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April 01 2013 - April 11 2013

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Brutus and Hamish talking!!!
Hamish and Brutus

April 11 2013 - Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Kissy Dragon Turtle is talking to Brutus Ramses III you've got to hear this! So, Hamish is slumped on the woven blue and white bathroom rug (yes, the one that had all those mounds of Hamish's scales and that mom had washed but Hamish still likes it) and Hamish offers for Brutus to come wash his scales on that rug!

So Brutus says:
I don't know, if I want, to wash my scales there. - Brutus kindly to Hamish who offered if Brutus would like to wash his scales on Hamish's woven bathroom blue and white ruggy where Hamish is currently slumped in the dark

And more:
Yes, I know that you have your eggs there. - Brutus to Hamish about Hamish having his eggs in me
Yes, she has washed her pyy-pyy, and there she has her mazu. - Brutus to Hamish, Hamish showed Brutus the shower where I wash my pyy-pyy (lady parts) and the toilet where I have my mazu (poo)
Yes, she sleeps there. - Brutus to Hamish, Hamish showed him where my bed is
No, we won't asphyxiate her with you. - Brutus to Hamish or to Snake

Then, later:
Can't we sit here somewhere? - Brutus to me. There were sofa chairs available but he specifically wanted to come sit next to me so I put down my dinner and get ready to make some space for him to sit next to me...
WE WANTED TO SIT I SAID! - Brutus, I was busy typing the conversations and didn't start clearing a space for him right away and so he got impatient
Yes you can sit here next to me. - me, I clear up some space for him put my things away from the seat right next to me
So I can see what you are writing. - Brutus, I write down the conversations and here on the website these things
The NASA team thinks that you are too nice to them. - says Jack with the NASA team who also speaks with me telepathically

Hamish offered Brutus to use his bathroom rug for grooming scales, meanwhile when I was on the toilet a few hours ago before Brutus came around and the tips of my left foot toes were resting against the bathroom rug Hamish sneaks up to me and bites me in the right upper arm and indicates to my foot being on his rug so I take my foot off the rug and apologise to Hamish Dragon. My my I don't get the same treatment here.

Meet Brutus!

Full-Size Image Check out his scales

April 11 2013 - There is a type of Draconians who have special scales that run in rings around the body. Most of them are the White Lizards, such as Queen Mother, or the male White Lizard who bit me on the lips to drink my blood gushing into his mouth, but Brutus is a brownish color (he is not red in color, he is brown).

I am very proud of the drawing of him. It is 99% accurate. "Typical Draconians" are what I call the "Snake-type Draconians", slender with tight flat scales. But these Lizards are robust and have these special scales that stick out and go around the body in rings like the roof tiles of a gingerbread house.

I have written down the conversations between me, Hamish, and Brutus. Hamish tolerates Brutus being here, and even calls Brutus his "friend". (But then later Hamish confided in me, that he is only friendly with Brutus because Brutus is stronger than him and has the power.) Brutus is here for my eggs, and he has also drunk my juice a few times. He is more physical and powerful when he conquests me. The Queen Mother loves Brutus like a husband. Queen Mother is of the same make of Lizard, only white, smaller, and female.

Brutus first said his name was Ramses III (the third) when I asked. Except he pronounces it "Rameses". Then he said he could also be called Julius, or Justus. Later, Brutus was also a good name for him. I don't know why I started going with the name "Brutus". Perhaps because it reminds me of a dog. (Whooooppss! Don't ever let the Draconians know they have any affiliation with dogs! They use that as the most inferior insult of a race!) I just mean it's like a pet's name. Oops, that's probably also not fitting to say about Brutus here. But he's like a big Barney the purple dinosaur. We should sing some games, only this Barney likes to kill and he's very strong. But he's nice to me so far, and, like all Draconians, I end up getting fond of my Dragons and they're all welcome. I love having Draconians around the house. Little scaly creatures tiptoeing around, being up to Draconian business. But he was gonna break my neck and twisted my neck twice. But had he intended to break it for real he would have. So it's just an urge that he is having.

I was at the grocery store and suggested for the Queen Mother's son that he try pomegranate juice as it's really healthy. He then said that his mother only drinks blood from virgin women. As I stood in the line to check out, I told him that I would have to forget I ever heard that because I don't want to vomit in the store. On my way home I declared to the Draconians that they are parasites, comparable to intestinal worms, lice, and ticks, as they drink blood and energy from other creatures. Later Snake objected saying that they are not an intestinal worm.

Brutus says that I've been doing calls for them. They use a word in the other European language which means "calling for someone to come to you". Turns out the palate clicks I've been doing at Hamish means "come here" and Brutus says he is responding to them too. Brutus calls me "woman". It's too much work for me to post the conversations here, so just wait for them in the book, or if I publish them sometime. There's nothing that has to be censored there, just an awesome conversation between me and Hamish and Ramses the third.

From my notes:
I can sense some of his smell. It is fragrant, like a man's underarm sweat more so than anything to be described as vile. I would not use descriptive words such as death, pestilence, vomit or cheese, nor of rancid socks and a dead rat. More like a man's funky underarm's sweat. Not bad at all.

Shush! Stop it, woman! - said Brutus when he caught me giggling at the above smell paragraph, giggles

I won't take your eye out. But that man has only got one eye. - Black Reptilian about the drawing I made of Brutus
The other eye is on the other side. - me
No, shush, woman. - Brutus
Whatever. :\ - me
Don't say whatever to me. - Brutus

Just another day. Ramses III

Annie in Wonderland

April 11 2013 - I paid a visit to the Royal Castle again last night in the other realm. The Queen Mother White Lizard likes me. She treats me kindly and like a daughter. I am offered to her son, who objects and does not want to, so that they could have our babies. I have twelve strands of DNA, which seems to be all about the fact that my "Ida Pingala and Shushumna" are strong, they say. So that my life force juice is strong for the Draconian Reptiles to drink, as they are energy vampires and Incubi and Succubi in nature.

Yes, we have evolved that way. - says the Royal son

I was offered to have some of the babies too but I graciously declined, saying that above all I am not a meat eater I am trying to be a vegetarian. The Queen Mother is a lizard of that special type, they are not at all like your "typical Draconians". They have tiny scales that are like little fingernails and arranged in neat rows that run like circles around the body. These scales stick out from the body a bit. So they are not flat scales. These lizards also have a typical big block-shaped head, a large robust snout with small teeth. They have an overall robust muscular look and are a bit short and stout. These are the most blood-thirsty, lusty and unpredictable ones to watch out for. It was a white lizard of this type that "kissed me" on the lips and bit into the inside of my lips so that I started bleeding into his mouth too and he drank it. Then he went lust-crazy and tortured me for a long time, luckily I managed to escape. It ranks as the 2nd most horrific experience of my life, only surpassed by when the whole Illuminati lodge of prominent shapeshifters cast my soul out of my body to drink the life juice and I think I just barely crawled back into my body so that I did not die and never wake up.

The white lizard who bit me
Chez the Illuminati lodge

I actually kind of like the Royal Prince. He is a very special character, I think it's because he lives a shielded life within those gates and he doesn't have any friends. He doesn't talk much, but he sure does think a lot. He suffers a lot from anxiety and loneliness, I can really feel a person and I give him good supportive advice like only the Arcturians and Pleiadians could (well, the Pleiadians don't give advice, they are more concerned to correct certain things but the Arcturians are able to give good loving advice in any situation, and they do). He loves his old cars and to drive out on the countryside. He is a sweetheart, he even invites me to go out on a drive with him, and invited me to have dinner with him.

I was told by Queen Mother that her son already has a woman but that she has been "exhausted" for resources already. And Queen Mother had been hoping that I would replace his former lady, who had been very strong in the Vega DNA genetic strain I've been told by them before.

She is washing her socks. - the son says to someone else there

It is true, I was getting my laundry together and excused them for a while when they wanted to talk. Well, this is very Draconianism à la David Icke, but what can I do other than to observe, experience, document, and report it. I have still been very modest here, by for instance not telling you "explicitly" who these very famous characters are.

Yes, she is my mother. - son mumbles the way that he speaks

Oh, yes, the Queen Mother told me that we have "slaves" here living freely roaming around. She meant the few black families living in this area. I was appalled to hear that. We don't have slavery in this country, and I consider black people of course to be equal to people of any skin color or country of origin and such. I am definitely not a racist. I even once almost dated a black man so there. The Draconians strongly favor the white Caucasian race, most definitely especially the Nordic, but they also have a love and fondness of the Jewish Vega strain (the original strain that is best recognized by curly blonde hair, large eyes), only when the Vega Jews refused to join the Agenda and refused to give their women to the Draconians or let them have their juice or join the corruption, that is when Draconians declared Vegas and their Jewish seedlings here on Earth the enemy. But the Draconians still very much want the Jews, for their extra special strong life force and beautiful souls to prey on.

He always keeps his hands in his pockets, the son does. And the Queen Mother loves her rose garden, the roses were her mother's. She likes to sit there with her roses in the garden. But this is where the evil Queen who likes killing and her rose garden comes from in Alice in Wonderland, which is an Illuminati cartoon. There is much Illuminati in the media. I didn't used to believe in David Icke when he told us these things, and about Disney cartoons being Illuminati. But it makes much more sense and is easier to believe finding it out first-hand and all on my own. Media is a strong powerful tool to talk to the masses and give them messages. Even a "media mogul" was part of the Illuminati lodge with presidents and what not. Why would the Agenda include a media mogul with the kin of presidents, CIA, and military leaders, if they would not serve an equally prominent role in maintaining the Agenda. Alice in Wonderland is all about mind control.

Crocodile skin

April 10 2013 - I am browsing for some reptile skin images to buy to use in crafting my book cover for the first Orion Project book. Hamish tells me that the crocodile skins in the pictures I am looking at, look dry, and that they need more moisture on them. "Alright, Hamish. Thank you for telling me.", I say. Hamish's are more moist, he shows me the scales on his back. And then Hamish starts sniffing, sniffing, trying to catch a leathery Draconian smell from the pictures of crocodile skin.

Today Hamish stared and stared as I wore a red apron. Seeing something in red really stirs up a reaction in him. He must be wired to think that anything red is another Dragon Turtle. And yesterday when I was at work Hamish starts doing palate clicks after palate clicks. So I know he is getting excited about something. Turns out, I figure out it's the red lingonberry jam on the oatmeal he is clicking about. Then later I have another bowl, he does the palate clicks again. I love my Turtle.

Yes we feel good together. - says Hamish to that, in the other language

Today I was a bit mischievious. I told Hamish to come listen that I had something I wanted to tell him. And as Hamish approaches to listen, I just do a palate click for him. And a few more several. As that was all I wanted to say. "I love you", in the Draconian language. Then Hamish thought about "having his eggs in me" and I told him that those were his eggs, and hearing that made him so happy his upper eyelids closed diagonally in a Draconian smile. He smiled, I made Dragon Turtle happy. Dragon Turtle makes me happy each and every day.

PS. This Bearded Dragon image looks a lot like Malik except Malik being black. The mouth, eye, the face and scales. So enjoy this you are almost looking at Malik's face. For Hamish's face, just look at a red Sock Puppet.

Those are Draconian calls you are doing. - Hamish (in other language), he used a word for "calling for someone's attention" or "calling for someone to come to see you". He probably means the palate clicks.
Yes we call them when we want to see each other together. - Hamish in English

Didn't know

April 10 2013 - News flash. Olav didn't know he was raping me. The Reptilians had told him that I had wanted him to fertilize my eggs. He had no idea, and now that he found out from me he is very upset.

Snug Rug - and Rejection

April 10 2013 - Hamish this morning was on the pink bathroom rug that I have for him on the bedroom floor. I love it when he is on that rug. It is great waking up to having a big red scaly Dragon Turtle on a bathroom rug. It made me smile and happy. "Hamish! Hamish! Come give me a hug here in the bed" I said, it being the very first and only time I think that I've actually gone that far to solicit Hamish to give me a hug or asking him to actually come near me. I don't usually do that, it is to trespass on his Dragonness. If you respect nature you don't go touching and trespassing on it as a human. You kind of let it be and do its own thing. Not all creatures of nature are as cuddly and like to hug and touch like we humans do, and somewhere you have to respect that.

Hamish showed me himself stomping his feet on the rug. He then told me something I loved to find out! He stomps his feet on the rug to press the white shedded scales into the plush fibers of the rug! Aha! Is that why he stomps his feet on the rug? Then when I got out of bed and reached to get some clothes, Hamish still standing on the rug (which I was nowhere near of stepping on) says, "My rug!, my scales!" and doesn't want me to get too close or bump into him. Yesterday he said that he has "washed" or "groomed" (forgot which it was) his scales on that rug.

On a second note, Olav has gotten mean just like Major Cunningham on the United States team used to be. He keeps insulting me, he uses the very same tactics as Major Cunningham did. On one hand he rapes me but then he says I'm not attractive enough for him and keeps insulting me.

I'm not so fond of Malik anymore. It was fine when it was just him and me, being intimate. But now that it's Russian Korpral Olav Vetti, the Japanese, and hybrid children and sometimes Thubans in the mix then I don't want to have it anymore. Malik brings in these other people, the human associates because I am their salary, and the hybrids or Thubans to spark up more juice which is the vital force that Malik as an Incubus drinks and lives of. I was never ok with these other people and so it is rape, even if I was ok with Malik and he was not rape. Also I'm so royally fed up with the use of hybrid children for juice that I can't even tell you. I'm disgusted with the whole Agenda and so this morning I actually made some protective light symbols.

Now here's the interesting part. When I am close to Malik I somehow understand Satanic scripture.

Yes. Most of our Dollies do. - General Patton now about what I said, but moving on..
Satanic scripture is not just, embedded in your DNA now. - Malik says, whoa!
Why would it do that? - me
Because I have taken you to bed. And it sits in my DNA. - Malik

I mean, here's some but what I actually scribble is different. Note: I only scribble it in energy I don't actually write anything on pen and paper. I know them to be little scribbles that Malik will recognize, and I use them against him as a protective symbol, I even know how to place them. For instance I place little cross type things near my head and elsewhere across my energy and presto, Malik cannot penetrate into my energy or drink my juice and I am perfectly protected. Now this all sounds like nonsense but it actually works. I will have to elaborate on this on its own page some day. So the point being I shut him out, I am no longer letting him take my energy. Reason being because he involves hybrid children into the orgies and I am not a pedophile so I'm afraid I'm not going to take part in this anymore and Malik is no longer interesting to me sexually. Another reason being that he invites things like Olav and US and Japanese associates into it and I never agreed to being with those men. Malik, I could have been with. But not these others.

I forgot to say that when I asked Hamish to come give me a hug in bed, he poked his little red sock puppet head right up close to me just above me in bed, but he didn't touch me or hug me. Oh it is delightful when he gets close! He had something in his mouth though, his mouth had some runny liquid in it, but that is perhaps normal for a Dragon Turtle. My Kissy Feet Sock.

The Ugly Truth

April 09 2013 - The Draconian Agenda seems to be nothing but a vast network designed for the sole purpose of feeding Satanic Incubi. The Dark Lords, as Rothchild lizard calls them, such as my dear old Malik here, feed on sexual energy or libido from its victims and the hybrid children are made from mixing alien and human genetics for the sole purpose, it seems, to be consumed by the Dark Ones for their energy. The Eye which is the Draconian God of the Agenda, I've discovered is nothing more than the pit of the stomach of the Dark Lord. It rules them, because their hungers rule them. And everybody working for the Agenda has no idea, what this is really all about. Everybody in the Free Masons, Ku Klux Klan, El Diablo gang, the Rosicrucians, high order priests of Catholicism, Hitler and Himmler, Aleister Crowley, and others have been mentioned, they are all under the spell of the Dark Ones, for the sole purpose of bringing food to the Eye in the stomach and to keep the network going and active. That is the let down, the disappointment, the culmination of my understanding of this "thing".

Interestingly, it has led Aliens to me. My precious Dragon Turtle, and the Dinosaurs who love to watch me bathe. The Alpha Orion people, who want nothing to do with the Agenda but they have to. Even humans are forced. You see, the Dark Ones are very strong. My Black One Malik nearly forced me to commit suicide last night. You cannot underestimate the power of the Dark Ones. The military fear and respect them as a formidable and unstoppable enemy. That is why the human military rape me upon the Dark One's request so that he can ingest mine and theirs sexual energy. He is an Incubus, a real live Incubus. Malik dear Malik.

But what they do to the hybrid children, I cannot tell you here. This story isn't pretty. It wasn't written by me, yours truly Annie. I am only reporting it. Experiencing it, writing it down. I have been raped today by Olav and by at least one of the Japanese. The Black One tells them to.

No we won't tell you about the eye. - Snake the Draconian (English)
It is not in the dark one's belly. - Snake (Eng)
Then where is it then? And what is it? - me
It is, the Ruler of all. And, it is not in the pit of the stomach of any Draconian. So, you were wrong about that. - Snake (Eng)
Have you seen, the Dark One Malik? Have you seen his belly, and what it does? - me
And, my name is not Snake. It is not the Dark One either. - "Snake", ie. his name is not "the Dark One either"
Then what is your name? - me
I don't want to be, your pimp here. - "Snake", English except I translated the word for pimp from the other language, they mean nothing other than prostitute, sexual partner, for drinking juice

This is not a pretty story, if you thought it would be. This story is so ugly I don't even know why I have to write it. But I have to. I wish it were one of those kinds of stories that could be easily forgotten, and left aside. But that would be like Holocaust denial. Like forgetting and neglecting those that are lost. For the sake of the children, and for the sake of all of humanity and our history, the Draconians, and anything involved, this story must be written. But it should not be read. I don't know what to do, it rests like a big burden on my shoulders, the atrocities I have unfolded and seen with the Draconian Agenda.

No, please, stop, don't write about us. - one of the chubby Illuminati hybrids who wear a black suit (English)

It is a sad, sad story. And I can't even write it here. I don't want to write these books, but I have to. You don't want to read these books (the Orion Project books), but some of you are already in it, and have to. It's not nice.

I was going to plan on taking Hamish and me to an Aquarium to look at all the fish. Last night he was so cute he showed me a mental image of the orange colored Japanese carp he has there in Japan that he loves to look at, Hamish stood on his snuggie ruggy on the bedroom floor while showing me. Hamish said that the fish "likes him", because it does the palate clicks to him. Namely Hamish has been watching the fish open its mouth, open and close the mouth, repeatedly, like fish do, and it reminds him of when he does the palate click which means "to like someone or something". Isn't Hamish a cute Dragon? He also thinks that I am threatening him whenever I yawn. Because Hamish shows his open mouth when he makes a threat or a hissy fit. So I always have to hide my yawning, by covering my mouth, or Hamish thinks that I'm angry at him.

Well, I have got to figure out the Draconian Agenda, and how to write about it. I mean, lots of people write about things like Satanism and the dark occult already, so I will just have to be one of those people. It just wasn't my cup of tea. I'm not into those dark things, at all. Has anybody written the truth about the Draconian Agenda? And do I have to do it? As a scientist it is my pledge and commitment to make observations, to document, and to report.

Evening With The Boys

April 07 2013 - While I was at work at an evening shift, Hamish wanted to sit with the patients in the vacant sofa while they watched tv. I told him that he could. I was told that Malik is going to "control my twelve strand DNA", and Thubans said they are building a Garden of Eden and I told them I was not interested nor impressed since they engage the hybrid children in sexuality at a far too young age.

On my way home from work Malik tells me that he cannot let me see him. Because he doesn't have any underpants on. I told him that him being a Fürst he doesn't need any. And that I don't mind looking at his naked self (penis, he has got one). And both Hamish and Malik talked to me about eggs.

When I got home from work Hamish got excited and happy and like a kid that hasn't seen its parent all day gets happy when the parent comes home. Hamish told me he wants to watch television, so I sat down to watch some tv with my Dragon Turtle. He had already sat down on the sofa by the time I got to the living room from the kitchen. I wanted to let Hamish of course choose the channel. He got interested in a show that was starting. He said he wanted to watch a scary movie. This movie seemed to be a detective story. It started with a couple and the room was filled with lit candles. Hamish felt anxious about seeing the candles, as he fears fire. After a while I thought that maybe Hamish was getting bored of the show (I was) so I switched the channel. Hamish said he wanted to watch it and said so while grabbing my throat with his hands to show power (meaning that he is showing me that he should be allowed to choose), so I flip back to the same program.

The program then has the Egyptian pyramid and when Hamish sees those he gets anxious and insecure and tells me he doesn't want to watch anymore "because he doesn't want to end up under there" (under the pyramid), he is afraid there is something scary there.

Then Hamish shows me how he has rolled himself on the soft pink bathroom rug that I have had on the bedroom floor for him. He has rolled on it to rub the scales on his back hump, and he showed me how he has done it. Then he said he would like some "salt" thrown on his upper back, "because he needs it". (I don't know why a Dragon would need salt thrown on his back. I haven't helped him with that I don't know what it's about.)

But Hamish has been a sweetie and tomorrow I'm buying him a yellow rose. He will love that. And me and Malik have got a special relationship. I don't know if I can, or should, trust him but we have a sweet and romantic relationship together, also friendship and family. I like having him around. He is one of the scary Black Ones, one of the Dark Lords as the Rothschild lizard calls them. They are scary, don't get me wrong. They love sadism and killing. And he drinks me like a can of juice. But there's something tender about Malik. And he is very gentle with me. I love it when he puts his black scaly paw on me. I've never felt that way when a man touched me. It's nice.

Hamish finds Socks Lint in Bed!

April 07 2013 - This morning one of the first things with Dragon Turtle is that he shows me a mental image of a rather large piece of gray sock lint. I think what he said was telling me to put it away. "So, where did you find that lint?" I ask Hamish. As I make my bed and lift the covers, I find two big pieces of lint just like that in my bed under my cover. I could not have seen it myself because I slipped under the covers in the dark. I know I wore those socks yesterday and haven't in a long while so the lint got there last night. And I hadn't seen them in the morning when Hamish mentioned them because I never lifted the covers then. So Hamish saw something I hadn't seen. And it was accurate.

The Reptilians also find dirty plates and dishes in my room that I've managed to hide under stacks of stuff and don't see. There have been times when they complain about the dirty dishes in my room, I look around and declare that there aren't any. And later when I tidy up I find just what they said hidden underneath some stuff. This is interesting because I think it lends some credence to these creatures being real. They see things I don't, and that always turn out to be true.

Another fantastic detail is that Reptilians are very tidy. They don't like used socks on the floor, dirty dishes anywhere, trash in the trashcan, or sock lint in the bed under the covers. I would never have imagined, not intentionally if fabricating this nor would I if I were hallucinating this, that the Draconians would be so neat and tidy. And that they are concerned of their strong body odor and want to spare us humans that by bathing and some even using aftershave. It just isn't what one would expect of something ruthless and vicious as they. But perhaps cleanliness has been an important part of their society and living. Most animals that clean do so because it prevents illnesses or for other practical purposes, not "just because". So we have to wonder, what made the Draconians ever so cleanly, neat and tidy? They are much cleanlier than the average human. But to contrast that, their own underground bases tend to be very filthy. Hamish's own quarters are soaked in his bodily secretions, but perhaps that is part of his scent marking and making it a home.

Draconians also spend long time grooming their scales. They brush their scales, some even with their teeth, to get debris and white matter out from in between the scales. They shed scales, about once a year Hamish will go all white and drop all of his scales in large sheets like a reptile, and he also sheds little pieces of scales all the time and tends to them brushing them off and being very mindful of where he places them. He used to collect his shedded scales on the woven bathroom rug in big mounds. Then my mother put the rug into the washing machine. Hamish was utterly devastated. It was the most traumatic moment in my life together with Hamish to date. He now hides his shedded scales next to a fallen tree in the forest. I am getting him a yellow rose tomorrow on my way home after work. He should like that, he is fond of the smell of flowers and the bright color of yellow.

No, when is Santa coming?

April 06 2013 - I was playing a video game The Sims 2. My Sims characters keep changing into pajamas and into day clothes. The Sims got out of bed wearing pajamas in the morning. Hamish says, "No, when is Santa coming?" and shows me his mental image of "as if" one of the characters were wearing a red pajama. Just so happens I don't think any of the Sims in this household have a red pajama. One has green, another has a pink one. See here from The Sims 1, oh do I chuckle with Hamish calling Sims in red pajamas "Santa" and getting upset at them and hissing at the screen! Hahaha, Kissy Dragon Turtle I love you so. I should wear a red pajama, but I'm not mean. He doesn't like my red panties so I wear black ones nowadays.

Yellow Roses and Orange Fish

April 05 2013 - Hamish is being cute today. In the morning he was checking out the pantry and looking at foods I have there. He thought about the Easter chocolates I ate yesterday morning (and many days previously). "No, Sugar", I told my Dragon. No, Sugar.

Later for lunch I am looking through an ad from a greenhouse. Hamish becomes interested, he asks if he can sit down by the kitchen table opposite to me. Yes you can, I say to my Dear Dragon, and I know he is interested in the pictures of flowers in the ad I am looking through, so I turn it around facing Dragon so that he can watch. He tries to sniff at the pages hoping to smell the flowers. (He does that to the computer screen too, whenever I am planting flowers in The Sims 1 game he tries to sniff at the screen to smell them.) Hamish thinks about yellow roses for a while. So I decide that I am going to go get Hamish his own yellow roses, next time I am off work in the afternoon I will stop by the florist and get him a yellow rose or a few. He will love that, he loves the yellow color and the smell of flowers.

Then Hamish goes to visit in Japan and I see him watching for an orange Japanese carp in the water. I get delighted. Hamish sends me live mental video images of the orange fish he is watching, plus I also get to feel with him how he is feeling and thinking it. He is just like a curious child, it makes my world brighter. (Even though he did think to wanting to eat my heart earlier.) Hamish tells me without words that it is a very old Japanese (Dragon Dynasty) man living there. I get to see him, he doesn't look to be that old, his hair is still black. The Japanese man says, "Kukaro" (or possibly Kukuro, most likely Kukaro). So again, we need a Japanese interpretor here. What does that mean? I am dying to know! But meanwhile, I have got the most precious Dragon Turtle in my life. Oh, he brings me such joy.

"Kokoro" in Japanese means heart, spirit, center, feelings See here

Few minutes later: Hamish is sniffing at the water where the fish is, and sends me his mental transfer of what it smells like. Sniff, sniff, he sniffs at the water for the fish. "He is my Kukuro", says the Japanese Dynasty man to me about Hamish. Does he mean heart? Does he love Hamish, like I do?

My pyy-pyy will belong to my race. - Hamish says now in the other European language. Pyy-pyy is their word for my lady parts. He means that mine is his, and that it will belong to his race. Such a typical Hamish quote.

Spongebath Part 2

April 04 2013 - So this morning turned into an x-rated moment with Fürst Black One Malik. I took great notes in spite of our romantic moment, writing down what he said, what I said, and what was happening, in between when it was happening. The text and conversations are pornographic so I won't be posting them online. Find them in the books though, totally uncensored. I want to share, and I will share, just not on a public internet where children are reading. Oh, that chapter in the book will be a classic.

Sadly we couldn't finish because I had to rush to work. I nearly got to work late and that has never happened to me before. That is how lulled I was into a soothed comforted state, namely the Malik does foreplay. I promised to finish the romance with him when I get back from work. So we'll see if he shows up. He wanted to finish it off while I was in the dressing room at work, no I said. And he nearly did when he stood behind me while I leaned over a counter at work. No wait till we get back home, I said to Fürst Malik The Impatient. This marks as the most sexually explicit alien interaction to date. I can't wait for you all to read it. 18 years and up.

And, I had a shower, washed my hair, brushed my teeth, and took out Hamish's plush snug rug from underneath the bed and laid it out there for him on the bedroom floor. Without words I directed my mental telepathic attention to him, and showed it to him, and did a few palate clicks. That is all it takes. We're on Draconian click sounds language now. No need for words. We understand each other so well, it all runs on automatic, Hamish and me. Within seconds Hamish was on the rug and yelled out at me, "Watch out for I will rule on it!" and he was nearly pushing me away from the rug before I had barely laid it down for him. There is something immeasurably cute about having a territorial Big Red Space Dragon who rules and expresses power and dominance, while standing on the small square lined in by a girl's soft pink bathroom rug.

Spongebath with the Fürst

April 04 2013 - Our dear Fürst Malik the Black One is in the bathroom. He said he wants a sponge, like the one I wash myself with. I ask no questions, I just go in there and find him a new sponge for himself to use. I don't care or need to know what he uses it for. He is a guest in my home and he can have one. We had two kinds, one that was larger and soft and others that are small and rougher, all brand new still in the packages. "Which kind would you like to have?", I ask and describe the difference between them. He doesn't say, so after a while of no answer, I leave and give him no sponge. But before I get back to my room he calls out that he wants the smaller one. So I get one out for him, I ask what color he wants. There is blue, green, yellow and orange in the package. He doesn't say so I give him the yellow one. Draconians like yellow, and their sacred Pyramid symbol is yellow. So I place it on the bathroom sink for him to use, and tell him it is now his to use.

We Draconians don't smell pleasant. - Malik says now
But Malik my Dark One, it is ok. - me
No, the little ones hate it. - Malik
Well, can you let me help you wash up? Can I come where you are, up in your dimension? Then I will give you a nice spongebath. - me, I can't believe I just said that to a Draconian Fürst

He had said that he smells and that he needs to wash himself with water. I told him I would be happy to help him and that I would then need to help him with the water and such. I honestly wouldn't mind giving my Fürst Malik a spongebath or a shower. He doesn't say more, so I just leave and tell him to help himself and the sponge is on the sink for him to use. Just as I get back to my bedroom, he calls, "I want aftershave!" "We are only women living here so we don't have any", I say to my Fürst the Oh Great One Black One Malik The Sexy Beast (who sometimes walks around here with an erection, not that I get to touch it). But just to make sure, and just to let him see it also that we don't have any, I go through the bathroom cabinets to tell him that no Malik we don't have any aftershave here and I would have to go get some for you at the store. Which I would. I don't mind buying presents.... AHA!!!!!!!! Hahahah! Mystery solved as to why the Crocodile Man smells exactly like aftershave! He is wearing aftershave! Oh my what a great day of discoveries this is. The Draconians know they smell so they wear aftershave. And is that why Hamish the Red Turtle likes the smell of human's aftershave? Not that I ever caught Hamish wearing it.

I need soap, on it. - Malik wants soap on the yellow round sponge I gave him.
Malik? How can I help you? You are in another dimension. - me

Oh, just for the heck of it, I am gonna go put some soap on that sponge and turn the water in the bathtub on running. Then that way he can help himself and wash up real proper. My Malik. The Vicious One.

I went in, gave him a choice of liquid soap and put it on the sponge for him a generous amount. I chose the one that I always use, the best one so I figure that one will do. I then turn the bath water running but without the plug in. I figure a lukewarm slightly warm temperature will do. I wondered about the temperature but didn't bother to ask. I tell him and show him what I've done. "I don't even have any clothes on" he says too (in the other language). "You don't need any clothes, you are a Fürst", I tell him in the other language, then I leave.

I NEED MORE SOAP ON! - Sir Malik yells now from the bathroom, got to go put some more soap on for him

There, I put more soap on the sponge for Fürst. But when I had left the last time, he called out from the bathroom that "the water was cold", so I had turned up the temperature and got it real hot for him and then left again.

I don't want you to be afraid when I come here. That is why I do it. - Malik now, and earlier he had apologised for doing all of this, and I had said that it was ok
But Malik, you are my guest in this house. I welcome you here. I love you Malik! I love you! Please feel welcome here? - me

But it is true. Malik when he comes close he smells so bad I nearly vomit and my body gets physically sick. A human could probably die just from his smell, it really is that bad. It smells of pestilence and corpses. Hamish's odor is more like vomit and cheese. The Draconians smell, but I have never given them trouble for it. I've never offended them, or asked them to correct it. Hamish bathes himself in a creek just to wash himself off, or the Japanese he visits will tell him off.

I have smelled the smell of real cologne on the Crocodile Man, just that I had had to assume that it was his own natural musk scent. Turns out I think by darn he is using real human's aftershave!

They occupy another dimension. Although the sponge sits on the sink, it somehow ended up in Malik's hand too. And while Malik was standing in the bathtub washing, my human eyes did not see him there.

I don't want to stink. - Malik
So! Get prepared for some coffee! - Malik says highly spirited, ah, so he wants to tumble me around and drink my juice. Malik was freshening himself up for me. Don't they know that I have to go to work? And that I was right in the middle of doing my dance workout in my room? Ah.

It wasn't all that hot. But I know you turned it up. - Malik, gee gosh! the water was SO hot!
Do you want it hotter, my Fürst? It can be made hotter for you. - me, we get some really hot water here, if we want. I just didn't want him to scold himself.

Update: as I am still standing here on the bedroom floor, Malik came up behind me. After a few minutes he caresses my bare belly (I am in my dance outfit) with his black scaly hand. It is the most romantic embrace I have ever felt, that Malik gives. The way that he caresses me. "Ooohh, Malik...", I said. Then he said something like, "Yes, we are very gentle", or "I am very gentle" something like that. I'd best go turn the water off and lie down in bed for my Fürst. He is amazing when he caresses me.

We want to drink with you because you have got our egg. - Malik says now

While he stood behind me and before he had placed his hand to caress my belly he had stood there a few minutes thinking that he now doesn't catch a smell on himself. Malik is delicious.

Today is my Birthday, and this is my gift. - Malik, I still stand here reading this entry and he caresses me with his black scaly hands. Such a romantic touch, I have never felt that from a human man. It is perfect. It gets me in the mood right away.

Malik caresses me gently rubbing his black scaly hands slowly across my bare belly and abdomen. I am enjoying his very masculine romantic touch. "My very beautiful, indigenous woman", he says in the other language. I enjoy his touch. It is very masculine and handsome. He is lovely, my Fürst.

I don't want to see you naked, tell them that. - Malik now wants to tell you readers
All conversations have been in English unless otherwise noted
I don't want you to come back. - Sargent Wilkes has been watching, he says to Malik The Great One
Don't chase my Malik away! He is my lover. - me, I am now really sad. Me and Malik were gonna have a real romantic time together. He had had his bath and everything. I must call for him to come back, at once.


April 04 2013 - Just as I think that the Orion Project has probably exhausted and discussed all interesting material, something new always happens and seems to every day and the story goes on and continues to be a space drama.

Yesterday a juvenile human boy was here and I fussed at him not to look at me when I was naked in the shower. This morning Captain Richard Swansea reveals the boy is his son (with the Agenda) and that I had been rude to him, so I yell at Swansea calling him a jerk and the rudest most disrespectful person I ever met. Which is true. At night an Agenda man puts me into a bath with steaming hot water to wash me and then we are supposed to have sex, only I am part asleep so in my dream interpretation I am worried that someone will see that he is cheating on his wife with me so I hide under the bed.

When I wake up here, early in the morning at 6 AM, a dark Draconian in my room possibly Malik or this new guest I am having, tells me it is cold here. I have the window open so that I can breathe oxygen, I say. A minute later Malik himself has tested the oxygen levels in my room with some box handheld device and declares that his reading is that there is plenty of oxygen here, and the Draconians are feeling cold. Ok, so I close the window and tell them that I also have got a small heater I could put on for them if they want, if they need. Malik (and I feel his emotions) feels emotionally warm and cozy from the fact that someone has actually cared, because I tell him that I won't have my Draconian visitors [feeling cold]

Please tell them to mind their own business, who are reading this. - the new Draconian with the narrow face
... Yes Sir. - me
Because they have nothing to do with our eggs here. - the Draconian
.. I understand. - me
Or otherwise there will be a beating of your smallest one. - the Draconian
I don't care about the children, so that's not a viable threat. Just tell me what you want, you are more successful that way. I am more likely to do something for you that you ask, simply because I honor and cherish the Draconians, than I am to heed a warning involving my children that I don't even want to have. So there. - me
? You are not a honey that cares about its bee? - Malik confused

A Draconian visits me this morning and he was wearing a black hooded cloak, with the hood over his head. And a long (long!) white silvery Japanese Samurai type of sword. He wears the sword clipped to something on his right side hip. I saw him walking around a bit. Then I got worried, cause I have got family in this house. At first I didn't want him here. I think I was asking him to leave.

No, it is not on my hip. - Arugami
Where is it then? - me
I was carrying it. And now I have placed it down there on your sofa. - Arugami

Yes, he may have been carrying it. Yes, he probably was, in fact I did acknowledge seeing him carrying it some of the time, I just thought that it may have sometimes been clipped to his hip, but I guess it wasn't. And it also makes more sense that it wasn't clipped, cause it's really big and bulky.

But then, like with all of my Draconian guests, I start talking to them and I actually make good friends with them. So, now the Arugami is also a welcomed guest in my home. I don't know what happens, somehow I am just such a sweet person and I really like Draconian visitors. I talk to them and I listen to them, I show them respect and we both start to trust each other. "I am an Arugami", he had said in the other European language. I had asked him to say that one more time, and he had said it again and it was spelled the same way, so I know I am right about the spelling. "What is that?", I had asked. "A Holy Warrior", he said in the other language.

He looked around a bit and said he would like to look into my drawers. He wanted to know if I had any firearms in my bedroom. I said I don't have any weapons. He also checked what was on top of my desk here next to the bed, to see that there weren't any knives or blades there. "I have no weapons", I had said to him. That is when he relaxed a bit, and kneeled down on the floor in front of my bed closest to me. It was a special type of kneeling, like something he could only have learned in the Arugami training in Japan.

Yes, we are considered Holy there. - Arugami
Are you? Holy in what sense? - me
That we are given great Honor. - Arugami
Is it because you kill people with that sword? And they like people to be killed? Is that why they Honor it? - me
No. The Arugami are peaceful, and holy, warriors. - Arugami
Then why do you have that sword to kill people with. - me
"The Arugami are not to be trusted", she says. - Arugami to someone else
It is not that I don't trust you. I just wonder why someone with a sword is holy. - me
The Japanese think so. - Arugami
The Japanese are weird. Maybe they like killing. I am sorry, it is far too early in the morning. - me
We won't fight with you. - Arugami otherwise Sensei cause I saw them both
If you are not a human here, will you understand? - Arugami
What am I? - me
.. The Japanese don't want you to say that, about their sword. - Arugami about what Sensei said

He kneeled down in a respectful way like only a Knight would, and laid down his sword on the floor on his right side. The Japanese had then said to me, "We don't want you to give him flowers, but that is your job". As if, as a woman, I am meant to honor the Arugami Warrior and shower him with kisses and flowers. This is getting royally ridiculous this whole Japanese cultural Dragon Dynasty thing. I feel so alienated from this whole culture. The Japanese are far more exotic and weird than the Aliens and Draconians ever were.

Oh yes, and Malik this morning had asked me to say something or ask something from their God, the Eye. I can't remember what it was I was supposed to do about the Eye, but then I kinda pretended talking to it - and it talked back! The Eye responded! It talked! The Eye told me in images and speech that wasn't quite words but I understood perfectly, The Eye showed me how it has arranged for rule here on Earth what with the Agenda and the CIA and Illuminati hybrids and all of that power governmental structure.

I said to Arugami that Hamish and Malik were here first and that they rule here, and that if Arugami is to be here then he cannot hurt anybody in my surroundings. Not any human, and not any of my Aliens, the Dinosaurs, Orion people, Draconians, or others. I was so worried if Hamish might get into a territorial argument over my eggs with the Arugami with that sword. Oh I was so worried about what might happen, so I thought it best for me to ask him to honor that this is Malik and Hamish's territory. I especially wanted Malik to be around, so that Malik in a way could defend Hamish. But that conflict I was fearing, never happened. The Arugami didn't come here to do war. He came here for romance.

I said that Malik had been so good to me. Malik always listens and he "cares" about me, I said, trying to instill similar courtesy in my Arugami visitor, with that sword.

I was not here to listen. - says Arugami
Why were you here? May I ask? - me
You have our (eggs). - Arugami says, and he said "hub" which is probably his way of saying "hunnun" and he thought to an image of the Japanese peach blossom or other tree in white flowers, another Japanese image he must have picked up over there. The Japanese Dragon Dynasty men like to call me their "peach blossom", so maybe they frequently use this as a reference for "eggs" over there.

"I wanted to talk to you about sexual toys. Don't you have any?", he had then said. "Unfortunately I don't have any sexual toys. Which ones did you want?", I say. "I wanted to feel love with you", said Arugami to that. "Oh, that would be nice! I actually like, feeling love with Draconians. I like you better than I do my own race", Annie said to the Arugami Draconian. Then Hamish came around asking the Arugami to leave, but no fight erupted.

I have decided that I must have my computer on or at least nearby at all times when I sleep, so that when I wake up and have interesting conversation I can start writing it down. Fantastic exchange is otherwise lost forever when I don't write it down. Wouldn't you have wanted to know precisely what The Eye said, for instance? Or that I carry pen and paper wherever I go.

Phew. They are still talking. I'm taking notes now that I am up. So a quick summary of the rest so far: I went to the bathroom to blow my nose in private in the dark so that the Draconian visitors would not have to see. Oops I ran right into the snake's nest. There in the dark was in fact Arugami, and some other black Draconian. Pardon me, I said and went to blow my nose in the hallway instead. I then asked if I may come in to pee, I went in to pee quickly and discretely and washed my hands and got out of there and excused myself. The Draconians tend to like a bathroom because it is dark there. Hamish keeps it as his den, but Hamish is not around now. Once I got back to my room to continue typing, Arugami asks if he too may use the toilet. Go ahead, you're welcome to use it, I say. Then he asks if he may use the sink, yes, I say. (Needless to say I hear no water gushing from the sink, nor Draconians peeing, since all their activities take place in another dimension.)

And we are still talking. Arugami calls me "honey" thinking of literal honey from the bee, you know that sweet syrupy stuff. "I can't believe we haven't taught you how to drive", says either Arugami to me or someone to Arugami. The Japanese there teach the Draconians how to drive a car! Oh and Arugami had said earlier this morning that they had given him (Arugami) some of my blood by using a pipette to get some of my period blood from inside me and he had gotten it to drink. Yeah. I told them it wasn't fresh and they would be better off to figure out a way to get some fresh from my veins, and I thought of a simple syringe system like what the nurses use. Arugami then said or thought to me that period blood is fresh because it doesn't have any of that stuff the body makes to close a wound, unlike bleeding from the arm for instance that does have it. Ok. So fresh.

The Draconians think that eating someone's blood somehow makes you well-connected to them. They think that it changes the DNA and blood of the recipient. It is like a way that they download a new system for themselves. They draw power and life force from the blood, and also information, strength and power, and some sort of other capabilities. Well, if Draconians want to ingest my period blood then who is to stop them. I just worry that it might not be fresh for them, but they like it. So let them have it. I don't mind.

But what bothers me the most, is that Arugami said that they also extract "minerals" from mine or also from other human's poo. I objected of course, I strongly objected and could not believe what I was hearing. But he said it again, and he seemed to think it was normal. I objected and said they should surely find minerals from other sources. I also asked what type of minerals, to name them. He said "sodium" (in the other language). Silly me, with chemistry training, I go and ask "what counter ion, chloride? we could make sodium for you at a low cost just find it on the shores where they make sea salt, and we can put any counter ion into it that you wish!" (You can't have just sodium. Sodium has to go with a counter ion. In tablesalt it is chloride. But you can also find sodium together with other counter ions, and then it is not the same thing. If a Draconian needs sodium you can't just assume to give them tablesalt that is sodium chloride. Maybe their bodies can't handle chloride? Maybe another counter ion would be necessary? Only a chemist would come to think of that. But an important detail to keep in mind.)

I objected to this nonsense. Arugami said that it was the Japanese who had said this to them. I told him that the Japanese must have said that in spite. Hamish used to tell me that the Japanese give him red fireworks display. He has said that to me several times. But then a few days ago Hamish said that he had found out from one of the Japanese that they in fact had used fireworks to try to scare the Dragons off, and Hamish was sad about that. If the Japanese are trying to hurt my Dragons I am going to go there myself and maybe even borrow the Arugami's sword. Telling them to extract minerals from human shit? I beg your pardon? When the seas are literally filled with sodium?

The Draconians have told me how the Japanese used to try to poison the Draconians with the food. Draconians went to Japan and forced the Japanese to help them with supplies mainly with food. The Japanese used to put food into a barrel and place highly radioactive material into it, to try to kill the Draconians. They have done all kinds of bad things to the Draconians. Still, the Draconians act like there is a friendship going on. I don't trust the Japanese with my Dragons, not one bit. I don't know if I am going to let Hamish go visit there anymore. Perhaps it is best, that Hamish stays here home, and goes to other safe places, but not to Japan anymore. If they do anything to hurt, distress, or disrespect my Hamish Dragon I am going to Japan myself! Hamish is my Dragon Turtle!

What the hell. Anyhow. Arugami is here because of my twelvestrand eggs. I have written down the conversation but it's too much work to post here but I will make it available eventually somehow. I don't mind the Arugami. By the way it seemed of course there is an extraction made from the poo to get minerals, and maybe it comes available in a suitable form from the human body. But this is getting stranger and stranger...

So I was gonna Google "Arugami". It gave references to some kind of needlework to make small knitted animals. So I thought "oh no, this is all falsified. I have no Draconian contact. I have been imagining all this". Because there is a book in our living room about Japanese knitting just like this. I must have seen the title of that book, it must have gotten embedded in my mind, and now my mind is imagining this Japanese style Draconian whose name my mind made up to be the name of that knitting style. So there we have it. My mind is just imagining these things. All of it. Whoa. It felt dwindling to come to that realization. But then...

I go to see that book. It is not Arugami. The book is "Amigurumi" and there is no way for my mind to convert "Amigurumi" into "Arugami" even if Google thinks that they are somehow the same or similar. So then I had to switch on the mindset again that this Draconian contact, all of it, is not false and discarded after all. But see how I am constantly checking myself? My first premise since the very start in August 2011 when this started, was that "I must be having some sort of interesting hallucination about Orion people". Months later and with the culmination of the Aleister Crowley thing I finally had to conclude beyond doubt that this contact and all of it is real! Hamish reminds me every time that he tosses me, for there is no way that my mind could hallucinate into effect an actual physical force, and no I didn't jump or fall. I was once thrown across the air by a Draconian, I flew through the air. It was a very impressive feat, perfectly orchestrated. I went from lying down on my side and under the covers, to having flown to the far edge of the foot end of the bed, through the air, in a second. The strength, speed, and design of a Reptilian toss never ceases to impress me. And it is so much fun to be tossed by a big scaly Lizard!

I could do that to you? - Arugami says immediately
Yes please! I love when Draconians lift me up! - me excited like a child going to the fare

Anyhow, let's see this name thing that nearly did this in. Amigurumi is the name of the book and is a Japanese style knitting of small animals. No. Google thinks that Arugami is the same thing as Amigurumi. Heheh, it is clearly far from the name of some Holy Warrior. Was he given this name by the Japanese, who call my Hamish "Kemoro"? Or did he himself choose this name for himself? Is it even to be used as a name for someone? Anyhow. I must once again declare that I have got Draconians visiting me. And they are after my honey, hunnun, eggs.

Aleister Crowley?!??? - Arugami got real interested just as I was about to finish writing this entry
You like him too, don't you? Why do you like Aleister Crowley. What do you think about him? - me

Ok bye! Any additional conversations go into the archives!

Should I get some "sexual toys" for me and Arugami? (Funny, I would call it "sex toys" not "sexual" toys. Draconians.) I just wish a Draconian tumble didn't always occur when I LEAST expect it!!! I wish they would let me get ready. Arugami is likely to jump on me when I least expect it now. In Draconian tradition, he will watch me closely for about two days. (Gargoyle the White Dragon of North Port Florida watched me for months before doing his romantic tumble.) And I wish a Draconian would do a romance more than once. They only do it once, each. (This is not sex. It is close intimate energy vampirism, like tantric sex without intercourse, and with the Draconian clinging to a person's body.) It is great! So I look forward to it.


April 03 2013 - I am playing the computer game The Sims 2 and one of my Sims is feeling mighty hungry. Hamish shows up next to me standing on the floor to my left next to the sofa where I'm sitting. I coo over seeing my Dragon, "Hamish! Hamish!" I say to him all delighted of seeing a real Red Dragon. (For the record, he is in the other dimension. I can see him anyways. Some people can see the Draconians in that other dimension. So he is not a solid figure, more, like a hologram.) Hamish points his red scaly finger on the computer screen. "I want to look at that.", he says. I wonder what on earth he is pointing at. Then I catch on, he pointed on the red Hunger bar on the Sim's Needs panel.

I wrote in my notes: "Hamish says and points his red scaly finger almost or is touching the screen on the red Hunger bar of one of my Sims in Sims 2 who is getting seriously hungry. Is it the red color? Or is it that he wants to watch him starve. I think it's the red color." Hamish then says: "No I wanted to see if it becomes sick. I wanted to see if it, .. falls." (translated from other European language). He is just here, watching me play video games. Hamish and me. Best buddies for ever.

I wanted to see if it wanted to eat my heart. - Hamish in other language, I think he means my heart
I wanted to see if it becomes scared of me. - Hamish adds (in other language)

Silly, silly poo. Silly silly Dragon.

Image from the video game in question
Read carefully, called "Snake Eater"
Image Source / Larger image

Nobody's Gonna Eat Snake
Still Keepin' It Real!

April 01 2013 - So I noticed in our bookshelf there was a video game which looked interesting. I took it out and it is rated from age 15. I decided to keep it out so that I could reference to it later. Namely I am about to finish the first Orion Project book and want to give it an age rating perhaps from 18 years and up, because of gory and uncomfortable material. So I liked to see how the age rating was phrased on that video game.

I went back to working on the computer. Snake the Reptilian shows up. Long time no see, because Hamish tends to chase him off. But beloved Snake is here for a visit. I first met him about a year ago. Snake does not belong to my own team and I still think that he came over from David Eckhart's team. (David Eckhart is a well-known Reptilian contactee.) Snake hardly ever visits me anymore, even when I call for him to come for a visit, because Hamish chases him away. Or that Snake just isn't interested.

Snake had a longer visit. At first he was sniffing at my trashcan in the bedroom. He didn't like the smell and said that it smelled like "mazu", which is the Alien word for poo. If I don't offend or upset anyone, the trashcan had some of my used tampons. Personally I can't smell it, but the Draconians do. They have a very sensitive sense of smell. He was so uncomfortable with the smell of trash that I had to take the trash out. It isn't the first time with Draconians, and even food scraps in the trash will do them in.

But Snake lingered in my bedroom, while I sat in the living room working on the computer. Snake is wearing a fine rubber jumpsuit with a raised collar that wraps around his throat. It looks almost like a diving suit, only thicker. A dark black silver color, and he also has some shoes on. Looks like nice, generally protecting, clothing.

Yes but it is not armor tell them that. - says our Snake now
Hi Snake. - me
We are not with the Russian team anymore. Because they have not wanted to give us our eggs! - Snake
Why not? May I ask what has happened? - me
The Russian team stinks. - Snake
They said they would give us in exchange for oil! - Snake
And then what happened? Why didn't you get eggs? - me
We won't, break our worlds. - Snake

Snake has always been good to talk to. You will find many good conversations with Snake, or "Eckhart's Draco" as I first called him, in the first Orion Project book.

So Snake was just watching in the bookshelf. I noticed he was watching the video game I had taken out. He has spent many many minutes just watching it. And he watches it so closely it is a very delightful sight. You know how when you have a dog that is really concentrating to learn a trick or watching a person prepare its food bowl, or when a toddler is really focusing on playing with its toys, and you can see something changing in their head? You could literally see Snake really thinking and taking in impressions while he gazed at that video game case. He spent several sessions of minutes just gazing at it. Looking, and looking. Then it hit me. The video game title has "Snake Eater" in it.

Then later he tried to communicate to the video game case! He was engaging telepathically to listen to it, and trying to send it his impressions! And it did not speak to him. He treated it almost as a guy who had made the threat of eating him. He was checking it out and trying to speak to it. Oh Snake, it is these very charming behaviors in the Draconians that I find ever so charming and that light up my life! Oh Snake you are a precious Draconian. All the while he is listening in and watching as I write this.

Yess, you are one of our women. - Snake says
I love you Snake. I have missed you! You were always welcome here! - me

Snake is the type of Draconian most abductees usually see when they see a Reptilian. Tall and slender, narrow head with tight scales, humanoid presence, wearing a tight thick rubber suit. His scales are yellowish beige. But oh this is a moment I will always remember, and cherish. And I shall never forget how intently he gazed at that video game case, and how he tried to talk to it. I will never forget. Snake has always been a bit silly, but he is an Alien. Here is my only drawing of Snake

Warwick Eggs and No Sugar! Also not an April Fool's joke. This is perfectly authentic.
A Convoluted Mess

April 01 2013 - From my notes of telepathic contact with US Military team General Warwick who works with the Alien treaties and came for a visit. Long time no see, I can't recall the last time when General Warwick would have visited, it must have been years ago! Excerpt:

She eats too much sweets, too much candy. - Warwick sighs, the Aliens have told him. So that is why my eggs have been useless.
I can stop eating sugar. I really can. *But first I will finish those two ice-creams that I have.* Alright guys, aliens and humans. I will finish those two ice-creams that I have, laden with lots of sugar, and then after that I shall never eat any sugar again. And therefore my eggs, my hunnun, will become of superb quality. I promise you that. How do we say? I shall eat those ice-creams right at once. - me
Are they laden with sugar you said? - Hamish
Yes my Honored Draconian Hamish. I shall eat them to get rid of them quickly. - me
Then I shall beat them out of your nose. - Hamish
I shall swallow them quickly, and then after that there shall be no more sugar ingested into me! I promise you that, especially after what happened to your scales today. - me
I don't want you to write this like a story. - Hamish
Then I will forget what we said. I will forget my promise, if I don't write it down. - me
Then it is better that you do it. For I am the proud race. - Hamish, Sock Puppet red head of his

There was more conversation, before and after, but it's too much work to keep posting everything. Find it in one of the books one day, or, since it is perfectly harmless without anything gory then I may post it once it gets processed for the book. General Warwick showed up and he revealed to me by saying to someone else, or by thinking it himself (cause he sure didn't mean to tell me): "We just told her it was MKULTRA, so that she wouldn't know about the aliens". Aha. So there we have it. Then General Warwick called this whole thing, "a convoluted mess". See here, another excerpt, that occured before the above one about sugar did:

I don't want to be written about, Honey. - General Warwick says now
But, why? - me

But this from earlier:
No, it's not the books, Dear. - Warwick [cause I wondered if he was here to stop me from writing the Orion Project books cause I was writing today's update on book.html when he first appeared]
Then what is it? - me
The convoluted.. - Warwick
What? What convoluted? - me
He took a deep breath with us overlapped so that my body did it also. But it was his breath.
Would you back off just a little bit. I am trying to work. - me, I am finishing the first Orion book.
They say that your eggs have not been given to them. - Warwick
Yes they have. They are free to take my eggs. Why haven't they taken my eggs? What's the matter? Tell them they can take my eggs now if they have to. What's the problem? - me
The convoluted mess... - Warwick
What convoluted. - me
Google: [I was just about to Google "convoluted", as it is a word I have not heard before and don't know the meaning of]
The insects are, not happy with you. - Warwick [many of the military call the aliens "insects"]
What did I do? Besides wash a rug. - me
The convoluted mess. - Warwick
What mess? - me
The mess you have written about. - Warwick
What? My book? - me, I hesitated so I don't say "books"
We will cause a fire here. - Hamish makes a threat to the Warwick team's locale
.. Don't make a fire Hamish. You can have my eggs. You are welcome to take them. Take my eggs Hamish. - me
The convoluted mess, they said. - Hamish
Yes. A convoluted mess. - me
Google: convoluted: complicated, intricately involved. Hah. I had no idea. I guess I can name one of my books, "A Convoluted Mess"! It is such a catchy and descriptive phrase!

So here's the story: Hamish is devastated that the woven bathroom rug got washed that had all of his shedded "scaly bits" on it and they have been ground up in the washing machine. He then went to the US military in a rage. General Warwick with the team said that the aliens had said that they hadn't been given my eggs and that the aliens were upset. Yes they have gotten my eggs, I said. But then the conversation revealed, or perhaps it was my suggestion, that I have been eating so much sugar again

Yes, you said that it was laden. - Hamish, yes I had said that I will eat ice-cream "which is laden with sugar"

The Aliens say that when I eat sugar it makes my eggs - hunnun - useless for them. It places carbohydrate markers on the DNA and changes my gene expression. So to help everyone out (except for me, cause I love to eat sugar, and now was Easter, and I ate a lot) I promise everyone to stop eating sugar. *If only I can have those two last remaining delicious creamy caramel ice-creams first.*

Hamish threatened General Warwick with fire. Then I thought that maybe he is just upset about the rug being washed and his shedded "scaly bits" being all ruined. So I told General Warwick about that background, it seems Hamish might not have informed Warwick about that rug washing incident? But anyway. I wrote the whole conversation down. I will make it available later, just now I've already spent hours on the website again.

We ruined his scales! This is not an April Fool's joke. Just in case someone was wondering.

April 01 2013 - Hamish had stored a lot of his shedded white scales on the woven bathroom rug that we have on the bathroom floor. See also here. It is now hours after the rug was washed and replaced to the floor. At first he was calm when he saw the rug back in our home. But now he has been staring at the rug for a long time, talking to me about how he misses his scales, and how the scales were ground up in the washing machine. He even brought in a Thuban to come and have a look.

This is devastating to me, I feel really terrible. Hamish is saying things, like, "The scaly bits weren't there.", "They were my scaly bits".

THEY HAVE BEEN GROUND UP, I SAID! - Hamish says now in English

I am going to post that entire conversation with his comments, some other time. I don't want to be thinking and writing about it, let's just let this calm down. I can do nothing else. But Hamish is utterly devastated that we have ruined his stash of shedded scales that he had on that rug. This must be the single worst thing that has ever happened to us while Hamish has been living with me in my life. It literally makes me feel faint, I feel like I just accidentally killed someone's baby, or cat.