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October 01 2013 - October 27 2013

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Python snakes

October 27 2013, 8:50 PM - I was browsing for more videos to watch. One of the many I scrolled through (but opted not to watch) was about some person with a snake. After I finish watching videos and close the screen, Hamish says:

Python snakes! - Hamish
No, python snakes! ... I am afraid of Reptiles. - I say to Hamish, just being silly
Hamish responds by his lower eyelids closing fully over the lower half of his eyes. It means that he is laughing and that he thought what I said was amusing if not hilarious. Unless it is humility, but Reptilians always close their lower eyelids when something was funny.
Why do you become afraid? - says Hamish
I thought we were best friends! - says Hamish, and touches me on the side of my head that is closest to him. He kind of tickles me with his fingers. Hamish rarely touches me, so this was a rare treat.
Above conversations were in the other language

Hamish? I am not afraid of Reptiles. - me
I thought you did say that. - Hamish
I was making a joke. I wanted to see what you would say. I love Reptiles. - me
Yes, and reptiles love when you are juicy. - Hamish is quick to respond
Reptiles are the best. - me
Yes, but they are no stuffed animal. - Hamish, "stuffed animal" in my native language and he thought an image of the brown stuffed bear that usually sits on the sofa here

I just thought it was a python. - Hamish says with his lower eyelids still closed over the lower half of the eyes, he is still showing emotion (or feeling emotion) that is similar to amused, but I could be wrong
Hamish, yes there was a video with a snake. - me
Was it uncomfortable to you? - Hamish, still lower eyelids closed
I was not afraid. Because you are with me. I was only being silly. I wanted to say something funny. But I am not afraid of Reptiles. - me
I would bite it for you. - Hamish says while I'm still talking, he shows me a mental image in which he has bit his mouth on the middle of the snake. Hamish has no teeth.
.. Thank you Hamish. You are kind to me. And I love Reptiles. Reptiles are good people. - me
They were with Hamish. - Hamish, he means Reptiles were
Yes, there was a python. Did you want to see the video? - me
I wanted to see it bite the girl on its throat. - Hamish, he wanted to see the snake bite the girl in the video
Yes-No, bite throat. - me speaking in Hamish's language
Hamish pushes the side of his hand horisontally against my chest, pushing against my chest, as if to calm me down or to keep me away from something. (He has started touching me more with his gestures lately, and I think that is great.)
I didn't want to know what you felt. - Hamish
What did you want to do? - me
I wanted to see it bite her. - Hamish
I was not sitting here with you then. I wanted to see it bite. - Hamish, "here" is the sofa here next to me where I am sitting
Do you want to see the video? Of a python snake biting a human on the throat? - me

Oh dear. Personal note: do not ever make "jokes" with Dragon Reptile. Jokes serve absolutely no purpose, other than to speak untruths. If I am not afraid of Reptiles, then do not say that I am afraid of Reptiles and then pretend that it is a joke. Do not do that. Just say things as they are, to Dragon Turtle.

I wanted to see it. - Hamish wants to see the snake video
I didn't want to see the camels. - Hamish, previously I watched a video about camels
Ok. Let's watch a movie where a snake bites a human. - me
Yes, a movie, let's watch. - Hamish

I'm browsing for snake-bite videos. Hamish started purring because he knows what's coming up. Now Hamish does a strange sound, like a bubbling gurgling exhale. Hamish smiles so much that both his upper and lower eyelids close. I'm not having much luck finding a video. Hamish sees some of the snake snapshots with the suggested videos on the YouTube sidebar and he leans forward from the sofa and declares "Yes!". Let's find some good snake videos for Hamish.

I wanted to type there. - Hamish puts his hands on top of my hands, he thinks it's the typing that brings up the videos

Hamish sniffs toward the computer screen, expecting the picture of a snake to smell a bit bitter. He thinks snakes would have a smell.

Hamish pushes his hand firmly toward my chest again like before, I can feel it, and he says:
Do not become afraid, I am dominant. - Hamish (other language), internet is slow I am loading a YouTube video

They don't like the smell of onions either. - Hamish, about snakes

NOW internet is back and we can watch this movie:
So do not say, watch out. As I am not intimidated. - Hamish getting ready to watch this with me:
And they don't like garlic either. - Hamish
I didn't want you to be afraid of it. - Hamish says to me (we have yet to watch the video, now let's watch:)
I didn't want you to be afraid of it. - Hamish means the snake
IT WOULDN'T BITE YOU! - Hamish says and stands up from the sofa
Hamish looks around on the undersides of the computer carefully and many times, he is looking to make sure there is no snake's tail under the computer.
Yes-No, don't call me a Sock Turtle to it. - Hamish doesn't want me to call him Sock Turtle to the snake on the video

I wanted to bite it! - Hamish about the snake (other language)
I wanted to pee on it to establish my territory. - Hamish (other language)
I am biting my lips to make sure I don't laugh
I won't feed it with my liver. - Hamish
Is it in the jungle? - Hamish with lower eyelids closed
Yes. It is not here. - me
Why? Are you sure? - Hamish hops up from the sofa again, worried it might be under or behind the sofa
I am absolutely sure. This computer shows picture. Nothing can come here from the computer images. I am safe here and so are you. You are safe with me. - me
I would smell its pee. - Hamish sniffs around, he thinks that if there were a snake behind the sofa then he would be able to detect it by its scent
Does it want to catch a dog? - Hamish
It can't have my liver, no, AND I WILL BITE IT! - Hamish
That is not a smelly snake, I couldn't smell it. - Hamish
It cannot have my liverbits. - Hamish
It was not here, she said. - Hamish
"I have not bit you", it talked to me. - Hamish, that the snake would have said to Hamish
I have not got those! - Hamish opens his mouth and thinks as if he had two of those biting fangs on his upper lip but he doesn't have those
I was getting closer and closer. - Hamish looks at the snake on the video
Kenumbraah! - yells the black reptile. Kenumbraah means "superior", maybe he yelled it at the snake to let the snake know that he, the black reptile, is superior and in charge here
I would cook a soup out of it, and save the eyes, so that it could watch. - Hamish HAHAHA!!!
I would not cook its livers, I would eat those. - Hamish !!! DAMN IT FUNNY DRAGON!!! HAHAA!!!
I would not bite it. - Hamish
"I was not tough", it said to me. - Hamish, that the snake on the video would have said (snake is being measured by now)
It was resting there. - Hamish says at 1:00 in the video
I was with livers, in them. - Hamish says when he sees the Capybara rodents in the video
I was not with livers in my mouth, snacks. - Hamish
It was resting. - Hamish, and then the video ends

Ok. Hamish did the very same type of talking to pictures when I posted Dragon cliparts into the book Letters to SETI 2. It is hilarious at times. "Yes, I wanted to go fishing with them.", Hamish says and closes his eyes with either laughter or happiness, he remembers the Cliparts.

Just another one of the most happiest times between me and Dragon Turtle. He is the best friend in the world. Should I show him more reptile videos?

Yes. More Reptile videos. And I wanted to see their eggs, too. - Hamish
And I wanted to see them bite someone in the throat. - Hamish
I tried to find a video where a reptile bites into a throat, but I didn't find any. I tried. - me
Was it too sad for you? - Hamish
No. I just didn't find any. - me

I was its Kenumbraah here. - black reptile worried that the snake in the video had come here into their territory, and black reptile would make sure the snake knows that the black reptilian is the one in charge, ie. "Kenumbraah", meaning superior.
"I was not benign", tell it. - Hamish wants me to say to the snake in the video

I also wanted to eat livers off pandas. - Hamish says (approximate, I forgot the exact sequence of words didn't write it down asap)
Tell them, livers are my snacks. - Hamish just as I wrote a note to a man who looks for ETs to read this passage here
And tell him, not to be afraid of me. I wouldn't eat him, I said. - Hamish wants to add to the man
Tell him I am hunting for them. - Hamish wants to say to the man (he means hunting for livers!)
They are my hamburger. - Hamish adds
Tell him, not to eat my fish. - Hamish, he is protective of fish, he thinks they have Dragon scales

Anteater video with Hamish

October 27 2013, 7:30 PM - I showed this video to Hamish. He asked me if the anteater is wearing a shirt, when it was. And then Hamish poked at me with his hand to get my attention and to bring my attention to the claws on the anteater's hand, Hamish nudged at me to get my attention and then showed me his mental image of the claws. He probably thought they were neat claws. Then he asked me if it is talking, but it was the owner who was talking, I said to Hamish. The anteater is as cute as Hamish is!

Grandfather Rex

October 27 2013, 12:14 noon - Yesterday I played some Tomb Raider and got to a valley with dinosaurs. I felt really sad to kill the little red raptors. They reminded me of Hamish. And I was filled with awe over the thought that what if there were a hidden valley on Earth where dinosaurs would have survived all these years? Then I remembered, that oh yeah I do have my own reptiles, and that is just as good if not better.

Hamish revealed something interesting to me. Hamish saw this big T Rex and he told me that these have a skeleton and that is why humans have found evidence (fossils) that they lived. Hamish said that he and other races have no skeleton and humans have not found traces of them. I asked, did Hamish's race live on Earth all that time ago as one of the dinosaurs? I didn't get an answer.

When Hamish saw the T Rex in the video game, he was afraid when I was fighting with it. Hamish scurried to the kitchen to hide, and he also talked about hiding in the "shed" (he means the closet room in the house). Hamish returned after a while when I had defeated the T Rex and he told me that it was his "grandfather". Hamish asked me if it had a large dong, I said to Hamish that if it is a male then it does have a dong. I also told Hamish that it is only a cartoon, only a drawing and not real. But he experiences real associations and real emotions.

This morning when I woke up, Hamish was with me. Hamish shows me a mental image of a large nail with its sharp end pointing up, and then he thinks mental images about his flat red duck feet. He is formulating that what if his foot was to step on the nail. I comfort Hamish and tell him "No" and I try to get him into other thoughts. Then he talks about the T Rex in the game yesterday and shows me a mental image of the logs with spikes that one is supposed to ram the T Rex into. Hamish tells me that it is his grandfather, and he is very worried and sad that it would be hurt on those spikes.

"Hamish? Have you thought about this all night?", I ask my Dragon. He tells me that he had been so very scared when he saw that yesterday and that he had tried to hide under the kitchen chairs (he can't fit). I was so sad for Hamish. My Dragon Turtle! It doesn't matter if it is only a game or a cartoon on a screen. Hamish experiences real emotions and real associations.

Meanwhile I had a nightmare last night about Prince Charles and he killed or somehow spent two blonde virgin women. I don't know why in the other dimension there are Reptoids that pretend they are Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and why they interact with me so much and you hear the same encounter stories from other Reptilian contactees also. Lots of people who have Reptilian visitations report meeting the White Lizard who impersonates Queen Elisabeth in the other dimension. I have deliberately not posted conversations written down with these characters out of respect, but you will find them in the books.

Meanwhile, I love my Dragon Hamish.. I said "I want to visit you and be with you" to Hamish this morning. He taught me how to say it in his language. You do a palate click but you open the mouth first, then do a longer exhale, then reach the head forward a bit and do the palate click. It is different from the usual palate click which means "I like you". So I did "I want to be with you" in Hamish's palate click language. My Sock Turtle.

I wasn't hiding there, I said. - Hamish says and means the "shed", and I see his tail
Where did you hide? - me
I was also hiding from those. - Hamish says in that dark demeanor and shows me a mental image of carved pumpkins
Hamish, don't be afraid of pumpkins. They are not alive and they cannot hurt you! - me
But they have that. - Hamish shows me the candle inside a carved pumpkin
Don't be afraid. It doesn't hurt you. Pumpkins don't want to hurt you Hamish. They are friends of Dragons. They don't want you to be hurt. - me
I also wanted to say, no birthday cake. - Hamish speaks at the same time while I was speaking my last sentence and he shows me an image of birthday cake

Situation with Hamish: X-rated

October 25/26 2013, 12:17 midnight - I sat down with Hamish on the sofa and I brought with me a bag of cookies. "Those are my cookies", said Hamish just as I was about to dig in. (Earlier today he also claimed other things, the sofa I think it was and the dinner plate here. He has been on a claiming streak.) "Hamish. May I please have some of your cookies?", I politely ask Dragon, playing in on his shenanigans. Hamish doesn't say, but I can tell he is getting really excited and he thinks this is great fun.

I ask him again if I may please have some of "his" cookies, I am totally letting him think that I am asking if I may trespass into his cookies. Hamish gets delighted. I knew he was because I could feel and see how his thoughts were going. Hamish then tells me, that he is doing this in order to "show power". I talk to Hamish about him showing power, I think what I said was just "Hamish is showing power".

Then I see that Hamish's white penis is out. I had the feeling that he might have intentionally chosen to pull it out. (Hamish and Reptilians have slender penises like on a dog. They are small and thin, and they are on the inside of their body completely hidden normally.) I take a few seconds to think about how I am going to pass this by Hamish, and then I say, "Hamish. Do you have an erection?" I don't want to embarrass him, and my assumption was that maybe all this dominance game was making him sexually aroused.

But, Hamish then explains his behavior with the penis. He says that he took it out so that my vagina would not be afraid when he is showing power. (Reptilian men know fully well that human women might like penises. So often they show a human woman their penis and they expect that to make her feel calm and at ease about the Reptilian presence. If they knew me however they'd understand that this type of behavior is not necessary and that it doesn't serve the purpose that they think.)

I don't know what Hamish was thinking. He doesn't think like humans think, but he does do thinking and he thinks things through and things he does and says make sense to him and follow some logic. He is here to protect my eggs, and now that he was showing power, he didn't want my vagina, meaning the eggs, to get scared, so that he would still be following his duty of protecting the eggs. So he thinks that by making sure that the vagina isn't scared, the eggs might be safe. Interesting thinking from an alien Dragon Turtle from outer space.

Yes I took out my dick. - Hamish says in the other language
Yes you sure did. Why did you do it? What was the reason? I am curious. - me
.... I wanted to give you goosebumps. - Hamish
Ok. Thanks. - me
I wanted to reach up there. - says Hamish about the hat and gloves shelf in the hallway, totally changing the subject now, and I saw his red Dragon hand touching up on the shelf
What do you want with the shelf? What will you put there? Hamish? - me
I wanted to safeguard my eggs. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Thank you. - me

Gosh he is cute. I see that fantastic fire engine red and orange Dragon Turtle, and he looks exactly like this, this really is a good drawing of him.

Reptilian penises by the way have a fragrance that is very interesting. I don't respond to it sexually. I can say that if I smell a human man's sweat (on some men, not on all) then that can be sexually stimulating to a woman's brain and body. Reptilian penises, although fragrant, do not entice sexual stimulation, but they do smell fragrant and different from the Reptilian body odor elsewhere on their body. The fragrance only appears when their penis is out. And if anyone is offended by the material here, you are either immature or not scientific. This is a scientific documentary.

The fragrance reminds me of lavender, watermelon, and spring flowers. It is a fresh and very unique and interesting fragrance. I've noticed it before too, and now again on Hamish's. I must also say, since this is a documentary, that seeing Hamish's white penis out does not in any ways entice me sexually. My ex boyfriend had a dog and sometimes the dog's penis was out and that doesn't do anything for me either, you know. I am a human and Hamish is a different species. I'm not wired to be sexually

Are you still talking about our dong? - Hamish
Yes. I am. It is interesting. One day Hamish I will ask you all kinds of questions about it. About what you think about it, what your thoughts and psychology is with that. - me
I was trying to make you not eat those. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the cookie bag
I am sorry I ate your cookies. - me
And I don't want it to smell like watermelon. - Hamish
What should it smell like, Hamish? - me
Like not benign! - says Hamish and a look on his face looks very scary, his whole facial demeanor changed

It is important that I don't eat sugar. Sugar ruins the eggs for DNA work. I am still impressed with Hamish that he uses only passive aggressive and mild techniques to try and steer me away

You also ate some chocolate. - Hamish, yes, many of the cookies were chocolate-coated or -filled

He could throw me across the coffee table, he could

Those are also not ok. Those snacks. - Hamish shows me mental image of cheese doodles. I ate some maybe about a week or two ago.
Why not? What is wrong with those, "snacks"? - me
.. You are not with our Iroquois. - says one of the Aliens
They were my snacks, with him. - Hamish seems to say to the other white Alien

He could grab that bag of cookies and throw it into oblivion. And he could roar and yell and hiss at me, and I am sure that would make me put the cookies away. Hamish could also bite me or pin my body down. He pins my body down lots of times, but not in these situations. He remains calm when he talks, when he claims those cookies as his, and then he shows me his penis, maybe as a way of giving me some "other treats" heh who knows? Who knows what Dragon Turtle was thinking. Figuring out what Hamish was thinking when he does things, is a whole mystery and detective story. More often than not, when I make assumptions about his motives and thought process, I am wrong.

For instance, most of you would guess that Hamish took his penis out because he wanted to have sex with me. That is completely incorrect if you guessed something like that. But if you didn't know Hamish or his thoughts at all, then that is probably what you would think. He is a whole other alien interesting array of thought, reasoning, logic and psychology, far unlike how humans think. It is simply not possible to guess any of his behaviors or reasoning.

Hamish would never have sex with me.

Hey you! Stop that! - says Hamish's Dragon Turtle girlfriend from the cave she is in
Oh Darling, please forgive me Miss. I was only wondering what his thoughts are. Please forgive me Miss Dragon Turtle. I meant no disrespect to you or to Hamish or to your entire race. *I honor your scales, Miss.* - me
Don't do it. I am not a real Dragon. - says Lady Dragon Turtleness
Why not? Are you not a Dragon? - me
I am hiding in a cave. - says Miss Dragon
You are Hamish's girlfriend. Have you had, babies with Hamish? - me
Yes, some of them were good ones. - lady Dragon says, and I see her flat red duck foot
I have given her some iron. - Hamish says in a dark demeanor, so seems Hamish has brought Lady Turtleness some food
Thank you Hamish, for taking care of her. She is a good woman. She is red like you. - me
Yes, and she doesn't want to be called a Miss. - Hamish
What should she be called? - me
The egg-layer. - Hamish
"The egg-layer." - me
The hatch-it. - Hamish, yep that's what he said
That's good. I'm glad your race can reproduce. It is important. There should always be your race in this universe. You are a better race than mine. You are precious. Forgive me Lady. - me
I have given her, some of your iron too. - says Hamish to me about the Dragon Turtleness
Yes, give her some food. Thank you for taking care of the Lady Dragon. - me
I see a flat red Duck Foot placed down on the floor again. It is either the Lady shifting her feet, or that it is Hamish putting his foot down in front of the lady to keep her from approaching me. He has done that before, he doesn't let her come close to me. Hamish is protective, or perhaps possessive, of her.
I was taking some of your iron before, but not now you see. - Dragon Lady says
Thank you Hamish, and Lady Dragon. - me, and I am shown from one of the Dragons a mental image of my period blood in my vaginal canal, that is the iron they have taken from me and given to the lady. I don't mind.
Yes. She can have my blood too. - me
The Iroquois never said that. - says the white Alien from earlier, again

Let's leave the topic of Hamish's privates at that, and conclude that it is private as well as something sacred. We humans forget that reproductive organs are bringers of life. That is what it is. It makes little Dragon Turtle babies.

We were delighted when you said that. - Dragon Lady says and her upper eyelids close a whole lot as she smiles in a very deep warm Dragon smile with her eyes. Maybe she loved the mention of babies. (They are obviously listening in to my thoughts, and my thoughts produce the writing here at this time.)
I love you both. I will always help your race. Your race means much to me. - me
No, she is not our goat. - Hamish steps his flat red duck foot down again, pinning the Lady Dragon close against the cave wall and preventing her from approaching me, and he says to the Lady. Maybe the Lady thought that I could be eaten. I forget that these are predatory animals. I get too friendly with them.
She is not a Dragon Turtleness. - Hamish explains to me
Forgive me, both of you! I apologise for trespassing! I meant no harm! - me

I shouldn't have thought too deeply about Hamish's behavior. Just let him be, see what he does and listen to what he says, but I should have no right to go off on tangents analysing and possibly offending their culture and their feelings.

She is not attracted to you. - Dragon Turtle Lady whispers to Hamish about me
I didn't say that... There have been times when Hamish and me were very close, even sexually. In the beginning. Hamish has been the best lover I have ever had. - me
I was not doing that to stop you from eating them. - Hamish
What then? - me, and as I say that, Dragon Lady Turtle thinks an image of a human throat sliced so that it bleeds heavily, and her upper eyelids close a whole lot into a big smile. She thinks about food.

Hamish will protect me, even if Lady Turtle sees me as a potential meal. Hamish won't allow them to eat me. Lady Turtle is smaller than Hamish, but otherwise built the same. Lady Turtle seems to be younger, her body seems more "fresh" than Hamish in some ways. She also speaks in a softer milder way. And her behavior is very docile and feminine. From knowing Hamish and Lady Turtle

She wanted to slice your neck. - Hamish says to me about Lady Turtle, and I am shown a mental image of Lady Turtle still smiling with her upper eyelids closed diagonally across the eye
I can't let that happen. Don't eat me please. Please? - me
Noo! Frogs are for that! - says Hamish, he means the Dinosaurs are for food instead, although honestly, I would probably give my life to save a Dinosaur, really would, Dinosaurs are more living than 10 human beings put together, so that is only fair.

Also while Hamish and me were sitting on the sofa discussing the

She hasn't eaten apples today. - says either Hamish to Lady Turtle or said Lady Turtle, and a mental image of the red apples on our kitchen table. Hamish says they are his apples, because they are red. Hamish would feel offended if I ate red apples.

While on the sofa talking about the cookies, when I was playing along with him showing power and owning the cookies, and before the penis came out I think, Hamish purred. His purring is an exhale that is a roar, but it is a soft gentle roar. I have heard him purr in situations before when I actually think that he is enjoying,

No we cannot drink her juice. - Hamish explains kindly to Dragon Lady, and there was a mental image of human bodily juices that were not just red but also some orange maybe lymph or whatever that was that they must've seen come out of humans before I imagine
Yes-No. - Hamish to Lady Turtle I think
Is she hungry? - me
Hamish steps his flat red duck foot down again right in front of the Lady Turtle, keeping her from stepping forward, and keeping her standing close to the wall. (She and Hamish are both in the camel posture, not in the upright standing posture.) Hamish says something to her about fearing or about not fearing, I cannot hear as it was not said to me so it was more of a mumble, and then the Lady Dragon Turtle shivers a bit either from actual fear induced in her, or possibly perhaps that it is a response that they do sort of like body language, to respond to what Hamish has said or insinuated.

If I had an Alien medical worker whom I can trust, I would be more than happy to let an Alien draw some blood from my veins and feed it to the Lady Dragon Turtle and Hamish.

No, stop it. - Hamish keeps his foot down and his leg as a barrier keeping the Lady Turtle from stepping forward in the cave, he keeps her against the wall there.
What is she going to do Hamish? Is she hungry? What is she doing? - me

When I said "Is she hungry?" her mouth opened. I think she must be hungry. She doesn't seem aggressive or fierce in any way. Hamish's race are not scary. It's like, they don't hunt aggressively, you know? They don't hunt like an angry and evil

That was my sofa. - Hamish about our sofa, where he sat just a while ago with me
Yes. I sat with you on your sofa. - me
What did you do with her? - Lady Turtle says, "her" being me
We were not doing Porno! - Hamish slightly upset

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I really have the strong impression that Lady Dragon Turtle, who I know is Hamish's Dragon girlfriend, is feeling defensive of Hamish and slightly jealous. Which would make sense, since he is the one who fertilizes her eggs. For the same reason why a male would want to be with a female (to make eggs), the Lady also feels a bond with the male (with Hamish). They are a pair.

My claws, are sharp. - Hamish, I see a mental image of his red hand with black claws, first part in my native language, other part in my other language
No I will not hit you with it. - Hamish to the white Alien I'm sure he said it to that one

Yes-No! Battle at Syracuse! - Hamish

The Battle at Syracuse is something about human alien conflicts, where the human governments try to strike deals with these invading aliens so that the aliens don't eat everybody. That is what Battle at Syracuse is, though I don't know much about it, it is often mentioned.

Hamish is welcome here. I love him. Everything is ok, he protects me. - me
We are not enemies to you then. - Lady Turtle says and her upper eyelids are diagonally closed in a big humble smile, "enemies" in my other language, everything else in English, she said this to me

I know that when Lady Turtle had a nest of eggs with Hamish, Hamish visited the eggs fairly often to look at them, and he would send me mental postcards of the eggs. When the babies hatched, Hamish was visiting the babies. Hamish was a very keen and gentle parent with the little ones, and he told me how he was teaching the babies to "honor him" (you find that story somewhere here in the stories pages). Hamish showed parenting skills and interest in being around his babies. Hamish is a very good father. It was also clear that Lady Turtle

I have washed myself there. - Hamish shows me a mental image of the shallow fountain in our community park, and Hamish meant that he has washed his feet there
That is good Hamish. I know you like that fountain. - me, I've known Hamish to be fond of the fountain when he sees it
I like to splash around there. - Hamish, and I see a mental visual of his flat feet
I'm happy that you like it. I love you Dragon, I love you. I love your wife too. - me
We have eggs here, that smell. - Hamish says to me, he shows me a mental of five or so tennisball-sized or slightly larger eggs. The eggs are almost perfectly spherical, just with a very slight hint of oval-ish. The eggs are a creamy chalk white, and with dark brown spots, the dark brown spots are as if painted on top of a lighter brown or beige spot, so that the beige forms a perimeter around the darker brown spot. The spots are fairly large, and fairly densely placed on the shells.

When Hamish showed me the eggs, he also conveyed to me what the eggs smell like. The smell was very interesting and unlike anything I have ever smelled before. I'm sure it is like a form of "baby smell".

It smells like a Dragon. That. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. They smell like baby Dragon eggs. They are good eggs, they belong to a good race. - me
I was with my ovum here. - Hamish
Yes, that is wonderful. - me
We have not relocated ourselves yet. - says Lady to me in the other language
... I would take an oath to be a guardian to the Dragon Turtles, and live the rest of my days protecting them. - me interrupted
We have fire (here). - Dragon Lady, still smiling with her eyes, shows me a mental image of a torch against the wall with wire. It would keep other Dragons away.
I would also die defending Dragon Turtles. - me
We don't want to put our tail on fire. - Hamish says, his thought is of fire caught on the end of his tail, the thought of that worries him a lot and fairly often.
Yes, and they are our eggs. - Hamish shows me quick visual of the Dragon eggs again
We don't want to take your ovum anymore. We have ours. - Lady Turtle, her eyes smiling a lot, I think she might be smiling to show humility, to show herself in a passive non-aggressive role, to appease all of us
They are not breakfast eggs. - Hamish about the Dragon eggs
No, they are not. They are important eggs. - me
They are not with Locusts. - Hamish says, meaning the Mantids don't have the Dragon eggs

Oh please please God! Protect those Dragon eggs of Hamish and the Lady Dragon Turtle! Please God and all that is good in heaven protect those eggs and let them be always safe! Now I know what it feels like to have a child, how much

We didn't want you to have porn with him. - says some Alien, not Hamish, to me about me and Hamish
I won't. I'm sorry. Hamish and me were talking about cookies. And we were watching a movie. - me
It was not good, I said. To your DNA. - Hamish with mental image as if he were lifting those cookies slowly into his mouth.
Yes, I told her that they were mine. - Hamish to some other Alien about me and the cookies

But the eggs smell very special. The smell reminds me a lot of the smell of urine, that same tangy sharp and clear smell, only not bitter. It is a piercing and penetrating smell, on those eggs. And almost fragrant, but in a very exotic type of fragrant. And yes, almost like the human baby smell, only more sharp and tangy. By no means an offensive smell to the human nose.

Yes, No, you are not tangy. - Hamish, he might have said to his Lady Dragon

In an earlier show before I got the cookies, we were watching CSI (well I'm the one with the remote, and Hamish didn't claim any other shows when I was zapping in commercial breaks) and there were some scenes with blood and Hamish liked those scenes he likes to see things like that.

Another moment in time, another day shared with Dragon Turtle.

No, she won't call you a Dragon Turtleness. - Hamish says to the Lady Dragon about me
What should she be called? Oh yes, that is right. She is the "egg-layer", and "hatch-it". - me, and Dragon Lady smiles a big smile with her eyelids closing more, diagonally across the eyes, she liked what I said
I was (not) with my liver(s). - Hamish, I forgot his verbatim cause I had to finish writing the previous line

Another day in life shared between human and Dragon Turtle. Time? What is time? Beings are born

They are not going to be hatched yet. - Lady Turtle shows me mental image of her eggs on the ground there, she did this because I wrote "born"
When will they hatch? - me
Yes-No, they are not my hamburger. - Hamish, probably about the eggs
No, I did not give her any porn. - Hamish says to someone about me and him earlier
There was no porn had! I assure you of that! - me, true dat
.. It was not a boy. - Lady Turtle says about one of the eggs in her nest, and her eyelids close more in an even bigger smile

Time is something in which beings live, and most beings are only concerned about staying comfortable and safe, of not being injured, and of having food, and making babies. I have become wrapped in Hamish's life, and in the life of his race, and Dragon Turtleness.

I won't beat them. - Hamish about a bat
Whom? Whom, Hamish? - me
Those that walk here. - Hamish about someone

I have lived with this fantastic Dragon Turtle named Hamish. He has been selfish, and he has been mostly concerned with his own needs here. His food, his race, his power and dominance. I have gotten caught up with his needs, his world. I share his joys and he shares his fears with me. I see him when he sheds, and I see him when he poos

I don't want to litter around here, about my dung. - Hamish is quick to add
It's ok Dragon, if you do. You are welcome here. - me
I have been standing in your door? - Hamish says in a fun friendly way, presumably to try not to scare me, while showing me a mental image of him in the upright position (which he displays to make him seem more human to me and less scary, he imagines) by my bedroom door.

Yes, I am from a star. - Hamish, "star" in my other language
I don't want you to see that. - Hamish turns around, means his butt and when he is pooing, he doesn't want me to see that
It's ok Hamish. Don't worry about it. I honor your race. - me
So, me too. - Lady Turtle smiles more now, because she thinks I honor her too now, which of course I do

To be caught up in someone else's needs, their life. How hard he works every day, my Hamish. His race isn't safe. There are other aliens who try to hurt them. Who want to enter Dragon Turtles (also Yellow Sock Turtle) into tournaments. Crocodile Men try to take their hatched babies. Hamish's race is very special. They are an old race of Draconians. They are very, very precious. I would live and die for these Dragon Turtles. If there was no other food left in the world I would lay my life down and let them eat me. There is something so beautiful and innocent that I connect with in their mind. Knowing Hamish for two years and two months, I know that his life is more important more beautiful more meaningful than mine. I will die peacefully, the day I die, if knowing that Dragon Turtles still live in the world, still show and flex their humpback and ask that it be honored, still step with their flat red duck feet on the floor and feeling out the textures

We wanted to turn off your lamps. - Hamish says and his eyes are closing in a smile, he meant the light next to me in the bedroom. I now turn it off, and only the light from the computer screen is still on.

Dragons like the dark. Hamish's ruptured orange bumps on his arms and back ooze a sticky neon orange fluid that glows neon orange in the dark, so obviously night time and dark is not a place to hide in.

She was not a Lady (friend). - Hamish to me about the Lady Turtle
What is she to you, Hamish? She is beautiful, I said. - me, speaking in Hamish's style of saying

It's when a parent would die for their children without hesitating for even a blink of an eye. I would peacefully die for Dragon Turtles, just to let them live, if ever it came to that. (I am now aware of Orion people, those slender elegant graceful black aliens with pointy narrow ears that stick up above the level of the head. I have a special love for the Orion people as well.)

We don't want any trouble here. - says one of the Orion men, and he has the white L-shaped gun that he lets me know that he has, for my protection it seems

Dragon Turtles, Dragon Turtles...

Please, don't call me Kissy Feet. - Hamish says to me
We wanted you to be aware, next time when we come (and abduct you). - Orion man with the gun says
Yes, thank you. I would gladly do so. I would be happy to. - me
Because then you can see your Dragon Turtles - Orion man says to me, with some contempt, because he probably has no reason to love the Turtles like I do...
We are chasing after your genes, and DNA. - Orion man says to me
Please, are you cold outdoors? Come in to the warm. - me, because ever since they first showed up here just now, I saw them appearing in a scene outdoors and it is cold outside!

1:34 AM. I am getting sleepy.

No, we won't extract her iron with you! - says Hamish about me to Lady Turtle and at the end of the sentence Hamish nearly jumps as his irritation intensifies toward the end
... Hamish? If you have doctors there, they can draw some of my blood out and feed that to the Lady with the eggs? And to yourself also of course. But don't take too much blood, please... A simple syringe, if handled properly, can safely extract - me interrupted
Your eggs, are my vitamins. - Hamish says to me and his upper eyelids close in a smile

Orion men are now stand-by and ready with their L-shaped white guns in case trouble erupts. The Alpha Orions are ready to step in if they need to save me from the Dragon Turtles, or more specifically from Lady Turtle because Hamish as we know would never eat me.

You have eaten those chocolates, and we didn't like those for you anymore. - Orion with the gun says to me, with a mental image of the chocolate-coated wafer cookies I had earlier
... We won't release her. - Hamish with that dark facial demeanor again, he means the Lady Turtle who is nearly pinned to the wall by him
No, you won't pee there. - Hamish says probably to Lady Turtle, and the mental image was of the spotted Dragon eggs. Was Lady Turtle going to pee on the eggs? Or what. Who knows what Hamish is saying or thinking sometimes.
Commendant Larsen is here. - Larsen
Hello you. Long time no hear. How are you? Is there trouble with the aliens? - me
Only with their throats, their need for throats. - General Patton, or Alien with image of General Patton

I need to get to bed. I want to know more about Hamish's and that Lady Turtle's nesting behavior with the eggs. I want to know exactly what Hamish is feeling and thinking about the Dragon eggs, and how the Dragon Lady thinks and feels and behaves around them. I want to know how Hamish's and hers thoughts and behaviors around the eggs differ, and whether that is typical male/female dichotomy of their species.

I want to know exactly what Hamish thinks when he chooses to mate with her. Does he do it because he knows he gets eggs? Or is he mind-controlled by sexual instincts - like how most humans just want to have sex and babies is a consequence or an accident as a result? What does Dragon Lady think and feel about Hamish? Do they form a couple that stay together?

We don't want to be truthful to each other. - Lady Turtle says and shows me a mental image of a pink heart in a black background, meaning they don't want to be faithful

What instincts does Hamish have around mating, nesting, the Lady Turtle, and the eggs.

Hello, this is Stanislav. - ?
Go away Stanislav. Because I think you are an Alien who pretends to be a human so that you can approach me and think that I don't get scared. I prefer Aliens. Just stop lying to me. - me
Can we borrow a cup of white sugar? - the same as "Stanislav", literally meaning a cup of granulated sugar, possibly a reference to the sugar I ate

Bed time. God bless little Dragon Turtles and "egg-layers" and "hatch-its" in this world, and their precious little baby Dragon eggs. Let their lives be filled with blessings

We don't like to torture each other. - Hamish about Dragon Turtles
No. It is not fun. - Hamish adds, "fun" in my native language, and he means that torturing members of their own race would not be fun
I used to like that. - Hamish shows me a mental image of a Christmas tree we had in our home when I was a child, he likes the red balls specifically, he shows me them. This was years before I knew about Dragon Turtle. So he was there all along.
I also wanted to open your presents. And find a knife in there! - Hamish about the presents we had under the tree
Hamish. We don't give away knives as Christmas presents. We give toys and clothing. - me, Hamish listens and leans his head left, then right, then left... as he listens
.... We would give away torture devices. - says Hamish
Why? - me
Please, do not cut hurt my eggs! - Dragon Lady with mental image of her spotted Dragon eggs and she shivered a bit, must be all the talk about knives she felt concerned about her eggs.

I found one red ball Christmas tree ornament in the cupboard. I will take it out for Dragon Turtle Hamish to watch. Last year he was so fascinated with them, see here.

Blessings for little flat red duck feet that feel the world more sensitively than human hands. Little Dragon noses that smell things more strongly than we do. Dragon eyes that look at this world, and find little red things to stay focused on, that find both dangers like sewing needles and carved angry orange pumpkin faces, but also things that bring joy, like finding Dragon scales on fish in a pond, or pretty yellow flowers, or soft bathroom rugs for their feet, in the world. Blessings to their Dragon hump backs, that signify power, and to their orange blunt bumps that run in two rows along the forehead and to the back, that signify royalty. And blessings be to the orange blunt bumps that are on his arms, and how his father had those.

Bless Dragon Turtles, who scurry to hide under desks and in closets where their big bodies cannot fit, when they get scared. Bless them when no one holds them when they fear. Bless them when they have to fend for themselves in this world. And bless them when they have to eat and the curse of them having to eat things that don't want to die.

This is a strange world you find yourself in, Dragon Turtle, and you have found your way to me. In me you find perhaps nothing more than eggs needing to be defended, and you live occupied with your own thoughts, you are a Dragon Turtle

My scales went there. - Hamish shows me a mental image of him looking into the washing machine which has a glass window on the hatch when his shedded scales had ended up going there that time remember?

This strange world that you look at with Dragon eyes, and a person in you who needs to understand everything. Tomatoes are red because they saw you, Spiderman is scary, and Santa is showing power and needs to be bitten. Fire and needles are dangerous

I would use a tomahawk. - Hamish
Yes. Me too. - me
On the fires and needles. - Hamish
I will step on them. I will take them out. - me
I would not, step on needles. - Hamish thinks about the underside of his flat red duck foot, and he thinks of a needle on the floor pointing up
Yes Hamish. Good idea. I will simply put the needles away. I will hide them, I said. - me
You are very courageous to talk to me about that. - Hamish, his upper eyelids closing

A world where livers and blood are tasty "lunches and snacks". A Dragon that feels deeply sad when I kill an insect, but still has it in him to regard baby hybrids and Dinosaurs as food and suffocate them himself. Dragon Feet that love to splash in creeks and water fountains. A Dragon that wipes his feet clean on rugs, and tends very carefully to his shedded scales, drying them, washing them, and stomping and stepping on them so much for hours.

Hamish, you are the life in this universe, and I am not. The person you are, and in that body.

I like to bask in my own glory. - Hamish thinks mostly about his back hump

You've touched me so deeply.

Yes-No, [he uses a version of my name]. - Hamish

Touched me so deeply. You've shared with me your thoughts, your emotions, your daily life and activities. Your fears, your sorrows, your beliefs, your dreams and wishes. You share with me your joys, and you always constantly show me little things that you find in this world.

I would like to find livers. - Hamish, oh haha...
Or goats. To suck their blood. - says Malik
Gentlemen, we have neither food sources available here in our residence. - me

Like little yellow flowers

Or my tomahawk? - Hamish

Or Dragon eggs with brown spots on them. When you bite me and nibble on me Hamish, or when I wake up in the morning and you are here with me. When I have you stomping your feet on the little pink bathroom rug I have for you here in the bedroom, that is when I know where you are and I can sleep safely and comfortably. I live somewhere in Dragon scales, my soul drifts somewhere along Dragon thoughts. The life in him, the consciousness the mind the person that he is, I have touched it so deeply when he just so humbly watches me to watch over my eggs, that I have found a life that is greater than my own.

We don't want you to talk about our scat. - says Hamish, with thought image of him wiping his dark almost black messy poo on the pink bathroom rug from underneath his flat Duck Feet
It's ok Hamish. You are welcome here. Make yourself at home. I love you so much... - me
I didn't want you to touch it. - Hamish about his poo
I won't touch it. I promise. It's ok Hamish. You are perfection. - me
Yes! My daddy thought so too! - says Hamish and lights up

By the way when Hamish talks on a normal basis, he is mostly in a mood that is very happy, keen, and playful. He does not convey a mood that would feel like angry or hostile, just to point that out. There are no words to convey his fantastic personality and the feelings that I sense from him.

I love Dragon Turtle.

I have also left my fluid. - Hamish, "fluid" in my native language, he means he has left some of his urine on the pink bathroom rug too
That is alright Hamish. It is fine. You are welcome here. - me

I don't mind if Dragon pees on the rug. I gave that rug to him. Haha, he quickly adopted that rug as his extra special personal territory, remember in the beginning when I was getting to know him in college? I had that rug back then but it was yellow-beige back then. It got colored pink when I washed it together with a roommate's dark pink rugs. But Hamish recognized the rug as his same old snuggy. He loves that snuggy more than anything. So I bring it with me when I travel, because I know Hamish will be coming with me, and he needs his snuggy rug, just like I need my Hamish.

It has not enticed my race, she said! - Hamish says to someone, about what I said about his penis

Was Hamish, offended that I did not feel sexually attracted to his dong? I mean, I think it is being respectful if I act reserved. I try to respect Hamish and what he is. Anyhow. Good night. It is past 2 AM here now and I hope to go to sleep and have Hamish up and about here as I drift away into sleep, knowing that Hamish is near. And the first thing when I wake up in the morning, I will check to see if he is in my room, and I will call for my Hamish if he is not here. Or if I forget to ask for him, he will make himself reminded by showing his presence, or by saying something before long. My Sock Turtle.

Watching "The Walking Dead" with Hamish

October 24 2013, 1:14 PM - I am watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead. It is a series about zombies, pretty horrific and awesome. But what I am watching, Hamish is also watching. He carefully sees everything I do. Since I started watching The Walking Dead I emphasized clearly (and many times) to Hamish and other Aliens that "this is only theatre, this is not real, they are actors with makeup doing theatre for entertainment, I repeat, it is only theatre don't be scared and don't take it seriously". Because otherwise by default the Aliens always assume a) that anything on video is real, and b) that since we can hear them, they can hear us and Hamish by default starts chatting to movie characters.

I was worried that Dragon might get scared of all the gore in the movies. But after telling him a few times that "it is only theatre" I got totally wrapped up into the series. But then I become aware of Hamish. He is thinking about zombie scenes he has seen, with zombies that have guts and blood and things hanging from their mouths. And Hamish thinks it's pretty neat! You see, Hamish eats livers and blood. So Hamish can totally relate to zombie snacks. He seems to think it's totally righteous, cool, and edible. Hamish hasn't said anything, but he isn't scared. Turns out it's not a scary movie for Dragon at all. It's just some people who know the right snacks to eat.

Hamish? What do you think about the movie? - me
I thought they were brave with that. - Hamish says, he shows me a quick mental image of the scene in Season 1 Episode 5 where one of the blonde girls is dead after a zombie attack and she had bled from her throat.
Why were they brave? - me
Because they saw that. - Hamish, means the throat bleeding injury
What else do you think? Is it a good movie? - me
They were giving her presents. - Hamish, yes, the girl's sister was going to give the blonde girl a mermaid necklace for her Birthday
Is it a scary movie to you? - me
Yes, those guys. - Hamish is scared of the lead character the deputy sheriff and his gang, he shows a mental image of them on the run armed. So it's not the zombies Hamish is scared of.
Hamish? Aren't the zombies scary to you instead? Those people that try to bite humans? - me
They were nice, I said. - Hamish
We don't want to watch it. - says little Bird from the bathroom
Hello Bird. How are you today? - me
Hamish? Is it scary when they bite people? Or do you think that's fun? Do you think they are eating snacks? - me
I was going to intimidate them! - says Hamish and opens his mouth and keeps it open as a gesture, Hamish opens his mouth at someone to scare them. That is why he is scared of carved pumpkins with the constant open mouth. Oh Hamish, my Pet Turtle.
Ok. Hamish I am going to continue watching the show. - me
They were bleeding with them. - Hamish's thought images are that the zombies were bleeding with the throat injury on that girl, "they" is zombies, "them" is the blonde girl that got bit
And yes. I know it is only a theatre. - Hamish
Good. Because it's important that you know it's not real. They are actors and they are doing theatre for entertainment. Sometimes humans like to watch scary movies because we think it is entertaining to get scared from movies sometimes. But only from movies. It's not fun to get scared in real life. I love you Hamish. - me
I love you too. - Hamish !!!

Ahh!! Hamish said he loves me for the first time ever!!! Little hearts bubble out of me. At least Dragon isn't scared, so I can continue watching. But it was fun to see him thinking about the zombies with blood and guts in their mouths and how Hamish seemed to think it was pretty cool. Cause he eats like that too. Hamish eats like a zombie. Except he usually gets his organ meats delivered precut into bitesize slivers as a "plastic bag of snacks". I will never forget that time when I was packing bags and put shampoos and things into big ziplock plastic bags, and Hamish recognizes the plastic bags and says "Plastic bags of snacks!" That was one of our most adorable moments ever that I will always remember and cherish. Love you Turtle. Love you so much.

I was not happy I said. - Hamish
Why not? Why are you not happy? Can I help you with anything? Hamish are you ok? Are you not happy? - me
I was with them. - Hamish thinks about the zombies in the movie
Don't get too caught up in the movie. It's just a movie. I love you Dragon. - me
They were not having ziplock bags. - Hamish thinks mental image of zipper and that they had no ziplock bags in the movie by the trailer with the dead girl

Ok that's enough Dragon talk. I've got a movie to watch.

They were not going to butter on her, and eat them. - says Hamish, meaning that either the zombies or the humans would not pour butter on the dead girl on the ground and eat her guts. (I read more than his words, from the images and sensations that he conveys telepathically. That is why I can often add more after his words. And without it you wouldn't know what he really says from just the words. He and many other of the Aliens communicate in mental pictures more so than in the words.)

Does she have a sock? - asks Hamish (in my native language, translated). The woman is dragging her sister's dead body to be buried in a grave. The dead girl is wrapped in sheets. Hamish asks me if they have that person in a sock.
Hamish? In the movie, ... - me interrupted
Do you want to talk to an Alligator Man? - Crocodile Man asks me, I see him mentally
Hello Crocodile Man! What did you want to talk about? - me
Hamish? In the movie, they had to bury the dead girl, and they wrapped her in a sheet so that it would be better. - me
So that it would not smell. - adds Hamish
Well. More that it is more decent, because then the girl's body doesn't have to touch the soil. The girl died so they... put her in a sock to be buried. It is only a movie, the girl is not really dead. They are actors playing theatre for us to be entertained by a story. Do you understand? It is a story. - me
Did they want to catch her? In that, movie theatre? - Hamish, he thinks they captured the dead girl by putting her in the "sock"
No Hamish? She wasn't caught. In the story the girl died and they want to bury her body. Humans put dead bodies under ground. We don't know where else to put them. - me
I am so sorry to hear that. - one of the Japanese people
Why are you sorry... - me

Back to watching "The Walking Dead" with Hamish Dragon Turtle.

Telepathically I mimic the sound of a certain type of Dragon exhale, I add "Yes" into it, and do three belch popping type of sounds after the exhale (mentally, not really, but Hamish can hear), this whole series of vocalization is to appease Hamish. In the two years we've been together I've learned to communicate with Hamish in his own sounds and sort of what they mean. It makes sense to appease Hamish when interacting with him. Hamish does that to me too a lot. It means "let's not fight, everything is cool". It is done between Hamish and me at a regular basis to reinforce friendly status. But then Hamish says:

They bury her in a sock. - Hamish says and points to the screen

They wouldn't want to put them in a grave. - Hamish
What? - me
We eat them. - Hamish
When he said "They wouldn't want..." he thought about the White Lizard Queen Mother doing ritual sacrifices of hybrid baby infants in the garden at the altar by the old stone wall, and he means that those babies are not buried, they are then eaten by the Reptilians. Sorry if that's the first time you ever heard about it. Meanwhile we're eating roasted chicken tonight. Same thing. Humans are carnivores too, remember that. Don't judge a Dragon. We eat other species' babies too, you know.

My eggs, I am watching with them. - Hamish is watching movie with the eggs

I have a real Dragon Turtle from Alpha Draconis. He is with me day and night guarding the eggs from being stolen by other Alien teams. I have rare DNA, seems I have been crafted by Aliens to be genetically suitable to make hybrids for a) consumption by Reptilians, b) Zeta fertility genetic projects, c) other purposes; commodity, etc. But I have a Dragon Turtle. It changes everything.

I love you Hamish. You are my Dragon here. - me
I was not going to eat them with you. - Hamish shows me mental image of fries, he knows I am planning to make fries tonight with the chicken
Do you want some chicken? Can you eat it? - me

Hamish opens his mouth when I said "Do you want some chicken", it seems he opened his mouth because he got prepared to have someone put food into his mouth. It was not the same way that he opens the mouth when he displays a threat. The mouth wasn't as open as when he does a threat. (Hamish also gets fed by other Aliens, who put food into his mouth. So he is used to that. It was his spontaneous reflex to open his mouth when someone offered him food.) I wouldn't give him chicken though, I don't know what that does to his metabolism. But he loves the smell of cooked chicken. Grilled chicken smells really yummy to Dragon Turtle.

We are with Locusts. - says one of the Aliens, meaning the Mantids
Yes? I love the Mantids. They are intelligent and nice. - me

Mantids are large green praying mantis type of Insect Aliens. They were cultivated by the Agenda because they breed quickly. They quickly multiply in numbers and are used as work force. Mantids lay eggs from the very tip of their long cylindrical butt. They lay their eggs into piles of human feces, feces taken during alien abductions from human abductees. If you think about it it makes sense. Get used to it. They have rows of human feces on floors and lay their eggs directly into it. Later, larger Mantid pods are put elsewhere and grow into adult-size see-through pods. Like pea pods, large encasings around the Mantid.

Mantids are very intelligent and civil to talk to. They also tend to mistreat their work assignments, they are not at all happy about the situation they find themselves in when they hatch. They like to drop the babies they are meant to carry, and to purposefully do their tasks wrong. My Mantid often tells me how he likes to drop the babies "by accident". Mantids have two antennae on their forehead, the antennae look as if made from beige spheres that are put together like on a string. Their antennae sway up and down, up and down. Mantids have two dark "fingers", on the left and right side of their mouth, which probably help them to put food into their mouth. Humans have fingers on our hands and we use them to lift food into our mouth. A Mantid presumably first puts their head close to the food and then the jaw-fingers lift the food into their mouth. Beautiful creatures. I am always happy to see and speak to the Mantids.

Back to the movie.

I was not going to eat langoustines, she said. - Hamish, if you don't know what this is about: Hamish thinks that his ancestors were red crustaceans in the sea. For someone to eat langoustines or other shellfish he thinks it is like eating his babies. He regularly reminds me not to eat langoustines. Here he was confirming either to himself or saying it to other Aliens, that yes I have indeed promised to him that I would not eat langoustines. He just had this as a totally random thought. Langoustines is one of his recurring thoughts that keep repeating in his mind. It is important to him and connected to a lot of emotions and urgency in him, just like fear of fire, fear of needles and sewing machines, discomfort with smell of onions, or anger at Santa for displaying power with the red color. Back to the movie.

I was not going to eat langoustines, she said. - Hamish, haha
No Hamish. I will not eat langoustines. Why won't I eat langoustines? Why is that? - me
They have the same sock feet as me. - Hamish shows me his flat red duck feet, I call him sock feet

"They bury her in a sock". - me, I laugh out loud at what Hamish said
Yes. That's what I've seen. - Hamish says
Oh dear. He sure is fun to have around.

Hamish Fun - and Zetas have me drugged and carry me

October 23 2013, 11:11 AM - I have enjoyed the past two days with Hamish. He has been interacting with me so much! The day before yesterday we watched some crabs on television. He talked to me about red crabs all that day, and he even asked me to show him some pictures of them. So I pulled up some red crabs on the computer screen. Dragon looked at them just to make sure that none of them were being hurt in the images. They seemed fine and Hamish was relieved. He talked about their red color, and how it resembles himself. He said that some people put crabs into cages. He doesn't like that people hunt and eat crustaceans. I told him I would put lobsters and crabs back into the water. He really loves crabs, langoustines, lobster, and anything like that as if they were his own little children!

And yesterday our first interaction for the day was that Hamish bit me on my fingers to get my attention. Well he thought I was browsing on a dating website. Hamish has the best nibbles ever. He has no teeth in his mouth and he has never bitten me with much force. It feels like a soft nibble, it really is great! Hamish has a tendency to bite me on the shoulder, arm, or fingers if he thinks he needs to break up my thoughts about finding me a boyfriend. He is worried that a man would fertilize the eggs. Sometimes he tells me that anal sex and oral sex is ok. Because that doesn't risk me getting pregnant.

Hamish is wanting a rope to be tied across the bathroom like a rope you hang laundry on. I suspect he wants to hang his sheets of scales on it to dry. He has been asking for such a rope that way for the past two days. I don't know if that is feasible.

Last night I was cooking some fried eggs and Hamish comes to watch closely and inspect the cracked raw eggs

It wasn't with a langoustine. - says Hamish now
No. It was with bird eggs that I ate. - me to Hamish
I wasn't surprised with that. That is not why I watched. - Hamish about the eggs
Why did you watch the eggs? - me
I was displaying dominant/dominance. - Hamish

Ah yes, how could I forget. So Hamish watched the cracked eggs and I think what he said was that they are "his" eggs. So I asked Dragon if I could please eat his eggs, because I was hungry. (I like to play along when he claims things, and I ask him for permission.) Yes, Hamish was being dominant about the eggs. So I told Hamish that I am cooking them and that the heat from the stove top causes the liquid eggs to solidify. Hamish then asked, is heat the reason that parts of his body are solid? I said no, that they are for different reasons. Hamish felt really scared and traumatized and he started to think fearfully that maybe if there is more heat under his feet then his body would turn more solid. He was really scared of the thought. So in lack of better explanations I told Dragon that this only applies to chicken eggs, only liquid chicken eggs solidify when heat is applied to them.

Hamish has talked about his scales too. He has been close with me so much for the past two days, and it is great fun interacting with this magnificent Space Dragon.

I was not cold here. - Dragon, maybe about the heater I have here next to me in the living room

It has gotten cold and I know our rooms are colder and so I have been telling Hamish to come into the room where I am where I bring the heater with me, and I tell him to stand close to the heater if he feels cold. He must appreciate that. I know that Red Dragon Turtles normally live in extreme heat, well we humans would find it unbearably hot. Alpha Draconis is very hot, and so are the caves that they prefer. These Dragons like a very dense pressing heat, so of course I offer Hamish to come close to the heater.

He has been staring at me almost constantly nonstop for the past two days. He stares at me and I see him in the other dimension

My DNAs has not been spliced. - Hamish in other language

And he has been more talkative than usual. I have also seen more and clearer images of him in the past two days. He has also been flexing his back hump at me more. Hamish has a big soft fleshy cushion turtleshell hump back on his back. It is a very prominent feature. A row of black thorns grows across it along where the ridge of a spine would be, from neck towards tail. Hamish seems to have a full set of black thorns right now. Sometimes the black thorns have been pulled out, but they always grow back and become replaced. See Yellow Turtle for a good picture on Dragon Turtle anatomy.

Hamish has also been very aware of his scent, and I can smell it too when he smells it, that is how connected we are. Hamish has a scent about his body and he is very aware of it. Their scent may have to do with reinforcement of a sense of identity, and it may also serve territorial purposes and make a place feel like home if it smells like them.

He has also been putting his body on top of me over my back several times in the past two days. I think it is because he knows I was browsing on a dating site for the past two days. He reminds me that he is here, and he tells me that my ovaries and eggs and me are his. I have had this magnificent red Dragon putting his body right over me over my back. It is magnificent, he is such a magnificent handsome fantastic creature.

He flexes his hump back to remind me that he is powerful. Reptilians think that these hump backs signify power and status. The hump back is a sign of dominance. He can actually flex the hump back by contracting some muscle or similar tissue under the hump back, and it causes the hump to move sideways, that is how he flexes his hump back.

It is not a sport. - says Hamish
What isn't? The hump back? - me

By showing me his hump back he expects me to instantly be reminded of his power and dominant status. He expects me to understand Reptilian thinking and to have the same responses as he. I think I understand what he is expressing, but it is not a natural spontaneous instinctive response in me. I just think his back hump looks really great!

And last night after a wonderful two days, as I went to bed and turned the lights off, Dragon sees the pink bathroom rug laid out in the corner of the bedroom floor and he talks about it. I tell him that it is his rug, and that he may use it. I tell Hamish that he lives here with me and to make himself at home. He goes to stand on the rug and slumps down on the rug and faces me. I felt great and comforted knowing that my Dragon Turtle would probably be here in the room with me all night. I hate it when he goes to the rug in the bathroom when I sleep because then he is so far. I love being just me and my Dragon Turtle in the dark night, me in bed and he on a small pink plush bathroom rug. Hamish pood on the bedroom carpet in the center of the floor, another reddish brown mudpile, but I said that it was ok. He talked about its smell being or not being there I forget which it was..... I now saw a mental image of those orange and blue and different colored cargo ship containers being hoisted by a crane to harbor in Japan from a big oceanfaring cargo ship. This has been a recurring theme in this Dragon story.

So I said to Dragon that I cannot see or smell the poo so it is fine if it is there. Just make yourself at home. Bird showed up and started cleaning up Hamish's poo from the bedroom carpet.

My Honored Hamish. - me
I didn't want you to fuck with anybody. That is why I am here guarding. - Hamish in the other language, aha so the past two days of attention were because of the dating website

Then this: "Alpha Zeče!", said a Zeta to announce their arrival last night as I was enjoying having Hamish near me on the rug. Usually the Zetas announce their presence by saying "Alpha Zeta!" Sometimes it has been "Alpha Zed!" Now for the past few times it has been "Alpha Zeče!" It's funny it makes me smile. They mean they are the Zeta Aliens, and they are.

Well to be perfectly honest I was trying to have a private moment now that the day was over and daydreaming about sexy stuff. Zetas were rude and really prying into what I was doing and what I was thinking and they said they wanted to learn about sexuality. I said that what they are doing is rude and invasive and that they should leave. It's very offensive that any time I have any sexual moment the Zetas have to ruin my privacy, which causes stress and blocks sexual behavior and expression in a human. I tell them to go spy on humans who are not aware of their presence. It's really very rude!

Zetas showed me a mental image of a medical examination room that they have there. It looks cold and barren like a morgue and in blue colors. Walls and floors seem to be easy to hose clean with water if there are spills. To the left are several vertical tanks with a naked human in each and the tanks are filled with water and the humans are submerged. Several tubes run across the floors and connect to the tanks and to the humans. To the right of the tanks is the floor with a medical table bench. The Zetas said that they want to bring me to that table.

At night I woke up and I was in the abduction space somewhere else. Two human men in black suits with tie gave me some white powder drug under my nose. One of the men had black hair. I don't know if they were Aliens under disguise, or actual men in black. The men were carrying me over to the side and gave me more of that white powder drug. Then in the next moment a group of three, four, or five Zetas picked me up. I was being carried like a heavy floppy bag with legs and arms. It was very cumbersome for the poor Zetas. Some Zetas had my arms and others had my legs or body. I was very floppy and it was difficult for them.

But them touching against my bare side was very tickly. I am super ticklish so I complained to them I said don't tickle me! Then I went back into dreaming things and didn't remember more "Alpha Zečes" from that night. And now it's morning and I've already seen Hamish around.

Hahaha! A perfect beautiful moment with me and Hamish yesterday! I was sitting by the kitchen table eating some home made soup when Hamish laid his red Dragon body over my back as close as close gets and he pushed my body down so that I would lean over the table. He was showing power and reminding me of his presence of course, but me being a human woman I just think it's a nice and close intimate cuddle time, and I love to see his FANTASTIC red Dragon body! And he is a real Alien species! But he is also my best friend in the world! Oh it was fantastic. But then I continued eating soup with the spoon. Hamish, him being so close to me now, he was aware of me eating the soup, so what Hamish does is one of my favorite - but rare - Hamish behaviors. He starts gulping!

There have been a few times when Hamish has watched me eating something that it triggers Hamish to start doing gulps. What he does is he opens his mouth, flicks his head forward like a baby bird that wants to eat, and then closes his mouth and returns back to how he was, and then repeats, in a series of gulps. It looks like he is eating, but he is not eating, he is only mimicking a gulping eating behavior! Oh it is great. It is fantastic. He does maybe five gulps in a series. I laughed and I giggled cause it made me so happy!

I wonder where that behavior comes from? It is interesting to say the least. That Hamish can watch me eating, and he sees me doing gulping with the spoon, and that triggers him to do a series of gulping too. I wonder I wonder what that says about his species and behavior, about Dragon Turtles on Alpha Draconis... think, think, what does it say... I have no idea, but let's analyse.

So when Hamish sees someone eating, it makes him gulp. Does that mean,
1. When someone is eating, Hamish gets hungry too? It reminds him of food? I don't think so, because I really don't feel that he gets hungry. It's more like just a tick or a reflex.
2. When Dragon Turtles were eating on Alpha Draconis, they probably hunted as a group and so when one is eating, it triggers another to do gulping in order to prepare them to have some of that food too?

I want to know what the behavior means! Hamish has other ticks and reflexes too, such as when I shriek at him when I am delighted, he can start stomping his feet up and down real fast, I don't know if it's because he gets stressed out or what.

Dragon Turtle. The love of my life.

Livers, yumm

October 20 2013, 10:45 AM - So I opened the bathroom closet to look for the cleaning gloves so that I could scrub the bath tub cause I am getting ready to have a nice hot bath in the morning. The gloves are in the laundry basket so I have to search for them from under some laundry and first I find the left glove but I am looking for just the right glove...

Then suddenly. A red tiny reptilian face on the end of a long tubular neck looks straight at me with its mouth slightly open and he is definitely saying something but without sound. There might have been some mild quiet palate click type of sounds made, but not your average palate click. He does that again a second time, facing directly at me and saying something to me.

"Hamish? What are you saying?", I ask. "I wanted to have my leather.", says Dragon Turtle right now with the mental image of a black leather purse that he must have seen in the store when we were out shopping. He loves the smell of leather. "I also want a jacket.", adds Hamish now and thinks an image of having a leather jacket hanging by the bathroom door where the coats hang in the hallway, presumably so that he could have a nice smelling leather item there too... "Oh Dragon. When I have the money I am getting you all kinds of leather jackets and purses." "I would put my latrine there.", says Hamish and maybe he means the laundry basket. We are getting to the story.

So I asked Dragon: "Hamish? What are you saying?" "I have my poo there!", said Dragon in my native language. I continue to scrub the bath tub. I am used to hearing Dragon say things like this. "I have eaten livers", added Hamish, and that is when I burst into giggles and laughing. I had such a good titter this morning with Hamish Dragon. Isn't that fun? Turns out he had put a mud puddle of his poo on the laundry basket in the bathroom closet. I know that he had livers yesterday. He was talking about "snacks and lunches" so I knew that he was hungry yesterday. Then later in the evening I was aware of a Dinosaur being cut into and I saw some glimpses of a liver type tissue. I didn't get to watch Hamish eating though. I love to see him eat. As he doesn't have any teeth in his mouth, he just tumbles a sliver of organ meat in his mouth. I have yet to find out whether he

Yes, I do have an esophagus. - Hamish
Yay Hamish! I am happy to know that! - me
He put it there, because I said to him that he needs to clean it. I also used some soap on there. - says Bird. So Bird had told Hamish to clean up after his own poo, and Bird had used some of our hand washing soap from the pump bottle on the floor.

So I was wondering whether he has an esophagus that he swallows food into, but now he already said that he does.

It has got my vitamins in there. - says Hamish and thinks about his poo in the laundry basket
Yes Hamish. You have eaten snacks. And you ate livers. - me to Hamish
I love you Dragon. - me
I am not with your DNA anymore. - Hamish
Why not? Did you say that to me or to the Bird? - me
I was with pimps. - Hamish, he used the word for pimps in my other language, they mean prostitutes however, and it means that someone had sex with me last night in abductions to get me pregnant, just as I thought

I'm sorry to say I heard the Dinosaur cry out last night. It let out this beautiful frog or bird chirp, and I got real happy to hear it speak I didn't know it was being killed. Oh the crime of killing a Dinosaur. They are more conscious and aware than 100 humans. If you think humans are conscious and intelligent sentient life, you haven't seen anything yet until you've been telepathically in the mind of a Dinosaur. Dinosaurs are magnificent. Now one looks at me, he is thinking about Hamish's poo in the laundry basket, and he is thinking about how I was preparing to have a bath. A Dinosaur typically always comes around when I bathe, because they too love to take baths. Dinosaurs would live in ponds if they could choose for themselves.

Last night Sif was bothering me, and I woke up with the most black thing over my body and mind. Dark Lords pull out a person's "vitality", life force. Life force literally looks like white sparkle, like a substance. Then they leave to that victim their own black. A human's mind becomes heavy and weighed down, you lose the feelings of love, happiness, and life. It is horrible. I know it was Sif

It was also Manon. - says a Dark Lord
I don't want either of them here. No more juices from me. - me
I thought we meant well to you, however. - says Manon I think, cause that wasn't Sif nor Malik

I know it was Sif because someone talked about "Sif" in the morning and I also saw that little monkey around. Sif is a lot smaller than the other four (four! I have five Dark Lords around here!) and he tends to move around a lot more so I call him the monkey. It's awesome how each Dark Lord is an individual. Each has its own personality and way to talk. So I told Sif that they are no longer allowed to come here for my juice or coffee. He didn't make a scene or anything, but I know he is disappointed.

You are our bananas. - says little Sif meaning that people are their food
No thanks. I don't want to do it anymore. I am too tired, I can't do it any longer. It has to stop now. So, thank me for my time and juice all this time, and now let me go. - me
We don't want you to rest. - a Dark Lord probably Sif says
GO AWAY! - me
They are snacking on me too. - says Hamish

Last night I was aware of how a Dark Lord approached Hamish and put its dark negative vibe on Hamish and I could feel how it makes Hamish feel. It feels like being taken to a haunted scene with real ghosts and ghouls and monsters. It is very negative and scary. So I objected, I insisted that the Dark Lord leave my Hamish alone

I am also here for my eggs. - says Hamish
Yes Hamish, I know that. You are my Dragon Turtle. And you have eaten livers. - me
And they are not ghosts and ghouls. - Hamish
What are they then? - me
They just want supremacy. - Sif

And then the Dark Lord left my poor Hamish alone and I could feel how Hamish instantly felt better.

Last night I wanted to daydream about a husband, because I am using the Law of Attraction which says that you can visualize anything into your life. I always use that to create a man into my life, it always works. But then a Dark Lord showed up and hijacked my daydreaming. And turned it into a D/s situation. The Dark Lord wants me to do D/s again. The Dark Lord talked about "coffee" and he tried to make it all sexual and sadistic and then the Dark Lord was ingesting energy from my spine. Every time I try to construct an ideal man in my thoughts, a Dark Lord shows up to hijack the thoughts and steers it into something completely else.

Malik once succeeded in steering my Law of Attraction creation of a man so that I went to see a D/s Free Mason man, complete with lots of that stuff that Dark Lords like. Now a Dark Lord looks me straight in the face and "smiles". They love that stuff. I sometimes wonder if not all humans who are into D/s might not be possessed by a Fussubus Lord. It is totally their creation. Oh! And Dark Lord also wanted me to do D/s with a couple! It would be a Christian man and a woman! Dark Lords love to go after Christians and try to steer them into exotic sexual beaviors with a sadistic or dominating twist.

I know it's a Dark Lord. I am quite sure of that. Because the dream I was creating had no elements of that kind whatsoever.

We don't like to be known as the sick twist. - Dark Lord says
I didn't call you sick. I never called you sick, Sir. - me

Also when Dark Lords turn something into sexual then the Thuban always brings in a hybrid child, this time a boy who is what 7 or 8 years old I don't know? Because they are supposedly teaching those hybrids about sex.

TO BE CONTINUED! (*I never finished this article on time, and by now have forgotten what more there was to it. But probably the same old.)


October 14 2013, 8:46 PM - I later regretted bringing this up for Dragon, it wasn't fun for him I am sorry. I was just making conversation:

Hamish. Why don't you like pumpkins? - me
They make me feel afraid. - Hamish
What are you afraid of, when it comes to pumpkins? Do you know? Can you elaborate? - me
They are not my friend. - Hamish
Is it because they are orange? Or is it the angry face? - me

Hamish is afraid of carved pumpkins. So much in fact that every now and then he will spontaneously say, "No Pumpkins!"

They make me feel very afraid. - Hamish
Ok. I will smash them with my foot. Then they are no longer here. - me

Hamish smiles and laughs at what I said, his lower eyelids are closing when I said I would smash them with my foot.

Also grab a knife. - Hamish wants me to arm myself proper
No. My foot will do. I will stomp the pumpkins into pieces with my foot. It will work. - me

Hamish felt all sad or weak at the mention of pumpkins. This is serious business for him.

I am not afraid of them now. - Hamish
Is it because I will smash them? - me
It is because they are taken down now. And not in my mouth. - Hamish, the last part he thought about having a baby hybrid's pale gray foot in his mouth, to eat him as a snack
I was not afraid, so I didn't shiver. - says Hamish

When Hamish is afraid he will literally tremble, or shiver. When we were first getting to know each other he used to tell me to "tremble before his power". Now he is sniffing around, at his own body scent.

What a soft sofa. - says a Reptilian either Hamish or the black reptile as he sits down on our sofa and enjoys the comfy under his tush and his eyelids are closing in a Draconian smile. Nobody loves sofas like the Dragons do. Hamish sits on the sofa like it's the most comfyest thing in the whole world.

No more

October 14 2013, 3:32 PM - This Alien contact has turned into a nightmare. It is worse than any horror story. Mornings, throughout the day, and evenings when I go to sleep, and abductions during the night. The Aliens have made ugly hybrid children stealing my eggs and subjecting me to unconsenting rape. What's worse is that they are teaching these children sex at a very early age. Only animals would do so, and these Aliens are animals, they are not human or even mammal. Luckily these hybrid kids are animals too. They would have instincts that oppose the behavior if they were fully human. I am disgusted by all of these creatures.

I thought Alien contact would be really neat. I have enjoyed learning about their culture, their thoughts, their history

So are you saying now that we can't come back? - one of the ETs
Yes. That's what I am saying. *Only Hamish can stay.* - me
And don't forget about the Dinosaurs. - says Hamish, he knows I mean that

But this constant pedophilia thing gave me what the Japanese doctor calls a "neurosis", so that must be bad. Because all I've done for the past two days is lay in bed lifeless and refuse to eat and drink. I guess that's called a neurosis. The Japanese doctor said that I need to see a doctor. So I pulled myself out of bed and got something to drink and ate a big meal, because I don't want my body to be hurt. I can suffer from this as long as I eat. But I'm definitely experiencing some symptoms of mental damage from the stress. I've had a form of collapse. I feel like I don't want my life anymore. My life is definitely ruined, so something has to change.

The Aliens are here as soon as I wake up in the morning. The Thuban brings in hybrid children, mostly the little toddler ones. Last night a cute little boy told me, that his pacifier was the "best thing" there is. And I kept seeing that little hybrid toddler boy with his pacifier in his mouth, he thought it was really great. But I can't let myself love those children, because of the pedophilia. I distance myself from them as much as I can. But what's shocking is that hardly any abductees talk openly about this topic. Tons of abductees are exposed to this very same but they choose to carefully cut it out of their abduction story. Do we want to know the truth about aliens? Or do we want a convenient modified truth? I'm a scientist so I'm not gonna make false reports, or cut any data out.

However, I can't give the details here on a public forum. It will have to go into a book, if ever I will feel strong enough to write such a book, but I have to, because I pledged to document this alien contact experience. But it drains me of all life. I become totally lifeless because of the Aliens. It has turned into a nightmare. So I am asking the Aliens to leave. I am telling them they can't have any more eggs.

There is a "Board" on my side, and there is also another group that opposes the Agenda and they are "turquoise" and their symbol is the upside down triangle. I also call for help from the Seraphim Angel and Angel Raphael. Seraphim came here last night and told me it was good that I had called for him, because my enemies here were strong, he is meaning the Dark Lords. I have been telling the Dark Lords to leave for the past several days. Dark Lords have a terribly dark influence on a person, and they hijack a person.

The Aliens want me to be depressed and incapacitated so that they can bring hybrids and those men to me. And the Dark Lords and Queen Mother the White Lizard want to ingest my life force, which they call Ida Pingala Shushumna. And Zetas do sadistic mind games on me because they think it's great fun to torment humans. I'm just done with Alien contact. I've had enough with the Agenda.

And they were sending me to marry a CIA man who would do MKULTRA things and domestic violence. Every time I saw or was shown the house we would live in and the man, I could see and feel The Eye over that house and the sinister hellish dark vibe. So I decided I am not going to marry an Agenda man. I was incarnated to be a Light Being, a Crystal. So I am saying goodbye to the Agenda. My studies of them are over. If they so invited me to come visit them in the spaceship, I would say no. I have reached a point where I say no to alien contact. I don't want this contact.

We have been placing bombs around here. - says an Orion man with narrow head and pointy ears and the uniform that is white with a yellow pyramid on it (I think it is still the upside down pyramid)

When I changed the trashbag today in my bedroom I had a sense that there was an interdimensional bomb there on top of the pile in the trashcan. I don't know if I sensed it from the aliens thinking or being aware of it, or if I myself saw or sensed it there. So it is interesting that they talk about bombs today. I don't care about interdimensional bombs. They have claimed to put one in one of the bags here in the bedroom before. I don't care.

Meanwhile, Hamish has been grumpy and fussy today. As soon as I thought about doing my aerobics workout in my room, Hamish goes fussy and tells me No and he doesn't want me to move his pink bathroom rug like I do for workouts

I also wanted to eat your heart I said. - Hamish
I was not friendly or benign. I wanted to eat your heart, I said. - Hamish
Hamish! You are in a grumpy mood today! You are being in a grumpy mood today! Bad Dragon! Bad Bad Dragon! - me

Bad Dragon. He was talking about wanting to drink juice (blood) in the morning. Bad Dragon. I told him he is hungry, but he is in one of those Dragon moods.

I didn't have my morning shower today, which is fine I showered last night. Because the Aliens were waiting for me to shower so that they could show me naked to the hybrid children. I told them I have stopped showering. I won't tell you what else they showed me or said. It is too graphic and inappropriate. I have had enough with the hybrids and Aliens. No more. It has to be over now.

What about the Frogs? You said they could be here. - says someone, and I see a Dinosaur
Yes. Dinosaurs are always welcome. - me
Are they not in a sassy mood? - Malik asks
No. Dinosaurs have always been well-mannered. - me

Dinosaurs will always be welcome.

They are not a sassy Dragon. - Malik fusses to Hamish, meaning the Dinosaurs, and meaning that Hamish is sassy

Earlier I saw a black foot walking past the bedroom floor. I'm sure it was Malik. Earlier I caught his scent too. It smelled like a disease or like rancid clothes. But I'm done with the Agenda. The Agenda is a congregation of disgusting aliens doing disgusting things. It's disgusting.

Drug and sexual abuse

October 10 2013, 11:24 PM - The Thuban has been raping me with hybrid children all day. First it was an older Thuban hybrid girl with goggle eyes, maybe 10 to 12 years old. Then later in the day they used a little boy maybe 4 or 5 years old, also a hybrid with pale gray white skin. I'm sorry to be writing this here, normally I put the sexual abuse in the archives but I'm too lazy to pull up another Word document page to spare your eyes of the story and since I was already on the internet, it gets logged on here. I'll try to be restrictive so that I don't upset too many people. But here goes.


This is a strange world we are living in. Now all I want is to be in the arms of my husband. Hamish doesn't like it of course. Hamish is worried about the eggs. Where am I headed? Who am I? Do I hide under the covers and just listen to my music and get on with my life and pretend that all this interdimensional stuff isn't even happening? Do I look at myself in the mirror, splash water in my face, look at our blue sky and listen to the humans walking by and going about their lives, and

Yes, if you are our cows, that is why. - Malik otherwise Hamish, but I'm sure it was Malik who said

Do I just go on with my life, being a cow, a cattle, how do I un-awaken? How do you throw up the pill you took in The Matrix that makes you see everything? Are we living in a vast computer software? A holographic reality? Has some alien force hacked into our brain's software? And do we want to tell people. Is this a Pandora's box I am allowed to open for you all? No, each person will be let to open their Pandora's box on their own. I cannot do that for you. Sleep, my fellow dear humans. Sleep, and dream a dream of a world where aliens do not eat people, and where my body is not already laying in a hospital in another dimension. Dream the dream of peace and freedom. (I may publish what was here, in a book.)


Hamish says Yes-No

Hamish nesting

October 10 2013, 4:39 PM - I am going through a closet full of clothes to see what I will keep and discard. As I was carrying several pairs of pants from one closet to another for keeping, Hamish tells me he would like me to put the clothes on the floor so that he can step on them. I don't do it, and after a while when I pick up another pair of pants from the closet Hamish again tells me he would like to have the pants on the floor so that he can stomp on it. So this time I start to collect a pile of clothes on the floor (in a big bag) and I tell Hamish that he can go ahead and stomp on it, just don't pee on it I say.

Hamish's stomping behavior. He loves to feel soft things under his feet in a small area, and he feels a need to stomp and stomp with his soft flat red duck feet on those piles. He chooses little bathroom rugs for this, and he also likes piles of linen or clothes on the floor. He likes to have his scent on those piles and they become very important to Dragon and he becomes defensive of his zones and will even physically push me off a bathroom rug if I am standing on it. (He won't usually let me have as much as the tip of my heel on his rugs or he will tell me.)

I think this is nesting behavior. But Hamish is a male Dragon, but it seems that he is building nests. I wonder how this old race of Draconians lived in the fern forests of Alpha Draconis. Hamish's race never lived in houses. They are not perfectly anthropomorphic. He doesn't even want to use a bed when I offer it to him. Sometimes he sits on sofas, and he loves comfy armchairs. But most of the time he is content being slumped over his ruggie rugs.

The bottom of his feet are very sensitive, and he is very keen on having clean floors and will sometimes tell me to please wash the floors for him, and I do. He doesn't even like lint or dust on the floors, or he will tell me. Meanwhile he doesn't mind having his own shedded scales in his "nests", and sheets of scales seem to be normal components of a nest. He has, however, never ever wanted me to place anything into his nests. He does not collect clothes or other things to be added onto his rugs. But he considers piles of clothes a nice stomping site too. (I hope these aren't toilets for him. Maybe he needs to pee there.)

But I really think it is nesting behavior. I think he builds little nests on rugs and piles of clothes or linen. Those are soft comfy places where he can litter his shedded scales and place his scent on. He feels a strong need to have these comfort zones and he defends them. So this race of Draconians from Alpha Draconis more than probably built, or claimed, these little nest zones in the fern forests that they could call their own and put their scent on. Obviously when they have eggs, these nests provide a ready soft and comfy stomped site to place the eggs on. I think he is doing nesting behavior. I think he is building nests, even though he is a male Dragon Turtle. Let's ask him!

Hamish? Why did you want to step on the clothes? - me
Because they were mine. - Hamish
Did you want to claim them as your territory? - me
No, I said. I just wanted to show that I was strong. - Hamish, "strong" in native language, either strong or powerful
Are you building little nests, Hamish? Nesting? - me
No, I said. - Hamish
Then why do you step on clothes? - me
Because they were mine, I said. I was also not benign. - Hamish
I love you Hamish! - me

I don't know. I don't think Hamish understands all of his behaviors either. Now back to cleaning out the closet with Hamish. I'll let you know if he does anything funny.

I was not benign. - says Hamish
You are my Sock Turtle. I love you Hamish. - me

Now back to the clothes.

Aliens all around

October 10 2013, 12:53 noon - A Dark Lord has been pestering me at nights lately and it makes me feel miserable. I even had nightmares about The Eye following me, the night before last. So again last night I told Malik, who was here and ready to be Incubus when I go to sleep, that this "relationship" just isn't working, get away from me and stop stealing my energy because I am feeling miserable. It even causes me heart trouble when they pull out the life force from my body and organs.

Malik was sad and miserable. He even showed me his white erect penis, thinking that he can trick a human woman into letting him into bed by calling his energy-stealing - "lust". An Incubus will try to make it a sexual thing, because that is how you get a human to let you steal energy. But it is not a romantic rendezvous at all. It is the Incubus feeding off you like a vulture off a carcass. It's sad because I've made such great friends with Fussubus Malik. I've known him for more than two years and it's sad to tell him to go. He became a friend, but I cannot have some guy stealing my energy like that. So our relationship has to be over. He is an energy parasite, short and simple.

Last night I told Hamish that I love him. "Yes-No", objected Dragon Turtle. Then the other Aliens started telling me to watch out because Hamish might get angry, but that didn't stop me from cooing over Dragon. I baby him and shower him with love and compliments, even if he would prefer to be thought of as an imposing warrior. He's too cute. I told the other Aliens that Hamish won't kill me, because I have got his eggs. *So I am perfectly safe to coo all I want.* When I woke up in the morning Hamish was around, and when I entered the bathroom Red Dragon Turtle said that he has "shedded" there. I said it was ok, and I said "look at how magnificently red you become when you shed those white shedding scales". "I wanted to see that", says Hamish now and shows me a mental image of Harry Potter movie on the television. "Well, maybe later", I say to Dragon.

Last night I got to talk to a Dinosaur and see him and I almost thought that I would get swooped into a conscious abduction with Hamish and Dinosaur. Only this time they called Dinosaur "Frogs" and when me and Dinosaur talked about how do Dinosaurs get babies (I asked), the Dinosaur was going to show me how they lay "tadpoles" or what he called it, they lay several small eggs or tiny minuature babies all together and contained in a slimy membrane that preserves a lot of moisture around them. It makes sense, since the Dinosaur bodies need moisture, that is why they want to bathe all the time and they dry up quickly. But Hamish didn't want them to show me any of that. Dinosaur was here to collect a fecal sample from me. I said that was fine and I said I wanted to meet them, but I didn't get a conscious abduction encounter. I wish I could spend time with Dinosaur and Hamish. They are so great.

Dinosaurs are fantastic. They are green with yellow eyes. They have deep pockets under their eyes like a sleepy person, and their head is big and block shaped. The body is ever so slender, and they have no buttocks just a slender body all throughout. They are very observant and keen and have a great sense of humor and they find humor in many things they see. They are kind and gentle people and are only being forced to work there. When I said "Deb Deb Deb Dinosaur" to them yesterday, the Dinosaur told me not to speak in their language because I was not part of their family. He said it kind of rude and snapped, but that's ok he gets away with it he's a Dinosaur. Dinosaurs have a very sharp smell that is very bitter and smells like the ocean or the forest. They smell like autumn leaves or like a swamp. It is a nice nature smell.

Please be cautioned, do not ever make contact with the Guatemalan Ithaca Non-Bat White Dragon when you are standing butt naked in the shower, because Guatemalan Non-Bat will come see you and he will notice your naked body and snicker at what your human butt looks like. I got to tell you, these White Dragons (Gargoyle and Non-Bat) have such a great sense of humor. The way that he thought about it made me laugh out loud. God I love these White Dragons. But I wanted to ask him if he was alright, if he would need anything from me that I could give him, and if he would like me to arrange so that he can live in a house. He seemed ok and we didn't talk much.

It's just Aliens. All around.

Don't open that box

October 09 2013, 3:42 PM - Someone asked me to sign the petition "Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth" see here. I didn't sign it. I wrote back to the person saying:

"I'm not signing. I don't think humanity is ready to find out there are Reptilians who eat human and hybrid children and that members of the Vatican, Royalty, politics, etc. are Reptilians under disguise, or that Hitler and Nazi Germany and antisemitism was Reptilian Agenda design. It's too much for humans, I don't want to sign that. :) "

Yes, they also have bombs. - says someone, and that is true. The black reptiles place out explosives on Earth as a way of control.

It's like opening a mystery box, you don't know what's in it. But just because it's a box with mystery contents a lot of people are curious and want to know. Not all packages contain presents and gifts. Some packages contain anthrax or other unpleasantries. People want to know about the alien presence. I say it's not a pretty story. Hey? Do you want to see when the Reptilians poke a metal wire between the ribs of a victim in the basement so that it will puncture his lung? After it had just healed from when they did that previously? Just because the Reptiles think that it is fun to see? You don't want to see Aliens. You don't want to see the Zetas or the Reptilians. It's not kid-friendly. It's not for everyone. It's for expert scientists and military. Not for the general public. And I am not a disinformation agent. I just tell it like it is, but even this website is censored. All the atrocities go into the adult telepathy books.

Hanging out with Hamish

October 09 2013, 3:09 PM - Hamish stayed in my bedroom all evening and last night throughout the night, stomping his feet on the pink bathroom rug that I layed out for him right next to the bed. He said he had been told (by someone, some alien) that he is not allowed to be in the bathroom anymore. So I was pleased to have Dragon Kissy Feet next to me all night, so that we could chat as I fall asleep and then having him near when I wake up.

In the morning he said he had taken a (new) woman's pad from the bathroom (totally in the other dimension cause I can't see it) and placed it on one of the shelves in the bedroom bookshelf. Hm ok I thought, Dragon can do whatever he likes. He said that it would capture the dust there. Ok. Hm. Interesting way of keeping the dust out.

We removed it. - says Bird in my other language. Bird too had been surprised when Hamish said what he had done.

Then turns out Hamish was putting some of his individual bits of scales on the pad in the bookshelf. Then Hamish wanted to sprinkle some of his shedded bits into the trashcan, but the trashcan was full so I said he would have to wait until I change the trashbags tomorrow. He saves the larger sheets of shedded scales, and disposes of individual bits that are just round and come from "one scale". I have seen him sprinkle those individual bits into the toilet (he doesn't flush), into the bath water when I am in the bath, in the trashcan, and now on a woman's pad that he placed on the bookshelf. Isn't he deliciously weird? Totally an Alien.

The large sheets he keeps on tiny rugs. He has the pink bathroom rug that I keep for him on the bedroom floor cause he loves stomping and tending to his shedded scales, he will also wipe his feet clean on those rugs. They are his hygiene station. He also has the larger white woven bathroom rug in the bathroom. So what he does is he puts his large sheets of shedded bits on these rugs and then he stomps on them and rubs these between his ankles. He says he is "drying" them. Once they are dry - and trust me, it took me ages to figure out what he is doing - once the sheets are dry he is able to stomp them so that they fall apart into individual bits. Then he can dispose of the bits.

They smell like me. Tell them. - says Hamish in English
Kurasao. - says one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men, he's been saying this to me for days now

I don't know what Kurasao means. There is no easy way to look up Japanese words. Hahah, heheh, I wrote to one person who is Japanese and I gave her a list of the words the Japanese Dynasty men have given me. Some of those words must be offensive because all I got was so much yelling that Facebook blocked the person because they thought she was attacking me and I'll never know what it said. Unless she really did attack me because some of the words might have been offensive. I don't know. Do we even want to know what the Japanese men are saying?

I was doing the dishes, and you know when you're doing the dishes by hand you get lost into it and totally forget that there are red Dragon Turtles around. Suddenly I see red Hamish Dragon and he asks me, "Do you want to see me dry my scales?" I tell him that yes Hamish, I would love to see you dry your scales. He then proceeds to show me a mental image in which he stands on the pink bathroom rug and lifts his feet gently to rub a sheet of shedded scales between his ankles. Then he indicates toward the kitchen refrigerator and says, "My cheese", with a thought image of the cheese there.

Yes. I was being dominant. - he says
Yes you were. Hamish I will not eat your cheese. - me
Kurasao. - says Japanese man, what the heck?

I don't know what to say. I'm living with a Dragon. He's cute. He's weird and quirky. He's fun and full of surprises. I must say I laughed out loud when he asked and then showed me him drying his scales by rubbing it between his ankles. It was just so funny and so delightful. I try not to laugh at the Aliens, I understand they are a different culture and organism. But that was just so delightful. It's fun having him around.

I was not your pet, I said. - says Hamish as soon as I wrote "It's fun having him around"
Am I your pet Hamish? - me
I have urinated there. - Hamish, meaning the corner in my bedroom, good thing it's in another dimension
Why did you urinate there? Is it ok? Will someone clean it? I don't mind. - me

There's a big red Dragon Turtle living with me in another dimension. He pees and poos here, he sheds his scales everywhere, he claims things such as cheese and bathroom rugs. He likes to hide in closets and under tables even if he can't fit he tries to squeeze himself in there. He watches everything I do, and he doesn't want me to even think about having a boyfriend because he worries about the eggs. If I dance or go to the toilet he tells me to be careful so that the eggs don't fall out, and then he looks closely at my pelvic region to see if any eggs did fall out.

He's my Sock. I love him more than any kind of love I ever thought was possible. I love doing palate clicks to him, and I love those rare times when he roars, does belches, coffee brewer steam sound, and his other voices. I love watching him stomp his feet on bathroom rugs. I love when I honor him and it makes him happy and his eyelids are closing. I love his bright fire engine red color, and those orange blunt bumps on his arms and back hump.

I wasn't made them to be loved. - says Hamish, about his orange bumps
What are they there for? - me
To show dominance. To not be, "girly". - says Hamish, yep he said that

My Sock Turtle. My Dear Hamish. He has been with me for two years now.

I was not a Sock I said. I was not going to murder her. But I was not a Sock Dragon either. No, I said I was not going to murder her. - Hamish, the murder things are I think a young hybrid boy with yellow hair was asking him if he was going to hurt me, of course Hamish isn't going to hurt me. He never does.

Yesterday I got to see a female Dragon Turtle. She is really cute. She totally doesn't have that dominating persona that Hamish has. She is more fun, happy, cheerful, cautious, and curious. I love having her big yellow eyes that are like headlights of a car watching me from a cave in a remote image. She and Hamish have babies.

Yes, they are like our Socks. - says Hamish about the babies
How many do you have? - me
They are not on your head, but they were on mine. - says Hamish, and shows me a mental image first of my head, then of his own head, the baby Dragon had climbed on Hamish's head
Hamish. You have babies! - me
I don't have a good dong. Because they don't make them the most available. - Hamish, huh?
Hamish? I love your babies. Do you want me to honor your babies? - me
No, they are not afraid, they do not quiver for you. - Hamish
How many babies do you have? - me
I have twelve. - Hamish
Do you like them? Do you teach them things? What do you teach them? - me
Not to tremble for me. - Hamish, Hamish teaches them that, to not fear him
Does the lady Dragon Turtle take care of the babies? Are they with her? - me
They are not, spliced/placed with eggs. - Hamish, a mental image of round eggs like eggs with a shell like bird or reptile eggs

I can't take much more of this. It is too precious. These bright fire engine red Sock Turtles with blunt orange bumps and a soft cushion back hump and that cute tiny little face on the end of a long tubular neck, and those precious flat red duck feet. I die every time that I see them. They are too cute. My human heart was not made big enough to carry the love for a Draconian Dragon Turtle of the old race. Yesterday Hamish told me that he is a father, and he said that he is also a grandfather his children have children.

Hamish I love you. I love you I love you I love you. Human emotions are scrambled when they try to feel and express the strong connection with Dragon Turtle. It's like drowning in a sea. It's like swimming in the liquid of the sun.

Is there a treasure there? - asks Hamish, and shows me a mental image of opening a shell underwater and there would be a pearl there
I don't know. Yes. There is treasure in knowing a Dragon Turtle like Hamish. You are treasure. - me

I have noticed something.

I was not going to eat her. - says Hamish about me, to someone else who asked him if he was going to eat me

I have noticed that Hamish is very aware of his own scent. Sometimes lately when I see him talking to me, I can tell that it is customary for him to sniff with his nose and then he senses his own scent. He has a very strong smell, but it is by no means an uncomfortable smell to him. To the human nose he smells like "cheese and vomit", a very pungent visceral sulfur smell. But to his own nose he interprets his scent as something sweet and familiar. And when I can sense what Hamish senses I feel what he feels when he smells himself and then I can feel what feelings it stirs in him. We are that connected. Telepathy is not just words mentally transferred. It is a lot more than that. It is seeing him visually, feeling his every movement, his every thought and emotion. It is like living in him and he in me. That is where this close connection and bond between us comes from. I have never been so close to another living creature.

There is something fantastic about Hamish and the way that his body "claims" a room. I once got to see a room that belongs to Hamish in an alien base, and it was covered in his body secretions that gave it a very "homey" and "lived-in" feel that felt just like Hamish. I think he pees in his rooms, he might also poo there I wouldn't be surprised, but he also oozes a sticky viscous orange fluid from burst orange blunt bumps on his arms and back hump, and that fluid has a fragrance and "feel" (feelings triggered in the brain from smelling it, not touching it) that is just Hamish. It is a signature feel of Hamish. It also feels like home.

Hamish is always aware of scents.

I am not the King, they said. - says Hamish, the other Aliens were talking to him because Hamish might have wanted to eat my heart, or the other Aliens in his team were telling him that he can't eat my heart

Hamish doesn't lik

I was not going to! - Hamish fusses at the other aliens on the team, I know Pakeha is there and others, they are bothering him

Hamish doesn't like the smell of Malik. If Malik or other Reptoids have been visiting my room then Hamish will pick up their scent afterwards and then he is not pleased. I have to share a story with you. There was a time when I was trying to get Hamish to visit SETI. I instructed Hamish to go visit a particular SETI scientist. Hamish then reported back to me from that person's home and Hamish was very fond of a) the way that the man smells, and b) the fragrances in bottles in his bathroom. Hamish really loved the way that man smells, Hamish always tells me that when I told him to go visit him.

I'm not so sure if Hamish enjoys my scent or not. Remember that time when I piled up my used sheets on the floor when I was changing sheets, and Hamish went and stomped his feet on that pile and then peed on the used sheets "because they smelled like me".

Life with Dragon Turtle. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Morning with Hamish

October 08 2013, 2:30 PM - Last night Hamish reminded me that his pink bathroom rug was still rolled up and tucked away in the bedroom closet. He said he "dries his scales on it". First I said to Dragon that I would take it out in the morning. But then Hamish was stomping his feet on the floor and he was thinking about his rug and really wanting it, so I had to hop out of bed and lay it out nicely on the floor for Dragon. Hamish and his snuggy rug.

Hamish was such good company this morning. I stayed in bed until one o'clock in the afternoon and Hamish was there with me most of the time and chatting his Dragon thoughts to me. I got several good glimpses of Hamish too. Strange thing though, in the morning I fell asleep and I had a dream that Hamish visited the SETI Institute. When I woke up from that dream Hamish was talking to someone and telling them about his usual things, that he is here to collect eggs and food and that his race demands dominance, he also talked about his back hump. And someone who was talking to Hamish asked him for a poo sample. I don't know who Hamish was talking to.

Hamish went into the forest in the morning and again he showed me the bright orange mushroom he has found. He showed me mental images of snails and that he has found small snails on mushrooms in the forest, but he said that there was no snail on the orange mushroom. "What are the snails doing there?" I asked. "They are guarding the mushrooms" said Hamish. Hamish then said that Hamish would guard the orange mushroom from the snails so that the snails would not get on it. Hamish looked at the underside of a mushroom and asked me what it was. I said I did not know.

Hamish might have pood on or near the pink bathroom rug on our bedroom floor. Too bad I put the ruggy snuggie right close to my bed thinking I want Dragon close to me in bed. Hamish showed me a mental image of an orange basketball and said that people should not "kick" on it because it "resembles his race", by being orange. I told him I would paint the ball black like the Dark Ones, and Hamish thought that was great and Hamish said that I am his "hero" and his lower eyelids were closing cause he thought it was fun what I said.

Hamish tossed and turned me around in bed a few times in the morning. It was great. I got to see and hear my Dragon talk. I love interacting with him! I also got a hello from another red Dragon Turtle who lives in a "secret location" where "humans" (won't tell what humans) are protecting them. They ring a gong when the Dragons there come out to let the other humans there know that the Dragons have come. This Dragon showed me its body. He/she had even more orange blunt bumps on its upper back, and had a soft humpback cushion like Hamish has. He/she thanked me for giving them food. They eat my babies, the eggs.

When I finally got out of bed and I was fixing a snack in the kitchen Hamish was up and about and I saw him follow me in to the kitchen and Hamish was roaring. I love my Dragon more than anything else in my life. I love you Hamish. I just love you.

Yes. Watch out for what I said. - says Hamish

My space bump. - says Hamish and turns around showing me his back hump

Mushroom Hunting

October 07/08 2013, 1:07 AM - "I am hunting mushrooms.", says Hamish in my native language. He is out in the forest and it is autumn and he is looking for brightly colored orange mushrooms. Earlier he had found one and showed me a mental image of a bright orange small mushroom. I'm worried that Dragon might touch them, cause most mushrooms are poisonous. Let's see what Dragon thinks:

Hamish? What will you do when you find a mushroom that you like? Will you speak to it? - me

No answer. But it's nice to know what Dragon is up to. I love his little postcards where he shows and tells me what he is up to. He likes spending time in the forests. He feels very at home in forests. Alpha Draconis is covered in forest, and this old Draconian race which Hamish belongs to they did not live in houses I should say. They used to roam in the forests of Alpha Draconis and hunt for prey in groups and they moved swiftly together in unison like a pack of wolves. Gorgeous creatures. Hamish's race is spectacular.

He is drawn to anything red or orange because those are his colors. I think his mind is wired to think that things red and orange might be another member of his race. That is why he finds those things irresistible, and often irritating. He says that things that are red are "showing power", by being red. He feels challenged by red things. I'm not so sure about orange things, it seems he just feels drawn to orange things. I know he thinks yellow is pretty too. He likes yellow flowers.

You Kembraah. - says black reptilian about me or Hamish, oh dear he is in that fussy mood again, no more Omnis or Omrigosh it seems

Time for me to go to bed and slip under the covers and interact with Hamish. I want to feel connected mentally to my Hamish Dragon and be one with his thoughts and sensations. I want to feel

Do you know what you feel dumb? - black reptilian said approximately
Because you have told us that those are poisonous. - Hamish or black reptile about the mushrooms
Yes, don't touch them. Do not touch the mushrooms! OR ELSE! - me
DO NOT!!!!! TOUCH!!!! THE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT TOUCH THEEEMM!!!!!! - me, cause I'm REALLY worried if Dragon Hamish might touch them!
You Kembraah. - black reptilian either to me or Hamish

Yeah I'm worried now, worried for Dragon Turtle. But I want to be with Hamish tonight. Just see what he is up to, and be in the dark bedroom knowing that Dragon Turtle is near. He had this posture this morning when I got to see him, he was great:


October 07 2013, 5:01 PM - This is what I would like to do with Malik:

Image from

I'm just sobbing. Because I saw Hamish the red Draconian Reptile. He has a tiny head.

I am not modest, tell them that. - Hamish here wants me to add
I was not a Sock either. - Hamish, I like to call him a Sock, pet name
I was NOT, I said! - Hamish
Hamish is not a Sock. - me
Me, and mine, are interested. - Hamish, what?

And then there was a picture of a dog on the screen and Hamish was sniffing at the screen wondering if he could sense the smell of a dog. That was just adorable and I started sobbing again. Why I'm sobbing? Because Hamish here is a real Draconian Reptile. It's a Reptile who talks. And he's up to business and doing things. It's just adorable. I love him so. <3

Not A Sock Turtle

October 04 2013, 5:49 PM -
<3 <3 <3 Hamish the Sock Turtle <3 <3 <3

I won't bite your fingers for that, I am not mad. - says Hamish about what I wrote
I was not gentle to them. - Hamish, "them" is anyone reading this
What else Hamish? - me
I wasn't a Sock Turtle. - Hamish, aha that

Breakfast with Hamish

October 04 2013, 11:06 AM - "Yes, No more hummus!", says Dragon Turtle as I'm enjoying a fantastically delicious sandwich with hummus spread. I was greeted in the morning by the appearance of a red Dragon Turtle who shows me a large white "bubblewrap" sheet of his shedded scales from his arm and says "I have my shedded here". Oh Hamish you awesome Turtle you! How does anyone live without a Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race?

Ancient Sumer

October 02 2013, 8:52 PM - All of a sudden a black reptilian says, "Have you heard about ancient Sumer? We wanted to talk to you about it." He and a dark almost black winged Dragon had come to tell me that Reptilians had interacted with the people of ancient Sumer and taken their eggs then too. They also talk about "Anu and Nut", pronounced Nu-ut, which I found out after questioning them further, are words in Reptilian language, not Sumer language. Sumerians had called Reptiles "Kings" and had given the Reptilians presents in the form of "gold".

We also got their kids, that is why. - says Hamish
We were not chased away then! - Hamish adds
I won't chase you away Hamish. You are my Dragon. Hamish. - me
Ancient Sumerians had the key, and the gold. - says the black reptile
And you know what else? - says the black winged Dragon
What else? - me
You were not given a key. - says winged Dragon with contempt
Ok. I don't even know what the "key" means. - me
You were not doing slave labor, but they were doing it. - says winged Dragon, again with contempt

You will find 6 Word document pages worth of the telepathic conversations in one of the future telepathy books.

I was aware of "Anunaki" as a term connected with "Sumerians", but I did not know that you could say "Sumer", and I had not heard about "Anu" and not of "Nut", so these are further proofs that my ET contacts are real. I have real Aliens here wow hey!

Read about Sumer here
Anu was Sumerian god
Nut was Ancient Egyptian goddess


October 02 2013, 2:09 PM - I told Hamish I wanted to see him. He said he was in the "underworld". I told him I wanted to be with him and asked if I couldn't come see him there. Hamish looks at me from afar and lets out the most fantastic Draconian vocalization. He did this huge bubble of air in his mouth that sounds like a belch. I love it when Hamish speaks to me in his language. Damn I want a photography of him to show you all.

Hamish? I need to take your picture now! Can I take your photograph? Hamish? - me
You are not so sure if you want to see me, I said. I was not going to be picked apart by Lasarus. - Hamish says
What now Hamish? I wanted to see you, and I was very sure about that. When will you come to visit me, from the underworld? - me
Hamish? When will you come visit me again? - me
When we need your eggs don't be afraid. - Lasarus or Hamish
I want to visit Hamish NOW! - me
We are not in your nest. - says Hamish, "nest" in my native language
I'm bored. I want to be with Hamish. I miss you Hamish! When will I see you again? - me
I was going to say no, with that burp. - Hamish, aha so the burp he did earlier means "no", haha


October 02 2013, 12:55 noon - Lasarus announced his interdimensional presence by letting me see a mental visual image of him and by calling himself by the name "Lasarus" and saying that he is a "Alpha Zeta!" He wasn't wearing his black eye lens coverings so his eyes appeared green. He said he was hiding out in the "shed", our closet room in the house. He said Hamish had threatened "to bite him". Oh Hamish you mischief and trouble. Little Siph has been causing trouble and he slept on top of me last night and steals my light and vitality and puts his own dark feel on me. I told him to leave.

Last night when two of my Sims in the video game The Sims 3 were about to go to bed to make a baby, Dinosaur said "Dab Dab!" about that, because he thinks it's great that humans make babies. It's his job that's why. I seriously doubt that Dinosaurs would even care if it were not their job. This morning Dinosaur said that they give him grubs to eat if he does his job with the medical projects both fecal samples from humans and the fertility programs thing. I saw the gorgeous beautiful Dinosaur and could even sense his bitter scent and he showed me little white grubs in his hand. They eat those. God bless Dinosaurs and their yellow citrine quartz eyes.

Meanwhile here is what I "channeled" when a (human) person asked me what the benevolent ET races eat:

Another Dragon Coo

October 01 2013, 2:23 PM - Last night I slept on the sofa because I have a guest using my room and I got bored and wanted Hamish to spend time with me. I asked Hamish to lift me up. He did. I was laying on my back and Dragon lifted my left knee up. Then I put my leg back down and Dragon lifted my right knee up. Then he lifted my arms up. I love it when Dragon "shows me his power" as he calls it. It's great fun to me it's cuddles! Who doesn't want to be lifted up by a Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race!

Hamish was troubled this morning because his bathroom rug is still rolled up and tucked away in the bedroom closet. He had his scales on there. What amazes me is that this is Hamish's snuggy ruggy. He loves that rug more than anything. And now I've tucked it away without asking him. So the surprising thing is that Dragon doesn't get upset. He doesn't scream and yell at me or go into a hysteria. He just spends time there looking at the scene and calmly speaks to me about how his scales were on the rug and his thoughts. He is a good Dragon. In the two years we've been together not once did we go into a yelling argument. He just doesn't get frustrated that's why. I've never had a better friendship than with him. With humans I always end up quarrelling sooner or later. But not with my Hamish. He is good and mellow, and we just click personality-wise.

I asked Hamish why does he pee on his shedded scales on the rug. He says he does that to keep them from drying up. I thought he wanted those sheets to dry. He just tends to his scales. He also said that he has washed himself. Shedding is a big deal to him. So is his personal hygiene.

This morning when I woke Hamish was claiming things. It is his bathroom and his kitchen cabinet and his can of tomato. He doesn't want me to cook with the can of tomatoes, because it has his DNA in it because it is red. I told him that many different chemicals can be red in color and that they don't have the same DNA in them.

I kept nagging on Hamish to spend time with me so much that he said that I am like a monkey that clinged to his finger and won't let go. He's too cute.

Hamish? What did you do today? - me
He doesn't answer.

This morning when I spoke with Hamish he kept responding to me by doing Draconian belch sounds. It was so beautiful. Love my Kissy Sock.

Hamish now faces me and lets out a belch burp sound with nuances. He then says:

I didn't want to be called a Dragon Sock. - Hamish