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August 04 2015 - September 18 2015

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Rules, Alien Creepsters, Fussubuses, Snake, and Hamish

September 18 2015, 4:21 PM - I was sitting in the bathroom doing #2 when a Draconian thinks it a time to tell me that "they do not have Draconian swords with Draconian writing inscriptions". Which I know that they do have cause I have seen those swords and even been shown the Draconian metalworkers who make them and I tell him that I know that they do have those swords. His response is that he tells me I am a dog! Then I tell him that there is one rule when dealing with humans and that is to not talk to them while they are on the toilet. His response is that he tells me that I am a "subordinate race" translated from my other language. Reptilians. At least they don't really "get" why toilet is so embarrassing, so it's not like a human has to be embarrassed. Like also if you're standing naked in the shower and if you happen to have a Reptilian seeing you naked, they don't "get" human nudity so it's not really an issue. It's not like it's a "human" watching you, it's more like a cat or a dog, or a lizard. But I tell him the rules anyway.

I seem to have decided to ask the Zetas to leave me alone. The marvel of alien contact seems to have evaded me by now. I used to have heaps of scientific wonder at this gift of having genuine alien contact and so much time to spend with them and as much conversations as I want, but the Zetas make things so complicated, with the pedophilia, with insisting to introduce me to the hybrid children as a "giraffe", with being rude and having a sadistic streak, all of their mindgames, it's just not possible, no matter how far I stretch my tolerance. It's just not possible to be in any dealings with Zetas. (They're not going to leave me of course, so expect more stories as always. Plus I don't think I would ever leave Hamish.)

Dark Lords are menacing around me again. A lot of the things they say are really hilarious and cute, but as I keep telling them they're not welcome around me because I'm allergic to them I say. One made "meow" sounds because he tells me "he is the black cat".

I wanted to be your pet. That is why I did it. And not because out of anger. THAT IS WHY I DID IT! I WANTED TO BE YOUR PET I SAID! SO! PLEASE TAKE ME BACK! And, do not be angry at what we do to your minions. Yes. That is what I said to him, or to her. - Dark Lord

Snake visited the other day. He is the same personality as before. He has a lower rank among the Reptiles so he is a bit shy, acts a bit like a bullied person, he is rather quiet and not so outspoken. He wears a tight-fitting "rubber" uniform in dark purple, he has an upright standing posture, the scales are a yellow-beige, and he has an odd smell which smells a bit like fragrant flowers mixed with the scent of two days old fish scales in the trashcan. I say nice things to him when he visits though.

Hamish. I have got a story about Hamish. I was playing a video game on the computer "The Sims 2" and bought some toys for the dogs in that game, one of which was a red dog chew bone. There were other chew bones but Hamish of course notices the red one. I will have to write a whole other page about the behavior of his that ensued, because it goes into a long explanation of his sexual behavior. I might write a Thoughts page about it. Namely when Hamish sees the red dog chew bone in the video game on the computer screen, he has his penis out and wants to rub that red dog toy on that. So I am going to write a whole long analysis of Hamish's sexuality, but that's for later because I will have a lot to say. I rarely or hardly ever see Hamish's penis out, it is normally on the inside of his body, so it's very rare that I ever get to learn anything about his ideas and thoughts relating to his penis, but now I think I might have learned heaps.
And that story is here: About Hamish's Sexuality

Good Wishes

September 13 2015, 11:00 AM - When I woke up I asked the Reptilians if the Reptilians are having a good day today, and I wished them to have a good day today with their work. No comment was given. Then I turned to my Hamish, I asked him if Hamish is having a good day today, and I said to him that I hope he has a good day today! Hamish responded: "I am a proud race. I do not need you to tell me how to do."

Scary Orange Dragon - Eye Cult - and a book about Turtles

September 12 2015, 2:41 PM - I woke up at 4:25 AM, only to find a bright neon orange dragon standing beside my bed and looking at me. I was scared when I saw him. Because there was absolutely no love or kindness in him. It was a frightening and uncomfortable encounter. But I knew it was my Hamish, and so I dug deep to find the love I have for him, love which I think is mostly just an extension of me, and little to do with what I find in him. He showed me his memory mental image of when me and my mom had extensively discussed a particular vegetable several weeks ago, and Hamish said "No" about that vegetable, or about that discussion. Today I saw that vegetable at the grocery store and I told Hamish about it, he didn't comment.

The Illuminati crap talked to me either last night before I fell asleep or in the morning hours when I woke up. I was shown The Eye which looks to be the center of a black hole or something in space. The creature who spoke was a short white Illuminati lizard, the ones that smell like disease, the ones that have a problem with Jews. He wore a black hooded cloak, with the hood over his head, he was otherwise naked underneath. The creature was filled with life force from the sea of souls of victims and he was enjoying the invigorating high of energy which does not belong to him and which he does no justice to. Interacting with the monster, the sea of souls got to me too and even though it feels like being new again I rejected it and hoped for the feeling to go away, and I begged for any sentient benevolent being who can hear me to help me get rid of it, and the answer I was given by a benevolent being was that it would wear off with time, not to worry.

The creature showed me a mental image of how the black hole or thing that is The Eye would buckle inward if it were not fed with souls by the Agenda sects. The creature told me that if they did not keep feeding energy (if he called it energy or something else, I do not recall) into it, then The Eye would swallow up and destroy the universe. So they believe that they are saving the world. And they think I might be a threat because I am a Crystal.

I asked the monster that if what they are doing is so good and so important, then why have not the Pleiadians, Andromedans, and Arcturians joined them on this task? So we know that there is something sinister to this. The Agenda and Dark Lords and their blood and sacrificial sects cannot be saving the world for all of us, because then the Arcturians would have joined forces.

The creatures who live in the Agenda are low-dimensional, yet the satanic feelings that we who are higher dimensional feel in the interaction, they cannot feel it. The pain and fear that their victims feel, they cannot feel it. So they are living in an oblivious reality which works for them, but which hurts others. Some, even humans, join them in various sects, and then they too can enjoy the pure benefits of this satanism. If this all sounds like science-fiction, then what did you expect out of alien life? The Joneses?

I came across a book about turtles at a fleamarket today and I offered to buy it for Hamish, but he didn't say that he wanted it. I told Dragon to look around if he finds anything that he would like me to buy for the home, I'm not sure if he found anything. He or Dark Lord was interested in plush hairy fur pieces (as usual), but I wasn't sure if it was for Hamish or Dark Lord so I didn't buy it. I don't want to buy thingies for Dark Lord Fussubuses.

Sassy Miracle of Life

September 11 2015, 8:20 PM - I was watching a tv show on the computer when long time no see Thuban Auntie shows up in clear long-lasting mental images and talks to me, "Hunch!", it says to me. "Hunch!". And it thinks about how I just ate a big amount of raw sunflower seeds but that was like 15 minutes ago, and Thuban asks me about the sunflower seeds if I have eaten "some nuts". I told her that they are technically seeds not nuts. Thuban lets me see mental images of itself, it really looks precisely like this. It is white and slender with long boomerang arms that are folded downward at the elbows. It was wanting to put the tips of its arms down on my belly. Its eyes were rotating one irrespective of the other like adjusting binoculars. It told me that it has "a different DNA" than me.

I said "Hunch!" back to it. The Thuban says Hunch it means like "wow" or "gasp" or "look", it is not a mean thing to say, it says it gently. Hamish showed up and was acting a bit brute, showing me his backhump and then a few minutes later Hamish declares that they are "his eggs". I said praise to the Thuban for being cute and all and that I really like the Thuban dolphin Auntie, but the Thuban fussed at me for cooing it and told me not to be arrogant or haughty. Thuban told me that they have many of my children there, I said I don't care about the children I only care about Hamish and her the Thuban and Dinosaurs, the Thuban told me not to be arrogant. Thuban doesn't take praise well, she just fusses at me if I try to be really nice.

It is really the cutest thing, sassy for sure

For me no manure, it said. - Hamish tells me about the Thuban, perhaps referring to fecal samples (NL)
What did you mean with what you said, Hamish? - me
I was not going to say, pok pok. - Hamish
What on earth? Hamish! I don't understand you. - me
We wanted to make you pregnant, as the next thing. - Hamish in my other language

Why are they coming now? The sunflower seeds must have been interesting to them, that is what made Thuban appear to say Hunch! I was just marvelling at how such a tiny head and this species the Thuban can be so intelligent and have such a real genuine personality, to think that there's a person inside there in that head of its. A little person, how sweet it is. I can only love Thuban, for being a beautiful miracle of life, but she is one sassy bitch.

No I was not! - Thuban when I wrote sassy bitch, and it opened its mouth a bit to show the yellow baleen
But you are mean often. - me
Only when I want to be. We wanted our children here. - Thuban
And then the NASA team says no, next. - Hamish or Thuban

And yesterday when I went to bed the aliens were showing me one of my hybrid daughters which has white skin and blue eyes and black Japanese hair, she looked to be about 13 or so. I was upset and told them I don't want anything to do with them. The aliens have also been showing me mental pictures of Olav skating in the ice-hockey rink in Russia, he does that all the time it's really a serious hobby of his. I kind of don't mind seeing him doing ice-hockey, but other than that I can't stand the man, for reasons I don't want to reiterate.

Sharing a bed with a Dragon

September 11 2015, 10:08 AM - Last night Hamish commented on how there is no sofa here for him to sit on. I know how Reptilians love sofas. So I invited Hamish to sit in my bed for the night, there is plenty of room for him, of course I worried that I might shift my legs while I sleep, but overall it might be a good idea for him if we share a bed so he has someplace comfortable to be in. I have invited Hamish to use my bed many times. Only about twice have I seen him take up the offer, and then he would sit like a Sphinx cat down on his belly with his back hump straight up like the curled up back of a cat and usually he will lie on top of his folded arms and the legs are underneath his belly.

When I woke up this morning I felt really weird, to be literal about it I felt as if my body and energy had been replaced by a red reptile. I couldn't feel my own body or personality at all, there was just an awareness in detail of a red reptilian and of the way that he feels his body and personality. It was uncomfortable to me, because I kind of like being me. I am a much softer, loving, joyous and shining radiant happy person. I felt lost. Luckily it was not going to be a permanent condition, and luckily I was soon going to find out probably what had happened.

I saw a red Reptilian that was slender and I wasn't sure if it was Hamish or someone else. I stayed in bed for some time trying to remember how I used to feel and to get my body to feel the way it used to feel just by trying to remember it and somehow replace the feeling of a red reptile that was over me. Eventually I gave up on trying to recover the feeling and I got out of bed. That is when I realize that Hamish my Red Dragon is at the foot end of my bed. So here is what I think has happened: Hamish has been very close to me all night.

It wasn't my bed I said. - Hamish
I told you you could share my bed with me, since you did not have a sofa here. I love you Hamish. - me

Oh, Hamish now opens his mouth and does a hissing.

Hamish, are you angry? Are you hissing at me? Darling? - me
My Sock Feet, Yes-No. - Hamish

He had been physically close to me probably all night. When an alien telepathically connects their mind with my mind, we feel each other's bodies and minds. If Hamish has been so close to me all night and been aware of me, then he has been transmitting the feeling of his body and mind into me while I slept. And so when I woke up I was just all "flooded" with the sensations and image of him. To be honest it was an uncomfortable sensation, it was as if my body and personality had been replaced by the feeling and image of a red dragon. This very same happens to a milder extent during all telepathic conversations. But now Hamish was probably on my bed all night.

I have his ruggy rug on the bedroom floor next to the head-end of my bed, but he doesn't like it. There is also the big red rug on my bedroom floor but he has always rejected it, and still does, because it has an industrial smell and he says "it doesn't smell right", and I don't blame him, if his nose is very sensitive. I'm torn between letting him stay in my bed at nights or not. I don't know if I want to feel like a reptilian every morning when I wake up. But on the other hand I want to offer him a pleasant stay. I'm really undecided.

Yes-No, my Toast. - Hamish

Unless it was the slender red Reptilian, who spoke to me in the morning about how all the reptile females were gone. He said there was a time in the past when all the reptile men went into war, and the reptile women were left behind. While the men were out at war the women were all lost. That is why the Reptilians have attempted to use genetics from humans to see if they can produce new women for them, ie. some sort of fertile new Reptilian women. And last night or this morning a Reptilian, I think I remember it was a black Reptilian, said that they were working on genetically enhancing, improving on, the Reptilian species. I asked him what traits are they hoping to incorporate into them, and I suggested love and happiness, I'm not sure if I got an answer to that.

Hamish, Spaceships, Zetas

September 10 2015, 10:11 PM - This morning when I woke up, Dragon Hamish had a lot to tell me. I like waking up in mornings when it seems as if he has just been wandering around and being all alone with his thoughts, and when I wake up first thing he wants to do is tell me everything! I like to listen to him, and it breaks my heart to think that what if he had ended up with somebody else who doesn't care about him.

This evening Reptilians were checking me out, from a remote location telepathically. A Reptilian let me see a mental image of one of their spaceships. I don't know why but it felt from the context as if this had been a Pleiadian spaceship that was taken, or that the Pleiadians were listening in of course. But there was definitely something Pleiadian about that spaceship, that was in use by Reptilians and Agenda. It is a dark shiny metal saucer with a thin protruding central brim. Along the central brim, on the topside, is alien writing inscribed all around. It looks like what I think is Zeta writing. One of them, the first of them that is read in the sequence, is a Y with one or two circles drawn above. Hang on, eventually I will be able to draw those symbols for you, they are pretty.

I was shown a mental close-up image of our sun. A huge orange burning hot star. Then the Reptilian told me that "they are from a different star". I was shown the planet Mercury which is small and closest to our sun, the Reptilian told me that they, the Reptilians, do not land on or use that small planet. I was then shown a close-up mental image of their star. It was a larger star that is not orange like ours, but red. It too has the appearance of constantly cracking with black cracks along the surface, like our sun does. And this sun, even though it was larger than our sun, felt colder and not hot.

I got some mental images of one of my Zetas, it was wearing a light blue rubber jumpsuit. It even showed me a mental image of its arm wearing the jumpsuit and along beside my arm. The Reptilian asked me if I would like to come with them for a ride in that spaceship. Of course I said I would love to.

And last night when I went to bed, the aliens said they were coming for me at 6 o'clock in the morning. I asked them why not 4 o'clock like usual, but they gave me no reason. And Hamish acted dominating last night, he reminded me that he is a "prominent race". Sometimes he's not cute, sometimes he just acts brute around me, maybe he was showing off in front of the others.

Curtains and Everyday Drama

September 09 2015, 1:13 PM - Browsing for IKEA curtains look what I found: Hamish curtains! It's the same fire engine red color and even with yellow bumps!


Do not make fun of him, HEY! - military man with black hair, same one who talks in "I GOT TO TOUCH HAMISH" the previous entry here dated September 6 2015

If it weren't that Hamish said "Yes-No, Buttercups!" about these curtains, I might have well indeed hung these up in my bedroom. But Hamish sees other red Dragons, even the Spiderman character... and Santas as threats that he wants to attack. He gets very stressed out, if Hamish could sweat then he would be sweating profusely at the stress of seeing a potential competitor. So it's not like I can hang red Dragon pictures, or Spiderman, or Santas... anywhere near here. I can't even wear a red dress, or I'm the thing stressing him!

Today Zetas were in a creepy medical examination room somewhere and they sent me a mental image of them. These Zetas were wearing light blue purple uniforms and they had a young boy naked on a table. The boy has rather long brown hair and looks to be about 12. Possibly one of my sons, maybe even one of my sons with Olav. The Zetas had a wrinkly rustling metal sheet canvas, like an aluminum canvas but maybe of a different metal. They said that it conducts electricity. They placed it on the child's naked body so that it would cause reactions to his nerves. They were especially interested in the lower spine on the back where there are lots of nerves. These are part of the cruel sadistic games that Zetas do to energy rape people. It is something they have been taught by the Dark Lords. This is the "juice" and "coffee" that Dark Lords live on and which Dark Lords pass on to their god The Eye. Under the influence of Dark Lords, Zetas can be extremely sadistic creatures, and subject victims to medical torture and sexual torture. They can't claim that it's all in the name of advancement of science. A lot of the experiments Zetas do make no sense, and seem to be just for their sadistic pleasures.

A Zeta was in my home today, it said to me "Alpha Zeta" about itself. It too was wearing a purple light blue uniform. Zetas seem to rarely visit my home. And Hamish went to a local river to use as lavatory and bathe and wash up afterwards. I was worried if the river was too deep, but the Dinosaurs told me not to worry, because they say Hamish can swim. "My Buttercups" Hamish says toward me now and he thinks of a yellow flower.

Last night I threatened the aliens that I would start smoking cigarettes. Because I was having a bath and the aliens insisted that I watch a mental image video of one of my hybrid daughters who is maybe 7 or thereabouts having sex with Russian Corpral Olav Vetti. I objected and called them pedophiles and all that in the usual repertoire, and I even threatened with smoking cigarettes. And that is when Hamish went to my bedroom shelves and was sniffing around inspecting closely to see whether there might be some cigarettes there, he was sniffing for them, but of course there aren't any there. He also kept glancing to the plastic bag I have hanging on a chair which I use as my paperbasket. He must have meant that any cigarettes that might be found, really do belong in that trashbag.

Just some everyday drama with aliens. But at least I found some curtains of a red dragon that are cute. Hamish is cute. I don't know if I would go through all of this if it weren't for Hamish. If I just had an "average" Reptilian it might not be as fun. But he's cute as buttons, my Turtle.

I GOT TO TOUCH HAMISH, and nothing else matters,
yet there is lots else here too

September 06 2015, 2:18 PM - Dreams last night with abduction elements included, so perhaps memories from alien abduction. And conversations from Mr. Dark Lord about all things Agenda related.

Last night I dreamt that I was back in my childhood bedroom, and a Japanese man was out walking in the yard outside my window, he was walking hand in hand with his Japanese wife and they seemed to be a perfect couple, and with them was their Japanese about 4 or 5-year old son. But that man came up into my bedroom and was stroking or patting me gently. He is one of the men who has either chosen to, or who has to, have sex with abductee women like me to get women like me pregnant, because the Alien Agenda wants it so. This man has told me that he is happily married, but still he is obliged for the aliens. I don't recall any sex or anything, thankfully, just what I said here. Or you know I would have told you so, I don't leave any bits out.

I dreamt that there was a singing competition and performance on a great stage in front of an audience. And I was on that stage and for some reason it was assumed that I was a singer from my European country there to perform. So at first I also think that I'm a singer because that's the reality and truth in the situation, but I know it in the depths of my stomach that I am no singer, so instead I make it into a lecture presentation about the history of my contact with Reptilians and all I know about Reptilians. So I talk about Hamish and everything. Two men in the audience are talking out loud on their telephones, so I decide to inform everybody that they will have to stop or be escorted out. They don't stop, so I go down to them and fuss at them. I then return to the stage.

Oh, before it was me up there supposed to sing on stage, I was sitting in the audience and it was a musical performance. The screen showed colorful images of fish and sea creatures, accompanied to ambient music performed live by a boy, and it was impressive that it was such a young boy doing it.

Well anyway, I was on stage to talk about the Reptiles. Then to my surprise there was a row of three to five glass aquarium tanks, not with water, but each of them had a different small reptile animal. Boys were up on the stage to look at these reptiles, maybe even to pet them, so that they would learn to not be afraid of reptiles. Then there was a humongous reptile on the stage! It was brightly - brightly! - almost neon

Do not be haughty about us! - Hamish I think who says
It wasn't a Reptile, who you were petting, it was me! - Hamish
HAMISH! Did I finally get to meet you Darling Turtle and also touch you! - me
I was wearing the face mask so that I don't bite. Otherwise I would! - Hamish says and makes a forward snap to close his mouth, he seems cheerful when he does this, not angry
But Hamish! I LOVE YOU! I was finally allowed to meet you and to touch you! I was so HAPPY Hamish! I LOVE YOU!!! - me
Yes-No, my bites. - Hamish
Yes Yes Hamish! - me
Hamish does a palate click. And now a fleshy guttoral sound by closing his mouth, which also means he's pleased.
I love you Tortoise. This is my happiest day. I LOVE YOU!!! - me
I was saying, Yes-No music, to them. Yes-No. - Hamish
Yes-No, music! - me I concur to Hamish
We were not inside a UFO. We were in a mental place. - Hamish
A, .. mental place? What is that? - me
We were gone from there from inside UFOs. - Hamish says and shifts his body left and right, left and right, gently
Where was it located? - me
In a military base, hon. - a military man says sternly
THANK YOU! I loved it! I got to meet my Tortoise! - me
I wasn't allowed to snap. I wasn't violent to you I said. But I could have been. If they had let me out! - Hamish

Ahh, ahh, just as I had hoped and wished for. You see, I had the longest most marvellous GOD DAMNED CLOSE!!!! encounter with Hamish the love of my life. I finally got to touch him and pet him as much as I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, because you are our mothers for us. So we thank you. - Hamish
I would do anything just to have my Hamish. I love you Hamish so much. - me
Hamish does a soft palate click
I love you Hamish. - me
This has already been heard. About the dominance, and eggs. I have heard you say that to me, twice now. - Hamish

I was up on the stage, and there was this huge reptile or dinosaur there on stage right there, not in any aquarium tank or anything whatsoever keeping us from being as close as I want. He clearly had the colors of Hamish, but I wasn't sure if it was Hamish because there were many sharp bumps on his back that hurt my finger when I stroked them, and I haven't noticed anything like that on my Hamish when I see him in mental images.

I was not going to bite for that! Yess. Hamish. - Hamish, he objected because of what I just wrote, something I wrote about his bumps that I haven't noticed, made him feel offended, so he objected here
I was not going to be collected for my feces, but you were! - Hamish

It was a big dinosaur reptile. It was lying down on the stage floor motionless like a big lump. He was huge. Larger than a horse. The body and torso was a big round lump, not at all some slender animal, but a big boulder type of build. The color was magnificent, the brightest fire engine red with orange parts, bright bright like neon. Like how some mushrooms and fungi glow in the dark.

Did I have a smell, you think? Bit Bit! - Hamish, I suspect that Bit Bit is another one of the Dinosaur language, which has already things like Deb Deb and Dib Dib
No Hamish. I did not have a smell from you. - me
I was not a Dinosaur. I was not a pleasant man either, lying on that floor. I wanted to bit your fingers, for touching me! But I wasn't allowed. - Hamish
But HAMISH! I wanted to touch you! You were such a HANDSOME Dragon! - me
Bit Bit! - Hamish, no, "Bit" means biting, he wants to bite me

He was a big round plump ball of a dinosaur reptile lying in a ball on that stage. His belly rested against the floor. He seemed perfectly calm and motionless, he seemed not at all stressed or alert or agitated. But there were those many nuances of motions of a living creature, perhaps breathing if Hamish is one who breathes. The scaly bright fire engine red flesh breathed, moved, lived, like only a real true reptilian body could do.

You were not meant to see him, Hon. Now you know what they are like. And they eat us. - military man
But I love this Dragon! - me
You wouldn't love him if you knew what I knew, if you had seen him! *the man cries* - military man
I love him anyway. Say, Sir. Did you ever personally go down into the slaughter house to fetch some of that bacon and steaks that you probably like to eat? You are a carnivore too. So let Hamish eat his meat and snacks. I love him so much that if there was no other food available in the world, I would probably offer him my own liver. I love him. You don't know what love is, but I do. He just happens to be a carnivorous animal, but I love him dearly. - me
He takes people's limbs off and watches them scream. He has done that. - either the military or a Dark Lord
He is a carnivore. That is his hunting instinct. He is fearless, in the hunting behavior. That is what has enabled his species to survive in the past. It is hunting behavior, cats and lions do it too. I love him. - me
My Sock, she said! - Hamish or Dark Lord in my native language (NL)
Yes, well. I really don't want you to worry. - military man sobs
He almost tore my leg off once. And I had to, watch him, bite someone else. So that he would spare me. - says this 2nd military who has black hair
Well, oh well, I guess you don't wanna know. - the other military who said the first military thing in the beginning, the one who was stern (all military except this one and that first one were the second person)

Bright bright fire engine red body, patches and patches of bright glowing orange on the skin against the fire engine red, a gorgeous sea of fire engine red with orange, the two colors not clearly or sharply defined separated from one another

It was not a science show, but we wanted them to see us. And we thought, that you had wanted to see us too. - black Reptilian about the boys on stage to see the reptiles
And we were very dominant. About the boys, I said. They were mine. - Hamish about the boys
.. Thank you. For letting me see and touch my beautiful beloved Tortoise Hamish. I was blessed to be there. - me
We thought you would be scared. - military 2 says and reveals from the context I sense, that he had been there sitting in the audience that whole time
Why would I be afraid of my Hamish!! - me I declare happy
My throats. - Hamish, a subtle threat about his dominance and danger, lest we forget
My Hamish. I love you. - me

The orange blends into the fire engine red at the borders, so there are no clearly defined borders of orange against the red. It is like painted on with a sponge almost, the colors merge a bit where the two colors meet.

You know, we have given them fast spaceships for us. That is why they let us come. - Zeta tells me, ie. that military have been given fast Zeta spaceships in exchange that people like me are victimized for eggs and what not (what not includes feces)
The boys were not all yours, by the way. Only some of them were. - Zeta about the boys on stage
My Livers. - Hamish

He was gorgeous. A big round lump of a living breathing fire engine red reptilian. Bright glowing fire engine red with orange patches here and there all across his back, glowing color like neon fungi. I put my hands on him and touched him, and touched him. Many things on his back were sharp and hurt my finger. These were beige horn enamel bumps, which is why I did not think it could be Hamish, in spite of the color being the same. But it would be easy not to notice these bumps because their color blends in well with the orange and red. These horn enamel bumps are rather wide and flat, and in the center they have a slightly raised incredibly sharp point. It felt like touching a rose thorn, but far more sharper, like touching against a razorblade. So it made it difficult to gently stroke and touch this magnificent reptile, but I tried to anyway, trying to avoid touching the razorsharp bumps.

Here's the kicker. I couldn't see his head because he was wearing an elephant mask. An elephant mask with two large elephant ears and a trunk. This elephant mask was incredibly soft like plush velvet, and the color I will never forget a purple brown. Of course it seemed strange that he was wearing such an elephant mask, but now that I wake up and can think more on it, it makes perfect sense. Zetas use the elephant symbol to mind control hybrid kids and abductees so that we won't be afraid of this or that. Zetas often brainwash hybrids into thinking that an adult abductee is an elephant.

But they obviously did not want me to have close contact with Hamish's head and face. Maybe to cover Hamish's eyes was keeping him calm, as he has already revealed here in these conversations that he had felt agitated about being touched and he had wanted to bite me for touching him. But I think that everyone who staged this precious contact for us had thought that I would be less scared, if I did not see his face. But Hamish himself already revealed that he was wearing the mask. The mask that Hamish mentioned here is not the elephant mask I think, I think he meant the other black mask that covers only his mouth, he has had to wear it before in mental images I have seen it, it keeps him from biting people, because otherwise he can't resist wanting to bite. The elephant mask, I suspect was simply on top of and over this other mask, unless of course Hamish only had the elephant mask. I remember touching the elephant mask for a long time, and how soft it was.

It was a long experience. It lasted for a long time. I have finally gotten to get really close to my beloved Hamish.

I was with my chewing gum. I was given praise for that. And given something to eat! I was given chewing gum. Mine, I said to it. *palate click* - Hamish, "chewing gum" in (NL) both times, so Hamish was given some food in return for letting me touch him

I got to touch Hamish, and for a long time. It was marvellous.

Anyway, I do believe I was in an alien abduction. They often put me up on a stage to perform something. The men in the audience get to pick which of them wants to have sex with me. This has happened many times before. The fact that there is singing or karaoke, is, you guessed it, I know it sounds like a cliche but there is at least one of the Japanese men who loves singing and karaoke. By the way this man thinks I'm really exotic for being European. I am often asked to sing or dance on that stage. It really is rude to ask me to. Luckily most of the men there don't want me. Because when I woke up from that experience one of the American men who had been in the audience told me that "most of the men there are looking for someone who looks like Jennifer Lopez", but that this man he did not, he liked someone like me. By the way I remember having sex with this very blonde American man that night, it was before the stage and Hamish and before the Japanese man. He reminds me of Greene in some ways, gosh I sure hope it's him. Because I want Greene in my life some more, he can't leave me just yet, not before I have all the answers, plus I spent years with that man. Greene is one of the military MILABS people, you will become very acquainted with him once you read my MILABS diary from my teens.

Yes. And then there is the Dark Lord chatting last night before I fell asleep when I was in bed. Mr. Dark Lord showed me a mental image of a big room with black and white checkered floors (of course) and the pyramid up front and above the pyramid The Eye. It's like fully decorated that way. Gosh, he said so many things and I forget. I also learned from a dream sequence last night before the dreams about sex with the blonde man and the Japanese man caressing me and the stage and Hamish, before all those I dreamt that I was with a music producer and I had produced a song and he rejected it even though I thought it was good. This all taught me about the mainstream music industry which is TOTALLY Illuminati Satanic ruled to put messages and mind control into people. The Dark Lord had asked me to produce music so that they can check whether I have the powers or knowledge how to produce benevolent music that would ruin their work and presence here.

The Dark Lord told me that I am a Crystal and that people like me are coming here to Earth to fight the Agenda. I didn't realize I was here to be a warrior of some sorts. The Dark Lords are trying to subdue me. They tested what kind of music I can make, because some Crystals make music which breaks the spells of the Dark Lord Agenda music industry. But, Dark Lord and his music producer (who looked just like a hybrid man but mostly human) rejected my music, because it's not Illuminati style but Dark Lord also concluded that it's not powerful enough to pose a threat to their presence.

At one point this morning when I told the Zetas to leave, the Zeta sighed and said something like "well we don't want to go back to the central sun", or "we'll just go back to the central sun". I asked them what the central sun is, he didn't say. And this morning when the Japanese man told me how he likes me because I am exotic and European, even though he is happily married, I was shown a mental image of a Zeta hybrid which looks almost entirely like a Zeta except for two bulging huge eyes that have eyelids, and the Japanese man said this was made from my egg and him.

Dark Lord said lots of things but I should have written it down because it was good stuff, very informative. But, the highlight and precious gem of last night was getting to finally touch my Turtle Hamish. I love him so much, and you see all of that love just stays in me and almost hurts, because I can never give it to him, he can never quite really receive my love because he doesn't know what it is. So it just stays in me hurting, weighing, and I love him more each day. He is such a beautiful Dragon.

Have you ever been to Corpus Christi? Do you know why it is called that? - Dark Lord otherwise military 2
No, never been there, and no why is it called that? - me
Because they tried to fight us there. - Dark Lord, so it was a Dark Lord, and maybe military 2 was the Dark Lord too, playing games and tricks like pretending to cry, unless Dark Lord was transmitting a military man for the telepathic contact

The night before last, I spent a long time with the Queen Elizabeth figure at her castle. Just walking around and being a guest and things. Nothing bloody or gruesome or sexual or sadistic. To remind everyone, the Agenda which consists of sinister aliens from outer space, have a great interest with human royalty. I do not believe that I met any actual Queen Elizabeth, but an alien being who poses as her, perhaps in order to seem royal. But there is more to this, a long history of meddling and interaction, but I don't want to be the one to say what it is. I don't want to have involvement, so let's leave it at that. But I don't leave anything out. You can find a genuine conversation with the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles alien figures in the book Noah's Ark to see what it's all about.

Dark Lord told me this morning that the Dark Lords have taken control over Hamish and the Reptilians, and that it is the Dark Lords who got the Reptilians interested in drinking blood. You see, I've always told you that Hamish really is a good Turtle. Hamish is a sweetheart, the Dragon Turtles are too. Zetas have also been enslaved by the Dark Lords. I love my Hamish. I would defend him against anything, fearlessly.

My Buttercups. - Hamish says to me
My Sweet Turtle Dragon. I love you. - me
Yes-No, Hamish's eggs. It was not mine, they said. - Hamish
My Buttercups. This is Mölök. - Dark Lord Malik I think, but Mölök

Another thing that Dark Lord told me was that the big Japanese tsunami was created intentionally to wipe out the unwanted population of Japan, because there are genetically modified alien Japanese people and the Agenda wants only those to live there. The Agenda has a whole lot of interest in Japan, as we have already seen. I have made many visits to Japan with the Agenda. If only it could be arranged, I would love to visit these people in real life (meaning, with an airplane) to go talk to them about our Dragons and Hamish. I can't believe I am sharing Hamish with Japanese people of the Dragon Dynasty families. I want to think of Hamish as all mine, but he is theirs too. Their name for him is Kemoro. The hybrid aliens call Hamish by the name Pitashz, which might also mean "Reptilian". Hamish's name for himself is Hamish, he chose that name for two reasons: he once knew a Scottish man with red hair whose name was Hamish and he followed him but that was a long time ago the man is no longer living. And because Hamish makes an exhale which sounds like "Haa" or "Haam" so he likes that name.

They had our blood in them, that is why we said yes to their eggs. - Hamish about the Scottish man Hamish
Do I have Hamish's blood in me? I want to be like you, Hamish. I want to be a Dragon Turtle too. A yellow one. - me
My father's was yellow. He was the greatest thing. My yellow dad, a turtleback. - Hamish

Have I met Sergeant Wilkes?

September 03 2015, 10:21 AM - Newsflash. It seems this morning that the military guys have told me that Sergeant Wilkes, whom we know as one of the regulars among the military officers who keep an eye on things here, may in fact have been the same as the Sergeant man I once met in real life. Yes, in real life, and one and the same. I am still refusing to believe in what I heard them say, just because it is too good to be true, but I have cried a few tears of happiness over it already and allowed it to brighten my day.

As we know, the U.S. military have been watching me with remote viewing and talking telepathically probably my whole life but they made me aware of it when I was 14 and then there was a lot of it. Many who experience abductions by Zeta Greys and encounters with Reptilians also report seeing human military officers there.

There is the problem that I haven't been entirely sure whether these military officers are just Reptilians shapeshifting, or whether the Reptilians just seem sometimes to be close to these military officers perhaps in the transmission. Sometimes I have thought that Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens who pestered me in my early teens that he now had been Hamish all along, because of his fascination with tampons which is so typical of Hamish and I may have seen Hamish morph into Stephens a few times. But I have also been told that Stephens is now living married and has children in London, England. But I have now been reading old diary notes of my MILABS years and I am now not so convinced that Stephens was Hamish the Reptile all along, because reading the words of Stephens again makes him seem so very human, albeit a very disgusting man who did a lot to hurt me and gross me out, but still a human.

So anyway. A few years ago I met a U.S. military Sergeant while in college. I met him in an interest group where we discussed among many other things psychic abilities, which I let the group know that I have. Which coincidentally is what the military are interested in me about. So there was this Sergeant there, and I must say I have all this time and still to this day wondered what he was doing in that interest group, because it just seemed out of place, something didn't fit right. Well for one reason or another he and I ended up dating a bit and spent some time together. Hey, don't I recall him saying that he was from New York originally? I am trying real hard to remember. You see this college wasn't in New York. My military and MIBs are mostly from New York and most of them are also based there, I do know that. Some of my dear beloved MIBs live on Staten Island in New York, I wish they would let me visit. Captain Stephens was originally from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now of course that man's name was not Sergeant Wilkes. They give me false names. Major Cunningham for instance his real name is Donovan Brown, Agent Donovan Brown. I shouldn't ever post their real names, but anyway. It is too good to be true, if that Sergeant that I really met, spent time with, even dated and made love with yes (and it was exceptionally sweet and good at that), if he was Sergeant Wilkes? I would jump up and down out of happiness and book a next flight over to go see him if he were Sergeant Wilkes. I would rush over there and squeeze him with so many hugs and give praise for them all being real and beg him to let me meet the other ones immediately. These guys don't know how happy it would make me to get to meet with all of them. Because we have been talking telepathically for so long, I have seen mental images of them, and I have met them in abduction scenarios in the so-called MILABS abductions which means military abductions which are similar to alien abductions and happen in some other realm and at night.

I still have this Sergeant's phone number. I know how to find him on Facebook even though I defriended him long ago because I thought he was creepy. What can I tell you about him? I still have to protect both his privacy as well as mine. He is about in his late 40's I would think. He talked about how he has served in wars I think it was a war in Iraq if I am not mistaken. He has been married and has a child but they are separated. (Or are they? We must ask ourselves.) Yes, he did say he was from New York, which made it feel so odd to me that he would have found it to my small town college so far away in the States. What I remember about him the most, is how he always carried his gun with him. Always. Maybe it's a military thing. He had this small black firearm that was always with him. When he drove in his car he would lock it into a gun suitcase because that is how it was allowed to travel in the car or something like that if I recall. And he even took it with him into restaurants and going out if I recall correctly, unless he left it in the car I don't remember, I could call and ask him but I closed contact long ago. I always thought he was being embarrassing and upsetting because of that gun, I didn't want people to see it. But he sure loved that gun and it came along everywhere he went, I remember that.

He had a lot of firearms in his home and he also was into hunting. He is a very sweet and shy man. Slenderly built, not at all muscular or butch. Brown hair and dark brown eyes, a very dark shade of brown eyes. He was enrolled at the college but I won't say what he was studying not that it matters. I never had a clue that he could have been one of my guys, and I'm still telling myself that it can't be true, just in case that it isn't. But if that man is my Sergeant Wilkes oh my god I would be so happy. But I have to KNOW it is true before I start cheering and celebrating! And if I knew it was true I would call him on the phone IMMEDIATELY and talk about EVERYTHING I have always wanted to say to my military and surveillance people and I would book the first flight to go see him and beg him to take me with him to New York to meet EVERYBODY ELSE!!! WHEN oh WHEN can I meet them all?

Wow. Was that Sergeant really Sergeant Wilkes? If so, then I have had sex with Sergeant Wilkes, consentual sex I should say. It was some of the best too I should say, not that I should be divulging secrets out of anyone's private life not mine nor his. Oh maybe that puts ideas into people's heads, no that sex with the Sergeant was just the most deep and tender we had a real soul connection that I have never felt before or since during sex. Why am I even sharing that? Because I write everything that's why. I'm sure I heard it wrong. I'm sure he was not Sergeant Wilkes. By the way I'm not entirely sure what Sergeant Wilkes looks like, I haven't seen clear images of him when he has been in General Patton's office, just that he's a slender man with brown hair which fits with the Sergeant I met.

I have to ask Sergeant Wilkes, but I'm afraid to ask it makes me too tingly and nervous and excited. God I want to meet these people in life so bad. You have no idea.

Creepy Zetas - And Creepy MIBs - A Sci-Fi Novel

September 02 2015, 11:44 AM - Last night I may have met the Zetas, and they are interested in creepy

We are not psychotics! So, tell them that. We, just, do our work here. And we look at what you have eaten. And it makes us more prominent than your race. - Zeta says with mental image glance to the packet of coconut wafer cookies which was sitting on my bed yesterday from which I ate, when he said "what you have eaten"

It was that they want to have me on a table on my back and insert the thin plastic tubing into my stomach and then also take samples from my rectum and they also would have wanted

Yes, and that does not make us psychotic. We need to know what the little ones must eat. - Zeta
How haughty you are. - a hybrid girl says to me in my other language
Yes, this girl we must train with you. So that she can see what you do here. - Zeta to me in my other language about the girl
Yes! And she will do her dance training! - Zeta in English to the girl, yes I was about to, but now I won't
Don't tell them about the stomach! - Zeta upset, "stomach" in my third language (yes, third language)

They also would have wanted to take out my stomach, like outside of the body, to look at it while they are doing all of that. It was such a creepy thing to get to see these images explained from the mind of a Zeta.

We do it to you all the time. And we do not want you to be afraid of it. - Zeta
Do you take my stomach outside of my body? Do you? Or not? Because there are no incision marks. - me
We are experts at it. - Zeta says and simulates to smile with the eyelids like how Draconians do
At what? - me
At that. - Zeta means to take out feces from a human
I know, you are doing metabolic studies. - me

I woke up in the morning and was told by the aliens that they had given me a medicine or a toxin. I was feeling very groggy and heavy and odd, kind of like a hangover but different. (I don't drink alcohol, and haven't consumed anything weird yesterday myself.)

Zetas are CREEPY!

NO WE ARE NOT! We are only looking at your scat. - Zeta
Yes, she doesn't want to know about us. - Zeta says to the little girl about me
We pee too. We also have scat. So we need to know more about it. We wanted to tell you that. - the little girl says to me, she then thinks to a red barn, because obviously she's been told I'm like a barnyard animal
Go to hell all of you. - me
We don't believe, in a hell, nor do we have one. - Zeta
Then leave me alone. You are being rude. - me
We don't want to look at your scat then. - Hamish
But Hamish gets to stay. I don't want Hamish to leave. Hamish wants to stay with me. - me
That little girl wasn't yours, we have took it. And I was not arrogant with you either. That little girl. Was mine. - Hamish [sic]
You are not with the male or female nurses, like I am. This man here is a nurse. And he is watching over me. - the little girl, holding the tall Zeta's hand

And Hamish was growling at the red dress that he knows is under my bed in a compartment and at the red shirt that the Sim game character was wearing yesterday. Hamish wanted me to put the red dress down on his ruggy snugs so that he could put his flat red duck foot down on it. He would want to inspect the dress to make sure that it does not have any eyes, that it is not a living being, which I assured him that it is not. I also dreamt last night about finding a spotted lobster in the shallow water and I was excited to spear fish it and then I was cooking it and putting butter and sage on it and getting ready to eat that delicious thing. I woke up before I had a chance to eat it in the dream, and when I woke up Hamish was telling me not to eat lobsters, and I assured him that I would not.

2:28 PM - By the way. I wrote about starting to post my MILABS diary notes, I wrote about that on August 29, and that same evening came to see me one of the men in black which I call survey people. He was in a remote location of course, but we see each other and talk telepathically, these are things that the Greys can do and they seem to have taught, or enabled, the human survey men and military to do the same. This man said that he knew me all those years ago and he even remembered one of the artists music I used to listen to, which was spot on. I kind of felt like I knew him, but it was years ago. He did the conquest on me! These men never did the conquest until only after General Patton started doing it a year or two ago, then Russian Corpral Olav Vetti, and now this survey man. They never did the conquests in the beginning. First General Patton had to "train" me for that.

I named it the "conquest" since the Reptilians did it to me first. It is done with a psychic remote viewing connection from a remote location and it does an overlap of two people. The other person can then move my body. Yes it is the MKULTRA stuff that they so dearly talk about. Reptilians did it to me first, the "wrestling", then the Reptiles seem to have taught the military how to do it to me. The human people rarely do it, it's been very quiet after General Patton gave up on me.

And then a white-haired man who said he was also one of my old-time survey men (not that they call themselves "survey men", I call them that) visited that night too, and he said his name was Ira. I remember Ira, I sure do. It's nice that these two came for a visit. The first of the two was a man with black hair who is in his 30's or 40's, he wore a colorful summer shirt and not a black suit, and then the second one who came to say hello was Ira with white hair. So that was nice when they visit.

We wanted to also come here and to learn how to fuck. - says a little hybrid girl who first just looks at me and smiles and titters, translated from my other language
Children are not meant to fuck. - I answer to the girl in my other language, and I will leave it to that

But last night, I think it started in the evening when I was in bed before I fell asleep, and then it continued while I was asleep, it seems that the MIBs or military or whoever the hell they are, were telling me how they... no not just seems because it was so. They were telling me how all those years when they were just seeming to look at me and talk to me was preparation, then the next stage was what General Patton did with the conquests where they learn to move my body for me from a remote location. They are training me to use me for the military. They have also given me chemical drugs to affect my brain, said they. I can't remember everything they said about this, but they are convinced that I have special psychic abilities, I forget which specific one they were interested in. They have made clones of me but my clones do NOT have the same special abilities, which they think is a bummer, so they don't know where it comes from. (I would love to meet my clones!)

They are not your daughters. They are mine. - says a Mr. Dark Lord
What is your name? - me to Dark Lord
Haven't we already gotten acquainted?!? - Dark Lord flabbergasted
There are so many Dark Gentlemen Mr's that I can't keep track of all of them. So, what is your name then? - me
I am not the Mr. I am a sad Agent. I am sad??? Look at me, I am sad for you. So sad, ahh. Sad that your race is going down! So sad, hahhah! - Dark Lord
Are you a black Reptilian from Orion? - me
Yes, I am from there. I am from all over in fact. From all over, yes. - a black Reptilian "smiles" with its snout open
Are you from Orion? - me
We are not located there now. We are not, from, there either. I don't want to argue or fight with you. But we are not the better race now. You are!! Hah hah! You are so good, you know. So damn good for us. So! Hah hah! - Dark Lord
Are you being arrogant? - Hamish asks the Dark Lord
No, I am not being arrogant. - Dark Lord answers to Hamish

In the above conversation, the Dark Lord and black Reptilian are the same individual speaking. It is sometimes difficult to tell apart a Dark Lord from a Black Reptilian from Orion. Note that these "Black Reptilians" are NOT Alpha Draconis Reptilians. They are presumably from Orion. And Dark Lords are from Alpha Theta or Alpha Theton. Whatevs. My life reads like a sci-fi novel.

By the way the man with black hair who visited that day, he said his name is Jeff. (Remember Jeff? Jeff who wore a colorful shirt and said or thought about how he likes to go to Tijuana to buy firearms. In this story you get to know Jeff and you see how he had to go to an alien base with scary dangerous aliens that he was defending me from.) I wasn't convinced that this Jeff from the other day was the same Tijuana-Jeff, they didn't look or seem the same, but two men can have the same name.

Remember Susanna the yellow Turtle Dragon who always kept her arms straight horisontally backwards so that her clawed fingers were resting with the claws up at the sides of her turtle back cushion? Yesterday or so I talked to Hamish about Susanna and Hamish told me that Susanna doesn't like him. It seems that Hamish and Susanna have quarrelled over something. Dragon Turtles are adorable. Let's talk to Hamish real quick, just to brighten your day (and mine, and hopefully Hamish's too):

Hamish? Sock Turtle? - me
I will bite it, I said. I did not want to see it here! It was evil to me. It was, not mine. - Hamish says and growls at the end, and when he said the underlined he nearly jumped up from the floor with both feet like he does when he gets upset, his thought image was of the red dress I bought yesterday when it had rested folded on my lap here at home yesterday
Are you angry at the red dress? - me
It was not so. My eggs. - Hamish, "my eggs" in my native language
Are they my eggs? - Hamish asks gently in my native language with his upper and lower eyelids closing partly so that he looks smiling (it IS a Dragon's smile), now he does palate click pops which are friendly things to say
I love you Hamish. Do not worry if you get angry about the dress. It doesn't mean that you cannot have the eggs. You are allowed to get angry sometimes, no need to apologise to me. I love you. - me
There were my colors there, therefore I will not come. - Hamish in my native language

Hamish went to stand over by the window that I washed in one of the other bedrooms today, he stood there facing the window and he was letting me see him from behind, so that I am seeing just his long neck that pointed upwards to display the many pairs of blunt orange buttons and his back hump, and then he said the last sentence there, "There were my colors..." about the red dress. When Hamish faces away and lets me see his buttons and back hump and not the face, that is like when humans do "talk to the hand" and turn their head away and show the palm of the hand. Hamish does that in an argument, he rarely does that. He is unhappy that I bought a dress that is the same color as he. I will go ahead and put that dress down on his ruggety rug now, if that helps.

Yes-No, mine. - Hamish about having the dress on his rug, he doesn't want to have it there, he suggests I put the dress in the bathtub instead


You can inspect it now. - I say to Dragon about the red dress on his rug

Hamish just looks at me, gazes at me, he seems to be feeling sad.

Hamish? Are you ok, Darling? I love you, Turtle Sock Feet? Are you ok about the dress? You can take a look at it now, it is only a dress. I Honor your Scales? - me
And my back-hump, you should say. It, also needs to be honored. By you, with our scales. My Back Hump. Yes. - Hamish, he smiled with his eyes when he said "By you, with our scales"
I honor your scales, and your back hump. And your Duck Feet. And your tail. And your goosebumps, Hamish. - me
You honor my duck tail. - Hamish or Dark Lord contemplatively

Let's leave it at that. I'll take care of him, so that this doesn't traumatize him. I know, I baby him a lot, but can you imagine if he would have ended up in someone else's care? If someone else had Hamish? I love my Pooch.

Oh That Hamish, and a Mean Red Dress
And Ice-Cream Box, and a Mean Red Shirt

September 01 2015, 3:56 PM - Last night when I went to bed and was all cozy under the covers with the lights turned off I decided to talk to Reptilians. I got some awesome mental images of them. They really are some creepy creatures, but it's fascinating because they are real alien life. And having Hamish standing before me is a strange encounter, because he doesn't smile. We humans are so used to reading smiles and facial expressions on one another, and so Hamish does not. But Hamish can smile with his eyes.

Last night I had a dream that I was shedding scales from my arms, I was tearing off large sheets of scales. When I woke up I told Hamish I had dreamt about shedding and grooming, but he gave no comment to that.

I was in the bathroom doing a #2 and Hamish shows up in the bathroom and says "My shelf!" about the bathroom sink. He called it a shelf. So I said to him that it's his shelf. It's funny these moments where he doesn't adhere to human customs and decency, ie. leave me alone and it's not the time to tell me about what isn't even a shelf!

Today when I came home from shopping I was folding up the eight dresses and things I had got. As soon as I get to the last of the eight, which happens to be the red dress, Hamish objects and lets me know that it is his color, or he said something like that. I realize that yes indeed oh my gosh I had happened to buy a dress that was Hamish's color! And so I ask him if it's ok if I wear it sometimes, his answer is that he starts gurgling and spitting in his mouth with his mouth open at me. I ask him again if it's ok, he does the same he gurgles the salivating in his mouth. I guess I've made a mistake.

AT 9:15 PM

I once had a red neglige and I only wore it that once when Hamish stared and stared and made me feel uncomfortable. I've been good about not buying or wearing anything red ever since. But this time I just forgot, I plain old forgot! When Hamish is upset he can open his mouth at me, it is a sign that associates to eating, and when Hamish eats he has to of course kill someone, so opening his mouth means a threat, it is associated to something mean and to killing. But when he gurgles spit with his mouth open that is something I rarely ever see from him, I think I've seen that once or twice before. In fact, I haven't told yall before until now but Hamish secretes digestive juices in his mouth. I should put the red dress on and say "Hamish! I have the power! You will honor my red dress!" No, I wouldn't do that, because I love him so. This morning he also claimed my raspberries as his own. He's so cute, I wish he would let me give him a hug and kiss.

8:41 PM - I ate three ice-cream cones from the freezerbox and after I took the last one I left the empty cardboard ice-cream box on the kitchen counter. As I sit down in my room to watch a show, Hamish says from the kitchen, "Would you close the lid on that?". He means I should close the lid on the box so that I wouldn't take any more ice-creams. It's because when I eat sugar it disturbs their genetics work on the eggs. Well too bad, Hamish, the ice-cream box was already empty. What a cute Turtle.

9:15 PM - What is wrong with this picture? See it from a Dragon's perspective. Or, see it from Hamish's perspective. I was playing the video game The Sims 2 on the computer and was just making this woman character here, when all of a sudden a red Dragon with a soft cushion back hump on his upper back makes himself very known and I see him clearly in a mental image. He points to the woman's shirt on the screen, yes the red shirt, and Hamish says that he will bite it. He then proceeds to trying to bite that woman on the screen, with his soft toothless fleshy mouth. Like I've said, I can't wait for Christmas again so that he can tell me he will bite all the Santas.

9:27 PM - I finish creating the Sims character (yes with the red top), Hamish says (translated from my native language): "I have bitten her.", Hamish means that he has bitten the game character. "You are wearing my socks." said Hamish to the game character and he lift one of his flat red duck feet a little off the floor. "I am fetching them." said Hamish meaning that he will go get the red socks (which is actually a shirt) that the game woman is wearing. And he then said, "She has taunted me." or "She has fooled me." depending on how we translate that. I guess I will have to change her shirt to a different color. Hamish is being cute by the way and thinking about his ruggy rug which is on my bedroom floor here. I love this cuddly Sock Turtle. I love you Hamish. I have made some palate click sounds to him in different versions so that he knows I love him.

Aztek Mayan Reptilian, and Lion ET

August 28 2015, 12:33 noon - A Reptilian made telepathic contact with me. He was standing in the South American

It was in Brazil, you dimwit! We were in Brazil, that is where we were. And we were taking our eggs there, long before you came. So? Did you like to know that, dimwit?? We were rulers there once. And then we were chased all away. We wanted to take it back, but, all of the Mayans were now gone. We wanted more Mayans? So, where are they?? Where, now? - Dark Lord or Reptilian
I am sorry that I called you a dimwit. Because you are looking at us. And we like that very much. We like to be looked at. - the Dark Lord or Reptilian

He was standing in the Brazilian rainforest as a black Reptilian man and on his head was an ornamental crown made out of a fan of blue feathers like on a king. He then proceeded to show me how he went inside a cave there in the jungle and he told me about how in the past humans had placed brownish colored clay pots or urns inside the cave and these open-top urns contained extracted internal organs from human victims. The Reptilians used to eat these organs from the urns, he said. And there had also been human victims and human skulls in the cave, said he. The Reptilian then waded in the water in that cave, and he said to me that one needs to wade through water to get there. I asked him if one needs to submerge completely under water or dive to get there, and he said no.

It was a very scary uncanny sight to see this Reptilian, he has a very ominous and sinister aura, one can only instinctively dislike and fear these creatures, but I tell myself to remain neutral with my reactions and to let him speak because I can learn something. I asked him whether he would want me to visit him in the cave, but I added that I would take an airplane to South America to get there - because I did not want to risk ending up in an abduction to that cave, I would have wanted it to be on my terms. I offered that I could take a look in that cave to see if I might need to tidy up and clean in there.

I said to him that Reptilians are hungry for snacks, and I asked him if he was hungry.

The Mayans - not Aztecs, as we learned from the exchange just prior - had contact with these Reptilians. These Reptilians made themselves into the kings and gods of those people, and had managed to persuade the humans to serving them human organs in urns placed into that cave. I know that Reptilians can eat human organs, Hamish does that all the time. They snack on livers, kidneys, and also spleen, yumm. I had asked this Reptilian who had shown me the cave whether he himself was a very old individual and if he personally had been there in the times when the Mayans served them food, I do not recall if he answered.

So the Reptilians are not some new phenomenon. Interesting?

I think it was yesterday morning when I woke up and there was an ET whom I saw in mental images and it said that it had kept some bad aliens away from me and guarded me all night from them. This ET looked like a short man with a lion's face, it is because of the very wide flat nose like a lion's nose. I think I have heard other people say there are aliens who look like lions or big cats. Of course I would have thought that is rubbish or more specifically that it is the imagination of people, but sure enough there are such ETs. And I don't expect any of you to believe me either, because it just sounds too unbelievable. But it really is just an ET with a very wide flat nose that makes them look like lions. They are a friendly people.

Alpha Remulans, Royal Lizards, a notorious bathroom Rug, Zeta Technology, irritation

August 27 2015, 6:50 PM - The other day I was telling the Aliens how I love the Alpha Remulans. I was shown mental images of one, it has many small sharp insectoid legs at the back on either side of the end of the butt that rests against the floor. I would estimate to four or five pairs of little legs. I then saw what is rare, an Alpha Remulan Scorpion had been brought into my home although in the other dimension, and I ran into it, but we are in different spaces... because our atoms oscillate at different frequencies. The creature I saw looked precisely like this or in case I've moved pages here is the picture of it picture of Alpha Reticulan/Remulan.

Days ago James the MIB told me to talk to Hamish "like to a man". When I hear James chatting to Hamish it's fun cause James talks to Hamish as if Hamish were a human guy, you know with respect and as if Hamish were to understand all the reasonings of a human man. I however talk to Hamish like how one talks to a kitten, with lots of love and adoration, not at all like how one talks to a man. I also use a lot of "easy language" to Hamish because I'm not sure if Hamish understands the intellectual level of common speech? But also I like to belittle my Dragon, because he is cute. We get along great, Hamish and me, so I don't see what's the harm. I have what is probably extremely rare in that me and my Dragon seem to tolerate and also understand one another. Hamish has also changed a lot since when he first came to talk to me in August 2011. You can see how he talked in the first telepathy book "Real? Or Imaginary?" and how he talks nowadays, he has become friendlier and nicer.

An Illuminati Hybrid Chum made a remote location visit today and said he was with Scotland Yard and that he protects the British Royal family, he was here because I have written about the white lizard in Queen Elizabeth's sister, see the previous entry below dated August 26 2015. This Illuminati chum had the most British accent, he even said "Oi" to me on several occasions. I assured him that I have not lied and that I have said nothing that is mean. That all I said was that I saw a lizard in Queen Elizabeth's sister. He said there was concern that I had said things about what this woman looks like, I said I hadn't called her ugly or anything because she is not. I had just said that I saw a lizard, that I write what lizards and reptilians do. They offered to pay me money so that I would be quiet. I said I cannot be bribed, but that if it is the right thing to do to be quiet about lizards who tag royalty then I would be quiet about it. So far there is no reason to be quiet about anything, because it is an interesting observation that otherwordly and otherdimensional lizards closely tag human royal figures. Why would I not write about that? It is, biology. Like stuff what David Attenborough would write about. Let's watch the lizards.

I have now placed both rugs on my bedroom floor. Hamish's notorious beloved ruggy snugs the small pink one and the big incredibly soft plush red one that I bought for one of our anniversaries together, but Hamish still rejects the red one because it does not smell right. Even I can smell that the red rug has a strong smell of rubber. Hamish rejects the red rug, too bad because it is incredibly soft, I wanted him to have it also it's bigger than the other one, but maybe the rubber smell will wear off now that it's on the floor, and that one day my cute Dragon will love that rug and I will find him stomping and wiping his feet on it. Hamish has layn on the small pink rug already here in my room, he looks so snug lying on that rug on his belly with his arms crossed like a big cat. I even caught him standing in the hallway just outside of my bedroom with his upper and lower eyelids closing like he just can't help but to smile because he was thinking about the pink rug.

Maybe I should talk to Hamish like one would talk to a man like James says, because every time Hamish visits I just shriek and coo and call him cute. My Turtle.

Last night when I went to bed the Zetas told me that they can come through my bedroom wall. Through my wall. I said wow and asked them how do they do that. They said that almost all of the wall is made up out of empty space. Which I know to be true from my years of studying science. So I can guess that they simply do something to affect the electromagnetic repulsion between the atoms of the wall and the atoms of whatever it is that they bring through the wall. So a recap: the aliens have technology which affects the electromagnetic properties and/or oscillation of atoms, with which they enable things to move through solid walls and to make creatures invisible and as if in a "parallel dimension".

In the computer game The Sims 2 I placed out one toddler toy which is a red box that the children put blocks in through the right shaped holes, and then I put a dancing musical snowman on the floor too which happens to stand on a red box. Hamish has been very irritated at both of these red boxes. He notices every smallest little red object anywhere, and he tells me about it. He has told me "no" about these red boxes in the game many times since. Hamish has excellent color vision. I look forward to Christmas again so that he can tell me about all the santas.

Lizards, Reptilians, and Dragons

August 26 2015, 12:23 noon - Just now I answered an email from a reader who had asked if "Noah's Ark" will come out as a paperback, and I said no. Hamish then wanted to say to the person (although this time I didn't write down Hamish's comments into the email, because I had already hit Send), Hamish said that the smell of the Reptilians is not in the books. That even though it talks about Reptilians and lists what they say, their Reptilian smell is not conveyed in the books. Of course I called Hamish cute and adorable for saying that, because he is.

The Zetas still regularly show me images of themselves where they bend their head down to show me their big pale gray bald head and they tell me it is like mushrooms, ever since that time when I ate button mushrooms they have gotten really excited to compare their heads to those. It's become a "thing". They regularly show me a mental image of a walking toy penguin, they've told me that it makes the hybrid children so happy and excited to see the walking penguin so they show it to me too. I have said that I am not a kid and to show me Reptilians instead, but I nowadays play along and get excited to see it. I don't mind them showing me a penguin if they think it would make me happy.

I was on an airplane flying over Germany and my aliens said they - my aliens - wanted to show up in a white spherical UFO to say hello to me but that the "Luftwaffe" which I think means the German Airforce had said to them no they can't. Here's what's disturbing: I also picked up from the telepathic transmission although it was not said explicitly in words, that at times when all the passengers on board a commercial airplane have seen an alien spacecraft flying near the airplane, the airplane is made to crash to eliminate the witnesses. Perhaps that was before the times of mobile phones, because if it happened today everybody would be on their cellphones sending messages to their family that they're seeing, and possibly being crashed, by an alien spacecraft. What troubles me also is that I am not sure whether to crash the airplane is the aliens' idea, or as I think it is the idea of things like Luftwaffe to crash down the witnesses. I don't know much about this and really it's just something I picked up from the transmissions at the time. Disturbing, but again I don't know more than that.

The other night as I went to bed Hamish - who else - shows me clear mental images of first a big tortoise with a flat armor turtleshell and then another rounder tortoise with a shell. Then he somewhat hesitantly and carefully showed me an image of himself, a red Reptilian with a soft turtleshell on his back. I shrieked and was excited to be shown mental images of cute tortoises by my Dragon Turtle.

Otherwise everything is the same old. I am regularly contacted mentally by Reptilians who pose or pretend to be human royals from the British and the Swedish royal families. What happens is that I will see a mental image of the person, both a Reptilian and the royal it is posing as, and an image usually also of the castle. And these figures they want to talk to me, but most of the time I dismiss them because I don't want involvement in this tricky topic because it involves real people from real life and that's not fair. I am usually not rude to these Reptiles. One day I saw the sister of Queen Elizabeth on tv in a documentary and I was so surprised to see this woman because she just didn't look human to me. I'm not the kind of person who wants or tries to believe in all what David Icke talks about, but that woman just didn't look human to me. Then, a white Lizard appeared and made contact with me and we chatted for a bit. This white Lizard who lives in or very near to the sister of Queen Elizabeth, looks just like the other White Lizard who lives in Queen Elizabeth, only is thinner and not a fat lizard.

Dinosaurs show up sometimes, they still claim to have to collect my feces. My Aliens still forbid me from eating pears, or any drinks with pears in them either. Hamish hasn't tossed me around in a while. I see glimpses of Reptilians now and then and tell them they are cute, because they are. And based on what the aliens tell me it seems they are still abducting me, but I am not allowed to stay awake for any of it, and that bothers me. I would kind of like to know what happens when I am not aware, but both me and the aliens know that it is for the best that I not know.

Remember Susanna the yellow Dragon Turtle female? How she kept holding her arms backwards horisontally against the sides so that her clawed fingers ended up pointing up with the claws at the back of the soft turtleshell cushion? I have asked many times why she did that. My only guess would be that she wants to protect her back, it is a clear sign and a signal of something. But the other day, and I've only seen him do it this one time, Hamish did that too, he put his arms back like that.

Japan was on tv the other day and Hamish recognized that it was Japan from the pictures and he said that he has been there! Hamish spends probably as much time with me as he does in Japan, so he is a commuter with his work. Hamish also takes regular vacation trips to visit family and friends, to go bathe or soak his feet in a river or eat his snacks.

Palate Clicks and Russians

August 04 2015, 5:03 PM - When I went to bed last night or this morning when I woke up, Dragon Hamish was talking to me about how nice it was for him to hear me speak in the way that his mother used to speak to him, namely when I do palate clicks to Hamish. There was a time earlier when he had asked me not to speak like his mother did, but this time when I had given him some clicks he kept talking on and on about how nice it was to hear it. His mother Turtle used to do palate clicks to him.

Yesterday morning I was talked to telepathically by - what at least pretend to be, unless they really are - Russian military. I was shown a lineup of about five or five to eight military men who wore a uniform that has long pants and long-sleeve shirt and a big officer's hat, all of the uniform is in a beige brown color. I was asked to pick one of them to work with. I chose the Gentleman third from the left because he had the strongest telepathic focus. This man, turns out, is going to replace Corpral Olav Vetti who was the Russian missiles expert, because things hadn't been working out between me and Olli.

There was also another of the Russian officers there whose name was Andrej. So I was asked to remote view Russian submarines. I was told that the United States is worried because there are Russian submarines that have nuclear weapons on them. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the USA pretending to be Russians so that they can enlist my psychic help to spy on the Russian missiles and submarines, or if it's the Russians asking me to keep an eye on their stuff. Either case I gave them some but kept most of it private. I don't want to get killed. As soon as Russia finds out that somebody might be remote viewing and reading their military documents and finding submarines and missiles then what's to keep them from killing that person, like me um.

So I'm not going to let anybody know what, if anything, I can do. Besides it's rude to spy on Russians in a submarine. Why don't they enlist the Zeta Greys? Zetas are awesome at remote viewing and often help militaries with spying and stuff. Things didn't work out between me and Olav Vetti because we didn't like each other, I think we both hated each other but for different reasons. So now they're trying with this new person, and they even let me pick from a lineup. We'll see how that goes.