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May 20 2013 - June 01 2013

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Hamish listens to female choir

June 01 2013 - Psst, sshh, Hamish is listening to classical music!

Tell them I am not listening to it. - Hamish
I thought you were, Dragon. - me

I was listening to this piece of classical music and noticed Hamish was listening in during the first female choir singing. He was really listening. He has auditory membranes on the sides of his heads, but no external ears. Dragon has very sensitive hearing and usually he hates music. There was only one time when he didn't hate music, when he found music interesting, and it too was a soft female choir. Hamish hates all music normally, but this song I caught him listening to it. He then becomes tense during some of the violin, but he seems to enjoy and really listens to the female choir and takes it in. Oh Dragon, every day you surprise me!

My bed. - Hamish now says in my native language and points to my bed. He is acting territorial. In fact when I went shopping today he asked me if I had brought "his cards" and showed me a mental image of my debit card and credit card. I told him that I had not brought his cards with me. I had brought cash. Of course they can be Dragon's cards. I buy him things all the time.

Oh yikes. As I'm about to listen to the song again now that I've spent a few minutes in silence just writing about this, Hamish starts doing grunt-purrs and nods with approval toward the music window. He wants to listen to it again, he really did enjoy it! Now me and Dragon will have a listen.

Tell them that I didn't grunt-purr, to you. - Hamish
I know Hamish. You enjoyed the music. The choir. You are a sweet Turtle, Hamish. - me

I am trying to decipher what she is saying. - Hamish in the other language
I don't know Hamish. I think it is Latin. - me
What does Latin mean? - Hamish
It is a language. An old language. - me
What does it say? - Hamish
I don't know. I could find out for you? - me
I would like to bite them! - Hamish
Why? Why do you bite people? - me
Because they have my eggs. And by biting them I become better. - Hamish

Hamish lets out a deep long purr in response to the music. I don't know what goes on in Dragon's mind.

I wouldn't have bitten them, tell them that. - Hamish
That's ok Hamish. - me

Hamish hunches down and flexes his hump back to show it to me. He is displaying dominance. Many things are meant to be implied in his gesture that I am supposed to know. I am not a Dragon but I am catching on to his language and culture. I even find myself communicating to him lately using nothing but Draconian vocalizations, exhales, even grunts and purrs that I do in the mind not out loud. I also understand Malik's many nuances of vocalizations. We are speaking less and less in human vocabulary.

Next song Hamish is really listening closely, it is fun I've never seen him listening in on other music, he is fascinated by choir.
I want to cut them with a sword. - Hamish in the other language
Tell them to be quiet. - Hamish, he cringes at the male choir, can't remember if English or my other language
Yes. Press stop. - Hamish while the song is still playing, he said Yes in the other language, other in English

Third one
That sounds very good. - Hamish in the other language to the male choir at the beginning
And at about 4:00 into the song:
Yes, write that down on paper, that that sounds very good. - Hamish in the other language, he likes the male choir
Yes, that one sounds like it could have eggs. - Hamish at about 4:45 when the high pitched female choir starts
Tell them that I am not like Bacchus. I don't like that. - Hamish in English as I start the song from the start again, he means he does not like the violin

I played the third song again and Dragon made more comments. Needless to say I am buying the CD for Dragon Turtle and me, *so that he can listen to it all the time*.

Hamish won me in a tournament and had sex with me

June 01 2013 - Spoiler: I don't remember the sex. Hamish only told me about it.
Best news ever in the history of the Orion Project. Hamish won a tournament, killed some reptilian, that reptilian was roasted and eaten, and Hamish won the rights to my body and had sex with me and put his semen into me.

I will blame myself, and you may blame me, that I didn't have the opportunity of writing down the verbatum words when Hamish was telling me this, but I was in a hurry to get out to do some shopping and was minutes from getting out the door. But while I was doing my makeup around noon time, Hamish tells me that he has won a tournament. The Aliens have a tournament which is like a Coliseum where defying Reptilians or Aliens are taken as a punishment, well I don't exactly understand the rules around who gets entered, and it seems to be voluntary like an ultimatum to settle disputes.

In the morning hours I had fallen back asleep. I dreamt that I was in a scary dark basement and there was a scary close encounter with a Reptilian with a long snout filled with sharp teeth. Although it was not touching me, I was immensely scared. I screamed for dear life "Hamish!!! HAMISH!!" I wasn't fully conscious and awake, because I might have reacted differently had I been awake. I am never afraid of visiting Reptilians when I am awake and to my senses, but put me slightly asleep and my instincts run most of the show. And it is delightful that I instinctively call for Hamish when I am terrified.

I now suspect that Hamish had come to my rescue and entered into the tournaments with that very Reptilian. That Hamish did that to defend my honor. I don't have all the details, and I haven't had the chance to sit down with Hamish Dragon to clear this out. But Hamish came up to me and said that he had been in a tournament, and that he had won. I was worried, I asked if he was ok. He said that his foot was a bit harmed, but his foot looks intact and fine it must be just a little bit sore, but he was fine. The Reptilian who had lost had been grilled and then eaten.

But what more, Hamish then talked about how he had won me, and that he had won the rights to have sex with me, and I'm talking real sex, and he had put his seed into me. Or so he said. That's what Dragon said. I sure wish I had the verbatum words because this was one of the most awe-inspiring conversations from Hamish Dragon to date. And he is rarely this talkative, and he rarely makes the effort to make this many perfect sentences (other than Yes-No).

Hamish is a big strong old Dragon. The other Aliens talk about Hamish as if he were a grandpa. Hamish has won against many other Reptilians. He has a lot of respect over there, which is great, because this is the Dragon I fell in love with. I would worry so much for him if he were the underdog. Snake and Strawberry (obviously I named Strawberry) are two skinny Draconians and they are always kicked around by Draconians. But Hamish stands ground pretty well. It is only Malik who sends him running, and Hamish was also afraid of Gon and Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl, but other than that, Hamish is the boss. (I have no recollection of Hamish having sex with me. Too bad. Would've been nice. Because he's my Turtle Feet.)

Latest Dragon update: I put my hand on a lemon Fanta can in the refrigerator. Yes, No, says Dragon and lets me see a mental remote picture of him slumped somewhere. So I put it back. No, says Dragon. Yes No, in fact.

Cute Dragon - oh so Cute!

May 30 2013 - Hamish is being cute. We were watching the Animal Planet tv channel and there was a dog biting into a soft dog toy. Hamish got so curious and asked me what was that. Then Captain Richard Swansea with the US military noticed red Dragon Hamish standing right close to the tv staring at the tv at the dog and he said "Look at that!" We both thought Hamish was being cute. I told him that it was because the dog was biting into a toy and Hamish wanted to see the biting. Then Hamish retreated back to the bathroom, and wanted to point with my finger toward the floor to see that the woven bathroom rug still wasn't there. I am clearing away space for him in the bedroom closet. I don't know where to put all the things, but Dragon wants to camp out in the closet. He likes little hiding spaces. He even offered me a dead finger snacks for it. And he is being cute. We are doing palate clicks to each other today. Love Turtle!!

Oh and when there was a tortoise on the tv show Hamish said that they have those over by his creek in Japan. I was so delighted! General Pratt (not Patton) has been here today. He wants me to tell him how to train me. I like General Pratt. Now it's time for my bath. I hope Dinosaur shows up to say Deb Deb! And I want Hamish to put his sheddings into the bath water. Bath times are always fun because the aliens and sometimes military too gather around.

Chocolate milk with Zeta

May 27 2013 - I have a Zeta visiting this morning. He is being pleasant. He even comforted me (by rolling me around in bed to the side and then it felt like it was hugging me in a most loving and soothing way) when I explained to the mean Thubans that the Thubans and hybrid children had caused me health damages from all the stress and agony. Zeta said there was a nuclear explosion accident on their home planet and the radiation levels are still very high. I said we need to find them a new planet. The Zetas had had to move under ground, and the high levels of radiation had caused them a huge amount of a variety of mutations. The Zetas had kept the best mutations, and so their species had probably evolved rather quickly. I was mostly intrigued that the Zetas have DNA that can mutate with radiation like life on Earth.

Zeta told me to drink milk because it has vitamins that I need. The Aliens including Dinosaurs and Hamish have been trying to get me to drink dairy milk for a long time. I just don't like it. But I trust the Zetas. So I had a big glass of chocolate milk this morning. If pleasing a Zeta is that simple, then so be it. I can make a habit out of it.

I was telling the Zeta I want close contact. The Zeta has to ask a military officer in the US for permission before it does any interaction or medical procedures on me. The military man said to the Zeta that just because I am positive about the contact doesn't mean they can go ahead and do any procedure they like. I said to the military man to let me have the discretion to choose what I want to do with my Zeta. I told the Zeta I would consider any procedure they want to do with me. It said they want to investigate my feces. I said that is fine, I said it might be a bit uncomfortable but it is certainly not dangerous. So they may. I just wanna wake up and see the Zetas!

You are not our cattle. - says Zeta with the mental thought of a brown cow and a collar almost on the cow's neck
Why do you have to be, what's the word. Putting me down so much? - me
Because we like it. - Zeta
Why do you like it. - me
Because we don't have any water here for us! - Zeta says with an utter dismay that I have never seen on a Zeta before nor thought that they could be capable of
I will give you some water. We have water in the tap, perhaps it might need to be purified for you, tap water carries some minerals. I could buy you some distilled water, and you could put what ever minerals you need in it? Are you thirsty my Dear? - me
We are not doctors either, anyway. - Zeta
But you are welcome here. - me
Yes! That is what they all say! - Zeta
And? Then they change their minds? - me
You are welcome here with me. I will help you with water and things. Some people are friendly. I care about other people, and Zetas are people not animals. *But I care about animals too!* - me
We don't have those things. - Zeta about hard chewing human teeth that are like stones in the mouth
I know. You don't have any teeth. - me
And we don't have that. - Zeta with mental image of naked human ladyparts
I know. - me
And we don't eat fish, either. - Zeta, I know the Reptilians that live in undersea bases off the coast of Japan get to eat fish

Cabin fever and Scales in a snackybag

May 26 2013 - Last night I wished Hamish a good night, knowing that he would be up and about as I sleep. I always say goodbye to him knowing I won't see him when I fall asleep. And as soon as I wake in the morning I ask for him. This morning when I woke, Hamish informed me that he had placed a pile of his shedded scales on the living room coffee table. Namely his white woven bathroom rug has been on the balcony ever since it got wet a few days ago when the bathtub drained all over the floor. Hamish said that I should have those scales, he was giving them to me. I thanked Dragon graciously and profusely for giving me his shedded scales. Then he started thinking about putting that pile into my bed with me.

"Oh, could I have them?", I declared to Dragon Turtle. Hamish then asked the military man who was working, maybe it was Captain Marsden or Sergeant Wilkes. The military man gave Hamish his permission to give the scales to me, provided Hamish would put the scales into a ziplock plastic bag. So Hamish did, and Hamish shows me the white sheets of shedded scales in a plastic bag. But Hamish says to me, that even though they are in a snacks bag, I am not to eat them. Namely someone, perhaps the military, provides Hamish with snacks of slivers of liver and organs in ziplock bags just like those.

Haha! Hamish is still in that red cabin by the lake! I just returned from going out into the woods for a run and Hamish had spotted a little red cabin over by the lake and he had asked me "who lives there", and then he had said to me that he would "dwell there", ie. be there. Now he peeked at me with remote viewing and he is still in that cabin! He must like it cause it's red, like he! Oh Hamish what ever will I do with you, my Dragon Kissy Turtle.

You ran here, and I wanted to see you. - Dragon says now
Thank you Hamish. I honor your scales and scutes. - me to Dragon

He is such a dashing Dragon. So magnificent to see. I am so blessed to have this fantastic creature in my life, my Hamish Dragon. Haha, he is still in that cabin, he seems to like it there! It's almost like when cats crawl into a paper bag. All snug and fun. Oh Hamish. I must build for him a little red cabin on my property when I buy a house. Look at that Dragon, all snug inside somebody's cabin... His Dragon Kissy Duck Feet on that wooden deck. Hamish really feels out what he stands on. That is why I love his feet so much, because I feel what his feet are feeling. They are very sensitive feet, he is very grounded that way, very aware of what he stands on. Way beyond human feet, more like human hands the way we feel and touch things.

So Hamish had given me a plastic bag with his scales. I told my Dragon that I could not see them. That he will need to bring them into my dimension. Hamish and the other aliens and visiting military inhabit a dimension between dimensions. They are in something called an "overtune" or "overtone" dimension between dimensions 2 and 3. Haha... Hamish is looking for things to scratch his hump back on over in that cabin. This morning he had shown me how he had found something sharp to scratch his hump back on to get rid of those shedded scales. I told Dragon that I would groom him for him. He also asked for some water he wanted to rinse and wash one of those orange bumps growing on his back hump that is oozing some fluid that he wants to wash off.

Hamish has orange blunt bumps, he has told me that "his father had those" too. They are mostly on his forearms and on the back hump. Sometimes they break and they ooze a sticky orange fluid. I once got to see his den, it was all soaked in his bodily fluids. But it's Hamish. My Hamish.

Tell them, that I am not your pet. I am not a Kissy Feet either. - Hamish still standing on the deck of that red cabin by the lake, thoroughly enjoying being in that cabin like a cat who has made a home out of a paper bag
I was looking for snacks here. - Hamish about the cabin
Did you find any? Humans don't usually leave Dragon-snacks behind. - me

So Hamish said something very interesting this morning when I had declared that Hamish, I cannot see the scales with my eyes. He said that that is because there are no photons there, that is why. Interesting. But then how come my hand doesn't register to touch the things in the overtone? How come my body can walk straight through them? As a physics major I got chills thinking into these concepts. The fact is that our human eyes see things because photons (light) touches an object and bounces back from it and goes into our eye. So it makes perfect sense what Dragon said (haha, I never thought I would say such a sentence) that there are no photons there and that is why I cannot see them. The mystery only remains, that how come I cannot touch or feel them?

Hamish is really enjoying that cabin, checking it out. I should go out camping in a cabin some day with my Aliens. That would be neat. I would of course invite my readers. Hey, wouldn't it be neat to go camping with me and Hamish? Hamish could do a Dragon toss. There's an idea.

And last night I had a dream where - no surprise - I was pooing, a lot. The Aliens (Thubans) make me do that so that they can collect samples. I "dream" about it a lot. There was even a shelf with enema bags and I was going to use one. And then in that dream I was pregnant and thought I would have labor any minute now, but I looked at my tummy and it wasn't big I asked the nurse (who I know was a Thuban) shouldn't my tummy be bigger than this? (Yesterday morning I think it was, Hamish said that I am pregnant. It was following a night where Japanese men had to have sex with me. Oh god this story is ridiculous.)

Hamish. What are you doing there? - me about Hamish being in that cabin
I don't have any hunnun here, so I am soon coming back. - Hamish in the other European language
Did you want to dwell there? - me to Hamish in other language
I could go there? - me to Hamish in other language
No. We won't make camp here. - Hamish other language

When I woke up in the morning Thuban said that they had given me a familiar setting for the encounter so that I would feel safe. I thanked Thuban and said that yes I had felt safe. Namely the "dream" took place in the house I grew up in. All the familiar bathroom and sofa and even my childhood bedroom. And when I saw Thuban clearly, the white praying mantis with dark eyes, in the morning in a mental image, I told her that she was a beautiful race. I want us to be friends. I want this to work out. But Thuban got fussy at me and said Hush! Or was it Hunch, one or the other, which just means stop it be quiet. So much for that.

And when I was jogging, Thuban showed my hybrid children that and said like "look at how the dog is running". I hate the hybrid kids, and I hate Captain Swansea. And Olav.

Fun with Fürst

May 25 2013 - Just now I put my foot down on the floor (I had my feet up on the coffee table, yes I know ladylike) and what do I almost step on as I do? Well a black clawed scaly paw of a Mr. Incubus Fussubus hiding under the sofa. I tell him that a Fürst does not hide under a sofa, it is dusty and dirty down there. No place for Black Lord Incubus to hide his scaly self. Malik always likes to hide under the bed when I am in it, and now I also find him under the sofa when I sit on the sofa. Oh, Malik!

And last night while I was in the bath Malik tells me that there are scarab beetles flying around in the bathroom. Big ones too. But I'm feeling a bit lazy and bored and that is when I start saying silly things. "There are five scarab beetles. I counted them. I see five of them." Of course I see none of them. "Oh, how cute they are!" I say. Eventually Hamish tells me to "just forget it". I spoiled their fun. And then when I go into the kitchen Malik shows me a mental hologram as if a big black widow spider runs up my leg. Then I say to him, "There! Now I ate it! It was yummy too!", I say to Malik. "You weren't supposed to eat it", Malik says. Oh the Fürst.

Cats, yeah

May 24 2013 - Hamish and me are watching tv with a show about cats:

Do you like cats Hamish? - me, thinking if we should get one
Yes, for lunch. - Hamish

I also like Dinosaurs. - Hamish
I like you Hamish, but not for snacks. I won't eat any reptilians. I eat my own snacks. - me
Yes, hunnun! - Hamish
My honored's scales. - me
I will crack you, like a nut. - Hamish, with image of the hazelnuts I have ready-to-eat in a bag here on the desk
Don't you see why I love him so? What? No?

Back to television. Hamish and me are going to watch more television.

Meet Snuggie - the shirt

May 24 2013 - Hamish was being a good Dragon until he got a bit mischevous and wanted to have one of my shirts to wipe his scales on:

No pears. Or else I will take your shirt. - Hamish
I thought I would take your shirt and groom on it. - Hamish
Hamish? You may groom on the shirt. - me
I thought I would take it. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. I will give it to you. - me

Both times he said shirt he showed me a mental image of this particular light pink and white plaid cotton t-shirt that I had in a bag with clothes on the floor next to the bed. This one of all the many clothes I have laying out. I have not worn this one and found it not many days ago in the closet and took the bag out and haven't tried it on yet. I folded it in half and dropped it down on Hamish's snug rug. Not long after I see Hamish from the overtone dimension using it to wipe the scales on his ankles. He has to rub himself often to groom shedded bits of scales away, and he stands on bathroom rugs doing this. Isn't he grand? So now there is a snuggie shirt as well. Love you Turtle!

Who's this? Why it's Snuggie Rug of course! Our best friend!

No, Jello

May 23 2013 - My Sims in The Sims 2 video game are eating red jello. Hamish points to the red jello:

I won't blame you for that. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. - me
But they are not allowed to eat it. - Hamish

Dragon Turtle has spoken.

Vegetable stew with Zeta, General Patton, Dragon Turtle, Japanese man, Olav, and President Putin

May 22 2013 - A Zeta came for a visit and I think this Zeta might have come from George Filer's team. Because when I was thinking of writing to George that obviously connected me to his aliens. George Filer has a huge Pleiadian presence around him and they want to show him crop circles. When I had asked his Pleiadians if George can hear them and if I should relay some messages for him, his Pleiadians said no, that he likes to do the work he does in the way that he does it and no need to change things. Then a twiggy Zeta had showed up. Now I had another Zeta show up who doesn't seem to be from my team. I wonder if it's one of George Filer's. George Filer's Files

This Zeta has the same type of face as the "Zeta doctor" from a few weeks earlier. These Zetas are not so twiggy skinny. They have very special faces that look very "friendly", it almost looks as if they can "smile". This Zeta started talking to my General Patton for permission to do work on me. Then the Zeta told me that he (General Patton) doesn't trust that he (the Zeta) won't do certain things on me. I said to the Zeta that I don't trust him (Zeta) either! This Zeta wants to do the list of medical projects on me. He wants to look at my belly and wants me to get undressed for him. I know that looking at the belly, which they make it sound like just looking at the tummy it means a very detailed look at my privates. He wants to do the plastic tube down my nose to vacuum up some stomach contents. And some fecal samples. He also wants to make love to me. I asked does it have genitals. He said no but that he can feel feelings anyway. He speaks mostly without words, so I haven't been writing down.

Hamish said to the Zeta that he was going to bite him. Hamish is always having to fend off visiting Aliens who want my eggs. Everybody Aliens wants my eggs, but I have promised them to Hamish. I told the Zeta that he will need permission from Hamish. I said that Hamish is my honored. Later Hamish did a cuddle, most probably because he was so pleased that I had helped defending his turf, where Hamish snuggled up real close to me and was just the sweetest cutest cuddliest he has ever been. I giggled from this close snuggle with Hamish. It was so sweet.

I was cooking vegetable stew while most of this happened. I told Hamish, "Watch out! Onions!" because I was chopping two and putting them in the stew. Hamish showed me a mental image in which he wanted to put one of the unpeeled yellow onions up on top of the bookshelf in the living room, to put it someplace far away so that no one would be chopping it. Hamish saw me chopping a leek and said that he had seen it in Japan, too. Then Hamish got all excited and was showing me cooking to one of the Japanese associates. The Japanese man thought that it was charming to watch a woman cooking, and that it reminded him of his mother cooking, that there was something familiar and soothing about watching a woman cook. Hamish called the leek "wasabi" and told both me and the Japanese man to "watch out for wasabi".

Surprisingly Hamish said nothing about me chopping a red bell pepper. Usually it bothers him a lot, because it looks like red dragon scales. Hamish watched me chop and add three tomatoes into the stew and seemed to be telling himself "that it's ok", as if it took some effort to be ok with it. But he was fine. Then when I was using a garlic press for three or four garlic cloves Hamish told me to watch out (or otherwise made a complaint about), but he used a word for a flower, I think it was crocus, but he called it by the name of a flower. I told Hamish that it is garlic, and in our European language the name for garlic does have the word for "onion" in it, so he would understand. But he didn't like the smell of garlic. Cooking vegetable stew with Dragon Turtle.

Then the new Zeta showed me their spaceship. It has some interesting machinery in it. I was very intrigued. The Zeta said they are living in Switzerland, which is where my Zetas live too. I could see the Zeta in a magnificent blue tight-fitting rubbery bodysuit uniform. Earlier I had asked how this Zeta evolved into being, and it said that they had evolved underground because their own planet had had a huge nuclear explosion. When I asked about the nuclear explosion, they had been using nuclear power to try to extract a huge amount of energy from it, but something went wrong and they moved under ground. He also added, that because of a shortage of water under ground, the Zetas had evolved to drinking did he say hydrogen or nitrogen? Which is interesting cause my aliens have always said that they all drink "hydrogen", not water.

Then Hamish showed me cooking vegetable stew, he showed it to Olav in Russia. Olav was just watching me. And then the Zeta said "President Putin" and was showing me to President Putin, me cooking vegetable stew or eating it by now actually. Zeta said that they always have to run through the list of what they want to do before they can do it. So the Zeta had to show me to them and go through an exact list of what they wanted to do. Which is not surprising because if you let Zetas improvise their way through the contact then they will very quickly get carried away and pull your guts out. There's so much fun they're not allowed to do. I chose not to speak with President Putin. Female Reptilian hybrid Alexandra (who wanted to have sex with me) once connected me to President Obama and we exchanged a few words. I know I shouldn't be saying this.

Do I want to get undressed and have that Zeta inspecting my privates? I'd love to get to know this character, if Hamish thinks it's ok. I love this type of Zetas, and I want to know more about their world. But above all, I really loved the snuggle with Hamish the Dragon Turtle. He was so snuggly probably rewarding me for having honored his power around here. And the vegetable stew turned out pretty good, it wasn't bad at all especially with the flavor of wasabi and crocus.

*Some kind of disclaimer because I said President Putin and President Obama and that I'm not responsible and that it's not my fault.

Important stew update: Hamish got upset because I had placed tomato paste into the stew and there is also garlic in the stew. The tomato paste is dark red like Hamish and I have defiled his entire race by mixing something as pristine as red Dragon tomato paste with something horrid as garlic. All he had to do is show me an image of the red tomato paste and garlic being in the stew and I can figure out the rest, he didn't need to use any words. I can also read him so well, I could see that he wasn't pleased. Sorry Hamish. Honored Scutes.

Eat bread next time. - Hamish in English
Ha ha!
And none of that jam. - Hamish in English calling the tomato paste "jam"
No Jam. Yes Bread. - me to Hamish Turtle
Hamish now shows me a mental image of when the garlic was pressed only as if he were pressing a garlic clove. Things that he has seen that has bothered him tends to stick with him in his thoughts for a few days afterwards. If I eat red lobster he cries about it for days.
I will take it. - Hamish in my language saying he is going to take the garlic press away. He thinks about hiding it by putting it into a sock, a white sock that looks like a man's sock we don't have any socks like that around here. Maybe one of Olav's socks? So if the garlic press goes missing I will know where to look. Hamish likes to hide things, remember when he hid Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl's scepter in the laundry basket?

Oh snap. The Aliens are showing President Putin my Starsoul self. I've tried not to have to realize that I am an alien incarnation. Why do the military always know? Even General Davies knows. This changes everything.

Dinosaurs and Zetas and Thubans and Hamish

May 22 2013 - There is a Zeta bothering me right now. I was about to write an email to a person who works with studying aliens and then I noticed someone (an alien) was putting thoughts into my head about me and the man getting married. I knew that those thoughts weren't coming from me, because they were preposterous. Besides the man is married, and I've decided that the next guy that I date will be my husband, so it's not like I'm thinking about dating this guy I'm about to write. At first it seemed like Pleiadians from his whereabouts. But after a while I noticed I could see a little twig skinny white Zeta messing with my mind. You see, Zetas like to put thoughts into a human's mind making the human think that it's their own thoughts, namely Zetas do this to try to make two people have sex with each other so that the Zetas get to watch. Yes! Pesky bastards!

The Zeta has eyes that are all dark brown and with an interesting oily reflection on them. Usually when I'm out the Zetas or Thubans will start putting thoughts into my head like trying to make me think that I want to have sex with some totally random guy, and I'm like yeah aliens I'm not even into that kind of guy. I know it's the aliens because first of all they pick some random guy that I'm not even attracted to, and I know precisely the kind of men who make my heart skip a beat so I know if I'm thinking things myself. And then after a while I notice that those thoughts that are put into my head are a bit odd and then I will see a Thuban or Zeta who is putting those thoughts into my head. They want me to have sex. So that they get to watch.

But what's worse the Zeta has a young hybrid boy with him and the Zeta wants me to have sex so that the boy gets to watch. Then the Zeta started masturbating the boy and gave it sex drugs. Yeah so you see why this website is censored? I don't know if it's legal to write these kind of things, even if it's a real documentary and I'm not at fault and even if both the culprits and hybrid children are aliens meaning they are not human and they obviously don't adhere to human codes of honor. They're more like insects. The Zetas are kinda stupid that way. They do this sex project all wrong. And I don't want to watch. And I am not going to have sex with that man I nearly wrote to!

No? Why not? - asks the Zeta
Because. He is married. Humans don't like to date married people. At least I don't. - me

My sexlife has actually been ruined. Not only can I no longer relax with a guy, I also don't want our privacy to be invaded so I actually abstain. Even though I have the most adorable boyfriend right now and we want to see each other. This has ruined my relationship.

Well anyway. It was nice waking up this morning with Hamish the Dragon Turtle. When I was in the bathroom in the morning, "No, Santa!" That just made me smile, and I told him "No Santa". Last night when I had my evening shower Hamish had also said No Santa so I had said to my Dragon "No Santa! I am going to bite Santa if he shows any power! I am going to step on Santa and bite him!" I asked Hamish why he doesn't like Santa and he showed me a mental image of the red pointy hat on Santa and garden gnomes. The best thing is that there is a red garden gnome with a pointy red hat on our neighbor's yard. I always tell Hamish to come watch it when I walk past. Poor Dragon Turtle, poor poor Turtle Dragon. And then when I chopped a tomato for my breakfast tuna salad, "Yes, No, tomatoes!" (either yes no tomato or yes no tomatoes) Oh Hamish, why I love you so.

And last night the Dinosaur came to visit! I was going to get abducted! He told me I was his captive and that I had been captured! I said I was fine with that and ready to see them for an abduction. (Needless to say they still prefer to keep me asleep during abductions, but at least I got to interact with him before abduction time.) I didn't write down what the Dinosaur said, thinking I could remember everything till morning. Nopes. Which lends credence to these contacts not being imaginary, because if I were able to imagine them last night then surely I could think something up today to remember what they said. I really think that these contacts are real.

Dinosaur did a toss and flipped me over from lying on my back so that I was on my right side in bed. I really think it was the Dinosaur who did that, unless Hamish was from the sidelines. Dinosaur then told me to crawl together "into a ball". I did so, adopting somewhat of a fetal position and tucking my head down as much as I could. Dinosaur then told me to do it even more or better, I tried and then I couldn't stay that way cause it hurt in my back so I told him that I couldn't because it hurt, and I straightened myself but stayed on the right side for a while like they had put me.

Dinosaur said he was going to get some fecal sample. I said it was fine. Isn't it funny how you get this amazing fantastic alien contact with a friendly Dinosaur? And it's supposed to be the most fantastic amazing wonderful thing in the whole world, to have alien contact with a Dinosaur? And then it is reduced to fecal sample. Oh, God's humor!

And then Haamiss my Turtle Sock showed up to do some tosses to show me he has the power. But I was pleased of course. I don't feel offended when Sock Turtle tosses me around, on the contrary I love it when he does, and wish he would do more often. Hamish. My Red Turtle.

But one of the first things when Dinosaur showed up was he said that Malik would start visiting me on Sundays. I said that now was Tuesday so it would be a few days. I can't wait to see Malik again. I've missed him. I wasn't aware of any abductions last night. But it's nice that Dinosaur was interacting with me and I even got some tosses. This is great. Apart from all the rape and molestation and hybrid children, alien contact is pretty neat. I can even handle the sassy fussy behavior of Thubans. As long as I am not molested all the time then I will be fine.

No, because you belong to us. - says Thuban now and thought of a cattle's pen in like a Noah's Ark
Yes but I don't want to be molested with children. - me
You will do as we say! - Thuban says and opens its mouth exposing the yellow baleen, just like Hamish had taught the Thuban to do.

Hamish opens his mouth to show power because it is a reference to "eating" which in turn is a reference to "killing", dominance, and power. So the Thubans have started opening their mouth at me too when they are angry and fussy. The worst thing a Thuban will do when it is really pissed, is they will then say "Hinch!" If I say "Hinch" at a Thuban they tell me I am not allowed to use their language and it really offends them when I say Hinch. Hinch is a very bad word.

I forgot to say that while the Zeta was... with the hybrid boy, Zeta said to me "this is not misogyny!" I had never heard the word before, and when I looked it up it did not mean anywhere near what I would have guessed it was. Here's what Zeta said. Which again, lends credence to the contact being real, not imaginary.

A minute later:
I don't want to spit at you! But you have (at our race). - Hamish in the other European language and he gave me a mental image of the tomato I had chopped this morning.

For those of you who are confused, Hamish is a red colored Dragon Turtle. He thinks that anything of red color has the same genetics as he does to make them red. He is angry at things that are red if it means they have "stolen" his color and are trying to show power to him, he feels provoked and challenged and gets angry and wants to attack. This goes for Santa, garden gnomes with pointy red hat, the Spiderman character, or yours truly (me) in a red neglige. At my previous job Hamish was furious at patients who wore red socks or any red clothing and wanted to attack, I had to work hard to keep him at bay and don't think I should work at a hospital anymore because Hamish can physically push a person so I don't think it's safe. But somehow he has arrived at a tolerance about tomatoes, even though he has a huge fixation with them and mentions tomatoes all the time when we have them.

He gets sad if I cut red bell peppers because it looks as if I'm cutting into red Dragon flesh. Right now a Thuban is telling Hamish to tell me that I am one of their animals in a pen and I am shown mental images of like a horse's pen in a Noah's Ark kind of setting. They show me these images. I don't mind being "theirs", or even thought of as an animal. It's just that I don't like being molested and raped and I don't want any hybrid children involved. They could have done the sexual project differently, and they really could be nicer to me. But Hamish likes red tomatoes, rather than him wanting to attack them.

Hmm. I invite SETI members for a slumber party with Hamish Dragon Turtle. Show up in a red pajamas! You are bound to get a Reptilian toss! If Hamish can throw me over the coffee table for telling him that Grey's Anatomy on television isn't real when he thought it was and he said that the television had lied to him, looking at his rage just at images of red pajama, he is much angrier and potent to do a toss then. Actually there is a thing I haven't told you. I think that Hamish might have killed a person, accidentally. There was a patient at my previous job who always wore a red hat, and often also red socks and red pajama pants. When I worked there Hamish came with, and Hamish was always furious at this woman and wanted to attack. I didn't think that Hamish would... I guess I also still have to think that Hamish isn't even real. One day the lady had fallen backwards and had a bad fall and died from internal bleeding. Around that time, or at least after that had happened, Hamish was telling me that he had taken care of the jester. He always called her a jester because of the red hat. I don't know what to do with this. Did Hamish...? Did he? Can he? He could. He tosses me. I don't want to talk about this anymore, I just don't know what to say or what to think. But if SETI wants to experience a Red Dragon toss... I don't know if it's safe, but at least you'd get a Dragon toss.

Please don't hold my Dragon accountable. We don't have any proof that Hamish actually pushed the woman. Don't hurt my Dragon. I will take any consequences onto myself, like a parent does for the behavior of their child. I would die for my Dragon, just to save him. Any guilt or punishment in case Hamish accidentally caused this woman's demise, I take it all onto me. I would take a prison sentence, a death sentence, any punishment onto me. I love Hamish more than I love myself.

Half a minute later, Hamish does a Draconian grunt purr, perhaps about finding out that I would take a prison sentence for him. Not the thought of me being in prison, but that I would so devotedly do anything for him. I love this Dragon and no harm will come onto him. I live and I die for Hamish.

Hamish The Cute - and MKULTRA pills

May 21 2013 - Hamish was being cute this morning, his usual fire engine red and orange self. He then retreated back to Japan and was seen standing in a Dragon Temple there. The temple is in red colors and sits atop a long flight of stairs. The temple is built into a mountain and a cave. Dragons like caves. And I like Dragons. The Japanese also give Hamish red fireworks displays, Hamish seems to like those. He spends a lot of time in Japan visiting the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men.

Last night in the dream world where they abduct me from I was with one of the MILABS (Military Abductions) men in black. He was new to the team and was excited to do the MKULTRA project with me. He thought about the book with a black cover that he had been given, the book lists stepwise the MKULTRA procedure and lays it out very nicely how it is done. He doesn't think it will be difficult. He thought about where he has hidden the book in his home. He is new to the team. His hair is black with gray hairs in it.

He gave me one of those orange cylindrical pill jars that they have in the United States. It had white pills in it. The pills looked soft like something you keep that melts in your mouth and not for swallowing, they didn't have a coating for swallowing. He told me that we will be starting with this now and he told me to take one. The pills looked almost exactly like the ones spilled out here, only softer-looking. Then he dropped another pill jar on the floor, those pills were dark cylindrical with that shiny "plastic" coating. I didn't take any pills. I looked at the labels on the jars and they were not prescribed in my name. All I remember was it had a man's name on them.

Then I ended up in the home of one of the men and weird creepy Agenda Illuminati things took place there. I don't even try to remember half of them, so sorry! Couldn't tell you if I tried!

*This website is about my alien contact. Human military and men in black suits work with the aliens on this Draconian Illuminati Agenda. MKULTRA is a mind control program that they use on alien abductees such as myself because it helps to subdue us and makes us easier to manage. The Agenda sent me to a Free Mason boyfriend a few years ago. He did hypnosis and mind control on me and that wasn't something in my dream scape. So this is really going on. Basmet the Black One came directly from that Free Mason guy's whereabouts. The Agenda now wants me to marry a CIA man. The CIA man would do domestic violence and mind control and use medications and drugs on me. I know this all sounds like science-fiction, but this is the nature of Draconian projects here on Earth. I'm only just finding it out myself, so let's see how it all unfolds.

Oscar III

May 20 2013 - Last night Hamish came to take me to someone called "Oscar III". No idea who that is. Internet doesn't know either. Beats me. I left the webcam on all night to see if I could catch the aliens snatching me. The webcam camera just as my human eye does not record the aliens.