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July 30 2013 - August 19 2013

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Hamish talks to bug on his floor

August 19 2013 - Best lines ever, one of most memorable moments with Hamish Dragon:

"I was going to chase you down, but Eva is coming to get you." - Hamish
"You are on my floor, I said." - Hamish

I stepped into the bathroom, which is where Hamish lives, I turn on the lights and see a bug running all over the floor. Quick I think about getting it with the cleaning spray bottle, and Hamish looks at the bug running on the floor and says those fantastic lines. Made me happier than sunshine.

*He used my real name of course, Eva is my pen name. And he said either "you are on my floor" or "you were on my floor", I forgot which. Why I'm so picky about exact words? Because it's a Dragon speaking and I'm a trained chemist so it's got to be right to the tenth decimal space and with standard deviations calculated and sources of error investigated before I draw a graph of what Dragon says and report it with error bars.

If you want to know how the story goes, I had to pee real bad so I did that first before I could think about getting the bug but of course I held my feet up in the air so that the bug wouldn't get me or nibble my toes and I giggled the whole time cause Hamish started talking. Needless to say I didn't have time to get the spray bottle cause I ran all the way to my bedroom to write these classics down before I would forget. Already forgot one of the words whether it was "are" or "were" so you see why it's a hurry to write things down. If I hadn't washed my hands but ran here quickly then I wouldn't have forgotten what word he said.

So it is still running there! Quick! I'd better go save Hamish!

I went back but couldn't find the bug. Maybe Hamish got it.

On my way back to the bedroom I finally turn off the lights in the living room. The Black Reptilian sitting on the sofa does a huge aahh sigh of relief at finally having pleasant darkness. I didn't know he was sitting there but he gave himself away that time. Reptilians really hate bright lights and they love the dark. So these are some of the stories of living life with Aliens today.

Hillock! Hillock!

August 18 2013 - And we now finally know what Hillock means! Finally! So I had just finished writing today's Thoughts page when I see one of the chubby Illuminati hybrids and some black reptilian or black ET creature and they ask me if I want to be their Hillock. So silly me I go ahead and say "yes". The Aliens go bananas. Not in the same way like when Snake goes bananas, but the Aliens were going ecstatic! A black alien either Malik or a black reptilian started to flood me with sexual feelings that were his, but they were distinctly of a sadistic flavour. The black creature possessed my body and made my body move to one side and pulled and stretched my arms out far in that same direction. Turns out Hillock means the same thing as when they say prostitute (although they say pimp they mean prostitute) but Hillock is a prostitute for sadism.

I've heard it mentioned every now and then in the past two years, "Hillock". Most of the time when it is said, it is a chubby Illuminati hybrid who says "he is a hillock". I've known that some of the chubby Illuminati hybrids are used for sadistic sexual things in the basement dungeons, but I never knew what "Hillock" means. I always asked them, "Hillock, what is hillock?"

The black entity was ecstatic. So I said "no, umm, first I want to know what hillock means", and the black one said "but you said yes already". You would have thought that I had just married the guy and that it was our wedding night. The creature was going bananas and ecstatic and there was this huge erotic sexual ecstasy expressed from him to me, I could feel it. Orgasmic and powerful, while he was moving my body in ways a bit more fierce than their usual. The black one came here close, it was as if they were no longer afraid of being seen and no longer going to be hiding. His approach was closer and more straight forward than their usual. He was showing me an image of a bull fight and how he feels lust about the animal being tormented and killed. He looked at me with the same type of lust and desire. There were strong sadistic undertones, but at the same time it was like a very sexual thing.

I said to the black creature that "whoa first we have to talk about it". Luckily for us, Hamish broke it up. Hamish said no to them on two occasions and that is what cleared it up and the creature or creatures left me, and I was no longer going to be their hillock. But finally I know what hillock means, and it makes sense. Hillock is their sadism prostitute. The black creature went ecstatic, it is so sexual for him. But god knows what miserable things they might have put me through. Agreeing to being a sadism prostitute for a black one who becomes euphoric, who knows what they plan. These are very powerful creatures. Perhaps agreeing to being a hillock even means that I would go at it until death. We don't know that. These are alien cultures we are dealing with.

But I must say I enjoyed the sexual euphoria that I was sensing from him. I can't say I have ever felt a human man desire me so strongly. Wow, to have someone lust over my body that strongly. I was almost fooled into thinking it could be romance and sensual. I have had some romantic moments with Malik and also with Reptilians in moderately sadistic contexts where I play their prey. But hillock seemed to mean something to the extreme, judging from the extent of euphoria in the dark one.

I almost wish I could have followed it through. Maybe it could have been romantic and sensual and erotic between me and the dark being. But Hamish broke it off. Maybe it would have been dangerous. But he sure went bananas, when I said that sure I would be his hillock! So please keep in mind: Aliens have a culture different from ours. You never know what things mean so don't go agreeing to something you don't even know what it was. And we will never know what would have been.

Thank you Bird Race Ithaca for making something as lovely as red Dragon Turtle Hamish. Hamish is the best ever. Thank you for making me my Sock Turtle Feet.

Hamish comes up close to me and makes my finger scratch on my face while he lets me see his face very clearly, it is his way of almost letting me scratch and touch on his face a little bit. I get to see him and he is pleased and he does some palate clicks. I love you Turtle Feet.

Bigheads and Belches

August 18 2013 - This morning the Aliens showed me a clear mental image of a hybrid infant which was made out of my egg and its father is the Japanese Dynasty man Tom-Tom, and of course it has some Alien DNA presumably Thuban. The baby has white or pale gray skin, oversized eyes, and tufts of black hair. The eyes have inherited Tom-Tom's Japanese dark eyes into the mix. I got very upset from seeing the baby. It's mostly because the Japanese men say they are not even attracted to me and then to see this baby it upsets me. I told the Aliens that I reject the baby, that I have no maternal instincts toward it and to take it away I don't want to see it and I don't want them to talk to me about it.

The Aliens said that the baby is a leaf on my tree. I told them it is a parasite a disease that will kill my tree. A hybrid girl maybe 6 years old with yellow hair said that I was "weak" because the baby that was so small could hurt me. They don't understand a human woman's emotions at all, related to sex and children. I was upset and said I would stop eating and get depressed. Hamish came to show me some power, he turned my body against the wall and said that he was "not a Dragon", and when I asked him what he was, he said he was "the ruling race". But having Hamish near made me feel better. While Hamish was dominating me and saying these things, he also said that it was "the Eye" that made him say these things.

Pakeha the Thuban hybrid adult male masturbated me a bit today. I told him he should ask for permission first. He said it was because he wants me to "fall in love with him". I said he should try being nice and asking for my permission first if he wants that. I told them that I want to visit. The Dinosaurs say I can only visit if I become a doctor of medicine first. They say their time is valuable and I would be a waste of their time otherwise. Then I got to see from remotely some interesting hybrids that looked just like that ugly baby hybrid I was shown this morning, only these guys were adults

At least we are not any monkeys. - says one of those hybrid men with black hair now
I am sorry, it's just that I get offended that I am used and nobody asks or lets me see things. This could be done more gently. It hurts me the way it is done. - me

These adult hybrids are very strange-looking, in fact they are none other than the "Bigheads" I met some time ago. Remember the "Bigheads"? I once woke up during an abduction and they were inserting tubing down my mouth or nose. They had such big heads and were ever so rude. They look strange. They look like large walking fetuses. They are clearly Japanese hybrids. If you thought that all the hybrids were blonde-haired with big blue eyes, think again. They make Japanese hybrids with black hair and brown eyes too! The men stock for those hybrids are the Japanese people they call the Dragon Dynasty. Hamish has a very special interaction with them, and the men tell me their families have had dealings with the "Dragons" for centuries, so they are used to it. You will find excellent lengthy verbatim conversations between me, Hamish, and the Japanese men in the book Real? Or Imaginary?, warning some of those chapters are precisely the pages why this book is only for adult readers, but I had to write everything down, or this wouldn't be a documentary now would it? I really recommend the book, I'm sorry that it's slightly expensive it's 621 pages so that is why.

The night before last, the Insects collected some fecal matter from me. I was awake and on my belly and they had one of those thin plastic tubing in my butt. In the morning they told me that the Insects use the feces to lay rows of it on the floor and they place their eggs into it. I've known this since before, and I think it is ok. Another thing why the Aliens are so interested in what I eat and give me restrictions on what I should or should not eat. It appears that the Aliens suction contents from my stomach. So that they can then pump it into my hybrid babies' stomachs. Like big bird regurgitating food to little baby birds. I think that's fine too, I don't think it's disgusting or inappropriate. Lots of animals do both of these behaviors, laying their eggs into dung and feeding babies with regurgitation, so we mustn't be too alarmed as humans.

But the best part which is really why I came to write here today, is that when I was talking with the Japanese oversized Bighead people, Hamish showed up and did a wonderful exquisite belch-roar at them. OH HOW I LOVE HAMISH'S MANY VOCALIZATIONS! Hamish is such

Yes, we made him that way. - says the Bird Person about Hamish
What about, your Pakeha? - Pakeha or someone says

Hamish is fantastic. He makes so many different kinds of vocalizations and some of them are so rare to hear. My favorite is the "coffee brewer sound", it sounds precisely like the sound a coffee brewer makes right before it starts dripping coffee when the steam is getting started. Lovely! And his belches are priceless. I was so happy to hear it! He was communicating something to the Bigheads! So I told everybody that "Hamish is showing power", and I was so happy. I love my Turtle Dragon.

I love my eggs here. - says Turtle Dragon Hamish
HAMISH! - me
My eggs, are needed. - Hamish
My Hamish is needed! - me
You are in my barn. - says Hamish to me

Yay! Hamish!!! *little pink hearts*

And an interesting interaction and behavior from Malik. I was watching tv and there were some Tasmanian devils eating on a carcass and seeing that made Malik let out a sound almost like a belch or a grunt because he saw it. I asked him to elaborate, but he didn't and I couldn't get more information from him, so we will not know what Malik was thinking. Hamish on the other hand then showed me a recap of the image of the carcass and the Tasmanian devils' teeth eating it, again I don't know what Hamish's "point" was, but he had wanted to show me that. I told Hamish that they were "eating lunches and snacks". The boys are always watching television with me when I am.

Love my Turtle Sock Hamish *hearts*

I was not that intelligent, they said. - Hamish
Hamish, who said that about you? Who said that about you? - me

He shows me a mental image of the Bigheads, those Japanese hybrids that look like walking fetuses.

Then I don't respect them anymore. - me
They won't BLEED for me! - Hamish says about the Bigheads
I don't want to eat them for dinner. But some of them wouldn't mind! - Hamish

The snuggly
And the hideous

August 16 2013 - This morning Hamish said that he too wanted to drink my juice and I said that he could and he hopped into me overlapping and Hamish and me snuggled. It was really nice. Sure he ingests some of my energy but it's my Hamish. It was great having his little Sock Puppet head so close and his red scales all over. So intimate and delightful with my best friend. Love you Hamish Turtle!

Today I was meditating and noticed how dark the energy was around my head and forehead. So I started meditating on light to break up the dark. That is when I noticed The Eye god imprinted on my forehead. Don't they call that area "the third eye"? If the symbol of a lone Eye on the forehead is some sort of spiritual symbol, then I must inform you that it is a Satanic symbol. I started breaking it off. I also noticed, while looking into my energy body, that the Agenda have overactivated my second chakra and sexuality so that so much of my energy would go down to that lower area. Basically the Agenda have turned me into an energy source and they've got wires into me to feed my life force directly into The Eye. I won't allow it.

It's like in that movie The Matrix when Neo finds that humans are asleep and have been hooked up as organic batteries. Sadly the Agenda do just that. But with all of the minions of the Agenda, what with the many Satanic organizations, the Ku Klux Klan, Hitler and Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, the Satanic D/s sex cults, all of it and often without the knowledge of its participants is just to feed energy to The Eye. Even members of CIA and so forth who think they are getting prostitutes, well it's all designed to taking the souls away from both the CIA men and the prostitutes and giving it to The Eye. Nobody wins, everybody loses, except for The Eye who gets fed lots of soul energy. This is not science-fiction, this is a documentary.

I'm sorry Hamish

August 15 2013 - We had a dish with tiny berry-size tomatoes red and yellow on the kitchen table. I ate the last ones about five of them. Hamish comes to tell me they were his tomatoes. You ate my tomatoes!, he says. I apologise and tell him I am sorry I did not know they were your tomatoes, I am sorry I took something that was yours I had not known they were yours, I'm sorry Hamish. He tells me at least five times that they were his tomatoes, but he is not angry or having emotional upset. He is just disappointed, but that's probably worse for me. I feel really bad about it and offer to buy him some more tomatoes. He tells me how he was looking at them, because they are the same color as he. Poor Turtle, I am so sorry I ate your tomatoes. I tell him I blame myself. Gosh Dragon at times like these I wish I could hug you, and if a hug meant something to you. He will recover from this, but I'm not so sure if I will.

I was not angry when you were hungry and you had some lunches. - says Hamish now
I am sorry I ate your tomatoes. - me
I am not angry! - Hamish
I am sorry anyways, I didn't realize you wanted to keep them. I wouldn't have eaten them had I known that you wanted to look at them and take them with you. I apologise. - me

He had also said that he had wanted to take them in his hand and take them home with him. He loves anything red, but tomatoes especially, he almost relates to them as if they were little red Dragon Turtles. He is convinced that since they are the same color as his skin that they share the same DNA. So he treats them like his children. He doesn't want me eating red tomatoes, it's always the same thing.

Hamish? You're the best. I won't eat your tomatoes again. I love you Hamish. Good night, Turtle. I'm going to bed now. - me

Sock loves television shows and certain arguments

August 15 2013 - Hamish started talking about the television, and he was telling me without words and in mental images how the television programmes travel across wires on the floor to show programs on the screen, and how the television screen was blank and black right now, and he talked about how he might get to watch tv programs with gore and blood and head injuries, and then he showed me how he sees programs (my video games) on the computer screen, and he was pleased about programs to watch and he started purring and purring after he was finished talking about it. Hamish likes watching television and video games. Welcome to Earth, Dear Dragon.

About a week ago when Thuban said Hinch! which is a very very bad word from the Thubans, I started talking about how "the Thuban is very very angry". That made Hamish start purring like mad, purring and purring in the Draconian style, because Thuban was angry. Turns out, somebody said either a Dinosaur or a Thuban, that Hamish was purring because he was happy about the thought of getting to attack the Thuban if it was acting all angry at me. So things that he likes make him purr. It's rare, but it happens.

Hamish? I love you. Tell me something nice. Tell me about television. - me

Oh well. Guess not this time.

Fun with Incubus, toasty leg, and waffles with that

August 15 2013 - A Dark Lord decided to play with me a little last night. After I went to bed he pulled me up on all fours in bed, then pushed my face firm down on the pillow. I said to Dark Lord to please pull me back up cause I couldn't breathe with my face stuffed on the pillow. He was just playing games. I think it was Malik, otherwise it would have been Sif, but I'm sure Malik was it. Dark Lords are fascinating and fun sometimes.

This morning Hamish shows me a mental image of a flat 2-dimensional yellow pyramid triangle. He tells me that "it is not sharp", and that it is ok "to touch it", and in the image he shows a finger pulled down along one of the sides to show that it doesn't cut your finger if it is touched. I thanked Hamish for telling me and showing me. Then he showed me an image from the cremation room in the alien base and pulled out a toasted human leg from the oven and showed it to me. I was like, yeah umm, ok. A slightly charred human leg, perfectly severed at the joint between thigh bone and hip. Like a human man's leg. No thanks. Sock Turtle sure finds strange things sometimes.

And then later in the morning I was shown one of those chubby Illuminati hybrids and told that he is the Senator and I think what it was I was asked if I would sleep with him. I said is that really a Senator it looks like a Marshmallow man. He said he had eaten too many waffles, and then said that he was feeling like having some more waffles. True stories. All of them true, even the waffles bit.

Malik Interviews

August 14 2013 - I am working on another book series (or composite book) called "The Interviews". It focuses on in-depth interviews with the different Alien members of the Agenda. I was working on The Black Ones Interviews talking to Malik and unearthed a lot of new fascinating information. When I asked him where he is from, he says he is from the "central star", but he also says that he is from a "planet". He said that he is "not from Alpha Thetis", but sometimes the ETs say things in the negative meaning affirmative. This is only the second time Alpha Thetis was mentioned. Some of my other Aliens previously said they were from there. Yet an internet search comes up with nothing. What is Alpha Thetis?

Another fascinating bit of information is that during the interview a Thuban was bothering Malik trying to investigate Malik's genitals. We often think of Black Ones as demonic spirit beings, but it seems they have actual penises and they too are investigated by the "butt doctors" as Malik called them, and they too are having problems with fertility. But, Malik said that his race has not become what it is by genetic manipulation. They are a genuine race that emerged without genetic tampering. Malik was just one of the Agenda's many races as part of the vast fertility and genetics program! Malik was getting upset at the Thuban

Yes, they wanted me to have a baby. - Malik says now
I thought you were demons! But you are biological entities with penises! This is great! - me

The Black Ones come across as imposing and demonic, but they are just another race. Imposing yes, but a biological race of ETs. I love working on the Interview books, that is where I FINALLY get to the point of asking questions. Previous material was just me observing and seeing things as they are. Now is when I get to the questions part and get to explore all the different areas of Alien contact and Alien life. Excerpts from today's Malik Interviews:

Do humans die when you eat them? Do they have to die first? - me
And we know that they feel pain. We do not feel lust otherwise. - Malik

Look, we do not have underwear on. - Malik lets me see his groin area
I don't mind Sir if you are naked here with me. It is ok if you are naked. - me
I have written an S O S with you before. - Malik
What SOS? - me
To speak with me, will require one. - Malik

I don't want to be rubbed there. - Malik says, the Thuban wants his penis to be rubbed

Malik, what planet are you from? - me
I am not from this Earth. - Malik
Do you know what star your planet revolves around? - me
It is not the Alpha Thetis. There has not been many murders there either. I wasn't convinced. So I put them in the freezer. - Malik, this is only the second time I have ever been told "Alpha Thetis"

More will be in the interview books. Malik is full of surprises when you sit down and talk to him. If you don't talk to the Black Ones, then it is the human imagination that runs wild and quickly paints them as some demonic mystic entities. But Malik reveals a humble personality, and he too is a biological species in the Agenda genetics project. Fantastic, thank you Malik my Fürst.

In Sickness and in Health

August 13 2013 - I have a very bad cold today. Very bad. It's been making me feel highly irritable and aggressive because I'm just that uncomfortable. I've been taking it out on Thubans and hybrids all day. When you're irritable that's when all your internal agony comes out, all the things I've been holding back. I'm very angry at them for all the sexual abuse and all the disgusting filth I've had to witness with the filthy hybrids.

But hugs for Hamish being sweet all day even though I have been difficult and uncomfortable. We watched a cooking show together. I just have to remember to change the channel every time they are cooking with lobsters and shrimp. Hamish kinda loves television. He watches carefully and takes in all the impressions. I don't let him watch certain things, and that means I can't watch them either.

He cheered me up when one of my Sims in the video game found a red ruby and Hamish says "No Santa" because the ruby was red. Anything red seems to be "Santa" these days. "No Santa", I said, and promised to take it away. He then asked to see where the red ruby was, and I told him that it is gone, even though I think it was still in the backpack inventory. He also doesn't like to see my Sims characters eating red tomatoes or when they're catching lobsters when they're fishing. So I have to watch out for certain things. I also can't have Sims wearing red clothes or have bright red hair. Hamish thoroughly enjoys watching my Sims running through the forest among the trees. I have a lot of small houses in the forest and they have to run to and from the street to get there. Hamish loves to watch them running in the forest and he tells me how he would like to hunt them and eat their hearts. He wanted to catch a Sim who was on its bicycle and I pinched it at the screen to show Hamish that no it could not be caught.

This is one of the worst colds I've ever had. Or maybe they all always seem that way don't they. The worst one in history was when Arek's team had put my immune system down so that his Crocodile Man could put a baby inside me so that my immune system would not reject the baby. I complained and I whined because I was so sick it was unheard of. I just hope there are none of those Shenanigans at work this time.

Mr. Sif hasn't seemed to be around, other than a few references to me being his "goat". I am going to go have a midnight bath and hope that Hamish spends time with me then. It is always nice having a bath or a shower with Dragon Turtle tending to his grooming as well on the bathroom rug. Moments like those when neither of us really talk but we are together, both doing the same thing but in our own ways. Maybe Hamish will sprinkle some shedded scaly bits into my bath. Sometimes he does. I would do anything to see him wipe his feet clean on the rug. He will stand in one spot and pull his feet backwards against the rug taking turns with the feet one after the other then again so that it looks like he is skiing in one spot. He does that real fast too. Sometimes he shows up with black gunk on his feet and then he wipes them clean on a bathroom snuggie rug.

I was thinking I would love to have a party for Hamish. A fun-filled day just for him and with all the things he likes and none of the things he doesn't like. I wish I had a way of preparing "a plastic bag of snacks" for him with liver and kidney slices.

We would have to beat them first. - says Hamish, about the snacks, he thought about beating someone unconscious on the head, the victim I presume

We could watch a Harry Potter movie together. I would love to yank his tail a bit. Reptilians are sensitive on the base of their tails and sometimes they will ask someone to pull their tail a bit. I would also like to groom his scales for a whole day. Hamish's scales are surprisingly soft. It feels like a silicone rubber sheet and not at all coarse, dry, or rough! Because that one time when he leaned against my chin "to dry himself" after he got wet in the shower. I wish Hamish would let me touch him more often, but he hardly ever does. He cannot relate to the human and mammalian need for touching.

I've given him lots of palate clicks today. He knows that it means I like him. My Turtle Sock Feet, in sickness and in health. I would live and die for you and every day I do. When mermaids die they turn into sea foam. When I die I become your scales.

We welcome Dark Lord Sif

August 13 2013 - Last night a Snake-type Reptilian - if not Snake himself - showed up wanting to do a romantic cuddle. Don't get me wrong, we don't have sex or intercourse, but the Reptilian loves to toss me around in bed. It is very close and intimate, with scales against skin, and the Reptilian derives gratification from doing that, and I too derive gratification. He likes it for the dominance and for the "juice", life force, that flares up in me that he can activate and ingest, and I enjoy it for the same and for having someone close, after all I am a woman. It is really nice. I told him he could do it. Hamish got upset that he was here, but I asked Hamish to please let us cuddle for a little bit.

Last night yet a third Black One Gentleman showed up. I suspect that he may have come over from the David Icke Forums, because I made a rare post there (only my 2nd post there, ever; I also do not read there). He was more imposing and with more poise than my usual two Malik and Basmet, but that is because he was new here. He worried about his smell if he were to get close. I told him that I have sensed their smell before and it is fine, I also said that I have a cold today so I could not smell anything anyway. His name was Sif, or Siph, but I will call him Sif. I was courteous and polite and called him the Dark Lord, so he wasn't angry or mean or anything. Mutual respect and courtesy is the way to go. Then these Gentlemen calm down with their Shenanigans and it becomes possible to get to know them, to ask them questions, and to see the person that they are.

When I woke up in the morning and went to have a morning bath, Sif was in the bathroom and said that he had been watching me all night. At one point when I talked to him, he yelled "Silence!", so I apologised. I hate to say it, but I quickly fall in love with intelligent Alien creatures. It doesn't take many seconds for me to really like an Alien being, so Sif has already become someone I'm very fond of.

Don't get me wrong, these are some Evil Misters, they like sadism and torture and energy vampirism and their god is the Evil Eye. But there is more to them. I am not one of them. I am a bright white light person and full of love. But I can extend that love also to these Dark Gentlemen. We welcome Sif to our family of Aliens.

Yes. Welcome. Thank you sheep. - Sif speaks
Hello Sif. How are you doing? - me

Sif has remarked on how I am not afraid of him. He also says it is rare for a woman to hear them and speak to them so well, and it seems to have been hundreds of years since they had one like me before. He was interested in having me be his "voice box" so that he could speak to humans. I told him I would be more than happy to relay his messages to humanity.

We are not compassionate. We warn you about that. - Sif tells me
And you don't have to call me Sir. - Sif

I did call him Sir today, just out of courtesy. Dark Lords are fascinating. They are intelligent individuals. Alien life forms. Where do they come from? What are they?

No Santa

August 12 2013 - I am reading this thread in the David Icke Forum and making some notes and getting ready to post a response, and I highlight a block of text in my notes and mark it in red color. "Santa. No Santa." says Hamish as soon as the text turns red. He wasn't angry, he was more concerned. So I am choosing blue.

Malik classic:
We just want to drink the juice. We don't want butts. - Malik
Said here

A Day with Aliens

August 12 2013 - Last night the damn pesky aliens put me up on stage again and ask me to perform for the Japanese Dragon Dynasty man. They expect me to dance and perform and this time they even asked me to sing. And me in my half-drowzed state do what I am told because when you think you are in a dream you just go with it because everything that gets thrown at you you think it is normal. I was even supposed to act from Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare plays. Why? Why the cruelty? Just strap me naked on a medical table and extract samples or do any manner of embarrassing medical experiments. Just not that. Not singing and dancing and plays! And not for the Japanese Dragon Dynasty!

So you thought those were tortures? - Hamish asks
Yes. Those were tortures. - me
They were not made to be that. - Hamish
What were they made to be? - me
Looks like she needs some pep talk. - some other ET perhaps Malik, says about me

It is Hamish who pairs me up with the Dragon Dynasty Japanese men. We have children together. I also have children with Russian Olav. I love my boys with Olav. They are such handsome young men. I got to tell you Olav makes some very handsome children. (He is also a good lover, but that's beside the point, cause I hate him.) ... I can't believe life turned into this. Is this the new normalcy? At least I have Hamish. Every time none of this makes sense, I can just look at my Red Turtle and his Dragon shell humpback and flat duck feet and yellow bulging eyes and those cute little nostrils on a flat face and soft toothless mouth and listen to him say "No Santa!!!" and everything makes sense. At least I have Hamish. My Turtle Sock.

In the morning one of the first things that happens for the new day is Hamish showing up and putting a mental image in my mind of a red garden gnome with that pointy red hat. This time it was I who beat him to saying it, "No Santa!!! I will take his hat away and step on him!", I say to Dragon Turtle. "Santa is not allowed to show power!", I say to Dragon. Hamish thinks that the gnomes and Santas are showing power by having the red hat. It irritates him and gets him all worked up to see that pointy red hat.

Today Bird Person was visiting again. Bird Person wants to take Hamish away from here, but I won't let him.

I picked a fresh garden tomato off the vine and ate it. Hamish shows up and asks if I was eating his scales. He says that tomatoes are made from the same thing that his red scales are. I apologised to Dragon Turtle for having eaten a tomato, and promised that I would never eat red fruits again. You'd think I just ate some of his scales. He then went to talk to the Aliens about putting white plastic tubing down my nose to suction and rescue out the poor tomato I had eaten. The Aliens didn't think it was a good idea so the plan was never carried out. Poor Dragon.

Today when I made a sandwich, "My snacks!" says Hamish. So I ask him if I may please eat some of his snacks? And I thank Dragon Turtle for letting me eat his snacks and for being so kind as to giving me food to eat, and I ate the sandwich. Later he said "My homework!" after I finished a set of homework. He has been claiming things lately more than usual. I think it's cute, but I don't know if I should be encouraging him or not. Of course I don't discourage any Dragon behavior. It is rare that I say "No" to Hamish.

After I stepped out of the shower today, Malik was up and about and he said "Me and my dong are walking here!" or something like that. I told Malik that it was a very cheeky thing to say. He also asked me if it were ok for him to sit on the sofa. We've been together for two years, the aliens and me, and they still ask every time before sitting down. Yes! Malik and Hamish and all the Aliens! You may sit down on a sofa without asking! Make yourselves at home! Geez. Go ahead and have a seat.

They sent me a human young man that they keep over there and he told me he would like to put his seed into me. They also have another young man there, if not the same as this one, whom they play knights and tournaments with. One thing about Aliens, is that they do role playing a lot with the hybrids and children. Some of the human and hybrid but mostly human boys grow up told that they are knights. They have to practice sword fighting. They are told they are Princes and Kings and that the women that are brought to them are Princesses and rewards. The Agenda also tells the little hybrid girls and women that they are Princesses. I tell them they are prostitutes and whores and that they should have some self respect. Oh god I'm tired of their sex games, please spare me I'm so tired of the Aliens and their god damned sex. What ever happened to two consenting people falling in love?

On the bright side, most of the human bachelors don't want me. Phew. When they put women like me on a stage and all the men are in the audience and get to choose who gets to be with what then most of the men have rejected me. My plan of cutting my hair really short and ugly and of gaining a few pounds seems to have worked. I also put up an attitude against the men and won't act ladylike. Even the Japanese men don't want me. Jack with the NASA team is the only man who still likes me somewhat.

By the way it seems that the man who had a really nice romantic rendezvous with me in the underground castle (who then turned into a brown winged dragon) might have been Stanislav. One of my MILABS men, but who turns out is a Dragon under shapeshifter disguise.

A White Dragon called me up today, can't remember if it was the North Port Gargoyle or the Ithaca Non-Bat. He talked about wanting a goat. I said I would start a goat farm. Turns out I was the goat he had in mind, and it was my blood he was yearning after. I said human women can donate blood every three months and I'd be happy to give him some. I love the White Dragons. Witty and quirky and fun as usual. They are also sensual and deep, charming and intelligent.

Just another day with Aliens. I was energy raped once today, but once hardly counts after some of those days when it has been endless, so I call this a pretty good day today.

I haven't done a torture to you. - Hamish
No, you haven't. Thank you for that. - me

Hamish talks to Stewart Swerdlow

August 11 2013 - Someone on Facebook suggested I add Stewart Swerdlow. So I send a friend request and browse his page to see who he is. I read a bit of his posts, it's about him attending or holding seminars about something, and lots of talk about the food I guess served at the event. I close Facebook. Dragon Hamish sneaks up close to me and wants to get my attention about Stewart. Hamish is curious and he wants to see what had been written about food. Hamish wants me to go back and read carefully what foods Stewart had written about. So I wrote Stewart this message:

Hi Stewart,

I don't have evidence for you that he is real, but for two years I've been living with a red Reptilian named Hamish. He watches me 24/7 to guard my valuable eggs from being stolen by other ETs.

Anyhow, Hamish was watching as I was browsing your Facebook wall. (A mutual friend of yours and mine suggested I add you so I was just checking you out.) When I leave Facebook, Hamish grabs my attention and it is about you. So I ask Dragon why he was interested in you. Turns out I had been browsing all your posts related to foods. Hamish says, he wanted to see what you were eating.

Hamish has proven to me that he is real. The best evidence is that he can throw me. He once threw me across the coffee table when I told him that Grey's Anatomy on tv wasn't real. He was upset that the tv had lied to him and in a sudden rage threw me across the coffee table.

I wanted to tell him, yumm. - Hamish wants to say to you
What else do you want to say to Stewart? - me to Hamish

Sorry if this is a bit much, but judging from a quick glance you must be at least vaguely acquainted with the notion of Reptilians.

Don't tell him about me. - Hamish says to me
I already did. Because you said something about his foods. - me to Hamish

I wanted to read about his snacks. - Hamish says to me about you
Alright, let's go and read it again. Let's go see what Stewart eats. - me to Hamish

One of my favorite

I don't want him to argue with me. - Hamish
He won't. He seems like a nice man. - me

One of my favorite things about Hamish is that he calls food "snacks".

I don't want to intimidate with him. I don't want him to eat my food! Tell him to leave, I said. - Hamish says to me about you
But Hamish, don't be rude. He hasn't even said anything. He's probably, a friend of Reptilians. You judge people too soon. - me to Hamish
I wasn't going to say it. - Hamish
I won't bite him. - Hamish

What is his curiosity with you?

He doesn't have iron for me. - Hamish, iron is related to the Reptilians' interest in blood both for drinking blood and for energy vampirism

My my, Hamish hardly ever takes an interest in people on the internet. He is very keen on you.

I won't eat salads, tell him that. - Hamish
Hamish! Don't scare this man! He might be, worried now! - me
Stewart, SWERDLOW? - Hamish
Yes? Do you know him? Why do you have an interest in this man? - me
He might pick my eggs for me. And talk to us! - Hamish
Why are you interested in Stewart? You're never ever interested in people on the internet. What is with you today? What do you think, what is your interest in this man? Do you know him? - me
He is not in my nest is he? - Hamish
No, he is not here. - me
Then I am not in any danger with him. - Hamish
He is on the computer screen only. Do you know him from somewhere? - me
Tell him, I won't eat salad. - Hamish
Hamish! Your manners! He might be scared. Don't talk about that. - me
Salad is not eaten with a dinner fork. - Hamish

Ok, those could be subtle threats, when he starts talking about food and eating then he is asserting his dominance. He does that with new persons, he wants to establish the hierarchy. He feels threatened with every new individual. I went through much of the same with Hamish in the beginning, lots of verbal threats and also physical tossing and wrestling and violence until I started "honoring" him.

Hamish? Do you know this man, Stewart? Did you recognize him? Does he work with Reptilians? - me

I don't know. It is very rare that Hamish takes an interest

I won't beat him! - Hamish, and he meant it too
That's ok. I don't expect you to. - me
And salad isn't eaten with a fork. - Hamish

He rarely takes an interest in all the people I connect with on Facebook. I've BEGGED Hamish to talk to SETI members in letter format, but he simply refuses to even say hello. I've had people want to do an online chat with Hamish, but he isn't very talkative. So this was a special treat. You seem to do seminars and I'm afraid I'm not at all familiar with your work, but what if Hamish knew you from somewhere?

Ok all from me and Hamish for now!

I wasn't violent to him I said. - Hamish

A Dinosaur shows up now and tells me that Stewart had wanted to eat eggs, that this is why Hamish was keen. Going back, yes Stewart did write something about eggs served at the seminars or something. No wonder that got Hamish's attention. Hamish eats eggs too, or sort of, he eats hybrids made from my eggs so he calls that eating eggs.

NOW let's see who this Stewart is. Aha! He works with the topic of Reptilians and mind control! What if Hamish knew him from somewhere? Did Hamish recognize Stewart? I declare, Hamish never talks to people online but Stewart sure grabbed this Dragon's attention! I will make sure that Hamish and Stewart talk. This could get interesting. (Any of Stewart's conversations will of course not be posted or shared without his permission. I don't post private conversations, eh, only private conversations between me and Aliens.) I think Hamish recognized something in Stewart, and I can't wait to find out what. This is interesting to say the least.

Porn convention? And UFO physics with Zeta

August 11 2013 - Last night the Aliens invited me to come join them in their porn convention. Yes, a porn convention. I thought about it for two seconds, after which I asked what do they do there, and I replied that sure I would go. Yesterday I found out that my theory that the Aliens abduct me while keeping me asleep is wrong. They in fact keep me awake, they say, only they don't let me remember. So if I was a feature in their porn convention or not, I cannot remember. Maybe it's time for some of that regression hypnosis everybody talks about.

A Zeta showed up last night before I fell asleep for abductions. The Zetas always begin by showing me mental images of their home world Zeta. It is a cluster of many stars surrounded by a pink dust cloud in space. That is why they love the color pink and they also love it when I wear pink eyeshadow makeup for them. So every time I know the Zetas will be around, I like to put on lots of pink eyeshadow just for them. They like that. But I get surprisingly few Zeta interactions. It is mostly the Thubans, Hamish, and Malik. Zetas are sweet and lovely. They are magnificent.

The Zeta asked me if I would teach them the math I do in physics with which we calculate circular and spherical integrals, or angular frequency and so forth (I am a physics major). I said that sure I would teach them that, and today on the next day the Zeta reminded me that he had wanted to learn from me. I will teach him maybe tomorrow, I've got other things to do today. But last night after asking to learn from me how circular things are calculated in physics and calculus, the Zeta started to show me in mental images and to tell me about how their UFO spacecraft rotate around in order to achieve gravitation inside the spaceship. He said that the UFOs rotate around so fast that the inhabitants do not even notice. There are things under the floor of the spacecraft that achieve gravitation due to rotation. We talked about it, and I also had some ingenious questions about it and I got some ingenious answers to it, but I forget when I don't write it down. I am sure we will have the conversation again. The Zeta seemed happy to tell me about it. I love physics, and maybe so do they.

Dr. Stanton Friedman would be proud if me and Zeta sent him some papers on UFO gravitation. I love Stanton Friedman. He is such a physicist.

Yes-No List 2013

August 10 2013 - Quick 5 Hamish's Likes and Dislikes:

Bathroom rugs
Harry Potter movies!
The smell of leather

Candles and fire
Sewing needles

No, Santa. - says Hamish now
I know that you made a list of what I find important. - Hamish
Hamish, tell me five things that you like. Five things you like. List five things. - me
I like you, right now. - Hamish
What else do you like? Four more. - me
I like my tympanic membrane when it is quiet. - Hamish, he doesn't like music
Three more things that you like. - me
I like Pakeha. - Hamish
Two more things you like. - me
I like our space vessel. - Hamish, he means UFO spaceship
One more thing you like? - me
I like blood in my nose. And you!, I said! - Hamish in a sudden rage or excitement
Alright Hamish. Name five things that you do not like. - me
I don't like soap under my feet. Or nauseous women. - Hamish, I felt nauseous and nearly vomited today, as for the soap, beats me
Four more things you don't like. - me
I don't like being called sock. - Hamish, my favorite pet name for him
Three more things you don't like. - me
I don't like when our spacecrafts malfunction and fail. Then we get thrown around! - Hamish, haha, he had a mental visual for me in which a spaceship did a sudden big pull, hahaha..... XD. Sorry.
Two more things you don't like Hamish. Two more things you don't like. - me
I don't like sock feet, for my name. - Hamish
We already did that one! Two new things! Two things you don't like. Tell me two things you don't like. - me
I don't like, sock. - Hamish, "sock" in the other language
Hamish! Sock was already listed! How about, Santa. You don't like Santa. - me
I want to smell his blood in my nose. - Hamish
We are doing things you don't like? - me
I don't like, sock feet then. - Hamish
We DID sock feet! - me
I don't like your honey running out. - Hamish
My honey? What honey? - me
What honey? But name two more things that Hamish does not like. Tell me two of those things. How about, pumpkins and - me
Yes, they are nauseating me. - Hamish, uses reference to when I was nauseous today to illustrate his point
I don't like sock feet. - says Hamish, cheerful not angry
But two new things. Two new things that you do not like. What are those. How about pumpkins and Spiderman? Don't you like those? - me

Ok Hamish doesn't do this game very well. I'll call it a day.
I don't like sock feet, I said. - Hamish
Ok. But I was asking for new more things, Hamish. We already did sock feet! - me
Why do you want to know what I don't like? - Hamish
Because it is a word game. - me
Well, I don't like your pyy-pyy. - Hamish
Why don't you like it? - me
Because Pakeha has to go there and he doesn't. And your eggs are not in there. They are on the floor, all over! - Hamish angry, "floor" said in my native language
I don't like sock feet. - Hamish
We already finished this game Hamish. Now it's my turn. - me
I don't like sock feet. - Hamish
We already did sock feet! I needed two new things. - me
Well, I don't like Pakeha then. - Hamish
You said you did like him. - me
I don't like him, a lot. And no sock feet, I said. - Hamish
We did sock feet... - me

My turn. My five likes:
1. Hamish
2. Dancing
3. Ice-cream
No sock feet, I said. - Hamish
4. Hamish
5. And Hamish
How about, Pakeha then? - Pakeha, he wants to know if I like him too
Yes, and no sock feet. - Hamish
6. Pakeha. Not. He has been mean. - me

My five dislikes:
1. Stress
2. Getting older
3. Noisy neighbors
4. People starving in the world, because then it feels like my fault and like I have to try and save everybody but I can't
We want to save them too. - Pakeha says
Thank you. You are sweet. - me
5. The fact that I don't drive yet

Pakeha. Name five things that you like. - me
... What a coincidence. I was getting ready to chase you out. - says Hamish to Pakeha, coincidence, how?
Pakeha doesn't want to say what he likes. - Pakeha
Because I was not allowed. He dominated me. - Pakeha trembles, he means Hamish

Ok. End of game.

Reptilians drinking juice

August 10 2013 - This was posted on Facebook:

To which I wrote:

My Reptilians call energy ingesting "drinking juice" or "drinking coffee", and they call the feeling "feeling the power". When they do this with me I feel what they feel, we feel it together. The feeling is similar to sexual and orgasmic only I feel it in the brain and spine. I rate it as at least 1000 times more pleasurable than the female orgasm. It is very intense, yet mild and not overwhelming.

More juice-drinking stories on our website:

We don't like them to know that we drink juice. - says Hamish my red Reptilian now
I think they already know, that Reptilians drink juice. - me
I was not happy to say that to them. - Hamish
Humans know a lot. People talk. They already know. - me
Do they know that we call you sheep and cattle? - Hamish
Yes. They know that. - me

Wanting to see Hamish

August 10 2013 - Last night I begged the Aliens to come visit me in visible form if they can. What surprises me is they tell me it is possible for them to become visible. They tell me they live in "another air", perhaps meaning "another space", as in "another place". Hamish told me they were "banished" there. The Reptilians know that close contact with humans leads to conflict. Even Hamish was shot at by the Japanese in the hangar in Komi Saki when he first went there and was visible. Humans are also uncomfortable with the Draconian smell, and Hamish is very self-conscious ever since he found out that I think he smells of "vomit and cheese", he starts talking about "cheese" every time I ask him to come close, and he stays away. There was a time in the beginning two years ago when Hamish would come so close, so close that I could smell his breath, of vomit and cheese.

When I ask Hamish to let me see him, sometimes he almost starts to shapeshift into Captain Robert Stephens, a brown-haired human man with a big nose that Hamish used to pose as in my teens. I then tell Hamish that I have already seen him, mentally, and not to hide away behind fake images. Hamish appeared in my room, but still in the other dimension, "the other air". To my surprise he chose his upright standing posture, and not the true hunched camel posture. He was taller than I remembered. It is great seeing him, even if it is in another dimension.

But then came a Crocodile Man who ordered Hamish to leave my bedroom. Hamish sat down on the living room sofa, stating that it was "his" sofa, and from there he talked about having his shedded sheets of scales on the sofa. He sure sheds a lot and he sure thinks and talks a lot about his shedded scales. By the way, a technicality, Hamish actually calls his shedded scales "shells", not "scales", but I have translated it as "scales" all this time. But he actually refers to his scales as "shells", because he thinks of them as shells covering his body, shells that come off.

Crocodile Man showed me (in the other dimension) the sword that he always carries at times like these when he shows up to protect Hamish. The sword is a curved metal blade and has Draconian writing inscriptions on it (see an example of Draconian writing here, scroll down on that page). He shows up as he is concerned that I might be getting too close to Hamish. The Crocodile Man does an inspection around the apartment to see if it is safe. He is looking for weapons. Every time I ask Hamish to come close, Crocodile Man appears to stand in between Hamish and me and is carrying that same sword. Needless to say I didn't get a manifestation, but I sure begged. I even nagged. Eventually I fell asleep on the bed in my clothes.

Noontime today on the following day I say to Hamish, "Hamish! Come to me! Where are you?" Hamish responds from the bathroom by making a static hiss. The static hiss is a short hiss vocalization, which I've known in the past to mean that Hamish is irritated and it is his way of saying "shut up and go away". So I shut up and don't ask again and I leave him alone. He is standing on his bathroom rug in the bathroom, tending to his shedded bits of scales or "shells" that he lays out there to dry. He cannot bear to part from his scales, he is also confused about the shedding and it is a traumatic experience for him. He sure sheds a lot. Hamish, you sure do shed a lot. But he is an old dragon, the aliens always tell me that, and even Hamish sometimes tells me that he is old. That is why there was a time when his full name was "Hamish The Great also known as Hamish The Elder". Apart from the constant shedding, Hamish doesn't look or seem old. But the other Aliens call him grandpa. I love him. I would die for him, that is what you do when you love someone more than oneself. In him I have found the most incredible person and life that is more meaningful to me than myself. My Sock Feet.

Hamish Sees Red
And I'm drinking his orange juice

August 08 2013 - I am playing the video game The Sims 3 and I make randomized characters. A man I made came out as having red hair and red sneakers. Then to top it off he doesn't like the outdoors so his mood bar went a dark red as soon as he moved in and stood on the lawn. That really got Hamish's attention. He especially looks at the red sneakers like this man is some kind of punk, but that red mood bar really seemed to confirm to Hamish that he was trouble. Things I do for Dragon. I change the shoe color of my Sims.

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. Hamish tells me it is his juice. I ask him if I may please have some of his juice because I'm thirsty. He does that a lot. That he claims the foods and drink I am having as his. I then play along and ask him if I may have some of his this or that. I think it's cute how he acts all territorial. Some humans might be offended if a Dragon comes claiming furniture, floor space, rugs, foods, drink and everything... Hamish puts his hands on my shoulders now, not sure what that gesture means, he doesn't touch me that often you'd be surprised. But I love his territorial behavior. He's just being a Dragon. Plus, I like drinking his orange juice and eating his snacks.

Today again he asked me why tomatoes are red. He really wants to know. And he was concerned when I was slicing a red bell pepper. He really thinks that they have the same DNA as he because of the same red color. I try to tell him that these are vegetables. It is breathtaking the way Hamish contemplates about his personal identity and his racial identity. I wish I was a psychologist or an anthropologist so that I could write beautiful research paper quality about his inner workings.

No Langoustines

August 08 2013 - I was playing The Sims 3 and happen to scroll the window past one of my Sims who is over by the river fishing, just as he pulls up a lobster. "Oh I sure hope Hamish didn't notice that", I think to myself and get away from there fast as possible. "No langoustines", says Hamish right then. He notices everything. Everything he sees and every nuance of my thoughts. He sees details I don't see. The Reptilians are very attentive, highly acute sensory awareness. That is why music bothers them, they cannot zone out they hear every detail constantly and also commit everything to memory. No Langoustines, No. (He said No in the other language and Langoustines in English. I don't know why he mixes languages so often, but he does.)

I had to tell Hamish that the lobsters in the game won't be eaten. I said that they will only be sold but not eaten. Hamish asked me if that was true. I said that it was probably not true, but that I won't let my game characters eat them. It's also funny how he says langoustines I'd say lobster. I think if it were my imagination I'd say lobster.

No Langoustines

Do they smell nice? - Hamish asks about the langoustines in that picture (link in the line above)
I don't know what they smell like. What do you think langoustines smell like? - me
Hamish's eyelids are closing. It is a Draconian smile. He smiles about the langoustines.

For those of you who do not know, Hamish claims to have an ancestor who was a red big crustacean. He's shown me mental images of them many times, and I declare I see a resemblance. Same red color and turtleshell on the back and everything, same yellow bulgy eyes and pointy straight arms. Hamish is not a real Draconian. The Agenda Aliens do a lot of genetic projects and they make all kinds of creatures. Hamish was made by the Bird People. A Bird Person was visiting again today. He sat on the bathroom floor looking at Hamish's shedded scales and they were talking about his sheets of scales there for quite some time. The Bird Person is gentle natured but we haven't really ever had a good lengthy conversation together, a Bird Person and me. I just leave the Aliens to their own devices and let them tend to their own business. They will talk to me if they want to. I want them to feel welcome and at home here, without me pestering them with a bunch of questions.

I was not Robert, I said. - Hamish, nearly shapeshifting into Robert Stephens

Captain Robert Stephens is Hamish's human shapeshift. In my teens I used to have Captain Stephens bothering me a lot. He especially had a thing for used bloody tampons, and wanted to be called King. Today it's Hamish. It took me about two years to figure out that they are the same, that Stephens was Hamish's shapeshift. Reptilians can choose a human form to represent them as in human contact. Maybe they think it makes things easier. For me personally I much prefer a bright fire engine red Dragon Lobster that tells me No Langoustines than any human. And for a human man to be fixated with bloody tampons is really gross, but when it's a cute Dragon Lobster it's the best. Sort of. Kinda cute I guess.

I hope you don't mind me being here. - says Hamish in Captain Stephens' form
I don't like Stephens. But I love Hamish. - me
I said no Sugar to you. - Hamish, they don't want me to eat sugar because it supposedly disrupts my DNA for their genetics work with the eggs
You had some today. - Hamish, I did, but hadn't for about two weeks had any sugar at all
It's ok. I won't have sugar in a while again. - me
We are not the dominant species! - Hamish otherwise a black reptilian

Tampons and Tomatoes and Yes-No

August 08 2013 - Dragon Turtle knows my thoughts. I wasn't too aware of him this morning but when I - pardon my bluntness - frequented the restroom I was pleased that finally I have a normal menstruation. I wondered if Dragon must be pleased to see all the blood. He hasn't talked about it at all it seems, just a few comments about there being "juice" in my "pyy-pyy", but nothing overly elated or excited. But as soon as I thought that I might like to use a tampon today, who if not Hamish sneaks up close to me and starts doing palate clicks after palate clicks. He likes tampons for some reason. Bloody tampons. If I put used tampons in the waste basket I have known Dragon to go through my trash to look at them.

Hamish? Why do you love bloody tampons? Hamish? Why do you like them? - me
My roses are there. - Hamish
What roses? - me
We call them roses here. The ones that bleed. - a black reptilian

Ok too-much-information. Pardon me for being so blunt again, and this is another thing that I should censor off the website, but when Reptilians open up a victim's chest and heart they say that the blood gushing out looks like a red rose. That is why the red rose is one of the symbols you come across in the Agenda. In fact according to the Reptilians, the Rosicrucians - an organization which the Agenda claimed ownership of long ago - are called that because of the rose, blood and sacrifice. In fact if you have Reptilian contact and they start showing you mental images of red roses or talk about roses, run for the hills. The Agenda has nagged a long time now that the Rosicrucians want me to join them. Sometimes they say "The Rosicrucians want you", or "The Rosicrucians don't want you". Anyhow.

I was studying today and as soon as I think about retreating to my video game The Sims 3, Hamish shows up. I hadn't noticed him watching me. He thinks about how my Sims in the game get to eat tomatoes. Hamish tells me and shows me in images that he looks forward to seeing them eat red tomatoes. He likes anything red. Red things either make him interested, or they make him furious. He watches everything I do.

I told Dragon that he is welcome here, and I worried if he doesn't get bored here all day. He tells me he is here guarding my eggs, that is why he is here. He then retreated back to the bathroom woven rug and told me that he has layed out sheets of his s

I don't need an exfoliant. - Hamish, in English
Wow Hamish. You sure are neat. You are an amazing Dragon. - me
I like to nip them off. - Hamish, he means the shedding scales off his body
You are a cutie, Hamish. I love you. Welcome here. - me
We wanted to fight him at the Battle of Syracuse. - Malik? General Patton?
I don't want you to say that I smell like cheese. - Hamish
Or that I smell like vomit!, I said! - Hamish
You smell like a Dragon. You smell like Hamish. I don't mind your smell. *You smell good.* - me
My leathery smell is good to me. - Hamish, he thinks about black leather bags, he loves those smells when we go to a leather purses and bags store

Ok. That's a piece of Dragon's mind again for you. But he had retreated to his rug and told me how he lays out sheets of scales to dry on the rug. I told Dragon that he was welcome here and to make himself at home. I wish I had the money to buy a house and build for him a garden. He will get a fish pond, lots of water and streams to splash his feet around in, hey maybe even for Dinosaurs to bathe while they are here, Deb Deb! He will get flower gardens. A leather armchair that is not a revolving armchair. And all the Harry Potter movies. No Onions and No Santa. I love this Dragon more than life itself.

I love you Hamish. - me
Yes-No. - Hamish

Rainbows across the sky

August 07 2013 - I actually told the Thubans and Aliens to leave. I can't believe I told real Aliens to leave. But they are so rude. I don't know how long any scientists would last. I've lasted two years. The rude demeaning way they treat me and regard me cannot be overstated. It's not just that they show me images of cattle, giraffes and elephants at the zoo, and dogs and cats to tell me I am all those, but the way that it is expressed is more rude than humans could muster. They have a meanness and sadism that goes beyond Homo sapiens capability of offending each other.

And then there's the constant sexual assault. Sure fine if they insist on showing me naked mental pictures of hybrids genitals I get that because they are working on a genetics and fertility project and I'm an adult and I'm a scientist. So it's fine. But showing me underaged hybrids having sex with humans, I tell them it's immoral, it's illegal, it's pedophilia. They don't get it. I've explained to them in an infinite number of different ways. They still don't get it. So I tell them then just stop showing me it hurts me it nauseates me it's illegal it ruins my life and I get heart trouble. I guess it's stopped for most part. They don't show me that anymore.

And expecting me to be used to teach hybrids how to have sex. Showing my naked genitals to hybrids and hybrid children all the time, and calling that school. They do it the wrong way. It's not that the hybrid children are mature and old enough, even though they mature much faster than human children do. In fact it is possible to communicate with hybrid infants. They are conscious and they can talk mentally. But I see that they are kids. And sexuality is forced on them by the Thubans and Zetas. Especially since the hybrid children lack sexual instincts, they are only part human. I'm not sure if it hurts them as much as it hurts me to have to watch and be part of it. It's less wrong when they bring me adult hybrid males, like Pakeha the Thuban hybrid, or the chubby Illuminati men who are sweetness. But it's still wrong to force these men to have sex with someone they are not attracted to or in love with.

The Thubans bribe the kids by telling them that if they do sexual activities then they get to go to the fair. They have a fair set up in an underground base, complete with ferris wheel and everything. It's in a sad sad place, it's in a dark underground cavern with dark walls and no trees or sunshine and then the kids end up usually there all alone playing by themselves. No balloons, no grown ups, no other kids. Just a fair in a dark sad miserable underground place. A trick to get kids to do what they want.

Most abductees don't talk about these things. Some abductees don't even know the sexual projects or what the hybrids are used for. I know several high-profile abductees who talk plenty about their encounters. But they purposefully pretend like the sexual abuse and pedophilia isn't even happening. I refuse to censor alien activity. Sure I censor the most graphic descriptions and details from this website and shove it in the books. But I have to write down all of my observations, what kind of scientist fudges data. And eventually I will have to write some type of report and try to explain and understand it all as a proper scientific journalist. But first I have to recover from my own wounds. I have to be back at a neutral mindset before I can summarize. Right now I'm just hurt.

I told them to leave but they won't. And somehow I am glad about that. I can't lose Sock Puppet Hamish not for anything in the world.

How about the Crocodiles? - says Crocodile Man
Yeah, I like you too. - me
Am I with the dominant ones, she said? - Crocodile Man
.. I didn't say that. - me
Yeah but we wish you did. - Hamish or Crocodile Man
My juice in pyy-pyy. - Hamish glad, he said "juice" in the other language

Yeah I have my period now since yesterday yay! Hamish has been waiting for it for a long time but I was surprised when I told him he hasn't had a huge reaction at all. However. I did have a visitation from a black "Serpent" last night. "Would you like to see a Serpent?", was its opening statement. Sure, I said. A black Reptilian type of thing came and sat on top of my legs on the bed, just looking at me. I suspect that he was curious about my menstruation. Hamish charged into the room. "Yes-No!"

Yes, I was not pleased to see him, tell them that. - Hamish
It was my juice in pyy-pyy. - Hamish some words in the other language

"Yes-No!" said Hamish a second time to the black intruder. Hamish did not want him here and thought it highly inappropriate that he sat here in my bed. No fight erupted, not that I know of. Oh god I love it when Hamish says Yes-No. It basically means No. Have no idea why he chooses to say No by saying Yes-No, but it's dang cute and fire engine red Dragon Turtles with Duck Feet saying Yes-No make the world a brighter and happier place for everyone and paints rainbows across the sky.

Coffee, juice, Dragon cliparts, Insects, all of it

August 06 2013 - Phew. Finally made it through posting those many Dragon cliparts into the book Letters to SETI 2. Hamish sure had a lot to say to the Dragons in the pictures. He even wanted to go fishing and asked a Dragon for some worms. Dinosaur came to say to me that Hamish enjoys talking to those Dragon pictures as if they were real Dragons. Maybe Turtle is feeling lonely. I love my Sock...

Late last night I was too tired to write it down, a Thuban or Insect talked to me about their history and involvement with the Agenda. I forget if it was a Thuban or an Insect. He carefully told me that it was a long time ago when they had earthquakes. Many of their kind were trapped under ground and died because of the tremors. Many were lost. I gave him my condolences. Then the Agenda came and evacuated them, and they are grateful and in debt and now they work together. Their population numbers used to be very small and dwindling, but now thanks to the Agenda "there are more than they can count". Also from last night or the day before, the Insect Mantids were chosen for the Agenda because they multiply fast and therefore quickly make large armies. So I was wrong, I had thought that they were chosen because of their intellectual properties, but no. It is all about building a large army of workers.

Last night the Insect or Thuban also told me that its brain is smaller than mine, but can think better. He asked me why do I think that humans have such large brains then? He answered his question by telling me that it is because humans, I forget the exact words, we think so much. I told him we have emotions and empathy, morals and judgement. The Insect said that it thinks more efficiently and with a smaller brain because it does not do those things. I am sorry I did not write it down. I am still recovering from past months frequent attacks and feel too exhausted when the Aliens come around to write things down. I know that's bad because this is a documentary, but part of the documentary is to say that I am simply too exhausted sometimes. The Aliens have put me through excrutiatingly exhausting torment.

Last night as I went to bed the Aliens told me they wanted to give me an injection. I asked them what was in it, and they thought I was acting out and being trouble for asking. So I told them they could go ahead. They said it was chemicals that would make me more sexually receptive, but they told me to keep it a secret and not tell Pakeha that I had been given that. Maybe it would hurt his feelings or something. I dreamt that I was transported a long distance by a T-Rex, but come to think of it it could have been Hamish or some other Reptile. And then there was a sexual encounter with a young man. Which is funny cause I'm not even sexually attracted to young men. I have a distinct personal taste for older men, 50+. I'm 30. I think if it were just sexual dreams, like the critics would say, I could award myself someone I am actually attracted to. The Aliens breed me. They also use me to teach their male hybrids about sex.

Hamish was a bit grumpy this morning, but it's ok. You can't expect him to be sweetness every day. He is a Dragon Turtle.

I was not sweet, I said. - says Turtle Foot now
I was not with Pakeha now. - Hamish
I love you Hamish. - me
I wasn't known by that. My coffee is here, I said to the Iroquois. - Hamish

For those of you who might be new to this: coffee is a person's life force. The Reptilians ingest it to invigorate themselves. It is energy vampirism. They also call it juice sometimes. Pakeha is a young male Thuban hybrid and they bring him here to see me often and he is meant to learn sex with me. But he is more interested in math than sex. He lacks any sexual instincts and capabilities.

Yes but we are still proud of him! - says Thuban not angry
I know. Because he has a penis you are proud of him. - me

It is tricky to select the right genes from a human to incorporate into Thuban genome to achieve a hybrid that retains as much of Thuban properties as possible but that ends up having sexual organs. So they are proud of Pakeha because he has a penis, but he does not have a scrotum. And as for the Iroquois, the Reptilians and Bird Race mention the Iroquois sometimes, because they were supposedly made by the Agenda and their DNA is very special to them. I think they mean the Native American tribe Iroquois, but who knows what they mean.

Sock Turtles!

August 05 2013 - Sock Turtles

Latest Alien Shenanigans and Mischief

August 05 2013 - Last night the white ETs (ie. either Thubans or Zetas) talked to me about how The Eye forces them to do their work. The Eye is something that rules over the many Alien races working in the Agenda. They fear it, but they won't talk badly about it. Even Hamish fears it and says that The Eye forces them to do the work. Based on what the Black Ones have said before and what I was told last night when I insisted that they tell me what The Eye is, I suspect that The Eye is either a center of a galaxy or other form of black hole in space. It swallows up space and worlds and the Aliens are feeding "life force" into The Eye to satisfy its hungers, to keep it from swallowing up space. They are building a massive network of soul energy in The Eye. It is all bizarre and I need to find out more.

It is not hungry, tell them that. - speaks Hamish
Then why do you give it energy? - me
It demands that. - Hamish
Why does it demand energy? What is The Eye? - me
It has already almost swallowed our world. - Hamish
What is it. - me
Promise you won't be afraid. IT IS THE BIGGEST THERE IS! And yes! It is shaped like an Eye. - Hamish
Is it something in the space? Is it in the outer space? Is it a black hole? Is it a creature? Does it speak? What is it? - me
It is like a fisherman. - Hamish
What does it fish for? - me
It fishes for Hamish. - Hamish says hesitantly
Don't let it fish for you! I won't let it! You are MINE Hamish! I won't let you go there! You are my Turtle! - me
It tries to talk to me sometimes. - Hamish
What does it say? - me
It says, dinner is here! - Hamish

I guess we are not much wiser from Hamish's comments about The Eye. Also last night. I woke up at night and a white hybrid was having sex with me. Like real sex. It was great. I am 99% sure it was Pakeha. But before I went to sleep last night I asked him to teach me some math. He loves math. He showed me alien symbols and told me what they mean, but we didn't get to any calculations yet, just the basics. Also they don't seem to use numbers. Just mathematical operations. I will find out more.

And last night Malik asked me to marry him. It was a close encounter in the "dreamscape". I told him I would think about it. Also he or otherwise some other Black One was playing around with my (physical) heart again. I woke up with my heart pounding and some of my blood vessels very warm. One of my arms was all warm. It was almost like a mild medical emergency, but it went away once I woke up. The Black Ones love to play around with my heart. The heart is filled with life force but they also love to play with it because it is beating. The human heart is like a toy for them. Especially Basmet loves to play with it, he plugs his fingers into the blood vessels to feel the blood pushing against his fingers. It is terrible yeah I know.

And this morning when I woke up, Turtle Dragon was telling me about sheets of scales he has shedded, how he has peeled them off his ankles and how he lays them out flat on our living room bookshelf now and stretches them out and guards them. He tells me all about his scales. He tells me that he has shedded scales, where he puts the sheets of scales, and he just talks and talks about scales. I tell him it is ok. Make yourself at home, put your sheets of invisible interdimensional scales anywhere you like Hon, and I tell him that shedding is natural, since he is a Dragon. But he sure sheds a lot.

Hamish, I love you. - me
I wasn't going to let you say that to me again. - Hamish
I Honor you. I Honor Hamish. - me

Now let's see if I can finish Letters to SETI 2. I have about 10 or more Dragon cliparts to paste into the text, but it gets Hamish talking because when he sees an image, doesn't matter if it is a picture or a video it associates in his mind to seeing the actual things. Then he starts talking about defending his nest, wondering if the Dragon on the picture is dangerous or dominating, lots of talk about his eggs being his, and so forth.

By the way last night or this morning the Thuban said that in the past when humans had seen them they had thought it was the grim reaper because the boomerang praying mantis arms are shaped like a hoe. This is perhaps the second time I've heard that from the Thubans. Coincidentally, some Reptilians wear a black hooded cape. If a Thuban were to wear a black hooded cape it would be the grim reaper with its arms. So all those grim reaper sightings were perhaps alien sightings.

Baby Food

August 04 2013 - The Thubans seem to suction out my stomach contents so diligently often because I think I heard them say they give that digested food from my stomach and prepare baby food for my hybrid babies from that. At first I was repulsed by the idea and objected but they said what would they use instead? I guess in some far distant odd way we might *almost* let them get away with it. A lot of animal mothers regurgitate food for their babies. Just that we humans don't do it that way. Maybe I heard it wrong.

Meanwhile I placed an orange carrot on the kitchen table for Hamish. He didn't say anything about it.

Carrots, Snake Skin and Autumn Leaves

August 04 2013 - Thuban is showing me from afar a white chubby baby hybrid boy. The baby is grabbing the Thuban's arms and was biting the Thuban's white boomerang-shaped praying mantis arm and Thuban told the boy not to bite. The Thuban especially wants me to notice that the boy has genitals. It's because that's what they're doing. They want to borrow (steal?) human DNA and incorporate that into Thuban DNA so that they can make a hybrid that can sexually reproduce. I keep telling the Thuban I don't want to see and to take it away and go away. I've been through an ordeal again with the Thubans and it's exhausting and draining all their sexual assaults and constant rapes and showing me sexual things that I don't ever want to see.

Snake was here last night and he with a Thuban girl were going to rape me. It is an energy rape type of thing but it uses my energy and the girl's and then drains my life force and leaves me all drained and dark. They try to make it into a sexual thing, Snake calls it "lust" but it's energy vampirism. Yeah, Aliens do energy vampirism. I wish they didn't. Think of them like photovoltaic plants that absorb sunlight from other beings. I told Snake to stop it. Snake was here the night before too, or a few nights ago but not long ago. Haven't seen Snake in a long while. He was such a handsome green lizard with big eyes and long thin tail. Snake showed up naked last night. He used to wear a tight bodysuit. Hamish doesn't want Snake here, but Snake kept telling me that he wants to stay with me. I told Snake that he will have to ask Hamish for permission.

Malik has been same old usual. He too wants energy vampirism and therefore acts cuddly and romantic and kind. I rarely have to yell at Malik. I mostly yell at the Thubans and hybrids. I also yell a lot at Olav and the other humans. Hamish I never yell at. Hamish is my Lobster Dragon. Sock Turtle.

Pakeha and an Illuminati hybrid have been around. The chubby Illuminati hybrid was trying to teach Pakeha how to masturbate. I tell the boys I don't want to be a part of it. I'm surprised they haven't given up on Pakeha yet. They have been trying for weeks at least to see whether Pakeha could be sexually functional. But he is worthless. He doesn't have the instincts or capabilities. I'm just surprised that they haven't given up on trying with him.

Hamish has been talking about scales a lot still. He puts his shedded sheets of scales on the bathroom rug, lays them out flat there for them to dry. In the other dimension of course, but remember that one time when there was a glitch and I could suddenly see the other dimension with my eyes? Hamish guards his scales so that no one steals them. Remember when Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl stole a sheet, but then returned it? Hamish was worried about pumpkins a few minutes ago. He was remembering the bakery at my old college around Halloween time I guess. There seems to have been a bakery sign with a pumpkin theme or something, that Hamish was thinking of and shifting his feet a bit anxiously as he thought that. He doesn't like pumpkins, it's the angry face and orange color and the fire inside.

I can't finish making the book "Letters to SETI 2" because I have got Dragon cliparts to put into the text and every time I do Hamish starts talking and talking and then I feel compelled to include his comments into the book but it just grows and it's an endless stream of work. So I just gave up on that for the time being.

Why are carrots orange? - Hamish asks in English
I don't know. Some things have color. - me
I wanted to see them. To tell them that they look like me. - Hamish
Hamish? Carrots don't speak. They don't understand words. - me
But I wanted to tell them I said! So, thanks, for that. - Hamish
Sure Dragon, I can give you a damn carrot. But they won't speak to you! Carrots don't know languages. - me
Hamish is thinking of the orange bumps along his forearms
I wanted them to listen to me. And I wanted to say hi. - Hamish
To carrots? You want to speak to a carrot? Why? - me
They were nice, with me. - Hamish
Alright Dragon, I will give you some carrots. - me
They look like me. And they haven't fallen out of me. - Hamish
He thought that a carrot hasn't fallen off his orange bumps on his arms
Oh Hamish! What will I do with you! - me
My "bumps". - Hamish

By the way Hamish has told me that his smell comes from those orange bumps on his arms. I've seen that his bumps can sometimes burst and they leak a sticky viscous neon orange fluid that believe it or not makes Dragon glow neon orange in the dark! That is why sometimes when I see him he glows neon orange, like in this picture, I think that's the first picture I ever made of him if I'm not wrong, and you see that I drew a glow around him.

I'm sorry I've been completely drained today. I'm feeling agitated and irritable and just tired. It's all this constant agony from the Thubans and their sex projects. And I want to get married and find a husband but I can't because of the Aliens. The Aliens would abduct and rape my husband with those Thuban females. I can't put any man through what I've been through. I guess Hamish will just have to be the man in my life. He has been, for two years.

Oh! Haha! I nearly forgot to tell you why Snake showed up last night! We have these new pillows that are white imitation snake skin. PLUS in a video game I contemplated on making a snake skin outfit for one of my characters. Snake showed up. He was gazing at me because I had thought of using snake skin in the game. So I didn't do it. Then he walked over to the pillows, and touched them. But he didn't say anything. He takes these things very seriously. I also have a black imitation snake skin wallet that I want to throw away but every time I think about putting it in the trash the Reptilians tell me I am not allowed to throw it away. So here it is.

I can't wait for Fall I get to look at all the autumn leaves with Hamish again. He loves the pretty bright red, orange and yellow colors. And I love him.

Clipart Dragons Be Gone!

August 02 2013 - I am making the book Letters to SETI 2 and decided to paste in some clipart pictures of Dragons, really nice. Hamish sees those pictures and starts talking and talking. He usually never talks that much in an endless stream of thoughts. Namely, he responds to seeing those picture drawings of dragons as if there were a real dragon somewhere near. He fears dragons with wings and thinks they might eat him. Poor Dragon Turtle I tried to be discrete pasting those pictures in there but he saw all of them and I have 28 different pictures to put there and it will be an ordeal!

Hamish even tried to talk to the Dragon pictures.

I did not know that they were clip arts. - Hamish
Do you know what that is? It is a drawing. With a pen. Not real dragons. - me
Oh, excuse me then. - Hamish
Yes, my Honored. - me
I did not know they were clip arts? - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Clip arts. - me
You monkeys do so many things we do not know about. - says Malik
Hello Malik. Thank you for being here tonight. How are you doing this evening? - me
We are guarding your eggs, that is why we got upset. - Malik
Thank you for guarding me. - me
We don't like those clip arts. - Hamish or Malik

It was an ordeal. Hamish thought the Dragons would come and eat him and challenge him and take his eggs away. He even talked to the pictures gently and tried to explain to the dragons there that this was his nest and his eggs. I decided to embed those conversations in the book itself, so under each Dragon clipart picture will be rows of Hamish's comments as he talks about the Dragon on the picture or even tries to talk to the Dragon on the picture.

Ok me and my Boys are going to bed. I mean not in the same bed even if that would be mighty snug. I don't see Malik and Hamish getting along so well to share a bed together, but me and Malik have snuggled up sometimes and so have me and Hamish done too.

My eggs are here! - Hamish
Hamish! My Hamish is here! - me
My eggs have been taken. So I was not pleased about that. Dragon Turtles guard eggs you see. And me and Malik were here for that. - Hamish
These are our nesting sites. - Hamish
I have a shield. - Hamish about his back hump
It was designed that way. To scare them off. - Hamish

Ok me and the Boys will snuggle up. It's gonna be a hot night tonight. I mean it's at the peak of Summer and I'll have a hard time falling asleep in the heat. I wish Hamish would let me take a picture of him. I wish I could share him with you all. He is the best.

My scales shed. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I know they do. You are a Dragon that is why. - me

Time to go to bed and have the last thing I see before I fall asleep be fire engine red dragon scales. I love this Turtle so much.

No, clip arts. - Hamish

Life has not been the same

August 02 2013 - Last night it was abduction time, like every night. I got to see a Thuban or Zeta, I now forget which it was. But most importantly, I also got to see Hamish. Hamish was in the Alien base and they were sending me a remote viewed mental image of them in their whereabouts. Seeing Hamish like that, clear as day, looking at me, my Dragon my best friend since two years, it made me start to cry and sob a little. "Hamish! I can see you! I love you!", I said to dear Dragon. He just looked at me, bright fire engine red and orange Dragon Reptilian, with a turtleshell hump back, and that cute face with a flat depressed region between the eyes and two nostrils there. Yellow bulging eyes with a brown vertical slit. Small round head. So cute, so special to me.

I wasn't warning you. - Hamish says now
What do you mean Hamish? - me
I wasn't warning you I said. - Hamish
I heard what you said, I just wonder what it means? - me
I wasn't warning you anymore. - Hamish
I don't understand, Hamish? What are you trying to communicate? I want to know what you're saying. - me
I wasn't warning you because it wasn't dangerous here. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. I love you so much. You are my Dragon Turtle. I love you. Turtle Feet. - me
I wasn't warning you because it wasn't dangerous here yet, I said. - Hamish, true, he said "yet" at the end but I almost didn't hear it so I didn't write it down

I got to see glimpses of the Alien base last night. It has a special feel that is uncomfortable, but it kind of feels like visiting some friends or neighbors and you don't want to insult their home. It's their vibe, their way of life, their quarters. Their home. It's their style. It's kind of special down there in the basement, just the look and feel of the place. So I told myself to be respectful, and I am respectful and I would love to have more visits to their base underground.

Yesterday I was visited by the chubby Illuminati hybrid. They say they were made from great white sharks. I've been told that before. That is why they have the sharp teeth, supposedly. But they are gentle sweethearts. He wore a black suit and he is meant to work with the Illuminati New World Order thingy. Also a slender white Illuminati hybrid who wears the 1920's black and purple pinstripe gangster suit complete with the hat was also visiting and making his presence known.

The Agenda tell me they want me to "join". I tell them I won't because that would mean giving up so much of what I am, in order to be on par with The Eye. I cannot be what they are. This is a highly Satanic cult, most if not all of its members are forced to partake.

We don't like Birthday Cakes. - Hamish with an image of this cake, what ever made him think of that?
Hamish... if I make you a Birthday Cake out of livers? Then would you eat it? - me

Hamish was so grand last night when I got to see him. And he maneuvered me around in bed, showing me his power. This Dragon was right on top of me behind my back and pushed me this way and that, pulled me up propped me up on all fours, dragged me all the way to the opposite side of the bed. I loved it. It is so cozy and intimate.

My eggs are here, that is why I came here. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. You are welcome here. My Honored Dragon Turtle. - me

I cleaned the bathroom carefully for my Dragon and Malik today. I know they like it clean on the floors. This morning when my mom was drying herself after her shower and standing on Hamish's bathroom rug Hamish tells me: "There is a human standing on my scales!", or did he say "rug". Later after I had cleaned the bathroom for him Hamish asks me if it is his bathroom. I tell him that we have to use the bathroom too, and that in the future when I have a great big house for him and me there will be a bathroom just for him. In fact I will let Hamish choose which bathroom he wants to have as his own, he gets first pick.

I have a big red Dragon Turtle. His name is Hamish. Life has never been the same since he entered into my room nearly two years ago.

Sex with Hamish - two years ago

August 01 2013 - I am writing the book "Letters to SETI 2", featuring more letters I sent to SETI while I was getting to know the Aliens. In this book, the letters get into when Hamish would have sex with me. I haven't looked at this text since it was written nearly two years ago, and reading it moved me to tears. I used to have such intimate, also deep and passionate contact with my Hamish.

I wouldn't bite them, tell them that. - Hamish says now, in English
I love you, Turtle Foot. - me
I am not a compassionate man. - Hamish
You're my Turtle Foot. I love you Hamish. - me

This man, this fantastic big red scaly Dragon man had some of the closest intimate contact with me and I have never been touched so deeply by anyone. I know, or I think, he did it so that I would not be afraid.

Hello this is the Board. We don't want him to have your women. - Board member, first sentence in the other language, 2nd in English

But Hamish became the most meaningful person in my life, ever. He used to come at me and give me orgasms. They weren't usual ones, they happened in the brain or in the spine. 1000 times more powerful and pleasurable than usual ones, yet mild and gentle and not overwhelming. He touched me so deeply, not just sexually but to be close to someone, as close as it gets. His red scales over me and in me. His smell of hot Dragon breath sulfur breathing over my shoulders. Oh god, is this why Hamish is the man of my life...?

I am not a Sock, tell them that. - Hamish

My Sock Turtle. I hope I don't cry my eyes out I have to finish making the book. It's so deep, I think. Love and a sexual relationship between a bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle and human. He's my Hamish. My Sock Turtle Foot.

I was not very gentle, tell them that. - Hamish

Well, yeah, he used to tumble me around and throw me around and show me his power, but a woman kind of likes that sometimes.

It was done to take your eggs. And seize them! - Hamish gently says
I know, Hamish. I know. - me
So there was nothing sexual about it. - Hamish
But it felt that way. Sexual I mean... - me
We were making you pregnant. - Hamish, "pregnant" in the other language

Oh Turtles, what am I going to do...

We don't have shoes on. - Hamish
You don't need shoes. - me
I am not compassionate or caring. I just wanted to make you pregnant. - Hamish

Hamish enjoys Tschaikowsky and Guinea Pigs
Rye Flower and a Box of Shoes

July 31 2013 - I am listening to classical music again. It is the best background music for getting anything done without occupying my thoughts. Bright fire engine red Hamish comes up to me and puts his hand flat on my chest on the sternum. He tells me that he really likes that. He stands here listening to Tschaikowsky's Andante cantabile and his eyelids are closing the whole time, and that is a Draconian smile. He really enjoys violin and female choir. To be fair, I was writing about his shedding scales for Letters to SETI 2 at the same time so I can't be sure WHICH he was so fond of, but I think it's the music. He doesn't like to shed scales.

My eggs are here. - Hamish smiles and says
My Turtle Foot is here. My Hamish is here. My Honored. - me
I believe you now. - General Patton says to Hamish, obviously GP had been in disbelief about me actually liking and welcoming my Hammish

And right now I was watching this chirping Guinea Pig on YouTube I KNOW I KNOW I should be working - but YouTube! Hamish did two big and clear palate clicks for that video. He must like the guinea pigs. Maybe I should get him one.

They eat a lot. - Hamish says about guinea pigs
They are not a rat. - Hamish
They eat a lot of food. - me to Hamish
There is not a home for them there. - Hamish about the cage in that video
There is not a rat there. - Hamish
They pee and poo there. - Hamish about the guinea pigs in the cage
There they sit all the time! - Hamish
It is cold for them there. - Thuban lady concerned for the guinea pigs
There is no heart there. - Hamish, he thinks about how the guinea pigs' hearts are too small to bother with having
There is no toilet there. Hamish feels cold and hungry sometimes. - Hamish
Hamish, I love you. - me
These all were in my native language translated

And now the same song Tschaikowsky's Andante cantabile came on the classical radio channel and Hamish's eyelids are closing again. He enjoys that.

I like that. - says Hamish about the music and puts his red and orange hand flat on my sternum again
I like it too. - I say to Dragon
It is good for my eggs. - Hamish says
These also in my native language

My flowers are not always yellow. - Hamish says in my native language and shows me an image of a blue rye flower held pinched by its stalk between two of his Dragon fingers. He must have seen the flower somewhere. rye flower, I recognized what it is

I have a box of shoes here. If anybody still isn't in love with Dragon Turtle I might hit you over the head with a shoe. Isn't he adorable? He shows me flowers and Japanese fish all the time and says all kinds of cute things! And then I get to see him and he is just so cute and bright fire engine red and orange! And that back hump! Oh Hamish the joy of my life is bigger than the Sun!

Hamish! - me with adoration
My sternum. - Hamish in English, about my sternum

Brown winged Dragon mates with me

July 31 2013 - Last night I was taken to an underground reptilian base. They have a big stone mansion there in the darkness. It must be hundreds of years old, Medieval or Reneissance, beautiful furniture, lots of dense red drapes, gorgeous old red persian style carpets. I was mated with* a man and when I returned back home I was told the man is an "Illuminati" and he is also a "Dragon". Turns out he was a shapeshifter, I think. He was a dark brown winged Dragon after all. (*I was going to say we had sex but the Dragon says we did not have sex we mated.) The Dragon man was a very powerful lover.

In the morning the brown Dragon lied himself down behind me in bed and wrapped his soft Dragon wings around my naked body and just held me that way for a while. We ended up having a great conversation later in the day.

Hamish doesn't like him. Tell them that. - Hamish

The brown Dragon is ancient, very old, and that is the reason why Hamish has to step aside and allow the brown Dragon to get to my eggs. Some of what the brown Dragon talked to me about today was that his kind were made by the - wait for it, it's gonna be a surprise - Sirians! Sirians! He is very similar to the White Dragons. In fact he is probably just like a White Dragon only that he is a very dark reddish brown. He even does the ceremonial magic which is when a winged Dragon stands up tall and spreads his wings wide to the sides in an expression of something.

Find the very detailed and sexually graphic full account plus verbatim telepathic conversations with the brown Dragon in one of the sequel telepathy books, in the uncensored adult version of course. I'm making uncensored and censored versions of all the telepathy books.

An Ordeal and a Headache

July 30 2013 - I had a terrible evening with the Aliens. Hamish brought Olav the Russian man here to show Pakeha how to get sexually aroused from looking at a woman. Pakeha is having difficulties achieving an erection and the Thubans try to help him too. Pakeha is a Thuban-human hybrid. The goal is to make a hybrid that retains as much of the Alien counterpart but has human sexual reproduction. I am meant to accept Pakeha as my boyfriend. It is difficult because he is so rude to me. His constant insults cause me a lot of agony and are so bad that in comparison the potential for sexual offense is diminished and only of secondary concern.

I was getting really upset and nauseous from having Olav and Pakeha violating my rights even though they were only looking at me. Then the Orions pretended to be some kind of "corps with the NASA team" and disguised themselves as some kind of human SWAT team and pretended to come here to chase the Aliens away. When I asked them if they were the Orions, an Orion asks me how did I know that? I say the orange sphere UFO they kept showing me was a giveaway, but also just the look and feel of it. These Orion "corps" pretended to ask Hamish to go back to the mountains. They did this to try to make me feel as if I was safe and protected by armed forces. What a game.

It's been very tough with Pakeha here and once again I'm completely worn out from the abusive behavior of the Aliens when they try to make me give them eggs and let men both human and hybrid alien make babies with me. They really could have gone at it a different way, that would have made it all ok. After all, sex used to be something enjoyable and intimate nice with someone. Now it's just violence, they've ruined it. 14 Word document pages of notes of telepathic conversations during the ordeal but I can't post them it's sexually graphic. Find it in one of the uncensored adult version sequel books. My head hurts after all of this.


July 30 2013 - Today's bravo goes to Mr. Simon Parkes who goes out openly about his Alien contacts. Bravo to you Sir. One day I will do the same, but let's not ruin my science career sooner than we have to. Let me get my PhD first. Maybe then when it's too late for anyone to say that I've disqualified my science career BY BEING HONEST. I declare this world we are living in is still in the Middle Ages, and it isn't made easier by the Aliens hiding so much...

Daily life with Sock Dragon

July 30 2013 - I was watching tv with a cooking show. Dragon taps me on the left side of my throat gently with his red scaly finger. "I don't want to see that", he says. They were cooking with onions on tv. Onions and garlic really hurt the Draconians' nose. Last night Malik kindly informed me that garlic wasn't good. I had cooked with garlic yesterday.

I do some laundry. Hamish wants to come with me and look into the washing machine to see if his shedded scaly bits might still be in there. Ages ago his bathroom rug was washed and his shedded scaly bits ended up in the washing machine. That was an ordeal but Hamish was calm about it now. He then told me that he is not a Sock. (I call him Sock Turtle as a pet name.) So I played stupid and asked Hamish, what then are you? His answer? "I don't have any blood here!" (he said that or something very similar). Then he told me that his "pants" were in the washing machine, and he showed me his groin and thigh area and his thought was that scales he has shedded from there had ended up in the washing machine. The shedded scales are like his pants, he thinks. Now he is here with Pakeha trying to solve the jigsaw puzzle on the living room coffee table.

Hamish is telling Pakeha that I am Pakeha's woman (or that he said that I am Hamish's woman, not perfectly sure). "Hamish!", I declared cause Dragon is cute and bright fire engine red. "My eggs have spoken", said Hamish. My feelings should be hurt, shouldn't they, that all I am to him are eggs. Hamish!

Now Hamish thinks about stabbing me in the heart with the fruit knife I have on the kitchen counter and he starts purring which is just a gentle Draconian roar. He then says that he has juice there in my heart. Mischief and bad behavior.

Watching scales dry

July 30 2013 - I stepped into the Dragon's Den, meaning our bathroom, because I had to go pee. Red Dragon Hamish was there and as soon as I stepped inside and turned the lights on Dragon says: "My mouth goes over your food". I love it when Hamish says that. I explained that I have to pee and I went ahead. Dragon sits slumped over the bathroom rug watching his white sheets of shedded scales. He lays them on the rug to let them dry. Last night he told me that when he peels them off his body they are moist and they need to be dried first. Is it like watching paint dry? At least it keeps my Dragon quite happy and occupied while he is here.

Dinosaur Hamish and Me

July 30 2013 - I saw Hamish so I showered praise and adoration at him. That made Hamish do a palate click

Yes, but I am not very friendly. I like cheese! - Hamish, the cheese comment is probably because he might want me to eat cheese, but he likes to tell me that the cheese in our refrigerator is "his cheese", maybe he likes the smell of cheese, I know he loves the smell of grilled chicken and pizza

Sometimes he does a palate click when I praise him because he is acknowledgeing what I just said to him. A palate click means "I like". So that made me do a series of palate clicks to Hamish. And because I was doing palate clicks to Hamish,

I won't torture you I said. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. Thank you. - me
You are my flower here. - Hamish
Thank you Hamisssh.. - me

Because I was doing palate clicks at Hamish that made him start stomping his feet up and down up and down but slowly. And he might have wanted to show me that because he made my feet start doing the same. (The telepathic connection we have sometimes makes my body do what his body is doing. The Reptilians and Aliens also use this to prop an abductee during medical procedures as well as when Reptilians want to toss around a person to show them their power.) Then a Dinosaur said sadly that Hamish had tried to drown him when he was having a bath. I told Hamish that he mustn't do that, bad Dragon, that he mustn't hurt the Dinosaurs when they are bathing! (Because Dinosaurs love bathing it seems to be one of their few joys in life.) Oh. And then Hamish did something more but I forgot because he was talking while I was writing here. Oh well.

I am not Santa. - Hamish says now. Sometimes the hybrid children call him Santa because he is red
I am NOT I said! - Hamish
Yes Hamish, I know that. I never called you Santa. - me

Oh well.

It was my pyy-pyy, I said. - Hamish says and his eyelids are closing in a Draconian smile. Pyy-pyy means my ladyparts, he wants my eggs there

I remember now! So when Dinosaur had said that Hamish had tried to drown it in the bath, I said to Hamish that "if you hurt the Dinosaurs then I will become so sad that all my eggs fall out". And then that made Hamish come up to me and start stroking my inner left thigh with his red scaly hand, stroking and stroking gently and slowly repeatedly, while he was thinking of or expecting a lot of bright fire engine red blood to be coming out of my vagina any moment now with the eggs falling out. I had a short skirt and bare legs so he was able to pat me on my thigh. I told Hamish that the eggs won't fall out but he takes everything I say literally. Oh well.

Malik did WHAT?!

July 30 2013 - Malik. Mr. Fussubus. Gave me some more physical evidence of his existence. I had fallen asleep last night when all of a sudden I am briskly woken up because my leg was with incredible speed and strength pulled toward the floor in one quick rip. It was incredibly violent and the assault caused me pain not only in my leg but all the way to my head because I had been yanked so harshly.

"Malik!", I yelled, as I saw Mr. Fussubus standing on the bedroom floor as the obvious culprit. "What are you doing! You hurt me!" He gave me an explanation, that turned out to be more humble and not exactly an attack nor intended to hurt. Maybe he was just getting my attention. I have told my Boys to please wake me up at night if they need to talk or need me for anything. Maybe Malik had finally decided to take me up on my offer, but my golly how strong that man was he nearly could have pulled my freakin leg off! Malik is STRONG. He can kill people if he wants to. He won't kill me, but I sure appreciate the manifestation of physical evidence. Too bad we didn't have that on camera. Perhaps the night cams are coming back on. I did that about twice that I left a camera on all night but the Aliens and abductions don't show. The Aliens are in another dimension and they abduct you in a strange way that doesn't involve your physical body.

I know it makes it sound imaginary, but, who's up for a pajama party at my house? Malik will pull your leg off and throw bibles and "catecheses" on your head. And Hamish will push you if you wear a red pajama while yelling at you "No Santa!!!". I think he killed a woman because she wore a red pajama. Hamish pushed her down so hard that she fell forwards and passed away from internal bleeding in the head. Could happen to anyone. So for you doubters out there, put on your red pajamas and we'll watch some Harry Potter movies and have a pajama party with the Dragons.

A Red Turtle

July 30 2013 - When I woke up in the morning, big red Dragon Turtle with turtleshell soft humpback cushion on his upper back came into my room. It was the best, to see such a dear long-time friend. I greeted Dragon kindly and even Honored him by calling him my Honored Hamish. I was so glad to see him. If you could see how

I wanted to see it, NOW! - Hamish about Harry Potter movie
Hamish, you know I've told you that if I can see you first, then you can see all the Harry Potter movies. I want to take a photograph of you first. It is important for me that I get a photograph of your beautiful magnificent red scales. - me
I won't do it, I am here for my eggs. - Hamish
I will give you some eggs. You are my Dragon Turtle. I honor you Hamish. I love you too. Hamish! - me

Poor Hamish, he really wants to watch his Harry Potter movie and I still haven't watched it with him. I bought it like months ago! It's mostly because I don't particularly care for the movies, but I also want to see if I can get Hamish to pay a visit into my dimension visibly so that I can take a picture or video of him. Please?

Yes, but I am no Dragon Sock. - Hamish
You are a Turtle Dragon. You have a hump back. Your shield, it makes you a Dragon Turtle! You are beautiful Hamish. - me

Hamish is so magnificent. This morning he was remembering that town in the UK perhaps even Scotland judging from the looks of his thought images. He was remembering the man that he chose to name himself after, Hamish. You find the story when Hamish tells me about the human man Hamish in the book Real? Or Imaginary?. Hamish was some man in 1887 if I remember it correctly. He was a criminal. He had red long wavy hair so no wonder Hamish was a bit keen on him. Somehow Hamish the Dragon worked with this man and my Dragon Turtle was very fond of the man Hamish. My Dragon Turtle by the way is a very old person. He is an elder and all the other Aliens treat him like a grandfather. Maybe that's why he sheds scales so terribly much.

I would live and die for my Dragon Turtle every day, and every day I think I do. I love this Sock Feet so much I can't even tell you. A human wasn't made to carry the kind of infatuation that we discover for a bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle Foot.

I am here for my eggs! - speaks Hamish
Yes Hamish! I have eggs for you! I have hunnun. You are welcome here Hamish. I like to see you here. You are my Honored. - me
.. My juices! - Hamish claims ownership of the breakfast beverage I just made with the blender

Yesterday while walking home I noticed some incredibly bright red flowers in a flower pot arrangement. "Hamish! Come watch the red flowers! Quickly, before I walk past them!" I didn't realize Hamish would say, "They are showing power", and, "They are asking for a fight". Oh Hamish. I decided to get away from there quickly and not linger on.