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September 01 2016 - September 28 2016

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More valuable than a liver snack?

September 28 2016, 5:24 PM - I came home from work and put some soymilk, two bananas and walnuts in a blender and was sitting by the kitchen table enjoying a huge glass of that and fully immersed in a thoughtless contemplation on the taste of it. Here is the conversation recounted from memory:

Dinosaur: Do you have hemorrhoids?
Me: ... I don't think that I do... Why are you asking?
Dinosaur: That thing that you are drinking helps to prevent hemorrhoids from developing. It lowers the blood pressure. It also lowers the blood cholesterol.
Me: Well. That just made it delicious.

Today I asked Hamish casually if there are many of his species. And I told him that he should have many babies to have many "Hatch-Its", hearing that made Turtle close his lower eyelids the highest up that I have ever seen him do, more than halfway up horisontally across the eyes, into what is the biggest smile I have ever seen Dragon do. It was lovely watching his smiling face, and it touched me deeply that he feels emotionally so strongly about Dragon Turtle children, and I realized, that Hamish really is an emotional being. He can also feel fear and anger, frustration and irritation, and many other emotional states, including disgust.

Last night as I lay down to go to bed, Dragon Turtle (as, who else?) puts a sudden mental image into my head depicting what looked to be about 10 tortoises sitting side by side next to each other in a long lineup. Oh it made my day! I was also shown some quick images of Kermit and frogs. Fun stuff.

Last night when I was in bed I tried something that I felt rather guilty about, I said to Hamish, "Hamish, Tok Tok!", "Tok Tok!", repeatedly, hoping that it would make Dragon come up really close to me and let me see him and maybe he would touch me or interact with me. However, it is rather mean to say Tok Tok because it makes him feel a bit urgent to come to me, it is used more as an emergency than just "I would like to see you", but I had to try it for a while just to see if Dragon would come close. He came closer, close enough to where I start to feel him as an eery predator and us having a closer eyecontact with each other which is uncanny and makes me feel a bit unsettled. But he didn't touch me and nothing more interesting came out of it, but it was worth a try.

I love him so much. He is fantastic, he is amazing. The other day again one of the humans who deal with the aliens said to me telepathically about how what I presume he meant Vietnam war was actually a war against Reptilians who were residing there. I told the man that one of such Reptilians named Hamish is the love of my life. I think he then said that I don't know what those Reptilians do, I am not entirely sure if he said that, but this has been said to me by such men on similar occasions before.

I wonder. If Hamish and me were alone in a forest somewhere, and the eggs were not an issue, would Dragon put his flat red duck foot down on my belly, drag me to a river to hold me under water to drown me, use his claw on the end of his long finger to make a small hole into my abdomen to pull some of my internal organs out with his finger to eat my liver? Or can this predator this creature look at me and see a "friend"? Does he love me? Have I reached through to him like he has through to me? Do we love each other? Does he appreciate the friendship we have shared, the moments we have had together, us having shared life experiences, thoughts, emotions, hopes, fears, and wishes with one another for five years, the love and praise I give him, the honoring, the appreciation and encouragement, does he understand? Does any of that make me more valuable to him than a liver snack?

We would like to help you, to understand that thing. He would not eat you. - a yellow Alpha Centaurian (see the page about them for a picture) shows up to tell me
I am not your ice-cream, you said. My *. - Hamish, he said all this to me in my native language, the * is a word I did not know how to translate properly, a decent word for the woman's genitals in that language

This morning when I was on my way to work Hamish said "Buttercup" or "My Buttercup" to me.

Normal things

September 26 2016, 8:32 PM - A Reptilian who looks a lot like Champ but who said that he isn't the one called Champ, has been around. He is able to flip my body from one side to another or to move my body at amazing strength and speed but still very controlled and gentle and harmless, like most Reptilians can do. I get to see perfectly clear mental images of this gorgeous tall dark green Reptilian. He has a distinct face that looks a lot like a pugdog face, the face looks small and wrinkled in its features, he is handsome. I am becoming very fond of him. He says that he visits humans who are interested in, or did he mean fond of, Reptilians. Note that Hamish and this one do not seem to quarrel with each other at all, they seem to quietly respect each other and to keep a distance from one another. This one that might be the same one as Champ has commented on that Hamish has so many of the head buttons and so many more than he himself has, which of course awards Hamish with respect.

I hadn't seen or heard much of Hamish for a few days, one day I was even calling for him saying "Hamish, Tok Tok!". But today while at work suddenly I see this gorgeous fire engine red Dragon in a mental image, and he tells me in my third language: "I am proud". And then: "I am very proud". He means it of course both as an adjective and also as a verb, meaning it means that he "is" proud, as an adjective a description of his qualities, like saying that a vase "is red", or that something "is round", "is flat", "is proud". But to a lesser extent it also refers to him being proud as in a verb, something that he is doing. And so I have been telling this sweet Dragon Turtle for much of the day that I am also proud of him, and of how happy I was to see him and to hear him tell me that he is proud. Yes I do encourage Dragon a lot.

Today after work I asked the aliens to give to Hamish a tasty snack treat of some sort, some candy I asked them to give to him. And right then in a mental image I saw an Alpha Remulan who told me that "Alpha Remulans need boeuf". And just now that I am writing this, the Remulan says: "I'll take two.", meaning that he will take two of the boeuf and not just one while we are at it. And so of course I told the aliens to also give the Alpha Remulan some candy too.

We have recommended for you yoghurt. Why have you not been listening to us? And I would like to say, Tiik! It is our mating sound, it means that you have to listen. And I was not been biting you! If you want me to not like you, then you will not say mate. - Hamish, some of these were in my other language, translated here
What are you saying to her, to Parischa? - hybrid girl asks Hamish, Parischa is the name hybrids have for me

When he said about biting just now, he thought about biting my fingers. By the way one short "Tik" means Yes in Hamish's language. I asked him how to say no, it is a type of growl kind of thing. And a few days ago I got mental images of Gargoyle the white Dragon that has glowing red eyes, I didn't chat with it because I learned that they are sinister. I have asked the aliens to show me mental images of Kermit the puppet because I love that, most of the time when I ask them to then they do show me. Dinosaurs have chatted with me a bit. And other than that things are normal.


September 19 2016, 8:33 PM - Last night Hamish and another Reptilian who was dark green and had one head comb plate or "crested" as the aliens call it, were here in the other dimension. I was friendly with them of course and said nice things to them, it is adorable to say nice things to a Reptilian and then that makes their lower eyelids closing which means they are smiling. That is like making a big cat purr. Try that next time when you see a Reptilian, tell him nice things and see how it closes its eyelids partially. But do note that Reptilians also close their eyelids partially, i.e. smile or laugh, when they start talking about war and explosives and torture and hunting prey.

There was a large cutting instrument at work, I was working in another room today. Hamish was anxious and afraid of the machine and he started to bite into the webbed skin between his fingers. I assured Dragon that it was safe as long as he stayed away from it and to not go close, but he continued to express anxiety about it and to gnaw on the skin between his fingers.

Aliens have shown me awesome images of a Kermit puppet that an Alpha Reticulan holds, also other images of frogs have been shown to me. And last night they showed me an image of another frog puppet which was just adorable. Of course I let them know that it is fun.

Hamish wanted to see the hedgehog story in the children's story book again, so last night I opened the book out on another page this time and put it on the floor for dragon to see. He is very keen on that story of the hedgehog that flies in a hot air balloon out into space and to Mars to meet echidnas. Hamish or the black Reptilian asked me last night if the hedgehog has heating in the basket, I said I do not know. They said that it is very cold in outer space. I've reminded them again that this is just a fictional story and is not real, but Hamish remains fascinated. It is often hard for Hamish to differentiate between real and fictional, because the associations in emotions and thoughts that he has also from a fictional situation, those associations are real, and then he needs to think about his associations and to process them or to talk about them. The associations that he has are real, even if the story is not real, so he experiences a real sequence of emotions and thoughts nonetheless.

Hamish is cute, did you know that?

I had a long nightmare about dinosaurs i.e. prehistoric reptiles trying to get into the rooms I was in in a building. Maybe Hamish and the other Reptilian were sneaking up close to me at night after I had fallen asleep and it got into my dreams. Do not forget that when I do meet Hamish up close then it has always been a deeply terrifying experience, and nothing cute or fun at all. Being face to face with Hamish is scary, but, he is my best friend and I would do it all over again. Love you Dragon Pooch Kissy Feet.


September 16 2016, 4:07 PM - Today I was on the bus and I was carrying a cardboard box that had my repaired laptop computer in it, and my purse and a shopping bag over my shoulder. The box was in my hands and arms and leaning against my belly I guess. Because a lady got very upset and started to fuss at the male friend I was travelling with, he was carrying just one shopping bag. The lady was namely completely convinced that I was pregnant and she fussed that why should the pregnant lady be carrying that cardboard box against her pregnant belly when the man is not carrying it. She ranted on about it for a long time, I know I heard the word pregnant but it didn't register since I'm not pregnant and then later I realized and so I explained to her that I know for a fact that I am not pregnant so it is ok, I told her it is just all of my desserts in my belly. The lady pressed against my belly to make sure but she was not convinced she was still giving us angry and serious looks.

It happens very often that women who know what they are talking about will tell me that I am pregnant. Such women do not ask me if I am pregnant, but they become completely convinced, women who have had many of their own and grandchildren and who know for a fact what that looks like. It happens all the time. Even I sit sometimes and wonder why my belly looks pregnant, it has that same roundness that is not fat roundness, plus I don't have a corresponding fat on other parts of my body, I'm lean on my legs and buttocks and hips just that round pregnant looking belly.

Coincidentally Hamish let me know as soon as I woke up early this morning about "yoghurt to nourish the eggs", it seemed more urgent than normally, probably since I have been a vegan for about a month now, he was even making more effort to explain how the babies in me which he calls "eggs" those many babies that are growing in me they need to be nourished and so therefore I need to eat yoghurt.

Last time I had sex was about two or three months ago and I have had one proper menstruation after that and am now having one very vague menstruation which is more than normal since I normally only have menstruation two times a year instead of the normal once every month twelve.

The aliens talk to me often as if it is a fact that I have got many - and not just one - growing embryo fetuses in my womb. So first of all those would be many at a time, they would be alien hybrid ones, attached with an umbilical cord, and the aliens remove them when they are still rather small, and this is why I need to eat "yoghurt for the eggs" Hamish often tells me. The aliens tell me I am pregnant, and they act as if it is the most obvious normal thing, and I hear them telling me that all the time, yet I feel like I am completely dumb and oblivious, it just doesn't register as happening. I can't understand it.

Today while I was at work the aliens sent me an image of George Bush the one who is the younger who was president I think he was twice and they asked me if I would want to talk to him, I said no. Then a large upright standing muscular Reptilian who was a very dark green almost black coloration on the scales and had dark eyes I saw him in mental images, he said things that imply that he "is" that George Bush, and this Reptilian talked about how he "likes wars" because "then he gets to eat" meaning to eat humans, and his lower eyelids closed upwards and upper eyelids a bit downwards which means that he was very happy about talking about the wars that he likes and about eating the people.

But you know how I reacted, and what I did? "Aww, cute liz-zard, you are such a cute lizard reptilian", I said things like that to him many times. But do you want to know what was cuter than that he was a cute lizard? When I said those sweet things to this lizard, his lower eyelids closed from that. So that means that I had literally said sweet things to a Reptilian and he was feeling fondled and cuddled, like petting a cat that starts to purr. I talked with him for a bit, not just sweet things, but I remained positive and friendly to him. I told him that I like Reptilians. Sure they talk about world dominance and wars and about eating humans, but those things remain what they are even if I were to get upset. It's much more important to be sweet to them and to make them smile with their eyelids closing. After all humans eat meat too and today I was thinking about calves that are scared little babies that got taken from their mothers and get murdered by humans and it brought tears to my eyes.

Am I pregnant?

The Dinos say Yeah, Yes! You indeed are! - Dinosaur we presume
And you don't need to take anyone to church to marry them. - Dark Lord
How did I get pregnant? - me
We have become really good at preventing your nausea. Because your sternum would feel pressure too. And we monitor your blood sugar glucose all the time. And your inulin levels! - an Alpha Reticulan that I see in a mental image, yes said inulin
Oh. Then I will carry on I suppose, and resume to my other normal activities. - me, as what else could I do?
Yes-No cakes. - Hamish but I see Dark Lord, in my other language

The aliens also have been nagging that I may not eat any sugar since the sugar disturbs the embryos that they say are literally already growing in my womb. And I look now down at my belly, it really is a round belly, that bowling ball kind of roundness that a pregnant woman only can have. I saw a highly pregnant woman today as she was walking outside and... God I really hate this belly. Sometimes I do aerobics and dance workouts to get it to slim down a little, but I don't know if that's helping. I just thought I was eating too many cookies sometimes, or sugar and calories from... but wait a minute, I actually eat very little calories especially now that I am a vegan. Pregnant? Well I just hope that it is Reptilian babies, because that would be cute. (Hamish hears me writing that last part about Reptilian babies and he sniffs in with his nostrils expecting or wondering if he might catch the baby smell of a Reptilian baby, it made him think about actual babies.)

We are really good at keeping your nausea down. - Alpha Reticulan
And to prevent your mood swings. - Dark Lord
Why do you talk about pregnancy? - me
Do you like my socks here? - Hamish shows me one of his flat red duck feet, and at the same time he thinks to my white socks that I just put away in the drawer today
What do you mean about nausea? - a green colored alien most probably Dinosaur asks Alpha Reticulan
Yeah, that she has none. - Alpha Reticulan answers the Dinosaur
Do you like to play with that, yes? - Alpha Reticulan holds a large red plastic ball in its both hands and shows it to Hamish and said that to Hamish!!!

Oh my god the Alpha Reticulan is showing Hamish a red plastic ball! The aliens often give to Hamish a ball to occupy him with if they want to make sure that he won't get upset or bother the other aliens who are doing medical work, we have seen other examples of that.

Pregnant? Me? A baby - or many - growing in me? Does that mean that I really need to eat yoghurt then? Oh and last night I was shown mental images of a boy and a girl who were hybrid kids, they had yellow blonde hair and a large head and large green eyes. I was very fond of them and I talked to them a little.

I'm not feeling upset or hurt or anything, I guess this is what the aliens have been saying has been going on all along. I just feel puzzled and like a question mark, like I don't know what to think. I'll just get back to my potato chips and read in that humongous book about the history of women's rights and later play some more of that video game Don't Starve cause I just had my laptop repaired and returned to me today. But pregnant? I really don't want any of those Japanese people's things in me, because that would make me feel violated and disgusted. It would be less disgusting with Olav's kids. I mean because I have been shown those Japanese hybrids with black hair and huge strange eyes and they are creepy and I don't want such things growing in me. Reptilian babies would be the best. What if I could have Dragon Turtle babies, pure ones, little turtlebacks biting on my fingers, but that of course doesn't happen in these projects, I am only thinking about what babies I would love the most.

Hamish's daddy
And Kermit

September 15 2016, 8:25 PM - Early in the morning when I was barely just awake, Hamish put mental images into my mind depicting closeups of the head and neck of a sea turtle, the scales or skin pattern clearly visible, a yellow color of the skin, and those beautiful eyes and beautiful face. He told me that he was showing me this, "to prepare" me to next see his father. I told Hamish that I had to get up from bed to go to work and that he should show me images of his father later, and so those images of his father did not come. I can invite him to show me tonight as I go to bed.

I sometimes talk with Hamish about his parents, sometimes he starts to tell me about his mother or his father, or sometimes I start to ask him. I want to understand the social interactions that a Dragon Turtle has toward his parents. He definitely acknowledges both his mother and father as being special individuals for him, and he thinks of them rather often, even though they seem to live apart. From what I gather, I do know that his yellow father is alive, but it is probably so that his red mother has deceased. Hamish remembers when he was a baby and how his mother treated him, he will tell me gestures that his mother did to him and what those gestures meant to teach him. Hamish is fond of both his parents. But I have also seen that when Hamish has a nest of "Hatch-Its", meaning hatched babies of his own, he takes a very keen interest as a parent, and so his babies will also always remember him as their father.

Reticulans have shown me more mental images of Kermit. Today while I was on my way home from work, Reticulans showed me an image of the nutcracker wooden puppet which I think Americans sometimes decorate in their home with for Christmas unless it is the British who do that, and the Reticulans told me that children are afraid of it and asked me why that is used, the Reticulans were telling me about various other dolls or puppets that children do like, and they were curious about how I like to see Kermit the puppet. Remember a few years ago the aliens were showing me mental images of Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Reticulans even tried to portray their own hands as those gloved four fingered Disney hands, but that only made me very upset so they stopped. They just know that human kids in general like those characters, but it didn't work on me, it only made me very upset, the silliness of it all plus that I didn't like my Reticulans pretending to be something they are not. They also showed me mental images of walking penguins which they then told me that the hybrid kids are really excited and happy to see, but that was only moderately fun for me to see, a bit but not so much as for the kids. But Kermit is something else, now that makes me very happy to see! So the Reticulans finally figured it out, which puppets to show me.

I told the Reticulans that I do love to see Kermit, and I said that I also love to see Reticulans, Hamish, Alpha Remulans, Dinosaurs, the little Yellow Centaurians, the dolphin Auntie (Thuban), the black Reptilian, Alpha Orions, I listed many maybe a few more than these and the Reticulans declared, that I have listed almost everybody they have there! Yes, I am happy to see my aliens. But the Kermit puppet is fun too. There is nothing more fun than seeing an Alpha Reticulan holding a Kermit puppet and showing it to me to cheer me up! And so it cheers me up.

Yes-No, sewing machines. - Hamish, "Yes-No" in my other language

The Smell Of Eggs

September 13 2016, 7:44 PM - I was thinking that if I ever give birth to a baby then Dinosaurs would probably be really good midwives and that so would also the Zetas be since they probably know everything there is to know about these things and I told the Zetas that I would be worried to have a baby with human midwives. Just thinking my thoughts. And then my thoughts went to Hamish as they always do and I thought that Hamish's species lays eggs instead, and I remembered what their laid eggs look like, they are larger than a hen's egg, not perfectly round but a bit oval but still blunt, they are a cream color with dark green camouflage splotch patterns, they seem to lay about eight of them in a nest. And my thinking of Dragon Turtle eggs made Hamish very happy, as then he thought about such eggs, and he remembered the way that the eggs of his species smells to him and thinking of that smell made him happy!

Sometimes I find Hamish being aware of his own scent and it makes him feel secure and reassured, his own smell gives him a sense of identity as well as presence. Like we humans look at our own faces in the mirror, or we see our hands, we see ourselves, but for Dragon Turtles they also have a smell that is part of the awareness of self. Today I tried talking to Hamish about his father. It connected me to his father who is a mustard yellow Dragon Turtle. This Hamish's father was constantly aware of his own smell that he felt strongly in his nostrils. As we know, Dragon Turtles are immensely fragrant, but not surprising, they do not "smell bad" to themselves.

I have a few times observed Hamish's behaviour around nests that have his eggs. It is interesting that he, as the male, then visits the nest many times and he will spend a long time just being near the nest and looking toward the nest. But most importantly, Dragon Turtle eggs exude a smell which Hamish says "smells right", he says that Dragon Turtle "eggs smell right". And as he is aware of the smell of the eggs in a nest, it gives him a steady feeling of reassurance, that enforces him wanting to be near the nest. Since the "smell is right", it makes him "feel" that "it is right" to stay near the nest, those become the same thing. The smell of their eggs makes him feel happy, friendly, and to want to stay near. Hamish as the father also takes an active role in parenting the "Hatch-Its" as he calls them, which mostly just means telling the little ones know that he is dominant. These are not new news as I have described this before, I was just thinking since he got happy when he thought about the smell of the eggs, I mean Dragon Turtle eggs. Hamish also says that my eggs have a particular smell, but he must of course mean my feminine scent, or my scent overall.

I need to go to bed. I hope the Reticulans show me a picture of Kermit. And I hope that Hamish comes to keep me company.

I want to see Kermit! - me to Reticulans, other language
Reticulans show me Kermit as if it were sitting next to me on the bed
I get happy and cheerful and I say "Yeah!" in my other language
I will eat its heart. - Hamish or otherwise Dark Lord says about Kermit in my native language
It's irresistible to her. - Reticulan explains to another alien there about me with Kermit


September 13 2016, 6:57 PM - Last night a Japanese man did a courteous bow complete with a gesture with his hands together and said "Muramase" to me telepathically. Remember that Hamish my Dragon has connections to the "Japanese Dragon Dynasty" and sometimes in alien abductions I was taken to such Japanese people. Zeta Reticulans are very invested in Japan, as I have told before. Today I looked up what "Muramase" means, turns out it seems to be a personal name, and I also find this: "Muramasa was a famous swordsmith who founded the Muramasa school and lived during the Muromachi period (14th to 16th centuries) in Japan. Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook said that Muramasa "was a most skillful smith but a violent and ill-balanced mind verging on madness, that was supposed to have passed into his blades. They were popularly believed to hunger for blood and to impel their warrior to commit murder or suicide."" Wikipedia

To my knowledge, I have not heard "Muramase" before the character said it. I come across Samurai references rather often when I have contact with the Dragon Dynasty Japanese people. Dragon Dynasty families are ancient Japanese families that have traditionally had dragons in their family for many generations and they used to have samurai warriors in the family, these families also still have ancient samurai swords on their walls. I just told the man to be kind to Hamish, I always take the opportunity to tell the Japanese persons that.

It's interesting to watch Hamish when he visits Japan, because that is a whole different side to his life other than the life he has with me. As I have said before, the Japanese there have named Hamish by the name "Kemoro", but I always tell them that his name is Hamish. Hamish himself has told me that his name is Hamish!

Today a white hybrid girl who was made from my egg told me that they are not allowed to call me - and she said either - "Parisch" or "Parischa" anymore. I wondered what the reason for that would be, and the reason that she soon gave me was not one that I expected: the reason was she said that now they are to call me their "mother". Parischa is the name that the Reticulans and hybrids have for me. On the other hand General Patton wanted to name me Stephanie.

Hamish is up and about with his scales
Alpha Remulan eats scraps and bits from a bucket
Champ the Reptilian is half old-Earth dinosaur and half the black Orion reptilian
Aliens show me old-Earth dinosaurs that they took from Earth a long time ago!

September 12 2016, 4:41 PM - Last night was fun when I went to bed. I decided to meditate which basically just means to relax and focus on my breathing and to feel aware in my body and forget the outside world for a while, like going on vacation into myself. But because of this meditative state, my mental perception became heightened of the aliens! I was able to watch Hamish clearly as he was out and about in the other dimension, in my room. Normally I just see him sometimes, but now I felt like I was spying on him, and oh it was fun what Dragon gets up to!

Normally I mostly only see him when he is talking to me, when he is putting his focus on me or he wants to show me something. I don't think Dragon knew that I was watching him.

As I lay in bed with my eyes closed, Hamish snuck up close to the bed and he was showing me pieces of his shedded scales, these are like white partly seethrough rubbery sheets with a bubblewrap pattern of large bubble sizes that have captured the bumpy scaly contour of his skin. He put a scales piece down on my head pillow and then said that it was "his pillow". He was checking out scales pieces on the bookshelf shelves and saying that it was "his shelves". He went to his ruggy snugs where he keeps most of his scales and it was "his" rug. And he put scales pieces down on my body too, so obviously I am "his" eggs or whatever. He basically claims things as his own territory by putting his scales down on them, the thing is, other Reptilians totally get this gesture, but to me it is just weird still sometimes.

Then I watched as Hamish had put at least two sheets of scales between his thighs and he was rubbing them against his legs with his legs. I have in the past seen Dragon rubbing scales pieces between his ankles, and especially stepping on them under his feet, but this one was new. And I don't think he was aware, that I was seeing and watching him. Oh he was adorable!

Oh, and while Hamish was about putting scales pieces down on my body as I lay in bed, he also propped up one of his flat duck feet down on my bed while his other foot was down on the floor, and it doesn't take a lot of human imagination to understand that he was most probably displaying ownership and dominance. At one point he also asked me if he could come into bed with me, and I said yes that he can and I asked him if I should move away to the side but he didn't say, and so I didn't move to the side, and Hamish never did get into the bed with me, he seemed more busy with his scales.

But then the Reticulans sent me a mental image of an Alpha Remulan! I nearly exploded or flew into the ceiling figuratively speaking, because I was so happy to see an Alpha Remulan! I talked a bit with the Remulan. The aliens told me "Watch!", and they showed me as the Remulan was given a bucket full of body part scraps and pieces for it to eat. I watched delighted as it started to eat but the Remulan asked me to leave it alone, so then I told the aliens that we should leave it alone to eat. As much as I love to watch Alpha Remulans, I respect them enough to leave them alone if they ask me to. Then the Remulan said many many times over and over, what translates from my other language as "I have gotten my allotted share", "I have gotten my allotted share", probably referring to the meal it was given. The other aliens told me that the Remulan is like a pig there, that it eats scraps that are otherwise difficult to discard of. I told them to treat it well. Remulans I know are not treated with the respect and kindness that they totally deserve.

It is fascinating talking to the Remulans, because I am a mammal and the Remulan is definitely not a mammal, so I love to have a conversation with someone who belongs to a completely different type of creature than I. 99% of the time the Remulan discusses food, saying that it wants to go to a kitchen, asking me if I have some food, describing that the food pieces should not be too large and need to be prepared into appropriate sizes for him to eat, or plain and simple, asking me "if I have any Boeuf", which is French for cow's meat. It seems to be a simple creature, yet their personality and character is something that makes such an impression and is so captivating that they have something that all of us others do not.

And then the aliens showed me an all of a sudden mental image of Kermit. And I was happy of course, real happy.

The black Reptilian who is the Orion Reptilian, not to be confused with the Alpha Orions, gave me some information last night! I was shown a mental image video of what I can only describe as a prehistoric dinosaur!! It was large, about the size of a tiger or slightly smaller, it walked on four legs and had a tail, it was a bright green all over its scales. It had a brick-shaped protruding snout, keen yellow eyes, and it had three comb structures like a Casowary on its head, these were also the same green. I would expect a prehistoric dinosaur to be very snake-like, to have those creepy cold and heartless eyes of a snake that just want to fix on a prey and brutally kill it, and to have the motions of a snake or the lizards we have today, swift or slithering slowly. This dinosaur was more like a cat or a rodent in that regard. The way that it was constantly looking around and upward, was like how mammals look around, something gentle, aware, and intelligently curious in it. The eyes did not have that raw cold and distant personality in them as the snakes of today have, rather the eyes showed a mindset and a personality that was more mammalian, like one of the primitive primates that live in trees today the ones that do not have tails, or it very much was behaving and the eyes were like a marsupial. The aliens told me that it always looks up into trees, that it is always looking upward into trees to see if there are any edible animals there, it seems that it eats things like insects, so it is not a vicious hunter.

This dinosaur seemed peaceful, almost like a marsupial or a domesticated feline that one would just want to pull up into the lap to sit beside me to watch tv on the sofa like a big dog. And one can imagine, that if it catches insects and other small creatures, it does not need to be vicious or raw like a tiger, it doesn't fight with its prey or even much have to hunt for it. All it would need, to catch insects and such, is to be curious and aware of its surroundings, to look around, and to grab a hold of them once it gets close. This was like a peaceful and friendly dinosaur. The aliens let me watch it for a long time.

The black Reptilian told me that they, the Reptilians, took this dinosaur from Earth a long time ago. I asked him, if it is a prehistoric dinosaur, and it was. So hey guys, seeing aliens is one thing, but the aliens have prehistoric dinosaurs and I got to see one. And this one if you can imagine seemed docile and cuddly like a big dog, like a marsupial, not at all like a cold reptile.

Remember Champ? The black Reptilian told me, that this Reptilian though he didn't call him Champ of course, was made as a genetic cross between that dinosaur I was shown, and these black Reptilians. So we see why Champ has the three head crests. Champ is part old-Earth prehistoric dinosaur, and part extraterrestrial(?) black Reptilian. The black Reptilian asked me if I also wanted to see a long-necked prehistoric dinosaur that they also took from Earth a long time ago, of course I said yes. This one was a dark blue or almost black and it had large black splotch patterns starting from the neck and along the back. The aliens told me that this one lives by standing in shrubbery where it hides its body in the vegetation and while standing still in its hiding place it then uses its long neck to eat leaves that it finds all around its fixed standing position. And when a predator might be near, it simply tucks its neck and head against the front of its body and stays still until the predator goes away. I asked isn't that an ineffective way, but the aliens said that the predators cannot find it if it is hidden.

My life is great. I love my life.

WE WANTED THE SOFAS! Please. - Hamish

I told Hamish today that I was thinking of looking for a sofachair for him to have in my room.

Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. I will look for a sofa to buy for you. - me
Only I get to sit in it, since I need it the most. For my back thorns, that is the purpose. - Hamish, he said the first part to a Dark Lord
I really need to see it. It was my long lost. For my back thorns, yes. - Hamish
Tok Tok Tok! Tiik! - Hamish
Do you have it for me yet? My Trash, Yes-No! - Hamish, he grabbed my arm gently with his hands when he said "Do you have it for me yet", then he thought about the plastic bags I have where he stands
I don't have your sofa yet, Turtle Dragon Darling. I need to go shopping for one. I want you to have a sofa, because I care about you. - me
Do not forget that we told you about the blood. - black Reptilian or other Reptilian not Hamish, Hamish then opens his mouth wide and faces that other one
We don't want trouble! - the other Rep to Hamish

Yes today a Reptilian told me that they drink blood which is "juice", I said I could make a hole into my hand or arm myself and drain some blood out for them but that first a doctor who is a specialist on Reptilians would have to test my blood to see if it is safe for them to eat and that only I get to take it out and only a little or that I die.

The aliens also last night showed me a mental image of another creature which looked like the drawing I have on the Alpha Remulans page, perhaps it was the Remulan but it was standing up tall, its insect body was up tall from the floor as if it was standing on some tall hind legs, and it supported on the front on the tips of its insect arms.

I love my life. Not only do I have Hamish, but now I have prehistoric dinosaurs too. By the way I had a dream a few nights ago where I was in an Ancient Egyptian under ground building which had the yellow pyramid symbol and down there was a room that had many

Hey!, heh heh! You weren't supposed to remember that! - someone either a human or an Illuminati dude not the Illuminati hybrids though, there is a creature that I haven't described yet on The Orion Project that shapeshifts, it is not a Reptilian

The room in that dream had many large animal showcase aquariums and I was so delighted to see the fantastic creatures in those! They had things like rocks and vegetation in there, they were various large amphibians or reptiles in them that do not exist on Earth today. But that was a dream at night, or who knows?

My life is the bestest, because Hamish is the bestest. I should print that on a shirt and wear it every day.

Aliens, conversation

September 11 2016, 8:50 PM - If you read the previous entry below titled "Reticulans are here". So I went to bed and fell asleep after the conversations with Reticulans. I woke up during the night and it was very clear that I was being masturbated either by Reticulans or by hybrids most probably by Reticulans. I'm not sure where I were, I was more aware of the room where these aliens were than aware of being in my bed. I hate that I cannot be too detailed on the internet because of kids, so if I end up becoming more aware of the abductions then obviously I am going to have to write only in books or something that only verified adults get to read. But they were stimulating on the outside and not inside, I am sure adults know what I am talking about. The adult or at least almost adult hybrid female was standing right there next to me watching, the Reticulan was also close.

Yet, what they were doing, felt really really good, so I wasn't exactly upset. There was nothing forced or violent about it, it was really smooth and gentle and perfect, better than anything I've ever been able to produce for myself and I am 34 years old and I never figured out how to do it that way, so these guys they really know a thing or two. It was really nice and just seemed so harmless so I was thinking that I didn't mind and that I even wished that it could go on forever, so I just let it happen without getting upset. Why can't I do that to myself huh? Yet, if I am allowed to elaborate, there is always a mental element to a woman's sexual sensations, meaning, women have to be in the right mood, it is not just physical, and that mental state can be hard to achieve, usually a woman has to fantisize about something pleasing that isn't even happening, or to be really relaxed from foreplay which men don't really know how to do and if a woman tells a man what to do then it is ruined anyway because by that time it is fake. So because this was so nice I have to wonder how did my brain get into the right state of mind to even enable something so nice? Again, it wasn't the kind of energetic or fast or anything that would get overwhelming or violating, it was just something so nice and pleasant and calm and sweet, like a caress, but so pleasing and perfect, so nice in fact that I do not even feel that it is something disgusting or shameful to even write about. If sexual sensations always felt like this then we humans would not even think that it is embarrassing, it was just perfectly harmless and completely ok.

Yet, as I said, I have to wonder if the Reticulans somehow knew how to get me into a right state of mind, because in a woman there has to be a mental state that enables sexual pleasure to reach any higher levels, not to mention that if a woman isn't in a mood then most touch on those parts doesn't even feel anything. I don't know how they do it, but it was just perfect, it was nice, and I wasn't upset or embarrassed, I allowed it and wished in my thoughts that it could go on forever.

So, was I doing it to myself in my sleep or was I dreaming about it? No, I was awake, besides I have never been able to do anything even near so perfect to myself in all my life, plus the Reticulans and the hybrid were there, and, I have had physical evidence before of the aliens being real, so, this was really happening, the aliens were masturbating me. I got to enjoy it for at least a minute or more, which is actually a long time.

I have got my tail here. And I was saing, Yes-No, to that, power. - Hamish, first I saw his long orange tail and then he held his tail in his hands, then he opened his mouth and his face and body turned a darker red from upset and he reached forward to bite into the air demonstratingly out of upset, "power" was said in my other language, he must be referring to what I wrote here about the Reticulans masturbating me, seems that Hamish thinks that they were going too far and that they were "showing power" to me, meaning that perhaps Hamish feels that Hamish was not the one in charge

By the way, I have seen that many times by now, that when Hamish gets upset, his body turns a darker red color, so hey guys he is a bit of a chameleon! Isn't that interesting though? He associates his red color with power and dominance, and so when he wants to show power when he gets angry he turns even more red, how fascinating is that. Hamish never ceases to amaze, he is literally the most fascinating and gorgeous biological creature, there are so many features to his body and his behaviour that are marvellous.

But! Then I became aware again at night, oh first I have to say that no I didn't orgasm from what the Reticulan was doing, which is a good thing because that would be violating I imagine. But anyway I woke up another time at night and I was seeing like a cartoon on a big screen in front of me with Bugs Bunny and the lady from the Dalmatians Disney movie and some of the dalmatians, oddly together in the same movie. Then there was a little hybrid girl who was watching the movies with me, unless I only saw that hybrid girl once I soon after woke up in my bed from that place or that experience. This was one of the toddler girls, she would be about 3 years old if it were a human child, or smaller maybe 2 or 2.5 years old, though they can already talk and are mentally more advanced than human children are. Yellow blonde hair, wearing a diaper, I think she also had a pacifier in her mouth, they usually do, and it is funny they take the pacifier out of their mouth and then they talk telepathically, it is strange to see a baby that then talks more or less like an older child, we would never see that with humans. The Reticulans then told me that this one is wearing diapers.

one of the hybrids I presume, asks a Reticulan something there
Hush Hush! - answers the Reticulan to the hybrid, a bit sassy
No, she is not a moron! - Reticulan to me about this toddler
I never said she is a moron. - me

Wow. I can smell Hamish's smell around here, phew like a dense cloud of smell, but not a bad smell I must say. It definitely smells that it is the perspiration coming off from a living creature, his body surrounds itself with a very humid cloud that is strongly fragrant. I can't seem to find anything similar here on Earth to compare it to, it makes me think of a mushroom, or mosses, since those are also very humid in and around themselves and rather fragrant with a sharp bitter smell. There is nothing like this on Earth. For some reason it makes me think that he must originate from a hot and humid atmosphere, it would make more sense in such an environment, than to perspire that way in a dry air. It smells like, an animal, a bit like mushrooms or mosses, a very bitter and sharp, strong forcible pungent odor. It seems to have so many different smells that together make the one smell. The smell then seems to personify his character, "the smell is Hamish"

Hello, we are also here. - Reticulan
Deb Deb. - Hamish I think
We can see you there in the bed. - Reticulans
We didn't make you drink this drink. - Reticulan, holding up the green liquid that is still sloshing in the vial
We didn't want you to, dream about us, but that is how we do it. We come in your sleep. And! We can now see that you were not nervous! So! Pleased to meet you and to do it again. - Reticulan, the Reticulan bows down its head far down when it says the last sentence, it was like bowing a gesture, a bit odd, as if they want to show me their heads they often do that
My carpets. - Hamish in my native language, with a mental image of his pink ruggy here on the floor
It was Hamish's rug. I have given it to Hamish, it belongs to Hamish. - me, he sways his body a bit sideways when I speak these, as it is making him content to hear these
Hello, Derek wasn't here anymore. But we wanted you to see them too. - Reticulan to me
We are not being arrogant. - Hamish said
Tiik! - Hamish
We wanted you to eat this, green liquid. So that we could do the rest, the anal stuff. - Reticulan holding up the vial, meaning fecal samples
I thought you already did everything, you had all night to do it. - me
No, we wanted to look at you first. And then, we still need to go in through your nose to your stomach. - Zeta Reticulan, the other ones are probably an Alpha Reticulan
Alright. So I just woke up, and was going to read my book and work on some job applications. - me
We are not the mushroom heads anymore to you. - says a sassy Alpha Reticulan
Yes you are! You are my Reticulans. - me
We need to go into your butt, with our devices. - Alpha Reticulan
There is no reason to yell. - Zeta Reticulan
We wanted to make you feel at peace. - Reticulan says, puts its hand down on my chest, I see it has three long fingers stemming from a tiny palm of a hand, the fingers end in round globular fingertips, these have no suction cups on the fingertips
We thank you that you have cleaned here. - Zeta Reticulan standing in my room in the other dimension, it thought about vacuum cleaning for dust and hairs, I cleaned yesterday and did laundry though I have yet to vacuum clean, but it thanked me nonetheless
We wanted you to not be aware of us next time. - Reticulan
Because we need to go into your throat! - Hamish or Alpha Reticulan but most probably Hamish and that the Alpha Reticulan got a bit started when Hamish spoke, "throat" in my third language
And then we need to go in through your belly button. And to show you these. - Zeta, show these is a hybrid embryo fetus
Then an Alpha Reticulan tells me that and I cannot eat any pears, I forgot the exact words cause I didn't type right away
I want to stay awake for that too. - me
No, you can't, not when we go into your butt. - Zeta
Yes I want to. - me
She was writing about my smell. And about my lunches and snacks. - Hamish, haha, I didn't write about his lunches and snacks but he said that anyway
We wanted you to stay calm. - Zeta, first the Zeta put its hand down on my chest again, it has three long fingers with bulbuous ends and barely any palm of the hand where they stem from
I am calm. - me
Yes, we can feel what is going on in your head. And then, we needed to go into your butt. - Zeta
Then do that, by all means. - me
It doesn't feel, or seem, pleasant to you. But we wanted to do it anyway. The Zetas would like to go into your butt next. To take something out of there. And, then to subject it to our DNA tests. To see what went in, and what came out. - Zeta Reticulan
By all means, go right ahead. - me
Thank you. - the Zeta bows its head right down, plummets the head down on that thin neck
I was not going to bite you, I said! - Hamish turning darker red and opening his mouth and reaching with the head forward in the air as a gesture to the Reticulans
Why is Hamish upset? - me
I have my rug here, they said. - Hamish, now cute and looks like a happy dragon
Hamish's rug. - me
Deb Deb Deb. - Hamish said this, thinks about going to stand on his rug, unless he actually did that, again I caught the cloud of his smell, it is rare for me to smell him
We are not going to be very arrogant with you. Now, if you would come on down to our research facility. - Zeta to me, image of the rooms they have there
Where we take your eggs. - Hamish or Zeta partly or fully in my native language
How do I get there? So, how do I come there. I don't mind what you intend to do, because I want to see you. - me, Hamish while I am speaking turns red and intends to bite again, opens his mouth and reaches forward into the air as if to bite, he did right after I said "I don't mind what you intend to do"
We are not the mushroom heads anymore. We are Zetas. - me
And, we are no refugees, you should say. - Hamish to Zetas, showing some power and irritation, "refugees" in my other language
So, do you come now, and let us look down into your belly button? - Zeta
Yes. - me
Hello. This is Lasarus. That is my name. Do you come here and meet your motherly children? The ones you have mothered here for us. - Lasarus the Zeta
I would come, yes, if I get to stay awake. Otherwise not. - me
And then we will get to see at your feces and uterus. - Hamish
No, I don't want to bite a cake. - Hamish, sways his head and body sideways content of the thought of food, a Zeta had offered him a cake of some sort or a food
I am happy to come there. - me
Come, and we will put this thing into your nose. - Reticulan
And then you will be like our cattle here. - Hamish I think, said to me
Now again the three-fingered hand on my chest
Hush Hush! - Alpha Reticulan, I think a hybrid child asked it something so it responded that way

We don't want you to bite our snacks here. - Zeta says to Hamish, Hamish may have spoken first to him, but I didn't hear him say anything
We don't want to pee here, so Deb. - Hamish about himself and the floors there with Reticulans, maybe Hamish needs to pee so he should go somewhere to pee
Hamish, do you need to pee? - me
Yes-No. - Hamish answers me, first his eyes closed a lot to only a narrow opening, and he even contracted his nose, almost the lemon face as I call it but looked more humble besides he answered the question and when he does the lemon face he doesn't answer anything to my questions
We don't have any narcotics for you anymore. But we have tried to give them to you. - Reticulan to me kindly
What narcotics? What do they do? - me
They keep you calm. - Reticulan, I see in mental image a Reticulan caressing with its hand on an erected large and long hybrid penis
I don't want to be involved anymore. Let me get back to my book. - me
We will take some vomit out of you. And then you will get to see this. - Zeta, showing me the penis again, still being against that arm
I get to pee here. - Hamish
Yes, you get to pee here. - Zeta to Hamish, with or without "here"
Is Hamish peeing? Does he need to pee? Could someone take him, to somewhere to pee? - me
I don't want to be placed, under arrest here. - Hamish
No one will place you under arrest. It just seems that Hamish needs a toilet. Or a lawn of grass. You can't pee on the floor, Turtle Sock? - me
Yes? - Hamish
Deb Deb Grrr! - Hamish as a Zeta brought its arm too close to his face and said something to Hamish, Hamish said Deb Deb and then growled at the Zeta
Look at that, she can laugh with us! - Reticulan pleased because I laughed, and it had a mental image of the toddler girl from earlier, though I laughed because of Hamish growling at the Zeta and the whole peeing situation and Hamish's pride and integrity

I don't want to be shown hybrid penises and to have sex with them. It's just a bit too much.

Then we will take off! In our flying machines! - Reticulan, and it shows me one of their UFOs flying, the air around the UFO felt really cold and something magnetic about the air, it was a dark saucer shape UFO
Meooww! We are the cats here. - Dark Lord
Why are you a cat? - me to Dark Lord
Because we are in that puff of cloud. - Dark Lord, probably meaning the UFO that would be like in a cloud or something
Are you an Alpha Theton? - me
We have restaurants here, and we eat here because of it! - Dark Lord
Look at that, we have told her that we are the mushroom head! - Reticulan says to the Dark Lord, her is me
So, we don't like this anymore. - General Patton about this situation
We don't have to pee, I said. - Hamish
No! I don't want to go! I will bite you! - Hamish says to a Zeta as the Zeta brought its arms closer toward Hamish's face and was telling Hamish to go with it, obviously to take Hamish somewhere to pee, maybe even because I had suggested that they take him somewhere to pee
We have got these flying machines, and they go really fast! - Zeta pleased to me
And we also have them in a cloud. So that, their military aircraft cannot find us. We can jamble their reading equipment too, and make their planes crash into the sea. But we do that only rarely. - Dark Lord about military jetplanes, rarely referring to crashing military planes into the sea, seems that the UFOs are kept inside a cloud which avoids radar detection in military airplanes and inside that cloud there is like full of sparkles and those sparkles scramble up the electronic devices of the military airplane that is inside the cloud

When I woke up in my home in the early morning hours while it was still dark, Aulis Greenshaw who is one of the MIBs presumably human tells me that he has found out that I liked the masturbation that the aliens did to me. I ask him if he is a human, because we cannot be sure at this point if the MIBs and military officers are human as they pose to be, or if they are other aliens shapeshifting to perhaps instill some other desired effect in me, we don't know that, because I do have my doubts. And then a while later Sergeant Wilkes shows up, we didn't talk much and I forget what little he said other than his name, I also asked him if he was a human or someone posing, but neither of these really said.

So, we wanted to go in through your nose. - Reticulan holding the thin plastic tubing
And we are also hiding inside of a cloud, hi hi! - Dark Lord
Then, you are more than welcome - me interrupted
Can you hear us inside your head? - Zeta talks and focuses on the right side of my head and ear so that I too become aware of my right side of the head and ear
I hear you loud and clear! Inside of my head! - me
Come on now, partner. - Zeta approaches Hamish
No I don't want to go. - Hamish to the Zeta
Leave Hamish alone! - me
There then! And she has not eaten a lot of sugar! - Hamish pleased because I defended him, his eyes make a happy smile, this was all in my other language
Do you need to go to the toilet, before you come here? Because here we do not have all of our cleaning facilities. - Reticulan, thought an image of our toilet room here
I have already peed thank you. So I don't need to use the bathroom no. - me
Can you see our legs here? - Zeta shows me its thin white legs
I see your legs yes. - me
We will take this in through your nose, and then watch your head carefully. - Zeta, now I see an Alpha Reticulan head clearly, looks like on the drawing I made of "Vivianne"
When can I go there? Or are we just talking? - me
Calm down, now. We will not give you any pills. - Zeta put its hand down against my chest again when it said calm down now
Or any sugar. - Hamish adds, about not giving any
We will go in through your nose, with this long thing. - Alpha Reticulan holding the tubing
And then we will not give you any sugar. - Hamish adds to me
They have all come here to look at you. - Zeta or Alpha Reticulan, I see a room that looks to be full of humans dressed in military uniforms only the high ranking ones
Who are they? - me
Look, we gotta make sure that everything goes alright here. - one of the men answers me telepathically
Hey you? - a human man says and wants to put his hand at the back of my head, he has red hair
Who are you? - me
I'm not gonna say, but I am Jeff. - Jeff he was
Jeff! - me, is this our Tijuana Jeff? Could be, just that I never realized that he had red hair, looks a lot like him though
Hi Jeff, how are you! - me
We have got a black man here too. If you wanna see him, first. - Dark Lord says
Who is the "black man"? Is that the Dark Lord? - me
Come now. - Zeta to Hamish arms approaching his head, in my other language
Ouch, no, watch out! - Hamish to Zeta in my other language
Leave Hamish alone. - me
But he needs to pee here. And he cannot pee all over our floor and facilities. - Zeta
I am not the pollinating one the unit. - Hamish to Zetas, as if to say that Hamish is not those such workers Hamish is of a higher rank you see
Let Hamish pee. I will clean up the floor afterwards. I can clean it. - me
But it can get into our devices. - Alpha Reticulan sad thinking about a machine that the tubing is connected to
Hamish could you go pee in an appropriate place and then you are welcome to come back here darling sweet turtle? - me
Yes-No, I won't bite them I said. - Hamish about biting on Zeta fingers if they come too close to him
Oh Turtle! - me, laughing at Hamish being so cute
So, you can see us here huh? - says what looks like Gillespie but wearing a dark green and black camouflage military clothing, black haired human man not sure that it is Gillespie just saying that it is similar
Hi... - me
They gotta do something to ya! - the camouflaged one says crosses his arms he thinks about the anal procedure
I know. I don't care. I almost went to medical school, so I am not an idiot. I also worked in healthcare for many years, so I've seen a thing or two. I am not afraid, or an idiot. Maybe you are an idiot? - me
They gotta take your heart out, if we don't watch it! So! That is why we are here! - the camouflage man
They got a bad Rumor! - Hamish about the taking out a heart thing that the aliens would do if the military was not keeping an eye on things
So, they are only allowed that, to go into your butt. - the camouflage man says with his arms crossed
Oh dear, this lady is insane! - the camouflage man says, he has darker skin not black but dark, and black hair, it is of course not Gillespie by the way, I don't know this man from before I think. Hamish looks at me and is being so cute, I catch his smell again, Hamish really looking at me so cute, fire engine red and orange, his skin clammy and moist from his sticky and odorific perspiration
So. If I get to stay awake during it, and to remember it afterwards, the aliens are allowed to take fecal samples and to insert the tubing in through my nose and to show me alien hybrid genitalia. But only if I get to stay awake for it, because I want to meet them. - me
Oh good lord! - the camouflaged man
Hi, this is Jeff. - Jeff which is another one of course
You know, this guy is not your lounger. But he smells pretty bad! - Jeff to me about Hamish
Hamish is my best friend. - me
I will not bite you I said! - Hamish about not biting my fingers because I said he is my best friend, probably to say that what I said was a good thing that I said
I was made by the Bird Race. - Hamish says, Birds or Bird Race I forgot
Yes, yes, we can teach you how to drive a car. - Jeff says to a Reptilian, the car is one that is driven along the long tunnels that lead to an underground base, there are rectangular long lamps all along both sides of the roof there, the walls ceiling and floor of the tunnel are pale gray cement, it must be a military base, I have seen Jeff in such one a tunnel before, remember the one which is in the telepathy section of this website where there was that scary white alien and Jeff went there armed with firearms and he was nervous?
I did not have a poo. - Hamish in my native language about himself
Did you poo Hamish? - me, though he said that he didn't
Hamish you can use some kind of toilet when you know that you need to poo. - me
Yes, watch out with our equipment! - Alpha Reticulan sad and concerned about the device that the tubing goes to, this device has a white long vertical thin rod that sits on the floor on three legs, then it holds up a white pouch or chamber, it all looks like an IV-bag holder of sorts, small and elegant device, the thin see-through plastic tubing connects to it.

Hello, we are with the NASA team. And, pleased to meet you too! - Jack with the NASA team shows up, wearing dark gray dress pants with ironed or pressed creeses and dark shoes, he puts his hand out to shake the hand of a Zeta when he said to them "And pleased to meet you too"
So this woman is here, huh? - Jack about me
Hey Jack. - me
Hush Hush! - Alpha Reticulan

Ok so if the conversation continues, I am writing it in a separate file and putting it in a book way in the future! "I won't nibble on your bits!", Hamish says upset as someone gets too close to him there.

(Here is a section that was written into a separate file on my computer.)

I forgot to say that when I woke up after the masturbation by Reticulans the Reticulans told me that we can call that hybrid female "Molly". I also forgot to say that when I woke up the Reticulans showed me a mental image of a hybrid baby. And that when I woke up Hamish was pleased to tell me that he was given some snacks to eat there, so I was happy about that too.

Reticulans are here

September 10 2016, 8:10 PM - Reticulans are up and about. I was reading in the huge book I have and Reticulans sent me mental images of themselves. Remember, that Reticulan means that it was either a Zeta Reticulan or an Alpha Reticulan, most likely the Alpha Reticulans, who seem more active in my case. At one point in our telepathic conversations they referred to me as a rat, saying that I was not an ordinary rat, I told them that I am a human. A Reticulan held in its hand a small transparent glass containing green liquid, it said they want me to drink it. All this time, I am in my bedroom sitting on my bed (with my book) and the Reticulans are somewhere else, speaking to me from a distance using their mental powers of transmitting images and speech.

I asked what was in the vial, I asked them if they could tell me the name of the molecules in it in my language, and whether it was a medicine or a nutrient. They said it was "Lidocaine", which would make me not aware of being there with them. And then Hamish said that there are no sofas here, so I said that Hamish is welcome to sit next to me on the bed, that it is a soft bed only that there is no backrest, but it is comfortable to sit on. I cleared away notebooks and papers to make space for my dragon, would he wish to sit on the bed in the other dimension, if he is here. And again I deeply contemplated on buying a sofachair for Hamish just for him to have here. There is nothing like a Draconian sitting on a sofa and enjoying the soft under its bottom and behind its back, it is like a human getting into a nice hot tub or receiving a massage, they really enjoy it like an experience, sitting on a sofa with their lower and upper eyelids partially closed since they are enjoying it. Dragons are so cute.

Reticulans often tell me that I become "dizzy" when I go there to them, that that is the reason why they cannot keep me awake for the abductions. On a rare occasion I get to stay awake when the Reticulans are active and up and about, meaning in the evening when Reticulans send me mental images of themselves and usually these days show me a sudden mental image of Kermit the frog puppet to denote the Dinosaurs who are also coming there, I mean those things are by no means rare but what is rare is that sometimes I also get to experience while I am in bed a sensation that yes could be called dizzy, like I am being swept into the air out from my own body. I suspect that the aliens are operating in the empty space that is between atoms and away from the electromagnetic repulsion that atoms pose for other atoms which is what makes atoms and matter seem solid. Dinosaurs once told me that they are in a different universe since they are somewhere where the "atoms oscillate at a different frequency", not that that implies being the same as operating in between electromagnetic repulsion. Just thinking about how they can move a person through the roof and through matter, or how they are here in another dimension and can walk through walls and closed doors?

I assure the Reticulans that I won't become dizzy, or that if I were to become dizzy that it would not matter (I just now saw a mental image of a black Reptilian, a proportionally small head, dark, he is in a dark room they like darkness, the eyes seem to be all black, eyelids partly closed to show some smiling and friendliness). Gee, I would go through any dizzy and vomiting (they say I vomit there because of the dizziness, they often tell me before abductions about the bucket beside the medical table that I could vomit in, I have no recollection of vomiting there or of being there, with few exceptions).

We have a tarp that we place on you. So that you won't get shy. - Reptilian Hamish or the black Reptilian, "shy" was said in my third language
We place it on you, Tik! - Hamish, so the previous one was also said by Hamish
We don't want to scare her. - Reticulan
No we don't! - Hamish about the scaring
We haven't raised you up yet. - Reticulan to me, "raised you up" was a word in my third language
How do you do it? How does that happen? - me
It has to do with magnetism. - Reticulan
Or how we float you out, it means. - Hamish or Reticulan
And then we go into your nose. - Reticulan, "nose" in my native language
Will I get to see some red blood this time? - Hamish asks Reticulan meaning if I have some period blood in my female parts
No you won't. - Reticulan answers to Hamish, true since I don't have my period now
Can I stay awake this time? - me
We have to go in through your nose, to your stomach. And then you will whine. - Reticulan
You may not come into our camp. - Dark Lord or black Reptilian to me in my other language
Then you will have a tummy ache. - Reticulan in my other language, image of a younger me about 13 years old in the pyjamas I had then and in the image I have curly hair like then and am holding my arms pressed against my stomach
Why do I get a tummy ache? - me
You are bitches! - black Reptilian, I see it with black shining eyes in the dark somewhere in a room
Why am I bitches? Why are you saying rude words? Try to be nice. - me
We wanted to have sofas here, we have none. - the black Reptilian
I know, and I am sorry about that. I really am. I will try to get a sofa for you, fine guests. I want Dragons to be comfortable here. - me
Now, next, comes this man, in a business suit. - black Reptilian says, I see an Illuminati hybrid adjusting tightening his black and white diagonally striped tie, wearing a black business suit with a white shirt
Why is he wearing a black suit? - me
Because this is a formal engagement! - Reptilian says, not Hamish
We wanted to marry you to me. Oh god, I am so embarrassed to say that... - the IM hybrid
We wanted to try some intercourse with you. - IM hybrid, "intercourse" in my third language
If that is ok alright with you! - Reticulan, in a sassy and rude way

The Illuminati hybrid is a bald man adult hybrid, white skin, chalk white almost glowing in the dark white, he looks like a great white shark in some ways, which is why these g..... a sound to my right in my bedroom, the sound as if a footstep on the floor, a footstep on the wooden boards of the floor, I have lived in this room for over a year and never heard such a sound there before, definitely a loud sound of a foot that stepped down on the floor, a heavy foot even, the sound of the adjusting thin wooden floor panels. And now! I see a figure to my right! It is a Reptilian!

No reason to be afraid, my dearie. We are not with the Locusts anymore. - it says
We don't have always that white skin. Sometimes we are beaten red. - the IM hybrid says
We wanted to see your bowel movements. - Reticulan to me, "bowel movements" in my other language, meaning the feces itself as a noun not a verb

The IM hybrids are in the Agenda called the "Sharkboys". His lips are very red against the white skin. They have red lining underneath the eyes, making them look scary. If a human pulls down the lower eyelid then there is a red lining underneath the eye, but the Sharkboys or adult IM hybrids

We also look like big babies. But we do not cry like them. Do you want to see, our back part? - IM, "part" was in my other language
No, thanks. - me about being shown the IM hybrid's naked behind
She doesn't want to see me. She doesn't want to be my mother with me. - IM literally pouts his lips and says to Reticulans about me
We won't beat it out of her, the genes I mean. - Reticulan to the aliens there, but also so that I hear
And now I hear the IM crying and whining over there, he is unhappy about something.
He has been forced to watch porn movies. - Reticulan tells me about the IM, in my other language

Sharkboys have a red lining underneath the eye that is always visible. The eyes are round and human-size, not oversized like on many other Reticulan-human-hybrids. They have small pupils and not much of a colored iris. Ears tend to be small and puckered like an unopened rosebud. They have no hair on their body. Sharkboys are chubby. They have human-like male genitalia, with a fully developed (or so it seems from just looking at it) scrotum and penis, they are not circumcized. Sex with them feels really nice, it is wonderful, I describe such sex in some of my books, in fact the sex was so incredibly enjoyable that I wished that I could have married the Illuminati hybrid and been his wife and lived with him in a house. But overall I think it unethical to have sex with the IMs, I think of them as part animal and part baby, many seem - as I have described elsewhere

No!! That is mean! - the IM
Hush Hush! - Reticulan sassy and mean to the IM, while this Reticulan thinks about the IMs underwear and for it to be naked, now the Reticulan slaps the IM on his arm
Don't you think that she is beautiful? - Reticulan asks the IM about me
No, I don't think that she is beautiful. Can I go now? - IM to Reticulans
Sshh, she will soon go to sleep! - Reticulan to IM
And then we can see her kaka! - Hamish just being a happy and cheerful Hamish

As described already elsewhere, many IMs seem immature or perhaps even mentally retarded, which is what I was about to write and which is the reason why the IM then said "No!! That is mean!". Many such IM adults only want to eat sweets or play with some toys or things, well typically not toys but they think about fast cars or hot air balloons.

Not to be annoying like David Attenborough, but what we see here are the aliens taking some liberties with stretching my awareness about the abductions so that I am now being involved actively, consciously, in one of their projects which is to try out reproduction with hybrids, which is what always happens when I beg and whine the Reticulans to let me stay awake, then it never turns into a fun gathering but the Reticulans are quick to use my expanded awareness into their projects, to bring in hybrids and engage me in various sexual testing, the purpose of which is to assess the sexual ability of hybrids, and for me to teach sexual things to the hybrids or so they wish. Here we see they brought in an adult Illuminati hybrid and they hope that me and him will engage together sexually.

As we see, it is heartbreaking and immoral how they are treating their hybrids. Sexuality is being forced on this man, a man who is part human and part white alien. Illuminati hybrid men, I suspect, have lower sexual drive and instinct than human adult men. I must also say that adult IMs prefer to have sex with hybrid girls of a young age, or with each other in homosexual affairs, though I still suspect that the many IMs who claim to be homosexuals are using it to try to protect themselves from the projects they are forced into.

However, in all honesty, the violation and rape that is imposed by Reticulans on their hybrids in sexual projects, is not as extreme as we humans would tend to assume, that being since many genetic batches of hybrids are "dumb as a brick" I have said it before, or sexually oblivious. Meaning, it is far more traumatic and brutal to rape a human than it is to rape these hybrids, because many batches of hybrids have no physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual sense of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual sexuality, so many are oblivious and indifferent to some degree. However, I do see that many of them are uncomfortable and injured, even to some extent traumatized, for example some of the intermediary hybrids (intermediary, in that they have long thin Zeta necks, large bulbuous Zeta head

We will soon look at your kaka. - Hamish in my other language
Ok Hamish, do that. - me
Then we will see what you eat, what you feed on. And then the Reticulans will take you to your cage. - Hamish
And then we will feed you. - Reticulan to Hamish, in some respects Hamish is like their pet, like an animal that does work for them and in exchange is fed

(intermediary since long thin Zeta neck, large bulbuous Zeta head, and male genitals that are by no means human-like, but somewhat existent, like one who had two appendix-like testicles that were not connected, and no penis), the intermediary ones are reluctant to show themselves naked, they have a sense of their nudity and of shame which we can assume is inherited from such human instincts, unless such sense of nudity and shame was learned because of how the Zetas were treating them.

Anyway, I emphasize again, that even though sex with an Illuminati hybrid man is really amazingly great, I do not consent to any sexual activities with hybrids of any kind. I consider the hybrids as children and as animals, I also see that we are both forced on each other. The Zetas, although they purport to study human sexuality to great lengths, have not prepared a situation for us in which sexual interaction would seem natural, harmless. I am luckily a mature woman, I have had lots of sexual experience in my life, so I am fine, I am strong and unbreakable, so it is more that I am worried about the well-being of the hybrids, since sexual predation can lead to a great deal of suffering and harm. And again, I consider hybrids even the adult ones as infants and animals. It is wrong.

No it is not! We just want to take the eggs. - says a hybrid female of juvenile or adult development, who was looking at me with her big eyes for a while, she has a large head, large Zetan eyes that are mostly green from the green irises, she is what we could call an intermediary hybrid, she responded to my writing "It is wrong"
Hamish is very eager to see you. - the female hybrid tells me, and I am shown Hamish looking at me, Hamish swaying his body slightly left to right, left to right, and looking toward me with his big eyes
Why is he eager to see me? Can you ask him? - me
Yes-No, my time to be here. - Hamish, meaning: "It is not my time to be here."
Yes-No, mine, when we look at your kaka, your filth. - Hamish, aha so he means that when the aliens will look at my feces then Hamish will be sent away from the room
Did you think that I was beautiful? - the female hybrid asks me, she has lifted her white shirt up and her white short pants down to show me where her breasts and genitals would be
No, I don't want to see you naked. - me, and then a Reticulan gets upset that I said that
We don't want to be the dominant race anymore, we said. - Hamish
Come on now, we will feed you. - Reticulan to Hamish
Hello, this is Lasarus here. - Lasarus the Zeta
Hello Lasarus! - me
We won't show you anymore Kermit the frogs here. And that is because we want to see your kaka, your filth. - Lasarus to me
Your delivery, won't be a boy. - an alien says to the female hybrid, who is still holding her shirt up and her pants down a bit
You have called us all whores! - the female hybrid says to me, yes that is from earlier times when I was really upset at the sexual projects
Thank you for feeding Hamish. - me
Of course. He needs to eat. - Reticulan pleased
I love him. He is my precious dragon, he is the best in the whole world. - me
We smell really bad. - Hamish or other Reptilian
It doesn't matter that you smell! - me
You can only eat one of those sugar cookies. Otherwise you disturb our genetic studies, otherwise you disturb our genes. - Lasarus, mental image of the white cookies I have and of which I ate two to four of today
I am proud of Hamish. - me
Why? He has beaten us! - female hybrid, still holding her one arm to have the shirt up a bit and her other arm to have her short pants down a bit
We don't have a uterus. And so we would like to get to know you. - female hybrid to me
We know that smells come from there. - Hamish or other alien about the uterus

This is what happens when I ask the aliens to let me stay conscious for abductions. They always take it as an opportunity, or as permission, to bring in hybrids to interact with me sexually. This time the hybrids are adult, the female is perhaps a teenager at least, but sometimes they bring in little hybrid children and then hell breaks loose as I really lose it and throw a serious fit and upset. Yet, they do not let me stay awake for the abductions, this all happens sort of on the threshold of the close alien contact, before the abductions, while I am still in my room. Then they still proceed to take me in my sleep to do the other things, while I am left asleep. I hate that they are using me, I want to meet them so bad. I want to meet my beloved Hamish, and (Tiik!, he says now, my precious Turtle) the Alpha Remulans.

"Have you seen?", says now a Reticulan and bends its head down to show me the big white bulbuous head it has.
"I have seen your head.", I say to it.
"We wanted to not anesthisize you.", this same alien says.
"That would be good, to stay awake.", I say.
"And you wanted to meet your precious turtle, you have said.", the alien says about Hamish.
"I want to meet him, yes.", I say.
"We are not playing puppets with you, but you like them.", he says, I think it is Lasarus yes, and he must be referring to the images of Kermit the frog puppet that I used to get from them.
"It is fun, yes.", I say.
"We will go in through your nose, at first, and then you will become worried.", he says.
"And then, we watch at your urine. And then, your other bowel movements. And then we are done with everything!", this one cheerfully at the end, and Hamish says "Tiik!" to that!
"We wanted to look at your breasts and nipples too, and the reason for that is, because that one has none.", he says, that one is the female one who has been holding her shirt up to show me.
And then we would like to look at your larynx, if you would allow us to? - he says
Has she eaten that? - female asks this alien
Yes, she has eaten that. - he says to her, probably referring to the walnuts I bought today that I put into a glass jar, I made a banana walnut smoothie out of them today

We can show you the Alpha Remulans. - he says, and it gives me a feeling like something rising in the pit of my stomach, like riding on a roller coaster, that tingle of excitement, because this is really a carrot, a treat, I am really fond of the Alpha Remulans so much!
And me, they can call me the Father Christmas, the Santa. - Hamish says
Hamish is my Turtle-Back. - me
Hey you! Why are you talking to them! - a human govt/military man says to me telepathically
Are you here to spoil our fun? - me to the man
You know they take in needles in through your stomach? - the man crosses his arms and leans back a bit, thinking the image of a needle going in through my belly button
I don't mind, because I get to meet Hamish. - me
My ice-cream, my crackers. - Hamish thinks of the sound and what it looks like biting into a wafer cracker, and he says this in my other language
So, you wanna meet them, huh? - the man, still arms crossed
The Locusts are also here. - someone alien, I see a tall green locust with what looks like one central black eye, maybe some Agenda symbolism there of the One Eye
So, you don't want to see the little ones? - Reticulan asks me, about little hybrids
And then we go in through your nose, and into your stomach. And then we look over there. And then the little ones come in to see you! Then we let them into your room! - Lasarus I think this is the one who talks here a lot today, "over there" means my hind quarters

We are trying to shoot them out of here! - a military man with black hair
Hello this is Pakeha. We must look like monsters to you. - Pakeha, he leans down his head to show me his bulge head, Pakeha also visited me last night he said his name and I told him it was great to see him again after so long time!
Hello Pakeha. - me, Pakeha is a hybrid but he mostly looks almost just like a Zeta, Lasarus by the way as far as I know is a real Zeta without human genes
We won't give you this this time. - Reticulan, holding up in its hands the vial of green liquid
I want to stay awake there, to meet everybody. I don't care if I get dizzy or vomit. - me
Ooh boy, here we go! - the military man with black hair, because I am saying I can handle staying awake there
And then we look at your shit here. - the one I think is Lasarus, but it could have been Pakeha all along, who knows, but a Reticulan for sure or such
Hello, this is Locusts. - a Locust or someone about the Locust, a tall thing green with one large black eye, perhaps Agenda symbolism

So you see, I asked for an awake abduction, and they are only using it to take more advantage of me, they seem to want or to need me to interact and to be active, for me to see and to teach the hybrids. I doubt that the aliens would let me interact with the hybrids if it were not part of what they need from me, because they are showing complete disregard of my wishes, so it is not done because they would think that it benefits me somehow.

We want to put this into your stomach. And then you are like our cattle, cow here. - Reticulan with the vial of bright green liquid in its hand
It does not become like spit! - Hamish to me about the liquid, in my other language
We don't want to play you any music here. - the one with the vial says to me
I don't want music. I just want Hamish. And Alpha Remulans. - me
She doesn't think that we are poisoning her, huh? - the one with the vial to the others, about the green stuff in the vial
They haven't given you cocaine, this time. But we told them to give you some. - the man with the black hair, General Patton?
Are you General Patton? - me
No, but I am in a disguise. - the man says, by the way "General Patton" was always a pseudonym of sorts, does however not look like the actual General Patton, this one is shorter and stockier and with black hair and brown eyes, I have described this character before

Do you see this one? - the General Patton one says, I am shown a boy who looks to be 12, looks human, has rather long hair a long fringe of brown or red brown hair, obviously made from my egg and made of who knows what father and made of who knows what rape (I am raped by men over there but that is another story I don't want to go into)
I am not dissatisfied with this vial. And we are going to give it into you, now. - says the sassy Reticulan holding the vial
We are the Pleiadians. And we must stop this at once. - Pleiadian woman

I am exhausted from typing. I just want to be together with my Hamish, and I am glad that they are feeding him food.

No, I don't like her. - the human-looking boy from just earlier, in my third language about me, Reticulan is now telling him that he doesn't have to like me, that he was made from inside my stomach, and then Reticulan tells him something about his father or that he will be a father

Here is about that lidocaine, it is a medicine used to numb small areas, overdose can cause sleepiness and vomiting but as far as it seems it is not used to induce unconsciousness.

You are not going to see her father. - Hamish tells to this boy, probably about me, my father died some years ago, but Hamish seemed to be referring to this boy's father, who of course is not my father

We don't want you to pant here/on me, we know that women do that when they have sex. - the boy to me, said "here" or "on me", I forgot, pant meaning the short deep breathing
Are you aware of her? - Reticulan to boy, about me
OF COURSE I AM AWARE OF HER! - boy upset yells at the Reticulan, about me

I have had enough. It's too much. I am feeling frustrated, besides it's too hot it's a hot evening

We are not the extraterrestrials, but we wanted to look at your excrement. - Reticulan, either "we are" or "we are not"

Gee, the aliens show the boy an image of Olav skating in the ice-rink in Russia, there is also the little hybrid girl skating on the ice there in a pink princess dress I often see that, and as the boy smiles from one of the corners of his mouth and his eyes relax into a smile as he sees the image of Olav, I realize that they are showing him his father, and I see it on his face, that this boy is Olav's son, a human or at least mostly human son between me and Olav. Me and Olav have many sons over there, and as much as I hate Olav and many parts of the whole situation, I cannot say that I hate the sons I have with Olav, these sons are gorgeous and I feel a deep true genuine love toward them, so much love that if Olav were to rampage into my room right now in the flesh and rape me I would not be afraid of getting pregnant, and I would adore and welcome such a son into the world and be so happy and proud of him, so beautiful are the sons we have. They are such gorgeous kids! And as much as I really hate the situation, looking at the boys I have with Olav, I feel happy that these boys are in the world, I feel all those motherly things including that if I were to die one day then it would not matter since I have left these boys into the world, these children are more important than me, because they are my offspring, I feel that in me as a mother when I look at them. I feel it, I feel that they are mine, and it is ok. Olav and me make beautiful children. Even if Olav and me despise each other. No I am not crying, stop looking at me, no these are not tears, nonsense. I always thought that knowing that I was forced to have children before I am ready, would make me feel violated and crushed, as if the time of gestation and the time now years later when these children are already years old, is pressed together and the time I have missed and all the sensations and emotions that were meant for me to be experienced in between were lost and that would mean that I am crushed in those lost moments, I do not feel that, when I look at those boys all I feel is peace, peace that my life is complete, that I can die, that their life is what matters. That is I imagine what a mother feels, when she looks at her children. I wish I could tell them that, and help them to understand that I have a mother's love for them, but there is no place for that. How can two people who loathe one another, create something that is so perfect and beautiful?

They said to me, that you didn't want to be my mother. - the boy says to me

God damned mushroom heads, the Zetas. They can build spaceships, but they haven't got a clue about real things, like love, motherhood, and pain. I just want my Hamish and leave me alone! Leave me alone with my Dragon, and Alpha Remulans!

I have been given snacks, here. - says Hamish and when he says "snacks" there is a palate click hiccup sound at the same time, meaning that he is pleased
My Sock Turtle ate some snacks. And therefore I am pleased. - me
Yes, me too, Dib Dib! - Hamish
Hamish Turtle Sock. - me
We have given you the wrong water here. - Reticulan to me about some blue liquid like a water
Is this one my mother? - boy asks the Reticulan about me
YES SHE IS YOUR MOTHER! - Reticulan yells back at the boy about me

Hamish lies down in bed with me, to stare at a book
Hamish finds some snacks in a barrel to look at!
And about that Reptilian deliria for sadomasochism

September 10 2016, 4:40 PM - Last night, as I had left the children's book splayed open on the bedroom floor, where the first two pages of the hedgehog story was to be seen in case Dragon would want to look at it some more (see previous story, below), later that evening while I was in bed reading in my book about philosophy and the history of women's gender, Hamish asks me whether he is allowed to come into bed with me. Of course I do not hesitate to tell him that yes, Hamish, you are of course welcome to come into my bed. This is the first time in all our five years together that Hamish has come into my bed when I am in the bed, with few exceptions that were different in nature such as the initial conquest.

I do not ask him why he is coming into my bed, but I am curious to see what this is all about, since I have many times invited him to sit in bed next to me, and offered him to please do use my bed when I am not in it. Plus, I guess I am just human and a woman, I do crave or yearn or even expect to have some physical intimacy or closeness with the person who I adore and have developed such a deep friendship with, but Hamish is a dragon, and he craves no touching or closeness with me, rather he keeps at a respectful distance, because Draconians do not like to be touched.

So, Hamish puts his little sock puppet head that looks to be proportionally too small for his body and too small for his eyes, he lays down in the bed next to me. I had already placed myself against the wall-side of the bed so half of the bed happened to already be available for another person, even though it is a one-person bed and not even a large one-person bed, so it is not like I would have to shuffle over to the other side, I also suspect that had I not happened to already be against the wall of my bed then dragon would probably not have asked if he could lie down in my bed. Spoiler nothing sexual happened between us it was just about the hedgehog story in the children's book.

So I am sitting on my bed leaning against the pillow-side or head-end of the bed, that big old book on my lap, my legs stretched out flat, and this laptop computer on my side near the head-end, and dragon Hamish comes to lie on the other side of the bed, he does not have the full length of the bed since my computer is taking up some space on his half of the bed, so his little fire engine red sock puppet head is right there next to the box that my computer sits on, beneath that box. I can see his orange head buttons clearly, which start in pairs from above his eyes and go all the way up his head and back along his long neck. His back is toward me, he is lying on his left side, and, dragon looks focused and intently right on the pages of the children's story about the hedgehog that wanted to fly and whose friend the badger built for him a hot air balloon using the sewing machine. It was the most peculiar and curious yet delightful dragon behavior I have witnessed from Hamish. There are times that are just delightful and odd, and this was one of those times. What this all means, is beyond me.

I mean, he had chosen to lie down in bed next to me so that he could stare at the open pages of the book that was on the floor not far from the bed, about arm's length from the bed from me and him. Moments that he comes to physical proximity to me are very rare and far between. He has no incentive to be physically close to me, rather he seems to avoid coming too close out of practical reasons, he does not want to be touched by anyone, he does not want to risk getting entangled into anything, so when he does come close, I have to wonder what it is all about. About the only other exception, was when he happened to get his scales wet in my shower and after the shower he leaned the side of his body or was it head against me "to dry his scales" he said, and then there is the conquest of course, which happened only once and was delicious to say the least.

It reminds me of puppy dogs that are really eager to eat from the food bowl and are waiting for the human to say the command word that means that they can charge to the food bowl, and how the dog will stare at the food bowl and how it behaves, glaring and glancing at it, or how the dog will lean against the floor in a funny way while staring at the food bowl. Do you know what I mean? Hamish was in a way acting that same way, staring at that very fascinating story about the hedgehog, but to lie down in bed next to me, to lie on his side, to stare at the book? I hate to say that even though I am the human who understands this dragon the most I am sure, that there are elements to this delightful behavior that I just cannot understand well enough to put in words, but delightful it is, like the puppy that behaves funny while staring at the food bowl before given the command to eat. Hamish is the best, I think that sums it up.

I didn't try to touch him or anything, I didn't bother him, rather I was able to pay mostly attention to my book, after of course doing my best to suffocate my shrieking and giggling and outbursts of joy and giddiness with my hands! Sometimes Hamish does something that is so funny and cute to me, that I have to try real hard to stay quiet and to not bother him, mostly out of fear of breaking up his cute and funny behavior, than out of fear of disturbing him, because when he is acting that cute, surely he can allow me to get all giddy and to experience emotional outbursts! Sometimes it is too cute.

But before Hamish came over here to lie next to me in bed to stare at the open pages of the children's hedgehog story, Hamish was showing me mental images of him standing in that same entrance hall to a reptilian underground base, the same entrance hall I have seen many times, the one where Hamish always stands there next to a big blue plastic barrel. In the past, this blue barrel has always been filled with latrine and other biological waste products that are being brought out from the reptilian base and will later be picked up by human military or such workers, yes I wonder why Hamish then stands so close to such latrine barrels, the human sense of personal distance would put a human standing a bit further to the side, not to mention the probable smell would put a human standing as far away as possible or even to get the hell out of there, but his closeness to the latrine barrel, not to mention that he chooses to send me a lasting mental image of him standing next to it, always suggested to me that he indeed has a curiosity and fixation to that barrel or its contents, probably since I have learned from some of the times that I have been shown this scene, that the barrel contains also various pieces of organs and bits and scraps and pieces from bodies, which dragon might seem to think are possible edibles, but the barrel also contains a mixture of feces and other waste products that are definitely not edible. But you cannot blame dragon for being curious, if it also contains some possibly edible bits. He doesn't seem to dig in to eat anything from there though, is just close to it, as if being close to it gives him a sense of feeling of "pride", kind of like a cat standing next to a fallen prey.

But this time, last night, the big blue plastic barrel was instead filled with tasty treats! It contained all sorts of organs, the color scheme was mostly brown suggesting many livers, and this was fresh and by no means a latrine barrel! Turns out the military is feeding the Reptilians, I even got to speak a few telepathic sentences with these military who told me that they are feeding the Reptilians. The reason seems to be, to keep the Reptilians from going after humans for food. I said "God bless you" to the man, for feeding my dragon. I also told him that I love Hamish more than anything, the man felt at first a conflict with his own association and feelings about Reptilians and with my declaration of love for a Draconian Hamish, but he listened to me and accepted what I was telling him about my feelings for Hamish, even though he remained feeling somewhat sad about the fact that I feel so fondly of Hamish. In telepathy, the emotions are also conveyed that is how I know how he was feeling.

And you should have seen Hamish standing next to that blue barrel there in the entrance hall to the Reptilian base! It was so delightful! I have never seen Hamish so keen on anything before! I was given, possibly by Hamish himself, a lasting mental image "video" of him standing there by the barrel, his eyes became active, his mind active, to a degree more than is usual. He was invigorated. His mind was brought to life. His eyes wide open, as if woken up from a daily slumber, as if the world itself had become bright and vivid, as he looked with eyes fixated on that barrel full of snacks! And in the mental images that were coming from there, much of the time it was just a mental image of Hamish's yellow Draconian eyes with the brown vertical pupil, because the eyes took up so much of the emphasis of what was going on. Hamish was completely different in this instant. Like a snake or a hawk, like an animal staring down on its prey, as if every ounce and nuance of the entire creature that he is, from head to body to tail and toes was invested into the moment of staring down on his prey. As if his very existence both body, and mind, was fully engaged and invigorated on the purpose of staring on the edible contents of that blue barrel.

It didn't smell good or bad to me. I didn't mind the smell. It was filled with rectangles, not our triangles. About the food, I said. About, ours. - Hamish
The smells! We invested in them! - a black Reptilian hollers

I have to say, that I have never experienced Hamish so alive as I did in that moment. His mind was fully activated to its very fullest, every corner of his perception and awareness, of sight and all his other senses, all of the knowledgebase and memories, all what was in him, was fully engaged, stimulated, invigorated, and alive, as his eyes so wide open and so at its fullest in his existence, stared at the contents of that barrel. It was both wonderful, as it was a bit uncomfortable, for me to experience from him, wonderful since it was my beloved Hamish, uncomfortable since in it I did not quite recognize him, it was the usual him and not the usual him, both at the same time. But it was a beautiful moment, to get to experience through him. He was more alive than he ever was for me before. He was more alive for himself then too, he took in the experience of the sight of the food, to the full maximum of his entire essence. And because all of his mind and body and soul was fully active and alive at that moment, I also got to see Hamish more than I ever did before. I saw a new side to him, and nothing in him was this time slumbering or hidden, as it obviously is at other times. God I love this dragon.

And one last story for today. I am reading a huge book about women's gender including also an extensive study of women's sexuality. When I was reading pages about sadomasochism and sadism as it relates to the topic of women's gender and identity and sexuality, it caught the attention of what was either a black "Orion reptilian" (not to be confused with the authentic "Alpha Orions") or a Dark Lord posing as this black Reptilian (I have noted on this issue many times before, that a Dark Lord and a black "Orion reptilian" seem to be the same somehow but shapeshifting or what). The black Reptilian was intrigued by the topic of sadomasochism or pain combined with sexuality, the black Reptilian thought about a human woman dressed in a black leather top, and he thought about placing his black clawed paw on her shoulder, and he was in this daydreaming experiencing some sensations or emotions that we humans would be too quick to label as "sexual", though I know from experience with Reptilian creatures that the pleasure sensations that it has from these things are in fact not sexual meaning not based on any reproduction sexual behaviors but instead on the behavior of hunting and prey, predation and dominance.

I could, and should, write a book about the topic of Reptilian sexuality, and about the interesting encounter that can arise between a Reptilian and a Homo sapiens that is experienced as sexual and pleasing by both, which though for the human associates with reproductive sexuality, and for the Reptilian associates with the hunting and predatory behavior, but somehow the two of them can meet and join together and each play out their pleasures and it works out together. Remember that the very first time I ever met Hamish, was in fact when I was having sadomasochistic or D/s relations with a man, I also saw a black scaly Dark Lord or Reptilian then, also note that I strongly suspect that it was the Dark Lords who engineered me into meeting with this man and for these behaviors, the whole MKULTRA, mind control, Master/slave, sadistic sadomasochism part of the Dark Lord and Alien Agenda concept, which stems from the strongly rooted behavior in these alien creatures of striving toward supremacy, dominance, of torturing victims, predation, warfare, which in perhaps a Darwinian sense of evolution has proved a successful recipy for their existence and development as a species, we must assume.

In one of my The Orion Project telepathy books, I think it is in the first one "Real? Or Imaginary?", we see a chapter where Snake the Reptilian brought in the Thuban lady to play sadistic hunting games with me, in this story, Snake was getting "sexually aroused" or "turned on" by calling me "the hunted prey" and from having instructed the Thuban lady to threaten to beat me with the bat, though do keep in mind, Reptilian "sexual deliria" is by no means a sexual behavior, in that it does not involve reproductive intentions or behaviors. Instead, it is an immense pleasure that they derive from hunting and domination. But back to my life with Hamish and with books, books about hedgehogs that want to fly hot air balloons, and books about women's gender history.

Alpha Remulans. - says either an Alpha Remulan or a Dinosaur, and I see a Dinosaur in a mental image too
We don't like that kind of snacks. Because it is not made for us. - Alpha Remulan, referring to the blue barrel of snacks written about here
I am warning you! - Hamish to the Alpha Remulan, about the barrel of snacks
We don't like to be predated. - Alpha Remulan
Tiik Tiik Tiik! - Hamish, being a bit frustrated
They were not my breakfasts and lunches he said. - Alpha Remulan to me, about what Hamish had told him

Remember, that Alpha Remulans always are ready to eat!

Dragon is... eh, cute.

September 09 2016, 4:51 PM - I have various books in my home, and once I was reading in a children's story book and Hamish was very fascinated by one particular story in it which features a hedgehog that wishes that it could fly, and so its friend a badger helps it build a hot air balloon. The hedgehog packs a lunch with it and flies off and ends up flying into outer space and past the moon and lands on Mars, where he finds an echidna, similar but different, and they share foods with each other and then the hedgehog flies back home, hoping to one day see the echidnas again. Ever since I first read that story a few weeks ago, every now and then - including today - Hamish thinks about that story in the book. [Added same day: Why am I reading children's books? I am studying a new language, the so-called "third language"! Which is actually my fourth language. We have English, my native language, the other language, and third language.]

Today is Friday and weekend has started, and once I got home after a long hard week at work, I was exhausted, but since Hamish was curious about the book (and not exhausted), out of my love for Hamish I took the book out and read from the story out loud to him and showed him the pictures. His face was really close to the pages, looking, and thinking. On the first spread there is a picture of the badger sewing the balloon on a sewing machine, and Hamish said of course Yes-No about the sewing machine. He is very fascinated by the hedgehog, because of its spikes. The flying in the story and the hot air balloon also make him very curious. Also the black Reptilian came to check out the story in the book. I reminded the Reptilians that the story is only fictional. Hamish asked me if such hot air balloons really exist and if they can fly. I told him yes that those exist but that they are dangerous to fly in, they can crash and the persons in it can get killed. I also told him, that such cannot fly all the way to Mars. The Reptilians told me that there are no echidnas on Mars.

Hamish rarely shows such interest and fascination to things around me. Usually, he is fascinated by things that he fears, here in this story is a sewing machine, he fears them tremendously! He also has an overall fear of needles, so hedgehogs, and birds that build nests in cacti, makes him very agitated. I have zero fear of needles I should mention, so this is not coming from my own imagination, I even voluntarily donate blood plasma sometimes which means staying hooked up in a needle for up to an hour (the aliens and Reptilians do not want me to donate plasma, it distresses them if I do that).

There is a big laundry bag at work which gets shipped off to laundry service once every two weeks. Hamish wanted to put some of his shedded scales there for washing. I had to take a long moment to explain to him, that if he puts scales there then those would probably get lost since the laundry persons cannot even see them to put them back. I assured dragon that we can do laundry here at home any time that he wants to, I even offered to put my bedsheets on the floor so that he can - as he usually does - stuff some of his scales into the bedlinen so that those would go into the laundry with the sheets. I took a bath yesterday and the cute Reptilian Champ told me again about the rather large sheet of shedded scales that Hamish has on the edge of the bathtub, invisible in the other dimension, so it doesn't bother me. Hamish did not sprinkle any of his little scales into my bath water this time I bathed, not that I know of, though he was very close by and seemed cheerful, and he even thought about how there is not a little tortoise swimming in my bath water, which he showed me in a hypothetical mental image as if it were actually happening. He thinks a lot in pictures, and he can imagine things that are not actually taking place at the time.

So, just a reminder. I am pretty darn sure that my aliens are real, and not imaginary. There has been physical evidence, though none that I have been able to gather to share with you. There have been other witnesses so it is not just me seeing physical evidence, because if it were just me then I would not even call it physical evidence, I am not stupid I am trained in chemistry and other sciences so I know what evidence means. These aliens are real. I just wish they would show me more images of Kermit because I miss it now that they are not surprising me with those sudden images into my mind at night when I go to bed. But they are still showing me sudden mental images depicting live frogs

They are my Toast. - Hamish interrupts my writing, in my native language except that "Toast" was in English
About the live ones, I said. - Hamish adds, in English, with eyes smiling, about the frogs I wrote about of course, but probably just showing off his dominant position versus the Dinosaurs who are called frogs

Someone is cute (Hamish)

September 04 2016, 8:09 PM - Towels and rugs had been out drying on the balcony on a drying rack, and I brought in some hand towels and rugs for the toilet room and shower room floor. Dragon's eyes closed to a big warm smile, meaning that his lower eyelids close up to halfway across the eyes horisontally, and the upper eyelids close diagonally down to cover most of the eyes, so his eyes remain still slightly open. He loved the sight of the rugs and towels. I found Hamish went to the toilet room to stand on the ruggy that I had put there, and he kept leaning his big arching bulging back hump against the small hand towel that I had put hanging on a hook there. He was so cute, so happy with his eyes smiling, and leaning his back against the towel, even though he is rather too big to even fit into the toilet room. He stayed there for many minutes. This is the first time I have seen Hamish feeling out any towels, but we know how he loves rugs and bedsheets that I pile up on the floor.

The Sirian I had been talking to today told me that Hamish is not touching these rugs and towels because he enjoys them, but because I have his eggs and he is showing me that the eggs are his. So I was quite surprised to learn that, quite the unexpected interpretation - but probably true - of Hamish's behavior. I made notes of a conversation with this Sirian that will go into some future book. This Sirian is very scornful and contemptful toward my Hamish, so I had to tell the Sirian off. The Sirian had told Hamish to look at a cactus, Hamish is afraid of cacti because of the needles. I had to spend a long time assuring Hamish in great detail how I was going to take scissors and cut the needles of the cactus off and chop the cactus into pieces and cover them with dirt or put a box over the cactus.

The Sirian was very disappointed with me that I am giving eggs to the Agenda, and we almost got into a lively argument the Sirian and me, well because Sirians can be damned stubborn and opinionated people, and me I would defend Hamish to the end of days beyond heaven and hell and beyond and over and back again. I don't care what Hamish does or what he has done, I have found a tremendous love toward this creature and Hamish is innocent and flawless and perfect in my eyes and heart, I would fearlessly defend him with my life, with anything I have got. You can read the conversation that almost turned into an argument, once I publish it in the future.

Hamish told me about his shedded scales that he has finished drying, so me and Hamish talked about his shedded scales for a bit. It means a lot to him, and also he spends quite a bit of time tending to his scales, so I listen to him. He told me of course that those scales were "not for the eggs", meaning not for me, so I assured him that I was not going to take them. But sometimes, as we know, Hamish puts a shedded piece on my body, when he feels that the occassion calls for a very special gesture. Sometimes he sticks individual pieces into the palm of my hand, or places one of his largest and proudest pieces down on my bare belly.

Today I literally yelled in the telepathy to the Reticulans asking them if Hamish has had anything to eat. They said yes. Then I yelled in the telepathy asking them what he ate, and if he has eaten enough. The yelling is because I am frustrated at the Reticulans for not letting me stay conscious during abductions. Well, I hope to at least get a mental image of Kermit the frog from them, that is the least those bastards can do for me. Good night.

Probably nothing, but legends say...

September 03 2016, 10:26 PM - A helicopter is flying right above my house and it is very loud and is reverberating all through my apartment and especially loud in the hallway out by the main staircase. It feels as if it has been going on now for 10-15 minutes uninterrupted already, though since the passage of time can be a subjective experience, I am now counting the time formally since 10:26 PM and we will see for how much longer it will be going on. It just started a while ago. I have lived in this apartment for a year and a half now and never experienced a helicopter as much as flying by.

I went outside to take a look. It is night dark outside and a nice warm evening. I walked along the path to the back of the house to see the helicopter. It blinks with one red and one green light. It is not low enough for me to see the actual helicopter, also I just assume it is a helicopter because of the sound and the slow way that it is moving plus that it can change direction easily whereas an airplane cannot. And just as it sounded like from the indoors, it is close to my house. It seems to be circling around the house and is not standing still. I didn't see it the whole time while I was outdoors, since there are large trees that were blocking my view. I made a video of it. It is now 10:31 PM and I still hear it but a little bit further away since the volume is a bit lower.

If someone is out for a leisurely helicopter ride, then why at night when they cannot see anything for the dark? They are not using headlights or searchlights to see anything, so I assume that the only attraction for flying a helicopter in the dark of night would be to enjoy some city lights scenery, but I am on the very outskirts of the city right at the border to the forest with nothing to see at night. I still hear it flying over there, at 10:32 PM. Plus if they were out for a leisurely flight then why circle around my house specifically around and around? Where's the fun in that?

Of course I have no reason to assume any connection between this and to anything relevant to my Orion Project (i.e. aliens) but we all know that legends say, that those who experience contact with aliens and especially those who write about it can get a visit paid by things like these. I hate that I am bringing in something that is probably just completely irrelevant to my Orion Project story, but just in case it ain't, then here it is, documented. Like when I documented the appearance of the mystical man who said "What are they called, Men in Black, right?", at my work! see here the story Ok it went quiet now, at 10:35 PM, so I know for sure that it flew above and around my house for at least some 15 minutes since the video I made is about 5 minutes long plus these 10 minutes, then it already flew before I went out so it's a bit more than that. No, I still hear it it is coming back.

I'm not a superstitious character so this story really does not belong in my Orion Project, but just in case it holds any relevance, say if these sort of things start happening more often, then in that future case I would be happy that I wrote this down. Otherwise, put it in the trashcan, because I have written about actual alien encounter stories here which actually matter.

Now it comes closer to the house again, I can hear it outside getting louder and louder. It doesn't really have that typical sound of a helicopter, yet from its movements it must be one. Could it be a small airplane instead? But aren't small airplanes harder to steer in circles around a house? 10:40 PM so it is still around, and counting.

It is 10:53 PM and it is still out there, so at least 30-40 minutes flying over our area. I just thought of something, for leisurely helicopter rides it is probably forbidden to fly over residential areas at night after 10 PM. Most residential buildings have a time limit from 10 PM to 6 AM that needs to be quiet not to disturb the night rest of residents, we are not even allowed to put glass recycling into the community bins during these hours because of the noise.

10:56 PM the sound is gone, it might still be out there but I am not going to go to the window to lean out to have a listen, I want to get back to my 728-page book about the history of women's rights. I did make a video but I decided not to publish it, since this is probably nothing, even if legends do say...

I am to be referred to as My Excellence. - Dark Lord or black Orion lizard

And that's something worthy of logging into this documentary. The fact that the Dark Lord or was it an Orion lizard is to be referred to as My Excellence. By the way the mystery remains, how come a Dark Lord and a black Orion lizard (not to be confused with the Alpha Orions) seem to be interchangeable.

Olav ruins ice-cream
More about the dark green Dragon
Kermit and Reticulans

September 03 2016, 9:09 PM - I have seen some more glimpses of the visiting Draconian, see what I wrote in the previous entry below. It seems, that he belongs to the human man whom I was also seeing glimpses of, that man that I sense is from the United States. This man keeps thinking about his life, how he is from the suburbs of an industrial city where he and his family always worked in some industry and how when he took on this job, meaning whatever dealings he now has with the aliens on official business, was to be an upgrade from that alternative that was a more boring and ordinary job. It seems that this dark green Reptilian is his Reptile, so I told the man telepathically about Hamish, that Hamish is mine and that Hamish is red and has a hump back and goosebumps. I did not mention Hamish's head buttons, since I'm finding out that Hamish is rather selective about when and to whom he shows those buttons, because it is not something that Hamish takes lightly, because it is more or less like a last resort weapon to show dominance, and on a normal ordinary basis Hamish is not in the mood to act that much assertive about his prominent dominant position, whereas his back hump will suffice just fine.

[Added same day: I asked this US man if he has a name for his Draconian, this dark green one? He said that he calls him Champ, and when he said that I had a feeling that he has had his Champ in his life since he was a boy, that he named him that as a boy already! So now we have a name to use for our beloved dark green Draconian, we could, should, also call him Champ, so long as that precious Dragon doesn't object to it of course.]

I forgot to mention about the visiting dark green Draconian, that he had also told me today that the "Locusts" are "helping them", meaning are helping the Draconians. With what, I do not know, but it seems nice and friendly, and I said nice things to the Draconian about that. I also forgot to mention earlier that one of the first things the Reptilians last night or this one this morning said to me when they entered my bedroom was to comment on the mess I had here. Sure, there is a large totebag full of clothes on the floor, simply because my clothes rack is not large enough for all of them and I need to sort through them to get rid of some of them, there were two large empty plastic water bottles on the floor which I threw into the recycling today, some small stacks of notebooks and papers, a bag of roasted peanuts in the shell since I am a vegan yes that is on the floor I don't have tables in my room. But it isn't that bad, just that Draconians are very neat and tidy, they notice every detail and they will tell you if there is trash in the trashcan or dirty plates or anything else that is not in its place. I love that about them. It is so contradictory to what we expect of these creatures.

I was eating a wonderful vegan ice-cream on a stick by licking on it and I was really enjoying it while reading in my 728-page book about the history of women's rights and listening to Vivaldi on the computer, when a mental image of Russian Corporal Olav Vetti appeared and he was really checking out what I was doing and finding it interesting I won't say more. So he totally ruined ice-cream for me. Next time I will need to mash the ice-cream stick into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. Olav ruins everything, I don't like this arrogant man and we really did not get off to a good start in our very first encounter years ago. But the aliens have chosen this dude as breeding material paired up with me, so whatever, why don't they let me choose. By the way was I ever explicit enough to tell you guys that you know Jack who says he "is with the NASA team" is one of all of the United States guys who actually chose me out of the lineup of abductee women and he has stayed faithful in his affections toward me over all these years? Jack and me have some interesting alien hybrid children together. Me and Olav seem to have children that are human or at least mostly human, gorgeous boys, shy and really well-behaved with long shiny dark brown hair, I do not like Olav at all but I really got to say I adore my boys with Olav so much! I also have children with others there but that is another story and not for now.

It is 9 PM and I am already seeing some mental glimpses depicting Reticulans, remember that Reticulans means it is either the Zeta ones or the Alpha ones, both are similar but different. And they sent me a mental image a while ago depicting Kermit the frog puppet, and I closed my eyes tight shut and shrieked "Keermiit!" in the telepathic realm, then I got to see a mental image depicting a Dinosaur alien. It is all fun. Except for Olav, who ruined ice-cream. If anyone didn't get it, Olav saw it as a metaphor for oral sex. I don't want my readers to not have a clue, although one day in the future I am going to go through this entire website and censor all of the adult bits.

I am beginnig to like you. - Olav
Yeah right, you never liked me. - me
Yeah, but I am beginning to. - Olav
We have told him to not let you eat any sugar. And! Show you this, my back hump! - Hamish about the ice-cream, then about his back

You are not a prostitute here, but we wanted to wander you. - Champ the dark green Draconian of the US guy, he said a word in my native language which I translated as "wander", it could also translate as "trek", "roam", or "migrate"

Click on the drawing to see a closeup image of the Draconian, and check out its cute face!

Visiting Draconian, he is magnificent

September 03 2016, 1:36 PM - Aha! Draconians paid me a visit last night after I wrote the previous segment below about wanting to meet with the Reptilians. As I went to bed, I saw one or two new Draconians walking in the other dimension into my room. The mental images of them were of a different nature and clearer than usual, it was fantastic. We chatted a bit together but I forget what we said.

This morning when I woke up, a gorgeous dark green Reptilian who stands upright was in my bedroom. I saw him clearer than what is usual when a Reptilian visits. He was in the other dimension. He was tall and large and his arms and body was muscular. He wore no clothes and he had a tail. On his head was one low "crest" and maybe also two other smaller crests on the sides of the center one. He did not have any head buttons, and of course no back hump.

He has the most interesting and beautiful face. There is a very clearly marked nose ridge in that there are two enforced as if cartilagenous vertical ridges on the center of the face, with some indentation next to it, see a closeup of the drawing. His face looks a bit like the face of a pugdog.

He stayed here with me for a few hours in the morning. We chatted together telepathically. He remained calm and cautious but by no means shy. I requested him that he lifts me up in bed! Because I know that Draconians can lift me up. I don't think that he had any prior intentions of lifting me up, but when I so kindly asked him to lift me up, it did not take many seconds until he maneuvered me in bed. He did not lift me up, but he turned my body onto my other side and then to the other side again, and like when other Draconians move me in bed, he was very strong yet agile in the way that he does it, and of course the movements are such that I could not have caused to myself by simply imagining it or expecting it. I was very happy, there is nothing so much fun as being turned around from one side to the other or hoisted up in bed by a Draconian Reptile!

At another time, as a reaction to something I had said, he pulled my body in bed right to the edge of the bed so that I was looking out toward the floor, and so that he was looking at me there next to me, so that he was seeing me closely. It was fun, and we stayed that way, close, looking at each other, me lying on the side of my body as he had put me, us not speaking, just a pair of human eyes looking into a pair of Draconian eyes. Of course he was showing some power by doing that, this time. But just a little bit.

I know after five years of living with Hamish and other visiting Reptilians, how to deal with Reptilans well. I know how to act with them and how to talk with them so that our interaction really works. And so I honored the Draconian. I also told him "welcome" right at the beginning. And he, like all Draconian, was concerned about his smell, though there was only one moment when I actually perceived his smell, and that was when a gust of his scent passed through the room, it smelled decisively like manure, however surprisingly the smell was not the usual sulphuric smell that Draconians tend to have. I assured him many times that his smell is natural to the Draconians, that I have smelled Draconians before, and that it is ok, but they remain self-conscious, probably other humans have been really cruel to them because of their smell. He is right now here right against me, putting his hand against the side of my throat, unless that is a Dark Lord, I cannot tell.

Me and the dark green Reptilian communicated with emotions and the use of eyelids. I can of course not close my upper eyelids diagonally across the eye, or choose to close my lower eyelids only upwards, so what I always do is I use my index finger to put the eyelids that way, that is how I can smile or laugh to Draconians, or show my liking or kindness or humility to them, and they understand the gesture. There were a few times when the dark green Reptilian also smiled to me with his eyes. Of course I also said a few times that he is cute and that I love him. I quickly grow very fond of Draconians. This one though in the very beginning I was a bit shocked to see him and a little bit uncomfortable, but deep down in me I have a genuine fondness and appreciation of Draconians.

I couldn't stay in bed for long because I had to get up and pee so I told him that I was going to go do that. I wasn't wearing any top when I had gone to bed just the lower part of my pajamas so I was barebreasted when I got out of bed. Some part of me thinks that oh I'm part naked and there's someone in my room, but then I decide that it's just Reptilians they are more like an animal in that respect, so I didn't worry, I just wrapped a towel around me because I was going to grab a shower after the bathroom. I told the Dragon that I was going to go have a shower and that he could come into the shower room with me if he wants, no I wasn't inviting him into the shower, just to be in the room with me if he wants to talk. I didn't care that I was naked and he could see me, after all Hamish has seen me naked for all these years and it's never been an issue.

It's a bit strange or a new situation to be talking to someone who is a person, yet it isn't a human person so some things don't apply. When the dragon saw me naked he commented that I don't have - and he showed me a mental image which indicated to the human male penis specifically the end part of it. I told him no and that it is because I am a female. Maybe he has only seen naked human men before but not seen any naked human women before.

Some of the other things we talked about during his visit. I had a fresh fig fruit on my shelf and he commented on that it has a smell, he was able to convey to me telepathically how he experiences the smell of the fig. Me on the other hand I do not pick up any kind of smell from a fig, so I told him that I cannot smell it at all. I also told him that it is a (using Hamish's term) snacks. He also commented on the strong smell coming from the many pairs of shoes outside of my bedroom door in the hallway. Again, I cannot detect any smell coming from those shoes. I told the Draconian that my sense of smell is very weak and that his is strong. He went to stand in the closet room and he asked me if anyone is going to go in there because he wanted to be undisturbed. I told him that I won't go in there but that there are two other people living here that might need something from in there. It is typical that visiting Draconians, and sometimes also Hamish, go to stand in the closet room, from where they feel better to spy on things that are happening here and to listen on things, they like it there being dark and out of the way.

When I went to have the shower and just as I was about to lift my feet over the bathtub edge, the visiting Draconian told me about the shedded scales that was sitting there on the bathtub edge, it was from Hamish of course, Hamish had placed it there, and through the visiting Dragon's eyes I got to see it, it was a medium sized piece. Hamish then said something about that piece too while I showered. I asked Hamish if he wanted me to wash it while I was showering, he didn't say. When I got back to my bedroom the visiting Dragon also saw individual shedded bits, one neatly placed on each of the shelves in my bedroom bookshelf, that Hamish had placed there that I also had no idea about other than that I know that Hamish has asked for one of the lower shelves to be his own so that he could put his scales there.

And right now you are wondering if Hamish and the Dragon were fighting or how they responded to each other? Hamish was a bit agitated that there was a visitor in our house, but I told Hamish that this dragon was my friend and that I had welcomed him here, I also assured both of them that the eggs are Hamish's. Hamish of course let the visitor see his back hump and the head buttons. As far as I know, these two reptilians did not fight.

I was shown a mental image of the entrance hall that leads into a vast underground alien base here on Earth. Reptilians there were well aware that I have wanted to visit them in their base. So these visitors last night and this one this morning, had come as a response to my incessant wishes of meeting with the Reptilians. But then it got a little bit carried away. There was a United States man who was overseeing a bit and this man told me telepathically from afar that these Reptilians are dangerous, he said that I would probably die if I went into the Reptilian base. I said to him that they won't kill me because I have the eggs, but then I wasn't too sure about that statement either. I was told by Reptilians that if I go into their base I would have to wear a cap and they showed me a mental image of a yellow hardhat that one wears in mines, I said I don't mind that if I have to. Then some Reptilians got carried away telling me about how they like to torment creatures and drink blood and all, so that is when I said goodbye to the Reptilians and I said that I don't want to meet with them anymore. It just got silly and creepy so I decided to let that go.

We don't have a name for the visiting Reptile, I asked him a few times and he didn't tell me a name, nor have I named him anything, since, well we know that I am not that good at naming Reptilians. Last time I tried, I named a little red one Strawberry. So let me not insult this magnificent gorgeous Draconian by trying to give him a name. Besides, Draconians are really good at figuring out names for themselves! We have Hamish, Elmer, Arek, Azul, Brutus, and many others.

The Draconian said something such as that he is not going to drink my juice, referring to when a Draconian engages with the energy of a human to extract an orgasmic sensation not kidding. This being a new Draconian, I wondered if he would. Each new Draconian tends to wrestle with me it is like an initiation rite to get to know each other. In it, a Draconian jumps over me and tests my strengths, I am supposed to fight back to show them what I've got but I always choose to just enjoy the experience. Not to mention it comes with pleasurable sensations more than 1,000 times more pleasurable than anything from human sex, these sensations are not centered on my reproductive parts but happen in many parts of the body mainly along the spine and in the head, and the Draconian is enjoying these feelings too. But these "conquests" as I call it only last for a few precious seconds, and after a Draconian has done it once, he never will again. When I was referring to this Dragon as "my Honored", the black Reptilian who is probably the Orion reptilian (not to be mistaken with the "Orions"), said that I was not to honor this Draconian because this one had "not shown me the power yet", which probably referred to the conquest. Also when I had asked the Dragon to lift me up and he had moved me around in bed, ahh so nice, the other Reptilians referred to this his behavior as having "shown power" to me. I just think it is fun.

Leviathan, Abductions, and Hamish

September 02 2016, 11:57 PM - Today I nagged some more at the aliens to let me have a meeting with Reptilians and with Hamish. I asked to speak to the highest person in charge, and therefore I saw mental images of a black reptile. Sometimes I thought it was a Dark Lord, and sometimes it looked to be the black Orion lizard that has a cute small head. This black scaled reptile however told me that it is "Serpent" and that it is "Leviathan". And, it did not allow me to meet the Reptilians.

I was shown more images of Kermit last night if I remember correctly. No conscious alien abductions though, so I am starting to get frustrated that they say they are taking my eggs and I am being shown images of the hybrids that result from it, yet why can I not be allowed to stay awake for the procedures, while I am there already as it is? That is so frustrating, when I am so very eager to meet with them. I find it unfair and also cruel. I have even offered the aliens that I could help with work assignments and I have assured them that I would be on best behavior and that I am not afraid to see any of them.

Today I didn't notice Hamish all day, perhaps since I was also reading a book for many hours. But then, in the evening, I heard "Tok Tok", and my heart just jumped out of joy. I asked him where he is so that I can go to him, because Tok Tok means "come here to me". And this evening I told him that I miss him and he responded with a wonderful click sound. So I was happy again.

The latest Gossip

September 01 2016, 8:59 PM - The aliens still show me mental images of Kermit the frog puppet in the evenings, they do this all of a sudden and it makes me happy and cheerful of course! I think it's rather cute and charming. A Sirian today wanted to talk to me about the Dinosaurs, he said that these are "criminals". And since yesterday or so, I am nagging at the aliens that I want to move in to live with Draconians. Now and then a Draconian gets upset at me for asking for that, even Hamish has carefully told me "Yes-No" about it. I tell the aliens that I want to live with the Draconians, that I would prepare their meals in the kitchen and wash the Draconians and tuck them into bed at night. Of course I am being silly and there is a lot of humor in that, but there is also the sincere wish to meet them up close for a longer time, especially Hamish. And I'm thinking of getting for Hamish a nice armchair or a small sofa chair for my bedroom. He keeps talking about how he wishes that he had a nice sofa to sit in. I love this Dragon more than anything.