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July 16 2017 - July 31 2017

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Hamish rescues me

July 31 2017-August 01 2017, 1:15 AM - I was whining to Patton and the guys that I need to meet them in real life to know if they are real. I was saying to them "Help me!". Then Hamish came hurrying along to me, he said something about "langoustines" being here, Hamish then said something such as "Help me Yes-No anymore!" and then he thought about reaching his head to my hands and biting into my hands which is his way of grabbing my hands to get my attention because Hamish does not use his hands. Isn't he sweet? He is looking after me. He then said Yes-No about me taking coconuts cause I sometimes drink a coconut water and he said that they were his coconuts and he thought about a beach, and that I think is because he might think that crabs on the beaches need to eat those coconuts but sometimes I can not be exactly sure of what dragon thinks. But he is here for me, and I am here for him.

My boys. The military doctor, Joshua Bryant, and old General "Gunman" Patton.
And Aliens and Hamish of course.

July 31 2017, 10:21 PM - I had a dream last night where I was in a forest and then I was in a UFO where about five white aliens who were "giraffes" with a giraffe snout and body but not so yellow and not with four tall legs and then I was in a large room like a room for meetings for a large number of people or for a graduation speech and there was a military officer in his officer's uniform there of a green or dark color which I now know means either Army or Air Force. All day now I've been telling myself not to post this on the website because dreams are irrelevant, but what gets to me is that the aliens I encountered were supposedly giraffes so there could have been some real encounters with aliens and military there.

The Reticulans have told me numerous times by now that they tell the hybrid kids that I am a giraffe so that they won't be afraid of me when they approach me. It has mostly to do with me being so much larger than these little ones so my legs are long because I am a giraffe. They also talk about humans being elephants. They show movies to the hybrids depicting elephants and giraffes. The aliens I saw looked like Reticulans who I would be trying in my mind to see as giraffes, so something halfway between both. I must also say the five or so of them were all clustered really close to my head, I was laying on a table in that room. They were really close with their eyes looking at me almost to the point of their eyes on my skin, but not that bad. These guys were really staring. I hope it was an alien abduction memory, I want to start having those.

This morning was wonderful. I woke up having just a human life since I had forgotten all about Hamish, but then Hamish made himself known and I was so happy to see him because it was like having Christmas all over again! He really makes my life wonderful, he is like the sweetest pet one could ever have and he is my best friend at the same time, also he is an alien so that never ceases to be amazing. I love this guy. He was mentioning (now he does a palate click cause I'm about to write Toast) Toast and ("My Buttercups" he says now) other food words of his, so much that I told Lasarus that they should probably feed him that he sounds hungry.

I spent most of the day trying to remote view the Army Fort that I still do believe to be Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. My target is now to find the military doctor who talked to me from that Fort. I have written down many more pages of remote viewing of him. It is clear that he did not start out as military, rather in his younger days he was heavily into sports and an athlete in the 1970's. He did canoe, triathlon, archery with a longbow, running, all sorts. But he had a shoulder injury with the canoe and had to change career track. Somewhere along his life he became a military doctor. He has said he was a field officer, and, talking with the reader of my website who knows a lot about the military cause he was in the Army himself, field officer means that the guy is either Major, Liutenant Colonel, or Colonel rank. And since I keep seeing the man in a dark brown jacket with his military uniform, he has to be Marines because Army and Air Force have dark blue or dark green jackets I'm not sure what color those are.

He mentions or thinks many times about what a shame that he cannot get his first star, which is why the reader says that he must be a Colonel one rank below one star General because a Major or Liutenant Colonel would not focus so many steps ahead in their dreams of promotion.

When I was remote viewing staring at his brown jacket uniform trying to read his name from the uniform, I found what I first thought was a quarter coin loose in his left side pocket. I figured it is not enough change to buy something from a vending machine so it would have to be a lucky coin, but then I saw him take the coin out of his pocket and put it down on his desk and he was reading the text around near the border of it so it was not a coin. I told the Army guy reader about it and he said this is called a "challenge coin", it is a very special award given in the military for an outstanding accomplishment, those are rare. I knew nothing about the challenge coin tradition so finding one speaks for my remote viewing being good. I am actually proud of myself (that sounds like something Hamish would say).

I see tons of different medical conditions that he treats on the military recruits. Sprained ankles, vomiting, ringworm, all kinds, but he also acts as a psychiatrist of sorts because he is the one who does talk to them about the problems they may be experiencing with the training. He is the one who stamps their papers to give them a dismissal from the Fort for medical reasons, some recruits want to have that and others don't but he has to.

The doctor told me that he was only talking with me because he knows Joshua Bryant. Remember that I was trying to contact Josh telepathically when instead I ran into the military doctor. He says that he and Josh were in the battle field together, so that could mean Iraq because the only but significant war that I know Josh was in was Iraq. The doctor also said that he (doctor) is working with the Department Of Defense so things are getting a bit creepy.

Both the doctor and General Patton know that I have seen a green tank outside on the Fort and that I have used this to try to find out which Fort this is. The reader of the website located a green tank outside on Fort Leonard Wood, not far from where the building is that I remote viewed:
Green Tank outside at Fort Leonard Wood, and if you go up and to the right you soon find the site that I remote viewed with the canteen "American Eatery". These stories belong to the page Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri?

General Patton told me, and this will also be found in the remote viewing page which will be posted later as a PDF dated July 31 2017, that his hobbies are sailing (at least used to be), Texas Hold 'Em Poker, eating different kinds of expensive big steaks which is like a dining experience in itself (the steak on his plate that I saw in his thoughts was huge, like four normal sized steaks), also billiards. He told me he was never into gambling and women, so I told him I was also never into gambling and women.

The best thing in The Orion Project so far
Finding a remote viewed Army Fort?
And encounter with Thuban (and Hamish)
And Army Fort psychiatrist speaks again

July 30-31 2017, 1:51 AM - A few days ago I attempted to contact the newest inclusion to our team of military and men in black surveillance guys, Officer Agent Josh Bryant, and the guys instead put me in touch telepathically with a military psychiatrist who said he was at an Army Fort. I recorded the following conversations and remote viewing of the Fort and continued to write down notes after that. I did return to remote view the Fort a few more times, not all of those notes have been posted yet. I then spent hours and days on investigating to find out whether the Army Fort I had seen was a real place in the United States. This rather long and messy page is my favorite page on the website and I hope that you will enjoy this fascinating case as well as I think I solved the case and found the military Fort in real life!

Find it here: Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri?

If the Fort that I saw with remote viewing was in fact a real Fort and if it was Fort Leonard Wood, then could it mean that a military psychiatrist who is associated with that Fort really had a telepathic conversation with me as was documented in the audio and written files? Now that would be much more exciting to me than the alien UFOs and alien beings I have encountered and that were real.

Another report: I am seeing a mental image of Hamish he is standing with his back against vertical water tanks in a storage room that has those tanks with beings inside them. Next to Hamish is what looks to be a beautiful white Thuban, it had the boomerang shaped praying mantis arms, it looked at me with its two black button eyes, and this encounter connecting our minds me and the Thuban was one of the most beautiful alien encounters of my life. I thanked Hamish for having shown me this being. It really was a beautiful alien encounter. Hamish was of course acting rude to the Thuban calling it a "steaks" and the Thuban said that Hamish is trying to "get on its nerves". I told Hamish that the creature is our friend and that we have to be friendly to it, but that just made Hamish turn a darker red and arch up and puff up his back hump instead. I love my aliens.

2:24 AM. The Army Fort psychiatrist started to talk to me again. I should have written down our conversations but let me try to remember it best I can. He asked me if I was mentally ill or how he said it, I said I was once when my life was ruined but that I am ok now, I told him I then had depression and was self destructive and what else I had but it is good now. He told me that if I ever need psychiatric help then he is the one I will talk to, then he said that the things that I go through - and he thought of the aliens pushing a tubing down my nostril - that it was traumatic.

This all started the day before I tried to contact Josh Bryant. I had said I think to Patton it was that if he does not let me find him and meet him in real life then I would have to check myself in to a psychiatric hospital because they are not real and so forth. Obviously I am not going to talk to a psychiatrist about my experiences of aliens, UFOs and military because the psychiatrist has not seen the UFOs and other physical evidence so they would tell me it isn't real and that can really fuck someone's head up if you tell them that what is real isn't real, so why would I do that to myself. Besides I do not need a psychiatrist I am only doing what I call "adding some extra spice" to my pleading to Patton to let me see him, trying to blackmail him this way and to win sympathy. I know that but they didn't. And so now I have got my very own military psychiatrist. Oh and one of the first things the psychiatrist told me when he came to talk to me this time was that I am not one of his patients but that I can always talk to him. The psychiatrist seems strict about the fact that it is him I need to talk to if I need a psychiatrist about the alien experiences, and that I am not to go to see psychiatry out there in everyday life.

I don't know how well a military psychiatrist who treats recruits is able to understand a woman whose problems would relate to alien abductions, but I must say he is a really nice psychiatrist because he is really calm and friendly and he is good at listening.

I am not just at Fort Bragg, Ma'am. - psychiatrist
You can't be! I've spent hours investigating to find out what Fort you are at! You are at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. - me
Patton doesn't want me to say that to you. - psychiatrist smiles at me
To say what? Where are you located? I even found a photograph of exactly or almost what I saw there where you're at in remote viewing. And I know you are at one of the basic training Army Forts. - me
Yes, I am that... - psychiatrist
That is where we talk to the recruits, who are feeling bad, and feeling dumb... - psychiatrist
We don't lock any of them up. They are told to go home, if they are feeling bad. If they cannot take the pressure! Unlike you, who gets brought up in here! You are different, you see. You are, a pretty good Crystal, Ma'am. And that is why those alien bugs are hunting you. And we've gotta put a stop to it, somehow! - psychiatrist
I want to find you in real life. That would be helpful? - me
Do you want to find my Toast and Snacks? - Hamish barging in
Yes Hamish. - me
Tiik! Tiik Tiik! - Hamish happy his eyes glared with the eyelids
No, she does not! - psychiatrist now answers Hamish's question to Hamish
So we are not at Fort Bragg. We are, lying about that fact. And I think you know that, because of the tank. - psychiatrist
Am I really hearing you right now? How do I know you are real? That's the problem, you see. I am fine with the aliens doing their thing - me interrupted from more
Are you? - psychiatrist he thinks of aliens doing fecal sample retrieval
Yes. I am fine with my aliens. The problem I have is, I do not know if you military guys are real or not. I know that the aliens are real, but what about you military people? So that is why I want to meet people like you and Patton in real life. I really have to. - me
Oh, so your problems are not what we thought. We thought you were, suicidal because of the aliens. - psychiatrist
And Patton does not want to let you meet him. - General Patton
I was just saying suicidal because I needed to win some sympathy from Patton so that he would let me meet him. - me
So, we do have some military D.U.M.B.s. - psychiatrist, that means a deep underground military base
I guess you do. What do you have, keep there? - me
We would like to show you one day. If you promise, to keep it to yourself. And not spread it with the rest of the military. We've got to show you the D.U.M.B.s. And to show you, what goes on there. - psychiatrist to me
Alright then. I would love to go. - me, although I am not so sure that I would love to go
And I am not a military psychiatrist. - psychiatrist
What are you then? - me
I am, just a doctor here. And, yes I do work for the military. - psychiatrist
So you're a doctor of medicine? - me, but all psychiatrist are doctors of medicine, psychiatry is a specialization of medicine
Are you at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri? Are you there? - me

Oh well that was that.

I used to be one of the best. And now I am just watching other guys get really good! And, sometimes that really gets to me! - psychiatrist thinking to himself, about him checking young men's ankles if the foot bends normally, the recruit had the shoes on the doctor was bending the foot

I used to do archery and I was really good at it. - psychiatrist
Are you a really brave Gal? - psychiatrist
Yes. I am brave. - me
Then you gotta come and see them. - psychiatrist
You mean my Hamish? I love Hamish. I would love to see my Hamish. - me
Yes, they tell me you are calling for them. And we can't have that here at the Fort. - psychiatrist
He refers to when I say Tok Tok to Hamish to call for him. I have done that today too.
These things can get real messy, really quickly. - psychiatrist
What does? - me
The blood, and the bullets. - psychiatrist
As long as Hamish is safe, then everything is perfect. And my Thuban whale, the white one. - me, I do not expect the doctor to know what a Thuban whale is, that is my name for the species
They wanna take a tubing down your nose. And, I've gotta watch that, and I have to authorize that. - psychiatrist
Well. If I get to stay awake and remember it, then I am happy to oblige. And also I want to meet you there too. Why is everyone scared of me? They are my friends, and you are also. - me, he smiles at him being my friend

I am here to authorize this! - psychiatrist uncomfortably
We are not just here at Fort Bragg. - General Patton
Patton, I think you were at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Because I've seen it in photos. - me

We have the golden rule, here. - psychiatrist
And what is it? - me
And that is, do not take a big and close look at your breasts. - psychiatrist
If you are going to meet with me when I am abducted by aliens then please be sure to wake me up and no Rohypnol please. Let me meet everyone, and Hamish too. - me
Hamish is that one, yeah, the one that says no sugar. - psychiatrist thinks to himself
I am proud of Hamish. He is a langoustine. - me to psychiatrist, but I say this because I know Hamish is listening
Yeah. He is the one who says Yes-No sugar. - psychiatrist smiles, so he knows Hamish
She knows about the tank outside. - General Patton thinking not saying, about the green tank outside at the Fort
We have wanted no trouble with our Buttercups. - a white alien says to me
There will be no trouble with Buttercups. - me, and Hamish lifts up a flat duck foot so that he is showing the underside of his foot but the heel is still against the floor

I forgot to say that the aliens showed me a mental image of Olav's penis today. And I told them I was not interested.

Quality time watching video with Hamish
Eustace wants to watch it too

July 30 2017, 5:30 PM - I was watching this video with the many different pictures together with Hamish. I was telling Hamish what all of the pictures were depicting and a little bit about each thing that we saw.

Hamish was calm and he was listening to me calmly and watching the pictures. He was looking out for if he would see some red color of red crabs or similar. He also asked me several times eggs-related questions. When the little owl was in the nest and I told him the owl was in its nest Hamish asked me if it had shedded sheet of scales in its nest, I told him no (which again confirms that Hamish builds nests out of his shedded scales). We got only 8 minutes into the video, then Gillespie asked me firmly to please stop showing Hamish this so I had to stop. At one time Hamish came up real close to me in front of me and over my chest right across, perhaps he was showing his head buttons and back and protecting me from something he had seen in the video. Just some quality time together with my Tortoise. He is a good friend, we can even watch videos together. Two times he was sniffing at the screen trying to pick up a scent and I told him that videos do not have a scent.

I love you turtleback. - me to Hamish
Hello this is Eustace. I wanted to watch the video with you too. - Eustace the "black Reptilian" on my team
Hello Eustace! - me, good god you gotta love a name such as Eustace for a Reptilian, that is just brilliant

Eustace is the one I have called "black Reptilian" all this time, he is the one who wears a tight dark purple uniform and his eyes are all black and not yellow, also he feels like "Orion" instead of like "Alpha Draconis", however he is not one of the "black Alpha Orion lizards", see here Orion species, Eustace is the "black Reptilian".

I will turn on the video again at where Hamish and me left off and let Eustace and Hamish watch it with me. (Well, Hamish's thoughts keep going to eggs, red crabs and his own race, and Eustace will probably just have thoughts about dominating the whole entire universe, but, anyway, it is quality time spent together with Hamish and Eustace, we each live our own lives and we see things differently, but we are all peaceful enough to watch a video together, so it's really wonderful.)

So I am watching the video together with my boys Hamish and Eustace, I am explaining each image like how one would to a child, I tell them what each of the animals or pictures are and what they are doing, I use words that Hamish knows, such as "those are snacks that humans like to eat, there are lemons and oranges grapes and pears, we eat those snacks", and "there is a deer and it is eating grasses", "the sunset over a field" and Hamish thought or said that he would not put his eggs out on that field. Eustace seemed calm and he was listening and watching the images too. Eustace showed me the symbol of the yellow pyramid I told him yes I know it is your symbol and I showed him the mental image of it back to him. I then said:

I like you Eustace. I care about you. I am your friend. I like you. - me to Eustace
You are a dog! - Eustace to me

Reptilians are Reptilians. They are really hard to tame. I spent years on Hamish before he stopped throwing threats and insults and dominance to where now he talks about goldfish and shedded scales and snacks. It takes time, but if I worked on Eustace every day for about five years then I believe that he too would calm down a little bit. I love these creatures. You gotta apply all of a mother's love to them, just not get irritated and adore these species and give them love, love, love, and then you actually see a person they are. It's easy to love them.

Let's look at some more pictures. Landscape on planet Earth. - me
We are the most advanced species! - Eustace

I did expect exactly this type of talk from Eustace. And here it is.

We like to eat your race as snacks. - Hamish to me, either true or just a threat to show dominance
We are not the Turtles. But we are the dominant ones. - Hamish shows his back with hands at the lower end of the back, he says this to me

Ok so Eustace was a bad influence now Hamish is talking about eating my race and talking like that again. No more video boys! Go to your rooms and no dinner! You can come out when you have thought about your behavior! A human living with Reptilians is kind of funny. But having Hamish in my life has been the best years of my life. "My Eggs, I was guarding them. And about them, about the Eggs I was here. Yes-No, see video! YES-NO!", Hamish says, showing his back with hands on the lower end of the back hump. "I love you Tortoise.", me to Hamish. "I love you Eustace! I love you Eustace!", me to Eustace. "Your species are lower, your species are scum.", Eustace, "scum" in my other language. "I wanted to see you fail with your eggs team. I wanted to see them fail, hahhah.", either Eustace or an Orion lizard, then Eustace laughs by raising his lower eyelids up. "Eustace is having fun.", I say.

Would you wear this for us? A chain, a very advanced chain? - Eustace asks me, shows me the image of a silver colored necklace linked chain and at the end is a silver colored flat pyramid with the eye represented there somewhere

Would I wear the pyramid with The Eye around my neck. Well, I don't support their ritual sacrifices and thoughts of supremacy, but I am friends with my alien team who are part of it. I would wear it, because I have got Hamish, Eustace, Thuban lady, Zetas and Alpha Reticulans, Mantids, Yellow Centaurians, these people are in my heart.

A few minutes later I see a Dark Lord looking at me, I ask him if he is friends with Eustace, he says no. I then say that Eustace is my friend and that we like each other and I can feel Eustace almost his blood boiling as if he is about to explode because what I said there was a bit too much and wrong.

Are you friends with Eustace? - me to Dark Lord
No. - Dark Lord
Eustace is my friend. We like each other. - me

I would put an explosives bomb, into your skirt. And see if you like me then. - Eustace says, his lower eyelids then close upward because that means that this lizard is laughing really hard at his own joke here

Reptilians do have a sense of humor and they enjoy good jokes about sadism and then they experience similar to laughing only they do not make a sound or smile with their mouth, you see their lower eyelids raised up halfways across the eyes and if you feel their emotions then you know they are laughing, at their own jokes about sadism.

Alright, you guys leave her alone now. - Gillespie my MIB telling the Reptilians mostly I'm sure to Eustace and the Dark Lord

So, quit trying to find that Fort. - General Patton to me
NO! - me
What are you going to do when you find it? - GP
I just need to know. - me
And, then what? Hm? Then commence into pursue communication with the United States Army? So, don't. And I mean this earnestly. You cannot communicate with them about any of this. So, you hear? - GP
I hear you. But I have to do this. - me
What did the Army Fort do to ya? - GP
There was a psychiatrist who works on the recruits there and he talked to me telepathically. - me
And, so? General Patton doesn't want you to find them. So quit yer yapping about them Forts! So I see you going in there all the time! Looking at those pages, and making all those notes! - GP
PATTON! This is very important to me! I have to find you guys! - me
Quit yer yappin about it. - GP
NO! - me
They were telling her, about putting bombs and explosives into her skirts. - Eustace to General Patton about the Dark Lord
They are just mining. For minerals out here. - GP about the aliens
Hamish is my best friend. So I'm fine with him in my life. - me
Do you know, what the Army would do to ya? Huh? If you pursue, and engage with them in real life about this? They are not gonna hear you out. - GP
I AM NOT GOING TO TELL THE ARMY THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH ALIENS and that one of them talked to me telepathically and that I had remote viewed their Army Fort base! - me
So, what'cyou got, then? What remains left? Why do you do it? - GP
I will FIND that Fort, KNOW that it exists, and KNOW that what I am seeing and hearing and experiencing is REAL and TRUTH. - me
So, know about them then eating us as snacks. Huh? Did you come here to hear about them and their liver? - GP
I KNOW THAT! - me to GP, but the yelling in the telepathic made Hamish hear it so clearly too that, although Hamish remained calm, Hamish repeated it in his thoughts "I know that", hearing me yell it out so loud, I don't want to yell in front of Hamish

General Patton is referring to the many hours I am spending on compiling this page on the Army Fort, where I am trying to find the Fort in real life.

This is Gillespie. Do not talk to them again! - Gillespie, again or anymore, I forgot, about Reptilians
Alright Gillespie! Alright! - me
My Eggs. They have gotten paid. They were paid for our services to them. - Hamish, "my eggs" (NL), he means Gillespie and the other human guys, Hamish sways his back slowly side to side with the last sentence to show kindness, ie. the Reptilians have paid Gillespie's team for my eggs

Eggs. Jeff. Farm animals. Lunches. Snacks. Dragons.

July 28 2017, 2:26 PM - Last night around when I went to bed Hamish was acting unusual. He kept making the beautiful-sounding Tik Tok clicks time and time again. It is a beautiful melodic high pitched series of two clicks each click in Tik Tok is at a different pitch. It is the mating call in Hamish's language, Dragon Turtles say the Tik Tok clicks to each other when they agree to mate. Hamish is of course NOT going to be mating with me, but he says this to have my eggs.

Also, and I blame the remote viewing sessions I have been having with the Army guy who reads my website, I have never seen Hamish so vividly so clearly as I did last night. Also today when a tall dark green Reptilian with an upward pointing top of the head that has one crested on it, he visited, I could see him clearer than I normally see the Reptilians. So I can report better on what Hamish looks like.

There is this amphibian type of look to Hamish, his body has that floppy look like a bag of chewy wet skin with goo on the inside, like you just want to pick up that body and it would be all goo and limp and wet and moist, also a look as if the bag of skin is a bit too large and makes excess folds under the arms for instance, like there is not enough filling, and as if the filling that there is is just goo and nothing hard or dense inside there, like a bag with no bones or strong muscles. Like a big floppy goo frog bag of skin.

Oh and his color! Hamish is a bright, bright bright neon fire engine red, with coloration of bright bright neon orange! His color is incredibly bright and really very pretty. I thought last night when I was looking at him, while he was at it doing his many Tik Tok clicks, that he looks like a Ginger, like a red-headed person. He is like a Ginger frog. And his body is covered in elevated round bumps all over his body! Not just on his arms and back! It is just that the bumps on his back and arms are orange in color, but I never saw before that his entire skin is covered in bumps in other parts of the body they are red in color! He really is beautiful and handsome. It is such a privilege to get to see this creature.

But I do admit, and you all know how much I love him, when I see and feel him that closely, I had this feeling that I don't like him. I had this sense of being dismayed somehow. I struggled to dig deep within to find the love and infatuation that I have for him, but, when you are feeling his actual personality for who he is, there is nothing to love. It is not a warm and fuzzy cozy loving situation. I am just saying that the feelings of love that I've had for him, are not being emanated by him. It comes from me. And so when I am seeing him, and if I am only seeing him and I am so taken in by the impressions of seeing and feeling him that I must forget myself for a while, then the love is not there. The love that there is between us, it comes entirely only from me, the feeling of it at least, as I am sure that Hamish appreciates me, and I am also sure that he has enjoyed time spent with me.

This morning Turtle had brought Jeff to see me in my room in the other dimension. Jeff had been told to have sex with me. Jeff even borrowed our bathroom he asked and I said yes he can of course. I also told Jeff to please take his shoes off because this is Europe this is not America, I told him to leave his shoes over by the front door, I don't know if he did. I got really fussy at Jeff and there was no romance happening, I was being rude to the man, and as far as I know the man never laid his hands on me. Hamish talked to Jeff at one point and Hamish referred to Jeff, saying it to Jeff, of Jeff being his "farm animal". Even Jeff told me that he had been asked to have sex with me.

Hey guys, what happens when you befriend a dragon and then that friendship with your dragon turns a bit complicated, when the dragon brings in people to have sex with you? Ok guys might think that sounds nice but I am saying for a woman whose dragon brings in these random (well not so random) men and, it just gets complicated and weird. Of course I am not going to have sex with these random men. And especially not with Jeff. I told him that I need to see him and talk to him first if anything is to happen. Why can't they just let me and Jeff go out on a date? To get some drinks or a dinner? I assume this was the Tijuana Jeff who buys guns in Tijuana Mexico and who was once armed and in an alien underground base with the dangerous winged White Dragons there, it looked like Tijuana Jeff.

Hamish said that if Jeff has sex with me, or was it if Jeff gets me pregnant, then immediately like right after and before a baby is even born, Hamish would be given a liver snack, a one piece of liver which is a sliver and not a whole liver. Hamish also said that he wants to go to the river to drown what his description meant would be a small white hybrid child, "Yes I said about my Toast." Hamish says now about that at the river meal. Hamish would step with his foot down on the child's back so that it drowns in the shallow water of the river, I read that all from his thoughts.

Hamish is not the mind behind this scheme and food farm. He is just a worker there, who is guarding my eggs and gets paid in meals and snacks. This scheme belongs more to the Zeta Reticulans, even though the Reptilians take leadership and charge, but at the highest this all comes from the main office which is the Dark Lords.

I don't know how I feel about all this. It helps that I cannot remember anything, they are just talking about what is supposedly happening and if I don't see or feel or remember then it is only talk and I am left confused and feeling awkward about it. It also helps that the hybrid children used to rape and molest me so I am actually happy if they are being dragged to the river and drowned and recycled into food and put into good use, because I am sure we can all agree that it isn't all that bad if sexual offenders die, if now someone has to die then why not let it be them? And so, while a lot of this has got empty gaps of me not understanding, the one thing that I do understand and can be happy about, is that at least in this scheme a most wonderful and beautiful bright fire engine red and orange bumpy dragon is being fed, so that is the bottom line that provides me with some relief and comfort. Hamish comes first, and I will deal with the rest of it later.

Oh yes a tall dark green Reptilian with a pointy raised head with one crested visited today, he was listening to my newly posted YouTube video called "Army Fort". This dragon was very rude, when I greeted him with something nice that I said, his response was to yell at me something that went like this: "You can go and suck a dick!". I told him that sometimes I do, but I understood that he meant it as an insult. He was very rude and my many compliments about his looks and his race and I even lowered my upper eyelids to a Draconian smile for him it was not working, he was angry, furious, he hated me. I even told him that I love his race. I called him dragon, lizard, serpent. I told him that I have seen that he has a crested, and that it was beautiful. He did calm down a little and become a little bit nicer after some time of compliments and kindness from me, but this was one seriously angry and evil beast to try to tame.

I told him about Hamish and told him that Hamish has the back hump and the crown of head buttons and that Hamish is the old Draconian race and that my eggs are with Hamish. I wanted the Reptile to take a look at Hamish so that they would not fight over my eggs and so that Hamish would be safe. I told Hamish to show the Reptile, who was in our home (our = Hamish and me our home), to show him his back hump, and Hamish did. I wasn't sure if the Reptile would be satisfied with Hamish being the old Draconian race if that was going to ensure that he was calm and respectful toward Hamish, but it did work so I was relieved. The Reptile told me about having seen Hamish's head buttons not that he called them that. And as I went to get some "Lunches and Snacks" as I told Hamish (to the grocery store), I heard Hamish saying "Tiik, Tiik Tiik!" from my apartment and the visiting Reptilian told me about Hamish's Tiik calls, that it means that Hamish is calling for me to come back to him. I thought Tiik, Tiik Tiik! means to guard the area and to announce his presence and territory to other Reptilians, but according to this Reptile it means that Hamish is calling me to go to him. Actually Tok Tok Tok means come to me, so who knows. At least I got back from the grocery store and everything seems calm and normal here.

The visiting Reptilian also said that Hamish "has the right smell", it implied that each Reptilian has a slightly unique smell and that Hamish's is a good smell which must refer to the whole of Hamish being a cherished subspecies of Reptilians. Also on two occasions when I was saying nice things to the Reptilian he said "Hynch" or was it "Hinch" to me, I think it was "Hynch", which is the same language that Thubans use and Thuban Lady always says that to show contempt and telling me I am acting disgusting, so the meaning must be the same here. It is a rude word.

Cat abductions
And Hamish sofa and Hamish likes me

July 26 2017, 4:12 PM - I came across this video. It just looks like an alien abduction for the cat.

Hamish was asking me for permission if he could sit on the sofa. First he told me that he was Hamish. I told Hamish that he is welcome here and that he does not need to ask for permission before he sits, I told him (now he does a palate click!) "Ahh yes, my sofa. My fingers, Buttercups!", he says now, fingers refers to my typing moving fast fingers which always triggers in him the instinct to attack my hands. I told him that he is a welcomed guest and that he can make himself at home and make himself comfortable, that that is what we say to guests. I also told him that this is my home and I am giving my home to share with him also. Hamish but also other Reptilians tend to ask for permission before they sit down on a sofa. Meanwhile they are willing to take eggs from people without asking.

I asked Hamish if he likes me. His response was to show me a mental image of his face and his upper eyelids were pulled far down diagonally over the eyes in a warm smile. He likes me. My Turtle likes me. "My Buttercup." he says no. "And, Yes-No moving fingers! I cannot handle seeing that for a long time.", Hamish says about my typing fingers, now he does a growl type of sound.

Letter from reader: Solipsi Rai and Felix the Cat
Hamish prefers to watch Felix the Cat cartoon rather than Solipsi Rai alien pictures

July 26 2017, 1:48 PM - Another reader of the website wrote to me that the "green Reticulan" I had met is of a species called "Solipsi Rai". Here is my "green Reticulan". And then you can please do an internet search on "Solipsi Rai" to see what pages and pictures show up. The reader wrote:

Regarding (...) the illustration of the friendly grey with the prominent eyelids, that you sense is not a Reticulan grey, I strongly believe to be a Solipsi Rai. They have a reputation for being peaceful and benevolent toward humans.

And the cat pic you drew, haha, I immediately recognized that as Felix the Cat, an early/mid-20th-century American cartoon character! You nailed his appearance dead on, right up to the pointy ears. Yeah, it is creepy how they use really old Earth toys like those 70s toys they give the hybrid children, that you described.

On a first glance, yes my "green Reticulan" does seem to be the Solipsi Rai species that others have encountered! How very exciting that is! As for the cat that my "green Reticulan" shows me, it is not the same as the Felix the cat cartoon character. The cat that the alien shows me looks like on my drawing, with long arms and legs, a pink mouth. Felix the cat is more chubby and different.

We also have a Hamish story:
I had watched a Felix the cat cartoon to see if this cartoon cat was the one shown to me by the "green Reticulan". I was watching this cartoon titled Felix the Cat: The Gold Fruit Tree and watched maybe for 2-3 minutes and then went on to do other things. Later Hamish said to me: "I did not want to see it.", he showed me a mental image of the internet search page that had the images for "Solipsi Rai". He then said: "I wanted to see it." and he showed me a mental image from the Felix the cat cartoon and he was remembering being close to my computer screen having been watching the cartoon. So. Let it be known. Hamish does not want to look at pictures of Solipsi Rai aliens. Hamish wants to watch a Felix the cat cartoon. I will of course be friendly to my dragon and turn on the cartoon again and let him watch the whole thing. (What Hamish said is translated from my other language.)

My "green Reticulan" connected to me briefly and I said nice things to it and it told me that it would not have given me medication if it had known that I liked him. I told him that I feel that he is friendly, calm, and sleepy.

I watched the cartoon with Hamish. Hamish was wanting to see it to see if there would be anything "red" in the cartoon, he was watching for his own color in it, and then he asked me if there were any of his race in the cartoon I said there are not. He saw the big red fruits in the cartoon and asked me if they were his race, I said no they are tomatoes.

I saw through Hamish's eyes the other day. His color vision is spectacular, he sees the world vibrant in colors, red, orange and yellow really glow incredibly bright to him! Blue and purple are not as clear in his vision. If there is a red object and a purple object which a human would say are equally bright in color, then Hamish would see the red one clearly and the purple one I am not even sure if he will see the purple as the color that we see. He notices red colors very clearly and they also capture his interest. Through his eyes, the world is red, orange and yellow in wonderfully vibrant dancing colors, colors that look like what he looks like to my eyes, red, orange and yellow.

Patton's worried

July 25 2017, 11:41 PM - I finished writing the page about General Patton and as soon as I posted it on the updates page:

Damn those Mexicans! And now I've got to worry about you... - General Patton

Catching up with notes

July 25 2017, 4:11 PM - There was a huge amount of new material in the past few days. Here are from handwritten notes:

From July 22 2017 evening:
So you know about Chief Hugh Daniels? - ?
Oh yes, I know Chief Hugh Daniels! - me
Chief Hugh Daniels was here! - ?

Sunday morning July 23 2017:
I would tell you why Derek got really sick. - ?
What sickness did he get? - me
I wasn't happy to tell you this. - ?
I would have paid any kind of amount of money to have him back. Yeah, Derek got really sick. - ?
And it wasn't because of Japan! - Hamish

Derek wasn't always a really great guy, but he was one of the best. - ?

I am with the Alpha team. Here to check you out. - the African American female officer who seemed to be from Wright-Patterson base

Here next the Reptilian from the underground Reptilian base which we encounter in the audio where I remote viewed for information on General Patton. This is the base that had a large explosives storage and water dripping through the walls. This dark green Reptilian spoke to me hence again on the 23rd, and here are some notes from that:

What is your name? - me
I am the Governor. And we are building our next new great big city. - "Governor" the Reptilian from Eye Of Horus base
We are not our own leaders anymore, and that hurts us! And that hurts our name! - Governor the Reptilian

I spoke with the Reptilian. Since they had carved out a huge room inside the rock under ground using explosives, I asked him where did they take all of that rock that was chipped off, expecting the answer to be that they would have hidden it somewhere in a forest or in nature. He tells me that the rock was dropped into the ocean. He also spoke to me more about the problem with water seeping through the rock walls into the room, I said I would have to ask an engineer and that I would think about a solution to solve the problem.

Later: I did a remote viewing session to learn more about Major Cunningham and there will be an audio on that. At the very end of that session, I thought about remote viewing the medical laboratory again, which we encountered in the General Patton remote viewing, I wanted to get a name of the address of the laboratories or the name of the labs, I got the word "Price".

We are now at Sunday evening on the 23rd:
So, you've got a General, an old gunner. - General Patton
An old gunner Patton. - GP
How old are you? - me
Old gunner. - me
Yep! With a handgun. - GP
Old gunner Patton! Would that be... Gunman Patton? - me
Are you, Gunman Richards? - me

General Patton described to me in his mental image that when he was a young soldier in the military, he was stationed at a thing that has a U-shaped screen and there is a rifle attached at the middle and the rifle can be moved sideways. He was shooting at targets that were further ahead from him. I told the reader of the website about this image and he told me that what I was describing is called a "turret". General Patton did really well, he got every target, and that is where his nickname "Gunman" comes from, he is also called "gunner" for that same reason.

Patton also told me after he showed me the turret, that he has a "Blue Star", which is a military award. I asked the reader who is a former U.S. Army recruit and he confirmed that there are Blue Star military awards.

Also on Sunday the 23rd, Hamish was showing me mental "video" image of him standing outdoors at the coastal harbor where there were many of those large metal cargo containers stacked on top of each other and in rows next to each other. Most of those containers are a bright orange color, but they come in other colors as well I think also a "jeans blue" kind of color. Hamish was telling me that he had his food there in those containers, and he was sending me an unusually long image of himself standing there, so it seems that he was wanting to share this moment in his life with me. I have seen this same place many times before from Hamish. This site would be in Japan. These containers are hoisted up onto big cargo ships with a massive crane and taken out to sea on ships. Inside some of those containers, is one in each adult-sized white hybrid. Remember the "purple clad incident" as I came to call it, in which I described how Hamish attacked such a hybrid who was wearing blue who was in one of those containers.

That is the end of Sunday notes.

Monday July 24. One of the most adorable moments from Hamish's life. Hamish sends me a mental image where he is somewhere else not in my room. There is a black and white soccer ball on the floor, and Hamish is holding one flat red duck foot down on that ball. The ball looked unusually small, and if it were a standard soccer ball then that would suggest the huge size that Hamish is, unless it was a smaller size, perhaps softer, version of a soccer ball. Hamish told me that he was playing football, he told me that he knew that he had to take the ball, and that then he had to bring the ball to the goal. There was a small sized soccer goal in the room against a wall. Hamish did not seem to be playing with anyone else, just alone.

Hamish did not play the game hectically, like one would. Instead, he was very calm, and very much in the moment, and he took his time being aware of the fact that he had taken the ball and that the ball remained still underneath his duck foot. He was behaving about the ball exactly like I have seen him behave once he captures a living prey. He will have his foot down on the prey and he wants to take it in with his senses and he is very calm and he thinks, and thinks and thinks about how his prey is there under his foot, he really takes his time and becomes very calm and very much in the moment. He also thought about how he would have to take the ball to the goal, but he was in no hurry to start on that next stage of the game. (Reptilians love to savour the moment of having captured a prey.) Hamish was even doing palate clicks about the game as he was explaining the game to me! He was really enjoying the game he was doing palate clicks as he talked! It was one of the most adorable moments that Hamish has shared to me from his life.

I have seen him with different types of balls before, usually he steals those from hybrid children especially that one ball that is red because red is his color. This is also not the first time that the aliens have encouraged him to play soccer ball. Hamish does take an interest in the game, although, keep in mind how Hamish plays the game, in his way. But it is the most adorable thing I will ever see.

While Hamish was still in his game, Reticulans told me that there was something that Hamish had wanted to tell me, but which he had not told me, perhaps the Reticulans had told him not to tell me. And so I asked, what did Hamish want to tell me? And so Hamish told me what it was, namely he had wanted to talk to me about his shedded scales, and now he was telling me. Of course Hamish is allowed to talk to me, about anything, at any time.

From July 24, 9:50 PM:
Hello this is General Patton. And we are getting ready to meet with you, Miss. This is General Patton and his team here. - GP
I wrote: "This evening Patton is talking about me coming to Syracuse to meet him! I would have tears running down my face."
I wrote: "Gunman Patton telling me he would like to see me in Syracuse, is far from me actually buying a plane ticket to go and see him in real live person. I wanna meet Cunningham there too. I love these guys."
I met her in Szechuan. So you and me will not be getting intimate. - GP about his wife I presume
Hey! This is going to be really private! - GP
Yeah, I was always really into Asian chicks... - GP thinks
What do you like about Asian women? - me
Nothing! It's not like they have really got the curves! Not like you, my Honey, Dearie. Dear old General Patton might see that. - GP
Is Dear General Patton flirting with me? - me (or am I only reading his private thoughts)
Yeah, you [---] women are not like whores. *chuckle* *laugh* - GP, the brackets refers to the group of three countries I am from
And then something about "Commander Wilkes" being there.
I wrote: "Ok I gotta go now for a while, I will be back here later after 1-2 hours. But this is good, Patton showing interest in letting me see him."
I wrote: "Well. I feel happy once I get there. So far this is only talk from Patton."

After that, on July 24-25, there was a long conversation with Patton where he confided in me more information than he ever has before. After that I had the experience as if Patton remotely raped me, you can actually see his talk here leading to that. Find those notes on telepathy.html, titled "General Patton's Interests, reveals he has leukemia, dated July 25 2017.

Seeking out information
Carlisle in Orange County, California
General Patton might be Marine, he might be General Harris "Gunman" Richards
Remote viewing highly interesting key sites incluging high security medical laboratory, General Patton's two homes, Reptilian underground base, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
The black female officer who seems to come from Wright-Patterson Base

July 22 2017, 1:53 PM - I've got a lot of work to do to write and prepare videos. There is a reader of the website who was himself in the U.S. Army and he reads my website thoroughly and we were talking again yesterday and he guided me to do remote viewing and to talk telepathically to my military guys. We were doing that for hours yesterday. First I was writing down the conversations, but then I decided it will be easier for both me and for you who are reading it if I just record it as an audio file instead, because it was hours and hours of telepathy and remote viewing.

We made a lot of progress. I was spying on General Patton and found out that he was probably a Marines, because he said recently that he was Marines but most importantly all those times I've seen him remembering himself in a military uniform and when I did an internet search on U.S. Marines uniform it was almost a perfect match, except that the pants were maybe black not blue and that would make him a Navy medic corps, but anyway we are closing in. I was remote viewing Patton's blue military ring and it brought me to his past in the 60's when he was on a big gray Navy ship. And get this. I talked telepathically to the young General Patton on that Navy ship. He was reading a comic book in his bedroom on the ship. I also connected to the 1970's General Patton who was the "fly guy" he once told me he was back then, he had sideburns and red suede pants, yes!

Carlisle told me he is in Orange County, which means Orange County in California. I remote viewed Carlisle's house and describe his house and lawn and car and the orange roof tiles I described turns out were a perfect match if you just do an internet search on "Orange County California roof tiles" you see exactly those ceramic upside down u-shaped tiles only his are bright orange and not red in color.

The reader then guided me to remote view General Patton's house, to look for uniforms and military items in his home. That brought me to a modern apartment which turns out was a part of a large medical laboratories building that was high security, where I found a laboratory room that had Rohypnol which an internet search reveals is an anesthetic and a date rape drug. I found from that room a man who had said that he was flying a military fighter plane when he was chased by the enemy behind him and then he was free falling without a parachute down toward the ground and a white light object that had been above his plane took him in. He was being interrogated in that military base where General Patton has an apartment. I then found an adjacent room that was a medical examination room where a woman was in a hospital gown that is open at the back and she lied down on the examination table and gave birth to an alien baby.

I went back to spy on General Patton's house, which was not this apartment. There I found a military uniform up on the attic and read the name "Harris Richards". Also earlier when I had been talking to Patton before the remote viewing started, I had asked him for his name and heard "Harris" then too. Next I asked Cunningham if he knows a Richards, and Cunningham said something like "Hell yeah I know General Richards! Me and Gunman Richards go way back!" And Patton seems to have confirmed many times after that that he, General Patton, is in fact General Harris "Gunman" Richards! I also found a postcard in General Patton's house that had the lastname Richards on it! I also snooped on General Patton's old photo albums and an old year school book where he was like 16 and had a thin moustache on the black and white picture and I was reading him from his childhood when he was a loner and very attached to his mother and used to go down to the town to get a soda from a soda shop because soda had to be poured by a guy like when you go and get a draft beer these days and that was General Patton in the 1950's.

Remote viewing Patton, I found a scene where he was in a meeting room and he was yelling out some information that was scary for me. I then deciphered what General Patton was actually saying, and it was something about underground bunkers and basements, you can get the exact quotes on the audio later on. I then remote viewed into that said basement, and went through a long tunnel under ground which took me to a big room carved into the rock under ground. That room

... Just by thinking about writing about that room that was inside of the under ground base at the end of the long tunnel, connected me again to the dark green Reptilian who lives there, and he and I just now had a long conversation, where he asked me if I was a bunny that had ran into there and gotten lost and he thought of a white bunny rabbit running into there. I said no that I am a friend of Reptilians and that Hamish is guarding my eggs. Me and the Reptilian talked, he started out hostile and very scary but I threw niceness after niceness and at the end he said that I was not a bunny after all, that I was a friend, and I said yes. He then asked me if I could help them with the fact that water is seeping in and dripping down across the walls of the room there. I said I was going to think about the problem and see if I can think of a solution. I asked him is there a risk of drowning or flooding, he said no. I asked him how do they get the water out. He snapped fussy as he answered "pipes". I said that was a good idea. I said a lot of nice things and we reached a sort of friendship, but this was one scary, hostile and intimidating Reptilian before my kindness may have formed for us a friendship. Then Hamish said "Yes-No" about "that man" meaning this Reptilian, so I repeated to Hamish the sentence with Yes-No and "that man" so that Hamish knows that I acknowledged his warning. [Added same day: Acknowledged his warning or restated my loyalty to Hamish.]

That room under ground, well first when I got in there I remote viewed that a military man got his ... brains... blown out, how else is one to say that what happened? He was killed and I saw and felt it. The room was completely pitch black. Then I saw a huge amount of explosives in that room. And then the Reptilian talked to me yesterday from inside that room in the base. The Reptilian said yesterday that the military come there and fight them because the Reptilians are taking human women.

After that I remote viewed into the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. I think the reader wanted me to do that, yes he told me to go to "bunker 18" or how it was. First I was seeing an Air Force officer at that base from decades ago and I saw him writing a document on an old typewriter and then I was reading his thoughts about what could be the retrieval of a UFO wreckage "that did not have monkeys in it" because he said sometimes they put monkeys into the experimental craft that they think won't malfunction. The reader told me to try to go to the Wright-Patterson base of today, so I tried to, and that connected a military officer telepathically to me, she was an African American woman and she was "on my case" so to speak and when I later woke up after a night's sleep, she was right here talking to me telepathically in the morning and has been here with me for many hours. I have written down conversations with her, she is quite the lady, I keep describing her as "badass", but she and me have had a lot of girltalk and gotten to know one another closer, well she is the one doing the talking and she is the one opening up to me about personal life so that is all on her for doing that.

The following was produced out of the material:

- Retrieve the written conversations from Skype from yesterday detailing the remote viewing of Carlisle's house and of General Patton when he was on the Navy ship. Format that into a PDF file and publish on the website.
Finished! Go to telepathy.html and to "Remote viewing General Patton and Assistant Carlisle", dated July 21 2017

- Format the several hour long audio file that followed which details the remote viewing into General Patton's two homes and the high security medical laboratory which deals with UFO abductees and going through Patton's meeting room to the Reptilian underground base. Conversations regarding General Harris "Gunman" Richards.
YouTube General Patton, Abductees taken to med lab, Reptilian Base | Remote View | The Orion Project

- Format the audio file with remote viewing into the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which if it were actually happening might have been an illegal act so I apologise. Which then led to the black female officer and a Caucasian male officer who seemed to be from the base talking to me.
Later once published, find it on the updates page and YouTube channel

- The hand-written notes from this morning from the female officer talking to me need to be typed up and published on the website.
Finished! Female Officer

And then I am caught up, and can take on the next project! So look forward to some great stuff coming up soon. This reader is pushing me to finding out new information, otherwise The Orion Project is just my log of what already happens as I go along. The reader pushes me to actively seek out answers and information, he guides me to what I need to be asking these guys, and he made me have to dare to remote view these things, and the information I retrieved has been huge.

General Patton tells more about Vietnam
Cunningham is still on his roadtrip after he lost his mother
And all I can complain about is having diarrhoea

July 21 2017, 2:48 PM - This morning when I woke up, General Patton had more to tell me about the war in Vietnam. He told me about the cars they had there for the war, that those cars were really not fit for the terrain and kept getting stuck in the mud, and so the soldiers would take turns driving those cars [Added same day: with the driver's door open] while the other soldier would walk alongside it on the outside next to the driver's side so that they could keep switching, because any moment the two of them would have to run for cover and ditch that car, so the one who was inside the car was always nervous cause it was a death trap.

He told me about the mosquitoes and the heat and the sweat and about not being able to take a bath to get really clean and not having enough clean clothes. He told me about soldiers who had been so scared they had shit themselves. He told me about soldiers who were so frightened and messed up that they could not stop crying on the base and how those guys who could not stop crying were mocked by the other soldiers who still had it together. [Added same day: He told me about soldiers who were injured and unable to get up from the ground and sitting there injured to die and were only calling out for their mother and how seeing that affected him.] He told me that when the soldiers wrote letters home for Christmas (and now I check if the Vietnam war actually had a span across Christmas and yes, it lasted for several years) they had to pretend everything was fine cause they couldn't write the bad stuff and the actual reality in those letters. I said couldn't they have written the truth and then felt the support from their family? He said no because families had kids and younger siblings at home and everybody read those letters from a soldier in their family who was writing from Vietnam.

He showed me a crisp clear mental image of a man who served in Vietnam, I now do an internet search for what they wore in Vietnam and it is a perfect match with that kind of clothes that I saw and especially that round helmet is a match. This guy had a thin black moustache, dark eyes and black hair. Patton described this guy in one sentence, which I forgot, but which described him as a professional, skilled and sharp, someone who was not going to die there because he was too good, I think he was a Sergeant, perhaps even Patton's Sergeant, and he died there, the kind of guy who wasn't supposed to die there but did.

I told Patton that he can talk to me anytime, that I do not have experience in the military so I do not know what it is like, but that I am a caring person and I am here for him anytime.

I then heard from Major Cunningham. He was still out on his road trip and he said he had planned on finishing in Yukutan I think he said, I figured that must mean at the far north west end of America somewhere at the farthest tip of Alaska, but now that I do an internet search Yucatan is well inside of Mexico. He said he might go back early, a lot of bills are collecting back home while he is gone, and this trip he is on is costing him a lot of money. He also wants to go back to see his sister. He had thought of never attending his mom's funeral, but he is glad he went. He is now looking for his father. I told him a lot of supporting and encouraging words and sent him a lot of love.

When I woke up after having gone back to sleep in the morning, the aliens told me to be quiet so that we do not wake the dragon who is sleeping over there, and I was shown their mental image of Hamish lying on his belly on the mattress that is in my flatmate's room on the floor. She had guests for one night and now they are gone again for several days and I am home alone with Hamish again, but the mattress is there and it has a cover and a soft white woolly knitted blanket on it, and Hamish is lying there on his belly, his back hump all arched comfortably pointing upward, like how cats rest sometimes like a bun, and he is enjoying and being all comfortable. I love seeing Hamish doing comfortable things, then he is all snug.

I am having diarrhoea for two or three days, and the reason I am mentioning it is because this morning when I did, Hamish said something like "dragons are upset if they see that" or "dragons are not used to seeing that" or something like that, about the actual stool being well of a different consistency, it was making him

I was not hostile, I said! About that, crap. I just did not want to see it. - Hamish from being all snug on that mattress
I was not going to fight with her over it. - Hamish, swaying his neck side to side a few times to show friendliness
I know Hamish. You were only worried about my health. - me
I was saying toilet, not hospital. It was nothing dangerous, that you were afflicted with. - Hamish, "toilet" (NL)

And he had said that he did not want that "with his eggs" or something like that, he was very concerned earlier that such diarrhoea was near his eggs because he must have understood it to be a disease or something bad. Hamish's own poo is muddy cowpatties, but never loose or runny or liquidy, however when Hamish eats fish innards his poo becomes oily and messy and he does not like that. Anyhow, whether it has anything to do with what Hamish considers normal for Reptilians or not, he was alarmed because he is worried for the eggs. I told Hamish that I have only eaten something bad and that my body is having a disease to clean itself and that I will be back to good health soon.

I mention all this because it is interesting how he reacts to things. If I have a flu, which I tend to have twice a year, he does not get worried for the eggs at all.

People who eat 100% raw food can sometimes get a case of diarrhoea which is a reason why some people go back to cooked foods. I'm sure I got this from the olives I got from the market, they have been laying out in the sun for who knows how many days or weeks and who knows how many flies have been sitting on them. I try to get olives that are as raw as possible so that is why I go there to get them. I'll just order some to have delivered instead. Regular olives from the store are not fresh enough. These however tasted foul when I ate them, but I ate them all anyway cause they were super expensive. So my body craved a pizza yesterday and I had one, it probably helps to get things back to normal. I will probably go back to raw foods again from now on, but avoiding olives that are kept in open containers out in a market in the hot sunny weather for days and weeks or months. I almost vomited at first before I got sick with the other stuff, so I just ate some bad food. Anyhow, it is really just a story about how Hamish reacted. One should also ask why is Hamish checking what I do at the toilet. But to be fair, whenever I see a mental image of Hamish at his favorite river when he has left a cowpattie on the rocks at the shore I kind of take a peek too because it is Dragon droppings, besides Hamish is so cute that even his droppings are cute, I promise.

Too much information? There is nothing too embarrassing or personal that I would leave out of this documentary. If I start censoring one or a few things, then this is all worthless and incomplete.

We have a doctor here if you need one. - Reticulan to me now
Yes please. I would like to visit your hospital. - me
Then we have got that here for you. So that you do not become afraid. - Reticulan shows me Mickey Mouse puppet
She had eaten the wrong potato chips. - Hamish, in part at least "potato chips" (NL), he also said earlier in the morning that I had eaten the wrong potato chips, even though it is olives
I am fine. I am not feeling ill or anything. I am recovering quickly, I just ate something bad. - me
It was the wrong, potato chips. - Hamish (NL), kindly
Yes Hamish, it was the wrong potato chips. - me
I was not angry anymore! - Hamish standing up in the camel posture and swaying his back slowly side to side a bit to show his back
But I would have shown my back to the wrong food! - Hamish approximately I forgot
To making you do that? - Hamish, about diarrhoea

People who eat raw food do not cook or heat up their food at all so if their food has bacteria then those bacteria do not get cooked away. Cooking kills bacteria. Food like olives that are sitting in oil and out in the sun with flies having access to it are likely to get contaminated. Other foods like fruits and vegetables are washed with water and don't have that oil breeding ground, so raw food is a big risk for getting seriously sick with bacteria, there is also a risk of bacteria like e-coli and salmonella from all of this raw food, but the benefits outweigh the risks, the olives were simply a bad idea coming the way that they were being kept. I also eat raw sushi fish sometimes and if I ate raw fish that was kept in an oil out in an open container in the hot sun with flies having access to it for days and weeks then I would surely get sick then too. Oh wait this is off on a tangent who cares.

Can I visit the Reticulans, if I see the Mickey Mouse doll then I will not be afraid at all. Can I come there? - me
We have visited you before, in the night when you slept. So you do not need to remember us. - me
We are not resting companions with you! - Hamish to me or to Reticulans
Can you please wake me up next time? - me
Hello this is General Patton. - GP
General Patton! How nice to see you again! How are you? - me
Well I'm better than you it seems, and they tell me that you stink. Don't worry about it, Doll. You are a pretty Buttercup to them too. - GP
Well, aliens have sensitive noses, but I did take a shower every time after... - me, after using the bathroom
Patton? Are you a human? - me
Yes! - GP
We also like our, liver slivers. - Hamish
Are those your Snacks, Hamish? Are those your potato chips, the liver snacks? - me
I was proud of them! - Hamish (NL) with eyes closing so happy dragon!
Patton what is your real name? You can't be actually called General Patton! - me, he chuckles
You're not even a General. Because you were in the Navy. - me
So, you wanna know more about that mud that we crawled in? And trying to load our guns while crawling in it? - Patton, the image is of a soldier on his belly in the black mud, the rifle pointing forward on the ground partly under his chest, using his teeth to open something and loading the metal bullets into the rifle
Is that you in that memory image? - me
Yes! That could be none other! - Patton
You were in the mud a lot. - me
Well we had to be. There were no telephones back then, except for one. And we were all using it! Calling to our girlfriends! And all of us, expecting more money sent from home. We had very low rations. - Patton
Oh well. I am real sorry that you got yourself sick. But that is not an item of concern, on my concerns list. - Patton
What's on your concerns list? - me
I don't like to eat fish, you have said! I was not hungry for them either! They were not my potato chips. - Hamish, potato chips (NL) though this time he thought of himself slowly eating french fries
Patton? How did you survive Vietnam? - me
I didn't! I died and I am still dead out there somewhere! If you wanna know why. I'm very much dead and not alive, inside. That happened to most of us. - Patton
Do you still keep in touch with some of the guys you got to know there? Or are you by yourself with the memories? - me
Look. Do not let them tell you about the Mickey Mouse doll. Because then they think they can take you captive. - Patton
Patton? One question. What time is it there right now? Is it morning? - me
We would like to show you this again! - Reticulan, a bit nervously, shows me a small Mickey Mouse soft doll that it holds right againts the side of its face, so that I am seeing the doll and the Reticulan, it thinks this way I am not afraid to see the Reticulan, let's just play along with it so that I get close contact
That was fun to see it! - me, even though I hate seeing the Mickey Mouse dolls, makes me irritated
Good luck. - Patton
With what? - me
With, getting to see them and stuff. We are not gonna let you. - Patton
I am going to whine until you give up! I can be very manipulative! I really want to see them. - me
Alright then, they can throw their flashing light into your face. - Patton
Can I meet you there too, PLEASE? I wanna see you Patton, I really do. I want to meet you in real life. And somehow I could try to give you a hug, if that works. Unless that's creepy. - me
Well, sit on my lap, Doll! I won't make you afraid! You would get a little hug from me too! - Patton
Well that sounds, nice. - me
We won't use these medicines, these narcotics, that make you unaware! They make you sleeping! - Reticulan about some inhaled medical substance that keeps someone under
General Patton? I am missing out on my life, not staying awake there. - me
That's how we like to keep it. So, stay inundated, Miss. - Patton

In the morning he also told me about the meals that they got in Vietnam and about the boxes that were sent to them from home, the boxes from home were the best, he said they could have anything in them they were very appreciated, even if a sister or a girlfriend just mailed them a leaf from a tree from home it was greatly appreciated by the soldiers in Vietnam, and some families mailed toys that the guys had when they were little and those meant the world to them to keep in their pockets in the war.

In the morning Patton also remembered being home after the war in the 70's and how he was a "fly guy" back then. I wonder how old Patton really is?

How old are you? - me to Patton

4:33 PM - I come back to talk some more with General Patton.

Did you hear about Derek? He was a mighty fine man. - Patton

Earlier Patton said about Vietnam that some girlfriends sent chewing gum that the girlfrield had chewed and sent it to their boyfriends who were in Vietnam so that he could chew it. I told him that they must have really missed each other.

Patton? What year did you join the military? And did you join the Navy? - me
Patton was not going to say that. And not to you, anyway, for what it's worth. - Patton

Now he makes a tight fist with his left hand and bends the left wrist bending the left hand down, he has frequent pains in his left hand, I saw that already years ago when he was training me with the overlap.

Why, how did you injure your hand? What happened to your hand that causes pain? - me
Are you in New York State? - me
Yes! None other! - Patton happy and proud
Are you in Syracuse? What's in Syracuse? - me
There's, there's trouble here. What's it to women like you? - Patton
What kind of trouble is there in Syracuse? - me
A ticking time bomb! - GP
What kind of bomb? - me
A waiting disaster. That we are already dealing with. - GP
Patton? I would do anything to meet you in real life, including, I mean if I am not meant to tell anyone, I could just stay there for the rest of my life or something, but just to know you were real. Do you know what I am saying? If I am not supposed to know, then let me know and I won't, tell anyone. I would do anything to know you are real, you just tell me what I need to do, it means the world to me. - me
Do not bother Patton, or he might have a heart attack. Do not bother me Miss! - GP
How old are you? - me
I am not smoking another cigarette for you. Because of this trouble. - GP
What decade were you born? 50's or 40's? When were you born, and how old are you? - me
Well, Miss! It doesn't need to go this far! - GP, his left wrist is aching and hurting badly
What's wrong with your hand? Why does it hurt? What did you do to your hand? - me

So. After you got back from Vietnam. - me interrupted from more
Then I lived with my old pop and granddaddy. - GP
... You lived with your, family? - me
And then I joined military school, thinking there's nothing more left. - GP says and presses his lit cigarette into an ash tray
And then I got married, or "hitched". And then we got a few kids. And now we're living out here. I really shouldn't have gotten married too soon. I missed out on a lot of opportunities. With this research team, I've been here a long time. - GP again pressing cigarette into ash tray, perhaps to get the ashes off, the ones about married too soon and missing opportunities and the research team he was thinking, not telling me! So I am reading his private thoughts too it seems.
So you have two sons? And they are also in military school? - me
Why do you wanna know all that, from old General Patton? - GP
How old are you? - me, his wrist is hurting again he rubs it
Why did you choose Navy, and not Army or Air Force? - me
What's there to do, except for, scrub deck! - GP says and laughs with fond memories
You literally had to clean the ship? Did you do that? - me
And the seagulls made a big mess of it too. - GP says and makes one laugh exhale from his belly he smiles
What were the try-outs like to join the Navy? Was it difficult to get in? - me, he presses the cigarette into the ash tray again, or to get the ashes off
What are you doing now? With a "research team"? And what has it got to do with me and aliens? - me
So, wait it, Miss! And we will tell you! - GP, smoking a cigarette, his wrist is hurting
What rank did you get in the Navy? What rank did you get in the Navy? - me
Is she still talking to you? - the Colonel from earlier, I heard "Colonel" and a guy showed up there
Uhhuh! - GP fondly, again cigarette against ash tray, he tells the Colonel
Am I bothering, everyone? - me
Not yet, you aren't! But you're about to! - GP fond and happy now with arms crossed no cigarette
Can I, come and visit you there? In person? Please? - me
The seagulls, huh? - GP smiles
Do not bother him anymore. - Colonel
Why not? This is all bothering me, until I find out who he is. - me to Colonel

Frustrating. Both the aliens and the military are acting evasive (interrupted)

Did you hear about what happened to Derek? - GP
Yes. He got killed? Because he opposed the aliens? What do you know about it? - me
He was trying to release you from us. - GP
So he was killed, for doing that? - me
Look, Derek was a great guy. He was one of the best! - GP
What was he about to do? - me
How did he die? In what way did he die, tell me. Who killed him, and how was he killed? - me
Look at this! - Reticulan waves for me a white gloved hand with four fingers of a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy
I prefer to look at Reticulan hands. - me to Reticulan
Reticulan hands make me happier, they really do. - me

Patton? - me
Look now Honey, I am sitting here over by my desk. And I have got really a lot to do. So if you would please excuse me. - GP
And I second to that. - Colonel
This is frustrating!! You've got to help me! - me, this catches Hamish's attention, he is listening more carefully since I was asking for help, he is of course protecting me, I saw Hamish
I don't want you to get all riled up! About them, and about Jeff! - Hamish with his mouth open as a warning says to me, Jeff means probably Tijuana Jeff who buys firearms from Mexico and was armed in the alien base remember? here, Tijuana Jeff
You are causing me to start smoking again. - GP
Patton, if you are a real human being, and if you let me meet you in real life, I would give you anything and everything I have. We could meet somewhere private, there would be no way to know who you really are. It wouldn't be a risk, I just need to know you exist. I would do anything to see you. - me

He rotates around the finger a ring that he has, it is a large ring not a wedding ring, it is golden it seems and has a large flat top with something blue on it.

What ring is that? - me
My god! Don't tell me that they are saying, that she has e-coli! Then she would need to go to a hospital. - GP
I'm sure I don't have it. I would be more sick than this. I am not that sick. - me, probably cause I wrote e-coli before and the aliens are listening to my thoughts

Digging for General Patton

July 20 2017, 10:39 PM - The reader of my website is helping me with questions to ask for my military guys. From these questions I am learning:

I asked Carlisle if he was in the military. Carlisle said yes he used to be.

In a question to General Patton, Jack said that General Patton was in the Navy. I recalled many times being shown by Patton the Navy ship that he served on. The reader wanted me to ask Patton the name of his Navy ship, and Patton told me that he was in the Marines. However! Searching through my website I find that on November 28, 2013 General Patton said he was the Navy Seals Reticulan Walruses, do a search for "seals". I have to talk to Patton now about this huge discrepancy!

General Patton!! Talk to me NOW! THIS IS URGENT! I need you to help me! General Patton! Were you in the Navy! Are you Marines or Seals! GENERAL PATTON!! HELP ME!! TALK TO ME!! - me
Yes, this Miss needs to know more about me. - General Patton, wearing his black suit with a red tie
General Patton. I can believe that you were in the Navy, because you always keep thinking back to those days on the Navy ship, that big gray Navy ship that was parked at the harbor. However. Today you told me you were Marines. And in 2013 you said to me that you were Navy Seals. So which one is a lie? - me
I'm not gonna tell you. - General Patton
Please don't lie to me? I'm trying to figure out if you are real, and it is things like this that really hurt me and make this complicated. - me
You wanna know, huh? You wanna know about old General Patton. About what he did here to ya. Come on, just ask me your questions? And then go to hell with whatever you want. - General Patton, he did the thing with moving his four fingers toward himself a few times in a row which means "come closer", like when someone is picking a fight and you tell them to go ahead, the hell sentence was more him thinking to himself, but I heard it and wrote it down
Were you the Marines? Or Seals? Come on, don't lie! Those guys who do those real training do a really hard job, and you can't be lying about being one or the other! That's disrespectful to the Marines and Seals! Patton! Be yourself! - me
I don't wanna be lying. But, it's just this little thing going on here. That I don't want you to know about. - General Patton
What thing? - me
I'm not gonna say. I'm not gonna point a rifle at her either, but I might point one on myself. - General Patton, the rifle part was more to himself, but I heard it
Why would you point a rifle at yourself? Hey? Are you Marines or Seals? - me
I was a Navy co-operative, for a very long time. We did some stuff you don't wanna know about. So that is why, I am like the Seals. But I trained for the Marines, and the U.S. Navy corps. - GP
What is "corps"? What does "corps" mean, General Patton? - me
I'm not gonna tell you, Miss. The Navy Marines, are cooperating with other businesses and interests. None of which should concern you. So! Let's just leave it at that. - GP
I don't want to leave it at that... I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE IT AT THAT! - me
I might, just, put a bullet and a rifle and blow my brains out. - GP
Why are you suicidal about this? What is wrong? Patton can I help you? - me

The reader asks me to ask the guys who is watching me right now. I find out from Carlisle, that it is Carlisle watching me now. (Carlisle has been talking with me today many times. I did not know that he was still doing surveillance work, but him talking to me it makes some sense that he could also be doing surveillance work.)

I need to talk to General Patton about his suicidal thoughts. The reader who is with me on Skype throughout this is telling me to ask Patton if he has ever been in combat.

Patton? Why are you suicidal? - me
Because! - Patton, he is remembering some Navy recruits who wore the basic white uniforms, he remembers one guy who had the white uniform that also had a white hat and this guy was under the deck on a Navy ship and the guy was right up against the hull or wall of the ship and then there was an explosion right there. Did Patton see it? Was the Navy ship attacked? Are these painful memories that are making him think about taking his own life?
Patton. Why are you being suicidal? What is wrong with you? And how can I help you? What have you seen in your life in the Navy? - me
Well, military guys being used like lab rats. - either a Reticulan or General Patton
We are using them, you see! - Reticulan adds, so the first was also a Reticulan
For what? - me, I ask the Reticulan
You do not want to know about your eggs. But that is not why he is being suicidal. We were told to talk to you and General Patton, about who he is, and might be. General Patton has served on a Navy ship, yes. - Reticulan
What is his real name? Tell me, Reticulan? - me
We also wanted, peace. So we were training with them. - Reticulan showed me its two white fingers in the V peace formation but pointing slanted downward not up like it is supposed to do, oh well I guess close enough

General Patton is an old guy. Me asking him about his Navy training is bringing up some memories, painful and traumatic memories, and is making him think about suicide, probably because he cannot handle having those painful memories in his head, and heart. Poor guy, what are all the things that military go through, that we do not even know about?

General Patton? - me
I am getting ready to sit down and to have some dinner with my family! And then I've got to go and see my old folks. - General Patton
How old are you, Sir? How old are you? How old are your parents? - me
Well, I've got a pretty big decent sized family here! And starting with my old pop. He was the gunner in our group, always talking about them damn guns! - GP about his father
What was your father like, then? - me
He was in the Eagles. Not in the Navy corps, like me. - me

I ask the reader what Navy corps means, he says that it means a medic.

Patton? You were a Navy medic? Navy corps means Navy medic? Were you? Why don't you make any sense whatsoever at all? You couldn't possibly be Marines, Seals, and a medic in the god damned U.S. Navy!! - me
.. My dad wasn't, that. - General Patton, cool and calm as can be, not at all concerned about the things that are making me concerned here

I am asking the reader, what is the Eagles, he doesn't know. I do an internet search and we find the Screaming Eagles which is the 101st Airborne Division, and the reader says yes he does know about those, and says it should now be called the 101st air assault division. The reader I am talking to served in this division. They're no longer airborne qualified so they should be called air assault division, says the reader.

Here's the thing. If General Patton himself is an old guy, and now he's talking about his dad being in the Eagles. Does that make sense? Yes, the reader says that that makes a "hellhole lot of sense". Why so, I ask? Because he's talking about airborne, he's probably talking about his dad's experience in Vietnam, says the reader. Huh. Let me just write the conversations between me and the reader on Skype (not telepathy!) here as a usual conversation:

So. The problem is that Patton himself is probably old enough to have served in Vietnam. So how could his dad have served there also? - me
... It does happen. You've got to think back, so if Patton is an old man and you go back to Vietnam he's a young man now, yes. - Reader
This was not unique. This happened a lot. - Reader
However. Eagles existed back in the day too, right? - me
Yes. The 101st was very heavily active in Vietnam at the time. It was a core unit, they had to have that unit in order to fight the war. - Reader
Ok. Let me ask Patton more about his dad, then. - me
And ask him his damn MOS! We need to know his MOS for this shit! - Reader
I'll try. - me
Patton? Your dad was in the Eagles? - me
Yeah, and he wasn't gunned down either. He was one damn fool, but he picked the other planes apart! Oh, god damned fool! - Patton, but I'm sure he remembers his dad proudly, and with a smile?
Patton? Did you yourself serve in Vietnam? - me
Yeah, yes. I had to. I was not very victimized there. And that is because I hid. I was a fightin' damn fool there too! We all were. We all had to be. - Patton
So. If you were a Navy, and you were in Vietnam, and you were Marines and Seals and a Navy corps medic!!! What the hell! PATTON!!! What the hell!! - me
We hid from the other plutoons. That is what we did best. To hide from the bombs. And god damned that sweat, running down our faces. And so we hid, either that or take a grenade and an explosion. The cars, that we had there, they were not very fast. Sometimes you could outrun them. And hide. You gotta be real good at hide. - General Patton

Patton? What did you do in Vietnam? Tell me about your experiences there? - me
Well, we arrived on a ship. And had to land at night. So that the others, the farmers, could not see us. And then we hid in the pitch dark. - Patton, he remembers wading armpit deep in the water at the swampy coast

The reader asks me to ask Patton for his MOS and his rank.

Patton? What was your MOS? MOS, Patton? - me
He won't say! - a Reptilian tells me, perhaps Hamish
Why not? - me
Patton? What was your rank in Vietnam? - me
I wasn't the first gunner anymore, oh boy I was not! - Patton
What was your rank? - me
Ok, we know that this girl is asking too many questions. - someone to Patton
Oh, no, let her! - Patton answers to that person
What else do you remember from Vietnam? - me, he thinks about covering his face and clothes in a black mud for camouflage, so when he earlier said about hiding, it sounded like cowardice to hide, but now that he explains it and remembers it, hiding was part of what he was there to do, hiding was part of the assignment
Are you a real person? Or am I imagining you? That's what I'm trying to find out. - me
Well, I won't tell you my goddamned MOS! Or, my military rank! - General Patton almost raging and losing his temper, I don't normally hear him talking like that
Oh god! Those other guys that were gunned down! Oh my god! - General Patton to himself just as I was going to hit Save and leave this typing window, and with the underlined sentence he was even crying, he remembers Vietnam

Patton? You told me you were a Navy corps, that means medic? - me
Yeah, that part was not a lie. I was appointed on that duty. - Patton
Did you have to do medical training for that? - me
We were all medics down there, goddamnit! - Patton, when he said the underlined goddamnit he was feeling a real pain in his heart, a real pain, remembering soldiers in Vietnam taking care of other soldiers
I'm sorry... - me
And then when we got home, we were treated like goddamned criminals. By the anti-war rally. Goddamned "peace lovers"! They don't know what it's like out there in the field! - Patton
True. All that's true. - Reader says as I read to him what Patton said here in this paragraph

In Patton's thoughts when he said that everyone in Vietnam was a medic, I saw an image of wounded soldiers up on a hill that was clear from trees, there were palmtrees down below on almost all sides of that hill. The hill was muddy and there were lots of wounded men there on the ground, men with their eyes blown out of the head and the other guys were gently ever so gently and lovingly and carefully wrapping gauze bandages around the eye that was ruined or gone and those wounded soldiers being so carefully cared for were entirely unconscious and possibly even dead. And Patton was there, and the memory of it caused him real pain in his physical heart, I felt it from him.

Patton... all the things you've gone through. - me
Yeah, we know that. And then we got home and ate pancakes. And boy, those were the best! And apple cake, and apple pie! Back home like it was nothing! But we missed, many of our guys there. The ones, those that were gunned down. And some guys came home with no legs on. - Patton remembers a guy on crutches hopping with just one leg and covered in bandages
Patton? How on earth did you get involved with me? Someone with your military background and expertise is surely wasting his time and resources just talking to me? - me
What do you wanna know about the aliens? Huh? And about, what they have done? What do you wanna know? - Patton has a cigarette in his mouth now, he is lighting it
Are you smoking a cigarette? - me
Yeah, I had to, to calm down my nerves. I get like that, jittery sometimes. When I think about my old pals. My god!, so jittery I get! Damn these all to hell! - Patton
I didn't know you smoked. - me

Patton. Dear Darling Patton... - me
What? You wanna see me without my underwear on? Is that why you're saying "Dear" to me now? - Patton inhaling from his cigarette
No! ... No! My Eggs! - Hamish objects, "my eggs" was (NL), the No's were English, Hamish worried that me and Patton were about the get it on ha ha
Hamish, the eggs are safe. Eggs are safe. - me
I wanted to ruin his life otherwise. About them, I bite them, I said. - Hamish
I know Hamish, you are guarding the eggs. - me

Why always when I tell him nice things he thinks I am being sexual or flirty... Oh I did say Darling too didn't I?

Ask him about Dulce. - Reader
General Patton? Tell me about Dulce? What happened there? - me, I feel that he is having heart problems and heart pains
I don't think he's gonna say. I'm just gonna follow through on the questions about the Navy and ask him about his time in Vietnam and in the Navy and see what adds up and what doesn't. - me to Reader
Patton, Dearest? Patton, my-darling-who-I-do-not-want-to-see-without-his-underwear-on? - me
Yeah, heheh! - Patton with his cigarette
Stop smoking, Sir. - me
What's it to you, if I do? What's it to you, anyways? What do you wanna know? About Dulce? - me
About Dulce? - me
Yeah. And some of that stuff is very private. - Patton very stern look on his face
Patton. Were you in the Navy? Navy? Were you in the Navy, Patton? - me
I am not going to tell you about the Iroquois! - Patton, his pronounciation of it was a bit off from how the aliens and Reptilians say it, his sounded more like "Aroqois"
I know. The Iroquois are some sort of alien hybrid children that are made from my eggs. They look mostly like human. I have seen those kids, they are young men actually. - me
They are made to fight. - says Patton and licks on his cigarette as he puts it back into his mouth again
The Iroquois are made for us. - Patton
Who is making them? - me
We! We, the nurses! - Reticulan
Hello, this is very old Pavel. And nice to meet you too. - Pavel, that Russian officer
Hello Pavel! Nice to see you again Pavel! - me
What were you doing with the Russians? Huh? And were you again, being not allowed to see me? - Pavel
I don't know, Pavel. You're the one who has to tell me. - me

Deep breath... this is a lot, but I still need to sort out General Patton's military history.

Patton? Tell me about your time in the Navy. - me
I don't wanna give you all of my history records. Because some of it's pretty bad, you see. Some of it's really lousy, and lame. - Patton
Lousy, how? What's lousy in your military records? - me
You don't wanna see it, do ya? - Patton
I would actually like to know. - me
Well, we once scared a guy shitless. Made him wet his pants. Is that the kind of stuff you wanna know? About what goes on here? Or, do you rather not wanna know, Miss. About, what bad things we do? Do ya? - Patton
Why did you scare someone like that? Why did you scare him? - me
Because, he had some precaurious information. And we had to see him through. - Patton
Are you an interrogator? - me
No? - Patton
Then what are you? - me
I am not gonna say! - Patton
Why would you say, about shits, why would you say that to Eggs? - Hamish, in part (NL), Eggs refers to me, as if it were my name, as if I were a noun called "Eggs", he said this to Patton

Patton? When did you meet with the aliens for the first time? - me
I don't want you to know about that bunker. - Patton
What species did you see? - me
The Zeta Reticulans. - Patton
How old were you then? - me
I don't know, 32 I might have been. And it did not happen at Dulce, so stop asking about that stuff that nuisance! I wasn't there. And neither were any of my team there, so stop it, you dimwit! - Patton, wasn't there means wasn't at Dulce, and team means all the other guys like Carlisle and Gillespie and the whole lot of them, and he said either dimwit or nimwit, and so stop it means that I need to stop asking him about Dulce
Patton? Did you ever see the Reptilians? - me
Oh, no! - Patton
Did you see the Reptilians? - me
What happened to that guy, who was left there in the bunker? Or who got their ass pierced by them? - Patton with his cigarette
We were only looking! We need to look at their, rectum! Or we do not know what comes out there! So do forgive us, do you, Miss, and also General Patton. - Reticulan
Patton? Did the aliens ever abduct you? - me
No, Miss, because they were never authorized. - Patton
Are the aliens authorized to abduct me? - me
Yes, and they see you without your little panties on! And so do we, cause we gotta stand there and look. - Patton more pleased this time, maybe the thought of a young woman without her panties on was more of a cheerful topic than the other things we have been discussing tonight
Patton? - me
Have you see that? Huh? Now, have you? - Patton with his cigarette, the image he gave me was of a man who has tubing down through his mouth into his nose and on a table
And then they go into his penis. - Reticulan or Patton about that man on the table
Patton? Do the aliens abduct me? - me
Yes, Miss. - Patton, and I see Hamish with his handsome turtleback, Hamish is calm
I don't like him to worry you. About my duck feet, that you have seen. - Hamish to me
I am not getting worried, Hamish. I was happy to know, that I get to meet you sometimes. I love you, Tortoise. - me
About my back, you said, that it was pretty significant. About my eggs. And they smell right. - Hamish smiling with his eyes, smell right meaning the eggs, my eggs, my feminine scent which he knows means the eggs but that is nothing sexual from Hamish just that he is fond of guarding the eggs
Patton? Were you a Navy Marines? Tell me the truth. - me
No, boy! I was kicked out of there! For not showing up on time! - Patton
So you tried out for the Marines? Was it... - me, I stop myself from asking "Was it too hard for you"
Patton? Tell me your highest rank ever achieved in the Navy? - me
I was a, military secretary, and that is how I got into this stuff. - Patton
What stuff? What stuff did you get into? - me
Look. We don't want to ruin your life. But this stuff gets really bad! - Patton
Patton? I know you are not a real General, and that your name is not Patton. - me
I don't want to give her her silver, no. - Patton to Reticulan, Reticulan had asked him if he wants me to have silver, silver is a sexually stimulating drug that the aliens use to get people to have sex with each other, I am glad that he said no
I don't want silver, no. - me
We don't want you to have it, either! But General Patton might take it! - Reticulan to me, I see its white skin and black eyes that reflect some light on them
She was asking about my war buddies. That was it. - Patton, he has tears in his eyes, telling someone there
I am sorry, if I asked the wrong questions... I just wanna know if you exist. - me
Do you know what the coffee, tasted like there? Like pretty crap! We used to deal with each other for the good stuff! Some of us brought drugs! - Patton about Vietnam the guys sitting cross-legged in a ring together trading what goods they had with each other, I saw his memory image, the guys had a tent or a tarp over their head, it was during the day, but they were all hurrying and stressed as if there was no way to relax in wartime, or as if they did not want to get caught trading things

Patton? Tell me what you know about Dulce? - me
I don't wanna say. - Patton
Do you know something about it? - me
Yes, we had to, when we were training for this position. And that is all I am going to say on the topic. - Patton
Has it got to do with aliens? - me
Yes, Miss. - Patton or Carlisle, or Patton said and Carlisle is listening in, I saw Carlisle with his big glasses
Yeah, we've got to take care of her... - Carlisle to others there about me
Patton? - me
So, what do you want to know about Joshua, or Josh? - Patton or other guy to me about I presume Agent Josh Bryant
Who is Bryant? - me
He was assigned for this duty. Because he lucked out. He got kicked out of the military. So we offered him a deal. To come here instead. - Patton
How did he luck out? What happened? What happened to Josh that he lucked out? - me

Hamish the red Dragon looks at me.

Patton? Do you watch me when I am abducted by aliens? - me
No the other guys do. I was just there once or twice. Watching you, and that red naked hiney of yours. - Patton with his cigarette
What do you mean "red" hiney? I'm sure it's not that. - me
Patton? Do I have your permission to stay awake for abductions? - me
No. You do not. - Patton
Why not? I wanna be awake. Please? I would do anything, anything. Tell me what to do. - me
So you gotta stop calling us voices. And realize, that some of us are real. You know that now don't you? - Patton
I'm not sure. - me
I am not going to talk to her about livers, either! - Hamish about me to some of the others who would have said something to him perhaps
Patton? - me
So yes, what is it now, Sugar? - Patton with his cigarette
Can I meet you in real life? Please? I would do anything, anything at all? Let me meet with you in real life, please? - me
Are you going to be an atomic, or a nuclear physicist? - Patton
Why you ask? - me
Because you are going into physics, or the medical field? With, plutonium? Don't go into that, because that stuff is pretty bad! Just out of coincidence, we have got a nuclear scientist here on our team. - Patton says and at the end crosses his arms
What is the scientist's name? Who is the scientist? - me
The name's Jack! - Jack!

Oh my god! Jack is a scientist! He is a nuclear scientist! Jack is a physicist! I knew it, he had to be, to be working from NASA Ames I figured he would be either an engineer or a scientist! I love knowing that about him!

Patton? Tell me about Jack? He is the nuclear scientist from NASA Ames? - me
We don't wanna trouble you anymore. But Jack just left. We don't want him here right now. - Patton
Jack is making babies with me, or on me, or how do you say. - me
It was not my fault. - Hamish (NL)
It was not Hamish's fault. - me, Hamish has his hands at the lower back
Patton? Are we allowed you and me to talk to each other in real life? - me
With the langoustines, yes! - Hamish

Patton? Tell me about Dulce? - me
Dulce had a pretty good-sized airport. And we got some landings there. - Patton
Who landed at Dulce? - me
Some neighboring teams. I will say no more. - Patton
And then they started to fight! - Hamish I think who said, adds about Dulce
Hamish? What do you know about a military base called Dulce? - me
We bring a lot of ladies to him. And you were not one any longer. About that military base, Tik Tok? - Hamish
Ladies to whom? - me
To Jack! - Hamish
How many ladies does Jack have? - me
As many as we need blood from. - a black Reptilian
Young women used to bleed, and then they did not! - black Reptilian, image of a young woman bleeding profusely for her period, maybe women's periods were heavier in the old times?

Ok let me just talk to Carlisle and then I am done for today.

Carlisle? - me
So what should I ask Carlisle? - me to Reader, he is still on Skype after 3 hours 15 minutes
Ask him about the crystal drive systems on an andromedean biosphere? - Reader
Andromedan you mean? - me
Carlisle? Tell me about the crystal drive systems on an andromedan biosphere? Do you know about that? - me, not a question Carlisle could ever have expected me to ask of him!
I don't want to tell you about the alien propulsion systems. Because we don't want you to know about them. They fight with spaceships, you know? There is a whole theatre going on here! - Carlisle, the theatre meaning spaceships against spaceships
Carlisle? You come across as a highly educated man. What did you study? What degrees do you have? - me
It's mostly about my post-docs. - Carlisle
What post-docs do you have? - me
I was a government co-operative. And then that is how this got started. - Carlisle
What got started? - me
The military business I am in. And that started with you. - Carlisle
And what is that? - me
They are telling me that you don't wanna know about telepathy. But you are using it mighty fine indeed! And that is why we are monitoring you, to see what else you could be doing with it. - Carlisle
Since what age was I when you guys started, dealing with me? How old was I then? What year did you first know about me? - me
... The spinal cord damage that you had. It must have been pretty significant, for the governments to send us here. - Carlisle
When did I have spinal cord injury? - me
When you were yanked out of your mother's body, and put into breathing and respiratory tubes! We watched you then, and we wanted you then. To have you. For our purposes, for this. We weren't there, when you got yanked out. But then they kind of left you at the hospital. So we took you in, Princess! And look now, what we have got you done! - Carlisle

Big sigh. I am getting exhausted. It is almost 1 AM. But carrying on with Carlisle:

Next she is going to ask for my phone number, and stuff. And this stuff always gets really hard. So. *clears throat* I was a government co-operative. And we were studying your muscles first. And then we got, some really good news! - Carlisle
What the hell are you talking about. - me
What are you saying? I don't, understand it. - me
Do you want to talk to, Gillespie? Because he is also here. - Carlisle, Gillespie was there today too yes
Hi Gillespie. - me not really enthusiastic, but trying

The reader wants me to ask Carlisle about Dulce.

Carlisle? - me
You know, I have got a daughter about the same age as you. - Carlisle
Yes, you tell me that often. - me
And we are not, going to harm you any more. - Carlisle
Carlisle? If your daughter had people talking into her head and it was as if her whole life depended on knowing whether those people were real or not, would you understand why I am reaching out to you people time and time again trying to figure out if you are real? - me
God damnit! She was asking about my Navy schooling! - Patton to others there
I am glad to see, that you have had a dinner plate, even though you do not eat properly. - Carlisle

I eat raw food so I snack on things, I had some corn on cob raw today, he saw that package with one whole one and one eaten one on the bed and I did have a pizza today (not raw food!) and the empty box is on the bedroom floor next to me now so that is what he is seeing and he is worried about. The military are very worried when I eat raw food when I eat only fruits and seeds and nuts. Carlisle was always trying to be like a father for me during my teen years. He is the kind of dad who wants things to be really proper, like here he would want me to eat dinner off a dinner plate sitting by the dining table in the kitchen, or otherwise he gets concerned.

Patton? Tell me about the Navy? - me
What's this? What do you want to know? - Patton
Everything. - me
Well, your ear would fall off for listening... - Patton
Try me. Tell me everything you know. I want to establish if you exist, and so far it is not looking too promising, because you say you were Marines and Seals and a medic corps. - me
We were all medics there, god damned...! - Patton remembering the field with injured soldiers in Vietnam
We were all in the corps. - Patton
Not officially. - me
Marines or Seals, Patton? Cause you can't be both. - me
I will bite him I said, for lying to you. - Hamish to me about Patton

Carlisle? What is your real name? - me
No, because you would look me up. - Carlisle

When Carlisle said about me looking him up, he thought nervously to an image of his front door at his home, I see that he is still living in the same house as all those years ago. Some 15-20 years ago I had a military abduction where I was taken to Carlisle's home. I remember the front door out of a light colored wood with a glass window on top half of the door, that window glass not see-through and the glass made out of many pieces of colored glass, red blue and green. I also remember the decor inside his home very well. But I am not supposed to say that I was at his home, because, these guys take that to imply that I was taken to his home so that he could sleep with me, remember when doctor captain Bryant the lady who said she is married to Carlisle found out I had said I was in Carlisle's home and she was furious thinking that I had slept with, or been raped by, Carlisle?

Carlisle? Is your wife a doctor of any kind? What does your wife work with? What does your wife work with? - me
The NASA does not want you to talk to General Patton. - one of the white aliens to me
And do not ask about our wives. - Patton, still smoking his cigarette unless a new cigarette by now
Carlisle? I was once in your home. I remember that. - me
Oh god, were you? - Carlisle
Yes, I was. - me
What was it like there, for you then? Weren't you a bit, hazy, drowzy? We drug you then? - Carlisle concerned
Was it anything like my Toast? - Hamish wants to know
I don't know Hamish if it was anything like your Toast. - me
I wanted to know about that. - Hamish, about his Toast
I will tell you Hamish, as soon as I find out anything about your Toast and Snacks. - me
I am proud of myself. - Hamish (NL)
I am proud of you too. I am proud of Hamish. - me
Carlisle? I remember your house. I was there once. I was in your house! Did you know that? - me
I wasn't, sure, if you were remembering. - Carlisle

Big deep breath. What is all this.

Carlisle? What more will you tell me, about everything? What exactly do you do for the military? - me
Carlisle? What do you do for the military! - me
Cool down, you know I have got a daughter who is almost exactly the same as your age! You two could have been school buddies! - Carlisle

I used to hate Carlisle telling me about his daughter my age back when I was a teen, because it would remind me of all of the things I was missing out on in my life that she was doing and that I was not because of the military surveillance and things. And still I hate hearing about her, because she is married and I am not, she has lived her life, and I did not really. If only I could know if these guys are real, then all would be well again. 1:06 AM going to bed.

Dark Lord says Con Spiritus and Opus Ondi (and goats)

July 20 2017, 5:10 PM - A Dark Lord snuck up on me and said: "Con Spiritus". So I said something like, "Oh no don't say creepy stuff like that!!" He then said: "We are the goat keepers." And I said something like, "Oh thank goodness! You are the goat keepers! And I was so scared I thought you were some kind of monster, but thank goodness you are not you are just the goat keepers!" I don't know if the Dark Lord gets the joke and the pun but I sure do. These guys are creepy and all these years I have used a lot of humor and love to deal with them. Like when Malik the Dark Lord shows me himself carrying a pillow-sized black widow spider in his arms, I'll tell him like, "Oh how cute you brought a pet spider!" I don't let myself get scared of them, even though these are the Dark Overlords of Satanism. There were years when they ruined a lot in my mind and health and life, but overall they can be quite charming to talk to, as long as they stay out of their mischief. They really only become a risk after longer conversations and if you give them too much attention, then they make a home and start to get up to mischief and shenanigans.

Thank you for calling me an Overlord, even though I am not that dark. - Dark Lord
What are you then? Are you a goats keeper? Do you like animals? You have to feed them and take good care of them. - me
Do you have this? I have one. - Dark Lord steps one of his feet forward to show me the black shiny goats hoof foot that he has
That looks very stylish. Looking good there, Dark Lord! - me, now one got closer and I can see the goat hairs growing on his chest and belly and the smell of goats from him
Opus Ondi. - Dark Lord
What does that mean? - me
It means that we won't go back into the fire anymore. - Dark Lord

Let's see here, Con Spiritus means "with spirit", or "lively", source. Opus Ondi means, Opus is latin for "work", typically referring to an artistic work or a composition of classical music, and Ondi seems to be a personal name.

Dark Lord? - me
We hate the Jews! - Dark Lord
Why do you hate the Jews? What did they do to you? - me
We made, Opus Ondi with them once. - Dark Lord about the Jews
What does that mean? Oh you don't make sense. - me
We have bleeding from our nose, now! That is what Opus Ondi means. - Dark Lord
Alright. Get along now and carry on with your mischief and trouble elsewhere. I have to do other things. - me
We have a ring of fire! - Dark Lord
What do you do with the ring of fire? - me
Opus Ondi goes in there. - Dark Lord, into the ring of fire
And what does Opus Ondi do inside the ring of fire? What happens then? Do goats go there? Are you happy? Are you having a great day? - me
Opus Ondi makes me feel better. - Dark Lord
That sounds like good stuff. Opus Ondi sounds like good stuff. - me
Have you seen the vinyl records that we made? That we played backwards. - Dark Lord with a vinyl record held with its both hands and putting its upper edge into its mouth like a toddler would put things into their mouths
Why did you put the record into your mouth? - me
I like the taste. Opus Ondi, means that. That we made vinyl records once. - Dark Lord
So you are a musician? - me

Just so happens that Con Spiritus brings up an internet search first to this YouTube video which has Conspiritus in the title,

And Con Spiritus also finds an album made by the group Ewigkeit, they have a song called Conspiritus but it is not on YouTube, this song "live from Bohemian grove" is from that same album, notice the pyramid which is the symbol of the organization which belongs to these very Dark Lords,

Let this be clear: the yellow pyramid with The Eye god on top, all of Satanism, and the whole network of human groups on Earth that are related to this, this all comes from the Dark Lords, who are aliens from Alpha Theta. We see the pyramid and The Eye and all of its related symbolism and functions throughout human culture and society, but be reminded that this was given to humanity from the Dark Lords.

These dudes, Dark Lords, are the supreme rulers of the group of aliens of the yellow pyramid, where Zeta Reticulans, Reptilians including Hamish, and others work.

Mr. Dark Lord. What is your full name please? - me
I was never baptized, because I was never born. So I do not have eyes to see with! We, just, like to see goats, nothing else. We were given them before. So, where are they now? The, goats' legs? We want them. We need them! We want blood sacrifice! - Dark Lord
Do Dark Lords work together with Zeta Reticulans? - me
Yes, we have to. They have hands to work with, that we don't. - Dark Lord
What do they do for you, the Zeta Reticulans? - me
We are hungry. - Dark Lord (NL)
We prefer, to come in the darkness. - Dark Lord, shields himself with his arm against the daylight coming in through my window
And Opus Ondi means "a great thing". - Dark Lord

Dark Lords are the chattiest and most talkative of the aliens and I could talk to them for hours and hours, but I'll just leave it to another time.

Hamish has a Snack that used to be a man

My Turtle

July 20 2017, 12:16 noon - Ok so I just wrote this down. Note that the way that entries are posted here is that the newest ones come first, so the entry below this one was written also a short while ago where you are introduced with the Korean guy who also features here.

It started with that I had just finished writing the previous entry featuring the Korean man, see below. I logged out of my website and closed the windows on the internet browser and was ready to open up a computer game and put on some music and do other things. I then see the Korean man looking at me, his presence felt so close as if he were right in front of me looking at me. He then started to speak to me:

Hello. Do you want to see the face of that guy who has goosebumps? - Korean
Yes please. His name is Hamish. - me
What do you like about him? - Korean
His personality. He is my best friend. I adore him a lot. - me
Do you know what he pulls out of them? Huh? Do you? - Korean with image of intestines pulled out of a body
He is a predator and so are you. Do you eat meat, milk, eggs? - me
Yes, I do that. - Korean
... Are you General Patton? You look a bit like him. - me
Oh god, now he growls at me! - Korean, and I hear Hamish making a horrible growl that has a series of grunts throughout it
Hamish doesn't talk like that to me. Because I am friendly to my dragon langoustine. - me
He says, that we smell bad to you. And therefore we cannot see you, in our recess. - Hamish, recess as in a break or free time
Of course you can see me Turtle. I am very fond of you. I wanted to be with you. I love you Hamish. - me
Oh God! These guys they are terrible! - Korean about Reptilians and Hamish
They don't want us to eat our fish, manure. - Hamish, "manure" in (NL), with fish he thought of the body on the ground of the forest floor that the Korean man had earlier shown me its intestines pulled out by... Hamish, Hamish calling the corpse a fish, though it is not a fish, it looks like a man with clothes on, lying on his belly with the arms up as if he fell while running
Hamish, do you have snacks there? Do you have your snacks? - me
We told him, that we were not friendly to him. - Hamish referring to the corpse man there
Who is he? Who is that man? - me
A Snack. - Hamish
What do you eat from him? - me
We drink the blood! And then we take the organs out, and inspect them! - Hamish
That is ok, Hamish. Human eat corpse too. And humans drink milk, and eat eggs. Humans are also predators, but they forget that, because humans pay someone else to kill their prey and snacks. Then humans get upset if Reptilians are eating, snacks, prey. - me
Do you drink blood, Hamish? - me
It makes my guttoral sounds. I make it, please. - Hamish
What do you do, Hamish? What does blood taste like, to you? - me
Like that man was not, giving me any. - Hamish about the corpse by his feet, giving any means not giving any blood
It was my goats, he said! - Dark Lord about Hamish and the corpse
Who was that man? What was his name? What was his job? How did Hamish catch him? - me
He wasn't shot in the back by us. - black Reptilian about the man
Was he in the military, or was he farmed to be eaten by Reptilians? - me
Farmed, Yes-No, Tik. - Hamish, the Tik was an actual cute click sound that he made, a two-sequence clicks but not the Tik Tok
So if he was not farmed, where did he come from? How did you find him? - me
He was, sent to us. From another place, from another man. Who told him to go there! - black Reptilian about the man who is dead
How was he killed? In what way did he die? Is he in a forest? - me
Yes-No, Tik! - Hamish, Yes-No about being in a forest, but I see him and Hamish in a forest that looks like the Alpha Draconian forest with the soft mud floor and dark and those trees and plants there
I took your eggs. - Hamish (NL)
Was he made from my egg? Is that man my son? He seems too old to be my son. - me
They were not farmed, cultivated, we said. - Hamish and sways his head a little bit side to side not large sways but small
Tik Tok, I could have said to him! - Hamish puts a flat red duck foot down on that dead man's back and stands over him, Hamish's eyes look dark and glisten in the dark, but I can see that Hamish is a beautiful fire engine red color, his hump back is in the camel posture facing up, and he has those gorgeous big flat duck feet that are more sensitive than human hands, so he touches things with his feet and not with his hands

Hamish is a predator, but I love him. Humans love cats that murder animals, humans love dogs that murder animals. Humans love humans that murder animals. Humans eat ground beef that comes from a cow that was murdered and had its abdomen ripped open to pour out all the blood and guts. But I love Hamish, loving this lizard is the most important thing in my life that I hold on to. Sorry, Hamish is a crustacean, he says he is a langoustine.

It is obvious by now that the military are protecting me by telling the Reptilians that they smell too bad to be able to come close to me, so that the Reptilians would not get close to me. Meanwhile I am begging for close contact with the Reptilians and with Hamish, I keep telling them that their smell is ok, yet the Reptiles and Hamish tell me that they smell too bad. I think I can handle the smell of Reptilians, I have smelled them before it is not that bad, not to someone who really wants to meet them!

The Korean guy and Jack the NASA Ames guy
Oh and Carlisle. Langdon. Was there also.

July 20 2017, 11:08 AM - It is already well-known, that a human is more likely to experience a lucid dream if they fall asleep again after a night of sleep, in the morning hours. It seems that when I am asleep here in this world, I can enter into another world where there are aliens and military people, but it is the same as the dream world so sometimes those experiences are mixed in together with dreams. I have also had alien and military abductions that were more clear and not dream like. And we assess all of this against the background that I have had real physical evidence including UFOs, alien writing on the walls, and other phenomena that were physical and verified real with witnesses.

Last night I got to see a Reptilian with a tall crested head, while I was awake in bed for the night. And this morning, I woke up in the morning and out of boredom decided to fall back asleep, and I dreamt that I was looking out my window but there was a different building there and someone said to me "Pentagon" although that building was not it. Then someone showed me a perfectly clear image depicting a man. He was a tall large built man with Asian features and black hair, his skin a bit darker.

I woke up, and the large Asian man and me were having a conversation telepathically, as if he was not just a dream. I did not take notes at first, which I regret not doing always afterwards cause these conversations are interesting and if I don't write them down then they are lost forever. When I asked him if he was Asian he got grumpy and took it as an insult and then he said that he was "Korean". I told him that I would not feel insulted if someone told me that I was "European", and that then I could tell them what European country I was from and I told him what that country was and in what country I was born and raised and then I went on a tangent about how women from my country are raised to talk and act and I was being all chatty like women can get and the guy was just quiet like guys get quiet when women go off on tangents and can't stop talking.

I asked him if he was from North Korea or South Korea, he said "South Korea", and I told him that he is too big to be Korean or Asian because Asians are small and this guy is huge so I've asked him now several times what other ethnicity he is because he must be part European to be so large. I also asked him "Are you human or are you Alpha Centaurian? Because I've met Alpha Centaurians in an underground base that Snake the Reptilian took me to. Snake is one of my friends..." and I was off on a tangent again chatting again and this guy was just quiet.

I then got dressed and started to write down the conversations on paper while the computer was starting. I wrote:

Why are you sad, man? - me to the Korean man, because he felt really sad
Because I'm with Derek. - Korean
I mean, I was with him. - Korean
We don't have any noxous perfumes, she said! - Hamish
Do you know that they are taking your eggs! - Korean
Yes, I know. - me
Do you know what happens with them? - Korean

We don't have any more noxous perfumes, with them. - Hamish

As we know, Derek one of my beloved MIBs was supposedly killed for opposing what the aliens do, so here we hear it again that Derek is gone. And there had been a conversation earlier in the morning about Reptilian smells and I had said that I am fine with how they smell, I try to let Hamish know that I am not uncomfortable with him being close, so he was talking about that about the Reptilian noxous perfumes as he called it.

And then:

Are you having some post traumatic stress disorder? - the Korean man
No! - me
I just wanted to know, Hon. - the Korean man
Are you coming here to us, in Los Angeles? - this I think is Carlisle, looked like him and also Carlisle lives in California lately
I would love to. When can I go there? Tomorrow? I would come today if you let me. Tell me where to go. - me
It can't be that simple, to go ahead and farm you. Do you know what they do to your little ones? What they do to them? - Carlisle, and the Korean man becomes sad again
My pyy-pyy. - Hamish, that is what they call my ladyparts, and he sways side to side (NL)
My Hamish. - me (NL)

Hey! I don't wanna tell you what they are taking out of your ass! When you say that they don't smell, they think that they can be here. - Korean man
Hamish is welcome here. He is my best friend! - me
Oh, oh! Have you seen my tattoo? - Korean man says to me
What tattoo do you have? - me
That women should not be anal raped. That is what they do to you, you see. - Korean
*clears throat* They do not "anal rape" me, they collect fecal samples. That is not the same thing. They are conducting medical tests. - me
They are not anal rapes, then? What are they?! - Korean
Who are you is the question? Who are you? - me
I am not gonna say. - Korean
Are you General Patton? Who are you? You remind me a bit of General Patton, you could be him actually. - me
Are you sure? Why am I so sad about this anymore... - Korean, he got sad again
Let me meet my Draconians. Do not keep me away from my Hamish. - me
Do you know, what they do! - Korean losing his temper
What do they do. Tell me. Just tell me? Otherwise I don't know. Besides "anal rape", what do they do? What do Reptilians do? And who are you? - me
I am with the NASA. And we were worried about you. And that is why we came here, you see... - this was Jack, with his big 80's glasses
Hello Jack! How are you Jack! Nice to meet you again. - me
They wanted me to, you know... - Jack, he thinks about ejaculating into a woman, that is what he means
And did you? Why do you do that, and then you get worried about me? First you rape someone, and then you worry about them? How does that work? Tell me Jack, are you a scientist? If you work for NASA, are you a scientist or an engineer? - me
We were, taking their eggs, with the Zeta Remulans. That is how this got a start. And now I'm doing it myself. - Jack
And how do you live with that? Are you a rapist? - me
Yes-No! He was not that! - Hamish objects about Jack being called a rapist

So. Here's the scoop. That Korean guy looks a lot like the outline, eyes and hair of General Patton, and what do you guys reading think? Does he talk a little bit like General Patton talks? I guess I've never seen General Patton real closely, there was that one time when I thought I met him at the house in the battle of Syracuse abduction but I don't know. When I see General Patton in a vague mental image when I talk with him, he has a large build, he is tall and big, I'm not saying he is a fat guy because it is more that he is just large, and he has that thick black hair and dark eyes and his skin is a bit brown not pale. This guy has the same frame and that same black hair and reminds me of General Patton. So? Is General Patton of South Korean origin? Do South Koreans call themselves just "Koreans"? Do South Koreans or Koreans feel insulted if someone calls them "Asians" because they want to be called "Koreans"? I asked this Korean guy for his name several times and he didn't tell me.

I forgot to say that the Korean guy said to me when I first woke up that they are the "military". And he also mentioned Agent Bryant earlier when I first woke up.

A wild Draconian and a tamed Draconian?

July 18 2017, 10:54 PM -

Hello, I like you now. - Reptilian probably green Rep
My Draconian sweethearts. - me
Because you have said, our smell does not matter to you. And we like that very much. - Reptilian, green Rep or Hamish
I like Draconians very much. You are my sweet Dragons. My friends. We can be friends with each other. - me
I won't, take over your throat, then. - green Reptilian
Alright. Thank you. - me
Yes. The pleasure is all mine. - green Rep
About our smell, she said! Tik! - Hamish really excited and happy

I am taming a Reptilian right now. The green Reptilian from yesterday is around again tonight. I was laying in bed with my eyes closed and I asked the Dark Lord if he could give me permission to let me see the Dinosaur and Hamish. Soon after that I got to see with my eyes closed a room where a Dinosaur approached the area that I was seeing from. Dinosaur had come from the adjacent room where I saw a large indoors garden that was lush and green, when I asked if they have a garden or a forest there the Dinosaur said that it lives there. It looks like a good home for a Dinosaur. The Dinosaur was not happy about being told by the Dark Lord to show itself to me, so I said that the Dinosaur did not have to let me see it if it did not want to.

Then in that same room I saw Hamish and the green Reptilian. The green Reptilian has a crested on its head and I complimented it on the crested and I also mentioned at the same time that Hamish also has a crown so that Hamish would not feel left out. Today when I showed the aliens my mental image of a Kermit puppet with its mouth gaping wide open, a Mickey Mouse puppet and the black cat puppet of the Reticulan as if all three were sitting here next to me in bed, I could feel that Hamish was getting jealous and upset, so I stopped with the image to pay attention to my Dragon instead. Hamish gets jealous and upset if I pay attention and give adoration to Dinosaurs, so when I admired the crested on the green Reptilian I was sure to also compliment Hamish on his head buttons which I know are his crown.

The green Reptilian was difficult and dominating. It made my left hand move up and three of my fingers to take on a raised cramped posture, and it moved my body a bit too and one of the aliens perhaps Hamish sort of asked it what it was doing and the green Rep replied that he was being dominating. I said nice friendly things to green Rep such as that I would be his friend and that I love him, but he was being fierce and rude and sassy. However, little by little I am seeing the green Reptilian changing its behavior. I am taming him.

But earlier just before I came here to write,

We might kidnap you later. - green Reptilian
Yes! Do it while I am still awake. Do you want me to take my clothes off? - me

If a human told someone that they might kidnap them later, one would not say yes and to do it while they are still awake and ask if they would like them to take their clothes off. But this is aliens, I would not mind taking my clothes off to get to see them. Besides, Hamish is there with them and that makes me feel safe and really snug.

Earlier today Hamish gave me a clear mental image depicting the forest floor right next to the fallen log in the forest and he wanted to show me his shedded scales. He has stuffed shedded scales right under that log, and there were also some under a bunch of leaves on the ground. He said that sometimes it rains and the scales get wet, and I presume that is why he places them underneath the leaves to keep them dry. I thanked Hamish for showing me his scales, I told him they were beautiful and I took the time to really look at them. These are moments that Hamish chooses to share with me, this is him sharing his life with me.

God damn! You are a dog race! - green Rep to me with utter contempt and hatred and scorn
Calm down, man. - military to the green Rep
I am calm! - green Rep

Hamish gets my attention by wanting to grab into or bite into my right arm to pull at my arm a bit, he then says to me,

I am Hamish. - Hamish
I wanted my leaves to not get wet here. So, sometimes I stand here and let it rain on me. And then my back gets worried, but then I come home to you and dry it off. And watch you eat your prunes, the ones that you have had there! I watched you eat them, Buttercups! The prunes that you had. - Hamish

Hamish then tells me that he does not like that, referring to the very serene meditation music that I have got playing on. How remarkable. Hamish told me the above and he showed me his mental image of him standing in the camel posture over the scales next to the fallen log, the scales that he has covered with a thin layer of the forest floor leaves, and it was raining and he was letting it rain down on his back, the rain water running down his back and dripping down, just so that he could keep the shedded scales dry underneath. His back getting worried had something to do with his back getting wet. The prunes he talked about was a package of raw food cookies that I had bought, they were made out of buckwheat, flax seed, dried figs and raisins, they lasted me for at least a week and I was munching on them often, so Hamish has been seeing me do that. I had no idea that Hamish had been standing in the rain over his scales by the fallen log and coming home with a wet back to let himself dry. He lives a whole life of his own and what he gets up to, I do not always know, what places he goes to, what he does, what his thoughts and life experiences are.

I now think more than ever that the collections of shedded scales must be some sort of nesting behavior. The way that he stands over the shedded scales to keep them from getting wet in the rain seemed just like how an animal would stand over a nest of eggs or hatchlings to protect them from rain and weather. The shedded scales must be a sort of nest. Also when he showed me the scales by the log, he told me that they "smell right" or "have the right smell". He says the same about the eggs that he once had with Susanna, that "the eggs smell right".

Today he kept his arms backwards resting at the lower back and I put my own arms behind my back and asked him why he does that, he said that he gets tired from holding his arms up in front of him all the time, so it could be his form of crossing his arms or resting the arms on his hips like how humans sometimes like to do when they are really tired.

I declare I love this dragon more every day. He means the whole world to me. He is such a sweet person, and the little things that he gets up to like standing in the rain over his shedded scales just to keep them dry, those stories are among the things that make my heart grow for him. And now I have got another dragon to tame. Hamish was difficult and dominating too in the beginning, but over the years he has turned into this adorable sweetheart. I don't know what right I have to actually alter the behavior of a Reptilian, but I hope to think that it improves on their life quality too, to be loved, to be cared for, to have someone that they know they can always trust and be safe with. I am someone who will never tell them that they are horrible or that they smell bad, I will never yell at them or hate them. I told the green Reptilian that he has probably never had anyone who loved him before.

They are not stupid creatures.

You are not our mother, we would like to say. And you do not need to see our ass. We do not like to be liked there. So, stay away from my rear end! Or otherwise, grr! - Hamish, he shows me that he puts his hands at the lower back, and yes this time as it usually should be, the gesture means that he is blocking me from seeing or touching him

Susanna put her arms on her lower back to say to Hamish that she did not want to mate with him. So when Hamish is putting his arms like that, it seems to mean that he is telling me that I am being too invasive and too close, he is asking for some personal distance. That is what he says there, about not seeing his ass, to not want to be "liked" there must refer to something sexual, which he is not wanting from me.

Draconians live in a competitive environment and they probably grow up with a lot of cruelty I would imagine? I imagine that ever since they are young, other Draconians are showing power and trying to push them down in the hierarchy, and the only way that they can feel a self worth is by pushing others down, too. They live in a world where having a meal means to kill someone else (well humans do too only that humans pay someone else to do it so that they can live their lives pretending that they are not responsible for the torture and killing of other animals). Reptilians are cruel to others, and then no one really likes it when a Reptilian visits them, including the human military, and the Japanese people that Reptilians visit.

I imagine that when I am nice to them, they can have a place with me where they can relax.

We won't eat your heart. Not if you are not our lamb. Baa-aa! - green Reptilian, but first he closed his upper and lower eyelids partially into a laughter and a smile because this was his idea of a joke, they do have a sense of humor, usually of a sadistic kind
I do not like, frog legs taken. I do not take them into my mouth anymore. About frogs legs I said to her, my Buttercup. - Hamish talks to me, the middle sentence he swayed his head sideways a few times to be nice, the image he thought of was of frog legs, but he means the Dinosaurs of course
This is Agent Bryant, and a guy named Geoff. Get the hell out of these creatures, you hear! Have you not heard of them talking about eating your heart? Man! Now we've got to deal with this mess! - Agent Josh Bryant

What would happen if me and Hamish were to meet, alone in a forest somewhere? Would he remember that I am his friend? Have we built up something called friendship? Would he show me his shedded scales, and his back? Would he lead me down to the river to watch for fish and crustaceans together? Or would he step down on my body with his flat duck feet and eat me as a meal?

Hey, pst, quit it! - a military man perhaps the Geoff person, an older man, whispers to me, he whispers because if we even bring up the conversation about what the danger here is, then that can be enough to trigger the Reptilians into hunting and predation mode
Alright. I will leave them alone. I am sorry. - me

Kermit wants some fruit and stool samples

July 18 2017, 12:47 noon - Last night when I had gone to bed the Reticulans showed me the funniest image of a large Kermit puppet with its mouth gaping wide open! Oh I had to chuckle and laugh it was so adorable, and the Reticulans like it too when I get all cheered up! It was so cute. They said they were going to extract the jackfruit from my body. I told them it must be about halfway in the digestive tract by now, and I thought about it and felt concerned thinking how would they either take it through the stomach or through the rear because it is most likely right in the middle. They also asked me if I could give a stool sample I said I don't have to go now but that I could tell them when and they could give me some kind of container for that. They are curious about the jackfruit cause it's the first time ever that I've eaten it. A Dinosaur was there of course to do the procedures. I don't remember anything about any procedures.

Reticulans told me last night or this morning that they have to keep me unconscious for the abductions because otherwise I would vomit and get scared. Oh well, at least I get to see really fun mental images of Kermit the frog puppets and that really cheers me up, the way that they show it too and the Reticulan mind that I am reading it just makes it all the more fun. At least I am having fun, at least they are keeping me entertained. It's funny too cause they treat me like a little kid who likes Kermit puppets, but what makes it even more fun is that it works, I get really happy from Kermit like a little kid.

What cute Dragons do. What Buttercups do.

July 17 2017, 10:18 PM - Draconians are strange creatures. I normally don't get to see them like this, but now this evening I did. Today I ate jackfruit for the first time in my life. I found out that this fruit fights cancer in numerous ways. Now two weeks already on 100% raw food (which is a way of eating that is said to cure cancer and most or all other diseases and ageing) I noticed that a birthmark that I have had for all of my life is dying off, the skin that is exactly on top of the birthmark has turned white and is peeling off and once it is gone then half of the thickness of the birthmark is removed. This is definitely because of the raw food, and another small dark mole has turned pale brown and is vanishing too. So the Draconians were interested.

I was laying down on the bed and closed my eyes. With my eyes closed, I could suddenly see another place, it was like closing my eyes here and opening my eyes in another place! So exciting! That other place was a large room, I did not notice any furniture or items in it, it was well lit. I saw the room from a vantage point as if I would be lying on a medical table somewhat in the center of the room. And looking right at me in that other place was, as clear as day, a beautiful red dragon with large all-yellow eyes like the headlights of a car, bulging round yellow dragon eyes looking at me wide open.

Hamish was like to my foot end, and after a short while a green Draconian showed up in that room to my right side. Both dragons were really close to me. I noticed how incredibly tall that green Draconian was, I told him nice things about his race and he snuck up real close to my face with his face and he said to me in a sassy way, "I know that already!". I gasped a bit because my praise to this dragon had only made him fuss at me, well because I was stating the obvious of course these Draconians know that they are grand, and I had to rethink real quickly because I was startled and afraid and had to think of a good answer, so I said to green Dragon: "Yes of course you already know but now I know it also." Phew. Situation solved.

Then showed up a third reptile which was a black one with black sharp hook like claws on its hands and it had black eyes, it was possibly a Dark Lord posing in this shape or form and this black reptile got hands on with me and turned me over and was like body over my body and showing power, making itself known and noticed, clawing on me a bit with its black claws. You see, the Draconians had noticed that I had scratched on my birthmark today and they knew I had thought about how the raw food and fruits like the jackfruit are doing this, and they were worried that I was scratching a piece of me off so they were acting against the jackfruit, thinking that the fruit, in a sense, was scratching on my body so to speak. (Draconians notice scratching behavior and they pay close attention when they see it. It really mesmerizes them and triggers a lot of thoughts in them, related to their own predatory behavior.)

So first they were against the jackfruit. The green Reptilian there it said that the fruit is yellow pyramids like "them", well it's true, the fruit is a beautiful vivid yellow color and I did cut triangle shaped slices off the big piece that I had, and so that made them decide that the fruit was a good thing after all, because it was in the shape of yellow pyramids.

The point of this story is not the birthmark healing. Or the jackfruit being like yellow pyramid shapes. Or even the black Draconian turning me over and scratching on me with its claws. Or even there being three Reptilians present, one red one, a green one and a black one. The point of this story is that they act so evasive on a normal basis, and here all of a sudden this vivid experience as if I had opened my eyes up somewhere else, all because

We don't like it when they eat fish. Because, and remember this fact, their fish scales resemble us. - the green Reptilian
What is your name, green Reptilian? What should I call you? - me
I am Amber, or Augus. - green Reptilian, Augus or August I am not sure
What should I call you then? What name do you like for yourself? Augus? Or Amber? - me
I am not Amber you silly. Amber is the name of a dog. Like you, Woff! - green Reptilian
We have not stolen your coins, you have said that that thing has cost you a lot of coins and then it makes you scratch. We don't like that bit, not because, it was made of our color, but because you are scratching your moles. - green Rep
And it makes your asshole not look bigger! - Hamish adds

Explanations, ok: When I bought the piece of jackfruit, it was super expensive considering it is a fruit, so I was thinking of how darn expensive it was (but it turns out to have been well worth the money, that thing is delicious and you only eat a bit at a time). And it is not the jackfruit specifically that made me end up scratching my birthmark off but raw food as a whole. "We don't like that bit", "that bit" means the jackfruit slice because the rep gave me an image of it, "our color" means that it is yellow like their pyramid. As for what Hamish said. A lot of humans have hemorrhoids and for many years now I have had slight, only slight and probably not enough that it would have been diagnosed as that, but still it bothered me that I did not have perfection there. But now I do have perfection, because raw food also cures those things so I have been thinking about that a lot and being so happy about it, so that is what Hamish was saying, although for it to "look bigger" I am not sure. But anyway, we notice that the Reptilians are really good listeners, they pick up on everything I say.

Again, notice how the scratching is a really big deal to them. I've explained that the raw food is curing cancer cells and birthmarks away, that is a good thing, but it is the scratching that sticks on their mind and that really gets them triggered.

We are not like in a museum, but you can look at us. If you want, Tik! - Hamish, this beautiful Tik sounded like a hiccup
I love you Hamish. I am happy to see you, Turtle. I love you so very much. - me
I was not happy about the trains here. We would have to see them with you there. We smell pretty bad too. - green Rep
Like livers and onions! Those smell, they smell too! Like my livers, I said to her, Tik. - Hamish, this whole time Hamish is holding his hands at the lower end of the back hump
My Buttercup! - Hamish
My Livers, I said to her about them. Mine, grrr. - Hamish

Draconian behavior has something delicate or charming about it, in how they reason. I mean, they spend their time hiding from being seen by me, but then because I scratched myself they let me see three Draconians clearly and one even turns me over and claws on me a bit. A lot can be implied about Draconians when you take a moment to think about this. Mainly, I think, that scratching and clawing are behaviors that cause something in them, when they see it, it captures their curiosity and imagination and they come to watch very closely and they also seem to want to talk about it, even to the point of completely ignoring the fact that they were supposed to be hiding from me, suddenly hiding is no longer essential at all, because their curiosity about scratching takes so much precedence in their mind.

Another thing to notice. Notice how the green Reptilian talks, "We don't like it", "We have not stolen", "We don't like", "I was not happy about". It is a very negative or negating way of talking and thinking, also that when I gave the green Reptilian words of praise and adoration he just got sassy and grumpy. This green Reptilian is rather pessimistic, or how should one say.

No we are not. We just like to look at our own race, that is what. - green Reptilian because of the last sentence I wrote there, and now I sensed a military officer who is in the Army get riled up as if he knows that Reptilians can be dangerous and unpredictable, I saw from the military man the image of a forest which had a watch tower from where one can shoot with rifles, kind of like a tower from which some people hunt for moose or elk but this is for military use, I saw that from the military man's thoughts

Hamish was cute and handsome to see of course in those images before, and of course I showered Turtle with words of praise and I got all happy like a little girl who had been handed a puppy, and Hamish handled my words and shrieks with calm and elegance as always. I am blessed that he does not get stressed out or seem irritated when I adore him so much, he must be used to it that his "Buttercups" gets all giggly and laughing and calls him cute, it is just what Buttercups do he must think.

Love my Dragons. So cute they are.

Transportation. Almost.

July 16 2017, 4:41 PM - Last night I begged the aliens to let me have a conscious abduction. They said they were picking me up at 3 AM. (Abduction hour used to be at 4 AM, but when I have a job that requires me to get up at 4:45 AM the aliens changed the abduction time to 3 AM.) I said pick me up now because I am awake now and ready, it was in the evening.

I started to feel something strong happening to my body. I could only assume that this was it, the aliens were doing the abduction while I was awake. It definitely feels like a kind of transportation. I remain in my bed but it feels like if the very material of my body is changing, like if my body is being vacuum cleaned up as pixels to be sucked into somewhere else, as if my body is turning into energy, almost like being in a machine but there is no machine.

And sure enough. Whatever it was that was happening, my body felt like if my stomach was being turned inside out. As if my body was transporting and as if my internal organs were not keeping up. You know those old cartoons where a character moves quickly away and it moved so fast that its clothes remained in the frame and then the clothes move away only after a while. It felt as if the frame of my body was going someplace but since the internal organs are not really attached to anything just floating inside the body cavities it was as if my organs were weighed down toward my pelvis. It felt as if my stomach was down in my pelvis and inside out and I felt terribly nauseous from it, I told the Reticulans that I felt as if I was going to have to vomit.

This "swoosh" feeling of my body turning into energy pixels happened two or three times with a pause in between, and each time that it started, it felt as if my organs were left behind and flattened and with a feeling like I was going to throw up. I don't feel the internal organs as if they are heavy or weighing down, it's more like if they can't keep up and as if they need more time to go with the body. The experience did not end with a conscious encounter with Reticulans.

I did get to see mental images of Reticulans last night though before or during the transportation sensation. I saw these creatures head to toe and they were naked and they have two chubby toes on each foot. Oh and because of my nagging to get to see them, I was shown a mental image of a room which I presume was in a spaceship and a Dark Lord was in there in the "Reptoid or Insectoid form". Dark Lords are the top boss of the team and so when I am making special requests it goes to the Dark Lord so I told him what I want.

Langdon (Carlisle) and some others of the military guys talked to me today but I asked them to talk to me later and not while I am at work. They were talking about the years when they were watching me, and about what has happened in their own lives and careers all these years. It seems they know I want to meet them, and there was this sense that they might let me one day.

Regarding getting to meet both the aliens and my military/surveillance guys, I will keep nagging. I think I can get anything I want as long as I keep on nagging about it. Repeated requests must be heard.