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November 13 2015 - December 30 2015

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Aliens Love WhatsApp!

December 30 2015, 10:52 PM - The Aliens see me lately using WhatsApp. It's this most fun messaging app for the smartphone, it lets you choose from a lot of fun little pictures to send with the text messages over the phone. Here is a chart showing most of the icons available, WhatsApp Emoticons. Hamish especially loves to watch me choosing icons. It has happened a few times now, that right after I have sent WhatsApp emoticons away to someone over the phone, that Hamish or the Zetas will show me mental pictures of actual WhatsApp emoticons with which they are telling me a message! They absolutely LOVE these little pictures!

Last night the aliens showed me this one in a mental image for me. It was the milk bottle and then the crocodile to the right of it. They never did explain to me what they meant by it, of course the milk bottle is a reference for their "Milk for the eggs!", they want me to drink cow's milk for the eggs. The crocodile surprised me a lot, since the App does have a tortoise, a snake, and two green dragons, yet they chose the crocodile.

And today when I was compiling the above icon-sequence of the milk bottle and the crocodile, the Zetas showed me this new sequence of WhatsApp icons, a purple heart and then the frog. Maybe only an hour ago the aliens had shown me a mental image of a real little frog again, they show me almost every evening a mental picture of a real frog, with frogs they mean the Dinosaurs whose job it is to actually collect the fecal samples, insert the tubing down my nose to collect stomach contents, and they probably are the ones to collect the eggs too. The purple heart I had the feeling simply meant that I should be happy and calm when the Dinosaurs do come to grope at me. But, while I was making this second pic of the heart and the frog, Hamish then wanted me to add the picture of the hot stew as the third picture, meaning that the Dinosaurs are eaten, as a reminder that none of us should forget that Dinosaurs are lower in rank than Reptilians and even eaten by the Reps, so there it is. One should not "honor" the Dinosaurs with pictures of them, not without reminding everyone that Dinosaurs are low rank and food. "I didn't give them that.", Hamish now says happy and shows me the icon in a mental image of the poo emoticon, that at least he wasn't saying that the Dinosaurs are really low rank or poo. Ok.

And then we have this one, the aliens had wanted to add a yellow star to the left of the milk bottle and crocodile sequence, to say that the crocodile and this whole scheme comes from Orion.

When I turn my phone on or off on the screen it makes a water drop click sound, WHICH HAMISH LOVES! He becomes totally happy when my phone makes the click sound, it registers with him as a form of palate click! He feels as if the phone is being happy and speaking a click. So yesterday at night I was sliding the phone on and off a few times extra just for Dragon to hear the happy palate click from the phone. Oh sweet Dragon. They love the WhatsApp however, so we can all look forward to more fascinating emoticon sequences from the Aliens! Wow!

This just now: Dark Lord showed me mental image of the bikini one and he said "Bikinis!", so I put it in for a new WhatsApp sequence. Then Hamish wanted the poo one and said, "Is there manure there?" (in other language translated), and he means in my "bikini" in my underwear or more exactly in my body if they were to first remove my underwear. Then the Zetas wanted the nose there, because they collect stuff through my nose with the thin tubing. Then they wanted a human foot, because their feet are different, but there isn't a foot emoticon. Then Hamish or another Reptilian wanted an emoticon of a green Reptilian foot, but there is also not one, and this one would have meant that "they walk here", the Reptilians. Awesome. For those who don't know, the aliens are studying my metabolism and food and that is why they collect fecal samples and also stomach content.

Another day with Hamish
And Malik offers to brew me some tea

December 30 2015, 10:02 PM - Today I was watching an episode of a tv series and Hamish was watching it closely with me. He was narrating the story and what the people would have supposedly been saying, all wrong of course. Yet he was so sweet and happy and naive about the whole thing. He's the best when he is narrating things. I think he was happy because I drank a glass of milk today, "milk for the eggs!" I said to the aliens many times. I guess I was expecting them to throw balloons and confetti at me for drinking a glass of milk, but they were more or less like "meh *shoulder shrug*". I was expecting more of a celebration. I figured, since they nag so much about drinking milk and if it's so good for the eggs then it must be good for me also. So I had a glass, and it tasted horrific! I mostly just did it for Hamish too, I love him.

Someone wrote to me about inviting the Dark Lords to his Freemason lodge in the USA, so I had a chat with the boys (the Dark Lord boys) about going for a visit, the conversations were of course mostly about goats and bleeding, but Sif was ready to pack his bags with his goat horns and Baphomet had promised to make their walls bleed. I even talked to Dark Lord Malik, and I must say it was great to talk to my long lost friend. We used to have such great times together, Malik and me, before I realized what he was and he was banished by some other unknown aliens for having tried to kill me. I never knew Malik had tried to kill me, but I was told, and Malik was never seen again around me again. Malik instantly made himself at home here in my home and he went to the kitchen and offered to make me some tea. Being sweet and funny same as usual. The Dark Lords can be ever so sweet, funny, hilarious and suave, even romantic and seductive, and I almost want to let them back into my life.

Why won't you? - Manon
Because you are going to ruin my energy and life, that is why. - me
We need goats. To feed. And, we know that you don't want to be their mother! - Manon

Years ago I nagged at a Reptilian saying "Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!" until they gave in and a Crocodile Man transported me through a white space into a spaceship and I got to meet some Reptilians there. It took a few minutes of nagging but I am just wondering... if I could do it again? It would be mean and unethical to nag at them till their ears fall off, of course, but I would love an adventure. But let's not forget when I crawled into that underground Reptilian base not too long ago and the Reptilian's Nordic alien friend shot warning shots toward me with the gun as soon as they saw me. I just want to have more close contact with them. They're irresistible.

I don't want you to. - Hamish with his flat red duck foot down
I want to meet you Hamish. I want to see you. - me
Yes-No. - says Hamish and thinks of biting into my wrist

Last night I had some dreams about going into narrow tunnels that would lead into a Reptilian base, and when I woke up Hamish said that "I had been too afraid to come and see him".

Ha ha! Ha ha! I almost forgot to tell you! This morning me and Hamish had an exchange that went something like this, I am recounting it as best as I can from memory:

Me: Hamish. I am going to the grocery store today to get some snacks.
Hamish: You are not allowed to mate at the grocery store.
Me: Hamish there is no mating ever allowed in the grocery store, they would kick me out of there. I am only going to buy some snacks from there.
Hamish: In that case it is ok and you are allowed to go.

Last night I got to see Hamish in a mental image, he was in an alien room which I think was in a spaceship. And his eyes were smiling at me the whole time, his upper eyelids were diagonally closed across the eyes, it was so sweet of him to smile at me, I thanked him for smiling at me, but he said he was smiling to the eggs. I am just eggs to him, nothing more. We've known each other for four years and he still thinks of me as the eggs. Oh well, it is what it is, and I am happy with what we have.

Reluctant Zetas

December 29 2015, 6:51 PM - Last night the aliens showed me a mental image of a white Mantid, it was white and had the mantis arms and those sickle-shaped predator mandibles. I am flirting with the Zetas to let me meet with them but I'm sure they don't want to, they showed me some Zeta writing in mental images and pictures of their spaceship and silver space uniforms.

You are with cows, you are worth more than that. - a white alien says
When can I meet you? - me

The other night when I asked for a meeting with them they said they would need me to "vomit" when I am there, they collect substances from my stomach. Not exactly a fun reason to meet, but I want to meet with them anyway.

Dragon Turtle Punnett Squares
... not as easy as pea plants

December 28 2015, 5:52 PM - I talked to Hamish more about Dragon Turtle babies. There are fire engine red Dragon Turtles and others that are mustard yellow. It is not a gender specific color, there are both male and female red ones, and male and female yellow ones. Two yellow, two red, or one male yellow and red female, or red male and yellow female, can produce fertile offspring. However, those of us who like doing Mendel's pea plant squares of dominant and recessive genes are delighted.

Or actually. I started drawing Dragon Turtle Punnett squares as they are called, I did make this one correctly:

In studying genetics, in a simple model which works, sometimes a gene is either a dominant or a recessive one. Mendel was a monk who came up with this long time ago. He looked at the flowers of peas, how some flowers were say purple and others were white. He could cross the flowers by brushing pollen from one flower to another flower. He wondered why sometimes when you cross two flowers that have the same color with each other, would result in seeds which grow into flowers that have a color which neither the parent had. So he started experimenting with crossing different colors of flowers and discovered the genes that determine the flower's color.

But the Dragon Turtle gene for color was not as simple as this, I found out as I started mapping out Hamish's actual alleles. Since Hamish's mom was red and his father was yellow, Hamish would have Ry, which would predict in the pea plant model that one fourth of his babies with a yellow female would be yellow. But in Dragon Turtles here is how their color works out, and this does not depend at all on which one is the male or which one is the female:

Two red parents, all babies are red. One red and one yellow, all babies are red. Two yellow parents, all babies are yellow. Perhaps Hamish has the yellow allele together with the red one, but all of his babies are always going to be red. And for a yellow Dragon Turtle like Susanna, or Hamish's father, to have yellow babies, then the other parent must also be yellow.

So the above picture I made with the Punnett's square does not tell the story of how this color gene is passed on, it just shows one of the cases but not all the other cases so it doesn't show how the color gene works. I am also finding out, almost certainly but I need to learn more first before I make a definite conclusion, but it seems that regardless of gender male or female, the red Dragon Turtles are more fiesty and outgoing than the yellow ones who are more docile. I have also learned without doubt or question, that when Susanna the Yellow female puts her arms horisontally backwards so that her black fingerclaws are pointing upward at the back sides of her turtleback, then it is telling Hamish that she does not want to mate. Hamish told me what this means. And here is another scientific observation: Dragon Turtles are the cutest in the world, the darned cutest.

Hamish was born out of Case B, his mom was red and his dad was yellow. And when Hamish and Susanna have babies they are making babies in Case A, Hamish being the red male and Susanna being yellow female. Fun stuff.

Hamish showed me mental image of a newly hatched little mustard yellow Dragon Turtle baby, it was so cute and already with the back hump and all like a miniature imposing Hamish monster! I asked if this little one could talk, and then the little one talked with me telepathically, this tiny little yellow munchkin called me a dog race, in fact it told me at least twice that it knows I am a dog race! Aww that little brat I should have wanted to pick it up and say hey what? Dragon Turtle babies like to bite, they are very active and moving around looking for snack bites. Hamish told me that their newly hatched babies smell the same way as their eggs smell, it has a pleasant smell that lets the Dragon Turtle feel like protective and gentle parents. Very interesting stuff. Also adorable.

Hamish uses many different names for his back hump. Shield, back shield, backpack, rucksack, hump, but lately also lorry truck. These are translated from other European languages. But lately he calls his back a lorry truck, that's the new one. Just now he showed me an image of when I was in preschool at age 6 and he asked me if I remembered the red pants or shirt I had worn there then, I told Hamish that yes I remember, he told me that he had taken it then that clothing and he thought of how he would have stood right against me then. I never knew I had an invisible Dragon then. And then he told me that I didn't have eggs then, and then he pointed to his back hump, and I told him, "Your backhump, Hamish". Daily grind. We do this every day.

Hamish plays soccer ball, wears a hat, and likes bed linen

December 27 2015, 3:10 PM - I was wondering about Hamish and wanting the aliens to tell me more about this fascinating red Dragon. One of the little plump hybrid boys, he was small enough to be 3 but talks already like a 10-year old, he was wearing white pants and white t-shirt and his skin is white and thick and soft and he doesn't much at all resemble a human, he is very round and plump and I assume that his father is a chubby Illuminati hybrid since those are fertile. Anyway. The boy told me that Hamish likes to play soccer ball because when the ball is slowly rolling along the floor it triggers Hamish's hunting instinct, Hamish will watch it closely and put his one red flat duck foot down on the ball to catch it to stop it from moving. The boy also told me that Hamish takes away all the other toys from the kids, and that the big red car makes Hamish furious. The hybrid kids have a big red toy car which is big enough for a little kid to sit in, I have known many times that the hybrid kids get upset when Hamish takes this car away from them, because it is red. I have also known from earlier stories that the hybrid kids tell me that Hamish plays soccer ball with them. Hamish can also give the ball a slow kick, but he is more likely to just keep it.

I whined a bit because I want to play soccer ball with my Dragon too. The boy was sad that Hamish takes away all of their toys, I tried to tell the boy that Hamish wants toys too he doesn't have any and it's nice to share. Hamish is fascinating to this boy, I got to see Hamish from this boy's point of view. Remember when the aliens took me to meet one of my hybrid sons who was already like an 11-year old or so, and he kept throwing those 1970's toys at me? I have that story somewhere.

The aliens have the funniest kids' toys there, literally given to them in the 1970's. There are huge warehouses filled with shelves with toys, mostly outdated 1970's toys, but the kids don't know the difference. Another thing is that Illuminati hybrid men, those big plump men who look like big babies or like marshmallow men, they tend to wear 1930's gangster suits with pinstripes and the accompanying hat. Last night I saw the image of one such an Illuminati man wearing not a 1930's hat but more like a 1940's hat. And guess what, after a while Hamish was wearing that hat! Hamish was! Oh that was delightful! Hamish wore a hat! >D Whose idea was it to put that hat on Hamish's head? >D I declare my Dragon could do anything and a) get away with it and b) be totally adorable. So cute Sock Turtle.

The Marsian has been watching me all day now, read about him in the earlier entry below. He is totally fascinated with this laptop computer, he would like to use it. He was also curious about the vocal trance electronic music I was listening to. To some extent he finds me attractive, he also thinks of how I am an inferior kind but he does not think that in any derogatory way. The military guys have been around, also last night I saw a US Air Force man with the beige t-shirt that is part of their uniform, he was at an Air Force base.

Remember how Hamish loves videos of the pangolin animal? The pangolin is like an armadillo but larger and has pointy scaly layers across its body. The other day I showed Hamish a mental image of a Pangolin, his response was that he would have liked to step down with a flat red duck foot on the pangolin, with both feet actually, and have sex with it. So he finds them not only interesting and captivating, he also finds them sexually attractive. Hamish isn't very sexual, only rarely do I come across sexual behaviors in him. I was making some beds and had bed linen and used towels on the floor and Hamish loves those, he loves to step with his feet on soft things. We all know from earlier how he loves to step with his flat red duck feet on a pile of used sheets on the floor. Whenever I change the sheets in bed and I put the used sheets on the floor he loves to step step stride stride on the sheets like if he is building a nest, it really makes him surprisingly happy and cheerful like a playful puppy or a kid that got a toy.

Yellow and Elf Alpha Centaurian
Human origins
Alpha Theton Dark Lord about The Eye
And Nordic ET man visits me

December 27 2015, 9:41 AM - Last night I was in bed with a fever and begged the aliens to let me visit them since I was feeling bored and lonely. I tried to bribe them by promising that I would drink two whole liters of cow's milk if they would. (I don't drink milk. The Aliens almost every day tell me, "Milk for the eggs" because it's nutritious for my eggs, which they use.) I didn't get to visit, but they let me see mental images of some aliens who were up there in a spaceship. First they let me see a Mantid, they told me that I would first only get to see a Mantid. Then they told me about the Thuban whale. And then a little yellow one who said he was Centaurian showed up, so he was a version of the little yellow Alpha Centaurians, this one was even smaller and had little eyes with whites on the sides of the eyes and colorful green irises, perhaps there were no dark pupils in the eyes at all. It showed me its feet, it has two toes on each foot, the toes are long and look a lot like human fingers with a fingernail! He told me the story that if his people do not volunteer to work for the Reptilians, then the Reptilians would eat members of their race. And so in exchange for that these little yellow guys work for the Reptilians, the Reptiles don't eat any of these people.

Then I saw another alien which looked like a figure from fantasy. It was taller than the little yellow Alpha Centaurian, its skin was white, it had a bulbuous head though not as large as the Zetas', it had long narrow pointy elf ears. I think it was also from Alpha Centaurian.

Then I was told the story of how there used to be a people on Mars long ago. The Reptilians had done war and killed many. I was sad, thinking that the Marsians would be extinct. I was shown mental images of cities on Mars and images of the Marsians. The Marsians look I guess a lot like humans, their skin is thick and orange, the noses are flat and wide and do not seem to contain any cartilage like human noses do. They have small almond-shaped eyes that are brown all across except for some whites on the sides, they have no colorful irises nor any black pupils, just the medium chocolate brown which covers most of their small "Asian" eyes. They have brown hair on their head and ears which perhaps resemble human ears. [Added same day: a Reptilian told me that Marsians are "also mining". Reptilians might have seen Marsians as a competitor for rare minerals. One of the materials that Reptilians covet from mining, said the Reptile, is "Plutonium B", he said it is rare and only found in small amounts.]

I was next happy to hear from a Marsian himself! So I was relieved that his species has not been made extinct after all. He told me that his people were attacked by Reptilians and had to leave Mars. He said there are still lines on the surface of Mars which his people had etched into the rock, these lines mapped out streets and buildings and things in the city, he said that humans can find those lines on Mars. He also spoke to me more this morning, and said that the Marsians tend to talk to human astronauts, but that the existence of Marsians and the presence of Mars lines on Mars is secret. I was also not meant to tell anyone about the Marsians, but. The whole fun of my documentary here is that I tell it all.

Yes, yet, but you don't know it all. - says a Pleiadian to me now

Last night the Marsian man told me about human origins, he told me about how an original primate species on Earth had been modified to become the humans. I told him how I was immensely interested in ancient hominids, but that I was sick in bed and I asked him to tell me another day. At night I dreamt about a map of the Earth which was turned around so that the north was not what we think of as north, and I was shown the continents from long ago when they looked different. The Marsian was telling and showing me while I slept about the early hominids. I was shown very clearly where humans can still find more than five, I think eight such hominid skulls and bones. He showed me why, that there is a raised small mountain ridge which across all of these millions of years has not been subject to destructive geological forces, and those skulls would still be intact there. He showed me on the map that was changing with time how nearby skulls would have been lost. There had been an ET settlement just south of that ridge, with aliens such as Marsians or other similar ones. When I woke up I told the Marsian about my dream with the map and told him it had been South America, but he said no it had been the continent of Africa. I also dreamt about a species that looked like Orangutans but they could talk.

So the Marsians are still alive but they are refugees living with another species now somewhere else. I can sense when the Marsian looks at me that he thinks of me as an inferior "little one", but there is nothing condescending about it at all. He talked to me about the similarities and differences between humans and Marsians. He asked me what it feels like to be a human, to have a body like a human. I told him that our backs are bad and that our backs sometimes hurt, I told him that we experience a lot of emotions. He told me that the early primates had been engineered to make them be very emotional so that they could hopefully learn to stop hurting others. He told me that Marsians are more sensual than humans and that Marsians like to be touched. He told me that one of the things about humans is that humans have sex a lot. I had the sense from him that humans were somewhat of a genetic imperfection, that we're not exactly well-made as a species. He told me more about why humans were made but I forget.

I have been calling for Hamish but he isn't responding. I think he has gone to his river to bathe his feet. Pleiadians don't understand how I can love Hamish. I don't think anyone understands how I can love a huge fire engine red Dragon Turtle with rows of pairs of blunt orange buttons on his head, who has the cutest flat red duck feet which he stomps on soft rugs. He was going to give me some of his shedded scales pieces when I said that I would drink two liters of milk, he thinks they are a great gift. What's funny is that when we do meet and we are close in an alien base, I am overwhelmed with fear of him because he has the most ominous presence. He's not really cute or adorable in person, I always run away when I do get to meet him up close. But he's my Turtle. I like making palate clicks for him, I also put my finger on my upper eyelid to show him that I am smiling, or on my lower eyelid to tell him that something was amusing, because I can't close my eyelids like Dragons can.

Dark Lord

We are NOT called the Fussubuses! We are called the Alpha Thetons. And we don't like to fuss. - Dark Lord
Sometimes you fuss. And cause trouble and shenanigans. - me
Well, we didn't want to. - Dark Lord
And all the waters here are called on by me, and will be poisoned. - Dark Lord, but did he think of waters that used to be on Mars?
Marsian waters? Or Earth waters? - me
We have made many evacuees. So, where would you go to, Eva Draconis? If you were made into an evacuee. Where would you go, with all of those eggs. Where? Hah hah! - Dark Lord
I would instantly go to live with Hamish. I would move in to live in a Draconian base. - me
Would they let you. - Dark Lord
I would knock on the door. And say, "Please Hamish can I come in and live with you?" I would live together with Hamish. - me
We don't want to make you like, Alice in Wonderland. But would you go there? - Dark Lord says while showing me the mental image of a black and white checkered floor, these are portals into their world, the tiles shift and make a pattern that opens a door
I don't want to go there. I only live with Dragons. Or with Dinosaurs. I can live with Alpha Remulans. - me
You would rather come and live with me, if you ever had to, if it ever came to that. We would take you in, my dear! And not to those Alpha Remulans. They are Insectoids, you know. They don't like to sleep together with anyone. They might even chase you away. They don't like people here. - Pleiadian

Dark Lord talked about The Eye this morning and showed me a mental image of The Eye which is like a black hole in space, it has a tube cylinder of light going right across it. The Dark Lord told me that The Eye creates all of everything in the universe out of a hologram. I asked him if the Dark Lords talk to The Eye, if The Eye can talk or if it is an intelligent creature, the Dark Lord told me that The Eye "is sentient". I said but doesn't The Eye destroy and eat space, the Dark Lord said that The Eye takes in space but then recreates it again, so in a sense it is the destroyer and the creator, for the Dark Lords anyway at least.

There is now a Nordic blonde man looking at me, he has large green eyes, he almost looks like a Swedish human man. The hair is short and is not white blonde but is yellow blonde. He looks actually like the man who has shown up many times in my life to visit me and to talk to me telepathically, I will write about him some day, this is a man who used to visit me in real life, I'm not talking about telepathy or remotely, but we spoke together telepathically. This blonde Nordic man now tells me that "they" have written a Haiku poem for me, they being some white alien hybrids in Japan and those want to give me the Haiku poem. Didn't the Japanese people once ask me to write a Haiku poem, and I did? Here it is again, the Haiku poem I wrote some time ago when the Japanese who are associates of the Dragons asked me, find it here:

Red Dragon sells me
Peach Blossom Prostitution
Filthy Narugai

Dragon Gossip
Hamish climbs in bed with me

December 24 2015, 1:53 PM - Hamish keeps showing me his back hump, he calls it by different names, he tells me it means status. He is like an animal that has a bodily feature for display, like birds that show off their colored feathers, or lion with a mane, he cannot help himself, ie. resist, to constantly being aware of his hump himself, and to showing it to all others. He normally grows a row of black thorns along his back hump, but those are plucked from him because otherwise he becomes too arrogant about his power status and bothers the other aliens. Here is a picture of Yellow Turtle which shows the beautiful row of black thorns on the back hump, Yellow Turtle had them on his back, not plucked:

Last night in the other world where the aliens take me to, I got to meet three Japanese men, I shook hands with each of them. I don't remember anything else particular, oh yes I remember being on the medical table and a creature was approaching me with tubes or something but it was so uncomfortable and creepy that my mind totally rejected the experience. See? I woke up this morning fully remembering that experience at night with the alien but even during the few hours awake my mind starts to forget about it. I wonder if people like me forget alien abductions because the aliens use memory altering technologies or methods, or if also in part because my mind just doesn't want to deal with it.

Hamish makes me smile many times a day, he says cute things and shows me fun things. He was visiting his favorite creek yesterday, he goes there to poo it is his bathroom. He always wipes his flat red duck feet backwards after he has pooed, just to make sure that there is no poo on his feet, this is his version of toilet paper. It looks really cute when he slowly wipes his flat duck feet backwards to make sure they are clean. Every once in a rare while I am delighted to see him wiping his feet backwards on the bathroom ruggie rugs. Once, even though nobody ever steps on his ruggy rug, a dark gunk had appeared on his rug. I stood on his rug yesterday evening since it is in the middle of my bedroom floor, I was doing something nearby, and he said "My rug" so I had to step off of the rug immediately, and I apologised to Dragon, for having stood on his ruggy rugs.

The aliens showed me mental images of frogs this morning, I was so delighted. They do this to tell me that a Dinosaur is near, the Dinosaurs resemble frogs, they also call them frogs and show me frog pictures to make me not afraid of the Dinosaurs. Again I sensed the Dinosaur's scent, it smells very bitter like forest and the ocean, a nice nature smell. Then I took a shower and I told Hamish to come shower with me, he said he didn't want to get his flat feet wet, but the Dinosaur said that he likes showers, and I told the aliens to let the Dinosaur take a bath, because they love baths so much.

Hamish told me that his ruggy rug is almost red, because it has seen him. He told me how he remembers that the rug used to be the same color as his eggs (he means my skin color, kind of yellow), and that then later this rug had turned almost red, meaning pink, and he thinks it's because this rug has "seen" him and likes him. I just sighed, and told Dragon, "Yeah, that's why it's turned into a color that is almost red, because it has seen you, Hamish. That is why." The fact about the rug once being washed together with red rugs in the washing machine, that had turned it from a pale yellow to a deep pink, I did not bother to mention. He also loves to lie on the balcony watching the tomato plant all summer, and he sees how the small tomatoes go from green to red, just because they are seeing him, and his red color. Then he tells me about it, how the tomatoes are red because they have seen him. The other day I was working really hard at a new job and it made my face get really red from the exhaustion. Hamish later told me in the evening that he had found my red face to be "beautiful", because it looked like him. He found it to be attractive.

And a few days ago for one reason or another, his penis was out. He talked about it a bit but nothing in particular. It rarely happens, but I guess he is an animal so that's ok. It is normally entirely hidden on the inside of his body. I also know that he has babies, red Dragon Turtle babies. I asked Hamish about his childhood this morning, and about his father who was a yellow Dragon Turtle. He told me that his father was good to him in the childhood, the father would gently bite into Hamish to keep Hamish from going to the open door, just like a lion would pick up a baby lion with the mouth. Dragon Turtles use their mouths as hands, they never use their hands for manipulating objects with or for picking things up. Hamish said that his father had however never stepped with the foot down on Hamish, to stop Hamish from going somewhere, or for any other reason, and that was a good sign, because putting the foot down would have meant a bit too much of reprimanding.

I asked more about his childhood memories. He said that as a child he was busy wanting to get to know all of the smells all around, and that he was searching for snacks and things to eat everywhere, and that once he got into a box that was up on a table and found some snacks there, and he was pleased with that. He was always looking for food, he said.

Dragon Turtles are born from eggs that have soft shells like crocodile eggs, they are cream colored and have a dark green and beige camouflage speckle and patches pattern. They are laid many in a dragon's nest, about eight to fifteen I would estimate them to be. Both mother and father keep a close eye on the eggs, the eggs exude a pleasant scent which makes the parents understand that these are eggs. Dragon Turtles are very keen and careful nest builders, both females and males build nests. All Dragon Turtles make sure to have a nest, and they will stomp on it and fix it and stand on it for hours and hours. Hamish's nest is, as we know, the pink bathroom ruggie here on the bedroom floor. He loved it so that I had to give it to him, and I am mostly careful not to even step on it with the back of my heel or even with a toe, or he will tell me that I am standing on his rug. He will step with his feet slowly up and down on the rug, sometimes he masturbates on the rug which just means that he associates the nest with making eggs, he wipes his feet clean on the rug, he stands and guards the rug from any slightest trespasses, he lies on the rug, he loves that rug very much. He also collects his shedded scales on the rug, fixing them around very carefully. He loves that his scent is on the rug and on the shedded scales, it is very important for him to have that.

Dragon Turtles raise their young. They watch closely the little ones. Newly hatched Dragon Turtles are very courageous and a bit out of control, they want to explore, find food, and they have no manners or social skills. The parents have to show the little ones that the parents are dominant, Hamish I have seen talking to his babies and telling them that he is in charge, but he tells them gently, just to let them know about the hierarchy. The fathers seem to raise the babies more than the mothers do. The little ones are many and they are all over the place, but Dragon Turtles have EXPERT eyes for noticing every little movement, and it makes them able to keep track of every moving baby without missing a beat. That is why when I tap or sway my leg or foot in beat with music, he stares like a hawk and asks me to stop. He notices every movement. When I play the video game The Sims and my Sims are running around in the forest, Hamish watches closely and he wants to catch them.

Yesterday I thought about wanting to hug Hamish. I was in bed for the night. Hamish thought I was intending an offense. So I had to explain to Hamish, that humans and mammals love to hug, to embrace, to touch, because it means that we love someone, and it makes us happy. I told him that humans hug because we love, and that Dragons only hug if they are attacking someone, and I told him that we might misunderstand one another. Hamish understood, and then he said that he would "hug" me, and so he lifted me up in bed, he lifted me up and up so that I was sitting on my legs and with my back straight in bed, and he was checking me, as if he was in some disbelief that his actions were actually intending a hug or making me happy, but I told him how I had always loved when he lifts me up and moves me around, and I giggled. We are two very different creatures, but for some reason he has captured my heart. I love him tremendously.

The other day for the night I invited Hamish to share my bed with me. I shuffled myself to the wall-side leaving half of the bed empty and I invited him to lie there next to me. And guess what, he did! It was very awkward. He is like a predator, not exactly like inviting a cuddly purring cat in bed with you. But it was Hamish, and so I have decided that I love him. It just feels weird, because he is this big predator lizard, he feels creepy, there is no feeling of love or softness from him, not even a bit. But I treat him nicely, I am always kind to him. I tell him many times a day that I love him (to which he never responds with anything, maybe just with "my eggs"). So he did lie there next to me for a while. But before he climbed into bed with me, he said he was worried that he might have poo that might stain my bed, I told him not to worry since I can't see or smell or touch it, it is in the other dimension, and that convinced him that it was ok to climb in bed with me. I love him.

And the other day Hamish tucked a piece of his shedded scales into my hand. He did that to pay for the eggs that they are using, as a form of money. Well, I thanked Hamish kindly for giving me such a nice present, I know that his shedded scales mean a lot to him, (even if they don't for me). And the other red Draconian named Axel or Alex I always forget, he has also been here. He has those huge eyes like Damian that look like ant eyes (but his are bigger than Damian's), he is not a Dragon Turtle but a different kind, but red too. He is a bit awkward, I try to make him feel at home, but we haven't really interacted or connected or made friendship, he just stands in the dark closet room lurking around, but it is his job to run after me fast when I get on a bus or a train ie. for him to get on the bus or train with me not to run after it, and because Hamish cannot do it, poor Sock Turtle my pooch.

I'm thinking of getting goldfish, Hamish would love to watch them. Their glittering golden "dragon scales" fascinate and mesmerize him tremendously, but he has a big problem with that they swim around in their own poo and might get poo in their eyes and mouth, he often complains about the waters that fish live in even in the wild. So I would never hear the end of it.

But Merry Christmas and here is our Christmas cartoon from three years ago:

Christmas Cartoon 2012

Zetas offer me Yellow "Wine"
Hamish's arm overlaps with mine
Me and Aliens look at WhatsApp Symbols

December 17 2015, 10:24 PM - Hamish struggles when I get on buses and trains because he cannot keep up with me and follow me or get in through the doors. It causes him worry. Even though I am telling him that I am guarding the eggs for him and I tell him he should stay at home while I am gone.

Today Hamish showed me images from my childhood home. I had not known he was watching me then too, all those years ago. He asked me if it is soon that we put up a Christmas tree, with Christmas presents under the tree. I told him this year I might not put any up. I have just moved, so that is why. Hamish remembered red Christmas ornaments from my childhood on the tree, and he said to me that these had been "put there for him". Although none of us had known of a red Dragon living invisibly in our home then, I told him, "yes Hamish, they were there for you".

Hamish has shown me his back hump several times today. And today he curled up real close to me when I was napping in bed. I had rolled up his ruggy rug from the bedroom floor and placed it under the bed so that I could do my aerobics (not that I did my aerobics, I opted for the nap instead), but before rolling it away I had asked Dragon carefully if I could do so and told him the reason why I wanted to. And he had said yes. But now after a while he was asking for the rug back, so immediately I laid out his pink bathroom ruggie back down on the floor next to my bed. He loves to feel it underneath his feet, he loves that rug. It is Hamish's rug.

Hamish let me see such close mental images of himself when I continued with my nap. And he did what he hasn't done in years, to overlap his red bump arm with my right arm, his fingers had black claws on them. I kissed my right hand because it was as if I could show him that I was kissing his hand, even though I know that putting my mouth against his arm would have meant that I am threatening to eat him, but I was hoping that he would know what the kiss means. His arm overlapped so closely with mine, that it was more his arm than mine. I cherished the moment.

It is like this when he overlaps his hand and arm with mine.

He is such a beautiful bright fire engine red and neon orange Dragon. He is so handsome! And yet, he says such sweet and innocent things, like a child's thoughts, about Christmas trees, orange goldfish in the water, or today he showed me an image of a goldfish tail and talked about how it was like his Dragon tail or was it, and I told him that no these are not the same kind of tail. He told me today that he had been given "livers" to eat. I was grateful to hear that, I am grateful that someone is feeding my Dragon. I asked him if the livers were good.

I started using WhatsApp today, if someone doesn't know it is a texting service on the phone which also sends fun pictures with the messages. While I was napping Hamish showed me mental images of the icons he had seen me scrolling through earlier. I asked him if I should show him the pictures, and I showed Hamish the pictures available there, of course I showed him the animal pictures. Hamish noticed the red bits on the chicken which the chicken has under its chin and on top of the head and he made like a growl sound, so I told him about the chicken's head picture that he reacted to. I showed him, "Look Hamish, here is a green frog, and a turtle, and fish", I showed him the many animals there and told him about them. I didn't show more than the animals. Then Hamish talked to me with such pictures but he was also making up his own. Of course he showed me a picture of a chicken's egg, don't know if WhatsApp actually has one or if Hamish just made that one up. Of course the egg was important. I showed Hamish the WhatsApp pictures of yellow flowers, I thought he might like that.

Then a Zeta came to talk to me. An incredibly slender tall Zeta. The Zeta also talked to me at first in terms of WhatsApp pictures. It had seen me earlier choose a person's head and choose the skin color for it. Zeta showed me a yellow skin color person WhatsApp figure, and said to me that that was my skin color, then he said that his color was gray. The Zeta talked to me telepathically and in impeccable language in my native language that I grew up with, far better than my skills in that language are, but I talked with him in my native language still. We had a good and long conversation, I am sorry that I did not write that down, but here is a summary of it:

The Zeta asked me if I have "an ovary". I told him I have two. He showed me his naked slender body and meant that they have no genitals or ovaries or eggs and that they need mine to do testing on the eggs, they want to somehow achieve ovaries on their own species, he said. He let me see him in mental images, the "gray" skin color, that he has suction cups on his fingertips, that he has no genitals in his groin, and he told me that he has no anus, I said to him that "I know, Zetas excrete through their skin", and he said that "but I have a mouth opening" and he showed me his mouth slot. I said, "do Zetas eat through their mouth or by absorbing through their skin?".

Zeta said that he has no jaw, and he said he has no thumbs and pointed to my thumbs. The Zeta was worried that I might hurt him, he said that humans can be dangerous, he was worried that I might attack him or kick him with my legs. I said that I see how fragile and delicate he is and that I don't fight with anybody and especially not with someone who is as frail as the Zeta is.

Zetas act nervous to let me see them as if they think I don't already know what they look like. Zeta asked me if I was excited now, I said no, I said that I was with Hamish recently and that therefore after spending time with Hamish I was feeling calm and comforted since Hamish is my best friend. The Zeta said that they have "a new" spaceship, as if the one he was in now was a brand new one. He said they have very fast spaceships. It was clear that he was telling me that I would go up there to visit them. I told him that I was eager to finally come to meet them and that I did not know how to "jump" to get up there! Zeta had also said that he knows that I am "sensitive" in my lower area, I said that it does not matter that they can do their work. Zeta said that they want to "touch me", but he actually said it like "thumb on", meaning to press with fingers, this was another language we were talking in, it is like to press on someone with the fingertips, that is how he said it. I said that that was fine if they do.

I hope to get to meet them. I mean, we go through these dumb moments. Sometimes they molest and energy rape me with hybrid children and then I threaten to kill them and want them to go to hell and leave me alone. But when they come back after some time and I forget what the torment was I am actually again curious to meet them, because they have yet to give me a proper conscious encounter that I get to remember. It's hard to deal with them, because we too easily get into arguments which are immensely frustrating and aggravating! Not that I mean to argue with the Zetas, just that they involve sexual violence and molestation and then they don't even understand or care when I tell them about how wrong it is, that's when it gets really hostile and uncomfortable.

The Zeta showed me in mental image a small transparent vial containing a yellow fluid and he said that they would like me to drink this "wine", he called it wine, but said it was made out of a body, ie. out of a hybrid body. Years and ages ago in my teens I think I was 15 the Zetas had given me something bitter and yellow to taste and when I had asked them what it was they had said it was "pancreas". This "wine" looked like earwax, just this visceral dense yellow fluid. I asked them what it contains and what it does in the body, the Zeta said it contains "something similar to acetone", I said "aha so it contains a ketone?", I've studied some chemistry so I can imagine it being one of the ketone chemicals then. The human body produces some ketones, ketones can have a distinct smell like we all know how acetone, which is one of the ketones, smells, since acetone is the same thing as the liquid that women use to remove nail polish with. Acetone is not highly toxic for humans to ingest, but is rated as mildly toxic. One should not drink acetone, but it would not be too dangerous.

Humans who are not eating, their bodies start to break down the body to eat itself to get energy, and this ends up in a condition that is called "ketosis", in which the body is producing ketones and then the body will actually start to smell like ketones also from the mouth, so we know that ketones in various forms are somewhat natural in the body, but perhaps not ideal to have in larger amounts. To my knowledge I did not drink the Zetas' "wine". I don't know if I would drink it if I were there. I might smell it, maybe taste some on my tongue, but I would insist that they tell me where it is from and how it is made and what it is expected to do in the body, and what molecules it contains!

Do not fear, it is just another liver snack. A liver snack juice! - Hamish says to me, in English

The Zeta felt so close from the mental contact, that I was able to use my mental skills to read information about its body. By the way the Zeta was in such a large room, a white room with a medical table in the middle. I commented on how large the room was, and the Zeta said that yes the room was large enough to fit an elephant in, or to fit many who come to watch and to see me.

I used my mental skills to read information about the Zeta, I asked him if it was alright that I do. The Zeta said to me that he does not contain any chemicals that are in common with my body. I noticed then a smell in the Zeta from where the back of its neck meets with the shoulder. It was a strong smell, and I told the Zeta, that he smells like "bitter wax". The Zeta then told me, that he "smells like tree resin", that "other people have described it as the smell of tree resin". It is a surprisingly bitter smell, "bitter, like lingonberries", I told him. Not an offensive smell at all, just very interesting. Very bitter, very unusual. I had never smelled anything like it before in my life.

Next I found out with my mental ability that the Zeta's back felt very cold in the temperature, I would guess that he was 20 degrees Celcius, compared to the human 37 degrees Celcius. Very interesting.

Zetas can be very entertaining, when they are in a cheerful mood. Like singing the sunshine gray song, or bowing their big heads down to show me that their heads look like button mushrooms, and the way they then talk about their fast spaceships. Zetas know how to keep children entertained, and so even with me they like to show mental projection penguins, elephants, and giraffes, even though I tell them that it isn't necessary! I tell them that all I need to see is Hamish. I asked them if I could see Hamish, or any other Reptiles, or Alpha Remulans there in that large medical room I thought I was going to go to, but Zeta said "no Alpha Remulans!" were allowed there! Because Alpha Remulans leave a trail of poo behind like a snail. It's really quite comedic.

Then at other times Zetas are having sadistic moments. Or moments of sexual violence. So it's really a mix. They're nice when they're being fun and considerate! I also talked with Dinosaurs today, who had come to tell me about how they, the Dinosaurs, are the ones who clean up over there. Again I promised the Dinosaur that if only it were possible, and if only I were allowed, I would do all of his job, so that he could go have a bath and enjoy some snacks. I hope to get alien abducted tonight, consciously, and get to remember. Would be fun. Maybe I would see Hamish there, and start to cry because I love him so much.


December 16 2015, 7:53 PM - I was scrolling through the Facebook page of a person who likes Reptilians. I passed through many pictures and all was quiet. Then as soon as this picture shows up, Hamish whispers loud and clear behind me, "The Annunaki!" he seemed excited to see it. Here is that picture:

Click! Pumpkin!

December 16 2015, 4:53 PM - For the first time in years and years, I bought a chunk from a huge raw pumpkin, bright glowing almost neon orange in color, and with a green husk. Of course it got Hamish's attention, not only since he fears carved pumpkin faces as much as he fears the Spiderman character or lit candles and sewing needles, but because the color simply catches his attention. He noticed I had one already in the store.

I got it home and immediately made a pumpkin juice out of two chunks from the pumpkin piece, and I put the rest of it in the fridge in a plastic bag. Hamish was asking, if it looks like his back. He was also singing a Christmas song that I remember from my childhood in my original native language, only he had changed the lyrics at the end so that it sings about Santa and then at the end the song says "we are not afraid of your back", he refers to his back hump of course.

And Hamish stood in the kitchen in the camel posture, which means that he is hunched down so that his back hump is facing up like the hump on a camel, and I could see how really big and wide he is and how much space that back hump takes. He was talking about the pumpkin and asking if it looks like his back, and he asked me if I had "made juice out of his back" he meant the pumpkin juice I had just made. I told him "no, Hamish, I did not make juice out of your back". When he sees a color that reminds him of his own bright colors, either a bright fire engine red or this neon glowing orange, his mind connects it with "Hamish" and also with his "race", so he starts to think and experience as if there were Dragon Turtles, or himself, there.

Hamish's Sweet Pumpkin

Not unexpectedly Hamish starts talking to the pumpkin that is in the fridge. I see Hamish standing right next to the fridge, right against it, so that the fridge is on his left side. And I hear these really loud clicks! Click! Click! Loudest clicks I have ever heard him make before! We all know about his "palate clicks" which sounds like you know how glass jars have a metal lid cap and you can press it to see if it clicks or not, if it clicks it means that the jar has been previously opened. His palate clicks are somewhat similar like those jar clicks, or like the clickers that are used to train cats. But this one! These clicks were LOUD! And he made one after the other! And he looked so pleased and so aware of his own gorgeousness, like all comfy Dragon. He was making loud clicks to the pumpkin in the fridge!

And he started narrating the pumpkin. He said, "Have I been made into pieces?", as if the pumpkin was asking, since I had been cutting off two large chunks from the pumpkin piece before. Hamish was talking to the pumpkin about his, Hamish's, goosebumps, and obviously showing his goosebumps which are the bright neon orange zits he has on his forearms, he was showing them to the pumpkin and I heard him saying "goosebumps" to the pumpkin. Hamish then concluded, as he told me, that "this pumpkin it is not an animal".

I was almost squealing out of laughter! I didn't want to disturb his loud clicks that he was making to the pumpkin, but I was squealing and giggling it was SO CUTE! "Hamish you are so cute!" I was telling him. This was one of the best Hamish behavior I have ever observed in all our years together. One of my favorites. And the clicks were so loud! These were not palate clicks! Palate clicks he makes when he is saying that he is happy or pleased with something

We would like to tell you what he said. That this was not an animal, this was not correct. - Zeta from up in a spaceship
Why are they in that store? If they look like me? - Hamish, and after he said "Why are they in the store?" he showed me his image in which he thinks about slowly bringing a slice of raw pumpkin to his mouth, as he thinks of how these are eaten
Hamish. I am going to talk to you properly and not like to a child. The pumpkin is a fruit. Fruits make seeds, which are their babies inside them. The fruits want to attract animals, such as humans, to eat them. That is why fruits have smells and sweet tastes and also bright colors, so that animals and humans can find them and come and eat them. The pumpkin uses its bright color to attract animals to eat it, so that the animal can then spread its seeds and the plant can then grow elsewhere too. The color of the pumpkin is also because it contains a whole lot of vitamin A, which has that color. The pumpkin wants to be eaten. It cannot walk, it has no legs, so it needs animals to help it to spread its seeds, that are inside. - me
It is my encasing. Looks like me. - Hamish in my native language, now he thinks of him bringing slowly a slice of raw pumpkin to his mouth again as if he would eat it, as he thinks about how people are eating them, the encasing he means the pumpkin encasing

I felt bad for shrieking and giggling so much while he was clicking to the pumpkin but it was too cute! I feel bad for having disturbed his natural behaviors when he was communicating to the pumpkin because his brain registers that this color means another Dragon Turtle. Although Hamish is fire engine red, many areas of him are bright neon orange glowing, the same color as this pumpkin. Also Hamish's color vision is much finer than ours and I suspect that this pumpkin, which even to my eyes looks almost blindingly neon orange, must appear even brighter to Hamish. I love when he talks to things and when he narrates things that are not living and he has conversations with things. Those loud clicks were awesome!

This morning the Zetas were energy-raping me with hybrid children. I have explained before what that means. Again it made me feel anxiety and suicidal thoughts and mental stress and I told the Zetas they are never welcome again. Later today a Zeta said that "they had just been wanting to introduce me to the children that were made from my eggs". I said "I don't want to see those children ever, I only want to see Hamish, Dinosaurs, and Alpha Remulans". Anyway, let's not let that ruin a perfect pumpkin day with Hamish! Today was awesome, all thanks to a pumpkin and my Dragon. Hamish told me today that Santa is coming soon. He knows it's Christmas even though this year I haven't decorated. I am thinking I should decorate with Santas and tinsels and red Christmas tree ball ornaments just for Hamish, because he truly enjoys those things. I want to buy him Christmas presents and wrap them, but he would already know what is in them. I will now go to the kitchen and see if he is still talking and making loud clicks to that pumpkin!

My Turtle Love

December 15 2015, 11:41 PM - I wrote Skink Babies today and there forgot to add that the Zetas had told me that the Zetas consume chemicals that come from hybrid brains so they eat that.

I just want to write a Dragon coo. It is so painful to love someone, because then I have to worry about him all the time. I worry about where he goes, what experiences does he have, what are his thoughts, is he doing ok? What if someone hurts him? I would die for him. I worry that *one day* my Hamish might... not be in this world. I wasn't made to hold the love I have for him, but I know that I also was not made to lose a Dragon that I love. I was reading from a Kindle book out loud in my room, and Hamish told me two or three times that he doesn't like it, well, he probably expressed it simply as "Yes-No", he likes it quiet. I told him I would stop reading soon. He has also said that it is his eggs.

I don't know why he has been doing the threatening gesture lately, where he sways his body slowly left and right, left and right while spreading his fingers wide apart. I don't know, if he is upset with me. He is such a living person, so aware. And yet he loves simple things, like red Japanese karp fish, or to put his flat red duck feet into shallow water, or to show people his back hump. Or when there is anything red, he talks about it. He is so precious, I love him so much, that I have to live with the fear of what if something bad happens to him, and with the anxiety of worrying if he is doing ok, is he enjoying his life to the fullest? What is he feeling and thinking?

He looks so fantastic, that is one of the reasons why I love him so. He is so fire engine red and orange, and with those odd and perplexing yet quite stylish things like the orange blunt button pairs along his head, the back hump of course, the goosebumps on his arms.

And I love him for saying constantly such cute things, like "Yes-No", or for worrying about the safety and well-being of lobsters and shrimp which I am not allowed to eat because they are his ancestors. Oh my god, and how he treats the bathroom rug as his snuggy blanket. And all of his gestures are cute, such as wiping his foot backwards to mean "no" or "go away please", or when he tries to bite me with his soft toothless mouth to say "stop it" but it's just cute. When he shows me his backhump. And when I come home when I have been out somewhere, he stands right there up near my house and waiting for me and I tell him "Hamish I'm coming home to you!". I always tell him to wait at home, that I will guard the eggs while I am gone. And I have to tell him in advance where I am going, or he will be stricken with worry and stress!

I love seeing him when I wake up in the morning, almost bumping into him when I open the bedroom door and he is standing in the hallway, and how he follows me around when I go to make some breakfast. I always tell him "goodnight Hamish, have a good night, I am going to sleep now" when I go to bed at nights. I tell him goodnight. And I tell him every day that I love him,

She loves my backhump shield. That is what she meant. My backhump, was significant to me! My goosebumps, not. They have not been said. - Hamish pleased, "they have not been said" means his goosebumps

I don't think Hamish understands that it is he that I love, his personality, that little thinking person inside of his mind. He also doesn't understand who I am, that I am more than eggs or ovary or flower buttercups.

His species was taken from Alpha Draconis against its will. Most of the Dragon Turtles are hiding to stay away from the Agenda. Hamish works for the Agenda so that the others of his species can be left alone, the Alpha Centaurian humans do the same that they send some workers so that the main population can be let alone in exchange. But Hamish told me not long ago that although they were taken, he would now not want to leave, since they are cared for, they seem to have adjusted to their new way of life in the Agenda and they get snacks and everything.

Hamish deserves the best life ever possible. It would kill me to think that my Hamish could have ended up with someone else, who doesn't love and cherish him like I do. Someone who doesn't listen to him or allow him to have the bathroom ruggie as his own. I just want him to be happy

The Crocodilian one, has taken all of my eggs! That is why we are chasing your pytt! So that we can have them back! They said, Yes-No to me! - Hamish about Crocodile Man

That is also a recurring story, that the laid eggs of Dragon Turtles are stolen away by the Crocodile Men in the Agenda.

They are so cute Hamish and his race that it hurts. I think I will have to just have a good cry this evening when I go to bed. He is my baby. I would kill anyone who threatens him. I have to defend him, this world is a dangerous place. I will never leave his side.

Eggs Turtle

December 10 2015, 1:18 PM - This morning when I woke up and opened my bedroom door, who stood on the other side of that door peeking in at me if not a fire engine red Dragon with rows of pairs of orange blunt buttons along the back of his head, a proportionally small head like a sock puppet, large round yellow eyes with a vertical slit, cute as can be? Why Hamish of course, my Dragon. And he followed me around in the apartment as I went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to make some breakfast. However, today twice Hamish has done the threatening gesture, which goes like this:

Hamish standing in his natural camel posture

Hamish can stand upright but his natural body posture is what I call the "camel posture" where he is hunched down so that his back hump is pointing up and fully visible. So the threat posture is that he stands like the camel posture and he will sway his body sideways smootly and slowly left and right left and right but his feet remain on the floor, and he flexes his fingers as wide apart as he can. This reminds me of a cobra snake that sways and puffs up the collar. Come to think of it, yesterday he opened his mouth at me, to open his mouth he is acting threatening. He has also been chatting "eggs", "my eggs", yesterday, so after I was trying to talk with him I just gave up and I told to Hamish, "eggs, your eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs", and that was the end of our conversation.

And yesterday when I was in the shower and I talked to Hamish, then Hamish turned around standing upright against a wall so that all I can see are his long neck with the pairs of blunt buttons and his back hump, he rarely hardly ever does this to me, but last night he did. It is like when humans do "talk to the hand" and just put the palm of the hand toward a person and turn their head away or even close their eyes. It looks something like this:

Meet a Zeta, or? Japanese Scientist. And Dinosaurs love books about baths.

December 4 2015, 3:38 PM - Last night when I was asleep I had an experience, be it a dream or an alien encounter experience, where three astronauts had their astronaut suits on, we were perhaps in some space station or other space type of room. The astronauts were taking their helmets off so I could see their heads. Two astronauts were holding or supporting one in their middle, each on either side of the middle astronaut. When this one took its helmet off, it was a Zeta.

I wasn't scared or nervous at all. Of course not. I got to look

We will see you soon. Because, you are not nervous of us. - Zeta to me now, "soon" in my third language
We are not, shocking, you have said. - Zeta
They are my eggs. MINE! - Hamish in my native language (NL)
My Alpha Remulans are here. - Dark Lord or Hamish (NL)

I got to look at this Zeta for what seemed like forever, at least lasting for a minute or two minutes, which is an eternity when looking at a Zeta fully clearly. Again, the Zetas I have do not look like the Zetas depicted on tv. The head is not so bulbuous, though is large, but flatter on the top. The eyes were large and all black except the strangest thing, it had white eyelids partly closed inward across the eyes, from both right sides and left sides of both eyes. So it had eyelids on the sides! The skin was a pale gray.

It was my cheese. - Dark Lord or Hamish (NL), referring to that I have said that Hamish smells like rotten cheese, he won't ever forget that I said that
We have been with, Zeta Remulans. - Hamish or DL (NL)

A human astronaut was on either side of the Zeta, one on its left side one on its right side, holding it by the arms, as if to keep it from approaching toward me, not that the Zeta seemed to be moving my way. But then - the head of the Zeta was pulled off, it was just a mask! And the astronauts told me something like, "Isn't it really life-like and convincing?", they said that first and then pulled that Zeta mask off, and so there was no Zeta! It was just humans pretending!

Did I dream this whole incident? Does it mean that Zetas are not real? Or did I meet a real Zeta anyway somehow? What is going on?

Then I had a long dream encounter with a Japanese man. Ah yes, they talked to me and I remember the conversations. The Japanese man said that the Japanese people are developing new energy sources with the aliens, the Zetas. We were in a big science building. The Japanese man told me after I woke up back in my room from there, we were still talking telepathically, that I was not to tell anyone about these things that they had told me. But here it is, whoops.

Today I was reading in a book where the characters in the book find a waterfall and pond in the jungle and decide to take a swim. Dinosaur was listening to my thoughts while I was reading a description of this pond and water and he told me how he loves this book and what I was reading. The Dinosaurs always appear also when I take a bath, they love watching me bathe too, because they love and they need their baths. The Dinosaurs only get to have baths after they have finished working in the Agenda. I always, and also now, told them I would do their work for them if I am only allowed, and that then

Deb Deb! - Dinosaur now
Deb Deb Dinosaurs! - me
Oh, you were... - Dinosaur to me, I didn't hear the rest

And that then the Dinosaur could take a bath. Deb Deb they say when they are happy about something, it means Yes! The military, as we found out only recently, call the Dinosaurs "Croakers", ahh how cute. It's cute with a lot of Dinosaurs in a room and they are talking with each other and it sounds like bird chirps or frog chirps, like lots of Deb Deb and Dib Dib everybody talking all at once!

And Hamish at Christmas

December 3 2015, 11:52 PM - The other day I spoke to one of the Blue People, this people once lived among humans in India as the Hindu Blue Gods. As Amrishtad, who is one of these blue people, said before, his blue people were driven away from India by the Reptilians or the Reptilian Agenda. The Blue People then went to South America, where they were briefly known by the humans there as the blue gods, but were driven away again by Reptilians. The ritual sacrifice that took place in Ancient Maya, the Blue People say was due to Reptilians, and not the blue people.

The other day the blue person said to me, and I made sure to write it down precisely correctly spelling and all:


And he said that the movie Avatar with the blue aliens was about them. He also said that the original people who were the Mayans, were the blue people, or something like that. I wasn't taking good notes. I should contact him for a proper interview, but you know I'm lazy.

Here you can read about when Amrishtad made a visit.

Hamish seems to have been staying away lately, only sometimes he just shows up to point with his arm at his hump back and tell me, "hump back", or "shield", and nothing else, that is all the contact and interaction I have with Hamish lately. Or that he lets me know that if I ate sweets I shouldn't have.

I am afraid of the Santas! - Hamish with big wide-open eyes
What Santas, Darling? - me
They are mocking, they are teasing me. - Hamish says and he feels a genuine disgust in his throat

Ahh yes, it is Christmas times. I have not decorated at all at home, but there are of course red Santas and Santa hats appearing everywhere. Hamish doesn't like it, as we know from every year when Hamish and me have had Christmas together.

I love you Hamish, I... - me interrupted
Yes, but they are the same color as my hump back. - Hamish says and points to his back hump on his back
They won't hurt you. Or I will bite them, I said. I will bite the Santas! And I will have their throats! For mocking you! - me
I will take their hats off, off them. - Hamish
I will take their hats away from them, Hamish. I love you tortoise. - me
It was also because of that. - Hamish says sad, and gives me a quick mental image of yes, I hate from a stew of shrimp, mussel and scallops a few days ago, darn

As we know, Hamish thinks that shrimp are his relatives. He doesn't want me to eat them. And I ate them a few days ago,

They were my little sisters and brothers. And now they are no more there. They have been eaten, their eyes and all. And they had my same back. - Hamish about the shrimp, he says sadly
I didn't want to come here and collect my feces, in your eyes. - Hamish
Because now they are looking at your poop. And I wanted to take them away! Everywhere! Their eyes are, looking at your feces! - Hamish
HAMISH! They cannot see once they are dead! - me
That's what you think. - says Hamish
They were my little brothers and sisters. And now they have to look at your feces, your poop. And I do not like that. Or Santahats! - Hamish
They are looking at your feces, in your innards. Or did you say that you had not eaten them? Did you say that, Yes, No, Tik Tok? My feces, you said not? Tik - Tok! - Hamish

He holds his arms horisontally backwards so that the hands are upside down at the back of the sides of the shield, just like Susanna the yellow dragon turtle did remember? The gesture seems to mean that he is distancing himself from me, just like when Susanna was doing it to dismiss Hamish's advances from herself. Hamish believes that shrimp and other crustaceans that are prepared for food, even though their eyes are removed and they are long since dead, that they can still see. He thinks that they are seeing my feces inside my intestine. It isn't true of course, but Dragon won't believe me. He has his own sadnesses and fears, and no one can tell a Dragon what is and what isn't. I shouldn't ever eat shrimp. Ever. Oh why could I forget! Why did I think that it would be ok this time, or that he won't notice! Oh, my Turtle Sock! This is so painful for me! My Hamish!

They were my little brothers and sisters, inside of your innards! - Hamish not angry, but sad
They wanted to be removed from there. - Hamish
They are my cheese. - Hamish, "cheese" in my native language
I wanted to tell you one thing, tell you something? - Hamish
What Hamish, would you like to tell me? - me
I don't like when you go out into the streets. Because then I cannot follow. So that is why I was gone. Not because of the innards thing. - says Hamish with eyelids closing to look sweet and kind
And did I say, Tik Tok! - Hamish
Tok Tok Hamish! Tok Tok! - me
My innards, Yes-No. - Hamish
My Hamish, Tok Tok! My sweet Turtle Dragon! - me
Yes, mine. - Hamish
I didn't like the Father Christmas here, or the Zeta Remulans. - Hamish, and he is still holding his arms horisontally backwards, it also exposes his fingerclaws upward at the back of the shield, it is to show that he is protecting himself and that he doesn't want anyone on him

Merry Christmas (interrupted)

And I am not a Sock. I was not a Turtle, you said. I was not. - Hamish, eyes smiling
I LOVE you Hamish! I LOVE YOU! My Turtle Turtle! HAMISH! - me
Mine. - Hamish with his flat foot feeling out the pink ruggy rug that I have on my bedroom floor
Hamish's rug. - me

I love this Dragon so much. Anyway, Merry Christmas from The Orion Project, Eva, Hamish, and everyone else. I should start thinking about a Christmas present for my darling Turtle. He would of course know what is inside of it since he watches my every move, but it's the thought that counts. I love him.

I don't think I love you. Because of what you did. - Hamish
I am sorry Hamish. Can I apologise? I love you? - me
Yes, you love my back and scales. - Hamish thinks about shedding white back scale sheets
I love YOU Hamish. The person you are. But you are cute too. - me, Hamish inhales deep the scent of his shedded sheets of scales, I know what the smell smells like too, I've lived with him and his scales for so long, and yes his scales have a smell the shedded ones that he tends to and builds a nest out of, the smell is something he covets

Family Photo

November 26-27 2015, 2:58 AM - It took me a while to make, but here is finally a family portrait. From the left:

Thuban, it is the white grub with praying mantis arms that it uses as ice-picks to haul its body forward, they used to be whales. A Dark Lord aka Alpha Theton from Alpha Theta, they rule over the Alien Agenda, here in Gremlin form since these guys can shapeshift. Beneath them is the Alpha Remulan Scorpion, I wanted to draw a trail of poo but Hamish's snacks are too close to it. Green Mantid praying mantis, displaying its arms to the sides to show itself, note the mandibles. Then we have one of the sassy Zetas, these are snappy and mean and have a flatter head instead of the notorious Zeta bulbuous head; here, holding a fine scalpel instrument.

Then we have Snake the Reptilian, here is my second ever drawing of Snake. Then it's me paying attention to my favorite Sock Turtle of course. And then that fire engine red lump is Hamish the Dragon Turtle, yes he often looks like a lump when he is snug in a corner somewhere. When I was drawing him Hamish wanted me to draw him snacks, so I put some slices of "liver snacks" there for Dragon, yumm! Then behind Hamish is Lasarus the Zeta, whose eyes surprisingly are not all-black but have blue and green in the irises. Then an Orion lizard. And then for the first time finally I have drawn for you an Illuminati Hybrid the big chums also known as "Shark Boys" by the aliens, note the red under the eyes. Then is the Black Reptilian, note that he does not have a tail, he wears a purple uniform, and his skin is black-purple, I think his kind come from Orion. A little hybrid girl, made from my egg. And then is a Dinosaur, Deb Deb! The Aliens wanted me to put the yellow pyramid in the background, so there it is.

see a larger image

One of the MIBs wanted to be in the drawing but I told him it was too late. He also said that the Zetas want to inspect my brain, both he and I agreed that the Zetas could not, it would otherwise mean some surgery or other creepy stuff.

Also, the Aliens were telling me that the Mantid is much taller than all of the others. I have tried to keep proportions right.

Zetas Sing - and MKULTRA

November 26 2015, 9:26 PM - First a song sung by the Zetas:

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
you make me happy, when skies are gray"

A Zeta sung this to me telepathically just a minute ago. I was happy to hear it of course. They sing it and often when they do, they emphasize on the "gray" and bow the big Zeta head down to show me their big head which is pale gray.

Last night I had a dream that I was taking a math exam and I found it hard. I didn't finish it on time and when the teacher graded it I got a B as the grade. So this was a nightmare since I normally only get A's on math. I then walked through the door and into the hallway, in that dream. There were white babies there. One baby I remember was malformed, its blood vessels were visible underneath the sheer skin, its head oversized. I could see the blood flowing in its blood vessels, and I wondered, that this was a prematurely born baby that still needed to grow thicker skin to protect and cover its blood vessels.

Still in the dream, a hospital worker shows me a suction pipette and shows me how to insert it into the baby's mouth, the worker instructs me to look at a screen, which is displaying the baby's breathing, it looks like a graph drawn by audio which has a horisontal line on the graph and the signal is displayed above and below the horisontal line, the pressure waves made by sound would form lumps as the graph. In this graph, the baby's exhales and inhales were drawing out such signals, exhales and inhales were distinguished by each its own color, one was blue the other was turquoise, I don't remember if inhale was blue and exhale turquoise. Here is an example of an audio graph, though the one I saw had longer signals and intermittently in blue and turquoise representing inhales and exhales.

The worker told me to insert it to the baby's mouth when it inhales (if I remember correctly), and I remember thinking it seemed counterintuitive that shouldn't it be when it exhales (or the other way around). I told the worker that I know this must be to suction out fluids from the baby's mouth. (Often when a baby is newly born the hospital workers suction out mucus or fluids from the baby's mouth. This baby was however not newly born, but I figured that this procedure served a similar purpose.)

The babies were each in a hospital bed type of thing which had raised edges and people were putting cold water there. Then a man who was a doctor showed up wearing a black mask like a gas mask which I remember it even has a flap below which goes underneath the clothes to secure tightly, like divers have. This guy was saying it was MKULTRA being done on those babies.

After I spent some time with that MKULTRA guy there in the hallway where the babies were being frightened and treated with ice cold water I was walking into another adjacent hallway with a guy, but I thought I had forgotten my coat and bag and phone in the math exam room so I turned back, but instead I opened the door to the hallway where the babies were and I yelled, "MKULTRA! They are doing MKULTRA there!" and a human man with red-brown hair about 30's in age looks American looked at me from the hallway he seemed a bit stunned and surprised by my yelling.

I wanted to think that this was only a dream. But of course I woke up thinking that it was probably some experience. When I woke up the guy who had worn the black gas mask was talking to me telepathically. By the way I was being asked to put the mask on myself after the guy had worn it, I remember that. Well anyway this man asked me if I remember General Patton, I said of course I remember General Patton. This man said that General Patton had not been allowed to, was it "instruct" or what the word was that starts with an " i ", but that this guy now was. He said that they use the black gas mask to scare the children. He said more about the MKULTRA done on those babies but luckily since I waited until this day is almost over, I have forgotten many of the details that were said to me. This guy said that the "military" wants to train me to work for them. Since I have psychic abilities and they know that I do.

I was making alien Sims on the computer game The Sims 3. I made the Orions, and Zetas, and some others. When I was making a yellow Reptilian (best it can), it got Hamish's attention and he was at the creek where he goes to eat and go bathroom and wash up, he talked for minutes about how his father was yellow in color, he talked about his father, about the river he - Hamish - was on now, and Hamish told me all about what is and is not on the body of his yellow father to help me make this yellow Reptilian Sim just right. I had to end up cancelling making this Sim character because it was too fascinating and captivating to Dragon Hamish so it was better to just let it be. But me and Hamish had a good time and we talked for several minutes.

A Black Reptilian with a small soft head was visiting. And as I was tempted to make Alpha Thetons on the video game, sure enough as I had feared, it brought the attention of an Alpha Theton who was asking me "Komrades?", and things like that, he thought I wanted to be his friend. I told him "No", and that he cannot come here since it ruins my energy, so I had to scratch making the Alpha Thetons too. Alpha Thetons are the Dark Lord, they come from a place called Alpha Theta. Did you know that Alpha Theta Dark Lords, the rulers of the Agenda, cannot see colors, they only see in black and white? Which is one of the reasons why black and white checkered floors serve as their multidimensional portals in between their world and this, which is also why you find those black and white checkered floors in strategic places.

I am asking the Zetas to let me see them awake. So now they were singing the sunshine gray song, so that must be a good sign. I hope to meet them.

We are only interested in your feces. So nothing more, about songs. We will not sing to you anymore. We only want to look at your feces! - Zeta

Hmm, does that sound like a nice encounter with some alien beings? I would still go, I really want to see the Zetas. And Hamish. And Alpha Remulans!

We do not get to climb trees here. And they say to us, "Scram!" - Alpha Remulan, the scram means that other aliens there keep telling the Alpha Remulans to move away, that they are seen as a nuisance

Before Alpha Remulan scorpions were abducted by aliens, they used to climb along tall tree trunks. They leave a constant trail of liquid poo like a snail so the other aliens always yell at them to go away, it's really quite hysterical and adds to the comedy. But I love talking to them cause they're really neat people and individuals. I hope the Zetas sing to me more, it's fun.

Down under in a Reptilian base
Pleiadian and Alpha Centaurians saved my life

November 18 2015, 3:09 PM - In the morning while I was still asleep I found myself in a hallway. See the drawing below.

In the hallway, which is above in the picture, there was a hole in the floor all across from wall to wall, perhaps 3x3 meters or something like that. The hallway continued normally before, and after on the other side, of this hole. I hopped down into the hole which was not a high drop, and found myself on a platform, from which I dropped down two more similar platforms, a total of three platforms. If I would drop down once more along this passageway I would have reached a subterranean hallway, but I stayed on the last, the third, of the three platforms down below. The platforms were not very big nor in any ways small, just the right size for people to make their way. All, or the bottom-most two platforms, were slanting downward.

I had the distinct feeling that the entrance would normally be covered by floor and not visible to anyone in the upper hallway. As soon as I was making my way down, I decided I was looking for Hamish, my Dragon Reptile. Perhaps I could find Hamish down there in an alien base. I was nervous of what if I would indeed find my Dragon, but I wanted to be with him nonetheless.

However! As I reached the second platform and hunched down to see where this passageway might lead me

Yes-No there. - Hamish as I return to drawing on the map to place a box to show proportions of how large it all was
It was our home, door. - says Snake the Reptilian I think, a slender yellow-beige Reptilian with a long narrow tail, in my native language (NL) as I draw on the map to place a block to show proportions
There is no spaghetti there for you. - Hamish about the entrance on the drawing, (NL)
It was not placed for you. - Hamish (NL)
The Crocs all live there! - Crocodile Man about the alien base there down below

The black box is approximately how large I was, although I then see that the passageway looks narrow, I just didn't draw it exactly, it wasn't as narrow as that to crawl through, but it's all still a good drawing. It was just the right size for human-size (or Reptilian-size) people to make their way up those diagonal platforms and up to the above hallway.

But what am I blabbering about! About the size and proportions of the passageway! I SAW REAL ALIENS IN THAT HALLWAY DOWN BELOW! So as I was on the third platform, or already when hunching down to see what was up ahead from the second platform, but I was on the third platform and there was a hallway up ahead which soon led to a large room through an open doorway, on either side of the open doorway were thin walls in the hallway which were see-through glass either on their upper halves only, or on the entire wall, let me make a drawing.

You were not our guests. - Skink Reptilian to me about the underground base
We don't eat grass there. We don't eat it. - Dark Lord or Skink Rep
We eat your sons there. - Dark Lord
And we think that is mighty fine! - Skink Reptile with eyes smiling because of what he said
I don't care. - me
We don't play music there either. - Dark Lord
And, thank you for listening to me again. - DL
Go away, Dark Lords. - me
We don't play music there, I said to you. - Skink Rep
We don't play any loud sounds. Not like you do, here. That is why we do not all come here. - DL about my home "here"

So this drawing is what I saw when I was on the third platform which sits above the level of the floor and hallway one would arrive on if you dropped down all the way to the place where you arrive. So in this drawing I am hunching on the third platform and looking forward to see a short hallway which leads to a wall which has a door in the center and on either side of the door on that wall are see-through windows at least on the upper half of those walls, perhaps also the bottom-half of those walls were see-through also. Through this open doorway leads to a larger room there on the other side.

BUT! Why am I blabbering! There was a group of five or so alien humanoid beings walking together in a group right there near the doorway on the other side of the door in that larger room on the other side. I was fully awake. I had hoped to find Hamish. I saw with my own eyes these humanoid beings, meaning they walk on two legs and have two arms and so forth. They were all on their way walking away from the door and toward the left. Two of them were Reptilians! One of those Reptilians is the Skink Reptilian who talked here.

All five or so extraterrestrials were wearing tight-fit bodysuits, all of them or at least the ones who were not Reptilians wore red suits which covers all except head and probably also would leave hands and feet bare but they all seemed to have boots on their feet, perhaps at least the non-Reptilian ones had gloves to cover their hands. The ones who were not Reptilians were yellow and had a pointy comb structure like a saw along the top and back of their heads.

The Reptilians saw me immediately and one of the yellow men immediately without wasting a split second shot with a Star Trek laser gun that was in his hand, it fired several blasts one after the other in a quick sequence in a direction toward my left, I think the blasts hit the left side of the door-opening or on the wall near the door on his side in the room, he had intentionally missed me. The projectiles from the gun were like lasers but they were large white and blue projectiles of laser energy or chemical material. Then, I forget why if it was that I wasn't running away back up again - because I wasn't - he fired one more shot with that gun in a similar way.

Poof, all of a sudden I am sitting in a traincar which looks very modern and is riding along tracks. It is not a box-shaped rectangular car but more rounded in shape like our time's automobile cars are. The colors on the car were mostly red but with some blue pattern for stylized effect. The car had a big window all around the sides and ceiling, one continuous window without frames, the window did not reach all the way down to the floor. There were several rows of pairs of seating with an aisle in between for walking. The car rode alone and it was not attached to any other compartment neither in front or behind the car. There were lots of men in this car. They all looked strange. I stared at them confounded. Some were like human men with brown hair, brown eyes, they wore red jumpsuits like spacesuits. None of the men had any facial hair. One man who sat near me and was turned toward me was pale on the skin like an albino, his hair was white, his eyes had red on the borders especially on the left and right side corners of the eyes and the eyes were pale blue on the iris and perhaps that he had no black pupils in the eyes. I kept thinking is this man a Pleiadian? I stared at the white man the most.

We talked while I was there and we had a conversation but I have forgotten what it was. I woke up too soon back in my bed right after having been first in the alien Reptile base and then with the alien men in the traincar. By the way the view from the car was the same wide open Asian wetlands as in a recent memory I had of being with Japanese people in a train in the future, I now wonder if the landscape is not perhaps a simulation on the walls to make it appear as if we are traveling through a wide open space, instead of in fact being in a tight dark narrow crammed underground tunnel space, because this wide open space is very soothing, it even looks like we are traveling through it slowly. And who knows, perhaps the actual speed of the car is really fast, but they make it seem slower by making the scenery pass slower around the car. Like a big IMAX theatre all around it. I had that feeling or hunch from being there, even though it is impeccably made, it still felt somewhat as if maybe we were really inside of a tunnel.

When I woke up and was back the white man from the car told me that they had saved my life. These friendly alien men have actually saved my life from the Reptilians&Friends who were going to kill me for trespassing. This is a very humbling realization, if I would realize it. I just can't believe that I almost died there. I have to comment again on how the Reptiles&Friends responded with shooting in a split second, there were no questions asked, though, he had intentionally missed firing at me. I also learned from the Reptiles&Friends who had shot at me that the weapon fires a chemical substance, I think they said potassium or phosphorus. It fired blasts of white-blue projectile clouds, not tiny bullets or lasers. I've known Reptilians to use chemical guns before.

And, the men in the car with brown hair were in fact Alpha Centaurians, yep. They told me that when I woke up and was back in my room. I've met Alpha Centaurians again. Good grief? I've met lots of aliens! And this all happened early in the morning, it was morning when I woke up. It is easier to remember if I wake up from alien encounters in the morning.

The Reptile who was in the hall and had seen me continued to talk to me in the morning. He wants to be called the Skink, which is this creature here, I also recommend that you Google "Skink" to see wonderful pictures of the skink lizards. I gave this cutie lots of praise and aww in the morning when we spoke. He superimposed himself with my body and caressed me with my own hand, but with his own hand feeling everything in there. He also pushed me around a bit gently to show power, just to show both me and himself that he was strong and in mind control of my body, which I did not mind, it's quite awesome being so intimately close with a Reptile body in body and having them tumble me around a bit, fun. The Skink and the other Reptile in the hall had those proportionally small heads, their eyes are all black with upper and lower eyelids, the skin color is black with some blue or purple, and I never saw any tail on them.

During our conversations Skink expressed contempt of humans, wanting to take over the planet, but of course thinking that I may be an exception that they would not kill me, since I throw so much coo and aww at them calling them cute lizard and all, it seems to get to them when I admire them. Skink threw lots of jokes at me, he was almost like on a stand-up comedy scene, saying things that are hilarious to Reptilians about violence and murder to humans and then he would laugh at his own jokes by closing his lower eyelids up and making sure that I also see that he is laughing at his jokes. He was quite the funny man, of course we do not share the same type of humour.

And I told Skink that I like Reptilians because I have Hamish and I also have Snake. That made Snake make a short appearance and I saw Snake, naked without clothes, slender and with a long narrow tail, yellow in color, and I sensed a smell from Snake it smelled almost like disease, a very peculiar smell that he has, unlike anything we ever smell here in a human life, I can't quite describe the smell. Perhaps a bit like the smell of rubber, or some chemical fumes.

Wow I met Reptilians and their friends and then what I think is a Pleiadian albino man and the Alpha Centaurian men. I almost died because the Reptilians&Friends wanted to kill me and the only reason I am still alive is thanks to Pleiadians and Alpha Centaurians. And I never did find Hamish in that alien base.

When I was back in my room and me and the Skink Rep had a conversation he, the Skink, told me that they him included had been "patrolling" in the base, ie. guarding it.

Alien Writing

November 17 2015, 8:57 PM - Find the story at.

Visits underground, Captain Marsden and Dan, Crocodile Man, the Asian man, Hamish waits for Christmas

November 16 2015, 3:17 PM - Last night the Zetas were talking something. And I got to see their medical examination room, from the vantage point as if I were already lying there on their table, which I wasn't cause I was in my bed in my room. The Zeta showed me an ultrathin scalpel instrument which was on a tray that it held, the metal shone like steel. I told them they were not allowed to cut in me, because I don't want to end up mutilated. A Crocodile Man was visiting me and that was nice. The Zetas told me that no Dinosaurs are coming into the room with me (the medical room) because the Dinosaurs were "still afraid of me". I don't know what's happened or why that is. I give nothing but love and sweetness and support to the Froggies.

I remember as if I were in a large children's playroom in an alien base. I should say that I dreamt the whole thing, but there were too many elements that come from the alien contact phenomenon which is real also during the day, and also it was one of those awake dreams where I am fairly awake but somewhere else, at night. There were huge like little houses and playthings that children climb on and lots of toys everywhere. I was just wandering around there and I got really frustrated and bored. I started to threaten to kill the hybrid children, whom I did not see. I found my way out of the playroom and ran through the wide hallway, I was saying that I would (Hamish now wants to bite my fingers, obviously because I am writing about killing the hybrid children).

Hamish! - me
Yes-No. - Hamish
Hamish, what thing is Yes-No to you right now? - me
The Playpen was not me, or mine, I said. Yes-No, to that. - Hamish
Was I there at night? Did the Zetas take me someplace at night, Hamish? - me

I was running through the hallway saying that I would kill the hybrid children, then someone told me telepathically something about the "General" though I could not see any General and I said that I would kill the General too. I was running and I got to a solid railing and looked over the railing! Gasp, there was a ginormous room there! There was no sky up above, instead high high high up above was a painted sky which could simulate the different times of day with sunlight or night time. There was a huge city down below! The buildings were magnificent and huge! There was a city down there built into a humongous cave inside rock! I was obviously underground in an alien base! The cave cavity where this city was built was dark along the sides, but well lit up where the city was. I felt angry to see this city, to see that they have built whole entire lives here with nice buildings, I almost felt envious too, because they have stolen from me.

[Added same day: And when I woke up back in my room someone told me telepathically about that city I had seen there in the underground humongous cave that they have got everything there, all they do not have is the sun or sky whatever it was they said. They also said that if humanity on the surface gets wiped out then the populations living here under ground will take over. I told them I am glad that humanity has a backup. The Japanese are major players in these new hybrid populations.]

You were not playing with the children's toys, Yes-No. - Hamish says
What do you mean, Hamish? - me
You were not allowed to be there, I said. I was not friendly, either. - Hamish

I have no idea what Hamish is trying to tell me, does it mean that I was there, or not there? I continued to run along another hallway and saw that a man was running after me real fast. I didn't feel like having a chase so I just sat down on the floor where I was and he caught up to me. It was an Asian man with pale skin complexion and black hair and he put his body over me so that I would not run more I guess. I woke up back in my room after that and this Asian man and me were talking with each other telepathically. He was some sort of guard and he knows "Tae Kwon Do". They had taken my threat of killing seriously. Meh.

On a happier note, guess who none other than Captain Marsden paid a visit to me last night! Yeah! It was Captain Marsden, from a remote location, I could see him in a remote view image, we talked telepathically. Why haven't you come to visit me all these years, I told him. It was great to see him and to know that he is still alive, because one day I want to meet him.

This morning when I had returned, one of the MIBs asks me if I have ever tried one of those sex swing things. If you don't know what that is look it up. I said no, and I fussed at him and said he should not ask me such things and that I would not use such things because that would be lazy and I gave a whole rant about if you don't use your body and muscles then you lose the abilities. But oopsie, this had been Dan who was asking me. Remember Dan? Read here. Dan is in a wheelchair. So I kind of said the wrong thing. Not that he got upset with me or anything. And, later today Dan asks me if I watch a lot of porn and he says that he watches a lot, I tell him no I don't watch any at all because I prefer to do things myself and not watch other people. Anyhow, that was Dan again.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think Dan tried to kill himself in a staged car accident so that he didn't have to work in the military/governments with the Reptilians after he had seen some horrible things and that he survived the accident and then decided to work on the Reptilian things with an office job after all [added same day: meaning that that is how he ended up disabled]. I think that's what he told me had happened, but I find it too remarkable and unbelievable, it might be incorrect. Oh! Hahah! And yesterday there was some MIBs guy talking to me telepathically and he kept telling me that he was the "interlocutor" and I think that means "interviewer" I'm too lazy to look it up and he said that "Jack" had told him about me, remember "Jack with the NASA team?". I have also been shown telepathic images of a Japanese hybrid that is made from my egg, she has pale skin and long black hair, she told me that the Japanese like to have ... I really tried to write "babies", or even "children" or "hybrids" but it feels wrong, these are "creatures", Japanese like to have "creatures" with me be... no, not with me, not in any way. Anyway, creatures made from my eggs, because I have pale skin like Japanese people do. Whatever.

But the best of all is that Hamish has been with me all day being cute Turtle. Yesterday he told me how he knows Christmas is coming, he looks forward to Christmas decorations, the silver tinsel on the tree, the red Christmas tree ball ornaments, and little Santas with red pointy hats everywhere. He has also lately been remembering the bird feeding table I had in my childhood home, and has revealed to me that he used to love to watch the little birds coming there, and he had wondered if he could hunt them. He is such a cute Turtle. I am taking him with me to a zoo soon so that we can look at some lobsters or things that they have there. Hamish might like a day at the zoo with me. I want him to have a good life, I love him so much.

Jack with the NASA team! How cute! - me as I see Jack suddenly
We don't really want to use you for porn, but we have to. - Jack

If you don't know what that means: aliens are making human and hybrid children and they think my eggs are suitable for this, ordinary humans are not used and it seems rather rare for them to find someone a suitable egg donor since many alien teams seem to want to have me, which is why Turtle Hamish has to defend me from other egg-thieves. And human men who are in one or other ways already involved with the aliens are asked by the aliens if they would be so kind and make these children for them. It seems I am by far not one of the most coveted or popular women that these men are asked to consider, but Jack for one reason or another has been loyal to me for many years I am finding out. Lucky for me there are not many men among them who want me but Jack for some reason doesn't mind. I don't know why. I wish they would all leave me alone. I just want Hamish and Alpha Remulans.

Pope White Lizard

November 13 2015, 5:24 PM -

Do not say anything bad about the Vatican. Do not say to them, to these people that I exist. DO NOT! - White Lizard hiding as the Pope

I was watching some random YouTube videos and one had a segment about the secret libraries in the Vatican which only the Pope is allowed to enter. So I wondered whether I should be so cruel as to use my remote viewing skills to sneak a peek, and I was met with a strong white presence which was without words asking me kindly not to enter. Then I saw a mental image of a Pope in the long white robe. I figured I would just leave it alone. Then a white lizard tail was along the floor from underneath that Pope's robe and the Pope figure morphed into a hideous fat white lizard which has a bad smell like disease. And here the Pope Lizard spoke just earlier.

Ok, so that is the observation. What then is the analysis? Otherwordly Fat White Lizards like to impersonate the Pope. Or the Pope is a morphed White Lizard hiding in human form? I once had the most hideous otherwordly encounter where young boys were taken to a Pope Lizard who molests them, that Lizard also smells like disease. I have also seen a Cardinal that is a Reptilian in disguise. Is this why all of the Catholic priests are pedophiles?

No, we just like to eat our dinner and snacks. - I think Hamish said this

What this means I do not know. Space Lizards that are pedophiles to prey on human energy and who eat human bodies for food are either impersonating members of the Catholic Church, or they have already taken over the Catholic Church. Either case, we know that all the Catholic priests are pedophiles.

We wanted our food, to be sent there. - Reptilian
Sent where? - me
To the Vatican! - Reptile
Why there? - me
We have also given them the locusts. That they always feared, and dreaded, like nightmares. - Dark Lord said this?
We don't want any women to know about us. - says the Pope Lizard
Why do you impersonate the Pope? Why? - me
Like I said, it is not for women to know. - Pope Lizard
Is that because I do not have a penis? Is that why I should not know? - me
You would be too afraid of what we do there. - Hamish or other Reptile
So men are not as concerned. Why impersonate the Pope? - me
Because we have riches here. Riches, that make us feel quite good. - Pope Lizard
Is the Catholic Church infested with Reptilians? - me
No, we created it. We created it, to fight with others. To have power, and to rule! That is why the Popes, and Vatican, were invented. - Pope Lizard
Interesting. - me
And, it got nothing to do with Jesus. - Dark Lord or Reptilian

Or, we must consider, that perhaps the Dark Lords and Reptilians are fighting against Catholic religion. Aren't the Reptilians the snakes in the Bible? Yet, we must ask ourselves why are all the Catholic priests pedophiles. Which is why I am not a Catholic, I don't want to be married by a pedophile priest or send my future children to a church which is run by a pedophile. Infestation, impersonation, or original design?