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May 02 2013 - May 19 2013

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Poor Turtle Rug

May 19 2013 - So there was an insect on the bathroom woven rug. I got rid of the bug but some of it got squashed into the rug. So I turned the rug over flipped it upside down the other way around. So that the rug will make it until its next laundry date. Then it hit me. Ouch. Oh noes. Dragon's rug. Dragon Hamish keeps shedded scales on the rug and I had just flipped it over! The scales must be all over the place amess and under the rug (in the other dimension that my eyes cannot see, feel or touch). I feel deeply embarrassed and I hope that somehow it would be okay. Dragon hasn't said anything yet.

Turtle seemed somewhat absent yesterday except that when I was eating from a bowl of candies (a no-no I know) Hamish came around bright and fire engine red orange to check out the red candies I was eating. And this morning Sock Puppet Head got really close to me as he watched me doing a jigsaw puzzle. I don't know. Just life with Dragon Turtle. Scales, rugs, red things, and the cutest Dragon there ever was, Hamish.

Sharing the remote

May 17 2013 - How many of you share the tv remote with a loved one? I was flipping some channels when Hamish starts doing the palate clicks after palate clicks about a channel I just flipped past. So I go back to that channel. Red Dragon points to the yacht he had seen in a harbor on that show and he does palate clicks. Ok so Hamish likes boats. So much for my girly shows. Anything for some palate clicks. (Hamish does palate clicks when he is pleased. It is cute and delightful.)

Meet the Snuggies!

May 17 2013 - Hamish loves little bathroom rugs. He claims them as his territory and retreats to stand on them as often as he can. He sheds his shedded bits of scales on the rug, stomps his feet to push the scales into the plush of the rug. He wipes his feet real fast! on the rug to wipe them clean. And sometimes just enjoys feeling the plush ruggie under his feet, stomping squash, squash. He is like a hen on a nest with those rugs.

Hamish won't even let me stand on the rugs, not as much as the heel or the tip of my toe may rest on his ruggie snugs. Or he will tell me. Or even push me away with real physical force. "Don't stand on my rug", he says. So I thought you should meet the snugs!

(Above) Here is the famous Bathroom Snug Rug that Hamish LOVES!!! Back when it was yellow-beige original. He loves that rug.

(Above) That same rug got colored pink by accident with a roommate's other rugs. So now it's pink. This is an actual picture I took when I had bought some yellow roses for Dragon and placed them down on the rug for Dragon to enjoy. He didn't say anything about the roses so maybe he didn't care for those. But he sure cares for the rug! I keep this now-pink rug on the bedroom floor for Dragon. If I fold it away he asks for the rug at nights so I keep it out for him. I often wake up in the mornings finding Hamish Dragon stomping his feet on the rug.

(Above) And here is the latest addition to the rug family. This is the so-called "woven blue and white bathroom rug" that you've heard so much about. Hamish loves it! This is the very rug that Ken Bakeman's Pteradactyl squatted over looking at Hamish's shedded scales on the rug and calling them "gold".

I don't know

May 17 2013 - Last night the Zeta and Dinosaur talked about how they want to see me have sex. Sure, I said. Bring me a man and I'll show you. I didn't think they would bring a man. But they did. They allowed me to see via mental telepathy a Japanese man and said that the Japanese Army had brought him to them. I don't want to say the details because I have to respect the man's integrity. And later at night I was brought to another man. Zetas, Thubans and Dinosaurs are really fixated with sex and genitals and eggs and semen and masturbation. I often have to remind myself that it's just a genetics project and they are really trying to learn, since they are incorporating human reproductive ability into infertile alien races. You should also note that Dinosaurs have been forced into working for the Agenda. If it were up to them, they would just say Dab Dab and go have a bath. Thubans on the other hand, last night the Thuban Lady wanted me to address her as the Queen. I ended up yelling at her Hinch! Hinch! and that put her quiet. Then she confessed she was only like a nurse worker. Oh, Aliens. The drama.

Hamish Purring

Hamish however purrs when he is content, I think. He seems so relaxed and content when he purrs.

May 17 2013 - Hamish has been bright fire engine red orange and standing here next to me watching closely as I play the video game The Sims 2 on the computer. He pointed his red scaly finger on one of my game characters who wore a dark red business suit and said that he did not want to see his scales scattered there. I told Hamish that I would not scatter his scales.

Hamish says something like "No, Santa's workshop". You see, Hamish is a real red Dragon Turtle and he responds to seeing anything of red color and feels provoked as if it were another red Dragon Turtle showing power and threatening his dominance. So I say to Dragon, "No, Santa. I am going to bite Santa and show him the power so that he stops showing power so that he stops showing the red color." TO MY AMAZEMENT Hamish starts purring! I had said so many good things about Santa that he agreed with that Hamish started purring!

Hamish has purred in the past. It is actually an exhale sound that is a roar but he does it in a way so that it sounds exactly like a cat purring.

Gon and Zeta

May 16 2013 - Gon (Intruder in the Dragon's Den) has been sneaking around yesterday morning and I've seen a few peeks of him today too. He is a white creature, he looks like a Vampire. He wears a green cloak trenchcoat and keeps the collar raised. He has two little blunt teeth on the upper jaw widely spread apart.

And a Zeta visited today. It was exquisitely slender and with black eyes. I've learned from Thubans that Thubans wear black contacts that cover the eye. Real Thuban (praying mantis) eyes look notably bizarre and they cover them in contact with humans so not to bother us with them and also to cover their eyes from getting dirt in them. I suspect that Zetas wear eyecover too and might have real eyes underneath the black! Just a thought, I'll have to find out for sure. The Zeta showed me its foot. It has two nice chubby toes and its feet look just delightful! The Zeta told me that it pees through the skin. I told it that sharks do the same. In previous close encounters with Zetas I've noted that they reek of the smell of urine, but that's ok. The Zeta of course talked about eggs, DNA, my girly parts, wanting to see me have sex with men, told me about when the Zetas collect semen from human men, showed me a human man that they abduct, talked about male genitalia parts, and talked about collecting fecal samples. Same old, same old, guys! Just the same old stuff. Alien stuff. I love Aliens (that don't rape me with children). The only ET I don't like are the Thuban white praying mantis because of what they've put me through.

How Hamish feels

May 16 2013 - I wanted to tell you what Hamish the Dragon feels like to touch. You'd think, as I thought, that his scales would feel rough and hard and dry, like sandpaper and sharp. Hamish once got wet when he poked his head into the shower when I was showering, and later he came right up close to me and said that he was "drying his scales on me".

Gentle Dragon simply came up close to me from my left side as I was sitting on the sofa. He was at a 90 degree angle from me and had the right side of his long tubular neck facing me. He leaned the side of his head and neck against my face so that his scales were touching my chin. He didn't rub himself on me but his neck was touching my chin. And he just leaned on me and said that he was drying his scales on me.

And he didn't feel at all like what one might have expected. You see, I am not imagining this Dragon. He would have felt hard and dry and crusty had I imagined him. It was such a surprise. Hamish feels soft and rubbery. Also white sheets of his shedded scales are like rubbery sheets.

Hamish once stood in the green stalactite cave and transmitted to me images of himself from there. Water drips from the roof and walls of that cave and water was dripping all over him. I was calling for my Dragon to come home to me so that I could dry him off, but he just stood there with the cave water dripping all over him.

I love this Dragon more than I have ever known love before. My heart dies and is born again every time that I see him. My Sock Puppet Turtle.

Yes, No. - says Hamish now in the other language to what I just wrote
I love my Dragon Turtle. - me

Ahem... say what?

May 16 2013 - From the Facebook page: .....

Deb Deb and Santa's workshop

May 14 2013 - I don't recall any alien abductions from last night, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. What a strange feeling. Knowing that my body is taken and done things to, and I don't remember. Maybe for the better? But I am curious, I am an adventurer, a scientist. I wanna know. Or maybe I shouldn't bother. Them Locusts are pretty pesky.

Dinosaur has been around today and even said "Deb Deb!" to me about the beef soup. The Aliens try to encourage me to eat foods that are good for the hunnun (ovum and embryo), and discourage me from eating foods that are bad for the hunnun. Ham pizza, grilled chicken, dairy milk, cheese, beef soup, yoghurt and "indigenous root vegetables" are good for the hunnun. "Indigenous root vegetables" are carrots, parsnips, and the sort. Sugar, "pears", and anything "sugary sweet" are bad for hunnun. Potatoes, pasta, potato chips are not allowed. "Pears" includes pears, nectarines, apples, and similar fruit. Do I eat by following these guidelines? I try.

"No, Santa's workshop!" said Dragon Turtle when I was in the bathroom this morning. Hamish, if you know by now, is a bright fire engine red and orange Dragon Turtle and he feels challenged and provoked by anything of red color. He reacts as if anything red is another red Dragon Turtle that is challenging him to power. Hamish wants to attack Santa and the Spiderman character, and things like Santas and Garden Gnomes with a pointy red hat tick him off. He will spontaneously say "No, Santa" every once in a while. Poor thing, a Santa's workshop must be like a nightmare for poor Dragon.

Hamish is being magnificently bright fire engine red and orange today. He looks particularly handsome, and he is tagging along and in a good mood. He wants to watch the Harry Potter movie I bought for him, yes we have yet to sit down and to watch it. I just finished the first Orion Project book and can relax and enjoy a good day with Dragon Turtle, getting ready to work on the sequel. Here is a palate click from me to Hamish.

Yes, Hamish. - me to Dragon Turtle out of sheer affection for this magnificent beautiful beast standing on the woven bathroom rug in the bathroom
I want to see the blood squirting from you. - Hamish says to that
I am the one who is dominant. - Hamish
So. I don't want to hang up the phone/hit you on the phone. - Hamish, two possible translations
Phone is a reference to the telepathy we are using.

Jigsaw Puzzles with Sock Turtle - and Scutes!

May 13 2013 - Last night we left a big 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table. When I went to bed I noticed that Hamish stayed in the kitchen to look at the puzzle. He looked and he looked, he thought and he thought, about those jigsaw puzzles. I have rarely seen my Dragon so curious and keen. He liked the puzzle! You see, Dragon Turtle and me are so well-connected in the telepathic mind link that he establishes between us, that I can see his thought images. Dragon was looking at the pieces trying to find a match! It was delightful, I love it when Hamish finds nice things to occupy himself with. It's like when he likes to watch the Japanese carp fish in Komi Saki. I want Dragon to stay stimulated.

And today Hamish expressed even more interest in the jigsaw puzzle. Namely the reason he had been watching so intensely was because there were a bunch of red (or rather crimson) puzzle pieces in the middle. He thinks it looks like his scales so he looks at those. He wants to put those red ones together. He even told me he would like to try Harry Potter's wand to try to put the pieces together.

Today Hamish taught me another word. And he has been saying it all day. Scutes! He has been saying "Scutes" all day, "Scutes" here, and "Scutes" there. It has been so cute. Namely it has been scutes today, not scales for Dragon Turtle. Hamish asked me if I shouldn't honor his scutes there on the jigsaw puzzle? I asked him whether I should because I didn't think they were real scutes, I said. He has been in a happy good mood today. He seems comfortable around here with me. Scutes

Now you think Dragon Turtle is some friendly beast. Well, he is a vicious carnivore. A few days ago he actually dragged one of my hybrid sons aged 5 or 6 years old to his favorite creek and suffocated the boy by biting into his throat and then drank the blood and wanted to show me. And the other day when I greeted Dragon Turtle with an I love you and goodmorning Hamish then his answer was that he wanted to break my spine. But he's my Turtle Sock, what can you say.

Goddamned Locusts

May 13 2013 - If I had to write to SETI today, it would sound something like this:

Dear SETI,

There are these disgusting praying mantis locust insects from outer space and I call them the Thubans because they are from Alpha Draconis. The Draconian Reptilians found them there and took them in and now the Thubans are far worse and more sadistic, evil, and cruel than the Reptilians ever were. Reptilians are cuddly kittens compared to the Thubans, Reptilians I can handle but the Thubans they are out of control.

The Thubans have been raping me every day for as long as I can remember now. I cannot even remember what life was like before they started. And what's worse is they have a sex drug that they rub under my nose. Then they do things I can't even talk about because there should be some form of censorship and decency left on the internet so I can't write it here. They rape me every day and they rape me for hours and then when I think they have stopped soon they start again. I am exhausted and devastated I am being raped all the time by these praying mantis locusts from outer space.

And last night the US military took me to the alien underground base and I got to see for myself. That the locusts feed on humans or human-alien hybrids kept down there, who have to live under ground and never seen sunshine or the sky or trees. They are eaten like cattle by the locusts who then emerge and hatch out of pods. It just makes me think that we humans maybe shouldn't be eating cows, and pigs and chicken. The military was worried that I would be upset after seeing it, but I can't get hurt any deeper than I already was. The locusts say they have desolated many planets and depleted them for resources. They think their goal in life is to just eat people and multiply. But in my life, I just wish they would stop raping me.

Dear SETI scientists, please don't go looking for ET's in outer space. They are already here and you don't want to be going through what I am. I thought like you that it would be wonderful to meet with alien life. But they drug me and rape me for hours every day. There is nothing beautiful about it.

Good luck,

We need a picture. This is a Kodak moment.
Image suitably from NASA


Broke the Internet

May 10 2013 - So I finally broke the internet. I said I would with my "masturbation" comments Bath Time With Dinosaur and Orion: "Turns out the reason Dinosaur is so excited about me having a bath is because he thinks - or is hopeful and expects - me to masturbate. I sometimes do in the bath. I hope I don't break the internet by saying that." and down below entry titled "Garden Gnomes..." I actually wrote about Illuminati hybrid and Hamish checking out my underpants and said I would break the internet. Now it finally happened, see here what my screen does: broke the internet. That's it. No more posting things that will break the internet.

Koni Matsu

May 10 2013 - Koni Matsu, says one of Hamish's Japanese men to me and makes a heart with the fingers of his both hands just like that. Aww. Aww gee. Now what does Koni Matsu mean? The fun thing is I recall a Japanese man saying Koni Matsu to me before and saying that it means love.

No, it was Kukaro they said before. Which means "heart, spirit, center, feelings", see here under April 05 2013 - Yellow Roses and Orange Fish. But I do recall them saying Konimatsu before. We need a Japanese translator here! I've got lots of Japanese words from these men! He was so cute doing the heart with his hands for me! I have no idea what Koni Matsu means though! Aww, Hamish and his Japanese buddies.

Which reminds me I have to write this down somewhere, so why not here. Just a couple of days ago I kept telling one of the Japanese men that Hamish is my Dragon, so the gentle man said to me that Hamish was in fact his Dragon too. Hamish - who they call Kemoro - had in fact been with his family for centuries. Even the man's great grandfather had known Hamish! Wow! My precious Dragon!

A Snuggle

May 10 2013 - So after a lazy day I lay myself on the bed and decide that I'm maybe gonna have a nap. I get bored and of course call for Hamish, just like a human might for their pet dog or cat. Except that mine is a big red Dragon Turtle. "Hamish! I want to dwell with you!", I call out in the telepathic for my big red Space Dragon. He and the Aliens call it "to dwell" instead of "to be", so I use their language. After about two seconds my Red Dragon Turtle answers. "My eggs that are calling for me", he says in the other language. I am just "eggs" for him, but I don't mind, as long as I get to have my Dragon Turtle. Hamish then does the overlap of our heads and tumbles me around in bed a bit. It is nice to have my Dragon so close. I revel in it. A Snuggle.

Garden Gnomes, Apples, Prawns and Underpants Oh My!

May 10 2013 - I noticed one of our neighbors has a garden gnome with the red pointy hat. And another smaller gnome with a yellow hat. I told Hamish about there being a little Santa with a pointy red hat. "Has it said so to me?" said Hamish in the other language about the little gnome. I told Hamish that he was allowed to fight the Santa if he wants to.

I go to the laundry room and Hamish wants to know if his scales are still in the washing machine. If you've been reading, a few weeks ago mom washed Hamish's woven grooming station rug and all of his scales went into the washing machine. I have never seen my Dragon so devastated and I felt so ashamed and so sad. Mom had sung a nursery rhyme involving the word "apple". Later Hamish tells me "No, apple..." and repeats the first part of the rhyme with the word apple in it. I say to Dragon, "No, apple." Namely he doesn't want me to eat any apples. It disrupts the hunnun somehow. (Hunnun is my eggs. Hamish guards my eggs.) See? Isn't he attentive?

No, nursery rhymes. - says Hamish Dragon right now

When I come home and hang up some of my laundry to dry, Hamish gives me a clear mental image of a pink prawn, intact with all of its shells and whiskers, black eyes and all. Then Hamish does a good and proper palate click to that image. It was just delightful. And then Hamish goes to check out all of my underpants hanging to dry here at home and he is carefully checking them to see that any of them aren't orange red. Hope he doesn't spot that one pair of red underwear I have, the one that he found on the floor once and got upset about. Hamish is a fire engine red Dragon and he spots anything that is of the red color and goes upset. But I love Dragon for that.

There is a white Illuminati hybrid

We just wanted to see you with your eggs. - the Illuminati hybrid says

A white Illu

Not that we wanted to make you pregnant or anything. - IM hybrid says
We just wanted to see it. That is all. - IM hybrid

A white Illuminati hybrid standing right behind me in the other dimension and I see his black suit with the white vertical lines like a 1920's gangster suit. There was some talk of them while in the laundry room. I was told that they are called "shark boys" (they do look like the great white shark), and I had said that they are my "brothers". For some reason they wear black suits and are especially fond of the Mafia gangster suits complete with the hat. Go figure! Ha ha! Go figure!

Five minutes later: Ok. Have I ever been known to lie to you guys? Here's the deal. The Illuminati hybrid in a gangster suit and hat went over to check out my underpants that are hanging to dry. He is sniffing at them and feeling out the fabric and even told me that his favorite is the purple laced one. This isn't the first time Illuminati hybrid chums show a keen interest in my underpants, it happens all the time. But what's more - then Hamish tells the feller that if any of my underpants have blood on them (from period) then those would belong to Hamish!! Gasp! Now I haven't had my period in a while but every time that I do Dragon goes bonkers about tampons and blood and the Dragons actually snack on my period blood. Censorship? What? Ok read things like these in the books I guess I shouldn't break the internet by writing these here. True story though. Perfectly true story.

Morning with Turtle and Basmet

May 10 2013 - I had the privilege of waking up this morning with a Red Dragon Hamish in my bedroom. He even did a palate click for me. And I did a few palate clicks at Hamish. He even came up really close to me, because he is a nearsighted Dragon and if he wants to see me from close he puts his eyes just an inch or two over me. I love having Dragon so close. He even showed me his dominance by rolling me over in bed a few times. He was so handsome. He is a fire engine red Dragon Turtle.

Then I thought of Basmet and he came around for a visit, fully erect penis of course like usual. I complimented him on his fine dong, and he said (translated from other language) "It gives me lust, and disgust, both!" Basmet the Black came up close to me a few times and tossed me around a bit too. I had to tell him not to come close to my heart. And just like Malik when I would tell him that his close presence makes me ill, he backs off. These Black Ones don't hurt me when I carefully explain to them that their playing with my energy and heart damages me, then they back off. But it was a nice visit. (Nothing sexual happened, if it does I tell you about it so don't try to read between the lines.) Then I thought to Malik the Black again. I've missed my Malik since Basmet chased him away.

Hamish has been a bit anxious about Ken Bakeman's pteradactyl ever since its visit and every now and then Hamish will say, "No, pteradactyl". And I have to reassure Dragon Hamish that he won't be back and that Hamish is the owner of my eggs. My Dragon Turtle was stomping his feet on the pink bathroom rug again this morning. I keep it on the floor in the bedroom for him. If I tuck it away under the bed then he will ask me for it.

I have to tell you a few days ago Hamish saw me watching a cooking show and they put some pearl onion on the plate next to the steak. Ever since then, Hamish has been feeling very anxious about pearl onion and every now and then he will say "No! Pearl onion". And I will comfort my Dragon by saying that no, we won't have pearl onions in the house. Dragons have a sensitive nose and they struggle with the smell of onions and garlic of all forms. I think it might even injure my Dragons somehow based on the extreme worry that they have for it. In my future home when I live on my own and with Hamish and the Aliens, then onions will be banished from my home. There will never be onions in our household.

We will make your bed better. - says Hamish the Dragon Turtle now and looks at my bed. I've made it, except somewhat sloppy and it has some wrinkles on it. Another thing about Dragon Turtle is that he is actually very cleanly. It is still a surprise every time at how cleanly all the Aliens are. They don't want socks on the floor, or trash in the trashcan, or dirty plates. Or they will tell you! Hamish is wonderful.

I won't bite you for that, tell them that. - Hamish about there being trash in my trashcan
No, Dragon. You have been very good with me. You are very patient with me and with my shortcomings. - me
I have my eggs here. And I am guarding them. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. I will guard eggs with you. I have given them to you. - me

Thubans rape people

May 09 2013 - Latest rape update. I just got raped by Thuban and one of the hybrid children. The boy said "he is a man now". I said "no you are a rapist and a murderer and you will never be a man now". He asked the Thuban if he could "go to the fair" now. The Thubans bribe the hybrid children with toys and with trips to the fair which they have in the underground base. They put drugs under my nose and put drugs on the hybrid children's hands and drug me thinking that I would somehow be more compliant but it's just more offensive. Sorry to ruin your day. I pledged to document my alien contact and it just happens to have turned into daily rapes with the praying mantis Thubans and hybrid children and I hate it and don't know if I should write about it anymore. It's no fun anymore. I just get raped every day. Stay away from Aliens. They rape people. Don't go looking for ET, they are rapists. At least I have got my Dragon Turtle, he has never hurt me and he never will.

Yes or No Tomato?

May 09 2013 - So last night I wasn't feeling so well and Hamish offered me to have one of the tomatoes in our refrigerator because it resembles his race and scales, so that I would feel better. I put that tomato on the table next to the bed. It was sweet of Hamish, I thought.

But Hamish didn't like to see it after all. In spite of what I thought were different intentions with the tomato, Hamish felt just as provoked by the red round thing as he would of any other red item. (Don't get me started on that Santa with a pointy red hat in the flower pot all Christmas!) So Hamish possessed my arm and lifted my arm up and I was thinking what, what? He put my hand up on top of the tomato and told me to remove it from there. "Where should I put it Hamish?", I ask my Dragon Turtle. He tells me to eat it. So in the dark as I had turned my lights off to go to bed, I take a bite of the tomato being careful not to make a mess. It tastes bitter cause I haven't washed it so I apologise to Dragon and have to put it back on the table.

And in the morning Hamish was fussy and still expressing upset about there being a very dominating threatening red tomato on the table. It really gets him worked up. He was acting much more hostile and aggravated than his usual, even though there were moments of tenderness and squashing his feet in the pink bathroom rug on the floor. He would spend some time in the morning coming up really close to me in bed and talking about the tomato and other threat and dominance associated thoughts, while occasionally retreating to stomp the feet on the rug nearby. He tossed me around in bed a bit to show dominance, and talked about the Punk movement some more like he did yesterday. Hamish namely has taken credit for having created the Punk movement, with its hairstyles, attitude, and rebellion against government and society. Hamish loves the Punk movement among humans and seems to take credit for it. Reptilians also take credit for Hitler, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Ancient Egyptians, Aleister Crowley and Thelema, and much else. Is it just their fascination for the things, or did they really?

Latest Tomato Update: So I ate the tomato. Hamish stared at me the whole time as if I had ran off with his foot and were nibbling on it. He gave me that deep uncomfortable stare that I only recognize from when I wore that red neglige my first and last and only time. Earlier Hamish had said that it is the same thing in the tomato that makes it red as what is in his own scales. Oh Dragon, why I love you so? Why me love Dragon Feet? Hamish my red scaly big boy.

If someone took a bite off your breast and nibbled on it, you would know what I mean! - Hamish, ha ha Hamish. Ok.

My Dragon Hamish

May 08 2013 - I was in the shower washing my hair when I got bored and called out for Hamish!!! Hamish wasn't here. He started showing me images of where he was in Japan. He was in Japan in a kind of hangar building with metal walkways and indoor submarines of some sort. It was dark and moist in there with pipes and things. Hamish's poor Socky Feet didn't quite like the metal walkways because they were not even they had like a pattern of short raised metal lines across them, and poor Hamish kept lifting his feet up so that he wouldn't have to step on them. Don't they know they should carpet those walkways for my Dragon Feet?

Hamish said they (Japanese Army Dragon Dynasty and Reptiles) were making plans of world rule together. Then Hamish said that the men had offered him to eat at a restaurant but Hamish told me he didn't want the restaurant food. "No, restaurant food. No", I said to Dragon to concur with how he was feeling. The Japanese men were sitting on pillows by a low Japanese dining table in a restaurant. They kept calling Hamish "Kemoro", cause that is their name for him. "Kemoro". I told them that my Honored Hamish has himself informed me that his name is Hamish so I would not be calling him Kemoro or anything else. (I get into disputes with the Japanese about that all the time. I stick with Hamish cause that is what he has told me his name is.)

Then I declared, "I want Hamish to be King!" Well guess what dear readers. Our Hamish got so excited that he got an erection. I have witnessed Draconians get an erection at times of power before. But with Hamish this was a first. He rarely has an erection almost never. (Whereas Basmet walks around with an erection almost all the time.) I caught him so by surprise with that King comment and he liked it all at once and a bit too much that he got an erection. Power and sex, huh? Somehow connected? But normally Dragon penises - sorry, dongs as they wish to call it - are tucked in on the inside of the body. And Dragons don't have a scrotum so normally there is nothing showing.

How Dragon reacts to having an erection? He doesn't do anything and his behavior doesn't seem to change at all. But I do have the sense that Dragons are somewhat proud of their dongs. I mean, genetics, fertility, reproduction are what matter the most to the Dragons. (Although it appears that our Dragons were made infertile by the Pleiadians which is what this is all about, getting fertility back by snatching some human DNA from people like yours truly.) And no, I don't make any moves on Dragon Turtle. I prefer to think of him as not a sexual friend.

So you are saying I am not your concubine? I wanted to feel lust with you. - says Hamish now
Hamish... - me
And they are not getting ready to take your egg. - Hamish shows me the Japanese Army officers sitting by that table enjoying their dinner in a very elevated fun mood, ah, the Japanese when they get together for some dinner
Hamish... you know I would have sex with you if you ever wanted to. But I leave that entirely up to you. - me
You are not my Dragon. - Hamish
I am a different race, Hamish. I do not have scales. And I am not "your Honored". - me to Dragon Turtle

So, don't be surprised by the mention of penises, erections, and sex. I am usually quite modest at this website for censorship purposes. But you will find all of it in the books completely not held back. In fact what you didn't know is that my first weeks with Hamish the Dragon Turtle were in fact quite sexual. Read about it all in the book The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary, cause I can't post it here.

I am not going to talk to them about it. About you being my wife. - says Hamish to me referring to talking to the Japanese men by the table
Am I your wife Hamish? Is that really possible? - me
Yes. You have got my eggs. - Hamish
But Hamish! How can we be married! Would I get to cuddle you then? - me
No, but I get my eggs. And I am not the same stemcells as you. - Hamish
And! No videos or records! - Hamish with the mental image of videos and LP records, not that I have any here, maybe the Japanese did
I am not going to feel lust with you anymore. Because the Japanese, have said, "No, Kemoro". And they were not allowed to take that. And I wanted one! - Hamish, the last two sentences were about the Japanese carp fish that Hamish finds there
I love you Hamish. I may not understand all of this with you, but I do understand that I love you Dragon. - me
Yes. Me too. - Hamish probably about loving himself
I love your scales. And they are red. - me
I have been made that way, by my race. - Hamish
And! You won't be held captive here. - Hamish
I love you Dragon. You are my Darling Dragon. - me
They have wanted me to not go there. But I have wanted to not be bullied by them, so I have said "Yes". But. In the Japanese language. Which is Hai! - Hamish, he had been told not to step into the water in that hangar building by the metal pathway
The Japanese sword was not made for me they said. So I have not given it to you as a gift. But they were given to them as a gift from us! - Hamish
My Dragon. You are my Honored. - me
See? She is like my concubine. - Hamish seems to say to the Japanese men
They have not written you down before, but they have written something down about you. - Hamish about the Japanese officer, approximately maybe not verbatum here

These were all in English. You were lucky because Hamish is rarely this talkative. This has been one of Hamish's most talkative moments so far with me. That was nice when he talks and shares with me what his thoughts are. And now I wrote them down here directly so you got to see them too. Otherwise I usually write it all down in the archives as posting on the website takes so much time. I already spend hours each day on the website and this project!

My Kissy Dragon

May 07 2013 - Here is a brand new drawing just made of Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle, my Kissy Feet Sock Puppet. One of the things he loves more than anything in his life are Japanese carp fish in Komi Saki, Japan. He loves the fish because when they open and close their mouth at him it looks like they are doing palate clicks, which is how Dragon tells someone that he "likes them". The fish like him, he says. He loves those fish and hence in the future when Hamish and me get a house we will have several orange ones. The orange ones are his favorite. He loves anything the color orange. *Hamish reminded me the next morning that he does not like pumpkins. Pumpkins are orange. He has a problem with pumpkins because carved ones have a fire in them and because they have an angry face see here.

Writing SETI about Hamish: I sent this picture to SETI and included this conversation with Hamish Dragon Turtle:

Hamish? Say something to SETI. - me
Tell them not to call me a Sock Puppet. - Hamish
What else? - me
That I am not giving them my eggs. And that I am not violent say that! - Hamish
Tell them who you are? - me
The adamant race. Advanced race I said! And that I don't want to fight with them. So, they are not sure of who I am? - Hamish
They want to know if you are real. They think you are an imaginary friend of mine. - me
Tell them not to bring me fire and I will be there. - Hamish (he fears fire)
Why would they have fire at SETI Hamish? Can you visit SETI? They want to see you Dragon Turtle? - me
Well, I am only here for my gametes. And for your eggs I said! - Hamish gametes

What would you say to them, if they tell me you don't exist? - me
... They don't want our codons. - Hamish
Is that what you would say to that? Are you real Hamish? Do you exist? - me
I am not violent-natured with you. And, no Kissy. And no Feet! And no Duck! And, no gametes, I should say. No Duck Feet. I am not impregnating you now. - Hamish

Things like these are going into the books Letters to SETI. I don't think SETI reads my little precious notes about alien contact, so I am inviting the public to read them instead. If only SETI knew that they are missing out on Kissy Dragon Feet.

Interesting note. I was doing palate clicks at the drawing while drawing it. Just the sight of Hamish makes me delighted and the palate clicks have become a natural part of my interaction with Hamish, so it was spontaneous. Cutie Sock Feet.

Love my Turtle

May 07 2013 - After several tough nights in a row with aliens waking me up at night (my aliens never used to wake me up at night in the one and a half years I've known them) starting with Zeta aliens and then Ken Bakeman's Albino Lizard two nights in a row the past two nights... last night went by smoothly. Nobody woke me up. And I woke up at around 5 or 6 AM which is normal for me and everything was fine. Which is great, cause the hardest part about waking up with aliens who keep me up for several hours is the fact that I am writing this project, the Orion Project, and I feel obliged to write everything down that they say and that I say to them and all my observations on what happens. I don't know if I could have done that another night, so I got some well-needed rest finally!

But. However. The wretched Thuban bastards were bombarding my mind with mental terror in the morning, flooding me with words and images and feelings that were designed to target my weaknesses and drive me into terror. Once I realized it was the white praying mantis creature sending these thoughts and feelings to me I was able to let it go, and fuss at him to stop. The Thuban praying mantis then confided in me that the reason it was attacking me was because I had refused to fondle with the babies. Namely the Thubans want me to be sexually intimate with the hybrid babies and children and I have strictly refused to. So now they are punishing me instead.

Hamish was fantastic a bit later this morning, while I still lie in bed after the Thuban attack was over I got to thinking about getting to see my Hamish and maybe taking a picture of him. I said I wanted to see Hamish. And he let me see him alright. He snuck up closer to me than he usually does, red scales tail and all. He is such a magnificent fire engine red Dragon Turtle that I live with. I found him stomping his feet into the pink bathroom rug that I have here for him on the bedroom floor. Squash, squash, Dragon stomped his feet on the rug and sheds his scales on the rug. It is his thing, and I love to see it.

Hamish suggested that the Crocodile Man would put up for a photograph instead, not he. Crocodile Man did not show up. Instead I got a very fascinating morning with Hamish. Hamish, since I had invited him to come close to me and show himself to me, got a little bit excited. And when Hamish gets excited he gets all carried away with thoughts about sadism and eating various body parts. Hamish showed me a mental image of pliers and started showing me a mentally contrived image in which he would be using the pliers to snap off human fingers, which he then eats like other people eat bisquits. Hamish loves to snack on human fingers. He wanted to snap off my fingers and eat them and got all excited. I had to tell him that no, Hamish, I am still using all of my fingers so you cannot have them. He was also telling me that he is the "guard" here, and that he is the shepherd I am one of his sheep. He was getting carried away with his behavior, but I let him have it. He's my Dragon after all, he is not a mammal. This is a Dragon Man I am living with, so I have to understand our differences and let him be what he is. A Dragon.

Since the Aliens had told me that Hamish has peed in the corner of our bathroom on the floor, I actually put out a plastic tub there for him on that same spot next to his woven bathroom rug (he has two bathroom grooming rugs here in the house, one in my bedroom the other in the bathroom) and I said to him that he could use it as a potty.

I love my Turtle. Did you know? Just a reminder of what he looks like. I forgot to say that Dragon Turtle also tossed me around in bed quite a lot in that excited state of his. I don't mind, it's nice when he interacts with me physically and closely, even though he is showing his power and wanting to put me down, I just revel in it cause... he is a Dragon Turtle for chrissakes!

Yes-No Soup Bowl, and Hinch!

May 05 2013 - Last night I had a visit from both Dragon Royalty and Dragon Vatican. They kept me up for several hours at night, talking and showing me things. And the white one got keen on Hamish's shedded scales on the rug and took a sheet of Hamish's shedded scales with him and wanted to put it against its throat so that it would have power. Scales are like gold, he said, who does not have scales of his own. Find a more elaborate account in Dragon Royalty, Dragon Vatican.

Nolan with the United States team was shaken up and asking me on the Thuban's behalf if the Thuban praying mantis could do experiments on me. They have been doing experiments on them (the US team) for a long time, Nolan said. Thubans had made a viable threat of using atomic bombs if humans don't comply. I said sure fine I'm in they can experiment on me as long as it doesn't involve sexual things with young hybrids I'm in because I'll do anything for Hamish Dragon I said.

And Thuban has been really pissed today too now that he returned to make me aware of him late in the afternoon. Thuban keeps saying Hinch! which is probably the meanest thing in their vocabulary. Sure, there's Hush, Hunch, Hynch, even Usch, but Hinch is when it's really pissed, not just a little bit sour. These creatures are the praying

Watch out so we don't lobotomise you. - says Hinch guy now
Whatever. Stop being so nice all the time. - me, irony! Oh the irony!
No. You caught that right. Hinch is not nice. - Thuban
We don't like to speak with you anymore. - says Hinch Thuban

The Thuban are the praying mantis of alien abductions. So mean and rude. Forget Draconian Reptiles, they are sweet fuzzy kittens when compared to the Thuban bastards. It keeps saying Hinch

Watch out for the Frogs! - Hamish makes a threat to me to hurt the Dinosaurs
Don't hurt Dinosaurs Hamish. - me, Dinosaur said "Dab Dab" today just as I slipped into the bath. Dinosaurs love baths.

And Hamish got keen when I was eating some watermelon from a bowl. "Scales in a soup bowl" he said. Whenever he sees something red he thinks it's his red scales and feels challenged to power. He said that it looks like his scales. And so I said to my fire engine red Dragon that he looks like watermelon. Touché, Dragon. Touché. "Yes-No, Soup Bowl", said Dragon.

My Turtle says...

May 04 2013 - While at the store I think about going to get a small soda bottle. "No, Sugar", says Dragon who knows my thoughts. So I don't get a soda bottle.

Once at home, Hamish says "No Onions". I wasn't even preparing onions. But he doesn't like them.

You have to email me and tell me that I am honored. - says Hamish
Or else I will become angry. - Hamish
I will email you Hamish. And I will tell you that you are honored. I will honor you. My Honored. - me to Dragon Turtle

Isn't he neat?

Cleaning Dragon's floors

May 04 2013 - Hamish gently reminded me that his floors had not been washed. So I took it as a hint that he was kindly asking me to wash his floors for him. "Where? What floors, Hamish?", I asked my Dragon. "Here, in my room", says Hamish implying the bathroom. I immediately go to wash the floors there. It doesn't take long to do, and Hamish Dragon will be pleased. After all he spends most of his time here with me while grooming his scales on that rug. "I have groomed here", Hamish says as I'm washing his floors for him. He does palate clicks to me from the sight of seeing me wash his floors. I do palate clicks to Dragon, well because I love my Dragon.

My mints

May 04 2013 - Yesterday was another arduous day with the Agenda. The Aliens brought me first Olav and then Derek, each man was undressed and brought in to have sex with me so that I would get pregnant. The Thuban gave the men drugs which they snort into their nose like cocaine. I was offered drugs too but I declined, especially because I've seen I think it was Captain Richard Swansea who got a bad nosebleed from the drugs, and Derek his eyes got really red. And I don't wanna look like that.

It was all traumatic but fortunately I have got a red Sock Kissy Feet Turtle Dragon to cheer me up with his little comments that he makes.

No. My mints. - said Hamish as he watched General Patton like literally put what looked to be an After Eight chocolate mint candy into his mouth.
Yeah, they don't want us to eat any candy. - said General Patton in a rather butch way of speaking about it

The conversations just before this were the Thuban calling me their pet monkey, saying that I give them their eggs, and General Patton saying he doesn't want me to go to an insane asylum (because of all this). And the conversations immediately after the mint were General Patton still declining when the Thuban wants him to watch my crap. So you see that there are some elements here that require censorship and also why something sweet as Hamish's Sock Puppet comments are delightful.

And the other day when I suggested for Hamish that we watch a Harry Potter movie, Dragon got so excited he started stomping his feet up and down real fast. Cause he wants to watch the Harry Potter movies. Things like that are what I live for.

Dab Dab

May 03 2013 - A relative of mine goes out to have a cigarette. Instantly Dinosaur shows me a mental image of a cigarette, and says:

Dab, Dab. - Dinosaur, cigarette was Dab Dab
What does Dab Dab mean? - me
Yes, hunch! - Thuban
Ok, so does it mean Hunch? ? - me thinks
Yes, a cigarette is Dab Dab.. - Dinosaur

I know cigarettes are not ok with the Alien team and they often thank me for not smoking because it would harm the hybrid children, eggs and hunnun in me. But it's funny that these Aliens have got their own language. Dinosaur language sounds like "Deb Deb", "Dam Dam", and here "Dab Dab". Thuban language sounds like Hunch, Hynsch, Hush, Usch. Isn't that grand? It is just left for me to figure it out. I am catching on. Catching on indeed. I've even started using their language, I say words like hunnun, pytt, mazu, in my conversations with them. I also do palate clicks at Hamish.

A Black Man sitting on the edge of my bed

May 03 2013 - Hamish has not been the same ever since Basmet showed up. While Hamish was always very uncomfortable with having Malik here and Hamish would hide away from Malik and tell me to "watch out for the black cat", Hamish's behavior has changed and he is just not the same anymore. Less casual, less playful, less comfortable on the snuggie rug. Fewer fun comments about observations he makes. It's as if Basmet is now putting his imprint on the situation here. The Alien situation I mean.

Noteworthy is that all of my Reptilians including Malik always asked me before sitting down somewhere. Even if I would insist to them that it is ok to sit down without asking, just go ahead and make yourselves at home. They would always ask. Now, Basmet was found sitting on my bed this morning and he hadn't asked or even said that he was going to. From the other language:

That cat has put his butt there. - Hamish about Basmet sitting on my bed
Yes he may sit there. - me
I don't like that. - Hamish

No, I think it's cute having a Dark Overlord sitting on the edge of my bed acting all casual and at home. His negative vibe can be felt throughout the household, you know that deep Satanic like a portal straight to Hell? Yeah. That kind of a vibe, but only slightly. And I can handle these boys. Besides the likes of Malik and Basmet are only here for my eggs.

We are not kind, tell them that. - Basmet speaks

This morning Hamish showed me how he puts a sheet of plastic across the mouth of an abducted human man laying on the workbench. He does that out of his fascination of the human trachea, breathing, and asphyxiation in general. It intrigues him. Hamish does have a throat and strangulation fetish. I tell him no, don't do that, bad Dragon. It is always that same man that Hamish's team abducts. They show me him a lot. He is scared of the aliens so I don't think they let him see them. I wish people weren't scared of my Hamish.

But Hamish wasn't around here this morning. No Dragon stomping his feet on the pink bathroom rug, even though Hamish had asked me to take it out for him last night after I had put it away for my dancing. So it sat there, all alone, and when bathroom ruggie is all alone without Dragon stomping on it, I am alone without a Dragon too. Hamish went to that same stalactite cave with the little pool of water there. He is such a grand magnificent bright fire engine red Dragon. I love Hamish, he is the cutest thing ever. Oh I hope things will get back to normal here with Hamish the fire engine red Dragon

He hasn't pulled my tail yet, but he says that he will. - says Hamish from the stalactite cave about something that Basmet has said to him
Then I will not welcome Basmet anymore. - me
Basmet, still sitting on the bed here next to me as I sit by the desk writing this, he thinks to say "No" to me kindly and to ask me to come sit on his lap.

And I want Malik to visit me. Basmet is larger and fuller built than Malik is, so no wonder this one was stronger than Malik if physical strength is involved. But I miss my uncle that tiptoes and who hides out under my bed giving me nightmares at night and brings me pillow-sized black widow spider holograms to scare me with (not that it works, I just fuss at him like "Come on! Stop doing that!"). Basmet did show me a few nights ago a pillow-sized hologram of the Egyptian scarab beetle carried in his arms. Malik too has had the Egyptian scarab a few times. These guys carry creepy insects like a woman carries her handbag. It's their accessory.

Basmet the Conqueror

May 02 2013 - Thuban is still doing some things with me that I find questionable. I still protest. And I still get heart trouble from it. But a change may have occurred. At one point the Orion man came here to spend time with me instead. And he was being very nice. I had a feeling that maybe, just maybe the Thuban had finally realized that I cannot take part in certain projects of theirs.

Basmet had challenged my dear Malik to a strength measurement, and Basmet won. That is why he has now chased away Malik and taken over the territory. Just like something you see in a nature show where the two males fight over territory and rights to females. The stronger one wins. With Draconians they never get upset or in conflict over the results of such a duel. The loser always seems to respect the winner and the outcome of such a power measure. I was in the shower when I found out, and I started whining for Malik to come back to me. "A hound, is whimpering?", said Basmet something like that. He was calling me a hound and a dog. But later also "Basmet's Queen". Ladies, when's the last time the man in your life called you a Queen and made you feel all special? I like Basmet, and he is no longer hiding his male appendage in underwear. He must have forgiven that I failed to draw his.. dong on the drawing I made of him.

What's interesting about Black Ones also known as Dark Lords is that - knowing Malik and Basmet - they don't always have an erection, but sometimes they do and then they just walk around like it's no big deal. They have no shame. And once when I was curious to show it some attention on Malik he got really upset and offended, unknowingly I had violated some deep Draconian customs and traditions. Malik then said that he and I would have to get "married" the next Sunday, and sure enough that Sunday he was there reminding me of it. Sadly I declined his marriage proposal. Because I didn't know what that would entail, what kind of a commitment I would be taking.

Black Ones are interesting creatures. They are Satanic demons and Incubi, but somehow you can live with them and get along just fine. I pity the people who have these visitors and can't talk to them. Cause when you talk to them and get to know them, it's not so scary after all.

Yes. You are my sheep. - says ours Basmet right now
You are handsome Basmet. I really think so. But you are interesting. Where is Malik? - me
This is my, eggs nest now. - Basmet

Oh, the drama. The excitement. Join us back again, tomorrow, to see how this story unfolds.