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August 20 2013 - September 01 2013

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Hamish last night, and Hamish this morning

September 01 2013 - "You will not eat candy for my eggs." says Hamish now in my native language. Hamish has been really something last night and this morning. Last night we had a conversation with Orion man and Lasarus the Zeta and I begged the Aliens for a conscious abduction and close encounter. Hamish came into my bedroom and he let me see him closer than usual. Much closer and clearer.

Seeing Hamish as if there were only a few "inches" of interdimensional matter separating us in our two worlds, I could see him and feel him more clearly than we normally do. He felt hideous. There is this distinct lack of compassion and love. It is fascinating how you can be faced with a conscious intelligent creature and entity, and the lack of love and compassion is something so pronounced that you can feel it. I did not like whom I was seeing. And I realized, yet again, that the Hamish that I love is mostly my own interpretation of him, for when he is not as close as that, I am able to be me and in my world I can love, so Hamish becomes a dear friend and I love him. But when faced with him more closely, it is cold, it is loveless. A very peculiar and alien feeling, uncomfortable, it sets the mood between us, and all this "Dragon coo" and deep friendship and love that

My eggs are there. - says Hamish now in my native language (NL)

The friendship and love is gone, nowhere to be felt, because his lovelessness takes over the emotional scene and sets the mood between us. His loveless emanance extinguishes the love and bright fun happiness that surrounds me, and I am slumped into his dark loveless world, like an extinguished candle left alone in the dark, with a tall red reptilian creature facing me. It's like falling into a deep dark hole

I would come to your rescue. - says Hamish in English, with a mental image of a net, he would rescue me from a deep dark hole
Thank you Hamish. - me
Because I wouldn't scrape my knee going down there. - Hamish, he means he would rather use a net than come down crawling into a deep dark hole with me
Thank you Dragon! You save me! I would save you too. - me
I don't want to put you in the dark. - Hamish
It was just metaphorically speaking, there was no real darkness, it only felt that way because you do not emanate this thing called love. You don't feel loving, I said. But I love you anyway. - me
I honor and cherish you Dragon, and you are the most important person in my whole entire life! - me
We have come here for many months, that is why! - Hamish, not angry
You are welcome here, and I will Honor your Scales and race. - me
I am here. - Hamish, he had been here next to me in the bedroom, but I watched him walk back to the bathroom and he showed me an image of the toilet to say that he was in the bathroom again
I was too close to you, you did not feel an emanance of love. - Hamish regrets
But Dragon! I meant last night! Not now! I've felt plenty of love now! - me

Oh dear. I

We are not snakes. - Hamish, otherwise other Reptilian
No. You are beautiful handsome Reptilians. - me
No not the last part. - Hamish, he must mean "beautiful"
We are not erotic for you. - Hamish
But you have been! There was a time when you were my Dionysus! And we had plenty romantic times together, you and me! - me
My secretary doesn't allow. - Hamish, "secretary" in NL, he means Bird

So last night was a closer encounter of Hamish than usual, and that is when I see that no, he doesn't look cute or lovely, he looks distinctly scary and hideous. And no we don't feel love and friendship

You are my rat. - Bird says to Hamish or Hamish says to Bird (NL), quarreling fussing
Stop fighting over there! Make peace and make friends, you two! I love you both and I would wish that you could all be friends. - me
I am Pakeha. - Pakeha the hybrid (NL)
This was your pee. - Pakeha (NL), they are talking about when I had my morning pee not long ago

The love and friendship comes from me, but when I am in Hamish's world it feels just empty, barren, loveless.

I am not afraid of you. - Hamish
I love you Dragon. I honor your visits. - me
I am not your pet, a Dragon. - Hamish
You are my Honored Scales and Scutes. - me

The reason I tend to "honor" him so much is, first of all, because he demands it. Second, it can make him smile, when Dragon smiles his upper eyelids close diagonally across the eyes leaning from inner corner down to outer corner of the eyes. But also, I cannot really say to him that I love or appreciate him, he detests those things because it is kind of an insult to his strength and power sometimes the way that I phrase it

I am not taking his manure! - Bird says and she sounds sad and devastated. She is here to pick up after Hamish's poo in our bathroom corner. Poor Bird. (NL)
Could I take care of it? - me (NL)
I have eaten a heart. - Hamish, so that is what his poo is made of, he ate a heart... (NL)
It is my potato chips. - says Hamish in a most irresistibly cute fashion (NL)
It is my manure. - Hamish explains kindly to Bird (NL)

So when I honor him he gets a feeling that is very similar to how I really intend to make him feel when I say that I love him.

Hamish proceeded to tossing me and showing power last night when he appeared

My underpants. - Hamish (NL), he uses the word for male underpants, and he meant the sheets of scales that have rubbed off his inner thighs, he has told he those are like taking dirty underwear off

He had come real close to me and he makes it so that I see him superimposed with me.

My strong woman. - Hamish (NL) about either me or the Bird
I have dominated her. - Hamish (NL), aha so that is what he means, last night's tumble

Oh yes, last night when Hamish tossed and wrestled me around, it was clear to me that he was showing demonstrations of his power to me. He even made these very short but powerful nudges of my body a few times. He then asked me to fight against him, to resist him, or was it that he told me to attack him. When I asked him why and I said that I wouldn't, he said he wanted to feel my strength. So I used my mind powers to attack Hamish, knowing full well that he is much stronger than me and that I couldn't possibly cause him any real harm. I did pretty good, and Hamish seemed pleased to see my strengths.

My strong woman, is eggs. - Hamish (NL)
It was with my penis. - Hamish (NL), he means a particular sheet of scales on the rug where he's at, he had a mental image for me of when his slender small white penis is out and that this scales he remembers that it came from his groin

He seems to collect his sheets of scales like postcards or mementos. He knows where every one of them came from! He has mounds and mounds on that bathroom rug in the other dimension!

But it was a great evening with Hamish. I had to decide to still like the Aliens. The way they feel it would be impossible to "like" them. One would feel terrified and negative. But I chose to stay positive and friendly, and I switched my mindset and things went along well anyway. They did not give me any conscious abductions.

When I woke up in the morning, first thing I do when I open my eyes is ask where is my Hamish? Hamish comes and peeks in through the crack in the bedroom door and looks at me. He thinks about how he likes to hide in the bedroom closet if Malik the Black One is camping under my bed. It makes Hamish uncomfortable and scared of Malik. Last night Malik was showing Hamish pictures of carved pumpkins with a candle inside and telling Hamish that it's like putting a burning candle inside of his orange body, and Hamish was so scared and tormented by this. I told Malik some strong words I said that if he doesn't stop harming my Dragon I would not let him come back and I would kick Malik, I said. Malik seemed to stop tormenting Hamish. Malik is a sadist, he likes to feel the energies released in a person when they feel fright, sex, or pain. Malik does not feel the negative aspects that are behind that release of energy, so he doesn't understand the harm.

This morning the first three things that Hamish said: "My bathroom", "My pyy-pyy", and one more "My", so he was being territorial and claiming things. If it weren't that I absolutely love and adore this beast, I would find it offensive and unfriendly. But knowing Hamish, it just makes me smile. Then I went to the bathroom and peed, and later Hamish told me that he wasn't allowed to touch my pee, but that he had wanted to watch it. The Aliens like to watch me on the toilet. If I do #2 I always turn the lights off, always, but I'm sure the Aliens can see in darkness too,

We can't! - Dinosaur, that Dinosaurs can't see in the dark

But most of the Alien races can probably see in the dark, but at least it gives me an imaginary sense of privacy. I mean it's been two years, but still.

We are cooking with flat bits of steak today and Hamish told me when I was in the shower, "My meat!" So playing along, I asked Hamish if I could have some of his meat. His response? Hamish went into a thought process of his where

It was cat's meat! - Hamish (NL) points to the meat, he must have been watching my mom unpacking the bloody raw pieces of meat while I slept and was in the shower

The thought process where he had a piece of that steak in his mouth, all bloody and raw, and how the blood would be all juicy in his mouth and then he went into chewing the piece in his mouth, all a thought process only, and I watched for several seconds his thinking of where the piece of meat is chewed in his red Dragon Sock Puppet mouth. He doesn't have any teeth and I've watched him chewing pieces of liver and things before, it just moves around his mouth I don't know how it's intended to break down into smaller parts. He's cute. He was imagining chewing on the meat. I told him he could have some.

It was my cat's meat. - says Hamish, his eyelids close in a smile, he slumps down on the bathroom rug comfortably like how a bird ruffles its feathers and slumps into a little ball to stay warm and cozy, and he purrs out of content. He likes to think about eating the meat. It is cow's meat.

And also this morning before I got out of bed, Thuban said "You are my cat!" I asked what it entails to be a cat, she said cats are nice and friendly.

They are also soft! - a hybrid child hollers out without a second to spare

Aliens like cats. And cat's meat. Let it be known. I love my Dragon. He sits there on the bathroom like a Sphynx, you know, sitting straight down like cat's sometimes do, sitting with the body on top of the legs and arms tucked away under, he sits like a bird roosting on a nest of eggs, he lies on those mounds of shedded sheets of white scales, ghostly looking white sheets, and Hamish Dragon is comfortable. He is where he wants to be, his eggs are here, he was offered meat

And Tom-Tom is here! - Hamish

Tom-Tom is what he calls one of his Japanese associates, the younger Japanese Dragon Dynasty man with longer hair. In fact when I was drying my privates after the shower, Hamish said that Tom-Tom likes those, meaning my privates. I have many half-Japanese children with Hamish's Dragon Dynasty men. Hamish makes those arrangements, not me. And I am most of the time not aware or conscious during those "encounters", but sometimes I was. Find very elaborate stories on Japanese encounters in the book Real? Or Imaginary?, in the adult un-censored version you actually find the very first conversation I ever had with the Japanese, where they tell me about the "Dragons" and the prostitution scheme is revealed. Yes I wrote down the conversation as it was happening. Now Hamish is again thinking about green tea and he is looking at Tom-Tom. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty men drink high quality green tea very frequently, the men also tell me to drink it because it is good for my skin, they say. When I was in the shower this morning Hamish thought about the green tea then too, seems like he is keeping check of both his eggs and his Tom-Tom at the same time. Hamish is busy.

My eggs! - Hamish is heard calling from the bathroom where he lies slumped like a Sphynx cat on his mounds of shedded scaly bits

I forgot to say! When I returned to my room after the shower, I see Hamish standing close to me and he lets me see his face and head closely, and then he does a real good and proper palate click! So he was pleased about something. Palate click is when he opens his mouth, then closes his mouth so that the roof of his mouth touches against the base of his mouth producing not exactly a click but a soft palate sound. He does that when he "likes" something. I love being greeted by Dragon with a palate click!!! I've learned to do palate clicks to him too. Sometimes I do when I like him, but I also use it to appease him with sometimes.

Hamish shows me a mental image of when I read a particular children's book when I was a child, I recognize the pages there was a bear who went to the market and all kinds of things to buy in the market. Hamish shows me that he had been standing right there behind me looking at the pages with me. I had never known he was there when I was a child, and I realize that Hamish has been here all along. "You were here all along", I whisper to Dragon as I close my eyes and gasp over the fact that my dear beloved Dragon has been with me for longer than these two years. And I realize that he will probably be here for the rest of my life, and I don't have to worry

We are also here. - another fire engine red Dragon Turtle says from the cave entrance that has the waterfall hiding the entrance
Hello Dragon! Are you Hamish's friend? You are the same race as Hamish. - me, this one was smaller and perhaps a female
I am not a Dragon. - the Turtleness says
Then what are you? What are you if not a Dragon Turtle? - me
I am also not a Miss. - Hamish? The other one? Or was it just Hamish all along? The other one felt different and seemed smaller.

And I don't have to worry about Hamish ever leaving me. He then said, "My potatoes!" about the potatoes we are making with lunch. He likes to claim everything. Oh, and he also said "My underwear!" (but used the word for male underpants) claiming all my underpants when I came back to my room after the shower. The Aliens always say "male underpants" even though I'm a female and I always correct them and tell them the word for female underpants. Always.

This morning or last night I asked Thuban lady why they are making hybrids. They said that they are making a new human species that will be put here on Earth to replace humans. And a Reptilian from the Reptiles who live underground said that they want to return to the surface of the planet too, and I saw one of them it looked kind of like a prehistoric raptor type dinosaur. I said that we should co-exist, that I co-exist so nicely with my Reptiles.


August 31 2013 - Oh boy do I have a story for you. I fell asleep some time after 4 AM last night, late night finishing the censored version of "Real? Or Imaginary?". Orion man had shown up. He was being utmost harsh toward me, I was being utmost sweet and respectful. So he calmed down and realized that I was not a threat. I was not a typical dog, the Aliens say. I fell asleep. Right before I woke up I was in a fine dining room with wealthy people. A beautiful tall blonde woman brought me to the dining room. She was whispering to me and it was clear that she was there to introduce me to some men. It was a dating scene. I felt kind of out of place among all the rich people. The lady sat me down at a long table whose one side had booth benches and behind it a small wall of plants to create more private sections throughout the dining room. I sat down there and I had been given a dinner plate.

I can't tell you how often the humans I encounter during abductions give me meals? Always, it seems. There's always a dining area and they always put a plate of food there for me. The man I was there to survey was a bit short and has black hair. Shortly after I wake up back in my bed. I think the reason I remember these scenes are because they happened right before I woke up.

Before this dining room scene I was dreaming that I was meant to have become a scientist but because of one mistake in my lab work I had become ineligible for the rest of my life. And before that I dreamt that I was with my sister eating chocolates. (I hope they didn't give me chocolates in the other dimension. Don't give me chocolates, it ruins my skin. Otherdimensional skin.)

I apologise for not writing down the verbatim of the fascinating conversations I had with the Aliens and Rothschilds when I woke up. I was too exhausted and drained. I was told that I was with the Rothschilds and that they really appreciate my hybrid children. The Rothschilds are Reptilian hybrids that live there in the other dimension. I know that there is this whole legendary story about how the human Rothschild family here on Earth in our dimension is somehow part of the Illuminati and what not. I'm telling you I don't read those stories and I definitely did not expect to run into them. I am told the name Rothschilds by the Aliens.

You are our sheeep! - says the Illuminati Reptilian creature who has been here this morning
Are you the Rothschild? Or are you just a, lizard. - me

I was told that they, meaning the inhabitants of that world, have ruined my Ida Pingala Shushumna which is my energy system which is what they were drawn to in me in the first place. They told me I am running out of juice, meaning the life force.

We also call it the zest. - the Reptilian visitor says and his eyes light up as he says zest and thinks about it
It is not yours to take. - me

My energies gradually become depleted when the Agenda members prey on my life forces, my juice. Today I am very weak and drained and slightly disoriented, meaning I struggle to write down this story I just feel like a hangover almost. And I don't drink alcohol. The Arcturians came to me for protection, they think this is serious enough that they assigned me an Arcturian who will live through me and raise my energies back up. I know this sounds like science-fiction, but this is real. I'm too tired to argue for why I think this is real right now.

The Rothschilds or other creatures who were speaking with me this morning, including this Reptilian who said a few lines here, I think I was told that I was meant to have babies with the Rothschilds. Which would explain the match making in the dining room. I was told that I had been drugged and sedated. I was also told that they don't want me to do school or to become a career scientist. That is why my education was ruined for years. That's a whole long story but the Agenda sabotaged my education and career in part by possessing people. The Reptilian who spoke here, he also said that they want me to go to a mental hospital. They are trying to make me insane and end up in a hospital. I asked them why they say it is easier that way. It is easier for them to take me and use me if I stay in bed all day long, don't go anywhere, and don't have a career.

You are our salary, that is why. - the Reptile speaks

I had asked about the Rothschilds and they said that the Rothschilds rule the world, or was it that they run the world. I said that they are doing a poor job at that, that they could do more, or that if they are responsible for situations in the world then they have done it wrong. Later one of them told me that they are not responsible for the wars, meaning the wars in the Middle East. It is the Dark Lords who are responsible for that, they said. I said that wars are so messy, and wished they would stop.

This creature who speaks to me is a Reptilian. He possessed me in the morning and lifted my body up as if he were superimposed with my body and could move me at his will. He also stroked me on the side of my throat a bit, it is because of the large blood vessels there they feel the "juice" in the throat. Juice is a magnetic energetic feeling they get from the iron in the blood. They can ingest juice by energy vampirism

They are like collecting stamps. - the Reptilian says with a mental image of stamp collecting
What is? What stamps are you talking about? - me
Moving you all out. - Reptile
Are you the Rothschild? Or just a lizard man? - me
I am good for you, I hope. - Reptile
I don't smell to you, do I? - Reptile
No. You don't smell. Don't worry about your smell, Reptilians tend to have a smell, but don't worry about it. - me

By energy vampirism or by drinking the blood directly. If they drink the blood they also get a heavy grounding feeling plus the life force from the blood.

You are our, coffee. - the Reptile

These interdimensional beings are Reptilian, but they can present themselves as humans too. I was told that I had been specifically engineered for this, to be eaten from you could say and to be bred to make hybrids that can be eaten. I have some Reptilian DNA in me they said. But I remained courteous and I thanked them and the Rothschilds for speaking to me. Yelling and insults won't get anyone anywhere. I can learn from them and learn to understand who and what they are and their culture, and then by mutual respect it is the only way I could ever impart any wisdom, or get them to listen. I am not one of them, I don't approve of parasitic preying on someone else's life force or eating their souls, and I don't approve of ritual sacrifices.

You are not the Rosicrucians then. - the Reptile speaks and shows me the image of a red rose opening as a victim's chest is opened, the opening red rose symbolises, or looks like, the blood gushing out, hence the name

I am exhausted. I feel really out of myself. Weak, drained, slightly confused. This isn't my best writing but all the key elements are there.

We tell them you are their elephants. So that they will want to ride with you. - the Reptile
And guess what? Then they give you a kiss. - Reptile, talking about the hybrid children

This Reptile is a slender Reptilian yellowish in color but he almost looks partly human or something. Before I came here to write he said "You illuminate us!", so I think that their name Illuminati might mean the light or soul that they eat because they see it as a bright light. Like when the creatures in the lodge made my soul leave my body so that they could watch the light and enjoy its presence. I nearly died that night I nearly didn't make it back to my body, my conscious soul was floating out in space, but I came back. I used to think their name Illuminati meant because some of the hybrids, the thinner Illuminati hybrids the ones who tend to wear 1920's pinstripe gangster suits they glow with a green luminescent light in the dark.

I am exhausted. Drained and weird and not myself at all. So the dream segment where I was the scientist and wasn't allowed to be a scientist I think they might have been telling me about how they are intentionally ruining my career and I was seeing it as a dream.

Paris Hilton wasn't one. - the Reptile
I can't imagine what you would do if you know that. - Malik/General Patton

Don't read into them using that name. The Agenda use a lot of names of celebrities, they include images of royalty, political leaders, military officers, and celebrities into the abduction experience. I wish I could have written more coherently but I don't feel like myself today.

Inside Dragon
And Abduction Time with the Orions

August 30/31 2013 - I don't know if it's PMS or what but I'm in one cranky mood. I took it out on the visiting Aliens of course. I nearly threw a tantrum and wanted to break things. And yes I'm a 30 year old woman. So it must be PMS. But it's also because I'm tired of the sexualized hybrid children, plus an Illuminati hybrid was testing his sexuality and erections on me. And I stayed up till 4 AM working on finishing a book that I hope many will enjoy: "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary? Censored".

Hamish saw me placing the book spine cover image of fire engine red dragon scales and immediately upon seeing it Dragon said that he wanted to drink juice with him. Hamish responds to seeing pictures of Dragons or Dragon parts and it triggers his thought processes and speech to where he expresses talking to Dragons as if they were real and could hear him. His responses to other Dragons are quick. Mostly he feels threatened and nervous when he thinks there is another Dragon around, but he always puts up a brave face and decides to show them some power, to tell them Yes-No, to tell them this is his territory and his eggs. But he is afraid of pictures of winged Dragons.

Yes. Because of Malik. Tell them. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. Don't be afraid here. I will protect you. - me
I don't think you have that kind of a gun. - Malik I think
Yes, try Betelgeuse. That is my name. - Malik Betelgeuse
Hello. - me
We will abduct you soon. - a black ET Malik or Orion in the other language
I look forward to it. - me

It is five minutes to 4 in the morning. The magic abduction hour. What would happen if I stayed awake?

Posttraumatic stress syndrome won't happen. - Malik, did he just answer my question?

Hamish doesn't like it at times when I throw a temper tantrum. I often hold back on my anger expressions against the Thubans and hybrids because of keeping my Hamish in mind. I would do anything for Dragon. Even to keep peace at times when it is hard not to speak my mind, at times when I am tired and I've been raped by Aliens and molested and insulted and called dog and all of that gets to me, sometimes I just look at Dragon Turtle, or see him stomping his feet on the bathroom rug, tending to his scales. And I feel his inhales and exhales, how his body moves at every breath. How his nostrils flare. The little nudges as he adjusts his posture on the soles of his feet, feeling out the soft rug underneath his Duck Feet. Feeling his mind and his thoughts and being one with Dragon. I live and breathe through his dragon scales. I can live in him, when I cannot live in me.

One minute later:
No she isn't, this one isn't a Kembraah. - says the black Orion lizard man walking in the darkness, I have got the lights off. Kembraah is Orion language for idiot.
Teach me more words in your Father's language. How do you say... let me think. - me
We can say jewels and gems for you. - Orion
Yes! How do you say it? How do you say jewels and gems? - me
We won't kick you up. But now, it's time to go. - Orion, it's 4:02 AM
Are we going to your spaceship? I would like to stay awake for that. - me
No, you won't be a Kembraah. - Orion
Is it trouble that I'm awake? I mean no harm, I just wanted to stay awake. - me, or actually I wanted to finish that book
We won't eat your blood this time. - Malik
Thank you Sir Malik. When are we going? Can I visit consciously? I want to stay awake there. - me
And? What when you discover of who we are? - Orion
Of who are you? Reptiles? Serpents? Dragons? Orions? Monsters? Demons? What are you? - me
We are egg thieves. - Orion
My eggs belong to Hamish. I have given them to Hamish. - me
That one, that is an armadillo! - Orion about Hamish in the other language
.. Don't call him offensive names. - me
Look at that. He went there. - Orion shows me that Hamish retreated to his bathroom rug in the bathroom

Wish me luck. It's abduction time.

Santa and Kids

August 30 2013 - The hybrid girl who looks to be about 7 or 8 was here again today, the one who tends to take her clothes off and put them where they know I put them if I'm having a shower. She was here to look at me in the shower this morning, I think I was asked, and I said it was ok, so long as there is nothing sexual about it, I said. It seemed harmless and ok so it was fine. This evening they are waiting for me to have a shower again, she has been waiting in the bathroom. I've chosen not to have my evening shower today, because I picked up from the girl's thoughts that she wanted to see my naked ladyparts in the shower. I detest that, it is not normal. I have serious issues with their upbringing of children. It is a huge clash between the Aliens and me, we are both irreconcilable and adamant about our position, so it leads to a lot of arguments between us.

Hamish is cute around the children. The little girl called Hamish "Santa". She pointed at Hamish and got real happy and said "Santa!" I love to see how Hamish responds to the little children. He remains calm and I have even seen him let the children pet him, when normally that would make him upset and infringed upon. He is precious with children. (Except when he eats them, but he is sweet with the stock.) Then a hybrid boy told me that Hamish has his mazu on the bathroom floor. The kids know right from wrong when it comes to where you put your poo.

I am not their Santa, I said. - Hamish
We are only training them to be a pimp. - Hamish, "pimp" in the other language, meaning prostitute
They are too young for that Hamish. - me
That is why they are here at school. - Hamish or other ET
I don't want them to see me naked. This is repulsive, I object. I strongly object. - me
I don't want you to call me Hamish anymore. Call me, not benign. - Hamish
I am calling you Hamish Turtle! You are my not benign Back Turtle Feet! - me, cause I say so

Mazu is the hybrids' word for poo. I told the kids that Hamish is my Dragon and that he can put his poo where he wants here.

Hamish said to me that there are no toys here for the children. I felt really bad about that. Especially since I've got heaps and boxes of my old toys in the basement that I could bring up and unpack for them to play with. They used to play with my stuffed animals but those are still in the United States. I just feel terrible about it. Oh why did they not let me just be a mother? It started out fine, when the kids first started being brought here for school and interaction. But then the sexual things and it became a nightmare, a total nightmare! I get very upset when the children are here, or when I as much as have to see them. I even go as far as attacking the children verbally and threatening to hurt them, anything so long as they are taken away from me. These children are sexually active! It is not normal!

Back Turtle Stories - and other stories

August 30 2013 - So those of you who were reading last night's update (seen below) were wondering whether I would get close Alien contact? Well, sort of. I was awake in the abduction state and the Aliens were calling me their cat. That is why I started dreaming about cats. The Aliens take me in a state where I am part asleep. They brought to me a hybrid man and we had some sexual shenanigans together. We didn't have intercourse but there was some touching. They had him disguised as a human man in a black suit, but when he was undressed I noticed that his skin was soft and white like on a hybrid. The Aliens can influence how I see them. Reptilians like to pose as human military officers or royalty. Aliens and hybrids can also pose as

We wanted you to think that they were cats. - white Alien says now, and reveals to me that when I thought I was stroking cats in the dream I had in fact been touching little hybrid children, I'll be darned
Stop with the masquerades. Stop hiding behind fake images. - me
We wanted you to do us better. - white ET
"Do you" better? What do you mean do you. - me

Anyhow. I was watching tv with Hamish and there was a legless lizard. After the show was over Snake shows up after the fact: "You fool!", he greets me with. "Oh hello Snake", I say something like that. He asks me about the lizard, if it was a female. Then he says, "I wanted to establish my territory here." Snake is so funny.

We are funny too, we are here. - says Malik the Mischievous Incubus
Hello Malik. How are you doing today... - me
You were one of our pets. - Malik
Really?! - me
Yeah, and the men also get salary. - Malik, meaning I am a prostitute

When I woke up this morning after the alien abductions and sexual encounter, a white ET called me her "jungle cat" or was it "wild cat". Hey look this is actually called a jungle cat!

We were making alien implants with you. - white ET snickers
About what? Where are they? - me
In your nose! - the ET snickers happily
Is that why I have a big red sore mark on my nose this morning? I thought that was what it was! So what does the implant do might I ask? - me
It makes you less benevolent. - white ET or Malik
Less benevolent? Why do you need me to be less benevolent? Does it alter my behavior? What does the implant in my nose do? Care to tell me? - me
You would think that we are stupid if we told you. - white ET
Not at all. I am quite curious. So why don't you tell me? Go ahead? What does the implant do. - me
It makes you sniff us. It makes us look better for you. - white ET
Just a question, has it got anything to do with sexual pheromones? Because I've noticed you guys playing around with that sex drug quite heavily in the past. Does the nose implant deal with my sexual behavior and responses through the olfactory sense? What does it do? Tell me or I will rip it off! - me
It makes you seem benign. So that you may work with us. - Malik or white ET
Does it pacify me? Make me docile? Friendly and less prone to "cacophonies"? Is it located on my external nose only, or does it somehow extend into my brain? - me

Human beings have noses and olfactory sense of smell which responds to airborne chemicals. Human behavior and emotions can most certainly be affected and stimulated with the olfactory sense, even with smells that we do not pick up on consciously, not all chemicals have to have a smell that we are aware of. Sexual pheromones is one example. I know that some men smell so good that it makes my body want to have sex with them. I'm sure men know about the effect of a woman's smell in their sexual behavior and responses. But there are so many other examples of how human behavior and emotions react to smells, via the nose and processed by the brain.

We wanted you to play with us like giraffes. - the hybrid girl says
Like with Satan! - roars Malik
Haha, what a contrast. A little girl wanting to play with giraffes, and Malik the Black One about Satan.
Malik? Why are you even there? With children? You seem somewhat out of place. - me
I am with a mystery, that is why. - Malik
Malik, get the "hell" out of a children's nursery would you? What are you doing with children? If you start roaring about Satan I don't want you anywhere near those children you hear? - me
My, voices are not nice. - Malik says more calmly
But Malik. Don't use the name of Satan in front of those children. - me
They are our cats. - Malik about the children

Whatever. Big sigh. I am no expert on this, but human behavior and emotional state can most definitely be controlled to some extent via the sense of smell. If they had a device that can stimulate the olfactory system via perhaps electric stimulation of the neurons, it could transmit a stimulus to the brain and trigger desired emotional or behavioral responses in the human. Most definitely. At the very least the human sexual response is linked to our noses. I've known the Aliens to be very skilled in putting me into highly super elevated states that I call the "white flame". They also put a white powder that I call the "sex drug" under my nose, and rub it on the children too.

So, let's talk about that implant on my nose. What is its intended purpose? - me
It makes you a soldier. - Malik
A soldier? What kind of soldier. What would such a soldier do? Is this the MKULTRA Project? And are you humans or aliens? - me
What does it matter, does it differ? - Malik
It makes a big difference here. - me
We are with the, sadism. - Malik

Alright. Conclusion. Malik is a type of Satanic demonic being who runs a team consisting of a variety of different alien races including Zetas, Thubans, Reptilians, hybrids, and many more. Hybrid children are being abused, and so am I. There is sexual offense. Dark Lords such as Malik are Incubi, they prey on sexual energy, fear, and pain energy. The children are used sexually in order for Dark Lords to ingest sexual energy. Dark Lords have a religious faith in which their god The Eye is believed to rule the Dark Lords, and the Dark Lords give the energy they have extracted, to their god The Eye, in hopes that it will appease it and keep it from destroying all worlds. Alien abduction phenomena in a paragraph.

Hamish and Bird have been around this morning. Hamish explained to me the reason why he doesn't poo in the river like he was supposed to. He is worried that there might be fish swimming there, and he doesn't want to get his poo into their eyes or into their mouths in the water. So that makes sense. So I told Dragon that he is more than welcome to poo on our bathroom floor. I suggested that he poo in our bath tub since it would be so easy to rinse out, but I worry that Dragon might have difficulty climbing in and out of the bath tub.

We are not extraterrestrial. We are the worst that there is. - Malik
Then what are you? - me
Look at this? My shield. - Hamish, "shield" in my native language, he shows me his back hump
I am given it by them. That is why I am here. - Hamish

Yes, I know, that Hamish was genetically made by the Agenda network. I wonder if I should potty train my Dragon Turtle? If he could learn to use the toilet? But then I worry about bacteria. I don't think a toilet is clean enough for an alien visitor, I mean even if we clean it I would still think it's inappropriate. Hamish told me last night or this morning that his latrine consists of his "snacks" and "liquid". It seems that Bird is here to help him with guarding my eggs, but she is also here to clean up after Hamish's poo. The Dinosaur used to clean up after him, but now it's Bird. Bird expressed to me that Hamish had placed threats against her, so I explained to Hamish that he has to be nice. Bird thought what I said was good so she tugged with her hand on the towel I had wrapped around myself after the shower, and told me something positive. I thought it was brave of her to tug on my towel, I am glad that gradually she is opening up.

Huh. I seem to have run out of things to say on this Alien matter. More stories next time. Oh, I also decided that when I have lots of money to buy a house one day, I am taking Hamish with me to look at houses and I will let him pick the house with me. I live with this Dragon and he is the man of my life. He needs to have a good bathroom that he feels comfortable with.

Also, I don't have socks on. - Hamish shows me his flat red duck feet, he says this because I always call him Sock and things, but that's because of his little Sock Puppet head

If Malik weren't a bit questionable, I would have also furnished a basement for him, painted in black and with a pentagram and all the Aleister Crowley books. I have welcomed this creature Betelgeuse Maleucius Malik Jesobel Jezebel into my life. I got to know him long before I figured out that he is - in fact - a demon. So I think of him as a person. But if he harms the children I don't think I can welcome him into my home.

I don't want you to tell us about those books. - Malik indicates to the "catecheses" in the bookshelf
Don't you like Bibles Malik? I will read from them to you some day. We can read Bibles together. You might like that. - me
No! Not unless they talk about giraffes! - says the little hybrid girl pleased
I am not a giraffe, little girl. I am also not a cat. I am a human being. - me
We don't want you to say that to them. - Thuban, as if she covers the little girl's ears

This morning when Hamish and me were talking about his poo and the river and the fish and on the bathroom floor, I was saying words of encouragement and appreciation to him because I don't want him to feel self-conscious about his poo. I don't know if poo is uncomfortable to a Dragon like it would be to a human to have to talk about and make arrangements with, and I want Hamish to feel at home here with me and I need him to not have to feel that it is a problem. But in the process, Hamish did a possession and superimposed his big red Dragon body over mine. I felt his arms where mine are, like in that drawing seen here. It is very intimate and beautiful. He tumbled me around in bed a bit, I loved it, it was great. I love Dragon Turtle. And I love living with him. We are doing great.

We wasn't, tumbling. - Hamish [sic]
What were we doing? - me
I was showing you me, when I was/wasn't bathing. - Hamish about being in the river, not sure which word he said
Ok Hamish. I like having you close to me. It is nice to see your Honored Red Scales and Scutes! - me
I also have a Back Turtle. - Hamish about his back hump, "Back Turtle", haha great way of calling it
I love your Back Turtle. - me
I wasn't with poo in it. - Hamish
Have you washed it? It looks clean Hamish. You look good today. - me
I was with it, clean! - Hamish

More Back Turtle stories next time.

No, needles on me! - Hamish says with such torment
Hamish! Did someone hurt you with needles! Hamish! - me
They wanted to extract my juice and coffee. - Hamish says calm
Hamish, don't let anyone hurt you. - me

I've known Hamish to be very afraid of needles. That is why I have to keep the sewing machine and sewing needles always kept away. I like sewing and fixing things and if it weren't for Back Turtle here I would have sewing needles laying around everyday. But he fears them. I also can't have candles, he fears fire. Anything for Dragon Turtle. Back Turtle Sock Feet. Anything for you Hamish.

Dab Dib and Flashes of ET walking by

August 29 2013 - This evening Hamish said:

Dab Dib. - Hamish
I asked Hamish what it means?
It means Yes-No. - said Hamish

I've known Deb Deb to mean Yes in the Dinosaur's language. Dab Dab can also mean something positive. Dam Dam means no. But Dib was a first. Also I never heard a combination of two different ones together before. Dab Dib! Yes-No! Oh Hamish you Sock Puppet Turtle you...

This evening a hybrid girl was here, she looks to be about 6 to 8 years old if she were a human. I was upset and telling them to leave, well because the Aliens try to get me sexually engaged with the hybrids. This girl is my own daughter, made from my egg. She reminds me of me. She was climbing on the sofa, looking around, being just a girl in a house. She said that Hamish smells bad. I told her to Honor my Dragon or else she would have to get out. These hybrids have traumatized me severely, and Hamish has always been my only source of support.

Dinosaur complained about having to eat maggots. I said I would bring him a box of food if he could tell me what he eats. That, and I would also bring him a bath. They like that.

Earlier before the hybrid girl arrived, the Thuban was showing me a little hybrid child's hand. I don't know why they show me. Am I meant to go "aww look at those perfect beautiful little children now I want to be a mother!" No. The sexual assaults have made me associate those children with the worst agony and trauma. I can't bear to see even their hands.

Ok then, we will leave. - says the hybrid girl who's been here, she has been in the apartment without her underpants on, now she went to go get them. Her underpants had been on the tabletop in the bathroom where I always put my clothes and panties on when I go have a shower. Remember that time not long ago when a hybrid girl probably the same one had taken her clothes off and put them there and then stood in our shower? They bring her here to see me, and to try out things that I do.

I am asking for visual close physical contact with the Aliens (not with the hybrid children). Today I have been seeing several white flashes of Alien bodies, some large and significant, of Aliens walking by. I have to think that they are beginning to let down the cloaking device, if they have a cloaking device. When one white figure walked past I asked who it was and said that I see him, it was Pakeha on a stroll.

Hamish has been having his usual evening here in the apartment. I find him standing on the bathroom rug in the bathroom, rubbing his ankles together between which are sheets of his shedded scales. He just likes to feel them out and to be near them. It reminds me of a little child with a snuggy blanket. I'm thinking his behavior, hoarding, stomping on and fixation with his shedded scales serves not primarily some practical purpose of how to handle the sheddings, but it seems to give him a sense of home, a sense of comfort, and also gives him something to do for hours every day. It is like a bird that has built a nest out of twigs, only Hamish's nesting site is made out of shedded sheets of scales. I don't discourage his behavior of course, I think it's charming. I am only happy if Dragon can find ways to make himself at home.

I am not feeling cold here. - says Hamish now in my native language
When I am doing this. - Hamish adds, about when he is rubbing scales between his ankles
Hamish Dragon? Are you cold there? You know, somewhere we have an electric heater. I could make it really hot and toasty there for you in the bathroom at nights. - me
Yes-No. - Hamish, or was it Yes-No
I am with Pakeha. - Hamish, (NL)
Are you ok there Dragon? Is there anything I can get for you? - me
Only your twelve strand DNA! - Hamish is quick to say, and rubbing a sheet of scales between his ankles, I think he likes the feel of it, that soft rubbery sheet
.. Have a good night Hamish. I am going to bed soon. - me
I will not bite you. - Hamish, I think he said to Pakeha, otherwise to me

I saw another big white flash of an Alien figure standing by the bedroom closet. There it was again. The Aliens are - finally - letting me see them, and here was a white hand and arm that sweapt across my hands, accompanied with that familiar cold mist that I remember from my teens when we were having Zeta Grey abductions, the room would fill up with that cold vibrating mist.

Please become visible. - me
It is not in our protocol. - one of my white ETs
But, please? - me
We are not given visitation rights for that now. - one of my ETs
And I am sorry if it feels cold. - the ET
Who is speaking? Are you Pakeha? Welcome here. Nice to meet you. - me
You are singing like a song to us! - a Thuban pleased that I am friendly
Nice to meet you. - me
Do you have a temperature. You seem a little sick. - the ET
How on earth did you know that? - me
We have done some tests. And it says that you have a temperature. - the ET
How did you know I have a headache! - me
We just don't want it to affect our eggs. And yes, we are here. - ET, and I see a figure move slowly across where Hamish's pink bathroom rug is here
This is not our, treasure chest. - says Hamish about his pink rug
Hello Hamish. How are you doing. Can you become visible? I want to see Hamish. - me
We would be glad to do that for you, but we don't know what the implications would be. - the ET
I would be happy and calm. - me
And? What about your stomach? If it goes upset? If it gets turned up side down? - the ET
No, no. I can handle seeing an ET. - me
What if you get, goosebumps? - the ET
Don't collect them. - Hamish to the white ET about his shedded scales on the pink rug where Hamish stands
No, we won't collect them. - the ET says to Hamish about the scales
Well. For starters, what would you like to remember? - the white ET, about the fact that I am always made to forget (most of) my abductions
I want to remember everything. - me, and I see A FIGURE walk past the closet!
Who is walking here? Welcome, by the way. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable? Are you comfortable here? How can I be of assistance? - me, and I see a white ET foot walk past
I am starting to see you people. - me
Yes, that was the plan. - says the white ET
Thank you for that. - me
We are only doing this for our eggs! - angry Thuban or the one with the octopus beaked mouth
.. I am happy to see you soon. Thank you for, unscrambling your cloaking device. I am also feeling that cold mist. Please feel comfortable with becoming fully visible for me. - me
There is dust here, in your room. - the ET, about my rug
Yes there is. I was going to vacuum today but I forgot. - me
They are not elephants, no! - the ET says to a little hybrid girl about me

The Aliens always show the hybrid children videos of elephants and giraffes and tell them that we humans are those animals like at a zoo. I find it offensive, not charming. Also I hate these children because of all the sexual things.

When can I see my Hamish Dragon? My Turtle Dragon? I would like to see my Hamish, he means the world to me. - me, and a big white flash walks past the closet in the other direction
I can see flashes of beings here. Is that you? - me
Yes, my Crystal. - Malik
Hello Malik. - me

Crystal is a reference to my DNA or light. Malik doesn't like Crystals. Yet they need us Crystals for their projects.

These girls won't pee here again, I promise. - the white ET says, seems that the little girl peed here again. Isn't the first time those little children pee here, one boy once peed on my pile of clothes and the Aliens insisted that I wash everything and not wear them before they were washed, so I did. Those kids are not housebroken. I should spread newspapers on the floors.

We are not here with magic. But, can you see them? - someone
I see flashes of white beings, yes. - me
And you have been such a good Crystal. - Malik tells me with an image of a collar
... When can I see my Hamish? He is my favorite. - me
The NASA team doesn't want you to. - Jack, undoubtedly
Hello Jack! How are you doing! Nice to meet you again. Please let me see my Aliens. - me
No, we won't. - Jack
No, we are sorry that she peed... - white ET, a hybrid girl has peed on the floor here, but it's in the other dimension so I don't have to worry about it

I am going to bed. It's quarter to one.

Aliens Sayz...

August 29 2013 - Dinosaur said look, that he doesn't have a scrotum. I told him I don't have a scrotum either, and asked how Dinosaur reproduce. He didn't say. Hamish yelled at Thuban, "This is my nest!" about the bathroom where Hamish camps out, poos in the bathroom floor corner and keeps his shedded scales on the rug for him to stomp his feet on. To which Thuban replied angrily, "Hinch!" All this within a short few minutes. The Aliens are such a drama, when you can listen in to what they are saying. I see them when they speak. See them mentally, hear them mentally. Hamish didn't want me dancing in my room. He is worried about the eggs. I tell Hamish that it is healthy and good for the eggs too, and Hamish said that Bird thinks so too. So I told Hamish that Bird knows. I'm so glad Bird has become one of our new regulars. She rarely leaves the bathroom.

It is because... I like it here! - hollers Birdie from the bathroom
Hello Bird. What kind of race are you? Where did your people come from? Are you actually a bird? You have white feathers. Are you from outer space? - me
I am watching our hunnun. And it is miserable here! - Bird, hunnun is the eggs, and she doesn't like it in the bathroom with Hamish and his mounds of shedded white scaly bits all over the rug in the other dimension

What is Bird? She is a feathered white alien. She is short, she has a long rat tail with feathers sticking out of it. Her eyes look like the eyes on White Dragon and Brown winged Dragon, those round eyes with a dark pupil, with dark red irises that surround the black, and no whites of the eye. She has some sort of hard enamel beak and possibly small teeth lining the upper beak at least. Her most distinguishing features are, the white feathers, and that she is very short.

Hello Birdie? Are you alright here? You should feel free and welcome to venture out into the apartment. You don't have to stay in the bathroom all the time. Are you afraid here? - me
He has said that we are his lunches. - Bird says about Hamish
Well, you are not. - me
Lunches, No. Snacks! - says Hamish

Oh dear.

I am with (winged Dragons) and they want to say that our eyes are not the same. - Bird approximately
I do apologise, I could not see you clearly and I meant no disrespect. My apologies. - me approximately
I didn't write these two down immediately so I forgot the verbatim, but that's the context of what was said

Hamish talking to Bigfoot

August 29 2013 - Hamish is watching a show on television about finding Bigfoot. He got really keen on the program. I told him that humans don't know if Sasquatch exists and humans are trying to find it. Hamish thinks about how if we were to find some of Bigfoot's poo then we could deduce that Bigfoot exists, he thought but didn't say in words. Then he thought that if he, Hamish, were there in the forest surely he could sniff and find out if Bigfoot is there by its smell, again without words he was just thinking. Then Hamish started asking me if Bigfoot has eggs. I said that I am sure that they do. Then Hamish starts talking to Bigfoot in the television as if it could hear him, just like when he talks to Dragon clip arts in the book Letters to SETI 2. It is priceless. It then hit me that of course an Alien would assume that a television can see and hear him, since we can see and hear the people on the television. The reciprocity is logical.

Some of Hamish's talk to the Bigfoot on television (he thinks it can hear):
Translated from another language:
Do you have poo? They can find it. - Hamish, that humans could find Bigfoot's poo
They can find it, I said! - Hamish irritable because Bigfoot didn't answer or hear him
Do you have pyy-pyy? - Hamish, it means female reproductive parts, he asks Bigfoot
Do you have one? - Hamish
I want to know. - Hamish

Then Hamish tells me that they, the Aliens, could find it, and I am given an image of a silver metallic saucer shaped UFO spacecraft. Other excerpts:

It is a big man! - Hamish
Yes it is. - me
Look! I have a tail! - Hamish turns around to show the Bigfoot in television his red Dragon tail
Hamish... they can't see you through the television. We can see them but they cannot see us through it! - me

Then Dinosaur showed up, calling himself a Frog, to tell me somewhat concernedly that they cannot understand these contraptions. Dinosaur said about television, "Sometimes it shows us what we want." Then Dinosaur got excited when he saw the remote control for the tv. And other talk.

Hamish was just adorable. Find the full conversation and happenings in one of the future telepathy books. Life with Dragon Turtle. Priceless. Red Dragon Hamish talking to Bigfoot. That is just fun on so many levels.

I Love my Sock Turtle

Hamish is afraid and nervous about Bigfoot, wondering if it has fingernails and telling me that it has strong jaws (presumably to bite with), Hamish shows me his (Hamish's) red paw with black claws shivering, he is nervous, and still talking to Bigfoot as if it could hear him. I tell Hamish that Bigfoot cannot hear him. Bird shows up to tell me that I have told Hamish that this is his (Hamish's) nest. I say to Bird that yes I have. Bird says, "Now look at what he has done?" and shows me a mental image. Hamish has another mud puddle of his latrine in that same corner on the bathroom floor as always. I offer to clean it up and I want Bird to chill out and not make a fuss. Hamish is my Dragon and I don't mind him pooing here. Especially since I don't have to deal with it, it's in the other dimension.

Like I said, I Love my Sock Dragon

I was going to watch a cooking show but they had langoustines as part of the ingredients so I had to change the channels quick. That is how we ended up at Bigfoot.

I am not a Sock Turtle, tell them. I have, scales.. - Hamish
I know Hamish, I love you very much. - me
My love is not needed here. - Hamish
I Honor your scales. - me, and now Dragon's eyelids close in a Draconian smile, he loves to hear that made him smile

Honored Scales and Scutes!

Pyramid given to me

August 28 2013 - After some additional comments from the Aliens that became embedded in the emails I just sent, the Aliens pry my left hand down from the keyboard onto the bed with the palm of my hand facing up. I fought against the tug but they were stronger so I relaxed my hand and let them put it there. They put a visibly clear image of a little yellow triangle that fits in the palm of the hand, on my open left palm. "What is it?", I ask them, even though I sorta know. "That is where we are.", says Hamish to me. It sounded perhaps a bit tragic, as if it were a trap and an inevitable tragedy. "Thank you for giving it to me, how pretty it is", I say, not knowing how else to display kindness and loving support to these Aliens who visit me. "Am I there too?", I ask them.

Bad stuff, and Good stuff. In that order.
Crocodile Man, Insect and Thuban talk

August 28 2013 -
Bad stuff:
Today Pakeha came around and masturbated. Thuban was masturbating Pakeha with its arms, and the Thuban was also involved because its arms are very sensitive. They were meaning to involve me into some type of "sexual conference call" where we all would be feeling one another. I call it a rape, because it makes me feel their sexual sensations against my will. I decided not to go into what the Thubans call "cacophony" (upset) today, but to cool down and be a scientist and observe them. After a few minutes the torment was over and I survived another Alien rape.

Good stuff:
I asked Hamish if he had a good day today, and talked to him about how he let me see him in the river or creek today when he had his bath and poo there. He said that he was clean now. And he said that as he stood there in the creek he had "asked himself", if there might be any "fish" there in that water. I told him I did not know. I told him that I love him and that I would buy him many fish if only I could. One day I wish to have a fish pond for my Dragon Turtle. He loves fish because they look like they have Dragon scales. Red ones and orange ones. I love my Sock Turtle.

Last night I think it was, Lasarus or Pakeha was going to teach me their written language, same one as the Orion writings. For instance I saw Shuurah there and told them I recognized it, the two vertical lines. They want to teach me the whole entire language. I was so pleased to hear that. I hope we can get to studying soon. Now a Crocodile Man is watching me.

Don't worry, I am not looking at lunches! - Crocodile Man "laughs"
Hello Crocodile Man. Welcome here. - me
We have been sitting in your kitchen. - Croc, "kitchen" in my native language
Welcome to my bedroom. Nice to see you here. - me
We have been using that chair/bench. - Croc, "chair/bench" in native language not sure how to translate
Welcome here. Nice to see you. I would like you to physically manifest. Can you become visible for me? I see you in the other dimension, but I would like to see you - me, interrupted
We have already returned to that chair/bench. - Croc, uses the same word in the native language
We are watching so that you don't eat any cookies. Because Hamish can't seem to do it! - Croc, yes I have eaten cookies in spite of Hamish's demands of otherwise
There are none in your throat. - Croc, cookies he means
That is alright. Am I fertile now? Can you make hybrids now? - me, and I recall eating chocolate pudding today, two servings, but I am not going to tell Crocodile Man that
Why do you call him Sock Puppet? Can't you see that he leaves when you do that? - Croc
And no! Do not eat any sugar! - Hamish
We are coming in, from a UFO, that is white. And you are not insane for me to say that. - Croc, he knows I have to question my sanity, that it is my obligation to do so

The greatest love I ever knew, is Hamish
is contained in a big camel turtle lobster body
with a soft turtleshell cushion hump back and orange blunt bumps
he likes to poo on our bathroom floor, but he also does it in the river
I would live and die for him
And every day I do

"My Honored.", I say to Hamish as he now looks at me closely, that fire engine red body of his right here. "I love you Hamish. I have known you for a long time." We live together, me, he, and his scales. My Dragon! "Wow! Love is powerful here!", says Hamish! "Yes it is! It is powerful.", I say. "Because it makes you like me, and even that.", Hamish, he probably means that I even like his poo. "I love everything about you. Every little thing. Every little bit of you. That is how powerful love is.", me. "I would love to eat your liver.", Hamish says.


"Because it is soft for me.", Hamish adds.

Hello. The Insects are here. And, we are also bringing you those puppets. - green Insect, puppet is the hybrid children a hybrid girl
I don't want those children here. They are a nuisance! - me
They are not fed with grass here. - green Insect says, grasses means all sorts of vegetable foods that I eat, anything from vegetables to bread
Welcome Insect. I love having you visit. - me
You don't have a zipper. - Insect, "zipper" said in my native language, with its thought image of unzipping and zipping a few times
Do you want me to undress for you? You are here early. It is only half past midnight. I thought abductions were at 4 AM. - me
We are not pleasant to you. - Thuban or Insect
And neither is your Sock Puppet. - Insect
Then why do I want to see you, more than anything? Aren't we friends yet? - me
We only want your, pyy-pyy. - Insect, my ladyparts
Are you angry? - white Thuban, in the native language
Look! It is an elephant! - Thuban says to the hybrid girl about me in native language
I am not an elephant. - I say in the native language
Are you ten? She is five. She is not ten. - Thuban or Insect says in my native language about the age of the hybrid girl
She has already been with Pakeha. - Insect or Thuban in native language

Oohh!!! The Insect has two antennae on its forehead! The antennae are as if made from connected round beads in a string. The antennae sway up and down, up and down, slowly. It was fantastic to see.

We also want, your feces. - Insect, "feces" in native language (=NL)
There is no time for me to talk. - Thuban
Why not? - me
Look! An elephant! - Thuban to little girl about me (NL)
No I'm not. - me (NL)
There is a school there. - Thuban (NL)
She has a belly button! - little hybrid girl declares and points at me she is happy (NL)
Doesn't she have one? - me (NL)

In a moment of silence, I catch the girl looking at me. She is told without human words that I am a giraffe. The hybrid children are shown giraffes and elephants all the time in their education. I am supposed to be some animal at the zoo. She is then given an animal cracker (yes, an animal cracker) with a giraffe. She looks at the cookie and then looks at me. Like I'm something to look at. They're the animals, not me.

You haven't used any shampoo! - Thuban says to me obnoxiously and angry


August 28 2013 -

Why yes indeedy I do? Why don't you come right in and have a seat there, and I'll put the kettle on.
What is that? - Zeta asks
A monster. - I say
I would like to beat it, and slap it. - Hamish
IF IT DOESN'T WANT TO EAT WITH ME! - Hamish, he seems nervous
It's ok. It is only a drawing. It does not exist. - me, funny every time I tell my "real" Aliens that some monster on tv or in pictures does not exist...

Catecheses, Catecheses
Hamish has to bathe and poo in the river
Snake the shapeshifter, and Bird bravely ventured out

August 28 2013 - "I didn't want you to know that I roared at them." says Malik now about the catecheses. A story I haven't reported fully yet, is the time when Malik tore down "catecheses" as he calls them from the bookshelf at night. Bibles and psalm books were spread all across the floor and thrown everywhere. One book was even torn in four pieces. I just wrote to MUFON about that and Malik added some comments that became embedded in the email. He now added this, about the spreading of catecheses incident, meaning he says that he roared at the books as he was messing them about. He feels apologetic about it

That is because you call it mischievous. - Malik
I call it wonderful. - me
Why, did you want to see it again. - Malik
Yes Sir. Give me more physical evidence. Don't you understand? It proves that you are real. Now we only need you to do it for a camera. I want you to take books down all the time, if it is - me
Yes, but only with catecheses. - Malik
What's your problem with "catecheses"? Why don't you like them? They are Bibles. Don't you like Bibles? - me
They are not for sheep to read. - Malik
Malik? Please take down the catecheses again. I want you to, if it is not too much to ask. If it is an easy thing for you to do, I would appreciate it Sir. It proves to me that I am not hallucinating you Dear Malik. It gives me proof that you are here, and I need that proof. - me

Snake was tiptoeing around today. He is horny for me as usual. Snake is a yellowish raptor dinosaur reptilian, but he can change the shape that I see him as. I encourage him not to change shapes. At one point one of the dark reptilians or dark lords shifted into the image of President Obama. I think what they do is they want respect. They also want to not scare us. (Although I think I would be ten times more scared to see President Obama in my home than to see a Reptilian or Alien entity. I am more accustomed to Aliens than I am to Presidents.) They want me to respect and honor them like we humans might our presidents. I think that's what Reptilian shapeshifting is all about.

Bird finally convinced Hamish to start pooing and bathing in the rivers and creeks again. So I found Hamish sending me a mental "postcard", he was standing in the water. I asked him how it was, he said it was cold. I told him he could come back home where it is warm soon. Bird doesn't want Hamish to poo in the corner of our bathroom floor, or to spread his shedded scales here. I let Dragon do both things. For he is my Dragon Turtle Sock. Bird was brave enough to venture out of the bathroom and into the apartment a bit today. She usually stays in the bathroom, even when I call for her to come visit me in the other rooms I am in.

Drama with Bird and Hamish
And Dinosaur needs to soak up in a bath

August 27 2013 - Things escalated. After I daydreamed about sex and Hamish wanted to break it up because they want to keep me and my eggs with their program, Hamish showed me his white penis. I thought it had been because he wants to break my thoughts and get my attention back on their program, but after I wrote the previous update (below), Hamish told me that it was because he was offering himself to me. I kind of rejected him or actually I did nothing. I neither encouraged him nor discouraged him. I wanted to see what he would do. He was really intending to have sex with me, he even told me how to prop myself.

I told Hamish he is powerful and great. I often compliment him on his strength and dominance in a ways to appease him and keep him in a good mood. I was kind of ignoring his sexual advances and changing the topic in a way. But my compliments about him was getting him carried away, not sexually perhaps but in terms of power. He once said that I am like his potato, that he can eat from me. I just thought that sounded funny so every now and then (probably every day since I first heard that) I like to say that "I am Hamish's potato, he can eat from me". That too stirs him up with power craze. So Bird showed up trying to pull Hamish away from here. Bird saw a real threat.

Hamish had pood in the corner of the bathroom floor again, in that same spot. Bird was talking about it to Hamish and Hamish got angry. Hamish was really angry at Bird and threatening to pull his wings or feathers apart. Hamish calls the Bird "secretary". I don't know why. The Bird says he is a doctor, that he is Hamish's doctor. I don't know if Bird belongs to Hamish's team or not. It's not the first time I've had other random Aliens visiting. Always exciting of course, but sometimes confusing I don't know who's with what, I just know I want Hamish, he is my regular and everything makes sense with Hamish here.

The Orions showed up in their orange sphere UFO and Hamish was meant to go there. Hamish was really angry at Bird. I don't know what was about to happen, I don't understand these Alien contexts! I don't understand who the Bird is! Bird wants my eggs too. Hamish and Bird are quarreling over rights to my eggs, and over which of them gets to call this their "nest". Bird tells me that I have been too nice to Hamish and that is why Hamish doesn't want to leave my home. I tell Bird that I want to keep my Hamish!

Then a yellow Reptilian shows up pretending to be Suleski the MIB but I know from the past that Suleski isn't a real human. I once caught a White Dragon pretending to be Suleski. So I confront "Suleski" and say that I know he isn't a real human. I catch a glimpse that Suleski's eyes look large and Reptilian. Yellow Reptilian was pretending to be Suleski. Then the Reptilian says that he can't show up here wearing a wig. I tell him no need to disguise themselves as humans, I know what Reptilians look like and they are handsome. Reptilians are pretending to be humans! I see glimpses of General Patton this evening, I've also concluded that he too is a "puppet", not real but made by the Aliens.

I took some of the most awesome notes of telepathy ever in the two years together. Hamish's thoughts and comments during his power and sex craze and his conversations with Bird as they argued about Hamish's poo, rights to my eggs, whose nest this is, and whether or not Hamish should leave. Now the Aliens are watching me carefully. I have made it clear that I want conscious contact. Maybe they staged this "drama" so that they could see my behavior? I don't know. I have had a headache this evening. I don't have the time to translate the conversations from another European language for you all. It's a great story, and will make one of the best chapters in the telepathy books. (Hmm. Does it beat the argument between Strawberry and Hamish in "Real? Or Imaginary?" Hard to say, they're pretty even.)

Just a few lines translated here and there from tonight's drama:
I didn't want you to stop. - Hamish
Say what Hamish? - me
I wanted to continue with you. - Hamish
This when I had thought he had wanted me to stop daydreaming about sex. Turns out he says he had wanted me to continue, and he had wanted to engage sexually with me.

There was a moment when Hamish and the Aliens said that they wanted me to be impregnated with "scales". Meaning they would use my eggs now to make reptilian hybrids or reptilian babies with. I said I would be delighted to. I would cherish my Reptilian babies much more than any Zeta or Thuban babies, why not. I questioned whether Hamish even could make me pregnant? But the Crocodile Man has in the past. The Bird Person did a "fertilization rite", of course science based not magic.

I declare I want to give you more excerpts but I am exhausted. The volume of Alien interaction, contact, stories, and telepathy is overwhelming. Every day I have new stories unlike any I've had before. These Aliens...

To be clear, Hamish and me haven't had sex this evening. I am going to bed. Turning the lights off. Listening to the silence, or, if the Aliens come to talk. I pray for a conscious abduction tonight. They will come at 4 AM. I was supposed to have an answer for them about if I want to continue as their egg donor or not. I don't know what to say.

If Reptilians are having fertility issues, which they seem, and I think it was the Pleiadians who snipped them infertile to control their cosmic shenanigans, I don't mind lending some of my fertility to boys like Hamish. The Red Dragon Turtles are amazing. I don't want them to become extinct.

The Frogs either! - Dinosaur hollers cheerfully
Are the Dinosaurs also infertile? - me
No, but we want your eggs here. - Dinosaur
Can I visit tonight? Please, let me stay awake and meet you all tonight! I would be so happy! Please, Dinosaur? I won't interfere with your jobs. - me, and jeebus right now as I said that last bit a Dinosaur nearly manifests here and my heart nearly jumped into my throat, not that I was scared, just surprised is all
Hello Dinosaur. Pleased to meet you. - me
Pleased to meet your eggs, oh cherished one. We haven't bathed in a while, can you tell? Our fingers and eyes start to look like raisins. - Dinosaur
I hope you bathe soon, Dinosaur. Would you let me pour some water over you? I want you to bathe when you need to. It is important that you get your needs met. - me
Now we need, that. - Dinosaur, about my fecal samples
Yes, you can collect some samples. - me
It is for our eggs, that is why. - Dinosaur
I understand. It is alright. I won't hurt you. I will help you with your work so that you can go bathe later afterwards. And I hope you enjoy your bath Dinosaur! - me
Deb Deb Deb. - Dinosaur, Deb Deb means yes, I never heard three Debs in a row, they were also all the same pronounciation all three of them
Deb Deb Dinosaur! Deb Deb Deb! Baths! - me
Hello Dinosaur! Pleased to meet you! Let's work together ... - me
Oh, I only need your anus. - Dinosaur interrupts me
Alright. Ahem, I guess it's here for you I guess whatever. So that you can go bathe after you've finished with your work. - me
I have a test tube. - Dinosaur in my native language, all others in English, he shows the white plastic tubing
And there is fiber! - Dinosaur, he means fiber from my feces, in my native language
Just call it dung. - Dinosaur, in English again

I guess it's time for bed! Check back again for more real Alien stories tomorrow! Life is great. I have a Dinosaur.

I love you Dinosaur. I want you to have a bath. - me
We won't, yet! - Dinosaur cheerfully
I hope you will soon. Then you can soak up in the bath tub! - me
We are not senile. - Dinosaur
I didn't imply that you were. I'm just trying to be easy with you. - me
Well the insects are easy with me too. - Dinosaur
They place bombs around here. - someone maybe Bird or Dinosaur
Bombs? - me
So that we don't get to go out. - Dinosaur
I am sorry to hear that. Very sorry to hear that. My condolences. It is a dangerous place. - me
So don't laugh when we say Deb Deb. - Dinosaur
I mean no harm to you. I want to be, the best I can be for you. I really want to help you. I want to be your friend. I will do everything I can to help you. - me
They, will eat me here! - Dinosaur, I will never forget how he said this, he whispered it to me and yelled it out at the same time

And to all you abductees out there who spread the bad rumor of the Dinosaurs or Saurians. Be informed. Any harm or distress caused by the Dinosaurs is not their fault. Abductees who encounter the Dinosaurs hold them responsible. I am too tired to get into how terrible that is. The Dinosaurs are sweet, gentle, precious, humorous, intelligent. Innocent.

Interesting Dragon Behavior #52

August 27 2013 - I was daydreaming about sex. Reading this website you'd think I do that all the time, but truth is the Aliens have ruined that aspect of me. So this is extremely rare. But Hamish shows up to stop my thoughts. "First you eat my cookies, and now this", he says in the other language. Then Hamish lets his white penis out, which is normally tucked entirely on the inside of the body. It is just a slender smallish white thing. I had to do a double take. Twice. Interesting Dragon behavior. He somehow tries to confine me and my sexuality (and eggs) into their genetic program. Perhaps he thinks that this will bring my sexual interest toward him so that there is no risk of me straying elsewhere. It wasn't him offering himself to me, nor was it him getting aroused. I think I know Dragon by now. Or not.

Living life with Hamish

August 27 2013 - It is fun having Hamish around and about. Bird is trying to collect Hamish's shedded scales and clean them away from here. I defend Hamish's interests so I say to Bird that no Hamish's scales get to stay. Hamish wants the scales to stay. They are not trash, they are a part of his body. He needs to see them.

They also smell good to me. - adds Hamish now, wow!
Wow Hamish! What do they smell like? Do they smell like Hamish? - me

Bird told me that Hamish had wanted to kill me yesterday when I ate those cookies. When Hamish had said that now my liver belongs to him, because... well read the liver and cookies story below. I am just so used to Hamish's persona and comments that I just giggle and chuckle when he says those things. I never think for a second that he might actually kill and eat me, even if the tendencies and thoughts are there. It's just my Hamish. Dragon Turtle. He's been around here for two years, and I've survived.

I'm asking the Aliens for close contact, a manifestation, and a photograph. Then I would do anything for them at all. I would give them eggs and stop eating sugar. So now Hamish is hopping around (well not really hopping) and being more visually clear than his usual. He has a tiny little head. The head is like a block, it has no protruding back of the head whatsoever. Like a worm head. I call it his Sock Puppet Head. It is such an unusually small head for a body, but it's Hamish. Reptilians look that way. Bright fire engine red scales, and his face is all bumpy from the scales. The scales are like bubblewrap, bubbles or bumps all across, not flat against the skin. A neat texture.

Tell them, I am not a turtle. - Hamish
Hamish is not a turtle. What is he? What is Hamish? - me
I am here for my eggs. And they are stolen! They are valuable. - Hamish, not sure if he meant eggs or his sheets of shedded scales are stolen, cause he thought of his sheets of scales, and I know other ETs have been here to steal some, remember Ken Bakeman's pteradactyl who snatched one but then brought it back?

And I see his back hump. Hamish has a back hump. It is fantastic. He is such a magnificent creature to see. There is such a great big person inside that tiny little head of his. This person who we hear talking lives in that body of his. That tiny face. Hamish has a tiny little face. Although the eyes, nose and mouth are in the usual arrangement, there is no external nose just two little nostrils in between the eyes just below the lower line of the eyes, and then the mouth is right underneath too. So it's all scrambled together for a face that is not tall by any means. Plus a tiny head without a back of the head. The head just has the essentials, like a tube to put the eyes and mouth on. It is fantastic!

Hamish? You are fantastic to me. I adore you. - me

I am playing The Sims 3. The Sims have some candles on the floor, Hamish says of course "No fire". I bought a pink crib and Hamish said "No" because he thought it was red, I told him it was pink but promised I would change the color in the customize menu, anything for Dragon, even the color of cribs in my video game... So as soon as I select a butterfly pattern, "No, bat", says Hamish and objects. He thinks the butterflies remind him of bats, and more specifically it brings his thoughts to the White Dragons.

It is adorable having him here. Not a nuisance at all. He notices everything, sees everything, hears everything, listens to my thoughts. He won't let me think about my boyfriend. This morning hahahahaha..... the Aliens said that I was not allowed to "have sex with genes", meaning if I have sex with a man then I am having sex with genes. It was funny cute and charming, but also a bit sad. I broke up with my previous boyfriend because it's complicated.

But at least I have got my Dragon.

Hamish, I love you. - me
I love the sight of your blood. Your premenstrual ones. And! Also, give us your eggs! - Hamish
Hamish! You are cute! - me
I am not arrogant, she said. - Hamish
Hamish is my Dragon. I love Dragon Hamish. - me

Damn he is cute. I wish you could see. I would do anything to get a photograph of Hamish to show you all. Here is the crib that he said "No, bat" to:

Hamish eats blood from syringe
Hybrid boy doesn't want to have a bath

August 27 2013 - From my journal notes:

I was sitting studying on the sofa for my thermodynamics. A Dinosaur makes his presence known in the other place where the Aliens are, I am shown a remote viewing mental image of him. He is holding a syringe, it looks like an old-fashioned metal syringe. I assume they are going to want to draw my blood so I say go ahead I am not afraid, just as long as you know what you are doing, don't get any air into my blood, make sure it is sterilized and without bacteria. A short while later, I see Dinosaur holding up the syringe filled with blood. I say to him, great job you did it.

After a few more short seconds, I see Dinosaur emptying the syringe into Hamish's open mouth so that Hamish is being fed with the blood. I go into full aww mode and say how cute and everything. It took me about two minutes to stop cooing over how cute the Dragon is when he is doing Dragon things. I said that I sure hope that was my blood and that if it isn't then I would like to give Hamish some of my blood. I would be happy to! You should have seen him being fed with that blood! It was so adorable and cute, so cute so cute. I love my Dragon Turtle. And I love seeing these Aliens.

[some conversation with Hamish, I don't have time to translate into English right now]

After the blood drinking, I was shown a little hybrid boy who was squatting down on the floor in a corner hiding. He wasn't afraid. He seemed like a really brave and amazing little boy, like a little man type of boy you know? He was a little man, that little boy maybe 4 or 5 years of age judging from his size if he were a human, cause I don't know how fast those hybrid boys grow or what ages they are. He had some of that yellow hair. A tiny little plump boy

[more telepathy I don't have time to translate]

I often see the Thubans trying to defend the children from Reptilians who want to take and eat them. Thubans feel some sort of protective instincts or responsibilities toward the children, Thubans are never happy when their children are taken.

The boy has white skin, that thick soft white skin of a hybrid. He was squatting hiding, and I was shown one of the green Insect Mantids. The Insects are fabulous, their mind and intellect that I feel, it makes them some of my most favorite Aliens, the Insects. They have such intelligence, wisdom, depth, but it's the elegance, poise, grace, that makes me so fond of them. It is beautiful. It reminds me of musicians who do classical music, or someone distinguished who is into the classical arts, old Greek philosophy, that sort of thing. That combination of intellect, elegance, cultivation and poise. And yes, they are big green Insects. But when you talk to someone, doesn't matter what their body looks like, a person emerges, a personality. And you get to know them.

The Aliens said the boy was hiding and playing Cowboys and Indians. The boy was due for his bath and he didn't want to go so he was squatting there in that corner.

After a little while as I had resumed to studying, I notice the Aliens showing me that the boy was now in green Insect's arms and [censored]. The Insect was [censored]. They not only show me, they convey to me the feelings that the boy has. It is very invasive and it upsets me. I told the Aliens in my feelings and in an image from my mind that this was making me suicidal. They didn't care and they don't want to change their routines just because I'm dying here. So it killed another piece of my heart and soul. I tried asking in the worldless language, why are they showing me? Why? The answer from the Insects was given without words, in the wordless language, and it was something about the fact that I am a real woman with a complete set of reproductive organs and my breasts and everything and it's part of what they do [censored]. Because the only reason they have made him is to take human genetics to make a fertile hybrid species so they are needing to assess his capabilities at sexual reproduction. It's just that they start at such an early age, it hurts both mothers and children! And fathers too undoubtedly!

Then Hamish showed up in the room they were in, Hamish said or thought something about blood but didn't say anything in words, and the boy got scared but remained in the Insect's arms. So that is my observation on Alien behavior. I've kept telling the Aliens that I want to go visit. Why can't I come there too?, I said to them before [censored]. I want to visit, but without [censored].

[telepathy omitted, no time to translate now]

Find not only the full and uncensored versions but also with all the telepathy in the books. First one is out now, Real? Or Imaginary? with the first few months of the contact from August 2011 to April 2012.

Looking inside living cell with the Aliens
Instructional video about surrogate mothers
Hindu God Lady pays a visit

August 27 2013 - I was met with a CIA man at night in what is the abduction/dream state. The Aliens let me look inside a living cell, at all the fantastic cellular components, strings of DNA, and cylindrical pill-shaped things in a cluster. The cellular components were in color. I had thought it was a display case but in the morning the Aliens told me it was one of my cells with Alien genetic material. The Aliens showed me an instructional video about surrogate mothers.

When I woke up Pakeha talked about how the NASA had told them to stop doing these unethical projects that hurt humans and hybrid children. All hybrid daughters would have been taken away from my Alien team by the NASA and they said they only had the boys left. NASA had told them to stop, but the Aliens were asking for my permission. I said I would think about it and should have an answer by next abduction time, which is 4 AM.

Pakeha said that he and his kind were not "organisms", that they were "made" "a long time ago". Pakeha is not a Zeta, Pakeha himself is some sort of hybrid genetic creation. These Aliens have suction cups on their fingers, they are for feeling with, it is a sensory organ. Pakeha said they had other videos too besides the one about surrogate mothers but the other instructional videos were all about sex. I said I did not want to see those. Hamish later talked about those videos, they are shown to young men (I hate to say, probably to boys who are children) to teach them "how to become a father".

I was going to say yes and be willing to help them with their eggs and be a surrogate mother, and might have said yes, but then they brought in one of the hybrid boys and put his hand on my body so that he could feel his mother, and then they showed me his naked penis. None of this in itself was of a sexual nature, but it reminded me of the sexual abuse involving these hybrid children in the past. I was then reminded of all the abuse and agony caused intentionally by the Thubans. The Reptilians have been fine, they are just butch and dominating but they have never hurt me.

How about us! - Dinosaur says
Dinosaurs have been nice. You have been wonderful to work with. - me
We only wanted the eggs! - says Dinosaur in a happy way that seems more normal than any of the other Aliens, he seems to be the only one who knows what is going on

And last night one of the Hindu Gods paid a visit. She arrived in the color of gold and bright pink. She was one of the blue people, like Amrishtad. She was here to tell me that they did not want the Aliens to make babies from humans. She told me about how her people had visited the Earth many times in the past. She showed me clear images of herself, and also images that had been made of her people by humans in the past. The images were sharp as day (if not sharper). She said "Ancient Sumeria". I assume that they had visited there. I did not write the conversations down, I was too tired late at night. But it was nice to know that she was here and I hope to see her and her beautiful people again. When I asked her who they were and what to call them, she said to call them Gods. I don't mind, because they are just that beautiful. They are one of the benevolent races.

This is not their land, here. - the Blue God woman speaks now, meaning the Aliens who abduct people and make hybrids

She had told me her name last night but I did not write it down so I forgot.

I have a lot of thinking to do today. About everything Alien in my life. I will probably say yes to being a surrogate and an egg donor, but I would like to place some demands on the Aliens. Perhaps I can impart some positive changes, not only in my own life but in their ethical carrying out of their projects as well and bring some peace to our relations. I would demand close contact, every night I want to be let to be awake. I want the pedophilia to stop. I will carefully formulate some demands. And in exchange they can have some eggs and I would even stop eating sugar.

I wrote down this story in my journal notes first, so it got the lengthier version and with more of the telepathy involved. It will be in one of the future books.

Watching Pangolin video with Hamish

August 26 2013 -

Two minutes later:
Here is the Incubus. Mr. Fussubus. - says Malik, he knows I call him those things
Hello Malik. How are you this evening? - me

Dear Potential Boyfriend...

August 26 2013 - True actual letter:

I just finished studying and have some time before bed. Hamish was curious about tomatoes for being red like he is. And Malik the Incubus talked about having a son with me, and I said yes. It doesn't mean I am cheating on you. Maybe I am cheating on Malik...

Aww you have a little [---] girl. That's precious. Just don't get me pregnant, although it's a nice idea.

Don't show him your cleavage. - Pakeha or other similar Alien

No I don't do anal it was just something the Aliens said. [Background: The Aliens know I am interested in dating this guy. So Thuban Lady told me that I was only allowed to have anal sex with him. True story. The Aliens are scared that I would get some of my eggs pregnant. Oops I mean their eggs. And like I said I don't do it.]

Don't talk to him about porn. - Hamish

What is this Alien [---] you keep referencing, like I should know what it is? A movie perhaps? What is it.

My eggs are not given to him here. - Hamish about you and about his eggs
I know Hamish, it's ok. - me
They were not given to HIM. - Hamish, meaning you

Hamish now shows me mental image in which he carries hybrid babies in his arms.

Hamish, your eggs are safe with me. I promise. I will protect you and your interests. Hamish is my everything. - me
I would like you to turn that lamp off. - Hamish, I have my ceiling lamp on, now turning it off for him
I would like to see you better then. - Hamish
Yes, my Honored. - me
And Malik likes it too, that way. - Hamish
Yes Hamish and Malik. - me
And my goldfish don't like it. - Hamish, he likes orange fishes they resemble his scales he thinks

Hey do you have Skype we could talk or do webcam chats? Would be great to hear your voice again. [---]

Eva... and Hamish, and Malik

We don't want his sperm here. - Hamish, meaning your sperm
His sperm is not here. - me
It is not a "viable seed" then. - Hamish
Oh, you read that with me? Do you read letters with me. I love you Hamish. I won't hurt your work. I won't ruin your eggs. - me
He said that his sperm was viable seed. I was wondering about that. What it does to my eggs. What it does to them. - Hamish
It won't do anything. I won't get pregnant with him. I won't, I promise. You mean more to me than, my own babies. I don't want a child right now. I want Hamish. - me
My sperm must have with viable seed! - Hamish, sometimes like this when he gets upset he gets the words crossed
Are carrots like me? - Hamish, because carrots are orange
No Hamish. Carrots are not Dragons. - me
I wished that they were. - Hamish
Why did you want carrots to be your Dragons? Hamish, what are you saying about carrots? - me
They would feed with me. - Hamish
Hamish? Are you feeling confused? What is this about carrots? - me
I was going to have them. - Hamish

Hamish has a thing for anything red or orange. Those are the colors on his body so he is drawn to things of that color.

Tell them that we are gardening here. - Hamish says now
Yes Hamish. I am your flower. And your ETs are bees, that pollinate. And you take eggs. And you are Hamish, a Dragon. - me

Hamish talking to tomatoes!!!

August 26 2013 - I was sitting on the bed reading casually, when Malik makes his presence known. Me and Malik and my book are just hanging out. Malik tells me that Hamish is in the kitchen and that Hamish thinks that the tomatoes on the kitchen table are turning red "because they see him". We have this year's last garden tomatoes green ones ripening on the kitchen table. One has turned red and a second one is starting to. I ask Malik to tell Hamish that no the tomatoes do not turn red because they see him, that tomatoes turn red even if they don't see Hamish so that disproves it, and to tell Hamish that I honor him. Malik shows Hamish that we have sliced tomatoes in the refrigerator and says to Hamish that there is something inside the tomatoes that makes the red color for them.

Hamish tells us that he would like to have sex with the tomatoes. I put my book down and nearly gasp. Hamish then explains, it is because tomatoes contain some of his DNA. I continue reading my book. Next I see Hamish leaning his Sock Puppet tubular head toward the tomatoes, engaging in deep thought making telepathic communication to the tomatoes in the dish, he is asking the tomatoes if they have any eggs.

If you don't like this Red Dragon Turtle Hamish already, like I said I will come hit you on the head with a shoe, and throw some tomatoes at you. Hamish is adorable.

Why did you say that to them? About hitting them? If they do not like me? - Hamish
Because you are adorable. Anyone who doesn't think so has clearly missed the mark. That is why I said that Hamish. Did the tomatoes talk to you about if they have any eggs? - me
No, they didn't see me. They weren't taken with a fork! So I was pleased about that. - Hamish

I decided early on that I wouldn't be eating any of these tomatoes. Hamish likes to keep them and it bothers him when I eat some. So he can have them all for himself. Oh Sock Turtle what delightful adorable things you fill my life with...

Hamish has sex with a hybrid
Bird washes Hamish's poo
Alien wants me to write a letter to MUFON and NASA
No Cookies No Boys

August 26 2013 - Hamish has been about today. What I didn't tell you yesterday is that when Hamish and the Aliens were all working as a team to try to dissuade me from wanting to meet with a new boyfriend, in the process Hamish actually raped one of the little hybrid girls. Now the reason I am not upset is because those children have sex all the time anyway, and I'm done and through with getting my heart into a heart condition and mental stress and nervous breakdowns over pedophilia. So I've dealt with the distress of that and am over and through. So I will tell you all about how Hamish has sex, and it's interesting.

When Hamish has sex he has the lady on the floor and he steps up on her back and in the process of having intercourse he steps on her back with left foot, right foot, left foot, and so it goes, slowly, and it is like when birds mate. So we finally know why Hamish loves to step with his feet up and down up and down on soft rugs and on his shedded scales on the rugs. I think it gives him a reassuring feeling. Maybe even, since it mimics the copulation, it might be for him a type of masturbation, even though when he steps on rugs his penis is not out or involved. The stepping itself is a behavior of its own. It was an adorable observation. I'm just gonna ignore that it was with a hybrid girl, I'm done with those kids.

Hamish explained that he had shown me this, because, in Hamish's way of thinking he was showing me that it was ok and safe to have sex with the Aliens. So I would not need to meet with my boyfriend to have sex with him, see?

This morning the Aliens showed me a mental image of a little hybrid girl with her hand on a man's penis so I told the Aliens that I am through I am not giving you any more eggs! I don't know how much longer I can deal with this Alien pedophilia before something extremely drastic has to happen. And I'm sick and tired of other alien abductees who pretend like having hybrid children is all nice and friendly and like you're all one big family, you know there's child rape going on. I am one of the few abductees who chooses to SAY EVERYTHING. Other abductees either say nothing about any of it or they choose to keep the sexual abuse secret like it doesn't even happen. Well I'm a scientist and we don't fudge data. The hybrid children are sexually active and it's disgusting and I'll be darned all those abductees who act like hybrids are so lovely and all that. They are filthy children and they need to be taken away from the Aliens and brought up properly. I am so through with this I can't have all this Alien filth anymore.

Orion man started telling me "Shuurah!" when I said that I wouldn't be giving them any more eggs. Shuurah means eggs in the Orion language. And Hamish came to me in the kitchen and said "My trash!", and "My" something else that I had. Then he said "My hunnun" or something like that with an image of the hybrid children. I'm still an egg donor.

Hamish told me that Bird is his doctor. Hamish had pood a bit in the bathroom so Bird was taking care of Hamish's body and washing him. Bird asked me for some soap, I told her to take any soap that they find in the bathroom. I put some liquid soap on the sink but I don't know if they can touch it in the other dimension. Oh god I don't know how this works I just know I see them I hear them and they're real.

The Eye doesn't want you to know. What we did to you. - Hamish with mental image of their Eye god
I don't want the Eye here. I don't like the Eye. - me

The Bird said that she is not an Ithaca. She said that the Ithaca were taller and different. I apologised for having been wrong about that. Bird told me she wasn't a real doctor, that there were many things she did not know about the body. I thanked her for taking care of my Hamish. Hamish had wanted to be washed so that he would not smell. He is self-conscious about his Reptilian smell around me. I tell him that I don't mind. I love Hamish, I will always love Hamish no matter what. Bird said that Hamish should poo in the forest like he was told to. He has taken up the habit of doing it in that same corner in our bathroom. I tell them it's ok. I say Hamish can make himself at home here and do what he wants. He is my Dragon.

And an Alien made contact with me later in the day and asked if I knew what MUFON was and if I would write them a letter from him. He said to call him Johnny, later changed that to Michael. I wrote MUFON a letter dictated by the Alien. The Alien was from a "NASA" base in Nevada. I don't know what it was, but it was not an Alpha Draconian, it said. It wanted to write to NASA as well, but changed its mind before we got that far, so we never wrote to NASA. The MUFON letter will be published in one of the books later on. I publish everything, even though there's something of a one-year time lag trying to keep up with the material.

And when I thought about going to see my new boyfriend, Hamish catches my thinking and says "No, boys". Earlier when I ate cookies, he said that it was his cookies, and that if I eat his cookies he would have to get my liver in exchange. I asked him if I could have "Hamish's cookies?" I told him I would eat "Hamish's cookies", and I ate them. Then Hamish said that now he would have to have my liver. I told him I was still using my liver, so he couldn't have it.

Green Reptilian and other Stories

August 25 2013 - I'm in turmoil. I've started flirting with a guy, human, and my Alien team isn't having it. The Aliens tell me I am meant to be with Pakeha and the chubby Illuminati hybrid. Me and my body belongs to them. I didn't think I wasn't allowed to date and have sex, with humans. I thought I could be there for the Aliens and have some of a life of my own. Even the Insects, and Dinosaurs, came to talk about intervention. It leaves me in turmoil.

A new, green, Reptilian came to visit. He snuggled up real close to me, hand against my hand, reptile skin against human skin, him in the other dimension, me here. It was really nice the way that he snuggled me. When he saw Hamish he declared that Hamish was one of the ancient ones. I asked him what he means, how is Hamish ancient, or old? The green Reptile told me that in the past the Reptilians used to look like Hamish, have a back hump. But when the Reptilians lived under ground there wasn't enough space for them. So they changed their species into smaller ones. I was then shown a tiny little red Reptilian wearing a hooded cloak in the underground bases, to see him as an example. It looked a lot like Strawberry, maybe even it was him.

I told the green Reptile that Hamish has lived here with me for a long time and that Hamish is my King.

I smell blood here now. - says Hamish to me now
What? Whose blood? - me
Those letters are not mine. They are awful. - Hamish or Malik

Mom washed Hamish's bathroom rug, the one in the bathroom that he spends most of his time on. I saw that in the morning. I haven't said anything to Hamish, and he hasn't either, but late this night he said to me that his scales were gone. My heart just sunk.

Hamish is now spending time on his bedroom bathroom rug, the one I gave for him and which he's had since two years ago when he first fell in love with it. He has some scaly bits on it also. The green Reptile asked me if I had a trashcan. The green Reptile meant that Hamish's shedded bits would have to be thrown away in the trash. I told him that Hamish's scales are not to be thrown away, well because I know how much they mean to my Dragon. Hamish came up to my bed and placed some shedded sheets of scales on the bed, and told me he was giving them to me. Hamish layed one sheet over my feet, and another on top of my head covering my face. Hamish told me that he had not washed them. There seems to have been one drop of his pee on the sheet over my face, yeah I know. I told him it was fine, he is my Dragon, and I love him. This is Dragon behavior.

I would have had the best sleep resting under Hamish's sheets of scales. I know they were on me I saw them in the other dimension. Hamish had layed them on me like someone who lovingly spreads a cover over their babies. There was something nurturing and comforting about it. But I got up to write to the guy I am flirting with.

While the green Reptilian visited, I told him he was welcome and nice to meet you. The green Reptile asked me if I had heard about Camelot. I said I was vaguely familiar with it. The green Reptile told me that the Reptilians had underground caverns under Camelot back then, and that the humans had attacked the Reptilians and killed them. The green Reptile was showing me in images, but didn't show me the final battles, and said that he was sparing me from having to see it. I thanked him for not showing me the battle scenes, I said I could not watch Reptilians being killed. I asked why there was a fight, a war, and it was because the Reptilians had wanted women from the humans. The humans had fought back. Green Reptile told me that the stories of Camelot were true.

Malik then asked me had I heard the story of Ali Baba. I told him I was vaguely familiar with it, but that I wasn't sure. I said I knew it wasn't the story of Aladdin and his lamp and genie. Malik told me that the story of Ali Baba was about his kind, about the Dark Lords. I asked Malik to tell me the story. I wanted him to tell it to me like a bedtime story, while I lay tucked in under sheets of Hamish's scales. He didn't tell me the story. Here it is, it is the story of the man who said "Open Sesame" and went into a cave full of treasures belonging to thieves.

Malik said that so I see that they, the Dark Ones and Reptilians are real and always have been, and that I should not be afraid of them.

Jon MacNair says it best

August 25 2013 - This fabulous painting depicting Dark Lords ingesting the life force from a victim, with their god The Eye watching overhead. The Dark Lords will pass on that energy to their god The Eye. This is not a mythology, these creatures - and their activities - exist. It is horrifying and hellish, but also utterly fascinating from a scientific vantage point. These Dark Lords are sentient conscious creatures, and one can have intelligent conversations with them. Fascinating. In MacNair's paintings the fleeing white bird is symbolic of the person's life force or soul being taken away. It will be fed by the Dark Lords to The Eye god waiting above.

Source - Check out Jon MacNair's Illuminati/Agenda-inspired artwork

Yes, I repent now. - says Malik

He has been roaring at me in his suave sensual way ever since I chased him away from latching onto me. Malik is a Shadow Figure/Dark Lord. He's cute when he starts whining roaring in his Dark Lord ways, similar to a dog trying to talk with intonations in whining. I take pity on him, and it brings me to tears when he begs and pleads with me. I've known Mr. Fussubus for two years and I can't just chase him away. Problem is, I came to know him as a person long before I understood what he was. I cannot throw him away for being an Incubus. Malik is my Mr. Fussubus Incubus Oh Holy Mischievous One. He can stay, but I won't give him my soul.

I won't roar, at them. - Malik says, meaning you readers
No they wouldn't worry about that. It's precious that you talk to me Malik. It is fantastic that you are a conscious and REAL creature. I want to know everything about you and where you've come from, how you live, and everything. I love you Malik, ... - me, interrupted
Then take me to bed. - Malik
And I won't roar at you again. - Malik
You are one of my, live rose. - Malik with image of the red rose, their symbol of when they open up a victim's chest and blood gushes out in sacrifices, making it look like a red rose blooming
Malik... I don't mind if you roar at me. Just don't take my entire soul away. I love you Mr. Trouble, but some moderation is required. - me

I won't bring, my beetle? If you can have, shenanigans with me! - says Malik, begging me to take him back. He sometimes comes carrying a holographic Egyptian scarab beetle to scare me with. It doesn't scare me, because it is holographic. Malik is real though, but he doesn't scare me. And see how gentle and courteous he is? I have to let him in, for him to take me. That is why Incubi Dark Lords use sex to get a victim to open up to them.

I won't repent, NOW. - Malik explains
And, you won't be my cat here again/anymore, I get it. - Malik, I forgot which word he used
Malik... I don't want to lose you, but on the other hand you make me feel miserable! - me
Yes, you are our cat, that is why. - Malik
But Malik... you take too much from me, more than I can give. You make me feel dark and empty inside, and all of my soul's glow is gone when you take it. - me
We will take your sons then. - Malik
No, don't take children. Malik, if only you become loving and compassionate, this life force will flow into you by itself, in abundance! Because when you feel loving and compassionate, what you are feeling is the life force of the universe, and then you tap into it, and it flows into and through you. Endlessly. Instead, what you Dark Lordships do is you take the light from someone else, and put them into your misery. Try to learn compassion. - me
No, because we rule. You are not the white rose then? - Malik
I can be a white rose. But not the red one. And you, Sir Malik, are a root in the ground. You haven't grown or opened into a rose or flower yet. - me
I am with the, mischievous. - Malik
Malik I love you... I will always love you. But don't take my soul. - me

No, we are not compassionate. Compassion is for Christ. - Malik
But why struggle? If you choose compassion you will bathe in light and love instead - me interrupted
Do you want to feel my fury? - Malik or someone Dark
Why? Are you angry? Why did you become angry? - me
Because you won't be my Dark Rose that is why. - Malik or other Dark
We are not whining like dogs. You have said that. And we won't repent now. - Malik or Dark one, approximately but context the same I didn't write it down on time to remember it word by word
You are a buffoon! If you are a Starsoul. - Malik or Dark one

The Exorcist won't be back. - Dark One
What Exorcist...? - me
We have been with one before. - Dark One
Ok this Dark One came about as I was browsing pictures on https://www.facebook.com/MagickalTheater.

Hush Hush, Stealing Energy, Malik banished, Sirian protects me, Orion is upset

August 25 2013 - Thuban is herding little hybrid children like sheep telling them "Hush! Hush!" and shuffling them along. Anyhow, this picture reminds me of how Reptilians can sneak up close to someone and take in that person's energy. It is not heat that they take, but some other form of energy:

This morning my energy was especially bad and I started working on recovery. Turns out Malik had a really firm grip of me, energetically. He "steals my soul" and "light" so to speak, and puts his own black misery into me. It took a lot of strength to push him away. I do it by meditating on fixating light into my system. Malik got real sad. He wandered around the house telling me he had nowhere else to go, that this had been his home, where would he go? Like a stray puppy. I told him I love him but that I will not carry his darkness in me. I told him that love and compassion will give him an abundance of the "juice", and that "juice" in fact consists of love and compassion.

A Sirian came to protect me from Malik and surrounded me with a light that repels him. Sirians are rusty brown red, their skin is covered in bumps similar to scales, they have pointy narrow ears. The Sirian told me that the Sirians too have children, sons and daughters, and he told me he was protecting me as if I were his daughter.

After I had banished Malik from having latched onto my body and energy, Orion man came to me and shouted, "Kembraah!" to me, and said that "now Malik will go after their children!" Turns out Orion man had been content with having Malik "stored" in me. Kembraah means idiot. I told Orion man that Malik is a menace, isn't he, but that I can't carry him in me.

No... what? Santas.

August 24 2013 - Dragon sneaks up to me and shouts out, "No Santas!", with a mental image of like Santa's little helpers or garden gnomes with red pointy hat. "No Santas", I say to Dragon to confirm it. "I just wanted to say that.", says Hamish. (If this sounds bizarre, spend some time reading on the website and getting to know Dragon. He is red and he thinks the Santas are wearing a red hat just to show power to him and display a threat and challenge.)

Hamish? Why no Santas? Why no Santas? What is the reason for that? - me
They are killed. - Hamish
I will kill them on their throat! - Hamish

He is clearly ticked off.

"Sugar and Flour"

August 24 2013 - So:
I shall get one for Hamish and fill it with livers. - me
NO!!!! Not that kind of snacks!!! - Hamish
Why not? - me
It hasn't got eggs for me. But it might. - Hamish
Ok. I am sorry Dragon Turtle, I often misunderstand. It was a cake in the form of a Dragon, Hamish. It was not a real Dragon, and cake Dragons do not have cake Dragon eggs. - me

source from

Why is it there on the dinner table? Are they going to eat with it? - Hamish
Hamish, it is a photograph of a cake, and they wanted to Honor the Dragons so they made the cake look like a Dragon. It is to honor those with scales. - me
I wanted to know if it had eggs there. - Hamish
It is a cake Dragon. - me
I wanted to see! - Hamish a bit temper tantrum
.. It has no eggs. - me
Does it have lust? - Hamish
Yes it has lust. - me
Then I wanted to feed with it. - Hamish hisses with delight because the cake Dragon has lust
Hamish, it is a cake. - me
I am not dominant over it then. - Hamish
You are always dominant over cakes. It is a cake. They wanted to honor the Dragons so they made a cake to look like an honored scales race. It is just a cake made of sugar and flour and milk and eggs... - me, oops, I said eggs, here we go again...
What kind of flour? And sugar and milk you said? - Hamish
Flour is made from ground grasses like wheat. Sugar and milk from cows. They make that into a sugary cake that humans like to eat. They wanted to honor the Dragons so they made the cake look like a Dragon. They are honoring the scales by doing that. But it is just a cake, it is filled with sugar and milk and flour but no dragons or blood, or eggs, Dragon eggs. - me
Do you understand? - me
I wanted to make it a name for it. I wanted to call it "Sugar and Flour". - says Hamish and his eyelids close he is content
We will call it "Sugar and Flour". - me
It was made from the best race. - Hamish eyes closing he smiles
The best race with scales. But it is "Sugar and Flour". They honored your race with it. - me
My Malik wanted to see it too. - Hamish
I will show it to Malik. - me
Here it is, Malik. Can you see it? - me
It looks, terrible to me. - Malik

Other things on the Agenda

August 24 2013 - In one of the two nights when Brown winged Dragon visited, I forgot to say that he showed me a cigar shaped UFO spacecraft in mental images and asked me if I had ever seen one. I told him I had not seen one in person but that I always used to get a terrible horror and fright from photographs taken of them, this was before I was myself acquainted with the Reptilians. I've always sensed something terrifying about them, I said to Brown winged Dragon, and I added that to be fair I cannot say whether that feeling comes from some sinister nature of its inhabitants or whether I am sensing some electromagnetic field due to its machinery, I said.

And this morning Japanese Dragon Dynasty man said "Nagasaki", which when you Google it is one of the towns that got hit by the American nuclear bombs in world war two. Then he said "Nagari", whatever that means.

On a happier note, meet thin plastic tubing. The Aliens stuff this down my nose to suction vacuum out stomach contents all the time. The tubing looks exactly like that.

Movie Night with Hamish

August 23 2013 - I took some of the best notes of The Orion Project in a long time. Hamish and me watched a Harry Potter movie together. He sat right next to me on the sofa. I wrote down all of his comments. The movie sure got him talking more than usual, and he shared his thoughts and feelings with me. I love to know what goes on in Dragon Turtle's head.

During the movie, Pakeha raped me twice. Even though I had the laptop computer on my lap and was fully dressed, I could feel the intercourse in every way. I had to tell myself I was imagining it, but the mental images I had of Pakeha in his other place and the things that Aliens said to me made me yet again have to be faced with the possibility that the Aliens can bring me into, or interact with me from, another dimension. I cannot explain it, but it has happened many times by now. He told me about how he wasn't wearing a condom. I didn't get upset or have a "cacophony". I told myself to stay calm and listen to the Aliens and try to understand what they are doing.

And since Hamish was talking and opening up then the other Aliens present talked a lot more than usual too. Even Bird talked finally. Bird has been here many times but only recently did she start to talk to me. Bird is a scientist, she is a geneticist. She too wants my eggs and wants to study the skeleton and the brain in genetic experiments. Bird comes across as gentle. She is by no means vicious or snappy like the Reptilians can be.

Snake came to visit. Long time no see, Snake. Snake was enjoying the sex that I had with Pakeha, because somehow he can feel it too. Snake wanted me to go to bed with him, with Snake, but I sat in the living room and watched the movie with Hamish. Snake kept shapeshifting into Captain Greene and then back to Snake. The Aliens talked about mind control, and were calling me both butterfly and cat, two MKULTRA mind control project terms. At times I wondered if this was just human mind control people pretending to be Aliens, but observing and listening carefully I want to conclude again that they are Aliens, doing the MKULTRA thing. As a cat I am meant to be used sexually by them. And as the butterfly, butterfly is a reference to my white light opening up in the flares of "lust" that the Reptilians love to ingest. There are many abstract and "alien" concepts involved here, but bear with me here. These are Aliens. Mind control and energy vampirism, iron, blood, juice, coffee, lust, are terms we are going to have to get used to. The culture and style of the Aliens is very exotic and foreign to us, but I am figuring it out little by little.

After the movie Hamish thanked me for the movie and told me it was a good movie. His interest in the Harry Potter movies is to find out if a magic wand could be used to fight off the Black Ones, aka Malik et.al. There was a winged Dragon in the movie and Hamish wanted to make sure that it would not come steal his eggs from me. I think Hamish thinks that the movie is real. At least that is his starting premise. I've told him it's just a movie, but Dragon tends to get caught up in movies and think they are real.

I don't want my tail to be caught on fire for what I said. - Hamish with mental image of as if tail on fire
Hamish, I will take all blame for any harm that you might have done or for anything wrong that you might have said. I will take any fire onto myself and clear you of any debt. I pledge to this, I will protect you until the end of my days. I will forever be your guardian. If anyone will harm my Dragon Hamish they will have my full vengeance on them and I would do anything and everything in my human power to avenge. Any harm intended for Hamish must be placed on myself instead. I will guard him with my life. I am Hamish's protection and guardian. Hamish, come to me and I will keep you safe. - me
My hunnun have said that! - Hamish, not angry
I guard you Hamish. They must set me on fire instead, and I will save you. I will protect you Hamish, against any harm. You mean more to me than myself. - me
I am not angry at what you said, here. - Hamish
But Dragons don't want to be made into toast. - Malik
If anybody out there intends to hurt my Hamish, you must spare him and hurt me instead. I will take onto myself any blame or harm that was intended for him... I would live and die for Dragon Turtle. *Please keep him safe.* I am Hamish's guardian. - me
Hamish does two palate clicks to that.
I am Hamish's guardian, she said. - Malik or Hamish
I don't want to make him toast, anymore. - Malik
Malik, please spare Hamish of any dangers and protect him. Keep Hamish safe at all times. He means the world to me. - me
Is he like, your light house then? - Hamish
What? - me
If he protects you? - Hamish
I don't understand? - me
Light houses protect the ships. So that they don't crash! - Hamish
I am Hamish's light house. I will protect him. - me

After the movie, Dragon Turtle retreated back to his bathroom rug in the bathroom, where he stepped with his feet slowly up and down, up and down, squash squash step step on the sheets of white shedded scales layed out on the rug. Earlier during the movie he had told me that he has washed his shedded scales and was now drying them. Hamish just stands there stepping squash squash on his sheets of scales. He seems to enjoy that. Squash squash.

Bird showed up and Hamish told Bird not to step on his sheets of scales on the rug. Bird let me know that they need my eggs for experiments to understand the skeleton and brain. I took some of my personal favorite notes of telepathy and observations on Alien behaviors tonight. It is hand-written and some of it needs to be translated into English. It will be published eventually, in one of the telepathy books if not sooner. It's a lot of work, but I have some great material.

Is Hamish safe? From fire? Please tell me that my Hamish is safe tonight, or I will have to stay up all night guarding him? Is Hamish safe? - me
Malik thinks about retreating to his seat, he chooses the middle seat on the 3-seat living room sofa where he sits all night when I sleep. I am glad that he no longer asks me for permission before he sits. I have told him that it is ok and no need to ask.

I will stay up an hour more at least, keeping an eye on Hamish and listening in just to make sure that Dragon is safe and that he will have a good night when I sleep. I would live and die for Dragon Turtle, and I would even take fire for him. He is more living than I am, that is why. He is more of a person than I ever could be. I have never known a love like I do for Dragon Turtle.

I smell. - Hamish
You smell like a Dragon Turtle. It is normal. Your shedding is also normal. - me
I don't want to give you a key, but would you lock the door? - Hamish is in my bedroom now, wanting me to lock the door to keep Malik out
Would that work? Can Malik not come through a locked door? - me

While it sometimes seems as if Hamish and Malik are on the same team, they actually seem to be rivals. Malik frightens my Hamish often. Hamish is afraid of him.

That is because he wants my blood. - Hamish upset about Malik
They are not in any danger here, the Kings. - Malik about himself

Lots of different Aliens are after my eggs, and I don't fully know which of them work together. I know Hamish cannot extract his own eggs, so he has Dinosaur workers for instance. But is the Bird on the same team as Hamish? There are still things about these arrangements that I need to work out. They are Aliens so things are not always so obvious.

I wanted to sleep there. - Hamish about under my bed, and with his thought image of that Malik likes to lie down on the floor under my bed
Hamish... you can sleep next to me on top of the bed. - me to Dragon Turtle
But I smell like cheese. And vomit. - Hamish
But Hamish... it doesn't matter. *You smell good like a Dragon.* - me, I should have never described what he smells like. Ever since I did he hasn't come close like he used to. He used to come so close I would have his breathing over my shoulder and his breath, and scales against skin and his tail and everything. I miss those times, those snuggles with Hamish.

I don't have my humpback shield here. - Hamish about his hump back
You have your shield, Hamish. You have a shield. - me

Life with a Dragon Turtle. I will stay up another hour at least to listen and make sure that there are no viable threats made against the love of my life.

Hi Snake, hello! - me as I see Snake appear (other language)
Don't speak to me, dog. - Snake (other language)

We have taken you to our camp. Did you want to know more? - Snake (other language)
Yes Snake. I wanted to know more. Tell me more? What happens there? Hi Snake. Is Hamish safe? What is Hamish doing? - me (other language)
He is speaking about his eggs with us. - Hamish answers the question himself (forgot which language)
Hamish. I will guard you. Are you safe? - me (other language)
I don't want to listen anymore. - Hamish, he thought about his tympanic membranes (even though this is telepathic) and he seems to need to rest his head (forgot which language)
Good night Dragons and Reptiles and Birds, and Pakeha, whatever you are. - me (English again)
We are Birds, but we don't do a song! - Bird speaks (English)
Hello Bird. Do you have a name? (English)
Good night Bird. Have a good night here in the apartment. If you need anything, wake me up. Feel free - me interrupted
Yes, you make us feel like your guests. - Bird
You are my guest here, Bird. Welcome. Just make sure that you get along fine with Hamish Dragon. Hamish is my best friend here. - me
What about, Pakeha? - Pakeha
I don't want to be with her anymore. - Pakeha "crying" and "whining", because he isn't my best friend
Pakeha? You are a rapist. And often you criticize me and put me down and throw all kinds of insults at me. - me
Can we take your eggs too? - Orion man asks
I don't know. Ask Hamish. Hamish will decide. If Hamish wants to share them with you, then you may. But don't hurt the offspring, ... - me
Good night Dragons, Reptilians, Bird, Mantises, Insects, Orions, Malik Incubus and Malik's fake holographic spiders and beetles, hybrids and Aliens and everybody. I am going to sleep now. - me

I could stay up all night talking to them. They are very active tonight.

Your brains won't be investigated with us. - Bird
What? Dear Bird, Darling, I need to go to bed now. It is quarter to 3 AM. Good night... - me
Good night Hamish! Have a good night Darling! I love you Hamish! Wake me up at night if you need me or if you get scared! - me
I won't come to your bed. Because Malik is watching there. - Hamish thinks about that Malik will lie under my bed at night. Malik must do that and get out of there before I wake up, so I will never know.
There won't be a fire here. - Malik
Thank you Sir Malik. I can now sleep again. Are you sure? Please keep Hamish safe, or I can't sleep if I have to worry about him all night long. - me
I won't take your catecheses. - Malik, indicating to the book shelf from which he tore down several bibles and psalm books months ago (I have picture proof but haven't posted those yet so wait for that one)
Good night Malik. Please, - me interrupted
And I won't make you a toast. - Malik says to Hamish
I won't give you a boat. - Hamish to Malik, about the light house thing again
Good night Boys! Don't fight! - me

I tell Malik "Yes-No, Yes-No, Malik, fire!", in Hamish's typical style of speaking. Meaning no Malik, don't do a fire I mean it! Malik says to that (translated): "You sinful slut."

Colin Powell Indeed

August 23 2013 - So this will be the strangest and silliest update so far, and as much as I would like to delete this from memory and never record it, I am under some self-ascribed obligation to report anything that happens related to the Agenda. So for some reason I thought about military, maybe because the news were on and lately it's just wars.

I'm trying to be a scientist about this, yet there are things like telepathy, remote viewing, and Aliens in this story. And as much as I try to be "the scientist", I am also one of the strange figures in these stories. If I focus on something then I connect to it and can feel information about it or even see things about it. I am supposed to say that this is imaginary and nonsense. But. Thinking about military, the military system of United States sensed me because my "reach" if you will was just that strong. Then appeared none other than Colin Powell to check me out and to block me from accessing information about the US military system. Then United States department of defense I think they said (I forget what they said it was) became involved.

I just saw this dark man and his name "Colin Powell" was given to me. I then went online and sure enough, there is such a man who looks exactly like that. I must have been vaguely familiar with the person from before, but it would be a waste of my time to explain why I think that this was somehow a "real" encounter, because my arguments would not hold scientific credit anyway. Because when I was contemplating on military, I was doing what I always do when I daydream, I log into concepts or people or places and I start reading information about them telepathically mentally. For me it isn't enough to wonder about military, I will also start remote viewing and checking them out to see how they are thinking and such. It is a talent I get from the Arcturians. Of course anyone scientifically inclined will call me crazy at this point, but this particular story does relate to the whole story presented here.

Colin Powell sensed me. But was it the real Colin Powell? Or something representative of him? He blocked me from reading the military any further. I got a bit giddy and giggly and apologized and went to make some tea instead. For what it's worth this happened at 1 PM EST. He wasn't angry or anything but sure was stern and with a very special type of focus and feel about him. He seems like a nice enough person. He just didn't want me to be sensing the military.

Why Colin Powell? I don't know. It was such a surprise to see and hear him. The David Icke enthusiasts won't be surprised of course, because those think that prominent military and political leaders are interdimensional Reptilians and creatures in disguise. I'm just surprised that Colin Powell sensed me and why he was blocking me from reading the military and their thoughts and intentions. No wonder Russian Korpral Olav Vetti wanted me to work with guarding their Russian missiles, satellites, and submarines. It seems I can do these things. I'm just surprised that Colin Powell was a player in this story. Nice to meet you sir. You're awesome. And no harm intended. I just like to spy on things from time to time. Don't kill me.

Land mines

August 21 2013 - One more update for the day. Last night when the brown winged Dragon arrived in my bedroom, he noticed that I had five piles of papers on the floor and each stack of papers had a paper weight. One of the paper weights is a large oval stone, the others are candles. Malik had asked "what is that crap?" about them, and Hamish had been concerned about the candles. But brown winged Dragon asked me if what was the stone was a, he said either land mine or bomb. It took me some reassuring and explanations to convince him that it was in fact just a harmless stone. He was puzzled when I told him that the rock is an ornamental decoration and that it is considered beautiful. We normally have the large oval stone on a table top. This reminds me of that time when I had the battery charger for the digital camera charging on the floor and Hamish and/or Malik who saw the blinking orange light on it thought it was a land mine, and I had to explain what it really was but ended up removing it from sight cause it scares the Gentlemen. They are Aliens.

Sex talk with Pakeha, and "No Blowtorch" (or Blowlamp)

August 21 2013 - More news I have to write down. Last night Pakeha showed up and he was meant to have sex with me. He thought about how he is actually attracted to one of those little like 9 or 10-year old hybrid girls, at least she looks to be that age judging from her size if she were a human. Pakeha said that he would not wear a condom. I didn't write our conversation down, I was too exhausted late at night so I am sorry. But he and I talked about sex a bit. We were mutually respectful, no arguments or offense this time (usually Pakeha is mean to me, and then I can snap back a little bit, you would too).

Today I left the balcony door open so we got like ten flies buzzing around the living room ceiling lamp. I used the cleaning agent spray bottle to get them. Many hours later, when I'm having a bath, Hamish shows me a mental image of me when I was spraying at the flies and he says "No Blowtorch", or was it even "Yes-No Blowtorch" (or "Blowlamp", depends on translation). He was very concerned and showed me the images of the flies down on the floor and his thoughts and feelings. He is always very concerned when I kill an insect. Meanwhile this is a guy who can tear into Dinosaur bodies and drown my hybrid children in the creek without a single twitch of remorse. Sheesh.

Aha. I remember what fun Hamish did this morning. In the other dimension he had layed a sheet of his shedded scales, that looks like a rubbery bubblewrap, right across my belly and another one on the lower part of my face wrapping around my lower lip and over the chin. Go figure. Don't know what Dragon meant. He and his scales. And me and his scales. I woke up like that and with Hamish up and about dealing with his shedded scaly bits. I know it should be gross but he is my Dragon what can I say. I love Hamish. So I love his scales.

Hamish I love you and your scales and race and I honor you and I tremble before your power. - me
Let's see what Dragon says.
Hamish? Tremble before your power? And Honor your scales? - me
I wasn't going to vacuum clean them. - Hamish about the scales on the bedroom pink bathroom rug, he knows I vacuum here but I always make sure not to vacuum on that rug itself

Brown Dragon, Cat Food not Sweets, and Dub Dub

August 21 2013 - The Aliens do so much cool interesting stuff I almost can't keep up with writing it all down.

We are not illiterate. We know what it says. - Malik
Yes Malik. That's ok if you do. I'm just keeping a journal scrapbook on our adventures together. So that I will never forget our times together. - me

Last night, like the night before, the brown winged Dragon came for a visit. He is a new character and I'm pretty sure he's high in rank. He showed me ever so clear closeups of his eye. His eye is not a Reptilian eye. The eye is rather small and roundish, or with that slight oval shape that human eyes have. He has a small or medium-size round black pupil in the center, so no Reptilian vertical slit there. The iris around the pupil is a red ring. And that's about it. There are no whites on his eyes. He stared at me with those eyes so closely making sure that I would see them. You see, his both visits come from the fact that the Aliens don't want me to eat sugar because it disrupts my DNA for their genetic projects. So I had promised the Aliens that if they let me see them then I would not eat sugar anymore. That same night brown Dragon showed up for the first time, and then again the following night which was last night.

*Added: the brown winged Dragon has the same make and color of eye as the White Dragons Gargoyle and Ithaca Non-Bat have. They are related. Cool that I thought of that.

They think that it is enough. No. I want close contact, me and they both in the same dimension. The brown Dragon was very authoritative and demanding of respect and there are times when he silences me and he most definitely thinks of me as a dog race. This contact is not "real" enough so I am still eating sugar, which brings us to our day's next topic. Today I planned on buying a bag of candy from the store. The funny thing is when I was thinking and visualizing where the candy bags are in the store, somebody hijacks my thought process and leads me a little bit further to the next aisle in the store which has the pet food. I am shown the cat foods there. Aha! Turns out it was a white ET who was indicating to me in this very clever hijacking of my thoughts, "no you are not allowed to eat sugar, you are a cat and there, eat cat food". Made me smile of course. I thought it was very clever. But I bought the candy and ate lots this evening. Hamish informed me that I could go to the shower and spit out the candy into the drain on the floor (he has seen me spit there sometimes when I shower, Dragon watches everything). It was his suggestion.

Hamish did something very funny this morning when I woke up and I remember giggling and laughing about it but I forget what he did. Maybe he lifted me up or tossed me around, either that or he must have said something very funny.

And Dinosaur News Flash. I thought about starting up my video game The Sims 3 and that is when Dinosaur shows up showing me a mental image of the computer screen with the game launched and he says "Dub Dub!" Dinosaur said Dub Dub about the game. I've heard them say Deb Deb, Dam Dam, and Dab Dab, but Dub Dub is a first! I asked them what it means. Nobody answered.

Hamish? What does Dub Dub mean? Dub Dub? Dinosaur? Dub Dub? What is it? - me

No answer. Crickets. Just Malik's white eye staring deeply into mine, in his mischievous way like he's full of shenanigans. But nobody says.

Fun and Frustrating

August 20 2013 - Last bits before I go to bed. I was doing some late night studying and was feeling this tremendous agony and need to be with Hamish. I see Hamish in the apartment. I work hard on ignoring my feelings so that I can study. After a while Hamish asks if I would come to the bathroom to be there with him. He wants to be with his eggs, he says. Happily I put the toilet cover down and sit down there with my book, and both Hamish and me are enjoying being close to one another in the same space. That is when I realized, that the agony I was having might have been his, not mine. I've also thought that the mad crush and obsession I have over Hamish is something he makes me feel. They certainly do their tricks so that I wouldn't be afraid of them, so that things work out with me as the egg donor. But I don't mind. I enjoy our friendship.

Hamish then went to check out the refrigerator and asked if he could keep his "snacks" there. I said sure you can as long as your snacks aren't live Dinosaurs or live babies or any other live creatures. Remember that time when unbeknownst to me Hamish had stored a dead human finger snack in our freezer, and when me and mom defrosted and cleaned out the freezer finger snacky had gotten lost in the process and the Aliens were asking where is the finger snacks? Oh and remember that time when Hamish had asked me to empty out the closet so that he could have space to go stand in there? And he offered me a dead finger snacks in exchange as a payment and gratitude and he kept putting that dead human finger against my mouth and at first I was wondering what the heck Dragon but then it occurred to me that he was offering me food.

Listen to me. The crazy Dragon lady. But I have sufficient evidence that the Dragons are real. What a life. Aliens. Now I just need to work out a way to somehow get them into our dimension so that I can take a picture or a video. I'm hopeful on the theory that they are only hiding some place else, or perhaps using some form of advanced sophisticated cloaking device. I want you guys to know they are real! And I want a big poster of a photograph of Dragon Turtle on my wall.

Hamish. Can we talk? - me
I was not prepared for that now. - Hamish
Do you know.. that.. I kind of don't know for sure if you exist. What if I am insane and I am imagining you Hamish? How can you prove to me - again - that you are real and that you exist? Can you give me evidence that you are real? How come you are invisible here? Hamish? Please? - me
Hello? - me
Can you become visible for my eyes to see you with? Just for a moment please? Are you using a cloaking device to stay invisible? I want to see you? Please? Are you even real? Are you even here? - me

He went quiet. It is unlike him to go quiet like this. Oh well. Good night and here's hoping I have some awesome excellent conscious alien abductions tonight. I want to meet Thuban Lady

You don't think you are crazy then. - Hamish
Hamish... who decides whether I get to stay awake for the abductions or not? Whose decision is that? Is it Malik who makes that decision? - me
Yes! - Hamish, or possibly "Yes-No!"
Hamish? Can... Ok. Let's talk here. I've been meaning to have this conversation with you all for a long time. I know you are Aliens from outer space. And I know that every night you pick me up and take me someplace else. Every night. But you keep me asleep so that I am sleeping then. And if I wake up over there then you don't let me remember. But I have some memories from sometimes. - me
I have no goldfish here. - Hamish nods to my aquarium, which in fact has an amphibian in it
Hamish, are you even listening? I want to come to see you. I want to give you a hug. Can I hug you Hamish? - me
We are not (with) a visual! - Hamish
Can you be? - me
We come at 3 o'clock tonight. - Hamish
Good. One more hour to go. Or actually 48 minutes left until then. I think I will stay awake for that this time and demand that I get to see you consciously this time. I demand it. - me

Good night. Frustrating.

Squashed bug, not Liver, brown Dragon, candle traps, bathroom rugs, and requests for a plastic bag

August 20 2013 - Oh no. Hamish watched me squash a bug on the window. A tiny flying beetle flew into the curtains and I took a tissue paper and squashed it and scrunched the tissue into a small ball and put it in the paperbasket. Job done. But then Hamish who I had not been aware had been standing behind me all this time and looking started processing the event that just happened.

He was concerned, because to him I had just committed a terrible act of murder. He thought about his own head and how horrible a fate to be crushed to death. Then he thought about how the bug had had its wings spread the moment before it died. Well the tiny beetle had just flown and landed so it was still packing its wings so its wings and all were all spread as it was fixing it. Hamish, and I was aware of his thoughts in both images and context and emotions, he thought that the beetle had expressed fury. When Hamish gets angry, very angry and seriously angry, he has a threatening pose which you rarely see. He will hunch down a bit and spread his arms and fingers real wide to make him look ferocious and angry. So to him it looked like the beetle with its wings spread had been doing that same pose. So Hamish thought it was sad and regretful that I had squashed someone to death especially when it had been showing the threat pose to me, he thought. He doesn't think it fair that somebody would be killed when it is showing the threat pose.

There was a time two years ago when I stomped a centipede to death by hitting it with the heel of my shoe and I then lifted the dead bug and put it in the trash and tied the bag and left the bag in the living room for next time I go out. This was a very traumatic ordeal for Hamish.

No. It was not traumatic. I just wanted to see. It was not liver I said! - Hamish, and that last bit in a sudden rage

Haha... Sorry. Living with this Dragon is awesome. But that centipede incident turned into a great ordeal. He really thought of it as an act of murder. Hamish always gets reflective and concerned every time that I kill a bug. The thoughts about the incident can linger with him a long time.

Last night the Aliens let me see all of their faces. It started with a visit by a brown winged Dragon, because I had worked on the Dragon clip arts for our new book "Letters to SETI 2" and brown Dragon had come here to see what I was doing with those. He then said that in the past humans have always tried to spear them. I said I would place my body in between so that any human would have to spear me first. I think they liked to see my devotion.

It is not that! It is a sacrifice! - says Hamish or Malik, about the fact that I would put my body in front to guard them, saying it is not "devotion" it is "sacrifice". My thought would be that it would stop any human from spearing the Dragon, but the ETs seem to think that it would not stop it and I would only get myself killed in the process. We don't always think alike, do we ever?

Then I got to see a lot of Alien faces, more close than they usually allow. I got to see Zeta-type faces and Insect faces and Reptilian faces. I also got to see and feel the room they were in. The window had an image of planet Earth in space, as usual. The Aliens told me they were planning a take-over of Earth, to which I said I am only one humble woman I don't care. The Aliens said they would need fecal sample. They are studying to see what humans eat so that they can then safely bring the children they have made that have human DNA down to Earth to live here. I said it was fine that I wasn't worried about it. I really thought I would get a conscious abduction encounter, but no.

I woke up extra early this morning, just before 8 AM. My usual is to wake up right at noon. Interestingly, Hamish was standing on the bedroom pink bathroom rug!!

I haven't watched that bug. - says Hamish now about the squashed bug in the tissue in the trashcan, I had completely forgotten about it now but Dragon hadn't. Like I told you this one will linger on with him for ages to come.

I haven't caught Hamish on the bathroom rug at all for several weeks and I've missed it so much! It is something delightful seeing a big imposing red Dragon standing on the small square of a plush pink bathroom rug. It beats cats in cardboard boxes or paper bags. (Oh god, Hamish is looking into the trashcan to see about that bug.)

But he was standing there! He asked me, if those were traps there for him. Last night I made six piles of papers that I placed on the floor and then put either a rock or a candle on top as a paper weight so that the papers wouldn't be flying all over the place. Last night Malik saw those and asked me "what that crap was" (see here). Hamish, who fears candles and fire, thought that I had placed out traps for him, yet he was still stepping his feet on the bathroom rug. The piles of papers with candles on them literally surround the bathroom rug, but of course I didn't put any on his rug. So he thought those might be traps set out for him. That is how he thinks. I told him they were not traps and that I would not light them so don't be afraid. I wonder if he had made his way to the rug just to test the traps, but I also wonder if Hamish actually does spend time on the pink bathroom rug in my bedroom early in the mornings when I still sleep and if he then retreats to the bathroom rug in the bathroom by noontime when I wake up. I often wonder what Hamish gets up to at nights when I sleep. It seems to be mostly camping out and snoozing on bathroom rugs.

Last night Ithaca Bird Person asked me for a plastic bag. I was already lights off and under the covers so I asked what he would use it for so I could get him the right kind of bag. I said there are big ones little ones black ones seethrough ones... But to be honest I was just too tired and lazy to go get one for him. If I don't have a guarantee that they can actually use the bag in their "other dimension", then I won't bother running chores. He asked me more than once but didn't say what it would be used for.

It was great waking up with having Hamish Dragon right here with me, he was in full action thinking about shedded scales. He thinks about them a lot, but I guess so would you if your body peeled big white sheets that probably have to be pulled off. He just hasn't worked out a convenient way of disposing them, and he doesn't quite want to part from them, and it is slightly traumatic for him to shed scales, he also finds them embarrassing and has told me they are like "dirty underwear".

Yes, they are not made of socks. - says Hamish now about the shedded scales