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May 06 2014 - October 13 2014

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Hamish Philosophy

October 13 2014, 6:50 PM - The other day in the morning my mother was sitting on the living room sofa watching something on television and I spotted Hamish standing right there, he was trying to talk to her telepathically he was saying to her that my bedroom door was "his" door. Luckily for mom, she could neither see nor hear inter-dimensional Dragon Turtle. I have caught Hamish trying to talk to her, telling her that it is "his bathroom" and so forth. I used to ask Hamish not to talk to mom, but nowadays I just think it is harmless.

The other day I was putting on some underpants in my room. "My underpants", said Hamish indicating to my yellow lace panties. He even claims my panties. He is being territorial, you see.

You know how Hamish has a thing for tomatoes? Well, because Hamish is red, he somehow assumes that tomatoes share some common ancestry or genes with him. Because tomatoes are red. So he can be quite protective about tomatoes, he would rather that I not eat any. So today I cooked a tomato-stock soup. Hamish was of course close by watching me in action. He says: "I like your breasts, because they look like tomatoes." And so this happens to be one of the all-time Hamish classics. It's just such a perfect Hamish comment.

If you have been reading, you might be able to decipher why Hamish just said that. If you don't know Dragon Turtle intimately like I do, you might be left confused. It was a subtle threat. He doesn't "like" my breasts at all. He was saying, in effect, "I regard tomatoes as a piece of myself, and I feel that it is threatening, or at least violating, that you would eat something that is the same color red as I. Therefore, what if someone were to say, that your breasts looked edible, and made the threat to eat you? So now you would know how I feel, when I see you cooking with tomatoes there." Get it? That is perfect Hamish philosophy. In fact he confirmed it to me seconds after, by elaborating on just that very fact.

This morning I was masturbating. Ok I said it everybody does it from time to time, except us alien abductees maybe less often because we have an audience watching and it's rude. And sure enough a Zeta came along to watch and brought along a hybrid little girl who was wearing a princess dress and Zeta was pointing its finger at my privates saying to her that that's where she came from (from my egg) and talking about how I was a flower or what. Of course I made some murder threats and the typical. But why I mention this, is because the Zetas told Hamish to go play soccer football with the little hybrid children with this little colorful plastic ball. They didn't want Hamish to stare at my business. So Hamish went along to play soccer ball with the kiddies.

(I hate writing personal stuff like that, but, I treat this as some kind of an important scientific documentary and journal on real alien contact. It's important. I can't just be shy about personal stuff because then we never get the whole picture of the alien behavior. What kind of a scientist omits information just because of modesty? I figure I'll be dead one day in the future, and then my embarrassments won't be a figure anymore. But the data lives on and then people know what happens when they sent Hamish to go play soccer ball, and why they did that.)

It's adorable. Hamish has played soccer ball with the kiddies on several occasions. You can't imagine how cute he is when he looks focused down towards a tiny little round ball beside his flat red duck feet and he decides to kick that little ball toward a tiny little toddler alien baby. I can't say enough how cute it is. Almost like when elephants play football. I nearly die every time I see it and I beg and beg them to let me play soccer ball with Hamish. I love this Dragon, if you haven't noticed.

I wanted my eggs, tell them. I don't want to let them ride on my back. Sometimes they try to do that. And then I say, No. I said No to them! To them to the little kiddies! - Hamish talks about the tiny hybrid toddlers, I love hearing about those little everyday episodes from Hamish's life
You cooked with my eggs. - Hamish, just as I'm about to formulate to him how much I love him he interrupts me and shows me his mental thought image of the tomatoes that were in the pot, he means that the red tomatoes were like "his eggs"
And I just sigh, and realize I am not going to argue at that.
My tomatoes. - Hamish says
They said, "Yeelp me!" - Hamish, about the tomatoes who were "dying" in the hot soup
Hamish. Tomatoes don't have thoughts. They don't think. - me, I can't believe I have to tell that to Dragon
... I love you Sock Dragon. I love you. - me

And last night I had a semi-aware alien abduction. It usually happens when I've been on dating sites, or thinking of going to some. I chatted to some guy yesterday, and then the aliens get so scared they try to "repair" things between us so that I won't "abandon them" and go out with some other guy. Cause they need my fertility there. I hate the Zetas and their filthy children. I just like Hamish. And Dinosaurs (Frogs). And Alpha Remulan Scorpions!!

Yes-No, Dragon Sock. - Hamish, he is meaning that I shouldn't call him "Sock", one of my pet names for him

By the way "Tik Tok" is something I would say to Hamish if I were his wife. That is why I am not allowed to say Tik Tok to him. Remember where Tik Tok came from? From that Yellow Dragon Turtle Lady who had made eggs with Hamish? So that is why Hamish asked me not to say Tik Tok. Because I am not a Dragon Turtle Lady. Too bad, it would have been such a good phrase. I'll just call him Sock Turtle.

Bad day - and Hamish claims virtual poo

October 08 2014, 6:49 PM - Heartfelt with Dragon:

I think of you so often... - Hamish
Oh Hamish, do you think of me often? I think of you often too. - me
... that it feels as if you have gone into my mouth. - Hamish

Badum-tish, Folks, badum-tish. That's Dragon Turtle for you. So basically he is saying that he keeps watching (and thinking) of me so much, that it almost feels as if he would be snacking on me, that he can almost taste me.

Hamish has been grumpy today. He has been glaring at me from afar with a really bad mood and temper. I offered to comfort him and make him feel better, he did not want to lighten his mood. He's angry because my Sims are fishing for goldfish and now lobsters. I have had this angry big red Dragon Turtle glaring at me all day. Grumpy grumpy Dragon. Dinosaur paid a visit, Hamish calls them "Frogs". I cooed at Dinosaur a bit cause he was so cute, and then I felt embarrassed for talking to him as if he were a puppy, but then I cooed some more cause he's that cute. Hamish is grumpy today.

My snacks!! Were eaten with me! Was that grumpy, you said? My snacks, Turtle? - Hamish
You're grumpy today. - me
My fish. - Hamish thinks about the goldfish in the video game

8:27 PM - Hamish is still grumpy. Turns out it's because of the lobster fishing in the game. He is worried that lobsters are taken to big fishtanks in restaurants and later eaten. Hamish is a big double-standard. He can kill and eat Dinosaurs and my hybrid children. But the thought of little lobsters or goldfish harmed makes him sad and concerned, and can make him grumpy at me (if he thinks it's my fault, like if I eat shrimp salad). Hamish doesn't get angry at me for no reason, I knew there must be a reason, because I've known this Dragon for 3 years. But now Hamish said something that just made my day:

In The Sims 3 there are metal pieces in nature which can be picked up and sold for money. Hamish is watching me and I'm at a place with lots of metal ores. They look like on this picture:

Hamish has been claiming things all day. He does that to show power. Sometimes I think he claims things when he is feeling a bit insecure, or uncomfortable, and he wants to assert grounds. Claiming things means that he says an object and says that it's his. "My table", "My bed", "My eggs", and so it goes. So now he saw the metal ores in the video game and he wanted to claim them as his. Only thing is, Hamish thought they were droppings. He said in my native language, about the metal ores: "My poo". It's funny cause he thought they were piles of poo. And it's funny cause he wanted to claim them, he was even being territorial to what he thought were piles of poo. God I love this Dragon. In his defense, his own poo are like piles like that, they actually have the shape of his poo, which is semi-solid and a bit runny and forms piles, not pieces. He's still unhappy at me because of the "lobster cages".

Can you take them out? I was seeing you take them. - Hamish, he shows me his mental image of when he has watched my Sims grab at the "poos" (metal ore) to grab them and how they disappear and are "taken". Hamish in his mental images, he sees colors but much more vividly than we humans do. Which is why he reacts so strongly to red color for instance. He is now wondering whether the Sims are eating the "poos" that they pick up. Now he wants to say to me to not take the poos into the river where the lobsters are (not that I would).

I couldn't make this up if I tried. He is a real Dragon from Alpha Draconis, and he shares his real thoughts with me. And sometimes, my dear friends, they are just priceless.

... ... They are not poo. - me to Hamish, in my native language
Why are they cleaned up? - Hamish in my native language (NL)
They are metals. - me (NL)
Is that so? - black Reptile big-eyed, cause these Reps mine for explosive metals so of course he would like that (NL)
Dear Reptiles, this is only a game. It is not happening. - me (English)
But I am watching you play it, for many hours. And they are trapping Hamish's. - Hamish, he means the lobsters (English)
Are they going away? Because, otherwise we could take them. - Hamish, means to alien abduct the Sims (English)
... In the game, those are metals. - me interrupted
They don't stink then. - Hamish
... No. They are metals and they are taken and sold for money. The game plays that way. They were not poo, and, they are not eaten. I love you Dragon. I would die for you. Anything for you. Hugs and cuddles. - me
My eggs said that to me. They said, 'hugs and cuddles' to me. - Hamish
They said, 'tik tok' to me. - Hamish

Eggs, what else?

October 07 2014, 12:00 noon - Last night I invited Hamish to climb up into my bed. I told him he could be on my comfy bed next to me and watch the eggs while I sleep. Every now and then he thinks I am asking him for sex, I guess I'm too persistent about cuddles, so I had to explain to him no you're an animal you're like a big cat or dog and they sleep next to humans in bed, so so should you. To my knowledge he didn't. Hamish likes the bathroom rug at nights, or he roams in Reptilian underground bases or in Japan.

When I woke up this morning a big red scaly dragon was telling me so clearly it was almost yelling, "My eggs!". He wants to make sure I know. I always tell him, "My Hamish!". And then Thuban came to say, "How haughty!" (or you could also translate as, "stuck-up"). My Big Dragon. Now I'm going to dance in my room and Hamish will be watching and getting all stressed out and he always roars at particular moves I make because he fears it will make the eggs fall out. Which they don't. Then eventually he asks a Dinosaur to take over his shift instead because he can't handle the stress.

Goldfish, Scrotums, Eggs, Penises, and Shrimp

October 05 2014, 10:37 AM - I saw Hamish very vividly in my dream. Somehow he nestled in there. When I woke up Hamish was in my room standing there just like he had in the dream. He was eager to tell me that I should not fish for goldfish in the rivers in the video game The Sims 3. He has been concerned again ever since I started fishing in the game again. He loves goldfish. It is their mesmerizing golden orange "scales" and something he loves about the goldfish tail. He won't let me hurt them or eat them in the game. I try to tell Hamish that the fish get food pebbles to eat and are not harmed in the game, that I just get money for finding them. But he doesn't want me to fish them. (Wait till he sees me catch a lobster in the game, then whooboy, whooboy we've been there before.)

The fish have eyes, to see with. That is why I help them. They are my little friends! So pebbles, yes! They make friends with mine. I was with them. They were with mine. - Hamish

I was channel surfing on the tv a while ago and Hamish gets interested in the 3D animated cartoon on one of the channels, so I stay on the channel to let Hamish watch it and to see what Hamish thinks. A big dog was running and seeing it triggered some emotions or thoughts in Hamish, so I let him continue to watch. I catch him trying to sneek a peek in between the legs of a 3D animated lemur he is expecting to see a little scrotum there (there is no scrotum). Later he looks at the three penguins and he is amused because he thinks they would poo. Then he wonders if any of the cartoon animals have females somewhere that would have eggs. Then he wonders about a white slender penis that one of the animals might have, of the same make as Hamish's own which Hamish keeps tucked away from sight inside the body (I've seen it maybe three times in the three years I've known him). Oh isn't he cute.

I love just hanging out with Hamish. I ate some shrimp salad the other day and Hamish was watching me at the toilet the other day, luckily I only peed and he said to me that the shrimp are still "stuck" in my bowels, he imaged there being still intact shrimp inside me, sometimes he acts as if the shrimp were still alive in my body. I was mean to say it but I told Hamish the truth that the shrimp have digested into proteins into a liquid soup and are no longer shrimp.

Yesterday Hamish asked me, if my Sims (human characters in the video game The Sims 3) had any "spoons and butter". He was suggesting for me to give the Sims, literally spoonfulls of butter to eat. So that they would not have to fish for fish.

Sex toys for Sims

September 29 2014, 7:43 PM - I am playing a video game The Sims 3 where you have a bunch of people who do life like getting careers, marrying and having children, building a house. Hamish watches me closely as I play. One of my Sims women is in town checking out some of the unmarried men to see if she might find a local future husband to raise a family. She finds a true match and they hit it off and flirt and kiss for a while until it's late and he doesn't feel like coming home with her, so they end the night there and Hamish watches as I bring the lady back to her home and she goes to bed. "Would she like to choose a sex toy?" says Hamish in my other language. "No Hamish, she wants a real man. No woman wants sex toys. She wants to find a real man and have children and raise a family.", I answer to Dragon.

Hamish says yes. - Hamish says now, standing behind my back lurking over at the screen
Yes about what? What is yes, Hamish? What did you mean? - me

Specifically Hamish said "dildo" but it translates better as just "sex toy". Hamish isn't really talking about sex, as we all know he is translating his thoughts of guarding eggs over to my Sims, probably to teach me a lesson in life? (For those of you who don't know, Hamish is a Draconian Reptile, he lives with me every day guarding my eggs because the Aliens make hybrid babies out of my eggs, which Hamish gets to eat as "snacks". He doesn't think I should have sex with men, and so he didn't think my video game Sims lady should either. Isn't that something? And I thought it was dang funny!)

Hamish? Why should the video game lady not marry a real man? Why did you say... sex toys? She wants to have children and a husband. - me
My tail was with it. With, Yes-No children!!! Yes-No! Or I will batter with it. - Hamish
That was not my game. It didn't have any Yes-No. - Hamish

He turned around his back to show me his back and rear and tail, then he spoke about his tail and the rest of it. Remember that Yes-No means a "Big No!". When Hamish turns around facing his back, butt and tail to a person, he is effectively hiding his persona, his face, his vulnerable personable side the head and face, and exposing his power status symbol the big back cushion hump. He rarely ever turns his back on me, actually.

I wasn't with that game, I said. I was watching them make the bread. - Hamish, oh, the bread means when the Sims have sex in bed and make babies, he is calling the babies bread, because he eats (hybrid) children, get it?

Oh Hamish, Hamish...

I would club them to death, I said. - Hamish about my Sims characters
Why? - me
They were not Turtles, they were my toast. - Hamish
My chewing gum. - Hamish

I love playing video games when Hamish is watching. When my Sims are running around the forests looking for items then he usually wants to catch them, their running triggers his hunting instincts and wanting to catch the running little things. Last night he asked me to remove all the chandeliers and lit candles and fireplaces from the Sims homes. Reptilians are afraid of fire.

*For the record there are no sex toys in The Sims 3. And I don't have any either. So I don't know where he gets that from. Oh, that's right. The Zetas have a bunch of them, but let's not go there.

and Zeta comes to talk about brain soup and other delectable topics!

September 29 2014, 3:12 PM - I am ready to get out on the dating scene and was wondering to myself what my ideal lovelife would be like. "Multiple non-palate-clicks", says rude Hamish and interrupts me. Yeah. Life with a Dragon turtle who guards my eggs. Let's talk to him:

Hamish? How are you today? What have you been doing today, where have you been? Hamish, tell me, talk to me, about your day I said? - me
I was courageous not to ask you what you swallow. - Hamish
What? - me

Which reminds me, yesterday Hamish told me it was ok for me to give oral sex to a man. Because I must have been wondering about getting back to that dating scene. I really think he should stop interfering with my personal life. I mean he is my best friend and all, but I've been single long enough. I mean he said that because he just means I shouldn't risk getting pregnant, and, oral sex is obviously safe. Silly Dragon Poo. I've told him I use contraception and I won't be getting pregnant. But he says it's their "genetics" in there, in me I mean, in my private space. I should probably ask to resign from this project. But how could I live without Hamish and Alpha Remulan Scorpions? Of course, I am going to go on dates and Hamish is just going to have to deal with it.

I've been on some dates since Hamish entered my life 3 years ago. I guess I'm too involved with the guy that I don't even think of Hamish or hear him or anything at all. And Hamish doesn't fuss at me about having sex like days afterwards. He seems to just accept that it happened.

We don't want you to have sex either. Given, since, it is our same project. The Alpha Remulans! - Dinosaur was snickering or smiling at me, then he said, and he was upset about the Remulans

There is this funny awesome situation between me and the Alien Team. You see, I love the Alpha Remulans. They are these huge brown stick insects that look pretty much like scorpions. They tell me how they used to live on a planet in forests where the forest floor was covered in thick brown mud and they climbed trees. Remulan Scorpions poo constantly and wherever they slowly crawl by they leave a trail of poo after them like a slug does on the ground. So all of the Aliens there go hysterical. The Remulans are kept locked up in a big room and not allowed to go anywhere out in the facilities, because of that poo situation. But I kind of love these charming insects, they have fantastic charming and delightful personalities! They were stolen from their home and added into this mad "Noah's Ark" that the Aliens are doing. That's why they have so many alien races there.

We also use them to feed. - Hamish or other ET, about the Remulans
Are they Remulans or Reticulans? - me
They were our noisiest companions once, but then they were told to be quiet, Hinch! - Hamish, hinch means "no"
They were told to not ruin our operating theatres. - Hamish
I know. They poo everywhere. - me
And then they like to live there! - Hamish
I love them. I want to meet them. I want to spend time with them together. Are they dangerous? - me
No, but we could electricute them if they were. - Black Reptilian
I want to come and see them. - me
So, tell them, slither hither. - Hamish, oh how cute!
They're one of my favorites there. - me
They weren't given any earthquakes like we were. - Thuban, yes and that is right, the Thubans were "evacuated" (stolen away, taken) after first using explosives to make "earthquakes"
When can I visit the aliens? IT'S NOT FAIR! I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE! I want to visit Remulans! - me
They don't give you any sugar here! - says Thuban, meaning literal sugar, and he opens his mouth to simulate a great big smile, exposing the yellow baleen
I don't want sugar there. I want Remulans. The brown scorpions. I like them. - me
We don't drive them around. - Dinosaur about Remulans, the image of a cart pushed by a Dinosaur, that the Remulan would or would not be pushed in a cart
Well, I like them. A lot. - me
They can't be given to you, they are not your birthday presents! - Thuban says, opens its mouth to simulate a great big smile, but radiates nervosity as he says this

I've been telling Hamish lately that if I ever become a mother I would want my baby to either be a Dragon Turtle (red or yellow), a Dinosaur or an Alpha Remulan Scorpion. Or a Locust, but then the Locusts grow into adult size (and they are huge!) inside of big see-through white organic casings, and they are fed products that come from poo, latrine, yes, while they are still growing in the pods. Maybe after too, I don't dare to ask. It's one big ecosystem over there.

We have big cities, with us in them. And we are fed with the worst! The fallout droppings! They won't give us any of their best grubs. So we only get nothing else to eat. We only get the worst kind. We were made to be here, therefore. We were fallen out. We were taken out, of the grubs! - Locust

Yes, there are probably millions and millions of Locusts, and whole big cities filled with them and adult-size pods. But Locusts are not what you'd think. They are persons, magnificent entities really. They didn't choose this fate, or where to be born. I like them, a lot. Anyway, Hamish doesn't let me have sex, and I want to adopt a baby Turtle, Dinosaur, Remulan or Locust. Tik Tok for now.

A little Zeta shows up. I tell him he's cute and that I am not afraid and that I was never afraid of them. He puts a little metal triangle into the left palm of my hand, but only in his thoughts, but it is a very vivid experience and I can almost touch the metal. Its edges are smooth not sharp, and it is not flat it is thick. Along the outline is a line running just a few millimeters away from the edge. It is black and grey in color. It is not shiny or smooth like the "perfect crisp" metals we are used to seeing on Earth, like steel for instance. Instead it feels soft, brittle even, almost that you could crumble it to pieces with your warm fingers. It is not shiny, but dull.

We use it for our implants. Would you like to know if you have any? One decides where you walk, we are very dominant. - little Zeta says, the black that covers his eyes shines with a white band of reflection of his surroundings, and here I thought he was going to be a friendly critter, that we were going to have a pleasant encounter and exchange. But they have always chosen to be vicious.
That is because we were designed to be better. We are better than the human race! - Zeta in response that I said "vicious"
We take you when you sleep and dream. - Zeta, the deepest darkest black pool over its eyes, of course I know by now that those are glasses, or lens coverings over their eyes to protect their vulnerable self
Why can't you be nice? - me
We don't want you to know where you have an implant. One makes you give better babies for us. And one makes you imagine us better. And then, we come here, and we are dominant, we want dominion. We look at you, and make you suicidal. Do you know why? We make better humans here. You are all going to be wiped out. - Zeta
What a potty mouth you are. You're full of shit. - me
We are the Zetas. We are left behind. We were full of "shit", she said? - Zeta
You're being rude, I meant. Look, "Mister"... - me interrupted
Humans and Draconians don't mix. Given since one eats the other. You are prey for them. Don't you want to be afraid of that? - Zeta
They won't eat me. So, no, I won't be afraid. Hamish protects me, and my eggs. - me
You are on their dinner plate! - the Zeta laughs and rubs his belly in circles
I don't care, humans eat cows and pigs. Anyhow. What do Zetas eat? - me
Little children. We eat their entrails. - Zeta
What parts specifically? - me
Did you notice that we have a very small mouth? We don't have any good oral orifices. So we eat through our backside. We sit in our grub. - Zeta shows me its tiny mouth which he opens and it doesn't open very much
Then why do you have a mouth? - me
We speak through it. - Zeta
But you are telepathic? Do you speak also with your mouth? - me
I am the dominant race here. - big ol' Hamish displays his full body to the Zeta, because Zeta is taking too many liberties here, or just a reminder to him that Hamish is in charge
Hello Hamish. I am talking to Zetas, about life. - me
My dominant species! - Hamish says and opens his mouth, a sure sign of dominating and showing power (even though I think his mouth is cute, toothless like that of a fish)
Hello Zeta. - me
We don't have any nostrils, so you won't catch me breathing on you. - Zeta
Do you have a name? - me
No, but I am friends with Lasarus. - Zeta
Watch out! - Hamish scares the Zeta
We have your little boys here. - Zeta
I know. I don't care about them. There was a time when I cared, and that nearly killed me. In case anyone wonders why I don't care about them. - me
We don't feed them that, we feed them gruel! It was specially taken, for them. - Zeta, "that" is an image of brown cooked steak
What is in the gruel? - me
Your stomach contents. - Zeta, just as I thought. They always suction my meals out through my nose and stomach with a plastic tubing suction device and feed this to my hybrid children. Remember that time when a hybrid child was given my digested chickpeas and she was having a real difficulty with it? The Aliens always tell me to consume milk because it is the best for them to suction out and feed to the children. So I guess I knew this. If it makes you sick, just think "mommy birds feed their baby birds this way" and count to three.
How do you make enough "gruel" just from my stomach contents? - me
We also take liquids out of your brain. And stir fry them. And that makes delicious juice, soups. We lay down and drink them. Delicious! Soups! - Zeta, and just when we thought it couldn't get worse, or creepier
What does it taste like? Once when I was a teen the Zetas let me taste something odd and then when I asked they said that it was "pancreas". I didn't like it. - me
We like the juice! - Zeta, he is a little Zeta by the way, and Lasarus is a tall Zeta, tall and short ones are different in many ways
So you sit in a vat with organs and body fluids from hybrid children, and you absorb the nutrients through your butt, through your skin? Because you don't eat through your mouths? Could you not drink through that small "oral orifice" anyway? So hey, you drink my brain fluids? What do you find in there? What is in the human brain, that is so "delicious"? So you are parasites. - me
We don't like to be called that. We fast often too. Sometimes we don't get to grub! Or eat anything for a long time! So when we do, it is a Feast. And we gather everyone around. And then everyone gets to eat. - Zeta
Couldn't you have food farms instead? - me
Look! You are not a pet! - Zeta
.. Well, just make sure that Hamish gets to eat plenty. He is my Sock Turtle. I love Hamish, take good care of him, he is my Dragon Turtle. - me
Little Zeta? Next time when I'm there could you personally come to see me and wake me up please? I would like to meet you there please. - me

Whatever, life just got weirder. At least it's Aliens, it's not me. Should I get Hamish that rubber chicken chew toy?

Do you have any chew toys for me?

September 27 2014, 10:25 PM - I have been living with a big red Dragon Turtle since August 2011, and that makes three years now. When you live together with someone, you really get to know each other intimately and well. Here is just one of the millions of reasons why I love Dragon Turtle:

When I opened my eyes this morning and woke in bed, you know thinking about my day and stuff, Dragon Turtle Hamish asks me, "Do you have any toys?" I say to Hamish, "Sure, of course I have some toys." I'm sure I could find some old toys somewhere, Lego, dolls, anything, so, sure! "Do you have any chew toys for me?", Hamish asks.

"No, but I could buy some for you?", I say. Hamish tells me both in words and images that he wants the chicken dog chew toy. Yes, that one exactly. For the record, we have never owned one so we must wonder where has Hamish been introduced to those? So he knows they exist and he wants one. In fact he tells me he wants two of them. He would lay them down flat on his bathroom ruggie along the short border away from the wall. And he talks about "my heart", "my blood", and he thinks about how he would lay one of his feet flat down on the chicken. Hamish does that to prey, he will put one foot down on his prey. He also puts a foot down on objects that he "dominates", "owns", once or twice he has put a foot down on me but without the intent of eating me, so it means both things.

I love him because he's a big Dragon Turtle yet he wants to play with a chicken chew toy. Just one of the MILLIONS of reasons why I love him. I will buy him one if he promises to actually play with it. Let's ask,

I would dominate it yes, you said. I WOULD LIKE to LIKE IT. I would dominate it yes. My chicken? Tik Tok. - Hamish, Tik Tok means palate click, it is a sound he would make with his palate a kind of click which means that he is pleased, nowadays he just says the words "Tik Tok" instead, since only a few days back
Hamish? If I buy you a chicken chew toy, would you promise to play with it? - me
It doesn't have any feathers on it. - says Hamish and thinks about putting his one foot down on such a chicken as if it were down on the border of his white bathroom ruggie where he nests
... I LOVE YOU Hamish. I can't say anything else to that. - me
I would take its throats. - Hamish
Where did you see one? - me
I was going to say Tik Tok to it. My palate clicks. I wasn't going to hate with it. My palate clicks! My ovum, was first. - Hamish, first when I asked the question his eyes closed into the narrow horizontal slit and he closed his nostrils, the face he makes lately whenever I ask him a question
Hamish? Why do you want a chicken chew toy? - me
My eggs. Were made with it. Mine, I was said therefore. Mine. Mine, it was made for me, mine. My Socks, said locusts. They said it was not mine, it was not benign. - Hamish, the locusts are another type of aliens, large praying mantis or grasshoppers, and Socks is a reference to Hamish because I call him by the pet name Sock Turtle
Hamish, you are the best. I can buy you a chicken chew toy, .. - me interrupted
My eggs. - Hamish
Does it have eggs? - me, although I already know the answer

Hamish responds by giving me his mental image where he has put his one foot down on a chicken if it were down on the edge of his bathroom ruggie. Forget dogs, forget little children. Hamish is the cutest.

Tell them that I won't give it sexual pleasure. Otherwise they might think so. - Hamish adds a minute later, this one translated from my other language, he means you readers probably. Shame on you readers! Who would think that about Hamish and the plastic chicken?? Just to be clear, I know Hamish and I knew all along that this was about domination and prey, not about sex. He's so cute.

Tik Tok, Babies

September 24 2014, 7:05 PM - I was napping in bed while thinking about how my maternal instincts have been waking to life. I am well past 30 and don't have any children yet, or a husband, and I was wondering what it would be like being pregnant and having childbirth and nursing a baby and having a husband and raising a family and being a mother. It's like my woman instincts are telling me all about it.

Sure enough, Dragon Turtle Sock (pet name, his name is Hamish)

I was not a Sock, I told them. I am traveling. I was not a Sock, I said to them. I was not one. - Hamish likes to tell you readers, not that he knows who any of you are

So sure enough, Dragon Turtle Sock was listening in on my thoughts and feelings. Like he always does. Cause he is guarding the eggs. Appears a large yellow Dragon Turtle female in the other dimension where the Dragon Turtles are, but they can connect our two places so that we are close. Somehow it does that. Oh she was wonderful. It is a kind of mellow mustard yellow, and otherwise quite just like Hamish. I've known there to be fire engine red ones (like Hamish) and then there are yellow ones (like Yellow Turtle). She tells me, "I am Hamish's mother", but I suspected that she meant that she was made a mother by Hamish, and I was right. Hamish has eggs with this lady turtle! (Hamish has also had a nest of eggs with another red Dragon Turtle Lady before, but that's another story. And Hamish's mother is red, Hamish's father was yellow.)

The Yellow Lady Turtle tells me that, since I have given my eggs and babies to the Dragon Turtles, they are now giving me some of theirs. I was shown a tray with tiny Dragon Turtle eggs in perfect rows, perhaps four or five in a row, and five or so rows in total. The eggs were smaller than I thought they would be, and just like in the nest with the Red Turtle Lady, the eggs are camouflaged with dark green splotches against a beige or light green background. The eggs looked frail and to have a soft casing which would easily give in to pressure if pressed against. The Yellow Turtle lifted a baby Dragon Turtle into her hands and held it like a mother holds a baby and she intended to let me borrow it against my bosom, because I had had thoughts earlier of nursing my own (human) baby.

The Yellow Lady Turtle was divine, a beautiful creature. They are gorgeous. Huge in size, they stand on two legs and have a hunched posture making them look like a camel (but on two legs). They are very soft and massively cute!

The Dragon Turtle race is not that. - Hamish objects immediately, cause I said they are "cute"
Hamish opens his mouth to look ferocious, not realizing that he only looks cuter with that soft fleshy toothless mouth pointing right at me like a fish that I want to cuddle snuggle.
So we were not the cute race. - Hamish adds to that
We were not the cute race, not benign. Not Socks! Not benign, I said to it. - Hamish adds
Did you say to it, "Tik Tok?" - Yellow Turtle Lady asks Hamish about if he had said that to me
No, I did not say to it "Tik Tok". - Hamish answers to the Yellow Lady Turtle
"I was not benign", I said to it. Not, Tik Tok! She was not my woman. She said. Not Tik Tok, I said to her. She was not mine. I was not impregnating her, with the Locusts. I was only showing her where you sleep. And my baby young ones. My younglings! - Hamish *** see explanation below
Thank you Hamish! - me
Tik Tok! - Hamish is quick to say to me in response, pleased
This was my gardening, I said to her, my scene. - Hamish tells me that he has told Yellow Lady about me and this place here
Tik Tok... - me, although I'm not entirely sure of what that means
My palate clicks, it meant. - Hamish, aha and just as I thought

***When Hamish there said ""I was not benign", I said to it", he was telling Yellow Lady that he had said that to me, and "Not, Tik Tok!", he tells her that he did not say that to me. "She was not my woman. She said.", Hamish was now telling me that the Yellow Turtle had told Hamish that she is not his woman. And Hamish had said "Not Tik Tok", to the Yellow Turtle, that he hadn't said Tik Tok to me. "She was not mine", that Yellow Turtle wasn't Hamish's wife or what not. "I was not impregnating her, with the Locusts. I was only showing her where you sleep.", that Hamish was not having babies with Yellow Lady, and the Locusts seem to have been some kind of associates there, Hamish was just showing the Lady where I sleep, and showing me his babies!

Isn't Hamish great? I love him to little pieces, but we've already established that fact. Hamish has only since the past week or so started saying Tik Tok! And just as I guessed, it means "palate click". It is the sound of palate click, which means that he is pleased.

Like yesterday I was wondering about going on a date with someone and finding me a boyfriend and starting dating again. Hamish showed me a close-up mental image of his where he was showing me and making sure I see, that yes human men have a scrotum, which is a no-no. It is his eggs, you see. I tell him I won't get pregnant even if I were to be so rude to have sex. He told me today when we had that discussion, "My sandwiches!" about my womb. Namely, if you haven't already figured out:

Hamish is an Extraterrestrial Reptilian of the "old Draconian race", namely he has a back pack he called it last time. A Dragon hump back, of which Dragon is very proud. He is gorgeous. But the Alien Team make hybrid babies between my eggs and some Zeta alien hybrid genetics and Hamish's job is to guard my eggs from being stolen by other alien teams. Namely Hamish is strong and he chases away any other Reptilians who are after the eggs. In return Hamish gets to eat some "lunches and snacks", namely he drags some of my hybrid children in the other dimension to a river, stands on their back until they drown in the water, and eats some delectable bits and pieces of their organs. That is what Hamish does. So I can't have sex. Tik Tok.

Hamish saw a documentary about volcanoes and lava in the inner earth the other day and for the next few days he has been having flashbacks, I was in the bath today when he showed me a mental image from the show and he said "Yes-No" I think he said. Yes-No, in case you haven't been reading old posts, it simply means NOO!!!! I told Dragon that I would guard him and take all the lava away and I would protect him. I would make all the lava in the world go away so Hamish would be safe. Love my Sock Turtle, Tik Tok Hamish!

I forgot to say that when Yellow Lady Turtle showed up I did some palate clicks at her. And the other day I gave Hamish a mental image where I was hugging him on his shoulder. Hamish got startled and said something like "My girl will not bite me!" because he thought I meant I was going to bite him. I told him I was only intending to hug or kiss him which ever it was. It pains me that I will never get to hug and cuddle him. There was that time in the far beginning

I was their old grandfather, I said to them. Blub Blub, they said to me. They said Blub to me. They made a sound, of eggs, a sound of eggs! My sons were there. - Hamish says to me, when he says "My sons were there" his upper eyelids close he is smiling like only a father would. He talks here about his eggs.
I love you Hamish. And your eggs! - me
I was their proud grandfather once. - Hamish
I am proud of you Hamish, about eggs. - me
My snacks! My gene pool! My sadness They were eaten before, but I said no, stop it! - Hamish
Who ate your eggs? Who ate Dragon S.. Turtle eggs? - me, almost said Sock there
They said Blub Blub to me. "My gardening", they were told to be. - Hamish, and I see him, he is gorgeous, in a Dragon kind of way which cannot be gorgeous at all

That time when we first met and he wrestled me. And that other time when he leant against me to dry his scales against my face when he had gotten himself accidentally wet in the shower with me. Those are the only times we've really ever touched, or snuggled. I wish I could just squeeze him. Today Hamish showed me to one or two different US military officers and he was offering me for them to have sex with, it's part of this stupid genetics thing. The guys talked to me, but they wouldn't tell me what is going on really. Anyhow, Tik Tok!


September 08 2014, 7:38 AM - I placed some healthy seeds into my food processor to soak for a while with water before I add the fruit and make a healthy morning slurpie. Well Hamish goes to the food processor and asks me if he can put some of his shedded bits of scales in there. I yell at him, "Hamish Noo!!! you can't put your scales in there!!! if you do I will be ANGRY!!! at you Hamish!!!" This is the first time ever in three years that I've raised my voice at Dragon.

Interestingly here is how he reacts to my scolding him: he doesn't get upset too, my upset is not contageous to him (as it would in a human, if you yell at a human he or she is more than likely to get stressed out and upset too). He is also not frightened or put off by my yelling, as a human child would be. I was quite surprised that he can take a yelling without as much as a twitch or a shudder. I was always careful never to yell at Dragon because I never wanted to hurt or to upset him, but he is absolutely undeterred, he stands his ground calm and mentally stable as before, perfectly so. I was quite surprised, he is definitely not a human.

I hurry over to the blender and screw on the cap to prevent Dragon from placing any of his shedded white bits of Dragon scales into my brekfast, realizing that it might be too late he has more than likely already slipped some in there damn it... And then Hamish doesn't abandon his idea of doing that and he tells me "well you eat crustaceans anyway", he means that I eat shrimp which I do from time to time.

Now, here's what you need to know about Big Red Dragon Turtle. He thinks he is related to shrimp and crustaceans, and that means also lobster and crab and anything like it. When I eat these critters he gets very sad and disgusted and talks about it for about two days after that. It's like I ate his Aunt. It's got something to do with the fact that crustaceans have a harder outer core which can be peeled off. He relates to himself having a harder exterior skin which sometimes goes white in patches (or all over when he's really in shedding season) and falls off or is pealed off. But I think there's more to it than that, he has shown me mental images of a red crustacean from another planet living in the water and he says it is his ancestor, and that large red flat sea figure sure certainly looks a heck of a lot like Hamish would you believe it or not. So it could be true.

Now all of you who know Hamish you know that he likes to leave his shedded bits here and there in my home, they are in the other dimension. Dinosaur has explained to me that the atoms of their bodies oscillate at a different frequency than do all the atoms in our human world and that is why they are out of reach in another parallel reality, why their atoms are both see-through and pass-through for us.

You also cannot smell us I said. - Hamish
But Hamish I want to be with you. - me
We won't have that discourse. - Hamish, aha a big word
We won't have that discourse I said. - Hamish
Hamish wasn't angry at you. So why was you? - Hamish
Because you wanted to put your shedded bits into my breakfast soup. I didn't want to eat your shedded scales I said. I didn't want to eat Dragon scales. - me

Hamish laughs because his lower eyelids close upward close to the center of his eyes, that is a Reptilian laughter, he is amused.

My flower. - Hamish says in my native language
My flower, has been found. - Hamish in both my other two languages

When he calls me flower it is because I have eggs that can be fertilized, to the aliens it's like pollinating a flower or working in a garden, they totally ignore the fact that mammal sexuality and motherhood are sensitive issues that can - when wrongly dealt with - cause a great deal of psychological damage.

My flower, has said. - Hamish in my native language (NL)

So. About the scales. I don't know if he slipped some in there, but he might have. Perhaps he was doing it out of spite, kind of like, "you're so mean for eating shrimp and my other close relatives so you might as well eat some of my Dragon scales cause it's the same thing, so see if you like that!" Kind of that kind of thing, I think. Out of spite and revenge, but mildly so. Then he picked up his tail into his hands (something which he does rarely, as the tail mostly just kind of hangs there unattended to) and said to me that the particular scales in question had come from his tail. And as I continued yelling at him he closed his eyes in the way that when the Black Reptilian does it means "pacifist". Because if you yell at a Reptilian and he closes his eyes fully or very nearly almost fully then it means that he is showing to you that he is calm and that he doesn't want to fight, he is showing to you that he is not angry, when he sees that you or someone else is being angry, he is showing kindness and mildness. (As a matter of fact cats do that too. When a cat faces you and closes its eyes he is saying that he wants kindness. Reptilians do it the same way.)

Oh Dragon Turtle you are the joy of my life but I really don't want to eat your other-dimensional scales.

My speed-bump. - Hamish about his back hump, ha ha! It's the first time he has said that about it! Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha. A speed bump. And last night I wrote an email to the guy I lived with before he who lives close to a pond that has turtles, and Hamish always remembers that turtle pond and shows me mental images of the turtle "ladies" (he calls them ladies, he tells me they are ladies, and sure enough he did this time too!) because he remembers that. And, again he was bothered by the fact that the turtles poo into their pond water and then swim in the water with their poo that gets into their eyes and mouth, he says. So he was communicating that to me, his distress over this fact and wanting me to perhaps solve it. He has wanted me to go there to that pond with a small shovel or spade and scoop out the turtle poo to save the ladies.

I don't want to eat extra-dimensional alien dragon scales with my breakfast smoothie processed in a blender into fine dust. He has a habit of sprinkling shedded bits into my bath water - when I am in the bath. Or sometimes he washes a whole big sheet of scales in my bath, but that is fine I have told him he can. (Even though there is more often than not his pee on those shedded scales. Because he places sheets of his scales on the bathroom rug like mats and he steps on them stomp stomp squash squash with his feet and he pees on them, I'm not kidding. Then he washes them. I'm not kidding, I've watched his behavior now for three years.) And sometimes he has some bits of scales neatly placed down on the bookshelf. He has placed some in my clothes. And every now and then when he thinks it is a "special moment" he will carefully lay a distinguished and carefully selected sheet of his finest scales either on my belly or somewhere else on my body. I shall never forget that night when Hamish layed out his largest and nicest sheet of scales on my lower belly like a white floppy sheet of rubber. I could feel it against my naked skin, and even though it had some of his pee on it, it kind of felt like a cozy moment between Hamish and me. It meant something to him, it was a gesture on his part, and it was one of those moments between Dragon Turtle and human woman that are one of the many things that bond us in a close relationship that is deeper than friendship, deeper than any connection to another living being that I've ever known or felt. I love this Dragon, but love isn't the word for it because it goes deeper.

But I really don't want to eat his dragon scales put there in that blender. You're all wondering what I am going to do. I am going to tell myself that those seeds I already put in are rather expensive so I don't want to chuck those out. And his Dragon scales, if any, are in another dimension so the atoms don't touch my atoms. It's still kind of gross and highly upsetting. It's kind of on par with the times when various Dragons - not sure if my Hamish has - have offered me to drink their Dragon blood so that we would "be as one". I really love my Dragon Hamish. But my love for him doesn't border on wanting acts of cannibalism. Let's ask him:

Hamish? Have you put scales into my drink? - me
You have not drunk it. - Hamish (NL)
But Hamish, did you put your scales into my food cup? Did you put some in it? - me
I wasn't going to, no. I was only wondering, if any would fall in there from my tail. Because my tail was shedded, and I got really close to your cup. - Hamish in English again
But Hamish! I thought you said that you would put your scales into there! Oh I am so sorry that I got angry at you! - me
It was very sharp. - says Hamish and holding his tail, worried for the safety of his tail, "sharp" in my other language

Aha, so there we have it. He didn't put any of his scaly shedded bits into my food processor.

I wanted to watch you have oatmeal instead. Because it doesn't have any sharp bits. Oh, aw, my tail! My buttercups was here. - Hamish

He had only been watching me closely and he had been wondering what if some of his scales would end up there. Because he had phrased it sort of like this: "If I put my scales in there would they be extracted?" Aha so he was only being worried and wondering. The funny thing about Hamish is that he was standing real close to that machine and peeking in to look inside of it, when in fact he is actually scared of the sharp blades in there. He had expressed some worry about the sharp blades the other day too. Hamish is very scared of sharp and dangerous things and he will express his worry. Like a sewing needle that I forget on the counter, or the sewing machine when it is taken out (the needle in it). He is also scared of candles. Oh Hamish! I was angry at you and I yelled and scolded you and you never did anything wrong! My beautiful Dragon!

Oh Hamish! I love you! I was angry at you and I am sorry I apologise! - me
My feet, wasn't with dragons. My feet was with buttercups. My buttercups was not angry at me, she said. - Hamish

Oh Hamish. And when he said "feet" he was thinking of a mental image of his red dragon feet. Again he calls me buttercups and flower because of my eggs. Hamish! He has taken my apology! Oh Dragon I have yelled at you and I am so sorry! Luckily he wasn't nervous or hurt by my yelling, he was completely unaffected by my yelling it seems. I love Hamish.

My buttercups wasn't angry, and it was yelling. I was only holding my tail, because of ouch! - Hamish

My Turtle Sock Dragon. My beautiful Hamish, how I love you so. I guess it's ok then, except that I yelled at Dragon. He was just holding his tail and being worried about the sharp blades, that is all he did. And I yelled at my greatest true love when he was just feeling afraid about the blades, how could I do such a thing?

Hamish? You are safe here with me. I will protect you from everything that could harm you or that could scare you. I protect you here. Even from the Santas and Spiderman. I love you Turtle Sock, I protect your tail. - me
Yes, No, Hinch! - Thuban says about something

The Thuban is funny. It's this big white dolphin-locust with a serious attitude. Hinch means No, it's so funny to deal with this creature I can't even tell you. She's one sassy bitch and the strangest creature too. The Thubans used to live in the seas of Alpha Draconis and were picked up by Reptilians, slightly genetically modified so that they can live on land, and they use their long smooth boomerang-shaped arms like icepicks to haul their body forward. Their eyes are really bizarre and one can move irrespective of the other, the eyes rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise like adjusting a set of binoculars. And its mouth has a curtain of soft yellow baleen with orange hairs. They must drink some kind of nutritious soup with small food particles, and sometimes I see the Thuban open its mouth and suck on the baleen, sucking a liquid that has adhered to the baleen from a previous meal.

The Thubans can be hysterical, they get upset and stressed out constantly. They are forced to work there, but they aren't any nice to me. We get into a lot of arguments. I try to be nice to aliens, because they are aliens. But me and Thuban just don't work out. We get into yelling matches all the time, mostly - if not only - about the hybrid children. But also the fact that Thuban is always sassy and she is always already in a bad mood when she meets me. It is very rare to even get this creature to soften up by giving it compliments. Sometimes Thuban goes quiet and seems to "blush" a bit if I say a bunch of nice things to it. But it's been really impossible to build any kind of affectionate relationship or friendship with this thing. Oh well at least I have Hamish. Hamish was showing me power a few nights ago by lifting me up this way and that on the bed. And sometimes when I contact Hamish wanting some contact then he maneuvers my body to hunch down like his own body hunches down, it is also a dominating posture that he puts me in. He loves to show power, and I love it when he shows it to me. I love when Dragon handles me and tosses and turns me this way and that! My Turtle Dragon. Damn I love that Dragon.

Dragon coo

July 29 2014, 10:08 AM - Guess who yanked me out of bed this morning? HAMISH!!! I was struggling how to get out of bed this morning, so tired and sooo lazy... So I do what I do always in the morning, I talk to Dragon Turtle a bit. I think what I did was say "My Honored Hamish", he likes that really much. So he got excited and hoisted me up from bed in a swift quick pull. Oh it was great, and that finally managed to get me out of bed. Thank you Dragon!

Hamish I love you. Eggs. Eggs and Hamish. - me
Yes, mine, Dib Dib. Eggs are mine I said. - Hamish

Dib Dib comes from Dinosaur language. Deb Deb means "Yes" in the Dinosaur language. Dam Dam means "No". I think Dib Dib means something positive, maybe it means like "Yeah".

What does Dib Dib mean? What is Dib Dib? - me, though I've heard it used a few times before
Dib Dib means Yes. - Hamish, though he said "Yes" in my other language
Dib Dib means Yes. - Hamish, again "Yes" in my other language
I love you Dragon. I love you. - me

Just more Dragon coo, as, why not?

Hugs from Hamish

July 11 2014, 11:00 AM - Oh last night my Dragon Turtle came to lift me up in bed! I had asked Hamish would he please come and lift me up because I missed it so? Hamish showed up and I saw this fire engine red Dragon Turtle back hump and all and he got really close and he turned me over on all fours and lifted me up on bed! Oh I was so happy it was the best. It's one of my favorite funs, to be lifted up by my best friend in the world a red Dragon Turtle named Hamish. I was eating the shrimp salad yesterday and he came to tell me something about their "eyes", I think Hamish said "my eyes". He worries that the shrimp are still alive and can see, I tell him they're long since dead, he doesn't understand. It bothers him a lot that I eat shrimp.

Hamish? Yes-No, you are not a shrimp. - me


July 09 2014, 8:18 PM - I've eaten a lot of shrimp and now Hamish has been avoiding me for days because of that. He is adamant that the little shrimp are part of his race, which they are not. You'd think I ate his own little babies.

I miss my Turtle Sock by now. After a few days without him I start aching for his company and presence. His soft red scales, "goosebumps", and that little Sock Puppet head of his with a perfect row of pairs of orange buttons. The back hump, and those Kissy Duck Feet. His soft fleshy mouth without any teeth, two little nostrils, and big yellow headlight eyes that close lower eyelids when he laughs and upper eyelids when he is happy or flattered. I won't do much longer without Sock Turtle. It's like losing a best friend or pet, or it's like not having any water to drink for days.

Hamish? When will you come back to me? - me
Yes-No, I am not soft. You said that I was soft. A Dragon. - Hamish
Hamish? I miss you. Is it because of the shrimp? Have you been avoiding me? - me
Yes, because you ate me on sandwiches. - Hamish about the shrimp (I didn't eat shrimp on sandwiches, for the record)
But Hamish, you are not a shrimp. I don't understand? - me
I was eating a locust. - Hamish
Are you eating the locusts? Why? - me
Because my eggs haven't been kidnapped. - Hamish
What are you talking about? Can't you eat my eggs because I ate shrimp and now you can't eat them? I miss you Hamish. You're my Turtle Sock Turtle. My Hamish, I said. I love Hamish Hamish Hamish. I miss you Turtle Sock. I miss you so much. When will you come and lift me up in bed again? Or stand with your Duck Feet on the pink bathroom ruggie? When will you do those things? Or show me your shedded scaly bits? I wanted to see your scales. - me

Damn I miss Hamish so much I can't stand it for much longer.

I would take you up in an elevator? If you miss Hamish so much? - Hamish
I miss Hamish. I will go up the elevator. I want to come now. NOW! I miss you NOW! I miss Hamish NOW! - me
Yes-No, we don't want trouble. - Hamish
Yes-No, I miss Hamish! - me

He does the face where he closes his nostrils and both upper and lower eyelids into a narrow line. Cute Sock Turtle. I'm addicted to this creature called Hamish.

Green Reptilian visits the Red Dragon's Egg Nest


June 23 2014, 11:33 AM - The night before last the Aliens showed me in mental images a hybrid alien man. Oh it was fantastic to see him. He was green and therefore either Dinosaur or Reptilian DNA. He talked to me, he had just been taken out of the water tank where they are grown a month ago. The Zetas wanted to find out if he was able to reproduce and that is why they brought us together, bah. He had barely any genitals but he didn't want to show them to me, he said. They are going to terminate him afterwards. I protested. Even the hybrid alien said he understands that he is to be terminated if he is the wrong genetics. I protested and swore I would cut my own ovary out with a knife and destroy it if they kill that person.

I continued to ask the following day, which was yesterday, about the alien man. The Zetas after a while reluctantly suggested, that perhaps he could be let to live in one of the underground alien cities. I prohibit them from killing this man. Let him live.

Yesterday evening I noticed a green Reptilian sneaking around, he asked me whether it was ok for him to look at me. I said sure it is fine. This morning he was with me in my room and he did the conquest. He jumped over me and wrestled me around "to show power". This is a Reptilian greeting. Every single Reptilian I ever had in my life, first started out by watching me closely for approximately two days, then without warning when they calculate it is ok the Reptilian jumps on top of a person and wrestles them around. It is a thing to test each other's strength and establish a hierarchy. I am probably supposed to fight back, but I never do. I think it's splendidly awesome being tossed and turned around by a big scaly alien Reptilian man! I'm just thoroughly delighted when it happens. The only thing that sucks is that a Reptilian will only do it once. Hamish did this once to me, and I always wish he would do it again. Oh bummer.

I asked the green Reptile Man what he wants here. He wants to eat my eggs. So I started calling for Hamish. I stay faithful and devoted to my Sock Turtle, I don't want anyone else taking the eggs. (I figure someone's gonna take my eggs, so it might as well be Hamish.) I yelled out telepathically to Hamish that a green Reptilian was here "showing power" and after his eggs. I imagined that Hamish would be running in to the bedroom and getting angry. Instead here is what happened:

The two Reptilians were civil and calm with each other. There was no growling or fighting. Hamish seems to be used to seeing other Reptilians, so he doesn't get upset or stressed out about it. Hamish didn't even seem to say "my eggs!" at the other Reptile. The Green One stopped wrestling me and was calm and paid attention to Hamish. I think the first thing Hamish did, was show the Green One his humpback. Hamish said to the Green Reptile that he - Hamish - is "a very old race" of Reptiles, Hamish calmly explained to him, showing his hump back too. The Green One watched Hamish with awe and respectfully acknowledged that yes, Hamish is an old distinguished race of Draconian. The hump back always gets other Reptilians perplexed and respectful, it always happens. All Reptilians instantly revere my Hamish for having the "back turtle".

Then Hamish kindly says to the green Reptile, as if the two of them were about to be friends, "Would you like to come and check out my shedded sheets of scales here?", said Hamish to the Green One. So the Green One said like the equivalent of "yeah sure I'll come and check it out" and Hamish showed him large white sheets of shedded scales which he has layed out on the bathroom rug on our bathroom floor, all in the other dimension. Hamish then stepped with his feet a bit on those sheets. Hamish has built this kind of nest there. Hamish also has pooed on the same corner of the bathroom floor, he always does that. I let him do it, mostly because it's in the other dimension and I don't have to step on it, but also because it's my Hamish.

Hamish also wrestled me around while I stayed in bed, to show me that yes it is Hamish who rules here. I just giggle and kick with my feet I get so happy to have this big red Dragon Turtle toss and turn me around and also because he is my best friend! When the Hybrid Man was introduced to me the other night, Hamish then too had flipped me around in bed, he does that while coming close to let me see him, and I get so happy I shriek like a little girl who just got a puppy and I kick with my feet and I get all beside myself out of joy! He's so cute! I love my Dragon Turtle!

I wasn't with my cookies. - Hamish, he said "cookies" in my other language

It's fun to suddenly see a bright fire engine red Dragon head that is proportionally small and narrow for his body, with two round yellow eyes like headlights of a car, and the rows of orange buttons on his head, and he says cute things like this.

I wasn't with them, I said. - Hamish
What are you saying? What has happened? What is your cookies? - me
Yees. - Hamish grunt-roars delightfully

Oh and when I was calling for Hamish when the Green Reptile Man was here, I told the Green One that "Hamish is my Honored, Hamish is my King here", Hamish got so pleased to hear that that he did a fun Draconian sound which was a purring but the sounds were individual "pops" with some time lapse in between each. Oh he was so delighted, he purred but a different kind of purr with loud pops.

HAMISH!!! Damn he is so cute I'm about to die!!! Hamish I love you!! You're my Sock Turtle!!!

Oh and just as the Green One was about to wrestle me, right before he jumped on me and got really close, he asked me respectfully whether I could handle his smell. I said sure I can handle Reptilian smell. That is when he got closer and I sensed his body odor, it smelled a whole lot like sharp bitter urine smell, but that's ok. It's a Reptile. It's part of the experience. And I love that the Aliens smell, it makes it more real that way. Oh, let's talk to the Green One, I'm sure you people reading would like me to:

Hello. - me
I was here with Hamish! He didn't want me to be here anymore. I wasn't with "my" eggs, he said. - Green One
My eggs are with Hamish. Hamish guards them every day. And Hamish has the back turtle. You are beautiful. Where did you come from? Are you from outer space? - me
I am from a long ago time. We have been here for a long time. We have long tails you see? - Green
The parts, that were not bitten off. - Hamish adds, about tails
Are you from planet Earth? Are you the Earth dinosaurs? Are you surviving remnants of the Earth dinosaurs that lived here a long time ago? - me
We have had a battle. And I almost lost. - Green, he seems to have fought with a black Reptilian
And no, I am not a Dino. - Green
Who are you then? From outer space? - me
We were left behind here, by the alien space team. We were not given any more eggs from ourselves. They were all taken out! So now we are looking for other ones. So? Maybe about you? Would you be willing, to grant us the right to have our DNA back? We would reward you greatly. With our own back turtles here, as you don't need that one. We have our own. And we need our food too! - Green Reptile

A Baby with Hamish??

June 14 2014, 9:56 PM - So Hamish was talking about how he and I were going to have a baby together. He said he had already had sex with me. I guess this was no surprise at all. You see, the Reptilians are having fertility issues. They have emploed the Zeta Reticuli to do preliminary genetic testing on a human subject (that subject being me, in this case) to see how me and other alien races might genetically mix. This sort of preliminary work is an extensive survey of my genetics and regarded as paramount importance by the Reptilians, who would not dip their genome into wrong places or carelessly. The Reptilians are very (very) rooted in their identity in their genome, so they are not careless about it.

Remember when the other red Reptilian (what was his name?) had beaten Hamish in some battle and now claimed rights to my eggs? And his team sent a Crocodile Man who had actual sex (vagina and penis) with me. Then a Bird of their team (Birds are very short white-feathered creatures but with reptilian features, Hamish's team also has a Bird) performed "a magic ritual" or was it "magic potion" (science, undoubtedly, if it works) that would make me pregnant.

But this "magic" meant that they had knocked down my immune system. So that my immune system would not kill the foreign baby. The aliens told me this. So I had the worst sick of my life, god how I whined and complained that the aliens drag that baby out of me and restore my immune system! Man I was sick. I was crawling on the floor and never felt worse. Fever, sniffles, headache, nausea, you name it, but worse than usual.

Hamish has had sex with his Dragon Turtle Lady many times and together - by natural means - they have produced several batches of Dragon eggs which they place into a nest on the floor of the stalactite cave. There are perhaps eight eggs in total, they are oval-ish but without any pointy "egg tip", both ends are more blunt. The egg shells are soft, more like a chewy layer of skin than some mineral chicken egg. The eggs are greenish or beige and with dark green splotches presumably for camouflage, isn't that wonderful?

I am told that Hamish's "hatch-its" (as he calls them) have some problems and do not live for long after they hatch. Hamish once brought one of his "hatch-its" to me in the other dimension and placed it on my belly and let it crawl all over my belly an arms. It is fun watching Hamish being a father. The main thing he teaches his hatch-its, is that he is dominant over them. He keeps telling them that he is dominant, he explains to them calmly while he watches them crawl around and being babies.

So now the inevitable. He is going to try fertilization with me. What kind of a human-Dragon Turtle offspring would it produce? I have gotten so close to Hamish, that I am actually enticed by this idea, and thoroughly delighted.

It wouldn't run fast, because I would stop it. - says Hamish about our supposed offspring man
Well, what? Hamish? Are you and I going to have a hybrid baby? - me
Yes, it is all about the insemination. - Hamish
And what came first, the chicken or the egg! - Black Reptile or Dark Lord says amused, as if he realizes that what he says is a joke

Wow. Now this is a baby I would want to hold and love and nurture. I am so close to Hamish I can't tell you. Hamish Hamish, when you came into my life that day. One day, suddenly, there stood a tall red Reptile man in my room. He had a strange soft turtleshell humpback cushion on his upper back, with black thorns growing out of it. He had a long tail, and flat Duck Feet. His head proportionally small. Two large round yellow eyes like headlights of a car, with a vertical slit for a pupil. He continued to watch me for two days, then jumped on me and wrestled me around in bed, his breath his scales his tail his weight his clawed hands his eyes his humpback his everything all over me, skin to scales, two people so close that our worlds collided somehow. And now I am lost, drifting, somewhere inside of red dragon scales, and I have never found my way back, I never will.

I was going to be with my toast, he said! - Black Reptile thoroughly amused quotes what he had heard Hamish say, the Black Reptile is laughing profusely, by having his lower eyelids closed up and he also opens his mouth to simulate the human smile at the same time, a quiet laughter, just a facial expression

I am lost in a world where flat red duck feet feel out the comfyness of a shallow pool of water against the feet, quiet contemplation of eggs and of individual round pieces of shedded scales fallen off. The shifting of his posture, the displaying and safety underneath his back hump. Occasional thoughts that go to gold fish swimming in a pond, or to where he laid his poo. A person, but an animal. It is Hamish. Hamish. Hamish dominates the world of my thoughts, my affection, my love, but I am also still and ever perplexed by him.

Look, there was no conundrum! - the Black Reptile still laughs, he says, because I didn't get upset
Usually there is a conundrum. - says the Black Reptile now with a face completely serious and calm without laughter in his eyes and mouth closed, a tight "too small" Reptilian head, he wears the purple "rubber" jumpsuit
I would go anywhere with Hamish. - me
It stops here. You will not go here with us in space. - Black Reptile
I wasn't going to go there. I just meant that I would do anything for my Hamish. - me
He eats your summer blossoms. - Hamish, "summer blossoms" in my native language, he means the white hybrid children, he eats those
What-ever. I love Hamish. Humans eat pigs and chickens. - me

Did you ever melt into a puddle completely and fall into someone else, being immersed into every nook and cranny of their entire body? In between dragon scales, inside of that head adorned with several pairs of orange buttons (that signify royalty)? We breathe together

We are with the Lizards. I am Manon. - Manon, a Dark Lord
Hello Manon. What do you want? - me
I was going to give you a disease! For sending me out. - Manon
Don't be trouble or mischief. - me

Remember Malik? He hasn't been here in ages! It's been Manon and Rambutan now lately. Good thing Basmet left, he had a thing for playing with my heart like a dog does with a chewy squeaky toy. Malik and me had a special relationship. He was quite a thing. I miss him sometimes, but now in my absence he has changed a lot, changed back to what he was, so he isn't nearly as tamed anymore, as I had managed to make him after months together. I can't take him back.

Hamish and White Dragon

June 11 2014, 11:43 AM - The other day Hamish was napping on a bed of clover outdoors. He was laying down and with arms crossed and being all snug. He enjoyed the scent of clover, he had a really cozy time there and was closing his eyes. And yesterday he was looking at some wild roses. He knows that the roses turn into big plump red roseberries later in Fall. He thinks it has got something to do with his DNA and race, it being red. Later that day Hamish revealed that he had in fact inseminated one of the roses. He is curious to see what his DNA in that rose blossom will do about the berry. Silly Dragon. I'm not kidding. And neither is he.

Gargoyle White Dragon was snooping on me again. He often watches me, I asked him why he says it's because I can hear him. I hear him and I see a mental image of him. He was sitting on top of a tombstone as usual. I asked him why, he said it's because he is a scavenger, he claims to actually eat (or at least be curious about eating) hearts from newly buried people. He was putting his toes and fingers in his beak again as usual, and spreading his wings wide into a pose. I complimented him on his handsome wings, as I'm sure he would want to be complimented.

I asked Gargoyle if it's safe for me to come and visit him in Florida. He said I can bring fire and he would run

NOOO!!!! Don't bring fiiirreeeee!!! - says Gargoyle, puts his chin up and flaps his wings
I wasn't going to say that. - Gargoyle, about matches, now sneaky and calm, curious and mischievous and puts his chubby finger into his mouth

So I said I would bring a box of matches in my pocket so that if he becomes dangerous. He loves looking at me, this North Port Dragon, the Gargoyle of Florida. He wants me to visit, and I am soon in a position where I can. He showed me telephone poles and telephone wires (landlines) and said that humans communicate through those, he then said that he and I communicate together without those. I said it was true, and reminded him that he had called it a "head telephone". I asked him what he wants of me, he said eggs. I told him I have already given my eggs to Hamish, and Hamish turned up to show me his back hump and made a low growl toward Gargoyle.

Dragon feet

June 6 2014, 6:57 PM - The other day Hamish said something about making a poo and when he thought about it it included that after he poos he scrapes his feet backwards. So when he does make a poo, or when he is just thinking about making a poo, it is included in the behavior that he wipes his feet backwards. It is either to wipe his feet clean (sometimes he gets some on his feet) and/or to cover the poo, but I've never seen him cover the piles. Sometimes he uses the bathroom snuggie rugs to wipe his feet on it, but that is rare. He's such a cutie.

Today Hamish appeared right behind me (although in the other dimension), standing tall, to tell me "Yes-No" about eating something sugary sweet. He stood right behind me, such a tall and magnificent handsome red Dragon Turtle. He had such flat red duck feet, I love those duck feet.

I love my Red Turtle Dragon so much I'm about to burst. It's almost too much and unbearable, how much I love him.

White Dragon!!

June 3 2014, 9:13 PM - Today I happened to think about the White Dragon Gargoyle of Florida. Instantly I got into remote viewing and telepathy with that thing. He was in the act of thinking of having his hands on the bumper of a pickup truck car and pushing on the car making it shake. Aggression or curiosity? The White Dragon sensed me. It looked at me with its blood-red glowing eyes, and within seconds he was standing up tall (but always with bent knees) and spreading his wings and displaying his beak from the side. He showed me his wings a few times like that.

He asked me if I am a dog, I told him no I am a human and I could bring him a dog if he eats those. (Come on, really? If we get to meet a real life Gargoyle, wouldn't it be worth the life of a poor dog? People eat ground beef from the supermarket all the time. Same thing.) This creature eats blood. He also did some gulping, he was interested in the large blood vessels on my throat. He asked me if I am coming to Florida. I said I would love to come see him, if he and I could be friends. Would love to go meet my Gargoyle Dragon! And as customary to him, he thought about gravestones. Gargoyles have been put up as statues to guard graves throughout centuries, they have also been put as statues on roof tops. Real life Gargoyles have a fascination with graveyards and they also like to scout on roof toops, looking at people.

Let's remind ourselves that people in Florida are having real sightings of this creature. So we are not talking about some other-dimensional being. He is real, and he is here. He smells really good, I pick up that scent from telepathy. He smells like baby powder and lavender. His skin is also very soft and it is an overall very sensual creature. But he is a predator and I think he might like to eat humans. Overall he is very fascinated by humans. He made some cries (calling, screaching) into the woods and let me hear.

Hamish came to put an end to the party of course. Hamish chased Gargoyle away (he always does that!). I told the boys not to fight each other. Hamish sent a Dinosaur to Gargoyle, because Hamish himself was afraid to go. I told them that I would defend the Dinosaur. Gosh, when Dragons and aliens fight, I get scared for them and I want to step in the middle to defend everybody. These aliens are people. Th

I was trying to bark. I know that dogs like to bark. So that was what I was doing here. - White Dragon says, squatting down somewhere
Hello White Dragon. - me
A hello is not necessary. We already know each other. I was with the best ones first. And then I was sent cast out! - WD
Who sent you out? - me
The military? They told me I couldn't be here? So I went out. And now I am hunting for dogs. "The little canines here." Do you have any? Or rabbits? - WD
Honey, I can bring you as many rabbits as you can eat. - me
They won't all fit into my tummy! - WD says and taps himself on his white belly tum tums
How many would you like to have? - me
They don't have royal blood, like yours? - WD
My blood is royal? How? - me
You are a royal dog. That is how we made love with you. Why? Are you scared now? - WD
Eh? I don't understand anything. Explain please? - me
We take the bunnies out! - WD
The White Dragons are Queens here. - another alien explains
Aha. Royal blood. I see now. Where did they come from? Are they from outer space? - me
My Easter eggs and bunny hunt! My victims, I should say. - WD

I can't say

I like to lie here on the grass. And then those men, come out and look at me. - WD
Do humans get to see you? Do humans look at you? Can I come and see you there too? - me
Woooohhhttt!!! I won't be angry at you if you come here. - WD
Can I visit you in Florida? I would like to come see you. I would bring someone with me, someone from SETI. They want to find aliens, probably more than I do. *I already have aliens, like Hamish.* - me

I can't say I understand what that conversation about bunnies and royal blood was about. And then a green scaly Reptilian came to visit just because he wanted to come check out my three new pairs of women's shoes that are lined up here on my bedroom floor. It might have been Snake. Snake is always curious and likes snooping around. Actually, if you've known Reptilians in general and one visits your home, you will find that first thing they do is snoop around and get acquainted. They like looking at things, opening cupboards, just to see all the many things that are here.

I don't want to live on your blood. I want your liver. - WD carefully says
You can't have my liver. If I die, then my liver goes to Hamish. - me
"My cat", she said. - Hamish to WD or WD said
I would rather let my Hamish eat my liver snacks! Nobody else gets to have it. Hamish is my best friend. - me
No, [my first name], you are not in my gardening. We wanted to keep you as a pet, but we can't do that either. - WD
What are you talking about? And are you a Queen? Because you are a White Dragon? - me
We are not with the snaaakeeeessss we said!!!! - WD hollers, they like to holler
Who are you "with"? - me
You are beautiful. - me
Thanks. But don't take me into bed. - WD, their typical charm and intelligence
I won't take you into bed. I am not into that. With Dragons I mean. I would visit you in Florida! - me
Bring a flashlight! It gets dark at night! I would hoowwll at you like an oowwwll! And then we would become best friends here. - WD
What would you do if I visited you? Would you kill me? - me
Yes-No, my eggs. - Hamish explains carefully to the WD, because I said about killing
Hamish doesn't want me to come visit you. And I am staying with Hamish. Hamish is my friend. - me
It is my eggs. - Hamish says to WD
I wasn't going to growl at you. - Hamish says to WD
My cash. Is my snacks. - Hamish
Have you seen the mud puddles? Dogs like to lie in them. And sometimes I snatch them when they do! - WD
If I visit you in Florida? Will you find me? Because I cannot find you. Could we be friends there? What presents should I bring to you? A flashlight? - me
Don't bring him a tampon, you know he likes those. - WD about Hamish
Bring me a bucket he says. - WD about Hamish (Hamish has asked me for a bucket several times, he would like to collect his shedded scales in one)
Well, I could come to Florida to see you. We could have a fun day and swim together and all sorts of stuff. - me
I am the Queen here. - WD says and thinks of the white full moon, he loves the full moon
So you are a woman? I thought you were a man. But lovely you are, a White Dragon Gargoyle. I love to see you, Madam. - me
How many times have you seen the owl here? Hoooottt! I like to holler. - WD
Yes, you holler nicely. You have a beautiful, sounding voice.. - me
My bread and butter. - Hamish tells the WD, reminding him of the boundary to his eggs and snacks
Boys? Don't fight. I am staying with Hamish. Hamish is my friend. - me
My bread and butter was my eggs. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. My Hamish was my Dragon. I love Hamish. - me
My nest here. - Hamish in my native language

I could go down and see the White Dragon in Florida. I could also pop down to Guatemala (haha) to see the White Dragon who lives there (but I'm more afraid of snakes and bugbites). Yes. I could actually visit a real alien being who can be seen with plain eyesight and produce physical evidence. But Hamish would be too stressed out. I have to think about it. Cause there are certain things I can't do anymore, with Hamish around, like eat lobster, have sex, or go meet with a White Dragon Gargoyle in Florida.

My eeeeggsss!!! he said! - Gargoyle hollers, about Hamish
Are you, called an owl? Because, in the Agenda there is a thing about the owl? The secret satanic sects worship the big owl, you see? And is this why? - me
We have royal blood. - WD
Why are you royal blood? How did that happen? Can you tell me the story? - me
Are you from space? Or did you evolve here on Earth? Or were you perhaps created by geneticists? - me
Yes, all of the above! - WD
All of it? - me
Yes, we were made by geneticists, but not at first. And we have been in space too. So, we don't need pants here. - WD about him being naked
I can tell that you are naked. You have soft white skin. Your skin is sensual and beautiful. - me
The Frogs don't like me? - WD about Dinosaur
Ah, ok. Be kind to the Frogs. - me, meaning Dinosaurs

Oh damn! Frogs! Dinosaurs! I could fall and go to Heaven just by seeing a friendly Dinosaur! I declare life is beautiful. Because I have got Hamish, White Dragon Gargoyle, Snake the Reptile, and Dinosaurs. I love my Aliens, because they are cute. This morning Hamish asked me if there are Santa gnomes living underneath the spruce tree because he was going to lay down a nice sheet of his shedded scales and make a nest there for himself. I told him there are no gnomes, they are made up, like Spiderman. Because humans like to make up fake creatures. Which was ironic, saying that to a Dragon, a real live Dragon. Hamish showed me how he had seen little miniature figurines of Santa gnomes under plants like under a little tree in our Christmas flower pots. So that is how he knew where they would be. Except there are no Santas.

Eating lunch with my friends

June 2 2014, 11:39 AM - I ate a huge lunch out yesterday and I was full and there was still half or a third left on the plate. Dinosaur, who had been watching, declared that he only ever gets to eat white grubs. But then the best thing ever. Alpha Remulan!

The Alpha Remulan (or Alpha Reticulan) are my brown Scorpions. They are like huge flat scorpion insects. They have the most delightful personality and such charm. They are happy and cheerful. They once lived peacefully in nature on another planet. They could even climb up tree trunks. They are one of many races who were captured by this Agenda.

Alpha Remulans are not allowed in all rooms with the aliens, because kind of like snails, they leave a trail of runny poo anywhere they go, so the floors get dirty and the other aliens complain! Remulan Scorpions walk very slowly. They are very fond of food and they always want to eat. Yesterday I learned that the Remulans are given scraps and leftovers to eat over there. So when the aliens saw that I was going to have lots of leftovers on my plate, that I could not finish it, the aliens talked about bringing in a Remulan to eat the scraps and leftover pieces of meat! Remulans eat bits and pieces of meat and organs over there with the aliens. They are the wastebucket over there, I was told. So they are kind of like pigs used to be, you throw them the leftover bits.

I love my Remulans. You'd think you could never love a brown alien scorpion who poos everywhere. But he has got the most charming delightful personality. No human is ever a match to his intellect and personality. I love this guy. Remulans are the best EVER! Also, yesterday when I talked to a Dinosaur, I happened to catch one laying in the bath. So FINALLY they were letting a Dinosaur take a bath! I just said, Deb Deb, and excused myself and was on my way. Let them bathe.

Hamish has been cute. As always. Love my Sock Dragon. Lately he has been both growling (when he is not happy) and purring (when he is happy), about many things.

Hamish? Where are you? Do you have eggs? - me
I have my vitamins in them! - Hamish
Where are your eggs? - me
I have contested for them. - Hamish
Who did you have to fight? - me
The others, who want them. The eggs. - Hamish
Was it difficult? - me
No, not at all. - Hamish
Are you a strong Dragon? How did you fight them? - me
My fathers, are good. - Hamish in my native language

Yesterday or this morning a random Reptilian came here asking to get my eggs, I told him I have already got Hamish here and that Hamish has got my eggs. Often it is enough for Hamish to show his back hump and a Reptilian who wanted to have the eggs will respectfully leave. That is probably what Hamish meant about his fathers, his forefathers. Hamish is the "old Draconian race", he has a lot of status just by being what he is. A Sock Turtle.


May 31 2014, 1:13 PM - A few nights ago I woke up to find Hamish was wanting to eat my liver. For sure, Hamish likes to eat livers and he knows that I probably have a real big and juicy one inside me, but Hamish has been on good manners these three years we've been together. But that morning Hamish was getting real close to me in bed and making comments about eating my liver. And it wasn't said like a threat or to show dominance either, it was with a complete disregard of me as a person. It was very disrespectful and rude of my Dragon, and for a few days I contemplated on breaking our friendship. It was a really big deal and issue. But after a few days I fell in love with my Dragon again, he's too darn cute. And turns out he had only been retaliating because I had eaten shrimp and crawfish tails in my salad. Hamish thinks that these are little red Dragon Turtles or something. So we're good, we're even.

Last night I was given more conscious alien abduction encounters than ever before. So here it goes. What do they do with me at night? Of course, during the day we know how they say they take my eggs to make genetic experiments. Now I got to wake up three or four times in the night's abductions to see first-hand what exactly goes on with me there. Here's the story, here's what happened with me last night:

I go to the aliens in a dazed state. Normally I don't have any memories of abductions when I wake up. Sometimes I wake up over there and find myself in a drugged state in which I see what is around me, some of it gets mixed up in dreams and confusion, and I am not quite myself, I am in a state of reduced alertness. So it started last night with a big room where there were lots of groups of people and everyone had their own toys with them. It was going to be like a Pokemon tournament except with toys. The toys were dragons, dinosaurs, men soldiers, anything really, all kinds of plastic figurines. I walked around and looked at the different groups and their toys that were entered into a competition that was about to begin any moment. Whether there were toys or a tournament going on, I don't know, but that is how my mind had interpreted what ever it was I was in and was seeing at the time. This is how my mind made sense of what was there, in that state of not being fully awake. Perhaps I saw real reptilians and my mind had to interpret it into plastic toy dinosaur figurines to make sense of it, to take something unknown and understand it based on how only I could from my past experiences.

So. I end up stopping at this one table with a group of people. Turns out this is Japanese people. Japanese, yep. I walk behind the Japanese group to a door and I go through the door and find myself in a kitchen with Japanese people cooking. There is a big rectangular tub of hot water. This is where the Japanese chefs put down tuber vegetables to scold the peels off easily, the peels will simply slide off once they've been dunked into the hot water. A Japanese person in the kitchen tells me I can help them with that, since I'm over there by the tub, and they say that after a while my hands will get used to the hot water. I remember how hot it felt. I was in a confused state, I was seeing what was around me but unable to really wake up and say "hey what's this, where am I?!!!" So I'm just watching things and being there at this point.

Now is when suddenly I get really unwell. I become really weak and I drop down to the floor right there in the kitchen by the tub of hot water. My body is weak and something is wrong with my heart. I crawl on the floor, I am unable to stand up or walk. I spent minutes in that state. I asked them to bring me to a doctor. A nurse came to me. Something more happened that I cannot remember. I was real unwell. I woke up back in my bed. Soon after I fell back to sleep and returned to the abduction scene.

I was in a medical room and Hamish was there! Yes! My Hamish! I might have seen my Turtle Sock before I woke up too, when I was feeling unwell. I was on a padded medical table (the ones that look more like a merge of dentist chair and lounge chair) which oddly enough was faced right against the wall instead of being in the center of the room. Hamish approaches me and in his hands he is carrying a dish containing a man's ejaculation. Hamish himself is about to have that medically injected into my female parts. But first he showed me that dish and told me what it was. He said it was from Stephens.

Now, in my teens the Zetas were doing these things already then. That is why I now have many children who are teenagers, the Aliens started as soon as I was fertile at age 12 or 13. Back then in my teens, Hamish and the Reptilians had not let me see them. Instead the Reptiles were masquerading themselves into the figurines of human military officers. Hamish used to pose as "Captain Robert Stephens", who also then had a creepy fixation with my period and my used tampons. Only then, I did not know this was in fact a Dragon who loves to snack on blood, so now it makes sense. Back then it was creepy. Today I think it's fun when Hamish goes through my paperbasket to look for used bloody tampons. It's a Dragon thing to do. So I have to wonder what it means when Hamish says it is ejaculation from Stephens. Does it mean Hamish is trying to inseminate me with himself? Because the Reptilians have lost their own fertility, I know that at some point they are going to try to make human-Reptilian genetic hybrids. (Of course it isn't enough to simply have sex with a Dragon. Laboratory methods are required in order to blend the genetic material from two different species.)

But, however, seeing the ejaculation and thinking of Stephens made me feel so disgusted to the point that I was literally about to throw up. I got really nauseous. It's endlessly disgusting if it's from some man I don't like and especially if it's Stephens who ruined many years of my teens with his disgusting sexual comments and about my menstruation. So I told Hamish that they've got to hurry up and get me something to throw up in. That is how disgusted I was with it. I don't remember vomiting but I'm not surprised if I did and then passed out and forgot. I woke up back in my room and then fell back asleep again for the next scene episode.

In the next scene I thought I had received a phone call from a group of young men. I assumed it must be a video Skype call because I was seeing the guys who had called me up. "Hello? Who are you?", I asked the guys. I didn't know who they are. What was really happening was that I was in a room together with these people. My mind knew that I don't know these people and therefore it made more sense to think that it must be a video call. Then I was in the room with them, definitely no phone call or video call in question. I noticed that the guy had blonde hair. He had sex with me and I don't want to go into details even if I could. Oh I forgot. Before I woke up and went into this place, there was a previous episode where a man (very well-endowed) was going to have sex with me. But now I was here. The thing is there were also people watching very closely when me and the guy had sex. There was one or two women looking closely and leaning in to see everything. Of course I was having sex with a hybrid man and the ones watching were hybrids. They were young adults.

Also an episode somewhere earlier, I was in a room which was empty but just with me and a boy who was my son with one of the Japanese men. The boy had glasses. He was maybe ten years old, he had black hair. He was just looking at me and I was told that he is my son.

The group of juveniles who were having and watching sex with me talked about how upstairs there is a daycare where they keep the children, they were talking about whether they had been there and maybe they asked if I had been there.

So I was abducted by aliens and this time they let me remember more. They give me chemical drugs and I get really sick over there, weak and nauseous and I've been told many times before by the aliens that it happens often that I vomit over there. The Japanese people are central. Hamish brings me to the Japanese associates. When I was returned back to my room for the last time and it was morning, Hamish said that he was now going to bring the next woman to the Japanese. So I'm obviously not the only woman that Hamish knows about. But Hamish spends the days with me. He has been here now. He has to guard me, to guard the eggs. Seems I have good eggs for this.

We put them in the water, and then we take them out. You were the first one they had seen, that boy and that woman. So you were the first one they had seen since out of the water! So we wanted you to greet them kindly! - a Zeta-type says, they said this in the morning too, that the juveniles had been living in the tanks of water just prior to being taken out to have sex with me.

These were not "sex dreams". I don't dream about sex. These are alien abductions and the aliens are using my eggs. They both let hybrid creatures have sex with me, human associates to have sex with me to get me pregnant, and they also take my eggs out to fertilize them into tanks. Sometimes I have childbirth over there. The thing is, my body - or a version of me - is always there. It is like in The Matrix movies. It is what it is. Now let me get on with my day. At least Hamish was with me, I felt safe knowing that he is near. My Hamish. I don't know what is going on, but I know Hamish.


May 26 2014, 11:41 AM - The other day the Asian girl was visiting in the other dimension. She looks so much like me. A perfect Asian girl version of myself. I can't help but love her, I don't care for her father who raped me at some point and I hate the Japanese Dynasty creeps. But of course I love that girl.

Hamish claimed the drinking glass today. I was doing the dishes and washing a drinking glass, Hamish claimed it as his own. I love it when Hamish is claiming things. This morning when I called him "Hamish", he said Hamish was a man he knew in the 1800's. My Dragon is an old Dragon. He has told me about the man Hamish before too. In the 1800's there was a man in the United Kingdom somewhere whose name was Hamish. My Dragon Hamish still thinks of him and that is how he came to name himself Hamish, sort of. I love my Dragon.

Spending Day with Hamish

May 22 2014, 9:40 PM - Today

I have watched you! - Dragon declares happily, about my exercise
I was watching. - says Sock Turtle

I was going to say, that today I did my dance exercise workout and there is a particular move in the sequence when Hamish started to growl at me. It's just like when a dog is guarding a leather glove and you start to get close to taking it and he starts to growl. Then when the moves came again Hamish growled again a second time at me. Oh it was a hoot! He's such a Sock! (He thinks the move might harm my eggs.)

Today Hamish saw a man watering his garden with the garden hose. Hamish got fully delighted and talked about how the garden is getting "juice" (the water). Then Hamish warned me that I should not have sex or babies with that man (I don't even know the man) because he has the wrong genetics. Then Hamish lifted his flat red Duck Feet and thought about wanting to get his feet wet in the garden, and he went to have a look. (Hamish loves gardens, grass, flowers, and standing with his feet in shallow water.)

Today Hamish declared that he wants to eat only my eggs.

Yes, it is my toast. - Hamish, isn't he dang cute?
Hamish? I love you. - me
We are not married. Yet. - Hamish with image of gold wedding ring
Are you marrying me? Why? - me
My toast doesn't need any syrup! - Hamish delighted with mental image of red jam for toast

Hamish wanted me and a chubby Illuminati hybrid man to be in love, we are meant to have sex and to have babies that Hamish then gets to eat. Hamish told us that he had decided that we are in love, me and the IM. I said no thanks, love is something special and I decide on that for myself.

But I love this Dragon. He makes me smile many times a day.

I love you Hamish. I want to be with you. - me
My snacks!!, she said!! - Hamish

Today when I was going to have some oven-roasted pork to eat, Hamish growled. He growled more than once because I was eating the pork. He said it was "his".

Hamish? Why did you not want me to eat the pork? - me

Hamish's response? He does the lemon face. He has taken up the habit of doing the lemon face whenever I ask him a question, and then he doesn't answer the question. The lemon face is when he closes his eyes except for a very narrow horisontal slit, and he closes his nostrils tight.

Hamish? You growled when I was going to eat the pork. Why did you growl because of that? I was wanting to know why you growled. - me
Did you see my eye? I was faces here. - Hamish
Yes I saw your "faces". - me

Oh well. Let's let Dragon be what Dragon is.

I was going to say 'my buttercups' to that. - Hamish thinks of the yellow tomato plant flower. He remembers how we had tomato plants last summer, we are getting ready to buy plants again for this year and Hamish has been excited for a few days now in anticipation, we must get him a tomato plant again this year.

A Dragon's Growl

May 20 2014, 8:37 AM - Last night I explained to the Aliens that I want abductions to be conscious. I told them how I wasn't scared, etc. So finally some Zetas talked to me. They started out by showing me mental images. Some of these images were of male genitalia, first a scrotum, then a penis (uncircumcized, the aliens don't do male mutilation), then they meant sperm. Then they were showing female genitalia (obviously a hybrid girl's because of white color skin and no pubic hair, the male genitalia were also hybrid, white skin and no hair). They showed some other images too but I forget. So in images they were telling me the story of what they do. I said that's fine, just let me stay awake. I must have reminded them however, that pedophilia is wrong.

The Zetas showed me their writing. I recognize those hieroglyphs, it's beautiful. I want to learn their language, and if they take the time, they can show me their writing, just like the Orions have done (you see some of the Orion writing on the current banner of this website). But I did not get a conscious abduction. Boo. Oh yes, they also showed me two times a fine metal scalpel in a Zeta hand. When they showed me images I repeated out loud (in telepathy) what it was I was seeing. "Oh, a Zeta hand. A scalpel in a Zeta hand, meaning that you do surgery? A scrotum. A hybrid male genitalia. So you work with reproduction. Female genitalia. A Zeta hand on the genitalia, so you work with reproduction. A scalpel, ..." as they were showing me images.

Then Hamish I think it was, shows me a mental image of a yellow pyramid. I acknowledged to them that I had seen it, their yellow pyramid. (It is the symbol of their organization and work, kind of like the flag is for a nation, their logotype and trademark for all of everything.) They kept on showing it to me a total of three times I think, a clear small yellow pyramid put in my mind's eye.

This morning Hamish was standing on the bathroom ruggie that I've placed for him on the bedroom floor right next to my bed. So that is why I had the wonderful privilege of waking up with Dragon Turtle standing next to me. I love when he is close and when we have quality time together.

I happened to think of a red rash that someone I know has on their skin, and then I hear Hamish growling a perfect beautiful growl. Oh how happy I was to hear Dragon growl! I started to giggle and kick with my feet in bed, so happy I was to hear the love of my life a red Dragon Turtle growl! I told him how happy I was to hear it. He said, but he had been angry, because there was his color on some human's skin. I explained to him that it is red because of blood showing through the skin, nothing else, and Dragon seemed to have accepted the explanation and I think he can forget about it. I asked him to growl more or make other Draconian noises, but to date not a single time have I managed to persuade him to make any noises. He only does them when he feels that way. He doesn't fake his sounds, or, if he could fake his sounds, he does not do me any favors. (Now Hamish thinks about slipping a human foot or hand into his mouth with a big quick gulp! Just a thought of his. About snacks, or dominance, or whatever it is that goes on in Dragon Turtle's head.)

I was thinking about my kitchens here. - says Dragon Turtle
Are you hungry? - me
My eggs were with me! - Dragon says pleased
My Hamish was with me. - me
My Dragon Turtles? No. - Hamish, meaning that I shouldn't say that they are "my" Dragon Turtles

Hamish told me in the morning that he had been looking at and touching my bare back last night when I slept. Well that made me delighted, to not only know that Hamish has spent the night standing on his snuggy rugs next to my bed but also he has looked at my back and touched me with his hands. How great is that. So I pulled up my night shirt and pulled down the covers and told Hamish he could look at my bare back as much as he wants. I think he was curious that I don't have a "back turtle". I told him there is no back shield on my back, but hard bones. Hamish and the other Aliens don't have a skeleton. The Aliens often comment on how I have a skeleton, they don't want to have a skeleton on their hybrids. Sometimes the Aliens also gasp and remark that I am so "hairy", and then I realize, I actually am the only hairy creature of us all, I've got hair not only on my head but all over, almost everywhere except for the tongue and eyeballs.

Spiderman is scary

May 19 2014, 8:10 PM - I played a video game just now where I passed a boat. I went to take a nap. Hamish thinks mental images of the boat in the video game and with Hamish standing on the deck holding a fishing net to catch some fish. Isn't he cute? So he recognized that it was a boat. He watches carefully everything that I do. And he was imagining himself fishing with a net there. Then he thinks a clear image of Spiderman and says No (or Yes-No). I tell him Spiderman is just a cartoon, or that sometimes people dress up as Spiderman to make a movie. He thinks an image to the bookshelf where he knows exactly where a DVD of Spiderman is. I go over to check and sure enough, Dragon knew exactly where that DVD is. I have to admit it, there are elements of Spiderman that look a whole lot like Dragon Turtle.

I was fearing it. - says Hamish about Spiderman
Don't fear it. It doesn't exist. It is just a fictional character, unlike you. - me
I was not fictional, you said? I don't like him. - Hamish, "him" is Spiderman
I don't like him either. That is why it's good that he doesn't exist. It is just a cartoon, or a movie character. Remember, Hamish? Movies are not real. Unless they are a documentary. - me

Kristos the Reptile

May 18 2014, 10:20 PM - Hamish has been frustrated with my eggs today. First I danced, which he fears might make them fall out of the fallopian tubes. I've also eaten sugars, which ruins the genetics with carbohydrate markers that block chemicals or tools of genetic manipulation. Then Hamish seems to have sent the Navy man here so that he could check me out and later have sex with me (when I'm unaware) to make more children for the Agenda. (By the way Jack with the NASA team also said hello today, though not like that.) I told the Navy man I'm not interested, so Hamish might have been disappointed.

Another Reptile came along. At first I thought it must be Snake, you know Snake? It was a greenish little raptor Reptile man, what you would call a "typical" Reptilian. Typical, or "Snake-type" Reptilians, are keen and curious, they tend to whine and complain, they are sadist and sexual or lusty. This fellow said his name is Kristos or Kristof, I forget. He was here to ask if I would go with him, when I asked why, he said they were going to use my eggs for genetics. I said I am already with Hamish and I told him that Hamish will have to decide. I asked Hamish what he thinks, Hamish didn't say. Is Hamish abandoning me? Hamish talked about not wanting my eggs anymore. I don't know if I could survive if I had to find a way to live without Hamish.

I am not your toy. I was with my boys. And, we were not angry with you. We murder meat. - Hamish, "we murder meat" in my native language
Hamish, don't ever leave me. I would miss you too much. I would come to live with you. I would follow you everywhere. - me
You would like to tag along! - Hamish or other

I won't ever let Hamish leave me.

They were my potatoes. My snacks. - Hamish, "they were my potatoes" in my native language
It was my farm. - Hamish, "it was my" in my native language, and with the image of a raker as if farming
Snacks! - says Hamish accompanied with the most tremendously pronounced PALATE CLICK!
I was with my farm. - Hamish
I was with my Hamish. - me
Hamish? I am going to bed now. I am tired. Will you be here with me when I wake up in the morning? Will you come to visit me? I love you Hamish, don't be afraid. - me

Nibbles with Sock Turtle

May 18 2014, 1:20 PM - Hamish has been up and about today, more talkative and close than usual. He watches me nonstop (but he does that every day anyway) and chats with me, and I chat with him. (I coo at him a lot too, of course, which can sound like anything from "Haamisss you are sooo cuutee Dragon Turtle!" to just "Hamish Hamish Hamish!" talking like to babies or puppy dogs.) He has claimed the bathroom as his, today. I think he even claimed the toilet paper? He claimed the shower water too, that's for sure. He told me that the bathroom is his "nest". I play along and say "Hamish can I take a shower in your nest?", and "Hamish I have used some of your water".

I asked him whether he has a "good nest". He said no, reason being because he does not have a kitchen in his nest, with mental image of our kitchen. I told Dragon he could have our kitchen. He said "there are no snacks there", so that is what he means.

I did my workout dance today and Hamish gets very distressed. He thinks the moves might be hurting the eggs. I try telling him that exercise is important even for women

The eggs might fall out. Fall out of the falopian tubes! - Hamish, fallopian tubes
..... - me
They were mine. - Hamish
They were mine! - Hamish
Yes. Mine. - Hamish
Mine eggs. From the fallopian tubes. Mine, given to me. I was with, said Hamish. - Hamish

Hamish got so distressed at one point he sent the Dinosaur to watch me dancing instead. Hamish cannot bear watching because he gets so stressed out, out of fear for the eggs. I didn't stop my workout. I get fat if I don't workout, damn it!

Turns out there has been trouble. An hour later I am doing the dishes. I see a mental image remote viewed of what is a USA government office building with offices and a hallway. It "feels" like CIA. You know that feeling of CIA and stuff? It had that vibe. Plus usually when those guys remote view I can see their logo. So this blonde government man talks to me, he says something about "Captain Davies". I remind him that "Captain" Davies is actually General Davies. I've known about Davies since my teens, it's a General. I always get suspicious when the guys forget titles. I never forget who is what. It goes together with the name, sort of. So arrogantly I ask the guy, "what, was Davies demoted?"

But anyway, the man says he is carrying a gun that he is armed. It seems Hamish may have been a threat. Hamish may have intended to bite me to stop me from dancing (which would NOT!!! surprise me if he did!), so this friendly government man, whose job is to oversee what the aliens are doing, and in some ways protect me from the aliens getting carried away, came here in the overtune armed with a gun. I told him that if he were to try to harm my Hamish then I would come after him (the man) with a gun. I told him how Hamish likes to bite and nibble at me sometimes, and gave the man the example that if I daydream about being with a man (meaning sex) then Hamish breaks up my daydreaming (because he doesn't want me to fertilize any eggs, not that I would) by biting into my arm.

But Hamish's bites and nibbles are the best.

It doesn't taste like anything when I do. It is not my snacks. - Hamish says, about his bites on me

See? With comments just like that isn't he the cutest Sock Foot you ever saw? I could die that's so adorable.

Hamish's nibbles are the best.

I wasn't fighting with it! - Hamish
No, it's ok. I'm just explaining what you did in the past. I love you Turtle Dragon. - me
Yes, my bites are the best. - Hamish
You are the best, Hamish. - me

GOD DAMN I love that Dragon...

My bites don't need a toothbrush. - Hamish
That's right. Hamish has no teeth. - me
Dragon Turtles don't have any! That is why I don't wash them. - Hamish, "wash" in my native language, about teeth

His nibbles are the best because

I was not fighting with it! - Hamish
I know, Hamish, I know. - me

Because he doesn't have any teeth! So it's just a soft pinch! It's like when a toad bites a person's finger. That's just awesome, even if the toad didn't mean it that way. I've had a pet frog and when I'm feeding him then sometimes he by mistake bites into my finger with all its might, but it's just fun cause it's just a soft pinch. Hamish has a bite like that. It's the best. I wish he would bite me more often, even if he doesn't mean it that way. I've seen him biting into white aliens, the Zetas I presume, and then he bites into its shoulder and starts shaking and the poor creature flies like a rag. Hamish will only bite if he's really pissed. There are many fair warnings beforehand. He has to really lose his temper - and patience - first!

Evening and Morning
And Dinosaur Union

May 18 2014, 9:19 AM - Last night me and the Zetas finally had a good talk, but they confided that if I were awake during abductions then it would ruin their "months of work". I took a bath last night and, sure enough, Dinosaurs were there to say Deb Deb. Dinosaur talked about how they have to investigate my feces. They are studying my metabolism. I drank an unusual home-made beverage yesterday, it is made with lemons, sugar and yeast. Dinosaur was so curious that his cloaking vanished and - although he was still in the "overtune" - I could see him clearly. He really has those deep folds of skin along his throat, look here, this drawing I made is spot on! Dinosaur continued to ask about that beverage while I was in the bath. They are going to have to investigate it once it comes out. Well? I've gotten used to talk about feces when I'm having a meal. Life with Aliens.

This morning Hamish seemed eager for me to wake up and get ready with my day. Turns out Dragon has been snooping around wastebaskets in our home all night again. If you wonder what Hamish gets up to when everybody goes to sleep and it's dark and quiet at night? Would you think that Dragon Hamish takes a nap and takes it easy? No, that's when he gets active and real busy and starts snooping around. He is like a child that way, his curiosity and living-in-the-now never ceases to keep him active. Hamish doesn't get "bored", like humans would. And I admire him for that. Even though he has been here in this apartment with me for over a year now, he still finds it interesting and worthwhile to just look around. (Reptilians overall are very curious when they first visit a new house or home. They look around to get acquainted, more so than humans would.)

Hamish had thoughts about things in the wastebaskets. He has been snooping all night. When he noticed I was waking up and opening my eyes (he must've been waiting for me to wake up), he started claiming things. The bathroom is his room, of course. And so are many of the things around here. (Yesterday he claimed the salt used in cooking at my work, and the rice milk I was putting into my breakfast cereal.) Hamish doesn't want me to blow my nose in the bathroom. Even the Dinosaur told me that Hamish doesn't want me to do that. Yesterday Dinosaur asked me what is in my nose, I told him it is mucus made up of water, protein and salts which captures dust from the air and filters the air that is going to my lungs. So to honor my Dragon I didn't blow my nose in "his bathroom" today. (I might have to later, it's pollen season.)

Hamish has then been showing me his forearms, saying "Goosebumps", a few times this morning. I told him they are good goosebumps, they are handsome goosebumps, that Hamish got them from his father. (He has told me that "his father also had those".) The goosebumps are like toad warts, only larger and sheer, filled with a neon orange sticky fluid that smells very bitter and strong and glows neon orange in the dark. The goosebumps rupture easily and ooze the fluid. It's delightful when Hamish is thinking about this or that on his body, sometimes it is "scales", sometimes "back turtle" (the back cushion), or now, "goosebumps". Often, of course, his "shedded scales".

Yesterday I complained to the Reptiles that they really have to treat the Dinosaurs better. So I told a little white lie, I said that "if the Dinosaurs are mistreated and sad, then that would make me so sad too, and then if I am sad then all of my eggs will fall out." A black reptilian got so alarmed that he nearly broke his cloak and I saw his black paws on the floor next to me, he looked at me and turned his head closer to my crotch, wondering about eggs falling out, perhaps wondering if he might see something falling out. I then added, nervous that they might detect that it was a lie, "well, human women have reduced fertility if they are sad", which is probably true. I demanded better living conditions and rights for the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are forced to work there. They don't want to. They are also always intimidated and bullied by the Reptiles. Reptiles, at least Hamish does, also beat Dinosaurs to death and eat them. Dinosaurs are kept in large dark barren refrigerator rooms when they are not working. The colder temperature gives them less vigor and energy and perhaps also causes some discomfort. Dinosaurs who refuse to work are also made to stand in groups in the refrigerator rooms. Dinosaurs will usually begin a conversation with me, by telling me that they were in the refrigerator room, and it is clear that they are being harmed. Even if Dinosaurs have such huge integrity, natural joy and beauty in life, it's not right to mistreat them in any way. So I demanded better rights for Dinosaurs, or my eggs might fall out.

This morning Dinosaur told me that they were not in the refrigerator. They have been given better conditions. Reptiles are even nicer to them. So I have done something good. I have started the Dinosaur Union. Reptiles remarked that the Dinosaurs had done their work assignments anyway, even without the mistreatment against them. Reptiles were probably surprised that Dinos could be treated better and still work gotten out of them. If you never met a Dinosaur, then let me tell you. One Dinosaur is so living and so beautiful, intelligent, aware and alive as a person, that one Dinosaur life is worth at least 100 or 1000 human lives. So if you value your own life, or that of your own human family members or human life in general, you should know that you would even die to save a Dinosaur, because what ever is precious about a beautiful conscious living person, there is 100 or 1000 times more of that in a single Dinosaur.

Deb Deb to that! - Dinosaur says

Hamish's talk around poo

May 17 2014, 2:18 PM - Hamish was in my home and now he retreated to an underground base where he slumped into the corner of a hallway. It is completely dark there and as Hamish is watching me it sends me a mental postcard of him in his whereabouts. Hamish pood there onto the floor. One of those rusty brown reddish colored mud patties. Then I watched as he wiped his feet backwards a few times. Hamish tends to get some on the backs of his feet, on the heels, then he wipes his feet clean. It could also be that he - if not his entire species - has taken up the habit of scraping and kicking feet backwards a few times after going potty. For instance we see that cats will scrape with their paw backwards, well not to clean their paws but to cover their latrine with sand, but the thing is cats will do the scraping behavior even when they have pood someplace that has no sand to cover it with. The behavior happens anyway. So it could be that Hamish scrapes his feet backwards to wipe them clean, even in cases where there was none on his heels.

Hamish told me he was afraid and hiding. He is hiding from the black ones. I told him I would defend him. If I were there in the hallway with him I would stay by his side and defend him, against whatever things that go bump in the night over there. I would be fearless.

My throat, has gotten many. Now they were excavated. From my tummy! - Hamish says, still in the hallway, and "from my tummy" he wasn't angry, his eyes closed into a smile and a laughter (upper eyelids diagonally across eyes, lower eyelids up to the middle)
Hamish has eaten snacks. - me

What Hamish then did was he stayed in that corner for some time. I would have thought he would leave the corner of the dark hallway where he had pood, but then he said, that he "wanted to stay with his snacks", meaning that the poo is his snacks (or were, actually).

I am not a Dragon, kite! - Hamish says
What? - me
Some Dragons are kites. That fly in the sky with them. - Hamish with eyes amused, lower eyelids in laughter
Oh Hamish you fun Dragon. I love you so much. - me
I have watched them! - Hamish shows me image of children playing with kites
Was it a Dragon kite? Did the Dragon kites fly? - me
The Japanese men took them out with them. - Hamish, aha yes those blonde fair-skinned little boys were of course my hybrid sons who are kept there with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men (Hamish eats these children, he can drag one down to the creek and drown him)
I was pondering about that just now. - Hamish, lying down on his corner with arms crossed, all comfy and snug like a Dragon can be
I was pondering about those kites. And my snacks there! - Hamish
My pyy-pyy, was taken from them. - Hamish, pyy-pyy means my ladyparts (source of eggs), "them" means the little boys that Hamish can eat. Trust me, he is thinking about food now, not about kites or "children".
"They were not with my toys", I said to them. - Hamish had said to the boys about the kites, well, maybe he is thinking about those kites
I was not sad with them, but they were angry at me. - Hamish, he means that he was not sad with the boys, and the Japanese men were very angry when Hamish came there (the Japanese men suffer and try to prevent him from eating those children, so of course they don't want Hamish anywhere close. But then, if sometimes Hamish just wants to go to check out some kites, then he would be greeted very harshly by the Japanese who see him approaching those kids, so Hamish might feel misunderstood. Maybe he just wanted to watch those kites.)
I was not taking them as my soup. - says Hamish
But those were here now. - Hamish says, he looks at his pile of runny muddy rusty brown poo there on the floor beside him where he lays next to it, aha so he must have eaten those boys and now he has pood the remains out
Their bones were not there. We were taken them out. - Hamish, about the bones of those children
Do the children have bones? - me

Hamish always knows what food he defecates. He thinks he keeps track of what food he has eaten to know precisely what is in each mud puddle. Sometimes it's Dinosaurs.

So Hamish lied down there on the floor right next to his poo, he said he wanted to "be with his snacks", referring to his poo. It was surprising behavior. He lied down on his tummy and crossed his long

They were my snacks! - Hamish emphasizes
Yes Hamish, I know. - me
They were mine. - Hamish
They were flying kites first, and then I took them. I was sure that you were their mother. They were flying kites. - Hamish
I was going to cause them any harm. I wanted my snacks to be with them. So, that is therefore why I eat them. They were with my ovum. My snacks, had arms and legs first. Then I ate them, and here they are. - Hamish, "here they are" means now there on the floor as a pile of poo

Before ANYBODY gets angry at Hamish for eating hybrid children, you must first become a vegan and not eat any meat, dairy, or eggs. Hamish treats me and the children far better than humans treat the animals in the food industry. I was just telling that to the Navy man last night, that at least Hamish is a good gentle farmer. He has never hurt me.

Their legs were taken off. - Hamish
They were with my pizza, and my iron, at first. I was going to make them naked. - Hamish

So think about that next time when you eat a hamburger or some eggs.

Note: yes, Hamish does poo on the floors. He poos on the floors in the underground alien base. And in Japan at the harbor there is a large hangar building, he goes there to poo right on the floor. And here at home, although (luckily?) in the other "overtune" dimension, he poos always on the same spot on the bathroom floor. A Dinosaur, or sometimes Bird, comes in to have to clean up Hamish's poo from our bathroom floor.

I get it all over me! Oh! It is so messy! - speaks Bird
I really hate to do it! - Bird adds

Bird is the most unexpected alien character. He is very short. He is covered in white feathers. He has a beak with sharp teeth on the upper as well as lower beak. The eyes are small and round, seemingly with large round dark pupils and a thin border of white around. The tail is long and has feathers extending as a curtain to each side, with bare naked beige skin showing along the center of the tail like a rat's tail.

Hamish is asked by the aliens and the Japanese to go bathroom and potty in the forest. He has a designated place in the woods by a fallen log. Sometimes he brings his heavy sheets of shedded scales there, and hides them under a pile of leaves when he is shedding majorly. Then he will sit by his pile of hidden scales for days, guarding them. He sometimes also poos on the rocks at the shore of his river/creek. He won't poo into the water, because he fears the poo would get into the eyes of fish.

Lots of Aliens. And stuff.

May 13 2014, 8:34 PM - The other day Hamish asked me if I would take a brush and brush his body all over especially on his back where he can't reach, so that it would shed his shedding bits. He was so cute. Of course I would brush my Turtle Dragon on his scales with a brush. If he will let me come that close. It has been said, but I love my Turtle Dragon.

Today they showed me a fake image of a European king. I called it a fake and asked them to get serious. That is when they showed me something else. One of the thin Illuminati hybrids. They are white on their skin, bald, and with neon green eyes and a neon green and white photoluminescence. Gorgeous people. I told them to stop faking royalty because I am not impressed. Aliens think that a human is more likely to want to have kids with kings and queens. Stupid.

I was getting some ice-cream from the freezer when a chubby Illuminati hybrid man appeared in the other dimension. If I'm getting some sweet snacks like ice-cream or pancakes especially, these guys are likely to spoil their cloaking. Because these fatty IM hybrids love sweets. They get really anxious and jealous and wanting some. They are white and look a lot like the White Lizards (such as Queen Mother White Lizard who fakes that she is Queen Elisabeth of England) but wear black suits. I told the guy he can have the whole box of ice-cream if I can bring it to him. Then I was shown this man naked. I told him - the truth - these guys are really nice to have sex with, a lot better than men of my own kind, which is true. They asked if I would have children with him. I thought about it, and said no. But these guys are awesome. They are my chubby brothers. Love them.

I've been asking to get to see Hamish and the Alpha Remulan Scorpions. I took a bath today, and sure enough, a Dinosaur shows up to watch. Dinosaurs cannot resist watching me take a bath, probably since they love to take baths themselves. Dinosaurs would live in baths if they could. I said to him, "Deb Deb Deb Dinosaurs, Deb Deb Deb Deb Deb".

So the chubby Illuminati hybrid men love to see me eat ice-cream, cause then they want some. And Dinosaurs love to watch me bathe, cause they like it too. Deb Deb Deb! Last night I was calling for Hamish to come to me. He started to, along with it the most horrible energy or sensation that he emanates, it feels like a nightmare, but that's what he is, a Dragon. Today Hamish was afraid of the sewing machine, he fears it might hurt his eyes. I told Hamish I would protect his eyes and that he is safe here. Earlier today when I just at random and on a whim decided to sneak up on Hamish and do a palate click at him, nothing else, then he started to roar at me. Clearly I was disturbing my Dragon. I've been cooing him all day

Do not call me a Sock Turtle! Just call me the Dragon. Do not say to me a coo. - Hamish gently
My Dragon Hamish! I love you! My Dragon Turtle. - me

Japanese Tea for Constipation - And Homo Habilis!

May 08 2014, 9:54 AM - Last night I had bad constipation for the first time in my life. I was in real pain. So Hamish comes to the rescue. Hamish always comes to my rescue. When I went to bed that night he made me aware of the other location in Japan in the other dimension where the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men are. These Japanese have worked and lived with Dragons for generations. Hamish makes me so aware of one of the men I can totally see him. I almost slip into their existence and place.

The man offers me a cup of tea made from herbal medicine from an herbal medicine shop in Japan which would fix my problem. I don't have any memory of actually going there. I still find it odd and curious that I can go to Japan with Hamish. There have been times when I wake up in Japan. But isn't it sweet that Hamish always comes to my rescue? He's my Dragon Turtle.

I told the Japanese to be kind to my Dragon or I would come and kill them in their sleep. I mean serious. Hamish is like my big pet. Imagine if your own beloved cat or dog went to some people in Japan who treat him god knows how. I would die defending my Hamish, I told them, without a doubt or any fear in my body. I could spend the rest of my days just guarding Hamish.

I guard my eggs here. - Hamish says
I guard my Hamish. - me
Yes-No, what you said. - Hamish

The Japanese man told me that they, the Dragons and Hamish, take their women. And eat the babies. The Japanese man was of course sad about that. The Dragon presence in Japan is like a curse, it is a great tragedy, and the Japanese are doing all they can to keep Dragons from going after the general public. I also got to see and speak to one of the USA men last night.

But, me and Hamish.

I am not your Dragon Turtle. - Hamish
But you're my Turtle Sock. I love you Hamish! I love you, Turtle Dragon. I love you. - me
I was not going to say yes to food with you. - Hamish
What food? - me

He means the sugary snacks I have here on the desk with me. They don't want me to eat any sugar (sucrose, table sugar) because it ruins things in the genetics. Zetas, Dinosaurs, hybrid children, Thuban, they still talk sometimes or pay a visit. I dismiss the Zetas on accounts of them being pedophiles. I reject and dismiss the hybrid children on accounts of them being pedophile children, sexual, rude, arrogant bastards. But I always welcome the Dinosaurs, Deb Deb!

Yesterday the Zetas showed me a mental image of a prehistoric humanoid and said it was Homo habilis! That's one of the human primate ancestors! My comment was that I recognized him as a human man. If there were people like that around, I think humans could have lived side by side with them without thinking of them as something different, appearance-wise anyway. Sure he had some protruding lower jaw and a big nose but he looked more human than ape. He was covered in brown hair all over but you could also see patches of Caucasian orange skin on the face and chest. He had brown eyes.

Zetas then showed me the mental image of what was an Asian man, but it looked really weird and not like Asians today. He was tall and his skin was not like human skin, but thicker and almost like rubber skin. The skin was an orange tone, the eyes brown. The face rather long. He had long black hair in a ponytail. I think if he walked here on earth today people would notice that he is different. Zetas said they had created the modern human and that the first human they had created was the Asian type that I was shown. That is why, said Zetas, they still work with the Japanese even today. I asked, so how did the other human races come to be? The Europeans, Africans, and others? Zetas did not say.

Hamish Gossip

May 06 2014, 11:15 PM - So yesterday I had some sushi. It comes with one piece of shrimp. So I made the mistake to call in Hamish to come see me eat some sushi. And as soon as I had said it, I regretted it. You see, Hamish is my red Dragon Turtle. He is covered in red scales. And sometimes he sheds scales, so he sees his red scales turn into white sheets that fall off, or are peeled off. Hamish is perfectly convinced that he, and any red creatures with "scales" are the same type of creature. And that includes shrimp, crabs, lobster. He sees their red color, and how their red "scales" or "shells" are removable.

Now, Hamish can brutally drown and maul a Dinosaur, or one of the hybrid children, without shedding any tears. But if he sees as much as one tiny little shrimp in someone's food, then he worries and experiences a lot of anxiety, sadness, concern and mourning over it.

Hamish thinks that a lobster or a shrimp is still alive and that it can see through those black round pearl eyes. In fact, when I put the bits from a lobster into the bin, Hamish thinks that its detached eyes are still seeing in the trashcan, and that now they are seeing trash. I tell my Dragon that the creature is dead, that it can no longer feel or see.

Hamish also tells me that the shrimp feel pain. He worries that they are hurting. Another thing that I read from his thoughts and communication, is that he thinks that any food I swallow remains intact in me. He thinks it is swallowed whole and that it is in my gut whole. Of course he knows what human poo looks like, but he thinks it somehow remains intact until some last point. If I eat cherry tomatoes, he thinks about how there is a whole round red cherry tomato in my stomach. He doesn't know that it's been first chewed and then digested into liquid.

When I ate the shrimp on the sushi Hamish wondered if it still had eyes to see. He told me it was hurting and feeling pain. He tiptoed around me and came real close and showed great concern for the shrimp. Great altruism, which you never see him expressing otherwise. You'd think he is without emotion or compassion, yet he sympathizes with shrimp, lobster and the sort, perhaps because he can relate to them, perhaps because he thinks that it is he, yet he understands it as another.

He also becomes concerned and followed me around and anxiously wanted to know if I would pass it soon. Well, Hamish was so concerned in fact, about the well-being of the shrimp

My feelings were only natural. So there is no reason to feel ashamed for it. - says Hamish and closes his eyes to show humility
I love you Turtles. I won't eat shrimp again, forgive me I am sorry. I will eat snacks instead. Shrimp is not snacks. - me
It was mine! - Hamish says
It was your shrimp. It was Hamish's shrimp. - me
My back turtles! - says Hamish gently, swirls around to show me his upper back cushion
Hamish's back turtle. It is your back shield. - me

Hamish was concerned to the point that he was comfortable stepping outside of his normal boundaries. When he was telling me in effect to not eat those anymore, I told him that in order for me to make changes to my eating habits, I would have to see Hamish to know that he exists. That night I was in my bed in darkness and, although in the other dimension, I could clearly see Hamish in a way he normally doesn't allow. It was wonderful.

An upright-standing red scaly reptilian "man", with a notably flat back of the head (unlike us humans, with a bulky head), the head slightly small (many witnesses of Reptilians describe their heads as "tight" or "narrow", I prefer to say "proportionally small"). It was a nice fire engine red color. Fantastic. A big red lizard man standing in my room, looking at me, here to say that I should not eat shrimp anymore

I don't want it to go into your feces. I wanted to collect it out of there. It was mine, I said with my back. - Hamish

As you see, Hamish is expecting the shrimp to be somewhat still alive in me and also intact. He thinks it would pass intact in the feces. "I said with my back", he means a reference to his turtle back cushion. The back cushion is a sign of status and he can refer to it to indicate a reminder of him being in charge and his opinions having importance.

One of the best stories through our two and a half years together was when I ate soup cooked out of salmon, with lots of fish scales in the soup. All of my Reptilians came around and were utterly disgusted. I can't tell you how disgusted they were that I ate scales. I was placed into quarantine for three days, well, Snake said either three days or if I want to show him when I have passed stool so that he can make sure that the fish scales are out. I opted for the three day option. I would never dare to find out what would happen if they watched me eat a reptile.

So I got to see Hamish. He won't usually let me see him like that, but for the sake of shrimp he would. I would love to see my Turtles Socks (meaning Hamish) every day like that, but one thing about Reptilians is you can't convince them to do you any favors. It has to benefit them somehow. And now it did benefit Hamish to let me see him, so I got that!

I got so excited to see Hamish, I could have screamed! But instead I started kicking with my feet like a little child. I was so excited to see Hamish my best friend Dragon Turtle I can't tell you. And Hamish just stood and looked at me, clearly unphased by my emotional reaction. Hamish doesn't have emotions like humans. He doesn't respond in ways that humans would. There was something creepy

I smell right! - Hamish says and sniffs his own body odor, he is not angry in spite of the exclamation mark
You smell like Hamish. Like Dragon Turtles. It is a good smell. - me

Something creepy about seeing what is sort of, kind of, like a man, a red man without hair and with a tail, and that complete lack of emotion or empathy. It is terrifying. It is like looking into the mirror to see a human being, but then at the same time there is nothing in the mirror, like no person or empathy. Or imagine a human mirror image in a mirror, but no real live human standing in front of the mirror. A man, but not a man. It is an innately and instinctively terrifying sensation being in the presence of a Reptilian, but then again it is the Hamish I love and adore, so I continued to kick with my feet and giggle and adore him!

I don't smell good, you said once. That is why I don't come. - Hamish says in my other language
But Hamish! You smell good to me. I want to see you more often. I don't mind your smell, I want to have you close like we were before. - me
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language
My cornucopia. - Hamish
My Hamish. - me

When Hamish was new with me he would come real close and even lie on top of me and wrestle me around in bed. Kind of like how a crocodile rolls a prey. But me, being a human, and it also being harmless, I thought it was fun. I loved having this great big Dragon Turtle close, and a friendship grew out of it. I not just tolerated having him near, but his many quirky and fun behaviors and comments won me over. Not to mention his extraordinary looks. You just can't design a more fabulous-looking yet ever perplexing reptilian than he. He is fantastic. I love him. I never knew a love so strong. A love that nearly breaks me because it is out of this earth, a love that was not meant for humans. Yet Hamish is humble, he has not meant this love. He just wants his eggs. And I want my Dragon Turtle.

I have Hamish's snuggety rug here on the floor for him.

Yes, it smells right. - Hamish says about the rug, his big yellow bulging eyes

I don't have any children, but you know when you love someone so much that it hurts, you worry about them when they are not with you and it tears your heart out when he is away and with other people because you don't know how other people will be treating him. What if my Hamish had ended up with someone else? My Hamish? No one would have been as nice to him as I am. Would they have given him a snuggy rug and understood? Or listened to him when he shows you his shedded scales? Or let him sprinkle some of his shedded bits into the bath water? Let him share his thoughts and his love for goldfish, for yellow flowers, and for liver snacks? Watched him stomp his feet and wipe his feet real fast on the bathroom snuggy rugs, which is so much cuter than watching a kitten playing?

He is cute. He is so adorable. I was never afraid of Hamish, he's too darn cute. My dream is to live out my life taking naps by Hamish's red duck feet.