exactly. Beautiful. They came in bundles and there were several and I was holding them in my hands. They kinda looked like these. Then we went to the basement.

Ok so how to say this. The basement was creepy. My encounter took place at night and I was partly in a sleep state. But this wasn't a dream. This is how the aliens get to you. They are living in a higher dimension. Sometimes you get to stay awake. But sometimes, especially when things are getting uncomfortable, your mind chooses to knock itself out a little and fall asleep for its own good.

But there he was, grand and magnificent Hamish, right in the center of the basement room (where they have cleaned!). I always forget how huge Hamish is. He is really a big monster. Bigger than a horse, bigger than a camel. Hamish is big. And don't imagine him as some type of humanoid man who stands on two legs. Hamish has a body like a camel. He is not a human at all. He is a very peculiar looking alien entity, my Hamish. Big Hamish who looks so scary in life that even though this man is the love of my life and my precious beloved Ham-mish and Haa-misss, the scariness of him is immense and floods my senses and it is like one of those Hitchcock movies where a lady is in such terror that she can't even scream. Can you imagine utter terror and nightmare?

It's not what he looks like. Well, that too. But there's something exceedingly hellish about their presence and aura that soaks into you and your body feels it along its nerves and the brain responds to the atmosphere and triggers: horror! Utter and complete horror! It's something about their aura that puts the human brain into intense fear. (Ok, now Hamish is here and I'm feeling his feelings and he doesn't like that I've responded this way. He doesn't want to hurt me, my big big very big Lobster Dragon.)

"Hamish, I will honor your scales." - I say to my Ham-mish, trying to soothe his worries a little bit

But anyway. What did the aliens do for this day's show and tell? Well guys, you know when you invite some guests over to your house, and you've even scoured the corners of the basement for their visit, and gotten rid of all the smells, you tend to take out some coffee and coffee cakes, or maybe some liquor, depending on what your guests in particular find appealing and entertaining. You want to make them feel at home, and welcome. The Draconians? They pull up a vat of latrine. LATRINE!!! Ha ha ha! Good God my aliens in the creepy basement!!!

Why? Because they wanted to show me. Why? Because they've gotten to see my latrine. So they thought it would be fair. They thought it would be a nice gesture, to return the favor. I suppose I *could* describe what it was like. Which is fine cause it wasn't like from humans so it actually wasn't gross. It was greyish in color and somehow clean and not nasty I'd say. It didn't have a smell to it for some reason. (Maybe they cleaned it too?) Anyhow I will spare you of the details. Read my book where all will be revealed. And described.

Then Hamish shows me to a trapdoor in the basement. Down there below is an alien being looking up at me. It has big black eyes and is blinking and looks like a little mouse with big black eyes. Just the most precious little thing. Poor thing locked up there in the trapdoor of the basement.

But then things got a little creepy. Somehow I felt that that big humongous red Camel Monster was going to eat me. It was coming after me and also the overall creepiness and utter horror of these alien beings had become too much for me.

"Yes..." - Hamish shows up and he shows me a mental image of cake
"No, cakes, here." - Hamish says
I am in the process of proof-reading through this page and fixing some typos and things, and I just read the part where I had said that "usually, people offer coffee and coffee cakes when someone is visiting". Hamish, obviously listening in, now says that no, they don't offer cakes there. Oh I could just squeeze my Hamish monster!
/end of Addendum

I tried to hide in the other side of the nextdoor room. That is when my mind had to add dream elements to make it ok. So suddenly I thought that I had my best friend from my childhood there and about four or so other young women my age and we were all trying to hide in a bed (that wasn't there, and these ladies weren't there) and we were holding hands because that monster was going to come in any moment now and eat us up. I was at the end of the bed and thought that I would be eaten first.

I kept looking toward the door sometimes and the monster wasn't coming in. So that was good. But there wasn't any door between our two rooms. So it was creepy.

While the aliens were messin with me the Arcturians stepped in and took me out of there and surrounded me with light and built a barrier that the monsters couldn't cross. Arcturians are Angels and I have one protecting me.

So that's about it. It was terrifying. An encounter with these guys in the basement, when you're really there, floods your brain with maddening terror and hellish horror. It is scary. I wish it could have been a cuddly fun moment between me and my Ham-mish Dragon Turtle, you know the one with Kissy Duck Feet, who likes to stomp and wipe his feet real fast on my bathroom rug when he gets excited? And then he likes to scrape his turtleshell hump back on the shower door handle sharp edge?

The man that I love? Who comes to nibble on my arm when I think about being with men? And who pulls me straight up, or puts me on all fours in bed, and makes me just giggle and giggle like a little girl who is playing with a puppy? Or how adorable he is when he opens his mouth at me? His beloved grunt purrs and coffee brewer sounds that he makes? Or his many many "Yes-No". "No, Onions!" "Yes-No crabcakes". "Yes-No". "There is a fire in that pumpkin! I wanted to say that". Ham-mish. Haa-miss. My Haa-missh. Oh he sure was creepy in real life, who am I kidding.

But he had tried to make it nice! He had had the place cleaned in every corner *just for my visit*! And he even showed me some latrine, for goodness sakes! (What the fuck Hamish?) Oh I'm sure he meant it to be a nice visit. Because I had been begging him to lemme visit you Hamish in the basement!!! And a visit I got. And we sure visited. Oh Haaaamissssshhhhhh........ aaaahhhhh....... what am I going to do with you? But still want to cuddle your Kissy Duck Feets. Keep begging you to lift me up! And nibble on my arm! And cuddle me Hamish cuddle me (and he never cuddles me)! I love you Hamish! And I want to visit you in the basement! Why were you so scary looking? And why did I get the idea that you were going to eat me? Did you have thoughts cross your mind of eating me? But Hamish, I am your friend! It's me!

And let me remind you, this type of scariness is of the sort where you can't even scream. It is total and complete agony and terror that puts your mind into something the kin of madness. But he sure was bigger than I ever realize, Hamish is. He's a big boy. My big Lobster Dragon Duck Kissy Feet Turtle. I sure was scared. But at least it didn't smell there.