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April 12 2013 - April 30 2013

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Eighteen dolphins

April 30 2013 - From this morning:

Eighteen dolphins have deceased with me. - Hamish
I have killed eighteen dolphins! - Hamish
But Hamish why have you done that? - me
They have caused trouble. With my twelve DNA strand! - Hamish
Have they bothered you you mean? - me
I have clubbed them to death. And exposed them to torture also! - Hamish
Have you really done that? - me
Yes, because they said that I could not see my children. - Hamish, he means a particular hybrid boy
Yes. And I have gotten to have them as snacks. - Hamish
But Hamish, what are you doing now? - me
Mine dolphins. - Hamish
Yes, miiinee! - Hamish
Hamish. - me
My Harry Potter movie I want to see. - Hamish
I have burned their remains. - Hamish

And then, Captain Swansea and Assistant Carlisle wanted to spank me, said Swansea. Living life with the Aliens and associated military of the Draconian Agenda.
*Translated from another European language. And dolphins means the Thubans

Basmet, the Shadow Creature

I've opted to draw him without a penis,
so not to get in trouble. But remember it is there.
Sorry, dong. The Reptiles call it dong. I should too.
Full size image (still, without a penis)

April 30 2013 - So this is diving deep into the Agenda mysticism, or reality of it. All of us who have studied Draconianism (as I've termed it) know that the top of the pyramid is The Eye, and just beneath it in hierarchy are the Black Ones, or Dark Lords as Rothschild lizard expressed it. The Black Ones are demonic Incubi, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. They are not here in our universe, not in solid atomic form as we, but they are creatures that live, that think. Creatures in their full right.

The Black Ones are a Satanic presence on Earth. They can possess minds and take over humans and make them do cruelty, all for the satisfaction - and nourishment - of the Black Ones. This is not a myth. These are real creatures, and I apologise if it sounds like science-fiction, but I did not make this up.

My Black One, as we all know and love him, is Malik, the uncle that sometimes tiptoes around here, hides under my bed to give me nightmares at night, shows me hologram images of pillow-size black widow spiders to scare me with, and sometimes walks around with an erect penis and tells me he has no underwear. The Black Ones are Incubi, they like to lie with women, but they also do men or children or animals, "anything on legs goes", Basmet had said to me just a while ago. Basmet actually prefers to lay with men and boys.

Humans who get into the dark Satanic arts will find a Black One who takes them over. This is not a joke. And I am a scientist. My Black One is Malik. He and I know each other well and have found ways to get along. Just a while ago I wrote an email to my Free Mason ex-boyfriend, you know the one who the Agenda hooked me up with? Just by writing to him I sensed the presence of a Black One. I peeked into that feeling and connected with an entity. The entity was black and has curved buckhorns and white eyes. We talked a bit. He wants to cause me pain and torture. We embraced in a most romantic sexual embrace, these are the Incubi. He said he is a Shadow Creature. His name, when I asked, is Basmet.

True story.

Later in the evening:
I don't want you to slander our race. - Hamish
Have I done that? - me
You have said that we are not men. - Hamish says, and shows me a mental image of this drawing of Basmet here. And the fact that I have omitted drawing a penis there.

Mmm... apple pie with the Draconians

April 30 2013 - Dear Readers. I bring you this most fascinating news update from my life with the Draconians and a wide assortment of aliens, and MILABS. Yesterday I made an apple pie. It sits on the stove top with a baking sheet paper on top. I guess the only way to say it, is to copy here directly from my notes. Translated from another language:

I have seen you bake it. - says sock puppet head and shows me the apple pie still on the stove top from yesterday, I baked it yesterday yes. It has sugar, I know.
I will give you, my scales. - Hamish

Oh oh! He puts a little sheet of his scales and he puts it on top of the baking sheet paper that sits on top of the pie! Hamish gently reached with his hand and put that little bit of his scales on top of the paper on the pie! What kind of a gesture is that? What does Dragon mean?

No, you may not eat it. - Hamish

Hamish says, aha, that is what he meant. It is a token to say that no, this aple pie is now forbidden. Oh Dear Dragon, I swear to you I will not have another piece! Not if you go through this trouble! Sometimes, you see guys who are reading this, when you love someone you make little sacrifices for them... Hamish now looks at his sheet of white scales on top of the baking paper on the pie. He wants me to see it too, it is from the kitchen.

Nooo!!! I said!!! - Hamish, I would have double underline if I could, about the pie
No. - Hamish, now calmly, about the pie

I was going to say that when you love someone, dear readers, you will do little things for them even when those things do not always make sense to you. Sometimes you do something for someone else, because it means a lot to them. When you love someone. When you have been living with someone in your life, who has red Dragon scales and Kissy Duck Feet and who is a Dragon Turtle.

No. - I say to Hamish and show him [a mental image of] the pie
I will not eat it! - me
My race rules. - Hamish

Says red Turtle Dragon, still keeping his eyes on the pie standing in the kitchen. He now rubs his ankles together, lifting one foot up a little and rubbing its ankle against the opposite leg, then putting that foot down and lifting the other and rubbing it a bit against the other leg. He is in the process of rubbing off a sheet of white scales from his ankle. It looks like a woman who is removing her socks just by rubbing the ankles together without using any hands. Aww, gee. Hamish sure sheds a lot, have you noticed?

I will give it my color. - Hamish says, he wants to put "his color" (red) on the apple pie, somehow to dominate or to "seal it off" from my access (the pie I mean), even though his shedded scales are white.
I am the dominant one. - Hamish calmly says, the sheet of scales is on the pie, the first one is at least now. I guess he is taking there the second one. Oh this is priceless, priceless I tell you!
I have put it, on my foot. - Hamish thinks about the sheet of scales on.... or wait, did he perhaps try to re-attach a sheet of scales back on his ankle, by rubbing it on there? Oh I don't know, Hamish, what you are doing.
What did you do? - me
I have drunk the juice with you. - Hamish's answer, ok doesn't make much sense
I don't understand which you have done with your scales. - me
I have said, juice. - Hamish's answer, still doesn't make sense, does it?

And upon writing this segment here for you all to read and enjoy, I actually figured out what Hamish was doing now that I read it through. So the Aliens don't want me to eat any sugar because it places carbohydrate markers on my DNA and renders it useless for making successful hybrids. Hamish is here not only protecting my valued prized eggs (sounds like I'm a hen at a fair) from being stolen by... "other farmers". He also watches to make sure that I don't eat any sugar.

So I made an apple pie yesterday and it sat on the stove top over night. Hamish doesn't want me to eat it, because it contains sugar. So in a way of, and let me see if I get this right, cause Dragon Turtle is sometimes just so awkwardly quirky and weird, but I love it, dominating the pie he places a sheet of his shedded scales right on top of the pie on the baking sheet paper. The sheet of scales is like a rubbery white flap. Aww, how sweet. Hamish now looks at me in the eye. He seems sweet and he is thinking of his behavior what he just did. My Hamish. My Precious Sweet Kissy Turtle. He wants to watch Harry Potter movies, he has been saying so this morning again.

So by placing some of his scales there, he is making some kind of gesture. And forgive me but I am not going to try to analyze his behavior or pretend to know what the heck he was thinking! But what he then did was he took that sheet of scales back off the baking paper and rubbed it between his ankles, trying to rub the red color from his body's scales and onto the white sheet of shedded scales, it doesn't work of course, but you gotta let a Dragon give it a try! Heh heh, here is the Board of Benevolent ETs. They are checking out the fact that Hamish has placed a sheet of his shedded scales on the pie.

It's ok! Please leave my Dragon and his scales on the pie! It is alright, everything is fine! Nothing here to see! - yes, this is precisely what I said to the Board

Let me remind you that this is a documentary. Not science-fiction.

Heart trouble

April 29 2013 - I'm sorry to bring you this update. I was woken up at 2 AM tonight by the Zeta team who had first showed up only the night before. It's a long story but there is an old Japanese man with the Dragon Dynasty in Komi Saki Japan and he is 98 years old though he doesn't look it. He frequently uses Japanese hybrid women prostitutes, these prostitute hybrid women have black hair. The women are called Narugarami. Child hybrid prostitutes are called Narugai seemingly as a short form. I have yet to have a Japanese speaking person contact me to help me with translations, cause I have got a lot of Japanese words here piled up and waiting for translation. Though I doubt that Narugarami is in the dictionaries.

I started having serious heart trouble. I don't know what it is it just doesn't feel right. And then I started feeling really weak and sick. I thought it must be all the typing taking its toll on me, plus all the recent agony with the hybrid children and MILABS team (military). I started feeling really faint and nearly fainted I think. I am still having serious heart trouble, there's something wrong with my heart. I keep having heart pains also.

My own alien team have never woken me up. Never. Not once in the past year and a half with my aliens have I been rudely woken up by them at night

I know you don't need to pee, but what are you doing? - the Gray from the Board
I am having heart trouble. Serious heart trouble. And I think it's the Zetas' doing. Please help. - me

So I started explaining to my Zeta guests that I am having heart trouble that could they please let me get back to sleep? I expected kindness and understanding but instead they started talking about serving my heart as a meal and acting rude and totally unsympathetic about my whining.

All night they have been showing my dancing from yesterday, to the old Japanese man. (This is not the Sensei by the way. This man is older than the Sensei.) I think they were serving my energy to the man. I have had Draconian Reptiles take energy out of my heart before, but not like this, and only because they had temptation and then they stopped themselves. It seems the Zeta team doesn't care if I die. They expressed something like that the Japanese man's life was more important than mine. I think they are giving my energy to him.

When I first started complaining about my heart, Hamish showed up in the door (he has been absent, perhaps these Zetas have chased him off) and gave off a sound I can only describe as the sound a female cat makes when it is calling for its kittens to come to her. That high pitched call, not a meow, but there was some sense of urgency and concern in Hamish's sound. Was Hamish worried about me? Here he is! Hamish! Hamish pokes up his sock puppet head right up close to me almost in my lap. My Dragon Turtle! My Red Hamish!

But just as you think that the universe is cruel, Airship Admiral from the Board of benevolent ETs shows up and starts defending me and he even holds me in his arms and talks to the Zetas. I get to see the Airship Admiral's UFO spacecraft that is hovering close to ground and they have put two wires attached to human powerlines on Earth to collect electrical power.

Then after a few more minutes, Commendant Larsen shows up. So this must be important. Commendant Larsen is the very top leader of my United States military team who oversees the alien activity and does the MILABS (Military Abductions). "Hey! This is Commendant Larsen!!", he hollered to me loud and clear like he never has before, and there was compassion in his voice. The military try to protect me from the Aliens, or I would have been destroyed in medical torture long time ago. Now the old Japanese man is looking at me, head bowed down in concern, I don't think he wanted me to be hurt. I don't think he knew.

So the question has been, real, or imaginary? This damage is real. This Project of documenting everything and on writing those massive books has started taking its toll on me, but also all the stress from what I am subject through with hybrid children and military and what not. Even Captain Swansea caused me deep pain the other day when he acted heartless to me. I am feeling a bit better now, but this had me worried.

These Zetas would kill me if they had the opportunity. They don't care about me one bit. Neither do the Thubans (praying mantis), but while I am on my Hamish's team then I am safe, because they need my valuable eggs. The Zetas said yesterday they wanted to put me through medical experiments, and I had said yes. What kind of a fool am I? These creatures are dangerous. If I didn't have Commendant Larsen's team and the Board of benevolent ETs in particular the Airship Admiral Gray (who looks like the Gray on the Whitley Strieber book cover) these Zetas would kill me. They want to kill me. They want my heart to die and to put it on ice and serve it to their cohorts.

I just need to go to sleep. My heart is still struggling and I just need to rest. So you forgive me if I don't write any following conversation with the aliens down. I try to write everything down and have figured out a way to have the computer on all night next to my bed so that when I wake up in the morning (or at night like now) I can start typing, so that I can show you what they say and document what happens. I have to go to sleep now. I am going to ignore what they say or do from now on, feel perfectly safe knowing that the Airship Admiral (and Hamish) are with me. Commendant Larsen will take care of this. He will let me rest safely. You can read what the Aliens said tonight in one of the books or actually I can almost post it here on the website because it is not too overly graphic. When I have the time.

Dam Dam!

April 28 2013 - I was reaching for the sugar to put in my tea and just as I hold it in my hand Dinosaur says, "Dam, Dam!" So I put it back and don't have any sugar in my tea. Thuban tells me I have done good not having any sugar all day (well I had some chocolate candy but who's counting). At least the Dinosaur averted the tea incident.

Thuban tells me to take off my panties and they are going to look at my pyy-pyy (lady parts) and check out my poo in the intestine and subject me to medical experiments and they are going to stay here through all summer and they feel sorry for me but I tell them how happy I am and they are welcome and that I would have volunteered for this anyway. Umm... eh? Vaginal and rectal medical investigations. No this is exciting an adventure. They put a plastic tubing down my nose to collect some digested food materials from my stomach. I was awake once for that, but those Aliens then (whom I dubbed "Big-Heads") were really mean, see here. This is great! Exciting! I couldn't be happier! Even if I actually have a bad headache because of sugar withdrawals. I was having sugar cravings and then when I couldn't have any I got a headache and had to take two Aspirin. Hope it helps. But who cares about a headache. I have got Aliens.

We know that you like to eat porridge and oatmeal. So we have given it to your children. - Thuban says now

Pomegranate Dragon

April 28 2013 - Hamish got real excited and enthusiastic! I was browsing for images of the pomegranate tree as I'm starting to work on the second Orion Project book now. This one will have the pomegranate tree on the front cover, for a number of reasons. Hamish snuggled up real close to me and got real excited and keen on watching the images. He made sure to carefully show me in great detail the scales on the top and back of his head. Namely the scales on his head are nearly the exact same color and look like little round pomegranate berries. Hamish rarely gets this excited. If not for Harry Potter movies. That reminds me. Hamish once decided to 'do it' with me standing on his bathroom snuggie rug, sex I mean. So who cares about pomegranate seeds. Nothing can beat that story. (See further down on this page, entry titled "Almost Sex With Hamish - on woven bathroom snug rug" to see how it went, or didn't.)

Thuban Menace

April 28 2013 - The white praying mantis dolphin from Alpha Draconis, the Thuban, has been at a rampage lately. But they are always unpleasant. I just went to the bathroom to pee. "Hynch, hound!", it says to me as I'm sitting there. Then Hamish again teaches the Thuban how to do the mouth open gesture at me. When Hamish is angry or giving a warning he opens his mouth wide and faces me. Which is cute with Hamish's soft toothless mouth, but don't tell him that. So today and yesterday Thuban has been learning this from Hamish. It is fun, to see that open Thuban mouth with those orange-brown baleen. The Thuban has no teeth but it has baleen. The baleen are soft, some on the upper jaw some on the lower jaw, every other space, and they are covered in fine hairs like the structure of the cilia in the human intestine, see here, there are hairs on the hairs. There are little fibers on the baleen.

But Thuban has been pissed lately. Really fussy rude and unpleasant. But that's normal for the Thuban. Oh and by the way, don't worry about me. We'll be fine over here.

Copyright and Trademark Violation à la Space

April 27 2013 - As I'm fixing up the pyramid symbol which of course sits on the first page of the Orion Project book (coming out in May 2013 or no later than July 2013!), Black Reptilian says, "No, you may not use it". Copyright and trademark violation à la space.

Don't miss! Go also to this page, find the entry titled "COPYRIGHT VIOLATION, DUDE!!!" at about the center of the page (or press the ctrl key and F key at the same time then type "delta" to find it).

Then Malik, or Black Reptile (two different entities) says: "It shows our power".

Well I go to that link with old news entries and start reading on the second one from the top, the one where Hamish stomps his feet excited. As soon as I giggle laugh, black reptile says "Stop it, dog!" Oh Reptiles. Living with Reptiles, I mean. Black Reptile never likes it when I laugh or giggle. But you can't blame him. It is a strange monkey sound that is best to be quieted. For the Honored Ones. With the Power.

Hahaha. And then I accidentally laughed but caught myself and turned the laugh into a cough so that the Black Reptile would not notice, but then that's funny and I laugh anyway. Can't help myself. I am so embarrassed. Now here is Malik to my rescue, Malik the Incubus, and he is thinking out loud that of course I may laugh because that's what people like me do. Malik and me like each other. We get along great. I invited him to cuddle with me in bed this morning. Nothing sexual, it's more like when you invite a big dog into bed in the mornings so that you can say hello and pat each other, except that I'm the dog in this case I guess. "Yes you are, but you are not a fiend.", says Malik the Incubus to that. (Note: yes, fiend, not friend. Not a typo.)

Charon and Socks

April 26 2013 - Last night the Aliens brought me one of my daughters whom they keep there. They offer her candy and take her toys away until she has interacted with me. She is mostly human, about 13 to 15 years old, and her name is Charon with a "C". I was very dismissive of her and even rude. Find out why in the books, this one will probably end up in Orion Project Book 3. (Book 1 is coming out soon.)

And just now Malik said to me that I have said that he smells like a sock. Yes, I said, sometimes you do. And I added, you are a Draconian, it is to be expected. He forgot to specify that it is the smell of rancid socks.


April 25 2013 - Sshh! Hamish is up and about and at it again! My precious big scaly red dragon has seen something he does not like. So we have some root bulbs in a pot from Easter's daffodil flowers. The flowers and stalks have been cut off and the bulbs will stay in the jar until next year. Hamish has thought they were onions. And Hamish doesn't like onions.

So as I went to the bathroom, Jack with the NASA team speaks to me telepathically, he says something like "NASA team would like to speak to you". I excuse myself cause I'm in the bathroom and so we never talk. But I picked up what the issue was about. Hamish was telling them that there are onions here and Hamish was not pleased.

So a while ago, Hamish says to me: "I do not want to blame you for that one.." (in the other language) and he shows me a mental image of the root bulbs in a pot. Oh Hamish. Dear Dragon! They are not onions they are flower root bulbs! Hamish doesn't like onions cause they smell. "No, Onions!", he will say if we chop onions for dinner. I love it when Hamish is up and about, walking around, being up to his business.

Space Images

April 23 2013 - Browsing for pictures for the book cover, oh no look what I found! Good thing Hamish didn't see it!

I would break its butt! - Hamish says now, in English

Browsing Images with Hamish

April 22 2013 - I'm browsing for images to build the book cover for the first Orion Project book. Hamish had watched me and he knew that I was about to buy the reptile images. He had assumed that it was the reptiles I was buying, so I had to explain to him that no, Hamish, it is only the photographies I am buying. Not the reptiles. He said that the reptiles were his pytt, which means small children. He has also said that the Japanese carp fish he watches in Komi Saki Japan are also his pytt. As are lobsters. But not Santa, of course...

Check out this awesome image, of a man holding a big lizzy. I honestly don't know what comments to make. Only that I really liked this image. Sometimes it's a bit like that when the Reptilians crawl in bed with me. Ah, Hamish just now retreated to his pink bathroom rug that is here in the bedroom. His whole body gets all comfy and you can tell how he loves that rug. He's been cheering me up all day, just by being here. My big red Turtle. Snake was also here today.

Check out this bearded dragon, it has bits of shedding scales just like Hamish always gets! I didn't know real reptiles also shed little pieces now and then like Hamish Dragon! But don't talk about that with Hamish. It makes him sad to shed scales, it really bothers him a lot.

I would like to say that it does not make me sad, it just makes me an inferior race. - Hamish now in English
Why is that Hamish? Why are you inferior if you shed scales? Why is that Hamish? - me
It is not a good picture. - Hamish about the bearded dragon picture shedding scales
Oh it's... It's a beautiful dragon. I mean, bearded dragon. - me
It doesn't like to play music like I? - Hamish about the dragon on the picture
Hamish, you don't like music. You call it disco, and you say, "No!, disco". - me
.. I was going to tell you about it. - Hamish about the dragon on the picture
What is it then? - me
It doesn't have my eggs with itself. - Hamish
No Hamish. I have your eggs. - me
... I was going to tell it to build a nest for me. - Hamish
What if it's a male dragon? Hamish? Do you have eggs in me? - me
I was going to tell you. - Hamish
What is it? - me
That it was not a good picture for me. - Hamish
Why not, Hamish? - me
It was not impregnated with me. - Hamish
But Hamish, you haven't even tried to have sex with it. Can you make dragons pregnant? - me
Only the ones in cooling liquid. - Hamish shows me image of instrument medical procedure with a long pipette and using the cooling liquid with the eggs, in laboratory method
Is that where my eggs go, Hamish? I love you Hamish. - me
I don't have any teeth for you. - Hamish, he is a toothless Dragon
You don't need teeth, Hamish. I honor you anyway. I will always honor you and your scales. I always honor Hamish Dragon, with or without teeth. - me
I was going to give you, an egg. - Hamish
All conversation was in English

I was going to give an egg to your nest, I was saying to it. - Hamish a while later about the bearded dragon on the picture, he is still thinking about it

I happened to browse "reptile feet" images and noted some black chubby crocodile paws and thought it was like on Malik. Malik shows up right then and puts his hands around my forearms and lifts my arms really high up and holds my arms up for a while. It was his gesture, as a response because I was thinking of his hands. He wanted to make his presence known. He was calm and all that, and I was pleased to have my arms lifted up by a real sentient lizard and I thanked him for doing that. I love my Dragons.

Malik is here watching closely. "My Fürst", I say to him. "I wanted to say to it, that I was King", said Malik to me in the other language wanting to speak to the bearded dragon on the photograph that Hamish probably told him about. Oh, Dragons! Facepalm! There is no lizard here! And if it were it could (probably?) not understand when you speak to it! Plus it is such a small creature

And, I don't want to give it my eggs. - Malik now in English and he put his black scaly paw on my tum tums where the eggs are

Malik is right here on the bed real close to me now, just waiting for me to put that bearded dragon picture up on the computer screen again. Oh boys please it's just pictures. There are no lizards here!

Then I shall go sit there! - says Malik now in English and gives me a mental image of the sofas just behind my wall on the other side, in the living room

Aww, just aww. Lizards and Reptiles and Dragon Turtles. Who doesn't like reptiles?

Aha! This one looks almost precisely like the Dinosaurs!

Precious Turtle

April 22 2013 - Hamish showed me himself and he did two really nice palate clicks though I didn't hear the clicks I only saw him making them. He didn't just open the mouth and close it, he did a real good and proper palate click where he really got into it. It was precisely what I needed, to see my Sock Turtle offering me some support, cause I'm having a huge adrenaline rush and shaky and nearly brought to tears because I'm about to finish the first Orion Project book and have it published. I'm feeling a huge surge of emotions, and Sock Puppet was precisely what was needed at a time like this. Thank you Hamish.

And I don't know if it's because I'm all emotional from the book or if it's just Hamish but I nearly broke to tears about how much I love this Red Dragon, but then I just giggled cause he's so cute. He means the world to me. If you've ever loved a pet or a human, he is both a person and an animal to me and we have lived close for year and a half. My Sock Turtle, my Dragon Feet.

Sock Sock

April 21 2013 - I was sitting on the toilet wiping myself after I had peed (yes, I'm that detailed here) and Hamish pops up like a red Sock Puppet. I was so pleased to see Dragon. This morning when I woke he wasn't there and I whimpered and called out for him a bit. I really need my Turtle Sock in the mornings, and all day. A while later after I had had my shower, Dragon finds a little puddle of water on the bathroom floor after my shower, gets his feet wet in it and stomps squash squash on the woven bathroom rug enjoying the rug.

Last night while I was at work Hamish expressed a great deal of concern about the nuisance of shedding scales. He was complaining and thinking of white sheets of shedded reptile scales for quite a long time. I tried to comfort him by saying that we humans have troubles with our body too. Sometimes we humans get sick, or our teeth fall out. And I've told my Dragon Turtle many times that even we humans shed skin and hair all the time. That it is ok. He suffers and feels miserable sad when his scales shed. He thinks about them and doesn't want to let them go.

Yes! They drop! - Hamish pops up his Sock Puppet Head again and says in English and seems happy and cheerful
Hello Hamish. I love you Hamish. - me
Yes. - Hamish in English

Aliens are fun - and so am I

April 20 2013 - I am listening to music on the headphones (what else, cause the Draconians don't like "disco" ie. music, so headphones it is) and started dancing to the tune shaking my hips and shoulders while I sat here working on final proofread of the first Orion Project book, fully immersed in my thoughts and dance. A Dinosaur who I didn't realize had been watching is greatly amused and without words shares with me how he is thinking and feeling about my dance and then we both snicker at it cause I see it from his point of view. Oh they have such humor haha they thought it was real funny what I was doing. He then said, about the Draconians,

"I tremble before your race", they make us say that too. - said Dinosaur in English

The Dinosaurs are nobody's fool. And oh do they have a sense of humor. The other day when I had a bath, "Dub Dub!" said Dinosaur at the delightful sight of my bath. "Dub Dub!" I responded to Dinosaur. Dub Dub it is.

And this morning while I am in the bathroom peeing, "Santa...!!!" says Hamish Dragon. And then shows me his mental image of my mommy in the kitchen in the process of cooking us a lunch meal. Hamish stares and he stares, wondering if this is a challenging other Dragon. She is wearing the red apron.

Life will never be the same with the Aliens in my life. Even the Thuban said Hynch this morning. I might do a little dance for the Dinosaur, it would crack him up. Maybe do it wearing my red neglige, that would get Hamish too. Double whammy.

This morning I was graced to hear not one but two grunts made by Hamish. Oh how I love his Draconian vocalizations! It's been mostly palate clicks lately, but that's because I've been keeping my Turtle pleased. I can't remember what the circumstances but Hamish made two Draconian grunts. It really sounds like pig noises. Then a little while later Hamish does two grunts again. Again it sounded a bit like pig grunts. It made my whole morning, I got to wake up with a fire engine red Dragon Turtle doing pig grunts. I giggled and was so happy and woke up with a big smile thanks to that. Dragon then pulled me out of bed. Yes yes it was about time I get up anyway. Though he was only showing me his power. I love it when he yanks me out of bed in the mornings because sometimes I just can't be bothered.

Hamish had sent an Illuminati hybrid chum to go to a hotel restaurant kitchen to rescue all the red lobsters from there. He had been trying to tell Hamish that it's no use.

Scales... where?

April 19 2013 - Ok I don't know how to say this. Except to say it like it is. Hamish said he wanted to put his scales into my pyy-pyy. He showed me a sheet of his white shedded scales. He thinks about having it in against the wall of my vagina. Now this sounds atrocious to us humans. But if you think like a Dragon, what it really probably means is he is thinking about how my pyy-pyy (vagina) is being used by the Draconian Reptiles in genetic research and they really seem to survive only thanks to women (and pyy-pyy) just like mine. So he is thinking - I presume - something about how my pyy-pyy is Reptilian because they are using it within their race and for their benefit. This has got nothing to do with anything sexual. He might also be expressing his feelings and thoughts of embracing me into his race. He always tends to give me a piece of his shedded scales as a token when he feels that I am one with them, when I am helping them and accepting of them. So it is that kind of thing, don't get him wrong.

He then snuck up close to me and started doing palate clicks. Maybe to tell me to be happy and stay calm. No scales have been inserted into my vagina at this point that I know of. How would I feel if he did do as he thought of doing? Heh? Well. I guess living with a Dragon Turtle you have to get used to being exposed to his shedded scales a lot, and hearing a lot of talk about them. He even puts shedded scales on my chest under my cardigan, or into the palm of my hand. He sprinkles them into my bath water, and he has also wanted me to eat some but I declined. It is a cultural thing, to do with racial identity. I of course don't want any shedded scales in my vagina, but if he were to have them put there I would not feel disgusted. I guess I wouldn't know what on earth to do. I wouldn't do anything about it. I'd be quite perplexed. What would you do? Suggestions are welcome, email them in.

Writing in my notes, which is going into the books but I want to share this here:

" "Hamish. Hamish!", I whisper to Hamish as I see him put his long tubular neck (that I now know how it feels ever since he "dried his scales" by leaning his neck against my chin after he got wet in that shower) right up close to me with his head almost in my arms in my chest. I then do two palate clicks to Hamish. Hamish listens to my palate clicks. We are so close. It feels like he is right here. My Dragon Kissy Turtle.

I smile as I see the Dragon. How this creature has been in my life for the past year and a half. How life has been a journey with him, always here present with me. My Dragon Turtle, who has captured and found a way into my heart. How beautiful this being, this strange mystic being who shares with me his thoughts. He tells me all things all manner of things that go on in the head of a Kissy Turtle. What with orange Japanese carp fish, shedded sheets of scales, little bubble ones that he drops into my bath. His race, his ancestors the lobsters in the sea, "No, Crabcakes!". And "No, Santa". My Dragon Turtle, you share your world with me, and you only ask for my pyy-pyy, eggs, and twelvestrand DNA in return. I could give you so much more. "

Harmful Juice

April 19 2013 - The other day the Alien team engaged me into a tantric sexual rape again and this time it was the strongest so far. White Lizard Queen Mother was watching as Hamish was thinking of offering me to her in exchange for some form of payment to his team in return. Queen Mother sat in the throne room on the Royal throne (here on Earth) and with a red ruby scepter in her hand.

"The juice" is a difficult and very alien exotic concept to explain. It involves the iron in my blood triggered into an intense sexual libido energy all over the body mostly in the head and chest mind you, and it feels like a cold white flame. It is a form of energy vampirism used by the Black Ones who rule over the Draconian Agenda just below The Eye in hierarchy, but White Lizards use it too, and so can also the other Reptilians and even humans in the Agenda. They also rub a white powdery drug under my nose to instill it, and gentle pinching or rubbing of various parts of my body can also flare it up for them.

They then engage with my white flame and take part in it, experiencing for them a sensory euphoria which can also be described as a form of "energetic drug abuse". It should also be called rape, if it is not consentual. It can feel very aggravating to be used this way against one's wishes. But anyway, what I was gonna say was that this time when I was being energetically raped for the juice and this time was more intense than ever before, I actually ended up for the first time from it with physical injury, maybe some of my nerves burned out. Afterwards for several hours I had burning pain in what seemed to be both ovaries and uterus. That is when I decided never to let them milk me of the juice again. It felt like real physical pain, so we also know this isn't all in my mind. A purely mental hallucination of energies and sensations does not result in physical injury of this kind.


April 19 2013 - Last night I was shown a mental image of me standing in the hallway and holding a little dog in my arms. Then they showed me the same except that it was the Dinosaur holding the dog in its arms. I was being explained by the Alien team that I am their dog. Only this time it wasn't the type of "you're an inferior dog!" that makes me furious and aggravated. This time it was just a cute little pet dog, so I was ok with it and the following Alien interaction went along nicely and smoothly and I wasn't aggravated by them the least bit.

They showed me how they had hearded a group of boys in varying ages to stand naked in a corner of a room in the Alien facilities. I was supposed to have sex with all of them. I said I don't have sex with underaged boys because I am not a pedophile, and that if they are genetically my sons then I also won't do it cause incest is illegal with my race. And I also said that it has to be consentual or I won't do it. A while later they are soliciting a grey-haired human military to show his penis to the Aliens and to have sex with me to fertilize me. The man declines and acts evasive in a courteous way. He seemed used to dealing with Aliens.

Thuban moved my limbs and body a bit. The Thuban is always stern and does it quite harshly, but I am ok with it I am used to being handled by the Aliens. So I figured I'd best go to bed for them and get ready for the night's activities and involvement in the programs. Hamish did some Reptilian tosses of me to manipulate how I was laying on the bed and to remind me of his power and dominance in this scheme. I was ok with that. As Hamish is my best friend in the world and nothing is so delightful to me as being tossed by my Reptilian Hamish. Then the Stealthsky paid a visit and tumbled me around on the bed lots and for a few minutes, seeming to enjoy cuddling this naked human woman, unless he was only really getting me started (or trying to) for fertilization with the boys.

That's about it. I fell asleep and don't remember any close encounter and this morning seems like any other. Have I been fertilized? I don't know. Am I pregnant? Who cares. There are more details written about last night's encounter but they will have to go into the books because some public censorship is required.

PS. Last night as I went to bed I really had to poo and this morning I don't. I have many memories of sitting at the toilet during both Alien and Japanese abductions, just not from this night but I still have to wonder why I don't have to go to the toilet this morning. One should not assume alien activity, but it is to be suspected.

Funny? Scary?

April 17 2013 - Today's scary and totally random quote from the Draconian Lizards: "Watch out for my tail, it can lobotomize you." Said the White Lizard who hangs out with a well-known Prince of Europe. Badum-tish, or...? Laugh or smile, cry or go back to my chicken soup?

Dragon stuff

April 16 2013 - Hamish the Red Dragon comes with me to work. When I went to fetch some meals for the patients Hamish gets happy and does palate clicks. I'm not sure what exactly he was happy about. Something to do with the food made him happy. It's kind of almost like having a sweet guinea pig they do funny chirps too when they are happy, only my Dragon starts doing his palate clicks whenever that he gets pleased and excited. And Dinosaurs say "Dub Dub!" when they see something that makes them happy. "Dub Dub!" when I take a bath cause they love baths.

I wore a red apron when I handled the food at work. After the meals were done I went to the restroom. "Santa...!" says Hamish. Santa. And he thought of the red apron I had worn. That just made my day. I have rarely been as happy as I am when Hamish says "Santa" about red aprons and red pajama. He told me to lie down naked on my belly with the red apron on in one of the patient's empty beds so that he could beat me for wearing a red color and being Santa. Hahahaha. Of course I didn't do it.

And on my way home from work Hamish says that "they never said hello to Hitler", they just used Hitler anyway. I told him how Hitler had killed so many people and how despicable that was. Hamish then said that they had had Hitler, but they also had Druidism and Pentacostals. Doing work for the Agenda that is.


April 16 2013 - I am doing the final proof-read of the first Orion Project book, titled "Real? or Imaginary?". Reading Chapter January 14 2012 titled Sex Talk where I described the experience of having sex with an Illuminati hybrid as it was taking place, yeah I was writing while it all was happening. Reading it is making my cheeks warm and blushing. Oh my I didn't know I had written such spicy stuff. Phew that got me all toasty.

Hamish likes Sobek

April 16 2013 - I was browsing for a picture of Sobek, the Ancient Egyptian Crocodile Man God, and Hamish snuck up close to me and started doing palate clicks after palate clicks. It means that he likes Sobek. I love Hamish, so I have been doing palate clicks at Hamish.

When Hamish is standing on the floor and then he adjusts his posture a little bit, it makes his scales rustle like the spikes of a porcupine or hedgehog. It's delightful. Most of his scales are protruding and not flat. On the face he has bubble round scales. But most of his scales are a little bit like these red scales. Hamish recognizes this red berry jam and this little red creature as familiar to his red scales and experiences a lot of emotions and thought whenever I eat them. He seems pleased when I eat the red berry and does palate clicks, but he says that the lobster are his "pytt" (their word for "small children") and he gets devastated for days if I eat lobster. So I cannot eat lobster anymore.

Playful Hunter

April 15 2013 - Hamish just now:

I would like to see you have a heart attack. Then I could eat it. - Hamish

BADUM-TISH HAMISH!!! BADUM-TISH INDEED!! Dragon has been acting out ever since Gon the creepy ET chased him off to the forest last night. Hamish came back around noontime but he has been having that strange attitude that he sometimes has, now all day. Most of the time Hamish is a well-behaved Dragon

Yes, but don't write Kissy Feet. - Hamish now, again in English
Yes Hamish-Boo. - me to Dragon

Most of the time Hamish is a well-behaved kind and calm Dragon who is no trouble at all. But sometimes he gets mischevous and on his hunting mood and then he's trouble all day long, namely then he gets all fixated and playful just like a cat tormenting a mouse and he gets interested in food. At those times Hamish seems at his most happiest and he will look at me much more keenly than he does otherwise, as if I were his prey. But he is not like a hunter that goes vicious and focused and evil. No, Hamish is the kind of hunter who becomes curious, keen, and playful, like a cat playing with a half-dead mouse or a chicken that spotted a worm on the ground. It becomes a game, a curiosity, something that makes him truly happy.

And it is one of those behaviors that you slap your dog on the nose for, or yell at the cat for, to make them stop. Hamish is being a bad, bag Dragon and I want to say No to Dragon so that he will stop. Because this behavior is inappropriate in the human world. If he is my pet, then he is misbehaving right now. But overall, his behavior since he returned from having been banished to the woods, has been that curious hunting mood. It's fun sometimes I guess, but he looks at me playfully and like I am a pouch of a beating heart and liver that he wants to put in his mouth to snack on. It's kind of Gah but what can I do, I love my Dragon Kissy Turtle Feet Sock Puppet.

When Hamish returned he went back to his woven bathroom snuggie rug in the bathroom and he wanted me to go have a bath like I did last night. He wanted to sprinkle some more shedded scales into the bath water like he does. And it seems that his wanting to copulate with me last night (see previous News entry down below on this page) has left an impression on him. Hamish was wanting to have sex with me because we never did last night. He showed up next to me on the sofa with an erection. (Neither he nor I did anything more with that.) But he talked a bit about wanting to put his seed into me. (You can read exactly what he says in one of the sequel Orion Project Telepathy books.)

Hamish wanted to throw the pink bathroom rug away. Seems that Gon the creepy intruder had defiled the rug somehow. I strongly suspect, that when Hamish told Gon not to step on his pink bathroom rug, that Gon went ahead and peed on it. I told Hamish that it's ok, we don't have to throw it away I will wash the rug and it will be back to normal. After all Hamish once peed on my used bed linen that I had piled up on the floor. Because they smelled like me. So Draconian pee can be washed away! Geez. Living with Draconians. Just go with it Annie, just go with it...

Then Hamish gathered some of his shedded scales from the woven bathroom rug and put them underneath my cardigan on the left side of my chest, under my cardigan shirt. He did that because he did not have a gold wedding ring to offer me, so he was offering me some of his scales instead. Seems that Hamish and me are getting married. He asked me to marry him and silly me said yes right away. And I got some shedded scales on my shirt as a wedding ring. Then he told me he wanted me to put some of his scales into my mouth and for me to eat them. Draconians believe that blood, flesh, and scales carry DNA properties of its owner and that when eaten will pass on the genetic expression of its originator. When Snake considered marrying me he said that he and I would have to drink each other's blood so that we would come closer to one another and our sex would be better, he said.

I just got back from the grocery store and Hamish was very tempted by the raw chicken I had bought. He made many repeated comments about wanting to snack on it. I told him that of course he could eat it. He is always fond of when I eat meat. He thinks they smell good. And when I sat down on the sofa, after I had put the chicken into boiling on the stove, Hamish looks at me like that playfully and says he wants to put my heels into his mouth. And then that comment about heart attack and eating my heart.

It seems sometimes that when Hamish has been in a fight with other Dragons, then he gets into those moods where he wants to snack on my liver, heels, fingers, heart, spleen, eggs, or kidneys. Then he looks at me like that. He gets all playful and excited and the more you say no and try to correct him, the more it spurs him on. And this is a very important note about Dragon Hamish behavior: the more you say no or object to his ideas of eating a body part or causing torment, the more excited and fixated he becomes with the idea of doing so. This suggests a positive feedback behavior system in which when he attacks or agitates a victim of prey, and the more that prey fights back, suffers, whines, or complains, then the more it triggers Hamish's fascination with making a meal out of that prey. It becomes more fascinating to him, the more the prey suggests for him to stop. It becomes a downward spiral where you just can't convince Dragon to let it go. I will have to write more about this fascinating behavior.

But, Hamish is my Dragon Turtle. He still has his keen eyes on me. He is fascinated by my beating heart and blood.

Yes, it makes us feel lust. - says Hamish now

He has displayed that irrational hunting behavior today ever since he got back from the forest. I have written it down, some of it is too horrific or even pornographic to post here on the website. Find it in the books.

Hamish likes the smell of pizza

April 15 2013 - Yesterday when I had pizza Hamish sniffed and sniffed at it. He liked the smell. And this morning Hamish showed me a mental image of the yesterday's leftover pizza in the fridge and said "I wanted to see you swallow no other food than that". So upon Hamish's request I am having cold leftover pizza for breakfast. "That thing smells good. Food.", said Hamish as I grabbed my second piece of cold ham and cheese pizza.

Gon is still here, watching my every move. He wants to caress me and find a way to gently approach me. I know he wants to drink my blood but I'm hoping that General Patton can keep him at bay.

Almost Sex With Hamish - on woven bathroom snug rug

April 14 2013 - Only for adult audience! Kids don't read this!

Ok I know I shouldn't write this here, but. I went to take a bath. So of course I yell out telepathically for Hamish to come have a bath with me, which means that he would be stompety stomping his feet on the woven bathroom rug next to me shedding his scales while I have a bath. It's our thing, we like hanging out together. I don't mind if he sees me naked he never says anything or looks at me differently. Plus he's my best buddy in the whole world, a Dragon.

I want to have some candles burning for ambience but knowing that Dragon Turtle is afraid of candles I don't have any. The things I do for Dragon Turtle, I say to myself. Dragon says that he likes to be in the dark. So I turn the lights off and slip into the bath in total pitch black darkness. The things I do for Dragon Turtle, I say to myself again. I am afraid of being in the dark at first, but knowing I have both Lac and Hamish there with me - in the dark - makes it feel all better. Plus I get into it and then it's kind of cozy.

Then, God forbid I tell you these things, but I get real horny. If I don't post it here it's going to end up in the books anyway, so. So I declare to my Aliens my problem. Thuban hears me but says nothing. But then. Hamish to my rescue. And this was totally unexpected. Hamish tells me to get on his rug and he will have sex with me. Hamish shows me his penis that is erect. Like I've seen it before, very few times, it is pinkish orange in color and slender like that of a dog and not "that" big. He normally keeps it on the inside of the body. I still stay in the bath for several more minutes, before Hamish who keeps telling me to get over there on his rug, I get out of the bath and say "ok how do you want me". I dry off with a towel first. (Spoiler: don't worry, "we don't do it".)

Hamish tells me that he has his scales there on the rug, which is true. He always sheds his scales there on the rug and collects them on the rug. He never lets me step as much as the tip of my toes on his rug or he tells me or even physically shoves me off the rug. It is his territory. His extra special grooming zone. He tells me he wants me to lie down there on the rug, on his scales, and he would have sex with me. At first I stand on the rug and lean with my hands against the door wondering what to expect of Dragon Turtle. I then kneel down on his ruggy and wonder what to expect. But the fibers of the rug are too coarse so I get up again and get fed up and turn the lights on and leave. "You stood on my scales" says Hamish in the other language something like that. "Yes I did", I say to Turtle. I sure did. He never lets me even touch the rug. Now he was inviting me to lie on it.

Needless to say, we didn't have sex. I would invite him to come cuddle with me in bed, I am much more comfortable there. Would you have sex with a red Dragon Turtle on top of mounds of shedded white Dragon scales on a woven bathroom rug on the floor? I guess I would. Poor Turtle. I don't know what he's thinking. I don't know what I'm thinking. I've got to get some coffee.

Sorry I wrote this. Now you see why the books are necessary. I can't post half the stuff that really goes on with these Alien critters.

What did they want to say about this? - Hamish asks me in the other language about what you people reading would be saying after finding out about this
Nothing Hamish. - I say to Dragon Turtle
I wanted to give you that, because you give me your eggs. - says Hamish who - really - had just come to my rescue when I declared I was needy for something

Oh I forgot to say somebody gave Hamish a "plastic bag of snacks" today so that was what he was up to at the time when I slipped into the bath and why he wasn't around. Somebody prepares for him a big ziplock plastic bag with fresh slivers of organ meats livers, kidneys, and tissues, and he eats those. Yumm! I was so pleased for my Dragon Turtle, I told him to enjoy his plastic bag of snacks and that I was pleased he got things to eat so he didn't have to be Hungry Dragon. My Turtle I Love You.

Do you love Lac as well? - asks Lac now in English
Yes. I love Lac also. But me and Hamish go way back. Hamish is my best friend. In the world. You can be my 2nd or 3rd best friend. - me to Lac, thinking that Snake should be my 2nd
I would like to be 2nd. - says Lac

Picture Of Lac

April 14 2013 - Here is a drawing I made of Lac by the way. His eyes are completely black and he has lowered eyelids across the eye from both upper and lower eyelids. The body is blueish-black scaly. He wears a dark purple-blue-black tight-fitting uniform. Lac lives in an undersea base on Earth, and they are having trouble with limited food resources and need my eggs.

Quotes by Lac from today: (translated from non-English)

It is thanks to your DNA that we exist. - Lac

It says, 'the native race must watch out'. 'For now we are coming to take over.' - Lac reading the Draconian written language inscriptions on the outer of their spacecraft

And then it says that we live in the oceans. - Lac reading more from the spaceship's outer

We haven't eaten in a long time. - Lac

We wanted to rule your race. - Lac

So that we take your eggs! - Lac

Picture of Lac the Reptilian
Larger image

Airship Admiral is back - and Lac from the seas

April 14 2013 - A blue-black Reptilian who lives in the undersea bases on Earth is visiting with me and speaks about a shortage of food and needing my eggs. Previously Thuban told me about how different foods change my DNA, and what foods I can eat and not eat. The blue-black Reptilian said his name is "Lac" and was going to teach me how to read Draconian hieroglyphs (see a sample of Draconian hieroglyphs here, the name of a Draconian Elmer).

Then showed up the Airship Admiral! See his previous visit here and be sure to scroll down to see the telepathy portion from then. Airship Admiral is asking me to back off a bit from the Draconians, and tells me of how hundreds of humans have been sacrificed by the Reptilians. The Admiral is beautiful. He looks a bit like the ET on the Whitley Strieber book cover.

I don't know. I love having Alien contact. It's pretty neat. I've been writing down what we all say to each other. Here is an excerpt between Hamish and the Admiral:

We do not want to dry your scales there. - said Admiral to Hamish with an image of the pink bathroom rug on my bedroom floor
That is where I like to dry myself. - Hamish then says (these translated from the other European language)

Oh Hamish, you will always be Hamish. Life is great.

Tell them that I wasn't fussy. I was only informing Lac. - Admiral says now in English for me to add here
Yes I don't want them to think I'm unkind. - says Admiral now, "them" are you guys reading here!

Red Scales and Numbers

April 13 2013 - I just had a Dragon in my lap for the very first time. I was sitting here on the sofa with the laptop computer on my lap and Hamish snuck up right close to me from my left side. He put his long red tubular neck with a tiny face on the end of that tube right up close to me in front of me. "I wanted to dry my scales on you", said Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle in the other language. "They got wet there", said Hamish about the shower we had together a little while ago.

When I had my morning shower Hamish asked if he could put some of his shedded scales into the shower. I said yes, of course Dragon can. He has started putting more of his shedded scales into my bath water (when I bathe) and now also into the shower, when I shower. So turns out that when he did he got some water on him. And now Dragon was coming up close to me. His long tubular neck was in front of me from the side, and really up close. He was very calm and seemed comfortable. The right side of his long red scaly tubular neck touched gently against my chin. I could feel it, and it is the first time that Dragon has really touched me, with few exceptions in the year and a half we've been together. He rarely touches me, even when I ask, so this was a special treat.

He felt surprisingly soft and bendy, not so rough and scaly like a crust that I had imagined. It is soft and gives in to pressure. He just held his long tubular neck with Sock Puppet head like that right up close. He didn't rub himself on me or anything. Just held his long tubular neck against my chin, to dry his scales on me after he accidentally got wet in the shower.

"My eggs live here", he said. "I love you Hamish", I said to Dragon Turtle. "My eggs, I said", says Hamish. "Yes. Your eggs, here", I say to Turtle. "I will show them my power", says Dragon Turtleness. "Do so Hamish", me says. And then, Dragon Turtle gets excited and tells me he wants to drink my blood. Earlier this morning he felt tempted by my liver, though I told him that I still need my liver so he could not have it. It was a lot of talk about his shedded white bubblewrap scales this morning when I woke up. Well, actually, as soon as I woke up in the morning and Hamish wasn't here on the pink bathroom rug, I called out for him. Hamish then sends me a mental image of him in a forest somewhere, where he is tending to shedded scales and maybe even did a poo. He then came to see me and talked about his shedded scales, how he could not really put them on the woven bathroom rug anymore because the rug gets washed.

Last night while I was doing a night shift at work Malik shows up at around 3 AM when I am sitting by myself at work and with nothing to do. He wants to snuggle up with me on the sofa and lie with me. But then Malik talks a lot and it was interesting. First he shows me what the world looks like through his eyes. He sees the world in black and white, and "that is why he likes black so much" he says. He doesn't see any colors, only black and white. But I already knew that from The Eye. It is interesting, the white in things is really lit up in his way of seeing things. It's kind of pretty to see the world in light and dark only. Malik said that that was why he didn't quite understand what all the fuss was about Hamish being red, for instance. Malik doesn't see red, or any color.

I am quite content with that, tell them that. - Malik now in English wants to add about him not seeing colors

Then he tells me that he likes the number 13. There is a number 13 on one of the patient's rooms and he says he would like that room because of the number 13, they could do things in a room with number 13, he says. When I ask why, he says the number has magical significance. I ask him what other numbers he likes. He says he also likes the number 1 and when I ask why he says it's because "you can do a lot of things with the number 1". And he says he does not like number 2. (Personally I know from some past reading that the Illuminati love the number 11, it is very important to them. I should also note that if I were imagining all of this then of course I would have expected him to say he likes the number 6 or 666, but that is not what he said!)

Then when I washed some red aprons Hamish says something like "No Santa!" and that just made my day. Night. Later on my way home on the bus Hamish says something more about "No Santa". You see, Hamish is a red Dragon Turtle and anything or anyone with the color red is provoking him and showing him power. Hamish doesn't like Santa, red aprons, Spiderman, Sims video game characters in a red pajama, or yours truly dancing in a red neglige. So I only wore that red neglige once. And I never dared to put it on again.

"H" is for Hamish

April 12 2013 - I picked up the notebook that was next to me on the sofa and Hamish approaches me wanting to sit, although he doesn't ask if he could sit I know that he wants to. So I take the notebook away and put it aside and invite Hamish to come sit with me. He feels good about getting to sit, his eyelids close across his eyes which means a Draconian smile when they are happy and feel good. Hamish sits next to me with his back hump resting against the back rest of the sofa and his legs comfortably with feet on the floor and tail that slithers down between his legs and to the floor. He points his red scaly finger to the keyboard of the laptop computer that sits on my lap. I wonder what he is pointing to. Then I see that he is pointing at the key with the letter "H" on it. "H" is for Hamish. "H" is for Cute Kissy Dragon Feet Sitting Next To Me On The Sofa. Hamish wanted to write the "H" so I did that here. Think of it as him having written it. He wanted to press on the "H".

Scales - and Slime

April 12 2013 - First Hamish. This morning Hamish talked to me a lot about his shedded scales. He drops single scales as white pieces that look like bits of white bubblewrap. These seem to fall off him daily like dandruff. He thinks about it a lot and he is sad to lose them, they are a part of him and scales mean a lot to the Dragons. Draconians are also ashamed of their shedded scales and treat it as a body waste product and they don't really want it to be seen. But Hamish has a hard time letting go of his scales. Unlike human dandruff that is mostly so small that it is invisible and we don't care about it, Hamish sees those shedded scales and wants to know where they are.

He tends to want to gather them in mounds on bathroom rugs. He gets devastated if any of his rugs are washed and the scales ruined and taken away. He also wants to have his own scent on the rugs and doesn't like the scent of laundry detergent and fabric softener that replace it. This morning Sock Turtle was on the pink bathroom rug that I place in my bedroom, stomping to get the scales embedded into the fibers of the rug, and talking to me for several minutes about what he would like to do with his scales. When I showered he asked if he could put some of his scales into the bath tub (where I shower), when I asked why he said so that I could see them. The other day when I had a bath he dropped a few of his shedded scales into the bath water where I was. The scaly bits are rather large. So we talked about his shedded scales a bit, he and I.

Later in the morning Malik informs me "I have put my slime on your jacket", indicating to my winter coat and slime being his ejaculation. My only response was, "You have?" He then says: "Yes because you are always wearing it". Personally, I think that is sweet, and I don't mind the Fürst's cum. I hadn't noticed it was there.

This has been another Orion Project entry that probably should have been censored.