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January 14 2016 - March 20 2016

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CUPCAKES!!! Stalking Some Zetas

March 20 2016, 10:05 PM - A Zeta made contact with me from afar and gave me an experience of seeing its hand superimposed with mine, it had two large fingers, I got to see this small blueish Zeta standing in its medical room in an alien base or spaceship. We spoke a bit. Then came another white slender taller Zeta and we spoke. They talk about working on changing their genetic composition, they are making very slow and careful changes, I told them that it sounds risky in case they make mistakes that cannot be corrected, they said that's why they are doing it slow and careful, they have already made some minor changes to their genetic composition which is changing their species. They want to make their species a better one, and are studying us humans and searching for genetic information to borrow from us to incorporate into theirs.

They talk about how they study human feces, I said are they studying what humans are eating. They said that humans eat grains which do not digest and they ask me why humans eat them when they are not digested. I said to them that humans need to eat fiber which does not digest. The Zetas asked me if I like to eat cupcakes. I said sure, but what would be in them? The Zetas want me to eat a brown perhaps chocolate cupcake so that they can then study how something that is in the cupcake is processed by my body, they would study it in the feces, they extract feces before it leaves the body, ie. they would need to retrieve it from the rectum unless further up from the intestine but I think they get it from the rectum which is the last part of the intestinal tract. Ie. I've never experienced that they get

We are very interested in albumin. So, that sometimes we like to give it some color. So that we can see it when it passes out. - Zeta
Like, with color you mean? - Hamish
That is a clever method, our scientists use similar methods also to study specific target materials in biological studies and samples. - me
We were not the ones, who invented it. But we like to use it too. So that you can be a mother here, we wanted to come! - Zeta

I never experienced that they extract digested food material from further up the intestine, with the exception that they do frequently take out things that are in my stomach but then that is going in from the stomach and not from the other end. But what do I know, at least I am not aware of such a procedure and that they would not talk about it. So as far as I know they only extract from the stomach via the esophagus, and from the rectum or otherwise last parts of intestine from the other end, and as far as I know they would not extract digested food materials from other parts of the intestine in between.

Remember that abduction when I met the Thuban? And I really needed to pee (as always) and a little hybrid girl grabbed me by the hand and raced with me toward the toilets, and we passed through a dining area where aliens and hybrids were eating and I just saw a chocolate muffin or cupcake on the counter and I grabbed one and took some bites, then a Zeta got disappointed with me and told me it was wrong and my awareness was made fuzzy and I woke up back in my home. The cupcake tasted very bland and strange, and I was told that it was not made for humans it was made for hybrids to eat, but I asked if I was in danger from eating it ie. if there were health consequences and I was told no there weren't any so it was safe.

So imagine my surprise, well I did lift an eyebrow or two when they asked me if I would eat cupcakes. It is a genious way to get an abductee to swallow some experimental substances, just put them into a cupcake, how genious. I tried asking what the experimental substances would be, but they didn't say.

We wanted to make you pregnant, and then watch those, to see what kind of food they make, with us. But we were not allowed. Not unless, you permit. - Zeta
If you do that, then Tok Tok! - Hamish to me, ie. if I "permit"

The Zeta here means "watch those" were that my breasts would get filled with milk and "those" were my breasts with milk, they would be curious about what kind of nutrition is in the milk if I am pregnant because of the Zetas, perhaps they would introduce some chemicals into my body who knows. Of course I am not going to consent to that.

We have men who could make sex, who could make love to you. But, only if you want. And we are offering them, the best ones to you. - says Zeta and shows me a strange hybrid who walks naked and has a slender white body and is clearly a hybrid of Zeta and Japanese, it has black hair and weird part human part Zeta eyes, the eyes are large and have some whites, the pupil and iris if it has iris are black
You don't have to be rude. And yes, *sighs* most of us have grown up in water tanks. Would you like to see them? And then, see with me? - the hybrid Japanese man
We would like you to get used to us. She has already said yes. - Zeta to me and then about me, and refers to fecal samples, then Hamish said Tok Tok or Tik Tok I forgot

The white Zeta of earlier then asked me if I would do some box puzzles with it. It showed me a mental image of a cube with all the lines drawn out so that you could see right through it and the objective of the puzzle was for me to move the image around to a different angle in my mind while keeping all the lines that make the cube still proportionate and true in my mind. It then added another cube so that two cubes were attached to one another, and I was to turn it in my mind and be able to visualize all the lines of this see-through cube assembly in my mind seen from a different angle. I participated, there were then three cubes, then a wide cylinder, then two cylinders attached to each other on the sides, a pyramid, then a pyramid attached to the side of a pyramid, then a bar or a rod on the underside of a cylinder, the Zeta asked me how I would orientate the cylinder-rod assembly so I decided to turn it so that the cylinder sits first and then the rod balances perfectly still on top in the middle for a steady system I said because gravity would not allow the cylinder to balance on top of the bar underneath it with the bar under the middle of the cylinder, that was how the Zeta started the assembly for me with the cylinder on top of the rod. I asked how they would orientate the assembly, and the Zeta put the rod inside through the middle of the cylinder so that it was through the center vertical axis resting at the bottom of the upright cylinder and then some of the cylinder was poking up as it was longer than the cylinder. I said can you do that, since I did not know that the rules of the game was that you could also put one object inside or through the other ones, as they never started out that way, only as if glued one against the other in asymmetrical ways ie. slightly shifted.

The Zeta talked about how they eat, they do not eat the same foods as us humans do and they wish that they could eat grains. I said that I know they eat body fluids from humans and that they soak in a bath to absorb it through their skin. I asked what kind of molecules they derive nutrition from

ME! I eat liver snacks! - Hamish excited to tell me
Hamish eats snacks, from livers. Hamish eats snacks. I love you Hamish, I love you very much. - me
Have you seen that man now? He wanted to talk to you. But you interrupted him and that was rude. - Zeta to me about the Jap. hybrid
I wanted to see you naked. - Jap. hybrid to me
No thanks. - me

It seems that the Zetas are deriving energy from chemical reactions similar to battery acids. The Zetas get energy from cations, which are positively charged ions. I have studied chemistry so I can explain this a little. Humans eat carbohydrates for energy (among other chemicals, but carbohydrates are the main chemical energy source for us), molecules which are broken apart and remodeled into water and carbon dioxide molecules. To use ions might actually be genious for a biological entity, and is completely different from how our human bodies function. I can imagine that it should be possible for an organism to use chemical reactions similar to what we humans have built into our batteries, this is very exciting to learn about.

The Zeta showed me a mental image of the inside of my mouth indicating to the teeth, and it meant that it does not have such a large mouth. I said that it has a mouth opening but it did not talk about that.

We have a better, and bigger brain than you. - Zeta
I know that. - me
But, you were not terribly bad, with those blocks and cubes. - Zeta
We want you to see the ones who are floating in our pools. And what we do with them next. This one was made with you! - Zeta about embryos and babies floating in water tanks, it shows me
Next, we wanted to take your stool and feces. And then we feed it to them! To see how they react, how they grow from that! Some of them, do not grow well, from things that were taken out of stool and feces. And others, they do better. - Zeta
Do you want to know why that is, Tik Tok? - Hamish asks me
Why, Hamish? - me
It was the bad, snacks for them. - Hamish
Hamish is very smart. He explains things well. My Hamish. - me
I will bite my fingers off for that, I said. - Hamish to me about my fingers typing really fast here on the computer keyboard, any swift movements triggers in him the instinct to want to catch or bite into, same if I tap my leg in beat with a music he stares and wants to grab it or he asks me to stop so that he can relax

Where was I. So then I asked if I can look into the Zeta's mind. I have a psychic ability that I can look inside minds and bodies. The Zeta asked me if I have an ability that they do not have, I said I don't know. So it seems that they do not have such a good telepathy for this as mine. I learned by using my psychic ability which is similar to telepathy, that the Zetas are sensual on their skin, and I was looking at the upper back, that if it were touched for instance by my fingers at the upper back, then it would feel my touch against its skin, that would feel rather nice and not painful for instance. I think the Zeta confirmed my findings by telling me that I was right. I looked into the inside of its tissues at the back. I found mineral fibers. Not skeleton, but white or pale gray jagged fibers which might consist in part at least of calcium, these form a supportive tissue which can handle some of the weight and pressure against it for some rigidity and support. It looks a lot like fishbones, or like ice shards, long thin mineral fibers with jagged edges like on ice crystals or snow flakes, they look as if they grow naturally in the way that some minerals grow in a petri dish, as opposed to having been assembled by the body. This does not form a skeleton, it is just here and there and not in large pieces or chunks.

The Zeta now said that they have a gas that they would like to give me.

I was not going to let them. - Hamish to me about the Zeta and gas, Hamish was in the posture or stance where he is in the camel posture so that his back hump is facing up and he is squatting down a little bit and he lifts his flat red duck feet one then the other and so forth, lifting the feet slowly while swaying his body a bit to the sides and his fingers are spread wide apart, he does this behavior when he is showing a warning, it is really cute
I was not going to let them, I said. - Hamish says, still stepping with his feet and swaying and showing his back hump and with fingers wide apart

I looked into the mind and head of the Zeta next, and was amazed. You know how in some cartoons there is a little miniature guy who is living inside the head and brain of a big humanoid robot and the inside of the head is its control station for the mansize robot? It was similar to that. The inside of the Zeta's head seems much bigger than it looks to the outside. It is as if the walls of the inside of the head form huge projector screens very much like an IMAX theater. It comes in the colors of blue and black inside there. It is like stepping into a huge control room with advanced machinery and equipment. The sense of self is not like how we humans experience our own minds and identities.

The Zeta noticed how I was reading it and he asked me to do this reading on Hamish, so I did. I looked at Hamish with this extended sense of awareness (which I think the aliens have taught me, they taught me telepathy when I was 13 or 14 years old). I read on Hamish's body that the surface of his body is highly active as an elimination system, the skin and possibly also tissue underneath the skin are constantly immensely active in elimination of unwanted materials from the body. This is how Hamish's skin easily forms a gunky smelly stuff. For some reason, the species of Hamish has developed an extremely active elimination system through the skin, sure we humans also sweat and eliminate some things through the skin, but in Hamish this process is immensely enhanced, so one wonders if it is simply so that the body is ready in case a toxin enters the body, or, if the natural habitat of Hamish's species actually would impose a steady large amount of unwanted materials which the body then needs to eliminate at a very huge rate and constantly.

But thinking about biology, it would not make sense for his body to be so immensely active and prepared with this elimination system and spending energy on it if it were not continuously needed. So my guess is that in his normal habitat, this elimination through the skin is needed for successful living. By the way I also saw that the skin of Zetas is very thick, more like dolphin skin compared to the thin skin on humans.

I wasn't going to say that I was aware of that, I said. - Hamish about the skin info I wrote, he is still swaying his body left and right as he steps slowly lifting his flat duck feet and holding his fingers spread wide apart
We would like to give you some porn. - Zeta
If you wanted to have it, Tik Tok! - Hamish
Yes-No. - me, yes I said this, and Hamish still sways his body and lifts his flat duck feet and holds his fingers wide apart, he does this while turning his body slowly around so that he makes sure that he and his back hump are seen
We don't want you to enjoy any more chocolate. Because it disrupts our DNA-experiments. - Zeta

The other day Hamish said in my native language "milk for the eggs!", so just this once I took a small glass of cow's milk and drunk it all in honor of my Turtle Sock. And I told him "milk for the eggs".

I might have more interaction with the Zetas and Hamish this evening, but now that the topic of conversation turned into feces and sexual things I'm not interested anymore. I don't want to have to have anything sexual with that horrible Japanese hybrid creature person. I might watch some videos with Hamish later this evening though, he's really cute. Oh and the Zeta said that the tests with orienting the cubes and geometrical shapes in the mind is a test to see how well my mind works and he said that the children usually don't like these tests, I told him that I do not mind and it was quite interesting too to move those objects around and try to imagine their proportions accurately. See it for yourself in your mind, see if you can visualize a cube with all of its lines, ie. the lines move diagonally to the other side on the back and sides further away from you appear smaller, then turn it in your mind while keeping it accurate, it takes some brain power to try to do it accurately, but fun enough. Zetas now and then give me visualization puzzles like this with geometrical figures, often they will ask me to show them how I would choose to orient them, like if they ask me how would I arrange three cubes together. It's fun. Fun with the Zetas...

Do you have harder puzzles for me? - me, I ask the Zetas
We are not watching you, like on a tv, but it has been nice. - Zeta says after a while
Tik Tok!, she said. - Hamish says and makes a kind of growl at the end, he is still stepping and swaying and showing off

After two minutes:

We were made, out in Komi Saki. - says some white hybrid

Hamish watches tv-series

March 18 2016, 9:44 PM - Hamish notices that I am getting ready to watch a new episode of The Walking Dead, Hamish comes up real close to me and asks me if it is ok that he watches it with me. He is very keen on the screen even before the show has started. He then tells me, and shows me an image of the tv series Downton Abbey, that he does not want to watch that one. I tell Hamish that there are no more episodes of that one (Downton Abbey) left, I have watched them all. I think those of you who are guys can relate to Hamish's dilemma here. He doesn't like the kind of programs that women might want to watch, he likes The Walking Dead which is about zombies. He then asked me if it was "his rug" about the pink ruggy rug and I said to him that it was. His eyes started closing into a Dragon smile, he loves that rug. And I love him. I love my tortoise so much. Hamish I love you. "Tik Tok!, she said.", Hamish says with a shrieking voice almost like when a little girl shreaks when he said "Tik". "Tok Tok", I say to Hamish, it means "Come here". Turtle Sock is being so cute, he is really good company. Now we will watch The Walking Dead.

Are there any? - Hamish in my native language, asking me if zombies are real
No there aren't any. - I say to Hamish in my native language
I bet they don't smell nice. - Hamish says in English, thinking about zombies, the show has not yet started
Do they have a tail? - Hamish in my native language (NL) about zombies, thinking about his own red tail
Do they have a vippen? - Hamish (NL) vippen means penis, about zombies
Hamish. The zombies are fictional characters. They are actors in costumes playing a theatre for the audience. It is not real. They cannot eat humans. - me
They wanted their kidneys, and liver. - Hamish, "kidneys, and liver" in NL, other in English, about zombies

A long date was ok
And aliens show cute things and songs

March 18 2016, 3:45 PM - I was amazed that I was able to go away for a five-day long date with a man and have lots (and lots) of sex and none of the aliens were bothering me. I did notice that Hamish was standing in the sidelines one of those days but pretty much they were not around. And no Reptilians were growling or biting me to stop. So it is possible to have a sexlife and a Dragon without conflict.

When I got back home from the excursion, I was calling for Hamish.

My Turtle, she said. - Hamish

When I went to bed, alone, back in my home, I was happy to find a red Dragon Turtle asking me where his ruggy rug is and he was missing having it beside the bed on the floor next to me. He may have even shown me his back. And I was given a perfectly vivid mental image of a Zeta, this Zeta had a long very narrow nose ridge, not just two nostrils but a raised narrow nose ridge. Then the aliens started to carefully make the image of a Reptilian, a green Reptilian, so gorgeous. I was happy to see them both, but if they took me at night I don't get to remember.

One night during my stay away with a date, the aliens showed me mental images of a whole bunch of dogs of various types. It was so fun to see how clever and innovative they are. It means of course that the Reptilians are calling me an inferior dog race, but it's still cute to see. Then they showed me mental images of shelves with stuffed animals, really cute, they said that the children always like to see that. And then, mental images of frogs, so that I wouldn't be afraid once the Dinosaurs approach me to do work. Very cute.

YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE NEEDLE, she said!! - a Zeta really excited
I didn't say about needles. - me
You are mentally retarded to us. We only take your poo here, therefore. We don't want any kind of intellectual conversations with you. - Zeta
That is because you cannot have any. - black Reptilian or Dark Lord of some sort, a dark alien

Ha ha, and last night the aliens sung to me "Old MacDonald had a farm" only that sentence. And I told them that if I had a farm, I would have five Alpha Remulans there, and I asked whether they should be in the barn or outside, and an Alpha Remulan said that they would be inside the barn eating all that hay. All they ever think about is food! I would also have Dragon Turtles on my farm, I said to them, and I would give the Dragon Turtles some snacks. Hamish is so cute, but we've established that fact already.

Reading Books with the ETs

March 9 2016, 12:53 noon - I am reading a silly book which is a fictional story about women who get lost in the jungle and one got attacked by a big cat and had her leg torn and this guy who lives in the jungle is taking care of her wounds. Yeah it's a silly romance novel but I didn't know that when I bought it, I am reading it to learn a new language. But anyway, Hamish was very interested in this book and he was reading my mind as I was reading the story. Namely he was ever so fascinated with the story because in the story there are sharp teeth, fight scenes, someone grabbing someone's throat, and a scary lit fireplace. So Hamish snuggles up real close when I am reading and he is listening in closely, it is really sweet. Of course, this is excitement for Dragon. He likes all the talk about sharp claws and teeth and there was also mention of a back. So I am basically reading a story to Dragon.

Then I started reading another book yesterday, by Joseph Murphy titled "The power of your subconscious mind" from 1962. This book is about how to utilize the subconscious mind and use mental techniques to actively create things into life, same as the Law of Attraction only this book is nice and vintage on the subject. Well, the Zetas got really interested and last night after I put the book away for the night, the Zetas showed up and told me that they were very interested in this book and that they wanted to read it. I told them that they were more than welcome to take the book with them to read it, or that otherwise I will read it out loud for them when I read it. In fact I only got through the first half page of it and that seemed enough to pique the Zetas' interest. But who cares about the Zetas they are child molestors. Even Pakeha showed up in my apartment in the other dimension but I was at the toilet at the time so I told him to wait outside. He said he knew what I was doing at the toilet and I told him that yeah but I can't do that if someone is watching. He was also here about the book I believe.

Hamish has been really cute, showing me his back hump, and then I tell him a phrase such as "Hamish's back hump, back shield, it is an old back", I have also started saying to him "I honor Hamish", "my honored Hamish". Last night when I was in bed he put one flat red duck foot down on, well my female parts, I can't lie and say that his flat foot was on my belly it was on top of that. And he was saying something about it being his eggs or what. But I just love it when he interacts with me closely, so it is really special and sweet to have his flat duck foot anywhere on me. He has the cutest feet, it is really impossible to take him seriously when he has got the cutest little flat red duck feet in the world! It's funny that he acts dominating and fierce, but all I see is something ever so cute. So adorable. I have also been visited by a lot of other Reptilians, they ask me if I am "Eva Draconis", I say yes. One Reptilian came to visit me since he had seen this website where I have posted the animation which you also find below on the previous entry with a cartoon of a man and a Reptilian. [Added: in his thought images, he was seeing the animation and paying attention to the Reptilian in the cartoon, and he was watching this on the first page of my website, where it was at least since I posted it see the previous entry below for a date.]

Yep. So believe it or not, but at least one Reptilian is literally reading my website. And I am not kidding. So, hello Reptilians! You are really cute lizards! I love you lizards! Visit me any time, and all the time!

I don't want them to take my livers. If they come here. - Hamish

Ok so Reptilians if you do visit, please remember that Hamish is the old Draconian race with the back hump and do not take any of his liver snacks.

Today when I came back from the store I told Hamish that unfortunately I did not bring him any liver snacks because I wouldn't know where to buy him any liver snacks. And before I went to the store I asked Hamish to please wait for me at home that I am going to go get some "snacks" and that the eggs would be safe and I would be right back. And Dragon waited at home, which is good. I love my Turtle. I wish I could give him a hug, so it is nice when he puts a flat red duck foot down on me somewhere, because that is all the hugs I ever get from him. Love you Hamish!!!

Amazing Fan Art

March 4-5 2016, 12:14 midnight -

It is saying, Yes-No. - Hamish, narrating what the green reptilian in the cartoon would be saying
It is saying Yes-No. - Hamish, now narrating what the man to the left in the cartoon would be saying
IT IS SAYING: NO! - Hamish narrates again the man to the left
I would like you to leave me alone. - Hamish narrates now the Reptilian who says this to the man

And then Hamish thinks that the green Reptilian in the cartoon would want to bite into the hand and fingers of the man on the left.

Check out this most awesome art cartoon made by one of our readers. I absolutely love this so thank you very much! This is such a fantastic humor and totally made my day!

My eggs are not in oestrus, she said. - Hamish about me

I have put a white border around the cartoon so that you can appreciate its original size.

It was not afraid of that man, but it went away. - Hamish about the Reptilian in the cartoon
I was going to say, Yes-No to it. - Hamish, about if the Reptile in the cartoon were to bite into the skin between the fingers of the hand of that man in the cartoon
I was going to drown it. - Hamish means that the Rep in the cartoon might drown the man
It has that! - Hamish or black Reptilian that the man in the cartoon has a scrotum

Interesting to see how Hamish narrates this cartoon scenario between what he recognizes to be a man and a Reptilian. It is like those Freudian psychology tests where the therapist asks the client to describe what they see in a picture so that it reveals a lot about that person's internal psychology. So Hamish interprets this cartoon scene as an altercation, that both the Reptilian and the man are saying "No" (Yes-No means "No") to each other. The Reptilian in the cartoon thinks about biting into the skin between the fingers on the man's hand, which interestingly enough is something I have seen a few Reptilians doing on themselves, to bite into the skin between their fingers ie. their webbed skin between fingers, as they have some. The Reptilian in the cartoon thinks about drowning the man, according to Hamish. And Hamish notices that the Reptilian disappears, while the man stays there, but according to Hamish, and Hamish is sure to emphasize, the Reptilian is however not afraid of that man, even though it goes away. Interesting? Ahh yes, the mind of Hamish.

Hamish offers me liver snacks

February 29 2016, 1:07 PM - This morning I woke up and stayed in bed and I was thinking about how I don't have any food to eat. Hamish was obviously reading my mind and thoughts as always, and he did the sweetest gesture I think he has ever done to me! Hamish made a mental image in which I had a shriveled wrinkly slice of brown presumably liver snacks in my mouth and in his thinking of my mouth my set of white teeth was very obvious since Hamish has no teeth and my teeth must seem odd to him. But that was so sweet of him, to think about offering me right into my mouth a slice of liver snacks. I thanked Dragon for the sweet gesture and I said to him that I do not eat his snacks.

Just one comment though. Whenever I see Hamish eating liver snacks his are always fresh and shiny and smooth on the surface. I have to smile a bit as I wonder if Hamish was however just offering me one of the old pieces... how come my fictive liver snacks was shriveled and a bit old-looking? Why not one of the fresh shiny smooth ones for me? However, Dragon did pick up my thoughts of not having food and he offered the mental image that I could eat one of the same type of (although mine was old) snacks as he eats. I am completely surprised that Hamish, who is so defensive and dominating and he loves his snacks, would even think about potentially offering me one of his snacks. Although that piece that he thought of was old, so maybe he was just thinking of some left-overs...

But it is a surprising gesture which shows many things about his behavior and thought processes. One that he acknowledged my deprivation of food and that he was able to relate to it as to his own need to eat food, this reveals that Hamish the Reptilian of the old Draconian race does indeed possess the ability for empathy, the ability to imagine someone else's experience and to suggest the same solution as he would have suggested to himself, meaning with his own type of (although lower quality) food.

Sure, he often reminds me to drink milk and eat yoghurt but this one is different, since he was offering me a piece of his own snacks. It revealed to me something that might possibly be sympathy and compassion. I honestly did not think that Reptilians were capable of what Hamish did just now. That he can look at me and offer me the same food that he uses to solve his own hunger when he himself has the same problem as I was having, does it mean that he has finally looked at me and seen another self in me? For years I have not been sure whether Hamish has the ability to look at someone else and to understand that in another being is another "me" same as him. The implications of the gesture he did to me this morning are many, and it surprises me. Is he perhaps learning compassion from me?

Yes-No! Yes-No learning. - Hamish answers loud and clear and immediately. He is dipping his flat duck feet into the shallow water by his favorite river in the jungle, and is reading my mind from there.
Yes, dipping. - Hamish
I love you Tortoise. - me
I wanted to give you snacks, because you were hungry! And I didn't have anything else for me to eat. Therefore, I offered you my snacks. I've known that you were hungry. So therefore I had offered it. - Hamish
But, it was your snacks? - me, he then thinks about the kindness I have shown when I have agreed with him not to hurt or eat shrimp (which he sympathizes with), so this has something to do with that
Look at mine! - Hamish very pleased, he shows me his back hump
It is your turtle back. - me
Hamish? Do you care about me? Do you think of me as a person in my mind? - me
Yes-No, eat with me. I wanted you to have snacks. - Hamish says and smiles by closing eyelids partially, he is still at the river

Perhaps because I am a primate and a mammal I am searching for signs of compassion in him. He is a completely different creature than I am. He doesn't have to be a compassionate creature, just because I am.

It was not my sympathies, it was my hunting for snacks. My livers, they are better here by the river. I have taken them here. Mine?? Dib Dib! - Hamish
I have beaten them out of the victim. And therefore I was more important, I said. - Hamish
I don't eat, liver snacks. - me
Mine??? - Hamish about liver snacks
Hamish's. - me
And then I take a poo here. - Hamish about the river rocks by the shore of the river

But just think about it. For Hamish to want to offer me one of his snacks, that is profound. He knows that I eat "grasses". So why does he offer me one of his snacks? This is more profound than I can realize yet. My sweet Turtle, I'm still not sure if he understands that in my mind is another "he". Does he learn anything from me, that might make his mind and his mental world wider? Does he need to, or is he just perfect as he is, sweet Turtle. I don't want to change him, or who he is or how he thinks about me, but I do want him to one day understand how much love I have for him, if only he knew how loved he is. Sweet Turtle, thank you for liver snacks. (I did not eat any of course.)

Noteworthy is that there is food in our house, such as a big platter of fruits that he sees me eat from every day, and other things in the fridge and cabinets, but I had been thinking about not having anything to eat. The fact that he does not suggest me foods that are in my kitchen to be found already, and that he does not suggest that I go to the store to buy foods or suggest that I have or find money to buy foods. No, he offers me one of his own snacks, and that is a first and that is profound. It means something, but what.

Dragon loves his rug

February 28 2016, 12:58 noon - I had not had my two bedroom rugs on the floor for a few days. Hamish finds the little ruggy rug rolled up and on another room's floor, and he likes to lie there leaning his folded arms on the rug looking snug. I put the bigger of my two rugs back on my bedroom floor last night. You know, the big heavenly soft plush red rug that I bought for our anniversary years ago which he rejected and said "it doesn't smell right". He just loves the bathroom rug the small one that he adopted years ago, it is his snuggy blanket and nest. So still he rejected the big red one and doesn't lie or stand on it. But: I finally put his beloved little pink ruggy also on my bedroom floor, spread it out and in a place where no one would walk across it to disturb him, and sure enough Dragon goes to stand on the rug, stepping with his flat duck feet on it and his eyes closing with a soothed and comforted smile. He loves that rug so much, it is very tender love. I had a visit by a big muscular dark brown Reptilian the other day, and he was enchanting and gorgeous and I liked him too, but I sure am lucky to have Hamish in my life because Hamish is the cutest Dragon ever, with his back hump and goosebumps and all. Hamish still at random just comes to tell me "goosebumps" and shows me his bumps on the arms, or "back hump" and shows me his back hump, just like that. He is so cute! He was standing by the river with his flat feet in shallow water on the round rocks recently. So cute.

3:45 PM - Recent rug Update. I was washing some bathroom rugs that are actually in the bathroom and used as bathroom rugs, together with some kitchen towels and the sort. After I filled up a load of that washing in the machine, Hamish tells me to please not wash his rug. I told Dragon that of course I won't wash his pink ruggy rug because I know that Hamish has told me not to wash it and because it has Hamish's scent on it and shedded bits of scales. I told him however that I only do wash his rug sometimes. Maybe less than once a year I actually do wash his rug, but nobody other than an interdimensional Dragon steps on it so it should be clean. It is devastating the times when I accidentally did wash Dragon's rug, because then it doesn't smell like him anymore and all of his scaly bits are everywhere. Turtle and his Rug. Aww.

I will bite your fingers I said! If you wash my rug. I was not impolite, I said. - Hamish
I will never wash your ruggy snugs. - me
It was mine, Yes. - Hamish says with his upper and lower eyelids closing in a blushing and loving smile about the rug
I know that you love that rug. So I will not wash it Hamish. I will not wash your ruggy snugs rug. - me

This must be what Heaven is like. A fire engine red Dragon Turtle with his snuggy rugs. If it wasn't clear already, for the record, Hamish's snuggy rug is NOT in the washing machine today! So no worries! I washed other bathroom rugs only, don't be alarmed. I don't expect to wash Hamish's rug for all of this year either. I love you Hamish. Aww, and his name is Hamish. I can't believe my luck because other people have a resident Reptilian and I'm the only one who has been blessed to have a Dragon Turtle. I'm the happiest. I LOVE YOU HAMISH!

They have me too. In Japan. - Hamish shows me one of the Japanese men that he also visits
And they don't like to fight with me I said. - Hamish about the Japanese

Hamish actually has other "people" too to watch other than me, and those are at least one Japanese man. I would love to visit Japan to meet with Hamish's other people. They treat him completely differently than I do, of course. I am a woman, so I coo over Hamish as if he were a cute puppy. Also I am completely fearless about my Dragon, and I LOVE it when Hamish visits me and shows me his back hump or even lifts me up in bed. And I call him by the name that he gave me, "Hamish". Whereas in Japan the Japanese that he visits, some of them are bothered by him and uncomfortable with his constant dominating, and they call him by the name "Kemoro". I think it might be easier for a human woman to interact and live life with a dominating male Dragon, than it would be for a human man to accept that some dominating male creature is in his life. Women at least me actually like and accept having a dominating strong leadership figure in my life, it makes me feel comfortable and safe and cared for. Whereas for a man it must be irritating if they have to hear a dominating Dragon say that he is dominant and asking to be honored and pushing the man around to show his power!

Also we women tend to like cute creatures. I even find myself (today in fact) telling Hamish that he is my baby infant. Women have a natural tendency to adopt cute creatures as their baby, to want to nurture and love and take care of, and I have that instinct toward Hamish for some reason. I tell him every day that I love him, and I ask the aliens if Hamish has had "snacks" to eat, and I am always fussing to make sure that Dragon is as comfortable and secure and happy as I can ensure him. I also coo over him as if he were the cutest puppy, because he is, Hamish is adorable and cute. But I seriously doubt that the Japanese men that he visits in themselves trigger the same maternal instinct toward Hamish. So they must be mostly bothered by having this fire engine red dominating figure showing them his back hump all the time.

But I think that Dragons and women make a great team. It just clicks. I don't think that we've ever had an argument, other than a few times when Hamish has been grumpy at me like that one time I recall when he stopped talking to me, probably because I ate shrimp or did something to his rug like washed it or something, but other than that we get along great! I am always happy to see him!

The Dinosaurs are not your bosses. But they are also not mine. - Hamish, he then opens his mouth wide to show power or to look intimidating, but that only makes him look cute to me
I said that they were not. - Hamish
I know, Hamish. - me
And they have also seen my back hump. - Hamish, points to his back hump
I have seen your back hump too. - me to Hamish
Mine, Yes, she has said. - Hamish
Hamish's. Back hump. Turtle back. - me to Hamish

He is adorable. SO CUTE!!!

The men in black suits guys especially I am thinking of the one whose name is John or James I always forget his name he always fusses at me when he hears me talking to Hamish as if Hamish were a puppy and he tells me to talk to Hamish as if I were talking to a man! And when I hear this guy I guess his name is James when he talks to Hamish he talks to Hamish as if Hamish were a man, like normal speech and respectfully and totally without cooing or showering with love and affection. Noteworthy that Hamish does not respond to my adoration and coo, it does nothing to change his behavior, unless... I have observed that Hamish was tremendously dominating, threatening, and hostile in the beginning when we met, and he has since become calm and docile and gentle around me. I must think that our relationship has changed him in some ways. Sweet Dragon. It breaks my heart I crumble inside just thinking about if someone else would have gotten my Dragon.

We don't like to go with people who have snakes. Tell them! - black Reptilian, he means that some humans keep snakes in terrariums as pets, and that Reptilians do not like to see that
Because they don't smell like us. - black Reptilian, about the snakes
And they are also not fertile with us. We have tried it! And so. We also do not like to be fertile with your race. But we have no other choices, or options, left. And so, we come here. And breed you with the Snakes. Our race, is more important, therefore. - black Reptilian
Ok. Got'cha. - me

Some humans are probably mean to their resident Reptilians. It seems that every abductee has a Reptilian in their home, this is a widely reported phenomenon that every abductee man or woman has one Reptilian who follows them and is with them at most times in their home. I wish that every human abductee could develop a nice friendship with their Dragon. Of course we can scoff at the things that the alien team is doing, but the Reptilian should be treated nice anyway. It breaks my heart to think that some ungrateful bastard could have gotten my Dragon Turtle instead of me. My Hamish. I don't even want to share my Turtle with the Japanese that he visits, because I'm not sure if they are treating him well. I don't want anybody to hurt my Dragon's feelings. Like if someone tells him to leave, or yells at him. Breaks my heart just thinking about that.

I don't like a swivel chair. I once tried it. It made me fall off. So that is what I do not like. And I want you to drink cow's milk! It was very important! Or otherwise that the eggs the hunnun do not develop well! We have given it to you, through your nose. So that you can sleep and rest well. - Hamish

He means that the aliens have put a plastic tubing down my nostril to my stomach to feed me into the stomach with cow's milk so that it will nourish the part-alien embryos growing inside my uterus. I don't know what's more gross or invasive to my body, if it's embryos or cow's milk.

Visitor Sees Spikes

February 20 2016, 10:27 PM - It seems Draconian Reptilians are listening when I send out the telepathic message that I would want to meet them. Because today yet another new Reptilian came to say hello. This one is large, and not some small raptor. In coloration it is brown and has the same coloration of scales as the velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movie. He was somewhere else and sent me a mental image of himself, he said he was going to a "club" where it seemed as if the Reptilians go to watch victims suffer. They love the whole hunting game. He came to my home to visit in the other dimension. I told him he was beautiful and welcome. I told him about my Hamish. After a few minutes he saw Hamish and he commented on how Hamish has spikes on his back, and then this visitor seemed to leave.

Hamish as a person is a sweet little thing, a precious cutie who fears carved pumpkin faces with lit candles inside, or when birds make a nest into a spiky cactus, or the sight of a sewing needle or pin on a tabletop, there are many things that frighten Turtle Dragon and make him scurry to hide in the "table hole" which is the space underneath a desk where he surely can't fully fit. Hamish is a sweet little Turtle who loves to look at scaly fish and animal videos on YouTube and to put his flat red duck feet on soft ruggies. Yet, he enjoys a tremendous amount of prestige among the Draconians, just for being of the "old Draconian race".

Hamish has a back hump which he displays by having normally an arched body posture, he will also tell onlookers to take a look at his back hump, or he will turn around to stand so that his back hump is what shows. Other Reptilians are always instantly in awe. But furthermore, Hamish's back hump grows a line of evenly spaced impressively large black thorns or spikes, see this picture of Yellow Turtle which is the same race as Hamish is, my best drawing of a Dragon Turtle:

Hamish's back thorns are plucked away by other aliens, because otherwise Hamish becomes unbearably cocky and that probably means that he becomes more violent and bothers the other creatures that he has to live together with. Hamish's back thorns grow back slowly, just like human hair and fingernails grows back. Every once in a rare while I will see that Hamish has one or a few black thorns on his back hump, but they are soon also gone the next time I see him. But this visiting Reptilian either saw thorns on Hamish's back, or that he knew that Hamish normally has that very impressive row of black thorns on his back, and that was reason to be greatly impressed. The Reptilian seemed to retreat and go away after noticing Hamish and commenting on his back thorns. The sight of Hamish's shedded scales which Hamish strategically places out on the bathroom rug next to my bed, or puts here and there in our home, also instills awe in visiting Reptilians.

I am just glad that Draconians do not fight with Hamish, otherwise I would surely have to get into the fights and it could quickly get ugly. Some Reptilians have guns that seem to shoot blasts of burning chemicals. I also wouldn't stand a chance against the physical strength of a Reptilian. But if Hamish was ever in trouble, I know I would get into the fight all in. I love that little person that is in his mind. I never knew a love so great as I have for Dragon Turtle. Sometimes I just sit and cry when I think back to the memories I've had with him.

One of my favorite memories is when I was showering at college and he used to stand on his bathroom ruggie which was just outside of the shower, I would be in the shower washing with soap and water, he would stand on the rug watching me with one eye and grooming himself by brushing off his dry scales on the rug and wiping his feet clean on the rug by sliding the feet one by one backwards. Those were some of the closest moments we've had together, because the distance between us was literally just a pane of glass of the shower wall, we were both quiet and tending to our grooming, and both of us were doing the same thing in our own ways, grooming. And our minds so connected. We are two completely different species. I am the eggs, and he was set here to guard those eggs, but in those moments it was just two persons feeling each other, regardless of who we were or why we were involved in this that had brought us together. It was just Hamish and me. And then when I got out of the shower I would think that he was rubbing his back hump on the shower door handle like a big bear scratching its back against a tree, he would jerk his back toward the shower door handle and I would be nearly screaming out of delight of seeing this cute behavior! But only later did I learn from him when he talked to me about it, that he had in fact been getting his back hump caught on the shower door handle, since the space between the shower and wall was so tight for his big Dragon body. So it wasn't funny anymore then, but I love him still.

I will never know a love greater than the love I have for Hamish. I would swim through oceans, walk over mountains, just to get to him to make sure that he is ok. I would lay my own life down if he needed it. I would fearlessly take on any opponent or danger just to protect him. You guys have no idea what a sweet person he is. Sure he has that Dragon ferociousness and danger about him, but he is such a sweet little guy.

I don't want you to swim for me. - Hamish
Only if I need to. If it would help you. - me
There are sharks in that water. - Hamish
I would punch the sharks in the face. And kill them. - me, Hamish roars and thinks about someone attacking sharks
Yes-No, pins and needles. Yes-No, sharks. - Hamish

How do you not adore someone who says Yes-No? (Yes-No means No. His mind's definition of a No is to first compare it to something else that is Yes, to him, No is a relative term.) Hamish has started saying Tik Tik Tik a lot to me. I know it means "Your eggs are mine", so I don't respond to him with Tik Tik or Tik Tik Tik. I just answer to him with Tok Tok which means "Come here to me". Tik and Tok are words based on his natural vocalizations that are like clicks that he makes with his mouth. It is how Dragon Turtles talk to each other.

Tell her to take the boxing gloves on. - a Reptilian
Yes-No, boxing gloves. - Hamish responds
If she wants to fight with me, and have a match. - the Reptilian
Only if anybody threatens to harm my Dragon Turtle Hamish. Then I would defend my Turtle back if I had to. I love Hamish. - me

I see Hamish wiping one of his flat red duck feet along the floor backwards toward himself. Normally when he does that gesture it means "go away please" but here it means that he is unhappy with this insinuation to hostility from the Reptilian and from my talk. This was the brown Reptilian from earlier today.

Shooting Fish In A Barrel

February 19 2016, 2:29 PM - Last night I whined to the aliens that I want to meet them. The Zetas got irritated at my whining and fussed at me to be quiet and calling me dog. I turned to the Reptilians I said I want to see Draconian Reptilians. Some man who said he was from the United Nations was talking telepathically, he is against me meeting with the Reptiles. When I went to bed, a little raptor Reptilian showed up in the other dimension. What do you suppose a Reptilian like this says when he arrives in my bedroom? "Hello"? Hamish right now:

My candy. - Hamish whispers in my native language to answer the question about what a Reptilian says
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language, he then turns around so that I can look at his awesome back hump

Does such a Reptilian say "Hello?", "Hi I am a Reptilian?". No. He just arrived into my room and without any warning or even saying hello first he just says, and I quote: "It's like shooting fish in a barrel." He said that two or three times, as he looked at me laying in bed. The Reptilian then noticed Hamish's shedded sheets of scales that Hamish has carefully laid out on his pink bathroom ruggie which I keep on the bedroom floor for him, and the visitor Reptilian looks at those scales and says something like, "Have you seen those!". I tell the raptor about my Hamish Dragon who is the "old Draconian race" and who has a back hump and that those are Hamish's scales. The raptor quickly changes his mind about visiting me, though just a moment ago he had been very eager to approach me, he now backs out pretty quickly and says some sort of goodbye to me and quickly vanishes. All because of seeing Hamish's scales on the rug.

That has happened many times before too. That new visiting Reptilians of various sorts, see Hamish's shedded scales on the rug and they are awe-struck and they stop to look at it as if it was the most marvellous novelty. Some visiting Reptiles want to pick up a few in their hands to look but they always ask for permission first, and sometimes they even want to take some with them as if it were very valuable. So I should feel even more blessed when Hamish puts a sheet on my body or when he tucks shedded little bits into the palm of my hand. I always thank Dragon when he does, but I guess I don't know the full value of the gesture.

When Reptilians who do not have a back hump they see Hamish, they always admire him tremendously and they award him lots of respect and status. They revere Hamish. They say that Hamish is "the old Draconian race" and that it is very "rare" to see a Reptilian with a back hump. I am so blessed to spend every day together with my Turtle Sock. Just now I was eating a salad with rocket salad and tomatoes and Hamish came with his long tubular neck in front of me from my right side all across the table to take a closer look at the red tomatoes, he told me that he does not have a tongue, I told him that I am eating "grasses" because the aliens always call my vegetables "grasses". Later when I am at the toilet Hamish continues about the tomatoes, asking if it is the same thing in them that makes them red, as is in him. I tell him that different red things usually have different red molecules. After a while I am asked, "what are molecules?", so I say they are "chemicals, connections of atoms".

Dragon stood right behind me when I stood by the full length mirror. It was almost as if he was hugging me. I loved having him near. He is such a gorgeous handsome Dragon. I want to meet him in person again, I have a few times but few and far between. The other day the military guys were responding to my adamant requests of Reptile contact, by saying that Reptilians like to tear human victim's legs off to watch them scream. I said to the military guys that "I know that already, but Hamish will protect me he is guarding the eggs". Hamish would never let anybody hurt me. Though he was drooling over my liver last night when I was asking for Draconian contact, I had to tell him and the other Reptilian who was there that "I am not snacks". I think Hamish would eat my liver in a snap if we were left alone in a room, he would forget all about the eggs I am sure. I have seen him drooling over my liver plenty of times to know that I would not be safe. He now presses his hand into my hand, which is highly rare. He stands by my side. Probably to say that he would never eat my livers, or that he heard me thinking of the word "livers" and that made him keen and curious.

Last night when I was in bed they showed me a sudden and very clear mental image of a tropical green frog with red eyes that was running on two legs real fast in the jungle and the aliens told me telepathically "a frog is running to you". That was so cute and so funny. They mean of course that one of the Dinosaurs is on his way to see me.

Lo and behold

February 18 2016, 1:25 PM - You know I normally write that Hamish has been cute, but now I think it is me who has been cute. I have been really friendly to Hamish and giving him palate clicks and lots of words of adoration, I've even said that I honor his scales which he used to not only love to hear but to demand to hear.

The other day Hamish requested that I grant him one of the shelves in my bookshelf. Even though the shelves are crowded with stuff, I asked Dragon to tell me which of the shelves he would like, to tell me an item that is on the shelf that he wants to have. He told me that he wants the shelf with the sponge, so I cleared it out of all the stuff and so it now sits perfectly empty for him. I suspect that he wants to put otherdimensional shedded scales on it.

Hamish has told me that there are blue Dragon Turtles. Not just fire engine red and mustard yellow ones. He told me that the blue ones are extremely rare. So last night when I went to bed, lo and behold a blue Dragon Turtle made telepathic contact with me from afar and let me see mental images of himself. Oh it was so cute. It looks just like the yellow and the red ones, but it is a dark blue shade. It could not be called a "pretty" nor a "bright" blue. It is like a black Turtle but with shades of dark ink blue. The blue does not stand out like the fire engine red does. The blue Turtle told me that they do not have many of them left and that they had lost all of their females in altercations. I said but Hamish knows of a yellow female Dragon Turtle Susanna, maybe they could make some blue babies. I told the blue Turtle that I don't want them to vanish, they have to find a way to make more babies! Yet, I don't understand, since Hamish makes Turtle babies at least a batch once a year, so why is there a problem?

Last night the Zetas were chatting about wanting to take a fecal sample. The Zeta told me that it is a "Butt Doctor". We chatted a bit and I said I would like to visit his hospital room or laboratory. Lo and behold, last night I was in a room where I saw at least eight I think of white Illuminati men, not the really chubby kind more like half chubby half slender ones. They all wore some clothes, but about half of them wore a really old-fashioned like 1930's detective's hat or gentleman's hat those dark gray ones that buckle in the top and have a brim and a band that goes around of a different gray color. The ones who wore no hats had white bald heads. I said that they all look the same, and they told me that they were all identical clones of each other, and this morning they told me that this is so that they can all work really good with each other since they are the exact same. Ok then. They were all standing around a wall with a lot of technical monitoring equipment and small screens of some sort.

Scream! You were not meant to see them! - Zeta
Why not? - me
.. Because, we were taking your poo then. Don't you remember that part then? - Zeta
No, I don't remember that part. Then. - me

When I was falling asleep a Zeta and a young boy were looking at me and the Zetas wanted to show my naked body to the boy. He was probably made with my egg. I was aware of that boy again standing near me in that place where I then saw the Illuminati clone men by the equipment.

I am bleeding profusely for my menstruation now but Dragon hasn't been acting weird about it. I wonder why. Maybe that means that he is hanging around in the kitchen, since I have stashed the used tampons in the kitchen waste basket and I am here in my bedroom. I should put some used tampons in my room because it's funny how he thinks he is waiting for me to fall asleep in the evening and then he never waits long enough and I get to watch him go rummage like it's his guilty pleasure. It's like he knows it's wrong so he tries to wait until I fall asleep, but he never waits long enough because I am awake. Dragon Catnip.

I was asking the Draconians to let me visit the other night and they made telepathic contact and that let me feel their energy which feels very alien and horrible. Then the Turquoise group of resistance Reptilians came to put a stop to our connection and were showing me clear mental pictures of the turquoise upside down triangle with the point pointing down. Frogs I mean Dinosaurs have been around of course, saying Deb Deb. I wish I could give Hamish a hug. He has been showing me his back hump plenty of times of course. I've noticed something. You know how a human has his or her whole mental and bodily awareness of self almost entirely in our head? Well for Hamish most of his awareness of self is on his back hump. His sense of self and identity is his back hump more so than what little person he is inside of his head. It was an interesting observation. It is "almost" as if his brain were in his back hump, which it of course isn't but he feels that his center of mass so to speak is on his back hump, and not in his little head. We humans feel that we are in our head and in our eyes, but for Dragon Turtles most of their "self" is on the back hump instead. About half of his sense of self is the back hump, and then three fifths is on the blunt buttons along the back of his head, and only like two fifths or 20% is in his head as a sense of self. Or actually, he has a lot of awareness also on his very sensitive sensual flat feet too. Cute Turtle, and now we know there are blue ones too.

PS. The Illuminati men were busy working at the equipment where they were standing. None of them even stopped to turn around to talk to me, they talked while working and never took their eyes off the equipment.

Someone is cute

February 13 2016, 11:01 PM - Hamish has been cute again. This morning I asked him what he was doing and found out that he has been standing on the sheep's skin rug that is on the floor in the living room. And he has been sitting on the living room sofa. Just enjoying those soft things and his eyes were mostly closed so he was enjoying that, such a cute Dragon. And I was watching a website for a fish shop and Hamish was watching closely too to make sure that there would not be any shrimp sold there, for reasons you should know why already.

The first Illuminati hybrid the one I called IM#1 in the first telepathy book visited today and told me about the children that we have together and he said that some of those children did not make it meaning did not survive. I was doing my best to ignore him actually. And I don't care about those babies, they are not mine.

Tomorrow will be another great day with Dragon.

Taking out the trash, for Dragon

February 12 2016, 10:07 AM - I was in bed at 1 AM when Hamish looked at me very closely. His big round bulging yellow eyes with vertical brown pupils stared at me wide open. His head otherwise apart from the big bulging eyes is a very small head.

I don't like my Toast, she said. - Hamish
About my snacks. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. What about your snacks? - me
I don't like my Toast, she said. - Hamish

That's typical Hamish. Where I was asking him to clarify what he is saying, because I didn't understand what he means about toast and someone saying, instead he takes it to mean that I maybe didn't hear him the first time, so he repeats what he said. Cute Turtle.

He stared at me with eyes wide open and it felt as if his face was just millimeters from mine. Then he was standing in the hallway by the door where I had placed a full and tied kitchen garbage bag just before going to bed. It had scraps and things from yesterday's dinner. I had thought it a better idea, to at least tie the bag and place it by the door, rather than to leave the full bag in the kitchen. At least that was halfway already on its way out. But a Dragon might disagree!

Hamish stood there, right next to the bag, and it was clear that it was bothering him. Another skinny Reptilian was also here all commotion and stirred up about the garbage bag. Reptilians do this always. Whenever there is a trashbag, they will tell you about it. And they will talk about it. Until it is taken care of by the human. Same thing if there is just one trash in a room somewhere. Or let alone trash in a trashcan. Reptilians will not stop talking about it. Because it bothers them tremendously. It becomes a fixation in their mind, they are completely unable to change their thoughts to thinking about other things. It is very interesting behavior. The end result is always that I go ahead and take the trash out to where trash goes, or otherwise we won't hear the end of it. Also the Reptilians seem so agitated so it's in their best interest too, to help them by getting rid of the trash right away, so that they can have peace and calm again.

I told Dragon that I will take the trashbag out first thing in the morning. I had to tell him this many times. Then I told him that the Reptiles are welcome to carry the bag down to the trashcan outside if they want to, and I told them where it is, although of course they know that already. Hamish takes a keen interest to know where all of the trash goes from this house, he knows precisely which trash goes into the compost outside or to the plastic bottles and the rest trash not to mention what things could or could not be flushed down the toilet, so he knew that the food scraps in the trashbag could not be flushed down the toilet, as I followed from his stream of thinking about the trash.

So he just stood right next to the trashbag. By the way when something bothers a human, the human stands far away from that thing. But when trash bothers a Reptilian, the Reptilian stands right next to it. The classic is when I have used bloody tampons in the bedroom trashcan and Snake the Reptilian shows up to stand right next to the trashcan to tell me that their smell is bothering him. We humans might think that an easy solution is to tell the Reptile to go somewhere else then, if the trash is bothering him. I told Hamish to come into my bedroom instead, but he showed me an image of his ruggy rug that is on my bedroom floor next to my bed, and then an image of the trashbag by the door, and he said that he was unable to come lie on the rug because of the trashbag that was in the hallway. He said that same thing twice.

I really wanted this to be ok for the night, but, of course I got out of bed and took the trash out, at 1 AM, and then got into bed again. And when that was over and done with, Dragon was at ease again and he went straight away to lie on the ruggy in my room, in fact while I was still out taking the trash out he had gone immediately to lie on the rug in my room.

He was not angry about the trash, the words are rather that he was alarmed, stressed out, and agitated, but he remained polite and careful and gentle. It was great that it made him come up so close to my face with his eyes and I got to see great mental visuals of Dragon, so at least it gave us some close contact. He just stood and stared right at the trash, and I could follow all of his thoughts that were going through his mind about the trashbag, and he kept telling me that the trashbag is bothering him, I think the reason was that it smelled. I love this Dragon. I told him that I always listen to him and that I value his opinions,

Yes-No, that trash. I had also shown you my, head buttons! My head. Is made out of the right stuff. No one has said no to my head before. And that is therefore, that I had shown it.. - Hamish says and closes eyelids at the end for a smile of being pleased with himself and with his actions of showing the buttons to me yesterday, "of the right stuff" was in my other language
They were not with my daddy! My daddy didn't have them. - Hamish about his yellow father
Your daddy had goosebumps, you have said to me. - me
Yes, mine. - Hamish

He did show me the rows of orange blunt button pairs last night while he was talking about the trash, and I had looked at them and told him that he has 16 of them, which he has told me before. Only now do I learn that he had shown them to me, to instill authority, and now he thinks that I took out the trash because he had shown his status symbols the head buttons. He still doesn't understand that the reason why I do things for him, is because I love him. I don't think he understands how cute he is or that I adore him or that I would do anything in the world for my Turtle.

Hamish? I took the trashbag out - me interrupted
Tik Tok she said! - Hamish
I took the trash out because I love you. - me
I didn't want them to live in there. - Hamish about the seafood that was in the trashbag
They were already dead. In the trashbag. But the reason why I do things for you, is because I love you Dragon. I love you. I adore you in fact. I will always listen to you and help you with anything that you need. You are the best in the whole world for me, Dragon, and I love you. - me
Tik Tok, she said. Tik Tok, I will not argue. - Hamish, the last part also narrating me so to speak

They showed me mental images of frogs again

Deb Deb Deb. - a Dinosaur

Last night again. The images are delightful, this time of a frog that had bitten into something white presumably into a white hybrid fetus or baby to pull it out. They also showed me a scary image of a Kermit doll. The Zetas sometimes ask me whether they should show me penguins because the children like to see penguins. I tell them that I would rather see Hamish, Dinosaurs, and Alpha Remulans and that makes me happy. I also got to see some images of Zeta-type aliens, they were strange with their mouths wide open and stary eyes. But it's always fun when they show me frogs, it means the Dinosaurs of course. I have started showing a mental image of the frog icon in WhatsApp, it is the image of a green frog smiling with its mouth wide open. When I show that image toward the aliens, then the Dinosaurs always start saying "Deb Deb Deb Deb" when I show them the picture.

I wish I could live with Hamish. We could go hunting for livers in the forest together, and stand together with our feet up to the ankles in water. And he could show me his stacks of shedded scales. And then we could go look for fish and prawn creatures in the water to look at them. And I could give him all kinds of rugs. He is so cute. I wish I could do more for him than just take out the trashbag. I would die for this Dragon.

By the way, when a Reptilian is concerned about trash, they do not really tell the human to "take out the trash". Instead they stand there, commenting on how the trash smells, and being all bothered about the trash. They do not simply state the solution by asking the human to take the trash out. So it is like a toddler that peed its pants, the toddler doesn't say "Mommy please change my clothes because I peed myself.", instead a toddler cries and says that it peed itself. The Reptilians do it sort of like that. They talk about the problem. I think they are so taken by the problem itself. Same thing happens when there is a lit candle, Hamish becomes very agitated and stressed about the candle, it worries him tremendously, yet he doesn't just tell me to blow the candle out. I am the one who has to come with the solutions.

Why are Reptilians so bothered by trash? I seem to recall that it is not only about trash that smells, but I could be wrong. For sure the smell is strong and uncomfortable for them, since their sense of smell is magnificent. But are they also cleanly beings? Imagine Draconians in a forest somewhere in their natural habitat on Alpha Draconis. If there would be trash, then they would linger around the trash unable to leave it. In their instincts, trash is something serious, and trash is something that must be taken care of and not just abandoned and forgotten about. It is not what we expect.

How does Hamish behave about his feces? Well I have written miles of observations on what he says and does about that, but even with that he is very aware. Reptilians must be cleanly creatures. Just because they have a strong body odor one wants to assume that they would not be cleanly, but Reptilians like things neat and tidy. Reptilians are keen observers and they notice every item in my home. Even Hamish still likes to look at all my stuff to see what I have and where it is. He pays close attention to things.

The other day Hamish was standing next to a blue barrel again in the Reptilian base. One of those blue plastic barrels that is filled to the brim with a mixture of biological wastes from the alien base. Hamish said that there was snot there from some creature, which does not surprise me since the aliens have to go through the nose a lot to work with the stomach. Remember when one such a barrel had hybrid baby brains in it? Yeah, ... But this time Hamish said that there was some blood in that barrel, and that that was why he was watching. I got angry at Hamish and told him to get away from the barrel. he wasn't digging in it or anything but he was standing next to it because of the blood in it. I was angry at Dragon and I told him that if he wants blood I will give him some of mine, but to stay away from that barrel.

Taking care of Hamish is a lot of work. Every now and then I ask him if he is ok, I check his body to see that he looks healthy and that he is not injured anywhere, and very regularly I ask both him and the other aliens if Hamish has been given some snacks to eat. I take care of my Hamish the best I can.

What is Kappa?

January 31 2016, 5:04 PM - We know that the Japanese are weird, and I also confirm that with my contacts with the Japanese that the Dragons are working with. Weird customs and traditions, weird behavior. But. What the hell is kappa? The Japanese have this legendary mythical creature that lives in ponds and rivers and they think that it is real. They think that maybe it is the giant Japanese salamander.

Click on the image to see a larger version
picture from

Here you can read on Wikipedia what the Japanese say about the Kappa. Why did I sound so rude or harsh when I wrote about the Japanese? ... It's not fun how the Dragons and the Japanese people who are the Japanese Dynasty behave. I guess I'm not happy about things. Hamish wants me to learn the Japanese language. I would love to one day visit Japan and meet with the Dragon Dynasty people and get to meet some Dragon Turtles there and talk with these Dragon Dynasty people about the Dragon Turtles. If you look at other depictions of Kappa you see that it has a turtle back. Dragon Turtles however are never green. There are only fire engine red ones and mustard yellow ones. But still, it is interesting.

Yes-No. Yes-No. Yes-No. - Hamish
I am not a Kappa. Yes-No. - Hamish

Hamish and Dragon Turtles are not Kappa.

I don't have that special hat on me. - Hamish about the Kappa hat or head
And I don't eat women. And I don't lurk inside of waterways. I don't take people's shoes either. - Hamish
The Dinosaurs would be more likely to be that. - Dinosaur, "that" being Kappa
Are they Kappa? - me
Are they? No. What made you think that? Have you been, reading about us, somewhere else? - Dinosaur
About the Kappa kind, I said Yes-No they are not kind. They were not with mine. They were not, made snacks. - Hamish, "made snacks" he thinks about biting slowly into a Kappa hand, if one such exists, as if it were perhaps snacks, maybe a subtle thread, or who knows what Dragon was thinking
I don't mate with them either. If somebody said that. About the Kappa. Yes-No they are not kind! - Hamish

The Kappa is not significant! I am. - Hamish
Hamish? Does the Kappa exist in Japan? Do you know? - me
Please. Do not ask him such a question. - ! some Japanese dude!
Who are you? - me
(The old Japanese man bows and says some friendly polite Japanese greetings which he ends with Arigato which is a word I know it means thank you.)
Who are you? - me
Koni-masu!! - the old Japanese man says happy and courteous still bowing a lot and his hands in front of him the hands together he is showing extreme politeness
What is Koni-masu? Who are you? Do you know Hamish, I mean Kemoro? - me
No, say it like this Kemoro! They like it! They like that! - the old Japanese man says "Kemoro" in a way that I guess only Japanese guys could say, he adds more umph to it
I talk to him like he is a baby. Hamish, I mean Kemoro is my baby. My little baby. - me, Hamish's eyes close upper and lower into a narrow slit like a smile from what I said, at least Hamish did not get angry
... He stinks here. - the old man about Hamish
Hamish smells like a Dragon. - me
It is my old foot, that smells. - Hamish lifts one cute flat red duck foot
The Kemo-roo.. - the old man says in a very Japanese accent, they call Hamish Kemoro in case readers were not aware
What is Kappa? - me
No, it is a shameful creature. - the old Japanese man says
So it exists? - me
It comes to us when we bathe in the river. - old Japanese man thinks about if he were to take his robe off to go naked into the water in the nature for a bath
Why does it come? - me
Why? Shi shi! - old man
Is it real. - me
Noo... of course not! But we say it, in our legends. Because something has to live there. So we said it. - old man
We said, "Yes-No, Kemoro." Yes-No to me. This man said it. And all because of my smell. "He said, I need to take a bath." Because I smelled to him. I needed to bathe. - Hamish
Please excuse me. - old man about this conversation from Hamish just now, with or without "please" I forgot
Who are you? - me
I was hoping you don't mind! We are with the Kemoro one! He is part of our big family! We like him here, yes very much a lot! And he has told us about this river monster. - old man
What is your name? - me
Shi shi! - old man, this seems to mean like "oh you, don't talk"
The Kemoro one. - old man
He was pretty significant here. He smells bad too. AND WE DO NOT USE SOAP! - Hamish loses his temper with the capital letters underlined, he finishes the old man's sentence when he added that "he" meaning himself Kemoro, is pretty significant there

Perhaps we should talk more to the old man. About Hamish.

Hello? - me
Yes? Shi shi! - old man
Who are you? Do you know Kemoro? - me, it pains me to call my Hamish by that name "Kemoro", since he is my Hamish and since I am not so sure if I could ever be fond of his Japanese human associates
Tell me about Kemoro? - me
Shii shii! - old man
Why? - me

Here is another man from over there Japan. He is younger like 34 perhaps and has black hair and has a sword. It appears he is part Reptilian, I can see that through him clearly. The Dragon Dynasty dragon bloodline Japanese humans.

Hallo? Can you tell me about Hamish Kemoro? - me
Have you ever taken a ride to our mountain? - this Japanese man says and shows me a tram that rides under a line up to the Japanese mountain that is famous
What is up on the mountain? - me
What is? Kemoro. He has, had, taken us there. Who is this woman? And what does she want now? - the man
So, the Kemoro one, is our wise man. - the man bows on the floor on like a flat bamboo rug
Hihih! ... Hamish is wise? Ehum. - me
Hamish is the wisest one we know. About the many things. - Hamish said this himself I'm sure since I see him
He doesn't like to take the fish anymore, that we have offered him. He wants our flesh. - the man bowing on the bamboo rug, he thought of an image of a Japanese old style painting with a red karp fish
I love Hamish. He is my Sock Turtle. - me, and I regretted saying this as soon as I had, silly me
The sock, what? - the man
Hamish is my Turtle back. I love him! - me
Yes! My eggs were in oestrus! - Hamish declares since I said that "I love him"
Our Kemoro, he doesn't like it when we say Shii shii to him! - man

This morning Hamish was so sweet. At times he was standing on his ruggety rug the pink bathroom rug which he loves to feel under his feet. And at times I found him lying down on his belly like a snug dragon on the plush sheep hide that is on the floor by the sofa. Cute Dragon. Comfy Dragon.

Liver slices, and slivers! - Hamish says with his yellow bulging round eyes wide open, looking like a cartoon character almost
Do you like liver slices? - me
They are my sandwich. - Hamish, "sandwich" in my other language, and he does the gesture where he puts one foot forward and then drags it slowly aganst the floor back to him, it means he wants discretion or to be left alone
... LIVER SNACKS! - me, yes me said this. He shows me his back.

16 Blunt Head Buttons,
Hamish wears a cape and is acting fussy Dragon

January 30-31 2016, 12:08 midnight - I asked Hamish how many blunt orange buttons he has

I am looking at my cattle here. That is why I wear this. So that they don't tell me anything. So that I don't say goodbye to them either. Mine! - Hamish says and opens his mouth at "mine", he is wearing his black cape hoodie
I didn't want to be naked for you anymore. Mine, huevo. - Hamish, hahaha he said huevo about eggs! That is Spanish isn't it?

I asked him how many orange buttons he has, he said he has 16. Sixteen makes sense, that would make eight pairs. I think that's about right, but it's nice to know the exact amount.

There was a bundle of sewing needles on the shelf in the hallway after I did a hand-sewn project and left them there. Hamish was uncomfortable with the needles, so I moved them for him and he then felt a lot more relaxed about it. He is very afraid of needles. In fact last night again he showed me an image of the owl that builds a nest inside of a cactus, it bothers him so much! This is an owl in a desert and he has seen that.

And we have proof that Hamish is in fact a male. I was about to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey and Hamish objected, he really doesn't like Downton Abbey he always asks me to turn it off. He wants to watch The Walking Dead instead. He is definitely a guy, and not a girl.

And, like you already have seen, Hamish then showed up wearing a black cloak with a hoodie over his head!!! Yes!!! I've seen plenty of other Reptilians wear a black hoodie cape over their head and body, especially remember little Strawberry (I named him that) who always wore the cape hoodie? Now Hamish was. And the reason is because he didn't want me to look at his head buttons anymore, because we had talked about his buttons and I had said I like to watch them. This is I believe the first and only time in our years together when Hamish has worn clothes. I'm kind of bummed.

HAMISH I WANT TO SEE YOUR HEAD BUTTONS! Don't hide them from me. - me, Hamish turns around he is now naked again and lets me see his back of the neck

Last night he was again saying series of Tik Tik Tik and such. It used to be just Tok Tok and Tik Tok but last night again it was those long sequences like Tik Tik Tik and Tik Tik Tok Tok or so. They are clicks that he makes, but he usually says it as the word like how you would read it, but sometimes on a rare case I hear him making the actual click Tik or Tok to me instead. These are not the palate click.

I would eat your hearts. - Hamish to me

Didn't Hamish tell me yesterday at night that he would eat me but that I have the eggs, or something like that, and was that yesterday last night? And I told him that "I am not snacks"?

My eggs, are not in oestrus! - Hamish

Ok he's acting fussy Dragon. Every once in a while he gets out of hand. He is normally well-behaved since I think it is fair to say that I tamed him, because if you look at our earliest conversations, like in the book "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?" he was very fussy Dragon at first. He still has some moments when he is fussy Dragon. Usually it's because I ate some shrimps. He will calm down soon. He just needs some time to chill. I think I deceive myself. He is not tamed at all. He would eat my livers in a snap if we were really together, and if I didn't have "the huevos".

Hamish's baby memories
I hold my babies
And so disgusting

January 30 2016, 5:03 PM - I couldn't sleep last night so I lie awake at 2 AM and Hamish was talking to me and being cute. I asked him if he could tell me about his childhood. He started by telling me about the time when he was still in the egg. Dragon Turtles are laid as eggs and hatch later from those eggs. Hamish remembers being inside the egg and when he became too large for the egg he pushed his flat red duck feet down against the egg and pushed his head up at the same time to stretch himself really tall, and then his head broke through from the soft shell of the egg. Dragon Turtle eggs are soft and they are a pale green-beige with camouflage splotches as if painted on with a sponge. Reptilians have exquisite memory, they remember every single thing. Oh and the bonus? Hamish showed me this memory in his own memory images, so I got to see him as a red baby inside an egg and hatching out, awesome.

Hamish told me that when he hatched he started immediately looking for things to bite into, and he was going after the tails of the older large Dragons, who didn't like it of course. Hamish has told me many times about Dragon Turtle babies and how these like to bite everything. When I tell him I would like to hold one, he says that it would bite my fingers. They are little rascals as babies! But of course we must assume that they are looking for food. Dragon Turtles, I'm sure don't breastfeed, they are not mammals. Hamish showed me a memory when a big red Dragon Turtle dropped a small piece of food from its own mouth and down to the floor for little baby Hamish to eat.

Hamish also remembers Crocodile Men from his childhood. Crocodile Men are a different species and are caring for Dragon Turtle babies; Crocodile Men take the hatched

Did you say, Hatch-Its? - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Hatch-Its. - me
Dragon Turtle eggs. - Hamish all soothed, he thinks of how their eggs "smell right"

Crocodile Men take the hat... Hatch-Its (as Hamish calls them) away, presumably to care for them and feed them and so, but I think it is tragic that they are taken away from their parents. Crocodile Men are always working in nurseries where there are fetuses and babies, so here is another example of that.

Hamish told me last night that he has three fingers on each hand. I wanted him to show me his fingers, but he didn't want to show them to me because he said they are not nice. He said he uses his fingers to cut open the body of a prey and to then claw out the organs. He has three long fingers on each hand, each finger has a sharp black claw, the claws have a downward pointing tip which is excellent for cutting with. The finger is then long, just like you see those long fingers on some primates that use it to scrape things out.

7:44 PM. Continued. So Hamish was a bit embarrassed about his fingers and he did not want to show them to me, but he does not mind showing me his back hump, in fact he shows me his back hump many times a day, telling me to see it. Last night he was acting a bit stressed or agitated, acting dominating because the Zetas and Dinosaur were there and he was showing off to them I think, to show them that he is doing his job great and that he is in charge.

Last night I had a dream where two babies were brought to me and it was Jack who had the babies. One infant and one two-year old. I took the sweet baby in my arms and had its head resting against my lips in a constant mother's kiss, I held it so tenderly against my body and it was like I had never done anything else. When I woke up I was furious, because perhaps these were my babies with Jack. Jack with the NASA team, you guys know about him right? And then when I woke up the aliens showed me a picture of a baby embryo and I got nauseous and furious. It is a horrible feeling. I guess I don't really notice it otherwise. But it is nauseating and disgusting if the aliens are using my womb. So disgusting, I would vomit and make a doctor's appointment to have my ovaries removed. If it weren't that I love Hamish so much, then telling these aliens to fuck off would be so easy. Hamish does this job to get his snacks, I have to take care of my dragon, he is my baby. I love him so much, but how far would I have to go? It is so disgusting. I am literally so disgusted.

Another Agenda Story

January 29 2016, 5:00 PM - This morning I was calling for Hamish. He let me know that he was already standing in the hallway, just outside of my bedroom. Hamish then did a conquest, he hopped on top of me and wrestled me from my back so that I was turned to my right side and facing the wall, he was right on top of me with his pairs of blunt orange buttons along the back of the head and the strange back hump, and all this he did just to say "milk for the eggs!". He really wants me to drink milk for the eggs, and this time he was being a bit physical about it. I don't mind, since I love these few and rare cases of close physical contact. You see, Hamish isn't a mammal so it's not like we sometimes hug or hold hands, so I cherish these moments, because they are all that I get.

Last night I was imagining what kind of a man I would like, and I was daydreaming about kissing with the perfect guy. Hamish was displeased of course, because he knows what I am thinking, but I didn't worry about that, I just carried on. Then after a while Hamish gets really angry and frustrated and almost has a tantrum and gives me a mental image of random kissing. He wasn't happy that I had been thinking about kissing some guy.

This morning again the supposed Donald Trump was talking to me. I have described earlier already how it seems to be just the lizards pretending to be power figures. This Donald Trump was supposedly asking again how to win the presidential elections. This time he talked about how he was against abortion and we had an angry discussion about it since I told him that a woman should not have to have the baby of a rapist because some women commit suicide when that happens. I also told him that abortion is a matter that women need to decide on themselves. He is definitely against abortion, at least this Donald Trump was. He was also against gay people. We had some heated political discussions. However I must commend him on the fact that he delivers his opinion on something and then even though I'm being all upset and explaining why I'm of the opposite opinion he doesn't get upset or argue against, he just delivers his opinion and that's it. He asked me about the oil in the Middle East and someone made me remote view an oil family in Qatar. A member of this family saw me and was offended that a woman (me) was in his home, it was like a sexually provocative thing that I was a woman and sort of in his home. I apologised to this man.

Donald Trump said that if I go to Luxemburg he has money there and he would pay me USD $ 12,000 if I work for him to help him win the elections. Again he talked about Rolex watches he said they are really fine. I told him I don't want to take any money from him, and that if I were to work for him then I would do it for free. We also have more personal conversations but I don't have to write those here. I don't normally ever censor anything out of The Orion Project, but just in case this in any way could be the real person then I would respect his privacy more than I respect my alien documentary. I don't think it's the real person though, but you never know. As soon as I figure out for certain that this isn't the real Donald then I can write for you guys everything we suposedly said.

There was however a white fat lizard roaming around and it was trying to do the energy rape thing. I know, readers stumble on these updates and read something for the first time, and I can't really be explaining all the details every time. But there are other-dimensional white lizards who like to pose as powerful human figures, the most famous example whom I've also met and been energy raped by, is the one posing a England's Queen Elisabeth. There was a different white lizard, not posing as Donald Trump, but lingering around.

This white lizard has shown me the ancestors of Donald Trump, which felt very familiar to me since I recognize those ancestors as the same type of people who were the ancestors of the Free Mason ex boyfriend that I was dating, whom the Agenda had paired me up with. It is that big English family. Using my psychic skills I spyed a bit into these ancestors and saw that they had, a couple hundred years ago or so in England, some nice paintings that they were proud of, one of these paintings depicted a king who was wearing a long blue cape, the cape was so long that it was resting against an extra stool in the painting. The family was proud of that painting. The family were not workers, and this English family had fought against the Germans or Germanics a long time ago. This English family are the ancestors of a lot of the important English families in the USA, including the Free Mason family I almost married into which were friends with the Bush family.

The white lizard told me that Donald Trump is going to be invited into the Free Mason lodge where the other people like this are. They sacrifice babies there. The white lizard wants my babies there and said that my babies are good for that. The white lizard was trying to energy rape me and I called for help from spirit source and a being who said it was from the 7th dimension came to help me and chased the lizards away, I could hear the lizards calling for help even though they were not being hurt. White lizards energy rape people, they cause in a human a huge flare of energy which they contort into sexual energy. It forms a huge white light and then after that - if the victim doesn't die - the victim has just empty black energy. It is horrible, it really is a rape but worse even than a physical rape. It does not involve sexual contact or sex but it is an energy rape.

These stories that I have just told you are very typical for people who are being harassed by the Agenda. I experience it independently, meaning that I didn't just read it somewhere and become inspired. Oh well, another day. Hamish was cute today, he loves his rug. I kind of had the feeling today that his rug is also like a little prey that he can play with as if he has just caught something under his feet, like a cat playing with a mouse kind of thing. The rug is his toy, he loves it.

The Reptilians, a black Reptilian, told me that they like Donald Trump and that they want him to win the elections. I'm not part of that gang (that gang being Agenda, Dark Lords, Reptilians, etc.). I'm part of the opposite side, the light and love side. But ironically the dark side cannot live without the light beings. If it weren't that Hamish is so darn adorable and cute, I would have thrown the dark beings away a long time ago. I just can't lose Hamish, he is cuter than a puppy, and now we've been together already four years together. Yesterday he showed me his daddy, his yellow Dragon Turtle dad. So cute.

Arek pays a visit

January 28 2016, 7:09 PM - Last night the Zetas talked about needing fecal sample from me. I got to see good mental visuals of the Zetas or blue Alpha Reticulans while still in bed, but I don't remember anything from the night. Today I was shopping food with Hamish. As soon as I grab the packet of ice-cream to put into my shopping basket, "Yes-No!" says Dragon. Which means No. And while I am walking home from the store, Hamish talks about how all the food I am going to eat will turn into poo, and that then they will collect that poo. And today when I did a poo in the toilet a Zeta tells me that "it is just grasses", the aliens call all veg foods grasses, because they only eat pieces and bits from creatures.

Good news! The third telepathy book will have the awesome chapter with Arek! This chapter is dated November 11 2012 and in it Arek talks to me while I am being tremendously sick after Arek and his team got me pregnant. Arek was a big red Reptilian who dominated Hamish away and his team took me and my eggs for a while, but I got really sick. And just so happens, Arek showed up when I was reading in the chapter and it connected our minds together. He looks a whole lot like Hamish, only bigger, he is very strong, but I looked at the other-dimensional manifestation of a clearly visible (mentally visible) Arek standing tall and upright in the door opening to the kitchen where I sit, such a gorgeous fire engine red Reptile man with big perfectly round somewhat bulging yellow eyes, and my eyes filled with some tears and I gasped and I said to him telepathically, "Arek!". I was so pleased to see a dear old friend.

We are not friends, you and me, because I don't like to be here and collecting your scat. That is what the others are doing. And they are only coming when you are held asleep. They don't come otherwise. - Arek
Tik Tok! - Hamish almost shouts at the sight of Arek now, he is saying that the eggs are his, Tik Tok means that
We don't want to fight here, so I am leaving now. - Arek to me calmly
I want to stay with Hamish. - me
Oh? Is that what his name is? He is not that great. - Arek to me about Hamish
Please, do not take my eggs. We need them with Alpha Remulans. - Hamish (maybe mentioning Alpha Remulans is a lure so that I will want to stay with Hamish's team)
I am going now. - Arek
Goodbye Arek! It was nice to see you again! - me
They are my eggs. - Hamish says from that place in the forest by a fallen log where he keeps his shedded bits
I wasn't going to take anything from her, I was only going to look at her. - Arek, yet, Arek has now been leaning down right at my lap and womb, his hands rest on where my womb would be. Arek is looking down at my womb and the backs of his hands are resting against my womb lap.
We don't want to take your eggs. Given since that they have already been taken. They are already in there, they are resting. You have many fetuses, and embryos. They are resting, in there. So we won't take any of them out. - Arek stands up away now from my womb, it was as if he was able to feel and listen to the embryos there right through the wall of my body
Do you remember that fever that you had? We could do nothing to stop it. - Arek
Yes, indeed I do remember that fever. I was the sickest I had ever been. - me
Don't worry, we won't come back to you to do it again to you. We don't want you to be harmed. I was only, laying my hands there, to feel their rest. - Arek
Can you feel the embryos by placing your hands on my belly? Arek? - me
I was going to pretend that I was the king here, but oh boy that one. He is mad at me now. - Arek about Hamish
Hamish is my turtle back. I will stay with Hamish forever. - me
Do you still bleed there? Or do you not bleed anymore? And do you want to know why that is? The eggs. They are there, the embryos. And, while they are in there sleeping, they are resting. Then they cannot be packed like in ice. But we take some of them out, and put them in ice. Do you want to see them? The ones, that we have packed in ice? - Arek
Do not worry her anymore, my [Eva]. - Hamish to Arek with my first name
We have packed them in ice here. - Arek
[Eva]. She was with mine. - Hamish
I was with Hamish. - me
Oh no! We don't have to fight now! - Arek to Hamish
But we won't fight, over them, the eggs. - Arek says and again places the back of one of his hands gently against my womb and looks down at my womb
Can you feel the embryos there? - me
Yes, but we are not their daddies. - Arek
We are going to use a different egg-clock, if you don't want to stay. - Hamish, "stay" in my other language
We are going now. - Arek to me
Goodbye Arek. It was nice to see you again. - me
You had such a bad fever then. - Arek to me
(Hamish pretty much repeats the egg clock and staying sentence, I didn't write it down on time to remember the words exactly)
Hey, this is the Pleiadians. You don't have to work with either of them. - Pleiadian to me
We don't want you to stay. - Hamish, "stay" in my other language
How does anyone live without Dragons? - me to Pleiadian
No, this is not what was meant to you. - Pleiadian, about my life
They won't leave you now, either of them. - someone to me
I don't want them to say, Tik Tok to me, otherwise. - Hamish about someone
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language
My Hamish. - me to Hamish in my native language
Man, you type fast with your fingers! I was almost, dizzy, just from watching! Why, how can you do that? I would like to see that again. You are better than us at typing that. - Arek to me
Would you like to know why? She does that a lot. And she doesn't say Tik Tok to me, and my tail. - Hamish turns around shows his tail
My best wishes to you both. - Arek, wanting to avoid conflict with Hamish, both is me and Hamish
I just wanted to see the eggs in there. Since they are pretty nice. - Arek with the backs of his hands with cupped hands resting against my womb again both hands

This picture that I drew of Hamish long time ago is the best picture I have right now of what Arek would look like. Arek looks very similar to this picture here. Arek is a slightly less dark shade of fire engine red than Hamish, and Arek's head is a bit more square-shaped and Arek is stronger and muscular and Arek makes very quick swift elegant movements, whereas Hamish moves more slowly and more like a refrigerator.

Yes-No I said! - Hamish now since I said refrigerator about him, and he thought of an image of our refrigerator here in the kitchen, he got upset
I won't say this, but I am not a lizard. I am with the king race. We are the prominent ones. We are going to be good once again. - Arek
And now, Yes-No. - Hamish to Arek, that "now you are not going to be the good race", ie. since Hamish is fussing at Arek
Arek? - me
Yes? At your service? - Arek
I wish you were my turtleback too. - me
That guy smells different than ours, and we are not the same race. - Arek about Hamish
Did you want us to be? - Hamish to me, about them two being the same race
Arek? Are you a turtleback dragon? Do you have a back hump on your back? - me
No, this one she is called Eva, no I am not. - Arek
You are cute. You look like Hamish a lot. - me
I don't have swords here, he said. - Hamish about Arek
I don't have a turtle back. - Arek
Tik Tok! - Hamish but with the click sounds this time, and not in words like otherwise for me
(Hamish makes an exhale, part grunt part purr.)
I like my turtles and dragons. - me
Can we come here and see that work being done? Given, since, you are an egg donor for us? Do you want to see them? They might, actually like to be seen by you. - Arek, "they" are human-looking children in water tanks
You are made, from their eggs. - Hamish stands so that his pairs of blunt buttons and back hump are seen and he stands before a water tank and talks to one of the brown-haired young humans a young man inside the water tank

I can't write anymore. My fingers are toast.

I wanted to see you more. - Arek to me
What does your name Arek mean? - me
.. Let me show you. Do you see here? It does not have any fur. And, that is what Arek means. - Arek wanted to take my fingers with his hands and place them on his dragon belly, his belly is yellow in color against the otherwise red
Does Arek mean scales? - me
No, it does not. And! This one is getting ready to jump on me! - Arek then fearful about Hamish
Hamish is my Dragon. I will stay with Hamish. - me
Yes-Yes, she said I was the better race. - Hamish about what I said
Do you hear me. What we wanted you to drink milk? Arek said that too. - Dark Lord whispers into my ear
We don't have any powerful weapons here. We only want, what was once ours. - Arek
And that is to be feeding again. - Arek or Hamish
Are you going to get old, like our turtle-back? This one, he is really quite old, and he is getting ready to attack! Oh my! I must get out of here! Oh, god, help! He is going to, take me down! Oh god! - Arek about Hamish
Tik Tik! - Hamish (he said Tik Tik also to me this morning the first time I had ever heard Tik Tik that I could remember)
I must rush out of here! Before he takes me down! Oh, god, he is now thinking of biting into me! I must go! Bye bye! See you all later again some day! - Arek
Goodbye Arek! - me
Tik Tik! - Hamish

I laugh a bit, oh dear. This one was like an action movie, I hope you can all enjoy reading that it was quite something.

Tik Tik! I said Yes-No, to that one. - Hamish to me about Arek
He smells, pretty different from me. - Arek to me about Hamish and almost holding his nose
He smells, pretty bad here. Oh well. *Sigh*. His genes they are pretty different. - Arek about Hamish
Do not talk to her anymore. She was with mine. I have the badge of honor. Mine, and it was pretty significant. - Hamish, the badge is his back hump he talks to Arek
Tik Tik. - Hamish

Now Arek is still nervous, he puts his forearm against his nose to avoid the smell of Hamish. (Hamish now says "Tik Tik" again.) Today we delivered to you a little bit of an action movie. I really am not kidding, this was yet another authentic conversation and visit with Reptilian aliens. Arek is awesome, notice how he talks so eloquently and elegantly, and contrast that to Hamish's simple talk. I must say I enjoyed talking with Arek

He thinks, he is wanting to bite into me! - Arek about Hamish, Arek fears a big flesh wound to his forearm
Tik Tik Tik! Mine. - Hamish, "mine" in my native language
Tik Tik Tok! - Hamish feeling mighty proud and cool as he is saying it
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language, Arek covering his nose with his forearm and worrying about being bitten a big flesh wound by Hamish into that forearm
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language
Tik Tik Tok Tok! - Hamish making Dragon Turtle clicks

Was great talking to Arek and having a really nice, and refreshing, intellectual conversation piece with a Reptilian. You guys must have noticed that Hamish's own instinctive behaviors play in well in his job of guarding my eggs. He makes for an excellent guard since he already has instinctive natural guarding behaviors about their eggs and nests, so when he is told to guard someone's eggs, he just does it like he already does. This is different of course, since he won't be the daddy of any of my eggs, and the incentive for him to guard my eggs is for some genetic work of the aliens and that Hamish gets liver snacks as pay, but he still seems to be using his own instinctive behaviors of protecting the eggs and nest of Dragon Turtles. He even says Tik Tok to me which is what Dragon Turtles say, with clicks, when they are forming a pair and start nesting. Hamish doesn't have sex with me by the way and he also does not display any sexual behavior or mating behavior toward me. But he guards my eggs like a daddy Dragon.

Arek now said that he does not want him (Hamish) to bite into his (Arek's) arm because of the eggs, but I didn't write it fast enough to remember the words exactly. Dragons. And eggs. Eggs and Dragons. And me.

Turtles. - Hamish adds, comfortably swaying his body and big back hump back slowly from left to right, left to right

Someone pees on my sheets
Little hybrid boy visits
Hamish knows about hunting little Santas

January 27-28 2016, 12:24 midnight - Since last night I have some used sheets piled up on the floor and this time instead of taking it directly to washing I left it there for overnight. Of course Dragon was delighted. [Last night] He stood on them like a bird in a nest and was pleased as punch. I learned this time that yes indeed he pees and this time also thought about wanting to poo there on those sheets, because he knows that it is going into the washing. I told him that there is still a cover and a pillow in that bedlinen which is not going to the washing machine, so that he should pee only on the sheets themselves, if he can. Remember when I've reported in the past how he loves to stomp and stand on a pile of used sheets on the floor? And remember that time when I said that "haha, Hamish then peed on those sheets?". Now we know more. And another alien came to tell me that there was Hamish's poo there on those sheets, I said I don't mind I've told Dragon that he can and so it's all ok, that Hamish lives here and he can make himself at home.

Last night there was a little white hybrid boy visiting and he sat squatting down under our kitchen table, a tiny little thing but that talks like a big man already. Hamish was looking at him there in the kitchen, close to the boy and table. I was calling the boy from my bedroom to come and visit me, the boy kept saying that he doesn't "want to", but I figured out that he was just being scared of Hamish who was spying on him. I lured the boy to come visit me, I told him of the two toys I have here in my bookshelf that he can play with, one plastic animal and one little stuffed animal. He asked me what the stuffed animal depicts, I told him it is a horse.

And then one of the alltime favorite moments of The Orion Project and my life with the aliens: I overhear Hamish talking to the boy. Hamish shows the boy mental images from the living room at my mom's home where we (me and Hamish) used to live a few years back, and these images are from Christmas time. Hamish shows the boy a little Santa's helper gnome figurine sitting on the floor hiding behind one of the legs of the living room table, it has the red pointy Santa hat and all, and Hamish tells the boy: "First we have to look for them. Then we find them. And then we catch them!" Oh dear my heart could have been made of wax and it melted all the way at the cutest thing, Hamish was talking to this little boy about the Christmas Santas! Hamish loves to find little Santas with pointy red hats at Christmas time in flower pots and here and there as decoration, he is good at finding them, and he seems to love searching for them and "hunting them". Hamish then also reminisced back to the red Christmas tree ball ornaments on the tree, which he loves. Hamish loves Christmas a lot more than I do. I love this Dragon. "Hamish, I love you.", I say to Hamish now telepathically. He makes a roar-purr as the answer.

Also the little boy yesterday he asked me if I have a soccer ball. I told him that no I don't. He told me that he likes to play soccer ball. I told him that maybe I shall get one for him here. If things were different, I could get a bunch of toys here for the alien kids. It's just that it won't take long until after the Zetas are showing me these kids here in my home, until the Zetas start molesting me with the children and forcing pedophilia on me, and then all hell breaks loose and it turns incredibly ugly and I want to die. So as long as I refuse to let these children spend time with me, the Zetas don't bring them here and they only do god knows what when I'm asleep. And then it's just me and my Dragon, peeing on my sheets... and life is gooood.

They were my boys too. And they were made with or without my sperm. I don't want to tell you which one it is, or that you might get upset. I have made some of them with you. Would you like to know about that? And, yeeahh, I know that I am fat, that I am fluffy. - Illuminati man
I am just impressed that you are fertile with a human being. Not just a fertile hybrid but fertile with humans yet you don't look like humans. - me
Yeah, and I have got a penis. - IM man
But, stay away from me. - me
Ok! Whoa! - IM says and puts the palms of his hands up and in front of him as a gesture

Grapefruit - the evidence that aliens don't exist (or rather that they are not cooperating or doing what I want)
And aliens talk about Lidocaine

January 26 2016, 6:51 PM - My aliens are nagging at me that I need to drink milk. Hamish even made a great effort to show me that the grapefruit juice is "bad for my cells" because it lowers the pH in the cells and that "they know this". Then he stands pointing toward the fridge and delivers another cheer slogan about the wonders of drinking milk for the eggs. I said no. I am not drinking any cow's milk "unless I get to see the Zetas in the Zeta hospital", said I. So we have this mild or gentle quarrel, it doesn't get ugly or into yelling matches, just that they have one opinion, and I have another. Milk is disgusting. And I want to see them. So we can make a deal.

For some reason I was under the impression that they have fed me with more hybrid tissue to then see how it digests to collect it in my feces. They also talked last night when I went to bed about wanting to collect my vomit, which they do with the tubing that they insert through my nose. I was awake one time when a Dinosaur was in the process of putting that thing down through my mouth or was it nostril. Whatever. I'm just upset that they won't let me stay awake to remember the alien abductions. Grapefruit juice. Evidence that aliens aren't real (or at least are not cooperating).

Hamish was showing me some awesome mental images of fictive but fully realistic-looking frogs last night and also this morning when I woke up. My favorite is the one where a frog is shown falling from a short distance at an awkward angle and landing perfectly on its feet. Or when a frog is shown sitting on someone's head. Or a frog adhering with its feet on a window glass on a window that is in my room. The best one ever was a perfect green wax frog shown as if it were sitting on the edge of my bath tub. It was magnificent. He has also shown me his back hump, and been just generally cuteness. I love you Turtle Sock Flat Foot Camel Back Red Tortoise.

We wanted to give you Lidocaine. But we are unsure how it will react with the eggs. Sometimes we give you things, and it makes you vomit. And then we have to clean up the mess... So we thought, that you didn't want to be there for it. For those chemical experiments? We wanted to give you Lidocaine. - Zeta (not sure where the italic part ends, forgot to add the end caption for the italization, probably where as placed)
What does Lidocaine do? - me
We are the experts in it, not. We are not the experts. - Hamish Turtle

"Lidocaine is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area it can also be used for nerve blocks. When used as an injectable it typically begins working within four minutes and lasts for half an hour to three hours. Common side effects with intravenous use include sleepiness, muscle twitching, confusion, changes in vision, numbness, tingling, and VOMITING. It can cause low blood pressure and an irregular heart rate. It appears to be generally safe for use in pregnancy. When used locally as a numbing agent, local neurons cannot signal the brain. It is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic healthcare system. Local anesthetic, surface anesthesia. For surface anesthesia, several available formulations can be used for endoscopies, before INTUBATIONS, etc." from
Wikipedia - Lidocaine

Hi readers. Here was a very long entry with a telepathic conversation with the aliens about lidocaine and their medical procedures and why they don't want me to be awake for the abductions. They seem to be offering me a conscious visit. I decided to take this section out and it will be posted in the future in one of the telepathy books which covers this time span January 2016. So you can read about it there. Excerpts:

It is not very messy to work with. We like working with it. With Lidocaine use, also before sperm. When we insert sperm into your vagina. We also did it to a cow once. It went much better with the use of lidocaine, the insertion of sperm. Also, so that you are not sleeping, we would have to adjust your medicine. And make you inserted with sperm. Are you going to, be awake with us then? To be inserted with sperm? So that we can see you, feeding with it? - Zeta

We take you here, and you become very dizzy. And one of the reasons is the administration of lidocaine. We wanted you to sleep then. We wanted you to drink more. So that you are ready for us. And, so that it makes your vomiting more easier. As, when you are dry, and dehydrated, then vomiting is less, and therefore harder. We want you to vomit better. Because vomiting happens, when you have nausea. - Zeta

We wanted you to know, you cannot scream here, because that there is no air. So you cannot scream. There is no loud or sound. - Mantid about the medical room

It will be a great chapter in a future telepathy book.

Milk for the Eggs - Evidence of Alien life!
And meeting Donald Trump or is he?

January 25 2016, 5:05 PM - And we have evidence of alien life! I drank a whole big glass of cow's milk, and that is evidence that aliens are real!

I have always told my aliens that if they let me stay awake for a real abduction contact experience, then I would drink cow's milk, which they say I need the aliens always tell me "milk for the eggs! milk for the eggs!" and I really don't like the taste of milk. But today I sure drank a whole big glass of milk with pleasure, since I got to meet a Zeta as close as it gets last night, and I was very happy. And Hamish watched me as I drank it and he said (in my native language) "milk for me", as he was narrating me.

We did nothing. We only looked at her a little bit. We didn't even go into her butt, that time. But we might next time, and to also go into her nose. If we are, the Aliens that she speaks of? More milk? And what the eggs need? - Zeta
The eggs need rest. She has been eyeing that bed now. She wants to go to sleep. For my eggs. - Hamish, he smiled with his eyes when he said the italic, and "for my eggs" was in my native language
TIK TOK!, I have said. - Hamish

Last night when I went to bed the aliens asked me telepathically if I would like to come to their hospital. I said yes please, that I would love to come to their hospital! I told them how happy I would be if I could come there!

Then last night when I fell asleep, I had some dreams about drinking red wine and getting drowsy from it and meeting some celebrities who were all also very drowsy from wine and falling asleep. We were all just piled up and about to fall asleep next to each other. Then I spot a Russian military officer, judging from the look of his uniform it must have been a Russian captain or something, and so I say "Hey you are a Russian Korpral!" and I follow him and we walk up some stairs. Not sure how the uniforms look for what rank in the Russian military, but I know from the hat that it isn't a USA military uniform, and his was a gray-blue color and not with a lot of badges or shiny things. But then he morphed into some type of alien without the military uniform.

I was being guided by two such white aliens with bizarre, not all-black eyes, they had me by my arms and were guiding me in a very strange alien place which looked as if the walls were made out of plastic with red or pink colors through them. They were a bit fussy with me and telling me that I need to wash! They were fussy with me as if I were just dirty, like a mother fussing at a child who has gotten filthy from playing outside, but also as if I were just a tad bit disgusting. For the record I keep good hygiene, but the aliens always remark about the bacteria and "lice" (they mean mites, I have no lice) on me. There was a very shallow but wide-spanning pool of warm water and they made me kneel down there. I seem to recall having my fingers and hands scrubbed clean by them first. I was told to wash myself! I still had my night clothes on. So, I was just padding the water on myself and about to do the task.

But then! Ahh, the best moment of my life, apart from just about every moment with Hamish which is the best time of my life. A real life Zeta Reticuli alien, white and not rather tall and also not short, medium height I would say, taller than the little Zetas and shorter than the ones that are called tall. Slender body. White almost like glowing white. Big head but not too big, and also not a bulbuous light-bulb shaped head. All-black eyes that look as if made from a very sticky thick viscous black oil. It was naked without any clothes or shoes.

I was fully awake, and it was not a dream. This Zeta approached me and told me telepathically to open my mouth. I was a bit nervous or hesitant, but I knew that I wanted to oblige. I opened my mouth for the Zeta, and it put a thin metal spatula down on my tongue like human doctors do to press the tongue down lightly so that they can see to the throat. It looked like a scalpel it really was a fine metal instrument, shiny and somehow not of this Earth. I could read its thoughts as it was looking into my mouth

And my thoughts also. I said, Tik Tok to you! - Hamish
I said, Tok Tok to Hamish. Tok Tok! - me
My back pack, you have said you have seen. - Hamish turns around and shows me his back hump
I have seen your back hump, and I thought that it was significant. - me, and Hamish's eyes close into a blush and a smile

The way that my mouth looked to the Zeta, made me uncomfortable. When I look into my mouth I don't see it that way. The Zeta noticed my teeth and my tongue and some folds of tissue that are in the throat and the inside of my cheeks, it all looked very bizarre and alien when I was seeing it from the Zeta's mind, it made me a bit uncomfortable. When the Zeta leaned back away and then after two seconds wanted to look into my mouth again, I was hesitant because the way that the Zeta thinks is creepy and uncomfortable coming from its thoughts. But I opened my mouth for the Zeta a second time. And it was real alien contact. And I have drunken milk.

I don't recall anything else after that in terms of procedures.

I woke up around 6 in the morning from a feeling of a nightmare in my head, and there was a monster standing in our hallway calling out "Accident! Accident! Accident!" in my third language. Yes, a third language. The energy emanating from this black monster was hideous, I had to ask the being to leave. I also perceived images of Hamish tiptoeing around, in the way that only Reptilians can with their awesome feet and quick moves. Hamish was being cute of course, as he always is.

I had real alien contact. Again. And it was great. It was creepy and uncomfortable and a bit nervous, all because of how the Zeta thinks, the thoughts that are emanating from it are uncomfortable. Oh, and last night after I had thanked yes to coming to their hospital, a Zeta told me "when you come here you are the dog, do you understand that?", and I said to them, "yes, I can be the dog", because I don't care. If they just mean that I am a different race, but it also means inferior but who cares about what they think in terms of disrespect like that.

Milk for the eggs. That means it is evidence for alien life.

And last night when the aliens had introduced their hospital to me and I was still in bed, they told me that they would want to insert a syringe needle in through my bellybutton. They have mentioned this procedure before too. The first thing I said to them then, was to ask them where does it go into, if it goes into an intestine, or into the uterus? But

Hey, I am really sorry for this talk. - a military man
Yes? What talk? - me
... Do you know why you have narcolepsy? - the man
I guess, do the aliens drug me? - me
No, but it goes worse than that. We are really sorry, that they have to drug you. And me, yeah I have been your companion. If you don't like the drugs anymore? - man

But then I thought that it would be best to always go into the womb through the vagina, rather than to make a hole through the abdomen and belly button. In the past they have told me that they insert a needle through the belly button because going in through there does not leave any scars behind.

So. One more thing, errhm. So actually one more thing before I woke up to find the monster in our hallway shouting "Accident! Accident! Accident!" After the Zeta encounter I found myself fully awake, unless it was just a lucid dream which means an awake dream, and right face to face with Donald Trump. Big Sigh. For those of you who don't know, many abductees in the Alien Agenda experience nightly abductions of going places with the aliens and meeting significant persons who are known from the real world. Typically human royals especially the British royals and also US Presidents and also some celebrities such as actors. I've read reports that abductees claim to meet Tom Cruise in abductions, I've never met Tom but the aliens have told me that Tom Cruise has "Dragon's blood". Are these encounters real, and with the actual human persons? I don't know. It could also be, that the aliens are shapeshifting. Maybe the aliens want to represent familiar human figures, instead of their alien selves, to impart a certain effect in the human who was abducted.

Maybe instead of presenting a scary alien leader to the abducted human, such as the creepy monster who was shouting "Accident! Accident!" in our hallway this morning, they might want to dress themselves as a US president or some other familiar human who represents power, but at the same time might not be frightening for the human to meet. That is my theory so far. And so I've met the ex President George Bush the younger and President Barack Obama in the abductions, both were in a secret lodge for important people and they attacked me to steal my energy it was horrifying I've written about this somewhere.

So lately I am meeting Donald Trump in abductions or that the aliens make me think that I am talking to him telepathically. Just for the record, I don't think this is coming from me

My egg whites. They got some milk. - Hamish, parts in my native language
You're cute, Turtle. - me
Have you seen my, family color? - Hamish parts in native language, turns around to show me his back hump and he means his red color
We are not crabs. - says Hamish in my native language and moves his fingers like scissors like a red crab does, he means he is not a red crab though he is red in color

I'm not interested in famous people, and honestly Donald Trump is to me just like any other person. I remember being fully awake in this experience, I was taken to an office where he sat by a desk. He said he wanted to hire me, and he offered me a Rolex wrist watch which looks like it was a model for men. I said no thanks to the watch, because I'm not a money-person, and we ended up having a long conversation about if I could work for him.

I remember looking into his blue eyes and it was so realistic. But when I woke up we were still talking. Unless I woke up after the Zeta meeting with the monster in the hallway shouting out "Accident!" and maybe then I fell back to sleep again and then met Donald. But we were talking telepathically for a long time, but I wasn't convinced if it was he or an alien who was posing as he. He asked me if I think he will win the presidential elections, he asked me how we can stop the Mexicans from coming into the USA, he asked me what we should do for the black people in America (my answer to that was that they need to be given "optimism", because that is what they are lacking in if there are problem areas), he asked me if I can help him to live a longer life or reach immortality, he asked me if I can help them win the war in Iraq.

He asked me if I could work for him. I said that I could, but that the question was whether I would. So, this guy whoever he was talking to me as Donald Trump knew that I have some psychic abilities, which I never really go into in this documentary The Orion Project which is about my alien contact experiences. There were many details to the conversation which are personal in nature, and many things made it really seem as if it were really him, but who knows maybe the aliens are just so good at impersonating. But he was a really nice person to talk to, I told him a lot about himself, about psychic abilities, and about unconditional love.

I don't know. I'm not making up this story. I write a documentary about my alien contact experiences, and these meetings with supposed important human figures is part of it. I do know that when I meet the English Queen Elisabeth, it is not the human queen but instead it is a fat white lizard who poses as Queen Elisabeth. And when I meet the Swedish king and queen, they are in fact two black Reptilians posing. So who knows who is posing as Donald Trump, or what is going on. I wish they would stop, because it is irritating. I also don't want to cause any inconvenience to real life persons also not to Mr. Trump, but at least he and the others can feel honored that they would be considered important enough by the aliens of the Agenda to be impersonated and of interest to these aliens.

I was once communicated to by a green Reptilian who was posing as John Kerry. This reptile wore two belts over his chest in the form of an 'X' which served as his toolbelt for his Draconian sword. I write down alien behavior. And this impersonation and fixation with power figures is part of it. I could omit writing these encounter stories for the sake of wanting to not cause any inconvenience to the persons who are mentioned, but then what kind of a scientific documentary would this be, if I omit pieces of information that are relevant to understanding these alien beings?

Who was the scary alien in our hallway who was crowing out "Accident! Accident!" early in the morning? I suspect that it must have been a Dark Lord, but in shape it looked a bit like Hamish with the hunched body posture but it was not Hamish's face and it was dark. It reminds me of the Dark Lord I met in the hallway of the hospital in Syracuse.

Next time when supposed Donald Trump comes to talk, I will quiz this figure more about his true identity. This supposed Donald asked me some questions about himself, and I refused to answer those, and I said to this figure that since I do not know if it is the real him, I am not going to do any psychic readings that involve personal information. I hope the aliens aren't getting me in trouble with these impersonation games. And I really don't want to censor my The Orion Project. I hope that each and every one of my readers is adult enough to realize that it is probably the case of aliens who are impersonating human power figures so that the impression that they give to human abductees is admiration, instead of fear. Anyway, shrugs. Good luck Donald Trump in the elections. I'm a Republican.

And about that Hamish: Last night we had a candle burning in the hallway in the evening. Even after the candle had burned out, Hamish was displaying fearful behavior and worry about fire. He is very aware of fire and of the danger that it poses to his body, and I am actually grateful that Dragon has protective instincts, then I don't have to protect him so much. He was worried about the candle and agitated and anxious, pacing around, I had to tell him that we have several emergency exits and that I would rescue him in the case of a fire, even though I knew that there could be situations where I could not rescue him, if I do not find him for instance. Reptilians, as we know, are very fearful of fire and candles. It is their self-preservation instinct, and it is remarkable, especially if you are a biologist, to watch and observe their behavior around fire, what instincts and behaviors and fears it triggers in them. Absolutely fascinating, David Attenborough would say.

And this morning one of the Japanese associates from Japan talked to me telepathically. THAT BASTARD. He said about Kemoro, which is their name for my Hamish Dragon, that he has thought about selling Hamish's body parts to a Chinese Medicine Shop, which as we know sells parts of tigers and such as medicine. He said that they had once offered parts of a Dragon Turtle which was already dead but then how would they prove to the shop keeper that it had come from a Dragon Turtle? Oh, I was so angry at the man I threatened him profusely and clearly and told him that if he ever threatens my Hamish, I would kill him in the most painful ways possible and also kill his family members. Hamish is my baby, I made sure that this jerk knows that Hamish is mine, Kemoro belongs to me. I would protect him with my life, my Turtle! I also warned Hamish about what this man had thought and to stay away from them. Fucking bastards I am going to kill them if any more threats are expressed against either my Dragon or any of the Dragon Turtles!

*Sniff! Sniff!* We smell like that. - Hamish, thinking about how other Dragon Turtles smell to him

The other day some other Dragon Turtles from Japan showed me some Japanese karp fish in a pond and they told me how much they love those fish. Hamish has also said to me again that these fish talk to him, when they come up to the surface of the water and open and close their mouths. Dragon Turtles really love Japanese karp fish. Maybe one day when I'm retired, I will have a great big house for Dragons and a gorgeous garden with fish and turtles and frogs for Hamish and Dragon Turtles to enjoy. I already want to furnish a whole room just for the visiting Dragons. With nice sofas and rugs and no lights or onions.

Reptilian penis. Yes, a Reptilian shows me his penis.

January 24-25 2016, 12:20 midnight - Last night. Ok so there are children reading on the internet, so let me censor this in a way appropriate. I was in the bathtub. And having a private moment with myself. Which involved this time a thing. Which I was putting in somewhere. Which adults can figure out what that means. So that's a very private moment with oneself, but the Reptilians were watching of course. I did turn the lights off for some fake illusion of privacy, but of course the Lizzarrs can see in the darkness. It was either the "War Commander" with the rhino nose, see here, in Alpha Reticulans Visit, or more likely it was just the black Reptilian.

I noticed that the Reptilian, who most likely was just the black Reptilian and not the rhino nose one, was watching me, but I decided that gee I have to have some private time so I carried on. So how do you think that a Reptilian responds to seeing a naked woman in the bath doing something private which involved putting something in somewhere? I wouldn't write about what I was doing, because that's none of your business, but it is relevant to how the Reptilian responded next. What do you think he would do?

This Reptilian takes his penis out and shows it to me and tells me that "he too has a", and I quote, "sword". He called his dong a sword. This Reptilian was himself all black scaly all over, but his dong (Reptilians have previously called their penis as a "dong", by that word), his dong was rather long and incredibly thin and slender and pink. It is smooth all over. It looks somewhat like a dog's penis. I don't know what a lizard's penis looks like for comparison, because I don't want to do an internet search on those things and have that on my search history. But very long and slender and thin, not erect or rigid but just long and limp and not even straight but curvy wavy. There is no glans on the end, just narrows down at the tip. He showed it to me. Isn't that an interesting Reptilian reaction?

I ended up not feeling embarrassed about being intimate with myself after all, which is great. With Reptilians, to be naked or even to do sexual things, they don't make a woman feel embarrassed at all. They are so natural around a human even then, and that is great, because otherwise I would be feeling anxious. Nothing more happened. Oh and the blue Alpha Reticulans (read in the above provided link in "Alpha Reticulans Visit") waved to me "from the ceiling" like from above, waving with their hand, I wave back at them. They did that two or so times when I was in the bath, and a few times before then too when I have been in bed. I wave back to them, it really is such a nice gesture and I wish my Zetas were so nice to me to wave and things, but they don't.

A Reptilian showed me his penis. I think he also asked me if I have seen one before, and then I told him in the bath that I once even had sex with a Crocodile Man. He like other Reptilians do not seem ashamed of their sexuality or penis or ashamed about sexuality in general. And I like that about them, because then I don't have to be ashamed either. Like when Hamish sees me naked in the abductions, he's just being a silly Dragon but I don't feel ashamed at all about being seen naked by him, because he's my best friend and Turtle. Reptilians are interesting.

And this Reptilian with the penis told me that "they", meaning the Reptilians, "don't do it that way", and he was referring to repeated penetrations. Wink. I told him then that I know because when the Crocodile Man had sex with me they just enter once and that's all. Lizards are cute. For scientific reasons I would be interested in learning more about the Reptilian sexuality, what do they think about and how do they relate to their penis? To sexuality? What thoughts do they have? I could just ask Hamish. It's not the first time I see a Reptilian penis. Theirs are normally kept on the inside of the body entirely hidden. Sometimes it is out and visible. They are very slender and either white or pink, most of them have pink ones, and an interesting smooth in contrast to the scaly body otherwise. I have described these before, that there is a lavender fragrance on them and that they have a paraffin-like natural lubricant already on them. Reptilians are sensitive on the outermost two fifths of it at least, it feels sensitive almost like the tip of a human tongue but more so. Interesting Space Lizards. Cuties. I forgot to drink cow's milk today.

Fun with Lizards

January 22 2016, 10:25 PM -

Fun! She says it is fun!!! - Black lizard hysterical
It was not meant to be fun for you. - Dark Lord whispers

Late last night: I talked to a guy I just met and we talked about sexlife. Not that he and me were going to be a couple, but we were just talking and comparing notes. He said he is impotent and that he has given up on lovelife. He said that maybe he is a crossdresser. I told him to go for it and have fun and meet other people who are into that and go shopping and have fun and not just give up. He is soon 50 years I told him to not stop living. Then I told him my own lovelife problems and why I'm still single. It was just a good talk. BUT THE ALIENS FREAKED OUT LIKE YOU WON'T BELIEVE!!!

Because after that talk I just went to bed. Myselfs of course. (Since a 50-year old impotent crossdresser isn't my type.) But the aliens were very concerned. Perhaps (or obviously) they had been eavesdropping and they had seen me give the man a great big hug goodnight. I got to see super clear vivid mental images of a new type of alien. It is blue on its skin and almost looks like a Zeta. I have to make a drawing. It was so cute I couldn't stop cooing it and saying "oh how cute you are!". And then Hamish in the same spaceship where the blue one was, Hamish was standing to the left in the picture. Hamish was impressively tall and large, as the Reptilians are, and he is red. It was great to see them both! I had to reassure them that the man I had talked to had himself said he is impotent and that we were not going to be a couple.

Anyhow that story aside. Today I started thinking what kind of man would I like, and as usually is then the case the Dark Lords and some Reptilians meddle since they think I have signed up for their Dating Services Inc. to be paired up with some man who is also being used in the Agenda. This time they were going to pair me up with a military leader who is almost a general but not yet and he lives and works in one of those strange European countries that you never hear about such as Bosnia or Slovenia or one of those. The aliens have made this man suicidal so that he wants to shoot himself. The man was beaten up as a child and in the military he has also gone through hardships even though on the outside, he is successful in his military career, but on the inside he has issues. The aliens try to manipulate both him and me so that he will train me to be an MKULTRA doll. Yes. He would even give me some drugs that make me unable to speak or do things so that he has to take care of me. Weird stuff. Luckily I snapped out of it, and it is of course not going to happen. But see here what the Reptilians are really into!

I was shown mental images of this man when he has been in the military cafeteria eating lunch, and at the sides of the cafeteria were standing a row of what looked to be military officers in uniform only it was very clear that these were tall slender yellow Reptilians. "Lizards how cute!" I shouted out telepathically for the yellow lizard. It was cute. Then came a lime-green Reptilian with the "casowary head crest" though not a very big head crest just a raised ridge and it was snooping around here, I got to see this awesome green casowary reptilian in such perfectly close mental images

We were not being tender. Just so that you know that. So that no one else comes looking for me. I WANTED TO SAY THAT WE ARE NOT TENDER! So that no one falls in love. We were just steering those. So that he can work for us. And make us into battlers. - the green lizard says now, "steering those" he said with a mental image of some man's scrotum, obviously belonging to this military man

The green lizard overlapped his hand with mine, and I could see as if my own hand was his hand. Gorgeous reptilian skin with raised bumps of various sizes at the back of his hand, so pretty I had to kiss my hand hoping that he understands that the gesture doesn't mean that I am trying to eat him or show power. This green rep also made my head move repeatedly, now I forget if it was raising my chin a little or if it was moving my head sideways, but it's not the first lizard who does this. Remember the black Orion lizards did the "head bobbing" with me in our first initial contact. I'm not entirely sure if it means that he shows that he can take me over, or if it is some kind of greeting, but there must be some elements of showing power in it. I let it happen of course, I don't try to stop it.

I remarked to the green lizard, that he had not called me a "dog" yet, and he didn't, which is unusual. I told him that I already have a dragon, that it is Hamish, and that Hamish is the old Draconian race with the back hump and the many pairs of bumps at the back of his head. I told Hamish that we have reptiles visiting here. A few hours later this evening, or at least it felt like a few hours later, Hamish declares to me that he has "fought", and that it was "fun", which implies that he had an easy victory I'm sure. It is usually enough for Hamish to show his back hump, and other Reptilians step away. Hamish is cute.

The Reptilian visitors also talked about how they like to take over human minds and how they like to use explosives to destroy worlds. It was a gorgeous contact. They almost mind controlled me into being an MKULTRA Doll for a military leader in some strange European country and he is also mind controlled by the lizards. But it was so obviously not coming from my own thoughts, even though they try to make the proposition sensual and even erotic, because if I'm seeing clear mental images of Reptilians around, they could have at least bothered to hide. Reptilians have strange sadistic fantasies. Let's not forget that it was Dark Lords and perhaps also with Reptilians who did manage to trick me to go see the Free Mason ex and that was a hoot. Reptilians don't exactly have sexuality, but what they have instead which is very lustful for them are games with prey. Reptilians think it's fun to do predator prey games with humans and to make it seem sexual for the humans, so that both are enjoying it. Only thing is that sometimes this ends up with murder, so that's not fun.

Reptilians are strange, but beautiful creatures. They're very pretty and it's fun to talk to them. Another thing that I haven't told you guys reading before, is that when Hamish is pleased, he sometimes does a rocking gesture, where he stands with his flat red duck feet steady on the floor but he sways or rocks his body humpback and all slowly to the left and right, left and right, it means that he is feeling cozy and happy, sometimes he makes pleased exhales during it too. Today for some reason that I forgot, he also made a very high pitched palate click, he makes them sometimes and it means that he is very happy! He is so cute. As much as I love the new yellow and green Lizards, I would never trade my Hamish away.

The visiting Reptilians talked about how they have a smell, I told them it's ok and that it's normal for their species and that I have smelled it before and I don't mind. Oh and the green one bit into the skin between his fingers, I told him to stop biting in case he would be harming himself, he said that no he had only been wanting to show me, that he has webbed skin between his fingers. He is not the first or only Reptilian who has done that exact gesture to me, to bite between its fingers to show me that there is skin there, I recall one previous Reptile who did that exact same gesture before. The visiting Reps wanted my eggs, I said they are already Hamish's. I love my Lizards. I wish I could cuddle them. Sometimes Reptilians cuddle. The green or yellow one asked me if I had already ever been "taken". I assumed that he meant what I call the "conquest", so I said yes, that Hamish and Snake and a few other Reptilians have already done that with me. These visiting Reptiles didn't do the conquest with me, just a little bit of overlapping and moving my head and things.

Well it's back to my ordinary life together with Hamish. Hamish didn't seem angry or worried when I had told him that we have visiting Reptilians, but it seems that Hamish fought them away later on. Hamish always wins against other Reptiles who want to take me, except that one time with Arek and his team, that was horrible to not have Hamish for a while, not to mention how sick I was from when Arek's team made me pregnant with a Crocodile Man. Weird stuff. But fun. And lizards are cute.

Last night or the night before the aliens were showing me lots and lots of mental pictures of green frogs. I chuckle every time, because it is so cute! They put a fictive frog somewhere or on the window or on my leg. It means of course that the Dinosaurs are coming, and sure enough a Dinosaur showed up and said they have to use the suction tube into my stomach. I almost don't mind, as long as they show me frogs I would do almost anything. The Zetas have noticed that I have a humongous book on university engineering math on the floor and they show up now and then to comment on how they like math. And the green Reptile who had shown me the webbed skin between his fingers, he only has some slight webbing between the fingers, and he commented on how Hamish "still" has complete webbing between his toes, which is true which is why Hamish has flat duck feet. To lose the webbing of hands and feet is one of the traits the Reptilians have lost with time, said the green Reptilian.

Some military man in beige-brown camouflage military clothing is now looking at me. I see him in a mental image.

Are you trying to be unfocused, because that is what we would like? - he says to me, in English
Who are you? What do you do here? - me
Well, the aliens wanted you to be my wife! - military
I'm just not sure, if you like the beating. - black reptilian adds, pretending to be the military man who says
I'm not into sadistic stuff. That's just Reptilian plans. - me
She can see you. - Reptile to the man
Oh! Can she! - the military very surprised and shocked that I can see him
We are trying to do some urban science with them. To learn about the take-over. - black rep, "with them" means these military
What country are these people in? - me
You don't look, so good! - military to me, meaning that I am not attractive enough to be his wife
Go away, you. I am happy here with Hamish. Just me and Hamish. - me
My eggs, she said. - says Hamish in a complete body posture that makes him look like a big red flat tortoise, and so cute
My Buttercups. - Hamish says together with a click

Yes. Me and Hamish. When am I ever going to date? Will it forever be just me and Hamish, for years and years? Is he the reason why I don't have a lovelife, why I feel so scared to find a man? What is the reason? I must say, this camouflage uniform is really nice that the man wears. It's like a one-piece jumpsuit and is beige with lighter and dark brown camouflage patches, and he has some heavy military boots with those. I don't know if this is the same man as the one I was meant to be with. Hey? Hasn't the Agenda tried this before? With General Patton and Sergeant Wilkes? If they really wanted me to be an MKULTRA Doll, then they could work harder on that. It's also typical of Reptilians, that they do things sort of half-heartedly. They're sort of lackadaisical about the whole thing. Like they're never in a great big hurry about doing things. They can say "We're going to take over the world with explosives!", and then years go by and they are only hanging out, just being Lizards. They're not very rushy or active lizards. They're in no big hurry about doing anything. They also like to suggest things to people, and then they spend a long time just observing how people are reacting. In no hurries at all.

The green Lizard earlier he made an overlap of his and my head, and he showed me slowly and with great care his eye, he let me watch his eye for a long time as if it were overlapped with my own left eye. Such a gorgeous lizard, they really are cute. One of them also told me, that "there are severed feet of different sizes laying around there". I said oh, and I said that those are all going to decompose and only the skeletons will be left. Reptilians like to say strange things to see how people react.

Dragon things and Secrets

January 20-21 2016, 12:08 midnight - People are going to UFO Disclosure conventions. Meanwhile my Dragon is asking me if we could please watch another video together, like the koala video we saw a few days ago. Last night I was bored when I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to spy/stare at Hamish telepathically just to bother him and see what he says. When he became aware of me what he did was a palate click. Which means that he was happy and friendly. Yesterday he showed me a mental image of himself in the Draconian basement base and with the big blue plastic barrel there which is full of a wide assortment of biological waste which someone has to pick up from there cause they don't use public sewers, and Hamish kept telling me about how there are hybrid baby brains in that barrel from my eggs and he was showing me that but I didn't want to give him any kind of reaction so I just ignored it. It's got nothing to do with me.

I am still telling the aliens that I want to live with Hamish together in a house. I tell them I want to bring my pillow and sleep next to Hamish on the floor.

What I didn't say sooner is that the Asian humans in Nepal are part Dragon Turtle genetically. They were made to guard the Dragon Turtles who are hiding there. I don't want to say too much. And those metal cylinders which they roll in prayers are simply telepathy transmitters, which makes perfect sense if you studied electromagnetics. The people there told me this telepathically and told me how the aliens had long time ago given them these cylinders for communication with the aliens. I've known both red and yellow Dragon Turtles to hide thereabouts for a long time. I haven't said anything because we have to protect the tortoises, but this time with the DNA and the cylinders being telepathy transmitters then it was too much for me to keep secret.

Koala bears with Hamish

January 17 2016, 8:30 PM - There was a short video or picture of a koala bear on Facebook and Hamish saw it and he got curious, so I watched this whole long video of koala bears together with Hamish:

Hamish sniffed toward the screen to find out what the koalas would smell like, I told him that smells are not conveyed through the screen, and I reminded him again that people and animals on a video they cannot see us, even though we can see them. Hamish commented that the eyes of the koala bear look like his, and sure enough, the koala bear has round yellow eyes with a brown vertical slit like the Dragons. I was surprised that Hamish did not respond anything to the growling sounds that the koalas were making, which sounded similar to Reptilian growls, but he said nothing. Hamish asked me about the black box that the scientists were using, which I told him they use to emit koala sounds to the koalas to see how they respond. He also noticed the big black claws on koalas, and I told him they use them for climbing. Hamish said nothing when the koalas were fighting each other or biting. But he watched curiously, and then he showed me his back hump.

Turtle loves sheets

January 17 2016, 5:38 PM - I was changing the sheets in the bed, which means that I toss the used sheets into a big pile on the floor. Hamish saw that pile of sheets on the floor and he was very happy, like a kid that sees toys. I told him he was welcome to stomp on them. Later when the fresh sheets were in the bed, and I had also washed the blanket and cover and pillow and these were all nicely on the bed, I invited Hamish to get into my bed to play with the blankets and sheets. Guess what, he did. He spent a lot of time in the bed that day. He even placed a stack of big sheets of shedded scales next to where my pillow goes in the corner of the bed. This stack of scales is still there, right next to my pillow, in the other dimension of course. Stating the obvious: I love my Dragon.

Back hump, Back hump, Back hump...

January 14 2016, 5:03 PM - We haven't been gone. Internet has been down. During this time, Hamish has vehemently been mentioning his back hump, over and over again, and he finds all kinds of new name variations to call it by, he is being very creative by it! So, the other night I just said to him, "Hamish... Back hump, Back hump, Back hump!" I thought that if I maybe say it many enough times in a row, then he might be pleased by it for longer. It's just "back hump, back hump, back hump" over here. Many times a day he points to his back hump and shows me a mental image of it and calls it by some descriptive name. And I say, very patiently like only a mother can lovingly say to a nagging child, "Yes Hamish. It is your old back hump, you are the old Draconian race." Back hump back hump back hump...

One evening some new Reptilians came and wanted to test my blood to see if I had Reptilian blood. Also for some weird reason, the Agenda is now impersonating Mr. Donald Trump. I'm not even living in the United States anymore since years, I've never been interested in politics much, and I don't care less about American presidential elections, we have our own in Europe. But as we know Mr. Trump is running for presidency. I don't even watch the news, but I only vaguely know about it, because I couldn't care less... So this supposed mental image of a Donald Trump has been talking to me the past few nights asking me to help him with my psychic gifts to help him win the elections. Then there was a US general there somewhere too, and I could sense psychically from this general that he is very sad and has a lot of fears inside him, I could see clear images from the general having been in a war in the Middle East in the recent years and how he has been traumatized from it, so I just talked to the general about that instead.

I told the Trump figure that I don't think it is him talking to me, and that I cannot be asked to change anything, I did do a quick psychic reading on the USA voters and told this Donald that almost all of the persons who voted for Obama in the past would want Obama again and not vote for Donald other than 1% or less than 1% of them who would vote for Trump. He said something like "Yeah they're not Republicans that's why", and I thought like "oh yeah that's right" I hadn't thought of it.

I honestly don't know why members of this Alien Agenda like to pose as specific human power figures and then come to talk to me. These persons I have met through the Alien Agenda include, Prince Charles, Queen Elisabeth, the King and Queen of Sweden, the American husband of Sweden's princess Madeleine, President Obama, former President George Bush the younger, John Kerry, general Colin Powell, those are just the ones I can remember just like that.

And if this text triggers some internet search for people who are concerned, I will just have to say: I am writing a documentary on alien contact. I know these aliens to be real and not imaginary, as there has been physical evidence, though unfortunately no evidence in the form that I can share such as would be physical objects or photographs, though my own skeptical scientific mind has been sufficiently convinced by the alien activities and the physical evidence that they are able to present to me. I write down what the aliens are doing. What they say and the conversations that we have. I regret that the aliens have chosen to involve actual human individuals in their interactions with me, and therefore I feel obliged to write those experiences down also.

Some people say that power figures on Earth are Reptilians or other aliens in disguise, controlling the Earth and humanity. I do not know if that is the case, but the aliens themselves seem to imply on things similar. What I do know for certain, however, is that the Reptilians are very keen on hierarchies, dominance, and leadership.

We are the Pleiadians, and we are here to talk about it. The leadership figures have not been succumbed to their fears. They are therefore not taken over. So! No worries need to be made about it! - Pleiadian
And so say we, the Arcturians also. No fears need to be made here. Because, fears could have been made here. So, no fears would have been made. Tell that to the World Wide Web. To these waves, of information. The wide internet. No fears have been made here. And so say we, in Peace, Arcturians. And I bow my head goodbye. To talk to someone else, at another time. We say goodbye now. And no fears have been made. No fears of Earth-takeover. No fears at all. So, all is Peace. - Arcturian

By the way, slender snake-type Reptilian Axel or Alex what his name was, is still hiding just standing in the dark closet room in my apartment, I ran into him there yesterday when I was cleaning the house and was fetching some cleaning supplies from there, I asked him if he was not bored there, he said he likes to stand there because from there he is able to listen to everything that happens here! Ok then, said I and closed the door and let the lights remain off and left him to his business.

What else has been going on then? They show me mental pictures of frogs, that means the Dinosaurs are coming. It makes me chuckle and giggle I love it so the images of frogs! And Hamish sometimes shows me pictures of tortoises, and I adore that too! Aliens nag me about drinking milk, but I won't drink it until I get to see them in real contact awake. I haven't had any military or MIBs around, maybe sometimes Jack who we know is "with the NASA team" whatever that means and he makes children with me when I am unaware in some other place. Who knows. Hamish is just being Hamish, adorably cute, I could not live without him. My Turtle Sock.