Short Stories

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March 13 2013 - March 20 2013

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Movie Night with Hamish!!

March 20 2013 - One of my Draconians either Malik or Hamish asked me if I couldn't tidy up around here. He was referring to the mess on the living room coffee table. After all, I'd been sick so there were some tissues, empty glasses, books, and things. Of course, I said, and tidied it up. Then Hamish comes closer and says, "Now then, I can come here with my scales." "You are welcome here with your scales", I said to him. What you wouldn't guess about the Draconians is that they are very neat and tidy. They like things tidy, no socks on the floor, for instance. And no trash in the trashcan, they will regularly ask me to take out the trash. I love Hamish, if you didn't notice.

Next, Hamish says that he wants to sit here. He wants to sit to my right next to me here on the sofa. Of course!, I say to Hamish Dragon, and I move all the pillows from that seat over to my left so that he can sit there. This isn't the first time Hamish sits to my right side next to me on the sofa watching what I do on the computer. He then says that he "wanted to see the one with the throne". I just finished watching Game Of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9. I just finished it. Hamish. Can't we watch something else? But hello! Everybody reading say hello to Hamish wave your scaly paws for him he's sitting right here, with his tail between his leg casual and limp it slithers down to the floor! It's always fun to see his tail between his legs when he sits. I would have imagined a Dragon to tuck his tail behind his back instead, but no, they don't.

Another interesting thing is that a Dragon always asks for permission before he sits down on a sofa. Always. All the Draconians do. "I wanted to see it I said". Hamish's 2nd reminder after he said it the first time. It can be a vicious Draconian who starts out by acting brute and demanding that I Honor him and such, but then ever so graciously he asks if he so may sit on the sofa. And they wait for me to answer. Of course they may sit on the sofa! They are Dragons! Ahh, gee... I guess I'm watching it again with Hamish Dragon. Ok Hamish, here's an hour I'm spending just for you. I guess I can do something else, no, cause everything I wanna do is on the computer. Ok, anything for my Dragon. He loves movies.

And in the other European language:
*sigh* Did you want the sound on? - me
No. I wanted to watch. - Hamish
But there is sound. So that you can hear what they say, because they speak too. - me
Do they drink the juice then? - Hamish about the ones who die in the battle scenes
No Hamish, humans don't drink juice. - me
Then they are not like Draconians. - Hamish
No, my Honored. Humans suffer when they die. - me
I wanted to drink the juice with them. - Hamish
Hamish? It is only acting. They don't die for real. Did you know that? It is a theatrical film, it is pretend. - me
I wanted to see it. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. I will show it to you. - me

Was it Hamish who said that? - me
I wanted to see them being beaten in their heads. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. We will watch it soon. Wait a minute and I will start it. - me

Geez! Dragon wants to watch the Game Of Thrones! What's a girl to do, other than start it. What's fun is that Hamish crosses his ankles when he sits. Oh, it is priceless. Priceless I tell you.

In English:
They also give us fireworks here. - Hamish
I'm glad you get that. Do you enjoy them? Do you enjoy fireworks? - yours truly
He responds by doing palate sounds. Which means he is pleased.

The Japanese Dragon Dynasty like to do red fireworks display just for Hamish and the Dragons. Hamish often shows me his mental images of it and likes to tell me.

Hamish continues talking with me. He is really excited to see people's heads bashed in. And here I thought I had to shield Hamish from watching scary movies, that he would be afraid. But he is totally fearless and kind of intrigued with things like severed off forearms with hand intact in the freezer (true story, from another movie I watched). Oh, Dragon. I can't keep posting everything he says cause we have to start watching the movie now, but I will continue writing down everything he says. I will tell you that he called my pizza slices "sandwiches". I had some when I watched Game Of Thrones the first time. "Sandwiches". I love it how they use the wrong words.

Other language:
Hamish? Should we watch the movie now? Come let's watch it. - me
I wanted to see you fuck. - Thuban
Oh man... Ok Thuban, send me a man and I will fuck cause I don't have a man here so I can't do it. Geez! Hamish come on let's watch a movie.
You don't have to be insensitive with me. - says Thuban now in English
I'm sorry. You know, I need a man if I'm going to do that. What would you have me do? - me

Laugh or facepalm, laugh or facepalm. Ok come on Hamish let's just watch a movie.

Dinosaur Humour

March 20 2013 -

Aren't you sick of that Turtle? - Dinosaur about Hamish
No I am not.. - me
(Because) we are. - Dinosaur (all these in English)

I was sitting here on the sofa working on finishing my first book for you all. I'm just titling all the chapters at this stage. Dinosaur came watching me. I was listening to music through my headphones. I manage to forget all about the Dinosaur, and this great song comes up and I start dancing a bit to it here where I'm sitting. After the song is over I resume to just typing and reading again. Then the Dinosaur starts laughing and he is thinking about how I had danced a bit to the music. He had a good laugh. The Dinosaurs of course don't laugh like we humans do, but oh they sure do laugh! He thought it was hilarious, he thought it was a hoot! And what's worse is his humor is always contageous cause he shows me what he thought was funny and how he feels about it and then I can only agree.

Please, don't tell them about me. - Dinosaur about me writing here about him
Why? Are you shy. What's the matter? - me
They won't understand us about our eggs. - says Dinosaur with an accent that has a bit of the intonation of their frog chirps language
I will not, risk anything for you. And you are welcome to my eggs, I have told you that. No human will take my eggs away from you. - me
Yes, thank you Annie! - Dinosaur pleased as punch (all English here too)

I like you! I like you Dinosaurs! - I tell Dinosaur and I see and feel how it makes him happy to hear that
You should shut up now! - Hamish fusses at me
We have not spoken to our lunches and snacks. - Hamish, referring to the Dinosaurs (these in the other European language)
Dinosaur tells me without words and with images and feelings that he was so excited when I first started to masturbate when I was younger. Sorry about that, but Dinosaur is like an obstretician and human sexlife expert. He studies those things very carefully. Yep.
So?, we are not arrogant about it? - Hamish says now
No, Hamish Turtle. I love you guys. - me
Yes, and my eggs are here. - Hamish
Eggs. Hunnun. Hamish! - me to Hamish
I can't give you an egg. They are mine. - Hamish to me
You can have my hunnun. I don't need them for myself right now. How many do you take? How many hunnun do you take? - me (and these again in English)
Dinosaur now tells me in images and in feeling he shows me the larvae grubs that he gets to eat. Dinosaur may be hungry. The Dinosaurs get to eat big fat juicy larvae grubs. Did you guys reading this know that?

Dinosaur tells me that he showed up to see what I was writing about the Dinosaurs. They are of course included in my first book, so that is what he was curious about. He doesn't want "them" (who?) to come and take their children (hybrids) away from them, that is his concern. Because that has happened before, he says. So the Dinosaurs don't want them and their work to be known. He is such a cutie, oh the joy to know a Dinosaur!

I am the Orion man's woman

March 20 2013 - I've been sick and slept on the sofa. When I woke up the Orion man was here. He had been watching me presumably all night. He takes an interest in diseases and bacteria. He even told me to wash my hands if after I do a #2 yesterday because there might be bacteria. When I had gone to pee last night then he had said that I didn't have to wash my hands after just peeing because the bacteria weren't there. And I washed my hands anyway and told him that urine can have bacteria too. But he was here this morning. It is nice to see the Orion man, he is one of my dearest... friends? Acquaintances? One of my favorite Aliens! That's it!

We haven't broken your nose. But you want to break it. - Orion knows I want nose plastic surgery
Yes. I want to break it and make it different. - me
We will be watching! - Orion says with his big yellow eyes glaring wide open
Yes, you will get to see it! You are more than welcome then. Orions are always welcome in my life, I have said. I welcome you here, and I can be your woman. - me

He had asked me if I was feeling better, and then he asked me if I was a "dominant race". I said that no as a woman of my race I am friendly and kind, but that our men can be dominant and do wars and deplete all of our resources that way. He then said that "this woman" did not know what dominant means. He said that I would have to do as he says, and that I was "his woman" now. I said that I would be happy to volunteer and to be his woman. He said that my race is dominant. Because my race gives the Orions some of their women, such as me, and then they force the Orions to obey by saying that otherwise they can't have the women anymore. Manipulations, anyone? I told the Orion that I would be his woman no matter what.

A few minutes later, one of the United States military workers Major Cunningham, whose real name is Agent Donovan Brown, shows up. He is a very tan color, possibly part black but with that deep red brown Indian skin color. His first words to me are him calling me potato head. He hasn't called me that in maybe ten years. In my teens, Major Cunningham was always pestering me. Always insulting me, putting me down, and being very rude and hateful. He was bullying me, and as you will read in one of my conversations with him in the first book, it was his job to do that. But now he told me that the "Battle at Syracuse" means that the US military are fighting the Aliens. And here I am welcoming them (the Orions) with open arms, he says. I told Cunningham that the Orions and Aliens are my guests and I can do as I please. And I told Cunningham to leave, and not to expect me to listen to him if his opening statement was calling me a potato head. How rude. Leave me and the Aliens alone.

Family names with Hamish, and Factoid about Hamish

March 15 2013 - Just happened (translated from other European language):

Hamish Hamish HaMISH!! - I coo over my Sock Turtle and really get into it but not loudly, just one of those daily spontaneous outbursts where I say his name to him
I am not called that with family name. - Hamish
What are you called with family name? - me
With scales. - Hamish
(Badum-tish, that was funny)

And did you guys know that Hamish was in fact some Scottish man who lived in Scotland in the late 1800's I think it was? Hamish has even shown me what that man looked like. He was some kind of common thug and Hamish... I mean my Dragon and the man Hamish were good buddies and they got along great. Hamish, I mean my Dragon, still misses the man Hamish. So much in fact that that is why he sometimes has said that his name is Hamish. Maybe one day when I am long gone Hamish will tell tales of this young Dragon lover and when someone asks his name will be Annie... I mean, with family name, Annie Scales. I love my Sock Puppet, he is full of surprises.

Now, a minute later, he is doing several palate sounds to me, which means that Dragon is pleased. I do some palate sounds back at him. He is such a good Turtle Sock, isn't he. My Sock Kissy Foot.

Suleski MIB

March 15 2013 - Mmm, hot sexy Suleski. That is his name. So I had gone to bed after the previous entry and started talkin' about how I've really got the hots for that big strong MIB who showed up last night and was with me here also when I woke up. So we really have the hots for each other, at least in that first impression shallow purely sexual kind of way that you sometimes get with someone at the bar (not that I go to bars). He was saying that he wasn't allowed to have me, so turns out this is not an Agenda Illuminati Dating Services Inc. match-up. It is not.

So I said that I would like to ask the Draconians if me and him could get together. We would totally have sex right off the bat, I'm telling you. There's some serious sparks between us, just something purely sexual and animal. I've never had that happen before to be honest. We just kinda have the hots for each other, it's great. It's the kind of thing that you see in the movies where two persons get in a room together and have never set eyes on each other in their life, and they just immediately get together and start doing it. Right there in that room. No words spoken, and not a second wasted. I don't know what it is, cause it sure isn't Agenda Dating Services Inc., who set me up with Crocodile Man, Draconians, Japanese, Russians. It's just me and Suleski, and like lots of pheromones and stuff or whatever it is.

You wanna know something? You don't look that good. - Suleski says now

So as I was kinda asking the Draconians, a bright green Reptilian who was not in a humanoid form but an Earth-prehistoric-dinosaur form tumbled me around in a conquest. It has bright neon green with yellow on the belly and face, gorgeous scaly lizard with long tail and long clawed fingers, and three combs on the head. It is probably the same as the previous combed dinosaur. (Not to be confused with, Dinosaurs) Lizzy asked me if I would give him/them rule over my race if I got to meet with the man, I said that I didn't know if I would/could.

Lizzy let go of me and retreated, and I continued talking about how I want to be with the man. And he had the hots for me too.

I don't bite nipples or anything, but I like it wild. - Suleski says now
Wow. Me too. - me to Suleski

Then John, one of my all-time regular MILABS MIBS of all time, the one with black hair whom I've known since I was 14 probably, he shows up and says, "God, it's Suleski!" Now, I can't say that Suleski has been a regular MIB in my life but I've heard his name on a few occasions throughout the past sixteen years of MILABS.

I don't know if the Agenda will let us get together. But I sure wish that we could. Now I must say that I rarely get this. I rarely if ever feel the hots for some guy. It almost never happens, so I must say this is fun and extra special cause it's rare. It's this chemical thing that happens or whatever it is. It can't be faked. I've been on dates and it's never been hot or passionate or real. But yep, I've really got the hots for Suleski. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Best thing is he likes me too. Yep, this is the most fun this Agenda has brought me in a long time.

I'll let you all know if anything happens. I don't keep secrets from my readers. But if it's too sexy then it has to go into the book, cause I can't post anything online that's too graphic or obscene. Though I'm hoping of course for some graphic and obscene with hot MIB Suleski sorry I just had to say that. Hm. I am wondering if I should really put my flirt on, and really go after him and try to make him blush? Heheh. I rarely have the hots for someone so this could be fun. I'll let you all know what happens.

I must also say that I've been surrounded by basically what are some really good-looking

No, I am not bashful. I don't mind. - Suleski to me or to other MIBS
I think you're REALLY HOT! - me
[censored] - Suleski

Damn. Now one of the MILABS possibly Assistant Carlisle is looking at me like thinking "what the hell is going on here I am so disappointed in you young lady" kind of look, you know a look like "let's get back to bible study this is inappropriate for you I should have raised you better". Carlisle always acted like my father and he's overprotective in an old-fashioned way. He has a daughter my age so that's why he thinks of me as his daughter. I don't like that innocent look - I think - Carlisle was giving me.

Don't go after the lions! - Hamish says to me about the lion coat of arms, for me to not go after the royalty of Europe
No Darling, I don't go after the lions. I leave the lions be. - me kindly to Hamish
No, we don't like it when our women do that. - Carlisle I think it was, not about lions but about the sexy thing
So? You think this is funny? - Suleski
Now what. - me

Oh what ever.

Hush Hush. - Thuban to me

Oh gee, just let me go back to sleep. I was waken too early by the Dragon Dynasty. I've been up since 5. But I was about to say, that I've been surrounded by rather good-looking MILABS men since I was 14, and I've never had the hots for any of them. Well that's mostly been cause I was so young then and they were kind of not dating material or anything anyway you know what I mean. I never thought of them that way. And I still don't. They're... MILABS. They're not men. They're not regular people, because of who they are, and what they do.

I bet Suleski's gonna end up trampling on me and breaking my heart. I'd best stay away from him. I don't think he cares about me.

Yeah, we're not allowed to date our women. - Suleski now
Why not? - me

Whatevs. Just let me get back to sleep. Too many people all at once. There's Hamish, the Sensei, combed dinosaur Draconian, Suleski, John, Thuban, and now Carlisle.

Swansea, child, Crocodile, Sensei, MIB and lions

March 15 2013 - Some news and updates but first this:

Hamish! HaMISH! - I coo over my Dragon Turtle
Yes. - Hamish responds pleased
One of those! - Hamish says and points his red scaly finger at the computer screen right on the paw of the lion see here, he points to the lion's hand and makes a special note of the lion's claws
What do you think about it? - I ask Hamish the Dragon Turtle
I want to take it around its throat! - Hamish shows me his mental image in which his red scaly hands are strangling the lion's throat

Last night Captain Richard Swansea who is one of the United States military officers who's been with me since the early start since my early teens when the MILABS abductions started, he came around here with a hybrid girl who he said was our daughter. Swansea's and mine daughter. I got upset and told them both to leave. Swansea loves that daughter, but he wouldn't care to help me out when I was really struggling with this all. So I asked them to leave.

Crocodile Man was back from Arek's team and was going to have sex with me again. I told Crocodile Man to wait for dark so that I could be in bed when that happens. The Crocodile and Alligator Draconians really struggle to talk human languages, they have an extra language difficulty and it often comes out as just dragon roars. Other abductees have noted on that also. But he made eloquent sentences for me. He was making great effort to come off as nice and to not scare me away. I am up for some tumbles with the scales anytime, but especially with the Crocodile Man. But I never got to remember a sexual encounter with him last night, because I think Swansea and the hybrid girl showed up then, and then it got so late and I must've fallen right asleep.

Hamish brought me to a Japanese Dragon Dynasty man whom I was to call "Sensei". I went to sleep naked, really got to buy a night gown for the sake of abduction purposes, cause I only go to sleep naked cause I don't have one, so they were trying on some Japanese ladie's clothes on me, but nothing would fit over my wide European hips. Read more about the Sensei here.

There was a hot big United States men in black who I thought was going to kill me while I was there, but when I woke up and came to here I wasn't afraid of him anymore and thought he was rather hot. Well, he started it by flirting with me a bit first, and so then I flirted with him back a little. But we haven't done anything. He calls me Dolly, and he likes my hair. He's a really big and butch man, he has huge arms he's built like a brick. He wears large black sunglasses now since I woke up but he had none while I was there. He even sang a bit he was so pleased when I flirted with him.

And Sensei said that the lion in coat of arms is a secret symbol of the Dragons.

All this in less than 12 hours! All for now! Join us back for another episode of Annie's Dragon Agenda! Will she have sex with the Sensei? And is his stomach upset! Why does Hamish think that he might be blaming the girl [me] for it? Will she buy a nightgown, or will she end up butt naked at the Japanese Dragon Dynasty again when there is nothing there for her to wear. Will she make out with the sexy hot MIB man who came on to her, or will the lusty Crocodile Man get to her first? Oh, the intrigues, the drama! And what about that Swansea who she just found out was the father of her hybrid child she didn't know existed! Why have the MILABS men been so quiet, and why was Swansea finally so chatty? What made his fag [cigarette] so much more interesting than Annie's breaking heart? Was she going to run out and escape into the night, or was she only talking, so that Richard [Swansea] would take her into his arms. Will they ever take her into their arms, and is that why she now wants to cuddle with the MIB man who showed her some interest. Is this all a game, for wanting to heal a heart that's been broken since she was 14 when it all begun. Episodes, intrigues, questionmarks, and answers! Find out! Tune back for next week's episode, already tomorrow if not sooner!

Dragons fighting!!

March 14 2013 - Help! My two beloved Dragons are fighting with each other (again, sigh)!! Gargoyle calls Hamish a big orange round ball and pumpkin, and Gargoyle teases Hamish because Hamish stinks and Gargoyle doesn't, and Hamish says Hamish is going to cut up Gargoyle with some "sharp leaves" (literally sharp autumn leaves, not sharp enough of course), or nail him down!! Hamish gets upset and agitated, meanwhile Gargoyle (as always) remains calm. But they are fighting! I've told them to stop!

Hamish doesn't want us to make camp here with your hunnun. - Gargoyle

By the way Gargoyle did what all Draconians have done before him. He drank my juice. Gargoyle lifted our arms up and he drained me of energy that comes from my blood. Afterwards I felt both physically and mentally like a dead rag and nearly collapsed. Gargoyle said he had been watching me for a long time trying to figure out when was the right time. All other Draconians have drank my juice after only about two days of observing me, for Gargoyle it took months almost a year to decide on when. Then he asked me if I was angry at him, and he was apologising, and asked me if I "still liked his smell". Meh, Dragons.

PS. When all other Draconians (or most of them anyways) have drunk my juice, it has felt very sexual and erotic, perhaps because they make it so so that I would not reject them. But when Gargoyle drank my juice there was no ecstasy, nothing sexual in it. None at all. Whereas when Snake drank my juice for instance, it was the most intense sexual moment of my life. Snake's lasted for a few precious minutes, Gargoyle's lasted perhaps three to five seconds only.

Yes, it was max what I could do. - Gargoyle
And I didn't want them to say that I have feathers. - Gargoyle
Why? Did someone call you a bird? I don't see feathers on you. - me
You see, that I am not evil, don't you? - Gargoyle
Just don't drain all of it. I could die you know. Don't let me die because of it. And try to be nice to my Hamish Dragon. - me
He deserves you huh doesn't he? - Gargoyle to me about Hamish
Well. Hamish is my Darling. And he forever will be. - me
But he doesn't have these! - Gargoyle about wings

Gargoyle and Hamish don't like each other

March 14 2013 - Gargoyle made an ugly face, he opened his beak real wide and then closed it, in a gesture like yawning or like reaching your mouth real far and wide. I even saw his thin string tongue in that beak. There was something very uncomfortable about the face he made, I noticed that it was an evil grin. At first I thought he must be making it to me, but then I see Hamish responding in kind. So Hamish opens his mouth real wide, also in the same gesture where they kind of slowly stretch the mouth open rather than too fast, and then he closes the mouth. They were making faces at each other. North Port Gargoyle and Hamish Dragon.

The North Port Devil, whom I've lovingly dubbed Gargoyle

Yes I don't have any feathers tell them that. - Gargoyle now
Yes, Darling, I have told them. - me
And they can't have my phone number cause I don't have one. - says Gargoyle
No Darling. You don't have a telephone. - me

The North Port Gargoyle is the one and only famous legend from the Florida forests. He connected with me long ago, and he senses me every time that I think of him as much as the tiniest hint. He loves to visit me (mentally, remotely) and he loves to chat and be with me. He wants me to go visit him

Yes, because you promised me some [---]! - Gargoyle
I will come to see you. I promise. I just need time and money. Would I see you then? That would be nice. I love you you know. - me

The Gargoyle is a magnificent White Dragon. His skin is leathery soft like on the belly of a puppy dog, and he has that lovely baby smell of puppy dog, you know that lavender smell. But Hamish Dragon doesn't like for Gargoyle to visit so Hamish is always chasing dear Gargoyle away. So here they were making faces at each other. I made an extra special effort not to laugh at their funny faces, because I know this is serious. And let it be known for the record that I have succeeded in still not smiling or even tittering at it. I must respect that our Dragons were having a fight.

He is not a turtle, he says. - Gargoyle about Hamish
Hamish is a Dragon Turtle. - me
No, but we won't kidnap you you see. - Gargoyle
Why not? I want to meet you? I would love to see you sometime. I love you so much. And I will bring you [---]. - me
Four hundred gallons!!! - Gargoyle says and stands up taller and spreads his wings to the sides, Gargoyle spreads his wings as a form of body language, not sure yet what it means, he does it when he feels a bit excited
Yes, I feel pushy then. - Gargoyle whispers having now wrapped his wings around himself again

Gargoyle is bright chalk white and he glows white in the moonlight. His eyes are bright red like fresh drops of blood. His beak is sharp, his tongue is like a string. He is a sweetie, playful, curious

Yes but I am not a dog tell them that. - Gargoyle
They know that you are a Dragon. - me

Gargoyle is super extra telepathically sensitive, he senses me if I think of him as much as a hint. He often watches me anyways too, he knows things I've been doing. He loves to watch humans, but me especially.

I also watch dogs! - Gargoyle says and gets excited again, standing up tall and spreading his wings/arms to the sides like a kite, and even his beak opens and his string tongue sticks out. He is adorable, White Gargoyle Dragon

I am not a push-over, tell them that. - Gargoyle sitting again
What else should I say? - me
If you bring us that [---], [---], don't throw it in the oven. - Gargoyle
I won't. You like raw meat. - me
Yes! And don't put a postage stamp on it! - Gargoyle excited again he stands up with wings spread

These were all original and authentic telepathic conversations with Gargoyle the North Port Devil in English. He is a sweetie. As soon as I have money I am going down there to see him.

Bring me a barrel. - Gargoyle wants a barrel of [---]
And no soda! - either Hamish or Gargoyle

*Forgive me, but I have to protect the Gargoyle. He is a real Dragon. That is why I have edited out some words, for his safety. Please I want everyone

Tell them that I am not a baby. - Gargoyle
And I am not soft, and satin. - Gargoyle
What are you then? - me
I am a leathery bat. - Gargoyle, with the red in his eyes glaring
I like to be given munchies. - Gargoyle
I am going to bring you munchies, Darling. I have promised you that, long ago. I just need money, so I can travel to you. - me
I will bring you fish if you do. - Gargoyle stands up and spreads his wings a little
Thank you for the fish. I would appreciate it. Then we can eat together. That would be yummy. - me
We will have a good time together. I love you Gargoyle. - me
Well, that is not my name. But you are welcome to bring anything you want to have here. Just nothing stupid and orange! - Gargoyle thinks about Hamish being a big orange ball-shaped thing, in the last comment he has
I love you Gargoyle. You are Sweet. I can't wait to see you in person. - me
You won't disappear here then will you? - Gargoyle
Ok maybe I shouldn't see you. I don't know if it's safe. - me
And please, don't bring any shopping bags with you. - Gargoyle says at the same time when I say my second sentence about being safe

Yumm Yumm. - says Gargoyle, and rubs his round belly thinking of having some [---] in it

Tell them, that I am not leathery so that they aren't going to want to hunt me. - Gargoyle
Alright Darling. What should we tell them you are like? Nobody may hunt you Honey. Or I will kill them. I protect you you know... You are like a baby for me. A big white baby Dragon, and I protect you. And I will bring you [---]. - me
Just don't bring me any soda. - Hamish says, and thinks about orange soda
Hamish, no soda for you. - me
And no cookies, and cakes! - Hamish says
No cookies and cakes. - me, geez, this is real Dragon contact, boy

No, Music!

March 14 2013 - I've started listening to music with headphones on so that my Dragon doesn't have to hear it. He has very sensitive hearing, and also he really takes in all impressions. Things he has seen on television or sounds from the computer and tv can linger with him a long time. That is why I also have to watch for what I see on television - what I'm watching on television, so is Hamish. He becomes, in a way, like having a little 2-year old child. What do you want to shield them from seeing on television?

Hamish thinks that all things on tv are real. I'm still trying to break it to him, that there is no real Harry Potter or Malfoy who can fight with a stick and use magic. And he is still afraid of Spiderman though he has only seen it on pictures. And remember that Grey's Anatomy incident? When Hamish was asking about the patient needing multiple organ transplants, and I said to Hamish that it isn't real they are only actors, Hamish got upset that the television had lied to him and he threw me across the coffee table. I don't watch much television anymore.

I worry when I'm watching a scary movie because Hamish might get scared. But he really thought it was neat when that guy had human hands with the forearm attached, stored in the freezer box of the fridge. He doesn't seem afraid of scary movies, though he takes in all impressions and thinks it is real. Ha ha it was funny when I watched a show about a farm where a pig gave birth to little piglets. Hamish watched and he watched, then he asked me why or how they are coming out of its intestine. I couldn't believe Hamish, of all things, wouldn't recognize a vaginal childbirth when he sees one! After all he is all about my eggs.

His hands look a lot like this,
almost identical.
The claws are a bit shorter and bulkier.
The color brighter.

Though we live together, Hamish and me, we never fight over the remote control. He keeps asking me fairly often that he wants to watch the Harry Potter movies. I really got to go find some for him at the store. He also - still! - loves construction shows where they fix up an old house, he loves to see them working on the floors. Hamish has a thing for floors because he has such sensitive feet. I try to get him interested in watching shows about animals but he doesn't seem too keen.

Oh! And Hamish LOVES this competition show about Gladiators, you know the one? Where they have the real Gladiators and then you have two male and two female competitors who take them on? Oh Hamish loved that. I got to remember to watch it with Hamish next time that show is on. Maybe we could have some human fingers in a bowl as snacks. And a platter of liver slices. (Sorry, I'm just trying to keep my Dragon happy. Me I'm a vegetarian.) I hope he doesn't like sports. Cause then I'm breaking up with him.

Oh and a while ago I told Hamish that I love him. He responded by giving me two palate click snarls which was his way of saying that he is pleased, maybe that he loves me too or appreciates my fondness. I then made two palate clicks for Hamish too. We love each other.

I don't want you to see that, but it doesn't have scales there. - Hamish now shows me his hand with black claws on the fingers, he shows me that in between the fingers on the surfaces where fingers come against each other would not have scales. And he is right, the skin looks smooth there. That was his sudden spontaneous comment to me. Oh how I love his sudden spontaneous comments and when he shows me things! He said this in English, so it is all original.

At least I'm a real groomer

March 14 2013 - So this morning I was laying in bed wondering quite sincerely, whether these Dragons all are even real or whether it was somehow an MKULTRA military scam. Because I am very approachable by these Dragons and Aliens, no matter what they do, and maybe the humans had found a way to get closer to me. Or, that I was just having a hard time really fathoming that these could be real Aliens in my life. I mean, how could this be real if even SETI doesn't believe me?

After a while of that pondering, I come to imagining Hamish's magnificent fire engine red orange body of his, I think of his tail and lower back and imagine myself touching him there with my hand. Wonder what it feels like. Then, all of a sudden, pops Hamish's red Sock Puppet head up, and he says, "You have taken on the role of groomer!", and he seems happy and cheerful. It kind of just proved it to me again. Hamish knows not a thing of my worries and cares about him being real. Hamish is just a Dragon. He knows he is real. And so do I.

Hamish, being a Dragon, doesn't understand how I would like to touch him. Humans like to touch an animal with our hand, we just do. But Hamish doesn't feel the same way about being touched. Draconians don't touch each other fondly or with kindness. It is seen more of an attack or offense. However, Draconian Reptiles are sensitive at the root of their tail and they like to have their tails yanked, but it's an intimate and delicate thing that they will have to initiate and entrust in someone for doing. Needless to say, Hamish has not offered me the opportunity. I did once have a super close encounter with a dark green Draconian Reptile who did let me stroke my hand down its tail, over and over, and he seemed to be enjoying it. But that was a green Reptile. Not Hamish.

But it is interesting that when I was daydreaming about caressing my Space Dragon, I would of course interpret it as gentle and kindness, but Hamish thinks of it in his own Dragon ways, he thinks of it as grooming. Oh Hamish, I would be ever so delighted to be your personal groomer. Let me groom your scales and let me wash your feet. He lets the Dinosaurs help him with grooming scales when he is shedding for instance. Hamish grooms a lot I'll have you know. He tends to his personal hygiene every day it seems. He picks white dead tissue from in between scales, and he picks off pieces of dead scales.

What you don't know is that once Hamish opened the palm of my hand and then he put one of his plucked white dead scales into my hand. And that when I have a bath he will come up to the bath and asks if he can groom there with me, and I say yes of course, and then he proceeds in letting dead bits of scales fall into my bath water. And I let him do it cause he's my Dragon. And that he likes to use bathroom rugs as his grooming station. He likes to wipe his feet clean on the rug and let his dead scaly bits fall into the fabric. But he also washes himself and his feet in the river creeks where he goes to use the toilet. Just yesterday Hamish Dragon showed me himself washing his feet in the creek, and he told me that now his feet were clean and that it was now ok for him to walk with his feet on our bathroom floor and kitchen floor. I don't know why he said that, because I have never commented on him for any lack of personal hygiene. Rather it is I who worry whether our floors are clean enough for a magnificent Barefoot Space Dragon.

Hamish Happy In A River

March 13 2013 - Hamish is out by a river in nature. There is lush forest vegetation that looks tropical, along either side of the river. The river has areas with large rocks for him to stand on. Hamish is having a great time. He is enjoying the smells and all the impressions that a forest has. He twirls around like a dog that got a bone that doesn't know what to do with himself. And he enjoys the water and the sights. He is such a Happy Dragon. Hamish did a poo on the rock and he showed it to me. I didn't see him do the poo, I just saw it once it was on the rocks. It is soft like a mud puddle. He wanted to show me because I give my eggs to him. So we are sharing our lives with each other.

I haven't done it on the rock, not, with the egg. - Hamish now
What, my Honored? - me
I haven't buried your eggs here I said. - Hamish
Yes my Honored Dragon I knew that. - me to Hamish

And now we did some mouth opening and closing at each other, which is when my Dragon opens his mouth and then closes it. It is a kind gesture, he does it when he is pleased. I do it back to him. My Sweet Kissy Dragon.

A little while later:
You have also seen when I have dropped my scales. - Hamish, about shedding scales
I honor you Hamish. And I have seen you drop your scales. You have seen me taking a bath. We have seen one another... You are my Honored. - me