Short Stories

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September 16 2013 - September 30 2013

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Hamish confounded

September 30 2013, 10:30 PM - I rolled away Hamish's pink bathroom rug and stored it away in the closet and then a guest came over and is using my room and put her red suitcase on the floor. Hamish has been staring and quite confounded about a) his pink rug has been put away and with all of his scales there and he also says he had some of his poo on the rug, and b) the suitcase being red and in the room. I have seen Hamish staring and staring and saying things about these changes and intrusions in his life. He's being a good Dragon about it though, but it sure provokes a lot of thought and stare in Red Dragon. I love my Sock Turtle. God I wish I had a photograph of him for you. He is such a handsome beast. And with those orange blunt bumps in rows along his forehead and neck. I love Hamish.

Ithaca Non-Bat pays a hello

September 28 2013, 10:52 AM - I woke up just minutes before 4 AM (the abduction hour) after being in the other dimension in a sex club. Once awake the Reptilians asked me if I would rather go to the Citadel, which is their "more advanced" sex club. I won't post details here. If I write it down it's in one of the telepathy books spanning this date.

Well guess what. The Ithaca Non-Bat paid a remote visit this morning when I woke up the second time around at 10 AM.

I haven't pissed, tell them that. - says Ithaca Non-Bat
Because sometimes I do, here. - he says, squatting down on his muddy forest floor

The Ithaca Non-Bat. He is like the North Port Florida Gargoyle only this one looks a lot older and skinny and frail. He has the same humor and wit as the Florida one. He is a white soft leathery winged dragon with beaming red eyes. A sharp white beak like of an eagle and a long string tongue. I could see him in a remote image and he was having problem with runny feces again, or still. He stays in that same area of the forest floor where he defecates. He has a nearly constant stream of runny feces so I worry about him. North Port Gargoyle doesn't have as frequent or constant defecation so I worry if our Guatemalan White Dragon might have contracted some tropical bowel disease. Of course I worry about his health.

The Guatemalan Dragon also looks frail and skinny. It could be due to old age or other individual differences but it could also be if he is losing a lot of vital fluids or minerals in his diarrhoea. I wish I could take him to a veterinarian or a doctor.

I don't want to go to their circus, I told them. - Guatemalan Non-Bat says. My Alien team has been trying to coerce him into going with them, and the circus is their stupid thing they want me to join their circus too.
I don't have the same DNA strand as they. - says the Non-Bat about my Alien team, presumably about Thubans.

I now see a mental image of the Non-Bat pecking its sharp beak into the arm of a Thuban to keep it away.

Do I need to protect you Sir? Are you safe? Are you alright? Can I help you? Do you have friends? - me
I wanted that gold from you I said. - the Non-Bat says with his red eyes beaming. His chubby fleshy eyebrows give him that constant frown.
... Well. Like I said, if I can go to visit you in the jungle I would be happy to bring you a gold chain. - me
I would eat your liver! - says Non-Bat and stands up a bit taller but still with knees bent, spreads his winged arms, and opens his beak and I see his string tongue

White Dragons like to watch humans and you'll never know when they do. They are very curious and observant, witty and humorous too. This Gentleman was speaking with me this morning and he talks about food. I ask him if he finds things to eat there in the forest, he tells me how he catches furry animals like rodents in the jungle. He will fly and hover over them and then plummet right down and catch the creature by burrowing his clawed toes into the animal's furry back. I asked if he also eats the flesh, he does not. He only drinks their juices, meaning blood. The White Dragons have small white translucent sharp claws on each chubby toe. I think it was Azul, his protector, who was the Reptilian there who told me that I would be surprised at how many the Non-Bat captures in a day. The Non-Bat will capture "between 11 and 25" furry animals in one day. That's a lot, I said, and hope that is enough for him to eat.

But he has that constant problem with runny feces. I worry if it might be an infection, unless it's normal for his species.

It is myy latriiineee! - says Non-Bat and stands up taller spreads his winged arms to the sides and points his chin up, hollering in a way very similar to how the North Port Florida Gargoyle hollers

I worry that it might not be normal because it must be a nuisance for him.

We don't have feathers that get soiled. - says Non-Bat
Yes, but are you healthy with that going on? Do you think you might need a doctor? Do you have diarrhoea? - me
No, I just pass my stool. - Non-Bat says
Alright. As long as you are healthy and well. Otherwise I will take you to a doctor who can investigate whether you might have a bowel infection or disease to see how we might be able to cure you from that. Shouldn't your feces be more solid and, not be passed so frequently as that? Do you know? - me
I want foood!! - Non-Bat hollers, stands up and spreads his wings, points his chin up. "food" in my other language otherwise English

Goodness. His behavior is just like the Gargoyle did. Read Gargoyle stories here. The Non-Bat expresses curiosity of eating my blood, I guess he cannot help but feel that way. I told him that I could donate blood for him and that I could find plenty other humans who would be happy to give him blood donations, but we would only give some blood each and we would extract it ourselves. I mean, there shouldn't ever have to be a problem to a White Dragon who wants to eat human blood.

Would it be freshness? - asks Non-Bat squatting down on the ground there
It would be fresh yes. - me
Would it have a bit of liver in it? - Non-Bat thinks of a slice of liver
No, not likely. Just blood, no livers in it. We are using our livers, see. - me
I would like to catch another canine. - Non-Bat
With the liveersss! - Non-Bat hollers
Yes. Welcome to Battle at Syracuse. - declares General Patton

Non-Bat wanted me to give him several "gold chains" for him to wear around his neck so that he could feel distinguished. I think he must have said that when I asked him was there anything he needs or that I could bring him. But his diarrhoea might not be normal, because Gargoyle doesn't have it. And it makes it difficult for Non-Bat to lead a normal active life if he is passing stool nearly constantly. I wonder if he has got a disease.

Honey? Do White Dragons always have diarrhoea? - me
Look at his eyes. They are ruby red. - says Thuban to me about Non-Bat
Yes. Aren't they beautiful though? - me
They look like that at me. - Thuban says to me about the Non-Bat eyes

The White Dragons don't want to be captured, said the other Aliens to me earlier. I said that the White Dragons could live free but that we could all see if we could help them live better lives. Non-Bat said he would like to live in our closet room here in the apartment. I was worried that if he did then the floor would have to be covered in a plastic tarp because of his poo. Ah I don't see how I could have a poo incontinent White Dragon in the house, I mean sure enough the poo would be contained in the other dimension but. Think of the mess. But I love this White Dragon.

We wanted to trap your Ida Pingala Shushumna. - says White Dragon

Well, there you have it. Another visitation and contact with the Guatemalan Ithaca Non-Bat, and a brief exchange with Azul the blue Guatemalan Reptilian too.

We are living here in the rainforest. - says Azul
Are you safe there? - me
Yes, we have spears. - Azul

Azul wears two beige straps across his bare chest in the form of an 'X', similar to the John Kerry Reptilian. It seems to be a tool belt for carrying weapons.

But poor Non-Bat, I would like to take him to a vet. If they could investigate whether his diarrhoea is normal or a sign of disease. I don't know how to find out. I mean, would there be signs of dehydration? Electrolyte imbalance? Do they even use electrolytes? Does he need an IV of fluids? Is he hungry or well-fed? He seems so skinny to me. I would give him the equivalent amount of human blood donations if I could get to him. I'm sure lots of humans would feed this White Dragon with blood donations if we knew how to get them to him. I worry about this Gentleman. I want to go to Guatemala to meet both him and Azul.

We won't be friendly if you do. - says Azul
Why not? If I come to you with gifts like blood? - me

The White Dragons are charming. When they look at you with those "ruby red eyes" and you can feel how they are thinking. They are curious, fun, inquisitive, observant, keen, and have a lot of wit and humor. Still, they are trecherous and they think of humans as a potential meal.

I am going to Florida as soon as I can afford it on an excursion to go see Florida Gargoyle and his protector the Crocodile Man. People in the Florida area have reported seeing Gargoyle with plain eyesight. Gargoyle has been reported doing mischief there, like smashing trees, breaking a truck, scaring people and being on people's roofs.

Carrots and Quarrels

September 27 2013, 7:09 PM - Last night the Reptilians were talking all night probably even as I slept. They were giving good information but I was too tired. When I woke up in the morning they were still chatting as if they thought I could listen. Last thing they said was had I heard about planet Nibiru I think it was called. The Reptile made it sound as if this planet had been inhabited and was destroyed by the Reptilians. I wasn't really listening, it was too early in the morning.

Last night when I went to bed Hamish gave me a piece of his mind, telling me that it was wrong of me to cook with tomato sauce because I had eaten some of him by doing that. I apologised to Dragon and told him that I blame myself (in Hamish's style of speaking, "I blame you" is the way to scold someone) and that I hadn't realized that tomato sauce was like Hamish. I promised him I wouldn't be cooking with tomato sauce again. (I had used a can of chopped liquid tomato in my cooking.) Hamish is red in color and he thinks that tomatoes are his kin. It is important to him. And Hamish is important to me.

I am also your King, say it to them. - Hamish wants to add
Hamish is my King. He is my Sock Turtle Dragon. - me

Today Hamish has spent the day mostly busy with stepping on his shedded sheets of scales

Tell them/him I am not angry about the bee. - Hamish with mental image of one of the Thubans, Thubans sometimes refer to themselves as "bees" because they "pollinate" meaning fertilize abductees

Stepping on his sheets of scales and rubbing sheets of scales between his ankles while standing on the rug. Dinosaur or was it Bird also informed me that Hamish has peed on his sheets of scales. When I stood in the shower Dinosaur told me Hamish would like to rinse the scales off in the shower. I said he could. I have found out that Hamish pees on the rugs and on his scales. Then he tries to wash them in water and wants them to dry. What a Dragon. I just go with it, let Dragon do what Dragon does.

As soon as Hamish saw the bag of bright orange carrots he let me know that those were "his" carrots. He has also claimed countless of other things today. He will say "My" followed by the item all day long. He claims everything from my bath sponges to my tissue paper to my bed and every little thing. It seems to be a reflex for him to claim any item that I see or handle. His territorial and dominating behavior is more like a tick and a spontaneous reflex. I respond by telling him those are his and that he can have them. He is my cute Sock Turtle I would give him anything.

Those bees are not angry. - says someone and shows me image of Thuban

I have quarreled with Thubans today and been angry about the hybrid children because of the pedophilia. I'm sick and disgusted with those children and their sexuality and with the children being told they are cats and lion cubs and all sorts of cult mind control conditioning on those filthy children. I don't ever want to see those hybrids again and I have made it very clear to the Thubans. Thuban has been wearing black eye lens coverings today making its eyes look like the black Zeta eyes (which I believe may also be a lens covering on the Zetas too) and hiding its strange rotating goggle eyes. They occasionally wear lens coverings for anonymity, protection from contaminants, and not to scare human contactees with their strange goggle eyes. So all this talk about bees being or not being angry is aftermath from our quarrels today. I hate to say it but I quarrel with Aliens. I have real

You are not, in our barn then. - says Thuban
If you don't want to be their mother. - Thuban, "mother" in my native language

I have real Aliens and I quarrel with them. But that's because they do the one thing that would make any sane human quarrel with them. Pedophilia. It is my obligation to raise hell at them, complete with descriptive murder threats.

They said they would peel my skin off. - Thuban about its boomerang forearms
I don't care. Pedophilia is wrong and it is disgusting. I will have nothing to do with you or your filthy whore children. Leave me alone or let Hamish and the Reptiles eat those filthy kids or I will kill them myself. - me

This is a documentary. It isn't pretty, it isn't elegant, but it's real Alien contact and that's what came of it. At least I have Hamish. Hamish finally did borrow my bed today, but he stands on it and plummets his body right down and sits on his arms and legs like a Sphinx cat rather than lying all down or stretching out. I guess it makes sense given his back hump, he wouldn't lie down in a way that puts his awesome back hump in an uncomfortable position. Hamish was stepping on my billowy doun covers with his feet, feeling them out, step step, squish squish, with those delightful Red Duck Feet.

Hamish is a smelly Dragon. He claims things and wants to own everything I see or I touch. He doesn't let me eat anything that is red or orange in color. He spreads shedded scales all over the place (in the other dimension), and he pees on the bathroom rugs and on his scales. He poos in the bathroom corner on the floor, and he sprinkles his shedded scaly bits into my bath when I am in the bath. But what would I do without Sock Turtle. What ever would I do without him.

The other day he showed me ladybugs. He is keen on the red beetles with black spots and every once in a while he is reminded of them and shows me mental images or tells me something about them. They are red like he.

Human and Reptile coo each other
In their own ways

September 26 2013, 12:08 midnight - Crikey. I was just shown a remote mental image of Captain Greene in the hall where he has an apartment and I saw that he is a yellowish Reptilian. I wanna go see Greene in New York and meet him and that Reptile he is.

Reptilians tell me they have Reptiles living here disguised as humans. I want to meet a Reptilian shapeshifter up close. If I meet a human and find out he's actually a Reptile

You might lose your head if you do that. - the Reptile says as I'm thinking of ways to formulate how I would cuddle him like he's a pet or a dog
But if I meet a big Lizard Man that would be just too cute. - me
We eat livers. - the Reptile says
But it's so cute with Big Lizards. That's adorable. - me
We can knock your teeth out, and kill you on the street. - he says
Yes, but Reptiles are Cute! - me
We can make your brain bleed. - he says
Cute! Cute Reptile Men! A Big Lizard Man! That is so cute! - me
I can take electrical cords around your neck. - Reptile speaks, complete with mental visual image
If I met a big Lizard Man I would cuddle him and say aww. - me
I would bite your finger off. - he says
But like a Big Lizard Man with a tail and all and scales and Reptile eyes. How cute is that? That's like cuter than a puppy. - me
You won't be alive if you say that to me. - Reptile speaks
You know, I might eat your heart too. - Hamish is getting into it too
Reptiles are so dang cute! - me
I am, seeing the clock. - Reptile
What clock? - me
The one that has accused me of murder. - Reptile says and looks me in the eye
Are we cooing each other? In our own ways? - me
How cute. Big Lizard Men that live here on Earth as humans in disguise! If I saw a man who is a Big Lizard in disguise I would say aww how cute. - me
I would use a baseball bat. - Reptile says
And sneak in at night. - he adds
How cute. It's like a big lizard. - me

Brooklyn Bridge and Aliens

September 26 2013, 11:09 PM - Late last night after I had gone to bed, the Agenda spoke to me telepathically. This time the voice was more clear than ever before. I mean, the telepathy is always clear, but this time whoa. It was like ten times better transmission than usual. I kept saying, this has gotta be humans working with the MKULTRA isn't it? Because no way would this be an Alien. It was a Dark Lord but I also saw a blonde CIA man talking. I didn't write it down so we will never know what was said, but it was like the Agenda getting to terms with me and almost having the "talk" that we should've had years ago. It was awesome, and I was totally surprised at how clear and perfect the transmission was.

Last night I asked to see Reptilians in a close encounter. What I got in the morning hours that following night was the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction. I found myself perfectly conscious and awake in New York in another dimension and ran out the door and into the street in my underwear. A MIB ran after me and he got all sweaty from the running and caught up with me after he chased me about a block. I didn't mind going back with him, it felt safer going back indoors and not being alone. I just have that fight or flight response and start running. I unbuttoned the one button on his beige plaid jacket but changed my mind about offering to carry his coat for him in case I would have things fall out of his coat pockets if I did.

Overall it was a great abduction. It is such an adventure waking up in the MILABS abductions with these United States men. I had them frequently in my teens and am glad if it starts to happen again. I know they take me and drug me but it's so much fun those times when "the anesthesiologist fails" as they call it. The men call this whole situation with the abductions and aliens, "The Battle at Syracuse". Syracuse is a place in New York and the battle deals with the alien presence here on Earth.

Black Reptile is around. I said Omrigosh to him, which is a formal hello in his language. He made me aware without words that he would like to see my body whipped or flogged or something, well he was just thinking about my body being done that to, it is perhaps wrong to assume that it was a desire of his to see that. Then he was sniffing around at my period blood. He must think I smell like a victim. But I don't mind having him around.

Hamish revealed to me that "he had seen me in the bath earlier" and also that "he had sprinkled some of his shedded scaly bits into the bath". I had a bath today and didn't notice Hamish watching me or that he would have done his usual of sprinkling individual bits of scales into my bath, but sure enough Hamish will be Hamish. My Sock Dragon Turtle that sprinkles shedded bits of scales into my bath. He does that. I love him.

Hinch!... you.. dog race! - says Thuban to me in the other language

Evening and Hamish

September 25 2013, 10:21 PM - The Aliens wanted me to see Sam my son. He is human or mostly human and has long brown hair. He looks a lot like Korpral Olav his other parent. Hamish said, "Do you remember Sami or Saku?" I sure remembered. When I was a teen Captain Robert Stephens used to tell me that he would marry me and have three sons with me, and he used to ask me what I thought of those names for a son. Stephens was Hamish all along under disguise. He must've not thought I could handle seeing him as a Big Red Space Dragon. But truth is, I'd much rather have my Dragon Hamish than anybody else right now. When I see my bright orange and fire engine red scales, I feel safe.

I did not want to see Sam. The Aliens said I am the only woman he has ever been shown. I am his mother. They show me naked to him and they call that school. They also show him his human father. I don't want to have anything to do with them. Sam said he won't get animal crackers if he doesn't come here and do what they say. Animal crackers. And toys. Those are the bribes with which the children ruin my life in exchange for some animal crackers and toys. Literally animal crackers.

Hamish was cute today. I planted some yellow garden flowers in a video game and Hamish sure enough he liked that. He always likes it when I plant fake virtual flowers in a video game. He comes around close and starts to sniff at the computer screen, hoping to catch a fragrance. Then he thinks about stepping with his flat red Duck Feet right on the flowers. Hamish has very sensitive Duck Feet. That is why he likes to feel things out with his feet. He is very careful about surfaces he stands on. He likes soft rugs under his feet, and he loves to stand on flowers. He doesn't really almost ever use his hands, so feet are what he feels the world with and touches things with. Hamish said that me, or my eggs and embryo, are his yellow flowers in his garden. That is why he was happy to see the flowers in my game.

Hamish has been doing a lot of palate clicking at me today, and me also at him. It means that we like each other. It means approval. It means calm. It means friendship.

I just do that to keep my eggs here. - says Hamish the Dragon
I love you Dragon. I wouldn't know what to do without you. - me
I was sad, that they were not really soft. - Hamish says about the flowers I planted on the video game, he is sad that he wasn't able to somehow step on them in real life to feel them for real
I love you Dragon Hamish. You really are the sweetest. Hamish? Did you ever figure out why tomatoes are red? - me
It is because they are happy to see me! - Hamish's answer came right away and the stream of words quickly
I am happy to see you too. But I don't blush when I see you. - me
I was not benign. Tell them that. - Hamish wants me to tell tomatoes

Today I got to see a lot of good visuals of Hamish. He looks spectacular. He is a fantastic red Dragon Turtle with a soft hump back cushion on his upper back. His face is tiny on the end of a long tubular neck. He has two little nostrils between

This is my nest. - says Hamish
Hamish is my Dragon. - me
I wanted to feel them, soft. - Hamish with mental image of the flowers I planted in the game again
I will get you some real flowers. Then you can feel them on your foot. - me

I will never forget that first time I was acquainted with Dragon's love for flowers. I was in class and found Hamish sending me a mental remote image of him stomping around the flower bed patch at school. "Hamish? What are you doing?", I asked. "I am looking to see if there is a yellow flower here", said Dragon, searching away while standing right in the flower bed. He likes standing in things. He really feels the world with his feet.

At least you didn't call them, your Kissy. - Hamish
Dragons don't like that. - Hamish

! How could I ever forget! I had totally forgotten to call Hamish's feet his Kissy Feet! I haven't said that in ages now! Hamish Duck Kissy Feet! Thank you for reminding me Hamish!

I am not in your barn, with feet. - said Hamish, verbatim just like that
Hamish? Did you ever come to my room here? Were you ever standing in my bedroom? Hamish? - me
Yes-No needles. - Hamish
Who is hurting you with needles? Hamish are you safe? Hamish? Are you safe, Dragon? I will protect you. - me
They have poked me with them. - Hamish
I will murder them. Hamish, I am your bodyguard. If anyone hurts my Hamish Dragon then I will kill them. No one can hurt you with needles. - me

There is nothing that worries me more than hearing Hamish say Yes-No about his situation. Today when I asked him Hamish how are you doing how is your day are you having a good day, he had said Yes-No and that just totally broke my heart. Yes-No means No. He says Yes first to create a contrast and in his mind and thinking, Yes-No means even more No than just No does on its own.

I love this Dragon more than anything, but I've already told you that a million times by now. He is so dang cute. He looks amazing, from head to tail. I wish I had a photograph of him.

Hamish? I want to take your photography. Will you let me? - me
Will you call me Kissy Feet then? - Hamish
Do you want me to stop calling you Kissy Feet? - me
I am not a Sock. - Hamish, "Sock" in my other language
Those are pet names for you. Women do that when they go silly with love for someone. - me
I am not benign, tell them that. - Hamish
I am not infatuated with, humans. - Hamish, "humans" in my native language
I am not a Sock Feet. - Hamish, "Sock" in my other language, he is mixing some languages again

Hamish had for me a mental image of the harbor in Komi Saki. The big hangar building where he hid that time with the hybrid lady who died and peed in the container and had purple clothing. They have different colored ocean cargo containers that are hoisted with cranes to the shore or to the cargo ships. I declare I would want to go to Komi Saki Japan just to see.

Hamish? I want to take your photograph or a video of your scales and hump back. Will you let me do it? - me
We are not infatuated with you. - says the black reptile
Why not? Do you hate me? - me asks black reptile
I am not the Commander In Chief here. - says black reptile
You can be if you like. I don't want to be in charge. I just want to see Hamish. - me

Often when I am in communion with Hamish I can sense that he is aware of his own smell. He can at times sniff himself out. His own smell gives him a sense of comfort and he feels safe and at home with his own smell. No doubt it helps him to navigate, and spreading his own scent at places where he has been before must help him map out safe zones. If he spends a lot of time in a place then that must be a safer place for him to be and then he has his scent there and feels safe. Hamish spreads that ooze from burst orange bumps and also his pee and latrine and it carries his smell. I am starting to feel safe around Hamish's smell also. It smells like our den, for Hamish and me.

Why did Love have to be a Dragon?

Have you attacked me? - Hamish, not what he said, a poor translation from my native language
I will not attack you. - me say to Hamish (NL)

We are so close. This Dragon watches me every day. He watches me with the same care a nesting animal can only award its own nest of eggs. A male ostrich guarding its eggs, or a crocodile. I am those eggs, he watches me and he guards me. He doesn't care about me, it is the eggs he wants. It is almost as if this creature has nesting instincts, even though Hamish is a male. I want to be with him. I want to go into his dimension and curl up beside him on the snug rug and lie down on his shedded scales, even though those might have some of his pee on them, I just want to curl up next to Hamish and his smelly self, next to this big monster that I cannot even fear anymore.

I remember the first time he came into my life, how he stepped in to my room as if through a portal. All of a sudden there was a big fire engine red Dragon Turtle in my room. He was so brave and unapologetic about himself. He has confidence and a somewhat demanding presence. He is not shy. He is comfortable in his own frame and skin. I am his nest of eggs.

When he watches over me he is constantly reading my mind. He is aware of every minute detail around me. As soon as I daydream about finding a husband, Hamish says No. "Yes-No marriage", said Hamish to me today. He knows what I'm planning. A man would be a direct threat to his eggs.

If I ever marry I would tell my husband about Hamish. He would have to be ok with Hamish too. Hamish is the man in my life. We would have to have rugs for Hamish

You have dropped them down there. - Hamish shows me the toilet and he means that embryos have fallen out of me, which would not surprise me cause I'm on a period and bleeding heavily
I'm sorry? - me
Yes. Pakeha wanted to make you pregnant. - Hamish otherwise one of the other ETs
Ok? - me
You have eaten sandwiches. That is not nice. - Hamish
And. My poula. - Hamish, he has another version of pyy-pyy, which for a while was pou-pou, now poula. Beats me. I wonder if it's child language from the hybrid children, if it's what they call it. (poula is pronounced differently but I translated that word from my native language)

Me and Hamish. Hamish and me.

Do snakes have venom? - asks Hamish or other Reptilian (NL)
I don't know? Reptilians don't. But they also don't bite often. - me
I have said no to sandwiches. - Hamish
Hamish are you showing power? - me
Hamish doesn't say, but his eyes are closing in a smile. He likes to feel that he might be showing power.
You are my flower. - says Hamish thinking of yellow flowers (NL)

Recent affairs

September 25 2013, 10:54 AM - They had one of my older hybrid daughters here last night. She sat on the sofa watching as I watched television. I told her to leave. They bring her here with an unhealthy fixation to my sexuality, as if she has to see me naked and watch me do things. I tell the Aliens it is offensive and hurtful and that if they don't stop I will check myself in to a mental hospital and get some pills that makes them go away. I can't tell you the level of aggravation. I would literally murder those hybrid children if they suddenly materialized. I would kill them with my bare hands. I can say that because they are not humans, they are animals that invade my home and ruin my life and health. I have a legal right to squash bugs that bother me and the same extends to these creatures. They don't behave like humans, they don't have a human genome, and they are not protected by human rights.

If you think I sound like a cruel woman I invite you to go through the same experiences with these creatures as I have. Killing them seems to be the only self defense. I have watched these hybrid children for a long time and I have come to the conclusion that they are not children. They may be somewhat similarly shaped as human children but they are absolutely not children. Imagine a large insect without any kind of brain or intellect. They even pee on the floors here. I have to keep my clothes off the floor or they pee there and the Aliens tell me to wash the clothes. They're not even housebroken. They invade my home with these children and put me through the worst agony that any human woman could be put through.

The Aliens were asking me about what kind of penis I like and if it has to be large. I was supposed to tell the girl about my sexuality. I told them I'm about to join a convent and swear to celibacy if they don't leave me the hell alone. Then they bring in - in the other dimension - a tall naked human and I am supposed to see his penis. I'm like get the hell away from here I am not attracted to that man. I tried my best to keep working on my cookie dough and watch television as if I could just block them out and live my life without going through the hell and agony. I told them I don't want to see some naked man cause I've been raped (by men in the Agenda) before. Then they show me that girl giving the man some oral sex there on the sofa. I'm like what the hell are you showing me that for get the hell away from my home leave me alone. They explain that the reason was that I was supposed to teach that girl how to give a man oral sex. That is why the man was facing me naked. In the other dimension. But I can see them. If this isn't a home invasion I don't know what is.

It's worse than the words can convey. Remember that I don't post nearly anything about the agonizing stuff the Aliens put me through. I will probably come back and delete that post too but I'm too tired to pull up a new file in the computer and I have to write everything down.

You are not our pet monkey then. - says Lasarus the green-eyed Zeta
Go to hell Lasarus. You can go kill yourself. I want you to die, or I will kill you myself. - me
You are not our giraffes. - Lasarus
I am a human being. And you have tortured me with sexual abuse beyond my tolerance level. I'm about to have a nervous collapse. Is that what you want? Is that why you are working with Satan? - me
We have enjoyed it with you very much, plus the children do too! - Lasarus
You can go kill yourself. I don't want to be with you anymore. Leave me alone. I will not help you any longer. You are working with Satan and those children are Satan's children. You are not welcome in my home anymore. I will never see you again or I will come and find you and kill you. - me

Two years ago I thought that Alien contact would be a blessing. And I knew it was going to be tough but I thought I could handle anything like a scientist and tolerate their culture, but what they are doing is torture and there is no way of intellectualizing your way into tolerance. I will not be judged by anyone who says I have to be nice to these aliens or insect spawn. You don't know half of what has happened here because I don't even post it on the internet. The website is a pinch of the story.

Lasarus doesn't want you to be happy here. - Lasarus
Didn't I tell you to go kill yourself? Why haven't you? Why are you still alive? - me
Because we are not roses here. - Lasarus with image of red rose, the rose is their symbol for ritual blood sacrifice
You will be my rose if you don't leave. I will kill you if you don't leave me alone. I promise you that Lasarus. And this is called self defense. Leave me alone. - me

And for all you abductees who think having hybrid children is great you are only not told the full story and they probably abduct you when you are asleep and molest you with the children. I know prominent abductees who talk about their alien experiences and I know for a fact that they deliberately neglect to talk about the sexual abuse with the children, as if they can just forget to mention that part and therefore make it not exist. I am a scientist and I cannot skew the truth. I will tell you what the Aliens do, whether you like it or not. And if you don't like it, then don't pretend to be learning about Alien visitations. It isn't a pretty story. And that is because the Aliens are working with Satan.

The Black Ones are extraterrestrial creatures from Alpha Thetis or Alpha Theta. They are a very ancient species and they have been known as a menace here on Earth throughout human history and are featured in a lot of historical literature including the Bible. The problem is, that Black Ones are very powerful. That is what makes them a powerful ally, if you can get them to cooperate. They can possess minds and control beings. Dark Lord Siph stationed in India enjoys possessing elephants and making them go mad and stomp humans to death in villages. Dark Lords were the ones to control Hitler, Himmler, and other Nazi members to pull of their Nazi stunt. By their own admission they are even contacted by United States leadership to be asked for assistance.

Anyone can ask Dark Lords for assistance. If you are not equipped with the telepathic provess that I am so you cannot speak to them or hear their words or see them or sense their smell, they communicate through the Dark Arts, which were given to humanity by the Dark Lords. Tarot cards, Ouija boards, a pentagram, Aleister Crowley books and Crowley mysticism. Any good old Satanism and witchcraft will do. They can also be communicated with using Ancient Egyptian symbolism. If you have a Dark Lord as an ally you can ask him to do things for you, but keep in mind you don't want to do that. If you have a friendship with a Dark Lord it can be fun when they are nice. I've been friends with Malik for a long time and he doesn't hurt me too much. But you cannot trust the Fussubuses. They can turn around and do

Don't talk to us like that. - says one of the Dark Lords
I just think you Lords are scary and not trustworthy because you are too powerful and you like evil things. You cannot be tamed, is what I am saying. - me
But we are not evil. - he says
What is your name? Are you Rambutan? - me
I am the goat one. - he says
Baphomet? Are you Baphomet? - me
Do not pronounce my name that way woman! - he says, well yes I struggle with how to pronounce that name
Alright let's leave one another alone. - me
And Malik isn't here because of garlic. - says one

Since turning vegan I've been cooking with lots of onions and garlic. So that's why Malik hasn't been around. Leading us to the next topic. Malik hasn't been around, and instead we've had that little monkey man Masof Manon. He hopped around and crawled into bed with me last night. When I told him no he went to sit by my feet in bed. I said no, so he went to sit on the sofa in the living room. When I woke up at night to go pee and have some water, Lordship Masof was sitting nicely on that same sofa still, with his white eyes gleeming in the dark.

I asked where is my Malik? And why is Masof here? He corrected me on the pronounciation of his name. It is written "Masof" but it it pronounced like "Maysuf". He is a little Dark Lord, tiny black with a tail and white eyes. He moves around a lot more than Fussubus Malik ever did. He runs around and gets to all kinds of places and hops around like a little monkey. Where is good old Malik? So when I wondered a few days ago whether it had been Masof Manon or Sif Siph it had been Masof like I thought it was (read below).

I had such a good healthy energy about me and wanted to enjoy just resting, but Monkey Masof was putting his dark vibe around me. That is when a steel blade sword appeared and cut into Masof's body and very effectively distorted his energies so that he could no longer be what he is whilst in the sword. Then he was cut again, unless it was another Dark Lord who was cut. I felt as if it was me cutting into them mentally with that sword, but then spoke Angel Valakiel. Angel Valakiel came dressed in full Knight's armor except without any helmet. He even had the pointy metal shoes, and it was his sword that cut into the Dark Lords. I asked him to remove the Dark Lords for me.

I wanted to imagine the sword cut through Masof's head but Valakiel said that was too much, as if it might kill them. The sword does not cause Dark Lords any pain. It is a symbolic weapon but all it is is light. All it does is produce a concentrated focused body of light strong enough to be maintained across the Dark One's body and distort the Dark One's dark light. The purpose is not to kill the Dark Lords. Valakiel had blonde hair. He is Arcturian or Santinian, historically called Angels.

I asked Valakiel to protect Hamish from the Dark Lords, and Angel Valakiel kneeled down in the bathroom beside Hamish. I didn't write down the conversation, but Hamish and Valakiel spoke to one another. What you have to know in this story is that Hamish is not an evil person. Sure Hamish eats meat, but so do our friendly pets cats and dogs (not to mention humans eat meat).

We don't want to be called, pet monkeys. - says Dark Lord Masof Manon
Because, we don't like it. - Masof says
What should you be called? - me
The egg thief. - he says
Why do you steal eggs? What do you do with them? - me
I prepare snacks with them. - Masof, snacks, or the word in my language for sandwiches
They are not our goats. But they sure taste mighty fine! - Masof
I will not give you permission to eat my eggs. You can eat fish. Fish can suffer less. - me
But I thought I was your Fürst??? - I see white eyes looking at me with great surprise

Hamish is only here because he has to. Otherwise he would retreat to his caves and live life with other Dragon Turtles and be a cute congregation of Sock Turtle Feet. He is very afraid of Dark Lords and they pester him real bad. Hamish is the love of my life. I know he is innocent. Sure he eats hybrid children, but the Agenda give him those as a salary for his work. Hamish can also eat fish. The Japanese in Komi Saki give Hamish fish to eat, and he eats those. He is just an innocent Dragon Turtle Sock.

Yesterday Hamish tagged along anywhere I went. He was always with me. We both did palate clicks at each other yesterday. It was a good day with Dragon. I have a heavy menstruation today. In the morning I was all bloody on my hands and everything and I told Hamish to come watch. Because I know me having my menstruation is one of his special treats. Sometimes he waits anxiously for me to have one. There are days when he looks when I'm in the bathroom just to see if I might be menstruating and I'm not. I had a blood soaked tampon and when I'm in the shower Hamish says he wants to eat it. I say sure go ahead, I figure it should be clean enough because it's fresh blood from a heavy flow. But then I go whoa, Hamish you can't eat the tampon itself don't swallow that! I don't know what goes on in the other dimension. Then Hamish said that next he would like to eat my liver. I said he can't have my liver, because I am still using that. Life with a Sock Turtle.

Earlier in the morning the black reptile said: "This iron hasn't been pressed the right way." he said, sniffing around at the lingering scent of my heavy menstruational bleeding.

I had a bad nightmare. I dreamt that I was at SETI and one of the SETI scientists was there and I know they would probably like to see the Aliens and then black reptile

We don't want to victimize you anymore. - says Dark Lord as if trying to be nice
Why not? I thought that was what you do? - me
Because you give us blood to eat to feed on. And that makes me feel so much lust. - says the Dark Lord
Sure. I mean, if I'm bleeding then go ahead and take some. - me

One night months ago I woke up to find both Hamish and Malik in the act of tasting some of my period blood. Then Malik had offered me a small vial of his blood in exchange, but I had graciously declined the offer. I don't drink blood, no thanks.

But I dreamt that the black reptile asked me to confirm that the SETI wanted to see him, and I said yes, but I was hesitant. The black reptile begun to manifest his form in the room and it was this whole hellish dangerous vibe and a scary nightmare. I don't know if SETI could handle seeing the Dark Lords. It's not like being at the safari where you can have dangerous animals outside and you're safely in the car with a window glass in between. When you meet the Dark Lords it is an overwhelmingly dark and sinister experience, and throughout human history those encounters have been recorded such as in the Bible as encounters with the Devil. No matter how scientific you are, it is an encounter with a being that conveys the most sinister negative hellish and dangerous vibe. And you can never have a fully close encounter with a Dark Lord.

Hello. This is Siph. - Siph says
Hello Siph. How are you doing? - me
Why are you calling this one a monkey? - Siph asks about the little one Masof
Because he, runs around a lot. He is very active. I mean no harm by it. What should I call him instead? Give me a better name would you. - me
He is with Siph. Manon. - Siph says, acting almost like a protective mother about Masof
Ok. Noted. I have heard what you have said. - me
And we have spliced your legs open for him. - Siph says, complete with a very graphic image of as if I were naked in bed and, legs spliced open

So you can never have a fully close encounter with a Dark Lord because if you get as close as close gets you would go insane and be cast into an experience that can only be called hell. These creatures have been recorded throughout history. But they are some sort of extraterrestrial intelligence. I have to extend some level of scientific biological curiosity toward them.

We are not with elephants, now. - Siph says

Siph arrives with the smell of burnt ashes. It is the distinct smell of burned human hair, that very characteristic sulfur smell when human hair burns. Siph comes with the smell of burned human.

So, the Reptilians had asked Dark Lords from Alpha Thetis to help them with the Reptilian Agenda. The Zetas may have also agreed at some point to work with the Dark Lord Agenda. I am learning that races do not seem to be enslaved by Dark Lords. It seems that everybody working with Dark Lords may have joined willingly. The CIA of the United States has regular dealings with the Dark Lords. If it is to keep them at bay or to try to tame these beasts to work for United States affairs I do not know, but CIA must be warned. Prostitution and drugs is prevalent, and it leads to your demise. Murder, and selling your soul to the devil, literally, because the Dark Lords will take souls and feed them to The Eye.

The Dark Lords seem to be the same as the Djinn. First time I ever heard the word Djinn was from a little black critter that said it was the Djinn. Djinn are Incubi described by Islam. If I am not mistaken, Islam seems to advise people to stay away from the Djinn. Djinn are the Genies. They can make wishes come true. But don't ever ask Dark Lords for any favors.

Why not. We are happy to do them. - says a Dark Lord possibly little Masof sitting on the floor

Think serial killers, rapists, and pedophiles. Those are the arts and crafts of Dark Lords. If you get into Satanism and asking the Dark Lords for any favors, they can take you over and turn you into one of those. I have recently decided to become a Christian. Christianity and Dark Lords are not fairytales. They deal with a world unseen to most eyes, filled with lots of real living creatures that interact with our world and with human lives.

We also take cattle, tell them. - Masof or Siph with image of him holding a cow in a barn
Why do you take cows? - me
Why? Because they are easy to do battle with. - he says
Is this Siph or Masof? Siph or Masof? - me
We eat them like cookies. - I think this is little guy Masof
Did you guys come from Alpha Thetis? Where are you from? - me

I am going to try to do a proper interview with Dark Lord Masof and add it into the upcoming book called "Interviews with Dark Lords".


September 23 2013, 9:46 PM - Hamish and me went to the laundry room today. Hamish noticed that I didn't clean the floor properly. Hamish stayed behind and told me about the dust on the floor. He also said that he was talking to the dust or was it the mop there. Hamish is a Silly Dragon Poo. He talks to things, like tomatoes. I told Dragon to come home. He is always concerned about the cleanliness of floors because he walks barefoot. Hamish has flat red duck feet, webbed toes. I've been doing palate clicks at Hamish today. And just now I was listening to Law Of Attraction videos about attracting a soulmate. Hamish bit me in the hand. Hamish always discourages me from thoughts of finding a man in my life. I guess Hamish is the man in my life.

I got to say, last night I had asked the Reptilians to give me a Reptilian encounter for the night and when Hamish was coming near me he felt hideous and scary. When Hamish is closer than his usual distance that is when I can feel that this doesn't feel like a sweet turtle feet after all. He feels scary, loveless and dangerous. But when he talks, I notice he still says the same sweet things so it's the same Dragon Turtle Hamish. I love him. I've been trying to get him to use my bed during the days when I'm not in it. When Hamish lies down on a bed he plummets right down like a Sphynx cat, he sits on top of his legs and arms.

Hamish.. - me, I begin
Thank you for not eating cookies or cakes today. - Hamish
Hamish? Can I have a close encounter with you tonight? - me
I wanted to use it, and borrow it. - Hamish shows me mental image where he is leaning to the shelf in the bathroom where my bath sponge is. Yes, after he came back from the laundry room I had told him to wash his feet cause he had been standing on the pile of dust on the laundry room floor, and he had come home and wanted to borrow my sponge and wash his feet.

Hamish? If you become visible in my "space", then I would be happy to wash your feet for you Honey. Can I wash your duck feet?
Your brains need to watch out. - says Hamish, with the mental image of a human brain


Fussubus playing monkey and rampaging around
A visit to the Citadel

September 23 2013, 1:43 PM - I woke up last night with one of the Fussubuses gone wild like a monkey. He was connecting with me in a consistent mental remote visual. I was in bed but he was standing in the bath tub and was giving me a perfect visual of him in his whereabouts. He was just all over the place, and acting like a Fussubus. He came over to my bed. He was like a monkey. It wasn't Malik. I now forget if it was Siph or Manon, I want to say it was Manon Masof, I'm 80% sure it was Manon but it could have been Siph. This little black monkey mischief was much smaller than my Malik. I told him to leave and wished my Malik Fussubus was here instead. Malik never rampages around like a menace like that. It took a while before I could fall asleep. Most people would have been scared, but I'm used to Fussubuses rampaging around. Update Sept. 25: it was Masof Manon, because on the 25th he was here again and I'm pretty sure it was Masof on the 23rd too.

Last night before I fell asleep Hamish was asking me if he could use my bath sponge and he also wanted some soap. I told him to help himself. He was wanting to be washed on his tail. Namely I had asked the Reptilians for a close encounter last night. Reptilians tend to start washing themselves if they think they will be getting close, because they are aware of their smell. I got to see a black reptilian with black eyes. Suddenly I was whisked into another world. I could tell I was in another dimension or something, but regretfully I fell unconscious after a while.

After the interlude of waking up with Mr. Monkey rampaging around, in the morning hours I had a most interesting visit down to the underground Reptilian base. Before I was taken there, I was asked would I want to come down to the Citadel? I said yes sure. The Citadel is their underground base where they do sexual sadism and other Reptilian mischief. I have a prior story about going to the Citadel on my website.

I was in a cavern system with hallways and passages. The ceiling was notably low and the walls were like chiseled out and not smooth.

You were in our presence, and you dared to be. - says the black reptilian from last night

They have old stone castles down there, god knows how old possibly since the Middle Ages. They play castles and royalty games there with human captives. First I was shown that they have a zoo there with pens with animals, unless we humans were the animals cause I was aware of a giraffe, but they always call me and humans giraffes to the children because we are taller.

Before I fell asleep the first time around, black reptile told me about how easy it is to shapeshift. Even Hamish shapeshifted into Captain Robert Stephens, the man with brown hair and brown moustache. Hamish/Stephens asked me what I think. I said fine but I prefer to see the Reptiles. Black reptile was really talking about shapeshifting and how easy it is and presenting himself in human figures. Black reptile told me that the Reptiles shapeshift into humans and roam around human society here on Earth. I said I desperately want to meet a shapeshifted Reptilian human. The black reptile told me that I can notice if it's them by looking them in the eyes I would see Reptilian eyes, he said. Prior to this I did not think much of the stories of Reptilian shapeshifting, well, because I had not really heard it said myself before. I don't just take what other people are writing and saying and run with it. I need to see these things for myself.

I was supposed to marry the King. I suspect that the King was Hamish in disguise, but I don't know. It looked pretty human to me. It didn't look like Captain Stephens though. He was naked against me and I was naked and we almost had sex but then we didn't. It was supposedly my wedding day with him. Then I was shown another wedding. A young girl I don't know how old she was was dressed in a lavish pink princess wedding costume. They had like this big procession around the hallways. Then right afterwards they had another wedding and talked about going that procession in another direction in the hallways. There were lavish red woven rugs and things on the staircases.

They also had humans who were prisoners. Anyhow, then a car arrived with a man in black and the King went to greet him and I saw it was Captain Greene, one of my alltime MIBs. Oh yes, last night Captain Daniels talked to me. Captain Daniels is Captain Greene, he uses two names. He looked out of place because he was wearing a modern black suit and everything else was like a fake Middle Ages royalty theme. The King greeted this man and knew him.

There was an ornament of a solid gold pyramid with The Eye god on it set up on a ledge. It was about one and a half feet length on one of the sides of the base. There was so much people there, when the wedding processions went it was packed with people there in those tiny hallways. It was hard for me to elbow my way around the hallways in the crowds. The first wedding was Danish royalty, the second one was Norwegian, or the other way around. Then some Japanese Dynasty humans arrived and they were told that they were not supposed to be there.

The underground have armies of Japanese humans that were made there and the Reptilians want to maybe use this Japanese army to take over the surface of the Earth. I was shown that last night before I was taken to the Citadel.

The girls that are married are like all happy to be a Princess and get to marry the King but they get killed on their wedding day. First someone like Captain Greene, who was there, gets a whole lot of cocaine and then he has sex with those children and then those children are murdered and the children are told they are going to "become a star in the sky" when they die, as if it's something natural and normal and ok. Then the Reptilians get to eat the organs and blood from the children. It's all really sick and disgusting. I'd much prefer if they didn't play the whole royalty game with those children, just kill them and get it over with.

I'm given indication that royalty throughout the ages were Reptilians in disguise. This is an old tradition that Reptilians have been doing for centuries. It's not like they just suddenly thought about playing Royalty charades. Royalty used to be Reptilians under disguise, here on the planet. And they eat children.

As for the boys, the boys have to be Knights and do tournaments and kill other children. By doing so they can earn rights to sleep with a Queen. Women like me are Queens, they say. The boys are brainwashed into this whole Royalty cult and they think they have to kill children in tournaments so that one day they can take down the King and become a King themselves. So all these little girls want to do is be a Princess and marry the King and the boys want to kill and be a King. It's pathetic. And they all get killed. And then when I tell the kids about how wrong this all is, they refuse to listen, because they think it's so god damned awesome to be a f'ing Princess. I'm so tired of this, I hate seeing it, I hate that it happens, and I hate writing about it. And you all probably hate me for making you read it. But what are we supposed to do? Pretend like it isn't happening? Close our eyes? Live like the sheep we are, in a fake illusionary world that isn't even reality? Like cattle in a pen.

Anyway, that's what happened. Think about that next time you eat a hamburger. Humans treat cattle far worse. We don't even let our cows and pigs have a fun wedding day and ceremony on their last day before slaughter. At least the Reptilians have some decency to dress it all up a bit and make it festive. Actually, humans treat cattle far worse than the Reptilians, in most cases.

The other night Captain Daniels asked me if I would work for them (the military) and remote view Iraq and read documents in Iraq. Iraq will be happy to know that I can't read documents with remote viewing and even if I could I wouldn't just go ahead and do that. He told me about a piece of paper on a bookshelf under some books in the US near him and told me to read what he wrote with a red pen there. I couldn't see it, not that I really tried anyway. They also want me to work for Korpral Olav Vetti with remote viewing. I don't think I will.

So there we have it. Reptilians. The black reptile told me today that it was the Reptilians who genetically constructed the Cro Magnon human ancestors. Then came other Alien races who messed with the Cro Magnon and made their own genetic versions, such as the Caucasian people they were made by other ETs. I think I was shown a Cro Magnon last night in the Citadel abductions. It had black hair but with a different shine than I ever saw on a black-haired human, and dark skin but also a tone of skin unlike what I have ever seen before. It looked different, but still unmistakably human.

I'm really tired of all this. I thought Alien contact would be nice. And fun. And interesting. But it's sick and twisted beyond my tolerance level soon. I was told when I woke up back from the Citadel that my DNA makes really good children for them to eat and mess with. The men like Greene who have to have sex with the human children first they need lots of cocaine or they can't do that or see the murder that follows. I've seen the military men use lots of cocaine. They get it from the Aliens. The Aliens wanted me to take drugs too but I simply won't, so they stopped giving me any.

I don't know how to sum this up. I can't summarize or say any final closing words to somehow make it all ok. It is what it is. Reptilians are living under ground, they eat humans, humans eat cows and pigs. I'm a vegan since this morning. I will not eat meat. That is my way of handling this. Then it's no longer my fault. You can't eat animals and say that what the Reptilians do is wrong. That kind of double standard is not allowed.

I told the Aliens when I woke up that they have to give liver from my butchered children to Hamish for Hamish to eat. If somebody is going to eat my children then they have to give some to my Hamish. Hamish is my Dragon, I said. I was told that Hamish is already fat, which is why the humans he shapeshifts into, such as the King last night and Captain Stephens are a bit fat too. It's funny how that translates. I am going to have my ovaries removed and never have biological children of my own. And I will be a vegan for the rest of my days.

So we can't lunch and snack on your eggs? - asks Hamish, a big red Dragon Turtle
I don't know Hamish. It's disgusting what you Reptilians are doing. Can't you eat something else, like pigs and chickens? Couldn't Reptiles eat fish instead? - me
They need to have our blood in them. Otherwise we can't feel well when we sacrifice. - the black reptile says
Then isn't that a form of cannibalism? - me
Then can't you just drink their blood but not kill them? - me
We feel well then! - black reptile explains
Why do you have to feel well if someone dies? Isn't that not fair? - me
We don't want you to be enemies with us. - black rep
I'm not enemy. I just don't like that somebody has to die because of your chasing after "lust". - me

Veganism for the rest of my life. That is the only way to tackle this. If you eat meat, you're part of the problem. I will never eat meat or anything that came from an animal's body again.

The story of Sock Turtles
and Reptilian heritage
Pancakes and Mr. Fussubus Manon

September 22 2013, 4:33 PM - I have the cutest Sock Turtle. Last night when I made pancakes, Hamish faces directly at me and does a good and proper palate click. (It means that he likes what I am doing.) I carry on with making the pancakes. Hamish does another good and solid palate click. Oh Sock I could cuddle you but you won't let me! And he watches television with me when I do. Hamish had seen someone kill a turtle and he says that it was "his" turtle. So I tell Hamish that yes, "it was your turtle". And there was a show with lots of frogs. Hamish got really keen and excited and thought about eating those frogs. It really perked his curiosity, so that was cute. My Sock Turtle is the cutest. I wish you all could see a Dragon Sock. It is the old Draconian race. Oh my god. And he's been talking about his race and scales and shedding and power of course a lot too. Love him to bits. Love my Sock!

Ok enough about Dragon coo, until next time. Pleiadians gave me a really good story. But first. Dark Lords and the catecheses. So Malik had a keen fixation with the bibles and psalm books in my bedroom bookshelf. I moved that stack of books on the table next to my bed and door. The other night a Dark Lord was attacking me real bad. So I ask him, why are you attacking me? The Dark Fussubus had thought that I was attacking him by placing those books there. I said, I only thought you wanted to see those books, because you were so curious about them? I didn't know they would hurt you, I said. Why do those books hurt you?, I asked. Dark Lord wouldn't say, but a Crocodile Man informed me that the Bible has said that Dark Lords have to be burned in a fire.

Manon Masof was doing shenanigans when I was having a nap. Manon likes pedophilia and first he steals the souls from humans, then he makes those humans go after the souls of children in acts of pedophilia, and then Manon Masof steals those souls too and brings them all to The Eye, after first deriving his own nourishment and sustenance from souls consumed. So I told Masof that respectfully I am not into those things leave me alone and don't show me.

Then a Reptilian from another dimension overlapped his scaly dark beige brown almost black clawed paw with my hand and we were that way intimately close. He was a handsome and impressive Reptilian, with all-black eyes and gorgeous Reptile man body. I had to call this Reptilian "King". Then the Reptilians in another dimension let me smell something in a vial and they ask me what I think it smells like. It was very fragrant and smelled like a very good man's cologne, very nice. They then tell me that this means I am "one of them". It was a Reptilian's urine, they say. I ask what does it smell like to most humans? Presumably most humans think it smells vile. The Reptilian told me that the Reptilians live under ground and they want to return to the surface of the planet. That is why, said the Reptilian, they had asked for help from the Dark Lords.

The Dark Lords are an alien race from Alpha Thetis. They are a very ancient and powerful race and have been known on Earth by humans throughout history. They include some well-known Fussubuses such as Jezebel the evil spirit, and Baphomet the ramhorned god of Aleister Crowley's Thelema. Then there is also Masof Manon, and Sif Siph who is stationed in India and likes to make humans kill orphans and possesses elephants to make them stomp humans to death, and Lord Rambutan whose particular flavor of shenanigans are still yet to be discovered. If you have Dark Lords on your side you can rule the world, because Dark Lords can possess your opponents and send them to any kind of madness. Dark Lords are a powerful weapon, but they cannot be tamed. I have been informed that President Obama and some of his (human) associates used an Ouija board to talk to Dark Lordships. Whether that story is true or not I do not know. "You're either with them, or you're against them", it was said. But remember, Dark Lords are not mythical creatures from fairytales. They are an ancient and powerful extraterrestrial race from Alpha Thetis, wherever that is, cause our Earth astronomers don't seem to know.

But then the Pleiadians were here, and they had a great story for me which they showed me in images. It went as follows:

It is called Alpha Theta. - someone corrects me
And we were here for our eggs, it said. - says Hamish, the Sock Turtle
Hello Hamish my beautiful Dragon Turtle. Did you find any eggs today? Did you find any eggs? - me
Hamish makes a Dragon grunt roar purr that is delightful to hear.

One minute as I recover from my infatuation over Dragon Turtle. Ok. So the Pleiadians had a great story that went as follow: Draconian Reptiles used to be Hamish's race of old Sock Dragons, the ones that have the hunched camel posture but on two legs and a hump back. I was shown a beautiful image from the planet at Alpha Draconis. It is a yellow

Yes, and do not tell them that they are vile. - says Dark Lord

It is a yellow planet. The sand and ground has a yellow coloration and the air is very dense, very hot, and very yellow. There are fern trees and fern plants. A notable detail is that the vegetation is never dense. It is almost as if all trees and plants keep at a respectful personal distance with one another. There are lakes and hills. It is a beautiful place. I was shown a group of ten or so Sock Turtles (I've named them that) who appeared to be hunting in group. They looked just like my Hamish. They were moving fast through the vegetation and all kept close together in a tight group all moving in the same direction in unison like a hunting pack of wolves or orca whales.

Then had come the Zetas. Zetas had picked up some Sock Turtles and genetically modified them into the next race of genetically modified Reptilians, which are all the modern varieties you see, such as Snake the Reptilian, and all the others who simply have an upright standing body, more humanoid, less "animal" like Hamish is, and that do not have the hump back.

They are not turtles, tell them that. - says Hamish
They are not with my mother. - says Hamish

You all must have noticed how Hamish is a very special kind of Dragon. He is in many ways more like an "animal" than a "person", if you forgive me for saying that.

I am also here. - says the Bird Person sporting his white feathers
And? Where did you come from? What is your ancestry? - me
We don't want you to eat any more sugar, or sweets. - says Bird Secretary
Why not? - me
Because they entangle with your DNA. - says Bird. The Aliens claim that sugar that I eat places carbohydrate markers on my DNA.

And, then, somewhere in the process, the Reptilians - being very dominating - claim to be Kings over the Zetas. However, it may very well be that the Zetas still have the upper hand, just that they let their created Reptilians think otherwise. And somewhere along the lines, someone has deliberately made the Reptilians infertile. So that is why they are chasing after the eggs. Hamish on the other hand, he is of the "old Draconian race". Other Reptilians who see him are always instantly filled with reverence, they respect and appreciate Hamish. Visiting modern-style Reptilians are often surprised when they see Hamish and his shedded scales here. Hamish is almost like a novelty, that they do not expect to run into him. Hamish and his race of old Sock Turtles have a very special meaning.

There is nothing in this whole entire world that means anywhere near as much to me as the race of Hamish and Sock Turtles. I believe that any human who has the privilege to meet them and to interact with them and hear them talk and see what they think and how they live would be filled with the same immense and deep and endless love for these things. I would give my life for a Sock Turtle in a heartbeat, even if it would only prolongue his own life by a day. There is nothing more precious than a Sock Turtle Feet. Hamish I love you more than anything in this whole entire universe. You mean more to me than anything else ever has before or ever will.

I am not the same DNA strand as you. - says Hamish when I read to him what I wrote
I love your DNA strand. It is the best one. It makes the best race. - me

My Sock Turtle Feet. I love him.

This is my nest. - says Hamish standing behind my back, in my native language, and I nearly break into tears. "Hamish, I love you", I say, although those words are not enough. I am so close to that Dragon. And he is so cute.

I have a Dragon tail. - says Hamish and turns around to show me his tail
You have a tail Hamish. And I don't. - me, he is cute, with that soft toothless mouth of his

This is not Hamish but it reminds me of when Hamish nibbles at me with that soft toothless mouth of his.

We don't want to hear them croke. And no, we are not nice lizards. - says Hamish about this video

Which reminds me. The other day I was wrapped up in daydreaming about the perfect man. I believe in Law Of Attraction so all I have to do is visualize. My dream bubble was burst by someone saying one loud and clear "No" in my native language. Why it was Hamish of course. Here to chase off any intruding man from his eggs nest before he even materializes. But he didn't bite into my arm this time.

Tell him that he is not the same DNA strand as I. And that I didn't want to see his throat. - says Hamish for me to tell the turtle in this video

What is that? I wanted to speak with it, if it is a she. - says Hamish when he saw an image of a chameleon, so now I'm gonna show him that video too:

I haven't started this second video yet, and Hamish stands here to my left and taps me on my shoulder with his fingers. He is eager to see the chamelon again and shows me a mental image of what the chameleon looks like, he wants to see it again.

My pou-pou, I said to her. - says Hamish in my native language about the chameleon, pou-pou means female reproductive parts
I told her that the bed is mine, here. - says Hamish, meaning my bed here in the room, not sure what he meant, he is already talking to the chameleon
Does it have a sofa? - asks Hamish (NL), shows our living room sofa, he must be thinking of how many different Reptilians visit our home and sit and gather on our sofa, maybe Hamish was wondering if it will come here and have a seat with the congregation of Reptilians?
She is my nest. - says Hamish in my native language (NL)

Hamish, bless his heart, always talks to creatures on television and in videos.

She has my bed here. - Hamish says (NL), offering my bed for the chameleon
What will she do there? - I ask Hamish (NL)
What will the chameleon do in our bed, Hamish? - me (English)

Oh Sock Turtle. I should just spend more time with him, watch more videos, take him places. I really wanna take Hamish to the aquarium to see all kinds of frogs and reptiles. (I show him videos and television without the sound on. We even watch Harry Potter movies without the sound. He doesn't like sounds, he has sensitive "tympanic membranes" he says, and if there is a sound he doesn't listen to the plot anyway.)

Herding Japanese Cattle

September 21 2013, 10:00 AM - Last night the Zetas started talking. They were explaining what they do and all the procedures. I didn't write it down I was too tired. They were courteous and finally decided to include me in their work, meaning to let me know more about what I was involved in. The reason is they are scared cause I've said I would start thinking about having my ovaries (eggs) removed so now they're acting all nice. I asked for a conscious abduction with them, didn't get any.

After the Zetas, then it was Hamish turn. Hamish connected me with one of the Japanese Dynasty men that Hamish was visiting. The man lives in such a cliche old traditional Japanese house. They even have those thin paper walls and sliding doors. The man wears a black martial arts robe that is shaped like a long dress at the bottom, unless it's the wide pants of the Kendo outfit. Hamish was visiting them. It was great seeing Hamish so comfortably in his elements there, and I realized, that it is not just my Hamish, it is their Japanese Dragon also.

They have tried to burn me with fire. - Hamish, about the end of his tail set on fire
Hamish! Tell me who did this to you and I will have them killed! Who did this to you? - me
Hamish. Who tried to set you on fire? Tell me and I will avenge. No one gets to hurt my Dragon. You are my Dragon, Hamish. - me

I was very alien with the Japanese culture. The Japanese man showed me their low dinner table. They sit there on the floor crosslegged. He said I could take part in a tea ceremony, and it would be very important that I only take one tiny nibble of the cookie. Meanwhile Hamish had shown the man when I was eating like fifteen cookies at fast pace when I was studying and needed sugar the other day. The man was appalled, a woman is only meant to have one tiny crumb and no more. Otherwise she is not ladylike. It is an important ceremony for them.

Then the Japanese man said I could eat there with chopsticks, and asked me if I knew how to eat with chopsticks. I said I knew how, but I probably don't do it the right way. I asked, don't the Japanese use knife and forks ever? I said I know they surely use spoons for soup, but what if they have to eat something small how can they use chopsticks for that? The man got upset at me and said that I had "insulted his home". I'm always clumsy with the Japanese traditional culture. It's so alien you might as well put me on the moon with Martians. I can understand and adjust to Reptilian and other extraterrestrial culture just fine, but the Japanese? No. They are too alien.

But my Hamish was there and I was so impressed with Hamish because he can fit in with this environment and be a Japanese Dragon. He looked so cute in a Japanese house. Hamish was offering me to these men and Hamish wanted the man to have sex with me so that Hamish could eat the baby. It was because these Dragon Dynasty Japanese men have "the right blood" that Hamish wants to eat. What about me?, I asked Hamish. My blood can't be like theirs? The Japanese Dragon Dynasty are also called the Anunaki by the Reptilians.

The Japanese man would have had me have a bath there in that jacuzzi style bath that they have. The Japanese always bathe me when I'm abducted and there in another dimension. They also give me food to eat. And make sure that I get to a bathroom, cause god knows I always have to pee when I'm abducted. But they rarely if ever let me remember these things. So I am there unconscious like a big livesize doll. It is gross I know. You read my first encounter with this phenomenon in the book Real? Or Imaginary? the uncensored version of the book, where Hamish first gets me to talk to the Japanese men.

The Japanese people have tried to feed the Reptilians with fish and squid to appease their hunger and stop them from breeding and then eating children. There are undersea bases of Reptilians off the south-west coast of Japan and those Reptilians do eat, at least in part, fish. They prepare large ocean cargo containers of fish to take down to the Reptilians. I was shown some fileed squid, unless it was the men planning to eat this one.

I was shown another room in the Japanese style house and there were several Japanese human and/or Japanese hybrid women sitting there on mattresses. The man said they were his "concubines". I looked at it and said, "whores". "Prostitutes". Yes, I offended their culture again. The worst thing I know are unempowered women who are treated like whores and when their man is promiscuous which means she's treated like worthless trash. I'm a European woman and it is in our culture to be strong and independent. Why? Because treating women like that hurts them. They end up poor and with children they can't raise.

Living here with you might be fun. - says a little hybrid child with huge black and blue ugly goggle eyes, two or more teeth halfway grown out of its gums, mouth open and drooling with a big smile
Leave me alone. I don't want you children here. And you know why. - me
I don't meant to drool. - says child and puts its finger in its mouth and closes the mouth
Drooling is not the reason. The reason is because you children are involved with sex. And therefore I abandon and reject all of you children for the rest of your lives. I will have nothing to do with any of you, ever. It can not be repaired. Leave me alone or I will kill you. - me
Then you are not our mother, here in this base? - child
No. I am not your mother. Sorry. - me
We are not with cattle, feeding it! - says Thuban with some hysteria
Leave me alone. I don't like those children. You guys ruined it on your own. Leave. - me
I was going to be your guests. - Thuban says
No. - me
Please, don't argue with us! - Thuban pleads
Leave me alone I said! I don't ever want to see those filthy whore children again leave me the hell alone! - me
No. She isn't feeded with worms. - Thuban kindly says to the child who asked if I eat the worms/grubs, the Dinosaurs eat grubs so she wondered if I do too, "worms" said in the other language, otherwise in English

The Japanese man said last night that Hamish smells. I told him and Hamish that Hamish has the right to have a smell, that Hamish is a Dragon. I don't want them to offend my Dragon Turtle, I mean how rude is that? What if Hamish feels bad about it?

We also take them to Mt. Shasta. - says black reptilian, meaning they take the hybrid children to sacrifice them on Mt. Shasta, it's a big thing they are doing

Which reminds me. A lot of New Age spiritual people consider Mt. Shasta a spiritual pilgrimage, but it is in fact a massive Reptilian sacrifice site of hybrid children in the other dimension. I would never go there to enjoy the energies. It is a sacrifice site. The Aliens mention it a lot.

We don't want you to be taken there in our spaceship. - black reptile
Why not? - me
Because you watch them with their gums, like that. - an Alien says, showing me the child again
I don't want those children. And the reason is because they are used sexually. - me
We have already washed them with soap. - says Thuban about child
I don't care if you wash them. - me
No we haven't looked in her tummy. - Thuban says to the child who asked if they had already done that thing where they put a tube down my nose to extract things from my stomach
We are also with, Knights. - says the boy or someone about the boy, the boy is one of my human or mostly human children with long brown hair and brown eyes, possibly a child with Olav, they have him act like he's a Knight and he has a sword, he is entered into tournaments and probably has to kill other children there
You are not my Mommy. - says the goggle-eyed child with Thuban goggle eyes that have a huge black pupil and dark blue iris around and no whites of the eye, skin is white, hair would be black, it drools and keeps putting a finger against its developing teeth, it is teething

The Japanese don't want the Reptilians to force them to make babies with random women and then to eat those children. But that is what they do. They don't want Hamish to visit them, besides they think that Hamish smells. They have tried giving the Reptilians squid and fish to eat, but that doesn't satisfy all of their appetites.

You wanted to eat some kind of bulgur. - says black reptilian, man they watch me closely, this morning I wondered what to eat for breakfast and wished I had some couscous to eat, they call it bulgur it seems, I guess, that's similar, I wouldn't call it that

I dreamt about the Japanese man and things that happened there all night. Possibly an abduction experience but it is all vague. When I first got in contact with the Japanese man last night, the man said "Kukoro!" to me like they often do. Sometimes they even cup their hands together into the shape of a heart. Kukoro means love or something like that. It seems to be a friendly greeting. And this morning

I wanted you to eat some more toast. - says Hamish, shows me a mental image of the toaster in our kitchen, and all I see is Hamish stepping down his flat red duck foot as if to claim territory and land to show that he claims this place and therefore his words are a command, somewhat. When Hamish puts his foot down it means he has defeated something. If he steps on a creature he has conquered and defeated it. If he puts his foot down on a fictional imaginary mental image of a Santa then he has defeated it. So when Hamish puts his flat red Duck Foot down and talks about a toaster, he is making a demand.
Hamish. I don't want to eat any toast. But I did have that regular sandwich with cheese. - me
Why you... Kembraah! - black Orion reptile loses his patience with Hamish because of this situation
Hamish. You are my Sock Turtle. I love you. You are a cutie. - me

When I saw Hamish this morning he was so cute, a big red Dragon lizard with a hump back. Oh yes, and Hamish sure was sporting his hump back yesterday when he was pushing the Japanese man to come close to me so that he would have sex with me. Hamish herded us together like how a farmer pushes on a cow to make it go somewhere. Hamish shows his back hump to show that he has power. It is a status thing. I'm not so sure if we humans feel the same way about his back hump. But I know Hamish thinks highly of his back hump. And why not. It's kind of neat.

Hamish? You are a red Dragon Sock Turtle Feet. Did you know that? What are you doing today? - me

Oh, and one of the Japanese men again last night he was worried that he might smell like sweat. This was the man who wears sweatpants, not the same as the man who

Yes, he is my father. - says the drooling hybrid child about this man with sweatpants who worried about smelling like sweat
.. Is he your father? What is his name? - me
He is on Komi Saki. - the hybrid child takes its fingers out of its drooling mouth to say
Don't you have a pacifier? - me, for its teeth I mean, it sure drools a lot
How old are you? - me
... We are not their cattle. - child takes fingers out of its mouth again and says, it sucks on the fingers in its mouth, and drools, I guess like human toddlers do when they are teething

The man with sweatpants is not the same as the other man with the martial arts costume. I said don't worry about it and don't you know that man's sweat can smell sexy to a woman it has pheromones, don't they teach you any sex ed in schools in Japan?, I said. It's just a big bizarre situation, all of this, with Hamish Dragon Turtle. Hamish treats me like cattle. I treat Hamish like a pet.

I have to say, I'm really tempted to go to Japan in person and visit with these people. Wouldn't it be neat to see them in person, after a real normal airplane flight to Japan? I would like to sit down with them and talk about Hamish and the Dragons and about our "arrangements" together. And just to know for sure that these things are really taking place. I've asked the men before and they say no because they have families there, they have wives and children. They also say that the Reptilians have planted bombs in Japan so they are under threat.

I am not with the Japanese. - the hybrid child sucked on its fingers twice, then took the fingers out of its mouth and said
What is your name? - me
I don't want that! - the child turns around and looks at a Thuban caretaker and the thought image was of a diaper soiled with poo, maybe the child is about to need a diaper change
What is that child's name? Is it my daughter? Is it made from my egg? - me
Look at that. - Thuban says to me, Thuban is holding the child up and its bottom is naked and I see a small penis there, aha so it was a boy. I guess they are doing a diaper change.
So that's a boy. So it has my egg and the Japanese man's sperm and ... Alpha Draconis dolphin DNA. - me, I can't call them "Thubans" that is my name for them they wouldn't know that

And last night before the Japanese interaction I got to speak to a green Reptilian who lives underground on Earth. It has those comb ridge flap structures on its head which signify royalty. He said that he is a King. He talked to me about how it was "humans" who locked them up down underground. I was being sympathetic. I didn't write down that conversation.

What is that child's name? Does it have a name? - me

The child is laying on its back on a table and the Thuban is wiping the baby with babywipes and changing the diaper for that little boy, my gosh.

Yes, and we also use soap. - says Thuban, wiping with babywipes on the baby

And last night I was shown a hybrid female from very up close. She looked fantastic. She was young like a child. I just felt really fond of her right away. I couldn't have a grudge because of all the sexual assault things. I just felt that this was a really beautiful female creature. I said to them that I love her. The Aliens then said that this was not one of my children, but it was one of the Japanese men's offspring, but not with me.

I have human kids with Olav. Those are handsome boys with long silky brown hair and brown eyes. Sam is one of them. They are a bit shy and timid and quiet, but they are well-mannered and well-raised. They have to use swords like Knights. Then I have blonde hybrid children with Jack the NASA team man and with the big chubby Illuminati hybrid brothers. And then I have black-haired hybrid children which are of the Bighead race (I named them Bigheads, they are Japanese hybrids) with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty human men.

Korpral Vetti. - someone says, yes, that is Olav
We have washed him now. - Thuban says and has finished wiping the child
I wish I could be there with that child. I wish I could live with him forever and be his mother. Look at that cute little baby! It's so cute! And he talks! He's very smart! What is his name? - me
Won't you argue or fight with him? - Hamish asks me
No. Not so long as you don't try to have anything sexual between us, or don't show me anything sexual with that child. - me
We have used soap on him. - says Hamish
Yes. Of course. - me
He wasn't a child then. You saw it. - says Hamish, meaning as if having a penis means he is a man or something?
For the love of christ! - me
Omrigosh. - says black reptile to me, which is Orion language for a formal hello
Hello. This is Captain Swansea. - Swansea

Ok everyone leave me alone. This is too much. But Omrigosh to you. - me, I say Omrigosh back to the black reptile, I always do
We don't like you here. - says a Japanese adult hybrid woman who is wearing a pink like 1800's dress complete with a pink hat
Such a beautiful dress you have. You look like quite the lady. - me, the Japanese adult hybrid women love fashion and dresses more than human women do

Pack the Socks when you move
And Yumm, Liver Snacks!

September 20 2013, 10:20 PM - I was thinking about moving to a new apartment and visualizing the bathroom there, when Hamish scurries up close to me to let me know that he would be in that bathroom, he would have his pee on the floor, and hang his shedded scales on the bathroom radiator there to dry. Just so I know. Dragon Turtle would come with. I said of course Hamish you are coming with me. What would I do without a red Dragon Sock Turtle in my bathroom?

And Hamish was eager to tell me. He showed me another mental image from the grocery store where he has noticed the meat deli section complete with livers displayed in the counter. Hamish wanted to have some, he was so tempted by those tasty livers there. I told Dragon that if only he proves to me that he is real and if there is a way for me to bring him some livers then I would buy him all the livers he can eat. Hamish asks me, are those human livers? No Hamish, those are livers from cows, pigs, or sheep.

Hello. This is Rambutan. Are you also talking to me about a sheep? - says Rambutan, and his supposed Shadow Figure Dark Lord persona fades into a more humble black reptilian whose eyes are closing in a smile
Sure. If you can somehow prove to me that you are real and not imaginary in my head, then I will buy for you any part of a sheep's body that you like. You can have the meat or the organs, those are available for me to buy for you, because humans eat those too. Sort of. - me
I want to feel, when they are warm. - says Rambutan the black reptile, he points to an image of fresh warm blood coming from a sheep, and his eyelids are closing in a smile
I cannot sacrifice a sheep for you. Try a butcher store. Why are you not at the butcher's? - me
Where are they? - Rambutan black reptile
I don't know. But not here. Are you hungry? - me

What a cutie. His eyelids are closing because he is thinking of the warm blood from a sheep, pouring out on the floor. So anyway, Hamish wanted some livers.

I have also been with Tom-Tom. - Hamish says, Tom-Tom is Tomo a Japanese doctor in Komi Saki that Hamish visits with when he isn't here
What did Tom-Tom say to you? What does he say? What kind of things does he talk to you about? - me
About protecting me, with his family. He doesn't want to see us there. And, he also tells us that we stink. - Hamish, he actually meant to say "about protecting his family from Hamish"
Why does Hamish visit Tom-Tom? - me
He is part of our theatre. - says Pakeha the Alien
What theatre? - me

And now, Rambutan the black reptile thinks an image of putting a child's leg into its mouth to eat it and his eyelids are closing again. Seems like someone is hungry. Hungry reptiles.

John Kerry

September 19 2013, 8:40 PM - John Kerry has been busy. I realize that now that the visiting Green Reptilian claimed to be John Kerry, it is my duty in the Orion Project documentary to read up on Mr. Kerry. At least to figure out why Green Reptile would present himself with John Kerry's persona, unless the David Ickean fables are true that world leading politicians are in fact Reptilians in disguise.

I feel like I'm about to get into serious trouble here soon, getting too deep into Agenda secrets and writing about it. The Agenda should know however that I am not their enemy.

The Pleiadian Viking

September 19 2013, 7:30 PM - So I was taking part in a forum conversation about the Galactic Federation, find it here, and thought I would ask the Pleiadians whether there is such a thing as the Galactic Federation. I connect to a beautiful humanlike man, bigboned and built like a strong Viking, he has very long blonde hair and striking light blue eyes and he wears a one-piece loose fitting light blue uniform. (See what he and I say to each other by following that link and finding my posts there.) But umm, then something happens that I couldn't bear to write in David Icke's forum. Namely the following:

Lady Thuban Auntie hijacks the man and they are in the same place, and Lady Thuban starts masturbating the Pleiadian man's large penis. Yep you heard it here first. Cause you're unlikely to hear it anywhere else. Now to be fair, I have seen the Thuban masturbate men plenty of times before. The Thuban enjoys it too. Please accept that I am writing scientific literature here. This is not meant as pornographic or sexual. I am running a documentary on my observations and contact with a variety of Alien races. Sexuality happens to be a large part of the Alien behaviors because sex is a precursor for making babies which is a precursor for genetics and speciation. The Thuban is simply asking the Pleiadian man for a semen sample. For the record I did not know that Pleiadians are equipped with (very sizeable) male genitals or that they could produce a semen sample. But so be it. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

The Pleiadian man or Lady Thuban then says, while they are still in the act,

Yes. That's why we liked the swastikas. We wanted them to be here. - says one or the other

This is undoubtedly a reference to Hitler's work during world war two where Hitler and Nazi Germany wanted to wipe out many other human genetic populations "races" and promote having more Nordic people here on Earth. The swastika was used by Hitler as the symbol for the whole Nazi Agenda. The Alien Agenda under the yellow pyramid has taken credit for Hitler and the Nazi Agenda.

For the record, the Thuban has very sensitive forearms, and when she touches people like that, running her forearms against people, she feels an intimate sort of pleasure too. So she doesn't mind masturbating people. In fact these are some of the very type of things you will only find in The Orion Project telepathy books because some things simply can't be posted online. If you all were scientists reading here I could post everything, but kids and some people would be offended so we'll just keep it at a minimum here. Ahh, and here is an Ummo man. Let's see what he has to say:

Hello Ummo man. How are you doing this evening. Did you have something on your mind to say? - me
We don't want them to be spliced. - says Ummo
Even though they were very gentle. - says Ummo
Are you talking about the Agenda under the yellow pyramid - me interrupted
We don't give them any of our women. - says Ummo

The man from Ummo looks like a shrunken human. Like a human only his features are like when you put a wool sweater in the dryer and it comes out in a shrunken miniature format. He has brown hair and facial hair.

So. I just saw a Thuban masturbate a well-endowed Pleiadian man. What did you do today?

*The Agenda collected a semen sample from him. They want to use his DNA to make hybrids or Nordics or what not. The intent of it was not sex.

We make, fathers too. - says the Pleiadian man now that they are finished since a few minutes back

For the record, when the Pleiadian man first made contact with me (because I reached my telepathic reception to "a Pleiadian") it didn't take long until I noticed that he was developing a full erection in his clothes. I had to wonder if whether he was feeling enticed from seeing or interacting with me, a woman of similar make as they, although the Pleiadian beauty is unparalleled by us humans

Oh, we have had sex with humans for a long time. - says Pleiadian man
Is that so? Historically you mean? Interesting. So, are Norwegian and Swedish and Icelandic humans descendants of you Pleiadians? Because they look very similar in a number of ways, although you are larger and more like giants and Vikings than the smaller humans are. - me, not to mention Swedish men are not that well-endowed, for the record

I had also complimented the man for his good looks. Well to be fair I tend to compliment all Alien visitors for their good looks. It is my amazement with seeing Alien life. So I had to wonder whether I had enticed - verbally or not my fault - the man to an erection. I had carried on with our conversations ignoring his erection, but then didn't take long for Lady Thuban to seize the opportunity to extract a semen sample from this Norwegian Viking of a Pleiadian Nordic man.

They are also part of our stall. - says Lady Thuban, showing me a mental image of the inside of Noah's Ark with empty pens for animals with hay on the floors, meaning this Nordic Pleiadian man

Just another day in The Orion Project. What's next? Find out, next time.

Was it very sizeable? - asks Hamish about Nordic man's penis
Oh yes. It was. Very sizeable. Quite large indeed. Not that I noticed. - me
Was it erotic to you? - asks Hamish
Well, to be perfectly honest, no it was not erotic to me. I have a way of treating people with respect. And that includes not seeing men as sex objects. It is part of our civilized human culture to disregard sexuality when we are talking with people. We like to think of their intellect first, and personality. I can completely disregard a man's penis. And his erection. And it doesn't seem erotic to me one bit. - me

Really. It doesn't. Here is one of the green Insect Mantids.

Hello Insect. How are you today. - me
We wanted you to see it again. The flesh. - Insect wants me to see Pleiadian man's penis again
I would rather not. - me

Are we done now? End of story? Just another day.

Yes. He has a good dong. - says Malik

Ok. Now we're done. Malik wanted to have the last word.

It was very sizeable, she said. - Hamish talks to the others about what I said
Geez drop it already guys! It doesn't matter! I was only pointing out fact! - me
Thuban Lady faces me with her mouth open, exposing the yellow hairy baleen in her mouth.

Battle at Syracuse

September 19 2013, 11:08 AM - I think I might finally know what Battle at Syracuse means. But it is too early to say. Last night I rejected Malik and told him to stop stealing my life force because it is making me feel dark and lifeless. Angelic beings came to keep him away. Angels are another form of alien life but they will not chase away Dark Lords unless the human chooses to. Angels let us choose whether we want to keep a Dark Lord or not. It may be impossible for a human to chase away a Fussubus on their own without the help of Angels.

We are also called Arcturians. - says a male Angelic being
So the Angels throughout history were alien beings from Arcturus? Is that true? And why do you help humans? - me
... You are here to learn, and not to be made pregnant. - Arcturian Angelic, he means how the Agenda makes abductee women pregnant, it is not our purpose to be used that way

So I chatted with the human military who are stationed in the United States. From what they said, I had been given to the Dark Lords, me and several other humans are selected to be given to Dark Lords, so that the Dark Lords would spare the general public. Also I have something that makes me more coveted by the Dark Lords, the Dark Lords themselves call this Ida Pingala Shushumna and they also call it me being a Crystal. I have more of that light that they feed on than the general public. The Battle of Syracuse is "where they fought for me", and it seemed that the military have tried to rescue me from the Dark Lords. The military who oversee Agenda activities on Earth are of course trying to protect humanity from them, they are stationed in Syracuse in the United States and the Battle at Syracuse is the battle to save people like me from them.

Last night and during the night I was shown some of the threats the military live under from the Dark Lords of the Agenda. This war is terrible. I will not describe the threats that are made and that are carried out. I was told that President Obama and some of his associates had chosen to contact the Satanic Dark Lords because Dark Lords were thought of as powerful allies, which they are if they are collaborating. If you have Dark Lords on your side then presto you rule the world. Dark Lords can possess enemies. Dark Lords even ruled Hitler and accomplished Nazi Germany with its powerful mind control rule. But I don't see why anybody would choose to summon the equivalent of Satan and his Jezebel and Baphomet and others to ask for their assistance in military power. You don't want to play with Dark Lords, and you definitely do not want to have to trust them.

You're either with them, or you're against them, they say. - says Malik

I see. So you either try to make friends with the Dark Lords or you will never know where you have them.

I have to say, we need to stop thinking of Jezebel and Baphomet, Masof Manon and Siph as "demons", because when we do we put them into a folder labeled "Religion" and put it away next to other folders with "Fairytales", "Mythology" and "Fiction". It is time to take Dark Lords and reclassify them as pseudo-biological beings. They have to be understood as real living entities, alien life. Dark Lords may or may not have squishy biological carbon water bodies like life on Earth has, but Dark Lords rule over Agenda races that are squishy aliens.

It is scary and we'd rather that they weren't here at all. But things like Malik do tiptoe around Earth and cause mischief and suffering. The only way to begin to tackle a problem such as Dark Lords

You are their sheep! - explains a Dark Lord, unless Thuban said meaning Dark Lords
You have had guests in your vagina. - explains Thuban Lady, aha so it was Thuban earlier too

... "Guests in my vagina". Lady Thuban means the Aliens that abduct me. "Guests in my vagina". *lol* The only way to tackle Fussubuses is to a) stop pretending that they don't exist, b) get to know them and hope to have an intelligent conversation with them. This morning I explained about compassion and light and darkness to Malik and he listened. Pleiadians always commend me when I manage to get Malik to listen to messages of peace. But Malik declared, that he cannot change his ways because it is The Eye that rules him and makes him be a menace. And the reason is because The Eye is about to swallow the Dark Lords' world, so they have to give life force into it to appease their God.

It's been all kinds of Aliens again
Alpha Zeta!

September 18 2013, 7:28 PM - Updates on the whereabouts and visitations by various extraterrestrial critters. Gon, the creepy vampire ET from forelorn (April 15 2013) visited again the other night. He even said hello and told me his name Gon again. The same pale guy wearing a long pale green trenchcoat with raised collar and those two blunt teeth widely spaced in his upper jaw. He is a creepy character, I don't know what he is, and I don't intend to talk to him about it.

I picked up a certain thing from my trashcan to put it in the trashbag that was going out. "Alpha Zeta!" hollers an ET that had been in the process of peeking into my trashcan right then but I had not seen him then cause he's in another dimension. The Aliens, this Zeta and Dinosaur had been peeking at that thing in my trashcan. They were sad that I threw it away. Find out what it is in the telepathy books if I write it there. This Zeta had the strange green goggle eyes, but said that it was a Zeta. I am now more than ever leaning toward the conclusion that Zeta - and Thuban-human hybrids - who have those all-black eyes are in fact wearing lenses to cover their eyes. This green-eyed Zeta who is either Lasarus or Pakeha continued to talk to me and said that he has strange eyes. I said I have already seen his eyes. And yes they are strange.

A Japanese-human girl who is either fully human or slightly Alien hybrid visited last night and today. I got angry at her and threatened her and insisted that she leave and never come back. She has black hair from her Japanese human father but she looks a lot like me. Why I was upset? Because she's here acting like it's normal to be curious about sexuality with her own Earth-bound mother. She had polaroid pictures in her hands of me naked. Of course I was upset. I told her I was offended. Another reason why I hate her and hope that she dies is that she says that humans on Earth are primitive and that we are animals at zoo, and she meant the zoo that the Zetas keep where they have some of those humans naked and there are fake trees and fake grass. I've seen that zoo there, but we humans are not animals.

Dinosaur said "Dib Dib..." quietly and slowly and he was watching someone take "cocaine". There is a lot of drug use in the military who oversee Alien activity. It was Captain Swansea who said hello just a minute earlier. So Swansea was using cocaine. So it IS cocaine. I have seen him use a white powder drug that he has under his nose. I just hope that's not the "sex drug" that they sometimes put under my nose. I don't know, I haven't ever used cocaine so I can't compare or make a match. But the Agenda calls the "sex drug" by the name of "silver". I don't know whether Dib Dib means something good or something bad. Dinosaur didn't say when I asked what Dib Dib means.

I was on an exercise machine and later Dinosaur is laughing. They have a great sense of humor. I asked what was so funny, he showed me a mental image of when I had been on that exercise machine earlier. Dinosaur thought it was fun. Dinosaurs are so intelligent as well as observant so they see fun in all kinds of things that humans don't even notice.

Hello this is the Pleiadians. Don't forget to tell them about us. - random Pleiadian
And there are Pleiadians here. What is your name? - me
We don't want them to make you into a Doll. Or to give you that so that you get nosebleeds. - Pleiadian says, shows me that Japanese daughter of mine who had been given that white powder and she got a nosebleed from it
I don't care about drugs or sex. Or about these horrible children. - me
How about Pakeha? - Pakeha
Yes, I care about Pakeha. Pakeha is alright. - me

And someone asked if I would like to see Pakeha naked and told me that he was naked over there. I don't mind seeing Pakeha naked. I'm not prude. They can do whatever, as long as it doesn't involve children. I nearly had a seizure again today because of all the trouble they cause me and with that disgusting child they bring here.

Last night a Japanese man did take polaroid pictures of me naked and my ladyparts. I was aware when they said that, but I thought I was in my home. I've seen them give photographs of me naked to my hybrid children before. And now they gave some to that half-Japanese child. I'm so disgusted and over and done with this stupid Agenda that I'm about to have my ovaries removed AND have a sex change AND to pray to wake up deaf and blind tomorrow morning.

As for Hamish, I told Hamish that do you know Dragon that I've known you for two years now and we should throw a party to celebrate our two years together? I told Hamish I would bake him a cake out of livers. I was asking Dragon what kind of snacks he wants me to bring to him. But somewhere along the line Hamish got excited and in a happy fun mood too, but his way of fun was he came up close to me behind my back and kept telling me that I was his prey and that he was hunting me, he repeated several times. So that is Hamish's idea of fun.

So, it's been all kinds of Aliens again.

John Kerry and Steven Spielberg

September 18 2013, 11:15 AM - It is a common phenomenon that Reptilian contactees encounter Reptilians as well as images of public figures in politics, royalty, military, and others. The green Reptilian who said that he "is" John Kerry revealed that, according to this Reptilian, it is "easy" to change shape between Reptile and someone like John Kerry, and that the key is in the Reptile's DNA, making him able to switch between these two forms. There are also intermediary forms between Reptile and human figure, in which the human figures look distorted and not fully realized.

Last night I had the experience that John Kerry in his human figure was speaking to me telepathically from a distant remote viewed image and the topic was about their plans of having me meet with him there in the other dimension. I have long ago ruled out that my ET experiences would be hallucinations, so I am left thinking that Reptilians are either playing theatre with me, or that John Kerry the human is in fact a Reptilian who shapeshifted into a human form. I have still not been taken to this John Kerry figure.

Hamish also shapeshifts sometimes. Hamish's human figure is a brown-haired Captain Robert (Bob) Stephens.

Yesterday as well as one night not long ago the Aliens made me think that Steven Spielberg, the famous movie director, is also an Alien abductee. I had a conversation with Steven last night about when he was a boy and he saw an ET and that the ETs had told him when he was a boy that they would "keep him forever". Steven told me that he tries to express the feelings that he felt from this encounter in the movies that he makes about boys and aliens. Out of respect that this of course might have not been the real Steven Spielberg I will not post other elements of the contact. It seems that, statistically improbable as it is, Steven Spielberg is in the same abduction group as I. Unless the Aliens are really messing with me.

And yesterday it was that the Aliens revealed to me that "movie directors" in general are under the Agenda. Many actresses are ruled by the Agenda. Agenda showed me that directors and actresses often have sex with each other (this was not about Spielberg, another director was shown to me). And that particular director, not Spielberg, I was asked if I wanted to have sex with that other director.

To be blunt, I don't know what the hell is going on. I worry for my mental health. Crazy and schizophrenic people often include famous people into their delusions. Yet my analysis for why I have to suspect that my Agenda experiences are authentic would be a lengthy prose that I have to save for another day.

My sincerest apologies to both John Kerry and Steven Spielberg for appearing in these dictions, if John Kerry is in fact not a Reptilian shapeshifter and Steven Spielberg not an alien abductee part of my abduction group.

If Kerry is a Reptilian who shapeshifts into a human, my god I want him to send me an invitation to go see him in real life in person. And if Steven is an abductee part of my abduction group I would love to meet him too to talk about our mutual aliens.

Things are getting complicated, and I certainly did not want to involve real-life human(?) figures into these stories. Well, I hope to meet this John Kerry Reptilian soon. The John Kerry human figure learned that I shaved my legs in the bath yesterday and he thought that was good. (Read previous posts where he thought I should shave my legs.)

Sometimes I wish I had a big red button to press that would make all of this go away. There are too many atrocities in the Agenda, too much pain and hurt, too many questions without answers, and too many abductions that they don't let me remember. It's uncomfortable that the Aliens are involving real life persons

They are chasms. - says Hamish
After looking up the word cause I've never heard it before,
Hamish? What is a chasm in this case? - me
The explanations are intricate not simple. - says Hamish
I have time to listen? Explain to me. - me
The chasms are here. - Hamish or Malik
WHAT CHASMS? What. - me
No words are given as an answer, but I am shown naked people's exposed genitals. Which of course is part of the genetics reproduction program that they are doing.

5 things I love about Hamish
Green bell pepper, tomatoes, and red things with Hamish
Bath time with Hamish the Dragon
And Japanese circle of friends

September 18 2013, 9:40 AM - Last night I had a nightmare about a run-down old house that was Aleister Crowley's house. I was taken there, it was scary, and then I was taken to a large sporting hall. Other women were arriving. I realized we hadn't begun our session - whatever that session would be - yet so I ran to the bathroom to pee. (For the record, every time I am abducted I have to pee.) While I was still sitting there in the bathroom, I was aware of The Eye looking at me. Creepy I know. Then the event leader lady calls for me by addressing me "Mrs." and with my last name. Mrs. Huh. I've never been married in my life. I thought that was odd to be called Mrs but I hurried back out to the group.

All the other women were already assembled in a ring holding hands. Their ring was complete so I had to cut in somewhere and join hands with two women. Most of the women were Asian notably Japanese. Our ages were all around 30 like me but perhaps ranging from 28 to 40 or something. The game was that one woman starts and she picks any of the other women and takes her hand and then that new woman is in the lead and goes around the circle and chooses another woman and so forth, building a chain. This was a game for us to get to know one another. I might have been the only woman there who was not Asian. The woman I choose when I'm at the front of the chain she looks at me and she is very sad and hurt, she says that she was "robbed". Something terrible has happened to her. She knew at least one of the other Asian young women there and she did not want to talk to me about it, but her friend knew.

It seems I have been added to the Japanese group of Alien abductions and hybrid programs. Kemoro, as they call my Hamish in Japan, is the one who brings me to them. Last night I was shown to one of the Japanese Dynasty men and he thanked Kemoro for bringing me to him, for sexual purposes. I was shown this Japanese man doing a martial arts move where he cuts a sword down across air and does like a martial arts warrior cry. He wore a black martial arts costume.

Turns out Tom-Tom, or Tomo as his real name is, is a doctor of medicine. Hamish told me that the other day.

In the morning when I woke up the Japanese group were talking about why I'm with them, cause clearly I'm out of place. Then my Aliens reminded them that it's because of my special talents that they want to harvest into the hybrid species, namely that I can see illnesses in bodies and lots of other psychic abilities which seem to be real go figure.

I've forgot to mention that about a week ago when I told Hamish that I would be going to the grocery store he asked me to buy him a green bell pepper. He said I should put it up on the top of the door to the bathroom and he could watch it turn red. I might buy him a green bell pepper, but I won't be putting it up on the door. Cause then we can't close the door. Dragon enjoyed watching all the little cherry tomatoes from our garden that were harvested as green as they turned red on the platter on the kitchen table. He thinks things turn red "because they see him". He also thinks that they have the same DNA as him, so he treats them with great care and attention almost like his own little babies.

Color recognition is very strong in Hamish's species. He is a very bright fire engine red, and the blunt bumps on various parts of his body are bright neon orange. Obviously his species recognize one another by these colors, and these colors have become meaningful to them, for their sense of identity, but it also stimulates a lot of strong emotions and psychological behavior and beliefs in these Dragons. Their color recognition seems to be wired in their brains(?) to stimulate the whole host of behaviors and feelings that they are meant to have for themselves and for one another, which is why Hamish reacts strongly and similarly when he sees other objects in those same colors.

Hamish is convinced that Santa with pointy red hats and Spiderman and anything else red are "showing power" to him because they are red. Hamish would obviously think that another member of his species "is showing power" when he sees them, so we can assume that the behavioral instinct to challenge one another to power when they meet one another for the very first time, is a very basic and strongly-rooted behavior and response. Two Dragon Turtles will think that the other is "showing power" because he is red, and then a confrontation will ensue between the Dragons, where they measure each other's power and establish the hierarchy.

Hamish gets furious because red Santa hats are showing power. When I wore a red neglige (only wore it once and never will again because of how Hamish stared) he must have thought that I was "showing power". When someone "shows power" Hamish feels challenged. He will also say that red things are "taunting" him, and that they are "a Jester". He feels irritation. Isn't he adorable, my Sock?

Last night I had a bath with Hamish. Well I was in the bath and Hamish was on the bathroom ruggie. Hamish talked about his scales. I was trying to meditate and zone out of everything around me, but Hamish interrupted me several times with talk about his scales. Descriptions of how his scales come off him, how he places them on the rug and how he washes them and dries them and then stomps them into little pieces that he can dispose of. Had it been anyone else interfering with my bath and meditation time, I might have snapped and fussed, but this was - after all - my precious Sock Turtle so I was only delighted. It happens when you love someone that you even let them interfere in the bath and during alone time.

Hamish brings me a large sheet of his shedded scales, it looks like silicone rubber sheet bubblewrap made out of large US quarter coin sized bubbles, white in color, and he tells me that this is his "pants". He says that his shedded scales are clothes from his body. I declare that particular sheet of scales did have some of his pee on it. Hamish asked if he could soak or wash the sheet in my bath water. Well, in spite of the pee (gross?) I told him that he may. I had to quickly decide that he is my Dragon and that I love him, so I can put up with some pee. There was a time once when Hamish layed out two large sheets of scales on top of my body when I lied on my back in bed, and one of those sheets notably had some pee on it, but I chose to be fine then also. It's a Dragon, come on. It's Dragon pee. It's ok.

By the way I've seen Hamish pee on the snuggie rugs more than a few times. Sometimes I see him pee on the rugs where his scales are at. I don't know how he justifies it or thinks around it. I should get him a litter box, seriously. He poos in the corner of our bathroom floor, and he seems to pee on the rugs. Maybe he thinks that the rugs will soak it up, but the poo would be too messy. He's a Dragon, he's adorable.

So Hamish rinses off the sheet of scales in my bath water. Then he thinks about hanging it to dry on this thing on the wall next to me, so I tell him don't put it there it would fall down between the crack between the bath tub and the wall and then we'd never get it out of there from under the bath tub. Then Hamish sprinkles some little scaly bits into my bath water. He always does that. He thinks that he is washing up. He likes to groom when he sees me groom, so we are doing it together.

I have seen other examples of my behavior triggering similar behavior in him. Sometimes when I'm eating and Hamish watches me opening my mouth wide to eat from a spoon, it will trigger him to do munching with his own mouth as if he were eating or thinking about eating. Another example is that when I get really excited and shriek at him, it can at times trigger him to stomp his feet real fast up and down, but that is either because of excitement or stress, or some other expression I do not understand. So another example is that when Hamish sees me showering and grooming then he likes to do it too on his rug. I think it's wonderful that he feels comfortable enough to share a bath with me.

After I was done with the bath and the water was draining out, Hamish tossed a poo mudpile of his from the floor and into the bath water so that it would drain away and he told me what he did too, he said he put his "bowel movements" into the bath, but in the other language they either call poo "mazu" (in Alien language), which also means stomach or tummy, or they call it "intestine emptied" (in my other human language). All this takes place in another dimension. Otherwise I would have of course posted pictures of Hamish, his scales, and his poo.

Hamish sheds a lot. Even other Reptilians who visit comment on how he sheds a lot. The John Kerry Reptilian said that Hamish sheds a lot, and this Reptile like many other visiting ETs squat down next to the bathroom rug in the bathroom and look at his sheets of scales. More than a few visiting ETs have picked up his sheets and layed one out against their own body, and wanted to take some with them. Reptilian culture seems to appreciate Hamish's shedded scales as if they were a totem of power that they could ascribe to themselves by carrying them. They are frequently called "gold" by both Hamish and other visiting ETs.

Hamish sheds and he sheds, and he talks about his "shedded" and his "groomed" and he tends to his "shedded". In the other dimension this apartment is filled with shedded bits everywhere. I know they are on the sofa, there are on my bed that Hamish has layed out for me to have. He puts them in the trashcan, in the laundry basket I think, on the two bathroom rugs I have here for him. When Ashtar visited a few days ago he was appalled with all the Dragon scales littered around here, not to mention that Hamish has a poo in the bathroom corner. I wonder how forgiving I would be if I lived there in Hamish's dimension? I would be scrubbing Dragon pee and poo all the time and trying to keep his scaly bits all in one or a few places. Hamish wanted me to take down the blue bucket again that sits on top of the bathroom closet. He wants to put his scales into the bucket, put water into it, and thereby wash many of his scales all at once.

And of course while we were bathing Hamish thought about a Santa's hat again and he was angry at the thought, so I told him No Santa and that I would bite Santa and step on the hat with my foot. If Hamish steps on something with his foot then it means that he has "defeated" it and "the threat is gone", so if I tell Hamish that I will step on it and I show him a mental image of what it looks like then it can offer him some sense of relief.

Well, it's morning and I look forward to another great day with Hamish The Great, also known as Sock Turtle Dragon.

I didn't want to be called great. Because it is not animosity. - Hamish says

Pardon me but what is animosity? Does it mean friendship or the opposite? I LOVE it when the Aliens use words I do not know! Those are little proofs that the ETs are real!

Hamish. I honor your scales and scutes. - me
Yes, me. - says Hamish
My feet are not a Sock Dragon. They are bare. - Hamish says
You have cute feet that are flat and webbed like a duck feet. I think they're cute. - me
They are soft also. - Hamish
Yes they are. - me
And guess what? Kembraah. - says the black Orion reptile

Last night Orion lizard revealed - and yes I was in the bath when he chatted - that Omnis is an informal "hello nice to meet" and Omrigosh is a formal greeting. It's always nice to be called Kembraah - idiot - by the black reptile.

Just one more Hamish story.

Tell them, that I am not your pet. - either Hamish or black Orion reptile said
Then what are you? - me
A mischief. - Malik, ok Malik is up and about too

This morning I asked Malik to leave me alone for the next three days cause I am studying for an exam. Can you believe it yesterday I couldn't study anything because of the negative influence from Malik's presence? So I have asked him to excuse me please. Hamish then said that he would protect me with his back hump, and showed me his back hump.

My five favorite things about Hamish:
1. His cute little face, tiny little face with just eyes, nostrils, and mouth, it's a tiny little face on the end of a long tubular neck, like a sock puppet
2. His feet. Flat red duck feet.

I didn't use soap on them. - Hamish remembers when he rinsed the sheet of scales, "his pants", in my bath water yesterday, and he thinks about how they were covered in my bath foam, as I thought they would be

3. His bright fire engine red color. It is awesome.
4. Hamish's great hump back. It is such a neat feature. And the way that he flexes it sometimes to show it off, making the scales rustle like hedgehog spines
5. "No Santa!" It is adorable.
6. His orange blunt bumps look awesome. It just makes him look so cool, so exotic and fantastic.
7. Hamish's smell is another signature feature of him, it is just "Hamish" that way, that smell of cheese and vomit
8. The bright neon sticky viscous orange funk that oozes out of his ruptured orange blunt bumps and soaks his body in a sticky goo that makes him glow neon orange in the dark. That funk is also "Hamish", it's part of his signature. I love it.
9. The sound of his voice. It actually has a sound of his voice, like a unique person. He sounds like a cute sweet guy.
10. When he steps and taps and wipes his feet on little bathroom rugs.
11. Yes-No!
12. When we watch television together and all the fun little comments he makes. Yesterday we watched a show about dogs and the dog was jumping up and down, Hamish wanted it to stop as if it was out of line. I love the way he watches television and takes in all the impressions, and the things that he says and how he talks to animals and characters on tv.
13. His fascination with red things and orange things. Red and orange Japanese koi fish, autumn leaves, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, red clothing, Santa, Spiderman, or just the tiny little red portion on the Google Chrome desktop icon, he will point his scaly red finger on it.
14. Eggs. When he says Eggs. Always about Eggs. I even like it when he says "my eggs have spoken to me" and his eyelids close in a smile, when it was ME who spoke to him. Then it was his "eggs" that have spoken to him. I think that is cute. And sometimes when I call for him it quickly gets his attention and he says "My eggs are calling for me!" and he scurries along to come see me and he puts his tiny little Sock Puppet face just a centimeter from my lower belly as if he expects to hear the eggs talking to him. I think that is cute.
15. When I do an aerobic workout and Hamish is concerned that the eggs might fall out of me because of all the jumping and twisting and he looks closely between my legs and on the floor to see if he can see any eggs or embryos that fell out.
16. How he crams into spaces that are too small for him, like how he tries to fit into the bedroom closet, or in the "table hole" as he calls it that space under the desk, or under beds. It's cuter than a cat in a paperbag.
17. How he looks at Japanese koi there in Komi Saki and he tries to talk to them telepathica

They have gone into my mouth! - says Hamish, so he has eaten the fish
Were they tasty? - me
Yes, I am their King. So they have been feeding me with them. - Hamish, the men feeding Hamish with the fish
I will get you some of those fish in the future when I have some more money and a big house. - me

18. How he steps one flat duck feet on a person or an object in a sense of final domination and then he has defeated it.
19. Hamish and the Dragon Turtleness in the Dragon caverns. And when Hamish had those little red Dragon Turtle babies and put one up in my arms in the other dimension.
20. I hate to say it, but when Hamish gets scared the way that he looks when he scurries away to his safe place on a rug but he is so big and his back hump yet he tries to make himself look small by putting his head down and closer to the body a bit.
21. "My mouth goes over your food!", he will say, sometimes when I am eating and sometimes even when I am not eating.
22. His claiming streaks. "My cheese!", "My bathroom!", "My" everything, the most random of things that he sees he claims.
23. "Lunches and Snacks", and how he refers to food as "Snacks". And the way that he says "Snacks". It's cute.
24. When he says his "pleased Yes".
25. When his eyelids are closing in a Draconian smile.
26. When Hamish shows me his power and flips me around in bed or pulls me up on all fours or that time when he threw me over the coffee table when he found out that Gray's Anatomy on tv wasn't real and that the tv had lied to him.
27. Watching Harry Potter movies on tv with him and he sits next to me on the sofa even though there are two empty seats to my right, he chooses the middle seat that is next to me, and we watch together and he sits with his back hump against the back rest and his legs down to the floor and he crosses his ankles and his tail slithers down between his legs and to the floor.
28. When Hamish nibbles on me by biting into me with his soft toothless mouth to show me to stop the behavior I am doing.
29. When he used to get his back hump stuck on the shower door handle at my college apartment when he turned around in the small cramped space (and I thought he was scratching his back hump on it until he later told me he was getting stuck), and yet how he still always came into that small room with me to stand on the bathroom rug when I shower and he never learned to either stay away or to walk out backwards but still never learned and turned around and got his back hump stuck on it again!

Yes, that was not elegant. - says either Hamish or Malik about that
It was not with my eggs. - says Hamish to Malik
She was not telling me that I was a Jester. - says Hamish
No Hamish, you are not a Jester. You are my Honored. - me
I have these fingers and feet. - says Hamish and shows me his red fingers with black claws and his flat red duck feet

30. Watching Hamish chew his food, whether livers and kidneys or other tissue and organs from hybrids or Dinosaurs or what not. He just chews and chews the sliver or chunk of organ in his mouth. He has no teeth and it doesn't seem to break down at all, but the way that he chews and chews and the food goes in his mouth. I love watching that when I see it.
31. Hamish's poo. It is cute. When he lays them on the rocks at his creek, or here on our bathroom floor.
32. When Hamish gets some poo on his feet and he stands on a bathroom rug

I was not very skilled with it I said. - says Hamish
I think you are wonderful. Very skilled too. - me
They are not going to tell me that I am a Jester. - says Hamish
No Hamish. Of course not. You are the Honored Dragon King. Really you are. - me

and he stands on a bathroom rug, and wipes one foot at a time backwards on the rug to wipe the foot clean. Sometimes he wipes his feet real fast and it looks like running in one place. (I NEVER step on his pink ruggie and once there were two clear stains of dark gunk on the rug AFTER he had wiped his feet on it. IN THIS DIMENSION! I'm intrigued.)
33. Seeing Hamish last thing in the night when I go to sleep and wishing him a good night, and seeing him first thing in the morning (usually I have to call for him to come see me, "Hamish where are you?"). And Hamish all day.
34. When he gives me one of his black back hump thorns or sheets of scales and puts them in my hand or on my body. I don't know what it means but I'm sure it is a nice gesture of approval.
35. And everything else that could possibly be about Hamish, my Dragon Turtle.

My back shield, is powerful. - says Hamish
What makes it powerful? - me
It has the right gene, I said. It has not been known to fight anyone before. - Hamish
Did you say that to her? - asks Malik Hamish
It is dominant! - Hamish yells at Malik
Yes, and that I am Jezebel. - says Malik, but we knew that already

And those are the 5 things I love about Hamish.

Malik says Helter Skelter

September 17 2013, 1:57 PM - Dark Lord Malik, ruler of the Alien Agenda says
Helter Skelter

It's one of his favorite phrases

Malik. What does Helter Skelter mean? - me
What it says. - Malik
What does it say? - me
It means, me. - Malik
Can you elaborate? - me
It means, the fierce against the weak in power. - Malik
And how is that done? Tell me more about what Helter Skelter means. - me
It means, Darkness. And trouble. - Malik
Are you Satan? Malik? What are you? - me

Malik responds to the last question by putting a cold temperature chill on me, and I see his black body with white eyes. Oh well. Shrug. Life with an Incubus, ruler of the Aliens that abduct people.

About their eyes

September 17 2013, 10:37 AM - I wrote this on a post on Facebook, thought I would share it here:

The Zetas had a nuclear power accident when trying to extract a huge amount of energy. They were forced to move under ground.

However, in a similar species I call Thubans, Thuban-human hybrids have similar body frame as Zetas. These hybrids have eyes that are green - but they wear black contact lenses that cover the eye, making their eyes look like Zeta eyes. I have yet to determine whether Zetas also wear these black contact lenses which would be the reason for their black eyes.

Thuban-human hybrids wear the black lenses for two reasons:
1. Protects their eyes from contaminants especially during work with humans, medical procedures, abductions. I have seen Thubans and similar creatures have to blast clean their eyes from adhered particles of contamination that got into their unprotected eyes, they would use a powerful stream of liquid to wash the eyes. They seem to lack the human ability to form tears to clean the eyes.

Thubans originated as dolphins or whales living in the seas of Alpha Draconis. One can assume that living in the sea the sea water provided natural washing of the eyes. Since they were genetically modified to live on land with the Reptilians, they may be lacking in a natural mechanism for cleaning the eyes. That is why Thuban-human hybrids at least, like to wear those protective lenses.

2. Thuban-human hybrids have goggle eyes that look VERY bizarre to a human. They don't want to scare a human. They also don't want to come across as strange. That is another reason why they wear the black contact lenses that make their eyes look like Zeta eyes.

Now that I am more acquainted with these Aliens, they feel more comfortable showing themselves to me WITHOUT the lenses, but on a normal practice they would wear the lenses when they meet a human, both to protect their eyes from contaminants and to shield the human from seeing what their eyes actually look like.

If similar reasoning applies to the Zetas I do not know. I have to investigate or wait to find out.

I suggest you people start reading on my website. It has a wealth of information on the many Alien races and in their own words.

The Stories section and Thoughts section are what have by far the most information. I can't keep up with updating the other sections of the website with new information.


Eva & her Aliens

Hamish. What else.

September 16 2013, 8:16 PM - Today I was studying when Dragon shows up showing me a mental image of a bright orange little mushroom he has found somewhere on a forest floor. Hamish then makes sure that I see the first row of pairs of bright orange blunt bumps on his forehead starting from above the eyes. He shows me the orange mushroom and shows me his blunt bumps on the forehead, showing me that they are the same. It is enough for him to show me this, he doesn't say anything at all about it. He just loves to show and tell me things. And I love seeing what Dragon finds in the world and what his thoughts about things are.

Hamish has blunt orange bumps

Hamish is a striking beautiful creature. Bright fire engine red color, and bright neon orange blunt bumps on his forehead and arms and also on his back hump. The back hump itself is a striking feature, a soft prominent cushion that is prone to get your attention, and covered by a row of black thorns equally spaced. A tiny little face with bright yellow eyes like headlights, with a brown vertical pupil like what reptiles have. Long tubular neck like a sock puppet, and a row of pairs of blunt orange bumps along his neck starting from above the eyes. Two little nostrils without a nose between his eyes, and a soft toothless mouth. Hamish's eyelids close when he is happy. When Dragons are happy their upper eyelids close diagonally across the eyes, with the diagonal leaning from inner corners down to outer corners. When Dragons are laughing or amused, their lower eyelids close up against the eye. When they are the most pleased, both pairs of eyelids close entirely covering the entire eye.

I threw away an old dress today and touched it for one last time, remembering all the times I've worn it, how I've felt wearing it, but it has a permanent stain of white paint that won't come out, and I had to tell myself there will be other new dresses that I love in the future. Still, it was a painful goodbye as the bag went into the trash. That is when I realized how Hamish must feel when his scales are shedding. He doesn't want to part from them, and he wants to know where they are. They are a part of him. I feel the same way about throwing away clothes. Clothes are the scales that cover my body.