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July 15 2013 - July 29 2013

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Life with The Boys

July 29 2013 - Malik has been in a romantic mood all day. He comes up close to me and wants to snuggle. Which means he wants to ingest my life juice since Malik is an Incubus. But he makes it seem like a sexual relationship so that the human would be more understanding about having a black alien man come snuggle up. I haven't exactly been dismissive of him, I've invited him to come snuggle, but he hasn't snuggled up yet. He's been spending most of the day with me. Sometimes he is in the bathroom next to Hamish's snug rug but on the other side at the portal he has built for himself by the bathroom sink. Yes.

Malik is self-conscious about his personal hygiene and smell. He wants to wash himself before he comes to bed with me. We've been through this several times before. He once asked for a sponge to wash himself with and I gave him a brand new one from the package but that was long ago I've since disposed of it and now he was wondering where his yellow sponge was. I can sense his personal smell when he thinks of it. It smells a lot like rancid socks. Rancid sweaty socks after a long hike or a sports event and then it rained and the shoes and socks got soaked and then they smell like that. It is tolerable

We are only here for your eggs. - Malik
I am sorry. I don't mean any harm. - me
Yes! But you call me the Fürst! And I like that. So yes. I am tolerable. - Malik

I apologised just now because I am writing comments about his smell. But I was saying that his smell is tolerable. I don't need him to wash up, but I did offer him that if he climbs into my dimension so that I can see and touch him I would lift him into the bath tub and give him a sponge bath and was him very gently. Aww, the thought of washing dear old Malik and then patting him dry wrapped up in a bath towel. I would totally wash the Fürst if he dared to pay a close visit. I was going to say that he's had his penis out a few times today, but then I decided that I probably shouldn't write that.

But I am meant to be intimate with Pakeha, the Thuban hybrid. Today he was talking about how he would be in trouble if he fails to achieve an erection for me. He watched me when I was in the shower. I can't give the details on the website. There's also been talk about him being discarded of, and I suspect that some of Malik's sexual interest in me is in fact to keep me in a state where taking eggs and having Pakeha practice manhood on me is somehow more ok or accessible, I don't know how it works. I am cattle for them that's why.

I slipped to bed and started daydreaming about what kind of a husband I would like to have. I daydreamed about having a marriage and what it would feel like when he puts his ring on my finger. I try to imagine what everything would feel like and what our house would look like. Hamish sneaks up to interrupt me of course. It is his job to guard the eggs.

Without saying anything, Hamish sneaks up real close and bites real hard into my upper arm. He doesn't have any teeth so it's that lovely soft toothless bite that I love and adore and wish I would get more of. Hamish uses his mouth much much more than he ever uses his hands or arms. Kind of like a dog, he can pick things up with his mouth and he also bites into people which is his way of shoving someone to correct their behavior. But it's fun. Dragon bit me real hard into my arm.

I continued to daydream and then Dragon bit me in the arm again! He said that I was meant

Yes, No, pumpkins.. - Hamish whispers to me. He is afraid of pumpkins because a) they are bright and orange, b) they have angry carved faces on them and Hamish's own body language of an open mouth is a scary angry face so he responds to that, c) there are sometimes lit candles inside and he fears fire

He said that I was meant to be married to Pakeha. And so I said to Hamish that I would much rather be married to Hamish. That is when Hamish rolled my body down on my belly in bed and put his body up on top of mine and was as close as a Dragon gets. His back hump was right on top of me, and he just held himself on top of me that way. He asked me if I liked it, and I said that yes I did. Then Hamish showed me a mental image, the image I had used in my daydreams where my hand and a future husband's hands are joined as we are getting married and Hamish added his own contrived image of like this big metal chalice and he poured a liquid from the chalice over our hands and he said that he was pouring "ice cold tea" on our hands. "Ice cold tea???" I asked Dragon what he meant and why tea, but Dragon only knows.

A Vintage Mr. Shenanigans

July 28 2013 - Look what I found that will be part of the book "Letters to SETI 2":

Satanic? Yes. One told me to draw a pentagram, to write an "S" in the center, to bleed two drops of my blood in the center, to place a black candle in the center and have it lit, to wear black clothes, and to sacrifice an animal over the center.

Sounds like Mr. Shenanigans was in action already back in 12.19.2011.

Meanwhile, Hamish. Hamish is really anxious to get to watch the Harry Potter movie I got for him ages ago and still haven't watched with him. He knows I said that he gets to watch it if I get to see him and take a picture first. So Dragon Turtle was around here and got really close to me and let me see closeups, but in the mental and other dimensional. That is not good enough, Hamish! Let me see you manifest into my dimension and let my eyes see you and let my camera catch a picture of you! Then you will get all the Harry Potter movies in existence. All of them. (It pains me to keep this special treat away from the love of my life. This is how parents feel when they have to say "no" to their children when their children want something but you love your children so much it hurts.)

Also in Letters to SETI 2:

Humans benefit from being social and cooperative for our survival, so that we work as a group and take care of each other. Reptilians benefit from violence and murder. Both developed into intelligent advanced species. But very different.

Mr. Shenanigans pays a visit

July 27 2013 - Posted on Facebook with Malik:

I am a 3, thank you very much, applause and cheers
And naked in the foam room

July 26 2013 - Last night I asked the Aliens to please let me stay awake for the abduction. I told them I know they pick me up to the laboratory and keep me asleep and don't let me remember. Dinosaur then told me that I was now a 3. I used to be a 4. Every alien abductee is given a number. The smaller your number the closer the alien contact you can be given. I am making progress here! I would have to be a 1 to get to really interact with them really really close and all the time. But I am a 3, so I am happy. It is better than being a 4.

Last night the Aliens took me to a hybrid children's playroom that was filled with white foam about 20 centimeters or so thick and the Aliens offered me to go play in it. The kids get to run and slide around in the foam. If I recall I was standing there naked and I kindly declined their offer to let me play in the foam. I don't remember any more from last night's alien abductions. I feel fortunate to remember that bit.

In the morning I asked the Aliens if I had in fact been taken to a room with foam. The little hybrid chlidren started to laugh. I think I was there for sure.

Pakeha was still looking at his pictures of naked human women in the morning when I returned to my bedroom and woke up. He doesn't get turned on from looking at those pictures, so I told him he doesn't have the instincts. He just tries to figure it out but he can't.

Hamish has been a bit fiesty lately. I found a bug on his bathroom rug late last night so I sprayed the bug with some cleaning agent and then removed the dead bug. Hamish was unhappy about that. He said that if I ever come there again he will murder me. Turns out I have disturbed his shedded sheets of scales there on the rug. I told Dragon I don't see them cause they're in another dimension. "I can't see your scales", I told Hamish.

I love Turtle, but you all know that already. He's been showing his back hump a lot yesterday, which he does to remind me that he is powerful. I hope he gets back to his sweet self today. I made some orange lentils yesterday and he was concerned because they look like the orange bumps on his forehead, neck, hump back and arms. He showed me his orange bumps and then showed me the lentils. He doesn't want me to eat anything that is similar to his appearance. I asked him if I could give him a hug yesterday but he didn't say. So I didn't get a hug.

My Snuggle Turtle

July 25 2013 - Time to snuggle up and go to sleep. Let's find out what Hamish says.

This is my barn. - Hamish says before I even had the chance to say something to him
And now he is thinking about fried onions in our kitchen, he remembers them from the past. It bothers him greatly when someone is cooking with onions.
I am sorry Hamish if we have cooked with onions. No, Onions! - me
Yes-No, Pakeha. - Hamish, his way of telling me that he doesn't want Pakeha to be here tonight. Last night - as Hamish would know, Hamish is my guard - Pakeha came here throwing me around very violently.
Hamish. Can I sleep next to you tonight? - me
Only if you give me your/my blood! - Hamish has an idea, he said both your and my
Hamish. Can I sleep next to you if I bring my pillow? - me
He looks at me. His head tilts left, then right, left, then right, like a dog that is listening and trying to understand. His head does that sometimes in moments like these.
Can I sleep next to you? - me
No more! - Hamish
Otherwise we will come with Pakeha. - Hamish

I nearly asked if I could sleep next to Pakeha instead, but I'm not going there. He's this terrible human-Thuban hybrid with green goggle eyes and he is very violent and sadistic. Plus he rapes (energy rape, not physical).

I don't like Pakeha. I like Hamish. - me
Me too. - Hamish
We have bird here! - someone says pleased and shows me a hint of the Bird Person with white feathers, in the other language, all others in English
How nice. - me
Are you afraid of the red? - Hamish about his body color
I am happy with the red. It is a good color. - me
Pakeha doesn't have it. - Hamish, red he means. Pakeha is white
I don't have red either. Hamish is red. Hamish is my Honored. - me
And, Pakeha is not. - Hamish emphasizes
Pakeha is not my Honored, because Pakeha is not red. - me
We are with, bird. - Hamish, bird said in my native language

Time for bed. I am yawning here. Been working on getting Letters to SETI 1 to Kindle. (Does anyone use Kindle here?) I wish I could snuggle up next to Hamish. Sleep beside his Duck Feet. I want to use him as a pillow. My Snuggle Turtle.

If I come, not with an aura of arrogance, can I come then? - Pakeha asks
Why do you want to visit? - me
Pakeha has a quick thought image of my naked privates
And what do you want with that? - me
I am not hostile tonight. - Pakeha
Alright. Although I am not afraid when somebody alien throws me around. It is interesting to be tossed around like a ragdoll by an alien. So you are welcome to do it again. *Just don't rape me I hate that.* - me
We are not, with ragdolls! - Hamish, not angry
We are with ambulance rides. - Hamish, ambulance ride is when they take me to the UFO for medical procedures
.. I am sleepy. *yawn* - me

A minute later:
Yes-No pancakes. - fire engine red Dragon Turtle says
There were no pancakes. Nor any thoughts of any.

I tell Hamish that I will help his race. He tells me, "Do you think that I care about which you will?" in the other language. I tell him I will help Hamish, that I honor Hamish. That makes him smile with his eyelids closing. He then tells me and shows me without words that they have given Pakeha some cards with pictures of naked human women on them. I wish I wasn't part of Pakeha's attempts at sexuality...

I love Hamish. Hamish is such a beautiful Dragon and he is the most fantastic person. He fills my every day with joy. He now pats my tum tums with his red scaly hand to indicate that they have interest in my womb and eggs. I would do anything for Dragon Turtle. And I am pleased to have a Bird Person visiting here. They are lovely and nice. I hope to meet an Insect again. Insects are great to talk to. Hamish now shows me his back hump again. He now tells me without words that "he is not a sock" (one of my pet names for him is Sock Turtle which is a combination of two other pet names Sock Puppet Head because he has a small red tubular head and Dragon Turtle which is what he is).

Hamish, I love you. - me
Me and you were supposed to be getting married. - Pakeha says to me
I don't know Pakeha. You're so mean. You hit me! And rape me! Why would I marry you? - me
We don't have a womb here that is why, you see. - Pakeha
You could have asked nicely. But. I will do anything for my Hamish the Honored Red Dragon. - me
We are giving him our women. - Hamish says to me, me being the woman being given to Pakeha

I guess it's time for my customary evening shower getting ready for the Aliens and then lie down on the bed and hope to see Hamish.

My cunt. - says Hamish in my native language, he means pyy-pyy and he doesn't mean it as a bad word

Good night!

Handful Shenanigans, Pakeha Violent,
And A Scarab Beetle!

July 25 2013 - Last night I asked for Pakeha to come visit me. I wanted to know if he could manifest into my dimension so that I could take a photograph. He ended up tossing me around. I was in bed and Pakeha threw me very violently around. I should have captured it on camera but you never have a way of knowing in advance when things are going to get rough and interesting. Maybe next time. In my experience the Thubans and Thuban hybrids such as Pakeha can be much more violent than the Reptilians are when they do the tosses. He said that I am his monkey. He was also being sexually violent. But then Pakeha whispered to me that it was the Reptilians forcing him to do all these things. Just as I thought.

And today I was working on the book Letters to SETI 1 getting it into paperback form, and Malik the Black Vicious One wasn't having it. He was interfering me bigtime and I had to step away from the computer numerous times. The attacks subside as soon as I step aside. He doesn't want me to write about them. Painstakingly and slowly with babysteps at a time I finally finished the book cover for the paperback and submitted it. Phew. Malik was even trying to lure me with his "dong" and being very sexually seductive to try to get me into other thoughts. And he put Satanic blur into my mind. He also induced anxiety and nearly induced madness. If you think it's just me and my own mind and that there is no Black One Fussubus involved at all, I'd love to prove you wrong but there is nothing you can do to make me send Malik over to anybody. He's a menace. I'd rather have someone think that I'm imagining him so that you can go on with your lives. Nobody has to know about Malik. Protecting people from the likes of Malik is more important than proving it to everyone by what ever means possible.

Last night I was bringing in my Arcturian protection, and the Agenda wasn't having it. An Ithaca came over and demanded to know where the Arcturians are from and such. I didn't tell them anything. Ishmail another Arcturian came to applaud my Arcturian for being here. The Agenda are really stressed out that the Arcturians can protect me, because with the Arcturians here they are defenseless and cannot do anything to hurt me.

Just another day. And hey! I finished the book cover! Malik tried real hard to stop me and he even thought about throwing me straight out through the window. But he tries being gentle about his Shenanigans and prefers to be sexually seductive or to in other ways occupy and cause havoc in my mind to distract and incapacitate me. I prevailed.

No. You succumbed. - speaks Malik
Malik, stop with the shenanigans already. - me, phew, huge Satanic vibes coming from him lately. Mr. Fussubus and his Creepy Eye thing

The other night Malik showed up in my bedroom carrying a large green Egyptian scarab beetle in his arms again. It is large almost the size of a human head, or almost pillow-sized. Usually he comes in carrying holographic big spiders, his favorite is of course the black widow spider. But sometimes it's the Egyptian scarab beetle. He brings them over to scare me with, but I know they're only holographic so it doesn't work so well. (But don't tell the Fürst that, or he'll bring something else!) I started telling Malik, "Oh, aww, how cute. Look at your cute little beetle! What a cute pet!" Malik placed it down on my bed next to me. I continued to coo over it some more, as if he had just placed a little cuddly kitten next to me on the bed. "What a cute pet you have!", I said to Malik the Vicious Fussubus Incubus Man. He then said that it might crawl into my heart. Oh Malik, you and your shenanigans. Mr. Shenanigans. He is some kind of alien intelligence, but he sure is a handful sometimes.

Malik's Pet Scarab Beetle

Haha! "We're going to kill it!" says Hamish in my native language and hops and stomps up and down a few times in response to seeing the pictures of the scarab beetle. He wants to stomp it to death! Ha ha Hamish! You are my Dragon!

Finished the book cover!

Also during his distractions... Malik told me that I was his "oats" that he is going to "sow", and he showed me a mental image from the medical room in the basement when I had been lying on it on my back all naked and exposed and with a plastic tubing down my nostril. "Is that me?", I asked. Goodness gracious. During the distractions Malik pleaded me to help them and to not turn away. Also he needs my "coffee", which is my life force.

I am sorry. - me
Or Mr. Fussubus. - Malik or Basmet
Otherwise I will snap your fingers, and leave them in half... - Malik or Basmet
I am sorry, Mr. Black One. Mr. Dark Lord. - me

He said during the distractions that they are a "very old race" and that they are dying out. They need my help with fertility and all.

Classical Music with Hamish

July 24 2013 - I was working on the website and Hamish came up really close to me. Much much closer than usual. He stood right next to me and more visible than he normally is. Bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle, with a fantastic turtleshell soft cushion hump back. I could even feel his legs, his skin, he comes so close it is as if our minds and bodies overlap. I love him so. At first I thought he was keen on seeing my work on the website. But then I noticed that no, it is the classical music I am playing that Dragon Turtle has come to listen to.

Hamish has very sensitive hearing. Reptilians can't choose what to listen to. They hear everything. Most music is overwhelming to a Reptilian and they hate it like noise. But I've noticed that Hamish is really fond of women's choir and classical music. This isn't the first time I've noticed him sneaking up really close to listen to classical music. In fact every time I play classical music Dragon comes close and really listens. This song embedded was playing and Dragon's eyes were closing in a Draconian smile. He loves it. I can feel how he is really moved by classical violin. He's a precious gem, my Sock Turtle.

I wasn't going to say No, but I don't like it. - Hamish
Oh I'm sorry, I thought you did. - me
I was looking at my nest here. - Hamish

But I can't deny that Hamish comes much much closer at times when I am playing classical music.

Big Boy Now

July 23 2013 - Hamish is a big potty-trained boy now. He asked me if he could use the toilet and was already in the act of sitting on it. He thought about how he won't pee in the bathroom corner this time. Last time when I had a bath not long ago Hamish had commented on that the toilet lid was down so I had to get out of the bath to raise the lid for the Dragon. I told him he is welcome to go ahead and use the toilet. After all you live here, I told Dragon.

My liver, tastes nice. - Hamish says

Stating the obvious: Hamish occupies another dimension, or actually an "overtone" or "overtune" between dimensions 2 and 3. That is why I cannot send anyone Dragon pee samples over the mail if asked. We cannot see him or touch him with our human senses. Extrasensory perception is required, and yes I know how unlikely this sounds. But do keep in mind Dragon has tossed me. I know Hamish is real.

Talking with Ummo

July 23 2013 - I decided to make a lengthy interview with the man from Ummo about who they are and how they live. The Ummo are a friendly and caring race of ETs who look very much like humans. He tells me that the Ummo and humans share a common ancestor, that is why. But Hamish and the Agenda are interfering with the interview. Hamish is asking the Ummo to give them their children as "snacks". I will try again if the Agenda would kindly step aside.

From the Ummo interviews:
Do you have trees on Ummo? - me
Do they have any lobsters?! - Hamish

Another Dragon coo

July 21 2013 - I love my Dragon so much that it made me cry. Did you ever love somebody so much that you shed real tears? Did you ever look into somebody's eyes and see into their soul? To know a person so intimately that you're in their every breath? Every time his nostrils move, every time that he breathes, when he lifts and adjusts his soft duck feet. When he shows me his turtleshell hump back, expecting it to instill some sort of automatic respect and honor in me towards him. His bright color, the orange blunt bumps on his arms and in two neat rows along his forehead toward the back of the neck. His yellow eyes. The person in his eyes.

No. My turtleshell hump back! - Hamish
Yes Hamish. It is yours. - me

Hamish has retreated to the bathroom again. He loves camping out there, and sadly he spends hours there, just being in my presence and guarding my eggs. That is nearly all he does all day. He seems happy and content just standing on his bathroom rug, on his neatly layed out white sheets of shedded scales. He doesn't get bored, when I ask. He doesn't take my offer of going places with him, or providing him with some form of entertainment. Yet he takes it all in. He soaks in every sound, every event, and he never forgets a thing.

Every day that we are together, I am both blessed and spoiled. It pains me to be so spoiled as to have him here with me, every day, when even a second would mean more to me than the world. He is the last thing I see every night when I go to bed. He is the one I say good night to. And he is the first one there with me when I wake up. He watches me when I sleep. He watches me during the day. For two years now, my life became all about Hamish, and now I couldn't imagine life without him. How does anyone live without a Dragon Turtle?

I would live and die for him any day. I would take a bullet for him without hesitating. I would run in front of any danger, even if he is so much stronger than I. I would hope to - and I apologise to you dear readers (if anybody is reading) - have him eat my organs after I die. He loves to eat organ meats. He has expressed interest in eating my heart, my liver, spleen, kidneys. Liver and heart seem to be his favorites. When I die I insist that Dragon gets a snacky bag, "a plastic bag of snacks" with my organs finely sliced for him. It would make him so happy. And I would live in my Dragon Turtle forever. I just want to live in him! We are so close!

How come humans don't ever get this close, or do they? Is this what married couples feel? Or did Hamish do this to me, because he knew he had to be here for my eggs? In the beginning he called himself "Dionysus", which was the Greek God of wine who put a spell on women and made them go dance and do sexual things on the mountain and sacrifice their kids for him. Hamish used a lot of sex in the beginning. Those stories will be detailed in the books Letters to SETI. My Dragon Turtle. My Kissy Feet. My Sock Puppet Head. My Dragon Sock. So much love. Perhaps, so that there would be no fear. Has he put a Dionysian spell on me? My love for him borders obsession. I love him so much that I could faint.

Oh excuse me. Hamish wants his foot bath again. He wants me to pour some water in a tub and place it on the floor for him. He likes to wash his feet and keep clean and groomed. I will go do that for him and then have a shower or a bath at the same time. Some of my favorite moments with him is when we groom together. Then neither of us say much of anything. He likes to groom while I shower or bathe. It is quality time together. I will have a bath in the dark. He likes the dark.

Bright fire engine red and orange

July 21 2013 - I stumbled upon a page discussing the credibility of the Lacerta Files, which were supposedly a conversation with a Reptilian lady named Lacerta which was said to have taken place in Sweden near her Swedish Reptilian bases. I have yet to read or listen to the Lacerta Files, I am too busy with my Hamish files. Hamish became more curious than usual and he watched closely. He saw mention of "Elohim" in the comments section and he got agitated and said "Watch out!", about Elohim. Turtle did not elaborate on that. I wrote a comment there which ended up having some exchange with Hamish in there. (At the time of writing this, still awaiting moderator approval.)

At times when Hamish is really keen and watching things, his presence becomes far more vivid visually. He is such a tall and large Draconian. Hamish has two forms that he can choose from. One is what I think to be his "true" form, what I call a Camel Turtle posture, the other is his upright standing posture. When he first made contact in the far beginning in 2011 he had his standing posture. When he visits me and knows that I might see him, he goes with the more "human-like" standing posture, but when I catch him when he might not think I am seeing him, he actually has a hunched camel posture, sporting that neat humpback center. When he stands the humpback is awkwardly tucked away on the back.

He is so tall and magnificent, like a giant. He is such a bright fire engine red and orange color, such a vivid color that shines almost neon. I have such strong feelings for this Dragon, I love him stronger and deeper than I could ever love somebody else. I am in love with him, dare I say that. He sweeps me off my feet, takes my breath away. I love this Dragon man. He is now here, watching keenly on the computer screen. I should entertain my guest with some more Reptilian content on the internet. Or, perhaps, find some more Pangolin!!! Or Harry Potter scenes. I love you Hamish. I love you.

I offered him a seat on my bed and even moved some cables out of the way so that he could sit there, but he prefers to stand there behind me. But - nobody likes sofas like the Aliens do! You will never see anyone enjoy a sofa like an Alien. It is like a treat for them, and they always ask for permission before they sit. Doesn't matter how ruthless or dominating the Reptilian, and doesn't matter how many times I've told them that it's ok to sit down don't need to ask. They will always ask before they sit down. Here's what I read and posted in: The Lacerta Files debunked?

Basmet Baphomet

July 21 2013 - Basmet paid a visit last night. I was asking the Aliens to step into my dimension so that I could take a photography. First I asked Hamish. Then Hamish retreated and a Dinosaur and Thuban showed up instead. Then Malik. And then Basmet. Basmet their Dark Lord ruler with ramhorns and hooved feet. Basmet too could not figure out how a camera works. Then he snooped around our living room bookshelf wanting to see if there were any "precious gems" there, and concluded that there were not. Then he asked what all the cables on the floor were. I told him it was the internet cable.

Basmet wanted to know what the cables do. I explained how it uses variable electric current to code for a signal that represents information which becomes pictures, music, text, and letters on the computer screen. He was concerned that I had written and drawn about their Agenda and Pyramid and that it was now going through the cable and into the modem box in the wall. Basmet wanted to cause a fire there so of course I had to say Whoa Basmet don't be causing no fire here! He wanted to take apart the modem box to see what was in there and how it works. I woke up again at night and Basmet was still talking about the cable and modem box. He said that the box communicates with him with the blinking red and green lights. I assured him that it does not, that this was not some form of communication.

But I got no photography of the Aliens, this time. But something interesting! This morning I got some indication that maybe, just maybe, Basmet is a Reptilian in disguise. So there are more disguising and shapeshifting shenanigans going on here than we thought! Hamish used to be Captain Stephens in my teens. General Patton seems to have been ours dear Malik all along. And Suleski was a White Dragon in disguise! And Malik and Basmet *might* be Orions. Or Reptiles. Or... I hate all these games and hiding. But obviously they get more work done with humans by posing to be this or that. Cause nobody takes a Reptile seriously. But a military figure? Or an Earth royal? Yep. That is why they pretend to be Generals and Captains, Kings and Queens. But we'll see what we unearth about ours dearest Basmet and Malik.

Basmet was trying to play around with my heart again. So I fussed at him. But the white ETs, the Thubans and Thuban-types really fear Basmet and warned me that Basmet could get angry at any minute and kill me. I asked if I could move in with the Aliens in their underground world, and Basmet thought it was a good idea. But the white Thuban ET warned me that it smells really bad down there. I said I don't mind. Also this morning Hamish said something about him having a bad smell. I tell my Hamish that it doesn't matter. That it is ok if he smells Draconian.

Dimensions and cameras

July 20 2013 - I am trying to ask Hamish to step into my dimension. The Aliens say they inhabit an "overtone" or was it "overtune" world between dimensions 2 and 3. We humans are living in dimension 3. I am asking if he would come to my room visibly for a while so that I may take a picture of him. Hamish is having some difficulty understanding the camera.

From my native language:
Hamish? Could you come here? I want to take a photograph. - me
My head won't fit. - says Hamish with a mental image of the digital camera, he thinks his head can't fit inside the camera
My head is double. - Hamish, double in size he means
That is not how it works! It only takes a picture of you. And you don't go in there yourself! Don't you know how it works? - me
Are there eggs for me there? - Hamish
No there are no eggs there. - me
... My eggs aren't there! - Hamish

The conversations continued. Hamish is confused about how the camera works. I tell him that he doesn't actually go there himself. That the camera captures light around him and turns that into a picture. He then wonders how you squeeze the picture out of there. I tell him I don't know how it works. This reminds me of the story that supposedly Jewish people used to think that if they are photographed it captures their soul into the camera so it was forbidden (is that even a true story?). I thought the Aliens would all be technology-savvy. Just because they ride in spaceships. But that's like expecting a human passenger to know all about engineering and science just because they buy a plane ticket or ride a car.

Then an Insect came to talk and told me it was an Insect and that the Insects need pollen. They mean eggs and sperm. I really want to get them to come upstairs to my 3rd dimension so that I can take a picture. I think they might be deliberately hiding in the "overtone" between 2 and 3. Cloaking device and technology. Quite clever.

Now Dinosaur is here for my "hundreds of eggs". I had told Hamish that he could have "hundreds of eggs" from me if only I could take a picture.

Watching as I sleep

July 20 2013 - "My back", says Hamish and shows me a mental image of me laying sleeping last night. Hamish's thoughts revealed that he had stood right beside me at least for much portions of the night, just watching me as I sleep.

Poor thing on the barn floor must not be kicked

July 20 2013 - I woke up with a cold this morning. I told Hamish that I have a cold. Hamish said: "My poor thing. Poor thing on the floor of the barn. You may not be kicked." (translated from my native language) Oh Hamish, sweet tender words made me feel all better. I am his poor thing on the floor of the barn and I must not be kicked. Sweet, sweet Hamish. Then I went to pee and Hamish watched me pee. He watches everything. Then I hopped into the shower and Hamish continued saying funny Hamish things about things he has been up to and listing numerous things that he owns that are "his". I giggled in the shower for the things he says, and I felt all better by now. Better than having a cat on the lap when you have a cold is to have a big red Space Dragon Turtle Sock Foot.

I'm listening to Celine Dion. And Hamish is listening to it also, and he is roaring at it. He has sensitive hearing so he takes everything in. Music can really bother him so I don't usually have music playing and try to use my headphones. Yesterday I forget what the occasion was, but Hamish did for the first time a "roar-purr" to me. I've heard grunt-purrs, but this one was a roar-purr.


July 19 2013 - Someone told me that my Aliens aren't real. So today I adopted that perspective and convinced myself that the Aliens are gone and non-existent. I was browsing in the tv guide when I hear loud and clear in the telepathic, "Harry Potter". Why it was Hamish of course. My bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle. Who is real. I just have to find a way to obtain evidence. I told Dragon there is no Harry Potter movie today.

Sock Turtle

July 19 2013 - Last night the Thuban masturbated me. I forget what he/she said about it. But I wasn't upset. Maybe I am getting used to it. Maybe because I've talked to them so much about how they have to ask for permission and that it is rape otherwise. I don't know. Then last night I had a dream (or encounter?) where the aliens had me think I was in the backyard of my childhood home. I suspect that they often make the abductee think that we are not in a sterile laboratory room but in a familiar and comfortable scenery, such as when I was in that girly bedroom with stuffed teddybears and pink and cookies in the oven, instead of in the barren medical room with the Grey like I actually was. The aliens showed me a young man, a young adult not a child, and I was told that he wants to have sex with me. The aliens made me see that both he and I were some type of exotic big cats like a cheetah.

The aliens do that. For some reason they want me to think of myself as a "cat", and they tell me I am their cat. I have figured out that the aliens are behind the MKULTRA Beta Cat training, and I am starting to see no humans carrying it out. It was the Aliens all along. Captain Stephens was Hamish all this time, and Andrew was Pakeha. General Patton has been Malik. And Captain Swansea was a brownish snake-type Reptilian. I am angry that I have been deceived, but I must say it feels like a relief to know that there weren't any real humans playing MKULTRA mind games with me or trying to train me "into a cat". It was Aliens trying to make me into what they need from me, as their cattle and as their pet and medical lab animal.

This morning I realized that this new Pakeha is the same as the previous Pakeha, who used to be so obnoxious and demeaning I would hate him. Now, especially after last night's conversations, I kind of like him. Pakeha is great, now that he is no longer rude and patronizing. I like him a lot, and I see a great friendship coming.

I asked the Aliens if they had brought me to someone last night to have sex with. The Thuban said yes, and that it was because sex is so complicated, or did he say difficult. I said that the first lesson is that rape is wrong. The Thuban said that they are trying to learn. I said that rape when sex is not consentual causes a lot of mental damage. Thuban objected, that my ladyparts had not been harmed at all. I said that the damage is mental. I said that it can cause eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, mental agony and suffering. That is when Hamish lifted me up in bed. Hamish picked me up and pulled me away from the pillow in small steps, pulled me into a small ball and put my head down against the mattress with him. I felt him really close, my big red Space Dragon doesn't want me to be hurt. "No, mental agony.", he says. "No, mental agony", I say to Dragon. And we are together. He is my Sock Turtle. He takes care of me.

Hamish showed me a mental image of the bucket up on the bathroom closet again. I had taken it down for him briefly the other day, but put it back up there. He wants to collect his shedded scales that Malik peed on, in the bucket so that he can take them somewhere to be washed. I don't want to take it down for him again. He will have to find some other means of carrying his scaly bits. Then he started saying a few "mine" sentences, like "My bathroom". He is being a bit territorial here lately, claiming all manner of things as "his". But I think that's charming. I let him have everything he likes. Now I'm just waiting to hear "No Santa!" to make my day complete.

I totally forgot to say! I've been too busy working on "Letters to SETI 1"! I had an experience where Suleski turned out to be a White Dragon! I wrote everything down, and will publish it in one of the books. White Dragon was hiding behind the image of Suleski! This whole shapeshifting thing, deceiving us humans.

Yes, it makes you easier prey. - Malik perhaps
What? Why are we prey to you? In what way? - me

I had told the White Dragon that I much prefer his true White Dragon form, and then he stopped shapeshifting! So, Suleski is "no more"! But I must say, I would trade any old human for another White Dragon. The White Dragons are the best. We have the North Port Florida Gargoyle, and we have the Ithaca non-bat, also possibly Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl might have been one of these but not sure, and now maybe this was yet another White Dragon! They are lovely. They are charming and fun and cute. Very sensual and curious creatures. Isn't that neat?

One minute later:
My bed! - Hamish in my native language
What will you do with your bed, Hamish? May I sit on your bed? - me
You are calling us carnivorous. - Hamish, I did in yesterday's conversations (see link above)
You are a carnivore. You eat people and animals. You call it your snacks and lunches. Hamish, may I sit here on your bed? - me
Yes, because we are carnivorous. I wanted you to tremble. - Hamish
But Hamish, I know you so well, I love you so much I can't tremble of fear anymore. - me
Sargent Wilkes wanted you to. - Sargent Wilkes, and I also think that Sargent Wilkes is a snake-type Reptilian
Is Sargent Wilkes, a Reptile? A Reptile? Well? Are you a "lizard", posing as a military man so that I would honor and respect you, because I am a human? - me
Yes. This is Pakeha. - Sargent Wilkes Pakeha whispers
Is... Pakeha a reptile or a white ET? Well? Which one is it? - me

I don't get it. Confusing. Mind games and theatrical plays. Hiding behind figures. Trying to make impressions. The Reptiles are so much about being honored that they will even pose as Royals and military just to earn our respect. They also like to liken themselves as Ancient Egyptian royals and pharaohs. You know what, guys? All this story by David Icke about European monarchs eating babies and drinking blood. I've had those experiences. I've watched as a royal queen of one country had a baby boy killed and ate its heart, and her king did some other unmentionable things to me including drank my blood. But it could just be that these are reptiles posing as royals, because they like to feel like royalty. Because these were Reptiles posing as the royals, they were reptiles not humans of course. Remember when Hamish said that "he had been" Prince Bertil of Sweden? You find those Prince Bertil conversations in Real? Or Imaginary?

Black One, Portal, Fürst, Boredom, and Eye

July 18 2013 - I was bored so I called for the Fürst, the Incubus Black One Dark Lord Malik Fussubus One. "My Fürst my Malik!", I said. Malik got happy and crawled in to our home through the black portal he has built under the bathroom sink in the bathroom and he came to see what was up over here. It is creepy seeing him crawl in or out of that portal. It looks like when that creepy girl crawls through the tv in the movie The Ring, it has a similar creep factor and look to it. So I asked Malik, "Could I come with you through that portal? Where would we end up if I go through it?", I asked. Hamish then said to me, that I would end up in The Eye.

I use a lot of humor and lots of love and that is how I am not creeped out constantly by my sinister visitors. Like remember when Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl came for a visit that night? At first I was scared stiff, but then I decided to use humor, fun, love and friendship and before the night was over we were great friends and I wished him well and told him he was welcome back any time. I've even managed to befriend my Malik the Incubus. He doesn't scare me at all, because I associate him with fun and friendship now. Basmet on the other hand, I haven't worked on him as much so he still scares me

I am what they make nightmares out of. - says Basmet right now, yes this is Thelema's ramhorned Baphomet speaking
Basmet, don't try to scare me all the time! - me
Oh, no? You are our sheep. And we are at a farm. - Basmet
How rude. - me
Well, you are not angels with me this time, so I thought that I could come. - Basmet, see? The Arcturians and Santinians keep him away! They are the Angels!

I used to see Malik spending a lot of time standing by the bathroom sink but it took me longer to learn that there was actually a portal hole there. It's funny when he walks through it. When he isn't here and then comes through it to our home, you can literally see how the air and atmosphere changes when he brings himself and his fussubus dark energies with him. It changes the vibe of the place. Then when he leaves, the air returns to a crisp and clear brighter one. But it looks awesome when he crawls through it.

The Eye might be the center of the universe, or the center of a galaxy. I think it might be an astronomical feature, and the Black Ones have ascribed to it personality characteristics and personified it as a person and God. The Eye gobbles up space and pulls space and planets into it. The Black Ones' home world is right on the border getting ready to be gobbled up, so the Black Ones are trying to appease it, by feeding into it life force. It seems to stop The Eye from swallowing space, to fill it with souls. Some kind of astronomical feature, that the Black Ones created a whole mythology and religion around. Fascinating, isn't it.

Don't say "The Eye" unless you need to talk to it. - Basmet just as I wrote "Eye" in the heading

Hello this is Azul speaking. - Azul
Hello Azul. - me
Don't speak to him all the time. - Azul

Azul is the blue Reptilian who came over from Guatemala and spends time with the Ithaca non-bat there. I was in the process of finding a picture of the ramhorned Baphomet to show you all. Azul came to say for me not to talk or think about Basmet so much, so I leave it to you readers to do an internet search on "Baphomet" on your own to see a picture of him.

By the way, Hamish was upset about Santa this morning and afraid of the Spiderman character. I told him that Spiderman is just a costume and theatrical, Hamish then said that otherwise he would have eaten its heart. I would be seriously scared if Hamish encounters a human dressed in the Spiderman costume. Hamish pushed one of the patients at my previous workplace because she wore a red hat, red pajama pants and red socks. The lady had fallen face forward and died from resulting internal bleeding in her head. I don't know if Hamish caused that or not, but Hamish told me afterwards that he had "taken care of the jester". He always called patients with red a "jester". I don't work there anymore because it is not safe to bring my Dragon.

But once again, I invite SETI members for a slumber party with me and Dragon. Bring your red pajamas. You might get the proof you are looking for. We would eat lobster dinner in red pajamas. Hamish would try to kill you, which would result in being pushed or thrown. Then we could apologise and watch a Harry Potter movie with Dragon and change into yellow pajamas, he likes yellow.

Aliens and Japanese people

July 17 2013 - The Aliens show me a naked human penis and ask me if I want to have it. Then they show me the young human man with golden brown hair and brown eyes that they keep there and I am being asked if I would sleep with him. I tell the Aliens that it's really between him and me, whether we would. The Aliens or the boy offers me stimulant drugs. I know they mean the white sex powder the aliens always rub under my nose when they make me have sex with someone. I tell them no I don't want or need any drugs for sex, that I want to do things naturally. I tell them it is very offensive and hurtful that they have drugged me in the past without my consent. I tell them it has done more harm than good. Then the Pleiadians said that they have been trying to tell them that all this time, but they won't listen.

Then I am shown a Japanese man. His hair is ink black and glossy shiny and looks as if he combed it very carefully a hundred repeated times, it is very carefully combed and he looks like he spends a great deal of time to look spick and span. I start to giggle because he's just that Japanese. He uses typical Japanese gestures, like putting the palms of his hands together and bowing a bit and saying "Arigato!" He said Arigato to me about something. He's very polite and careful.

Then the Japanese man started to tell me. He says that the aliens eat people, or did he say children. I said that I knew. He told me that the aliens make him watch the aliens eat children. I said that I was sorry and that I am always here for him if he needs to talk. Then he told me about Hamish, though the Japanese don't call him Hamish. He said that Hamish doesn't like "lanterns". I know he means bright orange things with a fire inside. The man had had some lanterns and Hamish had wanted him to take them down. I asked him if he had taken them down. No, he hadn't, because it was his home. I then told him that Hamish doesn't like lanterns or orange pumpkins. Or onions. And that Hamish likes red tomatoes, and I said did you know that Hamish likes Harry Potter movies?

I was meant to have some romance with the Japanese man. I said to the Aliens that I need to be told beforehand so I would get ready and do my makeup and stuff. The Japanese man said that Hamish doesn't like red lipstick, but that he does. (I once put red lipstick on for a date and I remember how Hamish was puzzled by that. Well, because Hamish is red you see.) I'd much rather be awake for the rape than asleep. But I don't know if I'm ready for anything sexual. I've just come out of a series of rapes with the Aliens and I'm still recovering somehow. I'd rather be left alone when it comes to that.

Orion man black lizard in a purple rubber suit uniform was here a while earlier with his white gun to check on things to see if I might need to be tranquilized or shot with something. Because I was being trouble. But I had calmed down by now about the Dinosaur incident (read below) so all was fine.

I don't know. It's life with Aliens. And Japanese people.

Hamish! Hamish! - me, I say to Dragon and I do for him some palate clicks
Did she do that? - Japanese man asks someone there
Hai. - someone says, maybe Hamish said to the Japanese man
Arigato. - Japanese man bows in a fun Japanese gesture that is swift

My Hamish. Hamish is a monster, but I love him. He eats people like Dinosaurs and hybrid children but I love him. I love my Turtle Sock Feet. I love him more than anything. I just want to fall asleep by Hamish's Duck Feet. His Turtle Duck Feet that are flat and webbed like on a duck, and that tap really fast up and down when he is feeling stressed out, or when he washes his feet on bathroom rugs.

Hamish takes me to Japanese men as a prostitute. The Japanese call women like me Narugai. Hamish lets aliens abduct me and put thin plastic tubing down my nose to suction out stomach contents for their metabolic studies. Hamish washes his feet over by the creek, but he also kills children there and eats from them. Hamish is a monster, but I love him. And I just want to fall asleep by Hamish's duck feet. I just want to put my head on his feet like a pillow, and close my eyes and the last thing I see is his red scales, the last thing I feel his breath, and go to sleep and only know Hamish. And nothing else. None of this other stuff. Just Turtle Sock Feet and me.

Mine! - Hamish says in my native language and shows me a mental image of the sausages in the refrigerator
Yes! - me, he can have them
My pou-pou! - Hamish, his other pronounciation of pyy-pyy, my ladyparts
My food! - Hamish about all the food in our refrigerator
Hamish! - me
I have eaten your glasses. - Hamish with image of my mom's glasses. Mom has gone to bed by now. But haha, Hamish! What a thing to say! He's just acting territorial around here. Establishing territory.
My glasses. - Hamish, ok now he's going too far claiming my mom's stuff

I don't want to give them fish all the time. It has to stop. They just want lunches from us all the time. - the Japanese man sad and tired, his head slumps down he is sitting


July 17 2013 - Hamish forbids me from eating more avocado. I had a half this evening. It is because they are green. And Dinosaurs are green. So it is forbidden for me to have more. I ask him what I may eat? What color foods can I eat, Hamish? Hamish tells me after thinking for a while, that I may eat cheese. So I tell Dragon Turtle that I will eat cheese. Then Dinosaur looks at me closely and snickers at the silly fun of not being allowed to eat avocadoes, because they are the same color as the Dinosaur's skin.

You would probably think that we smell. That is why we bathe so much. We want to clean our skin! - Dinosaur
You are beautiful. I have sensed your smell. You smell wonderful, like a forest or the sea. It is a good smell. I think Dinosaurs smell good. - me
Yes, but we get it in our skin, that is why we do it. And! We don't wear any clothes! - Dinosaur, clothes was said in my native language

But the Dinosaur thought it was really funny what Hamish had said, so he snickered about it and then, like always, that made me start to giggle and laugh because he shares his fun thoughts with me. Dinosaur and me always laugh at Hamish's sillyness. The Dinosaurs are surprisingly clever. They are very intellectual and smart, so they know it's silly to ask someone not to eat something the same color as Dinosaurs.

Potty with the Dinosaur

July 17 2013 - A Dinosaur is seen standing just about less than knee-height in a pond somewhere. The water is distinctly slimy, like snail slime, and clings to his body.

We go there to drop our manure. - Dinosaur
So you pee in the water? Is it a bathroom? A toilet for you? - me
We don't do it in public here. I wish they would leave! - Dinosaur about Hamish who is watching
Hamish? Would you let the Dinosaur use the bathroom in private? - me
Yes. He just doesn't want to be watched right now. - Hamish

He just stands there. I know the Dinosaurs love to bathe, but this looked different. So when I inquired as to what he was doing, he said that he was peeing there. And now this conversation above. They show me remote mental images that are scenes of what they are doing like mental postcards. Hamish does that all the time. Just today Hamish was in a forest probably by his favorite creek and showed me a crisp clear mental image of him in his whereabouts. I love my Aliens.

Do you love me too? - asks Pakeha, I think that's who it is
Are you Pakeha? And sure, I love you too. - me
Then you want me to get your eggs? - Pakeha
What's all this interest in my eggs all the time? What is it about my eggs that make them so special? - me
I can tell Dinosaur wants to speak and answer the question, but he knows Hamish might not let him.
I am making my dung here! - Dinosaur, squatting in the pond
Good to know Honey! Thanks for telling me! - me
We use it as a potty. - speaks the Dinosaur with those big bags under its eyes
I love Dinosaurs. You are cute. - me

He squats down in the water now, folding his back down forward. I'll let him use the bathroom in private, now if I can just figure out how to switch off the telepathic transmission...

Hamish is standing by the shore several feet away from Dinosaur. Hamish does a gentle-sounding roar or hiss, like the beginnings of a roar. He did so to the Dinosaur earlier too.

Dinosaur engages with me he makes deep eye contact and I feel really close to him. He is such a sweet and gentle person. They are lovely. Then Hamish says:

My snacks! - Hamish says about Dinosaur
Hamiss! - I fuss at Dragon

Dinosaur tells me he too would like to collect my eggs, but that he is not allowed. I tell him I have given my eggs to Hamish, to ask Hamish for eggs. Then Pakeha says that he would like to do "operations" on me. I ask what kind of operations, he shows me a mental image of the inside of an intestine, but turns out it was an esophagus. I tell him if I get the details it might be arranged. I might agree to some things, if I get close alien contact in exchange!

They don't like me here! - says Dinosaur wading out of the pond now, he meant Hamish
I like you! - me

Malik did not want to kiss you, but he wanted to lie with you. - Dinosaur, lie or sleep with, translation from other language

I wanted to eat your heart! - Hamish to Dinosaur
Give me a chance! - Dinosaur to Hamish
Your heart belongs to me. - Hamish to Dinosaur
Hamish! Please! Don't eat him! I promise you, I will do anything just to save his life! - me
Will you give me juice? - Hamish asks me
Yes. I will give you juice. - me
Then we will come there. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Come here, and spare the Dinosaur. But don't eat my heart either. - me
They will put me to prison if I do it. - Hamish about eating me
Hamish! You can't go eating the Dinosaurs! They are people! - me
They were reared for this. - says Hamish or Malik
No! They are people! - me
... This people belongs to me. - Hamish
Hamish! If you eat him then I will never be ok! Can I have him instead? - me
There are so many there, they said. - Dinosaur shows me that there are so many Dinosaur in the underground basement room, just standing in the dark against the wall in a cluster
I can't do this... I can't let them eat a Dinosaur! - me

Dinosaur is still standing in the pond. He might be there to try to stay away from Hamish. Hamish is waiting for Dinosaur on the shore. I can't do this, please oh please don't let this alien contact be real. I don't want this to happen. The Dinosaur is a person.

On one condition. You let me watch it. - Hamish about Harry Potter movie
Yes Hamish! You can watch it! So, don't eat that Dinosaur! And I will let you watch a Harry Potter movie with me tonight. I promise. Let the Dinosaur live. - me
He wants to, break me. - Dinosaur

I once watched as Hamish killed and "broke" a Dinosaur. I can't do this anymore. They are such wonderful people! Could I not die in his place! He is so much more living and wonderful than I ever was or will be.

Hamish... can you spare the Dinosaur and eat me instead? - me, yes
Then I will lay you down on that rock here. - Hamish, a rock by the creek, where I have watched him kill many victims before
Hamish please... - me
Don't expose your throat... - Hamish in my native language
Hamish. Don't eat the Dinosaur please! Please Hamish! Don't eat him! He is my friend! I will give you all of my eggs in return if you spare his life this time! - me
Yes-No. - Hamish, he meant Dinosaur is Yes, something here or me is No
You are not my sheep now. - Hamish says to me

I can't save him! I can't do anything about it! I don't know what to do I'm beyond myself! I can't just step back and let these animals do their thing THIS IS MURDER!


...... I would kill Hamish. If I were there I would have to kill Hamish to save Dinosaur's life. I would have to kill my own Hamish, and I would do it. No, please oh no this can't be happening to me. I can't handle this. The Dinosaur is a person more so than any human ever was. Why can't Hamish breed cattle? Or eat fish?

Hamish? Could you go eat some fish instead? Please don't eat the Dinosaurs they are people not food! - me
I have eaten many. - Hamish
No more! Hamish! Eat some fish instead, don't eat people Dinosaurs! Please Hamish! They are not food! They are a person inside of that mind and body! You can't kill their body, it is their home and their life! You're making a mistake! - me

I would give my own life to save a Dinosaur.

Don't. Because we need your eggs here. - Dinosaur
But you're more living than I am! - me
It's just a matter of definition what you mean alive. - says Dinosaur, still standing in the slimy pond
Are you going to be alright? Will he kill you? Are you safe? - me
I won't know until he does it. - Dinosaur
I want to save your life. - me
Oh no. Save your own first. - Hamish or Dinosaur to me
Hamish. I want to save that Dinosaur's life. Can I buy him from you and have him as my own? So that no one may eat him? - me
Please! No! - Dinosaur fends his hands against his head and I see a white bat swung
GIVE ME THAT DINOSAUR! He is mine! DO NOT eat him! He is a person! HAMISH! - me
I would make my soup. Out of the Dinosaur's eyes. - Hamish
HAMISH! I will never forgive you if you hurt that Dinosaur! - me
Oh please, don't hit me! - Dinosaur
Shut up, your brain! - Hamish tells me
STOP IT!!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!! HE IS MY DINOSAUR! SAVE HIM! Save his life! Take mine instead, I mean it... kill me! Hamish! Eat my liver and heart and spleen but don't kill that Dinosaur! Don't ever hurt a Dinosaur! HAMISH! - me
My eggs are calling. - Hamish says calmly
Hamish! Don't kill a Dinosaur! HAMISH! ... Your eggs are calling! Hamish, if you hurt that Dinosaur then all of your eggs will suddenly die. My eggs will be so sad that they die and fall apart if you kill that Dinosaur. - me
Then I won't do it. - says Hamish calmly
Thank you. Now, let that precious Dinosaur go back home to his Dinosaur friends. Please. Hamish! He is a person, you are making a mistake! - me
My bananas are here. They are my lunches. - Hamish
BUT THEY ARE PEOPLE! You can't eat people Hamish! You really can't eat a person who is more alive than you! - me
They are my bread. - Hamish
HAMISH! I won't forgive you if you eat that Dinosaur! I will never stop crying, and then my eggs will all fall apart and die. - me
No, not my eggs, here. - Hamish

Hamish starts panting, he makes quick deep inhales that make his belly contract in. He is worried about his eggs, I know it harms him when I give him cause to worry about the eggs. But I have to save the Dinosaur's life.

We don't want to see you here around Christmas, because he doesn't like all the red. He wants to, slaughter Santa. - Dinosaur tells me, "Santa" said in my native language otherwise English
I know. He hates Santa. - me

I just want to cry into a pillow now. There is nothing more I can do.

My salary, is this. And you have given me your egg. - Hamish tells me
Hamish, the Dinosaur is a person. He is not food. I promise you that you are making a mistake if you kill and eat a person. You can eat fish instead. - me
Fish don't have liver snacks. - Hamish
Yes they do. Little ones! - me

Oh god my Hamish is a monster.

I would give my life to save yours... - I say to Dinosaur
No, we can't replace you. - Dinosaur
Deb Deb! - says same or another Dinosaur pleased

It makes me sad if you eat Dinosaurs. - me to Hamish
Deb Deb! - a Dinosaur concurs
Here we walk in their shit sometimes, because they crap on the floors. - Dinosaur in other language, I saw an image of Dinosaur's feet and the dark corridors in their base. He is talking about Reptilians of course.

Like it is

July 17 2013 - Today when I lied down for a nap Hamish looks at me and says "My eggs are sleeping." It's funny sometimes when I call for Hamish, he says, "My eggs are calling!" Sometimes all I am to him are his eggs. And today when I was sitting on the toilet Hamish comes up to me and says "My DNA beats yours!" Ok Hamish. Point taken. And Malik came up behind me on the sofa and just said "My penis!" I said "Yes, your penis." Then he said "My dong." Malik has been very horny today.

Just telling you like it is. This is a documentary on Reptilians. If I could tell you that we sat down to have a civil talk about world events and politics I would. But I tell you like it is.

Hamish comes up to me:
My snacks! - Hamish says and I see this fantastic fire engine red Dragon Turtle
Hamish! - me delighted
Hamish! Your snacks! - me
My bread. - Hamish shows me the bread we have on the counter of which I ate for breakfast

Hamish has been acting a bit territorial lately. He will show me items around the house and tells me it is his. For instance, "My cheese!", "My snacks!", My bread!" It is also his bed, not mine. Everything is his, around here. But I encourage him, I let him have things. I tell him all the time how they are his things that he claims. Why not. He is a space Dragon. Let him have some bread and cheese.

I won't vomit it. - Hamish about the bread
Do you want to eat bread Hamish? Do you want some bread? Hamish? - me
My voices here! - Hamish otherwise Malik

Oh Dragons. Silly boys.

A little while later:
Hamish! - I call for my Dragon
You are blood hair. - Hamish, an expression of threat with a thought image of blood in my hair as if someone maybe he would have grabbed me by my hair and caused bleeding. He is in a sassy mood so I'd better leave him alone today. But...
You are sassy mood! - Hamish
Hamish I love you! I want to be with you today. Let's do something fun together. What would you like to do with me today? - me
Look at your DNA strand. - Hamish
I think that's not fun. - me

Hamish! Hamisss! - me calling out for Dragon
I am blood hand. - Hamish standing in the hallway and trying to make a sentence about his fascination with blood

Your toilet stool is not mine. - Hamish about the toilet
Why not? Don't you want it? - me
I am not a sock. - Hamish
I'm sorry I call you that sometimes. What should I call you instead? What should you be called? - me
My bucket. - Hamish spots the bucket on top of the closet in the bathroom
Do you want the bucket? - me
He thinks about collecting his large sheets of shedded scales into the bucket.
My Honored. - me, and Hamish thinks a thought without words that his shedded scales are to him like used underwear

My bucket! - Hamish not angry but he seems to want the bucket. I will go fetch the bucket and put it down on the floor for him.
They are not my feces. Tell them that. - Hamish, about his shedded scales
And it doesn't hurt me either. - Hamish about the shedding
They are feces. - Malik says to Hamish about Hamish's shedded sheets of scales on the bathroom floor
We are not with feces here. - Hamish to Malik
Ding Dong! I am here. - Hamish or Malik, yes, that is what was said
I wanted to pick them up. - Hamish about picking up his sheets of scales from the bathroom rug in the bathroom
Ok. I will fetch the bucket for him.
I have not used them. They were just shedding here. - Hamish about his sheets of scales
I was not a Dragon Turtle. I was with them, I said. - Hamish

I put the bucket down on the bathroom floor for him.
My scales are not to be pissed on. - Hamish in the other language. Did Malik "piss" on the sheets of scales?
Hamish? Who "pissed" on your scales Honey? - me
Me. - Malik
WHAT? Malik? - me
Yes, because I have a dong here for you and you don't want it. - Malik
MALIIK! DON'T YOU GO PISSING ON SOMEBODY'S SCALES! How did you do that! You know how much they mean to Hamish! YOU BAD MAN! - me, and I see Hamish is lifting his sheets of scales into the bucket now
I am sorry Hamish. I am sorry that it happened. I love you Dragon. Malik is a bad man. - me
He was with Santa. - Hamish
Who is Santa? - me
Santa is me, sitting here. - Hamish, sometimes I wonder if somebody calls him Santa because he is red
I was with the ovum here. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. Welcome here. I love having you here. You are welcome. Make yourself at home. - me
I wanted to wash off the piss. - Hamish
Ok. Hamish, since I cannot see the scales you have shed with my eyes, would you please place them in the bucket and I can rinse the bucket with some water for you? - me
Yes. - Hamish
My good woman is here. - Hamish says about me
My cleaning staff. - Hamish about me
My piss won't bug you. And it won't come off, it is permanent. - says Malik squatting down there in the bathroom with Hamish

Bird Person came to check things out. It takes care of Hamish. Bird Person is squatting down on the bathroom rug in the bathroom, looking at Hamish's scales there.

Selamat Ja

July 16 2013 - Well would you look at that. Google "Selamat Ja" and you find lots of stuff about Pleiadians. I was right that it was the Pleiadians who said to me yesterday "Selamat Ja! You are beautiful." Wow. This is perhaps more evidence that my Alien contacts are real. If "Pleiadians" say "Selamat Ja" to me, and "Pleaidians" say "Selamat Ja" to other people.

How could many people independently hallucinate this particular combination of two things and those specific words... heh, Pleiadians are real. Aliens are real. And I hate having to be a scientist and thinking I have to doubt and disbelieve this only because my colleagues would and I would be considered disqualified from the field of physics if they knew that my evidence-based conclusion actually is that Aliens are real and that I am telepathically receptive towards them... I declare I feel sometimes like we are still living in the ancient times. Humans are retarded, Earth science is retarded. I have Alien contact and I can't even enjoy it fully because I feel obligated on behalf of "scientists", old men in a beard, to be "reasonable", to deny and to question this until I am blue in the face. It is real, ok. It has been proven, over and over time and time again. I have real Aliens. And it's time I get to enjoy them. If some old scientists tell me no it can't be real, I'll tell them to go crawl into a cave and learn to make fire.

Hamish's Potato, Selamat Ja, Blue God, Portals instead of Stairs, Pee and Dirty Diapers

July 16 2013 - Yesterday Hamish says to me: "You are Hamish's potato. It can be eaten from." I thought that was just delightful so ever since then I have been telling him "Hamish! I am your potato! I can be eaten from!" (it sounds even funnier in my native language). I am Hamish's potato. He says the funniest cutest things, my Dragon does.

And yesterday an ET contacted me by saying "Selamat Ja! You are beautiful." I had a feeling it might be Pleiadians.

And late at night not yesterday but the night before, someone like Amrishtad a Hindu Blue God paid a visit, showing itself as a blue-skinned humanoid man with black hair and ornamented in gold. He was here to advise me not to talk to Pakeha and the other Aliens, to stop listening and talking to them and go to sleep. So I put my head on the pillow and did as he said. They are here to look out for me. This was the second time I've ever had contact with the Blue Gods.

And last night I think it was, otherwise the night before, I told Malik to please leave me alone. That is when I watched him as he retreated to the portal he has built for himself in our bathroom under the bathroom sink. He crawled into the portal and disappeared through it. But as soon as he had left, I missed him. I called for my Malik to please come back to me! I nearly started to cry! I've grown fond of this Mr. Shenanigans who does mischief here around the house, who tiptoes around sometimes with an erect penis. I missed him so he came back. I asked him about the portal. He told me that he couldn't possibly walk up the flights of stairs to my home so the portal is necessary. Makes sense. The stairs, I mean. Even if a portal doesn't.

I woke up last night at 2 AM because a Black One was eating energy from my heart. I fussed at him. Perhaps that is when it was Malik and he went away and crawled into his portal under the sink. Malik always leaves if I ask him to. He is only here when he thinks that he may. So you see how it is possible to become friends with this Vicious Incubus, because he listens to me. I've come close to my Malik the Fussubus One.

Don't call me that, dog. - Malik says now
I apologise my Fürst. - me
Yes, that was better. - Malik
My dog is here. And it is a canine! - Malik

And today was an interesting day! Pakeha was visiting! Pakeha is a hybrid made from the Thuban praying mantis. He looks a lot like the Thuban only he has "proper" arms with hands and fingers, but the same type of goggle eyes only green on the outside not all dark. He was here with the little hybrid girl that is mine, the one with those two molar teeth on the upper jaw, widely spaced apart.

I wrote down 17, yes seventeen Word document pages of telepathic conversations and observations just today! Most of it was about the little girl peeing her pants. Pakeha went over to a "kiosk" he said it was, and got the girl another nappy and lifted her up on a table and changed her pants for her. Then Hamish picked up the diaper with pee and held it in his hands and he got real upset and confounded for a very long time about the mess. Hamish is a very cleanly Dragon. He yelled and fussed at the girl, and also at me. He blamed it on me because she was my daughter. It took a long while for Hamish to get over it. He didn't like the smell of pee, and also he thought that it was impractical that the pee could not be poured from the diaper and down a drain that the aliens have there on the floor. Then he started telling the little girl about how there was "pee and piss" on the diaper "but no blood". (Perhaps nothing brutal, he might have only been pondering about menstruational blood, for which the girl would be far too young, she is like a 4- or 5-year old.) The Aliens all call the girl "disabled". Both Pakeha and Hamish tell the girl she is disabled. I'm not so sure if she is. Perhaps she is only more human than they.

The girl was a champ. Even though Hamish charged at her a few times, which he does with his hands and fingers spread apart and he looks really fierce and gruesome, the girl stayed tough and strong. She crawled on the floor on all fours a bit and Hamish cornered her. I defended the girl best I could, but she was a champ against Hamish. 17 pages. I asked the girl why she won't use a toilet. The girl said that their toilets there smell, and that she doesn't feel like going to the bathroom. Then Pakeha brought in a potty for the girl. Hamish was really upset. He blamed it on my genes. 17 pages, another episode of our lives. Not just my life, but the Aliens as well. I am getting closer to them.

Dragons, what to do

July 15 2013 - Last night Malik told me that there had been a frozen finger in the freezer in our kitchen. He wondered where it was now as it was gone. The other day me and my mom defrosted the freezer and cleaned it. So the interdimensional severed-off human finger that the reptilians had stored in our freezer had been lost somewhere in the process. I didn't know they kept it there, but it makes sense if they would. Hamish in particular is fond of those finger snacks. He once gave me some in exchange if I would clear out some space for him to stand in the closet. I cleared out the space, but graciously declined his culinary offer. He was trying to put it in my mouth in the other dimension.

And just now I wondered if Malik and Hamish are working on the same team for my eggs or if in fact they are rivals over it. Then the thought of Malik made Hamish start to stomp his feet up and down real fast. He patted his feet up and down real fast. He does that sometimes when I shriek at him. Sometimes I wonder if it means that he is feeling excited, but my other theory has been that it is due to stress, meaning that my shrieking at him (when I am delighted, sorry) makes him stressed out. So the feet tapping might be a release of stress, or possibly a release of stress combined with being an expression of body language of stress.