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October 7 2012 - October 14 2012

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Reptilians don't like pumpkins

October 14 2012 - A big orange pumpkin has been sitting on our living room coffee table for weeks in await for Halloween. It has not been carved yet, it is just sitting there in await. I am engaging the Reptilians to see if they will visit me in person and let me photograph or videorecord them. This is the first time I am attempting at this conversation. Excerpts from our conversations (I am writing the conversations down):

We do not want to see that pumpkin! - Hamish
I cannot handle that pumpkin! - Snake

Aren't they funny? Both Hamish and Snake independently are whining about the pumpkin, in the same way that Reptilians complain about dirty dishes, trash in the trashcan, music playing, candles, or other irritating oddities that they find here in the human world. I guess a big orange gourd is a source of irritation for our reptilian friends.

Hamish shedding scales

October 14 2012 - Since about yesterday, Hamish is shedding scales big-time. He is white all over his turtleshell back hump, many parts of his back surrounding the back hump, on his arms and also notably the top of his head is all white. He looks like he's been dipped into bleach. I was perplexed when I saw him last night cause he looked all white and ghostly. At first I wondered why was he looking white, like the Zetas for instance? Then I found out, mostly from the other aliens, that Hamish is in fact shedding scales.

He still comes to work and interacts with me, though last night he didn't want me to see him. He was being avoiding. I spoke to my Hamish a lot and reassured him that it is ok to be shedding scales. He feels very self-conscious about this, he did also months ago when he was shedding a bit of scales on his upper forearms only. Now this time it's major shedding, he is all white all over. He feels very embarrassed about it, but I convinced him that he's ok. And that we humans shed scales all the time, from all over, only that ours are small skin cells too small to be seen.

My goodness Hamish is all white across his head. I can't wait to see him once the scales have finished shedding. I bet he will be bright red and beautiful, like brand new. I'm surprised that his shedding is taking so long though, it's been more than 24 hours. Though I wish he could get a sick-day for shedding scales. But here he is, just as normally. Talking to me about that I am not allowed to eat refined sugar because it "interferes with fertilization". Oh Hamish oh Hamish you big red Dragon thing. How precious you are to me. And, Hamish? Yes-No crabcakes. Hihi. (Something he said earlier today. He doesn't want anyone to eat crabs though he said crabcakes, because crabs have a "scale".)

Malik wants to buy North of Africa with *me* as a prostitute, cause you can't use JUST coffee chrissakes!

October 14 2012 - Oh, and HA HA! You got to read this! Ha ha! So last night when Malik was talking to me and the Eye was there too then Malik said that he wanted the Reptilians to conquer "the northern half of Africa" too. Hahahaha... Malik then said that he could use ME as part of the payment to the human men who go along with the Reptilian Agenda. Heheheh, Malik was going to buy half of Africa with me as payment. He then said, that "he can't pay with just coffee". Oh my goodness. Malik has been watching Northern Africa and he said that he has seen that they use large amounts of coffee beans as payment here and there. Yeah Malik, I guess you can't buy Africa with "just" coffee. Gotta throw in some women there too. Damn these aliens, they are so naive and charming sometimes. I try not to laugh at some of the things the Reptilians say, but I sure do have a lot of fun with them.

(Malik and the Reptilians do use me and women like me as partial payment to the various men across the Earth who work with the Draconian Agenda. "Half" of the payment that the United States men receive from the Reptilians, is in the form of prostitutes like me. But hahah Malik, coffee and me for all of North Africa? Heheheh. I then said to Malik that no I don't want to be a prostitute with Africa. It's enough as it is with Russians, Americans, and the Japanese. Thanks.)

Haamiss washes scales and Haamiss doesn't get pun

October 14 2012 - Today Hamish showed me a mental image of him standing by a creek here on Earth again. Then he said, "I am going to wash my scales." And a while later Hamish said to me, "Haamish!", his own name. And so I told him, "You forgot to Honor." He didn't get the pun, but, badum tish.

(If you didn't get the pun. Every time I say "Hamish" without saying "my Honored Hamish", Hamish will tell me "You forgot to Honor".)

Fertilization, and No-Sugar

October 14 2012 - Yesterday Hamish talked a lot to me about the fact that he is going to "fertilize" me, ie. get me pregnant. And last night they brought me to a human man who had sex with me. The sex was great so don't get me wrong. I'm kind of used to this so it's not awkward or rape to me anymore. The circumstances are unconventional and weird, but the fact of the matter is that aliens bring me to humans to have sex.

And what else... Hamish went to my bathroom to nap on the bathroom rug and he seemed really exhausted last night. He kept saying that may he please just rest there. He has not seemed this sleepy before. I think he is feeling drained from the fact that he is shedding scales, it must be taking a toll on him. It is a stressful time for him when he feels self-conscious.

And I ate a cupcake today and other sweet foods and drink. The Reptilians have strictly forbidden me from eating "refined sugar", but I had some. So Hamish said to me,

I want to see you, devour the food. - Hamish
I have finished eating it. - me
It has interfered with our fertilization. - Hamish
How is that possible? Why? My Honored. - me
I have warned you before. - Hamish
But it is sugar. I don't understand? - me
I will fertilize you. - Hamish
Yes my Honored. You may fertilize me. - me

I still don't understand why, or how, refined sugar interferes with their work in fertilizing me. Does it reduce my fertility?

Hot sex with the Draconian boys! Yes, all three of them!

October 10 2012 - Last night Malik Himself had hot sex with me. I can't go into too much graphic detail here since children have access to the internet, but Draconians do an activity which involves not really reproductive sexuality (as what we humans engage in) but sadistic derived sexuality. They also derive sexual lust from the thought of various body organs on humans, and blood. It turns them on.

Malik came over to toss me around in bed. It was so romantic. It was like a perfectly choreographed - yet random and wild - romance scene from a soap opera, where the woman is all steamy and where the man kind of like carries and lifts her and stuff. Ahh... These Reptilian men are so sexy and hot. And I am not ashamed to say it. They know how to take a woman. And frankly, having been with Reptilian men as many times as I have by now (eh, still, probably less than ten times total in a year), I just can't bother with human men anymore. It would be a disappointment.

And I said to Malik The Sexy One that "why don't humans know how to do this?" Well, since we're talking, Malik did say that he has a penis and he showed me a mental image of it. It's different, kind of like on a dog. I guess I will have to save anatomical descriptions for the book. I was surprised. One day I will have an interview with Malik about his penis to find out what his thoughts and feelings are about it. I want to make a full biography about Malik and his life. I know, hahah, this is weird. Chuckles.

But it was delicious, romantic, passionate. I enjoyed it. It was not "real sex", just him engaging with my energy and making explosions of pleasure out of it. I could feel what he feels, so it was great. A few times I almost got too excited and then he told me to relax.

Then Snake the Draconian showed up. Snake has a narrow tight head and yellow-beige scales. He is kind of mischievous and you look at him and he comes across as "untrustworthy" and as "up to something". It's like he's full of mischief. He also tends to whine, in particular since he complains about being of lower rank so the higher ones get to tell him what to do - and not do. But Snake came up close intimate with me too. Snake loves my tongue. It totally turns him on that I have a tongue, and he always makes me put one of my fingers into my mouth on my tongue. I have never been able to turn on a human man like I see what happens to dear old Snake. I love it! It's great! I would want to play with Snake all the time, only Hamish doesn't let us cuddle.

Hamish did a few brief appearances in the "orgie" also, but it was Malik running the show. Malik made me touch myself but I was shy. However - I have to wonder whether this all was done so that I would open up about sexuality. The purpose is for me to "engage with" the various batches of human-alien hybrids so that those can learn about sex. But I would like to think that it was just a special moment between me and Malik. And Snake. And Hamish. Mmm, reptiles and the scaly men, how fantastically delicious.

Oh and by the way Snake mentioned him having some "torture devices" again. He really wants to use those torture devices "in the play". I'm all for it, so long as it doesn't kill me or overly harm me. I've told him that he can, but Hamish won't let us play together. I just love it how Snake gets turned on so badly! How literally he melts in my hands! Aww gee I want to play with Snake so bad. Who wouldn't. I will have to ask Hamish for permission. Maybe Hamish can join. Hahaa Reptilians!

As soon as I came home from school today and stepped in through my bedroom door and closed the door behind me, Snake was right here and obviously he is eager to cuddle with me again too. We didn't cuddle, because Hamish didn't let us. I observed as Hamish was explaining to Snake why he can't do it with me. It was something about me having another important purpose with the Draconians, about my eggs or such. Kind of like that "I would be wasted" or "ruined" and I am not to be "wasted" or "ruined" by this. But, I will nag and whine (like Snake whines) until he and I get to play some more. It's harmless. He just gets totally turned on by me having a tongue, me putting my fingers against my tongue, and there being red blood cells tumbling around in my body. That's all it takes and it's more sexually amazing than anything I could ever do with a human.

Rasputin the Thuban - yes!!

October 10 2012 - Last night a white Thuban came to talk to me and boy did he talk and we had a conversation! I was seeing him clearly the whole time too, rather than just given glimpses here and there as usual. He was like a Zeta Grey only he has arms like white boomerangs - he is a Thuban. (I invented the name Thuban for them.) When I asked him if he has a name, he said "Rasputin". It was "better than ET", he said. Alright, sure, fine. Rasputin it is.

Rasputin the Thuban talked to me about the procedures they are doing. They are studying my DNA, and taking samples of digested food from my stomach with the use of a thin "plastic" (i.e. not necessarily plastic) tube through my nose, and wet the tube with a mix of my own saliva. They also wanted me to eat "a cracker" so that they could then pull it up from my stomach once digested. And other stuff you will have to read about in the book because it's just too much to type here.

No Fire, Hamish. No, ONIONS!!!

October 10 2012 - It is dark in the evenings now and I really needed a tealight candle in the lantern here in the bedroom to lift my spirits. But before I lit it I assured to Hamish profusely that it won't harm him, "look, see, I lock it up in this lantern here, the fire won't get out. I'm only using it for the light. I really need it Hamish, and, I will protect you!", I said to my Dragon. I know how concerned he gets from fires! And when I light a tealight candle in the lantern he will - and has for the past more than a year I've known him - become concerned and insisted that I put it out! He acts as if there were an actual little spark of wildfire in the room. If you think about it, it makes sense how he reacts.

Hamish seems to be ok with the lantern this time, he doesn't say anything. After all, I have promised that I will protect him from the fire and that he is safe. But then, after a little while... "No, ONIONS!!" (Right now: "Yes, they smell.", says Hamish), and he had shown me his mental image of my red onion, which I chop at almost every day for my salads and soups. Hamish has said "no" to onions in the past too, but then it was "because Malik doesn't like the smell". The irony of course is that Draconians have a distinct pungent body odor, but here they don't like the smell of onions? Maybe the Draconian body odor is their own pheronomes so they don't see it as a funky smell? In which case, using pheromones, their sense of smell would be active and sensitive?

Then Malik appeared and was looking at the lit lantern and making little short nods at it with his head while listening to Hamish briefing him on the story. Malik remained calm throughout this situation. And the onions were never mentioned by Malik The Oh Great One (Of course I add a bit of dramatic to this one. It's just "Malik The Black One").

Malik I don't like black widow spiders aahh!!! And Zetas slapped me real good, and Dinosaur is really interested in my poo and Hamish likes Autumn leaves and has a new territory

October 09 2012 - Last night I begged and whined for the aliens to let me have a conscious abduction. "Please let me stay awake?" Of course they refer my requests to the Black One Malik who is in charge. This time Malik showed me himself in his reptilian form. He has a demonic appearance and a reptilian appearance and he always chooses one or the other. Hamish too has two forms that he switches between: the "real" Hamish who looks terrifying, and the "cute" Hamish who stands on two legs and looks more human so that I won't be afraid.

Malik produced a very clear mental image of a large female black widow spider, and he placed that on my arm so clearly that it looked as if it was on my arm. Almost. I got upset because who wants a hologram of a deadly spider on their arm? He said to me, to the effect of, "but, it's just an image". Then he put the image into my mouth and it was as if I had a large black widow spider in my mouth. I got hysterical and screaming at Malik and made it clear that I would hit on Malik if he were near.

Malik then said that it had been a test to see how I would react if I were to be abducted and become afraid. Would I fight them? I said that that was not fair. There was a difference. I almost wanted to cry because I really want to stay awake for an abduction, and the two scenarios are not comparable. A black widow spider on my arm or in my mouth would kill me. So obviously I would fight to save my life. Whereas I have been abducted by the aliens so many times and while they may do some uncomfortable things I have always been returned unharmed and not killed, and so I would never fight or harm the aliens if I were to get afraid during an abduction. This wasn't a fair test, it really wasn't.

Then a female Grey appeared and she slapped me from one side to the other just to be mean. I think sometimes that the Greys are only showing off for Malik, trying to act tough and impressive. The Greys have a tendency to slap me around, they just can't be nice. It's like kicking a dog, that sort of thing.

Today as I had a #2 the Dinosaur appeared shortly after (from a distance, mental transfer of image, think of it like a conference call in the telepathic world, like a Skype call in the mind) and he was just staring at my face and me in the eyes so deeply. Staring and studying my face. Meanwhile that made me get to see his face just as clearly as he saw mine. That beautiful big bulky rounded head, green frog skin with black imprint patterns, and the big "bags" under the eyes like on a sleepy person early in the morning. Oh how cute he is! I kept smiling and telling him (telepathically) how cute he was and how happy I was to see him! It was Hamish who was following me around all day while I was in school.

One of the things Hamish does when I am in school is that he literally waits for me to do a #2 so that he can tell the Dinosaur to come watch. The Dinosaur is studying my metabolism, that's all it is. The Dinosaur also watches very closely at what foods I eat. Yeah, Hamish came to school with me today. Hamish was in a good mood. He even thought of the orange flowers today, and later when I was going home Hamish had found an orange autumn leaf somewhere and he showed me a mental image of it and he was all delighted. I promised Hamish that I would pick some colored leaves for him, red, orange and yellow, and bring them home for him. I looked for some but there weren't any, it's still a bit too early for some good Autumn leaves.

Hamish responds to bright colors red, orange, and yellow. These are also the colors of him. His eyes are that bright yellow, his body is red with orange bumps. I've always suspected that him having such a distinct and very bright coloration means something to the Red Dragons. It must be a signal, serve a biological/psychological purpose. He responds to the color when he sees it in flowers and autumn leaves, so obviously - this tells about Hamish that his brain (if he has a brain?) is wired to respond with strong attention and interest, seemingly also delight, at seeing these colors. That is the same "emotional" reaction he might have to seeing another Draconian Dragon of his own race. Isn't that something? Oh how I love this beautiful creature. He is a biological entity, but so fantastic to learn more about. And I get to talk with him too. I love Hamish.

Oh!!!! Don't forget!!! So if you read from like yesterday I think it was, I had said to Hamish that I would build a bed for him on the floor at the head end of my bed (which has a space between the bed and the closet). Today when I got home from school and I stepped into this area in my room so that I could put my coat down on the laundry basket which lies there, Hamish shoved me off from there and said something like, "Do not step into my territory!" Hamish can be territorial. He has had the same behavior about the square marked in by the bathroom rug, also. But it may be as humble as the fact that if... if Hamish is there as an invisible Dragon in a higher dimension (?!??) then he doesn't want me to walk across him or step on him?!??

Oh, I wish I could ask our readers to mail in their own bright red, orange and yellow Autumn leaves for Hamish! I would LOVE IT if readers would mail leaves to me so that I could give those as gifts to Hamish!!! Oh the joy of having a Red Dragon feel joy at seeing the bright colors that are the colors of his race. I love the implications of this, to think of how then he must feel when he reacts to seeing members of his race of these colors, and how this reaction is wired to be something spontaneous. Wonderful, just delightful. Hamish.

Sshh! Hamish thinks of a prank for me to do against Malik the Black Incubus! Sshh don't tell him!

October 09 2012 - On two or possibly a few more occasions Hamish has shown me a mental image of the lantern I have in my bedroom where I lit a tealight candle about a week ago, and Hamish mischieviously shows me his mental image of the lantern and for me to put it right beside the bed next to where Malik likes to hang out under my bed at nights. Hamish is always careful when he shows me this, so that the Black One Malik doesn't know. I always try to giggle but without attracting the attention of Malik, because Malik knows when we are thinking of him. So I try not to think about it lest he'd find out, but it sure is a funny prank Hamish has thought of! Heheh, hihi!

Oh Hamish you are so full of surprises. Hamish is still haunted by thoughts of my sewing pins hurting him or getting to his eyelids or poking into his forearms. I keep having to assure him, quite sternly, that no Hamish, those needles and pins will never hurt you, I will protect you Hamish. It's been weeks since I put them away last. Hamish is afraid of pins and needles and fire on candles. Oh my poor poor Dragon Hamish.

Ouch that reminds me. When I was a teenager there was a time when two dark demonic figures would always start creeping closer to me at night. If I took a step forward, so did they. If I took a step back, they did too. And when I stopped, they stopped. There were two of them. I was afraid of course, because: when I went to lie down in bed for the night and I closed my eyes, they started walking closer toward me. And when I open my eyes I see them very near me, and when my eyes are opened they return back to the same distance they keep when I am awake. And when I close my eyes again, they will start creeping closer. What I did was to light two tealight candles in bowls and keep beside the bed all night. It kept the black monsters away.

I've found Malik under my bed some nights. He waits for me to go to sleep so that he can give me nightmares and drink my juice as I'm in anguish. Totally, not making this up! Malik the Oh So Black One Incubus. But he's cute, kind of.

Summer of 2011 I was in church for a funeral and while I sat in church before the ceremony I said a prayer for God to remove the black influence that was over me and the black monster who was following me around (Malik! Yeah!). As I got up from the church bench, the Black One pushed me so that I slid all across the church floor, in front of all the guests standing in the hall and the priest and everybody. It looked pretty bad, it looked as if someone had hit me across the floor. I knew that it was the Black Monster's punishment for me for having asked God to send him away.

Malik by the way has a fascination with churches. Every time I walk past a church, Malik gets all excited like a schoolboy who walked past a candystore. "Can we go in?", he asks. When I inquire further, turns out Malik wants us to go in so that he can show everyone that he is in charge. Not some Holy Goodness. I haven't taken Malik to a church yet, but one day I will. Then I will tell him about God, about Love, Jesus, Light, and all of that. Even read to him from a Bible.

Malik is a genuine being. The Djinn are described by Islam religion. I used to have little black figures who said they were the "Djinn". Oh well, just another day with the guys...

Human Animals at the Zeta Zoo have Sex

October 08 2012 - I think the Zetas abducted me and put me in like a zoo where they keep humans and then brought to me a naked young human man who looked to be between 19-22 years and they pushed us together and we had to have sex. I just don't think I was dreaming, especially because I was awake and because I don't dream such things and because I felt the guy (when I touched him with my hands) and he was real, and the Zetas were there. The young man had dark brown hair, just a bit long. He looked to be healthy and well.

I turned to the Zetas, and asked, "Has he grown up here with you Zetas, or did you abduct him from Earth somewhere?" They said to me that this guy had actually lived his whole life there with the Zetas. I was abruptly pushed and turned so that I would be on my belly or on knees and hands, I did not like that because as the young man was approaching me I wanted to see him and make eye-contact, but I was rudely pushed around to face the other way. I did not like that. I reached my hand behind me to feel him out, cause I wasn't allowed to look at him it seems, and I specifically recall feeling parts of his body, it was real.

But it didn't take long before I stood up and headed for the ladder that led to an upstairs ledge. This was literally like at the zoo you have like the place where spectators stand that is elevated and with a railing - that all was white - and then the "pit" below which was a wide open span with fake grass and fake trees. As I started toward the ladder, someone said something like, "Oh, just let her go". I got up to the ledge. Yep I was naked. Oh by the way! I got to meet the fabulous fantastic Orion doctor there, so yipee!!! That was the best of all best things ever. To meet with the Orion doctor. So I just started roaming around like an animal that escaped from the zoo, literally, running through hallways and trying to find my way out. Some time afterward I woke up back in my room, not happy about what had happened.

All day today the Zetas have been whispering to the hybrid children (and letting me hear, like they always do), that "I don't want to have sex with any aliens" so they had to "bring me human men". I complained to them today that I don't want to have sex with anyone. Period. It's all so gross and... I just don't want to have sex, ok? Leave me alone. Zetas are about the worst things in the universe. By the way, the zoo was indoors, even though it sort of simulated a painted sky and walls in colors. Oh well. You know, the Zetas are totally persuaded that we humans are animals. Nothing I say or do will change their firm beliefs that I as a human am AN ANIMAL. "Hush, yes.", says the Lady Zeta now about this, obviously she is listening to my thoughts. "We are no opposed to strangers here!", she says (hard to translate from my native European language she is using), she said in effect that they have no aversion to strangers, ie. strangers as in strange different peoples and creatures or such.

Oh well, I guess I'll be like the animal then. It just sucks. Real bad. Cause I'm a person. And they're not.

Sleepover with Hamish - and Hamish and Annie read some nature stories

October 08 2012 - Last night Hamish showed me his mental image of a house he had found somewhere nearby in this town I think, because it looked a bit like the houses found here. He had found the attic of the house and it had a mattress with a brown sheets and cover and pillow there. Hamish went and laid down there on the bed in someone's attic. When he rests he seats himself right down and sits on his legs, ie. I have never seen him with legs stretched out. So he looks like a cat in the Sphinx position.

I kind of wanted to have Hamish sleeping here in my room. Hamish kept thinking that he felt safe in that attic, and he showed me thoughts of how I had a tealight candle about a week ago in a lantern here in my room. That was one time, and Hamish still fears that small flame. Hamish is very bothered by candles, music, and the sewing pins for my sewing machine. He didn't feel comfortable or safe to relax here in my room because of the tealight candle I had several days ago. So I showed him the image of the lantern with the small candle, and said to him, "No, Hamish. No.", trying to make him understand that I won't have the fire again, and that he won't be hurt by it.

I suggested for Hamish that I could make a bed for him here on my floor. That way he could sleep here next to me at nights. I have seen that he has snoozed on the bathroom rug, but I think both Hamish and I agree that the rug is far too small for him. I could gather what soft bedding I have and pile them up on the floor behind the head end of my bed and make it cozy for my Dragon Hamish. Then we could have like a slumber party every night, how cool and awesome would that be? I love chatting with Hamish as I fall asleep, there is something reassuring about that, like when you were little and shared a bedroom and bunk beds with a sibling.

I even offered Hamish that he could have my bed. I could make something for myself on the floor next to him. I just want him here, but above all I want him to be comfortable.

So a few minutes ago I was reading on this Facebook page called Evolution, and Hamish got real keen on it! So I told Hamish to come closer, and I clicked on some of the images and read to him from the text. It was so cozy. I felt like when you have a family member and you are telling stories, like a parent with a child. It was lovely. Hamish took an interest, and I could see him leaning closer, and he was really thinking and contemplating about what I was saying and on the images of the various animals and things, and his breathing changed to longer exhales, he felt calm. It was just like reading storybooks to children. I will continue to do some more with Hamish. He is my beloved Dragon, I love him so!

Hamish nibbles me when I think of another man!

October 07 2012 - The other day (I think yesterday) I started daydreaming about being with a man. A human man obviously. As I was drifting into my thoughts, Hamish appears, and he nibbles on my upper arm! I resume to daydreaming, and Hamish does it again! He has done this before too. Every time I think about being with a human man, Hamish reacts by nibbling at me. I now have to figure out what his behavior means.

I like to think that Hamish is being jealous. For one, he doesn't let other Draconians such as Snake cuddle with me. Even when I asked to cuddle with Snake and was begging for it, Snake and Hamish both said that Hamish does not allow. There was a time when Hamish said to me that he and I were "married". Yet Hamish doesn't cuddle me often at all, I'd say hardly ever. He stays at a respectful distance, even though I wish he didn't. I love when Hamish comes near, and I get to feel him with my various senses - vision, touch, smell, and hearing!

But why does he nibble at my arm when I think of being with a human man? One thing is obvious, he does this to acchieve an interruption. It interrupts me and breaks me out of my daydreams. Is he acting jealous? Does he want me all to himself? The nibble is adorable and fun, Hamish has no teeth and it doesn't hurt. He kind of takes a bite into my upper arm, but not aggressively. I've seen him on two occasions get frustrated with Zeta Greys who do not obey and he will bite into them and throw them around in his mouth like a rag!

I love Hamish's niblz. I wish he would do more. It doesn't scare me. I don't always understand what Hamish means when he does things. And very often I misunderstand him. For instance when he throws me around I get happy and giggle and have fun and want more. Meanwhile Hamish had meant for it to scare me.

Ahh, aliens. But at least I have got my Hamish.

Sshh... I have a Space Dragon snoozing on the bathroom rug

October 07 2012 - Hamish is an adorable and rather odd-looking creature. He is a large and red space Dragon. He has no nose so the mouth sits directly beneath the two bulging yellow eyes. His head is proportionally very small compared to the rest of his body, and on his back sports an imposing turtleshell hump back structure with black thorns.

But sshh...! Hamish is snoozing on the bathroom mat just as we speak! I like laying here on my bed, knowing that Hamish is there on the rug. It is like all is well in the world, kind of like how a parent feels knowing that their kids are home safely for the night and in their rooms.

Hamish feels all snug and safe and cozy in the bathroom. The lights are off in there and the door is closed. He stands on his bathroom rug, of course. And a little while ago Hamish stomped his feet a little bit on the rug, feeling the softness over and over again underneath his bare Duck-feet. He was lifting one foot at a time, a little, then placing it back down on the rug, and lifting the other foot, slowly, this time, because sometimes he can get a little bit excited on the rug and stomp his feet real fast!

And as I was eating my salad dinner in the kitchen, Hamish spoke to me from over in the bathroom. "I am shedding my scales", he said. He told me about how bits of white scales fall off from his arms. He wants to know if he can "groom his scales" there on the bathroom rug. "Of course you can, Hamish my Honored!", I say, "And you can make yourself at home here and do just as if you lived here!", I say to Hamish.

I love having him here. And I tell Hamish, that "we humans shed skin too, all the time, only ours are so small we do not see them". "May I come in and help you with your grooming?", I offered. Hamish then lifts his feet, slowly, up and down on the rug where he stands in one place. "I am washing my feet", Hamish says about his behavior. "I can help you wash your feet", I say to Hamish. "Do you need help in there?", I offer to help our Hamish with his hygiene needs. I wouldn't mind brushing his shedded scales off, or even washing his feet gently with some water and then getting a fresh plush towel and dotting his Duck-footsies carefully dry on it.

He tells me he is hiding from Malik, in there. I tell Hamish that I will protect Hamish from Malik the Black One, if he appears. I would occupy and keep Malik busy, I say to Hamish. Hamish then says that he is protecting me from Malik.

I love catching glimpses of mental images of Hamish the Red One standing cozily on my bathroom rug and being all snug. He appeared maybe an hour or two ago this evening, and I welcomed him profusely, letting him know that he was welcome. It wasn't long until he snuck into the bathroom, to find his favorite resting place on his beloved bathroom rug. (Hamish I love you.)

"HAMISH!!!", I declare to myself nearly with tears in my eyes, after reading through this post about Hamish being on the bathroom rug again. "Yes", he says in my native European language, having heard me, he responds, and says Yes in his Draconian accent with just a hint of grunt purr in it, and makes me melt completely. What a privilege, to hear the word Yes in his beautiful Draconian accent, while having this beautiful Red Reptile Turtle on my bathroom rug. Hamish and me have got a very special relationship, I love him so.