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September 02 2013 - September 15 2013

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Yes, No, John Kerry

September 15 2013, 5:30 PM - So do I have a story for you. This is for the record my most favorite story in The Orion Project in the two years we've been running. This is my most favorite Reptilian Alien Agenda happening ever. And as a very rare treat I am going to give this one to you completely and totally uncensored.

You don't have to worry about my wife. - says John Kerry now
*giggle* *laughs* - me

So I was in bed for a private moment with myself if you know what I mean. Lately every time when I have a private moment with myself, the Agenda Reptilians will come around to do some MKULTRA training on me. Since I'm doing something sexual, the Agenda thinks it a perfect opportunity to steer my sexual energies if you will, into some images that they want to enforce. Basically it is a positive feedback system. Kind of like training a dog, if you give them a tasty treat then they will learn to associate potty training or fetch or sit with something positive that they will want to do in the future.

I've been very restrictive with the MKULTRA details on this website because I consider it very adult material and not suitable for children to be reading and also not suitable for most adults either. It is very scary stuff. So. When I'm having a private moment with myself

We are not with the Dragons. - says Hamish with a roar, showing me John Kerry's library
Ok Hamish. - me
They wanted to beat me. - says Hamish
Hamish? Did you chase them away? Are you ok? Are you safe Hamish? - me
Yes-No! - Hamish
Hamish? Are you safe Hamish? Do I have to protect you Hamish? - me
Yes-Noo! - Hamish
Hamish! Hamish are you safe! Hamish! Please Hamish! Be safe here! - me

Agenda showed up to put images into my mind of the following. First that they would put a drug on my tongue. And then, and I am still being very restricted on my details here, they would use electrodes in my brain to control my speech and other electrodes in my calf muscle to control my movements. They call this making a human into a "cyborg" they say. Then they show me images that I would be living married to a CIA man who treats me as if I were an animal, as if I were a pet.

Anyhow, that's the mild version of MKULTRA training done by the Agenda. But here's the fun awesome bit that is the best thing ever in The Orion Project totally. So this big green Reptilian shows up. He is a gorgeous tall handsome lizard man. Green scales, not the narrow tight head that Snake has for instance. He is very muscular

Yes, tell them I am not lean. - says green Reptile now

Very muscular. He wears clothing that is more like straps or bands across his chest and arms. Probably or definitely a kind of toolbelt to carry items on his person. He shows up and I am told that "Presidents will like me". Namely since they figured I was taking in the conditioning to turn me into the mind controlled cyborg MKULTRA puppet, I was told that Presidents would like me. Namely political leadership. The Agenda trains women like me, or conditions us, before we are fully suitable to bring to certain men. The purpose of that contact is to have sex and get these women pregnant. The Reptiles will then eat those babies. Yep. You didn't hear it here first.

The Reptile snuggles up close to me in bed and I can see his face and eyes and body so clearly. He isn't here he is in another dimension. I just go aww how cute you are, you are gorgeous! He liked being called gorgeous. But get this. He tells me he is John Kerry!

I asked some questions for the Reptile. He revealed that it is "easy" to shift his DNA so that he can shift shape between John Kerry the human and this green Reptile. I even started to being given glimpses of John Kerry the man in a black suit. He was in a room with a bookshelf filled with books and John Kerry said "welcome to my library". I said that on one condition, no two conditions I said:

You don't have to wash your hair or anything, you're good. - says John Kerry
Thank you Sir. I did tell you I have to stay awake. I don't want to miss this for the world! I'm gonna wanna see this. *giggles & laughter* - me

*laughter* So it seems I am going to be sent to a green Reptile man who is also John Kerry and this combo of a creature (if we can call John Kerry a creature) will have sex with me. I'm not gonna wanna miss that for the world. I've got to see this with my own eyes! Unbelievable. Amazing.

So the two conditions I said. Because he/they were mentioning that Kerry has a wife, I said that the first condition is that the wife does not get hurt, ie. because her husband is cheating on her. I said that a woman scorned is the worst enemy and I don't want to have to sleep with one eye open. But seriously no, I don't cheat with men who are married. I don't want to cause such a pain to any woman. And my other condition was that they let me stay awake for it and let me remember no matter what.

I asked Kerry is it difficult to have to live among humans all the time? He wouldn't answer that question because prior to that I asked if he prefers his life as a reptile or his life as a human and the answer was that he prefers his life as a reptile and then he didn't want me to ask any more questions.

You also asked me about my sons. - says Kerry with his hand on his chin
Yes? And what is the answer? - me
We don't really care. - Kerry
Yikes. Wow. So you don't care about these little babies that you have with women? - me
How could I care about them, they are not mine. - says Kerry
They are only "bitten" once. - Kerry
Wow John Kerry I have so many questions. - me
You were brought here as presents before. - Kerry
Oh? I was? Then could you let me stay awake next time? And if we're going on a date then you have to let me like do my makeup and stuff first you know? - me

Well, the conditioning was going so well this afternoon because I was kinda just going with the training you know. So the green Reptile or John Kerry asked - no it was John Kerry who asked - if I would take the drugs once I'm in his library. I said sure. They give women drugs when they take us there to see these men. The green Reptile several times wanted me to call him Lord, so I did now and then. He also said that he wanted to whip me. I said that I have done some D/s slave training so I could let him do some of it and I told the Reptile that I won't break as easily as most women might, but I said that they cannot kill me, I want to stay alive.

The best thing is, since I am not an American, I do not know these men well. When they said John Kerry I was absolutely and perfectly convinced that they meant the man who looks like John McCain so that was the person I expected this to be. Would you have had me on who wants to be a millionare the game show where you can win money if you answer questions correctly, and the final million dollar question would have been to match John Kerry with what he looks like I would have absolutely not even used my lifelines and thought it was John McCain. So when in the mental interaction I am shown the man Kerry I was surprised that it didn't look like McCain but I have to say I recognized this man Kerry from television or something before I'm sure. And now an internet search on John Kerry was exactly the man that I was seeing in my interaction with the Reptile and with Kerry.

We won't send you any Agents don't worry. - says Kerry who must be sensing that I'm REALLY anxious that they will send the FBI or something to kill me with snipers and shut down my website for writing this inconspicuous little story here

Hey here's something that will prove this once and for all. I am right now in such close connection to John Kerry that I sense that he has a lisp. I declare this is something I would not have known from television or anything. He has a serious lisp, or maybe that's his Reptile with his snakey tongue and a hiss.

But I was just cooing at them both. I was so amazed to be talking to John Kerry, not that I really knew who he was. And this fantastic gorgeous green Reptile man.

I was wearing a suit. - says green Reptile
What suit were you wearing? Are you actually John Kerry, or were you only lying to me about it for some reason? - me
We wanted our eggs. - Hamish or green Reptile
We are wearing suits here. - says green Reptile and shows me John Kerry wearing a black suit
Ok. - me
She says, 'give us the evidence.' - Hamish to Lady Thuban
Yes, Hinch! - Thuban to Hamish

The green Reptile said that he wants me and John Kerry to get me pregnant and the Reptile calls that "bread". The babies will be taken to the forest and killed and eaten by the Reptile. I was just amazed that it was John Kerry. The green Reptile kept asking me if I wasn't surprised, because I was so normal about it all. So I said that no I had already read about Reptilian shapeshifters into political figures and that once I got to meet Colin Powell similarly too. I mean I just saw Colin Powell talking to me and in a clear mental image.

She wants to put some powder on. - says John Kerry to someone about me and snickers
Yes. I would have impeccable makeup before I go on a date with John Kerry. - me
Impeccable you say. - John
Yes. You won't catch me on a date without my makeup on! - me

His reptile is gorgeous and fantastic. I got to see that reptile

We are also called lizzies. - says Kerry's reptile
You are beautiful. I hope to know you for the rest of my life and be good friends with you. You're one of my favorite Reptiles ever! - me
Would you have a shower first. - says Kerry
Of course I would. Just let me know when to get ready. - me
It is my shoorah. - says my black reptilian concerned

Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. I don't know. If this really is John Kerry aka his shapeshifting green Reptilian man, and if they abide by my conditions and Mrs. Kerry isn't harmed by any of this then I wouldn't mind having a rendezvous at Kerry's library and take those drugs that they're offering me. I don't know. I must be really messed up. I mean, on one hand I'm so traumatized by all these rapes that I couldn't even be with my boyfriend and stopped returning his calls and get traumatized when a man such as Ashtar visits my home. Then I'm like all adoring over these men that the Agenda bring me to. I mean, it's even reached a point where I cannot imagine any other man for myself than the CIA man they are conditioning me to. So in my mind John Kerry is actually a hottie. It is weird I know.

We don't have spines. - says green Reptilian, who also earlier said that they don't have skeletons, and I had said that surely John Kerry has a skeleton

His reptilian is gorgeous. Then for the fact that I will get pregnant, hm maybe that in itself is ok. I mean say if me and Kerry had a baby and I got to keep it and he would pretend like he never saw me in his life, I would have the baby and carry on as a single mother and love that child forever and ever. So the only issue here is, except infidelity, which I take seriously

It is not a matter. - says Kerry/green Reptile
We are not at his house anymore. The maids don't know either. - green Rep whispers to me
Kerry has maids?!?? - me
You Kembraah! - my Orion black reptile, calling me a "fool"

So the problem here is that babies get killed and eaten. So I had asked Kerry if it doesn't bother him, because his baby boys are exactly half of who he is. He isn't concerned, and I told him that he doesn't have any empathy or love toward babies.

I didn't get out of bed to write down all the verbatim chats. But once Hamish showed up and said "This is my nest!" to the visiting intruders, and then Hamish said "Yes, No, John Kerry!", it was just too precious and I had to get up and write this down.

This goes down in history as my most favorite Alien experience in the Agenda so far. Why? Because the green Reptilian was kinda awesome. Oh, and when I told the Reptilian that I would play some dominance games with him, he started out the games by telling me to get down on the floor and kneel to him. It turns Reptilians on in an almost sexual way to do dominance and submission games, though they only like to play the dominant part.

And it was awesome to see Kerry. It's just cool to be a part of this story of MKULTRA women being trained and taken to see high profile politicians and other influential people who according to legend are Reptilian shapeshifters from another dimension. It's totally cool to be a part of this story, so that I can be the reporter and tell you how it all goes down. I will be furious if they bring me to Kerry's office and don't let me remember events. Furious, I say. That would be too cool to miss out on and be made to forget.

Kerry had commented when he saw me that I was not "pig faced", and that some of the women they bring to him are. I guess that was his compliment, that I wasn't pig faced. But I told him I would do my makeup and stuff.

We would start by putting you in the closet. - says an Alien to me
Why closet? - me

Important disclaimer: I am not responsible for this story. I was visited by a green Reptilian who claims that he is John Kerry. The Orion Project is a documentary on Alien behaviors. It is my duty to document what they say and what they do accurately. "Draconianism" as I call it is an interesting phenomenon involving Alien visitations from other worlds, and entangles with conspiracy theories, the occult and the paranormal. A key feature to this story are the legends of Reptilians being shapeshifters, capable of adopting a human appearance and thus posing as influential people in our world, such as politicians, royalty, celebrities, and others with direct impact on our daily lives. Reptilians are notoriously power hungry and dominating and this is part of how they rule the Earth. It was inevitable that John Kerry be mentioned in this story one time or another. I am not the sole author nor the primary author on this topic. Other royals, politicians, etc. have also been mentioned overall. It is a consequence of Reptilian behavior, and the authors brave enough to report on these shenanigans should not, in my opinion, be held personally responsible for acting in the role of a witness.

Absolutely no disrespect is meant against Mr. John Kerry or his family or loved ones. He must accept that he is a public figure which regretfully puts him at risk of being involved in strange conspiracy stories like the one about Reptilians. An alternative theory must be considered that maybe the Reptilians are only posing as influential humans so that they could instill respect in the humans that they encounter. For instance, a Reptilian who wants to be honored by a human, might think that he will be far more successful in getting honored if he presents himself as Earth royalty instead of in his Reptilian form.

Plus everything else that goes into a disclaimer, such as this is not my fault, don't kill me, I'm really scared for consequences for writing this story, don't shut down my website we have freedom of speech, I mean no harm, and I'm really sorry, and blame the green Reptilian don't blame me!

Would you take a bath first. - says the green Reptilian who said he is John Kerry, and this rep's sizeable white penis is out
Am I gonna have sex with you? Of course I would have a bath for you. - me
Because we don't want you to stink. - green Rep
Ok. Surely. - me, for the record, I don't stink

Eek!!!! Yikes!!! I am now seeing John Kerry's face and it looks like it's melting off!!! Yaaa!!!

I didn't mean to do it. - says Kerry/green Reptile
I won't kiss you like that. - says Kerry/green Rep with Kerry's body malfunctioning

Why do you wear straps on your chest? - I ask the green Reptile because I see he has two belts across his chest in the form of an 'X'
He responds by showing me a mental thought image of a long sword kept horisontally across the two belts against his belly, with the handle on the right side and the blade end on the left
Don't worry, they won't hurt you. - green Rep says, meaning the swords, and he sound like he was nice and he meant it too

My bathroom. - says Hamish (NL)
Hamish's bathroom. - I say
They can't have their penises there. - says Hamish because I read the part about green Reptile being in the bathroom with his penis out

I forgot to say: green Reptile said that he wanted me to be his "hillock". Luckily I know by now what hillock means, not that they ever sat down to explicitly tell me. Hillock is a sadism prostitute. Someone who is the recipient of the Reptilians' lust games of dominance, with sadistic and D/s elements involved. I told them I could do some, but don't kill me or anything. Of course I will let you know if I have hillock activities with the Reptilian. Or if I have sex with Kerry. I don't leave out the good bits or leave you wondering.

I swear it looked as if I was in Kerry's office in the library and sitting on his lap facing him while he was sitting on a chair and he was dressed by I was naked. I swear I was given that mental image and no I don't fantisize about people like that. I think this is highly disrespectful against this man and I wish this wasn't happening. But meanwhile in this dimension I am sitting here, fully clothed, and typing on a computer and listening to classical music while enjoying the sun go down in my window. Kerry then showed me to his bookshelf and told me he has some things there behind some books. If you remove some of the books he has small plastic pockets with powdery drug. He asked me if I wanted some, I said sure why not. I'm just curious to see what happens, that's what. I say that I insist that I get to stay awake, and PLEASE transfer my awareness into that body if I'm already there! He then says:
I don't want you to see when I erupt. - says Kerry and thinks of an image of a volcano
We also have hotels where we go. - says Kerry
PLEASE!!! don't make me stay asleep for it if anything happens!!! I want to stay AWAKE and REMEMBER!!! Otherwise I will be furious! - me
They tell me you are one of the slaves? - Kerry
Yep. Pretty much almost! - me

Watching Nature Films with the Boys
And Ashtar visiting

September 14 2013, 3:30 PM - Orion black lizard has been sitting on the sofa all day ever since Ashtar has forbidden them from taking more of my eggs. Ashtar has been here guarding me all day ever since last night. Orion lizard says he hasn't taken any more Shoorah! from me. And he keeps being polite and saying Omrigosh instead of Kembraah! so that is nice. I just reply Omrigosh to the fellow. He thinks about how he's rather here than down below in the mines where the Orion lizards extract materials to make all those bombs that they place everywhere and threaten people into obedience with.

So me and Orion lizard and Hamish and Ashtar are watching nature programs on television. Orion lizard sits next to me on the sofa, Ashtar stands in the hallway feeling concerned about Hamish, and Hamish stands closer to the television. Orion lizard sees some marine life and tells me that they have those down in the water at the undersea alien base in Komi Saki. Then he sees a penguin and says that they don't have those in Komi Saki.

Hamish sees some closeups of a toad and he says:
I did not want to mate with it. - said Hamish about the toad
No, .. - says me
But it looked good. - said Hamish

So I thought that Hamish had wanted to mate with the toad. Hmm. But then a minute later he adds:
Because it was mating. It was an insect that wanted to lay eggs. So I don't want to walk in that forest! - said Hamish

This was a precious example of how easy it is to misunderstand an alien, read Hamish, as well as illustrative on how Dragon Turtle Hamish thinks. The prior scene was of a centipede that wrapped itself around the body of a gecko lizard. I had been reading the subtitles (I had the show on mute) so I knew that the centipede was in fact eating the lizard as its prey. But Hamish had only seen the video and he thought that the insect was mating with the lizard since it had its body wrapped around the lizard's. I guess in a strange way and if you've only got eggs on your mind like Hamish does it could look as if they were mating. But we all humans on Earth know that centipedes don't mate with geckos. So Hamish was still thinking about mating when he saw the toad. Maybe even he was still thinking about the gecko, and not the toad, with his thoughts lingering on.

As for the toad "looking good". Remember this? (Scroll down to Froggie Snacks) Hamish tends to think froggies look tasty.

Meanwhile Ashtar thinks of Hamish as the enemy and thinks that Hamish and the other Reptiles should be locked away in a prison. Ashtar tells me that he is not old yet, but he wants to secure the future for his children for future generations. The Agenda has solicited Ashtar and his people for eggs and children. And unlike the crazy lady on this page who thinks that the Agenda and hybrid programs are Safe, Fortunate, and Special, people like Ashtar and me who have seen what happens to those children would like to disagree. Children are subject to torture, pedophilia, medical experiments, ritual sacrifice, and consumption. Meanwhile I am trying to explain to Ashtar how Hamish is my best friend in the world. Hamish is not responsible. Even the Santinians try to protect Hamish and his race of Sock Turtles. Hamish may be a carnivore, so that he eats when livers and snacks are offered to him, but he is not evil by any shape or fashion.

I have had some really good hearty cries today out of my love for Hamish, because of how Ashtar thinks of Hamish as the enemy, how Hamish has been entered into the Colliseum in the past. I just cry. I have seen the world through Sock Dragon's eyes, I am so close to him as if I were living in him. I know who and what he is. I can't let anyone harm Sock Dragon, and I certainly won't let Ashtar come into Hamish and mine home and disrespect Sock Dragon. Ashtar doesn't know Hamish. I tell Ashtar that humans eat cows and animals and to tackle with that problem first. I wrote this earlier today about Ashtar I also got to see and talk to Ashtar's wife some. She also has brown hair.

But now I must go back to watching some more television with the Boys (Ashtar included, since he hangs around), and I must guard Hamish from Ashtar while Ashtar guards me from the Agenda Aliens. I am keeping a very close watch on Hamish, monitoring his whereabouts and well-being. I won't let any distress come to my Turtle Sock.

Books, by Malik

September 13 2013 - "You were meant to have it!", says Malik about the little book on out of body experiences. A few years ago Malik possessed a friend of mine and influenced him to bring me four Aleister Crowley books and to talk to me about Thelema and Crowley all night until 5 AM nonstop like a mad possessed person. These behaviors were totally unlike this friend. When I had the Crowley books, Malik said, "You were meant to have them! So sit down and read!" Malik instructed me to take "mescaline" when I read Crowley's verses, but I neither took mescaline nor read Crowley. I read a few lines but I couldn't understand any of them so I put them aside. It is very dense literature.

Now Malik has done it again! I've known Malik to take great interest in bookshelves and he browses all the book titles very carefully. He goes through the bookshelf here in our home and the bookshelf in our living room. The other day our neighbor was cleaning out and he ended up knocking on our door and we ended up with a bunch of their stuff like videos and bags of books. I paid no attention to the books they didn't interest me.

This morning mom has pulled out one book on exercise from the bags, and another little stapled booklet called "Out of body phenomenon, a way into other worlds" laid out spread open on the kitchen table. She tells me it is fascinating.

I am sorry we did that. - says Malik with the most miserable voice and most miserable facial expression he can muster
But Malik! Thank you for bringing me books! I am grateful! I will read this book on out of body experiences, and I hope to see you... urmh... in the other world! - me
Yess! She is with me! - says Malik and grabs my hand tight as if we were new best friends
You are funny Malik. You bring me books. And now you want me to visit you in the other world. - me
Yes, that was the plan, wink. - says Malik, and winks

And when I picked up the book from the kitchen table, because it was so laid out there I had to see what the thing was about, Malik said, "You were meant to have it!", as I wrote at the top. So here we go. I am going into the other worlds in out of body experiences. Do I dare to meet them? Will I see Hamish there, my beautiful beloved Hamish Dragon? What will happen? Find out next.

The Shenanigans of Mr. Siph in India

September 13 2013 - Last night Malik wanted romance and he worried about his personal hygiene so he went into our bathtub with his penis out wanting some soap and water. I didn't get out of bed to assist him so I told him to help himself with soap and water and that we have fresh towels in the linen closet or to use my towel hanging next to the bath tub if he wants. He said he likes his water hot and steamy so it would be like a sauna there! After a while I notice Malik laying on top of my body in bed. "Malik? Are you on top of me?", I asked. Sure he was.

I woke up at night and couldn't sleep because the black reptilian who is from Orion but doesn't have the pointy ears and is not the same make as the Orion doctor (who does have the pointy ears), he kept telling me "Omnis", which is like a shorter form of Omrigosh which means hello. "Omnis", he said, but he was filling me with negative shenanigans and my mind was flooded with the madness and negativity from his influence I couldn't sleep and for the first time my patience ran out with this Mister. He has consistently been rude, he just comes here to yell at me "Kembraah!" or "You fool!", "Give us your Shoorah!" and he is never nice. But now my patience ran out. I told him to leave.

In the morning hours as I slept I was taken to India in the astral world where Dark Lord Siph who has been ever so quiet finally made his appearance. He came in the form of an Indian man, drugged me with a spiked ice-cream or slush and raped me. He was strangling me to kill me, he was hitting me with his fists and beating me. At one point I thought I was dying, but someone I think Santinians told me no and they saved me. Dark Lord Siph showed me how he possesses an Indian man and makes him drug, kidnap, rape, strangle, kill, and chop to pieces homeless Indian children. I was shown that he empties chopped up pieces of Indian children into a stream leading to a sewer tunnel. Siph said that "rats" will eat the parts. I said, what about the skeleton? Those won't disappear?

Later I find Hamish! standing in the sewer tunnel. I see his red Dragon Turtle body, and he has a full set of black spines along his hump back, like Yellow Turtle has here. Hamish was munching on those body parts. Interestingly, note that Santinians and benevolent deities who protect humans, they also protect Hamish and his race.

Siph wanted to kill me and cremate me and spread my ashes on the floor there. A divine deity with a red aura and so much gold in his halo that it looks like solid golden jewelry who said he was from an astral world and that his name is Siddharta came to visit me and was concerned and protecting me against Dark Lord Siph. I learned from Siph and Siddharta about the spirit world of India. How people of India want to cremate their deceased because it keeps their departed safe from Dark Lords. Dark Lord Siph is hence a dark spirit of India. Siph told me how he possesses Indian people, and how he even possesses elephants and makes them filled with fury and trample down human settlements and stomp people to death.

I wrote a very elaborate detailed report on nine Word document pages but it contains graphic elements and will be featured in one of the future telepathy books uncensored. A censored milder version might appear in the censored version of the book.

I yelled at Hamish for eating those body parts, well I can't blame Hamish for the death of those children but I didn't want him eating possibly unclean foods like that. Hamish showed me his red Duck Feet and how they had mud on them now. Hamish is like an innocent carnivore, like a big dog. A big hungry dog would have eaten on those body parts too. I told Hamish to come home and let me take care of him. My big red Dragon Turtle.

Yeah, don't I always have a story for you?

Monarch Mind Control Link

September 12 2013 -

We don't give you AIDS, ok? - says either Stanislav or a Reptilian or something
Who is speaking? - me
Because we know you were worried about that. - he speaks

Today's Thoughts page brought up the HIV test I was given in the underground abduction before sex with Stanislav. (I still think it was first Olav then Stanislav. Hamish said it was Stanislav. Maybe he didn't see Olav. Maybe I didn't see Olav. I don't want to see Olav. But I don't mind seeing Stanislav. He's hot.) In fact. Stanislav is a brown winged Dragon. I was once taken to an underground castle and this amazing man had beautiful hot sex with me. Afterwards he shapeshifted into a big dark winged Dragon. So I think Stanislav might be a Dragon. But he shows himself to me as a human. I think they're all Dragons. Maybe I'm a Dragon.

So I really came to post this:
Monarch Mind Control - only for adults children do not link to this page
Yes we use it to make slaves. - says Malik before I had the chance to cross my t's and dot my i's
There is no ink on this paper. - Malik says, true, there were no t's to cross or i's to dot, it was only figuratively speaking. Malik notices it all. My Malik.

I haven't read it all yet but the parts I did scroll through make me contend two things:
1. The Aliens use mind control programs precisely as per the book. Their calling me a "cat" is all part of it. Malik sending me to the Free Mason for D/s Master/slave training, mind control and hypnosis was part of it. All is part of it.
2. How did I get into this MKULTRA thing? What the? I don't have Satanism in my family for instance. How did I walk down this path to become an Alien MKULTRA victim? I will find out.

Stewart Swerdlow is a man who concluded that the military disguise themselves as aliens when they do MKULTRA. I've reached the opposite conclusion that it's the aliens who disguise themselves as humans when they do MKULTRA. I would love to have an intelligent conversation with Stewart about our differing conclusions on the same topic.

I'm sorry Aliens weren't nice and cute and that they don't wear a cute red hoodie and ride in the bicycle basket like in the movie E.T. I'm just reporting on the Aliens I've met. It's the only Aliens I've got for you. Actually I've also got the nice ones, Ummo, Pleiadians, Sirians, all of the others also on the line. But let's just see what this sinister Agenda thing is all about.

Tune back for your next episode next time. Will Eva marry that mysterious CIA man with blonde hair whose name is Clemens, and will they fall madly in love? Where is he and what's taking him so long? Why do the Aliens tell him that she isn't ready yet, to give it a few more months? Will the ex Free Mason who still writes finally leave her alone, only to be replaced by man # 3 in the Agenda dating scheme. Meanwhile man # 1 is writing again, the crazy ex Satanist who wanted to kill and bury children in the forest. Could Eva find a real man in the real dating scene? Is that even possible anymore?

Will she be given more rohypnol and an assortment of drugs to take? Will they do more of those electric shocks that I can't talk about? Will she dare out into the woods to see the UFOs at night, or will that only lead to abductions by new teams of evil Aliens or being trampled by a moose? Who will rape her next time? Will it be the Japanese man Toshi? Or Tomo Tom-Tom? Olav? Suleski? Or Stanislav? Find out! In our next episode!

Meet Rose

September 11 2013 - Here is a drawing of the "Zeta Remulan" who works on the UFO that was called to my attention when I was telepathically sending out the message that I want to see UFOs. Her boss is the green Reptile who said that he is from Alpha Thetis and to call him King. This ET team is not the same as mine. My team's equivalent of their Alpha Thetan Reptile King and Zeta Remulan, is my Hamish Dragon and Lady Thuban Auntie.

I was abducted on the first night that I called out for UFOs on September 9 2013 by this team. They are also after my eggs. The Zeta Remulan has surprisingly female and human facial features and even a smile. She was the first one they let me see, so that I would not be afraid. Her behavior is very gentle and motherly. She is the welcome committee and spokesperson. I named her Rose since, like many Zetas, there is the color pink about her. I haven't seen her face clearly enough to make the drawing more exact, but notice the smile and that her head is a different shape than "typical Zetas", a larger more block-shaped head as well as with a smaller bulge at the back of the head lower down near the neck. Her eyes are also smaller than typical Zetas. "Rose" says that she is a machine and not a living person.

Alpha Thetis, Zeta Remulans

September 11 2013 - I connected to Aliens in a UFO who are not from my team, see here. The UFO has Zetas working there and their boss is a green Reptile, who when I asked for his name said to call him King. King Reptile mentioned not just one but two new Alien worlds of origin. Neither of which show up anything in an internet search and are not known, it seems, by any other sources on Alien life. Here's what they were:

Alpha Thetis - the green Reptile King claims to have come from Alpha Thetis. Alpha Thetis had a war long time ago against the Draconians. Malik has in the past said that he is from Alpha Thetis.
Yes we are, you sheep! - hollers the green King Reptile
Human Astronomers don't know about this place. - me
It is all known. - Malik or King

Zeta Remulans - the interesting thing is, King calls his Zeta workers "Zeta Remulans". I asked isn't it "Zeta Reticulans", as in popular literature? But no. He calls them Zeta Remulans.

If any of my readers have heard of Alpha Thetis or Zeta Remulans in the context of Alien visitations and origins, please write me and let me know! This is unchartered terrain in the study of Alien visitations!

King Reptile's Zeta Remulan asks me to lie down now.
You are not our cattle. You are treated better. - Zeta
Will I stay awake? I want to be awake. - me
Alright then. Welcome aboard! - says King Reptile and shows me the entrance to their spaceship
I would be happy to visit with you all. I would do anything you say. Except, give you, my life. - me
Please, use some tooth paste. - says the Zeta from King's spaceship
I am not a Zeta! - the Zeta says
What are you then? - me
I am a menace. - says a Reptilian
What now? - me
Yes. Give us all your eggs. - says a Reptilian
... I can't give you all of them. They belong to Hamish. I have given them to someone. Don't fight! - me
No we won't. Because then we would feel lust. - Reptile says, meaning fighting makes them feel lust

Japanese Newsflash

September 11 2013 - Latest Japanese Dragon Dynasty news. Besides that the Aliens showed me one of theirs crotch - with underwear - last night. Hamish blurted out that "His real name is Tomo!" and I think he means Tom-Tom. I declare this is a soap opera...

Claiming-streak Continues
and Sadistic sex with the Reptiles

September 11 2013 - I made some lemonade by squeezing a lemon. "My apples!" said Hamish. When I was studying I had a red, blue, and black pen beside me. "My pen!" said Hamish about the red pen. "My Hamish!", is what I say to Dragon when he does his claiming-streak. It is some kind of Dragon behavior and I'm not sure how to react or how to behave around it. I'm sure my response of finding it cute and adorable isn't quite right.

I am a firm believer of Law Of Attraction, and have used it in the past to create the perfect man for me. Law Of Attraction asks you to visualize the person you want in your life in every detail, visualize scenes, images, feelings, and so forth. So I was doing that when Snake the Reptile appears. Snake and Malik hijack my thoughts and start altering the images I am having so that it better suits them. So, as I was daydreaming of looking at the perfect wedding picture of me and the perfect husband, I was visualizing a friendly sweet man, Snake hijacks the daydream and turns the man into a sadist. Snake wants the man to beat me and tie me up and Snake also wants him to bite me on the neck. Humans don't bite. But Reptiles do. Snake got all turned on from the thoughts of sadism and he was trying to get me into it too, because the Reptiles need a human's lust energy to twist it into their desires so that they can enjoy the "lust". I wasn't happy about it.

Malik was involved too. Malik looked at me, he was black and he made sure I saw that his eyes were all white, this time, without even the pale gray speck for a pupil. I told Malik that how can he see with nothing in his eyes? When I confronted Snake and asked him what he was doing why was he trying to hijack my thoughts and lust and wanting me to engage in sexual sadism (which turned out into just sadism without any sexual) with me, Snake tells me to blame it on The Eye. So it seems that The Eye and the Dark Lords have confiscated the Reptilians. Malik, I'm finding out, is a bona fide sexual sadist.

Malik? You are a sadist. Aren't you. - me
Well, I am not gentle here. If that is what you meant. - Malik
I meant that you enjoy hurting people sexually. I mean that when you hurt people you derive a sexual satisfaction from it. Don't you. - me
I don't want you to write that I torture them. - Malik
I won't write that no. - me

And then I was shown Hamish! Hamish was wearing that leather mask again! It is a snug-fitting leather mask that covers his mouth and maybe also his nose. I've seen him wearing it once or twice before. It is black and maybe leather, but at least it is black! I've wondered if it's a gas mask. I sometimes think that Reptilians aren't compatible with the air here. (Reptilians like it very warm, they like the air thick and with high humidity. Dinosaurs too.) But Bird solved the mystery by telling me that Hamish wears it so that he won't bite. So you can't have Hamish in a room with Aliens or humans and expect him to mind his manners. He would bite. And sure enough I see Hamish biting people all the time. He even bites me sometimes but he has no teeth so it's an adorable bite without much force behind it. Kind of like just a fun nibble. I love Hamish.

Hamish, I love you. I love you. You are my Dragon. You have been acting strange today. - me
I am not doing that now. - Hamish
Doing what now? - me
Acting strange. - Hamish
I love you anyways. And you can have all of my lemons that you call apples, and all of my cucumbers that you call sandwiches. - me
I called them rolls. - Hamish

True. I translated it wrong. He said the word in my native language for a bread roll. I translated it sandwich and that is wrong.

Hamish? Cucumber. And lemons. - me
I don't care about what it meant. - says Hamish the red Dragon
And, my pyy-pyy! - Hamish claims my personal privates
And my cheese. - Hamish adds, claiming cheese, in my native language
Hamish's cheese. - me

It's just one of those days... at least it's not a Hissy Fit, cause we went through one of those once too.

With regard to Snake's love of sadistic sexual games with humans, it goes without saying that this is surely an extension of this creature's instinct for hunting prey for food. I like to think of it the same way as how humans love to eat sugar and fat. Humans are mostly foragers I'm sure, or farmers, so hunting has probably never been our major source of sustenance. But for Reptilians, who most definitely have to kill if they want to eat, the act of killing becomes the source of sensory reward because it leads to feeding oneself. I think Snake's behaviors make perfect sense, if you remember that he is a Reptilian extraterrestrial animal, and not a human.

Last night the Aliens showed me the crotch of the Japanese man but he was wearing underwear. Because last time when they showed me his crotch but he was naked then I got upset and offended. So now they showed me him wearing underwear. I'm starting to get really tired of all the sexual things. Real tired.

Hamish on a claiming-streak
Zetas and Lady Thuban
And Cattle livestock management

September 11 2013 - Hamish is claiming things today. In the morning I called for Hamish to come visit me. I miss my smelly red Dragon when he's not near. He said he was someplace where it was very warm. He needs warm places. But then he said "My carpet" and other "My" things claiming things that he saw around my room. He didn't say much else. And in our mental interaction I could see this red Dragon and I was also aware of his smelly Dragon smell. He has a fragrant body odor that is very unique. When Hamish has a room of his own, such as the room in the Alien underground base, it becomes covered in his body secretions, the viscous orange ooze from ruptured orange blunt bumps on his body is responsible for most of the smell. I like Hamish and his smell. It's just part of the Hamish experience.

Then I went to fix a cucumber salad. As I'm chopping cucumber, Hamish looks at the cucumber and says "My sandwich". I start laughing, cause it ain't a sandwich! "Hamish! Is this your sandwich! Tell me what it is!", I chuckle. "Oh my sandwich?!" says Dragon, thinking the problem was that I had challenged his ownership of the... sandwich.

Hamish owns everything today. Little and small. Important things and meaningless things. Hamish owns it all. And I'm having a great time cause Dragon is so cute I'm just laughing when he does that.

Last night when I went to bed the Zetas were very chatty about what they do, where they are from, all of it. I couldn't write it down and I don't even remember the specifics anymore cause they caught me at a time when I was falling asleep.

This morning Lady Thuban molested the little hybrid boy who I call my little man. Thuban has sensitive arms and touches the hybrid children. Thuban likes to show me and expects me to be part of the feelings network, but I told her no and got upset at her. Then they were showing me to the man I think is with the CIA or something similar. Maybe it's Clemens. He and I are meant to get married and have children. It's an Agenda conspiracy, part of the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. (TM). He will be the third man I was set up with. I actually look forward to meeting him. Or I thought that I did.

It's not really the man's idea either. I don't know if we can be paired together and made to be in love and have a marriage and children like that? But the Aliens sure do try. Malik talks to this man directly and talks to him about the importance that a) I am made into a Cat which means that I am a Crystal, whatever that means, and Malik and his Agenda wants to subdue me, and b) that I have children with this man or some man who is "Agenda breeding stock", for whatever reason.

Then the Agenda gave the man the white powdery drug that he put on his nose. It's the same sex drug that the Aliens used to give me until they believed me when I say that I don't want it so they have stopped giving it to me. We are just cattle to the Aliens. That is what this is all about. The Aliens try to sell the idea of me to the man by saying that I will be his Cat. It's all a tragedy.

I nearly forgot. When I went to the bathroom Hamish claimed the toilet paper. I laughed of course. Oh Dragon you big red smelly thing that I love so much forever. Oh and in the morning when I was asking him to please come visit cause I missed him so much, Hamish was acting unusually dominating and showing his power and he said that he wanted me to lie down on the bedroom floor for him so that he could step on me. When Hamish wants to step on someone on the floor with his foot that means the utter display of dominance for him. What is up with Ham-mish today? He's being a Dragon today. Dominating and territorial.

Hamish? How are you feeling today of all days? - me
I don't want to feel today. - says Hamish
How was your night when I was asleep? Was it good? Did you have a good night last night? Hamish? What is going through your mind? What are you thinking today? Hamish? - me
Hamish faces me and shows me his eyelids are closing. This is a Dragon's smile. He looks at me and smiles in the Dragon smile.
My Honored Turtle. I love you. I hope you are ok. You can own the cu.. sandwich. - me

Birthday Wishes

September 09 2013 - Life with Extraterrestrial Space Dragon:

Hinch, Hunch, and Hysch

September 08 2013 - Hinch. And Hinch does not mean hello. It is a very bad word in the Thuban language. It probably beats the caliber of most human swearwords from the sound and use of it. Here is Lady Thuban Auntie with her mouth open exposing the yellow baleen.

Also don't miss: today's Letter to SETI 09082013 Lady Thuban Auntie

Orion man and his gun visits
Sexy with Pakeha

September 08 2013 - Good morning. I woke up to being aware of the black reptilian sitting on the middle seat of our living room sofa. As always, he has a difficult and fiesty attitude.

We are only here for our eggs. - says he or otherwise Hamish
I was meant to be here for them. - says the black reptile
Yes. Welcome. Let me know if you would need anything while you are here. - me
I don't want to go down to prison, that is why. - black reptile
Welcome here with me. You are welcome. I am your friend. - me

So I asked him, because long I have been wondering, "Are you and Malik the same person?" He says no. He says he is from "Alpha Orionis". So this mystery guest is finally identified, and not surprisingly, he is a man from Orion. As I thought. So any references throughout this website of a "black reptile" or "black reptilian" it is he, an Alpha Orion man. He doesn't have the pointy ears. He tends to wear a dark purple thick rubber uniform. Whereas the other Alpha Orion man I have been acquainted with had the pointy ears, a narrower head than he, yellow eyes, and the white sleeveless shirt with the upside down pyramid symbol on it and works with bacteria and samples collecting. This Alpha Orion man has different scales, his eyes are black, and he seems to work as a guard. This one is not my "Orion doctor".

This Orion man has a white L-shaped gun with him and when I first told him I am his friend and welcome here, he told me that then "he won't be needing this anymore" and meant his gun on his waist. He seems very nervous here, he has his hand on the white gun and he looks around nervously. Could it be my Hamish who is scaring him?

Last night Pakeha came to ask me (well, I can't say they really ask) to teach him how to masturbate. Thinking that he is an adult man and obviously in need of my help, I promised him I would teach him everything I knew about these romantic things. But then he added, "but no romance" or did he say "no love". So he wants to learn the purely sexual mechanic aspects but without any feelings of love or romance or affection. I asked him whether he was sexually attracted to seeing a naked human woman, and I told him that for starters human men are and that leads to arousal. He said that he was not, as I expected. I told him we should find out what arouses him, and I told him that for a man to be sexually active, he needs to find some source of arousal that is either mentally or physically stimulated or both. See? I am helping him. I am teaching him.

He said that he wanted to give me a "love bite" he said. I asked does that turn him on? The thought of dominating me and of biting me made him feel arousal, because when I am mentally telepathically linked to an Alien it isn't just words that are transferred, I am also feeling their emotions and bodily sensations. He is able to move my body at his will. Several of the Alien races have displayed the ability to possess my body and move my muscles, and they can use this to maneuver an abductee at great strength and speed and dexterity, beyond what I seem to be capable to do myself. So he made me put my hand on my privates. But gladly we didn't get much farther than that before either I fell asleep or it stopped so I don't have to censor anything.

I don't recall any conscious abductions from last night. The Orion man is still here and holding his hand on his gun on his waist, he looks around as if expecting a battle any moment.

Dear Orion man, my guest, who are you afraid would come here? Who are you expecting to have to battle? - me
We want your feces. - Orion man tells me
And you can have it. - me
Can we take as much as we want? - Orion
We come here at 4 o'clock. - Orion says, he means at 4 AM abductions
Yes, welcome then. I hope to see you then. - me
You are a nice one. Usually they want to bite me. - Orion
It is a privilege to have contact with a man from Orion. - me

Yes, one of the last things last night, the Aliens said they wanted fecal samples from me. I suspect that it is in part for metabolic studies of my food and metabolism, but they also use rows of human feces to lay Insect Mantid eggs into for their first stage of development. Larger adult-size pods with developing Insect Mantids then grow somewhere else. I've been shown. I'm very fascinated with the Insects. We have intelligent conversations.

Welcome, Orion man. Let me know would you need anything here, I would be glad to assist. Or if there is anything you would like to do, or see here. - me
I would like to go to your libraries. And see check out all your books. - Orion, and now he shows me a mental image of our living room bookshelf, but I'm sure the first reference was to an actual library
Yes, you certainly may. Our town library is closed today on Sunday, but we have several books here. I will read for you if you find one that you would like to see. After all, you have taught me words in your Father's language. - me
... Give us your Shoorah! - Orion, doesn't sound angry though

The Orion man on two occasions this morning showed me a mental image of himself naked. The scaly skin throughout his body is black, and in these images he showed me his penis. It is white and slender and rather small. They, like Reptilians, do not have a glans or scrotum. The reason he shows me is clearly not for his personal sexual arousal or stimulation. This is a situation about fertility, the survival of species, and my eggs. I asked him whether he was fertile

Tell them that we are not here to give you copulation. - Orion man says
Why do you show me your naked, privates? What is the reason that you show me? - me
It is our DNA! And our eggs! - Orion, meaning my eggs are his/their eggs

I had asked him if he was fertile, if he did have semen or seed and if he could make babies with a woman. He did not answer. I said to him it is an easy question to answer yes or no, but he did not say.

It seems, that the Alpha Orions are under siege by the Reptilians. They are captive and I hate to say it even this Orion man's Father was tortured to death by the Reptilians. This fact bothers this man every day. Even though I call this "The Orion Project", the atrocities and plans of the Agenda are by no means an Orion plan. The Orions are one of its victims, as are the Dinosaurs and green Insect Mantids. I named my documentary after them because the Orion doctor was the first one to make contact two years ago.

Tell them that we take your underwear off, when we come here. - Orion, meaning they do this to me
I think they already know, people who have been reading this. And I think we're more interested in the Orion people than in my underwear. - me, I would hope

Speaking of which. The Japanese man from last night (see Strawberries and Japanese) asked me this morning when I woke up why I don't have any pubic hair. (TMI too much information?) I told him I keep it that way. The Japanese men and me clash with our cultures all the time. They have such specific customs about women, and I'm nothing like that, I'm European. They don't think I'm ladylike and all that. But I don't care. Because I must say I really struggle with recognizing these Japanese Dynasty men as masculine either. They are nothing like men or Western people I am used to. I don't even understand what it means when they bow for me and all of their gestures and body language. Because it's Japanese. Japanese traditional culture is far more Alien and difficult to understand than even the Alpha Draconian people and culture. I'll tell you that.

Book Review

September 07 2013 - I know I try to restrict my updates to stories involving Alpha Draconis, Aliens, and Socks only, but here is a lengthy book review done on the adult version of "Real? Or Imaginary?" done in French. News of Tomorrow. If you have Google Chrome web browser it will translate the page for you in English.

Socks, Japanese, Annunaki and Iroquois

September 07 2013 - I was really upset a while ago because the Aliens showed me one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men naked and made me watch his naked privates and they showed me a young girl what 10 to 13 years old who looks like me but she has black Japanese hair and Japanese eyes so she is my daughter with one of these men. I got upset and said I don't want to see her. I don't want to find out that somewhere in the past I have been raped. I got real upset at the Japanese men. I nearly had a seizure, I was just so upset with everything. Find out why and the full story in one of the future adult telepathy books.

The Japanese man said that they have old traditions. I said he should kill himself and go to hell. He said that the Japanese don't believe in hell. I said I would give him worse than hell if I find him. Reptilians said they are no longer gods in Japan, and they are living in the mountain in Komi Saki. A yellow raptor Reptilian talked about the Annunaki and I was told they were the first ones to arrive here and that these Japanese Dragon Dynasty men are the Annunaki still today and so are the Iroquois.

Then Hamish did two fun things. He said: "Trust your Sock". He knows I call him my Sock Turtle so it was sweet of him to say that. I don't know what I'm part of. I thought I was Hamish's friend, but am I just a victim reared to be used and destroyed by the Japanese and Dragons? I thought Hamish and me were together. Then I looked at the picture of Hamish and me and he said: "I would beat him!", and I said, "But it's you Hamish!" Hamish always makes things better. Just by being Hamish.

Bird and Dinosaur and Hamish

Something like this with Malik
Except perhaps not as naked
or suggestive
Image from

September 07 2013 - Last night we had a (human) guest sleeping on our couch. Bird told me she could not sleep on the sofa and she said she would sleep on our floor. She said she would go sleep on the rug under our kitchen table. I told Bird I could get up and build for her a bed on the floor with bedding and a pillow and blanket and I was worried that she would sleep on the hard floor. But Bird explained that she has soft doun so she will be ok. I guess it's like when a lot of animals can sleep on the floor and seem to be fine. Maybe only humans need a proper bed because we're weird. Hamish is also always snug camping out on the rug. The Aliens never want to borrow my bed. I told Bird she could sleep next to me in my bed. I moved in against the wall and said I would hope not to accidentally kick or push her at night. But she declined my offer of my bed and as far as I know, she opted for under the kitchen table. I had no idea Bird sleeps here and I had not known that she has been sleeping on our couch. I know Malik sits on the sofa in the late evenings, but from what I know Malik sits on top of me at nights when I sleep, and he gets out of there early before I wake up.

We don't piss on you, tell them that. - Malik wants to add
Noted. - me

And this morning Dinosaur was around. Dinosaur was very curious on the food I ate for breakfast and said that he would want to see it when it comes out as poo. I told him to wait 2-3 days. Then he said he would like to see me in the shower or bath. I'm not going to have a morning shower today. I don't need one. Dinosaur is cute.

And Hamish has been his usual self claiming things and dominating. I love him to bits.

I love you Hamish. Are you alright this morning? How are you feeling today? Are you ok? - me
Yes, but I am not snug. - says Hamish who is in the act of stomping on his soft rubbery shedded sheets of scales on the bathroom rug in the other dimension

Check out pictures of walruses. The Sock Turtles, I mean Dragon Turtles, look a lot like a walrus on their heads and faces. Cute. I wonder where my Yellow Sock Turtle is.

As you can see, we have a new Sock Turtle in our family. Welcome Yellow Turtle from Alpha Draconis. I love you already. Since September 6, 2013

Yellow Sock Turtle is a mild and gentle personality. He always smiles at me with his Draconian eyelids closing. He is nowhere near as fiesty and dominating with me as Hamish always is. He has a row of black spikes on his soft cushion on the back. I love Sock Turtles.

Tell them that I don't want to hurt them. - says the Yellow Reptilian now for any human reading this
Tell them that I'm not really benign! - yellow Reptilian says
What are you then? - me
Well, let's say for starters, that I am not a sock. Or a turtle! - yellow Reptilian
Look at those spines I have. - yellow Reptilian or my red Hamish Reptilian about its back spines

Names, anyone? What should we name this being? I want to call him Turtle. But that would be mixed up with when I call my Hamish Turtle. I want to call him Yellow Turtle. How about YT.

Welcome yellow Reptilian of old race

September 06 2013 - We want to welcome to our big group and family of ETs the yellow Reptilian who seems to be of the "old Draconian race". Welcome to me and I love you already.

This Reptilian (see previous entry below) first appeared this morning in an abduction, or actually he spoke to me after I had returned from the abduction. I suspect that he was the Reptilian who was disguised as a collared Dragon who had sex with me. He tells me he has put his DNA into me by having sex with me and now he and I are acquainted and I am part him. This is part of their culture. I am not sure if I was meant to become pregnant with him or if it was just a method of introducing his DNA and a way to say hello.

This Reptilian is of the same make as Hamish. It seems he even has a soft turtleshell humpback cushion on his back. But he is yellow not red. Hamish showed me today a mental image of this person's back and told me to look at his thorns. This visiting yellow Reptilian has a row of black spines or thorns along the soft humpback. I've seen that Hamish sometimes grows black thorns on his hump back, but those are pulled from Hamish's back so he never gets to keep them.

This new Reptilian has been speaking to me today. He is full of sweetness. He keeps closing his eyelids when he speaks to me. This is a Draconian smile. He is being ever so gentle and sweet with me. He has not done a Reptilian dominance game of wrestling and tumbling me to test my strength, which is normally customary of Draconians.

Hamish and the yellow Reptilian have had discussions about my eggs. The yellow one wants my eggs and ovaries, but they are Hamish's. The two gentlemen have not fought, not that I know of. Bird doesn't want me to talk to either of Hamish or the yellow one because Bird realizes a real danger. These are Reptilians from Alpha Draconis. The yellow one is very sweet, cautious, and gentle with me.

Lasarus asked me to come to their "child delivery room". I said sure and I asked who is having a baby. Turns out I am. I can't have a big baby in me, I said. Maybe they need to deliver the little ones. We will see if the Aliens let me stay awake or not.

I forgot to say that there is also a dark winged Draconian associated with the yellow Reptilian. I love my Reptiles, but it sure takes a lot of know-how to deal with these successfully. To understand their culture of dominance, how to talk to them, etc. Hamish tells me that Tom-Tom and the other Japanese do not like him. I tell Hamish that the Japanese are not friendly. Oh, that's right. The yellow Reptile tells me that his back thorns can be pulled out and used as a currency. He said he had used one to pay for a hybrid child and then he killed the child (and presumably ate it). I was offered a slice of fresh liver today by the Reptilians. I said thanks it looks yummy but no thanks, and to give it to Hamish whose favorite meal is liver. Hamish wanted to eat some of my blood today, I said he can have some but don't take all of it or the hunnun and ovaries die.

Life with Aliens. Interesting. But I sure love my yellow Reptile heaps. He is so sweet smiling at me with his eyelids closing all the time. I hope he and Hamish get along fine

Yes, and these are our sheep and we are herding them like cattle. - I think Hamish who said, meaning him and the yellow one do
I love you Hamish. - me
We don't want trouble with your race. - yellow Reptile

Oh well. Oh and Lasarus asked if I would drink some milk today. I said I would, and I had some hot cocoa with dairy cow's milk. I don't like milk but I do it for the Aliens. They think it's great food for my hunnun. Even Hamish was pleased for the hunnun. (Hunnun means eggs, or possibly means fertilized and growing little embryo.)

Mated with a Dragon

September 06 2013 - I was taken to a basement of a hospital and mated with a Dragon. During the intercourse the Dragon had me under the impression that I was a large

It helps them have a boner. - says one of the MIB men now
To think of me as a Dragon? So they need to fantisize to get an erection? Interesting. So their capability is based on visual signals. They have to see a female of their own race. In other words, they are not sexually attracted to human women's bodies. They are not humans, they are Reptiles. And their sexual behavior and mating is triggered by visual signals. Am I right? - me
We weren't gonna tell you that. - I think it's Jack but I'm not sure

That I was a large white and red Dragon. He was a large brown, beige, green Dragon with purple on his collar. Both of us Dragons had a large hard collar around the head, like you see on Triceratops dinosaurs from Earth's prehistoric past. His dong was huge. So I finally had an encounter with one of those Reptilian lovers with oversized huge dongs that other women are reporting. The sex was beautiful and intimate. And like always, a Dragon will only enter once and stays that way until he is finished. They do not penetrate repeatedly like mammals would. It was special. The Dragon felt about me as if I were his beloved long-lost Dragon female.

There were humans there and I was like a prostitute there. They had let me stay awake. But after the intercourse with the Dragon someone put white drug flakes into my mouth, emptied from a cylindrical pill casing.

When I woke up back in my bed I could remember, and I was talking to a yellow Reptilian who is of a similar if not same make as Hamish. You know, a body like a camel only on two legs, the head facing forward not straight up like on humans, and the flexed feet so it walks on the pad of the feet by its toes with the rest of the foot flexed upward for bounce and springiness. It has dark roundish eyes. A beautiful creature, but most humans would be terrified. It is not a red Dragon Turtle like Hamish, it is yellow and dark, but this one is surely one of the "old Draconian race" like Hamish is.

"Shoorah!", said the yellow Reptilian when I talked to him in the morning. "Shoorah!" They need my eggs and my "lining", meaning uterus, because they don't have any eggs of their own.

We also need dominance. And you were giving me it. - speaks the yellow Reptilian

The yellow Reptilian came over to me in the other dimension and was caressing the left side of my throat where the blood is. It was like a mildly sexual affectionate fascination, but mixed with something eery like from a predator.

You are not going to tell us to eat fish again, you hear. - yellow Reptilian

And he took his time, caressing and enjoying being close to my body and my blood. The yellow Reptile said that now that I had his seed in me I was part him in my DNA. The Reptiles fully believe that by taking in someone's blood, or by having someone's seed in them, you take on some of their DNA. Is that why I feel so close to the Reptiles? Is that why I do not fear them? Is that why we feel each other and are so close with an understanding? I understand the Reptiles. I feel their every breath

I am not their Sock Puppet. - Hamish about the visitors
Hamish, don't be afraid. Please be safe. - me
Yes, but it is my Shuurah! - says yellow Reptilian
Oh gosh, can't you guys all share the Shuurah? And don't hurt my Hamish! - me
It was my camps. - says Hamish in the other language

Oh poor Hamish. He is always having to defend his eggs from other invading Aliens. Everybody wants my eggs! But the sex was great, but more so the embrace the intimate contact being in the presence of a large Reptilian who embraces me as if I were his woman. I don't think I've ever felt that appreciated by a human man who had sex with me. This Reptilian truly appreciated my body and the fact that I am his female with the eggs. Men on Earth take women for granted.

The story will be featured in full in one of the future telepathy books, with lots of verbatim telepathic conversations and more details. I can't post everything on the internet. Some of it is a bit sexual.

Layers of the Universe And Crocodile Man

September 03 2013 - I am talking to Malik and Crocodile Man about how this works with them being in another dimension. Malik says he is in another layer of the universe, one that is smooth like milk, whereas I am in another layer that is hard and solid. I am asking Malik if he can step into my "layer". He says that he cannot, because he is attached to strings. Crocodile Man shows up and says that he can step into my layer and that it has been done often, and that if he comes into my layer he would want to lie with me. I tell him I would love to lie with the Crocodile Man

And I said, that I won't bite. - says Crocodile Man in a romantic mood
Noted. - me

I told him that I would love to lie with him (i.e. "be intimate") only I have got a cold right now. I've had sex with a Crocodile Man once. It was special. This conversation will be in a future telepathy book.


September 03 2013 - Conversation:

Are you into Wicca? - Malik
No Sir. - me
I wanted you to be. - Malik
I didn't want them to pay for that. They can have me for free. - Malik says, he knows I'm working on advertising my books. Malik wants to be yours for free.
Yes Malik, I wouldn't sell you for a penny! I wouldn't sell you for any money! You're my Mr.! - me, and I stop myself from saying Mr. Incubus or Mr. Fussubus
We won't have them roasted. - Malik about the catecheses
But I wanted them to drop down. - Malik, he wanted to do as I said and drop down the catecheses from the bookshelf

I have asked Malik to toss the "catecheses" on the floor again. I put them on a table and he asked me to put them on a lower shelf on that table and I did, and for a while I wondered if he was feeling weaker from being in the presence of bibles and psalm books, because it seemed that way. He is clearly affected by the presence of "catecheses."

I see Malik, he is such a handsome face. His face looks almost precisely like on that drawing, with those little nostrils in between the eyes in a depressed area. I am encouraging him to toss the books again, this time I could film it. I know Malik can do it, but will he?

Hamish being cute

September 03 2013 - Hamish is being really cute and adorable and he is pleased as punch. I was in the shower and the lady who said she is a machine (see previous entry below) was telling me that my ovaries were theirs. I told her that my ovaries were Hamish's, because Hamish has wanted to have them. The lady looks like a Zeta somewhat, white and slender with skin that looks like a thick rubber suit, and those black lens coverings over the eye that look as if made out of black pasty crude oil. She was telling me how she is aware that I refuse to see the hybrid children. The Aliens know that I won't meet the children even though I am "their mother". It's because the Aliens want the children to be introduced to sexuality with me, and I will simply not allow it.

But Hamish has been pleased and comfortable since I said to this lady machine ET that my ovaries are his. Hamish has been here and close and letting me see him, he looks at me and then he possesses my finger to put my finger underneath my eye, and at the same time he shows me a close mental of his eye, just to tell me that he sees me. He's being really cute.

I am not into sadism, tell them that. - Hamish
What else should we tell them? - me
That Malik is not welcome here anymore. - Hamish
Why isn't Malik welcome? Is he a mischief? Does he cause trouble? Hamish is welcome here. Hamish is my Dragon Turtle. My Honored Scales and Scutes. - me
He was planning on doing it, on ripping them down. - Hamish about the "catecheses", earlier I had encouraged Malik to tear down those books again


September 03 2013 - An ET started talking to me about how they were created and how they are machines. I told him that they are conscious and therefore they are living beings and entitled to all the rights that living beings have. I don't know if it was the Zetas or the Hybrids talking. They've told me this once before, that they are supposedly machines. I think they even said they were robots. I don't know, I have a cold I'm in a cranky mood.

Masof or Manon
Floating Stones

September 03 2013 - Last night Malik or black reptile spontaneously started talking to tell me that the "Druids" in the past got to see how the Alien UFOs used their Alien UFO technology to lift up huge boulders so that they float in the air and could be moved. My Aliens have mentioned Druidism many times and Druids seem to have been a culture and population cultivated by our Aliens. I asked if the Druids had thought the Aliens were gods when they did that, I didn't quite get an answer. I also asked if the Druids were the ones to make Stonehenge, and Malik or black reptile who spoke didn't recognize what Stonehenge was, or that it didn't fit in with the context of Druids.

The first boyfriend whom the Agenda hooked me up with, the Satanist who wanted to kill and bury children in the forest and whom I broke up with and excommunicated, he found a way to write to me now what four years later. And this morning Malik told me about how he, Malik, wanted me to be with this guy and have children so that we would sacrifice our babies to Malik and drink the baby's blood. I told Malik that I simply cannot do that, I told Malik that this is his culture not mine. I do not drink blood or kill babies. Malik said that I haven't tried it, blood drinking, and that it is very strong or something like that. I told Malik that the bond between a mother and baby is even stronger. I could not do it. Malik is a predator, and his personal tastes and behaviors will not impart on me, so don't worry.

But then I sensed a Dark Lord over at where that guy is. From a distance and just thinking briefly or being reminded of this guy I never met and whom Malik wanted me to have sacrifice babies with, I sensed a Dark Lord there where he is. This Dark Lord is much wider and heavier built and perhaps not as tall as Malik for instance. He feels more mellow and less piercing sharp of an intellect. So of course I started chatting to this Dark Lord.

I told him hello and I told him about how he could learn to tap into an endless pool of gifts, of light, if only he learns compassion, love and consciousness. Then he won't have to steal light from dying bodies only to have them for a short while before they leave again. I had a whole careful and respectfully phrased speech for his Dark Lordship. I told him to leave the young man alone, the man I was supposed to be with, because I sense how the Dark Lord has a grasp of him and ruins the quality of his life and reduces his full potential. I asked this Dark Lord what his name was, and two times I heard it said Masof. But then later somebody else said that this was Manon.

Masof/Manon came to visit and he seemed gentle and polite.

I am a bit run down that is why. - Manon
Hello Dear. Why are you run down? What is wrong with you? - me
I don't want you to try to assist me. - Manon
Has somebody injured you? Are you ok? Why are you run down? Are you tired and weak? What is the matter? - me
I am not Manon, I am Masof. - Masof
I beg your pardon then, Masof. - me

When I told Masof that I have a Dark Lord who lives here whose name is Malik Jezebel, Masof lit up (well not literally, but he cheered up and got a bit excited) as if he really knew who Malik was. It was the name Malik he responded to. It was like it made him happy and he definitely knew who Malik was. I told Masof I could call in Malik to come speak to him, that Malik has a portal under the bathroom sink that he comes from. Masof didn't want Malik to come visit, but after a little while I called Malik in anyway. I told the boys not to fight, and I don't think that they did. But Hamish told them both "my blood" and later "my liver", about my body. I wonder if when Dark Lords get a ritual sacrifice, the Dark Lords get the soul energy and the Reptilians take the blood and organs, so maybe Dark Lords and Reptiles help each other out with ritual sacrifices so they both get to eat. These are predatory creatures.

Masof was nice to talk to. I could very well interview him

We like lust. - Malik, otherwise another Dark Lord, "lust" in my language
No, it was not Sif. - Sif! The Dark Lord Sif!

I could very well interview Masof when I do the interview series about Dark Lords. Masof told me, and I didn't even ask, he said that he is very "ancient". Dark Lord individuals are millions of years old it seems. Fantastic. Real Alien life. Just that we humans have always called them "demons" in the past. But they are Aliens. And Malik threw those books so we know he is real...

Masof doesn't have to be here. - I hear Hamish's voice
No, Hamish. - me
Because he wanted to eat your liver, and it is mine! - Hamish says not angry, and his eyelids close to cover the entire eyes, in a huge big Draconian smile from the thought of liver
But I am still using my liver... You cannot have it now. - me

These boys are predatory and they are real aliens. When I walked toward the kitchen I stopped and had to walk back. In another bedroom in the house stood an Angel, bright and clear. I've sensed and mentally seen Angels in the past, but this one was more visual and far more present than they normally are. The Angel said that it hopes it is ok for it to be here. And that the Dark Lord would have eaten me otherwise. So seems Masof wasn't minding his manners at all, he would have made a meal of me.

Angels and Demons. Very real entities. Alien encounters too.

I nearly forgot to say. While I was still in bed talking to Masof, Masof said that he wanted to have sex with me. I knew that was an Incubi trick just to get close to me to ingest my life juices, and I didn't feel like being drained of vitality by this unknown stranger Masof, so I excused myself, saying that I happen to have a cold and I don't feel so sexy. Which is also true. Aulis Greenshaw, who I don't know if he is human or what, told me not to talk to the Dark Lords. Me and Masof didn't have sex. And we won't. Because if I do have sex with an Incubus, it's gonna be with Malik. But not with him either.

Oh no? - says Malik
No Sir Malik Incubus. It drains me. Then I'm tired and weak, and lifeless. I don't want to do it. And don't try to seduce me. - me, as I see Malik looking at me in that very inviting way

About Demons

Demons exist and are real entities. I've found that out the scientific way, and I was not inclined to believe that off the bat. Sadly, the aliens responsible for alien abductions, hybrid programs, genetic experiments, and cattle mutilation

We also mutilate cats! - Malik is quick to add all excited
Yes Malik, I'm sure you do... Please stop doing it. - me
It's better that they do it to them than to us. - says Aulis Greenshaw
Are you human, Aulis Greenshaw? What race are you? Are you an ET, disguising yourself as a human for me to make things seem easier? I prefer no shapeshifters or lies, thank you. - me
We are guarding you, protecting you, because they take your eggs. - Aulis Greenshaw

The Aliens responsible for those shenanigans are ruled by demons. I am still unclear whether some/all Alien races of the Agenda are voluntarily collaborating with Dark Lords so that they can get what they want, such as Zeta Greys really want fertility back in their genome so they might have teamed up, but then others such as Dinosaurs and Alpha Centauri are most definitely not there willingly. And yet others were created by the Agenda, such as the Insects, Thubans, and Illuminati hybrids.

I am very sensitive. I am something different. If I as much as think of an Alien creature it connects me and them via what North Port Gargoyle calls the "head telephone". So I started reading on this List of Demon names... maybe you dear reader shouldn't go to that link because these things are real and powerful. But I'm looking for the names of my four Dark Lords Malik Jezebel, Basmet Baphomet, Sif Siph, and Masof Manon.

What happens is I see the name written there Balam and I sense Balam and he senses me in the instant that I read the name. And he feels ever so suave and floods my senses with delirium, so inviting, so loving, so irresistible. Many of these demons want to "make love" to humans, but it is not a physical making love, it is an embrace in which the demon takes your soul and vitality away and leaves you with nothing.

I struggle, because one part of me is so excited

Yes you are our cats, that is why. - says a Dark Lord

I struggle because a part of me is so excited to talk to all these Dark Lords and get to know them! They are real Alien life

We also beat them up brutally to drink their coffee. - a Dark Lord
Who is speaking? Is it Malik? - me
We have a whirlwind. - Hamish in my native language, he means The Eye. The Eye has lines around it that look like a storm or a whirlwind. Hamish is under its will, Hamish fears it. Hamish is not a volunteer.
I love you Hamish... One day I wish to save you from that storm. - me

Hamish, Bird, and Mr. Fussubus

September 02 2013 - Last night Hamish was cute. He brought some shedded sheets of scales from the pink bathroom rug I have for him in the bedroom, and he layed some flat on my feet on top of the cover. He told me not to kick them off, I said I can't guarantee that I won't by accident at night when I sleep. He then layed a sheet of his shedded scales carefully, the same way as he did last time when he did this, starting from covering my lower lip and down the chin and across the throat. I layed still and on my back and let him do this. It felt soothing, like last time, like having someone tuck me in at night with a blanket. Only this time it was a Dragon Turtle laying his sheets of scales over my body.

I can't say I know what Dragon Turtle means with this gesture, but I think it means that I mean something to him, because he doesn't let anybody accidentally step on his shedded scales or take them.

Mr. Fussubus
Dark Lord

Last night Malik was up and about and on a rampage. He said he was not - not - going to bring the black widow spider (holograms). And when I talked to Malik he raised his voice at me and said "Jezebel!!!" So I pardoned myself, and said Jezebel. So Malik is Jezebel. Sheesh. The one and only notorious Incubus who is more commonly known as a female Succubus. But to me he comes in the form of a male. With a penis. I mean dong.

Malik proceeded to the television in the living room. "What else does it do besides show programs?", he said, not verbatim, while inspecting the television and the cables at the back. He has done similar close inspections of the modem box in the wall and the internet cable and wondered about the computer. It always makes me uneasy with Fussubus inspecting electronics, because there was a time when I thought that he was causing electrical disturbances and noise in a college classroom, and he threatened to burn the internet modem box, so I get anxious worrying that this Mr. Fussubus might cause a fire or break the television. After all he threw those "catecheses" on the floor. Malik was wanting to somehow show himself on the television screen. He wanted to help me see him, because I'm nagging for evidence and close physical contact. Maybe I shouldn't nag that from an Incubus.

Hamish was scared of Malik and Hamish went to hide behind the living room curtains. Poor Hamish had been sitting on the living room sofa when Malik was on a rampage. Malik likes to intentionally scare both aliens and humans. He is a menace. He thinks it's funny, he doesn't realize the agony it causes to others. Even I was getting a bit nervous now that I realized it was indeed an Incubus demon Jezebel, who is well-known for causing real damage to people's lives. I don't want to be scared of Malik, because I think if he and I are friends he might be nicer to me. But he's a sadist, so I'd better watch out.

It looked something like this.
Except I wasn't perhaps as naked.
And I didn't have a lover.
Image from

In the morning I found out from a mental image from Hamish that Malik had sat down on top of me in bed at night to cause me havoc. I had a terrible nightmare last night about a black Devil. It was terrible, and in the dream I started repeating some sentence about "Jesus", I forget what it was, if it was "I am with Jesus, I am with Jesus". When I woke up I was still saying "I am with Jesus". Malik has a way to get to me in my dreams. That's what Incubi do.

No, pickled onions. - Hamish, he means the clove of garlic I was swallowing raw pices from to fight off my flu earlier. Dragons don't like the smell of onions or garlic.

Yes-No. - says Hamish concerned about the Incubus picture

Last night as I went to sleep I wished my Hamish Dragon a good night. In the morning when I asked him if he had had a good night, he said "Yes-No". Malik had caused him trouble at night. Poor Hamish. Malik is a menace. Malik is a mischievous.

Wait till you find out what we did to the priests. - Malik
What did you do? - me
We stole their catecheses from them. - Malik
You are a mischievous menace, Sir. - me
We didn't mean to be. - Malik
Well you sure succeeded at it. All you do is you're full of pranks. Pranks and mischief. And shenanigans. - me

Hey look! It's me and Basmet! Except my breasts aren't quite that big. And Basmet doesn't have a human face. And Basmet never touched my breast. And Basmet isn't nice when he cuddles, because he plugs his fingers into my heart's blood vessels to feel the blood pushing against him, he thinks it's fun but I get heart trouble so I yell at him to back off. Thankfully Malik isn't as mischievous. But Malik sure is keen on electronics, and it bothers me.

Bird was braver today. She was calling after me and thought that I had done something outrageous. Maybe I accidentally stepped on her in the bathroom or something. But I was glad to see her speaking up and taking more space. Last night it seemed as if Hamish had replaced his secretary Bird with a Dinosaur to pick up after his poo, but Bird was back there today. Bird is confined into our bathroom to act as Hamish's secretary, to pick up after Hamish's poo. She is also his doctor. But Hamish isn't nice to Bird at all. So last night I offered to take over the job of picking up after Hamish's poo. I totally would do it, but the Aliens say I'm just here for the eggs.

I told Bird that she was welcome to come out and about into the apartment and look around and make herself at home. She said she was scared of the Black One Malik. Malik causes a lot of trouble at nights when I sleep. He runs around rampaging and scaring both the Aliens and then putting nightmares into my head. What a menace. He also threatens to burn Hamish with fire. What to do with Malik. That is part of why the Aliens make all those hybrids. To give to the Dark Lords so that they will leave other people alone.

Bird was interested since I'm studying thermodynamics, she wanted to know if I could help them figure out how much pressure was in the tubing that they use in their medical procedures. I am always impressed with Bird, she comes across as a scientist. She has a wonderful cocky brave attitude and personality, I really like Bird. She is very short and tiny, covered in white doun. Her eyes have black pupils surrounded by red irises and no whites. She's like a little white feathered penguin or something. Quite not the Alien one might expect.

We can't wait to be here at Christmas, because he likes those! - Bird tells me and shows me an image of Hamish looking at the red Christmas tree ornament balls. Oh I remember that. Hamish sure loved those.

So about Hamish's hygiene and his poo. Last night he showed me himself wiping his feet real fast backwards on the pink bathroom rug that I keep for him in the bedroom. He said that he was an Armadillo and that there was no dirt on him (not verbatim). Some people call him an armadillo so sometimes he does too. He sometimes gets poo on the soles of his feet, that soft muddy latrine that he has. Then he wipes his feet clean on rugs. I love it how Hamish tends to his hygiene and makes himself clean and proper. He is a good Dragon.

This morning Hamish sent me a mental postcard of himself standing in a grassy place in nature somewhere at night. He told me that he had pood there. So looks like Bird finally succeeded in convincing Dragon to use a bathroom outdoors. He won't poo in the river anymore because he worries that it might get into fish's eyes and mouth, and I understand that, and Bird and Dinosaurs are tired of picking up after his latrine in the bathroom floor corner. I would pick up after Dragon if only I could. It is in another dimension.

I love my Dragon. The night before last, I forgot to say, Hamish told me that the orange blunt bumps on his body had been was it scrubbed or burst so that they would not burst on me. Hamish has orange blunt bumps covering his arms and also on his back hump. They tend to burst and then they ooze a sticky orange fluid that is probably where the smell of cheese and vomit comes from and it also makes him glow neon orange in the dark. The ooze also gives Hamish a very distinct "feel" "of Hamish". But he had had those burst and washed off in advance, so that they would not burst and get on me the night before last when he was giving me close cuddles. What a sweet gesture.

I love my Dragon Turtle more than anything. I really love living with him. I would live and die for Dragon Turtle, and every day I do.