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July 01 2015 - July 30 2015

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Smell of eggs, Pteradactyl, Crocodile Men
And Hamish the love of my life

July 30 2015, 10:39 AM - I am still on my period. I had a shower this morning, and hung the bath towel to dry. Hamish standing right by the towel says to me, "In my opinion you do not smell like the eggs anymore, but this towel now smells like your eggs", he said though not in exact those words. I was so happy to hear that, I love it when he shares his random Dragon thoughts with me. So he has been thinking that I smell like the eggs and that after I had my shower I no longer smelled like eggs but the towel I had wiped myself dry with it now smelled like the eggs. Isn't that marvellous, of him to say, of him to think like that? I love this Dragon. I thanked him for sharing his thoughts with me, and I told him that my sense of smell does not sense these things.

A few days ago I was told by the Agenda that a long time ago, presumably millions of years ago, the aliens had taken pteradactyls that were among the old-Earth dinosaurs and have preserved this species with them, either in original form or perhaps in genetically modified form. In fact I have many times seen mental images of and spoken telepathically with large brown pteradactyls who live in underground bases here on Earth.

Also a few days ago a Crocodile Man showed me mental images of the Everglades which is this vast swampy region of Florida and he said that his kind are allowed to live there, because they live in a place that is precisely water covered with those water plants and it is so far out from land, he said, that even if a human were to take one of those swamp boats out to get there they would need at least three extra tanks of fuel with them just to reach the location. The Crocodile Man told me that the Reptilians had taken crocodile DNA in hopes of producing a fertile Reptilian-crocodile genetic mixture, but it had failed, it is not fertile. But as we know the Crocodile Men are kept, they have not been terminated. Crocodile Men typically work with guarding and protecting, eggs, fetal laboratories, as well as alien beings such as the Gargoyle of Florida. Two facts about Crocodile Men you should know: they are very polite and friendly and like gentlemen, not at all snappy or sassy or aggressive as the Draconian Reptilians; and Crocodile Men struggle to express words in human languages in telepathy, it makes them very exhausted and it is difficult for them to pronounce anything. A third fact: you will often hear growls from them. Fourth fact: they smell very fragrant like man's cologne. Fifth fact: they are often reported to have sex with human women, I have experienced it at least a few times. So that was my two facts.

Yesterday I started listening to a David Icke interview about the politics in Tunisia, France, and Greece, nothing to do with Reptilians perhaps but I like to listen to him from time to time. This brought a Reptilian to visit me, I was laying on my back in bed listening and the Reptilian stood beside my bed and he put his hand down on my belly and said that "David Icke doesn't like them" meaning the Reptilians. I told him that he was welcome here and that I like Reptilians, and I also told him that my eggs are Hamish's eggs just in case. I rarely get touched by a Reptilian so it was a rare treat to have his hand gently down on my belly.

Yesterday Hamish was showing me the blunt button pairs on his head and he told me it was a mushroom head. Namely I must have told him that it looks like a toadstool mushroom which it does, I told him that the mushroom has them to say that it is poisonous and to not touch it or eat it, and I told Hamish that his head buttons must also be saying to not touch or eat him! Hamish is so cute. Today he told me that he has some sheets of scales, but he has got nowhere to place them. I am getting his rugs back from my mom's place where I left them, and he will have them here on the floors. Hamish needs his rugs for his grooming, to place his shedded scales on, to enjoy the soft under his feet, and to have something to do. He can spend hours on his rugs, just tending to his business!

Oh and yesterday I wrote the previous entry below titled "Agenda stuff", and right after I had written it and went to the kitchen to cook a meal, someone named "Lord Aston" came to see me with remote viewing and he was telling people over at his place that I was not one of theirs and that he does not know me. Because I had written that I might be marrying into aristocracy he had come to make sure that it had got nothing to do with his people and families at least. I wasn't able to see whether he was human or Reptile. I asked him why did he visit me now? He said he has people with web bots or did he say web crawlers. I asked him what words are those set to search for to find a website page such as mine. He said it searches for "blood" and "aristocracy". Only those two words, I wondered and asked him? He said that it also searches for "pedophilia", so those three words in combination will bring attention to a page for them. Which is disturbing I know. Anyway he was a bit rude about women and I told him that he will end up with a woman who is younger than him and who doesn't love him and who is cheating with younger men and who is only after his money and is waiting for him to die so that she can have his money. Because he said something about "the kind of women" that he likes or something like that, and it sounded so arrogant. Maybe he will read this text here, so hey Lord Aston! I promised him I wouldn't write about him on my website but as we know I can't leave anything out.

I was watching some illustrations of space colonization just earlier, and Hamish was really taken by the pictures and he was watching, so I let the pictures stay up for longer so that he could watch. He then said, "Are there any crayfish there?" meaning the moon and Mars with space colonies drawn in them. I told him that no there aren't any. You know Hamish says this because he thinks that his ancestor was a fire engine red lobster crayfish creature that lived in shallow waters and was genetically modified or evolved into the Dragons they are today.

Hamish has shown me mental images of his crab ancestor. It was surprisingly large for a crustacean type of creature, longer than a meter from head to tail, and perhaps 30 centimeters or more wide I don't have a ruler with me to estimate, but large nonetheless. It was a distinctly flat creature. The color was a striking fire engine red. It had a large flat shield structure covering more than half of its back, and this is presumably how Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles have inherited their back hump which they are so proud of. The creature

I am not ashamed of it. Even if they say that it smells. The back creature. It smells, they said to it. It was a smelly creature. - Hamish about his ancestor lobster
I think they are beautiful creatures. I am happy that they exist. - me
It was my great-grandfather! - Hamish says so pleased that his upper and lower eyelids close but for a horisontal line he is blushed and smiling
Hamish? Did your species of "back turtles" evolve from a crayfish crab lobster creature? Or were you genetically engineered and created? - me
We were created out of our grandfathers once. They were the crayfish ones. They were created out of us, first. - says Hamish and with the last sentence he thinks about eggs

It was my daddy. - Hamish says in my native language, about the crayfish

From what I have seen, it seems as if the lobster had an immobile head region without a neck it could move against, and that it might have had eye surfaces rather than like detachable eyeballs. It had a tail elongation toward the back.

Hamish? Did your ancestor the lobster have any legs or arms? - me
Yes-No. - Hamish, this seems to have meant Yes it had legs and No it had no arms
Yes it had legs? And No it had no arms, Hamish? - me
I was not in love with it. - says Hamish with three quick head tilts left right left or right left right, about the crayfish
Are there still any living today? - me
They were not always hungry. - Hamish or someone else about the crayfish
What do they eat? Do they hunt? - me
They won't grab your tails, I said to them. - Hamish about the lobster, and that Hamish had said to a green Reptilian that the lobster would not grab the green Reptilian's long green tail with the lobster hand
Why are you letting them talk to you? - a MIB asks me
I am having a very wonderful conversation with Hamish about his ancestors the lobster. - me
And they smell very bad. - Hamish about the ancestor lobster
What do they smell like? - me
They don't like to be caught, in fish nets. That is why I have said no to that. - Hamish with mental image of when I played the video game The Sims 3 and I used to fish for lobsters there, and Hamish yes he used to tell me no I should not fish for lobsters in the game, because he sympathizes with them

I just wonder would an aquatic species really have a smell?

They are not living in your harbor. And that is because, we have taken them all away. And we have needed their eggs. They were told to be, space beings. And told to live in outer space! And that is why we have these. We had ancestral magic with them. They were our species! They sleep here. We give them the rest here. They were our daddies! - Hamish says about the lobster ancestors, "why we have these" Hamish showed me his orange goosebumps and his orange blunt button pairs, "ancestral magic" is "with them" means with these orange buttons and bumps that they inherited from the lobster ancestor
Hamish? Why was this species used? - me
Because it was aquatic. And it was not afraid. We needed it therefore. And now! Look what I have got! Goosebumps! From my daddy! - Hamish pleased about his orange bumps inherited from his daddy the lobster
Were the lobsters able to communicate? - me
Yes, they said "do not steal us from our harbor". Do you want to know what else? - Hamish
What else Hamish? - me
They were not made into toast, or fried into snacks. - Hamish with image of a steaming toaster
I will not eat your ancestor the lobster. - me
That is why I have got these on my head. And that is also why I smell bad. - Hamish, his buttons on the head
You look very handsome Hamish. I like your Hamish buttons, and I think you smell good. - me, but I lie, he doesn't smell good, but I am just being nice I like precisely all what he is, I love him so
I love you Hamish. I like your daddies too. - me, and Hamish smiles so much with his lower eyelids raised diagonally this time (I've never seen lower eyelids raised diagonally before, only the upper ones)
Hamish? What planet did your lobster daddies come from? From Earth? - me
No, another one. It was an Alpha Draconis one. We were from there, taken. Yep! It was our daddies' place. - Hamish, and I see from him a mental image of the planet of Alpha Draconis, it is very yellow, the planet is smaller than Earth, the air is yellow and filled with an airborne yellow powder, the ground is yellow with yellow dust or powder or sand, there are ponds of waters, and there are green primitive-looking vegetation and fern plant forests
Are there still lobsters on Alpha Draconis? Or were they all taken away? - me
We still have daddies there. Look! And they are red! - Hamish about a lobster deep down on the bottom of a small deep lake there
They don't like to fight with each other. And that is why we were always told to fight. - Hamish
With each other? - Dark Lord, about the fighting that Hamish said
Hamish? I love your race very very much. - me
Yes they were our daddies there. - Hamish smiles with his eyelids

My flower! - Hamish says to me in my native language and there is a hiccup kind of palate click pop click in there

Here to remind everyone of what Hamish looks like, with all of his bumps and buttons and back hump:

My grandfathers had them too. That is why they are important to me. About my space-bumps. Ahh, yess! Palate click! - Hamish says and makes vocalizations
Hamish? If you had any idea how cute you are? And how much I love you? You are so cute, and your species, I love them so much. Who created your species? - me
My sock. - Hamish, I almost saw a real visual flash of a foot on the rug next to me, but it all looked in black and white, Hamish said this as he meant to show me his foot, he says sock cause we all know I call him Sock Turtle
Who created your species out of a lobster? - me
The Master race did! - black Reptilian
Do you know what you did? - Hamish to black Reptilian
Why? Isn't that obvious? - black Reptilian answers to Hamish
Who is the Master race? Are they the Bird race? - me
Kuk-aroo! - someone says and shows me white hybrid fetuses, Kukoro or however it was spelled is Japanese for love or something like that, I've been told that before, and you all know how the aliens use Japanese to make hybrids too, such as Toshi and Mr. Harumoto (if that is how his name was spelled)
Hamish? Why are some of you red and others they are yellow? - me
We are mixed genetics, that is what. Some are yellow, because they don't have that. - Hamish about his back hump, but I will say that all Yellow Turtles I have seen have an identical make of the back hump as the red ones
I love you so much I could cry. I want to live with you forever. - me
Then you have to see my scales falling off, and dropping. - Hamish
I can see that. Why do they fall off? Is it because you change your skin? Don't worry about it, Hamish. It is normal and natural. - me
I go there, to pick them off. - Hamish shows me mental image of him standing by the log in the forest with the leaves the same place he always has shown me where he likes to place his scales and pile leaves on top of it

Haha! Now he shows me how in that image at the log he wipes his foot backwards to kick some leaves on top of the pile! I once saw a bird I think it was an emu or something similar and it was building a nest by kicking leaves backwards like that! Hamish doesn't use his arms. Sometimes he uses his mouth to pick things up or do things with, but he mostly uses his feet. He cannot pick things up with his feet (interrupted)

So now you know why we have goosebumps. And who our grandfathers are. We like them very much. And they have given us their, eggs. So we like them therefore, they were nice. We liked them. - Hamish says eyes smiling, and he rocks his body left right left right perhaps it means he is pleased, "eggs" in my native language
Do you know who I like? - me
You like pasta!! - Hamish shows image of the pot with lots of pasta that I ate the other day, he interrupted me just as I was going to say that I love him
I love Hamish. And pasta. - me
And cakes??? - Dark Lord
No, no cakes. Hamish doesn't let me eat cakes, because of the sugar. - me
So you like pasta, no. - Hamish stern
I was going to say that I like Hamish. I like Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles - me interrupted
Yes, she means my shield. - Hamish, shield in my native language
Do you have any eggs for me??? And, yes they have smelled here. - Hamish about the eggs
My mushroom head. - Hamish shows me his head button pairs, "my mushroom" was in my native language, "head" then of course in English
I love you. You are so cute I could burst. I love you! You are so cute! - me
My mushroom head and blunt buttons. - Hamish says all pleased
I took your little brother. - Hamish in my native language, about one of my white hybrid kids
I don't want them. - me in my native language
I took them! - Hamish sinister, unless it was the black Reptilian who said it
Do I have these, little brother? - Hamish gently bows his head down so that the little hybrid boy can see and Hamish is asking about the blunt head buttons, showing them to the boy
Oh Hamish! - me
I want gingerbread cookies too! - the hybrid boy in my native language, with mental image of a gingerbread cookie woman, I by the way have not had any gingerbread cookies anywhere near me for months and months, and if I did then not these women
Hamish? Have you yourself met your daddies the lobsters on Alpha Draconis? - me
No, but we have them here. - Hamish, meaning in the spaceship
Are they happy to live there in the spaceship? - me
Yes, they have good beds. - Hamish is quick to say
And they poo and defecate here! - Hamish says serious about the lobsters in the spaceship
Does someone clean up after them? Do they get snacks? - me
Yes they get, and they are never cold. - Hamish, "cold" in my native language, a word that would also mean to "have a cold"
Could I some day get to meet your lobster daddies? - me
Yes, but they are not your food! "You have not taken their eggs either", she said to them. - Hamish, he then thinks to the lobsters in the spaceship and narrates that I would have said to the lobster
Can I get to see them? - me
They smell very bad. That is why they are kept here. They have, manure. - Hamish, "manure" in my native language
Is that what smells? - me, Hamish closes his eyes almost fully to smile, similar to when he does his lemon face, I almost thought that he was feeling embarrassed and ashamed
I took them. - Hamish in my native language about the little hybrid boy and children
I don't want them. - me to Hamish about the kids
I showed them to you. - Hamish in my native language (NL) about his head buttons, that he has shown them to the boy
This is an Alpha Zeta. And we don't want you to talk to them about manure. Because it is scaring that little boy. - Zeta to me
Buttercups! - Hamish says, first he did a belch pop, then I heard the word mixed in with a pleasant grunt purr
Hamish? Your race is my favorite race of all. I think it is lovely. I adore you. - me
[name] has needles, no. I am going there. - Hamish (NL) my mother's name and image of her sewing kit drawer with also many needles, Hamish fears needles, and he means that he is going there, yes we are going to mom's in a few days
Don't be afraid of them. - me (NL)
I will put them away. They won't come near you, Darling. I care about you, and I protect you. - me
I can't smell them where they are. - Hamish or Dark Lord about the needles, sounded like Hamish but I saw the Dark Lord
My penises, are not. - Hamish with image of his slender pink penis out, it looks a lot like a dog's penis, it just narrows toward the end into a narrow point, he keeps it normally on the inside of the body hidden
What about your penises? - me
I have not. It was not, I said. - Hamish
But you have one? And I have seen that you have had babies, baby Dragon Turtles? - me, but it is a great tragedy because his babies are always taken away by the Crocodile Man!!!
I love you. You don't know what that means, but I love you. - me
I have them here, on my tail too. - Hamish turns around to show me the end of his back where the tail begins, that yes even there he has got orange goosebumps, I now heard a belch pop
My flower? - Hamish (NL)
My Turtle. - me
Mine, yes. - Hamish
My Darling. - me (NL)

Hamish is not a typical Reptilian. He is a Dragon Turtle. You see that he is more gentle and less sassy than the other Reptilians. He also has so many cute thoughts, about gentle things like when he spends time looking at the Japanese karp fish and he thinks that they are talking to him when they come up to the surface and are opening and closing their mouth.

Hello this is me here. We wanted to tell you about them. About Hamish's. - large green Mantid
Tell me. - me
They were taken here, because they were no trouble. They were given the eggs back. They were trouble, at first. And then they were taken out of here. They were placed back there. - Mantid, back at the yellow planet at Alpha Draconis he means from images of the yellow planet with fern tree forests
Why were they trouble? - me
They were rampaging. - Mantid
How many are there? And are they fertile? - me
Yes! And yes! - Mantid
They were making trouble here for us. They were taking our little ones, out out of their cradle. And beating them all to death, to threads. - Mantid, last sentence either Mantid or Zeta
So Hamish's race was violent against the little ones? Will his race forever and always be allowed to exist? - me
Yes, we have the eggs, eggs. - Hamish, second eggs in NL
They wanted to be stung, a bit less. - Mantid or Zeta, image of a mosquito but maybe meaning Hamish's fear of needles
They don't like to just look at fish. - Mantid, because of what I wrote

But Hamish is very different from ordinary Reptilians. You tell them apart by seeing the back hump cushion. Dragon Turtles are the cutest thing there ever was. Yesterday I was listening to music and tapping both my feet with the beat. Hamish always gets his attention on my feet when my feet are moving or tapping, he stared and I stopped tapping. He then said in my native language and I wrote these down so I have all the words, "It means I am hunting." about the tapping feet. "We do that", he added. Then he said in English, "About foot-flapping, I said."

Every time when I am tapping my feet he stares and gets roused up as if I am communicating something to him, he will stare at my feet closely and his demeanor becomes very serious. Now I know what it means. Hamish taps his feet to communicate sometimes. You know how sometimes he will step with both feet up and down up and down real fast and I always think it is cute, but I used to wonder if it was when he got stressed because it usually happens when I shriek at him that he is cute. There are many times when he taps his feet in different ways. He uses a lot of body language. I love him so much, I am just sitting here and crying right now. A human heart was not made to be filled with so much love that I have for a Dragon Turtle. If you take humans out of Earth and put us on a different planet without oxygen then we suffocate. And if you bring a beautiful alien creature such as a Dragon Turtle to us then we cannot handle it, the love is bigger than we were made to handle. I love him so much that crying isn't even enough.

He now thinks an image about the owl who lives inside a hollow in a cactus. Now his mouth opens and he feels disgust and he said "no" in my native language. There are owls on Earth that build hollows inside a cactus and Hamish is very very bothered by it because he fears the needles and someone the owl goes inside it. Hamish has fears about things and when he is reminded of it it is like nightmares to him, kind of like kids who are reminded that they are scared of ghosts or monsters. Hamish fears needles, fire, carved pumpkins, and this owl that builds nests inside a cactus.

How does he live? What kind of alien people does he run into in his daily life? What do those alien people think about him,

He comes here to eat, with us. - Zeta about a dining room
Yes, give him his liver snacks. - me, and Hamish responds by his mouth opening as if ready to eat
I don't want to say no, to that. - Hamish pleased about liver snacks

How do alien people treat him? Is he safe? Is he loved? Where does he go? What does he think about?

You are not my mother, they said. And you should leave me alone. - Hamish
We are only taking your eggs here. - Hamish or black Reptilian

What was his childhood like? I know he remembers his red Dragon Turtle mother who used to do palate clicks at him. Has life treated him well? He has no idea how much I love him. He now thinks about biting into my leg.

Yes-No humans. - Hamish
Yes-No about biting into my leg, I said. - Hamish adds and smiles with his eyes
I was not going to bite you. - Hamish smiles
Thank you Hamish. - me
I was only going to show power and dominance. About us, our race, I said. - Hamish
About my, eggs. - Hamish, eggs in NL
My Buttercups. - Hamish

Agenda stuff

July 29 2015, 11:19 AM - I am bleeding profusely for my menstruation today. Hamish hasn't been so obsessed with my used bloody tampons this time. However, when I went to bed last night I heard a rustling sound that just kept repeating and wouldn't stop. I listened to it, holding my breath to hear. I wanted to think that it was a moth that would have gotten in through the partly open bedroom window and was now rustling as it flew into the curtains, but no, it really sounded to be coming from the plastic bag that is sitting right next to the bed on the floor, I don't have a paperbasket so it is just a plastic bag plain and simple just like that. I thought, that perhaps the things (incidentally; a bloody tampon) I had put in there before going to bed were rustling by themselves and settling in, because I have it wrapped in a lot of toilet paper. But the sound lasted for far too long to be the case of that. This was a real audible sound, and nothing telepathic. And of course I wonder if perhaps Dragon was rummaging in the trash! He always does rummage in the trash for my bloody tampons (he waits for when he thinks I am asleep) but was there really this time a real audible sound?

[Added same day: Aha! But also when I went to bed last night and there was rustling in the waste bag Snake let me see him in a mental image and he declared out very loud like yelling that it smells here! He always does that when I have bloody things from my period in the wastebasket in my room. You can always rely on Snake to appear to let me know that it "smells". Always. Also, when I was in the shower and with all that period blood gushing out of me a fat white lizard said that the menstruational blood of virgins is much more powerful, I am of course not a virgin by the way.]

When I went to have my morning shower today I had heaps of blood and pieces of uterus (I'm only telling you so that you know what Dragon saw) running like a huge flow of blood along the bathtub floor down toward the drain with the water. I wondered what Hamish would do or say. He stayed surprisingly calm and he just declared, "My sandwiches!" about the bloody stuff. He also said in the third language "I have goosebumps all over!". He has started using my third language, and so have the Zetas. It sounds AMAZING hearing Hamish speaking in this language!

Once again, we now have four languages going on here. English is one, and when the aliens speak in English then we can all rest assured that the telepathy I am providing you is verbatim. Then we have three other languages which I have to translate into English for you all. I always make a note of when it was the other languages because the translation means it is no longer word by word. I also make a note of which of the other languages it was, mostly for my own sake, but also you can learn something by seeing trends. For instance you see that the language I grew up with as a child, my "native language", is the one they always prefer even though I have hardly spoken it in my adult years and even when I moved to the USA. And now that I am using a third language (which is my fourth language) they are starting to use it too. In fact, last night I was greeted by a new MIB who has a last name derived from this language and he speaks my fourth language which I call the third language.

It wasn't a moth. - says Dragon Hamish pleased as punch
What was it then? - me
It was my mouth, going there! - Hamish or Dark Lord
Going where, and doing what? Whose mouth? Hamish's? - me
Yes, delighted to say that. - Hamish pleased as punch
Do you, snack on the bloody tampons Hamish? Do you really? - me
Yes? Snacks?? - Hamish
My coffee cakes. - Hamish says and shows an image of him slowly bringing a chocolate chip cookie in toward his mouth as he also thinks to the bookshelves I have in my room where I usually have a packet of chocolate chip cookies and he calls them "coffee cakes", he of course means that bloody tampons are his coffee cakes

Why do I not simply say what languages those are? Because if my anonymity is ruined then I am taking all of this website and all the books away from everywhere and storing everything in my secret files and I would make sure that everything is published only once I am 80 years old or after my death, and we don't want to wait that long. This is very secret stuff, especially since there is so much sexuality involved and I even chose to include my private diary notes in the telepathy books where I write about how the sex with alien creatures feels. That is very private stuff, but it is also part of the documentary. The reasons for being anonymous are many, and obvious, and being anonymous ensures that I can write perfectly openly and honestly and we do not see many such reports out there.

For instance, I know of alien abductees who are very prominent and prolific speakers on their experiences, yet who will not mention that there is pedophilia during alien abductions, that they are being forced to be sexually involved with hybrid children [yet they have confided in me about those experiences more privately]. It is just always more convenient to not mention that fact. Or the many other gruesome things that are more easily just not discussed. You find perfectly detailed and uncensored descriptions of the alien pedophilia in my book Noah's Ark.

As a trained chemist I know that nothing that could be of relevance may be omitted, and nothing altered or skewed, that is also why the volume of my material is so huge, I write everything down.

So, we have my native language which I grew up with. The aliens prefer this language with me even though I don't. Then we have English, which I speak with the MIBs and military who are mostly from the US. One MIB Captain Jacob Daniels aka Jacob Greene speaks my other language, and one MIB Captain Robert Stephens was trying to learn my native language. And now they have a MIB who speaks my third language.

First the Agenda paired me up to marry a young man who is or was a Satanist and under Dark Lord control. One day when I was in college, it came over me like literally a wind that sweapt the information over me as I sat in mathematics class, and I saw the image of a young man and I knew things about him and that he would come into my life. I think it was that very same day that I stumbled upon a person on the internet, who turns out knew all about me already even though we had never met and we started talking. He was obsessed with me! It was almost the type of crazy guy who puts up thousands of pictures of a person on the wall you know? That kind of obsession, the creepy and dangerous kind. He had obsessed about me for years already. We were going to meet and move in to live together and marry and have kids. But there were issues. For one he thought that if I go out and get raped that would be funny. And then he talked about how he always thought about kidnapping children and murdering them and burying them in the forest. So needless to say we never met and I never allowed him back into my life. So that was bachelor # 1 from the Agenda hey!

Bachelor # 2 was the Free Mason D/s Master yes and we actually met. Again it came over me like a gust of information when I was in bed one evening. I saw the image of a man, his home, and I knew many things about him, and I knew that we would meet. That very same evening a random man starts flirting with me on Facebook, it is him of course. I immediately sensed that it was him, and as he talked to me I was sure of it. Well, I had a free flight within the USA to use before it expired on a certain date, so I decided to use the ticket to fly over to see him.

I will write all the nasty and sexy details in a book, because this is Agenda-related material for sure. We had a nice D/s weekend together, during which I kept telling him that there was a "black monster". Namely a Dark Lord had possessed, stepped into, his body and was in him. When a Dark Lord possesses this man, it is obvious. This makes two different versions of him. The Dark Lord in him had me kneel for him and call him Master, and I did and I hugged his legs because it was like hugging the Dark Lord's legs and the Dark Lords are so very suave during these intimate moments. It really was sweet and nothing horrendous. The Dark Lord and/or this man did mind control and hypnosis on me and programmed me with words that would do this or that to me.

The worst thing was when the man wanted me to look into his eyes and when I did I was so terribly afraid! It wasn't at all the eyes of a man but there was something so evil and sinister in those eyes I always closed my eyes tight shut and turned my head away and said no no I can't! But he kept on asking me to look into his eyes and so after a long time of this I looked into his eyes, and what I saw then was a black monster standing in a ring of fire.

The Dark Lords are easily dismissed as only a mythical creature because they appear in so much of what seems to be mythologies such as Satanism, but the Dark Lords are actual real creatures who brought these mythologies and religions to humanity. This was a real Dark Lord, which I guess is interesting since they are sentient intelligent alien beings, but anyone who decides to study them with a scientific interest is way over their heads because these creatures are wicked and extremely powerful!

We are only naughty that is what it is. - a Dark Lord says

I also saw my red Hamish for the first time ever during that weekend with the D/s Master. The Red Dragon was there. By the way the Free Mason man had I think two thin robes that had the image of a dragon at the back and he dressed me in the red thin robe that had a red dragon at the back.

So this was bachelor # 2 from the Agenda. We were meant to get married and have children. He and his family are a typical Agenda family bloodline but I won't say why or how because we respect people's privacy here. I broke up with him (many times), he still writes about once a week expecting us to get together and it's been what three years since we broke up.

Bachelor # 3 was going to be a CIA man but maybe we both broke it off. Yes with him he was going to be an abusive husband and we were going to have one if not many Dark Lords living in the basement of our house and a pentagram on the basement floor and the Dark Lords would have wanted us to sacrifice babies there on the basement floor for them. The CIA man would have done heaps of MKULTRA and mind control to me and I would have been the cat persona. This man is not General Patton by the way. But I fell deeply in love with this CIA man even before we ever met (or did we ever meet and I never knew it?), but nothing ever came of it. I never got to see him not that I know of, we never talked or met, but I would have been so in love with him. He is the one that got away.

Bachelor # 4, even though we skipped bachelor # 3, I seem to think that I have forgotten to list one more but I would find it in my notes here on the website from an earlier time when I listed these bachelors. Anyhow now is the new bachelor being prepared for me.

We don't want you to say this, because it isn't true. - Airship Admiral
What isn't true? - me
That they would bring you these men. Because we have read, all of it. And we don't like it. - Airship Admiral
They don't want to beat you up anymore. - Airship Admiral
Thank you Admiral. - me
We wanted them to be gentle and kind with someone like you! And not to bring you any more bachelors. That beat you up. We are very sorry for this. - AA says and the last sentence he bows deep so that his body folds in two at the waist
Thank you. I am fine now. - me

I seem to know that I am going to marry into aristocracy right into the peak of European bloodline. I deeply regret that I cannot give you all of the fantastic details because it really is a story absolutely filled over the brim with Agenda symbolism. But hopefully, before I die I will shamelessly and selflessly publish the story. Because I am going to marry this one once we find each other.

It won't be that easy, will it? To marry into us? Or will it? I wanted to say that. - Dark Lord
Derek, and Gillespie, are no more. We took care of one of them. - DL
I know, you keep saying that Derek was killed, and I still refuse to believe that. I want him to be alive. - me
My coffee cakes, are not. - Hamish says, showing an image of him bringing a chocolate cake toward his mouth slowly with his hand, he then winks to the bookshelf where there is not a packet of cookies now no he is right
No, coffee cakes. - me
My lusty, sinful one? - DL to me
No, go away. You are an Incubus, you steal my energy away and I want you to GO AWAY! - me
We won't show you this? - DL says and turns around to show me his butt with the tail, he looks like Malik in the Gremlin form, perhaps even it is Malik
What is your name? - me
The Serpents. - a black Reptilian says I see it he looks like a black cobra snake person

Anyhow. I have decided to go ahead and marry this person. I keep hoping that it won't be an Agenda bachelor, because I want nothing to do with blood rituals, killing babies, or breeding babies for the Agenda, with Satanism and having the Dark Lords menacing around, the fat white lizards who energy rape people, mind control, all of that nonsense. I just want a happy and normal life. I am not into these nasty things. You have to remember that I am a Crystal, I am the perfect opposite anti to all of the negative nastyness of the Agenda. That is why they want me. For one, they want to stop me like they keep saying they stopped John Lennon. Well, there's another story. The Beatles were taken over by the Dark Lords to mind control people through the music at least that is part of it. John Lennon as we know turned into a peace and spiritual advocate and that is why the Agenda and Dark Lords took him out. I keep getting the same threats and reminders of John Lennon. The Agenda is a formidable enemy we forget that far too often. They want this world to be ruled by dark forces.

Babaji is a benevolent spirit who keeps reincarnating back to Earth to help humanity. The Agenda has a problem with him. The Agenda tells me I am like Babaji. The Agenda tries to ruin my light and benevolent abilities by using black magic and mind control. I once asked a Dark Lord why they don't just kill me and get rid of me, and they said that it doesn't work because spirits like me just come back, meaning incarnate and come back here to Earth. So what they try to do is tie us up and subdue us by using mind control and black magic, they seem to prefer to turn people like me into animal personas and what not, or the doll or puppet works too.

Whether I end up marrying bachelor # 4 or not, I will not divulge the secrets or symbolism until I am very old or have the material made free after my passing. I've got some real good Agenda bloodline stories for you there. But since I might be living with this person and in this life there is no way that I would ruin my own life by trashing it. I am still hopeful that *maybe*, *just maybe* it won't turn out to be an Agenda bachelor but something I have made on my own. And if I discover too many nasty Agenda things in that life I would leave it immediately, such as a centuries old family secret of worshipping the Dark Lords, checkered floor tiles (they are portals for the Dark Lords), or anything that means that I will either be made the mother of babies that are killed or tormented by the Agenda, or that I would be the mother of new Agenda bloodline humans in this family (they want Crystal genetics into the otherwise Reptilian bloodlines to give more power to their blood, Crystals have that "stuff" that they ingest by eating the blood), or anything else of the sort.

The Agenda and Dark Lords really are after me, because I am a Crystal. On one hand they would wish to destroy me because I am a threat to them. Crystals are more powerful than Dark Lords in the realm of magic, and keep in mind that the realm of magic where spells and things are created that most humans would think do not even matter, these realms are what influence the thoughts and behavior of people. The realm of magic are where the strings of the puppet master are kept out of sight, it was as if someone wanted me to say. And they want to control humanity. One example is that Dark Lords when they dwell in a place they place what they call "spiderwebs" everywhere, these are like threads in energy in a room and they will maintain that Satanic atmosphere and cause people in the room to feel sick and insane or violent. The presence of a Crystal can break up their spiderwebs. These are things that most of humanity knows nothing about.

On the other hand the Agenda likes to ingest my Crystal energies, it feeds them, and they also want to feed it into The Eye. So for both reasons they have got a keen interest on someone like me. I am a threat, and I am also their food. Anyway all for now! I hope to have some more funny Hamish tampon stories for you soon!

I won't regret what you have written there, because it was mostly good. Except, that... We are not goat-eaters then? We are not given, any? - Dark Lord
Why are you always hungry? - me
Because we need them. - Dark Lord
I don't have any goats here. You could try at a goat farm? Go ask at a goat farm, if they have any goats for you? - me

Aliens and Dragons

July 26 2015, 12:23 noon - A few days ago I saw a mental image of a tall lime green or neon green Reptilian who wore no clothes and has one (or I see only one) combplate on the head, he showed me the "Fuck You" sign with his hand and fingers. Which if someone doesn't know is to hold the index finger up and it is a very rude way of telling someone off. My reaction was actually that I was quite impressed with this intelligent behavior and ability to adopt a human gesture of communication, so I was quite pleased. I have been seeing him a little ever since now and then, we don't have any conversations, he doesn't do any conquests or wrestling on me, and he seems always in a bit fussy dismissive mood like that. Axel by the way I haven't seen much of him lately.

Last night I got fantastic mental images of the Thuban lady and Hamish. Such beautiful faces and I was giggling and cooing and awwing them for being so pretty, I was nearly brought to tears to get to see these incredible alien beings with their eyes looking at me and able to communicate with their minds and take part in their thoughts. Thuban lady had those long boomerang-shaped arms, forearm and upper arm that bend at an elbow and the tips are meant to point down against the floor. Her mouth is filled with soft yellow baleen which she sometimes gurgles around which reminds me of a rat moving its whiskers. Thuban lady was sassy as always. I threw so many compliments and adoration her way. She is such a magnificent creature. But they call her a "dolphin".

Earlier last night I got to see mental images of a Dinosaur and we spoke for a long time. The Dinosaur has to work in exchange for getting a bath. I told him I would gladly do his jobs so that he could lie in the bath instead, but so far they haven't let me.

I got to see mental images of Zetas too and I was becoming really hopeful that I might have a conscious alien abduction. I did have a dream or a memory of seeing what is similar to a jacuzzi tub, without bubbles, and there were about five Zetas hanging out in the tub kind of like how humans might hang out in a jacuzzi drinking beers.

Today too I got to see mental images of Zetas. They are beginning to show me more images. I am hoping everything will one day lead to me getting to stay awake during abductions.

And I am going back to mom's place for a few days. Hamish is very pleased. Hamish heard me having a phone conversation with mom about my visit just now and as soon as I hung up the phone Dragon stood right next to me and let out a good and proper palate click. He loves it there. Also all of his ruggies are there. Hamish also loves to lie down on the rug on mom's balcony right next to the big pot with a tomato plant. He loves to see the yellow tomato flowers and he absolutely loves how the little green tomatoes "become red because they have seen him". He thinks they turn red because they are seeing Hamish. He likes to lie there on the balcony rug all comfy Dragon so relaxed and so pleased just being aware of the yellow tomato flowers there next to him. I love this Dragon so much.

Ever since I finished the second book in the telepathy series Noah's Ark there has been hostile stares from the Punta Gorda aliens. Punta Gorda is an area in Florida, USA, where among others is the legendary "Devil" whom I call Gargoyle. Gargoyle is a White Dragon who says he escaped from a human military base and he wants to live his life free in the forest. He is guarded by Reptilian aliens and especially by the Crocodile Man in an alien base nearby. The aliens from that base are very angry at me that I have published material about their presence and whereabouts (not that I've divulged that much?). I was having some very angry stares from dark creatures from there which were influencing my mind and I was feeling just horrible, it almost feels haunting and demonic, very uncanny.

Think of how aliens can transmit their thoughts in words into a recipient's mind. Well, aliens who are staring at you angry they can transmit to a person a very horrendous negative feeling and influence how a person feels. Angry stares from Crocodile Men, Dark Lords, or Reptilians is not a good idea.

We want our lunches. - Crocodile Man

So this Crocodile Man from Punta Gorda expressed some upset with me over the fact that I have spread information about their presence and their base. I asked him for his name, this Crocodile Man from Punta Gorda said his name is Agazenbar, or Agazembar. I asked him if his name means anything, he said that this name "it is filled with magic". I asked again and he gave me the same answer.

Butt doctor

July 24 2015, 11:02 AM - I was awake from 3:30 AM until 5:00 AM or so because I couldn't sleep it was too hot. I then went back to bed and Lasarus came to talk and he said that they want to take a fecal sample from me. Hamish was also telling me the same many times. I told them that it's ok that they can go ahead. I just wish I would get to meet the Zetas and Reptilians

We are an Ummo. We don't like this, AT ALL! Look at what they are making you do!! - Ummo man
They don't let me remember what they have done to me, because I am either sleeping when they do it or they erase my memory of it. I would like to remember it, but they don't let me. - me

The Ummo are the most peculiar alien species by the way. They look like shrunken human men with brown hair and brown beards. They are short and they look as if all the bones and body of a human had been shrunken and then compressed. Perhaps it says something about their planet's geological conditions, gravity, air pressure, that sort of thing. The Ummo are friendly and they wish to assist humanity. They are not part of the Agenda. How come they look like humans? We must share common genetic design!

Actually we do not, but we were crafted according to the same design. - Ummo about when I wrote "we must share common genetic design", first I was going to write "common DNA"

I asked Lasarus if they were studying my metabolism and foods, but he said no they are studying what happens when they give me experimental chemicals!!! I don't know if I agree to taking part in that.

You already said so. You said that we could. They have said so too. So that is why we are taking them, a lot. And they are not part of our plans anymore. They have wanted to leave. - a Zeta, "they" are the Japanese humans who are also abductees, for example Toshi Tagari

General Pratt was around also. There is always a military officer or a MIB attending my abductions it seems. It isn't always a military officer such as Sergeant Wilkes or General Pratt or General Patton, sometimes

We also have doctors there! But they are not as legally enclined. They don't want to see you sleeping. But we take you then. We wanted to come, at 3 o'clock? - Zeta, "they" refers to the human doctors who could also attend but seems are not as good at doing the job that the military or MIBs do of making sure the Zetas stick to the rules

Sometimes it's a MIB such as Jeff. But last night it was going to be Pratt again, and he was saying that my butt is big and he was acting rude about it, so I told him that I am happy with my body and that I might have a breast tumor because I've felt it three times and now that breast has started hurting (don't worry I'll know how to take care of this possible issue responsibly) and that made him go quiet. And this morning when I woke up Pratt said that he would like to take me to the Golden Corral which I know is a nice restaurant in the USA. I said sure I would love to, but I doubt that it will ever actually happen, because it seems we are not allowed to meet in person. Also in the morning I was told that the aliens had in fact taken a fecal sample. Of which I remember nothing.

Yesterday the Zetas were manipulating with my thoughts, feelings, and body and in a way that is immensely sadistic and nearly drives me to suicide or to the hospital, and I know it's them. It is similar to pulling a creature's legs off and watching. They use their telepathic abilities to try to influence me and a man I really don't like to have sex with each other. I also learned just by reading their thoughts that day that the Zetas have in fact ruined years of my life, they will influence me to not do well at school so that I will stay put and be easier for them to subject to cruel mind experiments and to those chemical experiments. The extent of agony they can put into a person's mind and body is immense, there is nothing like it from my own life. They have stopped for now and I am hoping there won't be any more of that.

I was hoping the Zetas could be nice and let me meet them and get to know them and that they could explain and show all the experiments to me and such. But we are on no friendly terms whatsoever. They don't let me be aware or participate to anywhere near the extent which I would require in order to be ok with this

We wanted you to be safe. That is why. - Zeta
But I am safe if I can meet you and spend time with you. I SO DESPERATELY WANT TO MEET THE ZETAS THERE! - me
We are guarded by the ones with tails. And they are saying no. - Zeta with image of a Reptilian tail limp and long against the floor of a Zeta hospital room
Can I ask the Reptilians for permission to stay awake and to meet the Reptilians and Zetas? - me
We don't want to worry you. - says my beautiful red Hamish
There is no worry. I worry more when I am not included in the events. I would like to see and know. Why does Toshi get to see the Reptilians and aliens and I do not? - me
Because he was here, always. - a Zeta says and I see an old grandmother Zeta woman sitting cross-legged on the floor, she has wrinkles and wears old-style Japanese clothes like a long thick black skirt and a matt-colored dark-blue large long-sleeve jacket coat
I want to be there awake. Please. - me
Zeta Reticulis don't want that. - Zeta
I want that. And if I get to meet the Zetas then I will stop eating all sugar. That is a good exchange, and that way we both win something immensely valuable. - me
I was going to hit you and say no. - Hamish to me
No, Hamish. Hamish says no. - me
I wasn't going to hit you then. - says my beautiful red Dragon and closes both upper and lower eyelids but for a narrow horisontal line still open and he smiles pleased and perhaps relieved

*The Zetas, unless only a particular Zeta individual, often says about himself "here comes the butt doctor!". I think it sounds funny.

Night with Hamish

July 24 2015, 4:32 AM - I couldn't sleep because it is too hot and I've been up since an hour. I now see Hamish is here. He showed me his back hump and he is looking at me and I am so happy I could explode. He is so cute and I am so very blessed that I get to spend so much quality time with him.

A few nights ago General Pratt was accompanying the aliens for an abduction. I've known of him for years but don't know him well, in fact these might have been some of my first conversations with him ever. And when I went to bed last night I was completely naked and without even any cover over me because it is so hot, and the aliens told me that Pratt can see me naked, I said I don't care it's too hot and I'm sure he's seen other naked women before.

A Reptilian's gaze and stare is so very intense, it looks at everything about me and makes me feel inadequate. When Hamish looks at me I always feel inadequate, because he sees everything about me and then I think "huh, is that all there was about me?". He also looks so intensely and with such presence that I also feel guilty because I worry that he might get bored, as if what I have got to offer isn't entertaining or worthwhile enough. But he seems content with just whatever is going on. I don't think he seems bored any time. But those are the things I feel, when he looks at me.

Bag of candies, and Happy Dragon

July 22 2015, 5:16 PM - Yesterday I was introduced to a new Illuminati hybrid man, you know those big marshmallow men, they are adult hybrid men and plump like big babies, often they have enlarged lips and a drooling and lisping problem, yellow blonde hair, and mental retardation. This man had rather long yellow-blonde hair, somewhat enlarged lips on the mouth, and I noticed a hint of mental retardation which manifests in that what he speaks comes across sometimes as what 2-year olds would choose to say.

I was shown a mental image of this man naked and they were showing me his naked genitals, which again as I always notice these men are not circumcised, they have a scrotum and a penis and no genital hair. Their skin is white and I know them to be incredibly soft to the touch. By the way a few nights ago the aliens showed me a naked human or hybrid which did not have white skin and he had a normal sized scrotum but the penis was surprisingly small as if it had shrunk but of course I didn't say anything about it. The aliens show me a lot of male genitals.

Just to make a comment, I am not excited by seeing naked men. I've worked in the healthcare field and also almost went to medical school so I don't think of naked men as something sexually enticing anymore. It actually even ruined some of my private romance with the men I date because of how taking human anatomy classes demystifies the whole thing. I say this in case someone thinks that I am hallucinating naked men, because if I were hallucinating it then one should also expect it to be exciting for me to see these images. But they are neither exciting nor do I believe that I am imagining these images which I do believe are given to me by aliens who are bringing "pimps" as they call it to fertilize me to get me pregnant.

You are not a queen here, we are! - speaks a fat white naked lizard
We are not going to tell you about our pimp. And what we said to them about you. - black Reptilian
They are our goats!!! - Dark Lord not angry but excited

This man yesterday he told me that he and I have children together, I asked him how many he said hundreds, I think he might have even said 300. He also said to me that he is a, and I quote, "Homo", meaning homosexual. It is interesting how every single Illuminati hybrid man I have ever met they have all said (or at least I do not recall any exceptions) they have said that they are homosexual. And yet again with this individual I had the impression that they say this because they are so very hurt from being forced to have sex with women that they see it as a possible out, or perhaps as a means of getting to express their dislike of sex with women with a plausible excuse.

The man said that he had had a bag of candy but they had taken it away from him. I promised to bring him two - and later I promised him ten - bags of candies if only I could find a way to get to him. We always see that the Illuminati men are very fond of sweets, often it is pancakes or waffles and ice-cream but here it was candies. And we see yet again that the aliens manipulate these men by giving and taking away sweets. At the end of our chats together I think the aliens were saying that they were going to terminate him. I protested, I threatened to start to smoke cigarettes if he is hurt, I told the aliens I would take my ovaries out. I won't let them hurt him.

And today Hamish was so very happy, because I am planning to travel to see my mother again and Hamish loves it there! That is where Hamish's ruggy rug is kept. Hamish has been purring and getting so excited about going there. He loves the sofas there and the rugs and he even talks about how he has his "pants" and scales there (the pants are also scales). He has been such a happy dragon! Purring and ever so happy! And it brings joy to my heart that my beloved Hamish feels joy!

Nasty Japan

July 21 2015, 1:01 PM - I contacted one of the Air People to make an interview. I wanted to learn more about his people but instead he talked about the Reptilians and the conflicts on Earth. I learned that the Japanese have agreed to help the Reptilians, this is why Japan has no military of their own since they are protected by the Agenda they don't need one. Once the Agenda finishes with creating a new hybrid species which contains Japanese DNA, all of humanity except the Japanese are going to be wiped out and a Japanese-alien hybrid species will be the new human species. All other humans will be wiped out with disease.

The Air Person as always spoke about many floods here on Earth. They are able to foresee great floods and to stop them from happening. This seems to be why the Airship Admiral had warned about the great flood of 2013 that then never happened. They use machines to stop the waves. They had known about the great tsunami that would hit Japan, and since Japan is working with the Reptilians the Air People had chosen not to stop the Japanese tsunami.

I wrote down 17 Word document pages of conversations and it will be available in a future book, either in the telepathy series or most likely in an upcoming new interview series. The telepathy series basically records what the aliens say to me and our everyday daily life together as it happens. But in the interview series I am actively seeking out aliens to ask them specific questions. In the telepathy series you might have the impression of me that I am really very dumb and naive since I seem to agree to everything that they say and I seem to not be asking any intelligent questions, but I did that on purpose because the purpose was to observe and not to alter any of their natural behavior. But in the interview series it is game on and I pry and ask questions. These are two different methods for learning about alien life.

Aliens, .. and Aliens

July 20 2015, 9:42 AM - I call them "European Zetas", or perhaps I could also call them "White Zetas". They are tall and humanoid meaning they stand on two legs and so forth. The skin is thick and pearly white. Head is not oversized as much as on other Zetas. The eyes are smaller than on other Zetas and not all black but rather with greenish blue irises. The mouth is a narrow opening without lips and there is no nose and no external ears. If I recall correctly they have no hair. They are incredibly beautiful to see. One visited me from afar in a mental image

We only needed that, your poo. So we hope you do not mind, that we take it, we took it. That is what being a Zeta means here. And we also drive in our cars. - Zeta
Hey, this is Stephens.. - Stephens to the Zeta, as if to tell the Zeta that it should not be talking to me
They are our sheep! Our mutton! - the Zeta upset says to Stephens about the likes of me

A few days ago late in the evening one of those "European Zetas" visited me in a mental image and had with it a hybrid girl (who we can assume is one of my hybrid daughters, made from my egg). The girl was also a "European Zeta" but she had long yellow-blonde hair.

Do you know what happened in Iraq? When we were reluctant to leave? Bombs! Kaboom! So. We don't want them here. We were going to leave now. So? I guess this is goodbye?? - Dark Lord speaks to me
Don't eat those caramels. They weren't good for us, you good for nothing. Don't eat them?? - DL
I won't eat any more, caramels. - me
They weren't good for you, you good for nothing. I wanted you to be said that. - DL
What are you telling her about? - a MIB to the DL
About us?? - DL answers the MIB
And what else have you said? - MIB asks DL
You good for nothing! - DL answers the MIB

The caramels was a mental image of red and white hard candies, just like a day or two ago I ate a chocolate bar which had crushed candies like that in it. Of course the sugar hurts the embryos and eggs and it ruins their genetics work, that is why the candy is not good.

And the hybrid girl I sensed from the mental image that she smells very strongly of urine, but of course I didn't say anything about it to them of course. Some Zetas, but not always, smell of urine as if they would have soaked in a tub of urine. Hybrid children often also smell as if they were soaked with urine. Illuminati hybrid men smell like candlewax or blutac. And Reptilians, well, a strong Reptilian type of odor, a very visceral smell, perhaps the smell of carcass, vomit, rotten cheese, a sulfur type of smell. Crocodile Men smell like man's cologne. And the penises of Reptilians and I think also of Dark Lords and Crocodile Men, smell like lavender. And then we know that Hamish says that I smell like "the eggs", whatever that means. So we all smell. And Dinosaurs smell very strongly too, a very agreeable scent like the ocean, kelp, a mossy forest floor, or like rotting water plants.

I have also had a large green insect which they call the Mantid visiting. Mantids are intelligent and not scary at all, even though they are big insects.

Last night it was Hamish visiting. This morning Hamish showed me a mental image of the white rug I had in college which was covered in long white synthetic hairs, in the image Hamish placed one of his flat red duck feet on it and tapped on it and said something about "his rug" I presume, and then he proceeded to in the mental image to crawl underneath the bed I had in college, the bed that was huge king sized bed and which had unusually long legs and a ton of space under the bed just a thin veil of a bed skirt curtain all around, and Hamish crawled there in that memory image of his and as he did he was purring. I wish Hamish could still fit under my bed at nights, it used to feel like camping. I used to fall asleep in college lying on my back in the quiet and dark of my room and with a big red scaly Dragon lying on his back right underneath me, us two just feeling each other's presence, thinking of one another, like in bunk beds. Hamish was still new to me then.

I just want to say, even though I have said it too many times already, that I love Hamish.

Blythe! Smith! - Dark Lord says in an almost wretched voice
What is that? Names? Whose name is "Blythe"? Sounds British. - me

Creepy. And usually when it's the Dark Lords it is creepy.

I just finished the book The Orion Project - Noah's Ark yesterday and as I made the book cover for it which features a yellow triangle representing the pyramid which is the Agenda symbol and I put the SETI plaque woman on the inside, an Orion man was staring at me and unhappy with my drawing. The Orions are victims in the Agenda, also they don't like that I call it the ORION project because they are not responsible for what the Agenda does, and also there was concern that maybe I was disrespecting the pyramid with the woman inside the pyramid like that. I had to assure him that the drawing means that the yellow pyramid they take my eggs. But he wasn't convinced, and I got stared at a lot yesterday with his angry looks.

When I went to bed last night Hamish showed me his hand and arm and in the palm of his hand was one little white reptilian embryo the one with the spiraling tail that has vertebrae bumps all along it. The problem was that I have eaten sugar (two large chocolate bars like two or three days ago) and the embryos have died. I've told the Aliens that if they can let me stay awake for all abductions then I would be happy to oblige and stop eating sugar. So, I'm waiting for my reward first, before I can reward them with no sugar, that's just the way it is. I want to stay awake for abductions.

One of the many places in the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark" that makes me cry, June 2 2012:

The way this hybrid boy is so excited about a puzzle box, how he can't wait to put his excitement and thoughts into the marble puzzle game. How far from the world of Reptilian tyranny and alien sexual abuse his true genuine spirit is. I just had to weep for a bit, when I read "We have puzzle boxes!"

A Hamish classic from the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark", May 25 2012:

Sect or whatever

July 16 2015, 5:59 PM - One of the Illuminati hybrids made telepathic contact so I saw a mental image of him. He was wearing like a Ku Klux Klan outfit, the white covering robe with the long pointy narrowing hat part and with only holes for the eyes showing. In the image he was one of hundreds if not a thousand or more, a whole sea of people dressed like that, they were all outdoors and this guy himself was carrying a banner flag on a pole. The area includes a low large stage. There is so much fire and flames lit torches in the area that the whole place is so bright from the light of flames, so very bright. I said hello to the man telepathically and thanked him for dropping by to pay me a visit. I am always friendly with the various Agenda creepsters, that is how I manage not to freak out and why I'm probably on such good speaking terms with everybuddy and why I get so much good information.

I asked him why he's wearing a white Santa's outfit and why he is like the Ku Klux Klan, I wanted him to explain the choice of costume. I didn't think anybody would be able to explain that weird garment but he sure enough had an explanation for it that made perfect sense. In this massive gathering, which is obviously a sect, I could sense that the Dark Lords are present, the fire and flames represent the presence of the Dark Lords. The garment is the white light from victims which is taken in by attendees and how it passes through the attendees. But that made me think how come the Ku Klux Klan which outwardly at least we think is all about just racism against black people how come they too had that choice of garment which is so typically Agenda?

But already years ago I learned from the Agenda that the Ku Klux Klan is one of its organisations. I could also sense, even though it was not shown or told to me, that first of all the Dark Lords are present and the large fire flames there which produce a massive heat and light in the area the fire is there to draw them in, but I also sensed, or just somehow I knew, that they sacrifice victims here. Or maybe that was just my guess based on what I know from before.

These thousands of members of the sect all have made the choice that it is ok to torture or to kill someone just because they can enjoy the euphoric orgasmic feeling of the victim's soul and energy as that is contorted by the Dark Lords. They all think it's ok. But on the other hand, human beings think that it is ok to consume the flesh of cows and pigs and chickens to get sustenance for the body. It is a carnivorous behavior, and humans do it too so who the hell are we to judge (as long as we eat animals)? Vegetarians and vegans are the only ones who get to judge.

We all think that Zetas and Reptilians are cute and that it's awesome that we are visited by alien beings from outer space who abduct humans and conduct rectal exams. But this whole alien presence is part of a massive and very nasty organisation called the Agenda, the Agenda is ruled by the Dark Lords who have been fought by the churches for centuries, the Agenda gave us things like Satanism, Aleister Crowley and Harry Potter. And they hurt people. But you hurt people too, when you eat hamburgers.

Today I got to see the Japanese man whose name is Harumoto I think, he was telling me how sorry he was, obviously for the fact that he has had sex with me and that we have children. I was shown a mental image of a daughter of ours who looks so much like me only with black long Japanese hair. And I heard something said about Komi Saki. And today I thought of Hamish and the person he is and how much I love him and it made me cry. I have never loved anyone as much as I love Dragon, and it's got nothing to do with any of this Agenda or anything. I just love that little guy, that little person who loves to put his feet into shallow water or stand on soft plush rugs just feeling it out under his feet, that little person who is happy to see shiny koi fish and shows me his shedded scales. So I don't care about any of the rest, it's just me and Hamish.

From the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark", May 11 2012:

From the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark", May 11 2012:

"If you can keep a Draconian in you, then that is how we would rule the world.", said some Draconian

Dreams, Drugs, and Breakfast

July 15 2015, 9:30 AM - I dreamt that a woman was having pains from her female parts and her belly was a bit big so I said to her I think she is pregnant and about to have a baby and she needs to see a doctor. This dream went on for quite a while. The woman had black hair in a short hairstyle and dark skin like someone of at least partial African heritage. Then I dreamt that the Devil was after me. He was trying to set fire to my surroundings, he was throwing fire at me and I had a fire extinguisher and I was putting the flames out. The worst was to have to see the Devil, it was a red naked creature man, the skin looked burned or scaly. I started praying for God and Jesus I was very afraid.

Then in the dreams I was shown a map of the United States and someone was telling me that a huge atomic bomb was going to be set off right in Houston Texas because that was one of the target cities itself and was also a central area which would also affect the other target cities New York, Los Angeles, and others all around. The bomb was to be set off something like 20-30 years into the future, and by order of the Agenda system and not some foreign human countries or politics, and Houston was a target because it has NASA, so maybe the Agenda aliens are upset with NASA or something.

No we are not, they have been helping us. - Zeta and shows me mental image of Jack who we know is "with the NASA team" ("No we are not,..." it said in response to when I wrote "so maybe the aliens are upset with NASA")
How is the NASA helping you? - me
They give us our babies, delivered here. - Zeta
Why do they give you babies? - me
The NASA team??? - Hamish or other there
Yes? Why? What is their motivation for helping you? - me
Or we would rule them out. - a white alien I don't know who
Why did I dream at night that someone was going to detonate a huge atomic bomb on Houston Texas in the United States? Was it just a dream, or was someone an alien telling me about something related to that? - me
We don't know what you mean. - an alien
Was it a dream then? - me
Hey you, yoo-hoo! - Jack I think
Yes? - me
Don't talk to them about it anymore. - Jack I think
Ok. - me

Then I was handed a package which contained a pressed flat square brick of white powder packed into soft plastic, a professionally packed package even with a scan barcode and everything, the top and bottom of the package had been sealed with a kind of machine that presses the seam shut. I commented on my worries since the plastic was soft and could easily rupture with a fingernail or if it comes against something and would spill the contents which I was sure was LSD, acid. I kept thinking how even a tiny dose might be extremely toxic for a human since don't they usually put those in incredibly small amounts on a sticker, I was concerned.

I wake up and Hamish is with me. Hamish tells me of the time when I worked at the nursing home and I had the night shift and took care of a lady who was ill and Hamish in this memory image stood in her bathroom as I was taking care of her and Hamish was expressing upset that this woman had kept "bothering" me all throughout the night. I gently explained to Hamish that these people were ill and that I had chosen the job and that I got money "to buy snacks with" from this job and that I don't mind helping them. You see, I still suspect that Hamish might have killed this woman. Because not long after those days, on a day when I had not been working there, this woman had mysteriously fallen forward (unless it was backward) and died from the injuries. And there had been something about what Hamish said around that time or after that that had left me suspecting that he might have pushed her. She had even worn a red pajama and walked around with it and Hamish had kept saying that she is "taunting" him. You know how Hamish feels enraged when someone wears red clothing, be it a Santa, or even a computer game Sims figure in a red pajamas.

Hamish lifted me up from bed and he pushed and positioned me to sit with my back upright at the foot end of the bed this morning after we said these things. During this time I was seeing Hamish's body and more aware of his body than mine. He is a large red-brown Reptilian with large yellow eyes with a brown vertical slit pupil. He felt so close to me and he had lifted me up from bed and he was holding me so and looking at me. I am never afraid when he lifts me up, I kind of enjoy those moments with him, and I let him do it.

I wondered about the packaged brick of drugs I had seen in a dream just earlier and I asked the aliens had they given me LSD and I told them to please not give me any drugs? That is when right away a Zeta told me that "the Zetas are drugdealers". They said this when I was awake. And then Dan, you know Dan who is the new MIB who sits in the office and says he has replaced General Patton, Dan says something like "oh boy now we're done" as if something was revealed or would be ruined for them. But someone then said that the drug had been cocaine, which made me a bit relieved because I think it's less toxic, but anyway. The aliens said that they give me drugs to keep me asleep also. I know there's a lot of cocaine over with the Agenda. The human military and men in black who work with the Agenda they get lots of cocaine.

Then there is also the drug they call "silver". Silver makes a numbing feeling from head to toe no matter where it is applied. The aliens however rub it under a person's nose or on the lips. It causes the nerves to flare up tremendously, it produces a feeling that is both numbing cold and also feels like a cold burning ice fire, it feels like flames all over that are cold. It doesn't seem to affect the mental processing, sensory perception, or thoughts whatsoever. It is an immense sexual stimulant. I have seen the aliens many times dab that powder on hybrid children's little hands and then put the children on me, the aliens rub that powder under my nose with the child's hand. I don't want to talk about it on the website but you will find it precisely documented in the telepathy books, probably not in the first (Real? Or Imaginary?) or second (Noah's Ark) book but in the third one which comes out maybe year 2016.

Anyhow. Good morning! I guess that's it, I can start on with my day now. Oh and last night I saw a creature visiting me in the other dimension, he was a tall black creature in a human shape meaning torso two legs two arms and head on a neck. He had thick brown long hairs that lie flat against the body, I commented him on the hairs he said they were goat hairs. He had only one eye instead of two, the one eye was centrally placed. I fussed at him that he only has one eye and that he needs to have two. He is of course some sort of Agenda creature, either a Dark Lord or one of their creations. I asked the Zetas this morning why do they choose to work with the Reptilians and Dark Lords? Because Zetas seem so genuinely nice, only corrupted by bad company. The Zeta said that they do it because that way they get advances to their species.

And I woke up some time during the night and the aliens were showing me a mental image of two buckets that stood next to each other and were filled with a variety assortment of bodily fluids and gunk, a nice brown visceral type of colored soup of all manner of nastiness. The aliens said that they had taken mucus from my nose and added it there. I assumed it to be a waste bucket, like the big blue barrels in the entrance hall to the alien base and how the military men pick up those barrels for disposal because they can't be just dumped into a normal sewer system but have to be disposed of "covertly". But when I woke up in the morning the aliens again showed me those two buckets, these buckets are smaller by the way and not large like the big plastic barrels, and aliens said that they had taken out mucus from my nasal passages and added it there. But this time they also said that this gunk will be bathed in. Some aliens will bathe in this gunk and it gives them nutrients that they absorb through the skin. Well, that makes me think of breakfast, I think I'll have some yoghurt with raspberries.

From the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark", April 24 2012:

"Ok this book is x-rated from 18 years and up. At least. How about from 50 years and up? No, that generation didn't see anything like this! This book is banned! Banned, I tell you!"


July 14 2015, 8:57 AM - I was aware of a different Reptilian this morning, it was the same one who has been around here in the past few weeks. Last time I said his name was either Alex or Axel, now I know his name is Axel. You gotta love a Reptilian whose name is Axel. Hamish is also around, and it seems that Axel is Hamish's assistant. I travel far by bus and train lately and Hamish has had trouble keeping up with my travels. Axel told me this morning how he, Axel, moves very fast, it is his job to keep up with me when I travel! Namely my eggs have to be guarded at all times. It doesn't seem to be good enough that I tell Hamish "I will guard the eggs, no one will steal the eggs" when I go out. No, lightning-speed Axel is taking care of it.

There are a few different basic types of Reptilians. Axel I would say is of the similar make as Damian the Reptilian who was from Rigel. Axel is very slender and skinny

I would not say that to him, if I were you. Skinny is not good here. - Hamish whispers to me
I do not want to tug your hair, but that was not nicely said to me! - Axel

Axel is red just like Hamish. That is why at first, even this morning, I was first wondering did Hamish somehow become slender and with big sheet eyes? But no, Axel is someone else. Axel is red and his skin looks glossy as if it is moist with bodily fluids. Some Reptilians seem to "sweat" sticky fluid onto their skin. Hamish does that sometimes, at least through his ruptured "goosebumps". Axel's eyes are very large, they are not bulging out but rather they are somewhat indented, the eyes look like large surfaces more so than "eyeballs". His tail is long and skinny. Axel likes to stand in the closet room. Axel told me this morning that he smells, I told him that it is a natural smell to Draconians, and that I really don't mind.

I've welcomed Axel. I stood outside of the closet room as he stood there, I spoke through the closed door telepathically and said things like, "Axel, you are welcome here. I take care of my Draconians. I am your friend. Talk to me if you need to have anything, or if there is anything that bothers you, let me know. You are welcome to use my bed when I am not in it, are you really comfortable there in the closet room? Would you like to have a rug or someplace to sit on?" His movements are very quick and swift, reminds me always of a person on speed or some drugs when I see the swift Reptilians. Their responses are lightning fast. I do not doubt that he can run and keep up with me.

Axel showed me an image of what I'm sure was Russian Korpral Olav Vetti naked, and said that they want me to have babies with him. I don't know, me and Olav just don't get along, because I know that I am absolutely not his type of woman, and that makes me feel so disrespected even though Olav tries to be nice to me, I just know that he disrespects me and my body. There are other men who are bred with me like Jack for instance and Jack actually likes me. So why Olav? Olav however makes very good Iroquois children for the Agenda, lots of good Dragon blood. I love my sons with Olav however, they are some very handsome boys and I'm very proud of them and happy to have those children. What am I saying... this is all sick and twisted. But anyway, so welcome Axel to our team.

Funny quote from the upcoming book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark", April 21 2012:

"There are friendlier things than sex with T-Rex.. But there is nothing worse!"

said Hamish, when the Draconians were approaching me to let me know that they will make me pregnant with Reptilians because the Reptilians seem to have lost their own fertility and so they need my help, and eggs.

Two Hamish stories
And one bloodline story from Eleonor

July 13 2015, 11:43 AM - Two Hamish stories and one Reptilian bloodline story.

Last night Hamish was standing at my grocery store in the fruits and vegetables section, and he wasn't letting me see him in the eye, he was showing the orange pairs of blunt buttons that run along starting from above his eyes and all the way along the long neck toward the back hump. Looking at his orange buttons has a very mesmerizing perplexing effect on me, it hypnotises and confuses and pacifies. They seem to mimic additional pairs of eyes. Hamish only shows them to me when he is upset, it's like when humans say "talk to the hand" and refuse eye contact. I hadn't done anything wrong to upset him not that I'm aware of, but he was letting me see his many pairs of blunt eye buttons. I tried asking him why he was standing there and why he was avoiding eye contact and why he was showing his buttons, but he wouldn't say. I was at home and he was showing me in a mental image where he was. Sometimes, but thankfully only rarely, Hamish is a mystery. We actually seem to understand each other most of the time.

Now for a regretful story which I so deeply wish I didn't have to write. When Reptilians mention real human people who are living in our world, I feel very guilty and ashamed to have to write it down, because I worry about a breach against their integrity. Yet when the Orion man contacted me in August 2011 I swore to document the alien contact experience meticulously without exceptions. Yet I cannot help but feel sorry when the Reptiles mention real people. It is not nice to write about Reptiles and Dark Lords who commit so many atrocities, and who then claim to have dealings with real people, I feel very bad about writing this but on the other hand I'm a scientist and this is a documentary. I am not personally responsible for what the Reptilians say.

One of the first real life humans that the Reptilians mentioned was actor Christopher Walken. They have also told me that actor Tom Cruise has "Dragon's blood". And let's not forget when that tall green Reptilian who wore two belts across his bare chest in the shape of an X which served as a toolbelt for his Draconian sword, he claimed to be John Kerry. By far the Reptilian who most enthusiastically claims to be a human counterpart, is the fat white lizard Queen Mother who claims to be Queen Elisabeth of England. But now regretfully we have yet another, and I feel so bad about writing this.

Reptilians take a huge interest in human power figures. Royalty, politicians, but also some actors and a media mogul. The night before last, as I wrote in the previous entry below, the Agenda brought me into an experience with the Queen and King of Sweden, which is not the first time. Are Reptilians posing as known human persons of affluence in order to instill in humans reverence? Reptilians often refer to themselves as Kings, so are they only posing as Kings and Queens so that we would award them the treatment that they think they are due? But the Reptilians also claim to be using human royals to make babies that are then sacrificed. That is what the Reptilians claim, I didn't make it up, and I didn't just copy it from somewhere else. I wish I didn't have to write these things, because it's so horrific and when they involve real people it makes me feel bad for them and also for myself.

But what do I do? Do I pretend that I didn't see or hear? Do I cut some parts out of my documentary because it is inappropriate? Anyhow, so last night I got to meet a Reptilian who lives closely intertwined with the American husband of the younger daughter of the King of Sweden. This Reptilian is brown-red in color, tall and slender with a long tail, large yellow eyes with a narrow brown vertical pupil.

I think it was the Reptile who made contact with me, but I had already gone to bed under my covers and with the lights off. I don't look for these stories, but the Reptilians are happy to show me and tell me. This Reptile lives as if inside this person. I've described many times how a Reptilian can seem to "jump into me" and overlap with me, they do that when they wrestle and do what I call "the conquest". It seems this Reptile lives in this person most of the time. I asked the Reptile if this man knows about the Reptile, I forget its answers. The Reptile told me that this man's grandmother used to call this Reptile "Eleonor" or something similar, a female name. That this man's grandmother would have known about the Reptiles and this exact Reptile individual had been called Eleonor (or what the name was) by the grandmother, which I think was kind of charming, to name it a female name. Well who am I to speak, that one time I did name a Reptilian I named him Strawberry, you remember that little dark red fellow who was in pain and feeling cold, he was from the United Kingdom and spoke with a British accent? I love Strawberry.

This Reptile whom this man's grandmother had named Eleonor (I think it was) said that he had left the man alone when he got married, this Reptile chose not to go into church for the wedding. This Reptile, regretfully, twice wanted to show me this man naked. Also this Reptile intended to do the "conquest" with me, to jump into my body, the Reptile said it wanted to test my strengths. I told the Reptile that I've done that with other Reptilians many times before, and that I've always chosen to not resist, so no Reptile knows my strength, I told him. I said that if he wrestles me this time, then I would resist and he could test my strengths. Usually I just relax and enjoy being roughhandled by a Reptilian. But I don't think he wrestled me. Anyhow, so I had to report this, even though I hate to do it. Now for another Hamish story.

I rarely eat any meat but today I put some pork in the oven. Hamish was really keenly checking out the oven, as well as the oventop with the peeled potatoes ready to boil in a pan. Hamish kept looking into the oven at the meat, he commented that this food (meat and the potatoes) were "food for the eggs". He kept looking at the meat, and then his mouth started gurgling and salivating. Which let's us wonder if Hamish produces digestive juices, or just liquid that would soften the food texture, when he sees suitable food. I asked him if the food looks good and if he would like to eat it, but I told him it has spices and will be cooked. I would never offer him any foods unless a scientist who knows everything about Hamish's body and biochemistry had checked it out first. He didn't eat any of course, but the point of the story is that Hamish's mouth was salivating and that he was really checking it out. He also loves it when I bring home a barbequed chicken or a ham pizza, he loves their smell.

So the Reptilians take a huge interest in human royalty and many others such as politicians. Reptilians abduct certain humans and make babies that are then eaten. Only some humans are suitable to be bred for food, these humans have to have the right genetics. I hate writing this stuff, but I have to remind myself I have chosen to document Reptilians their behavior and what they tell and show me. And I'm sorry that they mention real people.

Eleonor the Reptile also told me last night that the Reptiles don't like Jews. I asked him why they don't like Jewish people, the Reptile said that Reptilians are unable to use Jewish people. The genetics of Jews makes Reptilians unable to possess, steer, use, and possibly (I add this as my own thought only) possibly also unable to eat Jews and their offspring. And so we see, that the humans who are controlled, bred, and eaten by Reptilians, are those who seem to have Reptilian DNA in them, the Reptilian bloodline. And the Jews are immune, Jewish people are genetically not Reptiles. The Jews have been mentioned many times in the Agenda stories that I report. The Agenda claims that Hitler and Nazi Germany was an Agenda creation, and they were after to destroy the Jews, because the Jews are not part of the Agenda.

Now I'm going to eat my meat and potatoes, and I'll let you know if Hamish salivates some more.

Gasp! The younger princess of Sweden and her husband have named their daughter "Leonore". Is there a connection as to why his stalking Reptile was named Eleonor by his grandmother? I don't know, I don't want to get too involved, I'll leave these stories to David Icke. I really don't want to write this stuff.

Yet, we have to ask ourselves. What if my subconscious knew the baby's name Leonore and somehow imagined or hallucinated a Reptile who claims to have a similar name Eleonor? For two reasons I doubt that. One is that I have long ago come to the conclusion that the Reptilians are authentic and not imaginary. Second is that I would NEVER!!! have imagined a Reptilian to have such a dainty female name. I think of Reptilians as something very masculine, because they talk about power and dominance, murder and blood, honoring, they wrestle and test powers and strengths, there is NOTHING dainty or feminine about the Reptiles! I could never have imagined a female or a dainty name for a Reptile, in fact his name doesn't suit him at all. But it was the man's grandmother who had named this Reptile Eleonor. I don't know, enough of that.

Swedish castle, and Hamish eats a wood grub
And Aroak, Eckhart's Crocodile Man

July 12 2015, 9:15 AM - A Dark Lord took me while I was asleep to the Swedish royal castle to meet the King and Queen of Sweden. What is interesting in experiences with the Agenda, with its Dark Lords, Reptilians, Zetas, and other creatures, is that many contact persons not just myself are experiencing meetings with creatures who are half the human royal figure and half a Reptilian creature. I write these experiences very carefully because the aliens have chosen to involve actual persons who are living. Now I don't care if someone is famous or royal or what, they are entitled to the same rights as any of us. It is not nice to write about someone that they would be part of some ritual sacrifice and blood drinking with aliens, yet I am also obliged to write about it since this is a documentary on alien behaviors.

So I will report that these aliens take a keen interest on human royal figures, these aliens at least pretend to be using human royals as part of the alien ritual sacrifice and blood drinking, and we must remind ourselves that maybe the aliens are only borrowing the symbolism of royalty, since the aliens like to think of themselves as Kings and Queens themselves, that maybe the royal humans if they are a part of it are just as unfortunate alien abductees like someone like me is, or if the human royals perhaps know what they are a part of and maybe are willing participants in these unethical

Blasphemy!! That is blasphemy against us! We just like blood drinking because it is our goats. - the Dark Lord, because I called it unethical

In any case, I don't see any reason or right to hold any persons who were unfortunate to be mentioned by creatures in the Agenda as responsible for Agenda behaviors. So with that disclaimer, here's what happened:

I just woke up at 9 AM, excuse me,

Why are you eyeing me? - me to Dark Lord, he is checking me out, looking at the light I have around me
We don't have good shoes here, but we might step in. That is if you want us. For goats-eaters. We want goats, and blood. We want to be humoured less. - Dark Lord
Ok I have to ask. Why did I have a dream - me interrupted "about the Swedish Queen", now I forgot what he said, so let's ask him again:
Sir? I dreamt - me interrupted
They are our goats-eaters. They like them too. We breed with them. - Dark Lord about Swedish Queen and King
Are they? Do they know about this? - me
Yes. - DL
How can they know that they are involved with Dark Lords? - me
Because we have taken them to a temple. Where they got to see us. They know, now??? They know about the gods. And also, they had no choice. - DL
Why the Swedish King and Queen? Why are you so interested in them? Is it because they have titles, or is it something genetic? Well, tell me? - me
What do you know about smoking cigarettes? And what the nicotine does to your people! We don't want it for you. And that is why, they don't smoke also. Or, they would ruin their heart?? We want goats. And we like to bleed people. So, that is what we are! The goat-eaters. Give us more. - DL
My question is, why do you pretend to be involved with actual human royal figures? I wish you didn't, because you are making it difficult for me to write down what happens. Why do you take an interest in them? Do they know about Dark Lords? Are they genetically more interesting to Dark Lords? - me
Yes, yes to that. - DL about my last question about genetically more interesting
And me? What about me? - me
We are not in any danger here with you now. But we just wanted to eat. - DL
Are you hungry? - me
Yes, [my full name], we are! - DL
Hey, and Olav is here too. - Olav Vetti the Russian Korpral
Hi Olav. - I reluctantly say
Do not bother them anymore. - Olav to me about Dark Lords

First I had various dreams, that I was in my childhood home and it was being burgled into and me and my little sister had to hide under my bed, then I was outdoors setting up a fleamarket to sell clothes and teaching my little sister and some other girls how to do the sales and what to say to customers, then I was going to color my hair (which is true since I will do it today it's long overdue). And then I was still dreaming that I must color my hair, I found myself coloring my hair and in the Swedish royal castle with Swedish Queen Silvia.

At first I was trying to stay faithful with my dream, meaning I was dreaming about coloring my hair, and so I was talking to Silvia about her haircolor, I was doing mine blonde, she asked me if black hair suits her. She gave me a piece of jewelry which is like a button or broche with many white pearls on it, one large pearl on the center, and one or two rings of pearls around it. (Later when I woke up from the dream and back in my room, she or the Dark Lord told me that this pearl jewelry is centuries old. I was being offered it in exchange for if I accept to take part in the questionable things.)

It was the sense that she had invited me to her home and we got along great as if we were friends. I was doing a psychic reading on Silvia, I might have been asked something about her. The reason the Agenda uses me is because I'm what they call a Crystal, part of that means that my energy is very bright and light which means that me or my children would be far more profitable to use for ritual sacrifice by or for the Dark Lords, but Crystals also have psychic abilities or just more awareness, which is why the Aliens sell people like me to the militaries who then train us with the aliens to watch satellites for example. So I was doing a reading on Silvia. I told her how she has a constant discomfort with her teeth, I also felt that she has discomfort with her jaw and cheeks that is constant. Not pain, but a constant pressure.

I remember how my light energy flared up, I noticed in a way that I don't usually notice during my everyday life, how my energy is light. I used to be more aware of it. Agenda creatures have black auras and no light and Dark Lords are drawn to people like me.

Someone had then told me that I was remotely related to the Swedish King. I can almost remember the family tree that was drawn up for me. It is a paternal link, it seemed as if it only crosses through men in the family and several generations back. Something with uncles and brothers and men only. I remember how it seemed to almost always take a step toward the right on the family tree. It wasn't even all that many generations back, maybe between five to eight only. I find that hard to believe, but on the other hand family trees can get really messy and after only a few generations a family tree already contains a large number of persons.

I have to say about my family tree the way that I understand it. I am by no means of any noble or fine families. Both my mother and father are from dirt poor Finnish families, both my mother and father had to starve as children and grew up under third world country conditions in Finland. I have been told by the Agenda that my strongest relation to Agenda bloodline is through a "crazy Tsar" from centuries ago. There was some "crazy Tsar" in Russia or Ukraine or some sort of country like that, Serbia or whatever, one of those east European countries, and this man had babies with hundreds of women. I am the distant offspring of one of those. And when they say crazy, it seems to mean that he was different from ordinary humans, I am tempted to say that he might have been like a Reptilian in behavior, someone who might murder, rape, or even eat people I don't know.

I also want to say, that a family tree is sometimes leaky. A man, or a woman, can be unfaithful and have children with people who are not officially registered on the family tree. That is also a way in which unlikely family connections can happen.

They then told me that Queen Silvia is related to the Aztecs. Yes, the Aztecs, those people in South America whose civilization seemed to be all about ritual sacrifice of humans. Silvia is dark and she certainly looks Aztec I can imagine, but a quick search on the internet only says that her family was German. Maybe a closer inspection will find some South American heritage.

There were about three other ladies at the castle. These ladies were elderly and the way that they acted and were dressed revealed that they came from extreme wealth and from aristocratic families. One of the old ladies, her hair was an unusual carrot red, a kind of copper orange red, I later found her on the floor on her back and she told me she was having strong heart pains. I went to find Silvia and I told her that I think the woman is having a heart attack and I asked the King should I call the emergency phone number. The King said not to call since they have their own hospital on premises.

I then woke up back in my room and it was 9 AM. A Dark Lord was talking to me, he talked as if he felt very close to the Swedish castle and royal family, at least he has taken an interest in them, and it doesn't allow us to imply the converse. I asked the Dark Sir of his name, he said his name in Swedish and I translated it as "sinful heretic", so his name is Sinful Heretic. The Dark Lord told me about the Aztec civilization, and asked me if I know why they had built "pyramid steps" there. The way he said it implied that it was the Agenda who had bulit the Aztec pyramids. The steps up on the pyramid was to salute the ranks and hierarchial system of the Agenda pyramid concept.

Others like David Icke have already connected the dots to say that human royal families are genetically connected to the Reptilians and the Agenda, it's in their blood, and families with genetic linkage to the Agenda are referred to as "bloodline". The Agenda uses bloodline humans to make large amounts of babies and these babies are then sacrificed. Here's how you make babies for sacrifice: first you need a human who is genetically related to the Reptilians, and second you need someone who has a lot of energy or light. You mix a bloodline, with a Crystal. I am the Crystal, I am not a bloodline although I am just a little bit of that also. When a baby has bloodline genetics it makes it very easy for a Reptilian or Dark Lord to reach into that baby's energy system and body because it matches with something that the Reptilian or Dark Lord has in themselves. And when the baby also has Crystal light in them, this all means that first the Reptilian or Dark Lord can use the baby but second this baby also has the Crystal light. If it is only a bloodline then it can be used but doesn't have a lot of the light, or if the baby is only Crystal then the Dark Lords are rather unable to reach into it because it repels.

Dark Lords and Reptilians are predatory beings, they mention eating blood, but Dark Lords in addition they also eat energy or life force. Before that sounds too science-fiction, remind yourselves of how plants use sunlight for energy, or how snakes need some warmth from their surroundings or they become tired and can't move and go into hybernation.

It sounds sciece-fiction, because it is not how we humans live, but then again who are we to decide that alien life has to be anything in resemblance to ourselves? Second, it is also uncomfortable, but I always say that humans eat hamburgers, humans are also predators.

When I woke up Lasarus said hello. Lasarus is a Zeta from my team, the Zetas are also a part of this.

I also want to share a story about Hamish, I was so proud of Hamish yesterday! Namely he had eaten one of those large wood grubs that the Dinosaurs eat. Dinosaurs, for as long as I've known them, their food is large white grubs. Now we know that they are wood grubs that grow in rotting wood. But Hamish had tried and eaten one, and he was all positive about it! And I was so proud of my Hamish! I was so proud of Hamish for eating a wood grub! He is such a good Dragon!!

My pancakes, I said to him, and then I eat it. - Hamish about the wood grub
Oh Hamish! I am so proud of you! - me
My scales, it said. - Hamish, about his scales, that the grub would have seen Hamish's scales (but I doubt it)
You are such a good Turtle! - me

I am so proud of Hamish! He is such a good Dragon!

Aroak, Eckhart's Crocodile Man

There happens to be a video game called "Turok Dinosaur Hunter". Not that I think I knew that there was one. And so I one day met a Crocodile Man whose name was Turuok or Turok. I always believed that my Croc Turuok and his name were real. Well yesterday I met another Crocodile Man and his name was Aroak.

I am proofreading the second telepathy book "Noah's Ark", and as I was reading in the book about how I had been on the phone with David Eckhart, he is someone who also has Reptilian contact and has done extensive work to try to collect evidence, well it connected me to Eckhart's aliens yet again. Eckhart's aliens told me yesterday that they, the Reptilians, have been allowed to stay at or near a military base that is near Eckhart's home. The Reptilian told me that they have thus claimed Eckhart's house as their own and set up camp there. This aligns with what David told me.

A Crocodile Man from David's house camp came to say hello to me, well not exactly to say hello but to check me out. This Crocodile Man was dressed in what looks like a South American warrior outfit, complete with long green leaves around a waistband like a skirt. He totally wears that gear like a macho man. His name was Aroak, and like all Crocodile Men, they struggle with speaking English and speaking human languages makes them very exhausted indeed.

I must say, since it reveals so much about Reptilian way of thinking. Maybe this is a long story so bear with me. In the book "Noah's Ark", I wrote in 2012 about how the aliens had told me they want to see me have sex with someone so that they can study "intercourse techniques" for their hybrids. Well, I had thought it unfair if I were to be with some man who isn't aware that aliens are secretly spying and invading on privacy, so I only suggested David Eckhart since he is a contact person himself and to see what the aliens say. (Me and David never met in person.) I was quite studying my aliens at that time, I still am, and wanted to see what they would say. So, I was reading this text yesterday in the book, and that had connected me to Eckhart's Reptilians and Crocodile Man who live in his house. It is like dialling a phone...

Oh wow, just now, one of Eckhart's Reptilians got connected again, just because I am writing this, and he possessed my left hand and put my left hand on my left temple, our hands were overlapping mentally. "Don't dial us again!", he said to me. I told him I won't do it again and that I meant not to bother them. This black Reptilian with black eyes connected with me mentally, our heads overlapped and I felt him so closely, and as my hand was against the side of my own head, I was also feeling his hand, and his head. It was the most sensual and sweet caress, I have never been touched as lovingly and beautifully as I was by this black Reptilian just now. It was the gentlest most loving caress. In a way, that if a human man made me feel that way when I touch my hand against his head, then I would have been fully convinced that he loves me. Hamish then said to the Reptilian that I am his buttercups or flowers, and I snapped out of the sweet gentle caress and I also told the Reptilian that I am Hamish's buttercups.

I now feel as if the Crocodile Man intends to pull my legs apart and have sex with me, like real sex, and he is all soft and caressing like earlier with the hand. Crocodile Men by the way are notorious for having real sex with human women, I've had sex with them a few times and have described it elsewhere. But I block him, and I ask "Why?", because I wonder why would he want to do this with me? And then a black Reptilian, either mine or from there, replies,

Why? - me
No, it is not sensible to like anything with you. - black Reptilian

I must say it was irresistible and hard to decide to say no. This reptilian or crocodile man truly knows how to caress. I have never been touched so lovingly and soothingly by any man before, as I have today by this Crocodile Man or Reptilian who lives near David Eckhart's home. I wish human men knew how to embrace a woman like that, it is so loving. Every woman should get to feel that at least once in their life, and I am now not talking about sex, I am talking about how this croc (I presume it was the croc and not a reptilian) knows how to touch a woman with so much love. Just his hand against my head, and... it is so loving, so beautiful. I don't know why human men are so worthless. It was so hard to say no to sexual advances from this croc, I just want to be in his arms. Aha! Aha yes! I am now sensing a smell of him! Ah yes, this is that notorious smell of the Crocodile Man I've sensed this before.

It is distinctly like the smell of a man's cologne. Crocodile Men always have this irresistible fragrance about them. Like man's cologne. Oh dear, he smells so good, and his caresses and his presence are so perfect, so soothing, so inviting, so reassuring. I just want to be held in his arms. Now I see he looks at me, he has round all black eyes and a long snout filled with many sharp teeth.

We are living here. - Aroak I presume it is, he shows me a river in South America, he is still wearing a South American native warrior costume complete with long leaves around the waist for a skirt
Who are you? - me
Do we have to be someone for you? - Aroak
Are you Aroak? - me
The tumble, is dry! - Aroak straightens himself to stand up tall, not sure what he means though
What do you mean? Why do you smell so good? You smell so, inviting, so romantic? Did you know that, about yourself? I just want to be in your arms. Why is that? Why are you alluring to a woman? - me
We take eggs, for crocodiles here. - Aroak, mental image of literally a cluster of little round crocodile eggs underneath a crocodile (the animal crocodile) body
Human eggs? - me
What do you think about the coffee? - Aroak
You mean, energy vampirism? - me
We take some with you. When we do that. - Aroak, aha about the lusty or sensual feelings with me, that is also their coffee

They smell so good, they have a perfect man's cologne smell about them, and that soothing touch and caress. It's like perfect foreplay, because there is nothing sexual about the way that they caress, it is just pure loving. Ahh, the Crocodile Men. So irresistible. For the record we didn't have sex, not this time at least, and you know that if we do then I will write it down. Mm, he smells so good, that perfect musky scent. I see him now. He is a tall black crocodile man and he wears green tropical forest leaves around his waist, they are not densely stacked but spaced.

Why do you wear leaves? Around your waist? - me
They help to take the rain water off. - Aroak, aha, a kind of umbrella of sorts
Interesting. - me
We also have weapons here, if you wanna see them. - Aroak, thinks to a round rock that perfectly fits into the palm of his hand
Why do you smell so good? - me
Come here, and bathe with me in my river. - Aroak shows me the river again
You smell so good! And you are so soothing. I just want to cuddle with you. I want, you to take me into your arms and carry me away. That is how it feels. - me
My eggs. - Aroak in my native language with image again of crocodile eggs
Why do you want crocodile eggs? Do you not have a female? Are human women... your females for you, and can that work? - me
We take them to the castle sometimes. - Aroak
What castle? - me
And then they are bleeding there. - Aroak or Dark Lord

Mm that smell, the way the Crocodile Man smells makes me absorb the experience of him. It is such a strong perfume. So romantic, it is so romantic.

Oh, sorry, I was going to reveal something about Reptilian thinking. So yesterday when I connected with Eckhart's Reptilians and Crocodile Man, they had read my mind when I read from my book "Noah's Ark" about having suggested for the aliens that me and David Eckhart could do something, because the aliens had been pestering me that I have to have sex with someone so that they can see, and I was not going to ruin some man's privacy for it so I suggested for them someone whose privacy is already ruined. Not that me and David ever met or so, we were only talking on the phone and sharing stories and experiences. But anyway, I wanted to see what the aliens would say. So! I read this from the book yesterday and therefore his aliens connected to me "on the telepathic phone" and they were under the assumption that what I had thought of was actually meant to happen, between me and David I mean.

So I learned a lot about Reptilians and what they think about sex, from what ensued. Namely his Reptilian thought that I was coming to the house to have sex with David. I got to see how the Reptilian thought around it. Namely, this: a Reptilian thinks that when two humans have sex it is only about making babies. The Reptile didn't realize that humans do it just for fun or because they want to enjoy each other. The Reptile thought that I should lie completely still during it. You see, when Crocodile Men have sex with a human woman, it is only for making babies, and also they want the woman to lie absolutely still and not move whatsoever, and that is because the Croc has only a tiny amount of semen and they are careful not to spill it. I think it's same for Reptilians, that it's only a small amount. It's literally less than a drop. I know from when I've had sex with Crocodile Men that they hold me down very tightly so that I wouldn't accidentally move and spill the semen. So, anyhow it was interesting to read the Reptilian's thoughts about how he assumed that it would look like if two humans have sex, because he was thinking of it in terms of how he thinks about Reptilian or Crocodile Man sex. So I learned a lot about Reptilians there, just from his thoughts.

Meanwhile, this Crocodile Man who is at the river in a South American jungle is very alluring. I am just going to ask him straight away:

Are you going to have sex with me? - me
No! I would rather throw you in the river! - Croc offended
I meant, that your presence feels so very alluring, plus that you smell so good? I am sorry, I may have misunderstood. - me

I may have misunderstood Aroak the Crocodile Man. Just because he smells intoxicating and has the sweetest gentle caress doesn't mean that he meant to have sex with me.

I would rather throw you in the river I said. - Aroak
My muscles are very powerful here. - Aroak

I know that I am not asking the obvious questions here, like, who is he, where does he come from, but I was... mesmerized by his fragrance and caress. I will have a proper interview with him sometime later.

Say hey to Dan!

July 07 2015, 3:33 PM - I'm sure I've made a previous note on the website already, that we have a brand new MIB in our team? He has white or blonde hair, he is golden tan, he looks very fit, he looks to be in his 40's but he could probably be a lot older just that he looks very healthy and fit, and he is in a wheelchair. It's the wheelchair detail that makes it harder to tell myself that I'm imagining this man. He came over to say hey just now.

He is in a remote location and we are seeing each other via a telepathic link, we can also hear each other's thoughts. It's the Zetas who enable this fantastic, although sometimes privacy infringing, technology between MIBs and abductees. I got used to being watched by MIBs and military officers when I was only 14. So it's no big deal anymore today, I just say hey and have a chat with them! James was working as the surveillance man yesterday evening and this morning, James told me how he had liked when I used to have a belly piercing, and that was when I was 19-20-something.

I talked to him about the wheelchair, only because I've worked in healthcare. So I found out that he had a car accident. Judging from his legs which look intact I assumed that he had nerve damage to the spine. He doesn't want to talk about any of this though, and I don't blame him, it's none of my business, and I was not prying, I was only asking as a healthcare staff person. Anyway. His name is Dan. And Dan told me that the Reptilians are eating my babies. I said I already know about that.

Dan says he has replaced General Patton's job. Dan said he had asked for a desk job and this is what he was offered. I've told him he is welcome and that he can talk with me anytime he likes that it is ok. I try to take good care of my MIBs, even if they don't take care of me.

I don't need assisted living. - Dan
I know you don't! - me

Levitation and Poo Samples, why not? And Mr. Fussubus is back

July 07 2015, 11:40 AM - I forgot to mention last night that the Japanese man I was shown (in mental remote images) he wore a red costume which was shiny and looked to be made out of silk, it was red and the fabric had a traditional decorative Japanese pattern, it had trees on the pattern and it seemed to have also maybe lakes, or flowers or birds, or dare I say it dragons. It was a long long-sleeve shirt or robe, and with a matching hat. The hat is shaped like a flat cylinder and was made out of the same fabric. I complimented him on the attire, and asked him whether it was a pajamas or a ceremonial costume, but he did not say.

Last night when I had gone to bed for the night the Zetas talked about abducting me, about lifting me up into the air. It all sounded fascinating. They literally lift my body up from bed and into their spaceship. I've been aware of this at least once, that one time when I nagged the Reptilians to pick me up, I was conscious during the whole transportation in which my body remained on its back and a Crocodile Man stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders as he levitated us up into a spaceship where I got to meet Reptilians. The Zetas last night told me that this flotation procedure takes 5 minutes, and they said that if it takes 6 minutes then it is going too slowly. I didn't get to recall any flotation or abduction procedure from last night.

They also talked about needing a fecal sample from me, and the military officer who was there to have to witness it was being uncomfortable and sad about it, I told the man that I almost went into medical school and I presented him with a long rant about how if a human body is fully healthy and functional, as mine is, then there is no reason to be upset about something like a fecal sample. I had also told the Zetas that they may, so long as they do not puncture my intestinal wall which I said to them would kill me and so long as they maintain hygiene and cleanliness practices since it is messy and contains bacterial pathogens I told them. And I said I was curious and interested to see their instruments that they use for it, since it is interesting how a medical problem can be solved with the design of different instruments, I told them. I was curious to see how they had solved the problem with what kind of instruments. The Zetas, turned out, were very excited and pleased that I showed interest in their instruments, and they seemed very eager to actually let me into their laboratory to show me the make of their instruments.

I think it's the military men who forbid me and the Zetas from actually meeting and interacting. The military men always tell me that it would not be safe, but I also think that these men are prude and embarrassed, because they have to stand there and watch aliens poke fecal samples out of me and do vaginal things and what not, so they probably want to spare me the humiliation, or more likely - since I don't think that I would be humiliated - the military men probably don't want me to see them being humiliated. Which is rude, since this is my body and I want to see the Zetas!

This morning when I stepped into the shower room, turns out Hamish was there, and he said "Palate click!" to me. It's fun when he rather says it as words, than actually doing the palate click sound. That's like when you're going to smile to someone, instead of smiling to them you would say, "Smiles!". I actually like to say "Cough!" when I'm coughing a lot when I'm sick with a cough, but I cough first and then I say cough too at the same time, but that is too much information and totally off topic here. He has also shown me his back hump today, when he stood in the hallway, cause I had gone downstairs for the post and maybe Hamish got a little worried that I was leaving, so when I came back home he was standing there by the door and showed me his back hump. He is always a little unsettled when I leave the house, he even tells me that he would like to know where I am going, so I've taken the habit of telling him where I am going in advance. He has of course also been saying "Buttercups!" to me and "My eggs!".

Oh, and Malik is back. Which means a lot of trouble. He keeps talking about sinister things, about spiders having eggs, this morning he showed me a mental image of one of those plague nose costumes, you know when there was the plague they had people who carried out the bodies and those people had a long bird beak kind of thing on their face like a mask, but I told Malik that it probably filtered out the smell of dead bodies. He is such trouble. Some of what he says is really funny, it's almost like he has a great sense of humor. But he is also very bad energy, and it will start to ruin things in my life, he can even make people have arguments around me and ruin my work, finances, anything really. These creatures are tremendously influential, and negative. So I can't have him here. He said that they created the plague. I said plague is a bacteria, how do you create a bacteria? He meant that the energy or design is created first, and a form forms around it thereafter. I said to him that is not how we humans understand bacteria and molecules and evolution, we thought that bacteria evolve from one another. He said that the Eye makes him do things, that it "tells" him to do things. I asked does The Eye talk to them? And I asked, what is The Eye, a what astronomers call a wormhole, or is it a black hole? I don't recall his answers to these questions.

Mr. Harumoto, chocolate poo cups, Reptilian babies requested, my Japanese daughter, Tao Tao, and Giraffes

July 06 2015, 9:02 PM - Last night when I went to bed, Hamish let me see one of the Japanese men that he visits in Japan. I am in Europe by the way, and have never been to Japan, at least not in normal ways. Hamish told me, that this man, who by all means looked human to me, that he had "Dragon's blood". I got to talk to the man telepathically, and as always with the Japanese, it was in English. Either because they speak English with me, or that there is a translation in place. I speak English with them.

The man told me that for many centuries and generations his family has had the Dragons present in their family. He told me that he has agreed to make babies with women such as me so that the Dragons can eat those babies, because otherwise the Dragons will hunt and kill other civilians. It is a more humane agreement, to feed them with unclaimed babies instead, than to have Draconians rampaging across the streets. He commented on my looks, and he was not completely satisfied with my outer appearance, but he was considering it, and thinking about how exotic I was, as a fair European woman as compared to Japanese women.

I was shown the makeup room and asked to please go there and put makeup on. I was happy, of course I am happy to see a mental image of that makeup room. I have at least one vivid awake recollection of being in that makeup room, wherever it is, which is filled with shelves upon shelves of high-end makeup, a girl's dream come true to get access to all that for free. I don't recall going to that makeup room at night, nor do I recall being had sex with by that man, if you can even call that sex, whatever it is, some kind of Dragon-arranged rape sex.

I told the man that I love Hamish and that he should always be kind to Hamish. The man told me that Hamish eats my children. When I was talking about how much I love Hamish, the Japanese man put the fingers of his two hands together into a heart and said "Kukuro", I've seen the Japs do this before and the word is Japanese for love. Today I asked Hamish what this man's name is, he said his name is Harumoto.

I had another Hamish story from yesterday, but I forgot. At least, I do recall that this Harumoto story was much more interesting, and important, so it is not a great big loss. We all know how Hamish is, and what he is mostly up to.

Today I bought two chocolate pudding cups at the grocery store. Hamish of course disapproved, and when I stood at the bus stop he said that it is his poo in that cup. Hamish doesn't get angry when I'm about to eat sugar, and that surprises me. I think even that anger would get farther with prohibiting me from eating sugar

As a prophylax. - Dark Lord with fancy words
What was that? - white alien who asks Dark Lord what he said
As a prophylax! Against sugar! - Dark Lord replies, not angry

Instead of being angry, he rather becomes amusing and says the funniest things like that there is his "poo" in there instead of what is actually chocolate pudding. I ate one of those cups today, and will have another one tomorrow, and surprisingly nobody (alien) slaps me around. They tell me that it is wrong, but they never seem to punish me, which surprises me. (Except for that time when Malik the Dark Lord slapped me around in bed for eating those four cinnamon buns.) If I eat cane sugar or processed sugar, the molecule sucrose, then it interferes with the making of genetic hybrids, that is why.

I do eat yoghurt daily now in honor of Hamish. He even got me to eating natural yoghurt which at first I didn't like, but now I can even take spoonfulls of it without any fresh raspberries or fruit on top, and am getting used to what was previously a horrid taste. In fact I enjoy natural yoghurt now as a meal replacement, lots of protein and easy to get down.

Today the black Reptilian, who is no doubt "the" black Reptilian ever since the start, he informed me (by telling me, without images), that he has a dong. You should know that Reptilians, at least my Reptilians, refer to the penis as a "dong", that is their choice of words not mine. And he said that he needs to use my, I quote, "cunt", although translated from my other language. He wants to make a baby with me. Of course I was intrigued, does this mean real sexual reproduction, intercourse? Or in a laboratory? But I have had sex with Reptiles or Reptoids on a few occasions, most notably with the Crocodile Man who accompanied with Arek's team. Oh dear...

... that reminds me of how sick I was when Arek's Crocodile Man got me pregnant. Because the aliens had turned down my immune system, they said, so that my body would not reject and destroy the baby. I have probably never been so sick in my life. Sure, cold, sniffles, fever, nausea, headaches, I've had all of those to varying degrees and extents here and now, but I had all of these symptoms and

We didn't mean to do it. And, if you do not eat any more sugar, then you can come with me to the Battle at Syracuse. Where you have a nice bed prepared for you. - Hamish or black Reptilian
When can I go to Syracuse? Is it in New York? - me
No. It is another place. A different place. - Hamish or black Reptilian
Where is it? - me
It is in my cave. Don't you want to be my Mistress? - Dark Lord
Aren't you happy? - Dark Lord
No, I am writing a story. This is a lot for me to think about. - me

And that time I had been so sick from all of this, I had been on the floor because I was in so much pain I could not even sit or lie down, I was constantly squirming and turning on the floor unable to find a position that wasn't unbearable, I was screaming and moaning and begging the aliens to take the baby out of me because I could not do this. It was horrid. And it was with Arek's team. Here on Hamish's team I have never had anything like it, thankfully.

Anyway, my preggers feeling is a little bit better today, although I have had some similar feelings still, but that's more or less a bygone story.

And I wrote down a conversation with the black Reptilian who then was the Dark Lord Malik, you all remember Malik? Here it is, from my notes, and this is from about an hour ago:

What transpired, you mean? - Dark Lord now with another fancy word
You and your fancy words. You have good words this evening. - me

Anyway, here is that conversation that I wrote down about an hour ago:

//from earlier
Opus Ondi. - black Reptilian
What does it mean? - me
We like to smell blood here. Do you mind that we come? - Dark Lord
What is your name? - me
Malik is my name! - Malik the Dark Lord
Malik? I've missed you! It was a long time ago! - me
Don't say that? I can smell your blood. - Malik
Ow, ow, watch your arm! Did you want to see me again? We have spiderwebs here sometimes. And soon, we wanted to drown you in the bathtub. - Malik, from other language
What does Opus Ondi mean? - me, from other language
It means, "I want to have more power." - Malik, from other language
Opus Ondi, makes it. - black Reptilian or Dark Lord Malik, from other language
//end of from earlier

Also this evening I was shown a mental image of a teenage girl who I immediately recognized she looks like me. She has long dark dark brown hair, almost black hair, and dark brown eyes, and she is of course a child between me and a Japanese Dragon Dynasty man. She looks half Asian and half me. Although she does not have white pale skin like you would expect of someone with northern European and Japanese heritage, but. I got to talk to her telepathically a bit, and I even connected to her at my own initiative at one time for a small chat, but I didn't want to talk too much, because I am not ready.

Do you remember that? We used to read it. And that, it was called Tao Tao! - one of my hybrid daughters shows me mental image of a children's cartoon magazine which I do indeed remember. When I was growing up I had probably hundreds of comic books and only two Tao Tao and I thought those were so special. So turns out my kids have read them too

Tao Tao

This hybrid girl just now even showed me a mental image of the comic book cover. And as I was trying to remember and figure out what it was called, she said the name of it and spared me the trouble of Google-fu. This same girl, or otherwise another of my hybrid kids but possibly this same one, has also shown me this comic book and told me about it at other times too. This girl is a hybrid one and is not the same as the human one I was talking about when this one came to talk.

The girl I was describing who at least appears to be human said more than once that she doesn't want to have me as her mother, she also doesn't want to have the Japanese man as her father. She told me she was raised by the Mantids and they are her parents. And so I directed my telepathic attention to the Mantids and I thanked them for having raised my daughter so well... (my daughter?) and the Mantid humbly said that all they do is tell the children what they can and cannot do. But she has obviously taken to them. I told the girl that I too love Hamish, but not as if Hamish were my parent

You have called me Sock Turtle. - Hamish says to that

But as if Hamish were more of a child to me. I asked her if she has ever seen Hamish? She said that Hamish should not take away her teddybear from her again, and it seems that she had a painful memory from her earlier childhood when Hamish had taken her teddybear away from her, I even saw the mental image of the beige bear with tufts of long hair. I told her that Hamish does that, he likes to claim things and take things like toys and things away from people. Earlier the girl told me that she didn't like "those", and "those" were her mental image of bright lime-green Reptilians who wore no clothes and are anthropomorphic standing tall and were looking around the room with big eyes. I told her that I love the Reptilians. I asked the girl how old she was, she is 15. And when I was first shown her, the Agenda whoever it was speaking to me at the time told me that "she is still a virgin", as if that should matter. And my response to being told that she is a virgin, before I even knew her age, was that they shouldn't tell me that, because it is her privacy if she is or isn't.

I am not made of plastic. - Hamish, "plastic" in my - guess what - third language

So you guys know how I have English, but then I also have my native language, and my other language, but now I also have my third language, which is actually my fourth language. Whenever I say native language, other language, and now also third language creeping in, it just means not-English, that is all you need to worry about that. Even today the Zeta Greys came to say hello and told me that they were "the Greys", in my third language. Please don't get a headache over that, leave the headaches to me.

Ok now I remember what that lost story was that I forgot about earlier, and it wasn't a Hamish story after all. I debate whether I should try to stuff this story into the adult books instead, but here goes: yesterday I was masturbating in bed, yeah women do that sometimes. And the Thuban became attentive and made telepathic contact with itself and a small hybrid boy, if it were a human it would have looked to be about 3 years old, or between 2 and 3 years old. A pale gray almost white chubby boy that still has chubby baby legs and arms, and it has yellow-blonde hair. The boy was carrying a toy giraffe in his arms, probably a stuffed giraffe, not some small plastic toy giraffe. The Thuban told the boy that I am a giraffe, and wanted to show the boy what I was doing. I got upset of course and fussed at them, and then the Thuban and aliens think I am so rude and impossible to work with. I won't do pedophilia, if that's what it was. Anyway, that is the story that I nearly forgot. There's lots more stories like that in the upcoming book Noah's Ark, in case anyone is interested in an uncensored documentary on alien behaviors, because I sure as hell can't post everything here on the website. That is going to be such a filthy book, but it was my obligation to write it. Now I'm in a bad mood, I guess what will cheer me up is to go eat some natural yoghurt in the kitchen and put some bananas or kiwi fruit in it and talk to Hamish, my Dragon Turtle, because it isn't all bad.


July 05 2015, 3:42 PM - I've been feeling weird today. Like swollen and strange, my body feels as if it were not my body right now. Yeah we women go through things like these, but this is a bit worse and unlike anything I can recall from before. I feel as if my body were switched out to a big chubby white different body. My belly feels bloated and large, I'm not saying gas or water retention, what it is is something different.

I was sitting here and being aware of this horrid feeling, wondering if perhaps I should exercise in case I'm just feeling "fat". Then I turned my attention to my belly and lo and behold in my psychic vision I saw a big white alien baby in there, and as it turned a bit and its arched back brushed against the wall of my womb, I felt it as a smooth brush, as when you touch on something but you are wearing thick soft gloves, then your skin and fingers do not really touch it so clearly, it is muted, like sensation that is muted, like touching through thick gloves, but I felt it.

The baby is surprisingly big, we're not talking about tiny speck- or pea-sized embryos like the ones they used to take out of me and put into water tubs. This one is surprisingly big, more baby-sized, like a full-grown big baby that is born, the bigger chubbier babies cause some are bigger than others, the 4 kilo ones. It looks like the Fat Lizards, you know the White Fat Lizards and the rusty red colored one Brutus, that same build which is bulky and with a large wide brick-shaped nozzle. There are bumps all across its spine along the back from a spine, and it has a curved tail just like on the Reptilian hybrids I drew for you earlier, and those spinal bumps along the tail as well. It is white.

My belly is a bit big, but I'm sure I'm just fat. But my belly is not big enough to house the baby that I saw. The baby is of course in the other dimension, and I know how crazy that sounds, in fact I wish I could just shrug it off as crazy, but there is truth to my alien stories, isn't there? A few nights ago I dreamt that I had childbirth, I didn't tell you guys about it because I had to tell myself that it was just a dream, yet it was so vivid.

In that dream I was at a hospital and a male human doctor who was going to help me deliver the baby he put his hand into my vagina and felt around for the baby's head in there and he felt the baby's head, and I delivered the baby.

I don't menstruate, maybe twice a year, and usually women don't ... no not "usually"... women don't menstruate when they are pregnant. Or if there is something wrong with their menstruation cycle. Am I pregnant with a white Reptilian hybrid that is growing inside me? Of course that's what the aliens have told me, yet I'm so naive I just giggle and laugh and say yeah and my honored and that's it. I've never taken it seriously, what they've said. So if it's being real? I don't know what I am feeling. I felt disgusted at first, because this baby would be kind of like a parasite in me to be honest. I will let time think for me how to feel, in the meantime I will go and enjoy my fish dinner and not even think about it, and just hope that this weird white bloated puffy fat feeling all over me goes away.


July 04 2015, 10:48 PM - You know when you have a little child and it accidentally sees a scary movie and you feel so bad about it because you want to protect that little head of theirs from taking in any unsuitable impressions? Well I've been watching scary video clips on YouTube for a few hours and I really didn't think Hamish was around, I even called for Hamish a while ago because I was missing him and he didn't answer. But now suddenly I see his tall red self standing visibly behind me (I see it in a mental image overlaid with the world, and I don't see him with my eyesight the usual way) and he is showing me mental image clips from those videos, so he has been standing behind me watching the whole time.

If it were that little child I would be switching to cartoons. And since it is a Dragon I will switch to, little cute videos about fish or cats or puppies. But actually, Hamish deals real well with seeing scary movies. He doesn't get scared. I'll never forget that night when I was working the night shift at the healthcare place I worked at and all of the patients were asleep so I was on the sofa watching a scary movie, cause nothing else was on at that hour. The movie had someone put severed human hands into the freezer box. Hamish just thought that was really neat! And we all know how Hamish loves the tv series The Walking Dead, he thinks the zombies are neat and he can totally relate to their quest for food, he isn't scared of them at all.

I wanted that, bucket. - Hamish about the bucket he wants again
Why do you want a bucket? What will you do with it? Do you want water in the bucket? - me
Me, mine! Shreds! - Hamish, aha he means for his shedded scales
Where will I put them otherwise. - Hamish
It is not your pyy-pyy, it was mine. - Hamish in my native language (that is what the aliens have always called the female parts, and if you're new here, Hamish is a Reptilian and he guards my eggs)

Napping Reptilian on my sofa

July 02 2015, 9:13 PM - The black Reptilian who has said he is of the Serpent race and who said that he looks like a black cobra, which he does, was wanting to show me mental images and tell me his story. It started with an image of him standing in the yellow desert of the Orion planet. It is just covered in yellow fine sand, sand so fine almost like dust, even the air contained the yellow sand. Buried in the sand was a colossal black statue of a black Reptilian of his kind. I had a sense of a lost civilization which had been made to worship the black Reptilians there, similar to Ancient Egyptian worship of gods and pharaohs. He then showed me the entrance here on Earth to a Reptilian base in a cave in a jungle, but I was having a headache and asked him please to come back to me later with his story when I could better listen.

My new home has the cutest little balcony surrounded by greenery and the weather is lovely and I sat there today reading a book and enjoyed it. But this evening, as I sit by my computer in the bedroom working on my second telepathy book "Noah's Ark", a Reptilian is visiting in the living room and he is on the balcony, and from there he tells me that I am not allowed to enter the balcony. Kind of a bummer, as I was intending on rewarding my hard work on formatting "Noah's Ark" by going to read a book on the balcony in the cool evening and dusk. But I promised the Reptilian that I would not go there. I am fine with giving them their own space, and I told them that they are welcome here, and to let me know if there is anything they need.

We don't want to fight, or argue with you either. - the Reptilian from the living room
What did you say to her? - Dark Lord asks the Rep
That we didn't want to fight with her!! - the Rep answers the DL
We don't mind if you come here and reading your books. Just don't laugh a lot. Because we don't like human laughter. It makes you all sound like dogs. - Reptilian
I will not laugh there, my Honored. - me
We have roses here, *sniffs at the roses*. - Rep

Yes, wild roses bloom right around the balcony in the greenery, quite lovely. And then the Reptilian, after we had the balcony conversation earlier, he sat down on the living room sofa, and I watched in my mental images of him as he slumped into the soft of the sofa and he leaned back and his body relaxed, and he let his eyes close fully. I could even feel how the focus, viciousness, the maintainment of dominance, of plans, of thoughts of racial war and hierarchy, how all of it let go, and how when he was resting, maybe sleeping even, he was just a person. Like any boy or man, sleeping sitting on a sofa. The inner workings in a person's mind, whether they be Reptilian or human, are what we maintain during our day, are what we build up throughout our lifetime, what we hold on to by dear life, because they define us. They are who we are, and they tell us where we are going, they tell us what matters and what is important. And we resume to be those thoughts, that identity, those ideas, memories, plans and goals, as soon as our eyes open and we wake up from a slumber. But, while we are napping, and whether we are a human or a Reptilian who is napping, we are just the head and the body of a person, who lets go of all of their thoughts and constructs for just that while.

It was cute. Because while he napped/slept, the viciousness of his persona had let go, his thoughts of war or of races gone, and he was just a soothed resting person, one that I wish I could have held in my arms as he slept.

9:46 PM - Now this is a documentary and if I omit parts then it is no longer a documentary. So I have a skin infection unfortunately, and it was producing some loose skin and I pealed those off (yeah, gross, I know, but there's a moral to the story) and disposed of those in the kitchen wastebasket. The point being, that earlier while I talked to the Reptiles, they were being very disgusted by that in the wastebasket and they told me many times to promise to "never do that again". The thing is, I've had this skin condition before and every time I do, it stirs some associations in the Reptilians, namely the Reptilians shed scales, and they cannot help but to

Hello, we are here, to help you with it. - Zeta, to help me with the skin issue and trash
We are telling them not to take any of them. - Zeta, ok so Hamish was going to take some of those pieces from the trashcan
Tell him not to take them yes. - me

Reptilians cannot help but to feel that it is somehow related to their own shedding, or it stirs similar associations in them, nor can you blame them for feeling that way. When a Reptilian sheds scales, they turn white and they are an outcast and bullied by other Reptiles and considered weak. From Hamish I know that shedding is a very emotional turmoil and it stirs a lot of emotions in them, they don't just shrug and let it happen and get on with their life. Hamish as we know, he

My grandmother did that too. - Hamish about collecting of sheets of scales, and he shows me the image of a yellow Dragon Turtle, so his grandmother was a yellow Dragon Turtle, like his father also was mustard yellow

As I was going to say, Hamish as we know he collects and holds on to his shedded sheets and bits, and we know how he washes them, puts them in places like objects, or builds nests of them even. So, on one hand Reptilians can be disgusted by my "shedded bits", but on the other hand Hamish finds such things fascinating, so to the point that (and I should have told you guys this before) if I have any such things in my trashcan, out of decency for my Dragon I try to make sure that I throw away the trashbag before night so that Hamish doesn't go through my trash to check out skin bits or even take them somewhere, because I am sure we all can agree that we should not let Dragon do that.

Hamish was rummaging through the kitchen trashcan just now, he noticed the empty cookies package and he was unhappy about that. Reptilians find it bothersome that a human would collect trash, even if it's clean trash like plastic wrapping of potato chips bags or cookie packaging, they still find it disgusting that we would "hold on to" and literally "display" trash. Reptiles complain about trashbags. But Hamish was also going for the skin bits I've put there, and that's not nice now is it. He is fascinated of course, but we all know how fascinated he also is with his own shedded scales.

See, if I didn't completely shun all restraints of privacy, decency, and taboos, we would never learn these fascinating anecdotes of Reptilian life. I should also mention another such thing that a normal person would perhaps never dare to write down, but in the conversations with the Reptilian earlier when they had talked about the civilization and been at the balcony, the Serpent black Reptilian told me that I still smell like my feces. I told him he has a good sense of smell, I of course don't notice it, nor would any human. But if a human goes to the bathroom, I'm sure some smells linger on that the Reptilians can detect. They don't usually tell me that I smell though, Hamish sometimes tells me that I "smell like the eggs", whatever that means. I told the Reptilian I would have a shower later this evening and that then I would smell like flowers.

It is interesting living with Reptilians in my home. The Serpent black Rep did tell me earlier that they had had wars and lost their females. That is why they are now, reluctantly, swallowing their pride by soliciting me for eggs, they don't want their species to die out.

Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot! And as Hamish was rummaging the kitchen trashcan, I turned my head toward the hallway from where I am sitting in my room by the desk and my bedroom door was open, and right there in the hallway near my door was a black manifestation of the black Reptilian's feet and lower half of his legs, and this wasn't a mental image this was a failure of their cloaking. It startled me of course and made me jump a little bit, but I should get used to it, because I am doing all I can and working toward getting lots of close contact with these beings. Logically I know I am safe, but it will still be an uncomfortable experience because of their hostile energy. I can even manage well with the conversations and their insults and threats, I even thrive when they "hit me" which means that they maneuver my body harshly, but it is still an uncomfortable presence. I look forward to it though.

I want you to eat more milk for your teeth. Or that they can fall out. Did you know that fact? - black Reptilian to me, earlier he had asked me why I keep checking my teeth so often, and I told him I do that because I think my teeth have gotten in worse shape

And a few days ago Hamish asked me for a washcloth with which he could wash his "back" and "tail". He said tail but that was probably a modest way of saying his tush. I told him I would get him his own washcloth, I have yet to buy one. I also offered to wash him with it, if possible, if someone lets us get into the same dimension. He is also still asking for a bucket, he keeps showing me a mental image of a bucket and he gives the bucket one kick in those images, that is his way of saying he wants a bucket. He has been asking for a bucket for months. He sometimes also phrases it in long sentences and explanations. It seems that he wants a bucket so that he can poo into it, unless he wants to put his scales into it. Hamish is always up to business, and his grooming and taking care of his bathroom habits, cleaning up, and scales, take quite a lot of his time.

I cannot put a bucket anywhere in the main area because I do not live alone, and other people would question why I keep a bucket. But I can definitely keep a bucket in the corner of my bedroom, so I can try that, if Dragon likes. By the way Alex or Axel whichever his name was, yesterday I think it was he complained that he didn't want to stay here, and I also want to say that he has begun to spend his time in the bathtub room instead of in the closet room, Hamish of course still doesn't want him in the toilet room.

And today the "frogs" were around, and Hamish had ordered the Frog (Dinosaur) to tell me that the Dinosaur needs to watch me as I sit naked - well naked private parts - on the toilet because the Frog needs to see. In fact I haven't told you but I've gotten used to that Hamish likes to watch me when I'm on the toilet, I don't mind though because it is like when I used to have a big old cat and he was in the shower room with me when I showered, it's not like an animal is going to violate my privacy because they don't know what they're looking at. I feel completely comfortable being naked in Hamish's presence, in fact I like it when we groom together, me in the bath tub or shower and he standing on a rug next to me, each doing our own hygiene rituals in our own way.

Today Hamish showed me that he had a white hybrid baby fetus in his mouth, it was the size of a small kitten or soabouts. The thing is, the baby fetus was living when it was in his mouth. You know how some little boys like to do forbidden things just to check the adults' reaction and provoke? I was babysitting a 3-year old boy once and he put glass marbles into his mouth and I forbade him I expressed how dangerous it was and that he could choke to death, but that made him do it again and face me just to watch my reaction, so I realized that the only way I could keep him from doing it was to pretend that it was no big deal, and true he stopped doing it. Sometimes the Reptilians show me gruesome scenes and want to carefully observe my reaction, and in this case with the living baby fetus in Hamish's mouth, of course I was upset and disturbed, but I decided not to give it any attention, I just asked him, "Is that nourishing to you?", and sure enough he didn't show it to me for that much longer. The thing with Reptilians and Dark Lords, if you feed energy and attention and get upset or scared when they show you torture scenes, then they "drink the juice" or "coffee" and turn it into this whole sadistic sexual thing, so don't give them any attention when they show you gruesome scenes, just act normal, getting upset will only get them excited and encourage them. Like what is it that people say, when you see a bear or a tiger, don't run, just walk calmly by and they won't show you any interest, but if you run and scream and act like a prey then it triggers their hunting instincts and they catch you. That sort of thing, with the Reptiles. And with little boys.

Hamish has been worried about the stove today too. It is the first time I have a gas stove and of course Hamish can see the blue gas and the orange fire sparks. He isn't overly scared of it though, I mean he can dwell in the kitchen or stand near the stove without it worrying him all the time. He doesn't have anxiety about it so often, but as he sat on the living room sofa he was thinking about it, he worried if it would burn a hole or a round mark into his hand if he were to put his hand on it. I told him to stay away from the stove to never touch it, I said I would protect him from it and that it is safe when I touch it and use it. I told him I cook food there to make food soft. He wondered if the food doesn't burn me in my throat when it has been heated on the fire. I told him that we humans let the food cool with some time or that he might have seen us blow on the food with exhales to help cool it down. Draconians are afraid of fire.

From Book

July 01 2015, 10:33 PM - A funny excerpt from the upcoming book "Noah's Ark", the sequel to "Real? Or Imaginary?" (pytt means small children) from April 19 2012

16 prongs on a Ladder

July 01 2015, 3:44 PM - A Dark Lord told me all of a sudden while I was doing the dishes that there are 16 (sixteen) prongs on the ladder on the pyramid hierarchial structure. I found out that the Dark Lords are on prong # 1, Reptilians are on prong # 3, and guess where I am? Oh yes, I am on prong # 8. Don't know how I got there. I did ask what prong regular humans are on but I forgot the answer, so let us ask him again, by the way I asked if The Eye god is prong # 1 but The Eye is not even on the pyramid, he is above all that, but here let's ask him:

Dear Dark Lord. - me, and I know those words don't belong together
What prong out of 16 are average human beings on? - me
Do you want to know! They are not on prong 2. - Dark Lord so eager to talk about this beloved topic of the hierarchial structure, he talks as if he is all out of breath
For an average human being - me interrupted
The Zeta Delta. - Dark Lord, or other alien
What is Zeta Delta? - me
Delta means, four here. We are on the number fourth. - Zeta, aha so we learn that the Zeta Reticuli are on prong # 4, not surprising perhaps
So average humans, what prong out of 16 are they on? What number are they? Hello? You told me this before? - me
They are not on 3. - Dark Lord
Ok, the guessing game. Are average humans on prong number 1? - me
No! We are on number 1. I thought you should know that by now. - Dark Lord
I was guessing, since you didn't tell me. Are average humans on prong 16, at the very bottom? - me
No, they would be lowlier than the worms if they did that. - Dark Lord
Ok, so somewhere between prong 15 and 7 are the humans, because I remember I had a much higher prong than the average humans. Are humans on prong 15? - me
No, dogs are that. Dogs, and anything that aren't yellow flowers. - Dark Lord, me being the yellow flower
Are humans prong 14? - me
Yes, yes! That is getting better then! - Dark Lord
They would never be on 8, unless they can answer to me first. And, you have answered. That makes you greater than they. - DL about average humans
Are average humans - me interrupted
Hey! We are the Zeta Delta! We wanted to speak to you too. We are not disgusted with you. - says Zeta and thinks of dogs
But we are on prong 3. And we are quite proud of that. - Zeta
You are more like prong number 5! - DL to Zeta
Sshh! - Zeta to DL
So, an average human being, what prong are they on? - me
They are not on 7. The Nasturtiums are that. The Nasturtiums! - DL pleased as a person drunk on beer and love when he says the italic
So you won't tell me again? Are humans prong... 12? - me
No they are not, because they think that we are disgusting. - DL
So humans are between prong 12 and what, 15? - me
Yes, that is right, 15 is good for them. We can give them that, if they hear me yelling! - DL, "yelling" in my native language
They are not our Nasturtiums, most of them. But you are! - DL glad

Ok enough of that. 16 prongs on the ladder. They've told me that once before, find it somewhere in these news pages. Now back to my chocolate chip cookies and some Downton Abbey. Oh by the way Hamish the red Dragon was so pleased when I was coming back home after shopping. I think he was on the train with me too. Such a magnificent handsome fire engine red Dragon, he really is dashing you should know that. Such a handsome guy.

Woken up by Reptiles, Alabaster the IM, and some who think their heads look like button mushrooms

July 01 2015, 10:41 AM - I am very happy. I am walking on clouds and butterflies. Namely my aliens finally did what I asked them to do and woke me up at night to let me spend time with them, and I had the most marvellous visit by Reptilians, Zetas, and an Illuminati chum.

Like every night nowadays, when I go to sleep I carefully explain and whine to the aliens that I want to stay awake when they come for me. I try to explain to them how it hurts in me not to get to see them, and often I exaggerate too, just to get the point across. I really want to meet them. And if they are picking me up every night for fecal samples and eggs, then I'm missing out on marvellous opportunities to spend time with - what are not only alien beings - but my best friends. Well, sort of.

So last night as I lay in bed the Zetas tell me they have gone through "12" was it boards or administrations but that now finally they have obtained the permission. The human militaries and men in black government people really do their best to keep me from interacting with my aliens. I fussed at the military man last night that it's not his choice to make, it's mine, and that they can't think that it is better that I am taken and done things with by aliens and as if it doesn't happen just because I don't get to know about it? There is always a human man watching closely when the aliens do their things to me, mostly to keep the Zetas from getting carried away and doing harmful experiments.

Last night the aliens showed me a mental image of Zetas, and of Reptilians, and then they showed me a mental image of a little green frog, which is their way of saying "hey there's a Dinosaur here!". I love it when they show me an image of a frog, it really cheers me up, and then I like to show them my own images of frogs, so I showed them my mental image of a green frog sitting on my hand. My favorite was once when the aliens showed me a frog sitting on someone's head, or the one on the edge of our bathtub, or of frogs falling down from somewhere.

The aliens promised that I could stay awake now. And I was already being shown more mental images of the Zetas than I usually am allowed to see.

We were there too. It was, mine. - says Hamish, but then he means the "frog" on my hand, that it was Hamish's, Hamish likes to claim things
We don't think you will like our perfume. So that is why we stay away. - Hamish
I don't mind Reptilian perfume. I want to spend time with Reptilians. - me
We are not jewels on your fingers. - black Reptilian the "Serpent race" one, shows me mental image of a golden ring on a finger, he probably refers to the frog on the hand Hamish and me were on about
We are very dominant. We like to steer here. I was going to say that to you about me. - Hamish
I know that, Hamish. - me
I might break your computer next time, if you do not listen to me. - Hamish?
Is this Hamish speaking? - me
Yes-No. - Hamish says from the toilet room where he stands on his rug
Who is speaking about breaking things? A Dark Lord? Or the Serpent race? Hamish doesn't speak to me like that anymore. - me
My next to you, was, yes. - Hamish, saying that he was next to me yes
I love you Hamish! - me big smile

So. Then I begun to feel the feeling inside my body which means alien abduction. I used to have more of them in my teens when the Zetas were not so shy about abducting me, but I never get to remember what takes place after I'm taken. But the fact that I was now having the swaying rocking energy feeling throughout my soul, which feels like I'm being lifted up somewhere, that is now great progress and I hope to get closer to conscious abductions, little by little. But I don't remember anything from the spaceship.

However! In the middle of the night I hear "Hello", I think is what was said. So I wake up in a slumber and still a bit confused, I answer it in my thoughts, "Hello". It is a Zeta waking me up! Just like I had told them to do! I start to fall asleep again because it is late, but then I become aware of Reptilians in my home. I had the clearest long-lasting continuous mental images of a red Reptilian (most probably Hamish) and a black Reptilian in the living room, although I was in the bedroom.

I wasn't able to go back to sleep because they were talking to me and letting me see what they were up to. After a few minutes I got out of bed and looked at the clock and it was 3:15 or 3:18 AM thereabouts. The magic abduction hour, it is always 3 AM or 4 AM. The aliens come then, because that is when all of the people are sleeping, I've asked them before why they come at that hour, and that is why. They want privacy, and they don't want to be disturbed. (I also think it's because the Reptilians much prefer to dwell in darkness.)

A Reptilian was sitting on the living room sofa, just being all snug and enjoying it. Then he went to the sofa on the balcony, enjoying sitting there. Reptilians absolutely LOVE comfy sofas. For them, sitting on a sofa, is like going to the movies is for humans. An experience, something awesome to do, something to take in with all of the senses and to cherish. I told them they were welcome, which they most certainly were.

The black Reptilian let me see a perfect visual image of him, although mentally. Such a handsome creature. He stands tall like a human would, two legs two arms, he wore a blue-black tight-fit space uniform. The back of his head looks blunt compared to humans. They are very handsome and good-looking creatures, it is quite a privilege to have dealings with them.

The black Reptilian was of course fussy and snappy. He wants me to know that I am an inferior race. I was admiring him, in the ways that I have learned how to admire Reptilians just to keep things civil and to keep Reptiles calm, that he is obviously an advanced race. They appreciate compliments about their "race", but I was overdoing it somewhat and he fussed at me for getting too excited about the appraisal, so I had to tone it down a little bit. You have to find a balance in the admiration game, if you don't admire them, then they get angry and violent, and if you overdo it, then they think you are acting out and being arrogant, so find a balance and all works out well. If you praise them right, their lower eyelids close and they are soothed and calmed and they have a good feeling. But it of course also means that you just gave away your claim of freedom and dignity. But I prefer it when the Reptilians are well taken care of as my guests, so I don't mind being the dog.

The red Reptilian pulled me out of bed a few times. I would have fallen back to sleep at one time, and the red Reptilian pulled my body straight up to sitting on the bed with my back straight. At another time he pulled my body right to the very edge of the bed into a rather provocative position, maybe a bit to show his power over me. But he says, and I think it's Hamish, Hamish explains these maneuvers that "he is looking at me". I still think he does it to show power, because it's cool. But I love it when he does, there is nothing like being body-handled by a big strong Reptilian man, it often makes me giggle, but it's always a great time.

Then a new Illuminati chum came for a visit into my home in their other dimension where they hide. This one was bright white, a chubby hybrid man, the round white eyes with some pupil and iris and a red border around the lower of the eyes that makes the eyes look inflamed yes. And he wore the strangest completely out-of-fashion hat which made me think 1940's for some reason, like one of those big hats that newspaper reporters used to wear, it was a black hat with a dark grey rim. The hat just looked so outdated, in fact it was the outdated hat that surprised me, rather than finding a big fat white alien man with inflamed-looking eyes standing in the hallway, because that I'm used to. It's funny how the aliens have these old things in their possession, like how many of the toys that the hybrid children get from huge warehouses that were provided to them from humans like in the 1970's.

In fact many of the Illuminati

Oh? I thought I was being charming to you. - this very IM speaks now
And you were. I quite enjoyed your visit. - me
Yeah, the little ones are eaten like buttons here. I just thought you might know! - this IM woes about the fate of the little hybrid children, I suspect that he also has to father them, they are his children too

Many of the Illuminati men wear gangster suits 1920's or 1930's style. I mean why change what works? But a lot of the IMs also wear modern black business suits. But the aliens they don't chuck out old clothes and items that humanity has given them, just because 5 or 10 years pass by. No, they still see the utility behind them. That is why a few nights ago when I had gone to bed naked, I was being offered a selection of plysch clothing that must have been from the 1950's 1960's (I didn't write about that until now). I mean Zetas can build and maneuver spaceships and they're fond of "advanced" mathematics, but they don't know when clothing goes out of style here on Earth or the horror it brings to present humans with old style clothes. Some of the clothes from the 1960's are far more ghastly than any alien beings I've ever seen.

Yeah so it was the hat that was kind of awkward, not the fact that a big Illuminati chum was standing in the hallway or visiting. I asked him for his name, he said his name is Alabaster. Which I thought was obviously a reference to his color, alabaster shade of white. I forget most of our conversation, sorry about that. I also got to see close-up images of a Thuban, its upper arm has a flap extension which is beautiful, I must make a drawing before I forget.

Last night when I went to sleep the aliens had said they were going to collect a fecal sample, but when I was woken up at night at 3 AM, they said they had already done that. So I missed out on that. They are really keen on my feces, and the reason is, as they explained again last night before I fell asleep, that they need to understand what foods they can give to their hybrids. And if you think about it, it is a huge scientific task, to produce an offspring between alien and human, and to figure out how to make the food work. A lot of foods the hybrids can't handle. Cow's milk and yoghurt they say is fine, which is why - as we know cause I've told you so many times before - the aliens want me to eat these things so that they can suction it out of my stomach with a thin plastic tubing and feed that "vomit" basically to my hybrid children.

But I had the best time ever, hanging out with my two Reps and with Alabaster the IM, oh and also a Zeta showed me a mental image of a slice of button mushroom and then he bent down his head to show me his "mushroom head". Ever since I cooked with fresh button mushrooms a few weeks ago the Zetas have made "a thing out of it" to show me their big bald white heads and a mental image of button mushrooms. They totally made a thing out of it.

We don't like to eat them. - Hamish, probably about button mushrooms, otherwise about Zetas and button mushrooms
No, Hamish... - me
We like to eat our liver snacks. That is why I have come here. - Hamish
I'm glad you are here Hamish. You're the cutest Dragon there ever was. You're my Hamish. - me
Have you noticed that we don't have a color? - Zeta now asks me, about him being white
We won't fight with you! - Hamish to the Zeta, cause the Zeta was getting out of line by coming here