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June 01 2016 - July 13 2016

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Hamish in my life - stories

July 13 2016, 7:17 PM - I have many Hamish stories for you from the past few days.

Hamish is sitting on the bench at my work
The other day while I was at work, as I walked out through the main entrance and into the courtyard, as my eyes sweapt past the waiting area bench, I could have sworn that I saw a little bald man sitting there! I was walking quickly past the waiting area as I do every day, and as my eyes sweapt past the bench quickly as I do every day and a second later as I've reached the door to open the door to go out, my mind had that one second of time to process what I just saw. A little bald man sitting there in a slumped body posture. It was Hamish! I just saw my Hamish with my own eyes!

I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times in all these fives years of The Orion Project that I have seen one of the aliens with my eyes. Most of the time when I see the aliens, I am not seeing them with my eyes, but the image of them is received or produced in my brain instead, and those images are also not projected or experienced in the otherwise visual world around me, but like an extra layer that I see in my mind. But this what I am talking about, is that I saw the localized image of Hamish sitting there! First my brain interpreted it, since I had seen it with my eyes, that it was a strange little bald man sitting there on the bench slumped. But then I realized after about a second or two that it was no man it was Hamish!

It is clear from how he sits and what he looks like, that he does not have a skeleton, that is why he can look so slumped like a ragdoll. He does not sit with a straight back. He has a cute bald head and he is red and he has a back hump turtle cushion and a tail. He is so cute. So I saw Hamish with my eyes, of course, what I saw was not physically solid, but I received the image from my eyes, which is different from the other times when the image is processed or received in my mind and not taken in with the eyes nor localized in the world I see around me.

Philosophical question
More Hamish stories. The other night I was eating a banana pastry that I make out of dough and bananas and put in the oven, Hamish gave me a philosophical question. He asks me, how does this thing that I am eating, actually fit to come out of my butthole, because it is much bigger than that, I forget what words he used how he expressed it, but that was the philosophical question, and you have to admit that it is a good question. So I sat down on the bed and decided to tell Hamish about how food is broken down into a mush. I told him to come watch as I bite off a piece of the pastry rather than putting the whole thing into my mouth at once. I then asked him to watch me as I chew, I told him that the chewing makes the food in my mouth break down and turn into a mush like a porridge. I said that then in the stomach when I swallow it, it digests and turns into a liquid mush. So that is how.

You see, even up until now, even after this explanation that I gave him, Hamish thinks that what I eat is swallowed whole and intact. For instance when he sees me pop a whole little cherry tomato into my mouth, I catch him thinking about how there is that whole round intact cherry tomato in my stomach. I have caught him thinking the same about other foods I eat. For instance he thinks that when I eat shrimp they are still alive and can see and think and that they are intact locked up in my stomach and gut. He also thinks that the eyes from lobster shell after I eat lobster once I put the eyes and shell and trimmings into the trashbin he thinks that the lobster can there still see. I explain to Dragon that the food I eat is chewed and digested and is not intact, and of course I've explained to him that for instance the lobster cannot see if its eyes are in the trashcan like that.

You can see how Hamish's logic works. He sees and he makes his observations. Other examples of his logic and way of thinking include, that the chunky part of the pipes that lead water from a bathroom sink, he thinks that the water and especially the spit that I spit into the washbasin that it all just collects there. Well because he sees it going in there, so... And he also made a second comment about that the tampon I wear is stretching out my vagina (second comment since he said this already like a day before this), and again I told him that no it is too small to stretch anything out. He sure is a keen observer of things, and dragon is very logical and I love him. Don't you see how I love living with this Dragon?

Hamish is 2,30 meters tall!
The other night when I had crawled into bed for the night, the Zetas told me that Hamish is 2,30 meters tall, that is two meters and thirty centimeters. I am almost 170 centimeters tall, so Hamish is 230 centimeters tall, half a meter taller than me, that sounds about right. I asked the Zeta whether that was his height when he is standing up tall or when he has his natural slumped body posture, but the Zeta would not say. But at least we have a number.

The Bird Race created the Dragon Turtles
The other night Hamish talked to me about how there was a race (species) that has feathers and how these created Hamish's race. We have heard this before as well. I told Hamish that I am grateful that they created his race. I have taken up the habit of telling him, not only the usual that I love him, but that I am proud of him and his race. "I am proud of you Hamish", I tell him every day now. Because Hamish has told me now and then that he is proud of his back or proud of his race, so that is one way that I can give him my love and affection in a way that he receives it, because I am not so sure how much of "I love you Hamish" that he can actually understand?

What is behind Hamish's back?
And the other night when I was in bed waiting to fall asleep, Hamish asks me a question. (And I will kick myself for not writing it down word by word, I thought I was going to be able to remember but of course I was too sleepy to.) It goes something like this: Hamish asks me: "Do you know what is behind my back?", him meaning his back hump cushion of course. And so I said something like this: "No, Hamish, what is behind your back?" And Hamish says: "More back!". I swear it was one of the top five moments with Hamish since Hamish was in my life, one of the alltime most delightful funs that I have had from that dragon's thoughts and words. Basically he asks me if I know what there is at the back behind his back hump, and he means that there is more back there, more of that back hump. I swear it was so funny when he said it! I wish I had it word by word!

Hamish loves 'em sheets!
And today I put a lot of laundry in piles on the floor separating them for every washloads, it ended up being two or three big piles of sheets. Hamish of course goes to the big pile of white sheets on the floor and starts stomping his feet there up and down, up and down, while his lower and upper eyelids are partially closing because he is feeling comfortable and happy and pleased, while treading with his feet slowly up and down, up and down. And it looks especially awesome cause Hamish has got those big flat red duck feet, so it looks like a bird fixing a nest! And when I inevitably had to put those sheets into the machine, Hamish tells me that he has a "piece" in there in the washing machine, and he says something about how that piece is for the eggs or with the eggs meaning with me or so. He has a piece of shedded scales in there in the washing machine with the sheets, but that is also not a first!

Only one palate click!
Today as I saw Hamish in the waiting area I did a palate click about three times in a row to him (but mostly quietly telepathically, I am discrete about my dragon contact, no one would know a thing), he tells me that I am allowed to make only one palate click. He tends to get irritated when I make for him one palate click after another and another, this is not the first time that he tells me to make just only one palate click, and he tells me that one is good enough. He knows already after the first one that I am telling him what a palate click means, so giving him one palate click after another is basically just like nagging to him!

Crabs fingers
One thing you maybe didn't know is that in the past months Hamish tends to make scissors with his fingers mimicking red crabs. He did that today, and he tends to then say something like "crabs". Sometimes I do that then with my fingers too, and I tell him back again "crabs", and I tell him "crabs are Hamish's little children, no one is allowed to take any crabs, crabs are not food, crabs are Hamish's babies, I will go and take the crabs and put them in the water and give them snacks to eat!". We actually have this or a similar conversation almost every day, about crustaceans. Hamish is very fond of crustaceans, shrimp and crabs and lobsters. It bothers him that these are being caught and eaten. He thinks that his ancestors were a crustacean that lived in the water. Hamish has actually over the years shown me mental images of that ancestor crustacean, it had the orange blunt buttons and a type of back shield, but it was a completely flat creature, its eyes are on the top so that it is looking upward toward the surface of the water, it lived in very shallow water just under the surface, and was rather large, and it was also fire engine red with orange details.

Love my Turtle
And going home from work the other day, Dragon thinks about biting into my ankles because he wanted me to stop walking too fast. He comes with me to work, and he waits and sits on the bench in the waiting area, by no means a comfy sofa and I feel so bad for him! My heart aches that I cannot provide for him a better life! I would do anything for dragon, he is the love of my life. Today he was being mindful that there are no glass shards on the floor of the waiting area at my work, he is mindful of his feet especially since he walks barefoot. I told him that there are no glass shards there, and that if there were I would pick them up - and I showed him what that would look like in a mental image, and I put my hand underneath the sole of his foot in that mental image to show him that I would be protecting his feet with my own hands.

I love this Turtle so much. I ate yoghurt today and I told the aliens that I am eating yoghurt.

Tampons! Tampons!
And dragon pinched my toe

July 10 2016, 10:12 PM - I am on my period. I was wondering why Hamish wasn't noticing or saying anything about it. But later today in the evening when I was on the toilet peeing Hamish was thinking of the red blood and fixated on the red color and he said ahem that a tampon stretches out my vagina, I told him that no it doesn't because the tampon is small and I said to him that by the way I am not wearing a tampon right now. So he asked me where are they, meaning the used tampons, and he looked to the washbasin because he knows that I put them in paper and put on the washbasin for a moment when I am changing them before I throw it in the trash. So I told dragon that the used tampons are trash and that I throw them away. I think he also said that it was "his", I think he was referring to the blood. [added same day: ie. there was no used tampon on the washbasin this time, because I had not worn one, but earlier today I changed twice but after that I have not had one in the evening]

I went to lay on the bed to read some books. I notice dragon staring at me focusedly from the bed end, so we look at each other and make eye contact. He then walks over to his ruggety snugs that is close to me on one of the side ends of the bed and then Hamish does the most unexpected thing that he has never done before. He pinches me on the big toe with his fingers. I had bare feet that were exposed with also no cover on them. He then talked about the eggs being his and about his rug being his. I asked him is it your eggs? And I said that it is Hamish's rug. I also told him that I love him, that I am very fond of him, and that I will always be friendly to him. He might be rummaging through the trash for those used tampons at night. I am going to bed.

An Interesting Picture

July 10 2016, 11:21 AM - Crocodile transformation from the book Codex Seraphinianus:

I was not ashamed of that, you said. I wanted to know more about it. - Hamish
What does it do there, with that. I wanted to know, I said! What does it do, Tik Tik Tok? - Hamish, "it" "with that" means the crocodile, with the naked woman's pelvic region presumably referring to the eggs and/ womb, Hamish then loses his patience and temper because I do not answer right away, "what does it do" means what is the crocodile doing
Hamish. It is just an artistic picture. It doesn't really do anything. With art, the artist who made the drawing doesn't really tell us what his picture means. We who are looking at the picture, are invited to see it and to make up our own interpretations on our own, to tell ourselves and answer the question of what it means. That is why humans like to look at various art that does not have an obvious answer, because it stimulates us to think. What do you think, this picture means? - me
I said, it wanted the eggs. - Hamish about the crocodile
To me, when I look at the picture, to me it says that humans having sex is something primitive and animalistic. Human scientists say that the human brain evolved with time from reptile brains, so here the sexual act reduces to something primitive of the reptile brain, that sexuality and reproduction is an ancient physiological behavior that dates back to when our prehistoric ancestors were reptilian. To me, it is a scientific rendering of the human, showing that the sexual act in humans stems back to times past when human prehistoric ancestors were reptilians. To me, it takes away the mammal and human aspect and appreciation of the sexual act away, and here reduces it to merely a primitive instinct, the act of having sex. It strips away many of the things that we humans enjoy and appreciate, on a higher mammalian level about the sexual act, and reduces the sexual act to being merely a reptilian primitive animal behavior. And so, it is an interesting picture. That is what it means to me, when I look at the picture. That is what I see, and how I interpret it. - me
I wanted to feel the lust, it said. About that damn crocodile! I wanted to mate with that woman? - a Dark Lord interprets the picture [narrating the crocodile with "I wanted to mate with that woman"]
But the two humans having sex, both merge together to become the crocodile, so if the two humans having sex are - presumably - a man and a woman, then the woman is not there more so than the man is, and so it doesn't quite work to extract the woman from the situation, as then where is the man? Or was the man having sex with the woman, he was a crocodile all along, and he merged with the body of the woman while transforming back into the crocodile again? Or how do you interpret that picture? - me
I wanted to take you to the Central Sun. Then you will see us there. - a Crocodilian ET
Hello. - me to the Crocodilian
We don't usually copulate with the woman. And that man, he doesn't need to be there. - Crocodilian, man to be there meaning in the picture he does not belong and could be taken out
We wanted to feel the lust! - Dark Lord

Ok so just a picture I stumbled upon, and found it interesting and noteworthy to add into my Orion Project scrapbook here, and some comments from me and Hamish and a Dark Lord and Crocodilian on the meaning of that picture. What do you think it means?

My eggs, it said. - Hamish about the crocodile in the picture, referring to the eggs of that woman in the picture, "my" and "it said" in my native language
It stimulates us to think, about the crocodiles, she said. - Dark Lord talking
I wouldn't wear that shirt, if I were you, if you wanted to do that. - Hamish talks to me, meaning that the shirt I am wearing (actually a dress) I could take off if I were contemplating (which I am not) on getting naked like on that picture to recreate the copulation act with a crocodile

AHEM AHEM. Let's not forget that at least on one occasion I have had actual physical copulation, sex, with a Crocodile Man. I have described that experience elsewhere in my notes. There is by the way a still unpublished writing detailing when a Dark Lord had sex with me, it will show up in a future telepathy book. There is still tons of unpublished material, that I need to translate and to edit into books, a highly time consuming endeavour.

We don't want to tell you, about our grandfather race. - Dark Lord or almost a Black Reptilian
They don't smell right, the eggs. - Hamish
Why have you, "stumbled" upon it? - Dark Lord asks me, about the crocodile picture
Why? - me
Yes, why? And why is that woman naked in it with it? - Hamish
Like I said. It is a picture left to be interpreted by the onlooker. I am sure that the artist who made the picture was not familiar with Reptilians or Crocodile Men from outer space. - me

And here is the musky scent of a Crocodile Man. It smells like man's cologne, very pleasant, very potent meaning strong scent. Crocodile Men always smell strongly of cologne, possibly their own natural scent, or otherwise that they actually put on cologne.


July 8 2016, 2:53 PM - The other night, I woke up some after 3 AM in the night and soon after, the Zetas were showing me mental images of themselves. I especially noticed their feet. Now I've seen this before too, but the Zetas have two big chubby toes on each foot, it looks almost exactly like camel feet.

these are camel feet, similar to Zeta feet

I got such good and excellent mental images of the Zetas then, that I promised to eat some yoghurt as a thanks. No conscious abduction came out of that.

Now, last night, was really interesting. I think it was last night, that started with when I lay down to bed to sleep, and I am thrown a mental image of what is the picture of Kermit the frog puppet that was on some sheet, maybe on a bag of some sort, some object that the aliens must have seen somewhere. It was so cute and funny, of course I was happy to see it! It is funny, that I am a 33-year old woman, and the Zetas know that they can make me happy by a picture of Kermit. Kermit also means that the Dinosaurs are coming. The Zetas tried to use images of Disney characters to cheer me up, but I don't like that. So they stick with Kermit the frog. It is really funny! I guess I am besides the point here. This is alien contact, and I am getting lost in the Kermit thing. But that's what the Zetas want. They want to be able to show me a fun image of Kermit so that I am happy.

We try to keep you sedated. And that is why you do not know. - Zeta to me, about why I am not aware during abductions
Sedated, not because of the frogs. - Hamish adds
Deb Deb Deb. - says a Dinosaur now

Then I got to see mental images of Hamish. Now, these images were so clear, that I could see his scales clearly. Normally I don't have that detailed pictures of Hamish. His scales are, like I have reported earlier also, not flat scales nor sheet scales. They are like densely packed thick

We are getting some grubs, so Deb Deb Deb. - Dinosaur

Like densely packed thick fire engine red needles or spikes. Almost like a hedgehog all across, but not sharp spikes. And

Yes-No. I was not like hedgehogs! - Hamish
You were like, Turtles. Like Dragon Turtles. - me
Yes-No, like densely packed, my scales. - Hamish says, while holding the end of his limp tail in his hands
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language, his eyes are smiling, he is looking so friendly

When Hamish moves, or even shifts a little, there appears a motion across his scales, the scales shift as if a wave of motion goes across them, it is beautiful to watch. And Zetas gave me mental images that were crisp clear, of their medical rooms. The lighting in the room was so gorgeous, so bright yet soft the light, quite unlike any lighting that humans have. The lighting does not seem to be generating any heat, like human lightbulbs do. It is like a cold or non-heat-emitting blue light. It also looked to be so perfectly clean there in that room. The colors were white, turquoise, and blue, and materials used for walls and things were some sort of synthetic, but I would guess that it is not made out of plastic or oil-based or carbon-based synthetics, it feels like it could be silicon-based synthetics.

Last night the aliens showed me that there was a naked human man in the alien place over there. Meanwhile I was still here in my room. The man was blonde with a very short haircut, he looked to be in his late 30's. The aliens were going to let this man have sex with me when I am there. I'm sorry but I don't want to go over the details, it makes me nauseous. Well I guess I have to. He was talking about what implied that he could see me naked and he said things to me telepathically that implies that he was interested. That is all there is to it, I don't remember anything.

At some point in last night's alien visitations, Hamish pulled my arms firmly to the sides, like the aliens do when they prop me up for an abduction, when I am on the bed and on my back. He also pulled my legs apart I seem to recall. He wanted to yank my body up so that I would be sitting up on the bed, I felt him strongly nudging at my body at least three times to pull me up, but I resisted the being pulled up to sitting because I was too tired to want to bother to lay myself back down again if I were to let that happen. But I was happy to have Hamish my Sock Turtle pushing at me! It made me shriek to see him I was so happy and I love my Hamish! I was almost cheering because when Hamish was pushing and propping me around! I love this dragon.

The Zetas talk about how they need my eggs. And the other day they said that they want me to drink milk because it is the only food that is suitable to be fed to the hybrid children which have undeveloped stomachs. You see, Zetas don't have a stomach as far as I know, and we humans have, so when you mix the genetics of both species, you can expect to end up with mixtures that cannot metabolize or digest foods properly. And indeed based on what the Zetas said, indeed they have me drink cow's milk which they then suction out of my stomach with the thin tubing down my nostril and into my stomach, and this digested milk this vomit from my stomach is then fed with another thin tubing to hybrid children as baby formula. It makes sense, I guess. So this is why they want me to drink milk. But it seems to also be because milk contains nutrients that nourish the embryos that were planted in my womb. So it has two reasons.

Zetas wanted to show me mental images of hybrid babies that the Zetas hold in their arms, these babies are white and hairless and look a lot more Zeta than human. And they wanted to show me children that were made from my eggs who are about 5-9 years old or so and look mostly human and are in hospital beds with the aliens, because there is one or another thing that is wrong with them. The Zetas said about one boy who looked to be about 9 and who had brown hair and was in a hospital bed, that this boy he has got nothing wrong with himself mentally, it is just something that was with the body that was malformed. These kids are mentally sharp and acceptable, but their bodies have something wrong with them, various things. I didn't want to see these children. I said to them that Hamish is my baby, I only want to help Hamish and I said that they have to be kind to Hamish.

But, this was plenty enough of alien contact that I bought some yoghurt to celebrate. I am eating now from a 500 g vanilla yoghurt, it tastes nice actually. I tell the aliens that I have eaten yoghurt. Every once in a while Sock Turtle will tell me, just "yoghurt". And today I took a tea with lemon and three sugar cubes, and as I set the teacup down on the table, Hamish shows up and says, "Yes-No", and when he says the "No" part, he focuses on the teacup. And then he explains that there is "sugar in that coffee". Note: "coffee". It is delightful things like this, that remind me of that this alien contact is real. Like when the aliens still and always persist on referring to my female underpants by the word that is used only for male underpants in the other languages that we use, even though I always correct them and insist to them that it is that other word that is used for female underpants. Things like that. And Hamish calling my tea for coffee. The sugar is harmful for the embryos and hybrids, but it was wrong of me to ask Hamish to explain to me why, as we know Hamish is no chemist. It is not fair to ask Hamish for any scientific explanations expressed verbally. Let's just stick to Scales and Yes-No Onions with him, ok? :)

And when Hamish was telling me Yes-No about the sugar in my "coffee" (and I never drink coffee), I got to see a mental image from inside the board room. I have described this board room before. It has rows of seats, the rows are amphitheater-arranged, so that each row closer to the center sits on a ledge that is lower than the one behind it, and the rows are arranged almost in a circle. Long continuous tables without spaces are set around. Note that this is not the same as the meeting room with chairs where I met the Goblins.

This board room was full, probably all chairs were taken. And almost each person there seemed to be an entirely different alien species! It looked like the United Nations meeting assembly, but it was for alien species. I especially noticed the little yellow guy, and I greeted these and I assumed they were Alpha Centaurians. It was like seeing friends there, to see the little yellow Alpha Centaurians. Pleiadians were sitting there and waved their hand to me and said hello to me and said that the Pleiadians were there too, it was a man and a woman, the woman was a bit short perhaps 162 centimeters tall, both man and woman had white hair and their skin was a bit white-blue glowing, they wore silver-blue one-piece tight space uniforms, the man was a bit taller than the lady. The Alpha Centaurians also had some blue uniform on. And there were humans there, I asked them what humans are speaking for humanity, and of course though I was a bit disappointed, it was military persons, Generals and the sort. They showed me Jack from the NASA team and asked me if I knew him, of course I know Jack. I have been given mental images of Jack from the NASA team in the board room before. The board of course has a problem with the Zetas taking my eggs to make children, it is unethical and also as we know as my diary notes have established, the children do not fare well.

But this morning or last night, before the "coffee" and sugar incident which was followed by the board room, there was a juvenile or teenager male Zeta hybrid who was here, while I was in bed, and he was showing sexual interest in me and wanting to touch my breasts. I think I told him that such would cause me psychiatric damage and could lead to suicidal thoughts and that it was like physical damage to my neural pathways, I either said it this time to him, or just earlier to the Zetas for a similar reason. Luckily nothing more came of it, as far as I know.

We have gone into your nose! - Zeta now, with emphasis, not angry, in my other language

Oh and I think it was also last night, a Dark Lord came to visit after the other aliens had been around. It was in the body shape that I think I used to call the "monster" form, or perhaps I have called it the "insect" or "reptoid" form, when it stands on two legs and the body is hunched forward and the arms reach forward, it is dark brown in color. It was just here to check things out.

Some days ago by the way, a different story, the Zetas asked me: "Do you know if you have an implant in your cheek?", and it thought of a small bright silver or steel colored metal piece that would be inside my cheek. I did not bother to speculate on whether I actually have one or not, as I assumed it to mean that I do, so I just said: "What does it do?", but they didn't say. Oh that's right that one monitors something, I forget what it was, but they said something vaguely about it.

I said to the Zetas today, while I was walking home from work, that I have decided I do not want to give them my eggs, because they are used to make children that are sick and these children are treated badly and exposed to sexual abuse and end up murdered. But, I emphasized, that I will do anything for Hamish, that Hamish needs his food, and that that takes precedence above all else. I told them that Hamish is my baby, that I will protect him like a mother would protect a baby, that I would do anything for my Hamish, that I would kill someone who tries to harm my Hamish, and that I would die to protect my Hamish.

But something is going on. The Zetas are CRUEL not to let me stay awake to find out what exactly is going on. By the way, remember the Thuban abduction where I met the Thuban and then the robot and I touched some equipment that is used for collecting eggs and I ruined it because it was no longer disinfected, and then I had to pee and a little hybrid girl rushed with me hand in hand really fast to get to the toilets? This girl I found out some days ago, was Sharon, or how we wrote her name.

Something is going on, that others know about, but they won't tell me. I am abducted at nights and kept unaware. Oh and last night the Zetas said that if I come there to their place which they had shown me, then I would become dizzy from the transport and I would vomit. I said I don't care I still want to see them. But the Zetas are letting men rape me when I am unaware. Now, get this. Friendly aliens from the Board told me today when they had said hello, and they showed me a mental picture of this incident too, that the aliens put me naked on a stage and men who are sitting in the audience are allowed to pick who wants to have sex with me. Now, I have described this situation plenty of times before, I have even been awake at least once that I dare to remember when I stood on that stage though that time I was not naked. Now, as I have already reported, I am not the prettiest of all the girls that are taken there, because some are younger than me, and so often Jack with the NASA team is the only one who chooses me, almost like out of pity that I would have to be the left-overs, but it almost also seems that Jack is simply used to me from all those many years, so perhaps he cares about me, like family. Perhaps he doesn't want someone else to hurt me, because maybe deep down inside he knows that this is harmful and violating, so maybe he cares about me and doesn't want anyone else to harm me. He seems like a nice guy. Me and Jack have got children together, at least some of those children are the hybrids with straw-yellow hair, remember the ones with a few teeth who are chatty and cheerful! One of which cannot eat my vomit that consists of chickpeas because this girl vomits it back up again because it is not compatible with her body, so they want me to drink cow's milk.

But I am not drinking cow's milk until I get some answers. The milk and yoghurt bribe is the only tools I have got to try to find out more. At least I have got Hamish. I put my feet down on his rug the other day, and I have to admit after not having stepped on his ruggy snuggles for many years, that his rug is actually very nice to put the bare feet on. I am glad that Hamish has it. If I didn't have Hamish, I couldn't do any of this. He has saved me through so many things. My Dragon Turtle Sock Feet.

We don't want you to vomit. Yes-No, Yes-No, Yes-No. - Hamish to me in one of the other languages I forgot which one

My Sock Turtle

July 6 2016, 5:20 PM - That Hamish. I was washing my hands with a wonderful soap called "Island Dream". Well, Hamish caught me thinking about the soap, and he said: "Liver Dream". (These in our third language.)

I was reading the newspaper the other day, and Hamish sees in the newspaper a big blue ad for going to the Aquarium, the ad had sharks and a sea turtle and a yellow tropical fish on it. Hamish said he wanted to go there. He wants to go there so that he can show the animals there his head buttons. You know, Hamish has a fantastic row of eight pairs of blunt orange buttons starting from above his eyes and all the way back along the back of his long neck. He wants to show them to sharks and fishes. I might go there with Hamish, I really might. He's a cute Turtle.

BONUS: And while I was talking to Hamish about the ad right there and then, that we might go there sure why not, a MIB meaning men in black suit person, tells me from afar telepathically that I shouldn't have to go there with Hamish, that they would take him there instead and he sounded more or less like "just to get it over with", "and to save me from the hassle". And so I told him that no, he should not try to steal away moments of quality time spent between me and my Turtle. Of course I would take Hamish to a zoo if he wants to. It is rare that he comes up with ideas about what fun we could do together. Although. His plans of this excursion more probably than not, has got nothing at all to do with me. He just wants to show his fantastic head buttons to the other races.

Another Reptilian showed up while I was at work the other day, and so I said to him Tiik Tiik Tiiik and I spread my fingers wide like Hamish does to send other Reptilians away. Hamish doesn't follow me up the stairs when I am at work, he tends to mostly stay on the ground level. I change levels often and he stays behind, so from the ground level I hear him telepathically saying Tiik, Tiik Tiik, warding off any other Reptilians since he cannot be around me in person. He is always happy to see me when I come back downstairs to go home. I love our time at home. He gets settled on the ruggy snugs that sits beside my bed, and I usually get comfortable on the bed next to him on the computer or with a good book. I love him so much. He shows me his back many, many times every day. And I comment him on his back, and compliment him on it. And so it goes, our days and life together. I love him so much.

Last night he said something about my skin, perhaps that my skin was white or what it was, and at the same time he said it, he bit himself in the slight webbed skin that he has between his fingers. I asked him, Hamish why did you bite on the skin between your fingers? But he didn't say. I sometimes see him gnawing on the webbed skin between his fingers, it is not a full webbing but some. Maybe it is a bad habit, like when humans chew on their fingernails. But he does not seem to be damaging this skin at all when he gnaws on it.

Hamish has many fears in his life, things that make him anxious. Cactuses make him anxious. And especially the birds that build nests inside a cactus, that makes him also furious and anxious. He fears sewing needles, when I used one the other day to fix some buttons on a shirt at work. I had to assure him, that he was safe, that it won't hurt him, and that I would protect him anyways. He fears candles and fire of course, and pumpkins, especially carved pumpkins with angry scary faces and a lit candle inside. I tell him that it is good, that he can feel fears about the things that could hurt him, I tell him that it is good to have those instincts, so that he can protect himself.

I can feel his emotions. I can feel him so closely, and he feels me closely because he watches me and Reptilians are so telepathic and perceptive. I would die for him. Within a heartbeat. I would give my life for this dragon, even if it only meant that he could go on living his life, in the seemingly total oblivion of how wonderful he is.

There is such a beautiful life in him, a person. It always brings tears to my eyes, even now, when I think of it. Yet, he does not seem to understand, that it is him I love! He seems to think that I am only impressed with him, because of his back hump and race or red color. I love the person he is, more than anything, though I do admit that who he is has a lot to do with also the body he is, or has. He is my dragon turtle, and I would lay my life down to him to protect him. He is so precious to me. He told me today or the other day that he had found a table hole (the space underneath a desk that he can try to hide in like a little cave). And today I promised him, that one day Hamish I will buy for him the best armchair sofa and a large sofa and lots of comfy rugs. He loves sofas so much!

I feel every nuance of life in him, every motion, every impulse, every reaction, every slightest movement that he makes, every nudge.

I would only like to say, Tik, to that. About the nuances, I said. So, Tik! It means, that I am here, my race. - Hamish

Alright, this is turning into another one of those written entries. We already know, that he means the world to me, and that in him I have found something I could not have found anywhere else. I love him. I love you Hamish! My Turtle Sock! Oh and yesterday a "Frog" (meaning Dinosaur) was chatting with me a bit and I told the aliens that Dinosaurs make me happy, and the Zetas I think it was, rewarded that Dinosaur with a white grub to eat as a reward for having made me happy. And to that then the Dinosaur said Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb because it was happy to get some food.

Zetas are being difficult

July 01 2016, 6:43 PM - The Zetas have been showing up in mental pictures much more lately, I think they must be interested by my promise of drinking lots of cow's milk and eating yoghurt if I get to meet them. But they are not very chatty. They just mention that they are using my eggs, that it is about genetics, and they mention the hybrid children that were made from my eggs, and they want to show me those babies. And sometimes if I initiate telepathic communication with them first, then they tend to send me thoughts that are not expressed in words in human language, that I am some inferior species and that I am bothering them at this time. We do not really have lengthy, or meaningful conversations. I would like to try to build something with them, which would lead them to let me stay awake during abductions, but that is just not happening. They are as stubborn about that, as I am stubborn about not drinking cow's milk. But at least I have got Hamish, and he is a sweet treasure, the best in the world in fact.

Hamish put his hand into mine

June 29 2016, 5:29 PM - Last night I was laying in bed on my left side, and casually I held one of my hands on my shoulder, the palm of the hand was facing up and open. Well what do you know, Sock Turtle climbed up on my bed, I was in a double-bed and he got up on the half that was empty behind my back, and Sock Turtle put his hand into the palm of my hand! His cute hand, see the drawing below. You see, close contact like this and touching is extremely rare from Hamish. We have been together for five years now, and this sort of thing, as much as I love it, just doesn't happen.

As a monkey species, I of course crave contact and touching and physical affection from my friends which I also would like to have from Hamish. But to a species like Hamish, being touched is a form of offense and possible violence and injury intended. By no means does Hamish crave to be held or touched or patted or caressed by anyone, anywhere. So what just happened last night, was a rare example of close contact. It was of course endlessly sweet and meaningful for me, but to Hamish it probably meant a mild threat since I recently ate a shrimp sandwich.

Other Hamish gossip: The other day at work, I said to Hamish "Tiiik, Tiiik Tiiik", like he does when I am working he chirps this because it means he is letting other Reptiles know that they are warned to stay away from his territory (and eggs). But so I did the same chirping toward him, telepathically, because I love the awesome way it sounds. But. Hamish of course interpreted it to mean, that I was telling him to stay away from me, because chirping "Tiiik, Tiiik Tiiik" means "stay away from me!". So Hamish showed up almost manifest into my room, this was on Sunday yes because I was in my weekend job. And he felt offended and was showing some power to let me know that I should not be asking him to stay away.

But when he makes just one "Tiiik", it really seems to mean that he is happy! Because when I say something to him that he agrees with and that makes him happy, he will shriek one happy Tiiik like a little girl who got a puppy as a present! He seems happy then!

I have offered the Zetas that I would drink one liter of milk and eat two kilograms of yoghurt if they let me meet them. It is a bribe of course.

Hamish's Kissy Hands

June 28 2016, 5:52 PM - The other day, Hamish showed me a clear mental image of his hand, and continued to do so a few more times. That has never happened before, not like that. The exact appearance of his hands has remained somewhat of a mystery for me all of these years. But now I know exactly what it looks like. Unfortunately my drawing skills (or rather that it is hard to draw freehand with a computer mouse) do not precisely reflect that.

Indeed Hamish has three fingers on each hand, but the palm of his hand is nice and chubby. Just like we humans have a nice chunky cushion right below our thumbs on the palm of the hand, so does Hamish have chubby cushions from his three fingers. There is something like a palm of a hand, sort of. His fingers would lack the dexterity that we humans have. I cannot imagine that he could easily pick up things with his three fingers, nor to hold a pencil so that he could write something with it.

I have played with a ball, with my feet. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of him gently kicking a ball with a flat red duck foot
So I do not need my hands, I said. Yes, this was Hamish, Tik Tok! And then, I should say, grrr. - Hamish growls, "Yes" was said in my other language
I have never played with my hands. So, [Eva] can tell them. - Hamish used my given name

And guess what. You know how I always say that Hamish has got kissy feet, because they are just so cute that I want to kiss them. Well, Hamish has also got kissy hands. One just wants to snuggle and kiss his hands, so cute. Even though they are designed to reach in through small cuts into the body to pull out the organs and liver snacks. Here is my drawing:

The drawing intends to show looking into Hamish's palm of the hand

As we know, Hamish doesn't use his hands. He uses his feet instead. To touch and to feel things, he puts a flat duck foot on it. His feet are more sensitive to touch than human hands. Also when he claims something as his own, be that a thing such as a football, Santa's red hat, or a living creature, he puts his flat duck foot on it. He is also more likely to use his mouth to grab things with, than to use his hands. The only use for his hands that I have seen, is that the long fingers with a hook-like claw at the end are used to reach deep in through small cuts into a body to pull out the edible organs.

I love this creature. Hamish is my best friend.


June 16 2016, 8:41 PM - All of a sudden out of nowhere, while I was at work today, Hamish decides to congratulate me:

I ruined everything, but then I tried to fix it

June 15 2016, 6:04 PM - It is breaking my heart. I am living with two roommates and I am renting out my room to someone starting from today so that I can make some extra money. So, I gently folded Hamish's ruggy that was on my bedroom floor, because I cannot stand the thought of someone stepping on that rug if it is on the floor. And I tucked it gently into a drawer that is under my bed. Shortly after, I saw Hamish who is in the other dimension, and he was carrying a very large white sheet of shedded scales with his arms against his chest. Obviously, even though I had gently folded the rug thinking that any interdimensional scales pieces would fold in with it, it had disturbed any stacks of scales that Hamish had carefully laid out on his rug. This always happens when I move his rug.

I knew that I had upset him by moving his rug, but somehow I think or I hope that it will be ok. If I don't think about it, then maybe Dragon would also not. But he thought about it. Because it is his nest, his most prized possession in my home

No, the eggs are that. - Hamish about prized possession
The eggs make me get to live. Without it, no Hamish. Liver. - Hamish

I tried to think of other things and to forget about the rug, even though in the back of my mind, and heart, I was feeling very guilty about it. So he starts talking about how he loved the sofa that was in my mom's home when I was living with mom, the plush sofas that we had. I know that he misses those sofas. He talks about them every now and then. There is a sofa in one of my roommate's rooms though we do not have a living room, and it is in her room that I am staying now while I am renting out my own room, which I suppose is also Hamish's room. And Hamish doesn't like the sofa here. He explained it to me, by letting me know that he fears the candlesticks that are on the window ledge next to the sofa. I told Hamish that the candles cannot light themselves automatically without a human lighting them, but I also told him that it is a good thing that he is careful with his safety. (Reptilians are notorious for being anxious about candles and fire.)

So, I had to go and get his little rug from the drawer under the bed and I placed it, still rolled up or folded up, on the floor here in my roommate's room, not knowing if to roll it up on the floor or not, and I then went to pee. While I am in the bathroom, Hamish says "No", "No", "No", because his rug is folded up and it is wrong. So I come back and I carefully unfold the rug and it now sits beside the mattress I have on the floor in my roommate's room.

Palate click, Tik Tik Tik. - Hamish, about the rug being folded up on the floor here now

He now thinks to the red candlesticks that are on the window ledge, and he is anxious and stressed out about that.

I just don't know how to explain to my roommate, why I have got a little pink bathroom rug on the floor next to me. I don't like to lie, but I will have to come up with a lie. "It is my precious invisible Dragon's nest". Aha! I will say that I do yoga on that mat! Because last night in fact I told her about a dream I had at night where I was taking a yoga class. Bingo! I am cleverer than you think. Anything for Dragon, even a little lie.

Hamish also told me before I put the rug down here for him, that he doesn't like the cushioned seats that are out on the balcony here, he said he has spent the entire summer there. I know that he sometimes sits there, out on the balcony.

It breaks my little heart that he doesn't have everything he needs here. If I could get a move on and get started with my life and have my own apartment and furnish it very nicely for my Dragon

Yes-No Onions. - Hamish
Furnish it, with not that. - Hamish
I would never furnish a home with onions. - me
Yes-No that. - Hamish about the red candlesticks by the window
Yes-No candles! Yes-No. - me
That is why I do not like to, why I cannot sit there. It is because of those. - Hamish, about the candles by the sofa, yet he thinks of himself having sat there with his ankles of duck feet nicely crossed on the floor

One day, one day it will be just Hamish and me. And I will have for him his very own corner. He will get exactly the sofas that he wants. And I will also get us some goldfish, and maybe a little tortoise if he likes that. When he feels agitated, I can feel his emotions from him too. I love him so much, that it kills me when he is agitated. He feels a real discomfort, stress, and agitation when his rug is disturbed, and it breaks my heart! I would give the world to this dragon.

Earlier before Hamish talked, the Zetas showed me the mental image of a naked gray alien lying on its back on a medical table somewhere. It looked exactly like the alien from one of those alien autopsy videos, not quite like a Zeta, and with eyelids. Aha yes, it is one of the Alpha Reticulans, see picture here. The Zetas or Alpha Reticulans said, that since I got to see this alien, then the Zetas would like to see my feces in return. They said about this alien, that it does not defacate, instead it secretes waste products through the skin. The one on the table said that Hamish smells bad, and Hamish said that he - Hamish - smells like "cheese" (Hamish will never forget, that I've said that he smells bad and like "old cheese and vomit". He will never forget and let that go.) And I said to them that Hamish "smells good, like the old Draconian race. Hamish smells like the old Draconian race", I said to them. I am always worried that Hamish might not get so close to me as he otherwise would, if he thinks that he smells bad to me, so I am trying to correct that fatal error that I made years ago by commenting on his smell. Oh dear.

When Hamish is uncomfortable, then it breaks my heart. I even shed some tears when he was telling me about sofas and about his rug. Because I would give the world just to know that he is comfortable and safe. I would give my whole world for this dragon. After I put his rug properly on the floor here next to me in my roommate's room, he said to me that this is not a good barn for the eggs. I love him so much. I am sorry Hamish that I moved your rug.

I get my snacks here. That is why I am here. I don't care about love. My snacks. - Hamish

And now Hamish looks at me, his upper and lower eyelids are partially closed because he is looking at me and smiling at me this way, and he sways his body sideways, sideways, with which I am sure he shows contentment. And he says either Tik Tik, or Tik Tok, I forget. I love him so much.

My Toast, is here. My snacks. - Hamish in my native language, but "Toast" in English

The other day I put his ruggy back on my bedroom floor, stretched it out nicely right next to my own bed, after it had not been there for a few days (because I had a boyfriend spending the night and I had extended the bed so there was not much floorspace, but even with floorspace, I did not want to risk him stepping on my Hamish's ruggy, and of course he knows nothing about my Hamish, so I just put his ruggy safely in a drawer while someone is visiting, or like now, using, my room. I protect his rug from any feet. Of course I also do not ever step on Dragon's rug).

So a few days ago when I put his ruggy down on my floor, within seconds or only a few minutes, Hamish did something I have never seen him do before! He laid right down his belly against the rug and he was flat against the rug. I could see the eight pairs of blunt orange buttons along the top of his head and back of his long neck and his turtleshell soft cushion on his upper back. He was of course a bit too big for all of him to fit on the rug. But he was so enjoying the rug! He was so happy to see it back there! HE LOVES THAT RUG! Maybe even Hamish loves that rug, as much as I love him.

Another Hamish story. Today for some reason he opened his mouth real wide and he even told me that he is opening his mouth wide, and it was because he was upset about something I forget what the reason was although he told me. He did this two or three times, that he opened his mouth wide and held it open and let me see it and telling me that his mouth is wide open. I have known Hamish to "open his mouth at me" to open his mouth wide open and to face me so that I see it, when he is very irritated and is showing me a warning. He rarely does this to me. (He also does not need to know, that I think he looks absolutely adorable when he opens his cute toothless mouth and shows me. Hamish is always cute. I would die for Dragon.)

I wanted to listen to some music now, but I won't put Dragon through that, he has already been through too much tonight. He doesn't like music. Did you know that throughout the day, our minds are connected much of the time? I don't notice him all of that time, but a lot. Like I've said, when I am working, he stays out on the courtyard of my workplace, and he is eager to see me return. If I could express in words, how much I love him. Perhaps in such words, that it feels like I cannot breathe. I love him so much, that it feels as if I cannot breathe, and there is usually nothing in him, that can ease my anxiety that is from this vast love. The only thing that could ease the feeling of immensely loving this being, this person, is if he would know, but he never knows, and the love is so immense, yet he doesn't know. I love him so much that I cry sometimes. Sometimes I just think about him, and I cry. He now thinks about wanting to bite into my typing hands, but he is in a good mood I suppose. Ok back to life, which means also being with Dragon.

Hamish likes to own things
but he doesn't read books in my language

June 12 2016, 9:42 PM - The other day while I was on my way to work, I had brought with me a sandwich in my bag for lunch that day. Hamish asks me, if I have a sandwich with me. Yes, I say. He then tells me, that it is his sandwich.

This evening while in the shower, I was asking the aliens to let me have a meeting with Hamish, and I told them how sad it makes me that they do not let me meet my best friend in the world up close (although I have met him up close a few times, every time is a horrific nightmareish moment where I scream and run away, but still I want to meet him). I got to see mental images of two different Zetas who wore no clothes. I told them how they were beautiful, and I asked them if I could see Hamish. No long conversation, no comment.

I go to my bed to lie down to read some of my books. Hamish shows up from afar in mental connection and he looks right at me and does a palate click which I interpret as a friendly greeting. He lets me see him in mental images, he is a gorgeous red dragon. He tells me that he is "old". He thinks to his back hump, and I tell him that I have seen his back hump. I also tell him that he is my "honored" Hamish, but he does not respond or seem to react, not like he used to do. Hamish asks me if it is a good book that I am reading. I tell him that yes it is. He tells me that it is his book. I ask him if he wants to have my other books too, that are on my bed. He tells me that those are his books. I tell him that I am delighted, that Hamish wants to read books. I tell him that they are his books.

Tok Tok Tok. I just wanted to tell you, that I do not like to read. - Hamish says, just after I wrote the title "Hamish likes to own things", and I had never heard him say three "Tok Tok Tok" before and I wondered what it meant, I now think that it might mean him asking me to pay him some attention
Tok Tok Tok. I don't like you. - Hamish to me
Why not! - me
Because you said that I like to read, and I do not. So, therefore, Tok Tok Tok! - Hamish
Tok Tok Tok, means grrr. - Hamish says with a growl
I LOVE YOU TORTOISE. - me delighted and with a smile
My name is Hamish. - Hamish
I love you Tortoise Hamish. You are the best. - me
I do not like to read, TOK TOK TOK! - Hamish
I know that. - me
I do not want to tell you palate click anymore. Because you said that I like to read. Books that are in your language. So, therefore, TOK TOK TOK! And, no more palate clicks, Yes-No. So, therefore, TOK TOK TOK! - Hamish
Ok Hamish, calm down. I just said you can have the books. If you want them. - me, and that makes him sway his head and neck sideways out of what I think is contentment
I do not like to read them. So, therefore, Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
I never said you read them, did I? - me, I think I said it, yes I did, I did say that, it must have insulted Hamish, or that he is just correcting an error
I love you tortoise, Hamish. You are my best dragon in the world. - me
Mine, Tok Tok Tok. But I do not like to read them. Let that be obvious! - Hamish, the "Mine" referred to these books here on the bed, and he now said something about "Yoghurt", because as we know he wants me to eat yoghurt to nourish the eggs or alien embryos
I love you Hamish. Everything is fine. Hamish does not read books. - me
Tok Tok, Tiik Tiik! Yes. She has understood me well. Tok Tok, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish, the "Yes, she has understood me well" he said to another alien probably a Zeta, and the Tiik Tiik he shreaks them like a happy little girl who is getting a kitten or a Christmas present with her wish, he sounds always so happy when he says Tiik Tiik so I think he really is shreaking out of happiness! I think I made him happy!
Goodnight my lovely Dragon Tortoise. I love you. I will read these books here, that are your books. - me
I do not need them anymore. I just wanted to have them then. Tiik Tiik, Tok Tok. Mine, Yes-No. - Hamish, the "Mine, Yes-No" he thought to the stack of books on the bed [Added same day: "Mine, Yes-No" meant that the books are not his, ie. negating the "Mine" with what is a "No"; "Yes-No" means "No", he is saying with "Mine, Yes-No", he says "not mine", about the books.]

If anyone wonders, why or how I can be so infatuated with this alien dragon tortoise, then I'm just speechless about that. He is adorable and cute.

Tok. And Muffats.

June 11 2016, 6:56 PM - Hamish. The other day I was thinking out loud in telepathy (so that my aliens and Hamish would hear) that I wonder if my babies would look like Hamish. Hamish then let me see him face on in a rare clear mental image, and he said something like "Do you think that you look like me?". He really let me see his head and neck very closely, so that I could take a good look, and determine, that no I do not look like Hamish and my babies would not look like him either. He is such a beautiful, fire engine red Dragon, with bright neon orange liquid-filled zits on his head and arms that he calls "goosebumps".

And this morning I was calling for Hamish almost as soon as I woke up in the morning and I said where are you. Hamish stands in the other dimension in the doorway to my bedroom, and he says: "Tok". Yes, just one "Tok". That is a first time he does just one Tok. And so I asked him, what does Tok mean. And he said that it means "look at me" (oops, I forgot what exactly it meant, but something like that). And Tok Tok, two, we know by now it means "come here to me". If I say Tok Tok to Hamish, it always gets his attention. He still says Tiik Tiik Tiik. He has also taken up the habit of biting the slight webbed skin that he has between his fingers. He still calls me Buttercups though, sometimes by showing me mental images of yellow flowers. Oh and when I asked him about the single "Tok", he explained it by making the actual sound which is a kind of palate click he makes with his mouth, but ordinarily when he says Tok, or Tok Tok or Tik Tok, he is saying these as English words. Only sometimes does he make the sound of it in Dragon language.

The other night the aliens, presumably Zetas were behind this one, as they probably are most ones, showed me a mental image of a tiny little brown speckled toad baby or frog that jumped real high. I was delighted to see that of course. And I keep telling them that I like the Alpha Remulans. The other day I got to speak to one, and it was of course telling me that it is looking for the kitchen, and it asked me if I had any boeuf, meaning beef, meaning snacks.

Some days ago, one of the little Alpha Centaurians showed up at my work - in the other dimension - and I learned that these people, these little yellow aliens, are called Muffats. So now we have finally solved the mystery. Please read the telepathic conversation, that is given on that page linked to, about the yellow Alpha Centaurians, where one of these guys had said in January 24 2015, where the Alpha Centaurian said "Muffats" and I had no idea what he was talking about. In fact, hearing such a strange bizarre thing makes one (me) question the sanity of this telepathic conversation, yet, as much as I struggled with the oddity of him saying the word "Muffats" three times, as always, I felt compelled to write down the telepathy exactly as it occurred. So now we know. Muffats is the name of this people. Which he actually also said at the third time in this telepathic conversation of 2015. Funny detail: did you know that these little Muffats from Alpha Centauri actually sometimes wear metal tin hats which they say amplify their telepathic reception.

Ok have a good day. I will have a good day, because I have Hamish. I have a big fire engine red Dragon Turtle who is very proud of his soft turtleshell hump back on his back and has flat red duck feet that he likes to step on a plush bathroom rug with and orange goosebumps on his back and arms and eight pairs of blunt orange buttons along his long back of the neck that he showed me even today while saying that he has a "mushroom head" because I must have told him that his head looks like toadstool mushrooms, and he says things like Yes-No, Tik Tok, Tok, Tiik Tiik Tiik, No Onions, and Snacks, and he would like to hide in a table hole (the empty space underneath a desk) and he loves sofas and goldfish. And I get to keep him until the day I die, they say. Hamish will stay with me forever. I love this Dragon so much, that I live and die for him every day.

Working with Tortoise and Kermit and Zetas

June 03 2016, 6:20 PM - Today while I was at work, cleaning hotel rooms, Hamish was around with me at work. First Hamish was talking about that it is not ok to serve red crustaceans in restaurants and kitchens, and I told Hamish that I agree, "since those are little red Hamishs". Hamish had noticed me lifting up the end table lamps and he went to stand beside one and told me something about inspecting those. And I said to Dragon, that I was dusting them off, not inspecting them. Then Hamish found himself a nice armchair and sat himself down and was all comfy enjoying the sofa. And I got happy and I commended him and told him that I was proud of him. And I realized that Dragon doesn't have to do much to win my appraisal, all he has to do is sit down on a comfy sofa and I think he is the best in the world. Which he is.

Then while I was cleaning a bathtub they suddenly sent me a mental image of Kermit the frog doll again! So vivid and clear in my mind! And I got happy. "Deb Deb Deb Deb", says a Dinosaur right now. Later when I was on my way home, Hamish shows me a mental image of a Dinosaur squatting in a bathtub like we have at the hotel, cause they had seen me squatting in the tubs as I wash the tubs. God I am so lucky and fortunate, because I have these two being cute all day (except for when they do nose tubes and things):

Or, should I say, these two:

And Zetas were very concerned when I was cleaning the toilets at the hotel. They told me that I could contract herpes simplex and gonorrhea that could also harm the hybrid embryos in me ("the so-called eggs"). For the record I am working at a fine 4-Star hotel which sees high-end guests, plus there are cleaning agents and I told the Zetas I won't exactly lick my fingers. Ah, Zetas. Hahaha. I read on the drawing of Hamish and am reminded that he used to announce his name as "Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder". Hahaha, what ever happened to Dragon's sassyness? When you read the first telepathy book, "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?" you are met with ("Yes-No sassyness.", says Hamish right now.) an entirely different Turtle, who constantly demanded that I "honor" him, or honor his scales, his race, his back hump. Sock Turtle has changed over the years. And he has changed my life profoundly too, I love him.

Table holes and flowers
And air traffic control or air force says no about meeting Hamish

June 02 2016, 10:37 AM - How can I not be happy, when this wonderful beautiful red Dragon Turtle shows up, and then he begins to talk. And he tells me that he has been outside and found some flowerbeds and looked at some flowers, and then he says that he would really like to have a table hole*.

*A table hole is the empty space that is underneath a desk. He likes table holes because he thinks he is not too large to fit under a desk to camp out there, but sometimes he cannot fit under a desk but he tries.

This guy, he makes me the happiest in the world:

Update 12:30 noon - I was asking telepathically toward the aliens if I could get to meet the Reptilians in person. I told them I have done that at least once before. They let me talk telepathically to a human man who works for military type of things and is from my country where I lived most of my life, he said he is responsible for me and that the United States is not responsible for me even though I lived in the USA for some years. I told him that yes I am a citizen of that country, his and mine country.

He told me about the Reptilians that the Reptilians "have schools, where they kill children". I told him that the Reptilians are predators, and that humans do far worse toward animals, that it is karma. I told him that Hamish is a Reptilian who has been my best friend for five years now. He said, what happens when me and him (meaning Hamish) get into an argument. He knows that Reptilians can be quick to snap and become aggressive and murderous. I told him that in our five years together, we have never had any argument, except for once I think when we disagreed about something. I told him that Hamish and me understand each other really well, and that he won't eat my liver because I am his Buttercups. The man had to think for a while, what I meant by saying "Buttercups", of course he probably does not know that that is Hamish's reference to my female reproductive system from which they harvest eggs among others - or, at least as far as Hamish is concerned - to make hybrid children from which Hamish gets his liver snacks.

My eggs, I said. It was my stance. - Hamish

No one said anything much about the man to me, but I felt that he works like in an air traffic control center, military air force, that sort of thing. He won't let me meet with my Turtle Sock of course. And it breaks my heart! (Heheh. Heheh. You know that anytime when I have actually stood face to face with my Turtle Sock, I have run for the hills screaming. As much as I love him, he is pretty terrifying in person. He feels like a predator and I get scared. But I want to meet him anyway, just because.)

Adorable with Kermit and Hamish

The Dinosaur looks like this, like a frog?

June 01 2016, 11:23 PM - Last night was adorable. When I went to sleep at night, the lights were off, my eyes were closed and it was quiet and dark. Suddenly I get mental images into my mind depicting Kermit the frog as a doll! Very clear images! Two or three different images! And one or a few images of real frogs. Of course it could only mean that the aliens were planting these images to my mind, they show me frogs as a reference to Dinosaurs, who are obviously going to show up later on. The aliens said they wanted to insert the tubing down my nose, and that is the Dinosaur's job. I then got to see mental images of a Dinosaur in the worklab of the aliens. I was SO happy to see the Kermit and frog pictures! It is so cute it makes me really happy like only a little girl could. (Or, that this happened during the night if I woke up at night at around 3 AM.)

When I was a child about 12, I was very fond of the old-Earth dinosaurs. I had a book of drawings of dinosaurs and I used to spend a lot of time just looking at the pictures. Frogs were - and still are - probably my most favorite animals of all. I used to have a fear of praying mantis insects even though they do not exist where I grew up, which then turned around into a huge fondness. I saw some real praying mantis insects in the USA when I lived there, and they are smaller than expected and really neat. I never had any kind of special interest, neither for nor against, for tortoises or dragons by the way.

I have one, and it is really well. - Hamish says, about the interest in tortoises (his back)
I have one that is not yellow. - Hamish, "yellow" in my native language, about his back hump cushion

I don't remember anything from abductions last night though, bummer. So! Today was even cuter! When in the evening at around 8 PM I laid down for a nap, yes a nap with my clothes on not yet changed to pajamas or had a shower, Hamish showed up! Oh, it was such a treat having him close! It started that I saw a mental image of a Reptilian standing tall and it had large flat red duck feet. I wasn't at first entirely sure if it was Hamish, though the flat duck feet hinted at that. And sure enough, it was Hamish! Hamish showed me a mental image of a sofa he has found at my new workplace, and he told me several times of how he loves to sit on that sofa, and how good it was to lean against for his back hump. Reptilians enjoy comfy sofas like you wouldn't believe. A human would have to be in a hot bubbling jacuzzi bathtub with a nice glass of champagne and strawberries and someone massaging their shoulders and neck to experience something similar to what a Reptilian has just from sitting on a comfy sofa. It is like an experience to them, they really feel and enjoy the comfyness of a sofa, and what's cuter is that they like to tell me about it, and their lower eyelids are closing and upper eyelids close partially out of comfort. We humans take sofas for granted.

I was not a yellow turtleback. My papa was one. I just wanted to say that. And, to that - Tiiik!!! - Hamish
Tiik Tiik Tiik, Hamish! - me
Mine, sofas yes. - Hamish
Mine Hamish Turtleback! - me
Mine, Yes-No. - Hamish says and sways his body sideways one side then the other twice or a series of one, while he speaks
My papa was not as proud race, as I was. I was made the proudest. And I eat my liver-snacks here. I ate them? - Hamish

(Hamish's father was a yellow Dragon Turtle, and Hamish is red. Hamish believes that his fire engine red color is really awesome! The mustard yellow not so much, he thinks.)

Tiik, Tiik! - Hamish, and then he opens his mouth and gurgle-spit-hisses

Well, the nap this evening started with me asking (or begging) the aliens to show me more mental pictures of Kermit and frogs! And the Zetas showed me some pictures of real frogs, then they showed me a Dinosaur, and the Dinosaur said "Deb Deb Deb!", so I said to the Dinosaur "Deb Deb Deb!" back. And then Hamish shows up and talks to me about the sofa he has found and enjoys. I got to see Hamish in clear mental pictures, and at one point Hamish comes up close and he turns my body over in bed so that I go from being on my back or on my left side he rolls me over firmly but gently so that I am on my right side and pushed toward the wall of the bed. I mean, this pushing that a Reptilian sometimes does (Zetas can do it too, but then it is more like slapping

We didn't mean to do it! - a Zeta says now

The pushing by a Reptilian exerts a real physical force and effect. I'm not sure what Hamish wants me to feel, when he does that. He probably wants to show power and to be feared and therefore respected a little, but to me it is just great fun! To be turned around in bed by the most favorite Dragon in the world! I just had a great time with Hamish. I said to the Zetas I want to see them and Hamish and Alpha Remulans with my own eyes, then the Zetas started to want to show me images of embryos, I said no I don't want to see those I want to see the Zetas!

Zetas showed me a medical instrument which is shiny silver-colored steel, very shiny metal, it was like a cylinder which is hollow inside, they indicated in mental communication that it goes in through a human's belly button, they asked me am I afraid of that, and they said that a human man was once very afraid of this procedure. I said they need to make sure it causes no pain, but I was not so afraid. I asked them how do they manufacture those instruments, how do they process metals, they didn't inform me. The aliens showed me mental images of my ladyparts and indicated that they want to see it, I forget how I responded. The aliens showed me a human man who works for military or such probably of the United States, I talked to him and said hello to him but it was not a lot of talking, but he was there to see me since I was asking for close contact with the aliens and these humans have forbidden it.

But I had a great evening last night and also today thanks to the aliens cheering me up with images of frogs and interaction with Hamish. Does it really come across how cute he is? I don't think it comes across in writing. If you guys saw him you would all fall for this wonderful and beautiful fire engine red Dragon, he is the most adorable thing in the world. I was giggling and laughing and calling him cute when he showed up, and I realized that I have to respect this natural being and to not disturb or interfere with him by behaving that way, but it sure was damn hard not to giggle and be totally happy about seeing him! I love him so much.

PS. I have a new job (again), which is very physical, so for the first day Monday this week I was really hot, the work is like aerobics non-stop for 8 hours (I am cleaning hotel rooms for a few months this summer before I go back to university), so I got really red on my face because it was hot! Hamish always finds that very fascinating, that I become the same color as he. Luckily, he does not become aggressive, not territorial, does not feel provoked, and does not attack me. He remains calm, and starts to talk about red crabs or crustaceans and about me being the same color as he, he seems fascinated, and he is not offended at all. I tell him that it happens when I am really hot and working very hard. Luckily, that was just for the first day then I got used to the work, so he can stay more focused on his lovely comfy sofas without distractions.

I love Hamish. - me
Mine Tik Tok! Grrr. - Hamish