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August 2 2012 - August 18 2012

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Hamish Throws a Hissy Fit

August 18 2012 - Yesterday I donated blood plasma for the first time. Before doing so I had the large protein meal and a lot to drink as instructed. So I had one chicken breast sandwich, chili cheese fries and a large sweet ice tea. Hamish was not pleased with my day.

When I finished the donation - the aliens, presumably Hamish, telepathically has a hissy fit about the fact that "did I just give them [the plasma clinic] my DNA?!?!???" ... I said that I do not know if blood plasma contains any DNA but that I'm sure it does with some of my cells in it. I also said that I'm sure that my DNA will not be used for anything, if there, and that if even it would be then that would not matter.

And so late at night as I go to bed I call for Hamish because I miss him and I miss our evening chats before I go to bed. Because usually Hamish is here in the evenings and only sometimes do I have to call him over. So I call for Hamish telepathically.

Ha-mis (one of a few of my babytalk puppytalk versions of saying his name...) either asks me to "go inside of his mouth" or asks me whether I would like to "go inside of his mouth", I can't remember which it was. When Hamish is in a grumpy mood or when he is wanting to be dominating he starts to talking about this or that "going across his mouth", because "eating" is his powerful action and me having to imagine being the meal is to put me into an inferior situation. It's just words he won't eat me, but this is part of his language symbolism.

Hamish then faces me with his mouth wide open. When he is in the most irritable of moods he will face me with his mouth wide open. Of course he doesn't know that I find it absolutely cute and adorable and it cheers me up, because his big wide open toothless mouth is delightfully cute. But I understand and respect his message. I admire him for being able to effortlessly keep his mouth wide open for some time and it stays stable. Humans would have trouble keeping our mouths open without discomfort in the jaw and that our mouth would open and close slightly all the time.

He then makes a Draconian vocalization I don't think I have heard before. At least he has never used that tone of voice to me. It is a short angry or irritable hiss or grunt. I wish I had a database of animal sounds then I could find something very similar.

I had told the Draconians that I am required to eat protein and drink plenty of fluids before plasma donation. So Hamish who was aware of what I had eaten and drunk was upset, because now he thought that donating plasma meant that I was required to drink "sweet drinks" and eat the chili cheese fries. This is only the third time I have ever had chili cheese fries and all three during the time period of the past year with my aliens, and each time the Orion doctor informs me that I should not be eating it. The chicken sandwich received no complaints from the ETs but Hamish wasn't happy about the cheese fries and the sweet tea. Ever since this started a year ago I was prohibited by the ETs from drinking (or eating) anything very sweet. Sweet ice tea, soda, sweet fruit juices, pears, ice-cream, are some of the banned foods.

It's something about the sugar disrupting the DNA when they want to make hybrids. I've asked them to explain the issue with sugar many times and they always tell me something like that. But last night, because Hamish was being a bit of a hissy fit, I asked him to really explain, because I didn't understand. There is nothing I know of in human medical science that could explain how sugar could disrupt their work. All I can think of is that sugar provides ATP which powers our life processes, and how could that be bad? So Hamish explained to me that when I have sugar, it reduces my fertility. So there we have it. I would not be "fertilizable" if I have something like a large sweet ice tea. And Hamish was being hissy fit about it, with his mouth wide open at me and asking me to go into his mouth.

Then he was upset about the procedure I had done with the plasma donation, ie. the fact of being hooked up to a machine that takes out my blood and takes blood plasma and returns the red blood cells to me. Because I had not asked Hamish for permission. I apologized to my Red Hamish because I had not known that I was expected to ask for his permission. Hamish was displeased with my day. The fact that I had had cheese fries, had a large sweet ice tea, "given someone my DNA", underwent this procedure, and not asked for his permission first.

Hamish made a second hiss grunt of the same kind as before, these hiss grunts are kind of like when humans say "talk to the hand", it's irritation and a bit of upset, but nothing really scary or overly aggressive. Hamish has never used that tone of voice with me before, with the short irritated hisses. They sound almost like mechanical screech, or it sounds like static noise on the television. They are rather short. The worst part about it was that I felt kinda embarrassed that I had done something wrong. But I was also amused by the whole thing because I think that he is overreacting.

I explained to Hamish that I was not required to drink "sweet drinks" and that I could just as well have had water, and that the cheese fries was not mandatory either, that any protein would do. I had only resorted to junk food because I had not done any grocery shopping so I had to eat out. The stuff that I buy from grocery stores and eat at home are mostly now acceptable by the ETs. I wouldn't say that they are too restrictive about my food, it's pretty much just sugar that I have to avoid, which is good for my blood sugar and health anyway. (By following their dietary advice I always notice improvement to my health; more focus when I take iron, better energy levels when I avoid sugar, and so forth).

Hamish is the best though. I really do love him. I've gotten some more good looks at him. His mouth is etched right beneath where the eyes are. It looks funny because he has no nose. The area where we are used to seeing a nose is where the mouth is, and he doesn't really have a chin. Hamish once talked to me about how he doesn't have a jaw, and that he would like to have a strong jawbone like what I have. I love Hamish. It was great to see him do a hissy fit. I expect him to be back to his normal charming self now. He is typically in an uplifted and positive mood. There is nothing in the world better than Hamish.

Cried and trash not hidden well enough

August 14 2012 - Hamish shows me a mental image of my kitchen counter where we have a lot of ants running around. I tend to sweep the ants into the sink and run water over them to try to combat them. Hamish shows surprisingly great concern for insects. Whereas humans can dispose of pest insects like a piece of trash, the sight of me destroying an insect lingers on in the mind of Hamish and he comes back to express his thoughts and concerns with me later on.

Hamish "possesses" my right hand with his own so that his hand and arm with red scales is overlapping with my human one. I feel that our arms are the same. He then lifts his arm slowly to the edge of the kitchen counter and points his index finger with the reptilian claw near one of those little ants that is running around there. And this makes my "possessed" overlapping arm and hand raise and it lifts my index finger so that we are pointing at the ant together. I did not find this intrusive of Hamish, rather he was showing me something in the most delicate and intimate way that anyone can, by having my hand and arm be part of what he was showing me.

He points at the ant and he then says, "Watch out!" And that made me start to cry. I was so deeply touched by watching this beautiful red space Dragon noticing a simple mere ant in the kitchen. He doesn't want me to sweep them into the sink and kill them. It was one of the most deep and incredible moments with Hamish. He was so beautiful and he was so close to me, and so gently he raised my finger to point with him in that image (I was in my bed and my arm and finger followed his). I could sob and weep over the beauty of him.

And then another story, a while later Malik the Black One shows me a mental image of a pair of my shoes. Now, these are shoes that I had lying around in the old apartment. They are shoes I have probably worn only twice, and I never wear them. But once while still in the previous apartment, Malik showed me those shoes and told me to put them on. He then indicated that I should put the shoes on and take out the trash. (That time, I did.)

Malik showed me those same shoes that aren't even out anymore. And he was not happy about the trashcan that is in the cabinet underneath the sink. I guess hiding the trashcan didn't work. Malik has by the way been a bit fussy lately, he keeps calling me "fool" or "imbecile" (however one would translate). They really don't like trash, what am I to do! But it's become a parody, it amuses me greatly to have these imposing big space lizards being fussy about something as humble and innocent as household trash.

Rug Snug

August 13 2012 - Last night when Hamish was in my bedroom and I went to bed it was cute to see that once he and I had stopped talking, lights were off, and things were quiet and dark and over with for the day, Hamish retreated over to the bathroom to find his beloved bathroom rug, and I could feel his feelings he feels comfortable and reassured every time that he sees that rug. It was cute, it was like when it's night and your puppy goes and finds his favorite spot to sleep on, such as the dog bed or its blanket.

Hamish is a big red reptile with an odd turtleshell back hump. I am so humbled that this large sweetheart with a pig grunt and gentle roar in his voice loves such a humble thing as the bathroom rug. There is nothing as cute than having your big red space reptile, whom you've known for a year now, find his place on the bathroom rug at night. Then all is well with the world.


August 13 2012 - I was sitting by the desk when all of a sudden Hamish who saw my fingers and hands he had a sudden spontaneous thought run across his mind, which resulted in him having a mental image of such, which I then saw too. Hamish had a spontaneous thought that he would quickly sweep my fingers into his mouth to eat them, but this thought of his was only brief and sudden and it was as if Hamish stopped the thought from going any further. It is like when humans have spontaneous reflex thoughts but then we stop ourselves quickly because we'd rather not have such a thought.

So that amused me. I said Hamish would you like to eat my fingers? I can't be afraid of Hamish's mouth because he has no teeth. I just think his mouth is cute and harmless, kind of like on a frog, isn't it? Hamish has in the past shown me images of himself with human fingers on a severed off hand in his mouth, most notably in this conversation, so it's something that occurs in the repertoire of Hamish's world of thought. Whether he actually has had fingers in his mouth or not is another question, it could be just what he thinks of. I mean, who'd want to eat fingers, they're bony and awkward and Hamish doesn't even have any teeth, so maybe he's just being Hamish.

When I laughed a bit and asked if he wanted to eat my fingers, what do you think Hamish says? Hamish says Yes-No, the quick Yes-No, but this one didn't come attached with any mental thought images from him so as to hint at what he was referring to as Yes and what would be No. "What do you mean, Yes-No?", I asked my Hamish almost a bit annoyed because I just didn't see how one could say Yes-No about this situation. You either eat my fingers or you don't, there was no alternative situation given. Hamish does a Yes-No usually with two situations or scenes given, for instance Yes with the absence of trashcan, and No with the presence of dirty plate. This one had only "one" thing going on, the eating of fingers, so Yes-No didn't make sense.

So Hamish says that Yes he would like to eat fingers, but No not mine. Oh Hamish you are full of surprises I could just cuddle you!

Hamish is a man

August 13 2012 - I went to a hobby store today and it has all kinds of things for home decorating and crafts. Hamish had tagged along (invisibly, or remotely) and he was wide-eyed about all the many things to see there. So I told Hamish that he is welcome to look around the store, even when I am not there.

Later today once I had returned home and gotten settled, Hamish returns with an image from the large hardware store from across the street from the crafts store. He seems a bit excited and he tells me that there are many interesting things there. So I ask Hamish, what kind of things are there? He shows me a mental image of a silvery metallic wrench. Ok. So Hamish didn't like my trip to the fabrics and sewing store. He went where all the men go. Tools. Hamish must be a man. I declare it's just like when you are a lady and you go shopping with your husband. Fabrics, umm? He sneaks off to the manly tools section. We are a married couple.

Nah - Oranges

August 12 2012 - I was minding my own business fixing breakfast and as soon as I grabbed an orange I hear a faint and by now very familiar "No". It was my Hamish of course. Everyone should have a Hamish at their house. He did not want me eating "Sweet fruits". I tried to explain to him that it contains vitamins and fiber, and I ate it anyway. He doesn't bother me when I'm eating it, it's just that he's giving suggestions. It's just fun that he says No just as I pick it up. He must be watching me like a hawk, he's always ready to say a No when needed.

I then asked if I could see other red reptiles of Hamish's kind. I think I did, because I was talking to a red reptile who didn't talk like Hamish talks. This other red reptile was larger than Hamish and god damn I should have written down the conversation you all would have LOVED to read it! It was so neat. He was all about power and dominance too, and they like me because I am easy to "rule" or "control". They want to rule our entire human race. Being in charge means so much to them.

I was also reminded when I "forgot to honor" the red reptile, so I referred to him as "my Honored". Meanwhile Hamish has completely given up on reminding me to honor him for the past week at least, so it has been weird without his familiar reminders. Anyhow, this other red reptile said to me that his kind come from another planet. And that it is very warm on their planet. He even later reminded me to "remember that they come from a warm planet", he thought that was important.

He lives in caverns in the Himalayan mountains go figure. He also hinted at that reptilians live in underground facilities here on Earth. But I knew that already. He was adorable. I love this race of ETs. Hamish and me have a great time, and I'm so glad that there are others like him. This race of red lobsters with a turtleshell hump back and covered in orange blunt bumps and with a voice containing pig grunts, cat purrs and coffee brewer sounds is the most delightful thing in the universe. They are so cute, and like I said, everyone needs a Hamish to say No when they are about to eat an orange. How cute is that.

Hamish Hamish Hamish...

August 10 2012 - Last night I invited Hamish to come close to interact with me and lo and behold he did the most impressive tackles of me that I have yet ever had. Hamish totally flipped me around and turned me over in very impressive wrestling tactics. I just kept on giggling "Hamish! Do more!" And he did more.

The flips were like able to turn me around and throw me about in less than a second each. There was a tremendous amount of force and strength applied and the manner came across as having a highly hostile undertone. Extremely impressive maneuvering. I was highly amused, bravo, Hamish. If I had that on camera your jaws would drop. He was really showing off. And I was loving it. Why I was loving it? Because I was being flipped around with incredible speed and force by a red Draconian space lizard whose name is Hamish and whose breath smells like cheese. That's why.

But when I woke up in the morning I had an unusual pain in my tailbone, possibly a side-effect, but that didn't last long. It was fun and I am totally responsible for having encouraged Hamish to do this to me. I want more close interaction with him. He won't harm me. He could have killed me or thrown me into the wall had he wanted to, but I think we were both enjoying this. The flips were carefully engineered to not cause me any harm but to be as expressive as possible. Ah, my space lizard. My beautiful Hamish. "We wanted your egg, that's why." I hear now, possibly from Hamish, but in English.

And today when I was in the shower I was talking to Hamish and giving him praise and affectionate words. Hamish then showed up and he went straight to the bathroom rug, his bathroom rug, which now sits in front of the shower, and then I watched as he stomped up and down on that rug real fast! Oh it was a delight and seeing that made me laughing! You know when you have little kids that find a mud puddle after the rain and they go into the puddle and stomp their feet up and down to make a mess? Well Hamish kinda looks like that, only better. He will stand on that bathroom rug and stomp his feet up and down on the rug. He does that because he LOVES the soft feel of the rug against his bare reptilian footsies. But he was stomping REALLY FAST this time! REALLY FAST! Like running on the rug! Oh it was a delight Hamish you never cease to bring joy to my heart!

He then directed his attention to the sharp vertical door handle to the shower and showed me that he wants to scrape that sharp end against his back hump again. Like he has done previously. Oh Hamish oh Hamish you big red space lizard, like one big puppy that wants to scratch and have comfy sofas and rugs. Hamish brings me so much joy. I love this thing Hamish. Hamish Hamish Hamish...

Malik wants me to undress

August 8 2012 - So I was chatting with the big chubby white Illuminati hybrid man and then Hamish yells out for him to watch out because I have bacteria. So then I start talking to them about that I have many bacteria, not that I care about it but they always do. Then they say that the King (they use a different word in another European language but one of its interpretations is King or Prince) is arriving. I then say that I'd love to meet Malik my King. It's been a while since his last visits.

Malik the Black Reptile shows up and asks me if I have bacteria here. I say to him that I always have bacteria here. He is curious and wants to see them. He tells me to undress and to stand on the floor (I am in bed so he wants me to get up). I tell him no that I'm afraid to. I'm not really afraid but I just say that cause I don't feel like it. He then asks me again, he tells me that he wants me to put my clothes in a pile over by the other end of the bed. I tell him that I'm afraid to do that, well cause I'm just not in the mood. Malik has a curiosity about bacteria, namely he wants to give "all of humanity" a bacterial throat infection, and once he said he would give condyloma to all humans. Heh heh, oh dear Malik. I shouldn't have told them that I have bacteria, I don't even know if I do I was just saying that. Now the Orion doctor is here to check me out.

I can only love Hamish - Malik is creepy

August 5 2012 - Hamish again. How can I stop talking about Hamish. Such a special bond that has developed between me and my Hamish. Hamish is a big red space lizard. Yesterday Hamish gave me a good look at himself. He is always bigger than I can remember, he is so very tall and large. I'd say he's just a bit larger than a large horse.

Hamish is so proud now that he can say Yes and No all by himself. He keeps telling me (through an alien interpretor, presumably a Dinosaur) that he will no longer need an interpretor. It is like when you have small human children who first learn to say "No". And so they say "No" about everything. And feel so empowered and proud to first learn to communicate independently. Hamish has that same pride and joy for speaking by himself, and so he tries to communicate with me entirely by use of the words Yes and No and in various combinations. He is completely able to "rule" by using those words, expressing appreciation or approval of things, and then of course his dislike of things, like trash in my garbage can. And then there are a variety of Yes-No's, and other clever use of combinations of the two. There is nothing as splendid in the world than talking to my big red space lizard Hamish.

Hamish can no longer hide under my bed, because this bed is lower and not even I could crawl underneath it. So he has nowhere to hide from the Black One Malik. And so I have begun inviting Hamish to crawl next to me in my bed. I tell him that I would protect him from the Black One.

Speaking of which. On my first night here in this new apartment, I woke up at 3 AM to have Malik the Black One standing by my bedside leaning over me and there was something so utterly terrifying and hellish about the atmosphere that I ended up screaming (telepathically, in my mind) for hours for Angelic protection and Jesus Christ and I swore to go to church first thing in the morning and to start attending church every week and reading the Bible out loud every night. I banned Malik from every coming to see me again. I have never been so scared. Now I know why the others, Hamish, Dinosaurs, Zeta-hybrids, all the ETs, are so afraid of the Black One Malik.

Yet Malik himself is rather humble and "he doesn't really mean it". It's just his presence that is so hellish. Normally though I get along with Malik just fine. It was just that night I really had a scare. I have gotten some more closer looks of Malik. He really looks like the black evil ones in the Gremlins movie, except that he does not have the ears. He has a humble build, is rather small and frail looking. He has a tail. And white eyes. He likes to cause suffering to others so that he can then "drink their juice", which is when he literally eats their soul. Yes, he looks just like how I have drawn him, such as the second picture of him in the cartoon, or my drawing with the white eyes here.

No - trashcan

August 4 2012 - I've been moved in for a few days now in my new apartment. Didn't take long for Hamish to locate my trashcan, which now sits in the kitchen, far away from my bedroom. The other night Hamish shows me a mental image of himself. He is in the kitchen. He is facing the small trashcan on the kitchen floor and his eyes are on it. He shows me mental images of the contents of the trashcan, that being orange peels and banana peels. "No", says Hamish. "No".

Today I took out the trash so the trashcan was empty. When Hamish appeared I told him, showing him in mental images, that the trashcan was empty. Hamish felt good about that. Later I put some more trash in there. The Draconians asked me why do I put trash in there? Why would I do that? I asked them where else would I put the trash. They really have a problem with trash, which is funny, cause they are Draconians. HAMISH!!! I declare, it's like the tv-series ALF except mine doesn't eat cats. Speaking of which we are getting a cat tomorrow, so we'll see how Hamish likes that. Hamish is the best. He is totally the best ever in the whole world. I love living with Hamish here. He is my big red pet with scales and a bad breath that smells like cheese and vomit.

Hamish I love you, and you love the rug

August 3 2012 - So this morning Hamish is already up and about and in my room here in my new apartment. I greet my Hamish and welcome him to come and sit on my bed, my precious big red space lizard. He sits down and shows me a mental image of his red scaly hand and asks me if it's ok. I tell him that I think his hand is beautiful.

I then watch as Hamish is having thoughts. Hamish is feeling very emotional about the bathroom rug. His thought images are about the rug. He thinks back to his memories of when he used to stand on that rug in my old bathroom and watch me as I was having a bath. He thinks about the fact that this rug has now changed color and he concludes that it is in fact the same rug. He is getting accustomed to the overwhelming fact that his precious rug has moved location and changed color. I must say I am feeling guilty about having relocated his rug like this, this has been a very emotional turmoil for my Hamish.

I was worried whether my move would affect the aliens, but I had no idea that the only thing that would trouble them, and that the only one who seems to be troubled, is Hamish and about his rug. He loves that rug like a baby loves its baby blanket. He has been standing on it some more again. And he showed me a mental image in which I would be picking up the rug and lifting it out of its present location by the shower. In effect he was suggesting for me to please remove it from where I have put it. I then asked Hamish, but where do I put it? It has to go somewhere? But he doesn't offer a suggestion for where to put it instead, so I keep it where it is.

Last night Hamish did the most incredible thing. I watched him as he went into my new bathroom and he stood on his bathroom rug. He told me not to wash and tumbledry the rug ever again, because in his opinion doing so made the rug less plush and I should now brush it up a little. Strange, as I would think that tumbledrying it would make it softer? Well, the shower door has a long vertical handle. Hamish stood on his now pink rug and enjoying the softness on his reptilian feet. He then proceeded to scratching his hump back against the vertical handle on the shower door! He looked like a big bear scratching its back against a tree.

He did this time after time, had the rather sharp edge of the shower door handle scrape across the big and rather odd turtleshell humpback bump on his back. At first I wondered whether Hamish was showing me a hypothetical image, as if to say that "what is this awkward sharp thing here that keeps getting in the way?" Because when Hamish had found the shoebox with sewing needles he was showing me hypothetical mental images of sewing pins poked into his arm and near his eye, not that he was doing it or even wanting to, but because he was expressing concern of a hypothetical issue. So was this shower door a similar case, of concern?

But I ended up suspecting that our Hamish is just a big bear. He was enjoying a good back scratch, and seems that Hamish will be settling in quite nicely. He has found himself the perfect spot, having both his wonderful most awesome and excellent bathroom rug. Accompanied by a back scratcher right next to it. You've got to love Hamish.

But he was feeling so emotional about his bathroom rug, it was almost like sadness or grieving, that I asked Hamish to come sit down on the bed with me. I wanted to talk to him about his feelings about the move and to make sure that he was ok. I asked him to tell me what his thoughts and feelings were. The move was great for me, I love this new place. But that rug sure means the world to Hamish. In fact I don't think I have personally ever been so fond of an object, as Hamish is of that rug.

Hamish did not talk about his thoughts and feelings. It's not like one can have engaging deep conversations with Hamish. I would describe him as more blunt, than reflective. Brief and concise, rather than elaborate. I offered Hamish to come close to me and I would scratch on his back with my hands. I've offered him that before, when he sat on the living room sofa and leaned his back hump against the back rest of the sofa. I will keep offering him backrubs and footrubs until he dares to let me. It's just that there's something about touch that offends Hamish, I guess he would say that "it does not honor him".

He hasn't let me massage or even really touch him yet. Hamish doesn't crave physical contact and it's been really difficult for me trying to convince him to let me touch him, because he does not see the benefit of that.

I love my big red Space Reptile. Hamish told me this morning that he will be staying with me for several more months to come. I was so pleased to hear that. Even though they are still reminding me that after this Summer, they will be gone. They have been saying this all along, ever since they first appeared in August 2011. It's been a year now with these aliens, and I have grown very fond of Hamish. And he of my bathroom rug.

Pink rug and ostrich feathers oh my

August 2 2012 - So it's become evident that Hamish doesn't approve of ostrich feathers. (Read more here) After a while he revealed to me why. They came from a different "race", a race that does not have scales, and a race that is not "honored". Hamish doesn't think of the feathers as just another one of my decorative items. He recognizes it as being a part of a "race". Hamish is very keen on "races" and living creatures, he even notices a simple humble centipede on my floor (More here, search for centipede).

Hamish said to me that "his race would have to decide what I am to do about those feathers". He then did a Yes-No, in which he showed me a mental image of himself leaving, being the Yes, and then the ostrich feathers still on the table, and No. I sensed and it was also evident that this Yes-No meant that "if the feathers aren't leaving, Hamish is". He was giving me an ultimatum. I then gave Hamish a Yes-No. I showed Hamish an image of himself in my room and said Yes, and then the feathers and said No. I want him to stay and if it's between him and the feathers, well what ever would I do without my big plush Hamish TeddyBear?

As for the rug. I washed my bathroom rug, sorry, that's Hamish's bathroom rug in with two dark pink ones and lo and behold once I took out my two pale-beige bathroom rugs they had become discolored into a delightful light pink! I felt like I had opened the best Christmas present ever, I had been wanting to buy rugs of a new color and here they were, like brand new, in the perfect color! I was ever so pleased.

After talking to me about the ostrich feathers Hamish shows me a picture of "his" rug (the larger of the two) and in its new color of gorgeous pink, and it as if already having been put down on the floor where I intend to put it next to the shower here in my new apartment, and Hamish expressed this whole thing with disgust and he said "No". He was not pleased. I think that he may be displeased both about his rug becoming discolored into pink as well as my plans of putting his rug next to the shower.

Hamish claimed that rug as his long time ago. (See for instance here) He would show me mental images of himself standing on my bathroom rug and just being like a kid in a mud puddle, stomping up and down excitedly on that rug and feeling the delightful softness of it underneath his bare red Reptilian feet. And he used to forbid me from ever standing on it. "You are standing on my rug", he would tell me. And he would watch over that thing like a hawk, I couldn't put as much as a toe on it and he would notice. He once even pushed me with a physical bump off the rug, saying that I was in the way and he wanted to stand on it!

Well, he thinks that me having ostrich feathers in a vase is a display that I am honoring the ostrich race. And so I told Hamish that he should give me one of his black back thorns (on his turtleshell back bump) which he keeps pulling out anyways as soon as they grow out of one of those orange bumps. I would make a pyramid-shaped glass display that keeps his prized black thorn inside, and that would be a display, in honor of my wonderful alien race Hamish the Great also known as Hamish the Elder.

I don't know about Hamish's rug. He reminds me of when I was a little child and I had a comfy baby blanket that I carried with me everywhere, and if it ever got lost it could never be replaced. Or Hamish is also like a dog that has bonded with a favorite slipper or a toy that he won't let go of. It's SO ADORABLE!!! how this large, massive impressive powerful beast, still has these baby-like and puppy-like sweet behaviors. Don't you just love Hamish?