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December 03 2016 - December 31 2016

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Reticulan reaks of Acetone
I've missed Hamish but he is around

December 31 2016, 9:45 PM - I am visiting my family for Christmas and New Year in another country. At first for many days it seemed that Hamish had stayed behind in the country where I live. I was missing his company after a few days and when I connected with him telepathically I found him in the area where I live and he was wondering whether there were any hedgehogs in the forests there. I told him Tok Tok and that I miss him, and seems that he came over here. There was a circus on television and he seemed to really enjoy watching it, he was curious about some boxes used there but the only boxes I can think of were ones that animals stood on, he seemed to wonder what was in those boxes.

Last night I think I met a Reticulan in close contact. I remember being in a large dark room where a Reticulan, meaning either an Alpha or a Zeta Reticulan. It stood next to a technical device which was maybe one of the baths the Reticulans like to lie in, the device was a larger black and blue thing with tubes and I don't know its function. It reaked very strongly of a chemical from the Reticulan, a smell like acetone, I do suspect it to be the smell of a ketone. I have been nagging Reticulans for close contact, and now I got it. They have been showing me brief mental images of frog puppets and I still think that is cute. I am now going to eat some shrimp and hope that Hamish doesn't notice, but we know that he will notice. It is New Year. I know I will regret this.

Strange Sexual Behavior from Hamish
but Hamish and me are doing laundry today

December 20 2016, 10:40 AM - It's been five years. I assume to know my dragon. But he still manages to surprise me, and moments like these are what remind me that Hamish is some strange alien species. He was acting really strange last night.

I've learned to understand a repertoire of tens of types of body language, clicks, to understand his culture and phrases he uses, but I was completely confused last night. I almost hesitate to even write it down because maybe it is part of his private life.

I'll just jot down what I witnessed and maybe it is not up to me to have to be the one to decipher what it all means. There was a human man who had white skin and red hair that was not the orange red but a bright crimson red. This man, or at the very least an image of this man since I was aware of an image of that man, was involved in Hamish's very strange behavior. I am not fully clear about all the details of what Hamish was really up to. It was either a form of hunting or predation behavior, or sexual i.e. linked to reproductive behavior or a combination of both. Let's not forget that Draconian Reptiles feel tremendous sexual pleasure sensation from acts of domination and hunting games, like I've said many times, humans experience sexual pleasure as a reward for reproduction since it helps the human species survive to make children, and Reptilians are rewarded with sexual pleasure from acts of hunting which helps them to survive since they are eating (perhaps also, Reptilians who experienced pleasure from murdering and domination, managed to kill off other weaker Reptilians, and so through Darwinian evolution and selection, Reptilians prevailed who feel pleasure from hunting games, i.e. it is not necessarily associated to reward for eating.)

[Added later same day: Also the red-haired human man's penis was involved in all of this somehow. I am reminded of that time when Hamish did the conquest on me and he and I enjoyed a wonderful sexual experience together, so who knows maybe Hamish was enjoying something of the same but now with that man? Also remember that Hamish got his name since he once knew like in the 1800's a Scottish man whose name was Hamish and he had red hair and Hamish my dragon used to follow this man around, the man is of course dead by now, but my dragon still remembers this man. There is something about red hair. I do not have red hair by the way. Also to mention I was not involved in the sexual moment that Hamish had last night or this morning, I was not feeling anything sexual so I was not made to be involved in it.]

Hamish's lower eyelids were closed up more than usual, he was definitely enjoying and his eyes and face showed it, his upper eyelids were also partially closed down diagonally. It had something to do with the image of that man with red hair. The hair being red has definitely without any doubt got to do with Hamish's fixation with that man. (I have come across previously from reading about Reptilians from other sources, that Reptilians would supposedly favor sacrificing humans that have red hair. Hamish however as we know he is fixated by anything that is red in color, but that is because he himself is red.)

So that was in the evening, he was definitely enjoying something tremendously much to an extent that made me think that I should just let him have a private moment so I did not want to bother him. And when I woke up in the morning Hamish was still acting strange and this time he was having sexual behavior and his penis was out (normally a Reptilian's penis is kept on the inside of the body completely hidden). There might have been also a Dinosaur who was killed and parts of it eaten by Hamish but I am not entirely sure if that happened, at least a Dinosaur was going to be eaten and I defended it I told them not to harm the Dinosaur.

Hamish was having what seems to have lasted all through the night some kind of tremendously emotional and pleasurable moment, which appears to have been a combination of predation and eating which seems to have associated to his sexual i.e. reproductive behavior. He was acting out of character and I did not know how to deal with him so I've just left him alone. He is entitled to his own life, and I should not pry into his private moments. We have lived together for five years, and quite a few times I have wondered at how low sexual behavior Hamish has compared to humans. He sometimes masturbates on his rugs where he has his shedded scaly bits, since those rugs with scales are his nests, but as for sexual i.e. reproductive behavior I have seen very little of it in all these five years. I know that he sneaks off sometimes and actually has sex with female Dragon Turtles and he has even fathered nests of "Hatch-Its" as he calls the baby Dragon Turtles. (Now he wants to bite into my hand because he wants to add something or stop what I said.)

What is it Hamish? - me
I was not the proud father once. They were not taken out of my belly! I just wanted to see them, Tik! I was not the proud father therefore! They were not mine. They were not out of my ***. - Hamish, *** is a word in my native language for the female parts I am not sure how to translate it not an obscene form of the word though, a Reticulan then explains that Hamish means that he is not the one who had fathered those hatchlings
I was not the proud father therefore then, Tik! - Hamish

Well, I don't know what happened last night, I do know that he was enjoying something. I should also not be too quick to say that it is a "private moment" for him, because we cannot assume Draconian Reptilians to be so ashamed about sexual behavior like we humans are, there is no reason to assume that a Reptilian would want to have pleasurable moments in private just because we humans tend to prefer it that way.

This morning I saw a mental image of a little green raptor dinosaur i.e. not one of the "Dinosaurs" who are the green "Frogs", but a little raptor that looks like a prehistoric dinosaur, I saw it more clearly than I usually see them

They were made by the feathered ones. - someone says meaning about the raptor I saw, and I see a mental image of what looks like an Archaeopteryx with beautiful white feathers hanging down from its arms and a long raptor snout with small sharp teeth in upper and lower jaw
We do not have the eggs anymore. Therefore we cannot come to you now. - Archaeopteryx with white feathers
We were once made great, and golden. Now we are nothing left. - Archaeopteryx
We are trying to extract it from the humans. So that we can eat them! - Arch

The raptor had blunt bumps of the same color as its bright green skin color all across its head and body of various sizes, very decorative, so the body was not smooth on the surface. The little raptor told me that "now that Obama is no longer the president and Trump is, then they" meaning these little dinosaurs "are allowed to visit me now". Hamish now thinks about biting into my hand again, so he is objecting to something again. I love Hamish, he is such a cutie. Hamish fears lately about there being broken glass or needles on his ruggy snuggies, so I keep having to reassure him that those are lies, those Reticulans are lying to him and I don't know why but I have to make them stop, because I miss having Hamish cozy on his ruggies when I go to sleep, it is more soothing to go to sleep with a big red Dragon comfy on his rug even than having a puppy dog sleeping at the foot end of the bed.

[Added later same day: At the end of this while I am writing the addition above, one of the aliens I'm sure one of the Reticulans, shows me a Kermit frog puppet and says to me "Hey, monkey!" in my other language. They also showed me a frog puppet last night. And as always, I shriek a little and say "How cute!". They know I love frog puppets, because, who doesn't? I say to the aliens "Frogs!" cheerfully. I then see the mental image of a Dinosaur who says "Deb Deb". I wonder, as I am not the only human who has met the Dinosaurs, other contact persons call them Saurians, but am I the only one who has heard them saying "Deb Deb Deb"? The military call Dinosaurs "croakers". Sometimes Dinosaurs who are many of them in the same room are talking with each other and it sounds like a chorus of "Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb" it is really adorable.]

I am doing laundry and while I was looking at the washing machine as it only had a few more minutes left, Hamish tells me that he has put some of his shedded scales in there with the washing. So he sneaks some of his scales into my laundry, but I have known about that for years now. He washes them. Otherwise he will wash his shedded scales with water here in our home, he used to wash them in the toilet water but I have asked him to stop that as soon as I found out. He then places them neatly on the rug and other places for them to dry. He takes great care of his shedded scales. I told Hamish that this time, which I almost never do otherwise, I am going to put the laundry into the dryer so he should take his scales out first or they might get damaged in the dryer.

12:55 noon - I took the dried laundry up on my bed and was folding the bed sheets and Hamish said that he had some of his scales there. I don't see the scales of course, even Hamish is in some other dimension. (The aliens say that their atoms are "oscillating at a different frequency".)

There is a group of benevolent ETs who are called the "Turquoise", their logotype is an upside down (point pointing down) turquoise triangle, they oppose the Alien Agenda whose logotype is the yellow pyramid that points up, my aliens including Hamish are in the yellow pyramid group. The turquoise aliens told me today that Hamish has started fighting more. That worries me, but only because I worry that someone might harm my Hamish. I am totally biased. He now wants to bite into my fingers again because of what I here said. I have seen over the years Hamish getting pissed and he will bite into a Reticulan shoulder and flap it around like a rag. Hamish can be a bully and aggressive sometimes (with the other aliens, but never with me), but even when he does that I think he is cute, because he bites and he has no teeth so it is only cute. He is too adorable. I know I should treat him with more respect but I treat him like a cute little kitten, but I can afford to, since he will never hurt me, he is here to protect me, so I enjoy a wonderful immunity and safety with the Draconians. If I did not have Hamish protecting me, oh then I would be tremendously afraid of them! But since I will always be safe with Reptilians, with Hamish protecting me, I can take out liberties like calling them cute and telling them I want to hug and cuddle them and not getting scared when Hamish says he wants to eat my liver, because I know that he won't.

This beautiful dragon
Reticulan lies to Hamish that there is broken glass on his ruggy

December 17 2016, 2:28 PM - Hamish said that he feared there could be broken shards of glass on his ruggy. I asked him who has told him that. Turns out that a Reticulan had. I said that I would attack the Reticulan or anyone who lies to Hamish or is mean to him. I promised I would pat down the rug with my hand and feet when I come home to see that there is no broken glass there, I will do that soon I just got home a while ago. And this isn't the first time that other aliens are lying to Hamish telling him that there is broken glass on his ruggy! I am so outraged that other aliens are being mean to Hamish. Surely they know how much Hamish adores and loves his rug! No wonder I haven't been seeing my Turtle Dragon around for many many days in my room. Let me go pat down that rug now. I will tell Hamish to watch, I will take my socks off and put my feet on it so that he can see that feet are safe there.

It smells like me. - Hamish says in my other language when I approach his rug, he says about the rug
I will show you that there is no glass on it. May I step on your rug? - I say to Hamish in my other language, I had taken my socks off and was stepping on his ruggy and noticing how actually yes his rug is really soft and wonderful on the feet, I haven't stepped on his rug for years and years I know to avoid it, but Hamish says:
Yes-No. Tiik, Tik Tik Tiik! - Hamish said Yes-No in my other language immediately but not angry and I immediately get off the rug

He loves that rug. He really does. This series of Tiik and Tik that he just made I have never heard him say it that way, but he sounded friendly.

There was no broken glass on your ruggy snugs, Hamish. I have checked it carefully. I protect you, Dragon. I love you so much. I love you Hamish. - me, he looks at me with his fire engine red sock puppet head, he looks cute and in a good mood

It is absolute magic when a human and an animal connect and learn to

What about us here, then? - a Reticulan I see it in a mental image, meaning about contact what I was about to write, the Reticulan now says that it is sorry about what it said about the rug
That is Hamish's rug. - me

When a human and an animal connect and learn to communicate with each other.

We have another hospital that you can come to. If you would want. - Reticulan to me
The answer is no, because I never get to stay awake there. Therefore not. - me
My Toast, my Buttercups! - Hamish, "my" in my native language, Buttercup or Buttercups I forgot

I have enjoyed a magical five years together with Hamish. We have shared everything together. I never knew I could be so intimately connected with someone as I have been with Hamish. He talks to me, he tells me his thoughts, or he sends me mental image "postcards" of him in his whereabouts to show me what he is up to sometimes. He tells me his little thoughts like that he likes goldfish, or that red Santas make him angry, and the other day he told me that he likes the "tablehole" meaning underneath our kitchen table he likes to use "tableholes" like his caves even though he usually cannot fit under most tables but he tries. And the other day he again asked me why there is a bird that goes inside a hollow inside a cactus and I explained to him that the bird goes there because it feels safe, but it is annoying to Hamish that the bird goes there. He also does not like carved pumpkins especially those with a lit candle inside. He tells me his fears and his likes and dislikes. He shares with me everything. I am so close to him, that sometimes when I think about how close we are, I can just break down and sob for a while.

I love this person who happens to be a Dragon Turtle "of the old Draconian race". I love him so much. When others see him, they see a scary monster, or they comment on how bad he smells, like the human military who do not at all like him. But when I look at him, I see the most beautiful dragon, who is proud of his red color, proud of his back hump, who knows that his sixteen blunt head buttons are important and only to be shown on occasions when needed. He is not a monster. I look into his eyes, and I see my best friend, someone who has made me laugh and cry over the years. Someone who has nibbled on my fingers and shoulder, has pushed me off his ruggety rug, sprinkled shedded scaly bits into my bath water... not to mention given me one of the most intense moments of sexual pleasure when he did the brief but unforgettable conquest when we had just recently met, when he was physically on top of me and wrestled me around in bed, red scales against human skin to test my strength and power, his warm sulphuric smelly breath of dragon breathing down my neck, our bodies latched together, our minds melted and fused together, our spirits one, so close closer than anything else possible. The most intimate connection I have ever had with someone, was with my dragon, and the most amazing sexual explosions that however happened in my head and chest were with him. The Draconians call it, "feeling the power".

Hamish is very proud of himself, of his color, of his back hump, of his race, but he doesn't know how much he means to me. I know him so well. I feel his emotions. A human being was made to live on Earth. We need the right range of temperature, and the right composition of atmosphere to breathe, and the right pressure and gravity. A human being cannot live naturally on most other planets because our bodies were not made for other planets. But we were also not made to know the old Draconian race (or Alpha Remulan scorpions) because we were not made to know the love we find for them, my heart was not made big enough to carry all the love I have for him. I love him so much that I can't carry it. This beautiful dragon.

Vega Starsouls

December 13 2016, 4:07 PM - Last night I made a meditation to clear away the dark energy which the Dark Lords have attached to the right side of my head and right eye. If you are a science-minded person and you think this sounds like science-fiction, well. Dark Lords are an ancient and highly knowledgeable alien species, they know that the world consists not only of material things but above all they are working with the vibrational patterns or energy patterns (though physicists, scientists, have a different use of the word "energy"). Thoughts and emotions all have distinct vibrational patterns. Vibrational patterns are not just abstract ideas, but they form a form of substance which lingers, and which can then continue to influence health, mood, events and actions. There is nothing science-fiction about this, it is only that most humans are unaware of vibrational patterns and that science has not caught up yet.

Dark Lords are skilled in producing vibrational patterns that have a low-dimensional dark pattern. They build what resembles "spiderwebs" of "bad energies" into places. In such places, humans and animals will then feel uncomfortable, the place will feel demonic and satanic, people become unhealthy or go insane, and things in the home will break. Dark Lords themselves have a very low-dimensional and dark energy presence, and they like to create that same atmosphere into the places they visit and especially into the people they influence. Dark Lords have taken over the right side of my head and my right eye, it causes a physical effect for instance my right eye is not synchronized with my left one and the Dark Lord influence also causes lower energy, depression, things of that nature. Dark Lords can use mind control on such a person, they like to influence people to start fights or to feel miserable.

Dark Lords are trouble and shenanigans, and one of the reasons WHY they do this kind of energetic destruction is because their way of life is supported by this dark world of theirs and they find that light beings or beings that are benevolent are building a world that contradicts with theirs, for instance light beings do not carry out ritual satanic sacrifice which the Dark Lords would like to do. Another reason for WHY Dark Lords like to build low energy places is because as they make people and places lower energy, they are stealing the higher energies of such people and places and feeding off it in what they call "lust", "cofffee" and "juice". So anyway that is some of what I have been dealing with on the right side of my head, the Dark Lords are pretty much latched onto there.

But the REASON why I am telling you all this, is that after I had done this removal meditation last night, which I rarely attempt because it is a lot of work even though I do get results and I start to feel amazing after just a short while, last night I then had a dream that gave me a lot of information. I dreamt that a whole bunch of pink colored souls that were like veils of pink color were moving from outer space and onto Earth, these souls were Vega souls, and these Vega souls were being born into humans and those humans were Starsouls. In the dream I followed the story of a man who was the main character and he was a Vega Starsoul and he was living on Earth in a human society and finding everything so loud and odd here, his soul but also his human body was flying past houses and traffic, the wires that are hung on poles beside streets, trucks, factories, just feeling totally out of place with all of these things. I recognize these feelings and these images since I am a Starsoul but I am definitely not a Vega one, I know precisely what other planet my soul has come from but let us keep that a secret for now, it is from a very benevolent place but not Pleiadian which is the most common place.

And then a whole bunch of men in black business suits with tie, the MIBs it looked a lot like those clones of the MIB in the movie The Matrix who were following Neo in that movie, they were after the man who was the Vega Starsoul. When I woke up in the morning after that vivid dream, I knew that I had been shown real information. In the dream I had first been shown a book that had a book cover with the pink Vega souls moving to planet Earth and I remember feeling so jealous that someone else had written it and not me, so now I know that I can write that book if I want to. The book and the information was so amazing, some alien was telling me all this. And when I was awake a Dark Lord told me that they don't like Starsouls, and I told the Dark Lord that of course he likes Starsouls, because Starsouls are lovely and loving people and I told him that I also love the Draconians and I won't harm any of them.

From what I have learned over the years from alien contact, there was an alien people in Vega who were at war with some of the Agenda alien species, I also know that the Dark Lords of Alpha Theta are strongly against Vegas. What I do know of the people of Vega, is that all of them were either chased into exile but what I hesitate in saying because it sounds too bad to let to be true, but it seems that all of the Vegas have died there are no more left. I also know about Vegas that they had pink skin and they were creating many other new alien species. So now I learned that the souls of Vegas have been reincarnating to Earth but we then instantly assume that Earth and humans would not be the only species that they incarnate into, because Vega souls would have so many more options, such as the Pleiadians, and Lyrans for instance.

Many benevolent extraterrestrial species are so conscious and spiritually advanced, compared to humans, that when they die their consciousness remains intact and aware, and they as souls are more aware during the process of reincarnating into new bodies. A Starsoul is a human being who has a soul who has previously lived on one of such highly advanced alien species. Most Starsouls seem to be coming from Pleiadians, or just that the Pleiadians seem to be the most vocal and active when they work with their missions here on Earth, but Starsouls are coming in from many other places as well. They bring with them their knowledge, spiritual abilities, consciousness, and benevolent intentions. Sinister aliens such as the Dark Lords see them as enemies, because the satanic lifestyle which includes torturing creatures is not compatible with the benevolent spiritual way of life that the more conscious Starsouls and alien species represent. The extent to which a human Starsoul is able to remember, and able to allow to express their alien soul while living here on Earth and "in the wrong body" varies. I could, and I should, write a whole book about this, in fact the aliens last night had shown me a book with the story of the Vegas and I had felt so jealous that I had not been the one who had written it, so maybe with their assistance I could write this very amazing story not only of the story of the Vegas but the story of Starsouls here on Earth.

We have not been defeated, they should say. - Dark Lord
Who has not been defeated? - me
Those! Those scoundrels! - Dark Lord
You mean the Vegas? - me
Look at all these wars we are capable of doing. And we couldn't get rid of those. They FOUND, a way to get back. To get at us, we said. To get at us for taking their women away. And their men! - Dark Lord
Are you talking about Vegas? - me
Yes, and their friends, the Lyras. - Dark Lord
The Lyras were the worst enemies we have ever had. They had strong, and powerful weapons, against us our enemy. We took their sons. And they build temples, that were against us. But, we made them flee, they fled because of us. And we took their sons. And now we are here. Waiting for retaliation. - Dark Lord
You are a cutie-pie. You are a cute little monster man. - me
Do you want to see us burning the flesh? And then you might change your mind? - DL
I don't like barbeques. - me
We could eat your fingers too. Mine! Buttercup, mine! Tik! - Hamish to me
What have you told her? - someone to DL
Yes, we told her about their sons! - DL to that someone

There is a page and a drawing on this website about Lyrans, so you can go and find it.

My eggs! - Hamish in my native language
My backpack-back! - me to Hamish in my native language

A Dark Lord once told me something very interesting, when he told me that they could just kill the Starsouls who are coming to Earth, but they don't, because then the Starsouls just come right back. Dark Lords try different methods to imprison Starsouls in their own bodies, some of that is to use MKULTRA mind control, they can try to make a Starsoul into a puppet or a cat alter persona, because then you have a Starsoul who has been made pretty much harmless but stays in that body, because

We can also make them go into a coma. - DL
How would you do that? - me
If we administer them too many drugs! Then they go into a coma then, and they go into a very long sleep. - DL, his answer came so immediately that I think he was prepared to give me this information before I even asked

If the Dark Lords arrange so that a Starsoul is killed, then the soul of that Starsoul will just go ahead and be born again into a new human life, so it is better to try to confine them. This is a real war situation that is going on here on Earth and in the midst of humanity between good aliens and sinister aliens. The Dark Lords are very worried about letting me realize my full potentials, since I am a Crystal and all, so they have tried to bring me into that whole Illuminati Free Mason mind control MKULTRA thing and with General Patton training me and all. But they know I can kick them out. They worry too much that I would use my powers to stop their shenanigans, but the Dark Lords and Reptilians really need to focus on that I am very loving and kind, I have been nothing but good to Dark Lords and Dragons, and they have nothing to really fear from me. They need to trust the benevolent alien species, because we only want love for them. The Andromedans are here I can feel their energy, Andromedans are one of the most advanced, they make beautiful mathematics and their skin is blue like glass.

I emphasize again, that this is a true story. I just did not know before that the Vega souls are incarnating to Earth.

8:14 PM - Forgot to mention that at the end of the dream about Starsouls, I think I saw it part when I was still asleep and also still once I was awake again, there was a council of about four humans, four or six humans, who had been picked to represent all of humanity. I remember the Asian woman with black hair and the Caucasian older man with white hair and white beard, and I was thinking how can these randomly selected few humans represent so many millions? Then I realized that the Asian woman, either from this same council or from another one, was an ET, and then we can suspect her of being the Alpha Centaurians. There are ET humans who are Alpha Centaurians and they look almost exactly like Asian humans, I met them the first time that I can remember when Snake the Reptilian took me down the diagonal elevator shaft into an underground base where they were working for the Reptilians, but the Alpha Centaurians have asked me not to write or speak about them. They are working for Reptilians because they have to, they are forced to.

Hamish makes me feel all better
and Hamish curls up in bed next to me!

December 12 2016, 11:50 AM - Last night I had a bad stomach ache and I almost went to a hospital for it but fortunately it went away on its own. I did however ask the Reticulans if they have a doctor there who could check my stomach, after all they like to tell me that they have a, and I quote, "butt doctor" there. A Reticulan asked me some questions and it really sounded like how a human doctor would ask about a tummy ache, one of the first questions it asked me was if I had gas, I said no. I think human doctors rule that out too first before thinking about something more serious. What struck me was that the Reticulan worked much slower than a human doctor would, it really took long pauses between speaking and a human doctor would speak faster. The Reticulan told me that they often take fecal samples from me and asked me if they could do that, I said I have a stomach ache and was wondering if they could check it. I do not remember what their diagnosis was or how we spoke more because I would fall asleep after a while, I was napping on the bed. But the best of all!

[Interlude added same day: And while I was talking to the Reticulans, a Reticulan showed me as if it were holding a stuffed dragon toy in its hand, you know like one of those long Chinese dragons. Of course that made me feel happy seeing it. It then made it as if it were patting that stuffed dragon on my shoulder, and right after that Hamish curled up close to me in bed, so perhaps the Reticulans were A) cheering me up with the stuffed dragon toy and cheering me up with Hamish, and B) with the dragon toy the Reticulans must have been preparing me for the fact that Hamish would be crawling up in bed right next to me, like when they show me stuffed frog toys before a Dinosaur shows up.]

While I was whining at the aliens that I have a stomach ache, I was lying on my right side in bed facing the wall, and Hamish climbed in bed with me and spooned me, which means that someone lies right close to someone else side by side in bed. I had a big fire engine red dragon curled up close to me his body following the outline of my body. He has never done anything remotely similar before, so of course this was very special. I stayed calm, I think the stomach ache made me not enjoy the close contact as much as I would have done otherwise. I don't know why he did this. Maybe he knew I was in pain and he was protecting the eggs. However! As is the case many times with Hamish, we must not assume what any of his behavior means! Sometimes we think we know what he means, but he turns out meaning something entirely different. So no assumptions there, unless we ask him.

Being close to Hamish and seeing him, always makes my body relax. I feel my heart beat slower and my blood pressure go down, I feel so utterly safe and calm with my dragon. He protects me, even from things that are not harmful for me. And we have been closely together for five years now, and not once has he hurt me, so I trust him. And his presence did wonders for my stomach ache, I think having him curled up close to me had a placebo effect that made me feel better.

Hamish could not be one of our nurses. - Reticulan says to me now
Why not? - me
He doesn't know what a belly ache means. Or where it comes from, Tik! - Hamish
But Hamish has a very calming and healing effect on me. Like I said yesterday, his presence makes my body feel calm and healthy. - me
Mine, Yes-No, Tik! I would eat your heart if I could! So, Yes-No what you said! My dinner plate! - Hamish, "heart" in my native language, and the last part about a plate he thought to one or all of the three dinner plates I have here on the floor of my bedroom I need to clean those out, Hamish does not like the mess in my room

Today there was something about people dressed in red Santa suits in a video I watched and Hamish noticed them on the screen and the look in his eyes was like outrage or furious. Afterwards he expressed to me that he wanted to see it for longer, and I told him that unfortunately that was all there was for the video it was not longer than that.

I look forward to going to mom for Christmas this year and waking up there in the mornings again and Hamish will tell me about all the little Santa figurines that he has hunted and found during the night.

PS. This morning when I woke up Hamish told me in my third language that he was "very proud". Every now and then he shares his thoughts with me and he will simply out of the blue tell me "I am very proud". He is proud of himself, but I am proud of him too, so I have taken up the habit of telling him that I am proud of him. I have also started honoring him again but he does not seem to react to these praise that I say, but I am sure that he is soaking it up into himself.

By the way, he still loves that children's book with the hedgehog pictures, I leave it there by his rug. This morning he told me about the hedgehog in the picture that it is a female and that he wishes it were a female and that he wishes that it were real and it could lie down there on his rug. He seems to be a little bit sexually attracted to hedgehogs, because of their back spines. Let's not forget that Dragon Turtles have a row of widely spaced large black thorns growing along their back hump, when those are not plucked out by other aliens because having them makes a Dragon Turtle even more proud of himself than he otherwise is and that makes them bite and snap at others.

Love for animals

December 06 2016, 9:19 PM - This wonderful video where a girl who is so in love with sloths gets surprised to get to meet a sloth, this is so adorable. I am a little bit like that about my lovely Hamish, but this girl might probably be even more nuts about sloths. Reptilians are cute. I also tell Reticulans that they are cute. Reptilians are so cute I just want to take them in my arms and cuddle them.

Usual and unusual

December 05 2016, 6:32 PM - I had an unusually vivid dream last night, well I dreamt a lot last night but a part of it was a meeting with a man who had glasses and wore a black business suit with tie and that was more of a sexual nature or about to be, thing is when I woke up from the dream there was a Dark Lord close to me and I forget his exact words by now but he was telling me to join Satanism or what it was. I'm just jotting it down since Dark Lords are part of the alien story.

Hamish really loves hedgehogs. And he loves his book that I have open on the floor for him next to his rug with the drawings of a hedgehog who wants to fly a hot air balloon. I've asked him if he wants a wrapped Christmas present to be a surprise, he said he does not want a surprise. I asked about three times if he wants a surprise Christmas present, but he really does not want a surprise, so I had to tell him what would have been in the wrapped present, I would like to get for him a picture book with hedgehog photographs. He is such a cutie, I love my turtle.

I saw a brief flash mental image of a large green praying mantis insect and a Dinosaur today or the other day. Just saying.

7:19 PM - And in the morning when I woke up after "meeting" the man in the dream, the Dark Lord who was with me he was making that man from the dream possess me or superimpose with me, it felt like our bodies were fused together, I could see him. This is the same as what General Patton did before. And the man or the Dark Lord then did mind control on me and moved my body, turning me around in bed. The Dark Lord is obviously the key figure, but one wonders if some human fractions are also invested in learning or carrying out mind control techniques which in that case they are doing together with Dark Lords. Because while still asleep just before the encounter with the man, I was being tested for my remote viewing skills and I did super on those tests I was so happy! In the dream I was flying with remote viewing over a vast landscape to locate some hidden pieces that fit together and all of my results were perfect and I was very cheerful about that.

Also: I was watching various random YouTube videos. When I clicked on one about cats, Hamish got interested and he came up right close to the screen, he is near-sighted when he really takes a close look so he puts his eyes just a few centimeters from the screen. He likes to watch animal videos.

Owls, Praying Mantises, and jokes about briefcases are funny

December 03 2016, 8:28 PM - Last night the Reptilians, perhaps it was even Hamish, or if it was the Dark Lords but who cares, they told me about the owls. I have heard from other sources that the Alien Agenda worships owls, and those of us who are even slightly familiar with the Agenda topic have probably heard mention that the "Bohemian Grove" is supposedly a site where Dark Lords are worshipped by prominent humans such as presidents in a secret club and that there would be a giant statue there of an owl - that is just what other people are saying, I am not reporting on any of that. However, I am now reporting that my aliens finally mentioned the owl. And I learned from my aliens that the owl is the same as the bird race. The Bird Race is this humble little bird, also the other day I had another sighting of the Bird which was either the one we called "Secretary" or a different individual.

These white feathered birds are really short and tiny and unimportant-looking, yet Hamish claims that these are the bird race that created his own species. I had heard of the bird race from the Reptilians, and so I was expecting some sort of ferocious reptilian archaeopteryx creature, yet they really are these seemingly shy and humble birds. So this is, probably, the same as the owl symbol in the Agenda.

I made an interview with Dark Lords the other day, and that brought Dark Lords such as Malik, but also Manon and Lord Rambutan who had not been invited, and Hamish was notably stressed after that. When Dark Lords visit, as we have seen before, Hamish tells them not to take his eggs and he works hard with defending me and wants the Dark Lords gone. Hamish also fears them, he sometimes hides and he can become anxious and feeling stressed. So because I had contacted some Dark Lords to make an interview, Hamish was noticeably feeling stressed and he was different and I worried about him. I will not invite the Dark Lords again, I really have to take good care of my dragon and put his needs first.

Today I was chopping a fruit salad and I was given a mental image of a large green insect alien and it said to me "praying mantis" and it told me more than one time in a row that it would like to eat those fruits. I asked the aliens to let me visit the praying mantis to give it some fruit salad but a Dark Lord told me that such a visit is not possible, is not allowed.

Today Hamish showed me a mental image as if he were carrying a briefcase in his hands. I know he does that because sometimes he shows me a fictive mental image as if he is awkwardly putting a briefcase up on his back hump, sometimes he refers to his back hump as his "briefcase", so I know he meant his back hump. (He can also call his back hump as "luggage case", he has many names for it.) So I put my finger on my lower eyelid to show him that I was laughing because I thought it was funny. Reptilians laugh at things they think are funny by raising their lower eyelids, so when I want to laugh with Hamish I raise my lower eyelid a bit with my finger. Reptilians have a sense of humor, usually they laugh about tyranny and torture they can think it is funny. But Hamish and me we have our jokes together, we share our laughs and have fun together. He is a great dragon. Today he told me that he was going to Japan to see some of his friends there. I told him to have a wonderful day.