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October 04 2016 - October 31 2016

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Scales is Scales

October 31 2016, 6:24 PM - I am so embarrassed I want to hide (from Hamish). Today I ordered a meal for lunch, it was a nice herring with potatoes, broccoli and a yellow sauce. It was delicious and I was truly enjoying it, but then Hamish says to me "Tok Tok" which means "come here" as he noticed that I am eating scales. I realized the mistake too late. I almost wanted to hide under the table or press the rewind button on my life. Remember the last time when I cooked soup with salmon that had lots of bits with the fish scales? And how the Reptilians were so repulsed they avoided me for three days until they thought I would have passed the scales through my body and I could be somewhat presentable again. I told Hamish, that I am not eating reptilian scales. But there does not seem to be a difference. Scales is scales, fish scales or reptilian scales, they act as if I were eating their own scales, and they think it is highly objectionable and disgusting behavior.

Then what made matters worse I was out shopping and stopped at a sushi place that has those many small dishes on a conveyor belt. I was sitting down to enjoy a meal, but sure enough Hamish notices that there are shrimp and other crustaceans there, none of which I ate. Hamish has been upset and asking me questions about the crustaceans at the restaurant, he asks me whether they were caught on a beach, I say no they were caught in the ocean, I also say to him that "I am not eating his baby infant crustaceans because they are Hamish's babies", but he is torn up about it.

In the shower today evening I was calling for Hamish and saying Tok Tok and telling him that I miss him. He just responded by showing me how he puts his clawed hands at the back tail end of his hump back, it means like showing someone the palm of the hand and saying "talk to the hand", it is a sign of dismissal and of turning his back on me, he did this gesture many times over in response to anything I said to him. Turtle Dragon is not pleased, how could he be, considering the disgust because I have eaten scales. I feel truly embarrassed about what I have done, because I know how serious it is not just for my Hamish dragon but for all Reptilians.

The other day I had my shopping bag with some groceries unpacked on the bedroom floor. When I went to bed that night a Reptilian, possibly Hamish, asks me to move the bag away. I figured it was because one of the items in the bag was a packet of root vegetables and things to make a soup out of and one of the ingredients was leek or spring onion in there already chopped into a piece so the smells may have been pungent for dragon noses. The sewing needles on my shelf is also upsetting him, especially since I took a lot of needles out to work on my autumn jacket the other day. I reassure dragon about all of these things, about the sewing needles, onions, fire lighters, fish scales not being reptilian scales, and me not having eaten any baby crustaceans. But it is just a big world out there, and I cannot always manage to keep my dragon safe from all of the many harmful things, like onions.

My Turtle Is Pretty Magnificent!

October 27 2016, 5:42 PM - Every now and then the aliens have mentioned something which from my other language translates as "fright hiccups", implying to have hiccups because of having become frightened. For years, I have never known what it meant, and hearing this term mentioned has rather annoyed me. A few days ago, Hamish provided the explanation. Namely, Hamish told me that sometimes he goes to stand in the toilet room or the closet room and he makes sounds that sound like hiccups because he is feeling frightened. So now we have an explanation to what the aliens mean when they say "fright hiccups". Hamish has a repertoire of click sounds that are part of his species natural language.

The other day Hamish told me that when I am sleeping, he comes to put sheets of his shedded scales down on me. I asked him what he does when I shift around in bed when I sleep, he said that he then shifts the scales. I should have KNOWN, to ask myself what on earth dragon does while I am asleep! We know that when I am menstruating and I put my used bloody tampons in the trashcan, that as soon as dragon thinks that I am asleep (which I'm not, because it's as soon as I lie down and close my eyes) he goes to the trashcan to rummage. He must get up to all sorts of secret things while I sleep.

Today I was upset at work and I locked myself in the bathroom to sit a while and almost cry. Since I was there for a few minutes more than normal, Hamish showed up and showed me some of his sheets of shedded scales, that he said he had made wet with water or did he even say that he had washed them. He was offering them to me. I took it as a gesture of cheering me up, or even of protecting me from my sadness, and so I thanked him. He is such a cute sock turtle.

Today the Zetas sang to me again, that same song that goes "and the skies are gray", they of course mean that this gray refers to themselves "the grays", I forget the first sentence in the lyrics, the Zetas know the lyrics I don't, something about sunshine. And I got to see a mental image of Lasarus the Zeta.

Hamish said again today that it is his grandfathers fault that he has goosebumps. I told him that his goosebumps look good. Goosebumps are like toad warts on his body, many on his forearms, also on his back and maybe some on his head, some goosebumps are red like his skin color, others are a bright neon orange, they rupture easily and ooze a sticky neon funky pus which somehow signifies his character, it is like part of his persona, a signature mark, the smell or something about it "is Hamish". It's part of his presence. I love him ever so much, I didn't know love until I met and befriended my turtle dragon. Today he expressed a thought of his which meant that he disapproves of the hedgehogs, so maybe he doesn't just think that hedgehogs are sexy, maybe their many sharp needles provoke him and cause fear and anxiety, like the set of sewing needles that are on my shelf he dislikes those because he is being protective of his eyes, which is a good thing, that he has self-preservation instincts and fear reactions, so that Hamish can stay safe. LOVE YOU TURTLE!!!

Hamish also told me today that he has eaten goldfish. Just now I asked him, if he has really eaten goldfish. I ask him to tell me yes, or no. He says yes together with a click. I ask him if they are tasty. He responds by opening his toothless mouth open and I shriek and coo that he is so cute, which he is. Sometimes Hamish opens his mouth to show dominance (a gesture insinuating to eating), but it can also be if his mind responds to the idea of eating, as he gets ready to eat, somewhat like we humans salivating and ready to eat.

Hamish says Yes-No about a trashbag
Our intimacy, And his rug

October 23 2016, 7:43 AM - This morning I changed the trashbag in the kitchen and put as usual the full tied bag next to the front door, indoors in our hallway. "Yes-No" says Dragon standing in the hallway just about a meter away from the door and bag. (Yes-No in my other language) I explain to him that the one of us girls living here who goes out first takes the bag out into the bin outside which takes it away. (I might have to make an extra trip just to take the trash out today soon even though I am sick, just for dragon.)

It is very surprising when you get to know Draconians, because they act so dominating and oppressive, self-centered and they talk about dominance and wars and explosives and about their own race being the best one, that creatures whose minds center around all this, they can be ever so cleanly, neat and tidy too. Hamish is not the only Draconian who objects to there being trash, they all seem to share this trait. Now luckily I do not have a trashcan in my bedroom, but a few years ago when I had a trashcan in my bedroom, Hamish used to say "Yes-No" about it (Yes-No means No, plain and simple), he could not understand why I would put trash into a bin that I keep in my room. To Draconians, putting trash in a bin is just like putting it on shelves, on the floor, or just about anywhere. It could have to do with the smell that they don't like, but other Draconians have also complained if I have used socks on the floor or used dishes in the room, but that again could have to do with the smell.

One of the amazing and inspiring things about Draconian Reptiles is how they observe everything. They notice every single item and object in a room they are in, so of course when they visit human homes they have got a lot to look at! They also inspect drawers contents and shelves and cupboards and cabinets.

My Sock. - Hamish says in my native language and lifts up one of his flat red duck feet up a bit from the floor
Your Sock, Hamish. And your shieldback. - me in my native language
It was not the smell. - Hamish about the trashbag, English

Interesting. So if it is not the smell of trash that bothers him about the trashbag, then is it just the mess in general? Reptilians see and notice every object in a room, and when a Reptilian is visiting my home for the first time, they first take a long moment just to go around all the rooms and to look at all the objects and check inside all the cupboards and drawers. They are extremely observant creatures. Humans do not have that ability. A human is incapable of keeping such a focus and interest and attention span to take in so much information, humans lack the awareness. Humans may see everything around them, but our senses of perception are far more dull than the Reptilian senses, our sight, smell, and other processing of what we see, are far weaker than theirs. Also human brains filter the information, only certain things stand out to us and capture our interest and attention, everything else is just a sea like a composite image without details, just a blur. Reptilians are impressively aware, they are gorgeous creatures.

Hamish. I said that Reptilians are gorgeous creatures. - me
You don't need to Praise me. - Hamish, "Praise" in my third language, he says while he sways gently from side to side, which I think means he is content and friendly
But I love you. - me, he makes a growl-pur as response
I wanted you to clean here better. The sights, and smells, make me sick. I wanted it gone. - Hamish about the trashbag, his eyes humbly closed so that lower and upper eyelids partially close to make him smile and kind, he had those eyes also earlier when he first mentioned the trashbag with his "Yes-No"
I will take the trashbag out. Because I love you. I love you so much, that I will take the trashbag out now, first I have to get dressed from my pyjamas and go out when I am sick, but I love you. - me
My Toast! - Hamish
What Toast, Turtle? - me
My humpback, and goosebumps. - Hamish
Hey you, do you want us to shoot at them for you? - a black-haired human MIB from telepathic connection I also see him mentally
No. Hamish is the love of my life. In fact, if you threaten him, then there will be trouble for you. - me
And, I said, my turtleback and goosebumps. - Hamish, his eyes smiling and sweet
Hamish's turtleback and his goosebumps, Tik. - me, Tik means Yes in his own language

Yesterday I don't remember why but he took over my arms mentally and he made my right hand caress my left forearm while our arms were overlapped so that I was seeing his arm instead of mine. His red arm that is covered in red bumps that he calls goosebumps, and as he was making my right hand gently caress my right arm several times stroking my arm, it was as if he was stroking me because we were so close. That is not the first time he has done that, it happens every now and then and it is really nice.

If you look at the drawing to the left, which is a totally hypothetical situation since Hamish has never carried me... actually I drew that picture to illustrate the deep intimate, sensual, sexual connection that he made between us. That was in the beginning of our contact five years ago when we were getting acquainted. Reptilians seem to do two things when they get acquainted with me for the first time: one is that they wrestle me so that we can compare our strengths and the stronger (the Reptilian, obviously) is declared the dominant, and two is that this wrestling comes with an immense sensual and sexual intimacy which makes human cuddling and human sex seem like a meaningless nothing. Note that for humans, sexual pleasure is derived from reproduction activities, and for Reptilians, sexual pleasure is derived from dominance games or hunting games. It is important that we take a moment to reflect, that when me and other people say that there is "sexual intimacy" together with Reptilians, that it has not got to do with human sexuality i.e. reproduction activities nor with the genitals, the Reptilian does not bring forth their genitalia during this exercise.

Also, humans can experience sexual pleasure with other humans and it is done mutually, and is meant to be something shared for both from one to the other. These moments with Reptilians are perhaps the Reptilian enjoying a dominance and hunting game, and that since we are so close then the human is feeling and enjoying it too, I am not convinced that the Reptilian intends to share the sexual pleasure for the human to enjoy as well, but this is only because I tend to think of the Reptilians as somewhat selfish beings. For instance, it is pretty much impossible to tell a Reptilian to do something, they will only do something if they want to do it, and never if it means a benefit for someone else. So I am saying that the sexual pleasure experienced by the human in these moments, is probably just because the human happens to feel it, and the Reptilian is not intending for that to be the case, but this is only my speculation. Because, it could be that the Reptilian wants the human to enjoy the cuddle, so that it builds a strong relationship between the two, because it does build a strong relationship.

Many seem to say that they were "raped" by a Reptilian, that would imply that to them it was offensive to be wrestled and cuddled by a Reptilian under this sexual pleasure feeling. But personally I have always enjoyed these moments tremendously, regretfully they are extremely rare. Each Reptilian only does this once, and each lasts for only a precious few seconds. I wish Hamish would do this with me again, because, as a mammal I enjoy cuddling. As a human, I hug my friends, I pick up dogs and cats in my arms and hold them and hug them. I am a monkey. But Hamish is a different species. To him, being touched is an attack. If a Reptilian is touched by someone, he feels that someone has attacked him, and that he himself has failed to protect himself. I cherish the few exceptions, in which Hamish has touched his body against mine, to me those are meaningful moments.

So in the drawing where Hamish is carrying me, I am attempting to illustrate the immense sensual connection that we shared, how I literally felt myself being swept away and carried, but most importantly, notice how my hand looks like his hand, it is because of how intimately his body had overlapped with mine in our close contact. So I still have him overlapping himself with me partially, like last night with the arms when he was caressing me (or just showing me his goosebumps, who knows, it is rude to assume the meaning of his actions).

Last night he went to his ruggy snugs and he looked at it and he said "My smell" about it, meaning that the rug has his smell on it. It is devastatingly traumatizing to him, those times when I have actually washed his ruggy in the laundry, he will suffer and complain about it for days! He forbids me from washing his rug, but I know that by now. I would like to wash it because I assume it is dusty. I also of course do not vacuum clean it. But it is his rug, he gets to decide.

I am sick, Turtle is abouts and Yellow Centaurian and such

October 21 2016, 10:38 PM - Hello. I am sick since today with a horrible fever, a flu, and sore throat. It is pretty bad, but I am in bed resting and am drinking plenty of water and I earlier had a bath. While in the bath, I was hoping that when I had added a lot of soap in the empty tub and I started splashing the soapy water with my hands to make bath bubble foam, that Hamish would say "Yes" and get really excited from seeing it and become like a happy child or a puppy that wants to play, and that he would come next to me to sprinkle some of his tiny bits of shedded scales into the bath water and then stand on the bathroom rug next to the tub keeping an eye on me and tending to his scales and grooming while I also bathe. I enjoy these moments together, even though the sprinkling of scales remains somewhat... um, but I can't deny Dragon to do that it is not that bad. But Dragon did not come.

I just woke up from a nap in bed and Hamish then immediately as I woke up he stuffed a piece of scales just a bit smaller than the palm of my hand into my left hand that was closest to his side, then he placed another similarly sized piece right down on my throat. I thanked him for the scales and I had to wonder if the one on the throat was because he knows I am sick with a sore throat, if dragon was showing kindness and wanting to heal me? But as I got up to go pee the other aliens told me that Hamish was just "showing power" with placing these scales, so oh.

A little Yellow Centaurian, please find its species page on this website for yourself I am too weak to make a link here, he showed up and kept me some company. This one had bright babyblue eyes, or an iceberg blue really nice and special color, but otherwise the same narrow yellow thing with pointy ears and wearing clothes and on his person some sort of weapon so that he can feel safe around me. As I started to move about to get up from bed, I could sense him getting nervous and backing off, well mostly due to my larger size I must be a giant to him. He was reassuring himself a bit with his weapon to know that it was there. I assured him that I am friendly and also to smaller animals because I don't eat animals. I told him that I am friendly and that he is welcome to visit me as long as he does not cause any damage.

The Yellow Centaurian turned out to be very knowledgeable about my illness already, he said that I need to eat green grapes that these would help, he said that I need to drink plenty or that I could get how do I translate there is a disease that affects the spleen with a serious inflammation and this is no ordinary illness I do know that. I was not aware that anything would be the case with my spleen. He also mentioned something about a jaundice that would make the skin yellow and that I did not have that (I do not think that this was a pun to him being yellow).

I love Hamish, but we know that already. Today he thought a mental image, while I was in the bath, of a wrapped present box that would be placed down on his snuggy rugs the rug that is in my bedroom, in the image this was a mostly yellow wrapping paper and with yellow decorative string. Hamish enjoys yellow. He thought this, since I had earlier asked if I could give to Hamish a present, so this was his way of allowing the gesture. I thought about what ever on earth to put in there, and decided on getting him a turtle stuffed animal toy. But sometimes his little ruggy snug gets a little bit crowded with all the presents, like the plush socks I had placed there (but am now wearing myself since he showed no interest), his hedgehog story children's book is still laid out open and facing his rug. Little things like that. I also want to get him a sofa.

A Reticulan talked about giving me a sedative that would make me calm, the Yellow Centaurian talked about the same, I said I become calm when I see them and especially when I see Hamish. My pulse and blood pressure literally becomes soothed when I am near my Dragon Turtle, because I relax and feel safe with him, he protects me, even though the Yellow Centaurian informed me that Hamish has wanted to eat my organs and I said to them especially to Hamish that these are my organs. Hamish talked about his shedded scales a bit and expressed that shedding scales is something of embarrassing and uncomfortable to them, but I said nice compliments about the shedded scales.

Earlier this week when I had asked to meet the aliens in real life, a man from the United States they said he is from "Nevada" I got to see him in mental images and talk with him telepathically, it concerned meeting the aliens, he asked me if I really want to see them and he asked me if I want to come to Nevada I said yes (but to my recollection nothing came of it). This man had sleek shiny black hair and darker skin color and he was not a "white" ethnicity most probably a form of Hispanic.

When I got sick I promised my aliens that I would stop eating sugar, because I have noticed before that sugar lowers the immune system (I usually get sick after drinking soda). So that made the Reticulans approach me a little bit, but only a little bit, considering that this is their "big thing". Now I have to pee again and drink more of the lemon water I made and hopefully Hamish and the Centaurian keeps me company. Oh and the Centaurian had gone to stand behind the tree outside, that same tree where I had seen the Nature Sprite, come to think of it the Nature Sprite could be the same species as Yellow Centaurians but that needs to be discussed and no conclusions made prematurely. Oh and some week ago I got to see some more trolls or gnomes, those little people that have been living in forests on Earth for hundreds of years and who are angry when humans destroy nature or harm animals.

I almost forgot to say, that after I had the bath a Dinosaur had gone to inspect the empty bathtub very carefully with his eyes to look at it to see if there might be any white embryos with umbilical cord that might have come out of my body and into the bath. I told the Dinosaur that if they do this then I can leave the bathwater for some time before I unplug the bathtub so that he can inspect the water too, because by now it was already empty. He said that he needs 10 minutes to inspect the tub, if I leave the water in (or also without water is 10 minutes I think). Now that's a long time. Hamish now says about my fuzzy socks that are on my feet, that they are "his socks", to be fair I did give them to him before. "I will not fight with you for them.", Hamish says to me about the socks. I need to rest. "It is my pot." he says now in my native language about the big cooking pot I have on the floor with water and lemon.

Hamish and me enjoy gardening
General Davies says something
And, regretfully, a penis story

October 20 2016, 5:00 PM - Coming home from work, I bought some wheat grains, potting soil, and a flower pot to grow some healthy wheatgrass to make wheatgrass juice which is said to detoxify the body. While still on my way home, Hamish sent me some amazingly clear mental images of himself, and he was looking right at me with those bulging yellow eyes that look like the yellow headlights of a car, I knew that something was special because he rarely looks at me so directly, usually he just scurries along and shows me his backhump, or some of his shedded sheets of scales. But now this time he looked me right in the eyes. He was very fond of the gardening project, he told me that he "likes" these things that I have bought, he told me this many times already on my way home.

I got home and got to work with planting the seeds. First I washed the pot since I had gotten a used one from the shop, then I put some soil into it and sprinkled plenty of wheat grains and then some soil on the top and pressing a little and watering it and setting it in a bowl and putting it aside on the kitchen table to give it time. During my work I talked through the procedure with Hamish while I worked, and he was very interested and he thought I might be planting a big red flower, judging from the images in his thoughts. I told him that this will grow green grass that I will make a juice out of and drink. I told Hamish that he can watch the pot on the table and watch as the green grass will start to grow.

I have learned something about Hamish today. He is really fond of gardening and things that grow in flower pots. I first saw this with mom's big tomato plant on the balcony, Hamish used to lie down on the rug there and just keeping an eye on the plant for hours, not taking his eyes off the plant away a single millimeter, but completely fixed and steady on the plant, as if he thought that he could catch that sudden split of a second when something happens. He would then tell me, that the green tomatoes "they have turned red because they have seen" Hamish. He loved watching yellow flowers turning into green tomatoes and then into red tomatoes, the same color as he. In general he mentions flowers very often, and a few times I have even bought him some yellow flowers.

My Buttercups. That is what I have said about them. My Tummy. - Hamish says as soon as I wrote/thought here "yellow flowers"

He was really keen and active about the gardening project, and so I have to pledge to one day have a big garden where I can plant and grow things for Dragon to enjoy. Overall he enjoys nature and gardens, he often wants to go to the garden that belongs to neighbors just outside our kitchen window. He was already lying down on his belly, just like he did when he watched mom's tomato plant time ago, a really big red dragon pooch lying on his belly against the ground, his arms crossed casually in front of him, and seeming all snug in a way that is not every day that I see. He seems to rarely lie down like this, but when he is keeping an eye on growing plants, he seems to make himself comfortable and lies down like this. I am not a big fan of gardening because it is dirty, but for Hamish's sake I am going to start growing things, I will even get some flowers that grow out of seeds so that he can enjoy the magical journey of watching beautiful blossoms emerging out of nothing over time.

Why does he enjoy gardening and plants so very much?

Tell them, I do not like candles. - Hamish, "candles" in my third language, and he becomes worried and turns around a bit to make sure that his back hump is still there, protecting him

He enjoys looking at fish and especially goldfish very much, but I know that it is the shimmer of their scales that captivates him, as the fish turns around and the light catches and glimmers on the scales, he finds shimmering goldfish scales mesmerizing and beautiful. But why he loves planting and watching plants grow ever so much, I do not know where that fascination of his comes from. Perhaps time will tell. But one thing is for sure, I am going to plant more things that dragon can enjoy watching as they emerge.

I cannot emphasize enough, how captivated and keen he is with this topic. When he is thinking about these things, the potting soil, the pots, the seeds, and planting and growing plants, he becomes ever so keen and it makes me get very clear images of him. He seems intrigued, his mind begins to think and to process the information, he takes it all in with all of his senses and he becomes calm and seems to feel good. Many humans feel in a similar way from gardening projects, I have to admit I too feel how it does something good and soothing to my body to work with the dirt and give the seeds life. But what ever Dragon sees in it, I cannot quite yet explain. He sure is a sweet turtle, and I am glad to find more things that he and I can enjoy together, activities that we can do together.

I have been asking my Reticulans to let me meet them in person in real life and not in mental images. I said that then if we meet we can talk about eggs, milk, yoghurt, and sugar. Today one told me that it is an "ob-gyn", I asked it if that is a "difficult" job, its answer was that "that is where the DNA is" that they are working on. Another one either a Reticulan or a Dinosaur said that it is a urologist, and said that they insert a long needle into the penis but when the man is asleep and unaware, I told them to just be careful to not cause any damage. (This needle would be inserted from the opening and along that channel. I really did not want to have to write about a penis in my update entry about me and Hamish and gardening, but so is life with the Reticulans, I don't get to choose the topics.)

And so when I was asking for real life contact, the Reticulans got me to talk telepathically to General Davies, who greeted me telepathically. I told him hello and that it was nice to hear him again. He was asking me if I was wanting to meet the aliens, I said yes that I want to meet Hamish who is a red Dragon Turtle, of course I told Gen. Davies that Hamish is my best friend and that Hamish is my tortoise and the love of my life and all. And then I got those really clear mental images of Hamish with his headlight yellow eyes and Hamish was telling me how he likes the things that I have bought, which was the potting soil, a pot and some wheat grains, and then I got home and planted, and General Davies was not heard from again and I don't have much faith that I am going to meet with the Reticulans, but oh well, at least it is me and Hamish.

Hamish Gossip

October 17 2016, 7:27 PM - I was browsing for a nice ambient radio channel to listen to while I lie down to meditate in bed. I choose one that has something similar to a choir in the background and I notice Hamish listening in as he tries to hear "what they are saying". As we know, dear readers, Hamish does not like music at all, in fact he will ask me to switch music off when it is playing because it bothers him. However, he does listen closely to female choir singing and he seems to enjoy it and he takes it in with all of his senses. It is in fact a marvellous experience (for me) to see him listening to closely and truly absorbing the sound. But.

So Hamish was listening to the choir and I ask him if the music is bothering him if I should turn it off. And then Hamish responded in a way that is the first time I have ever seen Dragon have this kind of gesture in all of our five years together! In fact it startled me to see that! So. Imagine Hamish in the camel position, which means he is standing like this:

He responded by pushing his back hump up and his upper arms up while his forearms were facing forward and spreading his fingers wide. It looked like how a human or an animal does when they want to scare someone. He also seemed to turn a darker red color while doing it. Hamish can turn a darker red color when he acts imposing, I have seen that before. I also know from before that he spreads his fingers wide when he means business about showing that he is angry. I now forget if he told me that he wants the music to play or to turn it off. I was frightened to see his gesture, it took me a while to remind myself of how much I actually adore this creature.

Today while I was at work he spent some of the time sitting on the bench in the entrance hall as usual, but he also joined me out on the yard when I was there and he seemed to be in a good and cheerful mood. He also came close to me while I was on the upstairs floors he joined me there to talk to me about his back hump and shedded scales and to show me his back, he was in a good cheerful mood today so that is nice. He has also asked me about hedgehogs while we were out in the yard outside today, he asked me if hedgehogs are in oestrus or something similar to that. He truly seems to be sexually attracted to hedgehogs. Last night he also talked to me about hedgehogs and he was impressed with the attractive spiky back of them.

You see, Dragon Turtles grow a row of rather large and widely spaced apart black spikes on their back hump. The other aliens tell me that when Hamish has his spikes grown out on his back, he then becomes too cocky and aggressive because of them and so the aliens have to pluck his spikes out to keep him mellow. The spikes grow back, slowly, so they have to be repeatedly plucked again. Of course I would die to have one of them here in this dimension. I have also asked the Zetas to give me one of their fine metal medical instruments. Last night when I was bored and in bed I asked Hamish to please lift me up in bed, he used to do that, but this time he didn't. I think he has done it in the past to show power, and now was not such a time.

Bonus: I arranged a large plastic sack on the ground to put some of the fallen autumn leaves into it, the sack was still empty and I had rolled it up so that it was more or less flat on the ground. When Hamish saw me place it on the ground, he got cheerful and happy and said "Yes" and wanted to go stand on it. He absolutely loves "nests" on the ground and loves to stand on things like that and stomp his feet on it and hang out on such things for hours, as we all know rugs are the perfect nests, he also LOVES! a pile of used sheets on the floor. He is cuter than a puppy, he brings such great joy to my heart. I love you Tortoise.

Ha ha! HA HA! I nearly forgot! Last night when I was in bed for the night, Hamish shows me himself as if he is carrying a picture frame and he tells me something about that frame. So I'm like oh umm yeah. He then shows me that hypothetical picture frame in a mental image and IT HAS GOT A PICTURE OF HIS BACK HUMP he wants to put such a picture on the wall for everyone to admire! Ha ha ha! Oh Dragon you crack me up you are so funny. So of course I put my index finger on my lower eyelid to show him that I was laughing, and I told him that he was funny.

Reptilians laugh by raising their lower eyelids halfway up the eye horisontally, it means that they find something funny. I of course being a human cannot do that, so instead I raise my lower eyelid up a bit with my index finger or I just put my index finger on the lower eyelid, I am sure Reptilians know what I am saying. Black reptilian of course always thinks that I am being silly when I try to communicate with eyes to Reptilians. I also show kindness by doing a diagonal close of the upper eyelid, but that too requires my finger. They know what I mean. It makes more sense than smiling or laughing "human style" like a monkey to them.

Turtle is back

October 16 2016, 1:53 PM - Hamish is back and our relationship is as it was before. He talks about eggs and watches me what I do and comments on it, and he asks me if there are really hot air balloons and if hedgehogs can fly in them (from the children's book that he is fascinated with), and he is showing me his back and telling me about his back and his race. So cute, my Turtle.

Immersed in scales

October 14 2016, 8:23 PM - Hamish. There has been less of him now. Maybe because I am busy with work. From time to time, he has now started expressing me his anxieties about pumpkins, he is probably seeing pumpkins start to show up in stores, we do not have any pumpkins here at home though. He is very afraid of the carved angry faces that contain a lit candle inside, it causes him a lot of anxiety. What makes matters worse is that I bought a package of sewing needles and thread to make alterations to my autumn coat, Hamish expressed his anxieties about the sewing needles many times since I brought those home, though I haven't opened the package and it sits on the bedroom shelf, but he knows it is there and it bothers him. He has also shown me a few times the mental image of that cactus somewhere in a desert where an owl has built a nest inside and sits inside it, Hamish asks me "why" it does that and I tell him that the owl is hiding there, that it is like his "tablehole" only safe with the needles on the outside so that no predator can eat it. And then there were the lighters on the table at work, probably the last good close contact I had of him was when he was standing to guard me from those lighters, and then contact has been very little and I miss him.

Perhaps this was all too much stress for dragon turtle. I miss him. I miss watching him stomping his feet on the ruggety snuggs and telling me about his shedded scales, and telling me about all the little things going on in his mind. I still have next to his rug the book open with the pages about the hedgehog that wanted to fly a hot air balloon, I have even offered to him that I will read to him from it, because he is really fascinated with the hedgehogs. I miss him.

Today all of a sudden he sent me a mental image where he was standing in place while sliding his feet backwards while standing still, wiping his feet backwards rather fast but not real fast and he told me that he was going to tell me what he was doing. And then he told me that he will not be my guard anymore. And you know what? I love him so much even to let him go. I did not shed a single tear. I told dragon that all I want is for him to be happy. I want him to be able to enjoy his life, he deserves it. I love him so much, so very very much.

I miss waking up in the morning and catching a glimpse of red dragon scales scurrying around. I miss him saying "Yes-No Onions" and "Yes-No Santa!". I miss hearing palate clicks, growls, snarls, and roars. I miss his big wide open yellow headlight eyes looking at me, and looking at things. Him organizing his shedded scales on his rug and then standing on the scales, while I do my own things in the bedroom like being on the computer or reading a book or writing things, just two of us doing things silently. I miss how he sometimes comes up real close to me when I am lying in bed after I turned the lights off and got underneath the covers, that close intimacy of being alone together with a large creature, which still holds a lot of the creepy factor since this is after all a big predatory being that talks about livers.

I miss him. He really is such a sweetheart. He truly totally is cute. I miss my Turtle Sock, with those Duck Kissy Feet. I miss my Hamish. Reticulans have been talking lately, showing me images of themselves, of the hybrids, telling me they want me to drink milk, and that I cannot eat any sugar (they mean sucrose). The other night the Reticulans showed me a quick mental image depicting an old-fashioned stuffed Mickey Mouse doll, that scared me it looked really creepy so I asked them not to. There have also been some quick mental images of Kermit the doll but those I think are nice.

I have to love him enough to let him go. I can only want for him his happiness. I could float along a great big black sea that is dark night above in the sky and dark deep sea beneath and lying on my back and with my eyes closed, to lose myself into something dark and at the same time endlessly void and endlessly vast, just to take one last breath of exhale and to know that dragon is alright. For him to carry on his living, for him to do little dragon things, for his flat red duck feet to step on things and to feel them more closely than we humans feel with our hands, for his curiosity to seek out things that fascinates him, the shimmer of goldfish scales, that is all that matters. As long as this beautiful dragon exists, then I don't need to exist. As long as Hamish is happy, he is safe, fed, comfortable in every way, then my life needs to find no other meaning, then I need to seek and strive no further.

I have a mother's love for him. This person, Hamish, means the world to me. He is a someone in that mind. He is someone. He is a person. His name is Hamish. He remembers his childhood, and talks of his mother. His father was a yellow turtleback with goosebumps, and Hamish inherited his goosebumps from him. Hamish can feel joy, he can feel curiosity, excitement, he can look at things and appreciate beauty. He feels hunger and he eats, he has favorite snacks and others that he likes less. He enjoys to stand with his flat red duck feet in shallow water, looking into the water to see if he will find lobsters or fish swimming there. He is afraid of sewing needles, fire, lighters, candles, cacti, carved pumpkins with lit candles inside, the Spiderman character. He doesn't like the smell of onions, and he doesn't like there to be trash around. Red Santas make him angry and growl, and he likes to step with his foot down on them and say "Yes-No". Yes-No means No, and he says Yes-No about things he doesn't like.

He thinks turtles and hedgehogs are sexy, and he has babies of his own that he calls "Hatch-Its". He tells his Hatch-Its that he is dominant. Hamish likes grooming his scales, and he takes care of his shedded bits. He preserves them on his rugs or on other nests, he lays them out exactly and rearranges them neatly every day. He keeps the scales washed and clean, moist, then he dries them, and he steps on them with his flat duck feet. He will place shedded scales in bookshelves, on the edge of the bathtub, and sometimes he lends me some by placing it down on my belly or on my chest, or he stuffs some in my hand, or that he sprinkles a few into my bathwater, when I am in the bath. Hamish doesn't like music, but he listens to female choir carefully and wonders what they are saying. He likes the darkness. He is proud of his race, proud of his scales, and proud of his backhump.

I have never looked deeper into another one's soul. I have never dived deeper or fallen deeper, than I have in him. In him I find a person, who is simpler and humbler than any other, yet his soul fills the entire universe in his humble way. I love him. I love him from head to duck feet to tail. I love him. I would carry him on my shoulders, in my hands. I would support him, be his pillar, give him life. Just so that his precious dragon eyes can continue to look into water, wondering if there are any crustaceans there. I have never known a deeper love. I want to fall to his feet and sob and cry, I want to lay my arms around him and hold him and feel his belly against my face. I want my soul to flow in the river of his spirit, I want to flow through his body, I want to be carried in his thoughts, I want to see with him, feel with him, share thoughts and share life with him, like we have.

A human being is made to feel love. We humans form love relationships to other humans and to animals. But we were not made to know a dragon turtle and to feel this massive amount of love toward them. I was not made for you, Hamish. I love you too much. I love you Turtle, I love your scales, I am proud of your back, and you have beautiful goosebumps, that you inherited from your father. Yes, Hamish. Yes, my Turtle Sock Duck Feet. I want you to be happy. I will give you my entire heart, so that my heart is left empty and completely meaningless afterwards, I give myself to you, I do my all, just so that you can live. I give you the world, Hamish, if I can carry it. Like when the mermaid in the original story of H.C. Christiansen's the little mermaid dies and she turns into seafoam, I could die just to become something that is beside your scales, I could just live to be your breath, to be your color, to be with you.

I have been so close to this beautiful dragon for many years now. We have looked deep into each other, and we have shared everything together. The long glimpse I have had of this beautiful creature, it means that if we are no longer together... that I can no longer ensure for his safety, for his happiness. I will not say that I miss him, but I say that he was my turtle. My soul has lived in him, my spirit has been carried by his body. We have breathed in sync together, I have made palate clicks for him. Our minds have communicated together, intimately, I even learned how to use intonation in exhales to express minute variations in emotions and intent, I know from him how to exhale to tell him that I am friendly and supportive.

I wanted to have my Toast, and I didn't have it here. That is therefore that I have left. - Hamish
Do you have your Toast, then, Hamish? Did you get to eat your snacks? Does Hamish have his snacks, Toast? I love you. - me
Yes, No, mine back, you said. - Hamish turns around to show me his back, then he turns his head around to watch me watching his back
Hamish's back. Hamish has the proud back, race. It was Hamish's back. Hamish is the back turtle dragon, the old Draconian race, it was the proud back. And I was proud of you Hamish. - me, he closes his lower eyelids up halfway and his upper eyelids diagonally partly closed, he smiles from when I said that I am proud of him
You have said to me, Tiik Tiik Tiik! - Hamish in my other language
Oh! Hamish! I was not saying that to you! - me interrupted
My back has said more. - Hamish shows me his back again
It means, "I am going to have you murdered." You have said that to my back, Tiik Tiik Tiik! - Hamish quoting me the Tiik Tiik Tiik, not here saying this to me
Oh Hamish then it is a misunderstanding! I have heard you saying Tiik Tiik Tiik - me interrupted
It means, that I am very dominant. - Hamish
I didn't say it to you, tortoise. I was warning the others. I was guarding your eggs, with you! I wanted to help you do your work! I never meant to drive you away! I love you Hamish! - me
My eggs said, Yes-No to me! Tik Tik! - Hamish, not Tik Tik but Tik and some other click sound
I said Yes to Hamish. My Turtle. I wanted to keep you. I never wanted you to leave me. Would you come back to me? I miss you. - me
About my smell, we didn't want. We didn't want you to smell me. I have a very photographic memory, of what you have said. And you have said, to me, Tiik Tiik Tiik! - Hamish
But Turtle. I wanted you to stay with me. I love you so much. I was saying Tiik Tiik Tiik, because I have heard you saying that to guard the eggs, and I have wanted to help you to guard the eggs with you. I wanted you to stay with me. - me
My backs? - Hamish
Hamish's back. You have a nice back, Hamish! - me
I was not a toy, even though I was red. - Hamish

When I am at work, he does not follow me around all day, he tends to sit down in the entrance hall on a bench and wait all day. From there I hear him saying "Tiik, Tiik Tiik!" which is a warning to warn other reptilians from coming near me and the eggs. Sometimes at work I say to him, I repeat telepathically "Tiik Tiik Tiik!" to him. He has misunderstood it to mean that I am sending him away, so is that why he seemed to have left or to have stopped interacting and talking, maybe he was just keeping a distance and hiding from me? It was all a misunderstanding.

I want to turn into a liquid and soak into his scales and live there with him, I want to turn into a whisper that lives in the essence of his breath and his mind and soul. I want to vanish and to disappear and to live immersed inside my dragon. I want to give my life for him. That is how much I love him, that is how much he means to me. I'll just go to bed and cry some more, and remember him.

(No title)

October 9 2016, 9:46 AM - Just now Hamish showed me a mental image that is familiar but not seen in a long time. Him standing by that fallen log in the forest where he has placed some of his shedded sheets of scales underneath some fallen leaves and he is standing there watching them and having dragon thoughts about it. And it seems that he wants to show me. I asked him why he has put the scales there. The leaves help to keep them moist from drying, he says. Aha so that is why. I told him he was clever. Checking my records might even reveal, that Dragon only does this in Fall, which it now is.

The aliens have been nagging at me to eat milk and yoghurt again, I told them that only if I get to meet them in person to have a chat about it would I agree to such a thing. All what they gave me were some fantastic mental images of

We can also show you a Kermit. - Dinosaur or Reticulan

Continued 1:29 PM: I was given mental images of Hamish from real up close, he is such a gorgeous fire engine red orange dragon, he truly is handsome. And the following day after the 6th, see below the previous entry, Hamish was again standing close to the lighters protecting me from the potential fire, even though I explained to him that they require a person to press on the switch to produce a fire. Reptilians are very afraid of fire.

I bought some really soft and plush winter socks and I placed one pair down on Hamish's ruggy in case he would like to stand on them. He hasn't commented on the socks yet, but I hope he likes them. They are really soft and nice.

Hamish protects me

October 6 2016, 4:31 PM - I was cleaning a desk at work and picked up a lighter in my hand to wipe the table underneath it and then put it back. Hamish snuck up real close to me and warned me about the lighter, he stayed by my side for a long time warning me about it, wanting to make sure that I was not going to pick it up again, watching me closely. He was guarding the eggs of course, even though I wanted to think that he is guarding me. I wanted to feel reassured that Dragon cares about me, but the thought did reach through to me that he is just some kind of predator whose alien team is preying on my eggs for their own and selfish purposes, but then I went back to thinking that Hamish must care about me, that we are friends, and I have been happy about it all day. I love Hamish no matter what.

Someone I love

October 5 2016, 6:44 PM - Hamish was really cute today. He wanted that children's story book that has the story about the hedgehog in it. So when I came home I picked up the book as of course I promised Dragon I would do. Ah! Right now he turns his back around so that I can see his back, he has that awesome big hump back that is covered in red and orange bumps. He is so handsome. So I was reading from the story to Hamish, not out loud but telepathically. I got tired after a while but Hamish probably wanted me to continue reading the story.

While I was still at work and he had asked about the book, from his thoughts, or that he was explaining to me, he has a crush on the hedgehog if it is a female and he would want to mate with it. He seems to think that hedgehogs are really sexy. I told Hamish that hedgehogs are really tiny, and I told him that they eat worms, slugs, and other small animals that they can find. I told Hamish that when hedgehogs get afraid they roll into a ball and their spikes are pointing out in every direction for protection.

Dragon Turtles, such as Hamish, actually grow a row of black spikes on their hump back, see this image of Yellow Turtle or this image of Hamish. It is really handsome for sure, but the other aliens pluck the spikes from Hamish's back when they grow out, they say that otherwise Hamish becomes "too arrogant". We can assume that Hamish is very proud of his spikes.

Earlier today the Reticulans showed me an image from a military base in the United States in some hot region, that brought me in telepathic contact with a military guy who seemed to not be a high rank officer, he was of a Hispanic background and me and him talked a bit which was mostly me telling him about Hamish. I told him that most people who see these Draconians are offended by their smell or dislike them, I told the guy that once you get to know one of them, Hamish has the most wonderful personality. I told him many times that Hamish is my baby and that I could die for my Hamish. I told him to treat my Turtle well.

If a human would see Hamish, they would be very afraid, and for more than one reason, they would not like Hamish. Because of what he looks like, because he feels like a scary predator (because he is a scary predator) and his smell is strong and pungent. But to actually get to know this amazing person, that there is someone in those eyes and in that little head of his, who asks me to read to him a children's story book about a hedgehog who wanted to fly a hot air balloon, who likes to stand with his flat red duck feet in shallow water and looking into the water and wondering whether there are fish or lobsters living there, who adores to see goldfish and finds them enchanting and pretty, who loves to put his flat feet on soft rugs, or to sit down and lean back on a comfy sofa and say "Yes" and his eyes closing in a comfortable smile. A someone who is afraid of carved pumpkin faces, who gets angry at the sight of red Santas and starts to growl and wants to bite them and put a flat red duck foot down on their hat, someone who likes to lay down underneath a Christmas tree with his eyelids closing in a dragon smile and loves seeing the red Christmas tree ball ornaments. Someone who camps out right next to the pot with a tomato plant, watching closely as the yellow tomato flowers turn into green tomatoes and into red tomatoes and says that the tomatoes "turned red" "because they saw him". Someone who is big and strong, but becomes afraid of fire or needles and tries to hide in the space underneath a desk that he calls "a table hole" but he can't fit.

Someone who gets delighted and pleased as punch when I throw the used bedsheets on the floor and he goes to stomp on the pile of sheets with his feet squash squash with his eyes closing in a smile. Who shows me his shedded scales, or stuffs one piece into the palm of my hand, or sprinkles some into my bath water when I am in the bath. Someone delightful who says "Yes-No" when he means No. Yes-No Onions, because they smell bad. And Yes-No, to all of the things that make Dragon feel afraid. Someone who makes palate clicks when he is pleased about something. Someone who calls his babies "Hatch-Its".

We have shared our entire lives with each other, Hamish and me. He has shared with me his fears, his loves, his happiness, his sadness, his dreams, his memories, his childhood, his life. He tells me what he is feeling, what he is thinking, what he would like to have, or what he fears. I would die for him in a heartbeat. I would kill to protect him. Because he is my baby. I would do anything for this person. So it is important that people know that. That people like the military guy can understand, that there is a person in the mind of someone like Hamish. It is not some animal. He is the most amazing person I have ever known. I am truly blessed to have Hamish in my life and to know him so well. Every day I tell him many times that I love him. Today I told him that I wish for him to be happy, I wish for him a wonderful life. I offered to him that he and I could go to a park to look at some fish, though we didn't do that. I should go to an aquarium with him.

I love you Hamish. I love you so much. I would do anything for you, my beautiful Turtle Sock.

Really cheered up

October 4 2016, 4:18 PM - Autumn has begun and it is rainy and cold and dark and I really hate my job. So I was having a miserable day, but before no time my best friend had me cheerful and happy and loving life with him. It was namely laundry day at work and I piled up the laundry on the floor to count it and as soon as I even grabbed at the laundry bag Hamish was there and he was happy. And sure enough he was stomping his feet squash squash on the laundry feeling pleased as punch. Life does not get any happier than that. I love this dragon. And by his own testimony, he had brought an Alpha Remulan with him to my work in the other dimension. I also got to talk telepathically to an Alpha Reticulan who says of itself it is a "butt doctor", and to a Dinosaur. Life is good, life is really really good, when I have got delightful friends like these. I love Hamish so much, that nothing else matters anymore.