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March 21 2013 - March 31 2013

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Hamish is Sad

March 31 2013 - So I told my Aliens that I will be having sex with my boyfriend in my bedroom and that I can't have the Aliens watch or I am one of those creatures who can't do it otherwise. I was really saying this to the Thuban. My boyfriend is coming over on Tuesday. Today is Sunday. But Hamish heard that and he went straight to his pink bathroom snuggie rug that I have folded out on my bedroom floor. He thought to my bed and how he mustn't look over to my bed, and he bent his neck down so that his face was looking down into his snuggie rug, and he stepped a bit in the plush rug with his feet.

But Hamish was miserable! He felt sad! He was sad about having restrictions! Or that he was just thinking about making sure that he doesn't look to my bed and stays on the rug. But then I felt so sorry for my Dragon Turtle that I told him of course Hamish can watch. Hamish can do anything. I've never seen my Dragon sad before.

Don't call me Kissy there. - Hamish emphasizes now, in English
No Hamish, I haven't. - me
Or I will make you bleed, my blood! - Hamish
Yes Hamish, Dragonz. - me
I will bleed my blood I said. - Hamish
I heard you the first time. Dragon Turtle, Kissy Feet. - me, oops! Sorry! It just came out as a habit
I'm sorry Hamish, it's just easy to adore your feet. You see, your feet are so sensitive and I feel them. I feel your feet that is why I adore them. - me

Of course my Dragon Turtle can watch me have sex. Umm... yeah. Ok. Whatevs. I just don't want Hamish Dragon to feel shut out because that makes him sad. Like that time when the Japanese Sensei had put a big flaming torch outside of the door to his house when he was having sex and Hamish - being afraid of fire - was so effectively locked out, looking and feeling miserable standing outdoors by the door on the wooden deck over the water. Poor Dragon when he gets locked out. He is such a Sad Puppy then.

I don't want them to be afraid! - either Malik or Hamish regarding Hamish's blood comment here earlier and "them" is you guys, reading this page!

A little while later (below paragraph in English so not translated:)
I don't want to not have to look at your bed. - Hamish
Because I have got my eggs there. - Hamish
Hamish, I apologise. You are more than welcome to look at me in my bed, Hamish. I welcome you here. You are welcome to guard my hunnun. I am sorry for what I said, please forgive me for what I said. I will take it back. Please stay with me and look at me. - me
You are welcome here Hamish. You will stay with me and look at my bed. Welcome. Stay here with me, and make camp. - me
Your hunnun and I will be watched together. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Watch my hunnun here. You can watch me in the bed. Always. Me and my hunnun. - me
Yes, I will watch you there/here. - Hamish

A few minutes later: I assured to Hamish that he was welcome here. I even invited him to go lie down in my bed. (Needless to say my boyfriend is not here now. He won't be here until Tuesday.) Hamish looked at the bed for a while. He was very aware of my scent on the bed. I sense what he smells and sees and what he feels, when we are telepathically connected. It is not just words conveyed, but even what he feels underneath his Kissy Feet. Even his feet are sensitive. He senses me too I bet. After a minute or so, Hamish lies down on my bed. I had assured him that it was ok, that he was to make himself at home and that he was welcome here and he is safe here. I want him to feel comfortable and relaxed and like he is welcome and has a home here with me.

Hamish lies down like a Sphinx, like a cat that sits straight down on its belly. He never lies down on the side. It is because of his big back hump, it would get in the way, it also gets in the way on the backrest when he sits down on sofas. So he sits like a sphinx or a turtle with the shell cushion straight up and his body all nice and plump like a bun. He is now sitting on the bed like a big red scaly bun in the dark. I am sitting near him in the living room and the door between us is open. He is aware of me and I am aware of him. He feels all snug and comfortable.

Yes, even lizards need to rest. - not sure who said that, but someone did

I told him that he must lie on my bed long enough for it to pick up his scent. He was feeling so overwhelmed with my strong picante scent. I smell through him and I see colors through him. All of his senses are so magnified. We humans are so sensory numb compared to the Dragons. I've never sensed my own scent and not like that. I guess it kinda smells like me. It is almost the smell of citrus, yes, it is a smell very much like lemon rind is to our human nose. A very picante smell, a little bit sharp. *Almost* with the sharp of ammonia, but I'm not saying it smells like urine and I've definitely not peed in the bed... But that is what I smell like to Hamish. I don't think he minds my smell, but he was very aware of it. It was almost overwhelming to his gentle nose a bit, but he decided to lie down like a sphinx turtle, and I now have a big red bun sitting on my bed waiting for me. And he wants to watch Harry Potter with me. But I am working on finishing that first book. Evenings are always great with Hamish.

I don't think it smells like a perfume, tell them that. - Hamish in English
What does it smell like? - me
Like a prey, a victim. - Hamish
Do I smell like a prey? Hamish? A prey you said? - me
Yes, a little bit. - Hamish
But Hamish! - me
And don't say Dragon Turtle, and Kissy. - Hamish
But Hamish! - me
His mouth is open. So he is pissed about something. He has now jumped off the bed. He remains in my bedroom on the floor. Up to his Dragon business, his own shenanigans. Dragon mischief.
I don't want to sit here with you on the sofa. - Hamish
Why not Hamish? - me
And don't tell them that I want a leather purse! - Hamish
I will get you a leather purse, Hamish. And why are you embarrassed about liking the smell of leather? Lots of humans love the smell of leather, lots of humans could relate. - me
Because your sofa is not nice to me. - Hamish thinks this sofa I am sitting on is too soft for his bum
These too were in English

Ithaca, Lecture, and Snacks and Lunches

March 31 2013 - "I will put your lunches into your food." said Hamish to me all of a sudden this morning. As I started cooing over my Dragon I was so pleased to hear his sudden remarks about food, Hamish's red Sock Puppet head pops up with eyes wide open and he looks at me and lets out a Draconian belch, one of their vocal sounds. (Note: it is not a belch. It is part of their language. It is a belching popping sound he makes with air out of his throat. Delightful!) And as I think things can't get any more delightful, Hamish then tops it off by saying, "Your snacks go over my mouth". Oh Hamish, you and your thoughts of food! I was so happy, as this Dragon is cuter than any kitten or puppy you will ever find.

This was right after I had been giving a long and careful lecture to the Draconian Reptiles about what it means to be a civilized, conscious race and individual. That we humans too have many instincts and pleasures. Our men would love to rape women and steal money and food and murder people but we think not just feel and we stop our behaviors. My race also has instincts and pleasure from eating lots of sugar but if we don't think and only feel then we eat too much sweets and get fat and have health problems. And humans who go by instincts and feelings and do crime are put away into prisons. My race has only managed to become successful by suppressing our primitive instincts and thinking. That is why we have an abundance of food and all the comforts we live with today rather than being animals in nature with nothing. The yellow Draconian visiting this morning objected and wanted me to understand how they feel the lust from blood and killing, I said that I have felt the power and lust with them, just like they feel it, and that still I much prefer to feel loving and kindness. I have felt both and I prefer to feel kind to others. A living conscious creature is far more worth alive than taken for lust and power sensations.

Reptilians will have to stop their killing and stop being animals and become conscious thinking sentient creatures who are able to suppress their instincts and desires for murder. They would have to find a milder source of food, one that does not suffer so much. I suggested the white grub larvae that the Dinosaurs eat. The killing of Orion people and Dinosaurs has to stop, I told them. Can't the Reptilians be locked away, I asked? A Zeta told me that perhaps, maybe it could be done, but that it had been tried. The Reptilians seem to be too formidable of an enemy to be stopped. Not even human military can stop them, but who are we kidding. Reptilians are not just advanced and from outer space, they have also conquered technologies from other races, so I would not take them on. But perhaps they will listen, and change, and become more civilized and live peacefully one day with all the other races of the universe.

This lecture was spurred by what the Orion man told me. Well, all last night I had been in the company of the Orion man. He talked to me for a long time all about the Alpha Orions and he showed me things. It was a clear conversation but I wasn't able to write it down of course because I was in the dream state. 60 to 70 (sixty to seventy) million Alpha Orions have been killed, recently I think it was, by the Draconian Reptiles who do genocide on the Alpha Orions. All of these were their women, I think he said. Our beloved Orion man of this website, the first Alien who contacted me in the beginning and why this came to be known the Orion Project. His own mother had been killed, and so many of the Orion women. I could feel every emotion in the Orion man. I've suffered with him. The telepathic connection is not just words, it is feelings too. I've felt the Draconian lust when they kill, but I've also felt what it does to the others. Draconian Reptiles only feel their own lust, they have no idea what the others are feeling. It's not that they don't "care", it's that they don't feel, they don't know.

During the night, the Orion man brought me several crystals from his home world for me to look at. There were three roundish or oval rocks in splattered grey and brown shades of colors that when I put them in my hand they burned my hand a bit. Almost as if they were hot, but they felt caustic. That was a new experience, from rocks. Then there was a perfectly cube shaped crystal, like a large-scale sodium chloride cube. I had so much fun looking at all the stones and crystals that he brought me that were from other planets. Oh Orion man, if you could give me one, I would give it to a member of SETI. What? Why? Why would I give a crystal that the Orion man gives me, to a member of SETI? I already have got real Aliens. The SETI claim that they have nothing. In the absence of Aliens, they would cherish the crystal more than I do. After all, I have got Hamish in the mornings poking up his red Sock Puppet head, making a Draconian belch and saying "snacks!" in the way that only he can. That is far better than any crystal.

A large conversation piece between me and the Orion man and Hamish was recently here but I have removed it upon request by the Orion man. A few minutes after I had posted this here, the Orion man told me that what he had told me was a secret and he did not want people to know. There was information about his people's fate and about his father. He had only confided in me.

As proud as I was to deliver this conversation to you all readers and how this website is a scientific documentary to deliver to you every bit of information, I still had to go with the Orion man's wishes. He is a real living person and this was about his people and his father.

I especially want to apologise to the SETI. Only minutes ago I had written to SETI inviting them to come read this conversation here and it has now been removed upon request by the Orion man. I hope that you guys reading can somehow cherish the Orion man as much as I do and more than what was actually one of the best written telepathic conversations of all time on the Orion Project. I will not act ruthless or disrespectful toward the Orion man, his father, or his people. So the conversation was edited out.

If members of the SETI would like to read the conversation, then you may write to us at contact@orionmindproject.com and present your request to the Orion man in writing. I will read the letter to our Orion man and he will then decide whether to share it with you. "Yes, and don't tell them, hugs and kisses, from me.", says Orion man now. (I don't expect SETI to write, but they are welcome to.)

Any continuing conversation will go into the archives. I have to go have a shower. Oh yes, and I forgot to say what it was about that Ithaca. The yellow Draconian had said, "

DO NOT WRITE ABOUT US! - yellow Draconian objects
I'm just writing about Ithaca. That you mentioned to me Ithaca, and that I don't know what it is. - me

He had said, "

No, don't say it. - yellow Draconian
Just relax. - General Patton to yellow Draconian
JUST RELAX, I said! - General Patton yells at the yellow Draconian just as I was about to give it another try to post here what he had said
But it is not for them to know. - yellow Draconian "sobs" and "whimpers"
But you didn't say hardly anything about it! - me
We only told you because you have our egg. - yellow Drac whimpers

All he had said was that have I heard about it and that they don't usually tell their women that. That is all he said. I was gonna post his verbatum lines but I guess I couldn't cause he keeps objecting so strongly. But that is all he said. So now I am going to Google it. Let it be known to the record that I know nothing at all about Ithaca, only that it is vaguely familiar. Ok, Google says it's just a place in New York. End of story. Case closed. So what was the big deal?

What is the big deal about Ithaca? It's just a place in New York. What more is it to you? - me
It is a place where we have our eggs. - yellow Drac whimpers
Why do you have them in New York? - me
Because they have to be kept at the right temperature. - yellow Drac
But why is that a big secret? - me
Because the boys don't want you to know! - General Patton to me

Ok? Umm...?

They make our food here. - yellow Drac still slumped and in a whimpering body posture but no longer whimpering

We were lucky this time, all Aliens spoke in original English, so I did not have to translate any of it. Not only does that save me a lot of work, it also preserves verbatum authenticity as translation makes it no longer perfectly original.

Now Hamish opens his mouth at me and then closes it to do a palate click. He is feeling very pleased today. My Dragon Turtle. I did a palate click for him in return and said "Hamish!" in my pleased way. I cannot blame him, he is only a Dragon. He can only do what Dragons do, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, I'm typing in the archives now (which means a Word document on the computer) but I had to share this one with you, another classic:
We don't want to look into your panties, but we have our food there. - Malik says, translated from other language. They mean eggs of course, but, haha!

Ok a few minutes later Malik delivers another good classic line, he says, "This is our hacienda." Haha. He means me and my home of course with me in it. Now Jack with the NASA team is making an appearance. Jack is a human Caucasian United States man who works with the NASA team he says. He is on my case too. The Aliens enable a telepathic remote viewing connection for him too. He hasn't said anything to me yet, but he's around. He calls aliens, "alien bugs", or "insects". He keeps telling me that there are "insects" here hiding out with me. He's quite a character, read more about him in the books (coming up).

No, no, we won't tell you about the Battle at Syracuse. - says Jack now

Battle at Syracuse is the US military term for their fight against what the Draconian Reptilians are doing on Earth, trying to keep them back.

We just want food. To eat. - says a miserable little black reptile from some underground base in the dark
We just want food. - says my Malik now

I forgot to say that when I woke up in the morning, the Orion man tossed me around to lie on my belly in bed. He gave me orders like "lie down" and he sounded especially commanding and unpleasant, but I know and love him as the Orion man so I made a special effort not to be offended or feel provoked, so it was fine. I told him I was happy to collaborate. I don't mind a Reptilian toss, even if it comes from the Orion man.

We don't want to see your fingers typing that. - says Orion man now
I'm sorry. - me
Because, we don't want them to know. - Orion
Ok. People won't mind, people are stupid if they mind. You are a welcome guest in my home, and so that makes it ok. I have welcomed you here, and I give you my eggs voluntarily. - me
Yes, you are one of a kind. And! Pleased to meet you! - Orion
Yes. Welcome. - me
Yes, and we make your eggs into something, don't become suicidal. - Orion
I'm ok. - me

More conversation has been logged into the archives. I can't sit here all day typing I've already spent two hours on just this news entry. I'm now gonna go enjoy a bath and hope to see my Dragon show up and shed his scales and groom with me. I'll let him drop his scales into my bath water if he comes.

Now for that bath and I hope Hamish will join me in some grooming time in the bathroom. This morning's conversation with the Orion man was a lot. I just need time to contemplate, and to commemorate.

Easter with Dragon Turtle

March 30 2013 - There is nothing like spending another day with Dragon Turtle. When I wake up in the morning, Hamish shows me a mental image of the pink bathroom snug ruggie that I've folded and placed underneath my bed. I keep it under my bed during the day because sometimes I exercise in my room and also I am very careful that I don't step on Hamish's rug. I don't step on his rug. Hamish wants me to take out the rug. Soon he shows me another image of the rug under my bed and tells me he wants to "wipe his scales" and shows a thought image of wiping his feet on the rug. So I take the rug out for him and put it on my bedroom floor.

I tell Hamish about Easter today. I tell him how we celebrate the return of Jesus and we have colored hen feathers and colored painted eggs and little hens and chickens to celebrate the end of winter and all the food that spring brings. For a while there I worry if Hamish will get upset that we put hen feathers up everywhere. Remember when I had those ostrich feathers in college and Hamish was thoroughly upset with my vase with white ostrich feathers, because I was honoring a weaker race, he thought. But Hamish has said nothing about Easter decorations.

I've invited Hamish to come see and smell the yellow daffodil flowers. Hamish loves yellow flowers, both the color and smell of them, so I thought he would be pleased. Hamish said that they smell, something like that. I think what he said was, "I like to smell with your race", meaning to smell the flowers together with my race.

When I went to the grocery store today I took the opportunity to explain to Hamish that I was in a "snacks" store (Hamish calls food "snacks") and that every item is priced with a number and we get to see how much it costs. Then we have to bring money to buy with. I invited him to come look at all the foods with me. He didn't say much, though he got a little excited when I picked some canned chickpeas from the shelf, I don't know what Dragon was thinking.

I come home and start some cleaning. While I'm cleaning the bathroom sink and toilet, Snake the Reptile shows up and asks me, quite puzzled, "Why do we become like bananas?" in the other language it was funny cause we don't have the expression "to go bananas". In the morning when I woke up, I had heard General Patton talking with Snake about the expression "to go bananas" but General Patton seemed to only be calming him down that it's ok it's not a problem. I told Snake that "to go bananas" is an expression and not an insulting expression, that someone becomes really excited. And they do, about blood. "We chase the iron", said Hamish then in the other language. I love these precious moments with Draconians when they say funny things or they are puzzled over little everyday things, like the expression "to go bananas", or finding red ball Christmas ornaments on the tree. I love my Dragons. Really I do. (Background: I like to say that Snake "goes bananas" when he is filled with lust.)

When I was washing the bathroom floor Hamish told me that he comes to groom his scales there and that he comes in the dark. Yes, Hamish, I told my Dragon, you are welcome to come here and groom your scales. Hamish showed me a thought image of how he stomps his feet while standing on the bathroom rug so that white shedded bits of scales fall down.

When Hamish sees me cleaning or washing something it often stimulates grooming behavior in him. For instance when I take a bath, Hamish shows up to start grooming himself too. This isn't the only stimulated behavior I see in him. Sometimes if I shriek at him and am really excited, it starts Hamish to start stomping his feet up and down real fast, like running in one spot - though I don't know if he becomes excited or stressed out or something. But when I have a bath he starts grooming too. He stomps his feet to cause shedded white scaly bits to fall off, like larger pieces of dandruff. And he also brushes across his red scales to have little dead tissue debris come off. When I'm in the bathtub Hamish pokes his red Sock Puppet Head right close toward me over the water and asks if he could groom too. Yes, I say to my Dragon. Of course he can use my bath water. He will then let shedded scales fall into my bath water. I honestly think it's gross, but it's much more delightful to groom with a Dragon so I love it. Once at night when Hamish was grooming on the bathroom rug that I place on my bedroom floor, Hamish comes to me and pryes my hand open so that the palm of my hand is open and facing up. He then places one round white little shedded scale in the palm of my hand. He thinks a lot about his scales, but also tends a great deal to his shedded ones.

Recolor of bird's feet. Hamish has feet that look almost exactly like this, like red Kissy Duck Feet, only bulgier on the top. Happy me to see him wiping his Duck Kissy Feet on the bathroom snug rug in the morning. It is the best.

This morning when I took his snug ruggie out, he said to me that he had checked the rug for any of my hairs, and that he had scraped through the rug to see if any of my hairs were in it, and there hadn't been any. The rug is his territory, I don't touch it or step on it.

What I find interesting and I don't know how to explain it because Hamish and his shedded scales are "invisible" in the higher dimension. But there are at least two oily black or dark brown stains on his snug ruggie that weren't there before and I lack a reasonable explanation (other than Dragon?) for why they could have gotten there. I've seen Hamish wiping something black and greasy on rugs from underneath his feet, perhaps when he steps on something. But I'm pleased to see that. Maybe Hamish will let me wash his snug rug in the laundry some day, but he doesn't want me to wash it. "No!, Carpetwash", he will tell me but has stopped telling me now because I seem to have learned. "It doesn't smell right", when I wash it and it is nice and fresh and smells of laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Hamish has a very sensitive nose, and that came as a total surprise. I declare if I were imagining Dragon Hamish, or any Dragon, I would not have made them have a sense of smell, at all! He wants his rug to smell familiar. It is his snug ruggie, his territory, something familiar where he can feel safe and at home and tend to his grooming and scales. He likes to shake dead bits of scales into the plush rug fibers, and he likes to wipe his feet on it. It is a precious Dragon that I am living with. I love every bit of him, scales to tail to feet and nose.

Right now Hamish says "Yes, No", in the other language. "Yes", I say to Hamish and do a few palate clicks. He then sniffs. Sniffs. He is smelling the chopped onions in the meat stew cooking.

And, like every Easter and Christmas, Andrew from the MILABS team is working on the surveillance. It was Aulis Greenshaw earlier this morning but now it is Andrew. Andrew is the youngest team member. He has red hair and glasses. He is Jewish so that's why. I always expect to see him Christmas and Easter, but he hardly works on my team anymore other than at the religious Holidays when everybody else on the team wants to have a day off.

I have no one else who likes me. - Hamish says now in the other language

Look Hamish, it is a bird and it is guarding its hunnun, the eggs. Look Hamish, it has got reptile's feet. - me to Hamish approximately and in the other language
There is a clause that says we cannot come here! - Hamish about the Geneva clause again, Thuban mentioned it too for the first time the other day
I was showing Hamish this picture on the computer screen of an emu guarding its eggs, it always reminds me of Hamish
Damn Geneva clause. I want Hamish to stay with me.

Damn Geneve Clause! Leave me and my Dragons alone!
I'm not sure what it is, but you can't take my Dragons and Alien Friends away from me!
Hamish is MY Kissy Turtle! He is my best friend in the world! Don't take him away from me!
He is a welcome guest in my home. Every day
I cannot live without my Dragon Turtle

At the grocery store I had invited him to come watch the butcher's counter. I told him about how there was a sheep's liver, calf liver, kidneys, chicken hearts, lamb hearts, and told him I would buy for him and prepare him a "plastic bag of snacks" if only I knew if these foods were edible for him and not harmful in any way. Hamish did not say. Hamish eats livers and kidneys that are sliced and put into a big ziplock plastic bag for him. He calls those "a plastic bag of snacks". He also eats Dinosaur meat. I love my Dragon Kissy Turtle Feet.

Moment With Hamish

March 29 2013 - "I wanted to drink juice", precious Dragon says now to me in the other language. Just now, Hamish appeared. I have been watching him watching me for a while. He has been slumped in a corner somewhere in the dark which always makes his eyes look black in the dark not yellow. Then he came up here close to me. He sniffed with his nostrils. I saw his nostrils inhale deep, he was smelling something out. He then thought of the smell of leather, that he had experienced at the bags and purses store yesterday and the day before when I went there shopping with him. I respond by making one good palate click at Hamish, which means "I like you a lot". Hamish responds to that by closing his upper outer corner eyelids diagonally across the eye by a lot. He shows me his eyelids closing. This is a Dragon smiling, when his upper eyelids are closing. We had this beautiful moment, with him sniffing for leather and him telling me about it, palate clicks, and smiling eyes, all without words. We understand each other so well, that I can communicate with him in Draconian language, and he shares his thoughts and feelings with me.

He loves the smell of leather. Watching Draconians sitting snug on leather sofas is like a cat in a cardboard box, just enjoying it pleased as punch. Draconians always ask before sitting down on a sofa, even vicious Malik right after a rampage will kindly ask if he so may sit down on the sofas. And of course they may. Draconians love sitting on sofas, but they especially like leather sofas. They just relax and enjoy, they're like a kid at a carneval with a big cotton candy in hand and ice-cream in the other, just enjoying a sofa. But they love the smell of leather so I am buying a nice leather purse for Hamish some day, just so he can sniff at it all he wants. Precious Dragons.

Alan Watts With Hamish

March 28 2013 - I've taken to listening with headphones on so that Hamish can be spared of music. I was now listening to Alan Watts for the first time. Into my sixth minute Hamish says that he wants to hear it too. Hamish must have been listening to my thoughts listening to the lecture and picked it up that way. Hamish says that he doesn't like music, but that he wants to hear this. I will start from the top. This would be very interesting for Hamish to listen to. I want him to think about who he is, too.
Listening to Alan Watts with Hamish

Yees, me and frogs like to do that. - Hamish says now (in the other language), frogs is Dinosaurs

I like to think about what Hamish is. How wonderful his body, and what a magnificent person he is, in that Dragon body of his. How his thoughts go to scales, to the Draconian way of thinking. Who he is and how his fingers are red and scaly, how he breathes inside of a Dragon's body, how it is his duck feet that touch the ground, and how that mouth eats and those eyes see. There is a person in Hamish's body, a someone. And I have never been so close to another living, breathing, person as I have to Hamish. He is my everything, he is my world.

I take the headphones off, and start from the beginning of the video again. I love listening to this with Hamish. Both of us are sitting here, in the living room, listening to Alan Watts and wondering about who we are. We share the mystery of life together, me and Hamish.

Update: Hamish listens but makes no comments. I can feel that he becomes a bit restless having to listen for so long. We get to about 25-29 minutes in before I have other things to do and switch it off. We will have to finish listening to it later. Hamish made no comments about it, only, a family member had been watching a program about Jesus and Easter on a television in the other room. Hamish said that he did not want to talk about his eye (see? he knows everything, this was a reference to me writing something about his eye here earlier) because there was a more interesting show over there, even though that show had ended a while ago. Hamish asked me "why people like the one who died" or something like that, about Jesus. Hamish meant no disrespect, he was only curious. I just wanted to gently touch the bubbly red scales on his face. I said nothing about Jesus or Christianity. Hamish can be, just a Dragon.

Science hour with Hamish

March 28 2013 - Sit down kids and make yourselves comfortable around Uncle Hamish! He doesn't bite, he just nibbles! Hamish the Friendly Dragon is going to teach us a little something about our wonderful world. Each week, Hamish will take one of our most favorite everyday items and tell us all about how it works. So kids, are you ready? Here's Hamish!

Tomatoes are red because they have seen me. - Hamish

Badum-tish. And join us again next week, when Hamish will tell us why the planets are round and not flat like we thought they would be. And do you remember from last week, why the worlds at Alpha Draconis were larger than the entire universe? Because they seem that way. Oh Hamish, Scales Scales Scales...

Shopping trip with Hamish

March 28 2013 - So I went to town for some errands and to do some shopping. I got Hamish his very own first Harry Potter DVD yay! I told Hamish before I bought it, that Hamish it is only a story it is not real, they are not doing real magic Hamish. I wanted him to know that before I spend the money, or I would not want to encourage a Dragon into thinking that it's real. I got the episode with the red dragon on the back. I don't think I've seen it yet. Obviously I am not a Harry Potter fan, but my Dragon Hamish is.

I told Hamish to come check out the rugs at the store, if he would like to have any. He did not seem interested. I went back to that high end purses and bags store where everything is fine leather and told Hamish to come in with me so that he could smell the leather again. Hamish told me that it is "embarrassing" that he likes to smell the leather. Why?, I asked my Dragon. He just said that it was embarrassing. "No don't be embarrassed, I like the smell of leather too, everybody likes the smell of leather" I said though that was a bit of a lie I can't say I'm all that fond of leathery smell, like my Dragon is, but I know some people are. I almost got a new purse in black imitation reptile skin. But I wasn't sure of what my Dragons would say of that, if that would have scared them or offended them somehow. Draconian customs are kinda tricky to figure out, so I don't want to step on some Dragon toes. Otherwise I would love an imitation reptile skin bag.

Draconians have become an integral part of my life. Yes, I'm not part of the Agenda and I'm not into all those rituals and blood drinking and all of that viciousness. But I'm getting a tattoo that honors and commemorates my Draconian friends and my involvement with their Agenda. I'd like to get the pyramid but I have to make sure that I'm allowed first. Because I was gonna put the triangle pyramid on the first Orion Project book right on the first page, but then the Reptilians said they wanted to read the whole book to make sure that it is fitting to have there. And I can't call it Orion Project if it's the Draconian power symbol, cause the Orions are not part of that. So it's tricky. But I would like a tattoo that shows me and them that they are part of my life and I a part of theirs. Maybe some reptilian scales on my arm, tattooed. The Dragons might like that. Maybe a little red Hamish scales on me? How about that.

I was having lunch in town and there were some tomato slices on the plate. Hamish was very keen on the tomato slices, because they are red. Anything red color stands out to him and catches his attention. Oh and he was also hissing at some red shoes when I went to the shoe store. I wondered what he was hissing at then I saw the red shoes. So Hamish told me to come with him to see in the kitchen how they do to the tomatoes, when they are slicing them. Needless to say I didn't follow my Dragon to the kitchen to see someone slicing tomatoes. I wanted to sit down and enjoy my meal. Hamish kept on looking at the tomatoes and he said that they were the "right color". Hamish was very clear behind me, though other people cannot see him. The tomatoes really brought him out, red scales, turtleshell, tail, Kissy Dragon Feet and all.

As soon as I came in home through the door and about a minute after, Hamish tells me that he wants to see the Harry Potter movie. Let's just save that till later in the evening, when it's nice and dark so that the movie will really stand out on the screen. You know how parents feel when they have to go with their kids to see a children's movie at the cinema? Or when a boyfriend has to watch a sad women's movie with his girlfriend, or when women have to watch an action movie with their guy? I know how that feels. I don't want to watch the Harry Potter movie, but anything for the Dragon who is the Dragon in my life and in my heart. "I want to see them drink blood" says Hamish right now and ruins the moment. "Well, Hamish. I don't know who drinks blood here. Harry Potter sure doesn't do it.", me says to Dragon Kissy Feet. "Hamish! You have been so fixated with blood lately!", me says to Dragons.

He is my pet, and my best friend. He is my follower a big red Dragon Turtle named Hamish The Elder also known as Hamish The Great. But sometimes he is misbehaved, I think. When he shows me a big plastic ziplock bag filled with freshly sliced bits of organ meats of livers and kidneys. Or when he drools over wanting to eat my beating heart. Or when he wants to drink my period blood. He was very keen that I am using a tampon. I told Hamish that he would be welcome to have my blood-filled tampon once it's finished if I could give it to him.

Fictional conversation:
"Hello? SETI? Hi it's Annie." - me
"Yes? Have you found an ET because that is all we are interested in." - SETI
"Umm, yes, there's that. I have this big red scaly Dragon Turtle named Hamish." - me
"Hamish? You said his name is Hamish?" - SETI
"Yes. His name is Hamish. He is a big Kissy Turtle. Well, because I like his feet..." - me
"Where is he?" - SETI
"Well. He is right here with me, and has been for the past year and a half." - me
"And what is he doing?" - SETI
"Well. I just gave him my blood-soaked tampon and he is playing with it like catnip. And he peed on my used sheets on the floor cause he said they smelled like me. And we are getting ready to watch a Harry Potter movie." - me
"..................." - SETI
"Hello. Hello?" - me
Fictional conversation. Except for the Hamish part, all true.

Blood Dragon Catnip

March 28 2013 - This is *almost* stuff to censor out and put in my books instead, but here's a shocking treat for you all. So I am on my period and it always stirs up feelings in Hamish and the Draconians. Hamish tries to stay away from me and he has been watching me in large part from afar, in underground bases corridors and a medical room. But he spends time watching me from close, like last night when we were sitting next to each other here on the sofa and he was just hanging out with me while I worked on the computer.

In past, recent, periods (period meaning when a woman bleeds), my Draconians had gone bananas. Both Hamish and Malik, Red and Black, had said one morning that they had drunk some of my period blood and then I was offered a vial of Malik's blood to drink, and I declined. (This in a previous, past period.)

This morning I go to the bathroom and Crocodile Man is there asking in his usual gracious manner of speaking "Crocodile Man would like to drink your juice". I ask him, is juice blood, or energy? He did not say. I would have offered him either. Hamish has said during this period that "there is juice in my pyy-pyy" (pyy-pyy is their word for lady parts). I tell the Draconians that I don't think period blood would be clean enough for them, you know. Maybe not so fresh? But the Draconians say it's ok. I would rather cut up a vein for them to sip on. I don't mind. I've always wanted to be a blood donor so it's fine.

"We are not allowed to take the juice from your panties.", said Hamish today (translated). He meant the blood stains on my panties. And turns out, Hamish has had a killing frenzy eating my pytt over there. (Pytt is their word for little children.) Hamish and Dinosaur talk as if all of the pytt have been killed and eaten, and Hamish said that "My, throat has drunk juice." So it seems that the smell and sight of my blood stirs up hungers in the Draconians. Blood has got a special thing for the Draconians. They go bananas over blood. It's their catnip, big, Dragon, catnip.

Eggs Eggs

March 27 2013 - Here is an alternative picture of Hamish

No! Don't say Kissy Turtle. - Hamish, he said Kissy Feet or Kissy Turtle I forgot

I am sitting here on the living room sofa with the laptop computer on my lap, working monotonously on finishing the first Orion Project book. Hamish sits next to me on the sofa and I wonder if it mustn't be so boring just watching my screen with text. I wish I had a good movie on the screen for him. He watches everything I do. I don't have Harry Potter movies for him yet - I really gotta get some!

So I offered Hamish if we shouldn't do something more fun together. Is there anything fun we could do, Hamish? I asked my Dragon. Hey how about you drink my juice, that's always fun? He rarely does. I start typing again. Suddenly the Thuban does the tantric rape of me, flaring up my sexual energy and I get upset and say that it is rape and stop right this once. Thuban sighs in a Thuban way of sigh and says that it seems they have broken the "Geneva/Geneve clause" and that means they cannot come here again if they break it. And only after I had already screamed bloody murder, did I realize that my sexual energy flaring up was juice for my Hamish Dragon. I didn't realize cause it was the Thuban doing it but it was for Hamish. I had offered it. So sorry Hamish!

I have a Kissy Turtle sitting here next to me on the sofa. Life is good. I have been doing palate clicks at him. He lets me see him. He knows that I am not afraid to see him. He has that magnificent turtleshell fleshy cushion hump back on his upper back. He is a magnificent creature, such a beautiful sight. Hamish is not at all like other Draconians, Hamish is of the old Draconian race.

I love you Hamish. - me
Yes, but I am no Kissy Turtle Feet. - Hamish
No Hamish, you are the, Honored Dragon Hamish. Hamish The Great, also known as Hamish The Elder. You are my King, Hamish. You rule here. - me, yeah I know, I am encouraging him

Alpha Beta - And Hamish!

March 26 2013 - Last night a new green reptilian came for a visit to my bedroom when I went to bed. He was a slender reptilian with a long tail but a longer crocodile's snout. I told him he was welcome. He might have said a few words but I can't remember if I don't write them down. Nothing much. Just a visit. Nothing happened.

This morning the Agenda was cross with me because I went on a second date with that new guy I'm seeing. They showed me a mental image of that guy who killed President Kennedy and said that that guy was an Alpha Star and I was told that I would have to be made into an Alpha instead of the Beta. I said that I think Alpha is the MKULTRA assassin. See here for all the MKULTRA designations. No, Delta is the assassin. Anyhow, they want me to be the Beta Cat because that way they send me to men who make me pregnant or something. Anyhow. They're not gonna change that, they still call me their "Butterfly", which is Beta. The black reptilian who talked about the Alpha asked me if I knew how they make someone an Alpha. No, I said. How do you do that. "By talking a lot to the person. A lot. Like this.", black reptilian talked to me mentally. I said that it would not work at me. And it wouldn't.

The Arcturians gave the Draconians a long lecture about things. I wish I would have written it down. The Reptilians listened.

Then later in the morning I turn on the vacuum cleaner and Hamish immediately says his pleased Yes (in the other language). It was such a pleased Draconian Yes, he loves it when I clean whether I do laundry or wash the floors. My precious Dragon Turtle. Then Hamish sat down on the sofa and told me he wanted to watch some television. There was a show about the plague and I wanted to watch. Hamish and then Black Reptile asked some questions about the plague. Black Reptile said "pestilence" about it. There was an image of a church. Black Reptile said there is an "arch bishop" there and that they don't want to see one. "I don't want to see one either", I said to Black Reptile. "And if I can come and visit you Reptiles, I will bow so deeply to my Black Reptilian that I will lay down on the floor for you." "Dog, hound!", he calls me, but honoring the Draconians makes them soften up a bit to me. Then we get along great. I'm fond of my Dragons, fussy ones or not.

Hamish pulled me up this morning in bed. I was sleepy and staying in bed for at least an hour more after I woke up. At one point I say that "I belong to myself and to Hamish". That makes Hamish show up and he does a possession and superimposes his head and body with mine, and pulls me up in bed. I just laughed, Hamish is so cute when he pulls me up in bed in the mornings, or otherwise I couldn't get up from bed sometimes! Now Hamish wants to watch a show about babies. I was changing the channel and he said he wanted to watch it. He loves television. I love my Dragon he can choose the show on tv, I'm working on the computer sitting here in the living room spending some quality time with my Dragon.

I got some soap in my eyes in the shower and started whining for General Patton to come save me. He said that this was why Major Cunningham had quit his job on my team, because I talk to them like that. I told General Patton that all my regulars are used to it, they have put up with it for years. A while later I talked to the team about my period. "You know those times when you're bleeding out and you're not sure if it's your period or if it's something else, you know that feeling?" I said to the US surveillance team of high rank military and men in black survey men. General Patton and Nolan didn't want to hear about it, but Aulis Greenshaw said he didn't mind. I talk to them all the time like they're my girlfriends. These men put up with a lot and I told them it's a woman's best weapon - we talk a lot. I've lived with these MILABS guys since age 14, they're just my guys.

A baby started crying on that tv show and Hamish gets very stressed out from the sound. He almost wants to make a roar from his throat. He definitely responds to the sound. Draconians are very vocal and sounds mean things to them. They have acute hearing and even things like music and regular sounds from a video game leave a strong lasting impression on them. They are not able to tune out and disconnect from background sounds the way we humans are. I will have to mute the program or change the show. He isn't aggressive or anything but he definitely reacted to the sound. He is such a precious Dragon. "I love you Hamish", I say to him. I have done some long palate clicks at him today, just to tell him that I love him.


March 25 2013 - A creature appeared in remote telepathic connection and asked me if I had ever spoken with a Rothschild. No, I said, and I said that they are baby killers (according to legend) and I would need at least a few days to get used to the thought of speaking to one, so please would you come back later in a few days at least. It says that my DNA is very important to them. The creature is a frail fragile creature. It looks and feels exactly as if it needs a blood transfusion, so it makes a lot of sense that they drink blood. I'm sure that they gather a lot of strengths from that, poor things, I mean, imagine having to kill someone to live... wait a minute, all of yall who eat meat are doing just that. So get over it. Become a vegetarian if you're against the killing or it's double standard so shut up.

I just hate that people who eat meat from cold blooded slaughter of animals then come to think that Rothschilds and Reptilians can't consume meat and blood products. I become a vegetarian every time I am reminded of the fate of Dinosaurs being eaten, so then I can be against the killing. But those of you who eat meat just shut up and go have your meat, the cow probably suffered more and for longer than the children did. So there.

The Rothschild is a frail white creature. It looks deflated like its skin is a thick layer that sits without supporting body fluids underneath, like it needs some filler under that thick layer of skin. It is very weak and frail and feels very old. It's not a human cause it looks a lot like the chubby Illuminati hybrids, only this one is more white and much different, but they are definitely related.

Yes, and you are one of our women. - Rothschild speaks with a voice like that of an old man. It has barely got the strength to speak, yet it spoke to me, so it must be important
Dear Rothschild, what do you want of me? What am I needed for? - me

It feels as if the Rothschild might die at any minute, it is so frail and weak. Oh snap, now it's ingesting some of my vital force juice. Snap, I hate being the juice bar of all of these Illuminati Agenda guys. Why does everybody drink from my sap? Just leave me be. These guys are energy vampires, they probably don't eat anything else. There's some kind of power in my blood that results in an energy juice. He just snuck up and started tapping in, I think it's rude not to ask first.

He's all white and there's some pink around his eyes.

Yes, we are with the Illuminati. - Rothschild speaks with that frail old man's voice
What is, the Illuminati? What does it mean? - me
It has got a lot of potential here! - Rothschild yells, maybe about my juice
Don't drink my juice. You did not ask for permission, nor did I grant you permission. It is much better if you ask first, otherwise I won't like you. - me
You see, we don't just murder children do we. - Rothschild
I don't know about that. You steal energy from women. - me
Yes, about that... - Rothschild
Now, leave me alone. No more juice for you! Leave me the hell alone! You filthy parasite. I only give my juice to Dragons. - me
Yes, if a Dragon, is more fitting. - Rothschild, he is a weak very old man
How old are you? - me
We are, given, you women. - Rothschild
I didn't give myself to you. Don't come back here again, you have offended me deeply, and you are not welcome again. - me

Update: The white lizard who says he is a Rothschild continues to talk to me throughout the evening. He remains gentle and calm, he is an old man he sits somewhere leaning with both hands on a cane. He has barely got strengths to talk but makes the effort to speak clearly, so obviously him visiting me must be important. He had heard good things of me, was the first thing he had said to me. He wants to tell me about them, and I've tried to refer him to come back in two days or so because this is all too much. I didn't know the Rothschild myth in Draconianism was real. I wasn't expecting this.

He tells me that he would like, well, let's put his exact words here cause I don't really know, I'm not making this stuff up, here it is: "So, Zoroaster wanted you to make him your King." said the Rothschild white lizard to me. He keeps talking about Zoroaster now, and about some temple with two pillars called Anilynum. I don't have a clue who Zoroaster is and, check out the Rothschild family crest. I mean "coat of arms". Rothschild coat of arms. It is impressively huge and has got a whopping four Dragons on it. It is only thanks to Sensei who is with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty that I know about coats of arms. Otherwise I, as just a humble woman, would have known nothing. The lions and those bird things are secret symbols of Dragons. Sensei said so himself, so it must be true. The Sensei knows everything about old legends and about the Dragon Empire. What the unicorn means I can only imagine.

Dear Rothschild. What does the unicorn mean in your family coat of arms? What does it stand for, I mean symbolise? I know what the Dragons there are, but what of the unicorn? - me
Well? You are not with my family are you? - Rothschild lizard
Yes Sir but, I would like to understand your family coat of arms. Would you tell me? Or is it a secret. - me
Well, you do know about the family and power. - Rothschild, weak he leans on his cane
I am sorry Sir, you are an elderly man, and I will not trouble you with my question. I can feel how weak you are. - me

He leans on the cane, he could die any minute. He is literally dying, but not in a death bed. He can barely breathe. He is an old White Lizard. I kind of feel sorry for him, and want him to die in my arms, not alone like that, resting on a cane.

I haven't been beaten in a long while, that is why. - Rothschild lizard
What are you saying? Beaten..? - me
Yes, it takes the mustard out of me. - Rothschild
Do you.. I mean, .. you get tired when you are beaten? - me
Yes! Of course! - Rothschild
Please. Don't tell them about Anilynum. - Rothschild
What is that place? *Of legends and lore.* - me
We won't bleed, a cup of your blood.. - Rothschild

This has been another episode of Annie's Crazy Whacked Up Life with the Draconians. See us back again next week, when... well I can't think of anything more dramatic than talking to a dying Rothschild lizard who seems to be wanting to lend a cup of my blood the way that human neighbors borrow a cup of white sugar...

No, don't tell them about, Anilynum... - Rothschild is literally dying. Maybe my cup of blood would save his life?
Would my blood save your life? Because, I do give blood donations, to humans I mean. I have always wanted to do that. I don't know if it's right to let you die. I mean, ... - me
No, I am not that hungry.. - Rothschild weak old man
If I had an elderly human man who was at the hospital dying in need of a blood transfusion I would not be able to say no. Because I can spare a cup of blood for an elderly dying man. Now I don't know what kind of a creature you are, - me
Well, I must be somebody's pet. - Rothschild white lizard says
I don't know what kind of a thing you are, but you are a living creature and it seems that you are dying and I might be able to help you somehow. - me

Annie and the Draconians. Whacked up. Join us back again, this has been totally real, as always.

Another Update: I was looking at the Rothschild coat of arms wondering what the black griphens are. Rothschild told me what those are, but then he pleaded that I not reveal it, so who am I to dishonor a dying old man's wishes regarding his family honor and secrets? No, Dear white Rothschild lizard, I will not reveal what those black creatures are on their family crest. I mean coat of arms.

No, and we won't have dinner with you either. - Rothschild adds, still leaning on the cane, short of breath because he is so weak, he thought of a big dining table in a big mansion somewhere

What is that strange button? - Annie finds a strange white button on the Rothschild coat of arms
... Is it a... needle? A pin I mean? It looks like one of those pins you use on a bulletin board. Is that it? - me, haha. What do you guys reading think that it is? As for Zoroaster, ah... let's just leave that for another day. I don't know about Zoroaster. Is that it? As for "Anilynum", and I'm sure of the spelling, if Google doesn't know what it is, then it doesn't exist.

At Home

March 23 2013 - While I was preparing a chicken salad lunch, slicing cherry tomatoes and boiled chicken into the toss, Hamish says to me in the kitchen that he was angry when he found out that Westeros, the world in the Game of Thrones series, was not a real place. He had wanted to have gone there. And he had wanted to sit on the throne. He would also not have allowed children to sit on the throne, and showed me his mental image of when the Queen had sat on the throne with her little boy in Season 2 Episode 9 that we watched earlier. But then he added, that he was not angry at me. I told him that I would be afraid to go to Westeros because of all the wars.

I sit down to have my salad and I tell Hamish that he is welcome to come watch some television with me to see if anything is on. I told him that I regret that we didn't watch the Gladiator tv series when it was on last time cause I had gone up to other things, so we missed our show and I had entirely forgotten that I was going to watch it with my Dragon, who loves it so. I tell my Dragon that there are two kinds of tv shows on the television. Some are real and they are called documentaries. And then there are fictional stories which are just pretend and they are called entertainment. I ask Hamish what he would like to watch. He says he would like to watch a show about power. I say to him that I'm not sure if there's a show about power on, but I tell him that there are many such shows available, just probably not on tv right now. And that personally I prefer documentaries. There are so many shows he might enjoy watching, my Dragon.

TELL THEM I AM NOT, his Kissy Feet. - Hamish in English
No, Dragons. You are not Kissy Feet. - me

As I'm finished with my salad and gone back to rinse the plate and put the dishes away, Hamish shows me a mental image of the white and blue woven bathroom rug that sits on the bathroom floor. He also shows me with it an image of his red Duck ... ... feet. And he says, that he has not cleaned his feet on that rug. I tell Hamish, knowing that he loves to wipe his feet clean on soft rugs, that he is welcome here in our home. That he may use any things here in the home as he pleases, and that if there are any other things he would desire or need any help with anything, then just tell me. You are welcome here, Dragon, and make yourself at home.

He told me his name is not Hamish. His name is "a proud race".

I made Hamish smile

March 23 2013 - I told Hamish in words that I love him very much. He taught me how to say "I like you very much". "I like you" is said with a palate click. He taught me that to make a longer palate click means "to like very much". A palate click is to open the mouth slightly and then to close the mouth so that the roof of the mouth (palate) touches against the base of the mouth and air is pushed in the mouth to make a soft fleshy palate click sound. It's not really a click that's misleading. It sounds more like... I can't describe it. It's a little sound that air and palate make.

I've mastered the skill of doing palate clicks just like Hamish does them. So Hamish taught me how to do a longer palate click for "I like very much". You keep the mouth open for slightly longer before it closes, and there is a pause after the mouth closes and before you make the click sound. And then you don't "let go" of knowing that you're doing a palate click until after another moment of pause. An elongated palate click. For I love you very much.

Hamish also taught me how to do the palate clicks that do two clicks for one palate sound. I forgot what it means, he doesn't explain them in words but I feel them from him. I did several elongated palate clicks for Hamish, some longer than he had done for me, so that I was saying "I love you VERY VERY much!" I did several. And Hamish became happy, he started smiling with his eyes after I had done a few elongated palate clicks for him. Then his eyelids started closing on the upper outer corners diagonally across the eyes. And he held his eyelids smiling for a longer time than I had seen before. He was happy. I had told my Dragon that I love him, in his own language. And he understood. He was smiling to me.

I could not close my eyelids partially or just a diagonal sliver of eyelids from the upper outer corner, so I closed my eyes completely, and showed Hamish and told him without words, that I was smiling too.

Just now I did two longer palate clicks at Hamish Dragon. His response, after a delay of about four seconds, he thinks about wanting to bite his toothless mouth into my right wrist. It was a reflex and I don't think he "thinks" about the biting/nibbling behavior, it's just the way that a Dragon communicates.

The Bird Person whose race of Bird People are the ones who created Hamish's Dragon Turtle race, is very pleased that I am so fond of Hamish. They are proud of Hamish too. "Isn't he nice?", Bird Person said to me a few days ago. "Yes, I love Hamish more than any thing else in the whole world".

... The first time that I ever saw Hamish from really up close in his true natural form, he looked at me with his little face that sits on the end of an arched tubular neck. Two round, bulging yellow eyes like headlights of a car in the dark night. Tiny little nostrils embedded flat between the eyes. And that mouth of his, "that goes over things". "I don't put my feet in my mouth like that other Dragon.", Hamish is now quick to say (in English) about Gargoyle. Gargoyle likes to put his feet in his mouth (Gargoyle puts his own feet into his own mouth), like a baby or a parrot. So when I saw Hamish for the first time and he was close and he was looking at me, I recall how his eyelids were closing diagonally across the eye. He had been smiling at me, and I had not known a Dragon's smile.

I am not a Turtle tell them that. - Hamish now in English
It is told, Hamish. I have told them that. Anything else? - me
Yes. I am not their Dragon. - Hamish adds
I have told them. My Honored Scales. - me
And. Don't say Kissy Feet. - Hamish adds
No Darling, I have not said Kissy Feet today. - me
And, tell them that I am watching your eggs. - Hamish (all these were in English)

"Hamish, I love you!", I say to my Dragon Hamish in the other language. Hamish responds by having his red little sock puppet head pop up before me, covered in fancy red scales, and he opens his mouth and does one splendid elongated palate click. As if to repeat what I had just said to say it in his own language, probably not to say it back to me. Oh I was so delighted because Hamish is so cute!!! Hamish!! I love you!! "I am not a Sock Puppet Dragon tell them that.", Hamish says. "And I want your egg whites." - Hamish adds. "Yes Hamish. You can have my egg whites.", me. (these in English)

Another Day With A Proud Race

March 21 2013 - Yesterday I watched the Game Of Thrones episode that Hamish had wanted to see (see previous News page for this story, entry "Movie Night with Hamish!!"). I had just finished watching Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9. Only minutes after, Hamish shows up wanting to see it, and he is really eager to too. Turns out Hamish had already watched it with me, cause he knew all the scenes he wanted to see (the battle scenes, huh), he was just wanting to see them again.

Ok so I figured that this was one of those moments I would come to always regret for the rest of my life if I would not go ahead and watch the episode again with Hamish. So we watched it again. I wrote down Hamish's comments during it but it's too much work for me to post everything they say here on the website. But I do keep all of it written down and archived, I think it's important and valuable, since these are real Dragons. And he is my best friend too, so I think of it as my journal too. Love My Turtle.

He likes the gory scenes. I almost didn't want to show them to him not to get him carried away and not to encourage him. "I want to see them rip out the heart", was one of the things Hamish said during the movie. I almost chose to change the movie into something more innocent. Like a CareBears cartoon. If this Turtle Scales weren't my best friend and I knew him so well, I would have been disgusted and not let him have the movie night. He even thought to his "plastic bag of snacks", which is literally, a big like ziplock plastic bag which somebody fills with slivers of fresh organ meats for him. Go figure. Guess Dragon wanted a snack to go with his movie, he was talking about how I had eaten some "sandwiches" (I had pizza slices) with the movie when I watched it the first time.

But, it is fully possible to live life living with a Dragon Turtle. We get along great and we understand one another perfectly. Or so I think. This morning when I woke up, the first thing I thought of was Hamish. "Haamiss!", I called for him in one of my many petname pronounciations of his name. Hamish Turtle shows up. "I want to dwell with you in your home! I want to come visit!", I say to my Dragon (Hamish and the other Aliens call it "to dwell" instead of "being" someplace.) What Hamish does then is a conquest, which is when he overlaps himself mentally with my body and mind and he then becomes able to be the one controlling and moving my body. A conquest is a very intimate experience, you feel as if you and the Dragon are overlapping and together. Closer than a hug, your two heads are superimposed. Hamish pulled me up on all fours in bed and he looked at me closely.

A human might be too quick to interpret this as a violent assault. Many humans scream bloody murder at the Draconians. In my opinion, having known Hamish Dragon for year and a half, he might have been just checking me out. But I think that he was definitely also "showing me his power" in a way saying that "no you cannot come here to visit because I am in charge", and "don't be telling me what to do and giving me orders". Maybe also a form of, "calm down there". But to me, it is just another friendly close encounter with my best friend in the world.

The day goes on. While I'm in the bathroom in the morning and getting ready for my shower, he tells me that his name is not Hamish. His name is "a proud race" (or was it "the proud race", but same thing almost). He wants me to refer to him as, "the proud race". I don't know if I will, if I can. He will forever be my Hamish. And just now a while ago, as I reach to turn the music on, on the computer, and I think that "ah yes, today I will have the music on without the headphones", as soon as I am about to click, "No" says my Dragon. So headphones it is.

I was not called a Kissy Dragon this time. - Hamish says
No you were not. - me approximately
Because I am not a proud race then. - Hamish
These were in English. I forgot my exact words cause had to make sure I remembered Hamish's comments verbatum, which they are.