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April 18 2017 - May 15-16 2017

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Draconian shows up to cheer a girl up!

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May 15-16 2017, 12:19 midnight - I was feeling sad and depressed and really low on energy this evening. I took a hot shower trying to cheer me up, but it's just one of those days. I was feeling lonely and called up a sibling on Skype and my ex-boyfriend to talk but they only had a moment and I really wish that I had someone here with me squeezing me tight.

I called out to the aliens to keep me company so that it would cheer me up. I explained to them that I was feeling really sad and depressed and that being with them would cheer me up. I requested Reticulans, Hamish, Alpha Remulans ("Tiik!", Hamish said now.), Praying Mantids, even the little yellow Alpha Centaurians "with that mystical box on their belt" I said. I really wanted to be with someone so that I would not be so sad.

You know when you've been sick and loved ones bring you presents and then you tell your friends "Look what I got!" and show them all kinds of presents or at least flowers and candies. Well the aliens gave me the best present ever. A brown Reptilian showed up in my room, and he let me see him much more clearly than the aliens usually do. He walked in through my bedroom door, I was in bed at the time and still am, and he walked over into my room. Interestingly Reptilians do not look a human right into the eyes, they do not make eye contact like two humans would, he sees me but he looks forward.

He was somewhat tall and upright walking like a human would on two legs, he wore no clothes, he has a tail with a thick base which rests against the floor. His body is brown and he has either two pairs or three or more pairs of the blunt buttons starting above the eyes on the forehead, his are brown. I can see the cracks and lines outlining flat scales across his skin, and his skin looks to be a little bit moist and shiny but only a little bit. His eyes are dark brown and I saw him so clearly that I even noticed that his vertical slit pupils are not just lines but they are open along the middle or inside of these vertical pupils. He has a muscular build with large shoulders and upper arms. I am pretty sure that it was not my Hamish, especially because of the muscular build which Hamish does not have.

I drew this painting of him which looks great doesn't it but that's because I got to see him so clearly. Good drawings depend on that I am given really clear images of the aliens. He is beautiful. Of course he said some things that imply that he is dominant and powerful and a bit threatening but you know me, I am fond of the Reptilians so I still find him to be ever so charming. It seems he was about to fight with Hamish, or at least to fight with someone, there was a fight hanging in the air based on some conversation I was overhearing mostly from some human affiliates, and I told the visiting Dragon to be kind to my Hamish, and to be kind overall while he is visiting me, I told him, that I am small and weak so he has to be kind. And a human affiliate whose name was Yurij, obviously one of the Russians, was nervous about this Reptilian visiting me. Yurij was trying to tell me but didn't want to say it about how this Reptile has attacked children. I was telling the man that it was ok that the Dragon was visiting me, and I carried on with making my portrait.

I am so happy that I got to have this wonderful visit from this Reptilian. I am happy that Draconians decided to cheer me up when I was feeling so sad and lonely and I had requested some attention from them to cheer me up. There is nothing like a Draconian when feeling lonely and sad. He is a beautiful Dragon.

I could really rip off your arm! - the Dragon says in a voice that sounds high-pitched and twisted, almost like an out-of-tune violin
But you were my sweet Dragon for visiting me when I was feeling sad. You were my friendly Dragon. - me
Oh yes, that too. And I am also very dominant, I forgot to say to you! - the Dragon, "that too" was it thinking of an image of a pile of blood on the floor of a dark alien base corridor

I was of course praising and honoring the Dragon earlier during his visit. So, isn't that exactly what a girl needs when she is feeling all sad and lonely? A Dragon saying "I could rip your arm off"? Yes? Hmm, yes. Feeling all better. Really am! You know me and my love for these lizzardss!

They were my eggs, I said to him. - probably Hamish of course, tells me, about the Dragon, in my native language
Hamish? I love you Hamish. My eggs are safe with Hamish. No one else can take the eggs, those were Hamish's eggs. - me
We put them in a cold room. - someone perhaps a Dark Lord, "cold room" in my third language, about the eggs

Only a few minutes later: Psst. You know how Draconian Reptilians are really curious when they visit my home the first time and they love to walk around and inspect everything and are looking at all the items everywhere? He is now in the kitchen looking at everything he sees there, especially noticing the large bread knife on the kitchen counter there. It is so nice and soothing when a Reptilian visits my home, how they calmly walk around inspecting everything and all the cupboards and drawers. It brings such a peaceful atmosphere into the home when they are inspecting, there is something soothing about it.

Well. Hey! - Jack yells at my visiting Reptile
I am not going to go away. Well, that is because she has invisted me here. - the Dragon says to Jack
I invited him to visit me. I was feeling lonely and sad, and I needed Draconian company. He was nice enough to visit me. - me
Yes, they have that. - the Dragon finds the bag of flour on the shelf and says about the flour and then he slowly closes his eyes fully and looks like a pigeon doing that
Ah, yess. - the Dragon again about the bag of flour
Why do you say that about the flour? Why the flour? - me
You can bake with it! - Dragon
Yes. I can. I can bake with that flour. I make cakes with it. - me
I could rip it open, and watch it all fall on the floor. - Dragon about the flour bag
If you want, you may. I will vacuum-clean it then. - me

Some Reptilians use a body language where they close their eyes fully and it seems to mean in other Reptiles that they are being friendly and calm, however I don't think I see Hamish ever using that gesture of closing the eyes fully. What exactly it means, I do not know.

Jack, Pakeha, Dragon, and the picture of the inside of a Vagina

May 15 2017, 1:25 PM - Pakeha said hello to me today and when I asked to see him he showed me a mental image of himself, he looks pretty much like the Zetas, with that lightbulb shaped head, no hair, yet from what I've learned of him before he would be a hybrid. He said he was supposed to marry me and that he has looked at me when I was in the shower today (I took two showers already today, one before exercise and one after). I told him that marriage between two races, or, I made that clear, between two different species, is forbidden. (The aliens, in particular the Reptilians, use the word "race" when they mean "species", so usually I take the habit of doing the same when I talk to them.)

I was seeing Jack in mental images today. To remind you, he looks to be in his late 50's or in his 60's, he is a bit short meaning that one could not call him tall, he has a handsome square-shaped face with a short forehead, vertical lines on the cheeks, he wears big 1970's or 1980's glasses, has no facial hair, his hair looks to be blonde, he always has a serious look on his face with his eyes and often a bit of a frown, his face never looks relaxed or happy or smiling. I don't recall having ever made him laugh. Today he was wearing a nice short-sleeve shirt which means it must be summer where he is now. I asked him to tell me who he is, he said he is with NASA.

Last night I had a dream which I now understand better. Two Zetas were standing next to me one on either side, and Jack was there. They were all around me I was standing in the middle. And there was an image which I now afterwards know to be exactly what the vagina looks like on the inside, V-shaped with curvy walls, but while I was there I was interpreting it differently or that I did not know what I was being shown an illustration of. After that I had nightmares where I was wading into a lake at night to get away from white monsters with shining eyes who were coming after me, and as I went into the dark water they were coming after me. I was being chased by these creatures who were wanting to seriously hurt me.

The other day while I was in bed laying on my right side with my back toward where the floor is, Hamish came up real close to me and he leaned the belly-side of his body right against me, covering my body with his body, to protect the eggs, with his hump back toward the outside. He has been really protective about the eggs lately, namely because now I am thinking of what kind of a husband I would like to find. "My eggs!", he keeps telling me, and yesterday for the first time ever I think I even lost my temper with him and fussed at him and told him that no, it is my body, and that the eggs would still remain there even if I were married. I feel bad about having been upset with my Hamish, but it's time that I really find a husband now, I mean come on what is this, I am 35 years old?!

So? What was your day like?

Helpful, Sarcastic, and Compassionate. Those be my Dragon.

May 10 2017, 2:41 PM - Looking for my pink pen. Reaching up to the top shelf of my wardrobe to take down the purple shoebox from the shelf and putting it down on the bed. It is filled with various things such as also pens. Looking for the pink pen in that box, and asking dragon, just making conversation:

Hamish, have you seen my pink pen? - me
Yes-No. - Hamish answers, meaning No he has not seen it
Thank you Hamish. Thank you for helping me. - me

I did not find the pink pen in the box and I put the lid back onto the box and start lifting the box back up on the shelf, dragon says:

It was my bowel movements there. - Hamish, I forget how he said it, but he meant either in or on the box or the shelf, probably he meant on the box

Sometimes he says things like that to ruin things for me so that he is acting dominating, it might be similar to when he claims things as his own like when he says that things are "his".

On a different note, last night when I went to bed I heard Hamish calling for the Reptilian in last night's story (see below) who was in a military prison, Hamish was saying to it "Tok Tok Tok", calling for it to come with him. I talked to Hamish, then Hamish turned again to the Reptile and said to it "Tok Tok Tok". I told Hamish that this was the first sign I had seen of him being compassionate. I definitely call that compassion.

PS. I found the pen. It was in the bookshelf.

A Reptilian in military prison
I see the other alien dimension with my eyes! (closed eyes)
And ignorant or not ignorant

May 9 2017, 7:02 PM - Yesterday or today, I forget, I think it was yesterday. Someone (alien or military) gave me mental contact with a Draconian Reptile who is being kept in a prison by the military, I'm sure it's the US military. I saw this Reptilian in literally a prison cell with vertical bars. The Reptilian walked upright on two legs, and it had a very low "crested" ridge that runs from in between above the eyes and along over the top of the head toward the back of the head. When I noticed that it had what Reptilians call "crested", I told him that it had a crested and I gave him some words of admiration about it, because I know how important those head ornaments are for the Reps, and it was the surest way to say something nice to the poor fellow. He was of a dark red color, like a mixture of black and dark red somehow.

He was walking around in his cell and I could tell that his mind was very active, like on all Reptilians, they notice everything around them and they process information really fast and very differently than how a human mind works. Reptilian minds are very active. They love to move around a lot and to look around constantly, noticing every little thing around them that they see. They also have impeccable memory and they do not forget things (that is why when you say one time to Hamish that he smells of old cheese he will never forget it).

Reptilians also have this way about them as if they are looking for things to interact with or to grab, as if they look at every corner around them in case there is something there to attack or to grab, a constant scanning of their surroundings just in case there is something there worth doing. They have very active minds, and my mind had been connected to its mind, and I was watching it in a mental image.

The cell and area nearby were kept dark. Reptilians do not like lights. There were many items of furniture there in his room, it felt a bit cluttered, but I could not say what exactly there was.

I talked to the sweetheart and I told him that I would want to help it to go home to its kin. I fully expected the Reptile to suffer from its captivity, I expected it to feel sadness or frustration about being locked up in a room, but Reptilians are not humans. There was absolutely no suffering in its feelings and also no anger. It was not feeling locked up at all. It was just walking around constantly and looking around at all the same things, its mind active and processing information, but it was completely not at all suffering or sad, and I kept almost hoping or wishing that it would feel sad or angry about its containment so that I could feel sad together with it and ask someone to let it out, but no matter how I expected it to feel bad in there, it was feeling just fine and being quite ok in its own company. Reptilians are really good at keeping themselves company, just by looking around at things they see around them. I have also asked Hamish my Reptilian many many times if he does not get bored when he has to follow me around or wait for me at my work just sitting in the lobby or sitting here on the sofa all night while I sleep, and he does not get bored. Reptilians neither feel stressed nor bored, they enjoy just being, they are quite comfy in the world of their thoughts, just being around, just looking around, just being. It is we humans who suffer emotional torment, but Reptilians it seems, do not, not even when they are being kept in captivity.

As a human I would have expected it to feel a devastating emotional torment from missing its kin the other Reptilians who are its family, but there was no such feeling in the Draconian. It was doing just fine there. I was told either by it or by the military there that they sometimes let it out.

The military from there asked me if I could help them to build bombs, I said I could not because I do not want to do anything that hurts people. The Reptilian in the prison told me that the military there have asked it to tell them the design of weapons and bombs and it said that it did not know that information, they are asking it information on the level of engineering but it does not know that information to tell them. I told the military to let it go home because I am a vegan and I do not like for creatures to be in cages. My heart really went out to the Reptilian, and it bothered me that the Reptilian was not suffering or uncomfortable in any way because then I was all alone with the feelings of suffering that I was imagining it to be having but which it did not have, then I was feeling it all alone. And so he was like the most innocent creature who in a sense does not even know that it is being tormented by the imprisonment, and that made him like the sweetest little bunny or baby that doesn't even know, and my heart went out to it even more. My sweet Dragon. But he did not miss his Reptilian family or have any feelings of abandonment or so. My heart suffered, for him, as he walked around and looked around his prison cell. The military asked me if I would like to see this Reptilian, they know that I am asking for contact with the Reptilians, and seeing this one in the prison was like a kind of compromise to my wish, or perhaps as an introduction to more.

Last night when I went to bed and my eyes were closed I could see with my eyes closed all suddenly! I was seeing my room as if I were seeing through my eyelids! The room looked in perfect detail and the same, and I happen to know that what I was seeing was the other world where the aliens inhabit. Had one of the aliens been standing in my room right there in front of the bed then I would have seen them with my eyes then, instead of mentally as is usually the case. And Jack talked to me and showed me a mental image of himself fully naked, he and/or the aliens were talking about how Jack fathers children with me but I didn't listen to that much, it doesn't interest me.

I want to go to the Reptilian in prison and to take care of him and make sure that he is ok. I even showed it back then that my upper eyelids were closing in a smile to see him, that seeing him made me pleased, by putting my index finger on my upper eyelid. However, there is a sense of frustration or inadequacy in that when I give words of admiration, tell them I love them, or smile to them, the Reptilians never respond in the way that I am fishing for, so, it is not like when two mammals or two humans interact, I never get that response that I am fishing for. Like when I shower Hamish with tons of words of praise and adoration almost to the point of declaring him a God all to try to let him know that I love him, he never says thanks or gets excited or happy because of it, they just shrug it off. So there is really no way of getting across to them, the feelings of love that I am trying to convey, their hearts never once flare up with the "wow, thanks!" that I am trying to give them with my words of praise. They are ignorant of love, but I am not ignorant of my love for them.

Hybrid boy was sent away

May 7-8 2017, 1:51 AM - Today a hybrid boy came to visit me in my bedroom in the other dimension. It means that I see him in a mental image but I do not see him with my eyes and he is not physically here. If that makes sense. I am sure that it doesn't. But that is how it goes. So. This boy looked to be about 9 years of age if he were a human. His skin looked to be thicker than human skin, and a pale gray color almost white. He had no hair growing on his head. He had no external ears but he had dark holes on either side of his head which were the ear openings. He was wearing some clothes. He told me that I was his mother.

When I saw the boy I decided I should be nice to him and forget all the past that has happened with the hybrid children and I would start anew and just be a nice person and be kind to this child. I welcomed him into my room, I was on my bed at the time by the computer. I asked him if he likes any toys and I said that I could buy some toys that I could keep here in my room for him for when he visits. He saw my bed and I have a large bed and he said that they don't get beds that large where he lives. I said my bed is made for two persons but I am only one person but that that is the bed I have.

It was all going nicely and I was being a mother of some sorts and he was being a sweet little kid but then he said he was going to show me his "vippen" which is their word for male parts and then I got upset and told the aliens that I would murder this child if he behaves that way and I told him to leave and to never come back here I said I was not a pedophile and that they could look somewhere else and thanks to god nothing escalated out of that and they left me alone and the child was gone.

Are any other abductees writing about this or are they all just pretending that things are normal with the hybrids? Or are other abductees actually overwhelmed by the disgust of this topic that they cannot write about it and am I the only one somehow capable enough to write honestly about what is happening? The Reticulans want to produce fertile hybrids and they want to find out as early as possible whether the various batches of combination of human and Reticulan genetic material is sexually capable and fertile or not, they would rather not wait until the hybrids are 18 years or so.

Reticulans know that this makes me upset. They know that I use strong language such as murder and suicide just to get them to leave me alone. I even use threats such as that I would remove the eggs or smoke cigarettes if I have to. Reticulans just don't have a heart. They don't care about my feelings, at all. They know I am unwilling and incapable of "teaching the hybrids about sex". What kind of a nightmare is this? This was supposed to be fantastic alien contact with living beings from another world. It was supposed to be fantastic. But then they treat me like this. And they keep trying to. What exactly are they thinking? Do they think that suddenly this sort of thing would be ok with me?

We only wanted to show them your vulva! Because, you have got the experienced kind. So we wanted to show them what it looks like. The ones that have been used. - an Alpha Reticulan hisses, the first sentence in my other language, meaning experienced vulva that I have had sexual experience
Do talk to the young ones, the young ones, or otherwise they do not get to eat! They do not get any food in their tummies otherwise. - Reticulan probably a Zeta

What am I supposed to think at this point? The bottom line is, that the Reticulans are going to have to stop exposing their hybrid children to sex. Sure, to some extent it is sex education. Even I had sex education with drawn pictures at school when I was a teenager. But this is something entirely different. They are expecting me to be intimate with hybrid kids who call me their mother. I don't want to write about this any more, I want to go to sleep. Hopefully Hamish does something cute and funny so that I don't have my whole night ruined.

Black Reptilian energy rapist
Shy Yellow Dragon Turtle
and Dinosaur loves to see orchid in the shower

May 07 2017, 1:47 PM - Last night I'm sure it was Jack was talking to me when I had gone to bed to go to sleep. He said he was from an organization whose initials were something like NOA I don't remember anymore, and he told me several times what it stood for and for me not to forget, but since I was a bit irritated by it all I made sure I would forget.

A black reptilian charged at me last night and made sexual feelings that at first I found to be very pleasant. What did I just write? So, Reptilians are able to somehow interact with a human nervous system without physical touch. They can cause a lot of energy in the human to be gathered up and turned into sexual pleasure energy or sensations. It is a form of energy vampirism and rape if it is not consentual. The sexual feelings I feel mostly in the chest, back and head and not in the obvious places at all, hence it is a phenomenon that impacts the nervous system and not the sexual organs. And this morning he did it again, and this time I felt that it was robbing me of energy and stealing from me, so I asked toward higher places for help in removing this being. This behavior they themselves call "drinking coffee" or "drinking juice", some reptilians call it "feeling the power", it is a form of sexual pleasure that they derive from ingesting human life force.

I sure hope that doesn't sound too unscientific for you guys. Think of it this way then. Perhaps the reptilian as a predatory being enjoys the sensation it gets from thinking that it has captured a victim. Just like how humans enjoy eating salty sweet and fatty foods. Behaviors that lead to survival, such as eating and reproduction, become enforced with pleasure sensations in many species and reptilians experience deliria and pleasure from predatory behavior. However, it is more intricate than just that, because there is an interaction where the being drains actual energy from the human and converts that energy into a sexual energy.

I saw mental images of a yellow dragon turtle today. Hamish told me that it was shy. And when I saw it, then I realized why probably Hamish loves yellow color. Did you know that Hamish loves the color yellow? Red is his color and red is a color that signals power and dominance to Hamish, however yellow is a color that captures his attention in a different way, he finds it pretty to look at. Red and yellow are the two colors that Hamish talks about. Interestingly, there are red dragon turtles and then there are yellow dragon turtles. The yellow turtles are however not the bright yellow that Hamish likes, rather they are a dull mustard yellow.

I put my orchid into the shower the other day and instantly a Dinosaur was there pleased to see it and completely forgetting that I should probably not see the Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs love baths and water. Remember all those times when I used to take baths and a Dinosaur would come and stand right next to it and watch dreamingly into the bath water? And then Hamish would come and sprinkle some of his scales into the bath. Baths used to be fun with so many aliens there, the Orion doctor used to also be there around bath time.

Unwanted Men. And Eustace.

May 03 2017, 2:31 PM - "Hello my name is Eustace.", said a black Reptilian to me just now, translated from my other language. "Hello Eustace. How nice that you were here.", I replied to him. And then I wondered how precious it is to greet Reptilians kindly. Probably many humans are scared of them, or say mean things to them because of the bad reputation they have. I am always friendly to my Reptiles. "We are the Serpents. And yes, hello.", says Eustace now in English. "Hello Eustace.", I say. "We wanted you to come here. And meet us.", Eustace the Reptilian says in English. I have known of Eustace already many years ago, I recall the black Reptilian having that name already in the first or second year back in 2011 or 2012. Eustace is a black Reptilian, he is wearing a tight fitting dark purple rubber uniform and his eyes are black, not yellow, and his skin is dark. His head is slightly proportionally "too small". His head looks soft and vulnerable, like if it lacks a supporting skeleton or skull and would buckle easily. He stands upright like a human. I do not see a tail. He has two legs and two arms. I would guess that this is the same as my "black Reptilian".

Today the Reticulans have been bothering me. They have Jack talk to me and Jack talks about that he would have sex with me. Reticulans and Jack say that Jack has had sex with lots of different women over there. I then tell them that that makes a woman not want to have sex with a promiscuous man like Jack, because that means that the woman feels meaningless among the many women, and it also raises the question if a man has STDs if he sleeps around with so many women, and also the thing that if a man is promiscuous then a woman feels that such a man would not take care of her and a baby if such an accident would happen. At first I had been saying that sure I would go out on a date with Jack and then see what happens, telling Reticulans that that is how these things are done, but then I am not even interested anymore. Reticulans wanted to show me children that me and Jack already have, and I said I do not want to see them, that I only want to see Reticulans, Draconians, Alpha Remulans, "Tiik, Tiik Tiik" says Hamish now. And I would also rather want to see the little yellow Alpha Centaurians, I said.

Also a human man with brown hair was saying to me like "Come on" and he is also acting like a creep there. I am not interested. I got to see mental images of Reticulans, probably the Alpha Reticulan ones, whose heads and eyes are a little different in shape than the Zeta ones. I was starting to feel unsettled, bothered, even harassed, by all this. Even to the point where then when the doorbell rang, I noticed that I was not acting my normal self. I felt threatened by the unknown caller, I was scared and nervous and afraid to see who was at the door. It was just the postman, asking if the recipient of a certain package still lives here, and we said no. But I would normally not feel so anxious or panicking about being approached by someone as harmless as the postman. But all this talk from Reticulans and Jack about what basically means that my body is being raped to make hybrid children over there, it was making me feel unsettled, scared, panicked, and very disturbed. To a point where I was not feeling safe anymore in my home, but afraid and phobic about meeting any stranger.

Jack has been talking a lot more lately. He says he is with "NASA Ames". Reticulans told me that Jack started out as an alien investigator but who then agreed to work with the Reticulans to father children for them. So the Reticulans bring women like me to men like Jack. "Sergeant Wilkes is here.", someone possibly Sergeant Wilkes says. "You don't have to feel afraid of being raped.", Sergeant Wilkes adds. "I don't care.", I say to Sergeant Wilkes. "You don't have to be worried.", Wilkes says. "And, my Toast.", Sock Turtle Hamish says, with his flat red duck feet shifting along the floor where he stands. "We were just working with the NASA.", Wilkes. "And then they didn't want to trouble us.", Hamish adds, about the NASA.

Jack told me that a few years ago I was very beautiful. He feels that I am no longer as beautiful as I was back then. He had fallen in love with me it seems. As I have told before, this man has real feelings toward me. Meanwhile I was sorting out my feelings about all of this, and realizing that it was offensive to rape my body my womb the inside of my body. It was wrong that they do this. The Reticulans and Jack and the other men there seem to think that it is ok. They are not, none of them are, living inside of a woman's body like I am. They don't know the feeling of being violated. They don't understand, and they don't care. "I was also very dominant.", my Sock Turtle Hamish says, in his attempt to bring order into the situation, like he knows that I am sad and bothered now, and this is him saying that he has got everything under control, everything is ok and he is taking care of things, that I do not need to worry, that is how I choose to interpret what he says. He is saying to me that everything is ok. As long as Hamish has got his Toast and Snacks, everything is ok in his universe, and then in mine also. Because Hamish is my biggest priority. And then, after I know that Hamish is ok and taken well care of, then I can worry about my own problems, but only then. Because that Sock Dragon means more to me than life itself. He showed me his back hump and the orange buttons at the back of his head today, and then he asked me if I had seen it, I said yes dragon, and that I am very proud of his back.

Reticulans showed me a mental image of the daughter that I have who is very clearly half me and half a Japanese man, she has long black hair and looks precisely like half me and half one of the Japanese men. She looks to be about 10. I have been shown her many times before. And I am not interested. There is no happy family reunion, when these are the results of rape. Plus that I don't get to remember. There have been hours and days and months of my life spent there that I don't get to remember, and when it concerns important matters like these, then the more hurtful it is. Because I am taken away from myself. I am being kept outside of a big secret that everybody else is in on. And that hurts more than being hurt on my body, because it hurts my soul.

They were showing me images of Olav yesterday, asking me if I wanted to see Olav playing ice-hockey, after a while I said why not yes show me. Olav doesn't like me, he makes that very clear when he looks at me, he thinks about the other kind of women that he likes. He doesn't like the way that I decorated my room yesterday, after I had gone shopping for home decor for my room. I told him it was not his room and that he was not welcome. So his opinions do not matter and are not appreciated. He thought about how he likes to decorate his home, with darker colors, but I don't care. Me and Olav completely lack chemistry, we do not like each other, and that is very clear. Yet, the aliens use him to have him father children for me that I don't get to remember. And he does not seem to mind, even though he hates me. Today they asked me if I wanted to see him at the gym, he was doing some weight lifting. I said I did not want to see. I was not interested. I was also shown the other brown-haired man who said something like "Come on" today, shown him naked and I said I am not interested.

Some of the human men who are obviously military officers were talking and thinking about how they were first planning to give me to the Russians for military use but now they are thinking of having use of me themselves instead. Seems they think I have some psychic abilities that could be useful for military use.

Reticulans also showed me a mental image of several Mantids standing in a line side to side and looking toward me from a dark room. I thanked them for showing me Mantids. Mantids are wonderful.

Love for Turtles

May 01 2017, 9:31 PM - Observation: Dinosaurs have a tendency to blink with one eye at a time.

I asked if I could meet Draconians. That made Hamish let me see him in a mental image, in the image he was standing like in a room that could have been in a spaceship, it was mostly dark there and it looked as if the walls were brown colored unless that was due to the darkness, though I have seen that the inside of the cigar shaped spaceships are brown, and in the image he was facing toward me, standing next to the medical table. He was such a cute red dragon. But Hamish talked about his smell, he is self-conscious about his smell bothering me, even though I assure dragon that I know what his smell is like and that I would like to meet him anyway. I love him so very much. He was closing his upper eyelids diagonally as he looked at me, meaning that he was smiling at me.

Hamish does not visit me because of a friendship. It seems clear that he is only here for practical reasons that benefit him. I am sure that he appreciates when I honor him and give him words of admiration. I hope that he can think of me as a friend, when he shares his thoughts with me, or shows me his shedded scales. (He right now says "goosebumps" and shows me his back hump that has orange goosebumps on it.) I want to think that he feels welcome in my home, and that he enjoys a safe retreat to his beloved bathroom rug knowing that it is his rug and a safe welcoming place for him. I hope at least that he can rest and relax when he is around me because he knows that I will always be friendly to him.

"I have also shown you that. And therefore we were friends, Yes, Tik!", Hamish says now, showing me a mental image from the place in the forest by a fallen log where he keeps shedded scales underneath a pile of leaves. "Yes Hamish, I have seen that. And we are friends therefore. Tik, Dragon!", I say to him. "I would not show you otherwise.", Hamish says, his eyelids closing in what is a smile with both upper and lower eyelids partially but a lot closing.

When I think of him, above all he is a person. He is Hamish. "Tok Tok Tok", he says now and turns around showing me his back hump. "Tok Tok, Hamish.", I say to him. "My goosebumps!", Hamish declares. "Hamish's goosebumps, Tik!", me I say. Of course, this creature is not a mammal. He is not even a rat. What if I am misinterpreting his behavior as friendship? Is this only a predator-prey relationship, because he is only interested in guarding my eggs so that he can be given liver snacks in return? But he shares so much of his life with me, in a way that a predator never does with a cattle. He talks to me about his experiences and thoughts, he chats about santas and gnomes and how they are using his color in the red hat, he tells me about how he loves goldfish and he talks about koala bears and armadillos. He tells me when he has eaten snacks, sometimes he tells me when he has made a poo, he tells me when he is visiting places, and he shows me the things that he is fearful of and then I comfort him and try to keep him feeling safe.

When he shows me his back hump and shedded scales, I have to admit I do not yet fully know what that means. I suspect that the shedded scales marks his territory, when he puts his scales in my home it means to other dragons that this is his home, and when he places scales on my body it means my eggs are his, I think? When he shows his back hump, he is showing status and wanting to impress others and he thinks it awards him a superior rank. However, when he shows his goosebumps, he seems to mostly just wonder about them, he has a kind of marvel about his own body, he is a conscious person inside that body and those eyes and he thinks a lot about what his body looks like and he finds his body peculiar or wondrous. He thinks a lot about his red color, his back hump, the goosebumps that he inherited from his father. When he shows me his goosebumps, I get the feeling that he is expressing his wondering about his body.

Hamish is a brave and cocky person. He lets his persona take up the space in a room and he figuratively speaking steps on everybody else there, he expects everyone else to accept that according to him, everyone else is of a lower status. He can often be mean and bullying toward others, to the Dinosaurs, to Alpha Remulans, to hybrid children. And he does not like it when someone is saying nice things to lower rank beings, it disrupts Hamish's whole entire balance and gives him discomfort. He has a tendency to take objects away from others, such as toys from the hybrid children, especially if toys are red in color, he shows his back hump and takes space in the room and sometimes if he gets irritated he even bites into a shoulder and flaps the being around like a rag.

"Yes-No, I was not insecure.", Hamish says now, probably because of what he picked up from my thoughts I am going to say next: He is brave, arrogant and cocky, yet he fears simple things. Hamish is afraid of carved pumpkin faces with a lit candle inside, he is afraid of needles, cactuses, shards of broken glass... he now spreads his fingers wide a few times, flexing his fingers wide, he does that when he shows a warning threat. However, his fears are natural since he mostly fears things that could actually hurt him, so it is really very good that he is careful.

"Yes-No, magnificent back.", Hamish says. "Why Yes-No?", me. "I don't want to fight with you anymore. To show it, means a fight.", Hamish says and shows me his back. "I did not know that. I did not fight with you Hamish. I was proud of your back.", me. "Tik, Tiik Tiik!", Hamish says, the Tik means Yes and Tiik Tiik again as always seems to mean that he is happy and excited, here because I was proud of his back.

I have shared life with this dragon. "Yes-No, coming to spaceship to look at my back and goosebumps. Yes-No, *hiss*", Hamish says, probably because I had asked today if I could come and meet Draconians. Do I make Hamish happy? "Yes-No, Tik!", Hamish says. I am trying to have a really deep, meaningful friendship with this dragon. I love him so very much. "Tiik, Tiik!", Hamish says, while turning around to show his back. We don't fully understand each other, "Yes-No, my eggs were not in oestrus!", Hamish says. But somehow living together works. It works, because he has strict orders not to hurt me, and to protect my eggs. And it works, because I see him as a friend.

Is it an unlikely friendship? "Yes-No.", Hamish answers that question if it is an unlikely friendship. (Remember that Yes-No means No.) I love him. Very much. The person he is. I would die for him, that is how much I love him. I would give the world to him. Aha, I now see a yellow Dragon Turtle.

I also have the great back! - the yellow dragon turtle tells me
Are you proud of your back? - me
Yes, very much and always. It was the great insignia. I have come to see you walking around with Hamish. Hamish was my nephew! We have had great times together too! - yellow to me about Hamish
I love your race very much. They are beautiful turtles. - me
Yes, we have a proud insignia back. It was our proudest, sign. - yellow turtle shows me its back
I am proud of it too. I am proud of turtle dragons. - me
We do not like to fight, Tik! - Hamish, about showing the back
... I love dragon turtles. - me
We love, you too! - a Draconian, perhaps Hamish, with eyelids closing in a fond smile

The yellow turtle has its hands at the back end of its back hump, from Hamish I have learned that this gesture means "stay away, do not follow, leave me alone". Or actually, I first encountered that gesture when the red Dragon Turtle female Susanna did that gesture to Hamish when she did not want him to bother her.

Hamish finds an opponent vegetable (and it is not pumpkin)
Hamish was proud of me!

April 25 2017, 9:25 PM - Yesterday Hamish told me that he was proud of me. I know I heard it right. I don't know why he was proud of me, but he was proud of me. Now he does a palate click which sounds just lovely, a high-pitched beautiful click. Knowing Hamish and how proud he is of himself, it is really remarkable that he could be proud of anyone else. I sometimes wonder if he even understands that other people are also someone, like he is.

Today I was at work working with vegetables. There was a box of yellow bell peppers on the table. Hamish was in the vegetables warehouse with me. Hamish told me in my third language about an "opponent". I wondered what was going on with dragon, who he had recognized as an opponent, it sounded serious like there was going to be a fight. So when I asked him more about it, turns out the yellow bell peppers were his opponent, because he knows that they are going to turn red. So he was showing them his back hump. Of course that was the cutest thing, even though dragon is trying to be quite serious about it.

Hamish was then called in to go to some military office, he said he did not want to go there, but soon enough dragon was sitting slumped together in the corner of that office, because some military had not allowed him to be near me and had called him to go there to his office. Hamish said to me "Tok Tok" from that remote office, calling for me, and I really wanted for us to be together!

When I was coming home from work today, dragon noticed me as I was approaching the entrance door downstairs, and we were both so happy to see each other! There is like an excitement when I come home from work and we are together again at last! We both feel relieved, and like the world is now coming to an order. We both feel an urge to be together, but for different reasons. I told him, "Tok, Hamish. Tok.", when I was approaching him. Tok, just one Tok by itself, means "I am here now, here with you". Hamish said "Tuk, Tuk" today, but I still do not know what it means.

My flatmate has a box for laundry powder which has among other pictures on it some pictures of little gnomes with red pointy hats on it. I noticed that this morning and I told Hamish about it. When Hamish told me about an "opponent" I had first thought that he would be talking about the gnomes from this morning, but instead it had been the yellow bell peppers who were an opponent, which could also be translated as challenger, enemy, or foe.

Today at the vegetable warehouse before he was told to leave by some military, Hamish had stood close to me but in the other dimension and I had caught his smell, it smells like latrine, like a diarrhoea kind of smell, but like from a wild animal. It is fine, a bit like a manure smell like from a farm house, it does not bother me at all, after all, it is Hamish, the love of my life, my sweet dragon turtle who finds enemies in santa gnomes and their red hats and yellow bell peppers who might turn red to challenge him.

Hamish and blue Arcturian speaks

April 23 2017, 6:05 PM - A few nights ago in the evening a Reptilian came to talk to me. I had the feeling it was one of the small "raptor old-Earth dinosaurs". He talked to me a long time. He told me their story in great detail. About how they had fought against their "enemy" and then they had retreated. They had then come across someone more powerful and joined forces with them so that they could win against the first enemy. I forget most of what they said, probably their need for human eggs was also mentioned.

Last night I asked to meet Hamish. Therefore a yellow Dragon Turtle came to visit here in my room in the other dimension. He told me about how this was an alien world for him, he looked at all the strange things here in my human home. He told me he was the "mayor", presumably he is just for the "old Draconian race" Dragon Turtles. I forget most of our conversation, but he was here of course to check me out because I had wanted to meet them. My request was however declined and I was not allowed to meet the Dragon Turtles. The yellow dragon turtle also showed me his back hump. They really are an adorable species, they are ones who like to be dominating and they want to be seen as powerful and strong, they like to be admired and honored, yet they really are sweet and cute turtle dragons with duck feet and a hump back.

The other night aliens showed me a mental image of a green frog that hopped down one stair on some stone stairs outdoors. It means of course that the frog is coming for my eggs. I LOVE it when they put sudden clear mental images of frogs in my mind, frogs or Kermit, it refers to the Dinosaurs of course.

I now remember one thing that the yellow turtle mayor said. He said that it had not been raining here where I am, which is true, he said that was too bad since he loves to stand in water puddles. I told him that I know that his species loves to stand in water because I have seen images of Hamish standing in shallow creeks. See, Dragon Turtles have webbed wide flat duck feet like an aquatic species, and more than just Hamish loves to stand in shallow water. Hamish is adamant that his species in fact are crustaceans, shrimp, lobsters and crabs, I don't think he has ever referred to himself as a "dragon" or a "reptilian". Hamish has shown me mental images of an ancient crustacean which I really need to draw for you guys to see, it is a huge lobster it reminds me a bit of this picture. It was the same fire engine red that Hamish is, it is a bright color, it lived in very shallow waters where its back was just under the water. Along the top of its back were the orange buttons... Hamish says "Tik" and also makes the click corresponding to it! He likes the buttons!

It was my ancestor therefore. - Hamish says now
And their eggs have not all been collected. - Hamish adds [about the eggs of the lobster species]
Hello, we are the Arcturians. We would like to tell you what was not false. Hamish's appreciation for that very ancient species. However. We are here to inform you. That most of that what you have said was false. There was no crustacean like that living in the seas. - Arcturian
They have been taken. - Hamish says to the Arcturian
I don't want to fight you with my back. - Hamish to Arcturian, shows his back a little, a bit angered
What did Hamish's species evolve from then, Arcturian? - me
We don't want to show you them. - Arcturian, Arcturian then bows sadly his head down, he has a large bald blue head
I love you. I love Hamish. - me, first part to Hamish, second part to Arcturian
We were here to see you. You were a Starseed! And, very welcome with us! - Arcturian to me, "with us" in my third language
Hello. Nice to meet you too! I love Hamish very very much. I will always love him. Always... I am proud of his back too. - me, I add that last part when I felt Hamish shifting his feet a bit
You don't need to love him like a woman loves a man. He does not understand that. Do you now? - Arc to me then last sentence "Do you now?" to Hamish
I don't love him like a woman loves a man. I love him like... like he is the greatest biggest love of my life. Greater than life itself. I find life in him. He is the sweetest person, I love him so so much. - me
My eggs, said to me, that they were proud. - Hamish in my native language, eyes smiling upper and lower eyelids closed a bit like a "blush smile" and swaying his head sideways a few times out of content
They were very proud. - Hamish adds, turns around so that his back can be seen, then turns his head around to look behind him to look at anyone who might be looking at his back, "they" meaning the eggs

The eggs are dry

April 21 2017, 9:57 PM - This morning when I was wiping myself dry after peeing and then I stood up in the bathroom to wipe and Hamish was watching me closely, he then said I forget the exact words but he said "The eggs are now dry". That was both sweet and funny at the same time.

Today Captain Swansea was in my room in the other dimension, he was here to guard me from Hamish, he talked to Hamish and referred to him as "buddy" when he asked Hamish to sit down on the edge of my bed. I thanked Swansea for being kind to Hamish and for calling him buddy. Later Swansea mentioned that he could shoot Hamish in the head if need be. I did my very best to explain in mere meaningless words how much I love Hamish and how I would have to kill Swansea's family and then him if he ever hurt my dragon so that he would know how I feel. I emphasized that I protect Hamish.

I am menstruating today, so there are many bloody tampons being produced. Plus that Hamish was curious to see if the dogs would be fighting more in the video game again today. Blood and violence, this environment is one where a dragon could get carried away, so no wonder the military are keeping an eye on things.

I told Swansea that there is the most amazing and wonderful person inside Hamish's head, if only he could get to know him. I love Hamish so much.

Japanese man drinking Sake,
Aliens invited me for astral travel,
Hamish is given chewing gum to stay happy

April 20 2017, 3:42 PM - One of the Japanese men that Hamish hangs out is talking about how he, the man, has drunk "Sake" (Japanese alcohol) so that he becomes brave and can talk to women. I told him he does not have to drink alcohol to be brave. Several days ago perhaps about a week ago Hamish mentioned "Tom Tom" which is one of the Japanese whose actual name was Tomo wasn't it? A few days ago the aliens, I think the Reticulans, told me that there used to be a place called Lemuria on Earth and they asked me if I know where the Lemurians escaped to, I said I do not know. They said that the Japanese people are the Lemurians. Lemurians used to live on some other island and then they colonized Japan. So we are learning a lot of interesting things about the Japanese people from my aliens. Not to mention that today's modern Japanese people are supposedly being genetically altered and replaced with Reticulan hybrids.

I woke up last night and looked at the time and it was 4 AM. Some aliens were talking to me telling me that they have an astral ship and asking me if I want to come to them for an astral journey. I knew that they were talking about the place known as the astral plane, which is another parallel world to our physical world, supposedly humans wander around in the astral plane when we are asleep and dreaming. The aliens told me that they can travel very easily through space by traveling in the astral plane, they were inviting me to go with them. I don't know if anything came of these travel plans. I have had conscious astral travels a few times before. These were perhaps the Altair people but I really cannot be sure, just thinking, since an Altair man did visit me a few days ago. In my teens, benevolent humanoid aliens were teaching me astral travels and I also had contact with several ETs such as the Altair people then.

I told Hamish that he is cute today. I just thought you should know. The aliens gave him some white piece of tissue or thing to chew on today and Hamish told me that he had chewing gum and Reticulans were telling me about how it was important to give him things like that. As much as Hamish is a person, he is also a dragon, and the aliens understand his behavior very well. They sometimes give him a football to play with, or chewing gum to chew on, to satisfy his predatory instincts or otherwise he can become irritable and aggressive and difficult to handle over there. I thanked the Reticulans for understanding my Hamish and for taking such good care of him. My Turtle.

Dear SETI...

April 19 2017, 9:02 PM - Dear SETI,
I thought you should know that I am in daily contact with extraterrestrial life. I understand that many of you are seeking them, and you would wish to be so fortunate to have the contacts that I have been blessed with. There must be so many questions that you would like to ask them, so many things you would like to talk with them about, so much that you could do together, if only you had the opportunity, if only they had come to you. I understand that I have got a privilege, that I must use wisely on behalf of all of you and also for humanity. And so, with your dreams and desires in my heart, and taking your endeavors seriously. I am spending my time with the Reticulans asking them to show me Kermit the frog puppet in different situations and then I am laughing about the images they show me because they are cute. Over and out.

Do you want to see when Kermit it is dancing? Because we can show that to you too. - Reticulan as if holding a Kermit puppet in its hands and moving one of its arms with its hand
Yes! - I say with a big smile and then chuckle

PS. I am 34 years old. You never grow too old for Kermit.

It likes to dance now. Look at its feet. - an alien shows me Kermit's dancing webbed frog feet, hahaha
How funny! Show me more Kermits! What else can he do? - me
Dab, Dab! - Dinosaur narrating Kermit as I am shown an image of Kermit's face with the big frog eyes
Kermit could eat some Toast. I would recommend. - Hamish, "recommend" in my third language
Hamish? What else could Kermit do? - me
He does not have a tail. - Hamish
He is not the lowest scum. But he is pretty bad here. - Hamish about Kermit
Oh dear! That last part it was meant to be about us! - Dinosaur concerned
Dinosaurs, do not worry, you are sweet delightful creatures, and I love all of you. - me
Deb. - Dinosaur says, I see it, it said "Deb" with a big swallow in its throat, I saw the folds of skin on its throat move as it swallowed to say Deb

The aliens are showing me images of Kermit the frog puppet to try to get me accustomed to meeting the Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs are green aliens that look a lot like frogs and it is they who come close to me to do medical procedures. Reticulans also ask me if I like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and I say I do not like those, I tell them I do like Kermit and Hamish and Alpha Remulans.

This morning when I woke up Hamish was standing beside my bed and he had placed that large sheet of shedded scales on my body like a blanket the one that he was holding on to last night.

Dogs fighting in video game almost makes Hamish manifest in real physical form out of excitement, but General Bryant makes a stop to it

April 18 2017, 7:31 PM -

Hello you! Welcome to my home here! - me as I see a military man in dark green camouflage clothing
Don't let him say Tuk Tuk to you. You don't even know what it means. - military sad and concerned
We came to see that you were ok, with him there. - military standing between Hamish and me
[Added same day: Hamish was on his rug to the left of me, I was in my bed with the computer on my lap, the military stood on the floor between Hamish and me, we were all in my room.]
I am always fine with Hamish! - me
He eats livers. - military
Snacks. - Hamish
I know. And you probably eat cows pigs and chickens. - me
Yeah, I do that. - military
So? What is the difference? He is my best friend. Hamish is the love of my life. I love him. - me
All right then. Nothing here to see. - military fed up almost
And, psst, why are you writing down? - military to me
Because. I don't want to forget what Hamish does. He is my Turtle. - me
I have also got Frogs. - Hamish in my native language NL
Do you know what he is doing there? He is waiting for blood. - military to me, Hamish is standing to my left on his ruggy snug with his shedded sheets of scales
He wants to see the dogs in the video game fighting. I told him I would let him know if that happens. - me
My Toast. - Hamish, "my" in NL
Well, I came here as quickly as I could! - military, he looks back toward Hamish
Do you know why I am not nervous about that guy? Because we have got weapons aimed at them. - military to me
HEY YOU! You leave me and Hamish alone right now at once! He is guarding the eggs, so he won't hurt me. We are just spending some quality time here together, and you are not invited because you are ruining it and being rude. - me to military
Well, I am not able to leave. - military, he sees Hamish behind his back, Hamish opens his mouth and hisses, still holding on to a large pliable white sheet of scale in his hands, standing on his ruggy snugs
Hey! Do you have to work at hotels? Hey you? - military to me
What's it to you? - me
Couldn't you be doing something more important? Like, chasing those guys away? - mil to me about Hamish
HAMISH IS MY BEST FRIEND! For the last time! I am about to lose my patience with you. Hamish will not hurt me, because he is guarding the eggs. Because he loves liver, and they pay him with liver to guard me. - me, Hamish goes now to the door to my room, looking at me with his eyes that are round and bulging like the headlights of a car
I love you Turtle. I love you so very much. - me
I wanted to drink their blood! Tik! - Hamish about the dogs in the video game
That is why my back was here. - Hamish adds and points to his back
Turtle? There can be no real blood if dogs in a video game were fighting. No real blood, Tortoise. - me
Hey, my name's Patton by the way. - General Patton, does not seem to be the military not the same guy
Do you ever smoke pot? That would let you see them easier. - mil
I don't do drugs. I was seeing Hamish just fine anyway. - me
That's because he wanted to have a security clearance. And I was here to see that that won't happen. - mil somewhat awkward
Let him visit. But make sure that he knows that he can only visit me when I am home alone. - me
My eggs said. About, my dominance, Tiik! - Hamish, note that is a Tiik he seems to do those when he is excited in a positive way
I cannot, really, chase you away. So, ahem, ehm, I was hoping that you would go away on your own accord. - mil to Hamish
I will not leave. - Hamish to mil
Hamish can stay. He is my best friend. - me
And also, have you seen my bump? - Hamish shows his back, "bump" in NL
I wasn't, going to do anything to him. - mil to me about Hamish, thinking about shooting so about not shooting, with some large firearms not like a gun
If you hurt my tortoise, then I will seriously hurt you. Do you understand? - me
No. No I do not. - mil about understanding
He is MY BEST FRIEND! - me to mil
And, this is my rug. - Hamish to mil "this is my rug" NL about his rug
Let him be here. He is my turtle. - me
Can you tell her, to please drink milk for the eggs? - Hamish to military
I don't know why she won't? - Hamish about milk
These people are like the peasants. - black Reptilian
It is my rug. I took it. - Hamish NL
It is your rug, Hamish. You love it so much. - me
I wanted to see, and drink their blood? Arrghh. - Hamish a kind of growl, he thinks to the dogs in the video game
Hamish, they are not real. - me
I wanted to see them fight. - Hamish about the dogs in the game
I have not, smelled like cheese before! My eggs were in oestrus! - Hamish
My turtleback? Have you seen it, and have you known, that I am tremendous therefore? - Hamish
Hamish I love you and your back. - me
Damn, I could take you down to a special island. - the military! I see him, he is a bit older probably late 40's, he has white hair but looks young, tan, he is wearing the dark green camouflage uniform, he was just thinking about some romantic get-away to some tropical island on a beach that is all, referring to me
I won't shoot him I promise. - mil
If you were to hurt the love of my life... Do you know what women do whose love of their life was injured by some idiot who doesn't understand? - me
He could rip into your throat, Hon. I have seen that happen. We don't want it to happen to you. - mil sad and concerned
Yes, I don't doubt that he is. - mil
Do you play any radio here, for him? He doesn't like that, so I would suggest, that, that ahem erh that you would play him some. So that he could retreat. - mil a bit sad
I don't want to bother my tortoise. I love him. - me
I am not a great pet, I said to them both. - Hamish, then turns around shows his back with hands on the lower end of his back hump
He won't hurt me, because his job is to guard my eggs. - me to mil
Hamish? Am I safe with you? - me
Yes-No, my back turtle. - Hamish shows his back
I am not going to say, what I am writing in my report. About his behavior. - mil, shaking his head sad
But I love him! He is my turtle! - me
Yeah, I don't doubt that he is. - mil sad
He won't hurt me. He guards my eggs. He knows that I need to be safe in order for the eggs to be safe, that is how I know that he won't hurt me, he won't ever hurt me. Please, do not threaten to injure my dragon! I would die without him! - me
You know, there are plenty more ways to die. Starting with that guy there. - mil about Hamish on the rug holding scales with dragon hands
I feel safe with him? He won't hurt me? He guards me. He loves me? - me
Tik Tik Tok. - Hamish in response to "he loves me", remember what "Tik Tok" means

The military man in dark green camouflage clothing now leans his back on one side of the door opening to my room and props his feet against the other side so that he is leaning diagonally across the door opening, holding the rifle in his arms...

I am with the special units team. Here to protect you Ma'am! - mil to me
The obvious question is, how come you are creeping in the other dimension, and how did you get there? - me
That is a secret. We really cannot tell you. We are just, here to keep you... - mil, I didn't hear the rest
Keep Hamish safe too. - me
My eggs, they want to guard me. - Hamish, turns around to show his back, his hands on the lower end of the back, lifting his duck feet to turn around
Don't hurt my tortoise. He is the love of my life. I would die for him. - me
Would you now? - mil
Tik Tok! - Hamish
I love him. I have known him for six years now... - me interrupted by:
No, you are not getting in. - the military standing diagonally across the door opening says to Hamish who is in the hallway outside, I am in my bedroom
My eggs. - Hamish NL
Yes, I don't doubt that it is. - mil to Hamish
Tik Tok. - Hamish
... Can you let my Turtle Dragon in to my room? Why don't you think that it is safe? - me
He was about to breach the safety requirement. - mil to me
We need to let you cool down! Calm down for one moment! And. Like I said. You were about to breach the safety requirement. No, and you are not getting in. - mil talking to Hamish! Hamish says something about his back
Let Hamish come in. I don't mind if I see him. - me
Are you so sure that you love him then? - mil to me
Tik Tok! - Hamish as the clicks and the words both
Hamish! TIK TOK! - me, I now see Hamish respond by shuffling one of his duck feet under the military man's diagonally propped legs as Hamish gently looks at the man's face, his duck foot on the floor toward the door opening under the man, so cute, he wants to come in
MY TURTLE! TOK TOK! - me, Hamish responds by smiling with his eyes when I said Tok Tok
My eggs. - Hamish NL, eyes smiling lower and upper eyelids [partially] closed now and also already in the previous line
Hamish. Tok Tok Tok. - me, I know I am making it hard for the military man, but this is my Turtle Dragon we are talking about
Can you let him in please? He is my Tortoise? Please? - me to mil
Tiiik! Tiiik! - Hamish from the other side of the room
I am not going to fire at him. - mil seems happy and amused, he is looking at my tortoise with the flat duck foot pushing ever so gently toward him on the floor
What is your name? - me
I am General Bryant. - General Bryant the military man
Do not be concerned about us now. Yees, you need your Tik Tok. - mil kindly and amused speaks to Hamish
I want my Hamish here. - me
He was about to breach the safety procedure protocol. - Gen Bryant
And what protocol is that? - me
To not let you see him, my Dear! - Gen Bryant
And what if I want to see my Turtle? What if I already know what he looks like? - me
No. You are not getting in. - Gen Bryant using his firearm as a rod holding it firmly with one hand on either end to bar entry for Hamish, he says to Hamish
Tik Tok. - Hamish says to me, calling for me and his eggs from the other side
Hamish! I want to come to you! - me
I was not a play-thing, he said. I would murder you! - Hamish, first sentence to me, second to the General, then he opens his mouth and gurgle-hisses
Tik Tok! - Hamish
Hamish! Hamish! Tok Tok Tok! - me, Hamish responds to my Tok Tok Tok by closing partially upper and lower eyelids in a smile, he now pushes toward the General in an attempt to come in but he cannot push past the General
My tortoise is trying to get in! Let him come here! He has his rug here! - me
Yeah yeah yeah, Tik Tok. Oh dear, oh dear yes and your Toast. - Gen Bryant to Hamish, still propped diagonally across the door opening, I laugh out loud a bit
Hamish? Hamish you can come and visit me in my room later. Perhaps you can go and sit down on the sofa. - me, I see Hamish's one flat duck foot pushed through past the General and facing with the underside sole toward me and held in the air, yet poor Sock Turtle is still on the other side
Hamish. You are cute. Perhaps you can visit me later. - me
Yes-No. Yes-No later I said! - Hamish while showing his back and making a little dance around to show his back, I chuckle some more
Do you know... about those guys who wear adult diapers. And why they did it? You see, the aliens gotta collect some stool samples. So, starting with you. - Gen Bryant
Why would you tell me that now? - me
Tiik Tok! - Hamish yelling out the Tik Tok so it is Tik and not Tiik, accompanied with the actual click-sequence

Today I played the video game The Sims 2. In it, two dogs started fighting. That got Hamish so curious that he came up so close that I saw him much much closer and more vividly than usual, he was so bright orange red and yellow colored, as he came up real close to the screen to watch the fight. In the game the Sim people can also throw a stick which the dog fetches to play with them, Hamish thinks it is some sort of possible violence because of the stick so he watches that keenly too. "I was not arrogant I said. About them.", Hamish says now, "them" being the dogs in the game. "Tik Tok", now in words and click sound.

But a while ago just a few minutes before General Bryant showed up, I was playing the game again and Hamish was hopeful or expecting some more dog fights in the game, so to my wonderful surprise for the first time ever in our nearly six years together I started to see little cute Hamish with my plain eyes. He was in the hallway... "My lunch", Hamish with "my" in NL. He was in the hallway where it is dark, the door is open about halfway, the lights are on in my bedroom here, I am laying on the bed with my back propped up against the wall behind me, if I look in front of me I am facing toward the door opening.

So I was seeing Hamish for the first time ever with my eyes. Normally the image of him is decoded in my brain and I do not see the image or shape of him in the world itself

Yes, yes, General Bryant is a General. - Gen Bryant to Hamish, Hamish then says something such as "Have you not heard the eggs calling for me?" or similar, said to the military, I forgot what he said exactly cause didn't write it down on time

But this time, I could see Hamish with my eyes. The image of him was consistent and not fading or fluctuating in clarity, yet the image of him was not solid, it was like a non-solid Hamish, as if my hand could have gone right through him had I tried, yet the full outline was there, still somewhat "pale" like a ghostly figure, but the colors and all were there, the detail was perfect and immaculate.

His two round bulging eyes that really do look like the headlights of a car were looking in from the dark hallway, his eyes not blinking, he was calm and he looked sweet. He was being his usual turtle self. He had the more slumped camel posture and not an upright tall posture. His behavior was precisely as it would have been even if I was not seeing him with my eyes. He looked at me, he then went over to the two brown glass empty beer bottles that are in the hallway next to the front door waiting for someone to take them out (I don't drink beer, those are after my flatmate's party, I am home alone today since a few days), and Hamish went over to the bottles and looked at them and told me that he was "tired of seeing them" and I promised him that I would take them to the bin outside.

Turtle then peeked his head through the door standing in the hallway and looking at me, I was looking at him. And he said Tuk Tuk, and I finally learned what Tuk Tuk is. It is the smack sound that he makes, it is not the palate click but the smack sound with the palate. Those are easy for me to copy, much easier than the palate clicks, so I told him Tuk Tuk and I made some of the palate smack Tuk Tuk sounds for him, so we were saying Tuk Tuk to each other, not that I still know what that means, or most importantly, what it implies. I told him to come to his ruggy that his ruggy is here, he told me that he has shedded scales there and that he likes to step on them and then he came over and stomped on some scales and I saw him and I chuckled! Then he showed interest in seeing the dogs fight in the game, I came over here to write that I had finally learned more about what Tuk Tuk means and then the military man showed up and I wrote down the conversation, and now we are caught up.

As for the General's mention of diapers, ehh, I can only think that it refers to what I wrote down that is in the first telepathy book "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?" which you will have to read there, it refers to some of the Japanese people that work with the Reptilians and what I witnessed about that but anyway.

Wow. I got to see Hamish with my own eyes. He was already jumping into real life when I saw him so vivid and colorful when he approached the screen to see the dogs fight the first time. So turns out, based on what the military I mean General Bryant has been saying now, Hamish was about to somehow break his camouflage and enter into this reality, so excited about seeing the dogs fighting on the screen, and, somehow Bryant knew that if Hamish sees fighting he can get carried away and that it can trigger in Hamish a hunting and predatory behavior in which Hamish would yes target the throat. How does Bryant know Hamish so well? "It is my Toast. He has watched.", Hamish says now in NL about Bryant, aha so Bryant has seen Hamish have dealings with his Toast, meaning food.

One part of me wants to let Hamish come here in this dimension. Another part of me is grateful for Bryant for protecting me. "I also have a smell. And they do not, and they did not, like that. About Bryant I said!", Hamish. "I am a General.", Bryant says. "He is a General!", Hamish says [I think is what Hamish said]. Hamish opened his mouth and gurgle-hissed when he said "About Bryant I said".

My beautiful Turtle. I am proud of myself that I remained so calm and factual even though the turtle love of my life was literally manifesting and becoming physically real in my home. I remained perfectly calm and respectful toward Hamish, my heart was not even pounding to have him almost here in real physical form. I know this dragon so well. I have seen him mentally for so long, that seeing him fully physically real would not be too far of a leap to make. I now see a quick flash of a Mantid in a mental image from a remote location. "We were also here. And, we were also chasing and hunting for our food.", Mantid says. "And, you need to drink more.", Mantid tells me and hints to the bottle of sparkling water I have next to the bed.