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June 02 2013 - June 25 2013

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Been here all day

June 25 2013 - I suddenly realized I haven't talked or interacted with Hamish almost all day. I started calling for him. "Hamish. Where are you dwelling? I miss you Hamish. Your eggs are calling. I am calling for you." I felt sad. It is at times like these I allow myself to tell myself that maybe he isn't real, not now and he never was and then I felt all cold inside. I miss my Hamish and what if he isn't real. It's one of those things when a mother hasn't seen her son all day and she thinks that surely he has been hit by a car and is lying dead in a hospital and she won't ever see him again. The more you love someone, the more it hurts not seeing them for half a day and the more fantastic horror stories you invent in your mind about how you will never see them again.

I have been here all day. - says Hamish and his red Sock Puppet Head shows up

Cabin fever for Turtle again
And we are living in two different television channels

June 25 2013 - On May 26 Hamish had some cabin fever. I was out jogging by the lake and Hamish found a red lakeshore cabin and he loved it. He had a hard time leaving it. Now, a few days ago I found Hamish visiting there again. He sends me remote images of himself in his whereabouts like postcards of himself. He was in that cabin again! And now today, at noon time, Hamish has got cabin fever again. In the future when I buy Hamish and me a house I will be sure to install a red cabin on the yard. Like a big doghouse, only people-size and for Dragon. It will be fitted with rugs, leather sofas and armchairs, and anything else a Red Turtle Dragon would want.

He is so snug and comfortable in that little red cabin. He likes to stand on its wooden porch. I can feel what Dragon feels. He feels oh so snug. He has found a spot and he likes to be there. He loves snug places and he feels so good when he visits them. Like bathroom rugs, this little red cabin, and that creek in a forest. He's a cutie. It's like when you see a cat who has found a snug place and they are just enjoying being there.

I am translating pages for the second book called "Noah's Ark" and found a great quote by Hamish:
On April 19 2012 Hamish said: "Watch out for my scales, and don't forget to honor." It is such a typical Hamish-quote. Especially from the beginning of our contact.

This morning Hamish me and John with the US team had a great conversation. I was asking Hamish why I can't see him. Hamish was laying down sheets of his shedded "dry scales" gently on my bed as I lay still in bed. He has separation anxiety about his shedded scales. He thinks about them a lot and talks about his scales, and tells me where he is putting them and tells me that he has "scales" there, and that he has "groomed" and "shedded". There is a feeling of sadness and slight anxiety about Dragon with his shedding. It is slightly traumatic for him the experience of shedding scales. I try to alleviate his anxiety and mourning by being there for him, and speaking words of comfort. I try to tell Dragon that it is natural, he is a reptile, and that it is ok. And that the scales are "beautiful", and "honored".

I could see what Dragon was doing in his other dimension. I see Hamish and the other dimension and his scales there quite clearly in my mind's eye. But my physical eyes do not detect it. So I asked why. Hamish says that there is no light there. Once before the Aliens said that there were no "photons" there. So that would explain why we are unable to see them. We only see things when light touches an object and the light bounces back into our eye, relaying a picture made out of light that our brain then decodes into an image. And if there is no light bouncing off something, then our eyes cannot see it, even if it were there. If light does not bounce off a surface or into our eye then it is invisible to us. It makes perfect sense, even to this physicist.

However. How then can I walk right past the aliens when they are standing here. Should they not still be physical objects? That is when John steps in to our conversation and starts talking about television sets. How the aliens are in some other television signal broadcasting system or something. It was really way over my head, even for a physicist, but the way John explained it was as if my mind sees the world like a television set shows one channel on the tv. The aliens are living like on another television channel and our tv is already set on one channel - ours - and we cannot see theirs. Not at the same time at least. Interesting. And should I say, curious.

The Orion man

June 23 2013 - 9 pages in a Word document of telepathic conversations with the black reptile who is the Orion man. He shows me a yellow globe that is a map he is making.

Tell them that it has got no oceans left. - Orion man says now
That is why I was making it. - Orion man
Alright. I see. What happened to the oceans? Were they removed somehow? - me
Our daughters and sons lived there once, but not now. - Orion
What happened? What caused it to change? - me
Our sons don't live there anymore I said. So. That will be all. On this topic. - Orion
Yes. Thank you. - me
We had our heads removed there. And then we came here! - Orion, heads removed as in injured, I saw an associated thought image
I am sorry to hear about the wars. It makes me sad, my condolences to the people of Orion. - me
We had, no more better weapons than they. So we were not outnumbered! They were just better than us. - Orion

The conversation is on-going as it seems. I wrote it down. He talks about wars, and about the Orion people having been "genetically reverse-engineered" to infertile. He tells me about his heart, wants to show me the yellow globe map he is making, and we talk about spaceships that hover because of magic stones.

The Orion people have a lot of pride. And they have some painful past. He thinks a lot to his family members. I am trying to understand this man, how he thinks, what his world is like. I am so honored and privileged to be talking to an Orion man, to interview him, to see him and to feel each other when we talk.

He is a black reptile covered in scales that are small and protruding from the skin not flat. The snout is protruding and v-shaped, filled with many small sharp teeth. The eyes are black and shiny. He has a sharp bitter smell that is not unpleasant. Like the smell of those small round black pepper spices. He wears a purple uniform. He is up there in a spaceship. He connected to me when I was browsing YouTube videos on Draconians, and then we started to talk.

Commendant Larsen

I haven't cried, tell them that. - the Orion man
And I am also not a lizard! - Orion
What are you, if not a lizard? What then are you? - me
We were made by the birds. - Orion
What kind of birds were they? Are they the Master Race? - me

Commendant Larsen was here a while earlier asking me not to talk to them, or there would be "retribution".

A minute later:
We smell like juniper. - Orion

I was trying to think of a tree with small needles that reminds me of the smell of the Orions. I am from a European country and though I have heard of "juniper" I would have thought it was a leafy tree. For me this is yet another form of small evidence that the Orions and Aliens are real. Also the fact that he said "daughters and sons" whereas me and most other people are used to saying it "sons and daughters". Real Aliens, oh my.

Oh no!

June 22 2013 - Hahaha. I am doing my dance workout and Hamish first of all doesn't like it when I dance. He says "No, disco" because there is music. He also worries that my movements might hurt the eggs. But then what he always does is bring some of his bachelors to look at me. I often see the Japanese having to watch me dance. And the US military. It bothers me. But just now Hamish was making Jack with the NASA team watch and I saw a quick mental image of Jack's privates and Hamish showed him without words that he would bite him there if he didn't do as he says. It was so funny! Hamish was going to bite him in the balls!

Pardon me and let me remind you that the Orion Project is a documentary. On Alien behavior. Haha. And why does Hamish do this? Because it seems that these men have to get me pregnant. I am also the men's payment for working with the Agenda. Something like that.

I can't tell you

June 22 2013 - Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god. Draconians may have done some atrocities against two Illuminati hybrid chums, you know, those chubby Illuminati hybrids that look like marshmallows but I love them as Brothers because they are sweet? I may have watched two of them injured and I can't describe it here. I have written a detailed account of last night's events but find it in the books not here.

Hamish has been distressed all night because he saw someone eat fish. He thinks fish are his relatives because he has seen some bright orange and red fish with scales that look like his own. So he sympathizes with fish and any time somebody eats fish he gets traumatized and worried and full of agony. If he sees someone eating slices of fish then for him it is like us having to see someone eat human abdomens. Which is what the scary story is about that I can't even tell you here... Bad things happen in the alien basements. I won't tell you. But I did write it down. I'm sorry but as much as we want to know the truth about alien life, some things have to be censored and before you commit to finding out the truth about aliens you probably have to read a disclaimer and go see a psychiatrist to evaluate your strength.

I have seen grown military officers crying and throwing up because of what they have to see. And these are our toughest strongest men out there, our leaders and defenders of mankind, the ones who will see and tackle with humanity's worst sides on behalf of all of us others so that we don't have to. Which is why aliens are kept covert and secret. Please stop hating on the military because they won't tell us about aliens being real and here. Remember one thing: the military intends to protect the public. And in my opinion that is what they are doing. So go on with your lives, not having to see what goes on in those underground alien bases. If you think that ET is some kind of friendly critter just because you've seen movies like Steven Spielberg's E.T. or some cartoons then just go on with your life. The study of alien life is a very advanced study. You have to be a scientist. Being curious about it just won't be enough. Bad things happen in those basements. And I'm not talking bad like cool and scary like some scary movie at Halloween that you can then turn off and think wow that was great! I'm talking bad things happen to good people down there in the basements. And I don't want you to know.

On a happier note, John Donnell. Regretfully a very common name. But the name of one of my new military men whom I met last night. He has brown hair. I met two new US military men last night. Mr. Donnell wasn't wearing his military uniform but in civil clothes but I think he was a high rank member. Not once have I met regular lower ranking military in my encounters. Only the higher rank ones. Generals, Captains, Major, Liutenant, Adjutant, Admiral, and things like that.

Mind you, I will publish last night's notes in one of the books. And I'm sorry. There is nothing I can say. My heart goes out to my Brothers in those basements. If I could bring you all out and give you everything you dreamed of. One of you wants to fly a hot air balloon. Another likes fast cars. I want to give you sugar and ice-cream and pancakes. I want to give you a wonderful life, a life as sweet as your personalities. You are the sweetest men I ever knew. My Sweet Brothers, I love you.

For some of the sequel books, not the first one, I might have to ask peole to read an affidavit before they can receive a copy. There's some disturbing stuff in there. I still don't know for sure if Hamish was only thinking things or if it actually happened.


June 21 2013 - Good morning. We begin today with a random quote by Malik just two seconds ago: Malik says "My penis". "Yes, ok, Fürst", I say to him.

Last night was very interesting. Sadly I was too tired and weak from being in Malik's presence that I could not write it down. I was mentally connected by a group of four or so thin Illuminati hybrids. Thin Illuminati hybrids are white with a green luminescent glow and pale neon green eyes. These guys wear the 1920's ganster black suits complete with the hat. Dark brown or black suits with pinstripes. The guys were standing in a car parking building made of concrete, standing next to a black car. I saw no other cars or people there. They were here to talk to me.

Damn, I can't remember half of what they said, but it was important. They want me to join them. They are changing my DNA. I am not allowed to write books or a website about this, though they did not come across as threatening or dangerous. They welcomed me into their group. Then Malik said something fantastic to the guys. Malik said to them, that although I am a woman they must treat me as an equal. The Illuminati hybrids namely are highly masochistic and sexist, in particular the chubby Illuminati hybrids (who are a different breed). The Illuminati does not work with women. They are all men. Women are only for making babies. But they are having me as an equal. So that is odd. Maybe because I am so nice to Malik. I know that Malik is very fond of me, and I must say I am fond of my Fürst. There is something special between us, that I would describe almost as a father-daughter relationship, it is difficult to describe, and difficult to justify.

I was meant to drink a vial of Malik's blood last night. But I suspect that what they are doing right now is changing my DNA. I am a Starseed and I actually have, I am finding out, some DNA or other information in me from a benevolent alien race. I've thought it is the Arcturians. Lately I've been finding myself actively changing the DNA and shape of the body by just hey, knowing how to change the DNA and body. I can change eye color, shape of the body, color of hair and color of skin, even shape of bones. I am building on a template of an alien woman and changing this human body. I just know how to do that and it is normal to me. I don't question it I just do. It is like migrating birds. They just know when it's time and how it's done. I feel that Malik, head of the Agenda save for the Eye, is working to actively suppress my coming.

Malik might be placing his own genetic material into me so that I would adopt the lower dimensional code instead of waking up into a light being. Malik told me last night that the reason he was doing all of this, was because I was a Crystal. This may all sound like science-fiction and very esoterical, but I regret that some of you regular humans will feel left out and puzzled by all of this, wondering if it even is real. Sadly I'm one of the ETs already in the story so I am no longer in a position where I can continue to question and act puzzled. I am understanding the alien story better and better and my own role in it and that will leave some of my readers behind if I adopt a different way of thinking about it.

The Illuminati gangsta guys told me that I am an alien. They were here to tell me that. They said that I was switched out at birth, and that I should probably not tell my mother that. But I already knew that. Someone in the Agenda had already told me this weeks ago. I asked what ET's DNA I had in me? Was it the Draconian Reptiles? The Zetas? They said I had some Draconian DNA in me. That made me happy. I said, no wonder that I'm so fond of the Reptilians. How much I love Hamish and Malik and Snake. I said to the boys that I could kiss myself, knowing that there was Draconian DNA in me.

I'm real sorry that I actually love the Draconians. I know I am supposed to hate them and think that they smell and are rude and terrible. This morning I called for Hamish to come see me. I missed him, I said. After a while red Dragon Turtle came in. He showed me an image of a red pointy garden gnome's hat and said "No, Santa". "No, Santa", I said, and I said to Hamish that I would bite Santa. I said that I would kick Santa, for showing power. Hamish got so pleased to hear of the violence against this irritant that he patted his flat red duck feet up and down real fast. He does that when he gets excited. When Hamish feels real happy and excited it makes a sensation of tingle on his feet and he relieves that tingle by stomping or patting the feet up and down real fast. Similar to how the White Dragons feel a tingle across their upper back, which is alleviated when they stand up tall and spread their wings to the sides in what one called "ceremonial magic", which they do in response to various emotions such as pride or gratitude, or one said that they do it when they are being "territorial".

Important facts at this time:
1. I am a benevolent person. I am not into witchcraft, Satanism, the occult, or any dark sinister things. The Agenda is into these things, I am not. "You are a Star Person that is why." says Malik right now. "Thank you Malik.", I say.
2. I actually love the Draconian Reptiles probably because I am such a loving person. Some would say that being affectionate toward Reptilians is a sign of being part of their dark Agenda, but I say that I am so loving that I even find a place in my heart for them. It is more love, not less.
3. I have not "become one" with the Malik. I don't like his 2-dimensional energy or the influence he tries to put on me. He wants me to be like him but I am not going to, ever. I tolerate this man and I am kind to him, but I am not going to crawl into the deep dark hole where he lives. Rather, I am hoping that it is Malik who will join me in the higher dimensional realm where love, light "Call it altruism.", says Malik now. Where love, light, compassion and consciousness reside.

The gangstas also said that the human baby who I was replaced with after birth she had been killed, so she had not been kept alive.

I just now connected to a thin Illuminati hybrid just by reading what I wrote here. Oh and last night the boys said that one of the proofs of how I am an alien not human is how telepathic I am, humans are not. But just now I got a close look at the Illuminati hybrid and based on what I saw and sensed in him I can tell you that the thin Illuminati hybrids are human-Reptilian hybrids. Which makes sense. And second, they have that bright white light because it is the life force that the Reptilians are so fascinated with and they have harvested it into this new breed. I will have to elaborate on another page. And this morning the Agenda had wanted Olav to have sex with me but they said he wasn't going to. I said that I don't like Olav and that he doesn't like me so I don't want him to. Even if, psst, Olav is a great lover. But he's a rude bastard keep him away. General Davies was the best, why not General Davies.

Not sure

June 20 2013 - The day has reached late in the evening and Malik is still in a romantic mood. He is offering me a small vial of wine, which is blood and appears to be his own blood. He wants me to drink his blood. Ok, there is no "handbook of Incubi" so I can't know how to interpret his behavior. What is he up to? Is this about romance? Ingesting life force? Indoctrination? DNA alteration? Making a baby? Or just having sex? I feel like rejecting him, because Hamish is my best friend in the world and I know Malik is disrespecting Hamish and might be trying to steal me (and my eggs) from Hamish this way. I really don't want to hurt Hamish's feelings in any way. I will be dismissive of Malik, and call for my Dragon Turtle to adopt his safe place here on the bedroom bathroom ruggie so that we can be together and so that things can get back to normal.

I don't understand Draconian culture, and I am not sure how to interact with it.

Whether scientific fact of mythological belief, the Draconian culture strongly believes in that "we are what we eat". They believe that every food I eat imprints genetic information into me and changes who I am on both a physical and a mental level. The Draconian Agenda claims that corporate medications were designed to ruin humans, and that pigs were introduced to humans to cause a specific malevolent change in us. That is why Draconians laugh at me when I eat pig, and possibly why the Jewish won't eat pig? (Jewish Vega strain, ancient connection.)

It is not some primal magic. - says Malik now, possibly about the pig
What isn't? The pigs? Tell me about pigs, Malik. Why are they here? - me
To be eaten! - Malik, not angry
And, your "wine"? - me
Yes it was made especially for you. - Malik
Do I have to drink your blood, .. my Honored? What happens if I do? What if it has some pathogens? I don't know how I would react. What would happen to me? - me

The fun part of this all is that this is a documentary. I don't seem to be imagining these Draconian boys and their many shenanigans that they get up to. Oh I almost forgot to say, and that the Draconians strongly believe that drinking somebody's blood somehow transfers qualities to that person from the source of the blood. Once when I was snuggly toward Snake the Reptilian he said that we would have to get married first, and that marrige would entail drinking each other's blood and that it would tie us together more closely and make our romantic snuggles (well he didn't put it that way) even more intense. Is Malik trying to marry me? BUT I WANT HAMISH!

No we won't force it into your mouth. - Malik he sounded sincere
I don't think, it is the right day for this. NO! - me, and I shouted NO! as I saw Malik about to empty the vial of his blood into the toilet!
I could also pour it down the sink. - Malik meaning the kitchen sink I saw his thought image
No! ... Don't do that! Don't waste your blood like it's trash! - me
No I wasn't going to. I just wanted you to bleed for me from your butt. - Malik

Ok, so now I've got two Reptilians expecting my period blood. I once woke up one night when I was menstruating and both Hamish and Malik were over me and they both claimed to have drunk my period blood, and then Malik offered me a small vial of his own blood but I said no.

Oh, life... life with Draconian boys...

Malik and his Penis

June 20 2013 - Today I was baking so I told Hamish I was going to dress in Santa and I put the red apron on. Hamish asserted that yes I have honored his scales so it was ok. Yes I have honored your scales, I said. So it was ok that I wore the red apron today. But I had to check with Dragon first, or he will spot me and say "...! Santa!!!"

While I was sitting and looking into the oven waiting for the cinnamon buns to be ready, Malik comes up close to me and reveals his penis to me. Now, Malik's male appendages are interesting, and I hope nobody finds this offensive or adult material because really it is fantastic biological facts. On a normal day Malik doesn't have any penis showing because it is on the inside of the body. He also does not have a scrotum so there is nothing there. Every once in a while actually Malik gets an erection, and quite so often he walks around with an erection like it's no big deal. But if I show him attention there then he gets offended because I violated some cultural rules and he fusses that we are not married, we would have to be married first. I find that surprising.

Malik generally doesn't want me to look at his penis if it is erect and if I say something about it he regretfully tells me that he does not have any underwear on. Basmet once put white underpants on that he had got from somebody. No kidding. Then ... hahaaa!!!!! Oh my god!!! XD XD XD Find the story here, scroll down. Then Basmet went to the empty board meeting room where Jack from the NASA team was sitting and Basmet and Jack were just talking like no big deal and Basmet was wearing white underpants!!! Hahaha!!! "What's the big deal? He just doesn't want her to see his penis." said Jack about it! XD

So Malik's erect penis is black and scaly and coarse. But what I was surprised to find out not too long ago was to my surprise that he has an actual pinkish red slender penis on the inside of that. So he has a black coarse scaly exterior around the actual penis which is on the inside. And now I was baking and Malik took out his pink red one from the black exterior. The color really stands out against his otherwise scaly coarse black body.

Malik regretted that he wants to wash up first. He always worries about his personal hygiene and smell before intending to get cozy and sexually intimate with me. I said that I could wash Malik. I told him how romantic it is to wash each other in the shower. I would be happy to lather up this black scaly man in the shower. Phew, I know. Then he will be asking for cologne. And we don't have any. I really have to buy some cologne and keep it here for Malik. It's on my shopping list for Draconians. I often buy them stuff, they are part of the family.

Malik is... Malik. A black scaly reptilian alien incubus that likes to have sex with women. I can't say I fully figure out what his motives are. I don't have the impression that he's just some stupid animal wanting to give in to his primal instincts of reproduction. There seems to be a careful selection choice made about who he has sex with. And the reasons for his intercourse seem to be unknown to me. I am always reminded of how legend says that Incubi (what Malik is) can make a woman pregnant, and that King Arthur's Merlin was conceived between a human woman and an Incubus.

I don't understand his sexuality. I don't know what to do with him. If I talk about it he gets offended. Or that he thinks that we should marry, or that he thinks that we actually are like a married couple. Sometimes he rapes me but doesn't ask first. Or sometimes when I'm bored at night I call for him for a snuggle and he doesn't. It's just complicated, and confusing. But. I would love to wash him in the shower. Aww, and then wrap him up in a soft towel like my little baby. A big black scaly reptilian baby who is a man and quite scary to be honest. But it's my Malik. I don't know what he's up to.

Shenanigans and mischief

June 20 2013 - The Fürst has been up to his shenanigans and mischief for the past hour or so. First I noticed him trying to influence my mind so that I would become depressed, weak and tired and he was trying to make me want to go to bed. This is around noon time. But I noticed it was him and so I fussed at him to please stop, that I saw what he was doing there.

Malik saw Hamish in the bathroom. Hamish was just up to his own business hanging out in the bathroom, like he always does, and Mr. Mischief looks at him and roars for several minutes. Malik influences my mind and tries to make me feel weak and mentally unstable, so that I would go to bed and lie with him, so that he could rape me Incubus style. But I see what he is doing so I can stop it from happening. As I'm frying some fish sticks for lunch Malik tells me I have a big "corona", he means my white aura, the life force juice that he ingests as an Incubus.

Then a little while later Malik is still at it. He tries to make me feel sexual and orgasmic things. He wants to snuggle. I told Malik that if he wants to snuggle, don't first try to ruin my health and vigor by forcing me to go to bed that way. Wait until I go to bed at night and then I'll be happy to snuggle with you, I say to Malik. Sure the sexual feelings that we can share when he ingests life force leave me a bit tired and drained, but I can snuggle with him on occasion at the expense of some of my energy. I will recover by morning, and Malik is kinda sexy and toasty. But his tricks are a little bit outdated.

Malik goes ahead and rapes me. It is an energy thing where he steals my energy and turns it into a sexual lust sensation. Two Zetas were there with Malik and just watching. You'd think that Zetas are mean too, but they are only working for Malik and Black Ones cause they have to.

You didn't have to rape me Malik. - me
It isn't rape, if you didn't scream! - Malik
I screamed, on the inside. - me

I don't really care if he uses me. It would be more traumatic to a woman who doesn't know the Fürst. I'm just a bit offended that he didn't ask me or wait until I go to bed at night, and that he would do it after I said no because I didn't feel like it. Even if a man rapes a woman in a relationship and they are married then it's still rape. It's not right if I said no. Stupid Incubus Fussubus I should kick him next time he comes over, and bite him in the tail. I will put onions and chopped garlic under my bed.

You are cattle and we are having feed. - Malik
Yes but you should be nice about it. And when do I get to see you again? I mean when I see you with my eyes closed? You are so cute with that little nose of yours. You can visit me tonight, I want to see you close. And I want you to put your black scaly hands on me. - me
We might do you with some torture? - Malik
No thanks. Not tonight. - me
But we might? - Malik
I don't want to. Would you let me see you? You are so cute, you look like a black monster. And you roar like a... Dragon. And sometimes you smell. But I don't mind your smell, it just tells me that a Draconian is present. I love you Malik, but you have to be nice. Be nice. - me
I won't torture you then. - Malik
Thank you Malik. And be nice to Hamish! - me
Yes, we won't torture him either anyway. - Malik
Be nice to my Turtle. - me
He won't hide under that bed, because he can't fit underneath it. - Malik about Hamish shows me the living room sofa
.. Hamish can hide with me. I will protect him against you Malik! - me
We won't torture him I said. - Malik

Malik? Do you like onions and garlic? Do you like onions? And why not? - me
They sting. - Malik
Why do they sting? Where at? - me
It is like living with a rat, with that thing here. - Malik upset shows me red Hamish in the bathroom
Hamish is not a rat. I love him more than anything. Please stop offending my Dragon Turtle. I would live and die for Hamish. Please be nice to Hamish! - me

I just want to cry and put my arms around Dragon Turtle. I want to be with him always and make sure that he is always safe.

... I will hide there, in the dirty laundry. - speaks Hamish and shows me an image of the bathroom closet with the laundry basket there
But Hamish! You can not fit in there! - me
I will try, I said. - Hamish
But, Dragon! Please! Come crawl into my lap instead, and I will protect you. I love you Turtle. - me
No Disco. - Hamish, said "No" in the other language; disco means music, but there is no music here, he meant that if he comes to my room there might be music playing
These they are rats! - Malik about Hamish
Stop tormenting my Dragon Turtle! Or I will come after you Malik! If anybody hurts MY Dragon Turtle I WILL BE FURIOUS! MALIK! STOP IT RIGHT THIS ONCE! Hamish is my love of my life! - me
Yes. He doesn't like you playing music. - Hamish about himself
There is no music here Hamish. No music. *Only Turtles.* - me
I don't want to see you dance. - Hamish, oh, he means when I do my exercise videos to music, of course!
I won't dance today. I promise. - me
Hey, this is me and Suleski. What is going on? - Suleski or other US team member
Malik, is harassing my Turtle. I'm trying to defend Hamish. - me
Leave them alone. - says a man not Suleski with a frown and arms crossed
Who are you? What is your name? - me
I am with the Agents. - man
Agents of what? - me
Of, no blood here. - man
Just keep Hamish safe will you? Hamish is the big red one that looks like a turtle. I want to protect him. - me
Why? - the man still arms crossed and somewhat agitated
Because... he is cute? - me
What'cha got here then? - the man asks the rep boys
... This women doesn't want me to leave! - Hamish not angry, said "women" about me and said to the man

Ahh, the drama! I've now got a real headache from all of this!

And she calls me Fürst. - Malik to the man
I doubt that she does. - man to Malik
I do, actually. Because he wanted me to. - me
And I want to drink her blood! - Hamish to the man big-eyed about me


No Santas, here. - Hamish says and shows me a quick mental image of the garden gnome in our neighbor's yard with the pointy red hat on
No, Santas. Or I will bite him. - me


June 20 2013 - Last night was interesting. I had asked for conscious alien contact. I begged and insisted that the Reptilians Hamish or Malik would become visible in my room. I also insisted to them that they can, quoting to that "other people have seen you in person!" They let me see their medical room with the aliens in it, but it was more of a mental image, or perhaps that my body was already in there and they were letting me be aware of it slightly. At least we are making progress, snail pace...

Malik said that they would have to have a board meeting to decide whether I could visit and see them. And they said that the military had said no. I said I don't care what the military thinks. I want to see them. Then the funniest thing. I started hearing different aliens saying "Yes", "Yes", "Yes". At first I was wondering what it was, then I thought it must be board members voting Yes that I can see them! Then Malik started saying "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", repeatedly and in a voice I have not heard before. I declare if I were not so friendly with Malik by now I would have been scared and peed my pants and run out of bed. Usually I hear telepathy like a soft understanding of words in my head, but on the rare occasions when I hear it in a voice it is so creepy. That one time when Snake said something with a voice I was so scared until I realized that it was Snake all along, and I know Snake.

But I didn't get a conscious abduction. Or an apparition of a Reptile.

Next morning I happened to say to Reptilians that their Eye God is stupid and that we should pour acid on the Eye to kill it. That it is an evil God and they shouldn't listen to it. Namely they claim it is their Eye God that makes them kill and commit murder against other innocent creatures. So I lashed out at their religion, perhaps a no-no if you ask SETI or some UFOlogists. I then went into a whole rant about how they mustn't kill Dinosaurs and how one Dinosaur is worth more than ten humans and how conscious and precious they are as living. Can't the Reptiles find frogs or fish to eat instead, I said, with the same quality of flesh just without the conscious sentient person attached. Reptilians didn't get angry to the point of tossing me, which they could have, but Hamish felt offended and said that he would strangle me with my own intestines. Which doesn't scare me, just that I don't want to have to risk my friendship with Hamish.

A Dinosaur then came over for a visit. Probably Hamish had sent him over to "make appearances" that everything was ok in the Dinosaur world, like political propaganda. I said Deb Deb to Dinosaur and he talked about how they study my female parts and feces and DNA and he asked me if I had twelve DNA strands. He got to watch me in the shower and said that a lot of human men masturbate in the shower, I said I bet they do but most women probably don't. He was cute, a slender green frog person with a large head and yellow citrine quartz eyes and those deep pockets underneath the eyes. Hamish said that he had shedded and groomed on the bathroom rug. Yes, I said, and tried not to step too much on Hamish's bathroom rug. And Dinosaur suggested that I clean the toilet.

Same old, but I hope I haven't ruined relations with my Hamish. Namely he loves to eat Dinosaur. I was told that the Dinosaur people were genetically made from a dinosaur animal, which looks like a brontosaurus. The Aliens actually have real live dinosaurs living with them! One day not too long ago when I was reading about Ken Bakeman (his website is down at the moment, sorry) meeting a dinosaur I felt so jealous and curious. Then my Dinosaur people let me see in remote images a real live dinosaur that they have living with them. The Dinosaur person fed it with leaves and let me see it. I will have to write about that on the website sometime, otherwise it will be in the books cause I write everything down either here or file it on the computer.

But I don't want friendship between Hamish and I to be ruined. Ever. I love that Sock Feet Turtle more than anything.

Hamish? Are we still friends? - me
Yes No! - Hamish says
Hamiissh! I want to be friends with you! I want you to be my friend! - me
I can't speak with you about it. And I am not a Turtle I said. - Hamish
I am not a Sock either, tell them that. - Hamish
But you are my Sock Turtle! - me
Yes, No, perhaps. - Hamish
Hamish I love you! I love you! - me
We are only studying your DNA here. - Hamish
Have I made you upset with me? - me
No, we would disappear otherwise. - Hamish
I want you to like me. - me

Oh snookie! He just snuggled up real close to me with his head and looked up at me with that fantastic reptilian sock puppet face and his yellow bulging eyes looked at me. He leaned his head against me at elbow height and looked up at me with that sweet reptilian face that is so alien, so fire engine red, and so precious and cute.

Oh Hamish. *hearts* I love you. Please be with me always. Hamish. I love you forever. My Turtle! - me
Yes, No, Sock Feet. - Hamish says somewhat puzzled or a bit upset and thinks to my heart


June 19 2013 - "Don't fall off the bed", says Malik to me as I'm sitting on the bed at 1:15 AM. "I won't, thank you", I thank the Fürst.

Coo Sock Turtle

June 19 2013 - "Hamish is my Turtle!", I said, and then that made Hamish start stomping his feet real fast up and down in excitement or happy, at least that's what I think his fast tapping of the feet mean.

I wanted you to clean my floors here for me! - says Hamish now, not angry in spite of the exclamation mark. I saw a flash image from him of his red Duck Feet on the bathroom floor
Yes Dragon. I will wash the floor for you. Can I do that tomorrow? Is tomorrow alright? - me

It happens that I actually wash the floors for Hamish when he asks. Then I asked Hamish how does he sleep, what does it look like when he sleeps? He showed me a mental image. It was as I have seen him do before. He will plummet his big round body straight down like an ostrich nesting. He tucks his long straight arms backwards so that they fold underneath his belly, and his Duck Feet are under the belly too. So that he looks like just a big round ball, with a long neck and a tail. It is adorable, it looks like how cats sometimes sit on their legs like a round ball it looks as if they have no legs. Just as adorable when Hamish does it, but it is rare. I rarely catch him lying down on his legs and arms. Usually he just stands slumped and dozing on the rugs.

Hamish, why do I love you so much?

We don't want trouble with your species, that is why. - Hamish
Oh. Did you put some magic spell on me? Like Dionysus would, the god of sex and... spells on women? Because I remember in the beginning you used to.. do sex on me, like not physically but. And you would call yourself Dionysus. Hamish? - me
I didn't want to take you to your bed. - Hamish
Then what did you do? Did you.. try to make me ok with you? - me
We wanted you to breed with them! - Hamish, not angry, shows me image of the Japanese men in the Komi Saki hangar coastal area

Ok. That's just awkward.

Meanwhile elsewhere

June 19 2013 - Meanwhile, elsewhere in the UFO Alien community. The biggest news right now seems to be a NASA photograph from Mars showing a squirrel on Mars. I once saw a cloud formation shaped just like one of those long Chinese Dragons, complete with a very sizeable Draconian dong. But before I had the chance to photograph him, he had scattered.

Dragon Stuff

June 19 2013 - Last night was fantastic. I am still trying to remember everything. So I had asked Hamish to let me visit the Reptilians in their underground lair. I really want to spend time with the magnificent Reptiles, I had said. Turns out they had brought me to visit some Reptilians in the alien bases last night. I have only very vague memories. I remember the Reptilians being creepy but I was ok. They just have a creep factor that they exude in their emanance and presence. Hamish has that too, but if you can get over that instinctive fear of Reptilians then they are actually kind of cool and fun. So now I know they can bring me to them when I ask, I just have to figure a way to remember more of it and stay conscious. They take a human in through another dimension. The trick is how to enable the human brain or consciousness to perceive and remember experiences had in that other world.

When I woke up early in the morning Malik was paying me some attention. He was in my room ingesting some of my life force energy and he sure was chatty but I was too tired to write anything down. He talked about their hatred of Starseeds and how we come here and become gurus and spiritual teachers and how he hates that. He showed me how John Lennon of the Beatles had been killed by the Illuminati. Remember how Lennon had been all spiritual and talking about love and peace? The Illuminati Agenda does not like that. So they took him out. Black One Malik was also talking extensively about how they try to subdue me because otherwise I would turn into some guru and spiritual. I just threw some Arcturian love and light phrases at him and he didn't like that.

I gave praise to my Malik, told him how beautiful and loved he is and how one day he will grow from the small seed he is in the dark and become one of the light beings. He listens to me, but he struggles to understand. I don't mind our dear Malik though, we got to love him like one of our own, only then will he evolve. I eventually fell back to sleep in the morning.

When I woke next time in the morning, Hamish was in the bedroom and I could see him clearly. I was pleased to see him of course, my Sock Turtle Feet. He showed me an image of the Spiderman character. He didn't have to say any words, I know that he is upset because it looks like a fellow Dragon Turtle that might be challenging him to his power. So I told Hamish that Spiderman isn't real, I explained how it is a fictional character and a man in a suit. Hearing that made Hamish so happy that he tapped his feet up and down real fast. He does that when he gets excited and really happy. Then he showed me children's drink cartons that come with a straw and that had a cartoon characters on each and some of them had the Spiderman character and Hamish showed those to me in a mental image. Again I told him that it was only a fictional character. Hamish was so happy that his upper eyelids closed real good diagonally over the eyes in a Draconian smile.

Dragon was so happy and so relieved to learn that Spiderman doesn't exist that I could even feel the emotions from him. In the two years I've known him I have never before felt such relief and joy exuding from Dragon. This meant a great deal to him, poor Turtle. Now I just have to explain to him that Harry Potter movies and Santa aren't real either.

I will bite him! - says Hamish now that I wrote Santa
Ok. - me

Some other things I remember Malik chatting about in the early morning was that they are "changing my DNA". What are you changing it into?, I asked. He also said that I had eaten pig, and he kind of chuckled and laughed about that even though it is an Evil Incubus and you kind of have to interpret his feelings.

I am not a Draconian, tell them that. - says our Dear Malik
What are you then? What are you Malik? - me
I am not one that eats bread. - Malik with mental image of the bag of small baguettes in the kitchen I had one just now for breakfast

Malik namely said that pigs had been introduced to earth "so that humans could eat other things besides grasses, so that humans would eat meat", grasses meaning vegetable foods, they always call it grasses whenever I eat salads, vegetables, bread, or even beans. But I was once told by the aliens, perhaps even by Malik himself, that the pig had been genetically engineered to contain human DNA. I have read this somewhere too. But aha! Jews and Muslims don't eat pig! Here is the war between Jews and Agenda again. If the Agenda introduced pigs to somehow injure or weaken humans then how did the Vega Jews know that? Or did they?

But anyway. It has been a great night and a good morning. Oh yes! Ha ha! What I was sayin' last night cause I want to go visit the Reptilians is I said that I would come there and work for them and clean for them and I would clean the floors! Ha ha! I just say stuff to get to go visit. Who wouldn't want to go visit Reptilians. Especially when we are on such good talking terms and I don't fear them. I would fear them if I couldn't talk to them and if Hamish wasn't my best friend and if I didn't adore Malik. But talking to them and hearing that all Sock Puppet really thinks about is scales, grooming scales, stomping his feet up and down, pumpkins, Harry Potter, Spiderman and Santa, then it's kind of disarming. I love Reptilians. Sure they are creepy, and they drink blood and all that scary stuff they have got going for them, but they're also cute and I want to get closer to them.

Strange Dragon Behavior

June 18 2013 - Oh god please help me. Please god do something to save my poor soul. Hamish is in the Coliseum against a juvenile or adult hybrid. The hybrid is dressed in armor and has a helmet and a spear and a shield. The hybrid is not in an aggressive or even defensive mode. It seems mostly bored to be there, it doesn't even seem scared. Hamish has no armor or weapons he has nothing. A few minutes ago

I wasn't going to do it with him, but you said he needed to die. - Hamish

Says Hamish and then Hamish thinks to my period blood. Earlier today Hamish was thinking about wanting me to have my period blood. I don't menstruate but twice a year or so. Hamish has been waiting for me to menstruate for a long time now. I promised him that I would do it for him... Just now Hamish attacked the hybrid and the hybrid didn't even fight Hamish or use the spear. Hamish fought the hybrid down and the hybrid is now down on the sand. Hamish has won. Thanks to that the hybrid didn't fight back. Hamish now thinks about my period blood again. He wants me to bleed for him.

But earlier then I saw Hamish from a remote image. He was at the entrance to the Coliseum and the hybrid was already standing out there. I begged for him not to go, and I said that I would go in his place. I would defend Hamish. I would live and die for my Dragon Turtle. Then he went into the arena and adopted his defensive threatening position, in which Hamish squats down a little and spreads his arms to the sides and spreads his fingers wide apart and opens his mouth and looks angry on the face. I always get scared when I see Hamish have his defensive threatening position because then I think that somebody is threatening to harm him. I got so scared but it now seems that Hamish is safe. Thank god he wins these tournaments. What if somebody were to hurt my Hamish Dragon?

I wasn't allowed to be it. If I did not see my power. - says Hamish in the other language. He means that he was not allowed to see my period blood if he did not show his power in the tournament first.

Conclusion? Strange Dragon behavior. Strange indeed. Especially because I would have given Hamish the rights to do anything he likes with my period blood, if it means so much to him. Oh Hamish stop endangering yourself in that strange, silly Dragon world. You know you don't have to show any power to me. That's not why I don't menstruate.

But you said you would bleed for me if I did it? - Hamish
No? I never asked you to enter into a tournament for me, Hamish? I already know that you are ever Powerful and Mighty Hamish! - me
I wasn't skilled at it, he said. - Hamish about the hybrid telling him that
Oh? Did he die? - me
No. - Hamish
Hamish? Be careful? Be careful Turtle Feet. I wouldn't know what to do without you. - me
I want my eggs here you see. - Hamish
I have given you my eggs, Turtle Sock. - me

Update: In the evening Hamish revealed that the hybrid he had fought in the arena was in fact the hybrid who had molested me earlier (see another update about the party hats below). It is a strange mixture of Hamish having come to my rescue, Hamish showing me a demonstration of his power, and Hamish wanting to drink my period blood. I don't always understand Dragons.

I didn't enter the rink for you. - says Hamish, this is the next day on the 19th
Why did you do it Turtle? Be careful. - me approximately
I wanted my soup. - Hamish approximately. So he had done it to get some blood to drink. Maybe that makes more sense. Because in fact he had drunk the blood from that defeated hybrid. Hamish showed me.

Turtle Love

June 18 2013 - Here is a picture I drew of Hamish and me. And Scales. And Hunnun. Hamish's eyes are closing in a Draconian smile.

Latest Pumpkin Update: Hamish tells me No Pumpkins, or otherwise he will get angry, he says. I say to him No Pumpkins, or I will get angry too, and I will bite the pumpkin, I say. Hamish then thinks about a big orange pumpkin, with a lit candle burning inside, and that carved face. Hamish is afraid and very distressed by pumpkins. (I don't know how long ago it was that he actually saw one. He has clearly been traumatized by this long time ago.) He is afraid of the fire, the big orange color, and the angry carved face. Poor Hamish.

All is well

June 18 2013 - Let's put our Party Hats on!!! Nobody raped me last night! No humans, aliens, or human alien hybrids! And I got to see fire engine red Hamish this morning, complete with flat duck feet. He stood on the pink bathroom rug in the bedroom and stomped his duck feet real fast on the rug trying to push a large white sheet of his shedded scales into the plush fibers of the rug. And I called the Black One by "Fürst" repeatedly and telling him he is cute with that flat face with cute little two nostrils and he said his name is Malik.

Update: Party Hats Off. I was raped by Thubans and hybrid children later in the afternoon with the sex drug and everything. I am going to kill those hybrids. Stab them in the eye with a spear. Or spray bug spray on them, they should die cause they are insects. I am going to stab those kids with a knife 100 times each and torch their remains.

Making Sandwiches with Hamish

June 17 2013 - I was making tuna sandwiches in the kitchen. "Yes, Sandwiches", says Hamish. Then: "My Lunches!" And then: "My Snacks!" And earlier I stepped a bit too close to his pink bathroom ruggie in the bedroom and he told me not to step on his shedded scales that are on the rug. He also wanted to go under the desk into the "table hole" the space underneath the desk but I am sitting here so he will have to find another snug place to hide in. Life with Dragon Turtle.

Jenny says, No, Pumpkins!

June 17 2013 - A reader of our website wanted me to tell Hamish that she won't be having a Jack-o-Lantern this year. So I wanted to tell Hamish that she has said No Pumpkins!

Hamish? This girl named Jenny wrote to us and she tells you that she won't have a pumpkin this year. - me
And no Christmas! - Hamish
I don't know about Christmas Hamish. But she won't have a pumpkin for Halloween. Do you like that? Tell her hello. She does that just for you because you don't like pumpkins. - me
I don't like their faces. - Hamish
I don't like pumpkins either anymore. She won't have a pumpkin because you have said No. - me
*palate click* - Hamish
Tell her Yes from me. - Hamish
I have told her that. What else? - me
And that she is not an oxymoron. - Hamish
She is a smart clever girl isn't she? For not having a pumpkin? - me
I don't want to have it discussed any more. - Hamish

I don't want them to be afraid. - Hamish
They are not afraid Hamish! People love you Dragon Turtle. How could anybody not love you? We honor your Scales and Scutes, at least I do. - me
No more. Without iron. - Hamish

Orion Star

June 16 2013 - It is 1:30 AM. I had gone to bed begging and whining for the Aliens to give me a conscious abduction encounter. First it was Malik here. Standing on the other side of my bedroom door. Asking me why the door was closed on him. I opened the door, and turns out he had just been showing power to make me do things, but I don't mind opening the door for the Fürst. Then a green praying mantis made itself shown to me. It has two antennae as if made out of round beads threaded on a thread. The antennae sway up and down, up and down, and it has a praying mantis head. I'm puzzled as to how an alien can look so much like the praying mantis insect. I was called dog and sheep and all the usual treatment and told that I am their captive and things like that. Same old same old. The green praying mantis asked me if I could put the insides of my forearms together. I did so. And then it said that now I was its captive.

I was shown a white naked penis of an adult hybrid male. I was shown that they have had me naked on the medical table and had sex with Olav. That they want to show the hybrid kids how humans have sex. I said fine just let me stay awake for it. Well, first I contemplated on whether to start sobbing and crying over the fact that they have had me there and have sex with Olav. But I decided not to cry and carried on with begging the aliens for close contact.

No. No more. At this hour. - speaks the green praying mantis now
Why not? - me
Because you have said "our penis". - GPM
But I didn't say that! - me
Nearly you did. Almost. And then you forgot about it. - GPM
But I don't want to do anything wrong! I want to visit you! - me

Oh well. Shucks. Where was I. So then Hamish shows me himself standing outdoors somewhere. No, first I said I wanted to meet with the Reptilians if I go there, that I didn't want to just see the hybrid bratty kids. Reptilians said like "oh so you want to see the Lords?" I said that yes I wanted to see the Reptilian Lords, and I tried to explain in the alien language without words how I felt lost here at Earth and how my identity was somewhere to be found in alien contact with them. The Reptilians then said that could I handle their strength and power? I said that sure I can. And then Hamish pulls me up in bed to demonstrate the Reptilian power. I just sit there in the dark on the bed having just been pulled up by a Draconian Reptile whom I love and know as Hamish the Reptile. Then I slid back under the covers after a few seconds when I figured their power demonstration would suffice.

And then Hamish showed me himself standing outdoors somewhere and he asked me, could I see? Yes, I said. I could see. He was standing next to a parked orange sphere UFO that had a door on it. The first UFO I ever saw in real life I mean with my own eyes was an orange sphere. That was back in 1997. It was August 13 1997, a day I will never forget. But anyway, I looked at the orange sphere UFO in that mentally transferred image I was being shown by Hamish the Red Turtle. Hamish said that if I came there I would get sand between my toes. I said I would not mind getting sand between my toes. Cute of Hamish, to think of my toes like that. And the sand.

I asked whose the space rocket was, who had made the space rocket I asked? (I call them spaceships, but the Aliens like to say space rocket, I think that is cute.) They said it was the Orions. Then I was shown a white star symbol, a star with six edges I think. The star was made of white bands that were overlapping on the joints. I have tried to draw the star to my best ability. The only overlap I am absolutely certain of how it went is the one at the lower part of the joint on the upper right.

This was the Orions' symbol. I asked. The Orion told me that the Reptilians had "ruined" it. Right now a praying mantis is telling me that I am their cattle, like a cow. The star reminds me of the Jewish David's Star see here except that the bands may have been slightly thicker relative to the size and the sides had overlap. The Orion man says that the star was his mother's.

The Draconians stole the Hindu Blue Gods' symbol see here and turned it into the Nazi swastika, and then they stole the Orions' star and turned it into the David's Star used during the persecution of Jews? I don't know about that, but the Reptilians have a way of insulting and using other races' symbolism. Here I have drawn the symbol I was shown to the best of my ability. It is not quite right, but I have tried. Now I must get back to my alien encounter. Hamish now shows me his Duck Feet on the red bedroom rug and tells me that he is here. Welcome Hammish! Love Turtle! I forgot to say that the aliens in that orange sphere UFO, not sure who they were, said to me that I could/would get harmed by them. I asked, how would I get harmed? And I suggested would it be due to radiation? Or excess heat? But they didn't fill me in. I know that my alien abductors are ... sadistic, vicious bastards that are keen to hurt and offend me and call me cattle and dog and ask me to join their circus. But I really want to meet them, so here goes.

All Kinds Of Pens

June 16 2013 - First this pen from Malik (his penis):

It is my pen. With it we write history here. - said Malik about his dong Find the story here

And then Hamish, as I am writing a letter to a reader of our website:

I wanted to say something. - Hamish
Yes Hamish? - me
I don't want them to be afraid of me. I haven't got that right type of scales. - Hamish says and turns around showing me his back hump
Yes Hamish. Back hump. Honored Scales. - me
What else Hamish? - me
Just that. And tell them not to jump on me. - Hamish
I haven't been uncovered yet, with my eggs. - Hamish
I love you and your eggs! - me
Yes! And DNA! - Hamish
Yes Hamish! I love you! - me

Palate Clicks!

June 16 2013 - All of a sudden Hamish pops up with his sock puppet head and does a palate click for me! Just like that! It made my day I got so happy and I giggled at him and gave him two palate clicks back! My sock puppet fire engine red dragon turtle! A palate click means that he is happy or wants me to be happy. So cute!

Dragon Turtles

June 16 2013 - Last night Hamish was at the Draconian tournaments. It is like a big Coliseum where two creatures fight one another to the death. Hamish has been there before at least a few times. He always wins and doesn't seem harmed and it seems ok. But I worry about him. Last night I was so worried about him. I would die for Dragon Scales, and I feel that I have already melted and immersed into what he is. Dragon Scales means more to me than anything or anyone ever has before. I have never loved anyone this strongly, and I didn't know love could be this strong.

This morning there was a fire engine red Dragon Turtle but it didn't feel like Hamish and I was worried about Hamish. As a stupid woman I worry about the worst case scenarios of course. What if Hamish got killed and now there is his replacement! Of course I worry. I worry when he goes places and when he does things. I would live and die for my Dragon Feet and Red Scales.

I called out for Hamish telepathically. "Hamish if you hear me please answer me so that I know you are ok". Hamish was in a cave in Asia. He was there with other red Dragon Turtles. Hamish was safe. Hamish told me that he had lived in this cave with his mother. Many months ago, actually you find it in the book The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?" Hamish opened up to me and spoke to me about his parents. His mother has passed away but his father is living. Hamish was now here in this cave with his father! And it was his father I had sensed who, looks like Hamish but is different!

The Dragon Turtles are hiding in that cave trying to stay away from the Draconian Agenda which tries to recruit them. The Draconians want to recruit the Dragon Turtles for the yellow pyramid Agenda. But they don't want to, and they are afraid of it. The Agenda is a Satanic movement that is run by an Evil Eye God and the Black Ones. The Agenda Draconian who is Malik's Reptilian form it seems, the black reptilian, had said that there was a bomb placed in the Dragon Turtle cave as a threat if they don't join. Agenda Reptilians always threaten with bombs and explosives. That is precisely how they got the Thuban praying mantis to join in the first place. War is how they forced the Alpha Orions to recruit. And they have even told human governments and military that the entire planet Earth is rigged with explosives that will be detonated if humans don't comply. What to do.

Fearlessly I pleaded for the Black Ones not to harm the Dragon Turtles, to please leave them alone. I said that I would be their bodyguard, I would defend them with my own life. Black Ones such as Basmet want me to become their "Magus". They had an Illuminati chubby hybrid chum tell me that for the first time I think yesterday. And now this morning Black One Basmet, who told me to call him Basmet when I tried to pronounce Baphomet, wants me to be their Magus. Whatever that means. Like the next Aleister Crowley? Me don't think so.

Hamish's father was typical Dragon Turtle for sure. I didn't write down the things he said, but he was tossing and turning me around in bed and it was a really nice embrace and intimate contact. I was called dog and sheep and all the same old usual, perhaps a bit more harsh than Hamish is. But Hamish used to be that way too. It seems that time and interaction with me has made Hamish softer, and happier.

I would live and die for Dragon Turtles. I told both Hamish and his father that I wish I were one of them. I would give anything to one day be a red Dragon Turtle. I am so closely tied to this race now, that I know it better than I know my own human race. I live in those red scales, but I feel a world of worry for the safety of my beloved that could only be contrived in a human heart.

If there was anything in me that was strong enough against the Black Ones. I had told the black Agenda reptilian to put the explosives into the Eye instead, when it told me that it had to do what the Eye commands it. Just put the explosive bomb into the evil Eye and stop listening to it. Damn Eye. The Eye is some kind of real entity that commands aliens across the universe, or even humans for that matter if you ever get deep into Satanism.

But listen to this! One night not long ago like two three days ago or so I had the most wonderful experience. Namely I must have been thinking about the Eye and wondering about it, and guess what. You won't guess what. I connected to two or three mollusks that are alien beings and they spoke to me. They said that nobody would take them seriously so they create the Eye and the Black Ones with which they rule the universe. These mollusks have humongous mental capabilities, they are super smart and intelligent and they have their own plans for the universe. Or maybe that they only create the Eye with which they rule over Black Ones. If the Eye indeed is just a clever scam by some highly intelligent sinister space mollusks then it's time to let the Black Ones know, liberate the Black Ones from its grasp and end all this evil hellish Satanic influence across the universe. I have to try and connect with the mollusks again because this is just too science-fiction like, even for me.

They said that they were going to stab (me). - Hamish
Hamish!!! Stay safe!!! Hamish! I want you to be safe. - me
If you talk like that to them. - Hamish
I will do anything to keep you safe Hamish. I will do anything. I would give you my life, anything for Dragon Turtle. - me

When you love someone. You live and die for them every day. There is this person inside of Hamish, in those yellow bulging eyes. The way that he looks at red tomatoes and tells me they are red because they saw him. The way he gets upset at Santa because Santa is showing power for being red and he is not allowed. The way he scurries under a desk trying to fit his big Dragon body. When he stomps his flat duck feet on bathroom rugs, or shows me sheets of his shedded scales or puts scales on my body. When he finds little yellow flowers in flowerbeds and just looks at them and shows me. When he had found pink and purple lupines somewhere in nature and suddenly surprised me with a mental image of those, not saying anything about it but just showing it to me because he had seen those. The little things that he does, like love to watch Harry Potter movies. When he says Yes with a roaring exhale that just sounds so pleased, or No!! about Santa and Onions. Or Yes-No, which I finally figured out simply means No.

My precious Duck Feet, I love you so much that it is the size of the whole entire universe because there could not be anything else contained in the universe but my great and vast love for you and it all tries to fit inside of my mere and little humble human heart and I worry about you so much. I always want to know that you are safe and I worry so much. I would fearlessly defend you against any harm or distress. I wish I could save the world for you. I wish they would leave the Dragon Turtles alone. Hamish and his father said to me that they, the Dragon Turtles, are trying to reproduce. They are having some fertility problems.

We don't want to be treated as livestock. - says Hamish's father now in English
I don't want you to be either. What can I do to help? I want to save you! I want to help your species! Let me help you! - me

Oh God if you exist and you are not an Evil Eye please do something for the Dragon Turtles! They are your most divine creation the persons in those bodies are so much more living and pristine than any person you ever let live inside of a human!

Yes. They are our sheep, our cattle. - says Hamish's father about humans

Fire engine red Dragon Turtles.

We are not Sock Feet. - says Hamish

Right now Hamish or possibly his father points with its red scaly finger with a black claw toward the garden gnome with a pointy red hat in our neighbor's front yard and shows me a mental image of the gnome in the yard. "Hamish!" I whisper. They don't like the Santa showing power with its red color. Oh this is priceless.

So she has your eggs? - Hamish's daddy says to Hamish about me!
I have Hamish's eggs! - me
And what does it do there? - speaks Hamish Turtle, with yellow bulging eyes
I love you Hamish and your father! - me

Dragon is Cute

June 15 2013 - Hamish was a Good Dragon today. He went over to Komi Saki Japan and stood with his flat fire engine red Duck Feet on that wooden deck over by the pond where one of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men live and he looked at those Japanese carp fishes in the water. Hamish was showing me the fish. He can spend long times just looking at the Japanese fish over there. And what's even cuter is that he likes to show me. It is ever so precious. The Japanese man wasn't happy about it and I had to fuss at the man a bit. One day I will get our very own big pond with orange and red fish for Hamish Dragon.

Hamish loves to watch the fish eating big brown pebbles of fish food that are dropped into the water. Hamish showed me some water plants at the surface of the pond and he told me that if fish food pebbles are put on top of those leaves then the fish don't reach to eat it. I told Hamish to put the pebbles into the water and they would find it. I told the man that Hamish loves to see the fish because they have scales that look like his own red scales and that when the fish open their mouths Hamish thinks that they are talking to him and doing palate clicks at him. Oh Cute Dragon!

Today when I was eating some barbeque pork Hamish looks at me, he sniffs at the meat, and says, "You are eating my lunches!" I just acknowledged what Dragon had said. He likes to act territorial and when a food of mine interests him he likes to say that it is his lunches and snacks. He likes the smell of meat. He told me that it smells like iron.

We have a tomato plant and I've been telling him that the yellow flowers will grow into red tomatoes. Hamish sympathizes with tomatoes because they are the same color as him, so he thinks that they have some DNA in common. He asked me for a soft pad to put on the balcony floor for him to lie on so that he could camp out there and look at the tomato plant.

Hamish has also been telling me that it is his pyy-pyy, but he's started pronouncing it differently like paa-paa almost and it sounds almost scary, especially cause it's my ladyparts he's roaring about, but then I remind myself that it's the red Dragon I love and adore. I tell him that sure he can have it as his. He wants me to bleed and told me that he wants to see me use tampons. If you haven't noticed, Dragon has a keen fixation with blood. I regret to him that I don't menstruate but twice a year.

Ah the things that go on in a Dragon's head. The cute little things, and the scary creepy things. There has been lots of fire engine red and orange Dragon Turtle today, lots of Duck Kissy Feet and Turtleshell Hump Backs and Hamish. He's been just adorable all day! And now I'm about to go to bed for the night and wish him a good night like I always do and tell him to wake me up would he need me at night. But he never wakes me up. He just goes about doing Dragon's business all night long while I sleep.

Oh and today I shrieked at him cause I was so overly joyed about him and it made him start to stomp his feet real fast like that duck you see on the video! And not just once! On two occasions! Turtle, I love you.

Ten things I love about Dragon Turtle Hamish:
1. Fire engine red color. Just awesome.
2. Turtleshell soft fleshy cushion hump back! How cute and peculiar both at the same time!
3. Yes-No.
4. No! Santa!!!
5. Stomping his feet slowly up and down up and down on the bathroom ruggies like a bird making nest
6. When he shows me sheets of his shedded scales and is all happy like a little boy about it.
7. Coffee-brewer grunt-purr sound. Very rare.
8. Flat Duck Feet. Kissable!
9. The way he curls up under desks and in closets and under beds.
10. That cute little Sock Puppet Face of his!
11. Two neat rows of orange blunt bumps from above the eyes all the way along his tubular neck and that they "signify royalty"
12. Stomping his feet up and down real fast!!!
13. How he stands on bathroom rugs and is all snug
14. I hate to say but when he gets scared the way his neck hunches down and he scurries away thinking he can hide his big body someplace but he is still just a big Dragon Turtle
15. Seeing him first thing in the morning when I wake up.
16. Seeing him last thing when I go to bed at night.
17. When Hamish is really pleased and he says "Yes" and it has a Draconian grunt purr exhale in it and he sounds pleased like apple pie
18. When he got wet in the shower and leaned his turtleneck against my chin "to dry himself" on me.
19. The fact that we always get along. We've had very few personal disputes over the year and a half.
20. His little nostrils and how they flare when he breathes.
21. When he shows me things. Hamish's show and tell are priceless. Like when he shows me himself bathing at the creek, looking at carp fishes in Japan, or visiting his Dragon Turtle girlfriend in the mountains.
22. Knowing Hamish. The fact that we are so close, scales to skin.
23. When all things are quiet and it is just fire engine red scales and Dragon Turtle breathing and nothing else in the world, just he.
24. All the little things that make him happy and that he shows me.
25. When he shows me plastic bags of snacks. And he is so happy.
26. When he says "lunches and snacks" I just melt because it is so cute. Lunches and Snacks.
27. When we watch television together.
28. I guess I kinda like it when he pulls me up on all fours in bed. Even though he is showing power to me.
29. The sticky ooze that comes from his burst blunt orange bumps and soaks him with that special fluid and that glows neon orange in the dark. Then he gets a thorough scrub and wash by the aliens to wash it off.
30. Hamish's smell. I love Hamish's smell, because it is he.
31. Palate clicks!

Things that Hamish likes:
1. Harry Potter movies
2. Dead human finger snacks. They are his sausage, he says.
3. Bathroom snuggie rugs for grooming station.
4. Tending to his scales. Shedding scales and keeping shedded scales in check.
5. Power. Honor. Rule. Dominance.
6. Little red things. Like lingonberries, red tomatoes. "They are red because they saw him."
7. Blood and iron, eggs, hunnun, and pyy-pyy.
8. Lunches and Snacks
9. Japanese carp fish the red and orange ones.
10. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, aahhh.....
11. Sometimes he likes to bite.
12. And sometimes he likes to conquer someone and stand with his one flat duck feet on top of that person.
13. Strangulation.

Things that Hamish does not like:
1. Music. He calls it disco.
2. Santa!!!
3. Spiderman!
4. Trash and smelly trash.
5. When people eat his cousins the lobster, shrimp, crabs, crawfish and the sort.
6. Malik and other Black Ones
7. Mess and disorder. Dirty plates, or used socks on the floor.
8. When other Aliens try to steal his eggs.
9. ONIONS!!!

Coo of the Day

June 10 2013 - I know I coo over my Dragon so much and you people are probably sick of it. Or maybe you're falling in love with fire engine red Dragon Turtle too. Forget about kittens and puppies. Dragon Turtles are much cuter.

And friendlier! Tell them that! - says Hamish now
Are you friendly, Hamish? - me
Yes, except not when I bite. - says Hamish and thinks about biting into a human finger
You've been friendly to me Hamish. You've been always friendly to me. - me
Please, don't tell them about my Duck feet. - Hamish
I won't. Those are Dragon feet... I love having you with me Hamish. - me
Is that why you have that bag? - Hamish about the bag I don't know but today the aliens have been talking about that particular large shoulderbag
What about that bag? What is your interest in it? - me
I wanted to put my eggs in it. - Hamish

You'd think that his scales would be rough and coarse, like sandpaper. That is how I would have imagined a Dragon, if he were imaginary. But his body and scales feel surprisingly rubbery. Like bendy elastic silicon rubber. I will never forget that time when Hamish got wet in the shower and decided to dry himself by leaning the right side of his long tubular neck against my chin. And he said he was drying his scales. He rarely touches me, Hamish. Dragons don't touch and kiss like we humans do. They don't crawl into your lap like a kitten does. Sometimes they wrestle you in bed, but then that's about dominance and it can get pretty rough handled. Like that time when an alien messed up my hair against the pillow, I forget who it was. And often you get thrown into the wall by a Reptilian. But they know I like it. Maybe my giggling and asking for more gives me away.

Hamish makes a home here with me.

We most certainly do not. - says fussy Thuban white praying mantis about Hamish making a home
I am a whale. - Thuban corrects me
I am sorry, Milady. I was mistaken, as you clearly look so much like an insect. But you are, of course, a dolphin species. And I am ever so graced to meet you. My love. - me

I never expected to run into the praying mantis, oops I mean dolphins. The Thubans were originally dolphins in the seas

Yes, we come from Alpha Draconis. And we are also pleased to meet. - Thuban

They were from the seas of Alpha Draconis and genetically modified to live on land and now they work for the Draconians. They sure put up a show and an act to come across as dominant and vicious to impress their Draconian masters. In fact the Thuban dolphins are far more vicious than the Reptilians ever were. Very mean and cruel.

But Hamish makes a home here with me. He loves his two bathroom rugs. One woven blue and white one in the bathroom, and then the pink one on my bedroom floor. You will most often find Hamish on one of those rugs, and he gets really into it too.

Tell them, that we do not like sarcasm. - Thuban
That has been told. I am not a fan of sarcasm either. I hope to see you tonight. That would be wonderful. I once had a close encounter with an Alpha Draconis dolphin. And I messed up some medical equipment by touching them and making them no longer sterile. But then I had to pee and the hybrid girl ran off with me to go find a bathroom. - me

Do you remember that? - Thuban or hybrid humbly
Yes, I remember. - me
You weren't supposed to. - Thuban sternly, about remembering
I want to remember more. - me
No! We didn't take you to piss! - the Thuban hybrid child is concerned. It is a girl with yellow blonde hair thick like straw and two soft molar teeth widely apart in its upper jaw. And those strange Thuban binocular eyes, and white skin.

I just love Hamish. I wish I was a red Dragon Turtle. Did you know Hamish has a Dragon Turtle girlfriend? He visits her sometimes and likes to show her to me. She is as gentle as Hamish is. Now you shouldn't think of Hamish as your typical Reptilian. Hamish says he belongs to the "old Draconian race". He says and firmly believes that

Yes. Very astute of you to know that. - Hamish says now about me about to say about the lobster
Very astute. About me having a girlfriend. Because we don't have sex or anything. We don't have any eggs I said! - Hamish and when he gets those sudden rages he nearly jumps off the floor. Oh. That's what he meant. Not the lobster thing. I was wrong.

But he firmly believes that he evolved from a red lobster type of crab creature. He shows a mental image of the ancestor often. It reminds me of a flat fire engine red horseshoe crab. That is why he won't let me (or anyone) eat lobster, crab, crabcakes, crawfish, or the sorts. Because then I am eating his ancestors and he gets really sad.

We also don't like candles or fire, tell them that. And those things, standing there, are not locusts. - Hamish, he refers to the Thubans
Noted, dear Dragon. *I love you Hamish.* - me
We need your pyy-pyy. And I am the proud race! - Hamish, the 2nd sentence was in the other language

I'd best go to bed by now. I have some plans for tonight. I plan on spying on the aliens tonight and figuring out ways of staying awake during abductions!

We don't want fire or candles here. - Hamish
There are none, my Dragon. - me
We don't want you to talk to them about piss. - Hamish says to me, Hamish didn't want me to tell that story to the Thuban and hybrids. Hamish is ruling here.
I won't tell them again, my Honored. Honored Scales and Scutes. - me
We won't tell them about the piss again. - says Hamish who is ruling things here
No, my Dragon Turtle. I won't tell them again. My Honored. - me

Now I know how neutron stars are formed. They are formed when somebody loves a Dragon Turtle so much that all of that love has to be contained in one small space and volume and then there is so much of it that it is just massive. I love him. We are so close.

Why do you say massive about me? - Hamish just as I was about to post and call it a day
Because I love you so much. - me
Why is it a massive star? - Hamish
I was just using a metaphor. It wasn't being literal Hamish. I only meant that I... honor you so massively much, that it feels like a massive star, in one small space inside of me. That is what I meant. - me
I wasn't with a massive star yet. - speaks Dragon Turtle
I love you Dragon Feet. - me

Turtle Rug

June 10 2013 - Hamish tells me that it is his pyy-pyy and that he wants me to bleed (period blood) for him. I tell him that yes yes, his pyy-pyy and I will bleed for him and give him the juice. Hamish got so pleased that he couldn't stop doing palate clicks. He was doing palate clicks after palate clicks and I was just so delighted I could have kissed my Dragon Turtle Feets. These are the moments I live for. He is just so cute!

I borrowed his pink bathroom rug I placed the new Orion Project books on it and was filming a video on the rug where I talk about the book. Hamish was anxious about me being on his rug and now that the rug is returned to the room, but scrunched up, Hamish is looking at me and at the rug. He is pleasant but he is like a puppy when someone put his favorite dog bone up on a tall shelf somewhere where he can't reach. Oh my Dragon! Honored Scales and Trembled Before Power! I love living with a Dragon.

The little things that snakes do

June 10 2013 - This morning I woke up and thought that I missed close contact with the Reptilians. First I called for the Fürst. Malik wasn't too interactive. Then I thought of Snake. Snake came around, in his splendid beige Reptilian body with long fingers and toes and long slithering tail, this time wearing no rubbery suit uniform. But Snake looked at the bedroom window and was overwhelmed with the daylight beeming in, so he said that he would return at dark. Then a black Reptilian shows up and yells at me that "they are to be honored!", along with an image of like Ancient Egyptian Kings. I say oh, of course, my Honored Reptilians. The black reptilian tells me that he has many scars. Why?, I ask. Because the Reptilians fight over rights to me. The boys were concerned that they smell. I said that I have smelled and survived the smell of Reptilians in the past and that it is ok. But it gives them aversion from getting close. Both of these gentlemen tumbled a bit with me in bed though. It was nice. Reptilians, I would have you know, are actually very cuddly and they love a cuddle. Perhaps the glory for them in that is that it is an act of sadism and dominance, that they wrestle someone down and show power. But for me, a mere humble human girl, I just think it's neat to have a cuddle with a big strong reptilian scaly man.

Late at night

June 09 2013 - Time for me to go to sleep. An adult male hybrid showed up here just a few minutes ago in the other dimension. He was wanting to interact with me sexually. I was so relieved because he is an adult. The Thubans usually send me hybrid children and then I go into full cacophony and protest and turn everything upside down and I get upset and Thubans get upset and everybody gets upset and everything is terrible. But this time it was an adult hybrid. Thankfully. So I was going to stay calm and see what he wants.

Then the Thuban started masturbating the adult hybrid male on his privates. I'm sorry I say this here because usually I censor this kind of stuff and leave it for the books. Anyhow, I am not interested in having any sexual activity with the hybrids. Maybe with the Illuminati hybrid chums, they are like my brothers I love them so, you know the chubby white marshmallow guys? But I don't know. This whole sex thing is getting boring. I have been hurt so much and so many times by the insensitive praying mantis Thubans who force me to have sex with this and that. I hate sex. I am tired of sex. And I don't want it to ever be used again to hurt me.

Sweet Turtle

June 09 2013 - Hamish liked to see the meat in our soup, quite possibly he liked the smell of it too. Now Hamish is doing palate clicks and palate clicks all the while he is doing gentle exhales in which he says "Yees" "Yees" with a soft whispering voice, while he thinks about the meat in the soup. I love this Turtle so much I don't know how to say it.

Eggs calling

June 09 2013 - Last night Hamish was going to take me to a Japanese brothel again. I asked to get to stay awake. Because I want to know what happens to me, better than not knowing. I was awake once for a Japanese.. engagement. They bathe me first and give me dinner. Oh Hamish you strange, strange Dragon. I think it happened but I don't remember. I just have a feeling about it.

This morning none other than our Guatemalan non-bat was around visiting. He said that he hadn't had more dung. He wanted to drink my blood

We also sacrifice gooooatttssss!!! - hollers the non-bat right now. In English.

He wanted to drink my blood and drink my "coffee". "Coffee" is the juice the life force. I talked to him a bit and called him beautiful. It is amazing seeing this white bat with elf ears and glowing red eyes. Hamish always chases his cousin, the North Port Gargoyle away but this time Hamish was hiding out in our kitchen while the non-bat interacted with me. Nothing more happened, as John or James (I always forget what his name is) with the US team who monitor alien activities sent the non-bat away, and said to me that "One day when you need us we won't be here." I said that I didn't know they were defending me against the aliens. He said that they couldn't tell me about it, because how do you tell a woman there are aliens waiting to snack on people? Protecting from that information is part of the protecting. So non-bat was gone.

I expect him to be back, and to linger around me for the rest of my life as does North Port Gargoyle. It was fun to see him holler in the same way that the Gargoyle does. Food also gets them excited and they holler like that.

Hamish has started using the woven bathroom rug for his shedding again. He tells me he has shedded scales on the rug and asks me not to step on them. They are in the other dimension of course so I do not see them, but courtesy for Dragon I try not to step on the rug at all. Anything for Turtle Hamish.

Hamish has been cute all this morning. I see this fire engine red Dragon Turtle with soft fleshy cushion hump back blunt orange bumps and bulging yellow eyes. I could not live without Dragon, and I coo over him and shower him with affection.

I have not showered with your race. - says Hamish now. I just took a shower and he is still thinking about that.

It is funny sometimes when I call for Hamish, he will say "My eggs are calling for me!" and then he scurries along to come see me, to come see what his eggs are wanting to tell him. This morning when I spoke to him about something, he said "My eggs are speaking to me". It is so cute! So sometimes when I want to call for him to come see me to come closer, I say, "Haamiissh!!! Your eggs are calling for you!!"

Extra Early

June 08 2013 - I had to get up extra early this morning because Hamish was asking me to turn the tap on in the bathroom sink so that he could wash a large sheet of his shedded scales. The sheets look like silicon rubbery plastic sheets, they are white and floppy and made of connecting bubble shapes like bubblewrap plastic but thick and rubbery. I got out of bed - of course, for my Dragon - and turned the tap on for him for a while. Anything for Dragon.

Hamish knows

June 07 2013 - You know that age old question that all men on the whole planet answer wrong because there is no right answer only two wrong ones? When women look at themselves in the shower and declare that they are fat. If you say she is fat, she hates you. If you say that she isn't fat, she calls you a liar and hates you. I was in the shower and an older hybrid boy came to watch and I said it was ok because he was an older child and because he was obviously not harmed by any of it plus I was in a good non-Thuban-tantrum mood today. But I tell the boy that it's ok except that I'm a bit fat and feeling self-conscious about it. I step out of the shower and Hamish says, "No, fat, eggs". "Yes, No, fat". Basically Hamish is saying that it's ok or redundant whether I'm fat or not because my eggs can be used anyway. Yes No fat, write it down guys.

Hamish update #527

June 07 2013 - Hamish came up close to me and put his hands on the edge of the desk and leaned down forward. At first I thought he was exposing his back hump, which becomes exposed in the process, to show his power, but he was only leaning forward toward the computer in order to listen carefully to the classical music I have playing. I will go ahead and conclude that Hamish Dragon at least tolerates, but I would almost go as far as saying that he enjoys classical music. Because any other music and Hamish can start doing his short static hisses of contempt and telling me to turn off the music. Love my Turtle. Let's see if he has got something to say:

Hamish? What would you say to humans who are reading this letter about you and me here? - me
I would say No, Stop It. - Hamish
I wasn't going to let them think I was imaginary. - Hamish says and then wants to see where I put the Harry Potter DVD that was earlier there on the desk. I have been writing about my book Real? Or Imaginary? whose theme is just that - real or imaginary.

Thanks Hamish.


June 07 2013 - I don't want to say this, but I think Azul may have put Hamish's largest sheet of shedded scales into the toilet earlier this morning. Because Hamish kept showing it to Azul, and Azul wasn't impressed. Draconians bicker a lot among themselves. It's like having kids that fight and far too often I find myself screaming at them "Noo!! Boys! Stop!"

Reminds me of our Honeymoon Days...

June 07 2013 - Pamela Stonebrooke had a sexual relationship with a Reptilian reminds me of my honeymoon days with Hamish the Dragon Turtle. When I first got to know Hamish he used to do things I can't post on a public website. But it was wonderful. Malik and Snake have been cuddly with me too.

You are our cows, that is why. - says Azul
Azul, you have yet to do this to me. So I am expecting it some time soon. - me
Hamish adopts his threat pose, which means he opens his mouth and looks real scary and spreads his arms and fingers. Hamish doesn't want Azul to be cozy with me. Azul is trespassing on Hamish's territory.

My journal notes from when Hamish and me were having sexual experiences together will be posted in the book Letters to SETI: Real? Or Imaginary? as yes, I wrote all the sexy details to SETI. Because they are looking for aliens. And want to know what aliens are doing. So I wrote to them.

Another Hamish and Azul update

June 07 2013 - Hamish is here sniffing around sensing my smell in the room. He could also be smelling that Azul has been here. Every time another Draconian has been around, Hamish is aware of their scent lingering here. Draconians have a sensitive nose, they also use their own personal body scent as a signature of who they are. Remember when Hamish stomped his feet and peed on the used sheets that I had piled on the floor? Because they smelled like me.

Earlier I asked Azul to come make a physical apparition visit. I thought of asking Hamish, but it's harder to get him to do things when his speech is on a simpler level. So I asked Azul. It felt strange asking a perfect stranger (Reptilian) for such a favor, but he snuggled up close. And as I kept on insisting that "I could not see him" and "I need to see a Reptilian" and "Reptilians do not exist if I cannot see them", Azul got really into it, he wanted me to know he was real. So he layed his body right next to mine behind mine in bed and he tumbled me around on the bed, pushed me against the wall, all the while his Reptilian self was closely visible though mentally and in the other dimension. But he didn't manifest.


June 07 2013 - I ran into an image of Hamish in the hallway that was so clear and sudden it caught me by surprise. He is somewhere in an underground base and it seems Azul has chased him away. But Hamish still keeps stating that these are his eggs. Hamish has been a bit testy. He gave me a "beating" and pushed me down on the sofa and held me locked that way for a bit. I just giggled! I asked for more. Hamish wants to watch a Harry Potter movie.

Yesterday's dirty laundry
And contact with some "SETI Initiative"

June 07 2013 - See what happens when internet is down for one day? I am backed up with so many stories. Let's run them through: the Ithaca non-bat had taken another dump there in Guatemalan forests. US military did not want me to talk to the non-bat, but I did anyway. I did some laundry and as soon as I throw some underwear into the washing machine, non-bat who has been watching says "I can take care of your underwear" and shows me his contrived mental image in which my underpants are there on the ground in the mud (and poo?) and he is stomping his feet on them getting them all dirty. That, my dear friends, is typical humor of the white dragons. North Port Gargoyle cracks similar jokes all the time. White dragons are ever so playful, fun, quirky weird and mischevous. Charming fellows.

The Aliens raped me by causing my energy to flare up into something sexual but luckily Hamish was one of the ones enjoying it so I was more ok with it. Thuban praying mantis rape me almost every day. Usually they rub a white powdery sex drug under my nose which puts me under what I call the "white flame".

I had four major tantrums at the Aliens yesterday because of their rapes. The first one as soon as I wake up in the morning. Then during noon. Then another one in the early evening because they were invading my privacy in the bath. And then a fourth when I was about to go to sleep.

In the second temper tantrum which happened at noon I got so upset and threatening to murder my assailants in most graphic and descriptive ways (self defense, doesn't work), it scared up Hamish and he retreated to a cave and told me he was hiding because he was scared. Hamish told me of how an Illuminati hybrid (the chubby ones) had once gotten angry like that and had then spat at him. I explained to my Dragon Feet that I wasn't angry at him, and I apologised profusely. Hamish recovered quickly and was back to his usual happy self complete with palate clicks and cute comments. But I was even angrier at the Thuban gang for having caused distress to my Hamish. I blame it on them of course.

The bath incident was when the Aliens wanted to show Captain Swansea when I masturbate and I felt ever so trespassed by it. But what worse the Ummite man - yes, the Ummite - shows up after my bath to comfort me. By saying that women were made to be enjoyed by men sexually. So he got a good bit of yelling and told me he was never coming back. But he came back after a while and I guess we talked it over. The Ummites look human but they are smaller, their heads are smaller and faces more compressed and he has a brown beard that blends in with his brown hair. Strange creatures, and there really isn't much on them on the internet so I'd best do my duty and interview them properly. This is cutting edge stuff! The Ummites!

In the fourth incident at night Captain Richard Swansea and Charon are about to rape me. Charon is my hybrid daughter. Yes. So I throw another tantrum fit. But I look at Swansea and, apart from his messy hair and military officer's uniform complete with the hat, I see big black alien eyes. So I confront him about it telling him that I see a Reptilian. Turns out this was Pakeha. Under disguise. Pakeha is Snake's new name for himself. Shapeshifting, anyone? Shapeshifters? I had already found out that Captain Robert Stephens was dear Hamish the Dragon all along, even though I am still struggling with embracing that new reality. Captain Stephens tormented me a lot in my teens, among others by wanting to look at my used tampons and being totally obsessed with my period blood. Sound like anyone you know? Like Hamish perhaps? Even the other day I caught Hamish starting to shapeshift into Captain Stephens when I was asking to get to see Hamish from close. The Draconians don't seem to realize that I see their Dragon selves, and when I ask to get to see them they hide in human forms thinking that would make it easier on me, or whatever. So Captain Swansea was Snake the Reptilian all along? Explains a lot, but also makes this more confusing somewhat. I hate that I have been lied to, deceived like this.

But then in my fourth temper tantrum which again nearly sent me to the hospital because this is nearing me to a nervous breakdown (not uncommon among alien abductees I'd bet), somebody quite unexpected comes to my rescue. A blue Reptilian who manages to make me all calm. Hamish tells me he is the supervisor. I end up calling this Reptilian "Blue", because I declare that his scales look dark blue almost black. When he finds out my name for him, he himself suggests how about "Azul". So Azul it is. Azul enters by showing me a mental image of a drawing made of a blue reptilian such as himself in the Mayan culture or something, with feathers on his head and a type of armoring that makes him look dressed as a warrior, complete with a scary looking spear. He tells me he is the Ithaca. (Remember that the Guatemalan non-bat is not the Ithaca himself. His grandparents were the Ithaca, but I chose to call him the Ithaca non-bat anyway. The non-bat was genetically made by the Ithaca, and of the Ithaca, but is not pure Ithaca itself. The non-bat is a "white dragon" and has no scales.)

Something about Azul he comes up close to me and it feels like a very feminine soothing presence and by miracle or magic all of my agony, sadness and frustration is completely gone and in a matter of seconds I am smiling and feeling better than I have in a long while. I talk to Azul (and write everything down). Azul asks if he can sit on the sofa, I say that of course he can. Hamish shows Azul his shedded sheets of scales and tells him that I have honored his scales. But Hamish ends up hiding under my desk (in the "table hole" as he calls it) because Azul did not allow for Hamish to show off too much honor for his own scales. It is quite a drama, living with Draconian Reptiles, and most of it revolves around their scales and honoring. But I don't mind to watch, and most of the times I am right there in it. I have learned to honor the Draconians so I honored Azul and told him that Hamish had taught me. That made Hamish so proud. I love Hamish, but you already knew that.

At night they take me to some man who grabs me and is going to have sex with me but I squirm away because I don't want to.

And then I wake up and someone who says he is with the "SETI Initiative" is talking to me telepathically. I kick myself for not writing that conversation down, because it was awesome. I even introduced him to the Guatemalan non-bat but the non-bat wasn't too keen on speaking with him. The SETI man has gray hair and glasses and one of the first things he said to me was that he suggested I go to the "BBC", meaning the British Broadcasting Channel a tv network of the UK for funding for my trip down to Guatemala to see the Ithaca non-bat. I had not thought of seeking funding from elsewhere. I just thought I would have to work and save my hard earned pennies for a long long time.

So I want to write a friendly hello to the man who contacted me telepathically this morning. It was such a nice surprise and you most certainly succeeded in the telepathy and we had a nice conversation. I must say that the Guatemalan non-bat which you were interested in and inquired about, does not seem keen on meeting with you. As I spoke to you about this morning, you need to embrace a friendlier approach to the aliens. I am ever so gentle and courteous with my aliens, and that is what builds up the trust and lets them open up to me. There was a serious lack of that in your approach to the non-bat, and as you could see he closed up and did not want you anywhere near him. Whereas I call him "love" and am courteous and cautious and he wants me to visit. As for your SETI record out there in space, Hamish has already been asked about the record by someone with SETI, possibly you, and the aliens are not interested in going out there in space and finding the record that SETI put out there all those years ago. You told me this morning how you put Beatles music on that record. I will have you know that the Aliens do not like music. At all. Hamish makes me switch off any music I have, other than female choir which fascinates him because he thinks it is speaking to him and he wants to know what it says. The Aliens will not go and find the SETI record.

I would be happy to work with you and if you contact me in person you and I can get together. First I will teach you the manners you need to have that doesn't make aliens close up or scare them away. You need humility and a softer approach. Here you were already talking to me and the Ithaca non-bat about going down there to the forest and having him carried away. Don't you think that would scare him? You need to be sensitive to the alien person's feelings and to his situation if you are ever going to get them to let you close. But contact me in real life and I will let you meet Hamish first. Then you get to learn how to honor his scales, and he will show you his back hump. But, glad to meet you even if the aliens weren't too keen on you. Hope to speak with you again, but I will probably not let you talk to the Ithaca non-bat again in a long while. You scared him and I think it is a form of violence to suggest that you would have someone go there and grab him. The Ithaca non-bat already grew up in a medical facility with Zeta Greys and they have also been poked at by military and now they have escaped, both the Ithaca non-bat and the North Port Gargoyle have. They are sweet and delicate persons and I need to teach you a gentle approach that doesn't harm them or scare them away. But nice to meet you and welcome back any day. If you work on building a gentle approach you might even get the Ithaca non-bat to talk to you more.

Now back to Hamish. This morning Hamish asked me to put the Animal Channel on tv. I have it on mute because he doesn't listen to dialogue anyway. Like that time when we watched Game Of Thrones he wasn't even keen on the dialogue or story he just wanted to see the violence and gore, typical guy? I'm gonna go eat some breakfast and watch tv with Hamish.

Lunches and Snacks and Too Much Sex

June 05 2013 - This morning I woke up to someone having sex with me in the other dimension. Turns out it was none other than General Davies of the US team (note: their names are more than likely fake names that they give me). It was great sex so I didn't get upset, in fact I asked him for more. I don't like Olav and Swansea doing it because they don't like me. A woman can tell when she is being disrespected. But General Davies doesn't dislike me at all. The Aliens made him watch me dancing yesterday, but that bothered my dancing so I was really upset. First they sent Olav to stare at me and I got furious, then General Davies. And now the Agenda wants me to have sex with this thin Illuminati hybrid young adult male. His skin glows white luminescent and he has the most beautiful glowing neon pale-green eyes. Frankly, I am tired of all the sex. Sex and sex talk every day. Can't we change the topic now?

But the hightlight of today so far was when I went for some food from the refrigerator, Hamish pops up like the Red Sock Puppet Dragon he is, and says "Lunches and Snacks!" Oh that made my day, it made my year, it made my whole entire life. And I thought he wasn't here today! Hamish!

A while later: General Davies says that Assistant Carlisle wants to come here and do it with me too. And I am not talking about Lunches and Snacks. I say that it is fine. I've been raped by these military men so many times I don't even care anymore. I've been through the agony of it in my teens so now I don't even care. As long as it isn't someone like Olav and Swansea who don't even like me.

Eligible Men?

June 04 2013 - It seems about time for fertilization of eggs again. Hamish is looking for eligible bachelors on his list. He has been sending Olav, the Russian Korpral Olav (Olli) Vetti who is one of Hamish's team's favorite... men for this purpose, I was speechless there for a while, not sure what to call it. Just that I don't like Olav. He does great sex don't get me wrong (ahem), just that I don't like his personality and he doesn't like me or care for me one bit. So that's not nice.

Here is a Thuban praying mantis with its binocular eyes adjusting this way or that, as it thinks and looks at me. The Thubans can be snappy, and they always are. Swansea is another eligible bachelor, but I don't like him either. He is rude to me. Heartless and mean, he cares more about his cigarettes than he does about me. And Hamish said that the Japanese don't want to do it. Hamish used to take me to Japanese men, but you see I am not ladylike to Japanese standards (I do things like eat apricots from a can and I would eat the whole cookie and ask for another one during a tea ceremony - you are only allowed to take a tiny little nibble). So Hamish is looking around. For some man to have sex with me. Oh well. Such is life. This is really weird.

I forgot to say that another eligible bachelor on the list, and this guy really likes me too, is the otherdimensional form of a certain European Prince Monarch, but I won't say who it is, because like I said, this is weird. Just now Hamish thought about red socks, and he doesn't like it when somebody wears red socks. Because red is his color. Such is life. Weird.

Komi Saki doesn't want to give him snacks. - smiles a Japanese man now who was aware of this conversation. Aha. So that is why the Japanese men won't partake. It wasn't me after all. It was the fact that Hamish snacks on the children. If you haven't heard this before I am sorry. There is a chapter probably in the third book "Over The Threshold" where I describe how Hamish goes to Japan, drags a little blonde boy who was doing Origami paper art with the school children, and takes the boy to the creek and... Can't say more. It's kind of shocking.

I just crushed his windpipe. - Hamish says now, ok so that's what he did and I didn't know how to say it. Then there's more but I won't say. I just can't write it.

Hamish now looks straight at me with that sock puppet head of his

Yes, Sir. - one US military man to another about something

So Hamish faced me directly with that sock puppet head of his, opened his mouth and did one solid good palate click. Oh he was so cute! The fact that he eats children? I can't say anything. I don't know what to say, so I will say nothing at all.

Little Apricots

June 04 2013 - I was eating from a can of apricots. Yes I was eating from the can, very ladylike. Earlier Hamish had said "No, Onions", about there being onions in today's cooking. "No, Onions", I declared to Dragon. As I sat eating apricots directly from the can, Hamish sneaks up real close to me. He looks right into my eyes and I get to see his eyes probably as closely as close gets. He is in the other dimension of course, but the veil between our dimensions is very thin and almost not there. Those round bulging yellow eyes with a vertical slit for a pupil, gazing deeply, deeply, into mine. So close as if his head was only an inch from mine.

Hamish then looks into the can of apricots. He wants to see what it is. It is his job to carefully make sure that the food that I am eating is fit and nutritious for the hunnun, meaning the eggs and future hybrids. I am not allowed any sugar, and Hamish is pleased when I eat proteins such as meat, grilled chicken, cheese, milk and yoghurt.

One of the best things about fire engine red Dragon Turtle, is that he is nearsighted. When he really wants to see, he puts his face right up close against what he is viewing. Like a nearsighted person reading with the paper only two centimeters from their nose. He put his head right up over my can of apricots.

As I was eating, Hamish does palate clicks that seem to mimic my eating motions. He has done this before. This isn't the first time when Hamish carefully watches me eating and it makes him copy my mouth's eating motions. I'm not sure whether those were real palate clicks, which he does when he is pleased, or whether he was just going along with what he was watching. Another example is that if I get real excited and shriek at him, Hamish starts stomping his feet up and down real fast. That is another type of stimulated behavior that I see in him. OH HE WAS SO DANG CUTE!!! If I have nothing else in the world besides Hamish, then I am doing pretty darn well. I would give up anything just to have Hamish. As nothing is more important.

I placed back his pink bathroom snuggie rug on the bedroom floor. It was folded away when I did my exercise. And I open the bedroom closet door for him again, in case Dragon wants to go inside. Hamish likes camping out in little corners, like under the bed, under the desk (he calls the space under a desk "table hole"), or now in the closet. So I have taken everything out of half the closet so that he can stand in it. The first day he did stand there, but now I haven't seen him there anymore. He has however returned to his beloved woven bathroom ruggie now that it is replaced on the bathroom floor. Snuggie Snugs!

Postcards from Turtle Dragon

June 04 2013 - I woke up this morning with a white luminescent thin Illuminati hybrid with a green glow visiting from afar. He was here to be introduced to some sexuality with me. We didn't do anything sexual that I can remember. He just got to look at my naked body. Because I am abducted on a medical table in an underground alien facility in another dimension at the same time when I am here in my bed in this dimension. Go figure that. I got to see the other place. I don't know how this works.

Thuban was sassy as usual. I tried to be nice to her, but she just fusses at me. That is the praying mantis for you, see here, nothing you can do. Just leave 'em. And then Malik the Black One appeared in that medical room over there. He was being graciously polite, although everybody kept calling me the dog and I was told that these glowing alien-human hybrids would take over the Earth. Then Malik showed me a vertical drop in the floor of one of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids, that humans used to fall or be thrown down there in the Ancient times and that Black Ones and possibly also Hamish-type Reptilians used to wait down there for their victims to fall down for them. Malik then hinted at, like "look at how this is the pyramid". The Draconian Agenda either loves the Egyptian pyramids for being like their own power symbol, the pyramid, or that these were even built for the Draconians, I have yet to find out which is the case.

Then Malik started pestering poor Hamish by pushing him closer toward the crematory oven in the alien facility. Hamish remained calm, but I panicked. I begged for Malik to stop harming Hamish, and I even said that if he wouldn't stop, my eggs would go bad and die. After a few minutes when all is over and said, Hamish shows me an image of himself in the snowy mountains where he visits his kin who hide out in the mountains. He has got a girlfriend there, a smaller red Dragon Turtle, she is a sweet and gentle little Turtleness. I like it how Hamish sends me these little postcards when he travels to places. He puts these remote images into my head of himself standing in his whereabouts. Like little postcards. From a Dragon Turtle. Love Turtle.

I imagine myself hugging Hamish, wanting to see if he is ok and comforting him. He notices from afar what my intentions are, he says:

Yes, put your heart close to me. - Hamish

Now, those of you who do not know Dragon Turtles might think that aww, he is being sweet. No the only reason Hamish wanted to have my heart next to him is because he likes to eat hearts. Yumm, mmm...

What would you do for a million dollars?

June 03 2013 - A human man contacted me telepathically (while I was in the shower, figure that) and he asks me what I would do for a million dollars. I would pay off student loan. Get a car, buy a house. Go to Thailand and get a nose job. Go see a dentist. And buy Hamish that leather armchair he has always wanted, and all the Harry Potter movies. Then I would spend some of it on food, and save the rest. That is what I said. The man said he was with the "US NASA" team. He said he would pay a million dollars for me. In exchange if I "shut up".

I thought about it for about two seconds, then I said that I could not be bought for money. And then I said, that if he presents to me good arguments for why I should, then I would accept his reasons and do it for free.

Interesting facts:
*The militaries and leadership of the world, including NATO, know about the alien presence here on Earth. The main reason why they aren't telling, is because Agenda aliens are atrocious and there are unmentionable things done that the public is best kept oblivious about for their own good, and I agree to that.
*I would do my Orion Project no matter how much money I would be offered to shut down the website and hide the notes and books. I love this project, and my hopes is that you do too.
*I would cease the Orion Project, or at least heavily censor it, if the military presented me with strong reasons for why I should. Such as that the world would be destroyed, or something like that. Such reasons have not been presented to me at this time, so nothing has been censored to date.
*If I end up censoring something under pressure from leaderships then I would tell you that there is such a restriction in force. And I would simply refuse to lie as part of such coverup.
*I would not give up my contacts and friendship with Hamish for anything, not even due to military pressure, and I would fight to the death of me defending my rights to stay with him. Hamish is my all and my everything.
*This website is seriously censored, but that is because I put all of the things kids shouldn't be reading into the books instead. But between the website and books, everything gets published.

Sponge Bath and Sex with the Incubus

June 02 2013 - This morning Hamish was exquisitely soaked in his bodily fluids that neon orange sticky fluid that oozes through ruptured orange bumps on his skin. It makes him glow in a neon orange. But later in the day Hamish got a sponge bath by either a Zeta or a Thuban praying mantis sort with regular arms. Soapy water was dripping from his body and onto his feet and floor, as he stood in a room in an alien base somewhere getting a good wash. Hamish talked to me about the "soap" and about how he had put his shedded bits of scales in a pile on the floor in that room. I kind of miss Hamish's funk. I love that neon orange sticky stuff, because it makes him Hamish. He had chewed on that worker, he called it his chewy toy. I said I wanted to wash Hamish next time.

Well. You can't believe what Mr. Incubus Malik was up to today. Namely he was going to have sex with me and put his seed into me, yes the usual way, except in another dimension. Malik talks about marriage with me and about having a son with me. Then it hit me. Incubi have had children with human women! Like Merlin, supposedly! I don't dare to post the conversations or notes online because it is not suitable for a young audience. As always, find everything in the books, totally uncensored and unbashful. I mean there's descriptions of how he does it and what he says and what everything looks like. It's kinda neat though, I mean it's some kind of close encounter with an alien of some sorts.

Best Friend

June 02 2013 - Hamish sees me about to put on some classical music. He makes a deep long soothing content exhale. He then comes up close and sharpens his hearing getting ready to listen carefully.

When I woke up this morning Hamish was under the pelargonium flower boxes on the balcony.
That's where he was last night when I went to bed. I made some fried eggs for breakfast and Hamish scurries up close and says that he wants to see what I am doing. I tell him I am making fried eggs and that he is welcome to watch. "Come see what I am doing", I say to Dragon. Sergeant Wilkes then tells me not to talk to him (to Hamish). I get upset with Sergeant Wilkes, I say that Hamish is my Dragon and that he is welcome here and it would be rude of me not to listen to him or to answer his questions or talk to him. Sergeant Wilkes tells me that he (Hamish) is not a Dragon. Yes he is, I insist. Sergeant Wilkes asks if he and Captain Swansea should stop coming here. The military think that they are protecting and watching over me from the Dragon. But Hamish is my best friend.

Yes, No, best friend. - Hamish, it means "No best friend", that he disagrees

I am listening with him to this song again, Hamish really loves the female choir:

You have not drunk milk! - says a friendly Dinosaur in the other language. Maybe I should have some.


Hamish is here making palate clicks but more rapid ones than usual. A palate click means he is pleased. Hamish is somehow more present today than usual. He is soaked in a body fluid secretion all across his body. He oozes a sticky neon orange fluid from blunt orange bumps found mostly on his forearms and turtleshell hump back. The ooze soaks him in a sticky odor that smells like rotten cheese, vomit, and pancreas. But it is Hamish. My Hamish. It is like a man who smells like underarm sweat. It just becomes his signature presence, his strong pungent scent. He doesn't smell like humans, he smells like a Dragon. I love Hamish. He is so close I could almost touch him. His scales feel rubbery to the touch, just like silicon rubber, and not hard or rough like what one would expect of a Dragon. I love this creature. He watches my every move. Follows me around. Now we will listen to some more classical music. I have cleared out all the things from the closet because Hamish wanted to stand in the closet so now he can. I've opened the closet door for him so that he can go in if he wants. I love my Turtle. He is definitely coming closer to me than usual, because I am becoming aware of his scent, the sticky ooze on his skin, and the elastic rubbery feel of his scales. Hamish, Hamish, Hamish...

I am not wet, tell them that. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. You are my Honored here. I honor your scales. Welcome. - me
My Patton won't have me here. - Hamish about General Patton
General Patton can go somewhere else. You and me want to be together. With eggs. - me, I mean the ovum he is here for the ovum nothing else
So, we don't want to tell you about the Battle of Syracuse. - General Patton, the Battle of Syracuse is the US military term for the fight with the invading Draconian Aliens who want to eat humans and cause havoc. They are balancing things out on fragile agreements.