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March 5 2017 - April 17 2017

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Remulan Scorpions! Hamish! And Altair man!
And watching armadillo and pangolin videos with Hamish

April 17 2017, 6:10 PM - Today I was shown a mental image of what I was sure was the Alpha Remulan scorpion, sitting slumped somewhere in a dark room in the corner, a large insect with a cute face and round all black shining button eyes. They told me it was a "Zeta Remulan". This is not the first time that the aliens have referred to it as "Zeta" Remulan, but usually they call it the "Alpha Remulan". It seemed to have been looking at me as I was chopping up some vegetables to make a stir-fry for my rice, as we know, Alpha Remulans are highly keen on food, but they are strictly meat eaters.

And a while ago I just declared that I love the Alpha Remulans. That made the Alpha Remulan connect to me telepathically and it said, translated from my native language: "I am not Hamish's caterpillar! He said, "I will take you!"". As always, not just what the Remulan Scorpions say but also how they say it is ever so cheerful and delightful and it made me cheered up and giggle.

Last night when I went to bed the aliens showed me a sudden mental image of a green frog, and this morning again an image of a frog. That means the Dinosaurs. And Hamish has been about, showing his back hump, his head buttons, and talking about lobsters. This morning he asked me if he could sit down on my bed, I told him Hamish you are my best friend and I love you you do not need to ask for permission of course you can sit! He said that if he sits he might have some poo on the bed and he said that that was why he usually sits down on his tail, which is true, whenever I see him sitting, his tail goes down between his legs toward the floor whereas I always wonder why it isn't behind his back resting on the couch like I would have expected it to be. I put a small towel on the bed where he had wanted to sit and I said to him that he can sit on the towel. I love my Turtle, but I also love the Alpha Remulans.

Today a Dark Lord wanted to visit and I told him not to since I am allergic and I sent a silent wish out to the universe for anyone who hears me who could send the Dark Lords away. That brought my good old friends an Altair man to visit, he told me about how the Dark Lords are energy vampires, the Altair man also asked me if I remember him and I said I do. Altair men are tall with orange skin, brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. Altair people are some of the friendliest most wonderful people out there. They interacted with me when I was a child and teen, and they are part of having raised me and made me who I am, they will always be family to me. It was just that short visit and then I did not notice them any more, and they hopefully knew how to take the Dark Lords away with them too.

We don't want wars here. That is why we have come. - Dark Lord I think who said? Otherwise perhaps the Altair man?
They have tried to take our women too. And we resist and desist our capture. - Altair man says, he kneels when he speaks the italic part, kneeling on one knee and bowing his head down a bit looking like a knight when he does that

10:37 PM. I asked Hamish if he wanted to watch some YouTube videos. He said "armadillo", so we watched a few videos of armadillos. I had to remind him that the animals in the video cannot see us or hear us, because he was telling the armadillo "Hey my name is Hamish". Later I switched to pangolin (a similar animal) videos. Hamish said "Tok Tok" to a Dinosaur and Hamish had asked the Dinosaur to talk to the animals in the video for him, again I said that they cannot see or hear us, I said that in some videos we can see and talk to each other but in these it is previously recorded. I even pressed pause and then clicked backwards in a video to show him that it was pre-recorded. He was still wanting to show these animals his back, and he just couldn't help himself but to pose his back to them.

Hamish has reminded me today not to eat langoustines and that he is a crustacean. I assured him again that I would not eat his friends, that they are not food, and that they may not be taken, and that I would put them into water and feed them with snacks. While I was in the kitchen earlier he asked me if I was "looking for Toast". He has started calling all foods "Toast", which of course I am finding adorable. Hamish is a great friend. I am really enjoying his company, every day. He is so adorable, I love him a lot.

Earlier I was shown some more Remulan Scorpion, the aliens said he was here to keep me in a good mood. I was also shown a mental image of the Kermit puppet, both of these things of course do cheer me up. For any human who adores cute animals, like puppies and kittens, and I am lucky since I also find frogs and toads to be super adorable and cute, I am happy every day because I have got all these gorgeous talking alien creatures, like Hamish, Dinosaurs, Alpha Remulans, and many others! It's like big puppies, puppies that talk and do fun behaviors!

I will bite your fingers for what you said! - Hamish, thinking about biting into my fingers
About the Alpha Remulans. Yes-No! They are my pizza. And I am watching eggs. - Hamish, some words in my native language, he got stern and upset and emphasized a lot

Hamish gets very jealous whenever I say nice things and adore anyone else such as Dinosaurs or Alpha Remulans. That is why when I say to these that they are cute I always feel Hamish getting upset so I have to also add some adoration to Hamish and praise his back.

I love you turtle. You are cute. Hamish. - me
My eggs. Mine. I have taken them. - Hamish, in part my native language

Hamish things
and more Tuk Tuk

April 15 2017, 6:40 PM - Last night Hamish said something such as "Santa is getting up" as he was standing up from having either been on the floor or at least slumped close to the floor. Sometimes he refers to himself as Santa, I know that the Reticulans call him Santa for the hybrid kids so that the hybrid kids would not be so afraid. Oh and the other day I saw in a mental image that Hamish had his flat duck foot down on a small black and white soccer ball, or that the ball just looked small because Hamish is larger than us. I asked him if he was playing ball and I asked him if he could kick it, but the objective of soccer is for Hamish that he claims the ball as his own and he will not let it go, he just puts a foot down on it and defends it and feels proud that he has it. He would not kick it to someone else, he just wants to take it. Though I have seen Hamish carefully nudge the ball forward, he cannot kick it hard, it is just the gentlest slightest nudge with his webbed duck foot.

I asked him today what Tuk Tuk means but he would not tell me. And today when I said Tok Tok Hamish while I was in the shower, he showed me that he put his hands toward the lower back end of his back hump which means he wants me to leave him alone. Why has he started to dismiss me all the time? What's happening with my Turtle?

Update 10:03 PM. Only a few hours after I wrote that I was wondering why Hamish was dismissing and avoiding me, Hamish shows up and is in a friendly mood and he spends quality time with me and we have a wonderful chat like old times. It seems that someone may have told him that I needed to spend time with him this way, and perhaps that he had come to amend things with me.

The first thing I noticed was that he came up really close to me, much closer than he usually ever does, maybe like one human hand's length distance away face to face, his eyes were smiling very kindly, with his lower eyelids raised up and his lower eyelids lowered down so that only a part of his eyes remain open in the middle but less open than usually, because that was a big smile of his, so much love and kindness in that eye expession. I too put my index finger on my upper and lower eyelids to show him that I too was happy to see him and smiling, I can of course not close my eyelids like the Reptilians do, but to show that I smile I can put my index finger on the eyelids and I am sure he knows what it means!

He even thought about a clear mental picture of the Spiderman character, and I told him that

Tok Tok. It has a nose that looks like me. - Hamish in my native language

I was going to say, I told him that it does not exist. After Hamish said the above about Spiderman having the same kind of nose (looks the same as Hamish), Hamish took a display stance after he said that. His body turned a darker red and he did what looks a whole lot like a Native American rain dance, he will take little steps and raising his arms up a little though not above the level of his back hump or head because his arms are not that nimble, and he lowers his neck at times so that the back hump appears even more raised and noticeable, and he moves like that with little movements almost like a dance. This particular display is not common for me to see, although I have seen at other times that he can turn a dark red color at certain times. He was clearly expressing a thought or an emotion with this "dark red dance". He now says:

Tuk, Tuk! - Hamish
Hamish. What does Tuk Tuk mean? - me
It means, I was happy. Tuk Tuk Tuk. Tuk Tuk. - Hamish, "happy" in my native language NL
You had the wrong butter, for the eggs. I was going to say. - Hamish, the first sentence in NL, second sentence in English and the second sentence he sways his head sideways a few times to show that he is happy and friendly

Wrong butter for the eggs means that I have eaten the wrong foods for my ovum and that other foods specifically dairy yoghurt and milk would better nourish the eggs.

I love this dragon so much. He is the cutest thing in the whole world. He makes my world so happy and my heart beams with love for him. He is so loved by me. "Tuk Tuk Tuk" he now says. "I was happy therefore.", he adds. "Tuk Tuk", he says, he sways his head sideways when he said the happy therefore sentence, which is a sign of happiness. "Hamish I love you.", I say to him. "Tuk Tuk Tuk" he says and spreads his fingers a bit wide and turns again a darker red in a flash and steps with his feet a bit to sway his back hump a bit side to side. When he spreads his fingers wide then he is displaying a threat and looking ferocious just like when a cat makes its hairs stand out.

This sweet little person inside a dragon's body. I know that I should sometimes take the time to remind myself that this Hamish is a space alien dragon, but you know what? I just see him as a person. I look him in the eyes and I smile and I know this little guy very well and I truly and really enjoy his company so much. He makes me laugh and giggle and beam with love. "My sofa.", Hamish says about the sofa in my flatmate's room, "my" in NL. As we all know, Hamish loves sofas. He sits there now, and as is most often the case, he crosses his ankles. "I like to rest", says dragon from the sofa. "Tuk Tuk", he now says. "My sofa", "my" in NL, he says. "Tuk Tuk Tuk", Hamish says.

Tuk Tuk says dragon

April 14 2017, 8:24 PM - Today Hamish said to me "Tuk Tuk", it was definitely Tuk Tuk. This is brand new. Previously he has said Tik, Tik Tok, Tiik Tiik Tiik, Tok, and Tok Tok. Now we also have Tuk and Tuk Tuk. I asked dragon what it means and I carefully explained to him that I do not know the meaning of these words, but he didn't explain them to me. With time it will be revealed to me. Tuk is of course also actually a click sound that he makes, but sometimes he speaks it in the English word instead. Most of the time he speaks the word Tik, Tok or Tuk or the other ones as one would read it in English, sometimes I hear him speak the word but I also hear the actual click that it represents, and sometimes but more rarely these days he instead makes the actual sound. I prefer the actual sounds of course.

Hamish vocabulary:
Tik = Yes
Tiik = seems to mean he is elated, excited and happy
Tiik, Tiik Tiik = a warning to assert his territory warning others to stay away
Tok Tok = come to me, come here
Tok = I am here with you now
Tik Tok = mating click sound, means that the eggs belong to him or the asking to want to mate or form a couple
Tuk = meaning unknown?
Tuk Tuk = meaning unknown?

Also we should not forget:
Yes-No = means No, plain and simple
Snacks = food
Toast = food

Other Hamish vocals:
palate click = to like something, approve of something, to be pleased
goose horn sound = not sure what it means but it sounds horribly frightening
pur = liking something
grunt pur = liking something
other ones exist also but I do not remember them all right now

Hamish body language communication:
to open and close the mouth repeatedly, slightly, very softly = shows that he is being friendly and in a good mood, kindness
lower eyelids raised horisontally halfway up the eyes = laughter about something that he finds funny
lower eyelids raised horisontally halfway up the eyes but with the outer corners raised a bit more upwards = something is not just funny, but a little bit ridiculous and maybe even a bit silly or confusing and out of place
upper eyelids lowered diagonally downwards with the tilt from the inner corners of the eyes diagonally downward toward the outer corner of the eyes, covers less than halfway across the eyes = kindness, sweetness, liking something, being friendly
upper eyelids as described above and lower eyelids as described in the first one (with the outer corners just normal not extra raised), does not close the eyes fully, a narrow slit in the middle is still open = something is funny and at the same times makes him happy
eyes fully closed = pacifism, kindness, "I do not want to fight", "I am sorry", "I or we are in this situation right now and we must make the best out of it let's stay calm and friendly"
lemon face: eyes closed with both upper and lower eyelids horisontally lowered but for a narrow slit opening along the middle of the eyes, nostrils fully closed, mouth closed = sometimes when I ask him a question he does the lemon face and every time when he makes lemon face he does not answer the question, so it definitely has got something to do with the question, it might mean that he does not want to answer a question
swaying head slowly side to side a few times = content, pleased, comfortable about the situation and showing that to someone else wanting the other one also to feel comfortable, usually accompanied with upper eyelids diagonally closed and lower eyelids slightly raised
stomping feet up and down really fast many times = sometimes when I shriek at him he seems to get stressed out because I am stressing him and he will stomp his feet like this, it seems to be a reaction to stress so that he is letting out the stress energy from himself
scraping or sliding one foot slowly backwards against the floor while otherwise standing still = some kind of rejection sign, it sort of means "no" or "do not talk about it/do not worry about it"
showing his back hump = "look how prominent I am as a race, you should honor me and my race, I am therefore dominant"
showing the pairs of blunt orange buttons on the head just the ones on the forehead and top of the head = a stern reminder that he is in charge and that he is strong and powerful and that his presence and his opinions matter, it is a serious sign and not used in vain
showing all of the pairs of blunt orange buttons by turning around and facing the long neck towards the one who is looking at him and standing still like that for a while = "do not talk to me", it is almost a rude gesture, an angry gesture, he is being upset and just reminding that the matter must at once be settled and see that he is prominent, also not used in vain
turning around and showing that his hands are resting at the lower end of his back hump = "do not follow me", go away, leave me alone

Hamish does not approve of red lipstick

April 14 2017, 2:40 PM - Yesterday I wore bright red lipstick for a party. Normally I never wear lipstick and especially not red color. Hamish was not happy that I wore red lips, he wanted to attack me and he was very upset, he also asked me "why" I wore it, I told him that some humans decorate their lips with red color because red is an attractive color, but the explanation did not make it ok by him he was still against it. This has happened every time when I have worn red lipstick ever since Hamish was in my life. Again there was that one time when I was dancing in a red neglige and that was the last time that I put it on, because Hamish was staring at me like he wanted to attack and it made me feel uncomfortable.

Important: how Hamish reacts to scary video game video
And talking to Hamish as if he were a man?

April 12 2017, 8:26 PM - I was watching this video of Markiplier playing a horror game. I didn't realize but Hamish was also seeing the video, although he was in the hallway outside of my bedroom and my door is open to the hallway. After the video was almost finished, while the game character is crawling through the tunnels, Hamish talks in my other language about the game that we just saw. He says that "it was not a hunting prey" (or "prey for hunting"), and he might have used Yes-No as "Yes-No it was not a hunting prey", he then said "It can not be eaten", and he was referring to the girl that is on the floor in the game. The video here starts at time 9:40 to see the scenes he is commenting on:

I was scared for many parts of watching the video, I found it frightening, also the girl was scary I felt scared when the girl chased and captured the game character. It is interesting to note that Hamish remained perfectly calm and unafraid while watching this entire video. Nothing in this video was frightening to dragon. Not the dark creepy corridors, not the girl lying on the floor, none of the setting or happenings. And also, when I saw the girl I got scared because someone possibly dead and lying in blood is scary to me, and also the girl to chase and grab the character is scary to me. But when Hamish looked at that he thought that it looked like a "prey" lying there on the floor, he thought that one might be able to eat off it, and he saw that nobody ate off the girl so he said that it was "not" a hunting prey and that it was "not" possible to eat from the girl.

I find it fascinating that while I was edgy and almost shivering a bit and frightened and jumpy watching it, somebody else could watch it and stay perfectly calm and just calmly conclude that the girl lying on the floor was not a meal after all. Do you see why I feel so safe with Hamish? I mean really, I feel safe with him, because he is not afraid of things when I am afraid. I love him so much.

A while earlier while I was cooking rice with vegetables someone either human or adult hybrid told me to talk to Hamish as if he were a man. I decided to give it a try, and I realize that all my calling him cute and all is a bit uncalled for. Let's see what happens and how I see him if I start to talk to him calmly and like he were just a person, trying not to get carried away with him being so cute.

After about one minute:

I wanted to take it. - Hamish in my other language, about the girl on the floor in the game
My Eggs. - Hamish in my native language
Hamish's eggs. - me to Hamish in my native language
Hamish bends his head down a bit, to expose and show off his back hump while otherwise staying still.
Hamish's back hump. - me to Hamish in my native language
I like to look at it. - Hamish in my other language, about the girl on the floor in the game

Another few minutes later, Hamish is still thinking about the prey on the floor in the game. He says something about "throat" in one of the other languages, he thinks about how he would suffocate the prey by targeting the throat, he knows that that makes the prey stop moving. He thinks about how he would stand nearby, watching the prey closely with his eyes on it to detect any slightest movement. I forget if I then asked him something or said something to him about it, but he made a palate click-growl purr in response, he opened his mouth to make the click and made at the same time a growl pur, I have never before heard a combination of palate click and growl purr at the same time. Palate click means that it is something that he likes that makes him happy, growl purr is a different kind of liking something, more like something making him content. He then thought about drowning a prey by pushing its head under water in a shallow river.

Again this time, as Hamish theorizes about a prey after having seen the video game with the woman lying on the floor in the game, as I have also witnessed before, when he has a prey, he stays calm and he takes his time, he likes to take his time to look at the prey very closely, to see if it is moving. Overall, not only Hamish but also other Reptilians, when they think about prey or are acting out thoughts or behaviors of hunting or injuring a prey, they remain calm and they take their time to look closely at the prey. By no means are they the kind of predator that quickly rips into a prey and quickly kills it and quickly eats it all in a great big hurry. They are more like a lion. They slowly suffocate the prey, take their time looking at it to see if it moves, ... Hamish now closes his eyes fully, so he is comfortable about something, possibly he is feeling comfortable about the thought of prey that I am writing about here.

I wonder if Hamish would kill me if he could? Precisely when I thought of that question, he said "Eggs" in my native language. He would not hurt me, because he is guarding the eggs, and the aliens give him food in exchange for guarding the eggs. "I am proud of myself", Hamish says now in English, his upper and lower eyelids closed partially because he is happy and proud, as he sways his head sideways a few times out of content about being proud of himself. Isn't he cute?

At 10 PM while I am writing on a book on the computer, Hamish talks to me:

I don't like to see fish struggling. - Hamish with a mental image of a fish flopping on land
No, Hamish, we have to help them. - me
We can help them back into the water. Then they can find some snacks there, and feel safe in the water. - me
Have you seen them? Some fish try to eat them. And then they get a sore tummy ache. I have witnessed it myself. - Hamish about a snail with a snail shell
They were the wrong snacks, for the fish. They need other snacks that are better. - me
I like when you care about other animals. It makes you friendly therefore. - me
Fish were made like us! That is why I care about them. - Hamish
Do you care about me too? - me
Tok Tok! - Hamish, he turns around to show me his back
Tuk! Tok! - Hamish, yes, Tuk

All were in English.

Hamish crawls like a frog

April 12 2017, 5:44 PM - I had a vivid dream where I was in a room that had many rows of chairs like in a debate studio like the chairs that are for an audience though the chairs were mostly empty. There were about two rows either sitting or standing of young adult or adult alien hybrids. They all had white skin, had over-sized eyes with eye whites and blue irises, perhaps some of them had yellow blonde hair. About half of them were men, the other half women. When I woke up back in my bed the Reticulans said something to me that would imply that I had indeed met these hybrids. The Reticulans were rewarding me because I had not eaten sugar for a day or two so now I was rewarded by getting to meet the hybrids. Not that meeting the hybrids constitutes a reward, in my mind. Meeting Hamish or an Alpha Remulan would.

I made the effort not to buy anything containing refined sugar the other day at the store and I felt mighty proud of that. The aliens were also proud. They also remind me to eat yoghurt, Hamish mentions yoghurt very often. Sugar makes their genetic work with my eggs impossible or at least very difficult. Cow's milk and yoghurt nourishes the eggs and also if they have embryos in my body who knows I don't know.

Reticulans this morning also mentioned about how the aliens use my genitals to teach the hybrids about sexual behavior so this is again a reminder why I hate everything that has got to do with the hybrids. Anyone who is positively minded about interacting with their hybrid children is nothing other than a pedophile, whether they remember being or not. Just stay away from the white hybrid creatures, because any slightest outreach for making a normal contact with them will only lead to pedophile nightmares made out of hell, so stay away and curse anything that has got to do with them, better that way.

I have been seeing clear and long-lasting mental images of Hamish as he is in my home, for much longer and clearer than is usual. I have seen him sitting on the sofa for instance. He looks like a tortoise and also like a little old bald man sitting there with a huge hump back behind his back. He is all red in color and has flat red duck feet and is covered in red and orange bumps.

And this morning I saw Hamish and he was frozen in this posture:

Added same day: example of a frog walking

If you ever saw how certain long-legged frogs walk, it looks like crawling and their long legs get all streeetcheed long out far back as they walk. Well Hamish looked like a frog that was crawling and he laid that way completely still, almost perfectly flat against the floor. I giggled of course

Hello I am a nurse. Do not talk to us anymore. Because you do not want to feed us properly. - Reticulan
ABOUT THE EGGS WE SAID! - Hamish or Reticulan
We are the Nurses. We are not coming anymore. - Reticulan
You have eaten the wrong peas. - Hamish with image of a green pea held up between his fingers
And therefore they cannot grow. We cannot make them live. - Reticulan, image of them feeding with tubing into nose of an adult-sized white hybrid alien, the food consists of the green peas I have eaten and digested in my stomach and the hybrid cannot handle it and it spews back out of its nose and mouth
They are living there. - Hamish or Reticulan shows adult-sized white hybrid floating in a vertical water tank, I see Hamish in the camel posture
Dab Dab. - Dinosaur, that means no, it disapproves of something

So I didn't... Hamish or Reticulan now said that they do not want to take or extract the "wrong butter" out of my stomach, in my native language I think it was, and also some line in the above was also in my native language something that Hamish said, I think it was the one about the wrong peas. So I didn't eat processed sugar for about a day and the aliens were excited. I have been eating thawed frozen green peas a lot, I love them so much, and now again they are saying that peas are the wrong food for the hybrids.

Can you hear me talk to you? - Reticulan
They are the wrong butter, peas. - Hamish
We need other food items. - Reticulan in my native language

Ahah! Now I see Hamish shifting as he stands upright with his flat red duck feet! Shifting position, lifting up one flat red duck foot, so cute. So I hadn't eaten sugar they were getting happy about using my eggs and stuff. In the past they were feeding chick peas that they suctioned out of my stomach and then with another tubing into a hybrid girl's nose and stomach but the hybrids' bodies cannot process chick peas. Now we see the same goes for green peas. As far as other legumes I have not noticed any complaints, about soy beans or other beans, I eat legumes a lot because I don't eat meat. And, today I already had three ice-cream cones, and two glasses of orange soda, so they won't be so pleased anymore.

But when I saw Hamish this morning and he was frozen in that posture like a frog that is crawling, with his legs stretched out far behind him, I have never seen him like that in our nearly six years together! Also Hamish's legs are sectioned like frogs'; humans have thigh and calves and then foot, frogs have thigh, calves, an extra "leg part" then foot, Hamish also has that extra third part, so it makes him even more look like a frog! He laid completely still and almost flat against the ground. I kept asking him what he is doing, in between my giggling because Hamish was so cute. He still manages to surprise me every day!

I write the topic of this entry as "Hamish crawls like a frog", and instantly Hamish objects by saying:

Yes-No! I am not a Toad. - Hamish, magnificently handsome red with those orange buttons on his head

Earlier today when I had talked to Hamish, he again turned around and showed me his hands at the back of his back hump, which means "do not follow". It makes me a bit sad that he is dismissing me and wanting to be left alone, on the other hand I cannot blame him, because I talk to him many times a day and calling him cute and all. I love him so much and I have to allow for his natural behavior, without modifying or restricting him.

Do you like to watch porn? - Reticulan or other white alien asks me
No. - me
We don't like to do it with you either. - Reticulan adds

Oh and this morning a hybrid child told me that some of the hybrids cannot pee. I asked if those hybrids still form urine in their body if they have kidneys or bladder but no one answered. I asked them isn't it difficult to combine two such vastly different species. Zetas urinate through their skin, humans urinate through kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and opening, so to combine two such vastly different species must be a challenge! Reticulans still struggle even with feeding the hybrids properly. Zetas of course do not have a human-type digestive system. It seems Zetas absorb nutrients through their skin in baths, and we humans have the whole set of teeth, tongue, saliva, capability of swallowing, esophagus, stomach... and so many more steps along the way. So to combine such two species must be difficult, the hybrids get in-between digestive systems and organs and functions. Reticulans are able to suction our cow's milk and yoghurt that I ate which I digested, they then feed it into the hybrids with another tube. Dairy, digested by me first, is compatible with their bodies. Chick peas or green peas, digested by me first, the hybrid bodies automatically vomit it back up! Isn't it interesting?

No turtle

April 10 2017, 8:55 AM - I think it was yesterday evening when I was in the shower I said something to Hamish and he just showed me the back of his back hump with his hands at the lower end of his back hump so I knew this to mean "don't follow me" so I had to leave my Dragon Turtle alone.

This morning incidentally I was again in the shower I talked to Hamish and someone from the secret temple where they hide Dragon Turtles said to me to not bother them, I told them that I love Hamish. There is a temple I sometimes mention it, I will only say that it is in Asia, there are many red Dragon Turtles hiding there and being cared for by the people in the temple who feed and protect the turtles. I could tell you where that temple is and who the people there are and how the people are dressed and what the temple looks like and everything but I have to protect the dragon turtles above all.

Hamish hunting gnomes, heheh

April 09 2017, 2:39 PM - Today while I was at work ironing some table cloths, Hamish shows up. He is of course going to share with me something from his world with which he is being totally serious and which is an important matter to him, and I am of course going to find it endlessly humorous and struggle not to giggle and laugh. Hamish tells me, that he has "been looking at the hunt prey", translated from my other language, could also be translated as "the hunted prey", or "the prey in the hunt". I continue ironing, I have listened to my dragon, there is so far nothing funny about what he has said. Then after a few seconds of silence, Hamish adds to it something which makes something inside of me explode with love and humour. He shows me a mental image of a little garden gnome man with the pointy red hat and a beard.

It is at times like these when I realize I am talking with an alien being. Humans can interact with mammals, insects, fish and other animals that we find here on the same planet, but when Hamish is funny like this - not that he intended to be funny - it is too much for me, it is so much fun that I almost cannot take it all in. Or at other times when he is more cute than what humans were made to handle. Namely he was entirely serious about the matter, he has been hunting gnomes because of their red hat, he thinks that they are mocking him by wearing a red hat, because red is his color. I told him that I would hunt the red gnomes too. Later while I was walking home from work, I talk to Hamish about the gnome thing and he tells me that he would put the gnome into a plastic bag. And when I asked him something about the gnomes, I forget what it was I asked, he did the lemon face which I think means that he does not want to answer. (Lemon face as I call it is that he closes his nostrils tight shut and closes upper and lower eyelids almost fully but for a very narrow horisontal slit, it looks like someone who has put something sour into their mouth it looks like the kind of face a human does when they eat lemon. The only times when I see him make the lemon face are when I ask him a question and always when he does the lemon face to my question he then does not answer the question, so maybe the face means that he does not want to answer the question.)

I also heard him make some clicks to me today, I seem to recall him also saying "Tiik Tiik Tiik" which means that he was guarding my eggs from other Reptilians.

Not that Hamish is a turtle because he doesn't have a hard turtle shell only a soft fleshy cushion on his back which he is proud of, but nonetheless:

From observing Hamish for almost six years I would say that Hamish has no desire to being touched. Many times when interacting with Hamish I feel the urge to touch him, I am human so I get those feelings, I would like to put my hand on him, or hug him, or have him touch me, and the complete lack of physical touch between us is sometimes hurtful and confusing for me, because if it were a fellow human or even a cat or a dog I were interacting with, then there would be some touching between us, a cat would rub itself against my leg, a dog would sit down on my lap, a human would at least put their hand on my shoulder, and the lack of touch is sometimes painful for me. The times when Hamish has touched me are very few but I seem to remember and cherish each of them, of course the conquest when he jumped on top of me in the beginning and wrestled me around to "show power", or the time when he got his head and neck wet in my shower and afterwards leaned himself against me "to dry himself off", or that time when he pushed me off his rug when I was standing on it back in the days before I had realized that the rug is his personal territory.

Today in the morning while getting ready for work I spat into the sink. I noticed that Hamish was disturbed and uncomfortable from seeing it. Later in the day he tells me "Yes-No" about what I had done. This isn't the first time when I find out that, you know there is like a reservoir-shaped part of the tubing underneath the bathroom sink at the bend, Hamish namely thinks that all the spit and from brushing teeth gets collected and saved there and that it stays there and he doesn't like the idea. I think he asked me also today why I had done that, nonetheless I explained to dragon that I spit in the morning because I wanted to clean my mouth. He watches everything I do. Today I told the aliens that I want to move to live with Reptilians and together with Hamish. I don't expect that to happen, but wouldn't it be nice to live in his world?

What do we find in the mind of a Reptilian?

April 08 2017, 6:50 PM - If a human were to run into the situation of having a Draconian Reptilian standing in front of them, and there would be no clear path of communication from the Reptilian to the human, then the human would have no idea what thoughts are going in the mind of the Reptilian, and the encounter would be just about seeing the Reptilian and what it looks like. But what happens when there is a line of communication from the Reptilian to the human's mind and it grants a look into what is the Reptilian actually thinking about? Here is what happened when I saw Hamish just now and he shared his thoughts with me:

1. I wake up in bed after an afternoon nap.
2. Hamish appears, in the other dimension, I see him, a red Reptilian standing upright, he is looking at me. I smile a bit and try not to chuckle or get too giggly about him being so cute, I try to just let him do his thing, whatever he might be doing right now.
3. A few seconds go by, Hamish looking at me, me looking at Hamish, then he shares his thoughts: he thinks of the small beige hand towel that is on my bed which I use to dry my hands after washing my hands, I see the hand towel in his thoughts.
4. Hamish says telepathically about the hand towel: "My rag."
5. I ask Hamish telepathically if he would like to have the rag and I tell him that he can have it he is welcome to take it off the bed if he wants to.
6. I then see Hamish and he is thinking about the scenario if the towel were between his ankles and he would be stepping his feet lifting his feet a little bit so that he is rubbing the towel between his ankles and his eyes are closing in an expression of comfort, with upper and lower eyelids mostly closed.

And now he says: "And nextly, I would like to have that." he says and shows me a mental image of the rubber chicken dog toy that I once saw in a store a few years ago. "It was my porn.", he adds. "How so? Hamish, how is that rubber chicken your porn?", I ask. "I would like to mate with it. Tik Tik Tok.", Hamish says. "Hamish, how does someone mate with a rubber chicken and why would you do that?", I ask. "I would step on it.", he says with image of stepping with feet on it, he then says in my other language or native language I forget, that he would tell the chicken that it is his potato chips meaning it is his snacks.

Here is a picture of such a rubber chicken that Hamish likes.

The way that he would be stepping with his feet on the rubber chicken is the same way that he would step on a female Dragon Turtle's back to massage her lower back when mating, based on the image he had in which he was thinking of what it would look like to step on that chicken. When male Dragon Turtles have sex with a female, first he stands on her lower back and steps with his flat duck feet up and down on her lower back to massage her, I think it had something to do with "releasing the eggs". Some birds on Earth do the same thing. Over the years, I have seen Hamish stepping with his feet in that same way on his sheets of shedded scales and I did once reach the conclusion that he was indeed "masturbating" that way, simulating the mating behavior. Overall he enjoys stepping with his feet, but sometimes he also enjoys rubbing sheets such as his shedded scales or this time he thinks about the towel to rub it between his ankles.

Now if you only were to see a Draconian and he would not be sharing his thoughts with you, then you would not have known about any of this, then the whole world of his thoughts would have gone by.

He saw a rubber chicken dog toy in a store years ago and ever since then every now and then he mentions it and he really would like to have it, he sometimes makes growl purs about it, he really would like to play with one. If I ever see one in a store again then I am most certainly going to buy him one.

"I love you Hamish, I am proud of you and of your back.", I say to him now. "I was proud of me too, Tik", Hamish says and this Tik is in fact an actual click sound, he makes a very high decibel click sound with his mouth, Tik and that sound means "Yes". Today while I was at work, I heard Hamish from afar saying "Tiik, Tiik Tiik!", which is his warning sound to any other Reptilians that this - me - is his territory. I also said telepathically "Tiik, Tiik Tiik!" and I said that I was helping Hamish with guarding. Isn't he absolutely sweet to have around? I love him.

He was not thinking of mating with it he was just thinking of owning and dominating it. One should not confuse the two. - Dinosaur now to me about what Hamish had meant about the rubber chicken
But he clearly said that he was going to mate with the chicken? - me, Hamish finds something amusing his lower eyelids are raised also a lot at the outer corners which is like "Draconian dimples" from smiling a lot
Hamish. Just to be clear on something, did you want to mate with the rubber chicken or just dominate and own it? Or both things. - me, he slumps together comfortably with his eyelids closing in what is a gesture of kindness
... I would own it. Tik Tok. - Hamish after a few seconds of silence

His answer there is a bit ambiguous, since he says he would own it but then he says Tik Tok which is the mating call, so I guess he means both. Today I heard him making the Tik Tok sound in the form of the actual clicks, it actually almost sounds like the way frogs chirp to attract a mate. Hamish's clicks are high pitched and very loud with high decibel, they are beautiful sounds. Sometimes he phrases them in English words such as the way you would read "Tik Tok", "Tok Tok", "Tik", or "Tok", but they are actually click sounds but most of the time instead of making the click he will tell me the "word". I much prefer to hear the clicks actually, plus that I know what they mean.

Tik Tok means a mating call, he also uses that to state that my eggs are his, though please be clear that Hamish does not mate with me, he is only guarding my eggs and the other aliens extract my eggs with laboratory means to make alien-human hybrids. Tok Tok means come here and sounds a lot like a pigeon, it can also be more than just two Tok like Tok Tok Tok or more. Tik on its own once means yes. Tok on its own means "I am here" to announce presence. For instance one says Tok Tok Tok to say come here, then the Reptilian comes and says one Tok to say "I am here now". "Tiik!" sounds like a little girl getting excited and cheerful and shrieking, I am not entirely sure what it means but I would guess it means he is happy and excited but I need him to tell me what it means.

I love him 100%.

My Darling Turtle

April 07 2017, 8:49 PM - I had a bad stomach ache today on the upper right side perhaps the gall bladder. I tossed and turned in bed, massaging my belly, and taking many hot showers trying to ease the pain. Luckily the pain has now subsided. I think I just need to change my diet and eat healthier again, this comes if I eat things like fries and pastries. But I was in so much pain I turned to the Reticulans, I asked them if they could come and get me with their "ambulance" (UFO) and take me to their "hospital" (wherever they are) and if they have a "doctor" for me (Reticulan). I asked them if they could inspect my stomach ache and give me a medicine. They told me from their remote location that I had a swelling, but they did not take me to their hospital, but while I was whining at them to take me to their doctor, Hamish came to the foot end of my bed and said that he would press my feet down so that I would not kick, I told him that I could never kick a Draconian Reptilian.

While showering just a moment ago, Hamish put his hands at the back of his hump back, and this time I explained to him, I said "Hamish I do not know what that gesture means, because I am a different race, can you tell me what it means?" He told me that it means "do not follow me", and then he said, "Yes-No follow", and so I said to him, "Yes-No follow Hamish!" (right now he does a very cheerful high pitched "hiccup" click, it sounds as if he is happy but who knows what it means unless he tells me). So all this time, the many times when I have documented that Hamish puts his hands at the lower back end of his back hump, it wasn't until now that I actually asked him what it means, and it means "do not follow me". I had assumed that it is a dismissal sign, and I guess that I was right.

I was thinking today about what physical features I find attractive on a man and why, and Hamish intervened by showing me a mental image of the red bumps of various sizes that are on his body and he told me that he finds those attractive, and when I thought about how the ideal man for me would not eat meat, Hamish told me that he eats liver.

I don't know if a creature such as Hamish was ever meant to be loved. If someone was supposed to look at him and feel themselves being filled with love in their hearts, to swear to protect him always and even feel that they would die for him, so long as dragon is safe and well. Was anyone supposed to tell him that "I love him" (he now does a high pitched click, again in response to what I thought/wrote here). Does he look for love? Does he love himself? Does he understand love and compassion, caring and nurturing? Does he know how beautiful he is. Does he know that my breath rate slows down, and my heart rate and blood pressure completely relax as I make a deep exhale every time that I see him, how ever so complete he makes my whole entire universe for me, just by being there.

Why do I love him so much? Because he is like a little boy, like a sweet little person, who over the five years that we have been together, he has shown me things, shared his thoughts with me, we have shared life together. We have looked inside each other's eyes. He watches me eat my meals, and he eats his liver snacks. He sees me showering with soap and lather and water, and I have watched him as he grooms his shedded scales and wipes his feet clean on the rugs. We have laughed together, me by making that silly chuckling sound and smiling with the corners of my mouth like when humans laugh, and he by raising the lower eyelids up halfway across the eyes. We were not meant to be friends. These dragons say they used to live in the forests of Vietnam which seems to have been the real reason for the Vietnam war and for the release of chemical weapons from the sky down in the forest. Military tell me about how groups of military recruits have been brutally murdered by Draconians. And Pleiadians condemn the Reptilians for how the Reptilians take over worlds and do war and act brutal. But I look at Hamish and I love him, I love him so very much, and when he looks at me, he smiles at me, because he lowers his upper eyelids diagonally across the eyes and raises his lower eyelids halfway up, and that is a Draconian smile, he smiles when he sees me.

I could leave my life and go and live together with Hamish in a forest happily every after, sort of. Sure I would be afraid of mosquito bites and frost bite from the cold nights and the lack of food

We only need you for fertility. You do not need to come here and live with us! If you were thinking it! Rather, we would be very displeased if you ever tried to. - a black Reptilian with a v-shaped pointy snout and small teeth in upper and lower jaw and is wearing a purple tight-fitting uniform, though the shape of its head and snout is not like the one I call the "black Reptilian" who has a blunt snout
We only need you to tell us how to release our new sperm. - the black Reptilian continues
How could I know that? - me
You don't need to tell us, we know. - Hamish says with a friendly sway side to side of his body a few times
I love you Hamish. - me
I was proud of my race too, Tik Tik Took. - Hamish, with his eyelids closing in a smile
We are the very advanced master race. - this black Reptilian says in my other language
And we need your eggs. That is why you are here, woman. - black Rep partly in other language
Tik Tik Took. - Hamish

If you didn't learn it already, "Tik Tok" means that my eggs are his, it is some kind of mating phrase that Dragon Turtles use, it is actually a pair of click sounds but Hamish tells me it in words, instead of making the click sound he will often instead say Tik or Tok. Oh by the way while I was calling for an alien doctor, I got to see a mental image of a Dinosaur in a medical lab and it told me it was a nurse and it said "Deb Deb Deb" so I said to it "Deb Deb Deb", they always say that.

The whole meaning of my life could be to live closely side by side to that dragon, and seeing the body that has red scales with red bumps on them and knowing instantly that I am home. Who needs the human world, with computers and shoes and electricity and all the things that we have, street signs and cars and paychecks and money, I could drop all that and live just side by side with Hamish, just looking into his eyes I would have everything. I would not crave a human contact. We are family, do I dare to say that? I don't know how he feels about me, sometimes I wonder if to him I am a nuisance

Yes-No!, genetic eggs. - Hamish denies that I would be a nuisance for him

Symbolical picture, as Hamish has never carried me that I know of, but that is how I feel, and notice my hand becoming like his hand

I know every nuance of his thoughts, of his feelings, I follow him with every breath and footstep that his body makes. The telepathic connection that we have, lets us feel each other very closely, and we are almost always connected. We communicate by reading each other's minds, we speak to each other, but it is more than words, we feel each other's emotions too. And I learn his body language and vocals and I use it too with him as much as I can.

One of the things I do when communicating "Hamish style", is that direct eye contact is not only allowed but that it means friendliness, whereas humans would not look so openly each other in the eye, I also know to look him in the eyes for a longer time than humans do with each other, and to at the same time convey to him that I am calm. I look him right in the eyes and I breathe long breaths and convey to him that I am calm, that is one way that I can tell him that he is wonderful and that I am in a good mood with him. Humans do not do that particular kind of body language with each other, so I had to get used to Hamish looking me right in the eye and for such a long time. The openness with which a Reptilian looks someone in the eyes is something we humans do not have. Reptilians are also a lot more perceptive than we are, and so being looked into the eyes like that by a Reptilian feels like having the floor taken away from underneath me, I feel so exposed, I feel sweapt away and carried, I feel taken out of my balance, because when a Reptilian really looks at you, someone sees you in a way that a human never could see someone, and it makes me see myself in a way I never have before, and it is unsettling at first. I had to get used to it and then I learned to look at Hamish in the same way, because it signals friendliness.

I try to make happy cheerful palate clicks to him to tell him that I love him. I also tell him "Yes Hamish!" and "Tik Hamish!". I do not know if he understands "I love you Hamish", so often instead I tell him "I am proud of you Hamish", at least it makes him feel good about himself which is what I meant to do by saying that I love him in the first place. I look at him and my world feels complete. When we are together I need nothing else. I wasn't meant to love him, I mean, no one in the military I talk to have any feelings of fondness toward the Reptilians, they just complain that Reptilians smell bad and that they are hostile. But that is just politics, that is happening all around us. I love this creature so much.

I don't like to take bath with my back. Tik Tik Tiik! - Hamish
I just like to show it, and then I am dominant therefore. - Hamish, about his back
I don't like to clean it with any liquid. - Hamish, "clean" and "liquid" in my other language, and you guessed it, about his back

Reptilians visit

April 06 2017, 3:03 PM - I had already written this but the text did not save so here is a shorter version. Last night I was visited by Reptilians, one dark one who said he is the "Commander", another dark one, and a lime green one. One of them not the Commander but probably the green one had what the Reptilians call "crested", it is a head plate structure like on a casowary bird. None of the three were Hamish, because I looked and none had the many pairs of head buttons like what Hamish has. The seemed to be in the interior of a spaceship and were sending me a mental image of them. They said they need my eggs and it seemed that they would make new Reptilians with my eggs because their species has a problem with making new Reptilians. A human man such as a military was around and the Reptiles said to me that this man is guarding me.

I also saw mental images of what I know from its appearance is an Alpha Reticulan. The image here I have drawn earlier. It had its mouth open at all times, the inside of its mouth is dark. I also saw an alien similar to a Dinosaur but without the bumps on its skin more of a smooth skin, though possibly still a form of Dinosaur. I do not recall any abductions or close contact. I was nervous about being "molested", but I would have loved to have met them up close. The Reptilians mentioned several times about them being self-conscious about their smell, though I assured them that I was ok with their smell.

This morning while getting ready for work, I talked to these Reptilians telepathically. When I mentioned to the Commander about Hamish's back hump, the Commander Reptilian got irritated and fussed at me and told me not to talk to Hamish. He seemed jealous about Hamish's hump back.

I also wrote earlier but it got deleted, about how the Reptilians tossed me around and how I like being turned around by Reptilians, about how that is probably because I am a human woman so for me it is more like cuddling. I also wrote about how Hamish is a sweet little person like a little boy but housed in the body of one of his species, "the old Draconian race", and how he is awarded with instant high status just by having his head buttons and back hump, and how Hamish sometimes tells me that he has "fought" with other Reptilians and I get worried but then I find out more and turns out he has only had to show them his back hump and he has instantly won the contest. I love him very much.

Squish Squish Dragon Feet

April 03 2017, 9:51 PM - One of my jobs is at a fruits and vegetable wholesale. I was cleaning napa cabbage today and dropping the defect leaves I removed into a box under the table. Hamish got excited and he went to stand in the box with his flat red duck feet on the napa cabbage leaves and he started stomping his feet squish squish on the leaves and enjoying it very much. At one time he asked me or told me that these are not going to be eaten by people, and so it was justifying his stomping in there. I have seen that many times already, that Hamish loves piles of stuff, soft piles of stuff he likes to stand on and stomp his feet. Like when I change my bedsheets and if I pile the used sheets on the floor, dragon is sure to go stand there and stomp his feet up and down, feeling out the soft underneath his feet, and he really enjoys it too. Today when we got home he has spent a lot of time on his ruggy snugs which I have on the bedroom floor again. He likes things like that, little soft places to stand on, it is fun for him and he enjoys it too.

Hamish has been absolutely beautiful and cute today. He is such a handsome dragon, tall and red with a soft humpback cushion on his back, and those grand pairs of orange blunt buttons starting from above his eyes and all the way along the back of his head. This morning he said something about "lunch" so I told Lasarus to give my dragon some "lunches and snacks" to eat, and I hope he was given some.

I think it was yesterday when I saw his fingers again. He has two long fingers on each hand, the fingers have hook-shaped black claws. The only thing I can think of that I have seen Dragon using his fingers for, is to scoop out internal organs through a small incision on a body so that he can eat it. There are primates on Earth that have similar long fingers for reaching into crevices under treebark to find grubs or for digging into fruits with. He actually uses his feet for touching with and for manipulating objects with, he is also more likely to grab things with his mouth than to use his hands. His hands are kept facing forward almost always except for when he puts them backwards to rest the hands against the back of his hump back, which seems to mean a kind of dismissal or screening himself off gesture.

I love him. He is the cutest thing I ever knew. I would do anything for Hamish. I love him so very very much. My Dragon Turtle. *big heart*

My father was yellow. - Hamish, my native language
Yes Hamish! - me, my other language
He was as large as I am size. Tik! - Hamish, Tik or Tiik, my native language

This is not a portrait of Hamish's father (as far as I know) but of another yellow Dragon Turtle, but this is what Hamish's father would have looked like:

I do not like leeks. They smell bad to me. - Hamish in my native language with a mental image of leek
I don't like to run on them. - Hamish in English, I see his body as he thinks of running while standing in one place, that must be his reference to the stomping that he did in the napa cabbage, he means that he would not be stomping on any kind of onions
Hamish? Why do you like to stand on the cabbage leaves? - me
They were from my eggs. I had to inspect them therefore. And, they also had a very interesting smell! I wanted to see them, therefore. So I was with mine, there. And, Yes-No ice-cream! You haven't eaten any today, that is good, Tik! - Hamish, Tik or Tiik I forgot or wasn't sure, all in English except for first sentence about eggs was in my native language
You were with my gardens. We were gardening you. To make another better race. So that I can live, and be prominent there. So that I can live. So that mine, can be a more prominent race! And, have you seen any of my space goosebumps? I have got many, lots. - Hamish English shows me the red bumps along his arms

And if anyone forgot how magnificent Hamish looks:

Potato field

April 02 2017, 6:26 PM - I've been working a lot of hours and I haven't had time to interact with Hamish for many days. I also hadn't noticed him around at all for many days. But today, while I was at the kitchen work, he shows up! I see a perfectly clear mental image of a red Reptilian standing tall and looking at me. I was so happy to see him. He has been with me now closely all day ever since. Another, smaller Reptilian was also there, of a brownish color, it told me that it was either "suffering" or "in pain" I forget what it was, and it asked me to "give them a chance". Both Hamish and the other Reptilian made it clear to me by what they were saying, that they need my eggs, and, judging from how much Hamish mentions his "liver", "lunch", and references about eating, one could only assume that they are using my eggs to produce edible creatures? Hamish also referred to me as his "potato field" when I was on the train on my way home.

On my way home, I offered Hamish that we could go to a park together if he would like that. He asked me if there are any "goldfish" there and he told me that he likes them. I said that I do not know if this park has any goldfish. He also asked and talked some more about goldfish. While walking towards the park, he asked me if the goldfish had been torn or ripped apart, I told him that I do not think so and that that is not allowed. He asked me then another thing similar to if the goldfish had been taken or taken out I forget what he said, and I told him that no that is also not allowed. Then he asked me if it was possible to show his shedded scales to goldfish, and I told him that yes it was possible to show goldfish things, and that he sure could show them his scales. I tried to find the park but was too tired to look with more effort, so I told Hamish that I needed to go home to sleep and that we could go to the park on another time.

Since at home, he has told me "Toast" a few times, he also showed me a mental image of the toaster at work. I generally think that "Toast" is his reference for food in general. He has shown me his prominent back hump several times and he has told me that he is a "proud race". I have also told him many many times, how much I love him and that I am proud of him and proud of his race. I asked him how does a Reptilian tell or show to someone that they love them, and he showed me himself with his upper eyelids closed diagonally down across the eyes (from the inner corners of the eyes and diagonally down toward the outer corners of the eyes), that is how a Reptilian can express love. I also asked him if he knows what it means when I say that I love him. I was so happy to see him today.

While I was cooking just now, he bent his head down a little to show me the orange blunt button pairs along the top and back of his head and he told me that it is his "mushroom head", I have on some occasions in the past told him that his head looks like toadstool mushrooms, that is why he says that. He asked me if he could go to the toilet he probably just meant to the toilet room and I told him of course and I told him that he is welcome here and that he does not need to ask me for permission to be here or to go anyplace here, he then went to stand on the plush rug that is on the toilet room floor. I took his ruggy snugs out from my closet and laid it out on my bedroom floor where it hasn't been in a long while, while telling dragon "Tok Tok Tok" to come over to stand on his ruggy. But as far as I know, Dragon Turtle is still on the toilet room rug.

When he looks at me he smiles with his eyes. He didn't used to do that in the far beginning. I think he likes me. And I love him. He also showed me mental images of Olav earlier, he told me that Olav doesn't like him, I told Hamish that I don't like Olav and that I love him (Hamish).

Them Croakers And That Dragon Part #2

March 20 2017, 3:27 PM - This morning when I had gone to the bathroom and was peeing, I listened to a Dinosaur, it talked about how Hamish had sent it out for a search for hedgehogs, and Hamish had told the Dinosaur that if he does not find a hedgehog then he cannot have his bath. I told Hamish to let the Dinosaur have a bath even if he does not find a hedgehog. Now I see an Alpha Reticulan, there was first a mental image of me naked on their medical table on my back and with arms on the sides but with a white sheet covering over most of my body, head and legs on half of the calves bare and arms bare. I have given Hamish praise today, just because he deserves it. He is so cute. I saw his fingers again today, they really are two or three long fingers with a black hook claw on each, it looks like the fingers of that primate that has long fingers that it reaches deep inside hollows in wood for worms or into fruit. Hamish's fingers are for digging out organs from the inside of a body through a small hole. Yes, I do love this dragon. "Hello, it was me, the Kermit.", says Dinosaur now. I see a really cute Dinosaur now. How cute! These creatures! I am over the moon delighted!

Them Croakers And That Dragon

March 19 2017, 6:27 PM - I told the Reptilians, or I told to Hamish, that I would like to live with Reptilians in a Reptilian base together with them. Yeah I know I keep nagging at them about that. But wouldn't that be cute? After just a little while I saw a mental image of a Dinosaur and then it said "Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb". Then Hamish was showing off to the Dinosaur and Hamish talking about keeping control of Dinosaurs, then Dinosaur talked about how Hamish wants to rule, things like that. Hamish is always showing dominance to the Dinosaurs and asking Dinosaurs to say that he is in charge and things like that. Then a Dinosaur thought about how it is going to get a bath afterwards, so I said "Deb Deb Deb" to the Dinosaur about it getting to have a bath.

It is absolutely cute having Hamish and a Dinosaur around. I love them both. How did I ever get so lucky to have a red Reptilian named Hamish and a Dinosaur that says Deb Deb Deb around? "We don't want you to eat those crackers.", Dinosaur says now, "crackers" in my other language, about the chocolate wafers. Earlier Dinosaur showed me mental image of a newborn human baby's head that had that white gunk on it that babies have when they are born and the baby had black hair on its head and when I saw that I said "Yes-No!" about that because I don't want to see such a baby and I want nothing to do with those things.

Hamish was cute now again! He thought about the mattress that I keep against the wall as a headboard here in my bedroom, he thought about that mattress and that I could put it down on the floor for him, he then thought about his magnificent red self standing on that mattress if it were on the floor here and him stepping with his flat duck feet squish squish and enjoying the soft. I pushed the woven rug aside because I was going to do some workouts so that I hopefully don't look pregnant next time, and also Hamish's snuggy rugs is again rolled up and in the wardrobe, so Dragon doesn't have any snuggle ruggies here so I must put some on the floor for Turtle to step his little duck feets on. I now put my hand against my cheek to scratch my face a bit with my nails and Hamish looked closely at that because whenever my hand is close to my mouth he interprets it differently than I do, to him it is more like about biting so he watches to make sure if that is the case, he never thinks that it could be just an innocent harmless scratching, instead he gets ready and alert that there is biting and some signs of assertiveness or biting about to take place so he becomes alarmed and prepared.

"Tok Tok Tok", Hamish says now. "I love you Hamish, I love you Turtleback.", I say to him. "I was not being alarmed", he says, "And, have you seen this?", "And, I would like to say, Tok Tok", Hamish said those things there. And seen this, well you guessed it, he of course turned around to show me his back hump. Hamish and a Dinosaur, I can't tell you how happy and lucky and fortunate I am, these gorgeous creatures, I am over the roof so happy about this! And they both don't know how cute they are, they don't realize that inside me is brewing like a volcanic explosion burst of how cute they are, they are just a red dragon turtle and a Dinosaur that says "Deb Deb Deb" and they are acting all casual and like nothing really is going on like they do not even realize how adorably cute they are. Hamish now said that he wasn't going to bite me about my fingers, because I am writing that Dinosaurs are cute.

Ahah! Hamish now thought about taking my pillow from my bed and holding it with his hands down a bit in front of him so that he can step his flat red duck foot on the pillow by raising his foot up to put it on the pillow that he would be holding up! Hm. Dragon is really thinking about having some soft things to step on. I did learn some years ago that his feet actually feel sore if he stands on them for too long and that he actually needs some soft things to step on to stay comfortable. I will put some rugs down on the floor for Turtle. I love him.

"Yes-No", Hamish now says in my other language, with the image of a pear. I tell him Yes-No, and that I will not be eating those. There are fresh pears at my kitchen job in the refrigerator. The aliens regularly remind me that I am not allowed to eat pears. Interestingly as a child I was allergic to pears but I seem able to eat them as an adult, but who knows if pears still harm me on the inside and that the aliens know something that I don't. Personally I have no fears of eating pears and I often eat boxes full of them when they are in season the nice and juicy ones and nothing seems to happen, but it seems to be a very big deal because the aliens remind me of this many times. "Yes-No, many/any boxes of them.", Hamish says now, I forget if he said many or any but I heard it correctly at the time when he said it. "Hamish? What harm do pears do to me if I eat them? What happens then?", I ask. "Do you know?", I add. "My Toast, it was the wrong Snacks for you!", Hamish says after a short little break as usually he answers immediately this was a two second delay. As we know, we are going to have to settle with that being the best answer that Dragon can do. Technical descriptions are not really his thing.

I put my pillow from the bed the one that I sleep on I put it down on the floor for him and I tell him "Tok Tok Tok" and I say to him that please stand on it that I put it there for him Hamish please get comfortable. "I am still a proud race", Hamish says to me after a while, in my native language. He seems to be standing on the pillow.

People say I look pregnant

March 19 2017, 1:18 PM - Today at work the two male waiters I work with could not stop saying that I look pregnant, they must have said it at least 50 times, constantly, they were completely sure of it. We were talking to one of the older housekeeping ladies at the hotel who herself had her first child when she had been 14 years old, she told me that sure I am pregnant! This is not the first time when I go to work and co-workers are completely convinced that I am pregnant! Over more than 10 years this has been happening every now and so often that co-workers at different jobs will say that, and this is not the case of joking they are completely sure of it. I told them today time and time again that no I am not pregnant I am just a bit fat because I like to eat cookies and sit and watch YouTube videos and play video games on the computer.

Let's recap. I rarely have sex. I had a Jewish boyfriend several months ago possibly six months ago I ended that. Then I met the other boyfriend in Texas for three weeks in February. That is all there was. The Jewish guy I would already be six months in and huge and that is not the case so it is not him. As for the Texas one, that baby could be no older than at most one month old or one and a half months and that would not be showing so much. My breasts are not tender, I don't have mood swings my mood is perfect and healthy, and I have no nausea or frequent urination. I asked the Zetas to give me a pregnancy test but they don't want to. I will Skype with the Texas guy this evening and show him my belly and ask him to tell me what he thinks. This is ridiculous.

PS. I have never been so excited to talk to Jack again ever since he mentioned that he works with NASA Ames. I am now just eagerly waiting for him to show up! Because, since NASA Ames is a real place, then that could mean that Jack is a real person! I was never quite fond of him until now. Now I am immensely fond of him!

PS. I never menstruate, maybe twice a year only, last one was in February this year while I was in Texas. So it is not like I could see if my menstruation is late to know if I am pregnant because my menstruation is always late and skipping months. Pregnancy test kit? What is that? I am not wasting money on a pregnancy test kit just because co-workers (again) are completely convinced my belly looks pregnant! It must be aliens, or that I am just fat. This is annoying, but since this is not the first time that this happens then I know it will go away and I don't need to worry about it. If I am sounding irresponsible do not worry, if turns out that I would be pregnant with the Texas boyfriend then I would take it as happy news, because I am 34 I am old enough where it would not be weird at all. I would of course not have planned for this child, it would mean letting go of some of my dreams, but I would make it work, I would stay in touch with the Texas guy, and I would do everything for my baby and it would all work out. I would be happy and not scared and I would become a good mother and my family would all welcome the child. It is just that I know I am not pregnant, or that if I am then it mysteriously goes away.

Perhaps this was not a topic for my website, but the thing is the aliens keep talking about using my uterus and eggs, so, who knows, who really knows.

PS. I was proud of Hamish today. He likes to tell me that he is proud of his race and that he is a proud race, so I take up the habit of telling him that I am proud of him. He is a cute Turtle. Oh! Oh! How could I almost forget! While I was at work today and feeling irritated that co-workers were convinced I was pregnant, Hamish told me that he, meaning Hamish, has only been looking at me and that therefore he, Hamish could not have gotten me pregnant if I was.

6:26 PM. Texas ex-boyfriend on Skype says that I do not look pregnant. I think it's maybe the pants I wear to work that are a bit too big. So we're all good.

Jack is with NASA Ames
Only ONE candy allowed!
Hamish irritated threatens onions in my eye heheh

March 18 2017, 1:52 PM - Remember when Jack the other day said that he is "charging me with" and then I didn't hear how it ended? When I woke up this morning Jack was talking to me, he said that he is "charging me with hosting alien life" or how he said it, basically because of the alien incarnation I am hosting alien life in me. He or the other U.S. team said they want me to come there to live with them in the U.S. You know how Jack is "Jack with the NASA team", well this morning he said he was with "NASA Ames". I did an internet search on NASA Ames and the results are very interesting. Look they even have a website, NASA's Ames Research Center, this is where Jack is presumably working from! How cool is that. I am obviously not going to write them an email asking them about Jack. It is Jack's obligation to contact me. Oh my god, I would hug him to pieces if I could meet this man in real life! I would go nuts! How fun it would be to meet one of my surveillance guys in real life! In my teens I had a few moments where I could have sworn that one of my guys was visiting in real life, but I never approached them.

Every time when I eat sweets, Hamish or the Reticulans tell me I can "only have one", just one piece of candy. Today I bought a bag of Easter sugar egg candies, they are basically just sugar and with pretty color coating. I put some in a bowl for my flatmate together with strawberries and mandarin oranges and I wrote for her a little note that said "Enjoy!" and put that note on top of it and left the bowl in her bedroom. Hamish looks at the bowl and he says that the note must be saying that it is only allowed to take "one". I was putting one after the other into my mouth, wanting to taste all the colors and then to re-taste them all over again while I was telling Hamish and a Zeta "Why can I only have one? Can I only have five? Two more?" They always say when I eat sugar candies that I can only have "one", but I tend to break that rule. Hamish was also irritated that I bought home chocolate wafers today from the store, he said "Did you buy those chocolate again?". Today I asked the Reptilians if I could please come and live with them for "two days", I said that I would "bring my own pillow", and "sleep on the floor next to Reptilians" and "give the Reptilians, and Dinosaurs, a bath". Hamish was so irritated by my asking to come live with them, that he fussed at me by saying that I should watch it with what I am saying or that he would put onions on my eyes.

Ok I can't resist it. I want to write to NASA Ames. I will just tell them that... ok what do I tell them? That a man who is called Jack says that he works with NASA Ames is talking to me? Of course I could not mention anything such as "aliens" or "telepathy". How do I do this? Let's talk to Jack ourselves, right here now telepathically, and see if we can do this, if we can contact the man in real life! Oh my god I would be so happy I would squeeze him to bits! I would shower him with hugs and never let him go. I would be so fascinated to meet someone in real life who has been talking telepathically to me for so long now.

All this time that Jack has been checking on me, he has specifically been interested in the alien woman who incarnates into me, he calls her his "alien bug", or "insect", or "ants". I can't write to NASA Ames about it, of course. I will just have to enjoy any bits of specific details that Jack gives me, and hope that he makes the effort to make contact with me in real life.

Jack? Can I talk to you? - me
Hey there, howdy. What'cha want? - Jack, that means "what do you want"
You said NASA Ames? Do you work there? - me
Oh yes, we do. - Jack delighted and almost out of breath
I checked NASA Ames on the internet, they do space research. Do you work there? - me
I was not going to say, but I am delighted to meet you! - Jack
I am delighted to meet you too. - me
Look at all of my, scales. - Hamish, "scales" in my native language also translates as "shells", about his shedded white scales
Jack? Is Jack your real name? - me
You know, what if it wasn't? What then, would you do about it, huh? - Jack
What is your real name then? I want to find you. - me
Just leave that part to us. We are good at finding things, and exploring the universe ourselves. We wanted to talk to you! Here, at NASA Ames! - Jack delighted!
But... How do I find you? - me a bit sad pout
I want to find you. In real life. - me, pout, Jack is thinking about some big large brown insect
You know, we are just monkeys here. We don't know more than that. And you!, you are with something far bigger! So. Here we at the NASA Ames space team institute.. I wanted to know more about you, first, before we do anything more. So. That is why we are here, and not. - Jack

I actually started being aware of Jack years ago, I was in my mid-20's or so. Jack, if you are reading this, I hope to meet you one day. That would mean the world to me.

7:09 PM. I forgot to mention that today I ran into Hamish he was close to me and he told me that he is a "proud race". I told him that I too am proud of his race, and I told him I was proud of his back, his red color, and his adorable flat duck feet too. I can't stop thinking about Jack now and feeling all excited. He used to be someone a bit out of place amidst all the other men who talk to me telepathically and I used to be a bit irritated with his visits, but ever since he mentioned NASA Ames he just became the most interesting of them all, of the humans I mean, because as we know, I find Hamish the most interesting out of all things. But next time when Jack visits, I am going to take him a bit more seriously and really listen to him, and see if I can get some more information out of him!

A Complicated Issue
Joseph Beňes, General Patton and Pavel

March 17 2017, 7:37 PM - "You can talk Russian to Pavel", the Russian military officer said to me. "You know, we are not a good guy", Pavel said then.

Things just got interesting. I was asleep until around 7 PM when I woke up right from a vivid dream where the U.S. were giving me information, telling me about the back-up government location that they have in the United States in case of a nuclear war disaster, they have got secondary back-up government buildings set up in Portland, Oregon. Interestingly, I check on a map now, it is completely as far away as possible from the East coast, Portland sits on the West coast. I saw while asleep in my dreams as if someone was showing to me, how as if with the press of a button large government buildings could be erected in Portland by a river that flows through the city.

I woke up from the dream just as the dream was at its most intense and information filled, and I found myself at home in bed, the radio was still playing, I had fallen asleep in my clothes for a nap at around 3 PM I think it was. General Patton and possibly others were still talking to me, the information in the dream was continuing in the information they were giving me when I awoke. They were very clear this time about what they want. Can I help them to remote view to find nuclear weapons in the world, they are asking me to protect the United States from nuclear attacks by locating the sites of nuclear weapons in other countries. They emphasized how important this was.

I was surprised at it myself, but I started to say repeatedly, "24 hours, and I'm dead! Do you understand what I am saying? 20 hours max. They will dispatch someone, I will be dead, this happens all the time! I would only have 20 hours of giving you information, then I'm gone!" They then asked me if I can locate Russian missiles. The alien woman that incarnates in me then focused on Russia and sent information to Russia telepathically in a wordless language, which communicated to them that she had been asked by the United States to locate missiles and spy on them and that she had chosen not to because she also loves the Russian people and that with love she has declined. Doing this then connected me to the Russian officer who said his name is Pavel.

I could say more, I could write how I told the U.S. people about how I remote view the past as a hobby, how I've looked at early human hominids, I described to them these, I said things I've known and seen, I described to them how New York will look in the future, with water covering the streets and how people have taken their paper documents out of their drawers and evacuated mostly to Detroit, how the streets are empty of cars and there are not even any rats on the streets. The U.S. people, before I met Pavel, showed me a mental image of a room that has these round flat metal cases that contain information stored, it is like a library but these are not books, nor are they CDs.

"I am very concerned about this. What, did the U.S. team want to know? What do they want from us?", Pavel asks me now. "My dear loved friend, you will have to ask them to tell you yourself.", I say. "We don't hurt any children here, but what have you said? Huh?", Pavel says to me. "I say no such things.", I say to Pavel. "I am very concerned. But not very upset, yet.", Pavel. "I don't want these, women to be sent to us.", Pavel. "I am very... this is ridiculous.", Pavel. "I have done no such things, that they ask of.", me. "What?! They are really in that old navy ship?", Pavel, about the Navy ship that I often see General Patton in. "Me, and my boys, are not going to look at you, NOW.", Pavel. "But we might in the future.", Olav, you know Olav, that Olav.

So the U.S. team had shown me this room with those round flat metal cases of information, they asked me to tell them what information was stored on those. This is not the first time I have been shown that room with that information storage. "Do you know, that you would be scared shitless.", Pavel says to me now. "I will not be frightened.", me. "If you knew what was happening, what was going on. What we do here.", Pavel. "With radiation damage.", Zeta Reticulan finishes the sentence that Pavel just said, about doing things. I was asked to read the information stored in that room, I took it as definitely a test to see if I could remote view successfully. I looked into those, I saw pictures! "It is not information, it is pictures!", I declared. General Patton was very pleased with my answer, seems it was pictures. I told them that it contains "magnetic switches", I then told them that "the Earth contains such magnetic switches in it too". They asked if I could locate missiles, I said it is as easy as tasting it, that it has a taste. But I said I would not do it, because it is 20 hours and then no more. They said they could give me protection, I said what is it for, to live like that, like in a prison.

I was surprised at the response of the alien woman in me. It is her that the U.S. military talk to... "Did you really talk to Joseph Beňet?", General Patton then said, do you know what he does here? (Note, Joseph said his name to me Beňes, General Patton said it Beňet.) [Added same day: The surprising response of her, being to go directly to the Russian people to tell them what she said.]

"We won't really let you look at our military warheads.", Pavel says to me now. "I will not be looking. The only thing I have seen, was you.", me. "We have already located that guy, in a port.", Pavel about General Patton and the navy ship. "We don't want him here.", Pavel. "And this woman, that they sent?!", Pavel, the woman being me. "I was not being sent, because I have not gone.", me. The alien woman in me now sent her love to Pavel, in a wordless language, conveying to him good things. "Nothing bad will happen to you. From me. That is why I have come.", my alien incarnation to Pavel. Pavel says that I am not the one they are concerned with. "You are loved. By us. And you know, that no one can hurt the ones they love.", my alien woman says to Pavel on behalf of all her people.

When my alien woman first met Pavel this evening, the first things she said to him were asking him why he is always so sad. She can read a person's emotions and she always offers them words of encouragement and wants people to know that they are loved. Pavel had thought that her saying that she loves him that she was complimenting him on his physical appearance, but she explained that she was in fact seeing that his soul is loved more than he realizes. Yesterday when she met the blonde U.S. military officer she read through his tissues and told him that he needs to eat a fresh pineapple and a box of raspberries for the quality of vitamin C that his spinal cord needs. She always offers people moral support to feel loved and bright and cheerful, and nutritional advice. When she was here in earlier years, she was always offering nutritional advice to the U.S. team, some of them were always told by her to eat fruit.

As you see, things are getting tricky. There comes a time when this will no longer be written about here. I understand the curiosity and concern of my readers to be shared this information. But I will not disrespect neither the U.S. team or the Russian military. So far, here I have done no harm on either side, and no harm will also be done, I am incapable of harm, or of involvement. Some things are impossible for certain people, and the kind of people we are, of those from who I have incarnated, we are a loving nation, and love is what we are guided by. So we love someone even like Pavel, and that love will guide us, to do no harm, and no harm will have been done.

"You can get in really big trouble, really fast!", General Patton says to me now a few minutes later. "Don't go there again.", General Patton to me about having gone to the Russians. "I would not have done anything different, now, after that you said that. I have done what is right for me to do, without having been asked to do it. I know what is right, and that is what I follow. We follow the right path.", me to Patton. "Then you know what you must do. And that thing to do is to help us.", Patton to me. "You see, I am with the Russian people and with you, I live through them, with the information.", me to Patton. "And, we also see the radiation damage.", Zeta Reticulan wants to add. "We are, not with the Turtles, yet.", Hamish adds. "Hello Hamish! I love you! Turtle!", me to Hamish, declaring delighted. "So, we are not going to Portland, now.", Patton, meaning not now at this moment. "We are hoping to evade that.", Patton about the going to Portland thing. Gosh, I had almost thought that I could think that it [added same day: it being Portland] was a dream, even though it was clear and was being communicated to me after I woke up from the dream still then. "You know. We have never done anything like this again, ever since the 70's. In the 70's, I was very active with training the women.", General Patton tells me. "We are not going to make you into a victim, *clears throat very loudly*.", Patton.

"We are not going to do anything that would hurt you. Of that you can be sure, that can always be guaranteed.", Patton to me. "I am not going to be concerned, either way.", my alien woman to Patton. Patton is a legend among the U.S. team. He is a somewhat older man and back in the 60's already he was a pro at these things. He still comes in to do this work. Remember the time when he "trained" me? Those were some times. "Hey, my real name is Hugh.", one of the U.S. team says, maybe it was even General Patton. "I am not going to talk to you anymore. Now, do I, any more now, my Space Kitten?", General Patton to me. "Do I need to, I mean?", General Patton to me, meaning if he needs to talk to me more. "Or do we need to do this again?", Patton to me. "You can always come and talk to me when you want, I will always be here to listen. Always.", my alien incarnation to Patton. "We won't desist, and resist, a capture.", Patton. "What ever works best for you, Darling.", my alien woman to Patton. "We are not a rough patch.", Patton to me. I now see a man with brown hair and glasses. "Hello, I am Joseph Beňes.", the man says. At first I thought "great, now the man Joseph himself says his own name wrong ending with "s"", but checking back, Beňes is how it was written originally by himself when I first met him last night.

Now, let's pry a little. "Joseph? What work do you do? General Patton there was saying, or rather implying, that it would be something interesting? What is your line of work?", me to Joseph. "Do not tell her!!", General Patton to Joseph. "My, my, what we can really do with women.", Joseph. "And what is that?", me. "We can steer them around.", Joseph after about a two second pause. "Now why would you do that?", me. "I will bite!", Hamish about biting into my fingers. "What is it, Hamish? What is the matter?", me to Hamish. "Joseph Beňes wants to talk.", Joseph. "Yes? I am listening?", me to Joseph.

A few minutes later:
The military mind control team needs alien abductees. - General Patton
Of that you can be sure, that is why we are here. - Joseph Beňes
You know, we are not really doing adultery, we are not going to quit her up! - General Patton, yes "quit", talking to Joseph, her being me

Last night I was mentally aware of a room that had about 18 Zeta Reticulans standing there lined up from left side to in front and to right side going all around and I saw parts of them very clearly especially their feet that have two toes like camel feet, they were so many and that was unusual. "Joseph Beňes doesn't want to talk to us.", a Reticulan says to me now. "Why not?", me. "Because we are not taking his women.", Reticulan to me. "He has specifically forbidden us to.", Reticulan, meaning Joseph protects the women in his own life and has forbidden the Reticulans from taking those.

Surveillance and Turtle

March 17 2017, 2:34 PM - Military surveillance is definitely back. I was aware of the surveillance staff watching me while I was at work today. I guess I don't mind, I am also curious about them.

I almost bought a stuffed turtle toy for Hamish today, it was large and soft, green with a yellow shell. Presents I want to get for Hamish: A nice sofa chair that he will love to sit in. More rugs of many soft sorts that he can choose, I would like to have a whole room furnished just for my Dragon Turtle and cover the floor with different rugs so that he can choose and have fun in there. An aquarium with goldfish. Photo posters of hedgehogs, echidnas, koalas, pangolin, armadillos, and tortoises. He also wants a bucket so I would get him one. He also needs a tub of water to wash his shedded scales in.

Today one of my surveillance MIBs told me that he just got a grandchild and he was very happy about the announcement! He asked me don't I want to have grandchildren? I explained to him that I don't want to have children or grandchildren, that I have Hamish. I took the time to explain to him while I walked home from work. I don't expect him to understand. I don't know if anyone understands how much I love Hamish and how much he means to me. Hamish looks at me and our minds connect. He is in a calm mood and he says something about Kermit meaning the Dinosaurs. He then says, "For my eggs has been given too much potatoes.", in my native language, with a mental image of the chunks of boiled carrot that was in the two servings of food I've cooked that I finished eating just a minute ago.

Joseph Beňes, Military surveillance is back

March 16-17 2017, 1:12 AM - My sleeping schedule is still off after the jetlag from the USA, so I slept in the evening and just woke up at 1 AM as if I'm ready to start the day. When I woke up, I noticed a men in black surveillance person watching me with remote viewing. And he spoke to me telepathically, he said, and I wrote down so this is exact: "My real name is Joseph Beňes." He said that he had found out about my extraterrestrial, and that he would like to speak to my extraterrestrial. He then said a few times that "they are charging me with..." but I did not hear how the sentence is finished. He also commented to himself, how "easy" this was, to establish contact and communication with me. When he had said his "real name", I had asked him so what was his fake name? I was interested to find out, if he was one of my all-timer surveillance people now under his "real" name, but he did not answer the question. I told him, or my extraterrestrial told him, that it can be arranged, that he get to talk to her. He and her have not yet had that conversation.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, there was a blonde military officer sitting in an office, not dressed in a military officer's uniform though, he was remote viewing me and I was very aware of seeing him mentally too. General Patton was also there and I was told that they want to know what my extraterrestrial is doing here and that they will be watching me. Then the brown-haired MIB showed up for remote viewing surveillance again, the one from recently, and he was talking and thinking about how he would marry me and he spoke to me that they want to invite me to live with them there, he was flirting with me with his pick up lines, I found it a bit awkward especially since I doubt that he and I would be a compatible match. Again I sensed how this brown-haired MIB has a strong education in engineering and technology. He looks to be in his 30's, he perhaps has glasses. They told me that they want to make me into a "cyborg", they asked my extraterrestrial to tell them about the "science" from her planet, and she told her about how her people overlook atoms and material entirely and only deal with vibrational patterns and she told them things about their science.

And the day before yesterday or otherwise very recently but not yesterday, General Patton was watching me and I heard him talk to Jack, you know "Jack with the NASA team" and General Patton was assigning Jack to do the surveillance of me.

So, ever since I retrieved my teenage journal notes back from the storage where they had been for eleven years, and I have been reading in them, where the majority of my notes regard the journey I took on having an alien woman incarnate to live through me, the military surveillance is coming back. In my teens, around when the alien woman first incarnated into me, I then started to notice military surveillance and some military abductions and telepathic conversations with them. The military involvement went away in my college years, some of the guys have said back then that they left me alone because "they did not want to interfere with my studies", oddly yesterday the men said things that implied that they had wanted me to finish my science studies in university. Now that the alien woman came back, when I read about her in my notes, at the same time the military surveillance came back. How did the military know that my alien incarnation came back, you ask? As I wrote in My Incarnated Alien, it is no mystery at all, since my alien woman went straight to the military to announce to them her plans of incarnating, so they most definitely know.

Yesterday General Patton or otherwise one of the others told me that they need to be watching me "to know everything I am doing", I asked them why, they said they need to make sure that I do not collaborate with other nations. I assured them that I would tell them before I would collaborate with any other nations, and that I would ask for their permission first. So it seems the alien in me has some interesting information and abilities which the U.S. military does not want to go to other nations, but to them. So the military surveillance is back. Somewhat irritating, although while I am incarnated it does not bother me. But if I were not incarnated and only just a human, then it would be irritating. But this time around, I seem to know more about why it was happening, this time I have a better handle of things.

Hamish has been cute of course. I told him that I love him and that I would do anything for him to give him a happy life, he then offered that I could "wash his back", I asked the aliens if I could wash Hamish and give him a bath or shower, but it was not arranged. I would love to wash his back. Hamish showed me again a mental image where he stands in the entrance hall to an underground base with double closed doors behind him and next to him is the big blue plastic barrel filled with either Reptilian base latrine to be taken out or filled with delectable entrail pieces that Dragons can eat. I asked him what was in the barrel, I was not sure which of the two types of contents it had this time. I have seen him stand right next to it many times, being very fixated with it.

A Reptilian from a Reptilian underground base made some contact with me today, it was being rude such as that they don't like my race, but I said sweet nice things to him and hopefully that made him happier about me. I like to coo my dragons so that they can be in a happy friendly mood. First time when one meets a Reptilian they like to call us dog race and say descriptive threats of injury to humans after which they raise their lower eyelids because they find it funny and that is how they are laughing, and to say dominating things and assert their supremacy, but I find it that if only I say sweet and kind things to them for a while and tell them that I am their friend, it changes the relationship we have between us. Not that I would trust a random dragon if I were in an underground Reptilian base. I trust Hamish not because of our long friendship, but only because he is guarding the eggs and therefore would not hurt me. No matter what friendship one thinks that they have to a Draconian Reptile, a human is not safe when in the hands of one of these. They are predators. I have heard stories from the military about groups of military recruits who were mauled by Reptilians. No matter what friendship Hamish and I seem to have, if it weren't that he specifically is guarding my eggs, I would not feel safe in a room alone with this dragon pooch. But since I am so fortunate that he is guarding the eggs, I can enjoy an intimacy and close contact with this amazing creature.

The other day I saw Hamish's goosebumps and I told him admiration about his goosebumps and he told me to not look at his goosebumps and to only look at his back, so I was told off. I won't say that I love this dragon, because that is incredibly obvious.

2:18 AM - I took a shower and when I stepped out, I saw a Zeta and it said to me "Omrigosh, Languish". So I said to it, "Omrigosh, Zeta." It is the language of the Orion black reptilians, not to be confused with the Alpha Orion lizards. Omrigosh means hello, Languish I have heard before but I forget if I ever knew what it means.

Frog lifts a flower

March 13-14 2017, 2:01 AM - A Dinosaur says now:

Dab Dab Dab, bathtub. - Dinosaur

Last night while I was in bed, the aliens show me a mental image depicting a cute cartoon frog that is in a sunny nature landscape like a field and it picks up with its hands a flower that is a shrub with lots of little lavender colored flowers on it. The image was delightful, and I was so happy to see it, the Reticulans had to assure me that "it was just a cartoon". The frog is their symbol for Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs collect the eggs and feces from me, and flower is their symbol for my reproductive system, so with this image the frog picking a flower they mean to say that a Dinosaur is going to be collecting some eggs from me. And they show it in a cartoon to tell me in a nice way and to pacify me like one does with a human child.

About a cylindrical spaceship and the meaning of scales

March 12 2017, 10:06 PM - A black reptilian (note these are not the Alpha Orion lizards) showed me a mental image of a cigar-shaped cylindrical alien spaceship, these hover horisontally, it asked me if I wanted to come inside. I said yes and said that I don't know how to get in there. It seemed from what the reptile then said implied that there would be a conflict with Hamish if I was taken there. A while later Hamish tells me, "Excuse me, but I have got scales here", translated, with image of his shedded sheets of scales. So I can by now with certainty confirm, that one of the reasons why, or one of the effects of, that Hamish leaves his shedded scales here in my home, is to assert territory here. His shedded scales signal to other Reptilians that this is Hamish's place. And that he sometimes puts scales on me, is probably not some "kind" gesture of sharing a gift of friendship, but it probably means that he is saying that I am his, or more specifically that the "eggs" are his, he just seems to assume that I would know what it means even if he doesn't say it. His behavior is so obvious to himself that he forgets to explain all of his culture, body language and gestures to me, but I am quick to try to catch on.

PS. Cylindrical UFOs look to be made out of metal, it is brass colored beige and brown, and somehow I know it to be filled with machinery. Whenever I see one on a photograph on tv I become hysterical and frightened like a dog from the sound of a gun shot and I am quick to get away from the tv and have to calm myself down. There is something I feel about cylindrical UFOs which is quite terrifying, whether it is from an emission from the machinery of the spacecraft, or the emanance of its inhabitants. I have known Dark Lords to travel in the cylindrical UFOs, and Dark Lords have a horrible energy about them. I wouldn't say no to visiting inside of a cylindrical spaceship anyway, if the Reptilians are welcoming me for a visit. Although, one should always question the motives of why a Reptilian wants to mingle with a human, it is not exactly going to be for tea and cakes. Same goes with Zeta Reticulans, if a human visits a Zeta without the protection of human military then the Zetas would undoubtedly decide to do irreparable experiments to the human brain. I just enjoy a very special friendship with Hamish because he is guarding the eggs. He is cute.

No we don't drink tea. - Dark Lord now
No I know that. - me
... We don't drink tea in our cylindrical spaceships?!??? - Dark Lord

Hamish practices to play with a ball

March 11 2017, 6:36 AM - Today I slept during the abduction hours so I hope that the Zetas had an easier night that way. The other day the aliens told me that they had given Hamish a big red ball to play with, and I saw in a mental image a big red plastic ball that is hollow inside, it is about the size of a beach ball but firm and thicker plastic. Of course I thought that was cute. And I hope you think so too.

Last night when I went to bed and this morning when I woke up I was showing the Zetas a mental image of the "we come in to your house and take you" Zeta sign and also the one that looks like the Japanese Yen symbol which the Zetas use as a symbol for themselves, and the image they had shown me a few days ago of the red cross that means "hospital", and telling them that I am ready to be picked up. I really want a conscious contact. They say they take my eggs and bring me to their hospital in their UFO ambulance, so come on, let me remember and stay awake? Again, last night yields no memories whatsoever of a visit into the alien research hospital.

But last night while I was talking to Zetas asking to be picked up to the hospital, a Zeta gave me the most adorable mental image. It depicted the Zeta as if it were standing next to me and its hand on one side of my face and head, of course as a human mammal and a female human mammal at that, I interpret the image as a sign of affection and I go aww how cute and how sweet you are! Of course it takes a bit of effort for me to remind myself that Zetas probably don't think of it that way, like when is the last time I saw a Zeta hugging or caressing another being? (Never seen that.) As a human, I tend to interpret any images of two beings gently touching without violence as a sign of affection and love. The aliens, let me remind you, are not mammals. Hamish for instance doesn't like to be touched.

This morning I overheard a Dinosaur saying "Deb Deb" to Hamish. Hearing it say that I also said Deb Deb Deb to the Dinosaur. The Dinosaur then told me that it had said that to Hamish to confirm that Hamish was I think it was a good race, because Hamish had just said that to the Dinosaur. I told the Dinosaur that I also like to confirm how good he is because he likes that. Hamish is so proud of himself, his ego is humongous! But that is fine, because I love him probably even more so both me and Hamish are adoring Hamish!

This morning Hamish looked right at me and said "Livers!". So I asked dragon if he was hungry for a liver snack. He was. I turned telepathically to Lasarus the Zeta and I told him that Hamish needs to be given food. Lasarus assured me that they would feed him. And so I told Hamish that Lasarus was going to give him liver snacks. Hamish then told me that he used to go to Japan (with an image of the coastal hangar area in Komi Saki) because he was there given livers but that one time someone had put a shard of glass into his liver. I was very upset and I said that I would attack the one who did that, I said that I protect Hamish. I told Hamish, while I was in my morning shower, that it breaks my heart if anyone tries to hurt him, and I told him, it was because "I love him". This sweet Turtle.

Hamish then told me that he was given a red ball, it was about that same red ball as earlier, he said that they are trying

Tok Tok Tok, try to come to me. Come and play! Tok Tok Tok Tok, you are going to be like my family. Mine, you said about me? Tik Tik, Tiiik! Tok Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
Hamish? Where are you? I can't find you. - me
Langoustines are not like a Cola. You cannot drink or eat them. I was not seeing them down your throat. About the Langoustines, Tiik! My sofa, was not here, but I needed it therefore. Crustaceans for me. - Hamish, the last "crustaceans for me" in my native language, about the sofa he turned right toward the sofa in the other room I saw him in a mental image, with Cola he means a Coca-Cola.

Ohh! He now sat down on the sofa, feeling as he sank into the softness, and his eyelids close in such an expression of comfort and enjoying. This beautiful dragon! Also earlier when I told him that I had arranged for Lasarus to give him some liver snacks, his eyes had closed because it made him happy to hear that. And last night, when he looked at me, he was smiling with so much affection at me.

All that Tok Tok Tok just earlier I think was his response to me being about to write/think that the aliens are trying to teach him to play with the ball and that I was then going to say, that I had told Hamish that I want to play ball with him, so it seems that he would be very welcoming for me to be with him to play with the ball.

I have seen the aliens give a black and white soccer ball to Hamish and then a little hybrid boy is trying to play soccer with Hamish, but the way that Hamish plays the game is that he thinks of it as a domination game that he wants to own the ball, so he steps his flat red duck foot right down on the ball and growls if anyone comes close, but I have also seen him try to kick the ball. Hamish or one of the other aliens this morning said about the red ball that they are trying to teach Hamish to kick the big red ball. Hamish is the sweetest thing in the universe.

I am very proud of, My, too. Tik Tik Tok. - Hamish, then eyes closing, as he sinks in to feel the softness of the sofa
Hamish likes sofas. Tik! - me

Oh god how cute, a human heart evolved on planet Earth and we evolved around insects and wolves and

For me, Toast. - Hamish in my native language, and he thinks about bringing his hand toward his mouth to eat something, so he is thinking about food again, obviously he doesn't eat Toast
Are you hungry? - me native language
Is there Toast for me? Then yes, I am hungry. - Hamish, all NL except for "then yes" was in English
I was very dissatisfied here. - Dark Lord or otherwise Hamish
Why? - me

Humans evolved around the animals we have here, so when we meet someone as adorable as Hamish it feels like I am filled with so much love and adoration for him that it doesn't fit into my body.

I have taken, and collected my scales. - Hamish, even that is cute!!!, with image of him collecting shedded scales into his arms
Where are they? - me
Yes, there. - Hamish, he has them on my flatmate's rug in the corner near her computer desk, that is the room where the sofa is, I need to take out Hamish's ruggy snug, it is still rolled up in my wardrobe since we moved in here about a month ago
For me it was important, Snacks. - Hamish NL, that snacks were important
I love you Hamish. There is no other way that I can sum up how gorgeous and cute and adorable you are. Did you know that? - me
Tik. - Hamish means he knew he was all those things
I love your race. You mean the world to me. I would do anything for you. - me
Would you not fight me, please? - Hamish
I will never fight Turtle Sock. - me

PS. The Reticulan said last night or this morning when I asked to go to their hospital in their ambulance, that they thought that I would become suicidal if I see them. I then remembered the episodes we had a few years ago because of the hybrid children where I had been seriously upset for good reason. So I assured them that this was fine and different and that I was ready to meet with them.

For me, the ambulance, does not take. - Hamish NL that the ambulance should not take him he doesn't want it to
He is not a native species to your land, you said. - Reticulan tells me about Hamish [Added later same day: because I wrote about insects and wolves, though my point with that was different]
That is right. - me
He has not been hand-picked for this mission. - Reticulan about Hamish
Well? What then? - me
But he likes you very much. - Reticulan to me about Hamish, shows me image of Hamish's eyelids closing as he sits on the sofa being so cute and snug
I love Hamish more than anything. I adore him. - me
He has also done some cruelty. To what you don't know. - Reticulan or Hamish about Hamish
Cruelty, Yes-No Tik Tik! - Hamish
For my eggs, poo. - Hamish NL, probably means the fecal samples that Reticulans keep collecting from me, the eggs means either the eggs or me, as he often calls me "the eggs" or "his eggs"

Aliens study my feces

March 10-11 2017, 12:11 midnight - If I recall correctly, I was again awake in the early morning hours because that jetlag is difficult to kick off. (Tonight I slept from 5 PM to 11:30 PM and now I am looking at staying awake all night again. I'm trying to fix it.) And I was not aware of any abduction preparations taking place at 4 AM or around that time. However, it was well after the 4 AM at I think around 5 or 6 AM when I started seeing mental images of a Dinosaur, unusually clear images, because normally the Dinosaurs seem unwilling to let me see them and they are there but they are hiding from being seen too fully or for too long, but here were long-lasting clear images so that was a pleasant surprise. They were being in a friendly manner and I was greeting them with "Deb Deb Deb" and telling them they are welcome. Then I saw the cutest image of a little Reticulan with pale blue skin, large bulbuous head, short and small like a 6-year old human child, two all-black eyes, the surface of the eyes look as if the texture would be like sticky crude oil to touch. The Reticulan showed me a mental image of as if it were carefully and cautiously making a door open and standing behind a door, as if it were telling me that it is gently seeing if it might be ok for it to sneak in and come in here. I told the Reticulan that it was welcome.

Yesterday highly unusual I ate

We already took some of your excrement. - Zeta Reticulan
How? When? When did you take it? - me
When you were unaware, and sleeping! We were just making sure, that you were alright and ok after that. - Zeta Reticulan
Oh. Ok. - me
We don't want to always take your crap here! But we sometimes need to check it. Because, the hybrids there, and look they are sleeping there. - another, I think Alpha Reticulan, with a sassy way of speaking, it shows me quick mental image of adult or almost adult naked white hybrids in vertical water tanks.

[Added same day: "We were making sure you were ok after that", when they here said it I first thought they meant that the Dinosaur and Reticulan showed up in the morning to check that I was ok after they had already taken the sample while I slept before 6 AM.]

So very unusual I ate oven roasted pig meat steak. I normally don't eat meat, and I normally would not ever eat any pig, but I was so hungry! So it seemed unusually important for the aliens to get a fecal sample from me, and I had to assume that it was because of the pig meat I had eaten. They wanted to pick a fecal sample while I was in bed at 6 AM, I checked the time and told them that if they would then they would have to hurry up because I would be getting up in 45 minutes, it was quarter past six and I allowed them an extra 15 minutes so I would be staying in bed another 15 minutes longer than I normally do for this work. I wasn't aware of any collection so I got out of bed when I had to and told them I had to go to work. The aliens talked to me about needing that sample so I reminded them that I almost never do a bowel movements while at work and only in the evening and I told them that I could go to bed as soon as I get home. Oddly, unless thanks to my jetlag, I was dead tired when I got home from work at 4 PM and at 5 PM I was sound asleep. So when the Zeta just earlier said that they now have taken the sample, at first I thought huh when did they take it (you see my surprise there when I responded) but of course! I slept all evening already! So they probably mean that they took it during my evening sleep already today.

But you know what, who cares about aliens taking fecal samples? Actually that is rather interesting. It seems, that they are inserting experimental chemicals into my stomach and then they want to see how my body had processed it in the end. Another thing they do, which has got nothing to do with feces, is that they sometimes put foods into my stomach, have my stomach digest them, then suction it back out to feed it to the hybrids with another tube. They are really studying my food and metabolism, and they have clear ideas for what I get to eat and not eat. Sucrose is forbidden, and if I eat chickpeas it is not compatible with the hybrids if that is fed to the hybrids after taking from my stomach, chickpeas and also I think green peas they cannot handle. Cow's milk and yoghurt are highly - highly - recommended by the aliens that I eat, the problem is that I don't eat dairy products. But I am trying to use dairy as a bargaining to tell them that if I get to stay awake for abductions I would eat milk and yoghurt. Remember that one time when I did?

Zetas waiting for me to go to bed so that they can abduct me

March 9 2017, 6:58 AM - I was up again at night from about 1:30 AM when I woke up, I know my sleeping times are totally messed up, I am still jetlagged after the USA trip. But anyway, I was up all night until now at 7, wondering as the hours passed 3 AM and 4 AM why the Zetas were not appearing to talk about the medical procedures they want to do. I allowed myself to think, yes even after all these years of this contact, that what if my aliens are not real after all, because hey they are not showing up for abduction hour at 4. But as soon as - and I mean the very second - I decided to close up the computers and roll to bed, I hear a Zeta whispering to other Zetas that I am going to bed now and I caught a mental image glimpse of the Zeta, wearing a turquoise bodysuit. So turns out, since I had been up for so many nights in a row at their abduction hour at 4, they had made some adjustments, they had been waiting for me to go to bed. Sweethearts.

Colonel visit

March 8-9 2017, 1:34 AM - At 06:50 AM yesterday morning on the 8th I was awake in bed. Someone tells me telepathically into my mind, "Do you see that?", and I am shown a perfectly clear mental video image depicting what is a military person. He is wearing a uniform with camouflage pants, long-sleeve jacket, and cap with a brim on the front, all out of the same fabric with a camouflage pattern of patches of beige and light brown, to that he has combat boots in a similar beige or light brown color. I cannot see much of the man's face because of the cap creating a shadow on his face, and most of his skin and body is covered by clothing all except for his face and hands, but he is a Caucasian or otherwise mixed race man, he looks entirely and perfectly human, his skin is a gorgeous tan color which one gets from being healthy and active and fit and outdoors a lot, a deep golden healthy tan. The man is in excellent shape, very fit and muscular.

The Colonel wore a beige light brown camouflage uniform of the exact same make as these, the color fits with the second or the third from the left, which on the picture it says is Army or Marines, I think the Army uniform is the best fit, otherwise it was the Marines one. It was light colors with boots that were even lighter color than the uniform, that fits only with the Army one. The Marines one has boots darker than the clothes and that was not what he had. So I am going to say it was probably the Army uniform.

He stands in formation and as I'm watching him he is adjusting his posture. He stands with his back very straight, he places his hands latched behind his back, he spreads his legs even wider to stand like in military posture. He looks perfectly real, so much detail, so life-like, I fail to see how I could have imagined him, of course what I am saying is that I think that this man was real and that someone, presumably an alien, was conveying to me this picture.

It had not been the military man who had said to me "Do you see that?", but presumably I think a Reticulan alien, I had written down this sentence on paper and I also wrote down the following which was said to me by the military man telepathically, he said:

Yesterday morning:
We have been given a (...) by the United States military. - military
A what? - me
A full clearance to talk to you! - military

I learned that he was a "Colonel" but he did not tell me his name. I asked him if he was Richmond and told him that Colonel Richmond is the only Colonel I know. I don't recall there being any more information given in the conversation, we talked a bit but he wasn't exactly giving me information, also I was getting up to have my shower and get to work. No, he did talk to me more, but I forget what it was about, I think he talked about what implied that he had known me for many years already, and it also sounded to me like he and the other military there have known me for years like they, I don't want to say this, like there is a relationship that they feel to me, that they know me for many years, how he talked to me about it made me feel that these military guys have seen me naked for many years and he was like talking about how my body is and was and has been changing. You see, by all intents and purposes, based on what is being said by military and aliens and what I observe and all, the aliens abduct me, put me naked in the medical room, do medical procedures, the military have to watch that so they see me naked of course, but more than that, the aliens seem

Hey, who there hey cowboy! - a military says now [added same day: who as in whoa]
What? - me, I was just going to write that "the aliens seem to ask the military to have sex with me to get me pregnant, clearly some (interrupted)
Some sex is not being had. - military
Well, ok then. - me
They just take our sperm. - General Patton awkwardly
But, I thought that... How about Olav, he... I don't know. - me
Don't worry about the Russians anymore, Ma'am. We don't want you to know about them. - military
We don't want trouble, he said. - my red Turtle Hamish
Hello Hamish. How are you Darling? I love you, Tik! - me
Me, (side to side) sits here beside you. - Hamish, he took there a small pause to sway his head side to side slowly to show contentment and that he is pleased

These military guys have been a mystery for me ever since I recall starting to see them in remote viewing (them or aliens sending image to me, or military remote viewing me and I seeing them in the same process) and meeting them in military abductions since I was the age of 14. I only have bits and pieces, lots of conversation without being given clear answers or information on what is going on. For years since I was 14 I have strongly felt that they therefore own or keep a huge part of my very life and soul there with them, which I can only have back and feel whole and complete once I get more answers from them and get to meet them. It feels like the feeling of not being able to breathe, and so every time when I get to see them again, or talk to them properly more than just them telling me a bit of this and that, then it feels like I can breathe again. It is so important for me to see them and to figure this out. So, seeing this man ever so clearly and knowing that he is perhaps my Colonel Richmond (Richmond is the only Colonel I ever knew in these things), then it means the world to me.

They don't understand. My 14-year old self and from so many years is gone because of a shroud of mystery, and when on these rare times I get to see them and talk to them more than just glimpses or a few words, like here today, it gives me my very soul back. It heals me inside, it feels like drinking water after being thirsty for so many years, it fills me up with life, clears away the confusion and sadness that I had all those years. I just need to meet them and know they are real. I wish they would understand and let me meet them.

There is a lot of pain and worry in all of this, and simply because the aliens and military are trying to do things to me but to make it seem like they are doing nothing to me, you see it is like they want to interact with me and not interact with me, like they could have it both ways, and so I feel robbed and caught in the middle and it is confusing and frustrating and makes me angry and sad. It's like being taken away from myself and not being allowed to see. It is the worst kind of taking and abducting! Because by doing things to me that I don't get to remember or know about they are taking me away from myself. So, these precious moments like with the Colonel last morning, it gives me peace, and calm, it makes me feel like I am able to breathe again, it really feels like getting fresh oxygen after years of suffocation. It feels like soaking up nourishment after years of starving.

I have to know these things, and I cling to every piece that they can give me, as if my life depended on it, because, for years in my teens, I was feeling suicidal in part because they weren't giving me answers and no one of them was telling me what was going on, no one told me why I had woken up in the night somewhere else and met these guys or experienced things. So it robs me from myself. For years I begged them to let me meet them, I still would beg them but I get so tired when I ask yet again, and again... It drains all life out of me, because I put my very heart and soul into pleading for it, "Please let me meet you?" "Let me come to your office." "Can you call me in real life?", "How do I know if you really exist, or if I am imagining things?"

For years, I cried and I held a knife against my wrists and

Oh come on, my alien bug. - military says to a white Reticulan with a big white head
What colors do you see, when you think about General Patton? - military asks me, I think the military in the conversations here today are the Colonel again in that same uniform, but I am not entirely sure
I think about black color. Why? - me
What does he look like to you? - someone, military or Dark Lord or someone
Like a human man with black hair. - me
For me, Toast. - Hamish emphasizes, in my native language, he seemed to say to the military talking there
Do you want to see me then? And, are you aware about how that would even happen? - Dark Lord
I don't care. - me
Yes-No, for me needles. And, yes-no, also for pins and cushions. - Hamish, he means pin cushions
Yes-No!, a cacti. - Hamish
Yes-No, pins. - Hamish
Hamish? Should I take the hedgehog book away? Are you being scared of it? - me
I wanted to not step on them. That is why I was being careful. Yes-No, pins and cushions growl. - Hamish
Hamish, what is happening there? Should I take the book away? - me
For me, potato chips, there are many. - Hamish in my native language
Are you hungry, turtleback? Or do you have food now? "Snacks"? - me, he makes a palate click when I say the word "Snacks"

For years because of the military I was miserable, they took so much away from me, at times I stopped eating, for days I stayed just in bed crying and hiding from the world because Captain Stephens had said that he would rape me, or Andrew had been mean to me for hours, and Cunningham had been tormenting me for hours, it just left me weak and feeling dead. I need to see them, because it heals the past. It heals everything in me. So I am saying that it meant the world to me, seeing the Colonel last morning.

I am red! - Hamish in my native language
I have tried to take crustaceans. - Hamish native language, I now forget if he said langoustines or crustaceans, but same same
I love you, Turtleback. - me
I am Hamish. - Hamish, he also says about his smell but not in words

Also today during the day General Patton talked to me, I was at work working and he gave me mental images depicting himself when he had been a young man I presume in the 1960's. I have seen that from him several times by now already. Him in his 20's, in that military uniform which has a cane with a ball on the end, I don't know what kind of military uniform, let me look at pictures on the internet, it is black with white vertical stripes and a white and black hat with a hard brim and shiny black shoes. He remembered serving at the Navy ship, that same ship I sometimes see in connection with General Patton. He was talking to me about when he was my age and back then. Ok I was going to search after images of the uniform I see him wearing but looking at pictures of US military uniforms makes me feel nauseous so I'd rather not. Bye, I've got to go do other things. Like cook some spaghetti and talk to my Turtle about his feet.

A Moment of Hamish

March 7 2017, 4:02 AM - After work I had a cup of tea and pretty much fell asleep on the bed. Well it was already midnight by that time. Still jetlagged after the USA trip, and perhaps also in some small part because I had left my computer running with an electronic music channel on, had fallen asleep in my clothes, and the lights and heating were on in the whole apartment, I woke up again, only a few minutes before 4 AM. After some minute of lying in bed, I hopped out of bed and went to pee.

As soon as I reached the toilet room I felt that I had run into Hamish and that I had caught him a bit by surprise, I felt he would have been on the toilet room ruggy and I had entered into his space, more just like that I had caught him a bit by surprise. So I sat there and peed, I had the door open cause I am home alone at the moment (except for ALIENS!!!).

While still peeing I see a mental image of a beautiful red dragon smiling with his lower eyelids raised up and upper eyelids lowered diagonally so that the eyes are still partly open. "Good Morning", Hamish tells me while he is smiling at me with his eyes such a beautiful big and warm smile!

He said it so nicely and with such a smile and also how I felt him in a way that he was surprised and happy to see me and maybe he was feeling a bit awkward almost like I had ran into him doing something. Still peeing, I am so delighted to hear him say this and so happy, "Good Morning Hamish!" (Right now, he purr-growled! Which means he is saying that he loves something, probably loving me and this whole conversation we had, just like I am loving this conversation we had too! Another growl-purr so sweet and nice!)

And when I said "Good Morning Hamish!" (He now says, "I was not surprised to see you." Me now: "Hamish were you happy to see me?". He says, "I was with my eggs. My forks." with a mental image of one of the dessert forks from the kitchen, either claiming things to be snug and powerful, or referencing to food that the eggs are food or even that the eggs bring him food since he gets paid with food for guarding them. "None of them fell down, Tiik! I was watching about that.", he says now about the eggs and the toilet.) So when I had said "Good Morning Hamish!", he got real excited and he said "Tiiik!" and he almost did like when dogs get happy and they run around in a circle, his whole body got so happy and he fidgeted around like he was happy and about to twirl around! And that made me even happier!

He then said that none of the eggs had fallen and he was happy about that. So he was so happy and excited and that made me happy and excited and it was just such a wonderful moment with Hamish! And then he looked at me with a big and happy smile with his eyes and he was just wonderful!

Ok so he had been watching me pee and he was happy that none of the eggs fell out. His job includes staring at my pelvic area to see if he can see any white hybrid embryos falling out like a miscarriage out of me. I honestly don't know if any might fall out because I have never experienced a time that I remember where the aliens would have seen that one such thing suddenly fell out of me. But none fell out at the time of my peeing and Hamish was happy about that it seems! Or that he was just being unusually cute-er! I love having this dragon I can't even tell you.

I was langoustines and shrimp. That is why I have my turtle back. About my back, I said, sshhh. - Hamish
You have a proud back, Hamish. I am proud of your back. It was a significant back. - me
Yes, and we used to live in water. And there we ate the pearls. We ate pearls in the sea. Little fidgets, and nuggets. We ate seafood. And now we do not. And, Tiiik! - Hamish, the Tiik he again seems to get really excited and he turns around a bit
We don't want trouble with him, ey! Hello, my Grumpy Cat. - General Patton, first to me, then the "ey" yells it at Hamish as if to break up Hamish's behavior, then to me about grumpy cat
I am not grumpy. I am having one of my best moments with Hamish right now. - me
I was the very advanced race, not. - Hamish, then some kind of cluck cluck cluck sound
But at least I have got my back. - Hamish adds to that
Hamish... you are the most beautiful and wonderful amazing darling species and race that I have ever seen. - me
I do not like those. They were not my potatoes. - Hamish with image of the crates of yellow onions at my vegetable warehouse job, "potatoes" in my native language
Do you know why I am here? Why I was made to watch you? And why I turn around. I was so happy to see you, at first. And then I was sure, you hadn't eaten had any honey. So I was watching that. About our puzzle pieces, they said, Dab Dab. - Hamish, the last part about puzzle pieces he is quoting what Reticulans have said about there being their Reticulan genetics and "puzzle pieces" in the eggs
I didn't want you to write down, pen. - Hamish, with "pen" in native language and a mental image of the white pen I use but am not using now since I am typing on the computer now directly into here
Eggs for me. - Hamish in my native language
For me manure was there. - Hamish in my native language, he thinks of having a poo pattie on the toilet room floor right next to the toilet brush (as I have told you before that he wants to do here because he thinks it makes sense because it is next to the toilet brush!)
I was going next to the toilet. So I was proud of that fact, Tiik! - Hamish, with Tiik! he again turns around a bit and it displays his back a bit
Oh well, I was at least proud of it. - Hamish about his poo on the toilet room floor, he stands now by the way again in the toilet room
That is alright, dragon. - me, he looks at me now with his eyes smiling so happy at me!
That is because I was proud, Tik! - Hamish about what I wrote about his eyes being so happy and smiling at me, and here a Tik which means a click sound and means Yes
I almost forgot how good it was to be here. - Hamish smiling with eyes
Tell me Hamish, why is it so good to be here? Why are you ever so happy right now, darling? - me
For me, girls. - Hamish or a Dark Lord about hybrid girls about the age of 9, white skin with yellow hair
Hamish, I love you. I am going to bed now to sleep, but I love you still and always. And I am happy that you are proud, I am proud of you too. - me
That man, doesn't like us here. He said Yes-No! About the that ambulance that doesn't come! - Hamish, first a mental image of the Navy ship that I sometimes see in connection with General Patton, and "No" in the Yes-No was in my third language, and ambulance refers of course to a UFO that would abduct me to the abduction place with Zetas
I cannot even imagine what you would do, if you would see them. - General Patton? Was like a Dark Lord with with partial skin like a white-skinned Caucasian human, either a Dark Lord morphing shapeshifting and playing games, or a Dark Lord boss conveying a communication from a human "cooperative"
I would like to see them. - me
About those onions I said! - Hamish or Dark Lord, so either Hamish said and a Dark Lord listened or the Dark Lord said, again an image of the yellow onions in crates at my work place
Tik Tik Tik. - Hamish
He was thinking about murdering them. - Dark Lord about Hamish, now again the Dark Lord almost morphs into a human with thin human white skin and brown hair and brown eyes, or that the Dark Lord is simply conveying from a human man somewhere, this man being not Patton since Patton looks different and is darker, Hamish's Tik Tik Tik he thought about one or some of those girl hybrids again that look like about 9-year old humans
My smell, wasn't here, I assure/assured you. - Hamish, I forgot if he said assure or assured but I heard it clearly at the time
Hamish's smell, Tik. I like Hamish's smell. - me
My eggs said. - Hamish answers to that, in my native language
My smell. And, not my papers. - Hamish, with papers he thinks about the toilet paper and the sound it had made as I had crunched it up in my hands while peeing earlier, he is still in the toilet room being up to dragon business, just being a dragon
I love you turtle back. And I am proud of your langoustines-back. - me
Tik Tik Tik, the women like me. The women. - Hamish, while his back is again lighting up with the goosebumps on it glowing yellow

Why is he acting so excited? And all this time, his back has been unusually lit up, almost as if it was somehow activated, he has been twirling around part way showing his back in a way that I have not seen him do before, and he has done it so many times already now. His back looks lit up with the fire engine red color, it looks a bit paler red than usual but most importantly the zit bumps on the back hump appear almost lit up or illuminated, glowing almost, in a yellow color, it makes his whole back hump almost lit up, it has got something to do with him being excited. This is not his usual "look at my back" or "displaying of back" thing! This is something different, that comes with an excitement.

For me, crustaceans, are there? My back hump. - Hamish talks in my native language, he also thought about the thin tubing down my nose which I presume is about to happen if the aliens are going to be taking me up and away?

I can just say that I do not fully

And you forgot to honor! And, drink milk, Tiik! - Hamish, this Tiik was almost a Tik so it was probably just a Tik, because it was said like a Tik like a "Yes!" assertive almost a bit and not at all the excited Tiik shrill!
I have been given steak. Manure for me. - Hamish in my native language
And, Tik Tik Tik, cluck cluck cluck! - Hamish with eyes closing in a smile now and looking all content and snug
Manure for me. - Hamish slumps together a bit happy and snug and eyes smiling and thinking about his poo patty on the toilet floor and he sits there in the toilet room
Cluck cluck cluck. - Hamish in the toilet room
Eggs for me. - Hamish eyes smiling
Cluck cluck, Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish fidgeting around again turning his big body around that can barely just fit in the toilet room so that he can sweep his eyes across the poo patty there to see it there again on the floor then continuing the twirl around so that he can get snug on the rug again there

The Steak he said earlier just now he thought of the 9-year old looking hybrid girl. So here is what has happened, I finally see that now. He is happy because he has been promised that 9-year old hybrid girl to eat, and he has either already eaten it and that is the poo he had after that meal, or that he has just had a poo and he is thinking of a future meal that he has been promised. The cluck is a cluck sound he makes. Overall he just seems really pleased, and also a bit stirred up and slightly almost we could say it is a kind of agitated, that he is worked up riled up a bit and after some time he will settle down again. It is almost a bit of a sensory overload, although he is happy during it, because of a lot of things happening, the meal that he either had or will have, and the poo. And then I had simply got up at night and ran into his space the toilet room and he had been guarding the eggs and watching if any fetuses might fall out which they didn't and I am just experiencing a moment of Hamish.

(For a feel of how fast I have to type to keep up with conversations, thoughts, and happenings all while they are happening, I finished typing this entire entry at 4:45 AM. If you can count up the number of key strokes and divide it up with the number of seconds you can get an average of key strokes per second and you should see that I am typing really fast and you get a feel for how quickly the events are taking place and how fast one has to type to keep up with it. HOWEVER IF you do decide to check the characters per second you HAVE TO fetch the HTML code because I write FAR more than seen here, there are so many HTML tag codes written too all finished while I am typing the text, so I don't come in and add any of them afterwards.)

Sure enough, ...

March 7 2017, 11:22 PM - Last night I was awake again into the night. After just having written A Door Opening - Pre-Abduction Alien Interaction, I was forcing myself to question whether the alien contact and abduction experience is even real at all. So it became 3 AM and I was telling myself, that as long as I do not expect to hear or see any aliens then they won't come, I was telling myself that as long as I adopt a mindset that they do not exist, then they will not appear. It was 3 AM and I was not hearing or seeing any aliens and I told myself that well, phew, there it is, no aliens. I turned the lights off and lay my head down on the pillow. All of a sudden, into my head as if sent from outside, the image of a red cross, like here, a red cross of the same dimensions as in this image linked to but within a clearly defined white square. I looked at the clock, it was 4:05 AM. The magical abduction hour had arrived, and the Zetas were right on clock.

I sensed from them that the red cross meant their hospital. In the interaction I had with the Zetas that followed, some talking and mental images, but I do not remember being taken away anywhere, the aliens showed me a mental image depicting an adult hybrid one of the so-called Illuminati hybrids or IMs for short. This one was naked but wearing white briefs underwear, he was standing there in the alien place. The aliens said that they wanted to find out if he could ejaculate. I asked the man if he ever had already done that before, he answered me with "I don't know." He told me that he was not "happy" being there in that room that he had been taken to, he said that he wanted to go away from there. Instead of being there, he would have rather wanted to eat some sweets namely pancakes and he knew about the pancakes I used to make. IMs are real sweet tooths. I don't recall having been "mated" with the IM, nor was I shown his genitals that I remember of. IM genitals are actually not offensive, they are really pretty, white like the skin on their body, no pubic hair, and they are not circumcised.

Other things said by Zetas were that the Zetas showed me mental images depicting white roots of a plant, they said that they want to take their, Zetan, roots, and what they meant was to put that into my eggs. I did not write down the words of what they said, but I will have to start taking exact notes of the conversations to document this.

Zetas showed me an image of a black cat with a white face, a cartoon cat, and they told me that they show cat cartoons to the children there so that the children will be cheerful. They asked me if I liked to see cat cartoons, I said I would rather see Hamish or Alpha Remulans. Zetas also showed me an image of the Mickey Mouse Disney World ears hat and they expected me to get happy. This is all I remember.

When the Zetas had arrived, Hamish was very chatty. He talked about his race and about what he looks like. He went to sit down on the sofa in the other room and he got all relaxed and had his legs stretched out forward and his ankles crossed, like how he usually sits. He loves sofas. In the morning when I woke up, Hamish was very talkative again. He showed me a mental image of a koala bear and he asked me if those exist, I told him that yes they do. I told Hamish that koalas live in Australia and that the Zetas could take him there to look at them. I learned from him that his interest in koalas is because of the claws on koalas and he thinks that they might be dangerous creatures.

Hamish told me that when he was "16 years old" he had had an uncomfortable experience with someone who had a needle and that ever since then he is afraid of needles, which he explained is why he is worried about hedgehogs and koala bears. Hamish wants a bucket, he showed me a mental image of a bucket and that he would kick the bucket with his duck foot in the image and he told me that he wants one. I asked him what color, he said blue. I will see to get one to my room for him. This isn't the first time that he asks me for a bucket to have. (I suspect that he would collect some of his shedded scales into it.) He was more chatty than usual, and of course I listened to him. I take the time to listen to my Dragon, and I also thanked him for sharing his thoughts with me.

The magical abduction hour approaches

March 5-6 2017, 3:20 AM -

It starts to write! - Reticulan in third language
We hope you have nothing against our operations. - Reticulan, English
It starts to write! - Reticulan in third language

As soon as it approached 3 AM the Reticulans were talking, one of the things I remember them saying was they asked me if I knew about Ufology. I assured them that we could meet and establish friendship, they seem nervous about letting me see them. They also said that their skin is sensitive that I must not touch it, I assured them that I would not touch them. They saw me coming on this website to write and they were telling each other that I am starting to write. Calling me an "it" when they speak to each other, ahum. It is now 3:22 AM and the "magical abduction hour" is in half an hour. Of course I am not going to sleep when I am this close! Magical... I mean alien things, might happen here very soon. If I am to make proper acquaintance with the Greys and have any hopes of staying awake for abduction, then I best make sure I am awake to bother them so inconveniently at the time they had calculated that I would be asleep! Then starts the bitching and whining of asking them to please, please let me stay awake for abductions. Please. Wouldn't it be grand, just grand, if I could go with them, even though they tell me I will get dizzy and vomit over there, just to see them so close, to get to experience a marvellous alien abduction, even if it means they will be taking a fecal sample, collecting some eggs, perhaps pulling out some alien embryos out of my womb, putting that tube down my nose to collect some vomit. Nice things like that. But they are aliens. AND I WANT TO MEET THEM! I will stay awake and see what happens. And nag at them.

I will bite you, I said. - Hamish as soon as I said that I would nag at them
I will not nag at my Hamish. I never nag at Hamish. Hamish is my best friend, therefore. I just nag at Zetas, because I want to meet them. - me
They are really taking your eggs out here! - Hamish, sincere, not angry
I want to meet them. That is my great big wish right now. To see the Reticulans. - me
You don't have the right brain. Otherwise we would have done that. - Zeta Reticulan, "brain" in my native language

Spiderman interests Hamish, Hamish eats fish bits in Japan, Hamish thinks about Cactuses and Hedgehogs, Mantid would eat vegetables!

March 5 2017, 8:23 PM - Before I even saw Hamish my red Dragon, he was sending me vivid images of the Spiderman character into my mind, he was showing it to me for a while, after which he talked to me something about it. I told Hamish again, that these don't exist, that it is only a fictional character. But Hamish said, that he has seen films with them, they were real. I told him that in the movies, humans dress up as the character. I told him that humans do that because they are telling an interesting story to others about such a fictional character. This is not the first time that dragon talks to me about the Spiderman character. He finds it endlessly mesmerizing, because it looks a lot like a red Reptilian like he is. I remember the first time ever that I encountered his fascination with Spiderman. A newspaper was laying on the coffee table in my living room in college, and a large picture of Spiderman was on the page. I had noticed Hamish staring at the picture with unusual interest. About ever since then, every once in a while he shows me a mental image of Spiderman and he asks me if those exist, and I tell him, that no they do not exist. Picture of Spiderman

Last night Hamish was visiting Japan. He told me that he had been given fish snacks to eat. I asked him to show me a mental image of the snacks he was eating, but as always, he feels protective and uncomfortable about sharing food or even about sharing an image of food, he doesn't want anyone near his snacks, so he did not show me an image of his fish snacks. I expect it of course to have been fish entrails which he eats. Hamish was very fond of the meal and very happy and snug over there, he was in a cheerful mood about the snacks! After some while he thought about his latrine that he must have just recently dropped, it was more of a yellow color and not so much milk-chocolate brown as his other poo is, also this slightly yellow poo is visibly oily and therefore more runny, the oil it contains also makes it sticky and messier. Dragon has earlier complained about how when he eats fish bits it makes his poo sticky and runny, that is why he normally declines to eat fish bits and prefers the liver snacks which are from larger organisms and make for less messy and less runny poo. But this time he was quite pleased about eating his fish snacks! Humans(?) in Komi Saki Japan are feeding Reptilians with fish entrails from the fishing industry. I like it when Hamish visits Japan. He has a whole other life there that he often shares with me in images while he is there. I love Hamish more than anything.

I won't bite you she said. And, about my Snacks, Tiiik! - Hamish

He means that since I said something nice about him, that I love him more than anything, that I was not being angry at him and not saying that I would bite him. And he knows that I was thinking about his fish snacks. The Tiiik! seems to mean that he is pleased, because he seems so cheerful and excited when he says Tiiik! Now he thinks about the owls that build hollows inside cactuses and sit there, he wonders about it. He is scared of needles and cactuses and it bothers him a lot that some owls are building nests there and sitting in it.

Last night he showed me mental images of hedgehogs, he is still very fond of hedgehogs it is because of their spiky backs. I told him that he still has his hedgehog book here if he wants me to take it out for him to look at the pictures, he did not answer to that so I left it on the shelves. I promised him that we could watch hedgehog videos today so that he can see real ones and how they live and move, I might ask him again if he wants to. Hamish wants me to clear out the space underneath the table in my room so that he can use it as his "tablehole", to go and camp out there like a dragon in a cave.

Yesterday when I was going to work in the morning he was making constant clucking sounds, or smack sounds with his palate or throat, a new kind of sound I do not recall having encountered before. I didn't know what it meant, also, when Hamish is making repeated sounds then it is almost as if he is getting my attention and that it is something more important, so I was a bit alarmed and wanting to know what it was about, but he didn't say. I have a new job at a large vegetable wholesale and Hamish has been there with me two days now and he tells me that he enjoys being there. He gets to watch his eggs-woman pack vegetables in a box. There was also a shipment of regular yellow onions (which I have not processed yet and maybe also won't) and he was not too pleased about the onions, I assured him that I would not be cutting into the onions. A green extraterrestrial Mantid alien has been very pleased to see the tons of vegetables at my new job, it tells me that it would gladly eat them!

A few minutes later I see a mental image of Hamish, he is somewhere where it is dark, but I can make out his dark figure with a proportionally small head and his yellow eyes in the dark. He looks like a reptile, or a dragon, his skin is scaly. He tells me about my new workplace, that he likes it since it is easy for him to watch me there, that he can see me there, and in his thoughts, he remembered having stood there in the vegetables warehouse and watching me from behind and afar, he had kept his eyes where do you think? Just guess where does dragon look at me when he does his job of watching me? His eyes are on my pelvic area, and he is constantly watching to see if any white alien embryos would be falling out from my vagina if he could spot any falling out from me as a miscarriage. He then told me, that he is the "eggs guard" or "guard of eggs" however you translate it from my native language.

Have you heard about the Annunaki? That was us, we were there, visiting. - raptor
We wanted you to know that! We were happy about it! - Alpha Reticulan I think, adds to that

That there was suddenly a tiny raptor, like an old-Earth dinosaur, it was yellow in color with some beige or green in the coloration, it has a v-shaped snout with many small teeth both in upper and lower jaw, two short arms facing forward and two bent legs and a long tail that does not rest against the ground but is held up. It was small like the size of a medium-sized dog or smaller. It spoke to me telepathically.