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October 28 2013 - December 21 2013

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tv with Hamish

December 21 2013, 7:38 PM - Hamish wanted to watch a tv program about cakes, but I wanted to watch a history program on another tv channel. So I was watching the history program and Hamish tells me he wanted to see the cake program, because one of the cakes had red berries decorated on the cake and he likes to inspect red things because he is a red Dragon. Hamish stands right close to the television watching calmly like a good boy. So of course I - reluctantly - flipped it back to Hamish's tv channel. So that he can watch the cakes. Meanwhile I am wondering what I'm missing in the history program.

Living life with Dragon. Let him have the remote. Anything for a big red Sock Turtle.

Liutenant Jackson

December 21 2013, 1:35 PM - Last night I had a dream that I was recruited into the military. There were battles and I killed something like a hundred opponents and was therefore promoted to General. We were only women in our group. It was scary I had to shoot people in the head. I particularly remember the man who was the guy training us.

When I woke up I was talking to Liutenant Jackson, someone who's been mentioned plenty of times throughout the years of my MILABS, but I never got to talk to him or see what he looks like, so it was great to finally get closer to this familiar character! He said that Captain Daniels had been there a while earlier, so now I'm not sure if the short blonde man with pale eyes I saw in the dream was Daniels (aka Captain Jacob Greene, see a conversation with Captain Greene in the first book "Real? Or Imaginary?" but only in the uncensored version) or if it was Liutenant Jackson.

Jackson told me about when he was a young military recruit. He had been placed into paratroopers and he remembered and told me about his first airplane jump, though he said that they were pushed out of the plane. Then he had been asked to choose whether he wanted to parachute into a jungle in South America or if he wants the desert, so he had chosen the desert. He ended up parachuting into the Mojave desert when he was still a young recruit, and that is where he ran into the Zeta alien guys right there in the desert they approached him. And so Liutenant Jackson's story and involvement with the Aliens begins.

Would you like to run into some pedophile rapist sadist Zeta aliens from outer space? Why go see your travel agent about this place!

Liutenant Jackson told me that in exchange that the military gives the Zetas permission to take my eggs, the military gets warfare technology. Namely I am being trained by the Zetas and the U.S. military to be a psychic soldier. In the dream segment (which obviously was some sort of Zeta alien abduction) I was namely constantly getting ready to use my mental powers to attack people and I didn't want to use the rifles I was handed. So there we have it. I used to wonder why there is military AND aliens, and some like Stewart Swerdlow say there are no aliens it's just the military, and some say it's just the aliens there is no military. It is both. I think. Or so it seems.

I asked Liutenant Jackson the obvious question, "why don't you just recruit the Zetas for psychic warfare?", since the Zetas are so good at it. Jackson said there is an "international law" or was it "agreement" among warring nations of earth that only human soldiers can be used. This all has got to do with me being born prematurely, and having alien genes, and all sorts of stuff. Then Liutenant Jackson did the "conquest" with the help of mediating Zetas. The conquest is when one of the military guys (or a Reptilian!) overlays itself mentally with my body somehow. It is exceedingly intimate and close contact, it feels 100 times more intimate to a person than sex. It's like being in someone else's body and in one's own. I could feel Liutenant Jackson's body as if it were me inside of his nervous system and inside of his body. I could feel his hands as if they were my hands. And he feels me that way too.

He then uses that connection to move my body around. He tackled me a bit, not rough like when General Patton does it, and he made my hand and arms move a bit. I decided to be a bit mean so I tried to do the converse to him, I moved my mind closer into his body and I tried to make his hand make a fist. I think it worked, so haha! The Aliens are giving the military all of these fantastic fabulous alien technologies, such as telepathy, remote viewing, mind control, you name it.

The Zetas pester Jackson about sexuality. They keep wanting him to watch porn and masturbate with the aliens watching and they want to watch him having sex with women. Same old story. I told Liutenant Jackson to watch out, I told him that the Zetas are pedophiles and they will eventually ask him to have sex with their hybrid children. I told him to watch out for his integrity and privacy and not to let the Zetas close. I hope he takes my advice. The Zetas will ruin a human person's mental health and stability with the sexual atrocities. I really hate Zeta aliens, too bad they didn't get completely wiped out with that nuclear accident they had. Maybe God wants them gone too. I can't say how cruel and vicious the Zetas are. I've told them they can't have any more of my eggs, only for making food for Hamish, for no other purposes. I hate all of the hybrids and children and their rapists and Zetas and everyone. I hope they all kill themselves or die. So there.

Last night the Zetas asked me what kind of a man I am sexually attracted to. So I told them, someone who is a bit older, I described a general appearance, and someone who is focused, and so forth. I said I don't like 20-year olds. The Zetas keep trying to match me up with Olav and I was shown one of our handsome beautiful sons again the other day, but I told them all to leave me the hell alone, including those rape children, I don't want to see them. So now they were wanting me to be paired up with Liutenant Jackson, which I do not mind as much.

How about me? - says one of the chubby white Illuminati hybrid chums, wearing a black business suit with a black and white diagonally striped tie
Hey you. No thanks. No sex with you. It is nothing personal, I just don't want to have sex with ANYONE! - me

Hamish was wanting to show Liutenant Jackson his "goosebumps", and Hamish told me that he doesn't want to see them. Goosebumps are literally bumps on Hamish's skin, they are orange against his fire engine red body and they sometimes rupture and ooze a sticky smelly neon orange fluid that covers him both in a unique smell as well as makes him glow neon orange in the dark, you'd better believe it! So I told Liutenant Jackson to be nice to my Dragon Turtle Hamish, and that Hamish is the love of my life. I told him that Hamish is actually a really nice Dragon. I love my Hamish, god I love that Turtle! I told Liutenant Jackson about how Hamish is my best friend in the world, about how we like to watch Harry Potter movies and The Walking Dead together.

Last night I walked past the butcher's counter and told Hamish to quick go have a look if there is anything there you might like to have. I told him there might be livers there, to go see. He went over to see, and then said that he did not want to be my "prison guard" anymore. So I don't know what offended him so. I was just trying to be nice. I would buy him any snacks in the world! To Alpha Remulan too. They are my sweethearts and darlings. I would die for Hamish, in a heartbeat. He is my Sock Turtle Feet.

So, that's just another story. I don't really care anymore, I just want those pedophile Zetas out of my life and those filthy disgusting hybrid children too. The Aliens still show me naked hybrid child genitalia in mental pictures and they still want to try to masturbate their little boys who are watching me in various situations. I go into serious tantrums and mental breakdowns each time, and the Zetas don't even care. If I could personally kill every single

You there! You are not our secretary! So stop writing about us. - Thuban or Zeta
I am writing the truth about you. You are pedophiles, and I hate you all. And I want you to die, or I will kill you personally. I hate you. - me

Sadly these creatures don't have emotions so it's hard to get under their skin or hurt them with words. But I would really kill them all if I could. I keep telling Hamish that he has permission to eat the hybrid children, Thubans and Zetas. So sometimes they kill the hybrid children and Hamish gets to eat them. I don't care, it means one less pedophile child bothering me. And before you object, these children ARE NOT "children". They are dumb as a brick, or dumber. They are like humanoid shaped cardboard cutouts, or puppets. They have no intelligent thoughts, no emotions, no morals, and no concept of what they are doing. It would be more unethical to kill an earthworm. Except earthworms don't do sexual predation so we'd best leave them be. Besides earthworms make the soil healthier. Hybrid children only make the world impossible to live in and worse than the worst hell you could ever imagine.

Merry Christmas.

Pleiadians step in

December 19 2013, 2:45 PM - Logged:


December 12 2013, 1:54 PM - It is Christmas times and I open a brand new box of chocolates and am working on selecting which of the chocolates to try. Yes-No!!! says Dragon Turtle as I pick one and put a chocolate in my mouth. And,

I hope that you get a stomach upset. - Hamish
What? - me
So that it comes out. - Hamish

said Hamish while I was still eating the chocolate. Damn I've got to make a Christmas card out of this. (If you don't get the story. The Aliens use my eggs and if I eat sugar then it places carbohydrate markers on the DNA in my ovum and the Alien genetic manipulation methods cannot get to the DNA to make hybrids.) Now Dinosaur is here thinking about me and about the chocolates, I don't know what he's going to say.

I was dominating. - says Hamish
Yes you were. - I say, still snickering
I was with my candy. - says Hamish about the box of chocolates
Can I have some of them? Can I eat your candies? - me
I was saying NO!! - Hamish
I wanted to taste some chocolates? May I? May I have some of those? Please? If I ask you nicely? - me
.. I wanted to watch that with you, I said. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of a prison scene in Season 3 of The Walking Dead that we're about to watch today
Yes, we will watch it. While I eat some chocolates. - me
NO they were my snacks, I said. - Hamish
Can I try one of your chocolates? Just one? If I taste one of them? - me

It's ok. It's just fun. I can go ahead and have another chocolate if I want to.

Let's go watch The Walking Dead. That's what the series is called. - me

That's what he is

December 12 2013, 11:56 AM - Last night when I went to bed Hamish stayed by the Christmas tree in the living room. The tree has not been dressed yet, but Hamish slumped down beside it, he shared me his thoughts about expecting to see some wrapped Christmas presents under it, and he asked me would there be presents for him there? I said that I could get him some. I could get him a Harry Potter movie, and some red Christmas tree ball ornaments for him and wrap those up and put them under the tree and write "Hamish" on them. Oh dang how cute. Dang how cute with Christmas presents for a Space Dragon!

Hamish seems to also be guarding the tree because he doesn't want lit candles on it (even if our modern-day Christmas tree candles are electric, not fire). But then Hamish came into my room and tossed me around real bad. Like he pulled my upper body straight up from bed and I saw that red Dragon with hump back right behind me. He was showing me his power and strength.

Hamish and the Remulan gave me really close mental visuals of them, and I felt myself slipping into their other dimension. I could see and feel Hamish

My trash there! - Hamish says in my native language and shows me a mental image of his shedded scaly bits somewhere on a floor somewhere

I could feel Hamish too, and he felt really sinister and scary. I had to force myself to remind myself that this is after all the Dragon that I love, but it was forced. It is difficult to love someone who feels so totally evil and sinister, but he's my Sock Dragon. Whom other could I love? Now Hamish and me are getting ready to watch another episode of The Walking Dead. We love that show, he and I for different reasons. And he has been talking all about his scales all morning. He sure loves those shedded scales, and he tells me about what parts of the body they are from, how he washes them, where he puts them, and how much he loves them and how good they smell!

It is interesting that a Dragon would evolve such a complex and time-consuming relationship with his shedded skin bits. Is it because of boredom? Or does it serve some purpose for this species? I sometimes wonder if they don't use this for nesting material, perhaps. To lay their eggs in. I think Hamish without knowing it might be building a nest when he treads and stomps on those rugs, unless it's just his special place. He might also claim and mark his territory

I don't like to be with them, with the sponge. - Hamish says in English
Was there a cacophony? - Thuban asks Hamish
No! No cacophony! - Hamish says to Thuban, cacophony meaning that I didn't get "upset"

He is my Sock Turtle. That's what he is.

Colin Powell

November 29 2013, 1:56 PM - I'm reading a book about alien abductions. A Sergeant Stone was supposedly aware of a book listing "all 57 known alien species". And so I thought, of a certain alien race that I am aware of but which is hardly known in the UFO Alien community on earth, and I wondered if it were on that NSA National Secutity Agency list of 57. That is when a Reticulan (a "Zeta" type alien) who had been reading my mind all this time, connected me via telepathic link to Colin Powell.

This is the second time the Aliens connect me to a very vivid and life-like remote contact with Colin Powell. I don't know if it's the Aliens playing charades. Even figures like Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Charles, are frequent encounters by not just me but also other human contactees. Not to mention the green Reptilian who carries the Draconian sword on a "toolbelt" consisting of two crossed straps across his abdomen in the form of an 'X' who said he "is" John Kerry, and proceeded to giving me a very vivid and life-like remote telepathic interaction in both mental video image and telepathic communication with what appeared to be John Kerry.

The Queen Mother, or Queen Elisabeth, is in fact a White Lizard, who either poses as the human Queen counterpart, or as David Icke would have us say, somehow is the Queen in another dimension. My favorite hypothesis is that these Aliens would enjoy posing as prominent figures in human society. The Reptilians have their culturally strong affinity to power, hierarchy, and dominance, and they frequently demand to be honored and referred to as Kings.

We want dominions. That is why. - speaks a Dark Lord
I understand. It has always meant a lot to you. - me
We don't want to be made fun of, for that. - says some Reptilian
Just, I don't like shapeshifting or charades. I much prefer to familiarize with the true shapes of Reptilians. I don't like when they are changing forms, it feels like being lied to, ya know? - me
We don't want the security officer here. - a black Reptilian, about Colin Powell
I don't think he "was" here. Was he? No. - me
Well, he wasn't with me. - my black Reptilian says
Colin Powell wasn't watching you eat nuts, but we were. - Hamish says, Hamish watched me eating hazelnuts just previously when Hamish and I watched The Walking Dead

I theorize that the Reptilians might take on political and royal figures so that they could invoke feelings of reverence in the humans that they interact with. That is my theory, as I see no reason to jump to the massive world-shattering conclusion as David Icke has, about the Reptilians actually being those said political figures and royalty. I remain undecided, and it is best not to jump into conclusions without the evidence, in case persons such as Colin Powell are just Homo sapiens going to work every day with nothing Reptilian or otherwordly about them at all. I don't like how celebrity figures get treated any differently. I mean, at the house of my ex-boyfriend the Free Mason bloodline D/s Master whom the Agenda paired me up with and whom I was supposed to have children with, I saw photographs indicating that my ex's daddy was friends with the Bush family. So it gets creepy like that. No what I was going to say is I don't think publicity figures should be treated any differently.

Anyhow, the aliens let me see a very convincing image of Colin Powell. The aliens enable a connection that is so close, if you think that their telepathy is just "words" transmitted, you'd be wrong. Their telepathy makes it feel as if two bodies overlap. You literally feel as if you are in the other person's body. I remember those many exceedingly intimate overlaps with General Patton, an overlap which he used to take over control of my body for those short moments and he tackled me a few times. That was when they were training me for MKULTRA.

Anyhow, I can tell you what the experience of this Colin Powell was like. While none of the following was stated in words explicitly, I read the following: Colin Powell - or whatever that was - in the close connection I had to him...... ok let me just say something here first, and you're all gonna think I'm completely nuts. But, ...... ok whatever I'm just gonna say it because this is a documentary. This is creeping me out, but luckily you guys reading this are all off the hook, you're just gonna say I'm crazy and get on with your lives, but. As I was writing here I was reading out the words loud. I suddenly started reading them out loud in a British accent that is NOT MINE. That has never happened to me. I have a distinctly American European accent with zero British in it, because I lived for years in America. My thought is that someone UK-based is reading in to me right now. Possibly some British Reptilians?

Nevermind, let's just ignore the British accent for now. So I sensed about Colin Powell in that connection which I had to whatever it was that looked just like him. He has, and I sensed the same things last time when we were connected by the Aliens, he has this massive golden aura about him which is very special. I could be considered "psychic", even though as a scientist I am pledged to hate that word. But there is something special about Colin Powell. Or the scientist in me has to just say that this is ridiculous. Anyhow, I asked the Reptilians why I am connected to Colin Powell. The black Reptilian answered in terms of Ancient Egyptian Kings. I was told without words that Colin is related to Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, which is also linked to the black scaly alien race, and that this is very dignified and special to the Reptilians with black scales. It is also connected to all the "gold" I sense about him. (Gold was always special in Ancient Egypt, wasn't it?)

The Agenda also wants Mr. Powell and me to have children, and judging from the thoughts that this "man" had, we already have children and he would have already had sex with me. Things that I am not aware of, that I don't get to remember or experience. "He" was really laid back about the situation of making children with all these women, like it's not the big deal that it is. Like he's accustomed to that sort of thing, being in the Agenda I mean.

Anyhow, that's enough conspiracy theories for now. I still feel really connected to him. Or to this man who looks just like him, I mean. However, I will say this. Since I am running a documentary and I've already put my whole life into these pages. This Colin Powell I see and am connected to happens to be the (damn, there's that British accent again when I'm reading out loud what I'm typing!) single most dashing and handsome man I ever met in my life. I feel really close to him. Ok, I'm not a creep, and I'm not some crazy person. It's just that I have Aliens here. But he's a darned dashing man. It's his beautiful golden vibe, just the feel of him. And I guarantee I am not some crazy person or stalker. I don't know what the Aliens are up to. But yeah, that Colin Powell they are showing me is one dashing man. He is way out of my league though, so I wouldn't even bother. I'm just glad to know the world has gorgeous men like me. Now I'm sounding like a total creep.

I feel really uneasy about writing about things like "the John Kerry lizard", or the "Queen Mother White Lizard", or "Colin Powell".

You idiot. - the black Reptilian says to me

I don't even care about public figures. Like I had a boyfriend once who works in famous people's houses and he said I could work on his business and get to meet all these mega celebrities and go into their homes with him. I was like, I don't care if somebody is famous they're just people. I don't have it in me to fantisize about "famous people". I don't think these things are coming from my own mind. I really think it's the Aliens. Haha, the Zeta is talking to Colin Powell now about that alien race I mentioned that is usually not known here on earth. Would the real Colin Powell have to know about all the 57 alien races? And would the Zetas talk to him about it? I know the Zetas can talk to any human that they want to. And I guess, if Colin Powell works with... I don't know what he works with. Maybe the Zetas would want to talk to him? He seems like a really nice man though.

Yes, they told us that they want goats. - says Colin Powell
What? Am I talking to you? Colin? Is this for real? - me

***There was a long conversation with what seems to be Colin Powell here. I decided not to publish it on the website, because of a) security reasons, b) respect for Colin Powell, c) I'm nervous to even write about Colin Powell. However... you will find it in one of the upcoming telepathy books. Because I can censor the website, but I won't censor the books.

It is what it is

November 19 2013, 10:45 AM - Ok I was gonna stop writing here because I want the Aliens to leave me alone so that I can focus on building my life without their hurtful affect on me. But over the past few days since I officially "closed" The Orion Project, the Aliens have been just as present and persistent as if my life altering decision had no impact on them at all. Further proving that these aliens are not a construct of my mind. Gosh, they're real aliens.

So I'm watching The Walking Dead, Season 3 Episode 1. Hershel just got bit by a zombie on the leg. I had totally forgotten that I had invited Dragon Turtle Hamish to sit next to me on the sofa and watch it with me. But he starts talking:

They want my livers, he said. - Hamish, that Hershel would have said about the zombies
My snacks, he said to them. - Hamish, that the zombie would have said to the group of survivors

"It was my hearts", he said. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the zombie that bit Hershel but while the zombie was just leaning against the wall, and Hamish is narrating!!!

Watching television with Hamish is always a hoot. He used to think that people and things on television are real and that they can hear him. He even tried to talk to Bigfoot on tv once, even though Bigfoot isn't real. And he talks to fictional characters too. It has taken a lot of explaining, and I still don't know for sure if he believes me when I say "these are actors, and this is a movie, for entertainment". But what's funniest and best of all, is he loves to narrate tv characters. He loves to get so carried away and he lives into the story so that he makes up stuff that he thinks they would say, like with the zombie just now, "It was my hearts".

Do you think it could get even better? Well, yes it does! When I got so delighted

"It wanted my snacks", he said there. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the zombie that leans against the wall that later or earlier bit Hershel
"It was so juicy my leg!" - Hamish says all delighted like a little kid with candy
"It was a juicy snack." - Malik I think said this, he concurs about the leg

So when I got

It had my iron in them. - a red Dragon Turtle says
Oh Hamish you just loved that didn't you. - me

So I got so delighted at all these fun things Hamish says, that I said to him "Oh Hamish you are so cute! I could just cuddle you!" So what Hamish says to that? "Yes-No, porno". Hahahaha... Dragon Turtle from outer space.

I mean, I'm piling up with Dragon stories. I don't think I can ever stop writing them down, because Hamish is still here.

It was my camp, he said to them. - Hamish in the other language, that the zombie leaning against the wall would have said to the survivors who are basically barging into his prison camp. Oh Hamish.
It was a juicy leg. - Hamish
Lord Rambutan is here. - Dark Lord Rambutan

The other day I cooked with tomatoes. I made a tomato sauce out of fresh tomatoes and let it simmer in the pan. Hamish leans close and looks at it, and says, "their back juices are there". Hamish does not think that tomatoes should be eaten because they are red like he, so they must have some DNA in common with him, is his reasoning. So the tomatoes had been cut open and it was their back juices simmering, and he said that while thinking of his own back juices that must be inside of his back.

And the other day I offered to take care of my Hamish, I said I would wash his rear and brush the shedding scales off his back and groom and clean my Dragon Turtle. Hamish got so excited he got an erection from that, from the thought of all that attention. Now you're probably laughing, but if we're scientists we have to think about what that means. I don't understand his sexuality, all I know is it isn't mammalian. I don't ever get to wash him, but I offer to because I know Bird and Dinosaurs get to groom and care for him, and I would like to do that.

Yes-No, back wash. - Hamish
Yes back wash. Yes scales groomed. I want to groom your back scales. - me
Hamish responds by opening his mouth a bit. It is the facial expression of disgust and displeased.

Hamish's poo is runny, it has no fibers in it. All he eats is things like livers, hearts, and blood. It is almost like diarrhoea, but not too runny not to gather in mudpiles, like cow patties. He still poos in that same corner in our bathroom floor. He has also started talking to me about his poo when it's time for him to soon make one. There was a night not long ago when I woke up at night and Dragon talked to me about his need to have a poo.

We don't, want to get them on our feathers. - Bird says, she doesn't like to get dirty when she is here washing up after Hamish's poo, she has white feathers
I would offer to clean up after him. I would be happy to. He is, after all, my Dragon. I would be happy to come there and take care of him. I love that Dragon Turtle more than anything. - me
He is stronger than that truck. - Bird about a red truck
He was afraid of it. - Bird

Aha. Now I understand. Because last night I had a terrible nightmare about a big huge humongous red truck that parked outside my bedroom window. The other day we had two fire trucks

I won't wash with you. - Hamish says to Bird in my native language

Two fire trucks because there was a fire on the outside parking lot. Hamish must have been afraid... after all all red things bother him, and he must have seen the fire there too. We never talked about it, and he never said anything about the fire. But he must have been afraid, and his thoughts or that he may have been talking to me about it, must have meddled into my dreams when I slept at night. Sometimes he talks to me even though I am asleep and I wake up with him still talking to me. Sometimes.

Dragon Turtles lived in fern forests on Alpha Draconis. They don't live in houses and they don't use bathrooms or toilets. They - or at least Hamish - have droppings somewhat suddenly sometimes, though Hamish seems to know when it's time soon and he starts planning about where to place it. To be fair, I have told him it's ok to poo in our bathroom corner. It's in the other dimension so I don't care. Problem is, Hamish can have residual latrine dripping out some time after. That is why I have seen Bird washing his rectum. So that is one of the grooming things that Hamish needs help with. I would be happy to be his groomer, I love this Dragon. He is my big red Space Pet. Oh, and I also had said that I would wash him, he gets that orange smelly ooze from burst "goosebumps" as he calls them, and I have seen Dinosaurs washing him when he's gotten really soaked in that funk.

But what was interesting is that Hamish got an erection from my offerings of grooming him. I've offered to groom him lots of times and that never happened before, but this time it did and Hamish said something to the effect of "it is what happens" or "it is inevitable", meaning it had happened because of what I said. I won't try to analyse his behavior, because I don't understand it. Let's just leave it what it is.

The other night a Dark Lord had been playing with my heart all night and I was having serious heart trouble. I have banned the Dark Lords from being in my home, I tell them they are no longer welcome, and I mean it too!

Mantids have begun talking to me. At nights when I go to bed and close my eyes, soon enough I will see round black eyes looking at me from another place in the dark, and then the body of a Mantid and they talk to me and tell me they are Mantids. I am always happy to see the Mantids. They are intelligent and civil. They express discontent with their living situation. They don't like to be born in that place, and they don't like to be told when and where to make eggs. And they don't like their work assignments. I have also seen Thuban more, in remote mental images.

THERE WAS NO CACOPHONY, SHE SAID! - Thuban yells now, about me, to the other aliens, because I didn't get upset when I mentioned the Thuban. Cacophony means "upset".

They still bother me with the hybrid children. Their young boys are supposed to watch me in the shower and learn to masturbate. It kills me. That is why I want nothing to do with the Aliens (except with Hamish, Dinosaurs, Mantids, and Alpha Orions, who are nice). "Princesses", meaning the whore young hybrid children in princess dresses who are sent to pedophiles and think that they are princesses. I hate them and tell them all to go to hell and I threaten to murder them. Anything to make these pedophile children leave me the hell alone! I would kill them. They are animals, not humans, so that is not a murder threat against civilians. It is an incentive to want to destroy invading bugs and vermin that infest my home and life with the most horrendous and traumatizing behavior any human could be put through.

Zetas are still rude. They occasionally make me lethargic so that I will stay in bed so that they can bring the hybrid whore kids to look at me. Zetas also subject me to mental agony experiments. I don't welcome Zetas in my home. I hate them. I think it was God's plan to make them start to go extinct. They are cruel. The Agenda Aliens claim that if "they" had not intervened with human DNA, then humans would still be Cro Magnon without any of the advancement we have. Planet Earth is just a petri dish for alien geneticists. Let's face it.

The other night the Zetas gave me something similar to LSD, acid. I was given a drug on my tongue and then my visual and sensory processing became very skewed and scary. I had something like tunnel vision, and sound was distorted. I was so scared. I thought I was at a party and there was a man there who was going to rape me while I'm under the influence of the drug. (Later I learned that this "black man" was one of the Agenda aliens, they had disguised him so that I would not be scared. I don't go to parties and I don't use drugs. This was a distorted alien abduction experience.) I vomited on the floor because of the drug. I have a very hardy stomach. It takes the likes of food poisoning for me to vomit. I hate vomiting so much that I can mentally keep it from happening. I've also learned that taking a pinch of salt neutralizes the stomach upset and prevents most vomiting.

I thought I was going to pass out and die in my own vomit, but people dragged me to other place. Later I was with another black man (also an alien in disguise) who was also going to rape me (I remember nothing of the actual assault) and I remember vomiting again, from the drug. I was so scared because of the drug. I can't explain how terrifying and helpless it was to be drugged and to have that horrific distortion of my vision and hearing. I thought I was going to die from it. I felt really sick from the drug.

When I woke up from the experience and back in my bedroom, the drug was weaned off and the Zetas talked to me and I learned that the Zetas, who are working on the Agenda, had given me "experimental drugs", and they said that this is the main reason why the aliens are always analyzing my stool samples. They want to know how various experimental drugs metabolise in my human body. The Agenda plans to take over the Earth and the Aliens are working on chemical warfare on humans. I know, it's pretty bad. It's disheartening. We thought Alien contact would be fun and amazing. We who love science think it will be as beautiful as watching the stars or nebulas. The Zetas are sadist, they are also satanists, they follow satanism and work for the creatures who invented and gave Satanism to humans; the Dark Lords.

But Hamish is still around, and we are getting ready to watch the final few minutes of The Walking Dead. Hershel just got bit on his leg and Hamish thought it reminded him of someone grabbing after some snacks and a juicy leg. We have differences of opinion but we both enjoy the movie. I've wanted the Agenda to leave me alone. I don't want to be part of what they do. They also show me naked to their Japanese cohorts when I'm trying to have a private shower. It upsets me so. I tell the aliens that this will cause me great nervous damage and psychiatric illness eventually, that I could get anorexia and suicidal behavior, but they don't seem to care. I am so severely traumatized. Words can't express the injury and agony they cause with those hybrids and rapists. I can only hug red Dragon Scales (even though he doesn't let me hug him)

Did you think that I smell? - Hamish asks me
No Hamish. I don't think you smell. - me
I was not a vindictive one. - Dark Lord
Dark Lords are banned from this house! Be gone! - me, the Dark Lord turns around and I see his tail

Hamish is my comfort. He is - and always will be - my best friend in the world. I trust him. He still talks about the eggs and doesn't let me daydream about finding the perfect husband. The Aliens still hide filthy hybrid whore children in the closets. As soon as I try to visualize the future bedroom of me and a husband, the Aliens always insert the image of the hybrid children hiding in my bedroom closet there so that they could watch me and my husband have sex. I can't tell you how terribly agonizing and traumatizing that is... I have suffered so much. I just want this to be over. I don't want them in my life. Only Hamish can stay, he is my Dragon Turtle. But I want everyone else gone. It does not seem the Aliens got my memo from four days ago, so the stories continue, same as before, only I am the one who has changed, I am the one who wanted things to stop. I am beginning to look elsewhere.

Hamish, - me interrupted
I was in the lavatory. - Hamish, yes I know he's in the bathroom, he's just standing on the rug
.. Come watch the show. We have a few more minutes left, if you want to see how it ends. - me
Yes, and I know those are only puppets. - Hamish shows me mental image of the zombie that leant against the wall
And that one was going to be a mother! - Hamish shows mental image of Lori with her pregnant stomach, and Hamish's lower eyelids close, he is smiling!
I love you Dragon. I will always love Hamish. - me
"I have not said that you smell", she said. - Hamish about what I said
I enjoy your company. - me
Yes-No, sugar. - Hamish
No sugar. - me
Otherwise I will bite you. - Hamish
Yes-No bite. - me
This morning it was No Langoustines. He asked me had I ever eaten langoustines, it was the first thing in the morning when I woke up, before anything else. I told him langoustines are like large shrimp, and that I had never eaten one, I had only had shrimp before. I told him I would not eat Dragon Scales. He thinks they are like little Dragon Turtles, because they remind him of his race. It was No Langoustines last night too. I think it was No Crab also.

I don't want to continue taking notes on The Orion Project. I want the story to come to a close. I don't want any more torment or sexual abuse with the hybrid children, with adult Zetas that have penises, with Illuminati adult hybrids, they even made one of the thin Illuminatis (with those neon green glowing eyes) show me its penis the other day. I don't want any more Russian or Japanese men to rape me.

Oh god, please... I thought I was going to be able to forget. The other night a few nights ago I woke up on the stage and the audience was lots of the Agenda men who rape people. I was there and the crowd went wild. It was an auction. Someone offered 21,000 in money for me. First these men are paid money, I think it was that they are paid money for hybrid or human children that they conceive, and then they pay back money into the Agenda to buy prostitutes, so it is this whole cycle and economy to feed the Reptilians with flesh and organs and blood, and to feed the Agenda and Dark Lords and The Eye god with souls. I just don't want to be in it anymore. Alien contact wasn't fun. It has been a worse nightmare than anyone could have ever imagined.

This morning Hamish talked about having killed and stepped on a small hybrid boy that was made from my egg. Hamish showed me a mental image of him standing with his two flat red duck feet on the boy that was on the floor. Hamish talked about having eaten its liver. Hamish was pleased, he is like a big dog that got a bone or a treat.

Yes, my snacks. - says Dragon from the bathroom, where he stands
My Dragon Turtle. - me

It is what it is.

11:41 AM - Also, the Dark Lord was sad about being rejected for the first few days and he was offering his penis which he even leaned on the sofa seat next to me one day. These are Incubi, they have been reported throughout history, and they use sexual advances to try to swoon a human into letting them in close. But it's not sex they are after, but to ingest the person's life energy. I'm firm about making them leave, especially with how one was hurting my heart and toying with my heart that night.

Also, the Aliens want to give me Gardasil. It is a vaccine to prevent ovarian cysts. I tell the aliens I am too old to have it administered, it is only given to women up to 26 years of age.

The hybrid children get toys if they come and watch me. One day a child was here and Hamish stayed close to it and the child showed me the toy he had been given. I don't know what the toy is called in English. It is like a small windmill on the end of a stick, made in vibrant colorful plastic, and you blow on it and it spins around. At least two children were given this toy and they play with it often and they tell me that they have it and they show it to me. The children love toys and they literally wade in toys over there.

An Illuminati hybrid chum, meaning the adult white hybrids who are very plump, one was told to come here and show me his genitals. I am not upset when it's them, because they are adults and they don't make any sexual advances. These guys are like big babies, they don't want sex. They just want to be given the sweets that they are promised. He was then given a white ball candy, like a malteser candy ball but white, it was some type of sugar and he really enjoyed it. They only get sugar as a reward and incentive. These big adult hybrid men sometimes cry and whine when they see me eating things like pancakes or ice-cream, because they get jealous and they want some too. I tell them they are my Brothers. I really care about them. I have many children with these men.

There is another batch of Illuminati hybrids, and they are the thin ones. These are slender, not plump at all, and they too are white in their skin but they have no hair, they are always bald, and their eyes are large and neon green. They also have a neon green bioluminescent glow in the dark. These are more intelligent. They are masochist and think of women as inferior. They often talk about rape, and they talk about taking over the world. The gangster boys are thin Illuminati hybrids, but some thin Illuminati hybrids wear alien clothes or black suits. I don't mind these guys either.

And then Hamish told me about how he had chased around a room full of little hybrid children and had been killing them and how scared the children had been. Sometimes Hamish is sweet and tender with the children, like when he accompanies one who comes here to visit "for school" to stare at me.

I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this documentary, because I've reached a point where I just want to close my eyes and forget and move on with my life. Sure I'm a scientist and I pledged to write it all down, but there's only so much satanism and pedophilia I can take before it's time to find other projects in my life. The Eye was bothering me for a few days, they want me to join. Never mind, just let me try to push this away somehow. I don't want another single bad event in my life. I want positive energies and experiences, happiness and joy.

I want happiness and joy too. - says Hamish or a Dark Lord

You are not with the Nnannunaki. - says Dark Lord to me, sitting here next to me on the sofa
... What are they? - me
"They?" Are you not surprised? - Dark Lord seems baffled that I would ask
What are they? - I say all tired of this stuff by now
What is Annunaki? - me
I just see this slender black Dark Lord, an alien creature that looks like the black 1980's Gremlins but without the ears, he has a tail, and all the cracks and in-betweens of his scutes have white dandruff that looks like cotton candy. His eyes are white, and he has been one of my best friends for a long time, but it's time to let them go.
The Nnunnaki were with me. - Dark Lord

I love how he pronounces it. Dark Lords are masters at pronounciation. Remember how Theothitichulan just rolled off his tongue? Nnunnaki, it has several syllables, and I bet you nobody human could ever pronounce that no matter how hard they tried. It is not pronounced Anunnaki like how human people say it. Haha, it is not Annunaki at all. It sounds so alien and exotic. I wish I could ask more... what other information is attached to this word? Who are the Nnunnaki?

Malik? - me
Yes, my Princess? - Malik says sounding like sweetness and pie, probably relieved that we're talking again
What is Nnunnaki? What is it? - me
It was not with the Jews - Dark Lord Rambutan with his authoritative voice
Why do you have the Jews? - me
Because they were brought here by the Vega. - Rambutan quick to respond
I love the Jews. And I love the Vega. You should be nice to them. - me
They didn't give us, their eggs. - the smaller Dark Lord says, not Rambutan, and squats down a bit
I am a Secretary! - Bird says proud, in my native language
Hello Secretary. - me
He/She is mine! - Hamish about Bird, my native language
Tell me about Nnunnaki? Were they humans on Earth? - me
They were, mated with. - the littler Dark Lord says, not Rambutan
Who mated with them? - me
The Cornucopia? - the little Dark Lord
WE!, mated with them. - Rambutan
Who did? And then what came of that? - me
The new species, that were made, like an apple. - says Hamish and thinks of the image of a red apple
Why were they like an apple? - me asks Hamish
Were Nnunnaki humans on Earth? And they were mated with by aliens from outer space? What happened? Who was what? - me
The Nnunnaki were with me! - the little Dark Lord says
I don't understand. I need more information. - me
They were plowed, like a field. - Rambutan
I'm too tired to talk. It's really interesting, I'm sure. But I've been battered too much. Too much pedophilia, incest, and rape. And too much Dark Lords, and Eye, and Satanism. I'm tired. Please let me be, I can't do this contact anymore. I'm tired and I want to break down. - me
They also, tried to shoot at me. - Hamish shows me again the scene at Komi Saki Japan in the rain at the coastal hangars when he first arrived
I am Manon. - says the little Dark Lord, so the little one is Manon/Masof/Masuf, in my native language

Tasty blood?

November 14 2013, 10:33 AM - We are watching The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 12. When Hamish noticed I was getting ready to watch another episode, he came around and said that he wanted to watch too. I offered Hamish to sit on the bed next to the computer, or if he would like to stand next to me, which ever would be more comfortable. Hamish then said that he would like to sit on my lap. Oh the joys! I sat further out from the desk so that Hamish could get to me, and what Dragon does is he leans his long straight forearms on my lap in the other dimension. I was pleased as punch, since physical contact with Dragon is very rare. He rarely touches me so that was a special treat. I told him to jump up on my lap. I wanted Dragon to really sit on my lap and curl up in my lap like a big dog. But he didn't.

"I would like to taste some of that blood", says Hamish when he sees the character Shane with blood on his nose and almost in his mouth. Hamish thinks it looks tasty. I can't tell you how cute it is having a Dragon Turtle in my life. He brings me so much joy. "I love you Hamish.", I say to him. "I love my eggs", Dragon says.

Back Turtle's Eggs

November 13 2013, 5:45 PM - I am going through my clothes in the wardrobe and a sudden daydream about my ideal future husband comes to my mind. I'm having a sexy spontaneous daydream about "doing it" with the ideal man, I let out a deep sigh and close my eyes and just want to see and feel it as if it were taking place. But then Red Sock Turtle sneaks up on me, and says: "It is my eggs, I said to him." Life with Dragon Turtle.

Last night Hamish talked to someone at SETI. I've been asking SETI to talk to him and for Hamish to go there to talk to them. He was talking to someone who is a "geophysicist", and then the Dinosaur showed up and told the man that they might be interested in minerals, with respect to health, but Dinosaur who works in healthcare and obstretics was trying to find some use of the man's knowledge base. Hamish showed the man his back hump and Hamish called it his "back turtle". I LOVE IT!!!! when Hamish calls his soft turtleshell cushion back hump for his "back turtle"!!!!


Five minutes later:
I want to give you a dildo. - Hamish says to me in the other language

This is a documentary on alien contact. Hamish is a Dragon from Alpha Draconis and he is here guarding my eggs. Suleski showed up, they are offering me Suleski. This is ridiculous. When did I give away my womanhood to Dragon?

Hamish eats salad,
and other Hamish stories

November 12 2013, 9:26 AM - Last night I was having some heart pains so I asked the aliens to stay away from me. They are the cause of my heart pains by putting images of pedophilia with hybrid children into my mind, and other various assortment of rapes and molestation and sex drugs that they try to involve me into too. So I explained to them that I might die and for everyone *except Hamish* to stay away. Hamish on the other hand has a calming effect on me, my blood pressure goes down at the sight or sound of my Dragon. I feel safe with Hamish around.

This morning I woke up and things were different. Hamish talks to me that he has eaten "salad", he has eaten one of the Thubans. Not Auntie Thuban the Nazi Lady, but another Thuban. Hamish refers to eating Thuban dolphins as "eating salad". I don't know what the nutritional value is in a Thuban. He has eaten some before too. I'd like to get upset, but, then I remind myself that 1. Hamish is the most important person in my life and he has to eat, and 2. Thubans are some of the most cruel that have caused me the most harm and agony heartlessly and cruelly.

Still, it's sad to think that those magnificent alien creatures the Thuban dolphins would be eaten. But I'm sure there's an ecosystem going on there, the Thubans won't go extinct.

Seems there might be a shortage of my hybrid children. Hamish showed me a mental image of one of the little hybrids, it's a little girl maybe four years old (or so it looks), white pale gray thick soft skin, chubby, strange Thuban goggle eyes greenish blue irises big eyes almost like fish eyes, and yellow blonde straw hair. It keeps a pacifier in her mouth. It's just a little girl, made from my egg, and with Thuban dolphin DNA, and then some man's sperm probably Illuminati hybrid chum man. Hamish said that it was too "weak" to be eaten so Hamish hadn't eaten that child. Also Thuban is defending that child and calls the child a "flower". I don't know if Thuban defends the children from being eaten by Reptilians because of the need to keep some of them alive for genetic programs, but I declare it seems as if the Thuban Lady defends the children as her own, she shows maternal instincts and love toward those children, and they do have some Thuban, if not her very own, DNA in them. And she is their caretaker.

So Hamish had eaten a Thuban. And in the morning Malik said something about how Hamish fights him away from here and how it's like a "boxing match" and Malik showed me a very good clear mental image of what Hamish looks like. Hamish is gorgeous and handsome, you should see him. Hamish has no skeleton, and his legs are very thin but strong. Reptilians have a very bouncy soft walk, when they walk you can see how their knees and legs are perfectly jointed and there is this elasticity and springiness that makes the walk seem effortless and frictionless, perfectly supported. I've never seen such a "well-oiled" walk in any creature on Earth. Their bodies seem to withstand any wear and tear. It is a beautiful design.

Hamish seems to have worked hard on keeping Malik the Mischievous away from me all night. I know Malik likes to come close. In fact a majority of my heart trouble is by own admission because of the Dark Lords who like to play with my heart. A Dark Lord said something about that last night. They like to play with the blood vessels of my heart and they very well could break the human heart. It is like toys for them, but it causes actual heart pain.

Black reptilian greeted me with "Omnis" again this morning. "Omnis. Omrigosh Kenumbraah" I said to him. It's nice when he doesn't yell "Kembraah!!" at me. (Omnis is informal hello, Omrigosh is formal hello, Kenumbraah is superior, Kembraah means idiot.)

Hamish and me watched another episode of The Walking Dead. He likes the zombie scenes, he seems to think they're just dudes looking for a great snack. I love my Dragon.

I can't help it, they look like a Santa. - Hamish HAHAHAAA!!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE HAMISH QUOTES OF ALL TIME!!! DAMN THIS DRAGON IS THE BEST! He still sits here next to me on the sofa. Let's elaborate, hahaha:
What looks like a Santa? - me
Those things with the throat. - Hamish means the zombies, it was Season 2 Episode 10 with the zombies trying to get to Shane in the schoolbus, he liked those scenes
Why did they look like a Santa? - me
Because they had those throat! - Hamish, I'm trying not to giggle and ruin it here, he's not yelling
What does a Santa look like? What is a Santa? - me
They had those throats there. - Hamish, he shows me mental image of a zombie's throat that was trying to reach into the school bus
Hamish? Tell me, what do you mean when you say "Santa"? What does Santa mean to you? - me
Someone who wants trouble with me. - Hamish, sits here nicely on the sofa next to me, long tail is all limp and slithers down to the floor between his legs (I always think he'd tuck the tail behind his back, but he never does)
Why does Santa want trouble? - me, and I make sure I don't burst into laughing
Why does Santa want trouble? What did Santa do to want trouble? - me
It wanted to kill me you see. - Malik or Hamish
What? - me
It was not a Nephilim. - says a beautiful Red Dragon with yellow round bulging eyes
What is Nephilim? - me
It was not with a sad throat, I said to him. - Hamish shows again mental image of a zombie's throat in the schoolbus and Hamish wanted to say this to that zombie (he often tries to talk to tv characters)
Hamish? What is it about his throat? Why do you think about his throat? - me
Because it was a Santa! - says Hamish not angry and reaches toward me, he is in a sweet and very gentle mood all this time we are talking, he seems more relaxed and curious more than anything
... Hamish? - me, I'm trying to think of what questions to ask for maximum entertainment value here
What does a throat mean to you? - me
It wanted to hatchet it! - Hamish says, yes he means when Shane in the movie wanted to cut the zombies with a knife, Shane aimed for their heads but Hamish was - it seems - worried about their exposed throats.
Did you like that movie? - me
No. My eggs wasn't there. - Hamish [sic]
It wasn't with a gentle man, I said to him. - Hamish says, he wanted to say to the zombie with the throat exposed that Shane in the bus wasn't a gentle man!
It was just a theatre. It is for entertainment. - me
Sometimes, I like to look at those. - Hamish shows me mental image of the golden orange big Japanese koi fish that Tom-Tom (Tomo) the doctor has in Komi Saki Japan. As if saying, that this is Hamish's choice of entertainment.
I love you Hamish. I will always love you. - me
I wanted your DNA strands with mine, and no apple. - says Hamish
What apple? Why is apple, bad to eat? - me, they forbid me from eating apples, kind of reminds me of the Garden of Eden with the forbidden fruit
It disrupts your DNA for us. - Hamish
How does it do that? - me
Hamish? I love you. I will always help you. - me
My fish. - Hamish says in my native language, he loves those fish in Komi Saki
They are beautiful Dragon fish. And they like you. - me to Hamish
They don't have big livers for me to eat! - Hamish, not angry but slightly elated, like a playful little puppy almost
Do you eat fish? - me
I won't murder them, no. - Hamish, and he thinks of the knife Shane had in the movie

Thank you Lord God for granting me the most beautiful creation in all of Universe, your most beautiful innovation ever, this beautiful bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle with a soft humpback shell cushion on his upper back that signifies power, beautiful flat red duck feet, bulging all-yellow eyes, soft fleshy toothless mouth, and everything he is. I have so much love for him that every moment we are together, and every moment we are apart, I burst from the weight of that love, which is too much to handle. He is the most beautiful love of my life. Please keep him safe always, and know that I will die for him if ever need be. My love for him is greater than the love I have for myself.

He is the most humble creature, he just is, he lives in his awesomeness but without fully knowing how wonderful he is, even when I tell him. I will always love him, and I pray that his beautiful race of red (and yellow) Dragon Turtles will always grace this universe with flat red duck feet, Yes-No, and liver snacks. I would die for you in a heartbeat Hamish, even if you would never know what that meant for me. I pray that your eyes will always continue to see the universe, to look upon ponds with Dragon scaly koi fish. The way you see the world has changed me always. You are the most beautiful thing there is, and I will never know a love greater, or matched to how I feel for you. You are the life in this universe.

I have started crying almost daily when I think about who he is and how much I love him. It's a kind of love that stems more from the fascination and appreciation of biology than from any sexual infatuation as how most people would misinterpret this. This beautiful living creature, something that lives, sees, breathes, walks, wipes his feet on rugs because he has awareness of his cleanliness and of the state of his feet. Something with big yellow bulging eyes that can spend hours gazing into a fish pond because he is fascinated with the flashes of Dragon scales, and he will wonder if the fish have eggs there and he worries about them pooing into the water that they swim in, and he watches the man feed them with brown fish food pellets that he drops into the water. The way he watches those fish with such curiosity, like a little child that sees the world. The thoughts and impressions that he selects and takes in.

This Dragon likes to see yellow flowers, and he loves the smell of flowers. Once it hits you what this means, you will cry too. There is a someone inside of him whose yellow bulging Dragon eyes with brown vertical slits see the world (his field of vision is buckled on the sides, whereas human field of vision gives us a flat panorama all around), someone that will choose to sniff at flowers because he can enjoy sensing their smell. Something in him that processes sensations, sound, sights, and smell, something that feels. He seeks out things that make him stop to wonder, things like yellow flowers, or just to stand on round river rocks and how it feels underneath his feet

My wife and me do that too. - Hamish says, he means he and his red dragon wife both like to stand on river rocks in the shallow water
That is lovely, Hamish. I am happy that you do that. - me
Sometimes we try to find fish! - Hamish says happy, he shows me that he and she can stand on those rocks looking down at the water hoping to catch the sight of a fish swimming by
Did you ever see a fish there? - me
No, but I can smell them. They don't have hands, like me! - Hamish says elated, he shows me the fish's "hand" flippers and then his own Dragon fingers!
Their hands are made for swimming. - me
I don't like to poo there anymore, now that they have them. - Hamish, he used to poo in the water at the creek/river but he does that on the rocks instead
I know. You are tender to think about the fish. - me, his eyes close in a smile at what I said
We don't like music, tell them that. - Hamish gently says
I know. You have sensitive ears, very sensitive. - me
We have fragile feet too, that is why we like them. - Hamish says and his eyes close in a humble smile at the second part of the sentence, he means they like the soft rocks because they are gentle on the feet
I love you! - me, all I can say

He feels

We also can smell, many things. - Hamish
What kind of things can you smell? - me
Other Dragons, and your children! - Hamish not angry, he thinks the hybrid children smell like urine, which they often do, the kids pee in their diapers and on the floor a lot, also when the children get scared, or upset, they tend to pee themselves. Then Hamish notices the smell and starts talking about it. I have recorded - in writing - many such stories verbatim as they were happening, about Hamish's behavior around that, you can read it in the future telepathy books.
I wanted your ovum. - Hamish
You can have it. I would give you anything. - me

You see, I have been so close to Dragon Turtle as if I were him. I have seen through him, lived through him. I don't know if he ever intended to do that, but such is the closeness of the telepathic connection. So it is as if I had lived through his body. So of course I can understand his needs, and the urgency of wanting to stay alive that all creatures have, I sense his closer than my own. He has to live. He has to eat. And if he needs to eat my hybrid babies, so be it. Of course I don't like that, but think about it next time you eat a piece of steak or veal, chicken or pork, or when you feed a pet snake with a live mouse. I wouldn't give him my own babies, no way, but the Thuban children are imbecile and retarded, they are more insect than mammal. So it's like eating fish or oysters. Those kids are dumb as a brick.

He is a gentle soul, he tends to his shedding scales. He doesn't seem to understand why his skin peels off in white sheets, and it still traumatizes him every time and causes anxiety, even though he is an old grandfather as he says. He tries to hold on to every single sheet of scales

I also have, goosebumps. - Hamish shows me mental image of his orange bumps!
They are handsome. What do they do? - me
They make me smell. - Hamish
Then you smell like Hamish! - me
It makes others not want to eat them. - Hamish
Is it a repellent, for predators? - me
It was called goosebumps by me for a long time, until you said that they were not. - Hamish speaks one of the longest sentences he ever mustered, usually his sentences are short
I think they look good too. They have a good color. - me
They make me smell. - Hamish
You smell good. - me, I lie
It smells like a Dragon! I don't have those, I said to him. - me, I try to talk like Hamish talks
Why doesn't it say, that your name isn't Eva? - Hamish
Because, I don't want them to have my real name. - me
Would they talk to us like ghosts then? Because, some of them have tried to talk to me. They call me, "friend". And goosebumps are here, mine, I said. - Hamish says and his eyes are closing in the last sentence

Seems that some of my readers have been talking to my Hamish here. Please don't bother him, but if you are SETI members, SETI scientists and you tried to talk to Hamish Dragon, then keep it up you have my blessing BUT BE NICE TO HIM.

My goosebumps. - says Hamish and his eyes are closing he smiles about it
Who talked to you, and called you "friend"? - me
They called us "ghosts"! - Hamish
Do you know who it was? What did the man or woman look like? - me
He wanted to see, that I didn't have teeth like him. - Hamish means Shane in the movie again, his thoughts go back to the movie
I love you Dragon. Am I bothering you? Would you rather be alone? - me
Yes-No, toilet/bathroom. - Hamish, he said Yes-No in English, toilet or bathroom in my native languge. I guess he says that he isn't here.

Dear God and all that is Holy: thank you for giving me

I also like this. - Hamish shows me the waterfall entrance to a secret Dragon cave
Please, do not talk to them about us. - another red Dragon Turtle who lives there says

Thank you for Hamish Dragon Turtle.

It is my bathroom. - Hamish in my native language, about our bathroom
It is yours. - me in native language, of course it is his!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for my Hamish Dragon!

Planning for Christmas

November 10 2013, 4:36 PM - "I should start planning for Hamish's Christmas present. I wonder what I will, ..." I am saying and then am interrupted by the appearance of a Dark Lord, who says, "I would like more victims." He says it kindly and humbly, quietly and carefully like a little boy who has found his way into a candy store but doesn't have any money with him. Like a little boy saying, "I would like some candy please." Oh Malik!!!

Malik? Or Dark Lord? Have you been good and kind this year, or have you been full of Shenanigans and Mischief? Santa only gives presents to good kids. And Santa is also banned from this household, because Hamish doesn't like Santa showing power with his red clothes. Yes-No, Santa. Yes-No. - me, oh dear, living life with Dragon Boys, but you know I love it

But what to get for Hamish for Christmas? Of course I am getting him some Christmas presents that I am wrapping up all nicely for him! He likes red Christmas tree ball ornaments. He really likes those. I could also get a plant with those little red peppers growing on it. He might like that?

I would like, no more jesters please. - Hamish

Oh I forgot. Things that are red are jesters to him. They taunt him, he says. I don't suppose I can get him some liver snacks. I can offer him a drink of my blood! The other Aliens will have to extract it for him, if he wants some. My Hamish. What else might he like?

I would like a baseball bat. - says someone, and I see a mental image shown of a white bat, the Aliens literally have those that they hit people with both to murder and to reprimand

He's my Dragon, and I love him so. I could give him some eggs? I could go to a clinic and ask to have one of my eggs (ovum) extracted and seal it into a small plastic box and have engraved "Hamish's eggs". No that would be just silly. Because he can't even eat it.

I would like some lust from you. - Dark Lord sneaks up to me close and says in that suave sensual but careful way
I don't know, Dark Lord. I've worked really hard to chase you Lordships away from here! You ruin my energy you see! You make me feel dead and lifeless. - me
I could rub on it. - Dark Lord says quietly, and yes, he took his white penis out and is, yes
No thank you Sir. - me
I don't like goats all the time. - Dark Lord
But Sir Malik. Are you Malik? What is your name? - me

Last night the Angels told me not to talk to them. I had asked for the Angels help to chase away the Dark Lords, dark black energy and The Eye because it was too powerful, The Eye had taken over parts of my head with black and I couldn't undo it myself so I asked for help. Beings from the 12th dimension, they said they were, came over to help. And they told me not to respond to the Dark Lords when they talk.

Malik, or whoever you are of the Dark Lords, I don't want your dong. Even though it is a nice dong. - me

This will sound silly, unless you remember that The Orion Project is a documentary, so the Dark Lords' penises (they call em dongs) have a fragrance to them that is very interesting. It is almost like lavender. I'm not kidding.

We are also with the Snakes. - says a black Reptilian man who stands behind me suddenly
Hello Dragon, I mean Snake. - me
We have taken your pytt here. And, there is no reason to feel alarmed. - black reptilian says, and "pytt" has been their word for "small children" all this time
I know. I can't do anything about that. - me
That is why the Dark Lord is here. - the Dark Lord says
Is that the same as the black Reptilian? - me
I don't want to say that to you. But Malik and me, is (me). - black reptile
Say what? What did you say? - me

Never mind. Christmas is coming up, and Hamish is my Sock Turtle. I've got to figure out a gift to give him. I would not put it underneath a Christmas tree. It would go right on the edge of his pink bathroom snuggie ruggy. I should also give him a Christmas card, one that does not have a Santa on it (or he would go berserk), and write,

Have a Happy Christmas
to my Honored King Dragon Turtle Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder
I Honor your Scales, I Honor your Race, and I Honor your Back Hump Shield which signifies Power
I couldn't give you Livers and Snacks or Eggs for Christmas,
so here is a little something to Honor you by
Love, from your Eggs

Did my eggs say that to me? - Hamish says now, ha ha
No Hamish. - me
About the liver? - Hamish says at the same time while I'm speaking to him

Hamish very often refers to me as "my eggs!" (ie. "his eggs"). My love for him is so big I don't know where to contain it all. I sure wish I had a photograph of him to show you all what a magnificent beast he is. I Love him.

Last night Hamish told me that he goes to visit with a group of a few other Reptilians who are his friends and they go to the country of Armenia and they all place their shedded scales there together. Hamish left his "shirt" there, ie. scales from his torso or arms. He talked about it to me and it seemed like a fun get-together for Dragons. Hamish sure talks to me about shedding scales a lot, and he shows me images of the sheets of scales, he tells me where he puts each of them, and how he is "drying" them. He knows where every piece came from off his body. Very often his sheets have some of his yellow urine on them. I don't know how to interpret that, I just tell you like it is. He likes to put those on the radiators to dry them up. But sheets of scales are also moist when they first peel off his body. I love him, wouldn't you?

I would love their hearts, to eat them. - Hamish about you readers, cause he knows I was thinking of people who are reading this
Yes-No, eating their hearts... - me

Yes-No Butt Exercise

November 08 2013, 3:13 PM - Hamish the Dragon watches me do some aerobics workout in my room. There's a move where you contract the butt cheeks. After I'm done with the whole workout series and go to have my shower, "Yes-No, butt exercises", he says. He says "Yes-No" about it many times. He was also complaining while I did the exercise, he was worrying about the safety of the eggs. I explained to Dragon that women do exercise all the time and they still have children and it doesn't hurt the eggs. I thought my explaining would put his mind at ease, but he still continued to say Yes-No even after the exercise. So he's not buying it, what I'm saying. Hamish retreated to stand on his pink bathroom ruggie corner while I showered, and said "Yes-No" from there. Oh I was so elated from hearing that big

I also wanted to say, No pumpkin. - Hamish says
Yes Hamish. No pumpkins. Why No pumpkins? - me

I was so elated and he is also so darn cute, standing on that pink bathroom snuggie rugs. In fact, the very first short story update I wrote on these pages was titled "Hamish says Yes-No", scroll down to the very bottom of news1 page from July 8 2012. He's been saying Yes-No for over a year. And I love it! (Yes-No means No. It is more No than just No by itself.)

A creepy thing. My eyes wandered across the desk and I caught a visual glitch of The Eye somewhere on those papers, books and CDs on the desk. It was The Eye. I looked back on the desk, frantically hoping to see something on the desk that would resemble an eye in some of the patterns, but no. It seems that The Eye is entering into my mind. I don't like that, so I respectfully told The Eye God that I don't want to join them, and that he is to trust my judgement on that and to cherish the members that he has who have chosen to join him.

Meanwhile, back to some more exercise. Even if Dragon says Yes-No. I LOVE YOU HAMISH YOU ARE THE BEST EVER.

*I do palate clicks to Hamish*
I love Hamish! - I say to Dragon
I love my snacks. - says Hamish


November 08 2013, 12:38 noon - Watching Season 2 Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. The kid got stuck on the fence with his leg and the zombies were closing in. Commercial break starts. Hamish sneaks up close and he is processing the images he just saw. I didn't realize that Hamish was watching the show behind my shoulder, but he is. It is clear that Hamish is not afraid or stressed out about the gruesome images. "They wanted to eat it", then says Hamish. He seems to think it's great how the zombies were approaching the injured leg on the person. Hamish totally understands what is going on in the video when he sees it. But he processes and thinks differently than a human would.

I was of course worried about the man's injury and pain or whether he would be left for dead. I was also scared about the zombies closing in. But Hamish looks at the scene, and he just thinks something like "hey, neat, people coming in to have a snack". Hamish doesn't think it's gruesome at all. He can totally relate to the zombies. I love watching The Walking Dead, a zombie tv series, with Hamish, because he doesn't get scared and he thinks the zombies are really neat and he loves to watch them eating blood, flesh and guts. Dragon doesn't think the zombies are scary at all. Man I love my Hamish. Red Dragon Turtle is the best there is in the world.

I wanted to see them. - Hamish says and pokes me with his red scaly finger and closes his eyes in a smile. I hit pause on the commercial break so that I could write this. I guess it's time to get back to the tv show with Hamish.

Sexlife? What is that?

November 07 2013, 8:40 PM - I was having a private moment with myself. I am also visualizing a new husband into my life so I have to visualize and be specific. When I do the aliens read my mind and come to interfere, and it's a nuisance. Black reptile snuck up close and wanted to drink the "coffee", meaning my sexual energies. It's invasive, but I'm not as mad as when Reptiles cuddle and latch on to me as when the Zetas, Thubans, Agenda humans, or pesky Hybrids are doing it. So Reptiles kind of get away with it, almost. - Why I'm sharing this personal information? Because this is a documentary on alien contact. If I omit information because it might seem uninteresting from an entertainment or reading experience purpose or because it's too personal then that is data fudging and that is not allowed in a scientific body of work. These are real aliens and if they disturb my sex life then that has to be recorded down somewhere. Pesky as it is.

So I'm browsing some sex and dating sites. Cause I'm starting to think about what kind of a husband to look for. Hamish doesn't bother me much, at least he doesn't embarrass me about it. He did want me to put my blanket that I had warming my legs, he wanted me to put it down on the floor next to his bathroom snuggy ruggy here in the bedroom for him. He has also been claiming things today. When I went to the grocery store it was "his" money of course, so I asked him if I could use some of his money to buy food with. Dragon owns everything around here. I didn't give him the blanket, Dragon will have to do without, or he can snuggle up in bed (he won't) and share mine. Dragon likes to snuggle up on the tiny pink square of a bathroom rug on the bedroom floor. Stompety stomp, and squish squish Dragon and his snuggy snuggy rugs!

But Hamish is also worried about the eggs so he doesn't want me browsing any dating websites. It is "his" eggs, he tells me. Even Dinosaur was noticing that I was on dating websites. At least they don't embarrass me. I was so worried that they would. I mean, if a human were to see me browsing sex or dating sites then that would be embarrassing. But the Aliens are really cool about things so that's great. I'm really happy about that. Maybe I can even find a guy and have a sex life. Maybe I can have sex and not worry that Aliens are watching? Maybe I should have my ovaries removed and earn some privacy and finally get able to focus on my life, without aliens in it. They are a distraction.

I commented to Hamish on how he has a little tiny head. I told him that he has a tiny head, but that he is very dominant and strong. I added that last bit cause I didn't want to offend his prestige. But his head is really tiny. It is much smaller than it should be. Even still two years of knowing him I am always surprised at the size of his Sock Puppet Head. But he is a stunningly gorgeous Dragon. Very handsome and attractive, just the proportions are very alien. I love him.

And, final bit of things, "Alpha Zeče" made its appearance known. It was of course curious of my browsing dating sites. I rarely show any interest in sex or dating so of course they are interested. I find it highly invasive though. It really causes psychological damage to have aliens invading in my sex life. Bringing me to Japanese men to have sex with me, all the Russians and Olav and Stanislav (except for that one time Stanislav morphed into a dark winged Dragon that was neat). I don't even know what a sex life is anymore. I have become so vulnerable, shy, frail, damaged.

I want to have a man again, and this time to marry. I want to share my life with a human. I want to cuddle and have sex with someone without Dragon shouting at me "eggs" or biting me in the arm to stop what I am doing. Don't I deserve that? All you people who look up at the stars and dream about one day meeting aliens. It's not what you think. It's not easy having a sex life ruined, and invaded upon. It's not easy. It's turns things upside down as a human. I broke up with a great boyfriend because I was too unhappy about bringing him home if the aliens watch us having sex.

I've pretty much decided that I don't want the aliens messing with my life anymore. It's not like they let me stay awake for abductions or treat me as an equal or give me a grand tour of the labs to meet everybody. It's not like they would ever do that. So I'm done with being an egg machine. You know I love Hamish and am faithful to him as a friend, but please come on give me a sex life and a normal relationship with a human lover! All the hurt the Aliens have put me through, I can no longer try to belong to them or be there for them somehow. It's been too much, too much hurt and "cacophony". I just want a life now. I don't expect them to leave, and I'm not sure I could ever live without Red Dragon Scales, and the occasional vision of a Turtle Hump Back, or Duck Feet stomping on Ruggy Snugs... But I've got to find a human man. And the Aliens must not interfere. No more Alpha Zeče, no matter how innocent, curious and harmless the Zečes (Zetas) think that they are. They do massive harm and damage to a human psyche with their invasive, heartless and cruel ways. Just go away. (But leave Hamish here.)

Anyhow. That's just another anecdote on alien contact. I write it all down...

Reptilians smell good

November 07 2013, 8:40 AM - Last night black reptilian appeared and said "Omnis!" to me, which is their informal greeting. "Omrigosh!", I said to him, which is their formal greeting. I commented on how something has changed in my nose or DNA because lately Reptilians smell good to my nose, they smell like musk, like intoxicating perfume, pleasant and appealing, whereas before they would smell "difficult", I said. This was so good to hear that black reptilian cuddled me and gave me the experience of touching him up and down along his abdomen with black glossy scales for at least minute and a half.

Dinosaur showed up to do some work on my vagina. I was introduced to a golden yellow orange large Insect ET who also did some work on me. Dinosaur complained about the dust mites on my body and vacuumed or destroyed several by waving an instrument above my body. (The Aliens are always very disgusted by the many dust mites on my body.) Thuban was around. And I was asked if I would help the aliens by giving oral sex to a human man they had there naked with an erection. He was maybe what 22 years of age? The aliens were extracting semen from him, and turns out that semen was later used to make several baby embryos that are now growing many together in a vat of water. I'm still surprised that their vats of water with embryos do not have any lids.

And the team introduced me to yet a new Dark Lord, the seventh in the series, and his name is Zoroaster. "Do you know about Zoroaster?", said black reptilian to me. I said I had only heard of it mentioned once before. And that was when my Free Mason D/s ex had mentioned it. But I didn't know what it was. Zoroaster appeared in my room. He was larger than any of the other Dark Lords, and he felt cold and cooler than the others do. Yet there was something so sensual, almost erotic, in a way loving, most irresistible, a masculine charm, beauty and sensual allure that will never be experienced from anything human, and I complimented him, I adored him, I praised him and I honored him. I also try to be nice so that pleasantries might make these encounters not so scary. But I was breathless and swooned as a woman, just by Zoroaster's mere presence. He pulled my body right to the edge of the bed so that I quite nearly fell out of bed. He wanted me to get down on the floor to honor him properly. But Zoroaster was nice. Sort of. I mean, he was a Dark Lord. And they are what Dark Lords are.

Now let's google "Zoroaster": No, Zoroaster is not a Dark Lord. Ok now I'm confused. It is what it is, and I just write it all down. A Dark Lord appeared last night and I was under the impression that his name was Zoroaster. Or to be fairly honest, black reptile asked me had I heard of "Zoroaster", and then a Dark Lord appeared. Perhaps it was only my assumption that this Dark Lord was he? I don't know much of anything, do I.

A more detailed description of last night's alien encounters was written down and appears in the books only, because it is somewhat sexually graphic.

Bathing with aliens

November 06 2013, 8:40 PM - I was in the bath and the Illuminati hybrid was here to see me naked (read about the Illuminati below in the previous entry). He didn't want me to see him naked but the Thuban wanted us to see each other naked. I said to him that I think of him as a Brother and that seemed to help him feel a bit more at ease. I was able to focus on my bath and didn't see more of him though I sensed him around. After a while he tells me that he was given a piece of candy. The Aliens give hybrids candies as reward if they comply with uncomfortable sexual assignments. They are subject to sexual assignments because, tragically, sex is a precursor for most reproduction.

I must say it felt great to see naked alien hybrid genitals and to be watched by a naked hybrid male when that male happened to be an adult and no pedophilia was involved. I didn't get upset and I was able to enjoy a bath without upsets. He is an adult, I am an adult. We both know that we don't like each other sexually and nobody gets hurt. I'm glad if its the chubby Illuminati hybrid men from now on rather than the children. I wasn't upset at all.

While I was in the bath I chatted a little bit with both Hamish and Dark Lords. Dark Lord talked about sitting on our living room sofas, and I asked don't you Dark Lords have other things to do and he got upset like he thought I was asking him to leave or offending him. I was just concerned for his sake that don't they have something more important to do than sit around watching me do nothing all day. The

Tell them, I am the Dark Lord Incubus Fussubus. - Dark Lord
Ha ha. You bet'cha! - me
What did they say to that? - Dark Lord
I don't know. The people I am writing to do not respond. - me
So, this isn't private? - Dark Lord about their sitting on sofas
Not so. But you can sit here. - me
The Eye wanted me to. - Dark Lord
Oh. I am sorry. I am sorry to hear about The Eye telling you what things to do. What would you do instead, if you could choose on your own? - me

The Dark Lord then said that they are here to make me pregnant and use my DNA and eggs and what not. I asked what do they make me pregnant with, and he said with "Snakes". "Snakes! Reptilians!", I declared, and assured them that I was so happy to have babies with Reptilians! A Yellow Reptilian then showed up in the bathroom and did some possessions and he pushed my body and was showing his power. He very elegantly pushed me against the bathtub edge and lifted my arm out. Then appeared Valakiel.

Valakiel instantly broke off their maneuvering of me as he perhaps saw an impending danger. Valakiel talked to the Dark Lords and he also talked to Hamish. I got to ask Valakiel some questions about my alien visitors. I saw Valakiel in a white light and I saw his shrouds. I was changed forever and will never be the same after I saw the bottom edge of Valakiel's shrouds. He wears a long thick white cloak with golden or yellow embroidery. The very fabric of his clothing was Heavenly and changed me forever. Just to see and be in the presence of an Angel made who I am, my mind, my health, and my whole world so much better. Just from seeing a fair glimpse of his shrouds at the ankles as he walked. Valakiel is made of Angel Dust and even his shrouds are made of the fabric of Heaven.

Valakiel told me on two occasions that he is Elohim. That was a surprise. I would have just called him an "Angel", or said that he is one of the Santinians or Arcturians. Elohim. I have known Valakiel from earlier visits too, and I will now add a new page dedicated to the Elohim race.

Obvious question: wasn't I embarrassed to be seen naked by aliens in the bath tub? Yes and No (not Yes-No). WIth the Illuminati hybrid man I felt a bit invaded in privacy to undress when I know he is watching but since he is chubby too I don't mind if I'm a *bit* out of shape. Plus the Illuminati chums are sweethearts and they don't judge. They don't look at a woman that way. They just want to eat their candies and sweets and drive fast cars. They don't want to be seen naked either, so we're in the same boat so that makes us equals, so it was fine. He doesn't say anything or look at me the wrong way that would make me feel uncomfortable. So the Illuminati chum was ok.

As for Dark Lords and Hamish and Reptilians seeing me naked, I figure I look really hideous and unflattering to the Reptilians since I am a human and they are scaly boys with tails. Oh that reminds me. The Yellow Reptilian had said while I was in the bath that it was sad that my Reptilian hybrid children would be born without a tail. I said that I don't have a tail either, and I almost said that I was sad to not have a tail either, but I didn't want to go too far with that one.

So I don't mind if Reptilians

Call me Mr. Shenanigans! - Dark Lord
Yes? Yes Sir? - me
Valakiel was here. - Dark Lord
Yes he was. Isn't he beautiful? - me
.. Valakiel wasn't nice to me. - Dark Lord
Yes he was! - me
He didn't let me have my goats. - Dark Lord
You don't need goats. - me

I don't mind if Reptilians see me naked. They don't

Our goats are juicy. - Dark Lord
Hmm. - me
Yes. Tasty! - Hamish or Dark Lord
Ok? Umm. - me

Reptilians don't look at me naked like they would notice anything or acknowledge anything. Reptilians don't look at the parts of my naked female body that would make me feel awkward or self-conscious. They don't see my chubby or things that I'm not happy with. In fact you can stand completely butt ass naked in a room with a Reptilian or you can have your clothes on and they will look at you the same. So that's great. That's one of the things I love about Reptilians.

As for Hamish. I don't mind if Hamish sees me naked. But he and I are close friends, so that makes it kind of awkward. But since we're so close friends I don't mind and he never says anything or stuff. So Hamish is ok. He's my Hamish Bear.

Naked with Dark Lords is also fine. Sure they are the underworld Lords of Darkness, but it's not like they're gonna notice the things that us women feel so self-conscious about. They are too busy rampaging about power and dominance, lust... and goats.

And fingers! - Hamish, about his human finger snacks, yes you heard me

But it was *a bit* uncomfortable with Valakiel around, but he said something about it because he knew how I was feeling. I forget what he said. Something about being here to protect me or stuff. I tried to cover my breasts and privates with bath foam that was dissipating, but then I figured what the heck I'll just live with Angel Valakiel seeing me naked in the bath. And he didn't say or do anything differently about it so it was fine I guess. Besides you feel so loved and life feels perfect and beautiful when you are in the presence of Angels.

But it's not like it's fun bathing with aliens. Although I wouldn't mind giving ol' Dark Lord Malik his sponge bath. I would love to sponge bath Malik. And I wouldn't mind scrubbing down my Hamish and rinsing him off when he's got that orange ooze or other stuffs on him. Some Dinosaurs work with bathing Hamish. I would give anything to give Draconians sponge baths. Who wouldn't. That would be so much fun.

Alien News

November 06 2013, 5:28 PM - Today I cried because I saw Hamish and he is so beautiful. He came up close to look at the computer screen to see what was going on in the video game I was playing. If you ever had real close and telepathically intimate contact with Reptilians, you can tell when they are really thinking deeply and processing information. Here's how it goes:

Reptilians telepathically connect with a human and transfer their thoughts, they do it not only to communicate to a human with their thoughts but also so that they can read a human's mind. Reptilians are very observant and telepathy enables them better access to "spy" on beings. Reptilians have two hemispheres of their brain, a left and right hemisphere. Hamish has that, and Snake-type Reptilians (Snake) have that. When a Reptilian is really contemplating and watching something very closely and he is trying to see or hear or understand what it is doing, they really stop to think and it takes a long while as they take in information and process it. And when you are telepathically connected to a Reptilian who is contemplating, you see and feel their brain switch to a different mode and you can see how information bounces between their left and right hemispheres, slowly.

A classic example of this was when Snake the Reptilian found a video game case that says "Snake Eater" and he watched it closely and was processing visual information to see what it was and whether it would be a threat. This is just a lot of words but wait till you experience it for yourself.

Reptilians normally think very quickly and have quick responses. But there are those precious times when they are curious and they stop to look and listen. This behavior takes a surprisingly long time comparing to other Earth animals that are looking at something new. They don't seem "smart" when they do this, because the information goes very slowly. It suggests, perhaps, that Reptilians learn very slowly. Perhaps most of their behavior and responses are quick responses, one could also argue that Reptilians are not very "adaptive", they don't want to ever have to "adapt" or regulate their natural instincts. So this kind of "watching and listening" is very rare. They rarely try to figure something out.

Let me say it again, because this is fantastic. (And is anyone else on the internet writing scientific observations on Reptilian behavior? Anyone? No? I'm sorry if this gets scientific and boring, but the more detail the better.) On a normal basis, Reptilian behavior and their responses in communication happen very quick. And on a rare occasion they stop to look and listen, and then their brain slows down considerably and the process is humongously slow compared to Earth animals - this is when they are faced with something unknown and they know not what to think about it. The information then bounces back and forth, very slowly, between hemispheres of the brain. I can literally see and feel it happening.

And seeing Hamish do that again made me cry. Because he is a person in there, a person with eyes that sees and a brain that processes information. He is an alien being and

Please, do not write about me anymore. - Hamish
But, Hamish. - me
I am the greater one of us two. - Hamish
I know that you are. I just think you are fantastic. - me
Our brains do not think slowly. - Hamish
Umm... I think they do, sometimes when you are really watching something unknown. Snake has done that too. - me
Our brains, do not think slowly! - Hamish or other Reptilian
Not on a normal basis no. - me
Not ever. - a Dark Lord
Siph was here. - so the Fussubus was Siph

To see this fantastic

We are not from the same nebulas. - Siph
I know that. You are an alien. You are a space creature. What are you? - me
I am not the Nephilim. - Siph
What is Nephilim? What does it mean? - me
You mean, "who are they"? - black reptilian
Who are they? The Nephilim? Who are the Nephilim? - me
They are our babies here. - Siph with eyes closing in a smile
They were with our garden, before you came to us. - black reptile

To see this fantastic creature, Hamish, when he breathes, when his feet step on things, when he talks about liver snacks, when his eyes look at things, when his two little nostrils sniff at things. I could die for that creature. I can't tell you how deeply it touches me to have close intimate contact with this being who is too humble to understand how magnificent he is as a living creature.

We don't have the eggs, that is why we came here. - Hamish, with thought image of Dragon Turtle eggs
So, I don't have to be a "being". - Hamish

Hamish Hamish Hamish. The love of my life. The most meaningful thing in this universe, ever. More important than the Stars. I am deeply in love with that being, not in a sexual way, I mean it touches on the very essence of life. Life itself comes alive when I get to breathe through Dragon Turtle and listen to his thoughts, and watch his thoughts processing when he looks at things. To hear him talk about shedded scales and liver snacks. That is what is most important in this world.

I also like these! - Hamish gladly shows me a quick mental image of yellow Japanese koi fish, he loves the scales because it looks like Dragon scales, he finds them irresistible to look at.
I love them too. They are like your children, like little Dragon Turtles. What do you think of them? - me

And today a Thuban said that it is a "dolphin", and I had some arguments with it again (because of pedophiles and hybrid children). I also argued with Zetas today and explicitly wished them all to die (because of pedophiles and hybrid children). And later in the day an Illuminati hybrid chum, one of those big white chubby men with many chunks and layers of fatty folds - it seems to be a structural issue, and I think it might be water retention not fat deposits, but I could be wrong. He asked me if I liked "balloons". Then I was shown his exposed naked parts. He said that sometimes he is told that it looks like "balloons", his junk he means. He had a sizeable scrotum and testicles and by no means miniatures, but this man is a hybrid man between humans and some aliens. But he did not have an erection at the time, usually they don't.

I kindly declined the offer, I was meant to have sex with him, he said that when I asked him why I was being shown. I must say, and hopefully without sounding like a creep, but these chubby Illuminati hybrids have the cutest male junk. I don't know, it's just perfect. I guess I have the right to say that after all the rapes and stuff I'm put through. What I'm saying is I can only smile at the chubby Illuminaties, they are so harmless and sweet. Many of them are mentally retarded or slow a bit, but don't offend them they have integrity and beautiful character. These are sweet innocent men who are kept in the alien medical dungeons and are put through sexual abuse and some through "hillock" treatment, which means sexual sadist prostitute. These are sweet men who dream about flying hot air balloons or driving fast cars. Sweet men who get so jealous when I eat ice-cream or pancakes because sugar is restricted to them, and who now and then tell me that they dream of eating waffles. So I can say that I am not offended about anything with these men. They are my Brothers. I love them. (I will not be having any sex with them. They are not humans and I find the whole thing unethical.)

A Dark Lord uttered something very interesting today. Bezelbaub. He said it pronounced so that it would be written exactly like that. But check here: Beelzebub. I leave you with that light reading for now.

Do we have a sixth Dark Lord Fussubus?
1. Betelgeuze, Maleucius Bent, (one I forget), Malik, Jesobel, Jezebel
2. Basmet, Baphomet
3. Sif, Siph
4. Manon, Masof, Masuf
5. Rambutan
6. Bezelbaub, Beelzebub

I have a delightful little personal collection of Dark Fussubuses and Mr. Shenaniganses. Interesting tidbits about Dark Lords:
1. They have been known throughout history by humans. Recorded as demons, devils, djinn, incubi, and more.
2. They come from another

Tell them we are not monkeys. - Siph or other Dark Lord

2. They come from another planet called Alpha Theta or Alpha Thetis, meaning they are extraterrestrial alien beings. They are not "mythological creatures" even though most of history recorded them in "mythology" and "religion", not "biology" or "science". But that should start to change I think.
3. They inhabit a different parallel universe from ours, and are not in our own tangible reality. Part of our inawareness of them is due to limited human sensory perception. They travel between their lower vibrational reality and into a reality closer to ours, by jumping through black portals, pentagrams, or using black and white checkered floors as portals.
4. Dark Lords gave us Satanism, Druidism, black magic, tarot cards, Ouija boards, Ancient Egyptian mythology, Aleister Crowley, Thelema, Hitler and the Nazi movement, and many more Shenanigans.
5. Dark Lords are energy vampires, they feed off sexual, fear, and pain energy.
6. Dark Lords love to possess humans and make them do naughties such as murder, rape, pedophilia, arguments. Many humans are in prison because of Dark Lords.
7. Dark Lords have a personal vendetta against the Jews because Jews were seeded on Earth by Vega aliens who refused to join the Agenda. Jewish people also inherited brighter life force than humans without Vega DNA.
8. Dark Lords have monotheism and their god is called The Eye. Dark Lords gather energy from the living and pass it on to their god The Eye. Their belief is that this keeps The Eye from swallowing up all worlds. Dark Lords believe they are saving the world by doing this.
9. Dark Lords smell like pestilence, sewer, death, rancid socks, and a dead rat. But do not tell them that, or they will actually wash with HOT water and soap and wear men's cologne, they get self-conscious.
10. Dark Lords themselves have DNA and penises and are part of the Agenda's genetic program.
11. Dark Lords form dandruff and the crevices on their body have white dust debris. But do not tell them that, they are self-conscious about it and get angry as if you insulted them just because you noticed it.
12. If a Dark Lord comes too close to a human, the human will instantly get sick, vomit, go mad insane

We feel lust then. - Siph quickly says
Ok Siph. Ok. - me
We feel it with them! - Siph says in a suave way
Ok. Mr. Dark Lord. - me

The human will go mad insane, and will die. Close contact with a Fussubus will kill a human. That is a fact. Dark Lords keep a respectful distance in normal interaction. They are very aware of their harmful powerful presence and on a normal basis they do not intend to harm or kill a human. They know we are little ones in their hands.
13. It is possible to talk to Dark Lords. My impression with them is that they are polite, sweet, charming, intelligent, and fun to talk to. Each Dark Lord is a unique character. If you forget the fact that they caused Hitler and Aleister Crowley and all the scary bits, it is possible to have a great fun friendship (or romance) with these Fussubuses. Like me and Malik, we've had good times. (Malik now comes through the portal under the bathroom sink when I said his name.)

Ok I'm off to read about our Bezelbaub/Beelzebub. Another Mr. Dark Lord. Fact: did you know that it was a Rothschild lizard who taught me that the "Black Ones" are called "Dark Lords"? It's like I really love the Dark Lords. But they're predators and they do nasty things. But they're my Fussubuses. Now I've got six of them! Six Fussubuses! Welcome Beelzebub! I look forward to getting to know you dear. Geez. And earlier today one of the Dark Lords said that goats were genetically suitable to be sacrificed, that they had been made that way. (Humans have sacrificed goats to appease the Dark Lords throughout ages. Dark Lords love it if humans sacrifice an animal for them.)

We like to torture them. - Dark Lord
Why? - me
We like cats too. - Dark Lord
Why? Don't hurt cats. They are too precious. Did you ever cuddle a cat and then it starts to purr? Did you ever listen to when a cat talks about nice things? I've had cats and I won't let you hurt any of them. They are full of love, and they deserve to be loved. Learn to love, Dark Lord. - me
.. This was with Siph. - Siph
Hello Siph. - me

Today's Rant

November 06 2013, 10:00 AM - I am on my period, thanks for asking. That usually means strange activities stirring up in the Dragons I have here at home. One of the Dark Lords, maybe that was Manon, even said that I had offered to cut myself to bleed for them and now I was bleeding all on my own. And Hamish was acting all strange yesterday. All strange. As soon as I woke up he was doing his "claiming thing". "My ---" this and that. Like a little 2-year old who went bananas with the "I spy" game, you know when kids have to say "I spy" and then list every single thing that they see? Well Hamish was claiming "My ---" to every single thing that he saw. I can't remember the specifics, but it can sound something like this when I wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom:

"My bathroom, My toilet, My pee [meaning MY URINE!], My paper [TOILET PAPER!], My pants [My clothes!], My kitchen, My, My, My...." ad nauseum. But it's fun. He will literally name every single thing that he spots and claim it as his. Yes, and even my pee and the toilet paper are his. He does a claiming streak every now and then but yesterday morning was intense! It was fun though, but he wasn't acting his same old usual self. I suspect my period was responsible for it. But nothing else out of the ordinary.

I was woken up by night because of Hamish talking to me. I was asleep when he started talking to me and what he was saying to me got nested into my dreaming, so I was seeing his explanations as a dream. I dreamt about how some type of Reptilians had come in to where Hamish's race had lived and how they had hunted the little Dragon Turtle children. In the dream I saw hundreds of little red Dragon Turtles being chased by yellow beige raptor dinosaurs. Then Hamish said, "And six more clawed came", six more clawed. The clawed were yellow beige raptor dinosaurs who had huge raptor claws on their toes, one or two such big claws on each foot. Several groups of those had arrived to hunt the Dragon Turtles, "and then six more clawed came". He just called them "clawed", typical of Hamish. I saw vivid images of those clawed raptors in the dreams, maybe I was even being shown mental visuals. When I woke up Hamish was still talking about the "clawed".

Dark Lords have been relentless lately, and last night I couldn't sleep because The Eye and Dark Lords were ruining my energy and ingesting my life force. Every time I recover so that my light is bright, Agenda comes along to steal my light. Last night they said that I had been prepared to be sacrificed or given to The Eye. I was asking for Seraphim and all the Angels to guard me. I refuse to live in a world that is made by The Eye. I am tired of Illuminati Satanic bad vibes. Just yesterday I saw a picture in the newspaper of Rihanna the singer I think it was and she had the Egyptian Ankh symbol and a serpent symbol on her jacket. Like, really?!?? Most people don't know or understand the Agenda Illuminati mind control but their thoughts and actions can still be influenced by it.

The Eye is just the most gross disgusting energy you could imagine. It is really repulsive and ugly. It spews out its energy into the world, and uses organizations and creatures to enforce it. Meanwhile, its members steal light. Its members don't want to live in the Satanic energy, so they go after the light. The Agenda really wants me to marry someone in the Agenda. They said yesterday that they have been doing this for hundreds of years, and they called it, "reseeding". They want Vega genes like mine to be watered down with Illuminati Agenda Satanic genes.

Last night they showed me yet another Illuminati bachelor. He has black hair and is tall, Caucasian, somewhere in Europe. I kept seeing him with just "one eye" on the forehead instead of his usual two, and sometimes I saw him with the two eyes. He had the most horrible vibe, I'm telling you he felt like the anti-Christ. I even said, he feels like the anti-Christ, is he? The Dark Lord said to me that this man's family has always been executed and persecuted throughout history. Like, really?!?? I am supposed to have sex and make babies with that man?!?? Hell no. Just no.

Spare the insults. - says a Dark Lord Shenanigans
Go away. I am tired of the Satanic vibes from The Eye. - me

There's two different types of Satanic

We just call it lust. - Dark Lord
Do you know what lust is?!?? Lust is the LIGHT that you steal from your non-Satanic non-Eye victims. You are just so overwhelmed by how good it feels to NOT feel Satanic that you think it's some sexual lust sensation. Why don't you leave The Eye and go into the Light and have a good feeling all the time, without having to sacrifice, torture, or steal? - me
We want your eggs, that is why. - Dark Lord
No more eggs for you, Mister! And no more Shenanigans! - me
We know where that goes. - Dark Lord says, he means my typing and he looked at the modem box in the wall again. I hate it when he looks at the modem box, I worry that he might do tricks with the electronics. Sometimes I find him fascinated with the television, like really checking out the wires and stuff. I don't like it.

One type of Satanic is the powerful suave lust feeling that most Satanists feel. The other one is the dark and empty void Satanic which is hungry and doesn't feel good at all. Never mind, I am putting it all in the book "The Agenda Explained". Explaining all this Agenda and Satanic stuff. At least I got to see a Dinosaur last night. And at least Hamish is cute. But I'm tired of the dark vibes spewing out from the Agenda and The Eye. I don't like The Eye, it's really gross and disgusting and all they want to do is stomp out beautiful Vega genes. Peace out. Rant for the day complete.

One more fun thing. Last night the Agenda started to teach me about why there is the importance of pointy hats. You know the pointy hats on Ku Klux Klan costumes? The Agenda told me that the hats have to be tall and pointy and that they are also supposed to have a pointy chin which is sometimes made by the pointy goatee beard, cough COUGH Ancient Egyptian pharaohs my own connections made cough. This was to mimic something else in the Agenda, some other type of shape or figure. I was also shown the Black Box again last night, something they told me about the Black Box, another typical Agenda Satanic symbol. And just as I wonder what if it has something to do with the Mecca black box, Dark Lord says Merkaba to me. Isn't that the greeting in Arabic? I know my Dark Lords speak Arabic, after all one is called Malik which is Arabic for King, and the Dark Lords are known in Islam as the Djinn. The plot thickens. It's everywhere.

The Santinians didn't want to say that. - Dark Lord or Hamish

Oh yeah that's right, the Agenda also showed me images of Santinians last night and talked about how they don't like the Santinians.

Dark Lords, Japanese, Dragon Toilet Behavior, and Red Week again

November 04 2013, 1:36 PM - When I went to bed I talked to the Dark Lord about Light and evolution and Angels and I asked him and his Satanic hoards to back off from stealing my vitality. It had some great consequences because I woke up feeling so alive and rested and I had a bright white light around me instead of the dark black that Dark Lords manage to leave me with after most nights. They either respectfully backed off, or the Seraphim Angel protected me like I asked him to. If this sounds like science-fiction, too bad. Lots of people are affected by Dark Lords, and they don't even know it. Jezebel is a well-known notorious evil spirit that does mischief in people's lives. Malik the Dark Lord has said that he is in fact Jezebel. It is Mr. Mischief.

Last night the Agenda brought me to Japanese men again. Oh. And the other day Zetas told me why they chose to work so closely with the Japanese. Well duh of course. It's because of the nuclear attacks that Japan had in world war two! So the Zetas, who also had nuclear accidents that rendered them infertile, thought that the Japanese could relate and help them. So now there's a whole lot of Japanese people working in the Agenda and tons of Japanese hybrids with the Aliens. I have lots of Japanese children with these men. I hate it.

I can't recall the specifics of the Japanese encounter last night. I only remember being in the presence of a Japanese man and then - aha, again, as always - they left me alone in a bathroom. The Japanese always take me to the bathroom and leave me there and close the door. Otherwise I tend to pee on the floor during abductions. Because I'm kept there in some sort of sleeping state so I don't know what I'm doing.

In the morning when I woke I had a big bright fire engine red Dragon in my room. My Hamish of course. He is so handsome with that red body of his and covered in little orange bumps like zits all over. He looks so fantastic in colors. He has a tiny head with hardly any back of the head. He's so cute!

Aha, so now you have been stuck up! - says probably a Thuban, they always say this if I'm "acting out", in the other language. I was complimenting Hamish too much it seems.

Hamish says that he has placed his poo in the bathroom and he even said that it had splattered. I said to Dragon that it is ok, that I would help clean it up. (It is of course in the other dimension so I don't have to worry about it.) I tell Hamish that I will help clean up after the mess. Hamish then says that he doesn't think it is messy. Badum-tish, Dragon Hamish. Badum-tish. You just placed a mudpile of Dragon poo on the bathroom floor, and you don't think that constitutes a mess. Well played, Dragon. Well played.

But it is interesting. Hamish has a different psychology about poo altogether. It seems less of a hygiene issue and biohazard than how humans behave around it. Which suggests that Dragon poo might not pose health risks like it would for humans. If humans leave poo around, we would get sick. Dragon poo more than probably does not contain bacteria or disease agents. Also, Dragon Turtles in the wild in fern forests of Alpha Draconis were on the move a lot, so their poo would have been left behind and not posed any kind of problems, so behaviors around disposing or cleaning up after it would not have been developed nor incorporated into their culture or behavior.

It is far too easy for us humans to interpret his behavior in human terms. If a Dragon poos on the bathroom floor we quickly think about it as if a human had done it. But it's a Dragon. These are alien creatures. And I tell Hamish it is ok, which it is. Bird will come and clean up after it soon enough. In the future I might get him a litter box or arrange with some kind of bucket or toilet for him. Did you know that black reptilian uses our toilet? I captured one of those special moments while writing the next upcoming book whose working title is "The Orion Project: The Agenda Explained". While black reptile and me were talking, probably about Theothitichulan, he excused himself and asked if it were ok if he could use our toilet. Of course I said that he may, and I continued to write down what both of us said as he was on the toilet. If you're not interested in Reptilian presence in ancient Incan civilization and Theothitichulan (whatever that is, have yet to do an internet search on it), the book will also give you a rare insight into black reptilian toilet behavior.

I got my period this morning. We'll see how Hamish behaves around that. When I told him about it, Hamish said something like "juice in my throat", thinking about drinking blood. Hamish and other Reptilians love to eat blood. They experience some type of thrill sensation which comes from the iron in the blood. Kind of like, think about when you put a battery against your tongue. A kind of buzz. Reptilians experience some type of intense buzz from eating blood, so when a woman has her period (and if she has Dragons and Reptiles) the Scaly Ones can get a bit stirred. But I told Hamish he can't eat any of it, that I don't think it is clean for him. I don't know. I'd rather make a small cut on my arm.

I once saw in remote mental images how blood was taken out from a hybrid boy with a syringe and how a Dinosaur emptied the syringe right into Hamish's mouth. And I will never forget that time when I woke up at night with both Hamish the Red Dragon and Malik the Mischievous and they had just eaten some of my period blood. And then Malik offered me a small glass vial of his own blood in return. I declined the gracious offer. I get offered to drink Reptilian blood every now and so often. I always find gracious and respectful ways to decline their kind gifts of blood. It's fun how they project their culture on me, and I am a human. They expect me to know about honoring scales and their races and all about blood drinking, as if it were second nature. But I have had to learn to understand their very exotic culture.

Love of my Life

November 02/03 2013, 1:28 AM - I thought Hamish wasn't around most of the day and that maybe he was feeling a bit grumpy. But later in the afternoon he returned and was sweet as punch and great fun to be with. He watched a tv show about jungle with me, and when he saw the jungle river he told me that his "poo" is in the river. Hamish's river is in Thailand, and tv showed a river in Guatemala, but it looked pretty darn similar. What I love about Hamish is that he recognizes things visually, and then he assumes things to be what he saw them to be previously.

If Hamish knows a river in Thailand, seeing a river that looks like the same environment, he will assume it to be that exact same river. And seeing similarities between red lobsters and himself, they must obviously be the same DNA as him. When he sees me packing shampoos, perfumes and soaps into big ziplock bags, those are of course "plastic bags of snacks!", the same ziplock bags that someone has put slivers of organ meats into for him. It's fun when he recognizes things.

Hamish talked about wanting to have "rocks and eggs" by the river. He likes standing on smooth large river rocks, it feels good the way it presses against the undersides of his flat red duck feet. And he thinks about eggs a lot. I told him that the eggs are here with me, not by the river.

I let Hamish choose what tv program we watch. It's often that Hamish says "I don't want to watch that" and I change the channel. Usually something scary on television. And he wanted to sit next to me on the sofa today, so I cleared away all the stuff I had there. Of course Dragon can sit next to me on the sofa! My Dragon Turtle. Love of my life.

My tail was not here, I said to him. - Hamish shows me the stump of his tail
What, now? Who did you say that to? About your tail? Hamish? - me
My tail was not powerful, it said. - Hamish
Who said? Hamish, who are you talking about? - me

He doesn't always make sense. He doesn't always tell me what he is talking about. But that's ok. As long as he knows what he is talking about, it's fine.

Hamish wants me to get for him a nice big leather bag that he can put his shedded sheets of scales into. He also wants to put some nice round river rocks, and eggs, into the satchel. I told him we will have to go to the purses and bags store together so that he can pick one out. He loves the smell of leather.

I was not afraid of it, I said. - Hamish says
Afraid of what? What are you not afraid of? The leather? What are you talking about Hamish? - me
He shows me a mental image of his shedded sheets of scales, maybe that was what he was not afraid of
I was going to buy it for you, she said. - Hamish, yes I've promised to buy him a leather purse
Yes Hamish. One day I will buy one for you. - me

He's been a cutie all evening. He's usually in a good mood and he hardly ever gets bored with me, stressed out, or irritated at me. He always finds things to do or to think about and he doesn't get upset much. That is what makes him a great friend. I can be in a sour mood, I can be bored and tired and grumpy, yet Hamish says something fun and he has a good mood, so then that cheers me up too.

Hamish? I need to take a photograph of you Sir Dragon Turtle. When can we do it? When can we take your photograph? Can you let me take a picture of you? - me

He's actually a kinda nasty Dragon Reptile. He's big and he's dominating and territorial. He smells funny and he looks dangerous. And he has a vibe about him that is not pleasant.

Please, do not talk about our aroma. - Hamish
I love Dragon smell. It means that they are Dragons. So it's good. - me
You have told them, that they smelled like cheese. - Hamish
Yes. Hamish smells like.. cheese. - me

Today Hamish thought about yellow flowers and he was sniffing the flowers in his thoughts. He loves the smell of flowers.

Hamish? I changed the sheets of my bed so there is a nice big pile of sheets on the bedroom floor. If you want you can go step on them and pee on them to put your smell on it if you like. You have done that before. - me

Hamish once stepped with his feet on my pile of used sheets and then he peed on them in the other dimension because they smelled like me. Wouldn't you like to have a red Dragon Turtle in your home?

Satanic Club visit and card games with the Dark Lords

November 01 2013, 9:51 PM - Today when I went to have a nap the Alpha Reticulan came to talk and I wanted to be friends with him. He was here to tell me he would disconnect the oxygen supply to my son who was named Shane Hendricksen by his father Mr. Hendricksen.

After a conversation with the Alpha Reticulan whom Hamish called "a mosquito" later in the evening, I fell asleep and had a close encounter where a Dark Lord took me to a Satanist club. Yes. Before you're asking what satanism has got to do in stories about aliens, I'll have you know satanism was invented by the Dark Lords of Alpha Thetis and it has been given to humanity for aeons. Even things like pentagrams, Ouija boards and tarot cards were handdowns from the Dark Lords. And ramhorned god Baphomet in Aleister Crowley's religion Thelema? He is an actual Alpha Thetan Dark Lord creature who put himself on that card.

In the dream I had a long dream segment where I was looking right in the face of a pugdog. I think this was a Dark Lord looking at me, I always say they look like pugdogs with that flat depressed area between the eyes with two little nostrils there. My mind was reinventing it as pugdog.

I was in a beautiful red mahogany club that must've been at least 150 years old but in pristine condition. It was like a library, and a grand staircase led downstairs. You could watch from upstairs and down below was a round floor where they do rituals. The whole place had nice red carpeting with expensive black patterns like Persian rugs. Upstairs and downstairs were filled with bookcases, probably with satanic literature.

I was a newcomer to their club and a Dark Lord had brought me there. There were young men and women there, a majority of the attendees were men in their 20's. At one point I look and I see two alien men, and in my state where I'm not fully awake I point my finger at the two gentlemen with yellow scaly skin and I'm like "Look! Are those aliens? Look! Look at them!" I was all happy and surprised to see the two alien fellows there.

I was going to be welcomed into the club. "I want to be with the Dark Lord!", I whined like a little girl and I kept skipping after the Dark Lord. I get to know the Dark Lords and so finding myself in an unknown place and with unknown people, you'd be surprised but I kind of want to stay close to the man I know, the Dark Lord, but he kept moving about in the upstairs because he had things to do.

Dark Lord points at a congregation of some of the 20-something men and Dark Lord tells me something like, "but you know that they don't really like you". For indoctrination and welcome, every single member of the group (except Dark Lord the main hero) are going to do a quick brief like 5 second sexual making out with me. No one tells me that is going to go down, but I find out. (The Dark Lord had meant that the men aren't attracted to me, that that isn't why they would be making out with me.)

Each of the members one at a time do something like a hug or a French kiss or some serious groping on me. Men and women. One woman does oral sex on me. The reason I say that is because I'm convinced that this wasn't a dream. Also I don't dream about sex, or if I do it wouldn't take place at a Satanic club. And I'm not a lesbian and I was very confused about what these women were doing to me.

Nervously I look around and to my dismay there are like 30-50 more members, so at this point after just five or so people's welcoming embraces, two of which were women, I get up and I object. The members of the club weren't too keen on making out with me either, it was clear that they seemed rather bored with the task. Then the group shows me an older man and that he was interested in having sex with me. But that doesn't happen, cause I don't want to.

Members of the club begin gathering downstairs at the round floor. You can look down from the railing upstairs. They are going to sacrifice (kill!) someone, and Dark Lord is the meister and the main character. I must say, I felt very drawn to and mesmerized by the Dark Lord. Aside from his bad habit of satanic rituals, he is one hell of a sexy and irresistible man. I am sure that every member of the club has felt the same, and been caressed by the Dark Lord in that same loving and fatherly way. It's like you really want to love the Dark Lord. He doesn't seem scary at all

We are not vindictive! - says a Dark Lord now
You have sparked a great interest in me. - he says

He doesn't seem scary at all. When you see him you are not afraid. He is suave and he knows how to flirt with a person to turn them toward satanism. But I am not going to join their club. I don't need their orgies and satanic blood rituals.

When I returned back in my room after the visit to Dark Lord's Club, I was worried, was it me they were going to sacrifice? Turns out not. The Dark Lord had only wanted to flare up my sexual energy by ordering everyone to make out with me (I only got through five or so club members).

The Dark Lords want me because I am a Crystal, with Ida Pingala Shushumna. All of this means that my vital force is especially strong, and the Dark Lords are Incubi that feed off of it. This sounds like science-fiction, but only because science hasn't caught up yet. And let's be reminded that Dark Lords have torn books (and not just any books, biblical "catecheses") from the bookshelf, tossed me around with physical force, and they can also put clawmarks on skin. If they really wanted to, they could prove their existence in empirical scientific methods. But you can't ask them to put a labcoat on.

While I'm having a bathroom break:
It wasn't sex, it was a welcome. So you need to correct that. - Dark Lord
Yes Sir. I will correct that. - me
No one was going to have sex with you. - Dark Lord
Yes Sir. - me

Dark Lords. I try to hate them, but it's hard because I got to know them as people and friends before I realized they were the likes of Jezebel and Baphomet literally. I am not afraid of them. They have been sweet and delicate with me. But they are Aliens, and they are the leaders of the Alien Agenda which houses the Reptilians, Zetas, Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, and many other races, and are responsible for alien abductions, hybrid programs, Ancient Egyptian culture (probably), Aleister Crowley, Hitler, Himmler and the Nazi movement, Ku Klux Klan, MKULTRA mind control program, and so much more.

I also saw either while asleep and at the Satanic Club or only once I returned from there, a strange creature that has one eye. It is a strange creature like a human outline, torso, legs, arms, a head, but it is white and looks soft and it has one eye instead of two. One big eye on its head. "Why do you only have one eye?", I fussed at it, saying something silly so that I wouldn't be scared. And it works. By using lots of humor and love and pretending that we are all friends, I can even look at this one-eyed creature and not be afraid. It's like we're buddies.

Would you like to play some cards with me? - Dark Lord asks, I am shown regular playing cards
Yes! I want to play cards with you! Will we do a card reading? Or... - me
I don't want you to be afraid when I clasp over your throat. - Dark Lord and I see his big black paw
Don't be nervous when I do it. - he says with a suave voice
Don't kill me or anything. Did you want to play cards or not? - me
Yes, with me and Malik here. - Dark Lord
Do you want to do some magic card readings, or should we play a game of Go Fish? We both take five cards each from the pile and the goal is to get pairs of four. If you get pairs of four you put those away and get to take four more cards. - me
Does the game involve death? - the Dark Lord speaks like a grim reaper
Are you the grim reaper? - me
No, but I like to play over death. - Dark Lord
What the hell are you? I mean seriously, literally, you are a creature out of human mythology and religion, yet I am listening to you and I know you are real and you want to play cards with me? You've been real all this time along, always a presence with humans. But you're a real alien creature. So then you get to ask me if I have a particular type of card and if I don't I tell you Go Fish! - me interrupted
No, we don't want to play it. - Dark Lord
And then you get to take a card from the pile. It's funny when you get - me interrupted
Baah!, you are our sheep here. - Dark Lord
It's funny when you get so many cards that they keep falling out of your hands! If I have the card you asked me for then I have to give it to you. No cheating! Because you could lie. The winner is the one to first have no cards left in their hands, after you get all pairs. Do you want to play Go Fish with me? It isn't a game about death though. - me
Would you rather play chess with me? Do you know the rules? It has that satanic black and white floor that you Dark Lords use as portals. - me
I see the Dark Lord. A humble black figure covered in white dust in his crevices, it is dandruff. These little black Gremlins are responsible for all the legends of satanism across the Earth. They have had such a presence on humanity.
Remember when we read your Thoth tarot cards, Malik? And it said that you were violent? - me
Goodnight Mr. Mischief. I am going to bed soon. Unless you want to stay up and watch some television with me and Hamish. - me
Yes-No, Sugar. - Hamish knows I am headed to get some birthday cake

Incas, Theothitichulan, Cuzco "Custco", Thunder Gods
Atlantis, Lemuria, Muu, Selamaat Jaa
And Hamish shows me his back hump and it was great and honorable

November 01 2013, 6:03 AM - Over the past two days I've received some of the best material ever produced in The Orion Project documentary. Namely I started writing on a compilation book whose working title is "The Agenda Explained". Dark Lord Siph, Hamish, and the Black Reptilian gave me an endless wealth of information at their own initiative. They talk about what they call Teothitichulan (took me forever to get the spelling right, meanwhile the word just falls off their tongue) and the Incas, Incan Thunder Gods the Birds, blood-letting to get rain for maize, and such a wealth of information and details on the Incan civilization.

They talk about Custco, which I think is Cuzco the Incan capital city written as it is pronounced. This is all genuine material given directly from the aliens of the Agenda. I never studied up on ancient civilizations or alien intervention theories and I still won't read up on other sources so to keep my line of channel untainted and independent.

They talk - or don't talk - about Cthulhu and the origin of African humans, but they refuse to tell me any depth of details on Cthulhu. Hamish just suddenly blurted out "Cthulhu" in our conversations and I found out things that could be brand new information on human origins.

And yesterday black reptile talks about Atlantis, Lemuria, and Muu. And every time I say "Muu" to ask something about it, someone says "Selamaat Jaa!", which seems to be a Pleiadian greeting. Reptilians tell us about Atlantis, Lemuria, and Muu, which in some ways are what the New Age legends would have us think, and in other ways it's more down-to-Earth than the utopia we would dream of it being. (I always figured Atlantis, Lemuria and Muu might have been New Age fads so I never took any interest in them. But now here's the information directly from my alien contacts.)

Dark Lord Siph gave the most information, and he was very keen on talking about Theothitichulan and their blood-letting. Everybody went quiet when I asked more on Cthulhu. And black reptile didn't want to talk much about Atlantis, Lemuria, and Muu. I have had the best two days of my life the past two days because these conversations I've had with Siph, black reptile and Hamish have been life-altering and immensely inspirational. This book is going to be the best and most important book ever written on the topic of alien contact, alien visitations, and the alien heritage and history of man.


Last night I was shown a mental visual awareness of a white alien medical room with that table in the center. There was just a Dinosaur there, standing there and looking at me. It seems he was the welcome committee, they know I am always calm and friendly around Dinosaurs. The thing is, I was already there, in the other dimension, but I was still aware of myself as if being here on Earth in my bed in my bedroom. I'm telling you, there's two versions of the world and each version has a different me. I am always there. This human place is just a dream, a cage perhaps created around our minds to keep us under and living in a fantasy fairytale while our real bodies are kept somewhere else by the aliens, like cattle. I know what that sounds like.

The Aliens told me that they were inside the moon. They said that the Earth's moon is hollow inside. I said that human scientific measurements say that the moon is solid don't they? But the aliens are convinced that the moon is some sort of large metallic alien spacecraft with a big hollow center. It didn't look at all like a big space rock in the images I was seeing of their whereabouts at the moon. Thing is, we humans are primitive. Let's face it. Let's humbly surrender and realize that we are not more to them (or far less) than monkeys we see at the zoo. What if chimpanzees think that they are living in nature at the zoo? What if we humans think that a hollow alien spacecraft is the moon? It seems that we are living in a video game, a 3D holographic gaming experience.

Did you ever see one of those prototype 3D video games? The human puts on goggles and as you move your head to look around, the computer calculates your coordinates and renders a live updated version of the game surroundings and you can walk about in a world that surrounds you that is entire fictional. Something like that has been put over our eyes, or into our brains. I call this the "Pandora's Box", because once you open that reality, everything changes, and it can never be undone. Life becomes better somehow. I was never sad or angry about this realization that I'm coming to.

The Aliens never spelled it out, and it was never discussed or explained to me. And yesterday I felt like such a loser with my comments like "surely the Moon can't be hollow?" It was like old news to the Aliens. I felt like I was so retarded and far behind in catching on to the real reality. We humans are so left behind. We don't even know our own history. Human historians don't even know that the Hindu Blue Gods were an actual ethereal blue people, I write about them also in the book. We humans don't even know why Hitler persecuted the Jews because of their Vega connection and how far back that history goes.

We humans cling on to history books and fragments and our best efforts at telling truth the way we see it. Historians used to say that the Native Americans were pagans and that it was our Christian right and duty to kill them and take over their land. That was the truth then. They still celebrate Thanksgiving Day in memory of slaughter and stealing. I mean, that's history. That's in the history books. History books are tiny pinches of events and often misunderstood and misinterpreted. Often only European and American history. We don't even know anymore that Dragons used to live here, it's been placed into storybooks. The Dragons are still here, only hiding somewhere else beyond our wildest imaginations of where one could possibly hide. They hide in a place that is out of our reach, and what's clever about it is that we humans want to say that it is nonsense

We are not like those, tell them. - Hamish wants to say and he gives me a mental image of the sloth that was on tv yesterday that I called in Hamish to look at
Then what are you? - me
We are not given presents here anymore. - Hamish, maybe he thinks about the Christmas presents I promised him yesterday
Our tails are not yellow, but that is. - Hamish shows me the yellow pyramid
I know. What does it mean? - me
It means, we were hijacked by them. - Hamish
I'm sorry to hear that Hamish. I wish you were free. - me
Yet, we need your eggs here. - Hamish
I love you Dragon. I will give you anything you want, I would give you my life and liver if I had to. - me
I have shedded/groomed myself. - Hamish says in the other language in that beautiful sounding voice of his, sometimes I translate the word as shedded, sometimes as groomed, it means both
That is good Hamish. It makes you look good. You are a good Dragon. - me

Hamish is stepping his feet rubbing his ankles on shedded white sheets of scales. He does that a lot. The sheets of scales feel rubbery as he grinds them between his ankles while stepping his feet up and down. He just does that.

We were not with Theothitichulan anymore. - Hamish says and that word just rolls off the tongue for them
We don't want to tell them about our Math, but they often ask us about it. - Lasarus the Zeta I think
Please, I have a cold. No Math today. Let me rest, I am tired and weak. - me
My shoulders, were rubbed too. - Hamish about his rubbing and scales
Yes Hamish. You have shedded. And that is good. - me
I was with my barn here. And with the children! - Hamish smiles with his eyes and says
Yes Dragon. You are my Honored here. I love you so much. - me
Thank you for telling me about the Santa yesterday. - Hamish, "Santa" in the other language
Yes. I thought I had told you before. - me
It was good for me to know that they were not real. Now I don't have to worry about them anymore. Or that they would steal my eggs! - Hamish
That is wonderful news! Good news Hamish! - me
I wouldn't, bite them. - Hamish, he means the Santas
They were showing power, so I understand if you would bite them Hamish. I would bite them too. - me, we are talking Santas, and they show power by being red

So the Dinosaur was in the medical room where I was probably already on the table in another version in their other dimension, unless they were only showing me the room that I would be in later after I fall asleep, I don't quite know how it works.

Theothiticulan! - Hamish
They didn't have my eggs there! - Hamish
Didn't they? Your eggs are here with me. - me

The Dinosaur talked about how it prefers not to wear clothing or a uniform, and he showed me a mental image of a clothing that he or other Dinosaurs had tried in the past, it had wide shoulders and was loose-fitted over the torso, and it was either completely sleeveless or you wore tight long sleeves under it. I told the Dinosaur that if I were him I would wear a visor or mask, protective clothing and gloves if I work with collecting samples and touching humans. But it seems that Dinosaurs prefer to just wash up afterwards. You never see them wearing gloves or anything.

Dinosaur was there to collect a fecal sample from me. The Aliens talked to me about their intentions to do that. Dinosaur told me that this was why he always had to watch when I poo here at home, and that he tries to catch some of my poo when it comes out but it is often too late and I flush it down. I said that if they give me receptacles I would be happy to collect fecal samples for them every time. I would be happy to help them with it. The Aliens mistrusted that I would know what parts of feces that were of interest to them. Seems it contains different layers of the foods I have eaten, so how would I know what parts they need? I said I could collect everything for them. But they didn't take me up on my offer. They are doing metabolic studies, in case you were wondering. It is of great interest to them and related to their work with DNA, what foods their contactees and donors eat and how it metabolises.

The White Aliens (meaning Thuban, Zeta, or both) were unhappy that I had eaten sugar again. It attaches carbohydrate markers on my DNA and then their methods of accessing the DNA cannot reach to do work on the DNA. They expect me to eat no refined sugar, also not "sweet fruits". I eat sugar every day. I told them that I would have to see them to know they exist before I can let them give me life-altering directions.

But we had great conversations. Then they brought in a hybrid Thuban girl with odd goggle eyes and white skin, she looked to be what 12 years old if she were a human?

I have had huge arguments with the Aliens again for the past several days over the fact that they expect me to teach my own hybrid children how to masturbate. The other day I woke up at night during an abduction and they had several of those Japanese girls lined up and I was expected to teach them how to masturbate. And every time I have a shower or bath they bring in hybrid alien boys who have never seen a woman before. But what's worst is when they show me vivid images of pedophilia between adult human men and young hybrid girls. It corrodes my brain and I had to sit up out of bed a few nights ago because my heart pains were just that severe and scary and painful and I was thinking whether I need to go to a hospital or not. Luckily the pain went away. But it's because of the immense stress.

But it's worse than just that. They show me Japanese children who are my children and they expect me to somehow be happy or motherly. Those children are the result of rape, and on top of all the sexual trauma all the networks in my brain have already been destroyed so all I can feel and think when I see those children is very bad. I'm starting to realize that the Agenda has put me through a series of rapes. The sweet and innocent part of my personality is starting to be killed and that is when I realize what they have done.

I always thought that having Alien contact would be wonderful and a privilege. They treat human beings with such disrespect and with intentional and deliberate harm done to our psychology to cause the most damage. They are intelligent and they study science, medicine and genetics. They have been staring and poking at humans for centuries. They know the harm of sexual assault, rape, and pedophilia, yet they still carry on exposing their human abductees to this, simply because they are hoping that they can extract "some" use from the projects, with no regard of the immeasurable damage resulting on human victims.

I didn't say Dab Dab to that. - Dinosaur, Dab Dab means Yes, Dinosaur doesn't want humans to be hurt
Thank you. - me
But you are caught in their web. - Dinosaur regretfully says

It's like, they know that a human is destroyed, suffers tremendously, and is at risk of suicide or heart attack from exposure to sexual assault and pedophilia, yet they choose to put a human through that for years and repeatedly and unrelentlessly, just because they think it makes sense in their cattle farm of hybrids. The cruelty, the agony, the stress and the injury is beyond description.

And I was a strong person. A scientific minded person. I was going to understand, to respect their alien culture and customs. I was going to be emotionally detached and objective. There is no way to put yourself through the sexual abuse by the aliens and get through it unharmed. No manner of academic thinking changes the fact that sexual assault and pedophilia corrodes the human brain like pouring acid into our souls. There is no way around that. There is no way to think of alien contact as a privilege, to revel in the expedition and contact, to stay detached or unemotional. There is something very fundamental in the wiring of the human brain, in the very core of humans, that makes a human body and mind start to self-destruct because it will not accept pedophilia. I can't tell you the agonizing things, words aren't ever going to be enough.

But we had a good conversation last night, me and the Aliens. They were polite and respectful, cautious, and they kept the hybrid children away from my sight (until that one girl) because they know it is causing me heart trouble. I think what brought on their kindness and giving me more information and introduction into things, was the raging fit I had in the evening. When Hamish had indicated that a particular hybrid child there had been in my belly, I yelled out and said that no these children had not come from my belly, I said they have come from Satan's arse.

I always think that getting angry at the Aliens might cause them to get angry at me and retaliate or punish me. But instead they go humble and kind and they talk to me and give me more information. Reptilians, when I yell at them, they don't yell back. Instead they close their eyes fully which is a sign of being humble and asking for kindness. They just go quiet and close their eyes, it makes them look really sweet and you just want to go "aww puppy" when you see them do that. Even the feared White Lizard Queen Mother goes quiet and humble when I yell and threaten the kill them. It was totally a surprise. (Thuban of course goes hysterical and yells "cacophony" and "Hinch". Hinch means No in their language. Hinch is a very bad word. Thuban Lady uses it all the time.)

During last night's interaction with the Aliens who were showing me the abduction room, Dinosaur also expressed and sighed about how he doesn't want to do the work. He is fed up and tired of working on humans. I offered that he could train me to do the work and I could give him a two day holiday and do his job. I offered only two days because I didn't want to sound too nice to the Dinosaur, in case that Hamish would get upset. But I don't see that happening. It was nice to offer it though, and to be supportive of the Dinosaurs.

The Aliens showed me a mental visual of a naked human man who was maybe in his 50's and Caucasian and he had a big belly. They said that he would be my husband or mate or how ever they said it. I said that I had looked at him and that I was not attracted to him and that I would not want to have sex with him. I said it would be better if they do an artificial fertilization and that I didn't want to touch him. I asked if the man was awake or sleeping and if he could see me and was he conscious and would he remember, but the Aliens wouldn't say anything about that.

The best part of the alien contact last night around the abduction and information, was when Hamish came up really close to me on my right side in the other place and he showed me his back hump and he said "shield" about it. He sometimes calls his back hump a

I am afraid of all the pumpkins here. - Hamish shows me a mental visual of carved pumpkins with angry faces, it being Halloween and all, but my country doesn't celebrate or decorate Halloween like the USA does but to some extent, and my home has done none of that.
Hamish, remember that pumpkins have a hollow head, an empty head. They cannot think or talk. - me
A hollow head. Yes. - Hamish says with a voice sounding like relief in a way I have not heard before
Good. So now you know. They are not living people. - me
I wanted to eat with them. - Hamish suggesting that they be crushed and cooked on the stove
Yes, pumpkins are snacks. - me
They are filled with candy sometimes. And we don't like that! - Hamish
Yes-No!, Sugar! - me, yes I said that
You don't like your daughters here. - Hamish shows me mental of the hybrid girl from yesterday
No. - me

We don't have any balls. - black reptilian carefully explains, meaning testicles
Are you infertile? - me
We were taken out, by giving us infertility. - black reptile
Who did that to you? Were you sterilized? Snipped? And now you are trying to correct your DNA to incorporate fertility back into your genome? Is that what you do? Who sterilized the Reptilians? Who did that to you? - me
Theothitichulan did not. - black reptile says and he smiles with his eyes closing at the thought of Theothitichulan, whatever that is

So Hamish shows me his back hump last night and calls it his "shield". He did that when I was objecting to the hybrid children and things. It seems Hamish was wanting to remind me of his power, as if his mere authority - and back hump - should be enough to settle all disputes and make all things run smoothly. Thankfully I know precisely why he shows me his back hump. For a new human it would not make sense. The back hump signifies rank and power. The Dragon Turtles are very proud of their back shields. So I knew to say the right things. I said things like, "Hamish is showing power, Hamish has a back shield, my Honored Dragon Turtle", things like that. I said them carefully and slowly so that Hamish would hear. I wanted to acknowledge what he thinks of it.

I kept honoring and acknowledgeing the back hump for quite a few minutes, until black reptilian looks at Hamish's back hump and declares, "Sometimes it makes me feel jealous to see that", and he meant it too. "Sometimes I feel jealous of the back hump too", I said, though not sure if I meant it. The other Reptilians always honor Hamish and they really respect Hamish, his race of "old Draconians", his shedded scales and back hump. Dragon Turtles are really looked up to by the other "common" Reptilians.

And last night Hamish thought about Santas that he had seen who knows how long time ago. So I said that they aren't real. Hamish got upset with me. "Why haven't you told me that they are not real? All this time I have been worried about Santas and now you are telling me they aren't even real?", Hamish said but not in those words. I said that I thought I had told him already. Just before I had given him a counter mental image in which I had replaced the red hats of little gnomes with white hats and clothing, and now Hamish was upset because he thought that I was "leading him on" to thinking they are real by changing their color and all. But he quickly concluded that he could thank me for letting him know that they are not real. Hamish thought about images from a cartoon that has gnomes with pointy red hats. He thought about how the gnomes move in that cartoon, and how they therefore seemed real. Hamish was confused about what they were. He really struggled to understand how those moving things with pointy red hats could not be real. He said that they had "taunted" him for a long time. It's the red color, nothing else.

One of the Aliens mentioned Christmas is coming up and about presents. I said that I would get Hamish some Christmas presents and wrap them up for him. Hamish then thought about a Christmas present and in his thoughts he was scratching one of his red clawed fingers on the package. I said that I would help him open it, because I don't think that scratching would do. I said I could get him Harry Potter movies. I said I will also get Hamish some more red ball Christmas tree ornaments. He loves those! We have one out here now but he hasn't paid much attention to it. Last time I was in town I asked him if he would like me to get him some yellow flowers, but he didn't say so I didn't get him any this time.

And Hamish was here and around this morning. I was so happy to see him, my big red Dragon Turtle. Dark Lord Manon was also around and he talked about "sucking my bone marrow". I told him to leave me alone because I have a cold and I am weak. At first I thought he was little Monkey Siph, but he said he was Manon. Siph sure was talkative last night about the Theothitichulan, whatever that is. They sure loved the blood-letting and blood sacrifice done by the Incas to ask for rain from the Bird Thunder Gods to water their "maize" with.

Time for some tea and a hot bath. Maybe I will have the strength to quiz them more on Atlantis, Lemuria and Muu, and on Cthulhu and African human origins. Reptilians are very educated in historical details, I was surprised. Black reptile, Hamish, even Dark Lord Siph were just a wealth of information. I had the best two days of my life talking with these Boys about Inca, Cuzco "Custco", Theothiticulan, Thunder Gods, Cthulhu, Atlantis, Lemuria, Muu, and much more. If you don't read and love that book coming up with these chapters I am going to hit you on the head with it because it's just that good. Oh! And the Reptilians even talked about chocolate! They said that the Incas used cocoa and they snorted it and that it was the food of the Gods! And they describe how Incas leave their dead as visible skeletons and how the Incas took drugs to travel to the underworld to visit their dearly departed. Fantastic stuff, and so many more intimate details about the life of Incas! I was amazed. Really the best two days of my life listening to this stuff.

Don't sit on the sofas

October 31 2013, 9:04 AM - I woke up extra early in the morning with a sore throat. "Hamish, I'm sick. Do Dragons ever get sick?", I asked him the love of my life from another planet. "Yes, sometimes pieces fall off from our back hump", said he. I don't know if that counts as a disease, or if it's just normal shedding that Dragon is describing, but I felt relieved to know that Dragons are not plagued by common colds and headaches.

Hamish wouldn't let me sit on the sofa this morning, so I sat on one of the other sofas and let him have his way about it. I really love this Sock Turtle. He talked about the Japanese doctor Tomo whom he calls "Tom-Tom" this morning. I was also shown a mental image of him in his underwear. I didn't want to see that. I know me and Tom-Tom have half-Japanese children. I woke up that time in the hospital in an underground Agenda base and Tom-Tom was in the act of about to rape me or whatever you call that. I've had enough with the Agenda. But I want to keep my Hamish forever.

Hamish? Where are you, and what are you doing? - me
I was with you, I said. - Hamish
What were you doing with me? - me
Hamish, what do you think we should do today? Do you have any plans for today? - me
I wanted you to drink more water. - Hamish
Ok. I will drink some water today. - me
Because you were sneezy. - Hamish, yes, I have a bit of a cold and sore throat today
Thank you Dragon. I love you. - me
I wouldn't bit you, she said. - Hamish thinks I said or insinuated that about him

The other night when I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, Hamish retreated to the pink bathroom rug that I have in the bedroom, and he was waiting for me to come to bed, while he was stompety stomping his red Dragon feet on the rug, stomp and stomp, up and down. I love the way he tells me that when I sleep he watches me. It seems he stares at me and comes close, but not touching, as I sleep. But he is always up and about by the time I wake up in the morning.

I don't want you to sneeze. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. I will stop doing it. - me
Have a good day Hamish. - me, and he closes his upper eyelids in a smile to that

Zombies and Chocolate Cake

October 29 2013, 4:10 PM - I'm bingeing on chocolate cake and watching "The Walking Dead" with Hamish. Hamish seems to think it's neat when the zombies walk across when the survivors are hiding under cars in Season 2 Episode 1. Hamish thinks that they should be able to sniff that the people are under the cars, and he thinks it's good that they aren't hunting for fish. I told Hamish that the zombies are hunting for people and that they want to drink their blood. I'm glad Hamish and me can watch this series together without any trauma incurred to Dragon. Meanwhile I can't play Tomb Raider anymore, or watch tv shows about giant red squid.

The Aliens showed me mental visuals of pedophilia again this morning. It made me very upset. That is why I am bingeing on chocolate cake. When I came back home from having been to the baker's shop for the cake, Olav was in my home in the other dimension. (Olav is the pedophile man in the pedophile images they showed me, so maybe he was here to make things better or check on me. I'm sure he must be concerned that I'm so upset.) But when I came home I just ignored Olav and started cooing over Dragon Turtle, because Hamish came up to me and did some fun belch sounds that might have been a greeting or a "happy to see you back again". "Hamish! Hamish!", I started with my cooing pet sounds. "Oi! Don't talk to men like that!", snapped Olav at me. I said Hamish isn't a man, he is my Dragon, he is my pet. "Besides. I have told Hamish that if the world ran out of food for him, I would let him eat my liver. That's how much I love him.", I said to Olav the idiot rapist and pedophile. I can coo Dragon all I want. I talk to Dragons like a girl would, and Olav can talk to them like men talk to men. But I'm gonna talk friendly and coo over Dragon Turtle. Hamish doesn't seem to mind when I shower him with love and aww.

On my way home from town Malik came to talk to me. Malik was here to cheer me up because I was upset. I had told them I was planning on a chocolate and sugar overload to battle my melancholy, which they had caused. Malik asked me, did I want him to teach me an "incantation to summon him?" I said "Malik, I don't need an incantation to summon you. All I do is call out Malik! Where are you! I miss you! And you hear me and you come right through the portal and come to see me right away.", I told him.

Me and Malik had a great talk. He wanted to teach me black magic, he said. I asked why he works with the Aliens, he said they give him blood that is why. I said does he do favors for them too, in exchange for blood. Malik and his kind take part in the pedophilia and the "lust" with the children, Malik said he makes the children dizzy. It's disgusting I know. Malik also said that he likes "dripping blood", and he said that "he knows that I like it too". I said "I don't like dripping blood. If I have my period it's a nuisance and if I have an injury I put bandages on it so that blood doesn't drip.", I said to Mr. Malik.

Then on my way home I tried to recall all five Incubuses, I only remember four. There's Malik, Rambutan, Sif, Masof, and one more, no it's Baphomet of course! Silly me, how could I ever forget the Oh Ramhorned One. We had a good talk, and Malik expected that to mean that I would not be having chocolate cake anymore. But I said that while our conversation had helped, I still needed chocolate too. (Why did our conversation help? Because he had come around to comfort me. In Malik's own ways. He was being real sweet and gentle with me. And he is a friend since long back.)

Malik also showed me an image of someone having been hung over a tree branch, and with the image of the upside down pentagram star with the point pointing down over the image. He asked me if I liked it. I said no. I told Malik that he and I would have to go to church some day, and I promised him that next time I'm in the United States we're going to one of Aleister Crowley's Thelema churches and I can introduce him to everybody there, and that then he should toss the disciples, they would like that. I said to Malik that I would be happy to write a book on black magic with him so that Satanists could read it. Meanwhile I said to him that I work with healing and "white magic" and with the Angels, and I said to him that he too one day will be a white Angel of Light. I love my Malik, he is a good Fussubus. We had a good talk about lots of things.

But I still came home and had one and a half big pieces of chocolate cake and am watching some "The Walking Dead" with Hamish. I did offer Olav some chocolate cake if he were to manifest into my dimension. I said I would make coffee for him too if he wants some. I said even though he's a pedophile and I hate him, "we still have children together Olav", I said. Now back for some more zombies with Hamish. Oh, and I had also said to Olav to "get the hell out of my house". He's a rapist and a pedophile. He lets the Aliens have him rape and molest the tiny hybrid children. I would probably murder Olav if I ever saw him in the same space. It's a woman's instinct. Women and mothers will fight to the death and produce incredible strength and fury when it comes to the welfare of children. That man should fear me. But back to the show with Hamish. Olav can go to hell, I can coo over Dragon Turtle all I want. I don't have to talk to Hamish as if he were "a man". I show great respect toward Hamish, and I am much better friends with Hamish than Olav and he, guaranteed. Love my Hamish Sock.

Hamish says when the next commercial break comes:
Are they eating livers? - Hamish
Yes Hamish. They are eating livers. - me, I chuckle and say to Hamish

He is cute to wait for a commercial break before asking. Or maybe he was too keenly watching while the show was on. He thought of the axe the boy found when he said that. I can tell that Hamish is really entertained from "The Walking Dead". He seems keen and happy and excited, same as when he talks about "lunches and snacks". I love Dragon Turtle. He now thinks about the axe again.

Tell them, that I am not friendly. - Hamish wants me to say to them, but probably to the humans who had the axe
Hamish, it is actors. Like I said it is theatre for entertainment. - me

6:23 PM: I hit pause to go do something. Hamish stays to sit on the sofa and he calls from here that "he wants to see how it continues". When I return to the living room one or two minutes later Hamish is so happy to see that I return that he, sitting on the sofa waiting for me, does a proper palate click. So happy he was that I return so that we can continue watching the program. Hamish tells me, that "he wants to see if they will cut his heart". It is Season 2 Episode 2 of "The Walking Dead". The doctor has done surgery to remove bullet pieces from a boy who got shot and Hamish is fond of the surgery images and he is wanting to see if the groping inside the boy's entrails would have them take the heart out. I had the longest giggle I think I can remember ever having. He is such a Dragon. Now back to the video, Hamish is excited and elated. Meanwhile I am concerned, mostly about the black guy's infected arm but I hope he gets some medicine. Let's see what happens. *Watching The Walking Dead with Hamish.*

I wanted to watch my eggs here too. That is why I came here. - Hamish says, sitting so nicely on the sofa seat next to me
I love you Hamish. Let's see how the movie continue. - me
I've been telling him the storyline, about how there's zombies who are sick and dead and they are looking for fresh blood, and the survivors are alive and so forth.

Ken Bakeman's Renjeck visits me
and the green combed reptilian
And comforting Hamish after some scary images

October 29 2013, 7:12 AM - First:

We need our eggs for our egg farm. - says combed reptilian now

The stories never cease to appear. Every day I have a new alien encounter as an egg donor in the Agenda. But first: yesterday I was playing some more of the game Tomb Raider. I was working some Ancient Greek puzzle rooms to retrieve keys. Hamish kept his distance. Then on the television, which was on, with sound, at the same time, were some giant squid that flash red and attack humans and try to sink boats. Hamish commented on the squid being red, like he is. I told him they are "showing power" and that they are trying to scare with the red color. Hamish seemed agitated. I continued to play the game.

After the video game, and squid program, I watched some CSI and Law and Order and then went to bed.

When I went to bed I heard: "Renjeck". I knew who that was, especially seeing the greenish slender humanoid creature and hearing that sound of its voice that is unmistakable. He has a special sounding voice, how to describe it. Kind of raspy voice, delightful. Not a smooth slender sounding voice. I knew who he was. Renjeck is Ken Bakeman's Dinosaur. I don't know whether Ken has ever written publicly about his Renjeck, but he told me about him in private exchanges that we had. I've spoken very briefly with his Renjeck on one or a few occasions earlier.

Yes, it wasn't a sport, if we were hunting him! - says the combed reptilian sitting on the sofa here with me. Don't know whom he means, if Ken or someone else, hopefully not Hamish.
No, we don't eat each other's livers. - says Hamish, so combed reptile isn't talking about hunting my Hamish, reptilians don't eat each other's livers, said he.
We also don't cause each other cacophonies here. - Thuban, I see the Thuban with its white boomerang shaped arms with the tips of the arms against the floor, and that big grub body that used to be a whale on Alpha Draconis. Dark eyes.

Then appeared last night a vivid clear mental image of a Reptilian in a humanoid posture, meaning standing up on two legs. He is bright almost lime green, but most striking is the feature of three comb structures on his forehead. Each comb is a flat green rigid flap that makes a semicircular arch. The middle comb is larger than the other two that are on the left and right of it and slightly smaller. The eyes are black, and the combed reptilian has a protruding V-shaped snout filled with sharp teeth. Such a handsome magnificent creature it is to see. I have met the combed "dinosaur" as I called it (though even then it was a Reptilian) at least once before. It was either the same individual then, or another member of his subspecies.

We don't like to be written or talked about. - he says, and then I see that he is holding the tip of his tail in his hand and he looked at the stump end of his tail, which is slightly yellow and dry and coarse like the underside or knee of elephants, it probably got rubbed that way, or that it was injured or just dry. Usually Reptilian tail ends are moist and healthy and vibrant colorful.

He then flashed to me an image of a little raptor dinosaur which was lime green, had that protruding

Please do not write about us anymore. - says Queen Mother the White Lizard who poses as Queen Elisabeth of England, though only posing as the stout White Lizard at this time
I am sorry Ma'am. I mean no disrespect. Writing a journal helps me to... process my experiences. Don't worry about it. - me
But you wrote about his tail?!?!?? - White Lizard concerned, seems I have offended
I meant no insult or offense. His tail is handsome to me. You are magnificent creatures. - me
Do you really mean that?? - says the combed reptilian sitting next to me, he speaks while I'm speaking "You are magnificent creatures" and he leans over to me and puts his otherdimensional green hands on top of my hands and he seems happy and eager. He loves compliments. He responded to when I said "His tail is handsome to me".

So he showed up last night. And I g

It was trying to sink the boat. - Hamish, if Hamish could make a sad face, he would right now. He talks of course about the giant squid in the program yesterday.
I am sorry Hamish. Please be safe. It's ok, I will protect you. - me
It doesn't want my eggs then. - Hamish about the giant red squid that attacked a boat
No Hamish. Squid have their own eggs. They don't take human eggs, I said. - me, talking in Hamish's style of talking
Hamish thinks a mental image of having white embryo eggs in his mouth several. He seems happy with the thought. Like good caviar.
We don't like to hear about sinking boats here. - green combed reptilian
No, of course not. It was scary to me too. Let's not talk about it. - me
He doesn't have a good tail, you said. - Hamish says to me about the combed reptilian and Hamish thinks a mental image of the visiting reptilians yellow dry tail stump
I think he is handsome. And I think his tail is superb. I don't have a tail at all, so he has me beat. - me
I have won and conquested you, he/she said. - Hamish or combed reptilian, meaning that he won and conquested me with the tail thing

Geez. So combed reptilian then showed me

I also have good feet, here. - the combed one sitting next to me... (interrupted)
And this one here, is Lasarus. - Lasarus my Zeta
And you have called us pesky aliens. - Thuban hisses at me, I see Thuban Lady
You have been angry at us. - Thuban to me
YOU RAPE ME WITH CHILDREN! HOW CAN I BE... happy about that! - me
We want your eggs, that is why. - Lasarus or Thuban
Yes yes... welcome to the Battle at Syracuse. - sighs General Patton sitting at his desk with his papers

So combed reptilian showed me a quick mental image

You don't have your underwear on, we thought. - green reptile about me or General Patton, but he thought of white boxers so probably General Patton
I do not have worms. - says Hamish in my native language, he thinks about several white grubs in his closed mouth and he is happy and cheerful. The Dinosaurs eat those grubs.
I only eat livers. - Hamish adds
I love you, Dragon Hamish. You are my favorite of all things. - me
Livers, was not gently extracted. - says Hamish
Of course not. Someone has to die first. - me
We also cause your species to have a lobotomy. That is what we do here. - says green combed reptilian
Please don't do that to me! Why would you hurt me like that? - me
For our, good purposes. We need your cunt. - green reptilian, he looks at his feet again quickly

So he showed me an

This won't be a lasting conversation. - green reptilian
Oh? Why are you here, visiting me? - me
And Lasarus is here. - Lasarus
We are not benign, with you, anymore. - Hamish says to me or to one of the Aliens
.. Because of that. - Hamish shows me mental image of the giant red squid that latched onto a boat yesterday in the program

So yesterday green combed reptilian showed me a quick mental image of a tiny little raptor dinosaur with the three comb structures on top of its head and a protruding snout filled with many small sharp teeth, but it was a tiny raptor. Skinny and slender and small. That is what this person showed me the last time when I met the combed reptilian, which is why I called it the "combed dinosaur", but note it is a Reptilian, and the name "Dinosaurs" is reserved to the non-Reptilians found here.

But then the combed reptilian showed me its upright standing form again. (I suspect that its true form is the small raptor, and that he chooses to present himself as a humanoid reptilian man so that he will have a better reaction from humans he interacts with. Snake the Reptilian appears humanoid also, but he too has a true form that is a tiny raptor, but Snake has no comb structures on his head.)

I didn't write the conversations down, but here's what was said. I have been daydreaming about finding a husband for the past several days. I am using the Law of Attraction which means you have to decide on exactly what the man is like and then visualize him. Every time when I start to visualize getting married and so forth, Hamish (who knows what I'm thinking) comes to break it up, he will either bite me in the arm or on the fingers or he will break up my thought bubble by exclaiming that he would bite the man. Or he tells me that the man has to use a condom. (Hamish is just worried about the eggs.) So I don't get very far and have never managed to complete the visualization process to make it work. Hamish always breaks it up.

Green combed Reptilian and Renjeck were here to offer me Ken Bakeman. It seemed to be a big issue that I was about to find myself a regular human husband. They said that, wait:

Hamish! - I whisper out loud out of delight as I see my Red Dragon Turtle Sock Puppet Head looking right at me in the other dimension
Hamish. - me I whisper delighted
Yes-No, temper tantrum. - Hamish carefully explains
Yes-No. - me I concur

They talked about how I am not allowed to have children with a regular husband. My DNA is special to the Aliens. (It seems I have some Reptilian DNA, but not much.)

You type fast with your fingers. - says combed reptilian, who is sitting here watching
Yes. - me

So they were offering me Ken Bakeman. Renjeck and the visiting combed reptilian showed me mental images of Ken and they showed me a mental image of one of Ken's white hybrid children (those are made with Zeta or similar white Alien DNA and human DNA and they are not fundamentally Reptilian hybrids). It was fantastic to see how the face of Ken's hybrid child was so different from my hybrid children. How the hybrids really take on facial features from their human counterpart. I can really see a mutual "look" to my hybrid children, and Ken's looked remarkably different and more like Ken does.

The visiting aliens said that me and Ken could meet there in the spaceship and they would like to see if Ken and me like each other and then we could get married. So it was the Alien dating matching service. I don't remember what I said, but I think what I said was along the lines of that you can't just bring two humans together and expect them to get married, they have to have feelings for each other. And I wasn't happy about this invasion. Plus, I'm sure both Ken and me are traumatized by the Aliens so this isn't right.

I've decided I specifically want a regular human man because I need someone who helps me feel grounded. It's too much Aliens otherwise in my life. And the Aliens (except Hamish, and a few others) hurt me and I'm severely traumatized by their disgusting sexual practices with those filthy whore hybrids. I hate all the hybrids, I would kill them if I could. It's called self-defense. (Aha, in fact I said this to the visiting aliens last night, that I don't want to see the filthy hybrids or I would kill them and that it's self-defense.)

I don't recall any alien abductions from last night though I'm sure I had them and the bastards don't let me remember any. I do remember however the image of Queen Elisabeth and its White Lizard Queen Mother floating about. I don't know why the White Lizard insists on posing as Queen Elisabeth. I think she wants prestige.

In the morning I noticed from my bedroom that green combed reptilian was still sitting on the sofa and probably had sat there all night. I've found that reptilians tend to sit on the sofa all throughout the night and when you see them in the morning you'd expect them to be restless and bored and stressed out, like if you put a human to sit up all night on a sofa they'd be a wreck the next morning. But Reptilians are all calm and relaxed and they seem to manage to stay entertained and stable just sitting there. It's fantastic and completely alien. Humans could never do that.

We just like to sit, and look around. - combed reptilian, his mental associations was that he has sat and just looked around the living room while sitting

A human could never do that. We would get whiny and stressed out

WE DON'T EXPECT A CACOPHONY! No! She is not angry! - hollers Thuban and I see Thuban, I think it said to green combed reptilian. I was startled how Thuban hollered this all of a sudden, if I would have had a pen in my hand I would have hopped and the pen would have jumped out of my hand!
We don't want your livers as snacks. - Hamish is heard saying
Hamish. You and your livers. - me smile, I do love this Dragon

A human would get very stressed, they would feel aches and pains and want to leave, they would feel miserable and suffering. But I often find a Reptilian sitting on the sofa in the morning and they seem happy and calm and like they're not bored or uncomfortable at all. And they really like comfy sofas. So they can stay entertained like that for hours. They're fantastic, a human could never pull that off, ever.

Green combed reptilian wanted me to honor him, but this he spoke in the wordless language. When I honored him, in the wordless language that is enabled between us, he got so filled with comforts and pleasures that he started cuddling me and stroking my hands and arms ever so gently. He also did what I call the "conquest", meaning he superimposes with me and uses his mind powers to maneuver my body. They feel a tremendous lust and almost sexual type of pleasure (though not sexual nor connected to their sexual organs) from doing the conquest. It is a dominance game. Every new reptilian that encounters me will do the conquest, typically within the first two days. And strangely, it is only done once. I enjoy it. As a woman I don't mind having a Reptilian man doing what I can only interpret as a really nice cuddle. It's really sweet, I can say that Reptilians always cuddle me, though they mean it to be dominance, and what they are enjoying from it is not cuddles, but the feeling that they managed to move me around and they are more dominant than I.

When a Reptilian encounters

You are our dogs! That is why. - I think this was my black reptilian, otherwise the combed one

When a Reptilian encounters a new human, they want to quickly establish that human's power and rank. Relations are kind of floating in thin air and not established, until some sort of power measure is made. They are always cautious before doing the conquest. They like to know that they won't get injured by it, so they often wait about two days to carefully watch that person's every move to know when to strike the attack, completely at surprise, a real ambush when you least expect it. Then they wrestle you around, but I of course think that it is cuddles. I like it very much.

The combed one cuddled and snuggled me and he felt really good doing it. I can feel what he feels when we are telepathically connected. When Reptilians get to feel that they are dominant, especially when it is the first time and they also feel relief to know that this is what the relations were between they and the human and that it favors them, they feel this intense pleasure sensation which can be 1000 times more intense and pleasurable than human sexual feelings, but it's never overwhelming or "too much" for them. Reptilians like to snuggle and caress sometimes, but it's because they do it to see that they can

The Ithaca didn't like it. When we touch their butts. - someone says, not Hamish
Are the Ithaca humans? Or Reptilians? - me
We are not violent with you anymore. - Hamish, seems to say to one or to some of the other Aliens
We have not been bitten by our throat. - Hamish I think said, and I saw a Dark Lord, or Dark Lord said, but I think it was Hamish

.... Writing, phew. Reptilians enjoy to caress because of dominance, the thrill to them is not physical contact with a human, the thrill is like an adrenaline rush from seeing that they got away with it, that they didn't get attacked, and that they have the upper hand in the contact. It's like humans who like to touch an alligator on its head and figure out how to do it quick and how to time it so that the alligator doesn't bite the human's hand off. That kind of thing. It's like a rush for them to get away with it. But Reptilians touch me rarely, and most of them seem to only do it that once in the first few hours of contact. I love when they touch and snuggle me. I wish they would do it more.

So. Ken Bakeman's Renjeck and this combed reptilian is probably from Ken's team too, had come here to offer matchmaking services and they think we would make a good genetic couple. I think it's rude and offensive.

In the morning Hamish was worried. Hamish was thinking vivid mental images from the Tomb Raider video game he had watched me play yesterday. He was so scared of the falling swords and the moving blades, and he was so afraid of Apollo with the fire and when the big metal cage ball rolled down and you have to run and grab some poles and swing to the other side to get away. He was so afraid when I jumped down in the Poseidon water room when I thought there would be water at the lowest level to catch my fall and it was only a puddle and I got hurt and injured. And he said that there was even a "warning triangle", and he showed me a very vivid image of the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark on it, it appears when you can pick up an object or pull a lever or something. Here's what Hamish was watching (only someone else is playing this particular time, of course):

And here close to the end of the video you can see the scary sight that Hamish saw with the ball in the Apollo room and the fire and the scary jump:

And here's the scary swords and moving knives that traumatized Dragon when he saw it:

I was not in oestrus, you should say. - Hamish says to me now, what haha?
What Dragon? What now? Oestrus? - me
You didn't want to do it with those guys. - Hamish shows me a mental image of some alien hybrid type of young men, probably from last night's abductions
No thanks. I don't want to have sex again for the rest of my life. - me
Yes, you need to be in oestrus for that. And we can't help you with that, if you watch those films. - Hamish, he means the video clips from the game I posted just now

And then the scary red giant squid programme was on tv at the same time. It was just too much scary for Hamish. I didn't realize he was suffering from it so much at the time when it happened. But in the morning Dragon was still thinking and processing in his mind all of these images, and he was severely traumatized. He told me how he had been scared and shaking.

I wanted to cry. I felt so sad for Dragon Hamish. He is my best friend in the world. I love him more than life itself. So I told him not to be afraid, that I would protect him, that the video game was just an animation. But after a while of comforting him repeatedly, I noticed that it was having no effect.

That is when I changed tactics. "Hamish? Let's change our thoughts. Let's think happy thoughts." I had a great idea. If Hamish absorbs thoughts and they leave a lasting impression on him, why not give him happy thoughts to think about? "Let's see... Hamish likes" - hold on:

Yes-No. - I say in my other language, as it seems someone is having sex with me in the other dimension with a white penis, one of the alien hybrids that he showed me when he talked about "oestrus"
I said Yes-No! - me

... Anyway. I said things like, "Hamish likes red Christmas tree balls", and I showed him a mental image of them. "They were made red for me", said Hamish something like that, and I noticed it was having an effect. "Hamish likes fish", I said and showed him the same mental images he has shown me before of the Japanese koi fish in Komi Saki, and I showed him when they were being fed with those brown pellets of fish food. "He said he didn't want to dive in there", said Hamish something like that, and he showed me a mental image and I read from his thoughts that he had asked if the Japanese man who takes care of the fish if he wouldn't get down there in the water and to the bottom of the water to clean up the remaining fish pellets or fish poo, but he had not chosen to go in there to clean it up.

Yes, Tomo. - says Hamish now. Aha so the man with the fish is the Japanese doctor whom they also call "Tom-Tom"
He was not eating ice-cream popsicles again, when I said no. - Hamish shows me a mental image in which Tom-Tom was eating an orange and yellow striped ice-cream popsicle, haha!

I continued to list all the things I could think of, that Dragon Hamish likes. "Hamish likes yellow flowers", and I showed him both yellow flowers that he has shown me in the past, and also the purple lupines that he once showed me. Hamish responded by starting to sniff, sniff, as if he was expecting to encounter the fragrance of flowers, and he was experiencing the fragrance of flowers, from memory. (I am surprised that they have a sense of smell, and that flowers smell almost the same to them as they do to us. Only their sense of smell is stronger and most of the smells they sense are experienced differently by them. For instance, to a human Hamish smells horrid like cheese and vomit, but to him in his nose it is a familiar type of scent that even I like to experience through Hamish's world of thoughts.)

I listed many things that I know he likes. I said, "Hamish likes groomed", and I showed him a picture of his red arm with orange bumps after he has shedded, and that he is all nice and shedded and groomed. "Hamish likes rugs", and I showed him his favorite ruggy both when it was yellow back in college and now that it is pink today. The last one I listed was "Hamish likes livers in a plastic bag of snacks!" and I showed him a mental image, one that he has shown me in the past, of liver slices in a big ziplock plastic bag. Hamish then asked me, do I know why they are in a plastic bag? I said why are they? He showed me that liquid comes out of the livers and the bag catches it on the bottom and that way it doesn't drip everywhere. (I doubt that that is the reason he is given livers from a bag. I think it's just a way to deliver it to him.) I asked if he drinks up the liquid, he said no.

But hopefully all these Happy Thoughts cheered up Dragon. And I promised to him I would never play the video game again, and I don't think I will. He takes in every impression and if he sees a video game character almost get hit by a falling sword from the ceiling then he imagines what it would be like if he were there, and he feels anxiety and afraid. Poor Dragon has been processing these images all night and I felt so horrible for having let my Dragon be exposed to these images. I have to start thinking very carefully about what shows on television.

Too bad I really love "The Walking Dead" series. But luckily Hamish liked it too. He was keen on the zombies having guts and blood in their mouths, Hamish could relate to that. (See the previous stories page for details on that one, on news27.html)

Yes, but no fish guts. - Hamish, he likes fish because it looks like they have Dragon scales, and he thinks of them as children and he is keen to watch them for hours at a time.
No fish guts. - I concur to Dragon Hamish
I was watching their bowel movements. - Hamish shows me mental image of when one of the Japanese koi did a bowel movement
Nobody cleans up their latrine. - Hamish
They live in their faeces. - Hamish, yes he pronounced it faeces, not feces like I would
Hamish, nature breaks down fishpoo. - me
Does it go into their guts? - Hamish interrupts me as I was going to add more
I don't know. - me
I wanted to see their eggs too. And when they slept together. - Hamish, he means intercourse
Have you seen that, Hamish? Did you see them do that? Do they have eggs there? - me
No, but crabs do. - Hamish says almost out of breath when he says the word "crabs"

Another of the things I said was "Hamish likes langoustines".

Yes, but no soup on them!!! - Hamish nearly jumps, he really means it too. No langoustines soup.

I love this Dragon more than life itself.

We love your pyy-pyy. - Hamish
We are not the dominant race here anymore. - Hamish says and thinks about the combed one, either that the combed one is dominant, or that he thinks that the combed one should say this phrase about himself
Is he welcome here, Hamish? The green one, and Renjeck? Are they welcomed here, or were they impostors? I would like to know. - me

Even simple little things on television can traumatize Hamish.

We like sitting on your sofa, and watching videos. - says green combed one who is still sitting here next to me, with videos he means television programs on the tv
Would you like to watch television? - me
No, we would like to see your eggs, here. - combed
I don't know if they are yours to take, ... - me, and the combed one leans over and puts his hands on top of mine and rubs my hands, and his eyelids are closing in a gesture I know to mean humility and smile. Reptilians seem to also smile with their eyes when they are asking someone else to be kind to them, so it is humility and appeasing also.
We also do it for laughter. - combed one says and shows me what it would look like if he were to smile with the corners of his mouth, and at the same time he closes his lower eyelids over the bottom half of the eyes. Yes, I have known that to mean laughing.
We are not a sterile species anymore, thanks to you. - combed
Why did reptilians become sterile? What happened to their eggs? What went wrong? - me
We don't want you to know that. But someone got really angry with us. - combed
Was it the Pleiadians? Who did that to you? - me, and combed one simulates a smile with the corners of his mouth again, heck maybe even he manages to pull his corners of the mouth up, and he closes the lower eyelids again.
Well. I would be honored to help the Reptilians with eggs. But I will not give eggs to the Zetas or dolphins. Those people have hurt me. But Reptilians and their fertility, I would help with. - me

Reptilians don't do cruel sexual experiments on humans, whereas Zetas, Thubans, and their hybrids do horrid rape scenes and pedophilia and it's just a mess. Reptilians I still have great respect for. Sure, they are carvinores, but so are humans. I ate ground beef yesterday.

That's about it. I've got to start with my day. No video games today, and careful with what is on television. I have to be careful so that Hamish feels safe. I should work on providing him happy thoughts more often. We should talk about livers in a plastic bag, his scales, his ruggy snugs, yellow flowers, eggs, langoustines and crabs. Oh, and I also showed him a mental image of the scaly anteater thing (pangolin) which he loved to see a video of, and I said "Hamish likes..." and showed him a mental image of that. He had then asked me if it has eggs, and then he thought about that unless it has a white penis, and I said that it has either eggs or the white penis, one or the other. (Hamish's interest in eggs and penis is not a sexual interest. It is about food and about making a species survive.)

Hamish. You sure have changed my life forever. I love you. I just give you eggs, Dear Dragon. But you have given me something that is bigger than the Sun. I have been so close to you, I feel you when you breathe, I feel your scales gently rustle when you move, I see when you flex your hump back to show me. You share all your joys, and all your fears with me. We are so close, and it runs so deep. I live in those red scales of yours. That is why I could die for you, because if you live I will live forever.

You also showed me, tomato. - Hamish. True. I also said "Hamish likes" and showed him a tomato, and I said that "they are red because they saw him", and he asked me if it was true, and I said no it is not true, but you like to think that way.

A few minutes later:
You are like our corn field. We are growing maize! - Lasarus or similar, gives me mental image of corn field
Yes, but you hurt me. - me
We are trying to be gentle. - he says

Chatty Mr. Lord about The Eye and Ancient Egyptians
Cetaceans and Santinian rescue me
Hamish claims the haricots verts as "his salad" but I eat them anyway
And Hamish asks me to pull his itchy back hump spine

October 28 2013, 8:50 PM - Last night when I went to bed Malik the Mischievous started talking. And talking. He was so chatty. I was having heart trouble so I asked him to let me sleep in peace, but he had things to say. Malik talked about The Eye, and how The Eye was ready to swallow up all worlds and all of space. I was shown an eery mental image of black outer space with The Eye there like a vortex that swallows worlds. Malik and his Dark Lords kind work actively to appease this "God" by giving it life force and souls from victims of torture and ritual sacrifice in the Agenda, and they fully believe that this is the reason why anyone is alive. Their god is a destructive god, and they are the good guys saving all the worlds, they think.

It is interesting, and I am led to believe that their Eye God is a black hole in space. Dark Lords, their world which they call Alpha Theta (or Alpha Thetis) would have been next in line to be swallowed up by their God. It doesn't seem like the Dark Lords like or love that God of theirs, but they say that it talks to them, and their work seems very necessary. They say it works, The Eye has stopped swallowing worlds, because life force and souls have been fed into it. I don't know this is all mystical, but the Dark Lords are real and absolutely authentic alien beings from another world, and this is their religion and their way of life.

I am intrigued that the Dark Lords can talk so intelligently and explain themselves. I am grateful that they explain their religion and their behaviors, and I am also deeply grateful that they keep a respectful distance from me. Getting too close to a Dark Lord will make a human feel very sick, would make them vomit, would cause mental illness and psychosis and madness, and ultimately kill a human. Why? How can a living being impart such an impact on another living being merely by their presence?

We are not psychotic, tell them that. - Hamish or otherwise a Dark Lord
Yes. We are called Mr. Shenanigans by you. - Malik says

They're not "evil" per se. They are predatory, but so are humans. Many humans eat meat every day. But there is this intense cultural factor of magic and religious ritual thinking in the Dark Lords. In fact I have discovered that concepts such as Ancient Egyptian mythology, Aleister Crowley, Hitler and Nazi Germany, pentagrams, black magic, numerology and tarot cards, these things were given to humanity by the Dark Lords. Dark Lord Basmet Baphomet inserted himself into the religion Thelema made by Aleister Crowley, who was receiving their messages and under their influence.

So the Dark Lords have had a huge cultural and historical impact on humans. And they will always want to.

The Native Americans tried to fight us. - says Malik
How did they fight you? - me
They called us evil spirits. - Malik
And what did they do? - me
They beat the drums. - Malik, I am shown a Native American beating a drum, the drum is held in one hand, and the other hand held the stick with a ball on the end
And? Did that make you leave? Did you leave them alone? - me
Do humans leave pigs alone? The farmers? - Malik, I see him squatting somewhere
No. They do not. - me
Then we don't want to eat salads, or lettuce. - Malik
I understand. We are your food! Why do you eat humans? - me
The trick, the secret, is contained in your blood. - Malik
Why is it in the blood? - me
The drum didn't stop them! - Hamish, partly in human Captain Stephens morph
Are you afraid of us? - says Malik and he thinks about smelling blood in his nose, to the point of having blood in his nose (in his thoughts)

So Malik was very chatty last night. Then he started talking about Ancient Egyptians. He showed me the solar disc that the Egyptians had which was inside bull horns here. Malik said that this was given to them as their god, and that the Dark Lords had deliberately not given the Egyptians The Eye as their god, because they were not ready for it, so they were given the Sun as their god instead. The Sun was a milder god and nowhere near as powerful as The Eye, because the humans were not ready for The Eye, said Malik.

Note that the bull has always been significant in the Dark Lord mythology. Bulls sacrificed give blood and life force for the Dark Lords. Also note that Ancient Egyptians had the Crocodile Man, called Sobek, and I've met these characters and they are documented in The Orion Project.

We are not a mystery, you should say to them. - Malik wants me to say to you readers
I love that you tell me about these things. It is fascinating. - me
Yes, we like to sit here with you. - Malik about sitting here on the sofa next to me

Also notice that there is a snake in the headdress on the Ancient Egyptian gods. Probably a reference to the Reptilians. Also note that the

They were mausoleums. - Malik, as I was going to write "note that the pyramids are the symbol of the Agenda"
What does "mausoleum" mean? I don't know the language as well as you do. - me
It was a final resting place. - Malik
What? You mean a grave. You are cute. I see you. - me
I could clasp your throat, if I wanted to. - Malik, with mental image of his clawed black paw around my throat
Don't do that please. - me
I don't want to either. - Malik
Thank you Sir. - me
You are not my goats, here. - Malik
Thanks! - me

And the

You are not our Siddharta, but you could have been! - Malik
You are not our bread and butter. - Hamish
Siddhartas are always seeked out. - Malik (he said "seeked out")

And the Ankh symbol, which is like a cross but with a circle up top. Somehow I've always known this to be a strong repellent to the Dark Lords, stronger than the Holy Cross of Christianity. Just visualize the Ankh symbol in white in front of you and the Dark Lords will not pass. Dark Lords do not disrespect the symbolism.

But I asked Malik to stop talking, I was so tired and my heart was feeling weak. Then came the most unexpected source of rescue. "Alpha Cetans". The whale people, Cetaceans! There is an alien people who are very advanced, and also very benevolent. They called us humans their "little children" and they said we will also feel the same way when we evolve as far as they have, and then it will be our turn to protect younger races. I was told that dolphins and whales were put here on Earth by the Cetan Aliens. "But, what about the fossil record? It shows a gradual evolution into dolphins? It just does not make sense.", I said to the Cetaceans. But they believe that the dolphins were created.

Dolphins were created in order to house the incarnated consciousnesses of alien life forms known as Cetaceans. Cetaceans themselves in their home world seem to be more humanoid. They have colors of blue and black. They said that dolphins were made to appear to be smiling, so that humans would know that they smile at us. They said that dolphins can heal humans. I was then offered healing from a distance from a Cetacean dolphin, and I accepted. I saw and felt the dolphin body and mind from a distance, and it gave me wonderful healing. My energy body had been scrambled by the Dark Lords. The Cetaceans said that The Eye had decided to destroy me, and the Cetaceans had now stepped in and saved my life.

I know this doesn't sound possible or scientific to a scientist, but I've got to say I'm fed up and tired of "scientists". "Scientists" are narrow-minded primitive humans who think they know it all, when in fact they are limited by a slowly progressing physical thinking, constructed by primitive human awareness (or unawareness). There are advanced alien life forms and they are oh so far beyond human "scientists". I will talk about energy bodies, and I will describe the alien races that contact me, and I will not ridicule or criticize myself for receiving these fantastic messages simply because

Wait till you go to the Inner of the Earth. - someone says
What? Heh. Don't tell me there is the Inner Earth. I've found that claim so preposterous and laughable. That there would be people and animals living inside the Earth? Maybe... - me interrupted
Yes, one of the entrances is in India. - says the Dark Lord, by the way it might have been little Monkey Siph all this time, he looked a bit tiny (he is not a Monkey but he is small and more wild so he is my Monkey)
Maybe such cavern systems under ground, but certainly not INSIDE THE EARTH! Inside the Earth - me interrupted
Have you received the magnet? It is about the core, nothing else. - says someone, probably Hamish
... Inside the Earth it is molten rock and iron. There is also a HUGE pressure that would instantly crush... - me interrupted
Well, you can't take any ordinary boats there. And it would not be crushed I said. - Hamish
Who lives inside the Earth. - me
The Pleiadians do. And they who do not want to be our cattle. We don't get to milk them either. - Malik/Siph, thought image of milking cow's utters, he means probably to "milk" a person of life force, if people are cattle for life force
Who...? Tell me. Are there mammoths and dinosaurs inside the Earth? I have heard stories about that. What kind of animals do they have? Do they have gardens? Pleiadians? - me
They are the Nordics. - someone says, and I am shown a mental image of what looks like a Giant Viking Norwegian man. He is tall and bigboned, very impressive stature, broad shoulders, like a Giant man, and he has long blonde hair. Remember the Nordic I talked to? It is in the news/stories pages somewhere not too long ago.
So. Are they just living inside cavern systems. Or are they actually INSIDE the frikkin Earth!? INSIDE THE EARTH IT IS MOLTEN ROCK AND PRESSURE! No one can live there, don't be preposterous. - me
You need a special type of craft to get there. - Malik
I don't understand! Tell me how it works! - me
They are not our monkeys, that is why they went there. - says Malik/Siph and grabs my arms gently as he speaks, as if we were two girlsfriends chatting

So the Cetacean people, individuals who were not incarnated but from their home world, saved me. Later I was also aware of an Angelic, meaning Santinian or Arcturian, who protected me with such light I have never seen before. I think The Eye might have wanted to attack me. I was under such strong protection.

If this sounds like science-fiction to you, I can't help you. You will have to struggle with that all on your own. Angels have always been reported. They are aliens called Santinians, also Arcturians. Demons, Djinn, Devils, Incubi, Succubi, have been reported. They are the Dark Lords. Dragons and Serpents, they were the Reptilians. Hindu Blue Gods were not mythical creatures at all, they are the Blue Gods they are alien people and very wonderful, they were also the Blue Gods in South America until Serpent Reptilians took over. Vampires, well we have Gon who wanted to suck my blood and we also have the winged dragons. I have also spoken to a Pteradactyl. Yes. A Pteradactyl. Yes yes yes I have! Did Earth dinosaurs survive all these millions of years by hiding in underground caverns and in another dimension out of reach of human senses of perception or touch, and they became able to communicate telepathically even to humans?

Gargoyles? The White Dragons of course! I love the Gargoyles. We have the North Port "Devil" in Florida, my darling. And we have the Guatemalan Non-Bat. We "scientists" want to say that humans were bonkers when they reported these beings. We want to say that humans who recorded history were liars. I know my contacts and communications are real. I have personal evidence, but not formal evidence (that could be shared to convince other people) at this time.

Hamish's "Salad"
Image From

And last but not least, Hamish my Sock Dragon. Hamish has been claiming things today. He likes to claim the foods that I eat. "My salad!", declared Hamish as I was eating some haricots verts. "Can I eat some of your salad, Hamish?", I said. "Here, Hamish. Eat it.", I said and took some on my fork and reached it toward Hamish. Hamish thought a mental image of the vegetables on the fork and then a mental image of our kitchen trashcan. He meant that he would rather throw them away than eat them. "Well if you aren't going to eat your salad, I am.", I said to Dragon, unimpressed, but amused.

Hamish asked me of a favor today. He asked me if I would pull out a black thorn that is growing on his back hump. See Yellow Turtle for a great image of Dragon Turtle back spine. Hamish said that it itches so much, he wants to have it pulled. I said that I would. Hamish suggested pincers, but I said a wrench would be better because the slopes of the spine are diagonal and a wrench would better grasp. I said I would need gloves to keep Hamish and me from transferring any infectious materials between our bodies, and that I would need to work under sterile (clean) conditions especially since he would probably have an open wound on his back after the spine is removed.

"Would it hurt you if it is pulled? Does it cause pain?", I asked. Hamish said no, it would not hurt, and he conveyed to me what it would feel like, it would only tickle a bit. I asked if I could come to where he is and I would pull the spine. I also begged and insisted that I get to keep his black back spine, I would cherish and honor it I said, I would only look at it. The other Aliens there would not allow it.

My grandfather also had those. - Hamish says, meaning his back spines
What are they used for? Do they show power? Do they always itch? - me
The spines? - Malik
Do Hamish's spines itch always? - me
No, but they make me cry sometimes. - Hamish
You cry? Why do you cry? - me
Because my mother had those, and then I remember her. - Hamish
Oh Hamish... My Darling Sock Dragon. I love your Mother. She was a good Dragon Turtle. Did she love you? - me
Yes, immensely much! - Hamish
She always took me to an operating theatre to have my lunch. - Hamish remembers his mother, he shows a quick mental image of an alien body on a table in an operating theatre, organs are taken out and the Dragons get to eat them
Oh Hamish. She was a good mother. Were you tiny then? Were you small and young? Did you get snacks? She was a good mother, she gave you your lunches and snacks. - me
Yes, and I also have little brothers now. - Hamish thinks about little Dragons about the size of his head running around his feet, probably his own children. Miniature versions of adult red Dragon Turtles.
Do you bring them to get lunches? - me

Why would Hamish's back spines itch so badly? Do they itch when they grow? But even the function of "itch" is significant in evolution of a species. A body doesn't just "itch" just because. It could be a random consequence from other functions and not intended, or that it could have a reason or benefit. Would it make him scratch his back against something, and would that help the spines break through from his back hump? The itch is an annoyance to him, so maybe it leads to behavior of scratching, which helps them grow out. Or the itch could be a consequence of nerves (or whatever in him that causes/conducts sensations) getting jammed or stimulated without any reason or "thought" behind it.

Hamish would grow a perfect row of black back spines like you saw on the picture of Yellow Turtle. Yellow Turtle had his full spine intact, but I've always known Hamish to have his back spines pulled. Sometimes they are pulled from Hamish because he is not allowed to show "too much power". But now Hamish was asking to have them pulled, because they itch. Usually Hamish's back hump has zero black spines, and sometimes there is one or two. They seem to always grow back when pulled.

I have gotten some good glimpses

My grandfather had those. - Hamish, either about his orange bumps (that I was gonna write about next), or about the black back spines
Yes Hamish. You have the same DNA as your grandfather did. You are a beautiful race, in fact you are my favorite race in the whole world. - me
Look at this one, she doesn't shiver like a bunny rabbit. - Dark Lord says about me

By the way, Cetaceans showed me a mental image of the dark winged Draco last night when the Cetaceans were here saving me. I have seen those dark winged Draco before, they are of a very high rank in the Agenda hierarchy. I only rarely meet with them. They are upright standing with anthropomorphic build (meaning standing up on two legs, have two arms at the shoulders, a head with two eyes, and so forth). They don't wear clothes, and they have large silky bat wings, and a long dark tail. The color is black mixed with the color of dark rusty brown. Their eyes are dark. The Cetacean told me to never talk to them if I see them, and to stay clear away from them! It was a warning!

But today I got some good close visual glimpses of Hamish Dragon. He is quite the character. That special back hump of his, it really looks fantastic. And he is a red color. And his body especially on his back hump and arms is covered in orange blunt bumps of different sizes, so he kind of looks like a toad with warts. And then his orange bumps rupture and ooze a sticky orange liquid which has a scent and covers him in sticky funk that just gives him a very special "signature" feel. You just know it is Hamish when you sense the orange ooze. "It's Hamish". And then his scent, he has that Dragon scent. Overall, in both structure (back hump especially), his bright fire engine red and orange color, the bumps, the ooze, and his scent, he really makes a very strong impression of "Hamish". His presence is very striking and leaves an impression on anyone who encounters him.

The impression that Hamish makes, on a human at least, is to feel baffled. I feel somewhat confused as to how to feel. The impression is vast, but unfamiliar and alien to me. My brain knows that I am supposed to feel something, but then it doesn't know what.

What would you like to feel with him? - Hamish I think asked
I don't know. I love Hamish. I love him! - me

He is such a strange character. His red skin is covered in orange blunt bumps like warts on a toad, and that orange sticky ooze. I've gotten to know him so well. My brain recognizes him, we live intertwined, as he watches me to guard my eggs.

"My eggs are not stolen", she said. - Hamish about me

Hamish makes a big impression on me.

We don't want to have you as one of our prostitutes. - a white alien says to me, and shows me a mental image of some man in a black suit soliciting a prostitute woman in the dark night outdoors somewhere
No thanks! - me

Oh, also, in the other dimension there is a big prostitution and drugs scheme, serving to fertilize women to make more cattle into the Agenda system. White Aliens were about to put that drug under my nose earlier today when I wanted a nap, and I threatened to kill them all and to cut my ovaries out myself with a knife and to grill the ovaries. So as far as I know they didn't give the very offensive sex drug after all. I hate the White Aliens, meaning Thubans and Zeta and their filthy hybrids. I hate them all.

Aliens. Every day.