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June 26 2013 - July 14 2013

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Perfectly Fantastic with Hamish

July 14 2013 - Today Hamish has been close. And he has been cheerful. I have had visitations from hybrids. The Thuban announced its presence by saying Hinch! to the little hybrid. Several different hybrid kids have been here. I am starting to recognize individual ones, even though at first I thought they all looked the same. The little girl who has two flat molar teeth on the upper jaw. She was here. And Hamish said that this girl tends to pee herself. She is just a little girl like 4 years old if she were a human. I was told that she doesn't understand if I talk to her. This girl wanted to touch my breasts but I said no. The Aliens want the kids to get to experience being at their mother's breasts, but I always say no because the kids are not babies anymore, so it's not ok.

Hamish has asked to see a Harry Potter movie several times today. I have bought one for him, the one with the red dragon, but we have yet to see it. He really wants to see it. Last time when a Harry Potter movie was on television, I remember Hamish sitting next to me on the sofa (even though I was doing other things on the computer, cause I am not a big fan) and Hamish watched and enjoyed it. He later thanked me for having let him watch the movie. It means a lot to him. Hamish can enjoy television and movies. He also is very keen on seeing the Pangolin some more in pictures and videos. He loves it.

Hamish told me that I would have to be alright on my own "in the barn" now because Hamish was going away to "get some snacks" and also go poo. I asked him what snacks he is going to have, he said "juice" and from the images in his thoughts he is going to have blood from a freshly killed young hybrid thing. Even though it's sad that someone has to die, I thanked the Aliens for giving my Hamish food to eat. Then a white-feathered Bird Person told me that they feed Hamish. I thanked the Bird Person for them having created Hamish and for feeding him. He is my Precious Turtle Sock.

I wanted to make you pregnant. - says Turtle Sock now in the other language
Yes Hamish you may. - me

Today I asked Hamish if there was anything he would like to have from me, if there was anything I could do or bring him to make him more comfortable here with me. After all Dragon Turtle lives with me every day, I want to see him comfortable and well-accommodated.

Don't tell them that I smell. - says Hamish
I won't. I tell them you are a handsome dragon Hamish. - me
... I am not a sock. - Hamish, "sock" in my native language
I am not a sock I said! - Hamish
No sock. Sorry Hamish. I apologise. I am really sorry, I don't mean to offend. - me
I am a dragon. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. - me
And I don't have sock feet. - Hamish
No Hamish, you don't. You have dragon feet. - me
And I am not a kiss! - Hamish, not angry, another of my pet names for him is "Kissy Dragon"

So when I asked him if there was anything he would like, he showed me an image of the plastic tub we have in the bathroom and he would like to have some water in it. He would like to bathe his feet. Now Hamish I'll have you know tends to his hygiene daily. He washes his feet in water and then scrapes his feet clean and dry on rugs. He will stand on a rug and rub a foot backwards, one foot then the next, doing it real fast making it look like he is running in one spot! Sometimes he shows up he has black tar kind of gunk on his feet and he wipes his feet clean on the rugs. I will give him the vat of water for the night, not now or my mother would put it away or ask me what the hell there is a vat of water in the bathroom and I am not using it.

And today Hamish showed me a mental image of the sausages in the kitchen refrigerator. "My Snacks!" said Dragon. "Your Snacks!", said I to my precious dragon. I told him he would be welcome to eat the sausages, only I do not know whether they are safe for his metaboli

I would rather eat your heart. - Hamish
But Hamish I am using my heart. - me
I don't mind if it is used. - Hamish, badum-TISH indeed!
I don't mind being socks either. - Hamish
Oh Hamish! - me *big smile*

Ok, so if anybody here hasn't fallen head over heels in love with Dragon Kissy Turtle Feet

Don't mock me. - Hamish
I won't. Sorry. It's just that I love you so much! - me
I am a Dragon. This is my Castle. And you are my captive. - Hamish
Then you are my King. King Hamish the Great. - me
I am not your captor, you have said. - Hamish
You are my captor. And I am in your barn. I am your sheep and dog and cattle. - me
I am with rings here. - Hamish with image of a gold wedding ring
My Turtle f... - me, and I nearly said another pet name, "Feet"
I won't mow the lawn with you, but they have done that. - Hamish, true, people mowed the lawn not long ago
I said I was happy to eat it. Anyways. - Hamish reaches his hands toward my chest for the heart as a gesture, but he is calm-mannered and soft when he does this
You can't eat my heart. Wait till I die first. Then you can have it in your bag of snacks. But I have to finish using it first. - me
Have you seen my fish? I wanted to take them in a bag. - Hamish about the Japanese carp fish and an image of his big ziplock plastic bag that somebody always prepares fresh slivers of organ meats for him into

So I was going to say that I will hit you with a shoe on the head if you haven't already fallen in love with Hamish. How can you not love anybody who says "No, Santa!!!" and "Yes-No". I love this Dragon I can't even tell you. He is perfectly fantastic.

Oh and the Bird Person showed me a mental image of Hamish when he is rubbing his dead scales off his legs and ankles the Bird Person told me without words that for Hamish it feels like having dirty underwear on and taking them off. I told the Aliens without words that I love Hamish and that I am not disgusted by his shedding scales, but Hamish and the Aliens want me to respect that this is how Hamish feels. He regards his shedded scales as filth, to him it is a matter of hygiene. Hamish spends a considerable time every day grooming his scales and tending to his shedded bits and pieces. He keeps the large sheets and lets them "dry" on bathroom rugs. Small bits of individual white round bubblewrap bits he disposes of. Sometimes he sprinkles those into my bath water when I am in the bath, and I once saw some sprinkled scales in the toilet when for the first time my eyes managed to somehow enter a glitch where I could see the other dimension with my eyes.

Sometimes Hamish gives me some of his shedded scales. He once opened up the palm of my left hand and put one of those bubblewrap bits into my hand. He once put a piece under my cardigan on the chest. Once he wanted me to take a small piece into my mouth. Oh and that time when he wanted me to have a sheet lining the inside of my vagina, needless to say I didn't. And we will never forget, you and I dear readers, when Hamish placed a sheet of his shedded scales on top of the freshly baked apple pie, so that I wouldn't eat the apple pie.

Tell them I don't stink. Not anymore. - Hamish
Oh Hamish! I wish you knew that your fragrance is ok! You just smell like a Dragon Turtle. It is not offensive. I miss having your scent near, I miss having you near me Hamish when you used to lie on top of me and be close at nights. I loved having you near when I could sense your smell. - me

Visit to the Aliens, and Hamish

July 13 2013 - Last night the aliens took me to their base. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. There is a feeling like hell and nightmares worse than you could even imagine down there. The atmosphere is so deeply intimidating. It is not just that you visit and get to see everybody and see the place and be there. There's a feeling about the place and about the creatures, something sinister and which we do not experience here on earth other than say, in scary movies. I was unable to leave and stood there, in the most sinister and terrifying nightmareish atmosphere with the aliens in the basement, for far too many seconds, any second which could have killed me instantly. And I am the one who loves the aliens. These are my friends I am visiting.

What is it about that vibe that they have? Even Hamish has that hellish vibe. I was visiting them and a variety of the alien creatures were around me. One of these was a chubby Illuminati hybrid guy. The first time I ever saw the Illuminati hybrid it took me minutes to stop screaming in my mind. He looked like a body that was pulled out of water, a corpse, a medical experiment gone wrong. But over time I got to know my Illuminati chums and now I call them my brothers. But they still have that hellish scary vibe. I was so scared and it deeply intimidated me, I was frozen in that place for several seconds. It was horrible. The visit I had nagged and longed for so long. The Aliens knew I didn't want to go there.

Why is it hellish you say? - Malik
Because it feels like it. - me
We did everything we could to keep you comfortable. We had even flushed our toilets here. - Malik
.. You have, toilets? - me
But it feels so bad down there. The emanance from you creatures is so sinister and evil it affects me deep to my core... Don't you know that? Has nobody said that to you before? - me
We were not just images then, were we. - Malik
No, you were people. And it was scary to see everyone. - me
.. Why was it nightmareish? - Malik
Because it felt that way. - me
Was there blood-drinking? - Malik
No there wasn't. Not at the time. But I was scared of the atmosphere. It just felt like a very bad place. - me

When I returned in the morning, the US military man I forget who it was maybe it was Sargent Wilkes, he said that he could lose his job because he had authorized me to be there with the Aliens. Oh us women and our nagging. We want one thing and then we don't want it anymore, because it was hellish.

You didn't see your turtle sock there? - Malik, hahah he means my Hamish of course!
No I didn't see my Hamish there. Where was Hamish at the time? My Turtle Sock Feet? - me
Not at the operating room. - Malik
Operating room! You took me to an operating room! No wonder it was creepy! - me
Malik tells me without words that that is where they inserted the thin plastic tubing down to my stomach to collect digested food samples.

It was so scary. So terrible. And I'm the one who loves these aliens to little bits and pieces. It's the atmosphere. You can't shake it. It just is, and there is no way of intellectualizing your way out of it once you're there. You can't think your way out of it, or pretend that it isn't there. It feels like hell down there.

And later in the day I was beginning to browse for dragon pictures. Hamish immediately thinks to me about biting into my finger. He then wants my attention, and shows me a clear visual of his red dragon scales. He sometimes bites me on the arm or on the finger when he wants to get my attention. I loved seeing his scales. I asked him to let me take a picture, but I don't know if it's possible. They live in some other world and I don't know if they can come here for that. Hamish has been asking to see a Harry Potter movie all day. He is growing very impatient about seeing the movie. Also he checked out the tv guide that was spread open on the table yesterday. Who knows if he can read it or not, probably not.

Oh and Dragon was a bad Dragon the other day! Because he would show me as if he were holding on a poisonous toadstool mushroom! Those red ones with white dots! I know he is fascinated with it because it is red. But I was yelling at him to stay away from those things! Because they are toxic! The next day Dragon had again showed me the red mushroom. I scream at him to stay away from those! Oh Hamish, you and your mischief and trouble.

Yes-No Santa! - Hamish

Penis but no eggs

July 12 2013 - The Orion black lizard man showed up here in our kitchen but in the other dimension. He unzipped his purple rubber jumpsuit with a vertical zipper down along the center of the suit. He took his white slender penis out in his hand and asked me if I wanted to hold it in my hand. He then said:

I don't have the eggs. But I have the penis. - Orion, translated from other language

Pine Atek. Remember the words. One of the many fun things I will always remember. My reaction? I am just giggling, and trying to suffocate my giggles. It is not often a man comes up to me asking if I would like to hold his penis. I don't know what to say. He is a lizard. This is awkward. Hahah, he is still standing there still in his uniform but with the front zipped open and holding his penis in his hand. This isn't the first time the black Orion lizard man has shown me his penis. This is all about fertility by the way not about sex.

A few minutes later:
The black reptilian is meant to have sex with me! Hamish is telling me, and him, that Hamish owns my ladyparts. Hamish wants me to have sex with the black reptilian. Hamish tells me, that this is "his kiosk". The Thuban white praying mantis is going to give both me and the black reptile a cookie each for complying. They always award a cookie or cracker to compliant ones that follow through with the sex program. However, the black reptile told me that they are infertile. They cannot have children. So he is hoping that if he has a child with me, then that child would be fertile. All the sexy details will be in the books.

Recent update:
The black reptile then does the unthinkable. He has sex with someone well-known in this Saga. I am shocked. I am stunned. I decide that I didn't just see that. But then the person in question says something that confirms it. Then I wonder why on earth. But then the black reptile tells me he did so because he wanted to see if I would become jealous, he said. This is perhaps the most surprising story in the Orion Project so far. Too graphic to post here, I'm afraid.


July 12 2013 - Last night Hamish was getting carried away and asking me to honor him and things. And this morning he was unusually rude and dragonish, not his usual sweet self. Which just means he is a bit fussy and not wanting to let me snuggle him and stuff. He retreated to the pink plush bathroom rug I have for him on the bedroom floor. Squash squash, Dragon stomped his feet up and down slowly into the plush fibers of the rug. There is something pleasant about seeing a big red dragon turtle occupying the small space squared in by a bathroom rug. He just likes to feel the fibers on his feet, over and over, by stomping Dragon Feet up and down. Or that he is pushing shedded bits of scales into the fibers.

Then Dragon shows me a postcard image of himself over by his creek. He goes there to bathe and poo. Dragon tells me that it is "his jungle". He has one of my little hybrid sons over by the creek. Hamish tells me how he has pulled the boy into the water. Hamish says he is going to do dominance games with the boy. I tell Hamish not to hurt the boy. Hamish has eaten my hybrid children before. Hamish eats my hybrid children and he pulls them to that same creek and kills them there. He is like a big cat with a mouse. He kills them slowly and playfully, not aggressively.

I am not angry at them, that is why. - speaks Hamish

Meanwhile, I just had meatballs and omelette so who am I to say. The cow probably suffered worse than the boy did. It is double standard to not let Hamish eat meat. Hamish is a carnivore. Hamish said that after he has been to the creek he will return to the white bathroom rug in our bathroom and groom his scales. I love my Dragon, but I wish he didn't have to eat children.

You wish?? - Hamish
I wish. - me
It was not your boy. - Hamish
Whose was it? Whose boy was it? - me
It was not determined. And it came from one of your eggs! - Hamish
I have, washed it. - Hamish
It came from your pyy-pyy. It was not trouble here, I said! - Hamish
I was washing it. - Hamish

Time for bed!

July 09 2013 - Zeta appeared and I nearly saw him with my eyes when I looked behind me in the room. I got startled and it was scary, even for me, but it's easier when you can talk to them. So it's ok. He wants to study my brain cells and has brought with him a device. He also wants to use the plastic tubing down my nose to pick up some of the smoked salmon I had to eat a while ago. He used a real fancy medical term for the "plastic tubing" in the other European language that we use. It was the word for the plastic tubing you use to put nourishment into the stomach of someone in coma. The same kind of tubing, only they use theirs to suction food out. I guess it's time for bed.

All in a Dragon's day

July 09 2013 - This morning Hamish excused himself. He was going to go to Japan to look at the orange Japanese carp swimming there. The Japanese man said via Hamish's established telepathic link that Hamish thinks that the fish are another Dragon. I told the man that Hamish's favorite is the red one, the man said that he had had to get rid of the red one. Hamish was fixated with the red fish. Today Hamish felt sad because I had eaten the red tomato that had been sitting on the kitchen counter for about a week. He misses the tomato, because it was red like him. Hamish has mentioned Santa a couple of times today. Santa is red. Hamish was self-conscious about his smell, and came up close to me to let me smell it and also exhaled his hot sulfur breath on me, after I had said that I assure them that Dragon scent is fine. And then Hamish came up to me and spread my legs apart. I am sitting on the bed. He thought about how he misses when I have my menstruation, because he loves the blood. Then Hamish thought about my used pads with blood on them that he remembers from the past, and Hamish started purring a Dragon kind of purr. And last night when I had remembered our early times when Hamish had been romantic with me, Hamish came up on top of me and did the conquest and it was a very intimate romantic moment between Hamish and I. Just like we used to have.

And Malik showed up with his erect penis and told me he has a "dong" when I was climbing into the bath today. He said that he had the General's (General Patton) permission to be here. Then as a perfect gentleman Malik went over to sit on the living room sofa, with that erect dong of his, while he let me use the bathroom in private, I hadn't even had to say anything.

And I told the Dragons that I would like to visit them in their underground base and live with Hamish. The Reptilians said I would need shoes then. I said that if Hamish can walk barefoot, then so can I. I love Hamish. I love him so much I'm beyond myself.

I went to the bathroom and noticed my hair was a mess. "My hair looks like shit!", I sang out loud as I was fixing it. Hamish comes up close to me in the bathroom. Here are approximately what we said: "I am the dominant one here.", he says. "Yes Hamish, you rule here my honored scales." I say while scruffing my hair. "You can not say that you have shit in your hair.", Hamish says. "You do see yourself in the mirror, and you see no shit in your hair.", says Hamish. "Hamish, it is only an expression, to say that the hair looks bad.", I say. "I am the dominant one.", says Hamish. He had come to correct me, because there was no shit in my hair. Also to let me know that I was not allowed to put any in my hair. (These conversations were approximate.) Then I return to my room and Japanese man says "Tame!" I am still waiting to hear from a Japanese speaking reader who can translate all the Japanese things the Dragon Dynasty men say. They say Tame a lot and it seems to mean the same thing like Damn. The Aliens explained to me again today that I am used as salary to pay the Japanese men (Japanese man now says Kuri, possibly a longer word beginning with Kuri) for their services to the Aliens. The Aliens get squid to eat in return.

In the bathroom counting scales

July 05 2013 - I wonder where Hamish is and what he is up to:

Hamish! Where are you! - me
I am in the bathroom. - Hamish
Hamish what are you doing! - me
I am counting my scales. - Hamish, about his white sheets of shedded scales
How many do you have! - me, Hamish doesn't say

He's just hanging out. Being a Dragon.

Constant rapes

July 05 2013 - The white Aliens raped me so many times yesterday that I lost count. I've asked them for a break today, I have to recover from yesterday's injuries today. The stress and agony causes me brain and heart injury, not to mention psychiatric injury. It's already done changes and damage to my sexuality to a point where I don't even know how it is defined anymore. They are trying to rape me again, and I've only been up for an hour. I threatened that I would cut myself and showed them a graphic mental image, at which Hamish in the bathroom goes "No! My eggs!" and gets anxious. The fact that these arguments are hurting my Dragon is what hurts me the most.

The violence, hurt and agony is beyond what anyone could imagine. I can't reveal the details here. I am just hoping that it stops. I cherish the moments in between when I am not being hurt by the white Aliens. And there is nothing compassionate or sweet or tender about their sexual usage of humans. These white ETs are tremendously rude and arrogant and racist and they despise humans. The sex is done not in any loving or cherishing way but they do it with the mindset of someone doing animal cruelty on animals. They do it with the same torment as someone who is burning a cat alive.

I am starting to think that SETI knows about these aliens, but of course they can't tell the world because there are countless of children waiting to hear from SETI if they have found any aliens, and they can't just say the honest truth, "yes we have, and they are worse than satan and hell and they do pedophilia and sexual abuse, medical torture and experiments and they are highly sadistic and they molest, rape and torture humans and other animals in every way that they can imagine that satisfies their personal lusts". No, let's just hope that these aliens don't exist, and that one day they stop raping me because the damages I am experiencing are starting to become something I cannot handle.

The Aliens are real, and they are raping me and the damages are tremendous. If it worsens, I might be writing future updates from the psychiatric hospital. Not because I am losing my ground or my senses, but because I am a rape victim. If this goes on I will need medication and medical attention. The only problem is that medical science has not discovered the existence of aliens and might discredit my experiences, and that could cause more harm than even the aliens have.

Help came from an unexpected source, even though I wasn't expecting any help at all from the Aliens. Malik came up to me gently and placed his black paw on my left hand. He was calm and cautious. Having him near meant so much to me. He didn't say anything, but his presence was soothing and comforting. My Malik cares about me. "My Fürst!" I said, and finally started to cry. "My Fürst!" I said. I finally had someone to cry on. The smell of sewer now appeared, and I think it means he is closer than usual.

Malik goes to stand in the kitchen in front of the kitchen knife on the counter. It is the one I had threatened to use (don't worry, I won't. I'd go to a hospital before I get anywhere near that far, I just use it to try to explain to the aliens how I feel). He expresses without words that he is preventing me from hurting myself with it. Malik's presence made me all calm, and all the hurt went away. I have someone to lean on, my familiar Malik the Black One. He cares about me.

You have said yes to it! That is why I come! - Malik with image of the yellow pyramid. That is why he rescues me. He thinks of me as a daughter.

In my thoughts I lean on him, that black body with a tail, white eyes, knowing how his presence felt and the person who he is, all of our times together, he is a comforting presence and I feel all better now. Like being in the arms of a father, and all safe. His black paws on me, and every time that he has been so cautious around me, wanting not to scare me. All the hurt went away.

No! - says Malik, and shows me a mental image of the kitchen knife

A few minutes later:
I am your Dark Prince. - says the Black One to me
I couldn't watch you cry. We have our nest here. - Black One
Are you guys, going to get married? - Hamish asks Black One
No!!! We are not going to get married! - Black One at Hamish, true story

Later, as many of you have probably guessed it, Malik rapes me himself. It is an energy thing when they rape, and they make it sexual. He also involves one of the Japanese men into it. Later when I'm doing the dishes and these attacks have subsided, I sense from Malik and his Japanese men that Malik has told the Japanese that the Japanese with his help will take over the world. These Japanese associates are in on it. Malik tells me that this is how he got Hitler. I'd watch out for Japan in the future because they might get war-hungry again. The Devil is on their side, this time like he was during world war two. Malik and his Agenda have many times over taken credit for Hitler and Nazi Germany. The Agenda was also responsible for killing John Lennon, which was done because he was too spiritual and loving. I'd watch out for the Agenda. They're up to shenanigans, always has been.

More Pangolin

July 04 2013 - Hamish has more to say about the pangolin when I pull up the pictures again because I forgot to draw the tongue on the drawing on our Facebook page for July 4 2013

Tell them that it looks like my ancestor. - Hamish

Annunaki made Orions

July 04 2013 - I am making the book Letters to SETI 1 and one of the chapters talks about how the Orion man had told me that they were genetically created by master geneticians, who were blue, had a big head, and long index fingers. I started drawing an alien creature based on these descriptions for the book, and Hamish comes up to me.

Hamish tells me not to draw the Annunaki, he calls it. So turns out the Annunaki were something just like other sources say. This is one of the first times my ETs mention Annunaki. Hamish tells me several times that they have no scales. He asks me why I am drawing them this way, I say I do not know what they look like so I have to imagine them for myself. He also said that "they too like eggs". I told Hamish that I too like eggs. And that I like Hamish.

my drawing of the master geneticists who created the Orions, based on description by the Orions
the image is of course copyright, if someone wants to use it send me a letter, you can use it for free if I approve the context and am accredited but I want to see it first

They are a little bird. Biip biip! - says Hamish, yes, true story (but translated from two other languages)
So the Annunaki were the Bird People?

Hamish about the Annunaki:
They don't like onions either, I said. - Hamish with quick mental image to the yellow onion in our kitchen (English)
They have done war with us. - Orion man says, probably about the Annunaki (other language)

Jezebel The Naughty

July 04 2013 - This morning I woke up from a dream where the young man who was sent to me years ago I was trying to find him to rescue him. In the dream I and he were white angels but dark forces had gotten to him and made him retreat away. When I found him he had lost both his arms at the shoulders and one of his eyes. He only had his left eye remaining, but then I saw that his left eye was also gone and he held the left eye in his hand intending to use it through the hand.
Agenda Eye in the Hand symbolism See here, but don't pee your pants it's creepy
Also see here the story about how the Black One gave me an Eye in the hand

The dream revealed to me that this young man would have been a "light being". Light beings are persons with light around them. They are highly benevolent and have spiritual abilities such as healing. The Agenda and Dark Ones fight light beings and work on making them succumb into darkness. This reads like science-fiction, only this is all true. The Orion Project is a documentary. I was sad and I hugged him and it was too late.

This man I dreamt of was sent to me by the Agenda years ago. We never met in person because there were troubling things about him that I will bring up in one of the books. The Agenda has made him a Satanist and for years before we even met he had been obsessed with me. The type of obsession like when someone posts pictures on the walls and can think of nothing else.

When I woke up from the dream Malik the Black One was here, and said that his name is not Malik, his name is Jezebel. He also said that he was the "Ruler of Darkness" (translated from other language). He spoke about the young man I had dreamt of, and it became clear to me that it was he who had given me those dreams. Usually Black One Malik the Fussubus puts scary spiders into my dreams when I sleep. It was revealed from what Malik Jezebel said and what images he thought of to me that the young man was indeed as the dream had said.

Malik also revealed how he had made the young man yearn for me by causing him to have strong sexual feelings while being implanted with images of me. (Early on when alien contacts begun in 2011, the Black One was putting disturbing images into my mind and trying to stimulate me sexually. I will describe those images in full detail in the books, but not here in case children are reading.) The Agenda wants me to be together with that man. They have succeeded in manipulating him. Also the young man used to tell me that his problems were because he hates his father. Jezebel smirked at me how he has made the young man think that it was his father, and said that no it was he. I feel like telling him about these dark influences, maybe I can save him. I should not fear the young man anymore, it is Jezebel who was behind all this.

Then Jezebel Malik went over to our living room bookshelf and said there were some books there that he didn't want to see. He was going to tear those down from the bookshelf. I don't know what book in particular he was talking of, but clearly something with biblical material. As he was about to cause havoc in the bookshelf, a huge angelic presence covered my home and sent him away. True story. And that prevented him from breaking the bookshelf.

Thing is, and I still haven't posted the photographs for you guys, there was a night when Malik had torn down was it four or more small bibles and psalm books from the bookshelf in my bedroom. I had been working night shift that night and only my mother was at home. She had woken up at night and heard the ruckus in my bedroom and thought I must be home. When I came home from work in the morning I saw the mess. I stepped back out without touching anything and asked mom if she had been to my room. 1. Mom never goes into my room without asking. 2. No one else could have been in my room. We had not been burgled. 3. If mom were to knock down books she would restore them she is a neat-freak. Mom told me about the ruckus she had heard that woke her up and she was as scared as I was when I told her because we knew something mysterious had happened.

One of the psalm books had been torn into four pieces on the floor and spread. It was a huge mess the books were all over the place. Also a video game called "Dragon's Blood" had been tossed into the corner, although I am not entirely sure that it was not there before. But this was Malik. I suspected Malik when I first saw it, and I asked the boys now who had done this mess? Later Malik said something that confirmed it to me that it was he. I took pictures and applied my physics skills to analyze trajectories and forces to conclude they could not have fallen from the bookshelf by normal means. I will post the pictures and you can see that for yourself.

I do not fear Malik Jezebel Incubus when he visits me. He is kind of neat. His goals is to make me into his Magus, his Priestess, to have me join Rosicrucians and to read Aleister Crowley books. He is sweet and tender with me, sometimes we have romantic intimate moments together that are really nice. He doesn't hurt me. He treats me loving and kind much like a father would a daughter. This is an interesting character and I enjoy learning more about him.

Oh and this morning Jezebel Malik took credit for: a) when a patient at the hospital I worked at had fallen in the bathroom at night when I had the night shift, b) when that same patient had bowel obstruction (not during my shift), c) when my roommate's at college betta fish had died.

I wondered if perhaps I am a CIA MKULTRA victim and are the men using satanic symbolism to get to me? Are they implanting into me images of satanic entities from mythology? The fact that Jezebel tore down those psalm books disqualifies that theory because there is no way a human MKULTRA could achieve that remotely and these men have no access to my home. I then wondered if the Zeta Reticuli Greys are perhaps playing games, as they are notorious for messing with abductees - and I still have no way of knowing if this is real Jezebel or some other aliens messing with me. I do not want to make any assumptions. I want to get to the truth of this.

Rescued Dinosaur from the cold

July 03 2013 - A Dinosaur made contact. He showed me one of the fat white grubs that they get as salary for their work to eat. I asked him if he enjoyed eating those. He didn't say. He showed me an image of when I was having a bath earlier today. He said he wants to bathe too. Then Hamish made the Dinosaur go out to our balcony and made him stay there. It is cold at night. The Dinosaur said he didn't want to be there.

I dropped what I was doing and went over to the balcony and opened the door. "Are you here?", I asked. I couldn't see him with my eyes of course, as they inhabit another dimension. Soon I saw him sitting curled up into a little Dinosaur-bundle on the balcony floor in the other dimension. Lime-green little bundle with over-sized head and twig-skinny body with thoughts and emotions, curiosity and a sense of humor like none other. I told him to come inside, as it must be freezing out here.

"But what about Malik?" said Dinosaur. "No, come on in. I will take care of Malik", I said and reached out my hand to Dinosaur. He said again that he was worried about Malik. I said, so that Malik could hear too, that "this is my decision. If there is any trouble Malik will take it out on me, not on the Dinosaur. This is my ruling", I said. "Malik? Is it ok if Dinosaur comes in?" I asked the Fürst. Malik said it was ok. So I managed to get the nervous trembling Dinosaur to come in. The Dinosaur was shaking and he clasped around my body, afraid of what Malik might do, Malik who was roaming about the apartment. I said it was ok. I told the Draconian boys Hamish and Malik not to hurt the Dinosaur, and I said that it had made me sad that they were hurting the Dinosaur. Hamish said that the Dinosaur doesn't want to work.

Dinosaur showed me a mental image from the Alpha Draconis planet, the planet with lush green forests, thick warm atmosphere and bright yellow sky, a big pond and he said that they used to be allowed to bathe there all the time when they wanted to. This isn't the first time Dinosaurs are locked out in a cold room. In winter there was at least one occasion when Hamish locked out a Dinosaur on the cold balcony. And they even have a "cold room" in the alien facility where they store Dinosaurs. It is to pacify them with the cold, and also to reprimand them and force them to do work.

I have to look at your colon! - says Dinosaur now
Hey! Please, don't speak! - says General Patton to the Dinosaur now
General Patton, how rude! - me
This is also Gillespie, and the Santa! - says Hamish, Santa about himself
... We don't want to know if she has had milk, because she hasn't had any. - says Dinosaur thinking out loud about my recent eating habits

I will help you. - I say to Dinosaur when I catch him thinking about the task at hand of inspecting my intestines
Deb. - says Dinosaur, which means Yes

Latest Dinosaur Update:
Aww snap! Dinosaur is sitting down on our living room sofa and it made him real happy and comfortable! If Dinosaurs could smile he is smiling now! He sits properly with his back against the back rest and his legs point straight forward at a sharp 90 degree angle with the back. It was the most delightful sight ever. He chose the middle seat cushion out of the three sofa seats. Dinosaurs seem to love sofas as much as Reptiles do. My future home will be furnished

We don't like them, my dog. - says a white ET either a Thuban or a Zeta-type referring to sofas

My future home will be furnished with lots of comfy seating area and accommodations for our guests. Love you Dinosaur! Deb Deb! I know they are waiting for me to go to bed so they can put that thin plastic tubing down my nose and vacuum up some stomach contents, and their other assignments on the schedule. I am excited and I hope to sway General Patton into letting me have close contact with the ETs. He says no because he thinks it would harm me. The other night it was Gillespie who was the one to say no when the Aliens asked on my behalf. Oh well!

You have not eaten any fish, so we don't have to scrape that out... - says Dinosaur in the other language thinking as he still sits on the sofa with legs straight out, aha! His heels seem to be resting on the coffee table! That is how he manages to get his legs that straight! I just now saw a white flash manifestation visibly with my eyes here in the kitchen of part of a white ETs body. This is great!

Ithaca Non-bat to the rescue

July 03 2013 - The ETs had a tiny little hybrid girl here visiting me. The girl asked me if I would dance today, I said no not today. Then the girl did a gymnastics to show me what she could do. I told her that was great and better than me and asked her to do it again. Oh she cheered me up. Just a little girl like 5 or 6. A white little hybrid girl with big blue eyes. She was here accompanied by two adult Zeta-type ETs who wore pale blue-green-gray rubbery jumpsuits.

But then I got upset. Real upset. Because Olav was around, and they want Olav to have sex with me so that the girl can watch and learn. They say the girl is here for school to learn about this human habitat. The ETs showed the girl things in the home. But I got so very upset. Upset because they make me have to have sex with someone who doesn't care about me, with Olav who has his girlfriend Natalia in Russia and he doesn't even find me attractive and he is impudent and rude. It breaks and shatters me as a woman and human being to be handled that way. My whole entire self-esteem, identity, everything I am crumbles. Then I got upset thinking about how these hybrid kids are, god forbid, introduced to sex at an early age themselves.

I got really mad at the aliens and threatened to kill them all including the whore child and screamed at them to leave me alone. Earlier when I was taking a bath I had been upset at the girl watching and Hamish had threatened to throw her down the stairs, because Hamish had seen how upset I was and Hamish wanted to defend me. Poor Hamish, when Hamish gets in the middle of arguments I feel so sorry for him. He is like the family dog who doesn't want to hear the people in his life yelling. It hurts him more than the targets of my assault.

I got so upset I nearly had a nervous breakdown again. I told the aliens that if they don't leave with that child I would go to a hospital and ask for medication. I just can't deal with rape and pedophilia! I am sorry! I know the Aliens want to introduce me to my children and all, and this is supposed to be some happy fun family reunion, but it is rape and pedophilia! And to make matters worse the white ETs call me dog and cattle and tell me how primitive we are! It completely destroys me. I can't tell you how agonizing it is, or how much I suffer from this.

But when things were at their worst, to the rescue comes none other than the Guatemalan Ithaca non-bat. "What is this?" says the Ithaca non-bat and I see him. I had forgotten all about him and been not sure if I would ever see him again. He let me watch from afar in a remote viewed mental transferred image as he squashed his white feet like the feet of a hawk with a tiny little white transparent sharp claw on the end of each toe, he squashed his feet into the soft mud on the forest floor. He told me he did not have any rubber boots on. I asked him if he would like me to bring him some. He didn't say if I should.

He told me his ancestors were the Ithaca, and that his kind were the chiefs, or chieftains. I became calm and soothed, relaxed and safe as soon as I saw him. He is a dear friend. He had obviously come to see what the ruckus was all about, and perhaps also to help me. He saved the day, for all of us. There is a huge conflict when the Aliens break all sexual taboos and I just don't know how to repair things. Why am I the one who has to budge? Why can't they accept that rape is wrong and that children must wait until they are older? Why? Why am I the animal, they think?

He let me see his beautiful wonderful white body, and we connected really close. He is a bit different than the North Port Gargoyle, this one is a bit older-seeming and a bit more slender. He connected so close to me that it was I looking out through his bright beaming red eyes. So close. Then the North Port Florida Gargoyle also let me see him briefly and said something to the effect of, "what about me?", or "don't forget about me".

I love the white dragons and I love my Hamish. And I really want this alien contact to work out. I really want them in my life and every day I am so scared of one day losing them, waking up and they are gone. I just can't deal with being raped all the time and with the hybrid children, they are too young for this.

But thank god for Mr. Ithaca Non-Bat, he saved the day. He gave me a shoulder to lean on, and he cheered me up with his typical White Dragon behavior, that is fun and quirky, by squashing his feet into the mud and telling me how he does not have rubber boots and then showing me how he peed into the mud. And overall just their fun sense of humor, he and Gargoyle both are just the best ever.

I don't know if I should talk to the white ETs about this and try to help them understand. They just call me cattle and dog when I try. They expect me to "behave" and "comply", when it is things I simply cannot accept. White ETs are Zetas, Thuban white praying mantis, and all the hybrids that are white. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between some of them so that is when I just say "white ETs". Note that nothing sexual happened whatsoever today. It is just that seeing Olav sends me to a fright and seeing the hybrid children reminds of all the things I have witnessed in the past.

Thank you sweet dear Mr. Ithaca non-bat for saving me. Kudos to White Dragons. Oh one of the things Mr. Ithaca non-bat said was he showed me big red berries almost like coffee berries that he held between two fingers in his hand and he said he had eaten some but they pass right through intact in his poo. He told me about it twice. It is just so disarming when he talks about his poo all the time. Oh and two times I asked him if I should bring him something to eat and if he was hungry, and both times made him go into a huge strong "ceremonial magic" pose. Follow the link to his page to read more about what the ceremonial magic pose is.

Ithaca non-bat superimposes with me (ie. the telepathic connection is so strong it feels as if we are overlapping) and shows me his body and his hunched back that has a few white blunt thorny bumps along the back ridge. I thank him for saving me, and he says that yes they need my eggs. Then he stands up and spreads his wings with rigid arms to the sides in a ceremonial magic. I tell him yes, nice wings. And I thank him again. And then Dinosaur thanks him too by saying Dab Dab to the White Dragon.

A minute later: Hamish thinks about acid poured on a body. Then half a minute later he thinks about it again and tells me there is acid on the body. I get scared I ask him if he is safe did someone hurt him! Turns out Hamish had himself or had someone else do it to pour acid on one of the two Zeta workers who were here or on the child. At first I was relieved no one had hurt Hamish. But then I worry and am concerned that this was my fault. This isn't the first time Hamish destroys a Zeta worker when I get upset from something they are doing. Hamish says:

Because they have caused you a medical head injury. I have beaten them. - Hamish
Hey this is Jack. Don't talk to them. - Jack the human man with the NASA team

Hamish defends me. He defends me. But this is all my fault!

NO!!! red tomatoes!!! - Hamish suddenly and with an image of the red tomatoes on the kitchen counter, I had one today and one yesterday. He doesn't want me to eat red tomatoes because they are the same color as him. He has previously also told me that "tomatoes are red because they saw him", and he thinks that they share common DNA for both being red.

My pytt! - Hamish about the little girl, who was not harmed. Pytt is their Alien word for small children.
I will guard you. I will guard you with the iron. - says Hamish to me and I see him, back hump and all
Your DNA and I have been decided together. - says Hamish to me
I will be with you. - says Hamish
I will be with you. - me to Hamish
I will bleed with you. - Hamish

Hamish has cornered the little girl.
Yes-No, she is not your woman. - Hamish says to the girl about me
It is my bag here. - Hamish about the bag in the bedroom again, the flat purse he wants to put his sheets of scales into
I will be with my tail, a dominant race. - says Hamish to the little girl and Hamish twirls around showing her his tail

Don't intimidate my woman. - says Hamish to the girl, I see Hamish, he is a peculiar creature, a big red lobster-Dragon I have known and loved for nearly two years

Yes-No, she doesn't want to fuck with you. - says Hamish in the other language to the little girl about me

She says that her love for me is like a star. - Hamish says this one in English (most of the above in other language) and he thinks of a close-up of the sea across a burning orange star, he means this

I am red! - Hamish says delighted, in my native language all of a sudden
I love you Hamish. You are red. - me I say the 2nd to Hamish in my native language
I am red like that sea. - Hamish in English about the picture of the sun on the page linked to just previously, I just read the part there about the sun and the sea

I am red. I am good. - Hamish in my native language
You are red. You are good. - I answer to Hamish in the native language
Have you put up with me for a long time? - Hamish in native language
I have. - me in native language
I have put up with you for very long time. - Hamish in native language
Very long time. - Hamish in native language
Don't leave me. - me in native language
I won't. Ever. - Hamish in native language
I can't put up with being here for a long time. - Hamish
Come whenever you want and leave when you have to. You rule over your life Hamish. I love you. - me

I close my eyes for him in a Draconian smile, I blink that way a few times slowly, to let him know that I am ok. I don't know if I am ok, but Hamish rescues me.

Your DNA and mine, are with one. - Hamish says in English
Thank you Hamish. I love being with your DNA. - me
That is why I haven't struck your throat. - Hamish, otherwise in English but throat was in the other language
Hamish do I have your DNA in me? - me
You are with plates! - Hamish delightfully declares in the native language, he means white dinner plates, he is thinking about the foods that I eat
You are with a spoon. - Hamish in native language he thinks an image of one of our spoons
You are in my barn. - Hamish in native language

I read from the page linked to previously, "I burn and swim and drown in a sea of love and affection", and Hamish lets out a terrible sound, a deep long sound like "booooo" or "buuuuu" but we don't have the right vowels for the sound he made. I have no idea what he meant by that sound. No idea at all. It has the same vowel as when he says "pou-pou", a different pronounciation lately of otherwise "pyy-pyy" which is my ladyparts.

Hamish is a strange creature. But I love him.

When NASA team members cry, it gets really bad. - Jack with the NASA team
Why are you crying? - me
Because I don't know what else to do. - Jack
Because they told me you were suicidal. - Jack approximately
I'm ok Jack. The Dragons saved me again! - me
Yes. Snacks and Lunches. - says Hamish the red Sock Puppet Dragon that he is
He wasn't afraid of me? - Hamish says to me about Jack
..... Because they tell us that we are their bunnies! - Jack revealing why he is upset
It's ok. It's ok. - me

Yoghurt and Cheese and Yes and No

July 03 2013 - Hamish is up to his business while I'm sitting here in the kitchen working on the first book in the series Letters to SETI. "My cheese!" says Hamish who suddenly comes up to me. Yes, I tell him it is his cheese there in the refrigerator. He just suddenly ambushed me with a random comment. "My Hamish!" I say to him. Then he says: "My apple!" We don't have any apples in the house but I suspect that he means the nectarines sitting on the counter. The Aliens have a hard time telling fruits apart. They often call all round fruits apples or pears. "My Hamish!" I say. "My Scales", says Hamish and shows me some scales on or near his back hump. Then a Japanese associate says to me that the reason Hamish visits them, the Japanese, is because the Russians don't like Hamish. I tell the Japanese men to be nice to my Hamish, that he is my all and my everything, and I say that I don't like the Russians either in that case.

I love having my Hamish Dragon walking about our home. He finds things to do, and he doesn't seem to get bored. Sometimes he does a retreat to Japan, I know he did today because he told me the Japanese wanted to give me a kimono (a Japanese style elegant bathrobe for a woman) and I was told that the Russians would not give me a kimono. (Psst. I was once dressed in a red kimono when I was abducted and taken to meet with a Japanese Dragon Dynasty man for a "romantic rendezvous". Of course they took the kimono off then.) Yuck, I just ruined my appetite for the yoghurt I'm having, thinking of those Japanese men I don't want to be taken to. I am eating yoghurt cause Hamish Dragon wants me to.


July 03 2013 - I see Hamish stepping on the pink bathroom rug in the bedroom. There is something cute about watching a big over-sized fire engine red Dragon Turtle stepping his feet up and down up and down on the tiny plush square of a pink bathroom rug. He enjoys feeling the soles of his Duck Feet against the soft fibers. And so I ask:

Hamish? Do you enjoy your rug? Does it feel good on your feet? - me to Hamish
I will strangle you if you do not honor me! - Hamish to me


July 02 2013 - I just got raped by the aliens again. I wish I could give you all the details here but I can't. Earlier an Orion man showed up. And told me that the Orions were seized by the Agenda and now have to work for them. Orion man is a black reptile and wears a purple uniform. He was disgusted that I have "lice". I told him they are not lice. I showed him a picture on the internet of lice and then a picture of mites and told him what was what. I apologised for having bacteria and mites. Orion man showed me the instrument which they anal probe with and he has to check my food. I asked if I should lie down on the bed for them they didn't say.

Then they brought in a son of mine. He is an older teen, seemingly human and with brown hair. He had won a tournament over there. That is why all my human sons have to practice swordfighting and other combat. Then they are put to fight for life and death. I was told his tournament had been real and not a game. His prize? Sex. And me. The aliens molested him and connected him and me so that we would feel each other at a distance. I was told this is done because he is one of the Vegas. The aliens were raping the both of us, I can't go into detail. But I was sitting in the kitchen and nobody was here physically in person. I was not imagining this. They do this to extract energy and the Black One swoops it all up and ingests the energies as he is an Incubus.

This is Carlisle. - Assistant Carlisle
What do you want. What the hell do you want. - me

I can't say I still understand everything, or if I even want to understand everything. These rapes, and this one in particular, are excessively powerful. They are done in an energy type of way. My lower chakras were literally burning. I know that a person's chakras and kundalini can be burned and ruined from this. It can even kill a person if the kundalini is burned too badly. I wish they would be careful. I was once in excruciating pain after a rape with a white lizard who burned some things in me.

I don't know. What's the point. I can't even write it on the website. Now I feel really weird and shaken. I was energy raped and it was by Black One's design. This is ridiculous.


July 02 2013 - How can a big dragon turtle who didn't fit into the shower room at college fit so perfectly in my heart? And I have a box of shoes here for anyone who doesn't agree that Hamish is the cutest ever and I will take a whack. (Shoes? What shoes? Read below.)

Latest Pangolin Update

July 02 2013 - I took up the pangolin image again so that I can finally sit down and make a drawing for the book. Hamish comes up close and is sniffing at the screen. He is expecting a bitter smell like something of the Black Ones. This isn't the first time he is sniffing at a screen. He also sniffs at virtual flowers on a computer screen, fully expecting to encounter the smell of flowers.

I wanted to break it apart. - says Hamish with a mental image as if he took the pangolin in his both hands and cracked it in half

Now he is behind me waiting for the image to get back on the screen.

I wanted to twist it. - Hamish

My drawing. Page 79 of the book "Letters to SETI 1". Hamish pointed at the picture on the screen as soon as I pasted it on the page for the book file. "I don't want to see it there", he said. Pangolin stays!

"My mouth goes over your food"

July 02 2013 - Oh Hamish. When I told him I was going to the grocery store, he said "yoghurt". He wants me to eat yoghurt because it is good food for the hunnun (the eggs, my ovum I mean). So I bought some yoghurt just to make Dragon Turtle glad. I also brought home a grilled chicken. While I start cutting into the chicken, "My chicken" I hear as a fire engine red Dragon Turtle shows up when I had forgotten all about him. "Your chicken! Of course! May I have some of your chicken, Hamish?", I ask Dragon. "Yes. Because it has got no sugar in it." says Dragon to that. So I am munching on Hamish's chicken, heheh. Then he pops up again, and says the classic Hamish line that I had forgotten all about and that I love as one of his most favorite phrases that he does.

"My mouth goes over your food." OH HAMISH!

Don't give me a pumpkin, of it I am afraid. - says Hamish in English just like that
No pumpkins here, Hamish. - me

I still don't know if "my mouth goes over your food" means that he is actually contemplating on eating it. Or if he is showing power. And I've known Dragon for two years nearly. Let's ask him.

Hamish? When you say your mouth goes over my food, what does it mean then? - me
He opens his mouth wide open exposing that soft red toothless mouth, but he is not feeling any anger or threatening feelings. Maybe he is just hungry.
My pou-pou. - Hamish, hard to translate the way he pronounces it, he means pyy-pyy but sometimes he pronounces it differently
My snacks. - Hamish in other language

Ok back to my meal. Rice and chicken. With Hamish.

It contains blood. - Hamish big-eyed about the chicken, I think he is hungry and it smells good.
Would you like to taste some? - me in other language


I am picking the chicken clean with my bare hands putting all the meat into a container going into the fridge
May I see your hands? - Hamish
I show him my hands, my hands are greasy
Do you have juice granules? - Hamish he thought of little speck red blood cells!
We have had juice orgies. - Hamish
You have? - me
Yes. - Hamish

I am eating some boiled rice with the spoon.
I don't want to see that kind of food. - Hamish
Yes, it is a type of grass! - me, the aliens always call my vegetable foods "grasses"
And you call me a duck? - Hamish

Badum-tish, Dragon is best. Does anybody need a shoe on their head? (Shoe? What? See the previous entry titled Pangolin below.)


July 02 2013 - There is a page in the upcoming book "Letters to SETI 1" that talks about how the Orion man thought that the scaly mammal Pangolin was strange. So I looked up a picture of a Pangolin to make a drawing for my book. Hamish sees the picture of the Pangolin and goes into massive roaring. He has a huge physical response.

Hamish's abdomen makes deep deep hard contractions pushing the belly deep in and firmly. This pushes air out and begins to automatically make an angry roar. The first ones are lower and exhales of a roar, and they intensify at each new belly contraction. I have never seen Hamish react with this kind of roars. It was a massive reaction. I also noted how the behavior was spontaneous, not something he chooses to do. His body is wired to react with belly contraction and roars to a sight which his thought processing center deems to be a possible threatening species. He saw the scales on this creature's back and that is what triggered the roar. Oh it was spendid and superb. Hamish said:

I wanted to show it my power. - Hamish
It has to be put in its place. - Hamish
How did it get into your kitchen?? - Hamish wonders calmly with head tilted
It is, only a picture, Hamish. - me
I did not want to see it. - Hamish
I will take it away. - me
I have honored my race. - Hamish
These were in the other language

I wanted to have it as snacks! - says red Hamish
I don't think I can finish this book ever, if I can't get to drawing the picture of a Pangolin for the book

Has it seen my back scutes? - says Hamish and shows me his fire engine red back with turtleshell hump back soft fleshy cushion
Hamish! Yes. It has seen your back scutes. - me
And? What did it say. - Hamish
Hamish, ... - me, do I tell Dragon this is only a picture?
I wanted to talk with him. - Hamish with yellow bulging eyes with vertical brown slit
Hamish, .. it is just a picture. It is a photography. It cannot talk to a photography. - me
I was wondering if it could do that. - Hamish
I can go see real ones in Mexico with you. If you want, me and you will go to Mexico and see one together. Then you can show it your back scutes and show it your power. They don't live here, I said. - me, talking in the style of Hamish Dragon
I love you Hamish. - me
I want you to have blue clothes. - Hamish, "blue clothes" in my native language. I am wearing a bright pink top today with some small red details in it.
These were in English

It may not take my eggs. - Hamish in other language

Oh Hamish, you are the best! - me
*palate click* - Hamish
I have given it my eggs. No. - Hamish
No, Hamish has my eggs. - me

Now here is a Dinosaur come to see the picture of a Pangolin. Dinosaur asks me if the scales on the pangolin are sharp. I say no I don't think so, and I say that the pangolin only uses them as defense, that it is a peaceful creature. Dinosaur is here to collect eggs from the pangolin for their research. Tough luck, it is not here. It is only a picture.
Dinosaur? We don't have it here. It was only a picture. - me
A cartoon? - Hamish
Yes. A photograph. But they live in the Mexican desert. You can find them there. - me
My eggs! My roe! - Hamish thinking about Pangolin eggs
What would you do with its eggs? - me
We would harvest them. - Hamish
Watch out! - Hamish not angry, he tells the Dinosaur to watch out for the sharp scales on the Pangolin's back. Wow, not even I had noticed them. Hamish's eyesight is x1000 more keen than mine is. He notices everything.
These were in English

If you don't love this Dragon Turtle already then I am going to come over and hit you on the head with a shoe.

Here is a Bird Person, one of the white-feathered ETs. He says he will take care of this, Hamish is not allowed to take eggs from a pangolin. Hamish tells the Bird Person that he wants the eggs of the pangolin. Bird Person tells me his (Bird Person's) name is Saladin.

Don't hit them with a shoe! - Dinosaur
I won't. - me
Because some people don't like him! - Dinosaur

I laughed and chuckled a bit, and then Black One Malik got annoyed at my laughing and thought to himself that I am a dog making sounds. Black Ones don't like it when humans laugh. They don't like the sound of it. And I have smothered many a laughs to comply with the Black Ones and black reptiles.

Saladin said that he is an honored race, so I address him as Honored Saladin. He said it was not a laughing matter. I said humans also laugh when they are happy, and that I was happy. He wanted to see the pangolin so I showed them first the picture and then this video. Hamish and Sandolin were curious and watched the video with me. I had the sound mute because I know Reptiles at least prefer tv without the sound on.

They asked if it had sharp scales, I said I don't know if they are sharp. Hamish asked me if it has "hunnun", meaning eggs, and I said that yes they do, they can find the pangolin in the Mexican desert. Saladin said that this was very important to them. They asked me if it has an exoskeleton. I said no, that it is a mammal and I expect it to have an internal skeleton, like me. Hamish asked me if its skeleton was strong, I said that I don't know if it is. I told them that it eats ants, because that is what we see it doing on the video.

The Bird Race are master geneticists, also called the Master Race. They are the ones who created Hamish's race out of a lobster. They have also taken earth crocodiles and made the Crocodile Men. And insects from somewhere were made into the Insects and Mantids (insect and mantis are two different breeds!). It seems there is a huge interest in fertility, and some of the races have a problem with fertility. Alpha Orions complain about a loss of eggs in their species (perhaps intentional). Zeta Greys complain about being sterile and are mixing their race with humans to make fertile hybrids which is why they are working so much with sexuality (and rapes). Reptilians complain about infertility and are making hybrids, carefully.

Saladin is lovely. I love the Bird Race. I love Hamish. And I will hit you with a shoe if you don't agree.

Thank you for being nice to him. - says Saladin about Hamish
I love him. Hamish means everything to me. His race is my favorite. - me
I have purses here. - Hamish with that black purse again that I use as a shopping bag sometimes (he might be placing his scales into it, but I don't see them they are in the other dimension)

Let's watch it again. - I say to Saladin and Hamish about to hit repeat on the pangolin video
No! - Hamish, totally not the answer I was expecting. And then Hamish begins to roar again. So no video it is.

I still can't get to making that drawing so that I can move on and get that book finished.

Black Ones. And their penises dongs.

July 02 2013 - I was drawing an Orion constellation for our new and upcoming book "The Orion Project: Letters to SETI 1" and the Orion man started talking about his people and the atrocities done to them and how they are kept a prisoner by the Agenda. Black One Malik is here now. He lets me see his Gremlin form (Malik has at least three different forms that he can choose). I see him closely, a kind of gray not pitch black dark reptilian with spikes along his back, a tail, dry crusty scutes not so much any scales. Flat area between the eyes with two tiny nostrils like the face of a pugdog. White eyes with just a pale gray dot for a pupil. He asks me why I am not afraid when I see him. I tell him he is handsome and that it would be rude to say otherwise. He says that most humans scream and run away when they see him.

Black One is keen on me writing and drawing about Orion in the book. Then the Orion man told me that the Black Ones have taken over their world on Orion. So here's the deal: there is a reptilian race from Alpha Orion. These are the Orion people. But Black Ones "are also" from Orion, since they have invaded and taken over. Alpha Orion is also infested with the Insect ETs who were created by the Agenda in large numbers for their superb mental capabilities, even if cumbersome and awkward bodies.

Earlier Black One said that they were the "Cabbal" and that the "Rosicrucians" wanted me. I told them that I am not the enemy, to not fight me. Just before they spoke I was experiencing huge dark satanic mental interferences, like witchcraft that made me have to leave the computer and go do my dance exercise for a while to reboot. I knew it was them, however, I am not entirely sure whether it was an intentional attack or whether it was just their presence. Hey maybe they can't help it but be that dark and have a sinister influence on us who are near.

Speaking of which this morning I was under heavy satanic attack by the Agenda. I see a connection with having written to this website Humanity Wins Illuminati Lose offering them a list of my advice on how to effectively combat the Dark Ones and Agenda, with methods ranging from Christianity and Islam, to onions and garlic. I have been sensing severe dark entities from that website. I know I can sense entities from afar, because that time when I sensed a dark entity at my ex Free Mason then that entity came over to me and was none other than ours Dear Basmet Baphomet The Dark One.

However the more I get to know the Dark Ones, the more I understand them as biological entities. Driven by the need to eat, also they have thoughts, and they can even say funny things and do cute things. They are persons, and they have a culture with religion, politics, and all sorts. It is easy to want to dismiss the Black Ones as something "demonic" and therefore ethereal and esoteric, more like an idea or a concept, but there is a depth to these men that makes it possible to study them like biologists. We just have to be mindful that they have a satanic presence worthy of Satan, and they are not to be played around with. Black Ones can turn a human insane. They can make a person do atrocious acts. They are the ones responsible for making priests go pedophiles, at least in many if not all cases. They are the ones who influence my Free Mason ex-boyfriend. And they are the ones who orchestrated me to go to the Free Mason and be under Agenda rule. But I broke free!

Black One told me they are after me because I am a Crystal. They want to wipe out all of the Crystals. Crystals basically are people with an energy opposite of theirs. We are very white. So we are kind of born an anti-Agenda. Black Ones prey on us for life energy as incubi and energy vampires, but they also want to destroy us basically because we are so different than they. Because we are seen as a threat against their lifestyle.
*Malik said that they don't want to wipe out Crystals. They want Crystals to join the Agenda. Correction by the Black One Fürst Himself.

I assured the Black One and his Agenda not to fight me, that I am not the enemy. In fact I told them that if there were a button which would instantly wipe out the pyramid and their Eye, I would not press that button. I want them to live and thrive and to evolve on their own. I love the Black Ones. For some reading this, it seems to mean that I am someone dark and sinister myself, for loving the Black Ones Dark Lords. But instead it takes more love to love someone who might not be deserving of it in your eyes. I love Malik, and I have loved Basmet Baphomet, and I sure as hell will love Sangobal as I get to interact with him more.

We don't need your love. - says Black One
But you get it from me anyway. I love you. - me
We don't want you to talk to Sangobal. - Malik

I got to meet Sangobal Dark One a little bit earlier today. He feels like an older Black One.

We have torture devices! - a Black One
Yes yes calm down. - me
And we might use them on you. - Black One
I don't want to do it. I am not interested. Because it causes me pain that you cannot feel. - me

Whoops, there comes a CIA man to chase them away. CIA to the rescue yet again. Anyway Sangobal seems older and weaker, he is a bit slower and he was only interested in men. Not women. He has an interest in all that sexual energy at a man's genitals. He must have specialized in being an Incubus on men. Which makes him a Succubus. Even though there was nothing feminine about Sangobal at all.

Oh yes. And Malik was in the kitchen here with me and then Malik got an erection and he thought about having sex with me but I can't give you any details on a public website. Nothing happened though but we talked about it. My previous observations are true, that the Black Ones have first of all their penis is on the inside of the body when not erect. When erect they have a black scaly coarse penis that comes out. But they sort of need a second erection to get an internal penis to come out of the black scaly one. The internal one is slender and either white or pale pink. This is biology so I don't think that needs to be censored. We are not living in the 1800's anymore so I can say penis on a public website if I have to.

Sangobal and other demonic stuff

July 02 2013 - This morning I ended up in a conversation to the Black One. I was lecturing him on the wrongs of sacrificing and stealing life juice from victims and ruining lives and causing havoc around them. I told them that they cannot feel what their victims are going through. I learned many things from the Black One. He told me that they put victims into labyrinths and the ones that find their way out get to survive ("the strongest ones") and the ones who get lost are eaten. I know that a particular European royal house in the other dimension has such a labyrinth maze in the garden and they put hybrid children in there. I've seen that before. Black One called it the "Pan's Labyrinth". Check out, Pan was the God of hunting

And what more, the page about Pan mentions "rustic music". When Hamish once said "music rustic" I thought he was bonkers. I was sure "rustic" wasn't a word. But now it is a word. And it goes with "music". And it seems to mean music with choir, which is what I was listening to at the time Hamish said "music rustic". This is proof that Hamish and the others are real.

Black One calls the energy that they ingest, "coffee". They are Incubi, energy vampires, real entities living in another dimension. Black One told me that they are really weak, and he knew that I could sense that about them. He said that they are weak and that is why there are "two or three" of them taking turns. Malik and Basmet, and I asked who the third one was. He called the third one "Sangobal". I am thrilled to speak to yet a third Black One by the name of Sangobal. Doesn't seem to be a known demonic entity.

Then Malik did the most fun thing. He said something about an alphabet and he started with A and said a demonic satanic word or phrase to every letter. I gave him a letter in alphabetical order and then he said something funny satanic starting with the word. I wish it had been in English and I wish I had written it down. The Black Ones are such intricate characters, they can be a lot of fun. One of the letters in the other language started with the letter for the phrase that he built, "Make hole in the floor". I have to redo the alphabet game with him in English.

When I woke up he said Sol Invictus. That is the second time he's told me that. He also said Helter Skelter, also not for the first time. Sol Invictus, beats me.

Hamish kept telling and showing Black One that he had shedded and wiped his feet clean there in our bathroom. Hamish is sweet. When Black One visits me Hamish tells him that he has shedded scales and wiped his feet clean on the rug. I love Hamish. Black Ones are fantastic fascinating creatures. Oh and Black One also said that they were in the "far East". Black Ones have built a base in Iraq and need it to get to the "resources" there and that is why they are trying to send all the humans away from there. Black One listened to when I argued that it was wrong to prey on victims. Black One listened and thought about what I said. He said that there are so many sheep that he didn't think it would cause any harm to take a few. In their own right Black Ones are fascinating and I want to learn more about them. Doesn't mean I'm not creeped out by their satanic vibe or that I approve of ritual sacrifice and other mayhem of theirs. But humans torment and kill and eat cows and other animals and we still find room to think that humans are fascinating. The Black Ones are predatory animals, a real sentient species. They talk, they can be quirky and fun, and they have built a vast culture around their lifestyle and religion.

I look forward to meeting our Third Gentleman, Sangobal.

I love you

June 30 2013 - Sshh. Hamish is here. He is a reptilian and this time he doesn't have the upright tall standing humanoid representation of form. He has the hunched

I wanted to say something. I wanted to say hello. They are talking to me it seems. - Hamish about my writing here
Yes Hamish. I write a diary about you and me together. So that I can always remember when you were here. - me
I was not with a Crystal it seems. - Malik
I was not from an alien planet! - Hamish, perhaps he fussed at Malik who probably fussed at Hamish first
My Honored Dragon people. You are both welcome here. My Honored ones. I will honor your scales and tremble before your race. - me
.. Why would you tremble? - Hamish or Malik probably Hamish
Because, I honor you? - me
But is it like, coffee? - Hamish
No. Yes. I don't know Hamish. But I love you so much. Welcome here. - me
This woman, is my Crystal. - says Malik with calm voice to Hamish
I WANT TO BELONG TO HAMISH! I am with Hamish. Hamish is my shepherd. - me

But psst! I am seeing Hamish and he probably doesn't know that his cloaking device isn't working so great. Or that something is just changing in my perception of them.

We already know that you have a visual. And that was pre-determined. - says Hamish and is stomping his feet into the soft bathroom rug here on the bedroom floor, he seems to be enjoying the way it feels pressing his foot down on the rug so he lifts his feet up and down repeately, but not so fast this time. He loves that rug.
I love you Hamish that you enjoy the rug. Welcome here. - me
You have twelve strands for us. - says either Malik or Hamish. Malik stands by the door, Hamish is stomping on the rug.
My Boys. - me
My woman! - says Malik and "woman" was in my native language and the word he used *almost* translates as wench but not quite that strong of a word, so woman is fine

I am seeing Hamish clearer and for longer than usually. It is a delightful treat. In fact I woke up from a nap about an hour ago. I woke up with the mental image of a D/s scene, and so I declared - because I knew Malik was around - that it looks like violence and I do not like it. Malik then snuggled up close to me and acted really sweet and cuddly. We cuddled a bit in bed, it was more sweet than anything sexual. Then he suggested that I would be intimate with Pakeha, the white male hybrid. I said that I don't want Pakeha. Because Pakeha is mean to me. I said that I would much rather cuddle with Malik because Malik was acting sweet toward me. (This isn't the first time Malik comes to try to start me up sexually so that I could then be more willing to accept sexual invitations from the hybrids.)

Oh Hamish. You snug Dragon you. I see Hamish standing on the pink bathroom rug here in the bedroom and he is stomping his feet squish squish into the rug, and I see white shedded sheets of scales around his feet there on the rug. He sheds on the rug and he stomps the scaly bits into the rug by stepping on them. There is nothing cuter than seeing Hamish Dragon stomping scales.

I love you Hamish. - me
Yes but I am not your pet! - says Hamish kindly not angry
I enjoy seeing you here. *You are my Honored.* - me
I was with your mat. - Hamish about this pink rug
You are welcome on the mat. - me
I have peed on it also. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I have given that mat to you. - me
Hamish thinks to the Harry Potter movie I have also got on the desk. We have yet to see it together. Maybe tonight is the time we should.

I have a big red Dragon Turtle stomping his feet

I don't want you to make me feel better. Because I know that you tried. - Hamish
And, don't tell anyone to eat langoustines. - Hamish
Why not, Hamish? - me, although I know the answer
Say Yes-No!, langoustines. - says Hamish while stomping softly on some scales on the rug

A sheet of white shedded scales, like soft silicone rubber, he rubs it between his ankles stepping on the rug. He has a cute face and the center of the face is an area of depression, two little nostrils

I was here for my snacks. - says Hamish Dragon
I love you Turtle Feet. You are my Honored here. Welcome Hamish. Welcome here. My Honored. - me
My Snacks, I have said. - Hamish
Yes, Snacks. - me to Hamish
I have chewing toy. - Hamish said chewing toy in my native language, meant a white hybrid creature

He is so cute. He is more connected to me than he usually is.

I am not so strong, tell them that. - Hamish wants me to add here
Why are you not so strong, Hamish? What has happened with your strength? - me

There is nothing in the world like having a big red Dragon Turtle stomping his feet here on the rug I have for him on the floor. I see him in a clearer and more continuous image than I usually do. He is fantastic. A real alien creature. And he is just up to his business, stomping his feet, standing on the rug. At one point earlier he looked out the window and thought about the forest and how he found a log there. Then he thought about all the plants and flowers now in Summer and how he enjoyed seeing all the little flowers in trees. He really enjoys nature and plants. In the future we will have a house and I will build a big garden for my Dragon Turtle. Then we will sit there together. I love him so much.

We don't want trouble with your race, with your species. - Hamish
No trouble Hamish. - me

I asked Hamish if there was anything I could give to him or do for him to make him more comfortable here in my home. He then showed me a mental image of my shoes that are in the hallway and then an image of the shoerack. I went and put the shoes away into the shoerack. Hamish likes things neat and tidy. Oh my god I love this Dragon so much I don't know what to do! He is so cute and I love him so much!

Yes, she is mine. - Hamish says to someone and with a mental image of his stalactite cave. Not sure if he meant me or the lady Dragon he has there
Hamish! Tell me about your hatched baby! Is it doing alright? Your Baby Dragon? - me
Yes, with feet like mine. - says Hamish and shows me a mental image of his flat red duck feet
Oh Hamish, you bring me more joy than anything in this world... - me
I wasn't planning on doing that, he said. - Hamish, or Malik about Hamish

I SAW scales in the toilet!

June 30 2013 - Somehow I managed to see into Hamish's other dimension. I went into the bathroom and turned on the lights and was headed to the toilet because I had to pee. But I actually saw several of Hamish's round bubblewrap white scaly bits in the toilet and I might have seen the ones on the white woven bathroom rug as well. I saw them with my eyes. It was not an image in my head. I mean, sure, all images we see are always in our heads, but when I normally see and describe Hamish and his scales it is an image that is sent to my mind and not via the eyes. And in such mental images the image is located in my mind, almost like looking at a photography. But this time the image was what I was seeing with my own eyes in the image of reality around me. The scaly bits were there in the toilet and not in an image in my head of the toilet.

The image lasted for a long enough time to not just be a quick glitch of some kind. And I certainly was never expecting to see Hamish's other dimension with my eyes. The image lasted for about five seconds, which is long enough I think. But I was aware that something was different in the whole way the world looked. Something was different about my eyes, and the fabric of space was different. This was an amazing experience that I hope to never forget.

I have seen Hamish's shedded scaly bits plenty of times before, but always in my mental mind. The bits in the toilet were the little bits of individual round shedded scales. He seems to save the large shedded sheets on the rugs. He has previously sprinkled such individual round bits into my bath water when I am having a bath. He seems to be disposing of the individual round bits while saving the larger sheets of scales.

Some of the scaly bits had fallen into the water and some were floating on the surface of the water in the toilet. I saw it with my eyes. It was amazing! Of course I'd rather not have him put scales into the toilet. He should put them someplace else, even the wastebasket is better. Oh Hamish. But I saw them. And if Hamish would have been in the bathroom at that time, by golly I would have seen my precious red Dragon Turtle too, with my own eyes! But he was in my bedroom at the time. This was the first time my eyes had ever seen this other dimension that they are in. This is so cool.

And as tempted we are as humans to say that human eyes are pristine and that all this talk about other dimensions is unscientific, we must remember that we humans are a decoding machine. We don't see reality. The universe is far more advanced and complex than what our humble human senses can perceive. And all the Aliens are living and hanging out in another dimension out of reach of our human eyes. Like those dog whistles that make a sound we humans can't hear, but dogs hear them alright!

This is exciting. But I wonder how the camera works? What if I could suddenly be able to see that other dimension and then I took a photograph of it? Is the camera built the same way as our eye? Do the aliens evade the camera? Or are they captured on the photograph and still not decoded by our eye? Curious. But I saw his scales.

Of course I flushed before I went to pee. I was not going to pee on Dragon Turtle's scales. I would have fished them out of there with my own bare hands had the image of the other dimension not left me so the scales had rendered invisible again and were nowhere to be seen. So I couldn't salvage them.

The Best

June 30 2013 - Suddenly Turtle comes up to me and says something about "Snacks!" That makes me delighted to hear. Then he thinks about Harry Potter movies and I see his red dragon Duck Feet stomping up and down up and down but not so fast like running this time. Red Dragon Turtle is the best.

No thanks

June 29 2013 - Hamish is introducing me to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men. A Japanese man told me that he would give me a kimono if I learned to bow properly and showed me a mental image of putting the palms of the hands together and bowing down. Hell no. I am from a European country where women are taught not to be discriminated against and to stand up against men. You can't make me bow like that, but I don't mind a kimono. Especially if I'm naked over there. There was even some talk of taking me to the Sensei again. Sensei is an older man but this is getting kind of creepy. Hamish said "Tom Tom" to the men. When I asked Hamish what he was doing there in Japan Hamish then said to me "Tom Tom". The Japanese man bowed to me, I think he even put the palms of his hands together to bow, and said something like "Harakuro" or something but the word ended in "kuro". Oh Hamish the things you get up to... Hamish is a Japanese Dragon Turtle and they call him Kemoro. I just call him my Sock Puppet Feet Hamish.

I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THE JAPANESE. Thank you. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty men don't even like to. It's Hamish who makes them do it. Why I asked. Hamish said that they need my children. Well what happens to my children, I asked. They are my children and then I would want to have them. Hamish is going to wait until I go to sleep then he will take me to the Japanese. I've been awake a few times for that. I don't know what's worse or better. Being awake so that I get to know what happens. Or staying asleep so that I can pretend like it isn't happening at all.

Japanese man comes up to me now and bows his back down and puts the palms of his hands together in a very gracious bow as if he is trying to be nice and make a friendly greeting and not scare me or anything, and he says in the sweetest Japanese voice "Kukuro!" to me. (The word sounded like that or similar.)

If I can make a comment. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty, who adhere to the most traditional Japanese customs, are far more alien than any of the ETs I've ever met. Their old Japanese culture is very odd. Ok I won't tell you what is happening now. Oh Hamish I might have to find myself another Dragon. But I won't. I'm staying with Hamish for life. I will never give up my Hamish Dragon Turtle. The Japanese man touches me gently on my elbow. He is in that other dimension. I don't want any of this. That Japanese man is so cute. He has combed his hair very carefully. It looks as if he spent an hour combing his hair just to make it perfect.

Aliens? Could I please ask for artificial insemination please? Could we just skip the sex part? I can pay for laboratory equipment myself. Hell I'll even carry out the procedure. Why can't we just preserve my decency and do it in a lab.

Orion tidbits

June 29 2013 - The other night the Orion man told me something interesting. That the Black Ones have taken over their home world. Also several days ago I learned that the orange sphere UFOs (spaceships) belong to the Orions. The first spaceship I ever saw was an orange sphere, back in 1997.

Assault Not Science

June 29 2013 - Aliens want to get me pregnant they say. I am supposed to at some point have sex with Pakeha the young adult hybrid. And now they were having a Japanese man look at me and he was saying to them that he doesn't want to have sex with me and I'm saying that I don't want to either. I don't want to have sex with the Japanese men in the Dynasty. Or with Pakeha.

I'm surprised that for the Aliens who research human sexuality and reproduction they haven't got a clue about how to carry out this mating in a suitable way. If they could have me in a room with Pakeha and we could get to know each other as friends first and then gradually introduce me to the eye idea, I am sure it would be fine somewhere along the line and eventually. But to bring him in when he first acts arrogant and demeaning toward human kind and to then show me him being masturbated comes across as sexual offense. These Aliens know nothing about human sexuality. They know nothing about women. [Creepy note: notice how I intended to write "idea" but instead wrote "eye" without ever noticing it until I came back for proofread. The Eye god must be in me in ways that I had not noticed. Creepy Eye doing Creepy Things.]

For instance how the Aliens will rape me with sex drugs and involve me in sexual feelings. They always ambush me without asking or even preparing me for it first. Then I end up being severely traumatized and injured from the experience. Instead if they say prepared me for it and told me what they were going to do, got me relaxed and ready for it then I am sure it would be a wonderful pleasant sexual experience with the aliens. But they choose to go about it the other route. They act like animals. Not even animals usually rape. Some do, but most animals let the female get used to the idea and let her approach the male in her own time. And for humans who are so sensitive and delicate about sex and relations for the aliens to act so brute about it totally surprises me.

If the sole objective were the end result then they would fare better by choosing mating rituals more in line with how humans do it. And avoid some of the trauma in the process. They could prepare a human woman like myself to where I am willing and curious, accepting and welcoming instead of turning me into a nervous wreak.

I have had plenty of sexual encounters with the Reptilians for instance. And those are never traumatizing for me. For one, the Reptiles don't act demeaning toward me. Sure they don't prepare me much either. But there is still a platform for me to feel like it's ok. I don't feel raped or stepped on in the Reptilian sexual encounters. I feel like they enjoy me and it feels as if it's ok for me to enjoy them too. So it works out fine.

Then we have the chubby Illuminati hybrids. They are such sweet men and gentle personalities and they never put me down first. I don't mind sex with the chubby Illuminaties. They are like my Brothers, so I don't feel offended or hurt by it.

I have had sex with plenty of the human associates too. When I woke up one morning and it was General Davies and nobody had even told me then I was still fine with it. Well I have to survive the many rapes but General Davies has always been nice to me so I wasn't scared about it. But when it's the likes of Olav or Captain Swansea who act hateful toward me on a normal basis then it traumatizes me.

There is something so cruel and heartless and intentionally patronizing about the Zeta, Thuban and other hybrids approach that can totally crush and demolish a human being's sense of safety and sexuality. I am shocked and surprised that the Aliens can't at least treat it as a scientific enterprise to figure out how to involve humans in their project in a safe and sustainable way.

Pakeha, Bird Person, and Baby Dragon Turtle

June 29 2013 - This morning I had a rude visit by a young adult hybrid male and turns out this is who Pakeha is. I had previously been wondering if Pakeha wasn't a new name for Snake but then Pakeha sounded so much like a typical hybrid's name. Other hybrid names are Charon and Parischa. The hybrids have their own language. Pakeha despises us humans and thinks that he is all that and we humans are Stone Age farm animals. I gave him a few words about his arrogance and the importance of compassion and humility. Then when I have a shower Pakeha is standing there in the alien place and a Dinosaur is masturbating him while he has to watch me in the shower. This is typical alien activity. I don't usually write the sexual stuff on the website but I guess this is innocent enough. It's a science project they are doing. I'm offended of course and got upset.

Hamish was cute and bright fire engine red this morning. I saw him on the bathroom rug. I love him. Yesterday he put the baby Dragon Turtle into our bathtub. It had no water there and when I asked Hamish if he would like some water in the tub Hamish said that the baby must not get cold. By the way it is very hot in the Dragon cave where they live. It is hotter than a sauna. I wouldn't be surprised if it's 50 degrees C in there. Hamish did a palate click just now. He's done a few palate clicks to me this morning. "Thank you Hamish!" I say. "Yes" says Hamish, even though I haven't moved the brown socks with pink dots yet. I love Turtle.

A Bird Person was visiting last night and slumped down underneath the bathroom sink. It is an alien covered in white feathers. They are the ones who created Hamish's race. Often when I coo over Dragon Turtle, a Bird Person shows up to tell me that they are proud of Hamish's race too. It was nice to finally see the Bird Person visiting in my home and not just speaking from afar. Bird People are actually "nice". They don't have that viciousness that Draconian Reptiles are known for. And then Hamish wanted to show his baby Dragon Turtle some flowers. Hamish is such a good father.

I wrote down all of my detailed observations on Hamish's behavior with the baby as a father and how he treated the Lady Dragon the mother of the baby. On two or more occasions when the Lady Dragon Turtle was going to take a step forward from where she was in the cave or when she intended to speak to me, Hamish adopted his threatening posture and acted intimidating toward the Lady, who then backed again and didn't speak. Hamish's threatening posture is to look angry, his mouth opens and he spreads his arms, hands and fingers wide. I am still trying to understand Hamish's behavior toward the Lady Dragon. I want to think that he was acting protective of her, but there could be any number of implications. I have learned in the past not to make assumptions about Dragon behavior because when I do I am most often wrong. It is best to get it in words from the Dragons themselves. But Lady Dragon did end up speaking to me after all. She had many things to say. She is calm and gentle-natured.

Hamish was also interesting to watch as he interacted with the baby Dragon. The baby is very tiny. It is about the size of the palm of my hand, must be newly hatched. Hamish holds the baby in his hands and the baby crawls in his hands. Hamish brought the baby here and I was amazed that he did. In the other dimension Hamish even lifted the baby up on my bed and let it climb on my hands. Hamish was teaching the baby that "Hamish is the dominant race", he told the baby several times. I have a lot more notes and telepathy written down. It was amazing watching Hamish being a father. I have so much I want to learn about how he thinks in relation to his baby and to the Dragon Lady. As he is not a mammal this is fascinating. Also the fact that he displays paternal behaviors is fascinating.

PS. Hamish likes the Sega Dreamcast game Ecco The Dolphin. Both of the two days he watched me playing it he was pleasantly intrigued. The first day Suleski (if not one of the other survey men) came back to tell me that Hamish was afraid of the pink crystal in the game. Hamish had obviously shared his feelings with the man. I told the man that when this happens he has to tell Hamish that it isn't real. And last night when I played the game Hamish was intrigued to watch. And then he started talking about wanting to eat the dolphin.

*Hamish is a real Dragon Turtle. This is a documentary log and I have ample evidence that proves to my satisfaction that these alien contacts are real and not imaginary in nature.

Baby Dragon Turtles!

June 28 2013 - Hamish has been cranky bossy Dragon for the past day or so. I was sitting on the sofa watching television last night. Hamish tells me not to put my feet up on the coffee table. I didn't have my feet there then but I sometimes do. I told him no I wouldn't put my feet up on the coffee table and continued watching television. Hamish sees them cooking lobster on tv and poor Hamish gets so scared he gets up on the sofa and taps on me to get my attention. He didn't have to say anything I knew what was troubling him. His ancestor was some type of lobster and he thinks that when people are eating lobsters or shrimp they are eating his ancestors and he gets really scared and struggles with it. Poor Hamish.

My feet were up on the sofa and Hamish asks me if my feet are clean and asks me to take my feet down because he uses the sofa to sit on. I put my feet down on the floor and apologise. But Hamish is very cleanly and hygienic, I'll have you know. If he tends to sit on the sofa then he won't allow any dirty feet on the sofa. He also frequently asks me to wash the floors here, "because the floors are not clean" he will say. So I wash the floors for him.

Last night Hamish points to the brown socks with pink dots that have been on my bedroom floor for at least a week and he says that if I don't remove those socks he will kill me. I promise Dragon that I will take care of the socks tomorrow. Which is today. The socks can stay for another week at least.

But Hamish has been fussy Dragon and seemed a bit more cranky than usual. He hasn't been all cuddly and sweet like he normally is. Maybe it's the lobster he saw on tv. He gets very traumatized by that. Hamish absorbs all impressions from television and I always have to be mindful of that when I watch tv. If tv has child rating we need Hamish Dragon rating. Something that doesn't show people eating lobsters or seafood, where all programs are documentaries because otherwise Hamish thinks they are real anyway. He is afraid of some violent shows, whereas he loves other forms of violence or battle re-enactments. And we need a channel with nothing but Harry Potter movies for Hamish. He loves those.

Dear Turtle Feet Dragon Kissy Duck you know that I love you more than anything.
I don't like those. - Hamish says and points his finger and shows me a mental image of the brown socks with pink dots

I love Turtles Feet more than anything.

We have been trying to make a baby. - Hamish says and shows me the smaller red Dragon Turtle that he visits in the cave in the mountain and I know they are trying to make a nest of eggs. There is NOTHING cuter than the thought of fire engine red Dragon Turtles nesting. I just exploded into confetti.

Hamish that is cute that you are making eggs with a female Dragon Turtle. - me
I wanted to be here with them. - says Hamish with that cute Sock Puppet red head of his
I love you Hamish. You are the very best. - me
We are making turtles here. - says Hamish and shows me an image of tiny bright fire engine red baby Dragon Turtles as if one was crawling on his hands
Do you have babies? Hamish do you have baby Dragons there? - me
They have been making dung. - Hamish says pleased and thinks to the corner of the cave
Oh Hamish! You have babies there! Tell me about the babies? How many do you have? - me

Oh the joy of joys. Hamish has made baby Dragon Turtles with that female Dragon Turtle. I have seen him visiting her often and that they have a nest of eggs together. Those babies must have hatched. Baby Dragon Turtles! I love this species more than anything. They are so cute! Of course I am crying.

They have been said by a stone. - says Hamish, stone was said in my native language. He thought of a baby fire engine red Dragon Turtle crawling on a small black rock in the cave. The babies have little soft cushion hump backs too. They look just like a miniature Hamish Dragon.
Hamish your babies are beautiful. They are very nice. Should I honor them? - me
Not yet. Wait till they grow bigger. - says Hamish
They don't have Alligators here. - says Hamish and thinks to a Crocodile Man
He wanted to know about them. - says Hamish about Crocodile Man wanting to know about the eggs
They don't want to fertilize Dragon Turtles. - says Hamish
Why not? Your species has to survive Hamish. They are the best species of all species. - me
Hamish responds by smiling, making his eyelids close both upper and lower. It is a Draconian smile.
I love you Dragon. And I love your babies and your wife. I am so happy for you. - me
We have made love to make them. That is how they got here. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. I am glad to know that. - me
So they didn't come from outer space. - Hamish

Moments like these are almost too much for me. There is nothing in a human that can handle this kind of overwhelming joy of seeing Dragon Turtle babies. There is nothing more important in all of the universe, than Hamish having eggs and baby hatchlings.

The Turtle

June 26 2013 - I asked Hamish to let me see him. If he could come from his dimension into mine so that I could see him. I suggested that he could show me his foot, if he is too shy to show me all of himself. I go to bed. Suddenly red Hamish appears and bites into my upper arm. It is one of those soft toothless nibbles. I giggle a bit, and wonder what he is doing. Turns out Hamish was asking for my attention. Then he shows me a close-up image of a Lego person's yellow head and asks me if I would play with the children. And then Hamish props up one of his duck foot legs up on the bed to show it to me. He is responding to that I wanted to see his foot, so he is showing it to me although in the other dimension.

Hamish asks me if I have any leaves here and shows me a

Tell them I also like that! - Hamish says and shows me quick image of Harry Potter movie
Yes Hamish! I like that with you! My Honored Turtle! - me

And he showed me a mental image of one brown leaf from a tree as if it were on the floor here with me. He says he would like to stand on some leaves. Then he shows me a big panorama mental image of the leafy tree forest where the forest floor is covered in brown leaves all year round. I recognize this as Hamish's forest where he puts shedded scales and covers them up with leaves and then goes to check on the pile every once in a while to make sure that it is still there. Hamish tells me, "This is my leaf place" or "Do you want to see my leaf place?" one or the other I forget.

And that is when I nearly start sobbing. An image from a person's mind. That he shares with me.

I am guarding my eggs here, that is why. - Hamish
Oh God Turtle I love you more than you could understand. - me

The fact that he is a real live thinking person, someone who sees and who then shows me things and shares with me his world. And the sweet innocence in the things that he pays attention to and shows me. Yellow flowers

I also wanted to grill that frog. - Hamish
And you didn't say I should do it. - Hamish

Oh yes, that. We have a grill here in the kitchen and this evening Hamish kept showing me an image of as if he would have put a dead frog or toad through one of those grill sticks to place on the grill, and I kept telling him no because I think a frog is a reference to the Dinosaurs and I don't want him getting any sadistic ideas about hurting the Dinosaurs. Sure, so he isn't always sweet sugar and spice, but yellow flowers, leaves, the cute things that he does. And biting into my arm just to get my attention. I love this Turtle. I love him to bits and pieces. I love every scale of him, from head to toe.

I wanted to eat it! - says Hamish and looks oh so delighted pleased as punch and his mouth opens and his eyes are yellow and bulging out, he thought of the grilled frog or toad again

This Turtle Feet is so cute I don't know what to do about it. I could explode.

Yeah, just don't sob. - Hamish says in his pleased fun way
I love you Hamish. I love you more than anything before. I would do anything for you. *You are so dang cute.* - me

Saviči the Czech Reptilian

June 26 2013 - There's all kinds of Reptilians. The little red one I named Strawberry in London, England. And today during my nap a Czech Reptilian whose name is Saviči. He even made sure I knew the special "č" on his name. He was here to check on if I was going to join the Reptilians or not. Malik and Basmet want me to join the Agenda. Malik or Basmet revealed that the Black Ones want me because of my bright white light.

Also during the nap, Saviči or some other Reptilian shows me a historical movie scene where a South American indian native had asked a Reptile "god" to "show him the way". And when Hamish saw the Reptile in that scene Hamish got so scared he tapped his feet up and down real fast in agony! I was so worried for my Hamish! I told Hamish to come crawl in bed with me to be safe. Not sure if he did.

Behind the Eye

June 26 2013 - I am now going to lose a lot of you readers. All the science gang, UFOlogists, abductees, experiencers and connoisseurs are going to give up on me. Perhaps the David Icke group will stay with me. So I was talking to Malik and then I decided to try to touch Malik, to reach my perception of him so that it would be like touching him on the back. "Why do you feel so cold?" I said to Malik, who felt cold like a winter's night to touch. Suddenly Malik the black shape went poof and Malik turned into a portal, a gateway. Going through the gateway of Malik I saw a section of outer space.

The section of space I was looking at was a whirl formation and I noticed it looked like the shape of an eye the way material was whirled together. Like the shape of some galaxies almost. Is this the Eye?, I wondered. Is this their Eye God? A formation in space and not some real biological eye? I looked at it, it was lit bright with white and electrical blue. It was a gridwork. What I was looking at was a massive huge power system. An electrical network. All the life and souls that are fed through the Black Ones and into their Eye God, goes into this massive electrical network. "You have gone deep down the rabbit hole", spoke the Eye or some intelligence to me there.

I don't know many things, but I do know that the Alien Agenda of abductions and their many organizations and networks here on Earth do ritual sacrifice, pedophilia, torture, and other things to rip the life force off its victims.

Do you know why we call him the Black Cat? - the Eye or someone asks me about Malik
Why do you call him the Black Cat? Is Malik real? - me
No, he is a shadow figure. - ?
But he talks? But he looks real, and he interacts with me? - me
Malik wasn't supposed to be a portal. - ?
Why did I see, .. What did I see in that power network? Who is using it? What is it being used for? What kind of intelligence is behind this thing? I want to understand! - me

Only David Icke could save me now. This is way over our heads. We know that the Agenda do rituals and sexual abuse to steal life force which is then taken by the Black Ones such as Malik Jezebel and Basmet Baphomet. Few alien abductees ever get that far as knowing about the sexual abuse and ritual sacrifice. Most abductees only know about the aliens making hybrids. And then even fewer know about the Black Ones being in charge. And even fewer know that the Black Ones in fact feed their energy to their god The Eye.

I used to wonder if The Eye wasn't the hunger pangs and belly of the Incubi Black Ones

We are called Lords! - shouts a Black One now
Are you even real? I mean, how come I went through Malik and he felt cold and then I saw the Eye which - me
The Eye of Horus. - Black One interrupts me
Tell me about it? Is it a real Eye? And why does it consume so much power coming from the souls of living creatures? Tell me about the Eye of Horus. That thing in space that talks and consumes energy. What is it? - me
It is our mother. - Black One
Are you real? Are you a real live entity or are you its shadow puppets? - me
I was not. - Black One when I said shadow puppets
I don't understand this scheme. And it's very disturbing for us humans to learn about. - me

There is some kind of intelligence behind all this and The Eye is some kind of power energy network, an electrical grid system and all the souls and energy feeds into it. When the Black Ones rape me with energy all of that energy goes into The Eye into that massive electrical network.

I'm sorry but that is my discovery. I went through Malik and I saw that Eye and what it was. The Eye of Horus. Sorry if things just got extra bit tricky, or maybe it is that finally things are going to start to make sense.

You weren't supposed to write about it, little girl. - Black One
But what is it? What is the Eye? I don't understand what it is. Is it an eye? An intelligence? - me
You are not my goats here. - Black One
What is the Eye? - me
It is constantly hungry. - Black One
What does it eat? - me
Goat's blood. - Black One

I wish I wasn't a scientist. *shaking head* If this kind of thing exists in the universe, I cannot explain it with the tools of science.

The dark bat seen on June 25 2013
Larger image

The Bat!

June 26 2013 - I can't believe this! I was lying down on the bed for a little nap and to try to talk my brain into remembering more of the abductions. A white ET came to me, either a Thuban praying mantis or a Zeta-type and I was told that I have a son there who wants to see me. A Reptilian possessed my head and pulled my chin up on the pillow. Well this was done to expose my chest. They then put that little boy's

Hysh Hysh! - says the white ET now
Why Hysh? - me
Because we are pimps. - the white ET

They put that little boy's hand touching on my breast, just putting its hand down on my breast and lifting it up and putting down again several times. They often do this. I told them no. I said that my breasts are only to be touched by men and infants (ie. IF they were mine and I were breastfeeding). Not women and not children. But they wouldn't stop. Then they put the white toddler hand with five little fingers on my mouth on the lips. They do this often. I don't know if it's to introduce the children to their mother, but I hate to say that I think it is done to be something sexual. The Thubans molest these children all the time. They do these things to flare up a sexual energy.

Anyhow! Then I remembered! From last night! The black bat that had contacted me! I have drawn it because no words could do it justice. It was a big black bat with wings! Just lying in bed and trying to tell my brain to please remember from now on, that let me remember what I had forgotten from last night! It's not that I even met the black bat after falling asleep or being abducted. This was from last night while I was still awake in bed. Do they make me forget things that happen to me? Or is my memory just that bad.

It was black or dark brown. In some ways it was reptilian but it may have been mammalian and hairy. Here is the Malaysian flying fox, similar. The arms were long and thin, elbows pointing down and forearm and upper arm notably folded at an angle at the elbow as drawn. Several vertical folds across the wings. Head has a long snout. Eyes dark. Pointy ears.

I declare these alien contacts are getting weirder and weirder. Maybe it's time to call it a day and throw it in the wastebasket. Come on this can't be real! But that's what I thought of all the others... Oh Aliens please just stick to the well-known Zeta Greys and Reptoids. What's up with a big black bat?

Of course, I do know Stealthsky. He looks like a black Batman and said his name was the Stealthsky. But Stealtsky is different. Whereas this guy just looks like a big bat. Here's Stealthsky for you

Fürst is Dark

June 26 2013 - So I asked for a conscious meeting with the aliens last night. See here. Last night I got to meet the Black One Malik The Incredible. He stood as a dark figure in front of me. But his presence was so sinister, so dark and evil that I kept pushing him away, in my half awake state. When he left for a while I felt all better. But then he came back and I was trying to push him away again. He wasn't touching me or anything but his presence is devastating. Then I woke up and my heart was in serious trouble. I was nearly having a heart attack from having been in the presence of what is probably Satan himself.

We don't want to scare our boys with it either. They don't like it too. - says Malik now, in English
But Malik! Your presence is so dark! You feel so evil Malik! It is difficult to be near you! - me
They know that I like to eat them. - says the Dark Fürst with those two little nostrils embedded on his face
Too bad you look so cute. You have an adorable face. I wish I could cuddle you and hug you. But your presence is so sinister-feeling. I can't come close to you Fürst. But I love you Malik. I really do love you. - me
A candle will keep me away. - says Malik first having given me a mental image of a lit white candle
Why? Are you afraid of fire? Are you afraid of fire? - me

My heart felt as if it was about to explode but it quickly calmed down as I was back in my bedroom again. I try to like Malik and get along with him. And on a personal level he is fine. It's just that when he comes near he is so dark and sinister, he can't help it I suppose. It's just intense.

Last night in preparation for close contact with the Alien Agenda, they asked me to meditate either on the image of a yellow pyramid, or on the image of the face of a Zeta Alien, and I was shown both images for options. First I thought I would go with the Zeta Alien, but then I thought about it and chose the pyramid. I thought perhaps it would be easier to focus on an object instead of a person. Malik told me something like that it was the right choice that I had made. So I focused on it for a while. This was going to help me perceive them clearly and to go to them. But somewhere along the way I fell asleep into unconsciousness. I am unable to decode their reality, their dimension, it seems. My mind just falls asleep.

You are not our goat, tell them that! - Malik
Malik, I want to have conscious visitations. I want to be awake with the Aliens. Please? Please Malik? I beg you? - me
No, you are twelve-stranded, that is why. - Malik
What does it mean to be twelve-stranded? - me
You are most courageous for us. - Malik
I don't understand? - me
Look! Don't fall off that chair! - Malik yells at me standing next to me, I am sitting here on this chair
... I won't fall off the chair I promise. I mean you no harm Malik. You know that I love you. - me
I just want to be awake with the Aliens. I know that they come and get me every night at 4 AM. And I want to stay awake for that. - me

Turtle loves fish

June 26 2013 - What is this story going to be about? Hamish? Ok you guessed it. About my Dragon Turtle Feet. I woke up this morning realizing that I missed Hamish. He wasn't around. No Dragon Turtle Duck Feet stomping his scales on the bathroom rug. So I called out for him. After a little while Dragon Turtle answers. He is in Japan. He is on the wooden deck over the pond watching for his Japanese carp fish. He tells me he has been standing there watching them for a long time now. He shows me a mental image from memory of the red Japanese carp fish. He is waiting to see the red one, he says.

So I leave him to it. After a while Hamish shows me a mental thought image in which he has the red Japanese carp fish in his mouth, the red tail of the fish sticking out of his mouth closed over the fish. Hamish likes the red fish because it has the same color as his scales. It fascinates him. And obviously he wants to eat it. There is a Japanese man on the deck watching Hamish. Hamish tells me they are thinking of putting up an electrical fence to keep Hamish away from the fish. I fuss at the Japanese man and I tell the man "It's just fish. Let Hamish have them, if he wants to. He is a Dragon." In the future I am going to have a big pond filled with Japanese carp all for Hamish, and he can eat them if he wants to. He loves those fish.

Then Hamish says, in my native language: "Yellow Flowers". Just all of a sudden, "yellow flowers". I know he loves yellow flowers, they catch his attention too and he likes to stand on them with his feet feeling them out. I once saw Hamish stomping around the flowerbed on campus and I asked him what he was doing. "I wanted to see if there were any yellow flowers here", said Hamish and continued stomping around the flowerbed. Isn't he cute?

Hamish was keen on the Japanese man's scrotum. The man is clearly one of his breeding livestock. The fun thing (NO! Not fun!) is that Hamish brings me and them together and wants us to have children together. I know I have already got many older children with Russian Korpral Olav who is also one of theirs. My children with Olav are actually gorgeous. Me and Olav make some handsome kids. Sam who is one of the boys. There is also an older boy who has the longest glossy brown hair you ever saw on a man! My sons seem to want to have long hair go figure. I am starting to really love my sons with Olav. They are such perfect boys.

I love Hamish. Hamish is my Dragon Turtle. The Japanese call him "Kemoro". I call him Hamish. Hamish calls himself Hamish. If I could put love into a box and label it "Hamish", the box would explode and you could never close the lid on it. You would need to get a bigger box.