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March 01 2013 - March 13 2013

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Toshi is so cute

March 13 2013 - Hahaha. Malik thought I was such a good and willing juicy concubine, after tiptoeing around my house for a while, looking at some pots and pans in the kitchen, and finding the psalm books in the bookshelf and complaining that he doesn't like psalms, and finding some dust in the bookshelf, he then connected me again with Toshi from Japan. He is one of the Dragon Dynasty men. Malik wanted to share me with Toshi. Toshi is really cute. He looks and acts and talks really Japanese. I've been giggling a lot. He even said, "Komi-tsumi to you!". And he put the palms of his hands together and bowed to Malik and said "Arigato!" to Malik in a real quick typical Japanese fashion. Toshi is cute. Almost as cute as Hamish.

Drinking Camomile Tea With The Incubus

March 13 2013 - "Don't you think that tea is already steeped?", said Malik the Incubus Oh Dark and Mischievious One as he went into the kitchen and lifted up one of the two bags of camomile tea sitting in the big pot of water I had boiled on the stove to fight off my flu. "Yes my Honored, I think it is steeped.", I said as I went into the kitchen to have a look to see if Malik was right, if in fact my tea was ready.

I had gone to bed to have a much-needed nap at 8 AM, and the Draconian boys had been around me as I slept because when I woke two hours later at 10 AM I had a faint lingering memory of interaction, that soon faded. The Black Reptile showed up with a big black box that he put down on my desk. Malik the Incubus soon showed up and without touching me gave me a deep orgasm. He then engaged with my brain and medulla into an embrace that was a sexual explosion for the both of us.

He is sweet, he is gentle, and he caresses me with his clumsy black crocodile's paw which he superimposes with mine so that our hands move together. He tumbles me around in bed, and we enjoy one another. "She doesn't have any anger because we have shown her our dong.", Malik the Incubus later said. Yes it is true, I had been graced to seen it, though he doesn't use it on me. Malik is my sexy black man, he is welcome into my bed. Though he clearly emphasizes, that it is not about romance, it is not about love. My energy is feeding for them, it is their coffee, for the pit of his belly which has The Eye that they all follow who are in the Agenda that was built around the Great One's hunger pangs.

Addition: I am working on finishing up the first Orion Project book and just so happens in April 11 2012 I was having a conversation with Malik the Incubus Black One, where Malik - who then went by the name Betelgeuse - had said, "I will, make love to you! ... I will, make love to you!", and I had responded: "It is called rape! *If it is done by surprise.*" Haha! It is rape if it is done by surprise!

Isn't it Great

March 12 2013 - I have to say it was great waking up and realizing I have this awesome Red Dragon Turtle Hamish in my life. I wanted to call for him to come to me, but I decided not to bother him. He came around anyway. I just love having him in my life. Every day and night. My precious Kissy Turtle.

Last night after the previous entry on this page turned into an incident. Hamish thought I had offered to let myself be eaten by him. He went to tell the Japanese men of the Japanese Army and Dragon Dynasty, and those two men were really badly affected by all of this commotion. One Japanese man was crying and got a cold sweat and was trying to object and tell Hamish that "women are peach blossoms". Then a European or US military in the Air Force got involved. His uniform was blue and white. But then that guy started talking to me about "me being in the MKULTRA with the military" because "I am a Starseed". But it turned into quite nasty, cause Hamish got all excited about eating my heart, and... you're just gonna have to read about it in a book, because it's too inappropriate material to post anywhere on the internet.

There are moments like these every once in a while when I realize that Hamish is not some tame pet. He is a completely wild animal, subject to his own species' instincts and compulsions, and that he also is a carnivore. There are times when he gets excited about eating and I can't calm him down or control him and he either kills and eats a Dinosaur or gets too excited about the thought of munching on my liver. And then it's like having a far too big dog on a leash that is pulling you someplace you ought not go. But, on all other times, 99% of the time, he is a well-behaved nice Kissy Dragon who I just adore having around. Who interacts with me nicely and politely, and seems sweet and gentle.

And I was gonna listen to music here, some techno, but Hamish's tympanic membrane. No can do. The things I do for my Hamish Dragon, big and small. Oh it's worth it. Some silence in exchange for a fire engine red Dragon Turtle, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Aha but wait! There's headphones! Both Dragon and Annie shall be pleased.

Movie Time

March 11 2013 - Hamish is feeling up for a movie. He's been around all day as I've spent nearly all day long on formatting that book. Hamish has given a few thoughts to the Harry Potter movies but not said anything. But then I've promised him that I'll keep looking for them in the store. I will get him a Harry Potter movie. This Dragon gosh darn loves those things.

He then thought to the Spiderman movid DVD sitting in the book shelf, and Hamish told me that he was "scared" of it, but that he would "like to see it" anyway. Hamish is very afraid of the Spiderman character. He assumes it is a real creature, and he feels truly afraid of any creature that is red, like him. Hamish is also seriously concerned of any Santa character, or yours truly in a red neglige (I only wore that red neglige once. Hamish was giving me such an uncomfortable stare that I never dared to put it on again.) I told Hamish that no, Hamish, I don't think we should watch that movie. I won't put him through the Spiderman ordeal. I'll just keep telling him that Spiderman isn't real. It doesn't exist. "Don't be afraid, Hamish. I will protect you, even from things that do not exist." "Yes, and I will harvest your eggs.", my Hammish replies.

And I realize something. How much I really do love my Dragon Sock. How much I worry about him when he goes away, when I see him in Japan, or visiting in the forest, or in some underground Alien bases. I would die for him. I have never loved anyone like I have loved Hamish. I have never been so close to someone before. More than a pet, more than a human ever will be, it is Hamish. A person. He thinks, he speaks, he shows me sweet little innocent things that he likes to see, like golden carp in the Japanese pond. Or little yellow flowers that he finds outdoors. He is that kind of Dragon.

Yes, I wanted to see it. With a witch. - Hamish says now and shows me his mental image of the wand they have in Harry Potter
Hamish, I will buy the movies for you. I love you so much. - me
Do you know what it is called? - Hamish
Yes Hamish, what is it called? - me
It is called something good. - Hamish
Do you like it? - me

So, I would take a bullet for my Hamish. I would take a full-on assault by another Draconian. I would take any beatings for Hamish. I would protect him always. Even th

No, because you are my woman, and I protect/take your eggs. - Hamish says now
But Hamish, I want you to be safe! And you live in a dangerous world! Will you be safe? - me

I would die for him, my Ham-mish Sock Puppet Kissy Dragon. He doesn't love me the same, and he will never understand how I feel about him. But if I could die and he could stay alive, then there would still somewhere in the world be a beautiful fire engine red Dragon Turtle, who puts his soft sensitive little Kissy Feet on top of yellow flowers, and who watches golden Japanese carp eating fishfood pebbles at feeding time. Who wants to watch the Harry Potter movies, but who fears Santa and Spiderman. Yes-No, Hamish. I would die for you.

Then I get to eat it! - Hamish says (other language) and shows me image of supposedly my beating heart

Way to kill a moment, Hamish. Way to kill a moment. So much for love and tenderness, but ah, he is my Dragon. My one and only, scary creepy Kissy Dragon. Who wants to eat my liver and heart.

Yes Hamish. If I ever die, then you may eat my organs. - me
Yes, but you will not die. - Hamish
No, I am only thinking. - me

Actually, I would be more than pleased if Hamish were to eat my organs after I die. Because then that way, I could breathe life into him. And be with him forever. Better than rotting in a coffin all alone, I could be one with my Dragon. My heart and life would be rushing through his body, absorbed into him. What was once me, would be him. And my Kissy Dragon and me could be forever together. I can't believe how close I feel to him. This creature is not a human, he is a... he is some strange Dragon Monster, with a turtleshell hump back. But he is my Hamish. My Beautiful Dragon. I love you.

No, Yes, but No Kissy. - Hamish in English now just as I was about to hit Save

Shucks, ouch. Hamish put his red clawed paws on my throat and started squeezing. It's his fetish. Hamish has a throat and strangulation fetish, only thing is, this is causing me real pain on the throat. "Hamish, can you please stop strangling me? It is starting to hurt?" Damn, ouch, Hamish stop it! "Yes but you wanted to die for me." Hamish says. "Hamish, excuse me? I only mean that in an emergency. Don't kill me Hamish, don't strangle me please. It is starting to hurt." "Yes, and we need your eggs." Hamish says. "No more about my feet being Kissy.", he says and shows me his foot or feet. Phew, that was interesting. I both saw and felt those paws pressing against my throat. It's his favorite thing to fantisize about, is strangulation. Always is always has been. Oh well. Shrug. Ok he stopped.

Yes-No Yoghurt and Candy

March 11 2013 - I was eating some things and when I looked to the box of chocolate desserts Hamish says No right away immediately. I ate one anyway. I then had some yoghurt and told them that I am having yoghurt because it pleases Hamish. Hamish always wants me to have yoghurt, well he used to want me to have milk but I won't drink milk so then he changed that into yoghurt. So I had some just for Hamish. And now maybe 15 minutes later after my meals, Hamish shows up with his red sock puppet head camel dragon body and kissy feet and he says Yes, No. He says Yes while showing me a mental image of the yoghurt, and No while showing me the chocolate desserts. He has been watching me all day now. He is so cute. He stands there and he is very aware and sensitive of his feet, his Kissy Dragon Feet. He really feels what he stands on, more so than what we humans feel when our hands touch. Kissy Feet. Dragon. Sock Puppet. Yes Yoghurt, No Chocolates. Yes Hamish. Love Hamish. Oh yes, and then he topped off the Yes, No with some palate sounds. Oh I was so pleased to see my Dragon Kissy Feet saying Yes-No and doing palate clicks! This is cuter than Puppies. A whole box of Puppies.

A while later I was doing some palate clicks for Hamish, just honoring him in his language. Dinosaur showed up and thought what I was doing was hilarious! And Dinosaur was laughing so hard, in the way that Dinosaurs laugh silently. The Dinosaur has such a great sense of humor, far surpassing mine, but then we always have fun together because he can convey to me his own point of view, and then I see the humor in it. Dinosaurs always find it funny when I'm honoring and admiring Hamish, because Dinosaurs think Hamish is silly and ridiculous. And when I was honoring Hamish with his own palate click sounds, well, that was just too funny for Dinosaur.

Palate Sounds!

March 11 2013 -

Tell them that, "This is not my castle, I am not their King." - Hamish wants me to tell someone, perhaps to SETI since I was just now browsing some of my old letters that I had written to the SETI about these contacts

But what I really wanted to say here, was, that as I was browsing in those old email letters that I had sent to SETI about my Aliens. Hamish came up to me and started doing some awesome palate sounds! These did not have the air click, just the soft palate sound against his mouth! Oh I was so pleased, I started giggling and shrieked a little! I was so happy to have this bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle doing palate sounds for me! I was so pleased and I giggled and I shrieked.

Hamish not so cute after all

March 11 2013 - Last night Hamish was threatening to transfer me over to Yellow Lizard who showed up yesterday. Yellow Lizard threatened to put me into an underground medical room and induce "juice" in me (human life force). It was because I had had sugar. And Hamish won't have me eating sugar, because a) it makes my DNA different and they can't use my eggs for a while, and b) it makes my "juice" weak and they can't drink my juice, flip me around, or "feel the power". So I promised again that I would stop eating sugar. Because I want to keep my Hamish Dragon. And here I am now sitting on the sofa eating from a bowl of candies.

Last night I was with the Aliens and they let me be aware of just a little bit of things. When I woke up here I had a hybrid boy talking to me. I would've thought he was human, only it was he who said he was not human, so he is obviously a hybrid then. Thuban came up close to me, while I was in my bed, and Thuban tossed me around with mind and body conquests. It was really neat having a Thuban do the "Reptilian toss". Then showed up Hamish Dear Dragon and Hamish did plenty of tosses on me and seemed to be showing off to the Thuban. But I was having fun with that too. "It's great being tossed around by Hamish Dragon early in the morning", I said to myself as Hamish was flipping me from one side to the other in bed.

But Hamish wasn't all that cute and cuddly. He came across as utterly unempathic, uncaring, and uncompassionate. It is like something is missing in his brain. He's a person alright, but he completely doesn't understand or even register things of compassion, tenderness or kindness. Cause when I was appeasing him with words of admiration, such as, "I Honor your scales", but it didn't do anything to soften him, or to please and make him happy. It was like being with a psychopath.

Hamish showed me his back hump. It has grown some magnificent black thorns now, larger and longer than I have ever seen on Hamish Dragon. The second one from the neck was the longest, and was really long. Gorgeous magnificent and very impressive and imposing black thorns on his back. Very grand, Hamish. Quite nice. Because usually he plucks those out as soon as they grow out a bit and then he shows me the plucked out little black thorn in his hand.

Hamish told me to put socks on, because the floors there weren't clean. Hamish had peed on the floor. Sometimes he pees here and there. I said to him that I wouldn't step on it, and that I could wash my feet when I get back home. But I didn't get to have a conscious abduction experience. But we are getting closer. Namely the Aliens say that I would kill myself if I knew what they do to me while I am there. Anyhow, Hamish wasn't so cute "in person". I make him cuter in my mind when I think of him. But he is my Hamish Dragon anyways. Just that he is a psychopath, and he is one scary looking reptile monster in person! But I love Hamish. Sort of.

I forgot to say that part of Hamish showing me that he is superior, he conceived of the mental image and showed me how he would bite me. I can't remember where he bit into, if it was my throat or my forearm. But he bites into someone to show power and dominance. I just think it's cute, I totally misinterpret his behaviors from "vicious" into "cuteness" because I am a silly girl. Ah, and here is an Illuminati Hybrid Chum. He looks like a big white fluffy marshmallow man.

Warning? Yawning!

March 09 2013 - I yawned real wide open and for quite a while. I am working on translating pages for the first book, so you guys know that I am tired. It's so much work and it's taking a long time. But Hamish, who is here, saw me yawning and for a moment there he thought that I was doing the body language with the "mouth wide open", which when Hamish does it means a warning! "No, I am only yawning", I told to my Hamish Dragon. Yikes, here I yawn again. I'm sure he'll understand.

Ruggies Snuggies

March 08 2013 - Sock Puppet is being cute. He went into my room and started sniffing on the yellow primrose I got him. I am sitting in the living room just nearby, working on the computer translating the first Orion Project book for all of you awesome readers. Then Hamish shows me a mental image of the pink bathroom snug ruggie, which I had folded and placed under the bed so that I could use the bedroom floor for my aerobics exercise earlier today. Hamish shows me the mental image of the rug and places in the image his red foot on the rug, and says to me, "I will put it here". In other words, Hamish is asking me if I could take his snug ruggie out for him. Yes I will, Hamish! Yes indeedy I will! It is adorableness how Hamish Dragon will ask me for his ruggie snuggyness at nights when it happens to be folded away and under the bed.

Yes I need it so that I don't get wounds. - Hamish says that he would get wounds on the soles of his feet otherwise (other language)
Hamish! Your rug! - me (other language)

Well what do you say guys? Let's go get Hamish the Red Space Dragon his Bathroom Snug Ruggie for his Duck Kissy Feets, shall we?

Yes, I wanted to have it. - Hamish (other language)

It is your own. You own your rug. - I tell Hamish (other language) so that he knows he is more than welcome to stand on the rug. I have given it to him, it is totally his very own. Ha ha! Hamish now wiped his left foot backward on the rug once! He did the foot wipe hah hah! But only that one wipe.

I will do so that I don't get wounds. - Hamish says (other language)
Take care of your feet. - me (other language)
Your feet are Honored. - me (other language)
Yes and that flower is yellow. - Hamish (other language), approximately
Yes, and it is also yours, flower. - me (other language)
I honor you Hamish. - me (other language)

He is having a good time in the bedroom now, just standing on the rug and resting his poor old Kissy Feet, and seeing the yellow flower I had got for him. I try to keep my Dragon snug. He deserves it. He is my Dragon Turtle, and I love him.

He is now enjoying the smell of the primrose. I tell him again that he is welcome to use my bed if he so wishes. But he seems to prefer standing on a soft little rug, than resting his feet completely by lying on a bed. Note that *if* Hamish lies on a bed, he will sit right down like a cat in the Sphinx position. He doesn't lie down on the side or in the "spoon" or "fetal" position, like we humans do. He sits down like a... turtle... sock.

My Honored race, my Honored. You are welcome here, you are welcome here. - me to Hamish (other language), approximately
Hunch! - Thuban lady fusses at the sight of Hamish standing there on the rug, I thought it was kinda funny


March 08 2013 - Hamish just came up to me real close with his fire engine red Sock Puppet Dragon Head and he opened his mouth wider than usual for this and closes his mouth and produces the palate click sound that means he is pleased. I just bursted and bubbled with delight and happiness and said "HAMISH!" to him, after which I made for him two palate sounds, the second of the two with two palate clicks not just one. Kissy Dragon!

Yesterday when I put my new zebra print socks on for the first time, Hamish says that he doesn't like those socks. I wore them anyway. But it's fun when Hamish says what he likes and doesn't like. He's my Red Turtle Sock.

For those of you who are new to this website, who is Hamish and why do I call him Turtle Sock? Hamish is my resident Draconian Reptile. He is a Dragon Turtle since he has a turtleshell hump back cushion on his back. And his head looks very much like a sock puppet. So I use many pet names for Hamish one of which is Turtle Sock.

Quotes of the Day:

March 07 2013 - Black Reptile said I was a, "bundle of juice". And when I went to the grocery store, Hamish was of course following me around and watching every minute detail. When I went to the fish counter he must've seen the red lobsters there. On my way back home, Hamish tells me that it would be "high treason" if he were to take the lobsters "into his mouth". He then shows me a mental image of a red lobster in a package, in the image he undoes the package and then places his red scaly hand with black claws right beside the lobster, to show me that they are the same color, that they "look the same". I told Hamish that lobsters are in fact most closely related to spiders (true genetics evolutionary anecdote) and that Hamish would be most closely related to reptiles.

Today I bought a beautiful yellow primrose for my Sock Puppet Kissy Feet to enjoy. I will keep it on the floor next to the bathroom snuggie ruggie. He was stomping his feet on the ruggie in my bedroom either this morning when I woke up or last night when I went to bed. But he did the "courtship stomping", which is when he steps with one foot at a time. The courtship stomping is what Hamish would do to massage a female's backside with his feet before mating. Oddly, Hamish did courtship stomping on the rug. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he then thinks about doing courtship stomping on me. It was a Bird Person (Bird People are the Master Race, who supposedly genetically crafted the Draconian Reptiles) who explained to me that Hamish's stomping on bathroom rugs is nesting behavior. I've also learned that the courtship stomping is what he would do on a female before intercourse. So he does it on the rug too.

I love my Dragon Reptile. I've been showering him with praise and honoring and honoring his scales and his race and my Dragon Turtle and all of it all day long. Sometimes I get a close look at Hamish and it nearly frightens me. He is a hideously looking monster. But I remind myself that he is my boo-boo-Sock. He literally doesn't have a back of the head, his whole neck is like a long arched tube and the face sits on the very end of that tube like a Sock Puppet. But I'm nuts about him, I'm like a little girl with a puppy dog! Haamisss, Ham-MISH! I looked for some Harry Potter DVDs at the store, but couldn't find any. But at least he has the yellow primrose. My Turtle Sock.

Black Reptile

March 06 2013 - A Black Reptile possibly Malik in his Reptile form, unless there is a distinct and different black reptile and Malik the black demonic form, is visiting me now this evening. He has a poise with some arrogance, and he feels like a war officer. He talks to me mostly without words, yet I detect his messages very clearly. He told me that the Reptilians will make me pregnant. He told me that the "incubation time" during which a baby grows inside me is very short, and he asked me if I knew why it was only for a short time. He then said it was because I ate "things like that", indicating to the toffee candy I had in my mouth at the moment. They do not want junk like candy and sugar to go into the growing baby's body. I said that we could talk together about how to devise a meal plan for me, so that the incubation time could be extended. He told me to restrict my caloric intake. And he called me a "cabbage head", namely because before he appeared I had talked to a (human) family member about my wanting to go get some cale at the store, and I had talked extensively about how good that is.

Hamish had asked me what I was eating, as I was preparing the meal before the Black Reptile had shown up. I told Hamish it was fish, salmon, with some potatoes. "Root vegetable?", Hamish said. "Yes", I said to my Dragon, "a root vegetable". After the meal I found a salmon fish scale on the kitchen table. I picked it up and asked Hamish to come see it. "Don't break it", he said to me. Then I accidentally dropped it on the floor. I told Hamish that I had dropped it on the floor and I could not find it (not that I searched with any great effort), but I said that I "hadn't broken it anyway".

Black Reptile then thought to a sudden desire of eating me and of putting its mouth over my face to eat my blood. At that same instant, the military personnel working at the time calls out "Seize!", and the Reptilian backs off. Black Reptile tells me that there is a man they would want me to marry, because his genes are suitable for mine and it would save them the trouble of having to collect a man's semen and inseminate and what not, if I were just married to him. I was shown his house and who he is. I said that I accept to marry him, if he accepts me too. I said that he can't have some mistress and he has to love me for real if we are to live together.

Black Reptile thought to thoughts of having me on a leash and playing sadistic or dominance games with me. He even said that he would like me on a leash and beat me. I said that sure we could play those games, so long as he doesn't kill me. I could feel how he was getting all excited and having lusty pleasure feelings, poor fellow. I have to get a collar and a leash to put on and present to the Reptilians. They love that stuff, they go bananas.

But overall it was a nice visit. It's fun and nice living with the Draconians.

Green Lizzy

March 06 2013 - Alright, I had written a whole lot and even gotten in several verbatum lines of conversation with the Green Lizzy here, and then suddenly for the first time ever that it does this, the internet window just vanishes and there went all of my written text. Blasted.

But it's ok. I can recall. After a night shift I woke up at 1 PM which is far too early, after only four or five hours of sleep. I think that the Green Lizard may have woke me, he was here all excited and all over the place and eager to interact with me. Green Lizard is a new character, and let's call him "Green Lizzy" for now. He is both slender and fit. He has those tiny "fingernail" scales as I like to call them, smaller than Hamish's. So those are not flat sheets of scales. His tail is extra long, and slender toward the edge. The tip of the tail has a brownish yellow color and looks dry and worn like you see on some lizards, giving him a very genuine look.

I didn't want you to describe that I am not bulgy. - Green Lizzy says now, aha, so was it he who switched off the window? because I had written among other things a description of his penis, which said that it does not have a glans

As soon as Green Lizzy had thought of the thought of having sex with me with his penis, in that very moment we hear "NO!!! HALT!!!" from one of the US military who watch me 24-7-365.

No!!! I don't want to be called Green Lizzy!!! - Green Lizzy
But we went over this already? I did not have a name for you? What should I call you? - me
No. We are not sodomising her. - Green Lizzy thinks about his penis and says to someone else not me

But the first thing he said or did when I woke up is he said he wanted to "drink my juice", which is energy vampirism or tantric sex (without intercourse). I told the military man, who most likely was Sargent Wilkes, that it was ok, I was fine with the reptilians.

This Green Lizard has three combed structures on top of the head. These are like flat sheets nearly semicircular in shape, with ridge patterns almost like on a seashell, see here. Three of those on top of his head, they are green like him.

We didn't want you to masturbate. - Green Lizzy says now (for the record, I haven't and I won't)

Sargent Wilkes, who I presume to be human, then had said, "This lady is depressed enough as it is". Green Lizard had his penis showing. It is of the dog-type, a slender

Yes, we put it in your butt to fuck. - Green Lizzy, ... meh

Which are slender and become thinner toward the edge and have an almost pointy tip. They are a pink color. Reptilians have no scrotum, and their penises retract to the inside of the body and are most of the time not showing unless they have an erection. Reptilians have no glans of the penis and no foreskin. The dog-type penises do not become "hard or rigid", they remain flexible even when out-and-ready. Green Lizzy has one that is a bit longer than Hamish's, Hamish also has one of the dog type. Malik's is of a very different design.

When I saw myself in the mirror I thought I had a reptilian look to my face and eyes. I looked closely at myself trying to apply Occam's Razor (which basically means, cut out the bullshit and be a scientist!) to snap myself out of the impression, but no, my scientific observation was that there was something distinctly "reptilian" about the shape of my face and eyes. No I didn't bother taking a picture. General Patton is now watching me ever so closely, he is smiling at me. He is probably concerned, or maybe that he is happy.

Yees? - me to General Patton

General Patton is one of the military guys who watch me. I don't know if this combed green lizard is the same as the one who appeared not too long ago who was also green and with three combed structures.

ONE INTERESTING THING: Green Lizzy mentioned the video game that had been thrown to the corner of my bedroom while I was at work the other night and he mentioned it saying "Dragons Blood" which is the name of the game, and something about not liking that or about tossing it. I was shocked. I had not thoroughly discussed the incident with my Reptilians, other than asking Malik if maybe it was he who had made a mess and Malik had said that it hadn't been him. Here Green Lizzy was saying things that suggested that he himself had, or at least that he knew about this incident, thrown the video game into the corner because he was displeased with it. I have yet to finish the page I am writing about this incident. Namely when I came home from work the other night, somebody either a ghost or a reptilian had tossed eight or more psalm books and small bibles out of the book shelf. One of the psalm books had been torn into four pieces and the pieces spread into different locations, and a video game called Dragons Blood had been tossed into the corner. I have taken photographs and am working on writing a very thorough analysis. Seems that Lizzy knew about it.

Green Lizzy said things that suggested that Malik was bothering him. And Hamish gave him some trouble too. But still, Green Lizzy had come here and wanted to spend time with me.

No, I don't have an erection for you. - says Green Lizzy now
Then, what do you have? - me
... ... I wanted to eat your food here. - Green Lizzy
What food is there? - me
That - ! - Green Lizzy thinks to my heart and organs
But I'm still living? - me
Yes but we can still have them. - Green Lizzy, they can drink the "juice" vital force from my organs

"This woman has done nothing wrong by talking to them." - General Patton

Ok, I've done my best at documenting this morning's event with Green Lizzy. We haven't had sex or drank juice by the way. Phew, this project is a lot of work documenting this. I just woke up and started writing, yet I kick myself for not getting down several of his excellent verbatum lines, such as what exactly he

Yes, we know that you are tired. - Green Lizzy
Yes, but we are not the dominating race here. - Hamish

Such as what exactly he said about the video game called Dragons Blood.

We didn't like to seee iiit! - Green Lizzy about the Dragons Blood game
Did you toss it in the corner? - me
I wanted to rip it apart. - Green Lizzy thinks to using his sharp long toenail claws to scratch on the video game, meanwhile that one psalm book got torn into four pieces and spread out

Interesting. I will be sure to place that video game center of the room (and place a video camera recording if the Reptilians decide to

I would murder you. - Hamish, to whom, about what?
What now Hamish? - me
If you take that game back again I said. - Hamish
I apologise my Honored Dragon Turtle. - me
We are not, visiting here with it. - Hamish about the game Dragons Blood
Does the name offend you? That it says Dragons Blood? - me
It has gotten our, temperament. - Hamish
I apologise to my Honored Draconian Race. I should be blamed. - me
We have not visited you yet, about it. - Hamish
My Honored Hamish. - me
Yes!! We have some blood here!! - Green Lizzy thinks to the video game and wanting to put his foot claws on it like a velociraptor type of attack
I wanted to bite it too. - Hamish about the game
No, Yes! - Hamish thinks "No" and shows me the video game, and says Yes! and thinks to it being mangled there in the corner like it is

Alright. Further telepathic conversations will be written in the other notes. Phew, I just work so hard in documenting all of this, and still I don't get everything down. And I am so tired now, this Green Lizzy it seems woke me up too soon, and I've now spent an hour documenting this. But isn't this magnificent, and grand... We might be able to do something about that Dragons Blood, and a certain video camera, not that I want to upset my Alien visitors...

Shush! Hush! - Thuban says now and I see Thuban
Hello. - me to Thuban
Thuban thinks to the Green Lizzy's penis. That is what was "Shush" and "Hush" meaning that I should stop or stay away
Yes, we don't want it. - Thuban

Green Lizzy is obviously not part of my team. My team consists of Hamish, Malik, Thuban, and some others. Elmer, Snake, and combed Lizzy are not part of my team, but want some of me too. Arek and Crocodile Man are also not my team. Hamish works hard in keeping other Aliens away from me.

Yes! We want some of your butt! - Green Lizzy says to me
Why do you want it? - me

Ahh. Draconian Reptiles. Aren't they something spectacular?

Changing sheets with Hamish

March 05 2013 - Hamish said that he does not want to lie down on my bed, as I was sitting with Hamish here on the sofa. He said this I think because sometimes lately I tell him he may lie on my bed if he wants to as I go to work and won't be in the bed myself. That reminded me to change the sheets. So I hopped off the sofa and changed the sheets right away. I wondered if Hamish would go stompy stomp his feet on the pile of used sheets on the floor, like he did last time, and if he would comment on the smells that the old sheets smell like me or pee on the used sheets on the floor like he did last time.

Nothing happens. I change the sheets and he didn't do anything on the old sheets so I put the used sheets in the laundry bin and get back to the computer here on the living room sofa. A moment passes and Hamish has gone into the bedroom. He is sniffing on the new sheets on the bed. He notices the smell of laundry detergent on them, he is not too fond of that smell. (He also doesn't like when I wash his snuggy ruggy and "it doesn't smell right" when it smells of laundry detergent and loses all of his own Draconian scents, which I can't detect anyway.) Hamish then thinks to the old sheets that I had and how my bed had smelled like me before. He seems to like when my bed and sheets smell like me. He is very sensitive to smells, my Dear Dragon is. He won't let me wash his snug ruggy.

Woe Is Me

March 05 2013 - Hamish sat down to sit next to me here on the sofa. I see Hamish's splendid body with red scales that are like little pointy scales in neat tight rows. I compliment him on the scales on his legs and tell him that they are nice scales to see, that I love seeing his scales. Hamish is pleased to hear that, he is feeling very calm and relaxed and snug and he says "Yes", "Yees", as he does a pleased exhale during which I can smell his vile Draconian breath. It's funny when we are having a nice friendly moment of compliments, only ruined - or contrasted by, rather - by the appearance of a really vile bad breath. Not exactly roses, cinnamon and spice. But don't tell Hamish that, because he is my Baby Dragon, I want to have him sitting on the sofa with me, and exhaling pleased when I compliment on his scales.

Last night as I went to bed, a Zeta wanted to have sexual relations with me, he asked me if I had ever "felt love with a Zeta". I said that I would not want to do that right now. Maybe some other time. And Malik came around. In fact, last night I invited Malik into bed with me. He came up right behind me in bed and wrapped his sexy black scaly body around mine. It was intimate, cozy, and very pleasant. He's more of a man than any human I've been with. He gave me more of those intense wonderful sexual feelings I've never had before not by myself or with any human. I begged him to give me more and to cuddle me more, and he did. (Note: this is not sexual intercourse. He does not use his penis. It is just an energy thing, a tantric experience.)

Malik told me to take my clothes off, as he snuggled me. I took my clothes off right away and slid under the covers, naked. Malik loved my naked human body. Reptilians really love a human body, but it's not a sexual reproduction kind of attraction, actually it is that we are like a food and an energy experience for them. It's about food and domination, not sexual or reproduction, so note the difference. But Reptilians are extremely sensual erotic creatures. A thousand times more than humans are, they have us beat on the cuddlie things.

But as I fell asleep I drifted into a nightmare where Malik was after me. It was horrible and I ended up calling out for the Pleiadians. I'm not sure what made me think of the Pleiadians, but I sure did, and I was calling for them to come help me, to save me. I don't recall meeting or seeing any Pleiadians in that dreamstate, but when I woke up first thing when I wake up I am told by someone don't let him into your bed, and you could have died, had he gotten to your brain. It may very well indeed have been the Pleiadians who spoke to me, as I can't imagine who else it would have been, it was none of my own usual repertoire of Aliens who said those two things.

And in that moment when I was spoken to, I detected not from words but in the communication itself, that Malik pulls out my vital force into himself, "energy vampirism" (which I already knew), and that if he comes to drain my brain of energy, it would pull the electrical power out of my brain and basically unplug my brain. And I would die.

Malik doesn't drain me completely and all at once. Because on my way to work the other day when he gave me sexual feelings, Malik had told me that he doesn't want to "spend" all of my energy all at once, or that I would run out. He wants to keep me for a long time. It is other when they ritually sacrifice someone, then they consume all of the energy all at once. But Malik wants to keep me for a longer time. Or that they need me alive for my eggs and DNA and all of that. But sometimes when Malik "ingests" from my heart, I literally get physical heart trouble. I get heart pains and other problems with the heart, and I can literally see the energy around my heart going black, black like Malik. He is an Incubus, woe is me. I won't be inviting him into my bed anymore. Because I could die. I surely felt dying last night in that dreamstate I was in. Too bad Malik is the sexiest most desirable man I ever met. Too bad he's so damn cuddly and sweet.

Hamish is sitting next to me on the sofa. So I can't play music. Or play videogames. Maybe I should show him that episode where a pig gives birth to piglets. He really liked seeing that and has asked me several times if he could see it again. There are a lot of TV shows I can't let him see, because he thinks they are all real and he takes in all the impressions. However he does like scary movies don't get me wrong, because one night I was watching a silly scary movie and this guy had human hands with part of the forearm still attached, in the freezer. Hamish thought that was really neat.

And this morning, the brown Reptilian who also has tight scales like Hamish, showed up from some underground Reptilian base they live in, I think he's the same one who wanted to move in when I offered the Reptilians a room of their own (the brown one who wanted to lie on a bed and cuddle with me). He said to me that he regrets that the Reptilians can't roam the Earth and walk around the surface because humans are everywhere. I told him that surely we could make cities for the Reptilians, where humans wouldn't be allowed to enter. He then said that too bad "a pesticide against humans hasn't been invented yet". Oh woe.

Planting bushes with Hamish

March 04 2013 - I'm playing the video game The Sims 1 and working on making a beach resort. Hamish has been sitting here right next to me on the sofa and he is calm and casual and watching every itty bitty detail that happens.

Larger image

I don't like that one. - Hamish says as soon as I plant the fern bush that you see to the right of the palm trees

That one. - Hamish says as I capture the moment on the above screenshot image and have the image opened up on the Paint program, Hamish points his red scaly finger at the fern bushes in that image

Larger image

Yes-No, Annie. - Hamish says as soon as I put this palm tree beside the pool. I wasn't even planting it, I was only testing to see what it looks like (and ended up not choosing that one for the poolside)

Larger image

And then Hamish delivers one of the alltime favorite lines ever from this Hamish Dragon Turtle:

Yes-No, watch out for the onion. - Hamish, as soon as I put this juniper bush that you see below the fern bushes, the plant with the blue berries. However, Hamish may have said "onion" about the previous bush, the palm tree in the previous image if there was a slight delay. Or perhaps it is the fern bushes that look like onions to him.

I haven't pushed you! - Hamish says now

Yes-No. - Hamish said about the above image

I don't like what you're drawing. - Hamish says as I put these three images here
I am not emotionally cold toward you, but you have been toward me now. - Hamish (translated from European language)

I am not a dangerous creature. - Hamish
No Hamish, I know that. - me
But now you have said my scales. - Hamish [sic]
I will say your scales. Your scales are honored. My Honored Hamish. - me

I'm sure nobody wonders why I love this Dragon so. He is sitting here next to me watching me play a video game and he doesn't like the green bushes because they remind him of onions. And he hates onions because they smell so strongly and they really bother him. And he loves it when I plant flowers in this game because he loves the smell and color and feel of flowers. I love my Dragon!

Bonus: While Hamish was sitting here and before all these bushes, Malik had said to Hamish that Hamish may not sit here on the sofa without any underwear on. You can see a previous News entry where I had seen Malik sitting (naked of course) on the sofa with a fully erect penis, and I had asked Malik "Do you have one of those?" and Malik had said "Well I don't have any underwear on" (badum-tish). So Malik was remembering that, and seems then that Malik had misunderstood that I was not ok with him sitting with his nakedness here on the sofa, so Hamish told me that Hamish was not allowed to sit here without any underwear on. So I said to Hamish that sure he was allowed to sit here. Hamish by the way never has a penis showing, sometimes on a very rare occasion I see it and it's small and like on a dog. Malik's is big and black. I don't mind Draconian penises. Really, I don't.

Quiet you mut!! - Black Reptile fusses at me because I just proof-read the Bonus part and couldn't stop laughing out loud. Ha ha ha. Me and my Aliens, oh my.


March 04 2013 - There is a Red Dragon sitting next to me here on the sofa. I have the laptop computer on my lap and am playing the game The Sims 1 on the computer. I am building a beach resort. Hamish is sitting, with his tail, not tucked behind his back, but it casually drops down on the floor between his legs. He looks so comfy when he is sitting on the sofa. Nobody knows how to relax on a sofa like a Reptilian. (By the way last night Hamish told me he likes leather sofas. That is not a surprise. The Reptilians were all about the leather sofas I had at college. I will one day get him a reeelie nice leather armchair. An armchair that is not a revolving armchair. Oh Hamish will love it.)

He is sitting all relaxed on the sofa here next to me, looking at the screen. I start to plant some flowers in the video game, and Hamish starts to sniff toward the screen. He really sniffs to try to smell the flowers. I see how his nostrils flare open as he inhales to smell the flowers that do not exist. I am connected to him, as he is to me, and I can feel how he has a vivid olfactory experience of flowers. Not only is his sense of touch (on his feet) at least 20 times more sensitive than human hands. His eye sight is much brighter and color recognition than ours is. He also has very sensitive ears and hearing. And his sense of smell too, is far more enhanced than our human one is. I can smell what my Dragon smells. He thinks of vivid smells of flowers, and we have that moment together. The flowers are of course not fragrant, they are only virtual. But I remind myself that I can't wait to get Hamish some flowers from the flower shop. I can't wait to invite Hamish over to select some flowers for himself. They will be colorful and fragrant, and I will also invite him to feel them out with his bare feet by placing them on the floor for him. He loves standing in flowerbeds.

Just the way it is

March 04 2013 - Last night on my way to work Malik the Black One does sexual feelings to me that were phenomenal to say the least. Since Malik is a real black entity and I am documenting this story, you will find more elaborate details in one of the sequel books which covers this month. Can't post it here because it could be a bit too much graphic.

And I tried to start my first day without sugar yesterday, because Hamish won't use my eggs if I eat sugar and I don't want to lose my Kissy Dragon. Well, I still had some cookies and pastries at work, but I didn't put three (or any) pieces of sugar into my tea, so that's a start. I've also not had more toffee candies here at home, but there is some sugar in the fruit soup I had, so, I'm making progress on "No!, Sugar!", for my Hamish Dragon. The things I do for my Dragon Turtle.

I came home after work and started pouring a bath, and Dinosaur got all excited and said that he wanted to take a bath there. I told Dinosaur that if he can come here in visible form then I would be happy to fix him a bath. He didn't make a visible visit, so I proceeded to having the bath myself. Dinosaurs love baths more than anything, they have them as often as they can over there. But Dinosaur gave me close enough encounter from remotely and mentally, in which our two places connect and I feel him with all of my senses. He was close enough for me to really see him, and to pick up his smell which is very bitter and sharp like a mossy forest floor or rotting seaweed. A very special smell, I love it. I love Dinosaurs. He did some sounds too like, "Meb Meb!". Dinosaur language.

Ha ha! I nearly forgot! I told Dinosaur that I love him. He got concerned that I was going to ask him to marry me. No I told him I was only going to be friends with him. He does that every time! When I try to make good friends with him he tries to hold me back a little because he doesn't want my affection for him to be sexual, or romantic. Which it isn't. Oh Dinosaur, you Silly Poo.

Hamish has been back and hasn't abandoned me for some nesting eggs under a tree. So all is back to normal and Hamish is still in my life. But Hamish has been fussy Dragon, with a bit of an attitude. This morning I was making oatmeal with the berry jam that I always have with it, which Hamish likes to come up close to me and say, "It resembles my scales", so I thought I was being nice by saying to my Dragon Turtle "Look Hamish, I am eating these red berries that resemble your scales". Hamish responded by connecting with me closely, and putting my own hands on my own face, but in that moment as I touched my face, I was also Hamish touching his own face with his own hands. And so I was with him touching and feeling the red bumpy scales on his face, that yes, in a way, resemble the red berries I was eating.

But then Hamish was fussy Dragon who said that we have a cool room here on the balcony and that he might ask me to go stand there in the mornings. Namely, he makes Dinosaurs who aren't behaving go stand in some kind of refrigerators as punishment. It is winter here and cold outside and Hamish has in the past a few times said that my balcony is like such a cool room too. Now he was telling me that he might make me go stand there. It could be that Hamish felt challenged when I said that I was "eating something that look like his scales", after I had said it I realized that it came out wrong, you don't ever want to suggest to a Reptilian that you are somehow consuming them or any parts of them, they take that as a serious threat.

When I woke up after sleeping, it didn't take long for me to ask "where is my Hamish Dragon?" He is still around, my Kissy Turtle. I love him so.

Hamish? I will honor your scales. - me
No, look! - Hamish shows me the spruce tree with yes, those eggs still sitting underneath that snow covered spruce tree branch
My Honored's feet. - I am delighted to see and feel Hamish's soft sensitive feet (other language)
I will take them in my mouth! - Hamish about the eggs, not angry (other language)
I will touch them! - Hamish about the eggs (other language)
.. Snacks! - me to Hamish

Eggs under a spruce tree

March 03 2013 - Hamish is out in the snowy forest hanging around that same spruce tree as the other day. He's just standing there, with his duck kissy feet on the snow. (I've asked him long ago whether his bare feet didn't feel cold on the ice and snow, and he had said that "it's just water", so no.) He doesn't want to be in the bathroom here in my home. He's out in the forest. The other day, maybe a day or two ago, I had seen Hamish from that same place in the forest, next to that same tree. That time, he had told me, "Look!", and lifted a spruce tree branch that was close to the ground, and he showed me that there would be a bunch of baseball size eggs there on the ground. The eggs looked to have some kind of shell on them, but not that familiar limestone type of shell that we see on birds eggs, but a shell that looked more like the casing around peas. The eggs were a white and faint yellow color, like the color of discolored teeth almost, and with a pearly glossy shine a bit, just like freshwater pearls.

I doubt that the eggs were actually there? But who knows. Hamish has a thing for eggs. Are they Dragon eggs? Are they there? Who knows. But he is guarding that space, where the nest of eggs sits on the snowy ground, underneath that low spruce tree branch.

It cuts my heart like a knife to know that my Hamish is out all alone in the forest. I want to cry and scream and beg for him to come home. Hamish, please come home with me? Please Hamish, come crawl in under my covers in bed. Stay somewhere safe, where I have you and I know where you are. Where I can watch over you, protect you at all times, and take care of you. Know that you are safe. My Dragon Turtle. It's like when your precious little lapdog ran out and is all alone in the forest. I just wanna cry. Hamish, please come home? He says: "Yes, No", and his voice does not sound like he is afraid, or in any trouble. He sounds to be fine. Is he really fine there, out in the forest? "Are you alright there, Hamish?", me asks my Turtleness. "Hamish, how are you feeling?", me asks Turtle Dragon.

"I will protect them", Hamish says kindly and seems to think either of the eggs or about the hybrid children in the ocean faring containers in Japan. "Which do you mean?", I ask my Dragon. "I will protect you", Hamish says about me. "I love you Hamish. I will honor your scales...", me says with some pain and ache in my heart. "I will not dwell here when I do not want to.", says Hamish, and I see him and I feel how he feels the underneath of his soft sensitive feet. I love his feet, his soft, sensitive Duck Kissy Feet. I hope that he is ok. "I will not dwell here, when I do not want", Hamish says and means my home, and I see his little sock puppet head when he speaks. HAAMIISSSH!!! Yet he looks at me from there. Because I can see him. My Dragon Turtle.

"Have you laid eggs?", me asks about the nest underneath the spruce tree branch. "Yes.", Hamish. "Have you laid eggs?", me asks again. "Yees", Hamish says. "Whose eggs are they? Hamish? What race has those eggs?", me. "They were not laid here, before the moon was big.", Hamish, so it must have been recently, because I have been noticing the moon has been big lately. (All was in another European language, except for the last two, one from Hamish one from me.)

I will take them in my mouth! - Hamish says about the eggs (other language)
Hamish? Who has laid those eggs there? Under the tree? - me (other language)
He just stands there, with his soft sensitive duck kissy feet, bare soles of his feet, bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle. I love him so.
I will keep them warm here. - Hamish says (other language)
How do you keep them warm? - me (other language)

"Hamish!! HAMISH!! Are those your eggs!" - I ask my Turtle, as he thinks about with anticipation that these eggs are actually going to hatch in the future!

Hamish is looking forward to these eggs hatching! Are they Dragon eggs? "Hamish, are they your race's eggs?", me asks. "Yes-No not.", Hamish (other language). "Which race has laid its eggs there? Is it Dinosaur eggs?", me asks Hamish (other language). "I won't speak to you about the food.", Hamish says (other language).

And as I'm trying to cry about missing having Hamish near and worrying about him being out there in the forest all by himself so far away, he says: "It is my dinner!" And now: "Why did you want to bite me?", Hamish. "No, Hamish. I will not bite you.", me says. "If you come here, then I will bite you.", Hamish says (other language). "I will watch out.", me says. "Hi! This is the Board.", the Board of Benevolent ETs. "Yes?", me to the Board. "He has been given another assignment.", Board says to me. "He can't watch you, forever.", Board says to me. "He has wanted to further his race, here.", Hamish or Board says to me. Yet Hamish looks at me, from that forest. He looks at me while he is guarding those eggs.

Oh my god, I am crying. I am really crying here. I have now written down another page of telepathic notes where Hamish and me talk about this. If I don't publish it here it will be in book 2 or book 3. I don't know if I can live without Hamish. I thought to all of our time together, in the past year and a half. I can't lose him.

I try to go on with my day. I am working on translating April 15 2012 for my first book. I now got to a part where I had said to Hamish, "Look! My Honored! I have drawn your scales!", and then I started sobbing again. All the times that me and Hamish have spent together. It is the little things that hurt, the everyday moments that we shared together. He is sitting there now underneath that spruce tree, nesting on the eggs. He is waiting for them to hatch so that he can eat them. I just want to run to him and give him a hug and hold him and sleep there next to him, and next to his nest of eggs. Just me and Hamish, like it always has been. Oh God how I miss having my Dragon near! Will I ever lose him? And what will I do if I do? Now he says:

"Yes-No!, guard my eggs with me." - Hamish does not want me to be there guarding his eggs with him

Update: I just realized, as Hamish was asking if he could take a nap on the living room sofa, and I said yes that he was more than welcome, Hamish is not my friend. He is just some guy who comes here eating my eggs! He's just some dude who came in and started eating! Oh my. Hmm. But I love him. You gotta love Hamish.

Good Morning - Reptilian Tosses

March 02 2013 - This morning I asked Malik if I could please stay awake for an abduction. He didn't think so. He then did a Reptilian toss, which is when a Reptilian wrestles me around on the bed. They can do it either to drink my juice (life force) or to show power. Malik turned me from this way to that, rolling me over one way then the other. He is gentle about it, it isn't scary or harmful. Him doing so actually flared up my life force and I was all glowing all over. It was like what the creepsters did at the lodge only I didn't float out of my body or anything like that. Malik thanked me for having let him do that. Then he said, that there are four things that I need to be able to handle, if I am to stay awake for an abduction. I eagerly awaited to hear those four things and listened with anticipation to hear what those were:

1., 2. and 3. were sample collecting and two others I can't remember anymore.
4. That I am an inferior race when I am there.

See what happens when I don't write things down immediately? I forget good stuff that they say. I really have to get something to write on that sits right next to the bed.

Hamish was scared when Malik was tossing me around, and Hamish wanted to hide in the bedroom closet - but I don't think he can fit. Poor Hamish. I told Hamish that it was ok. Then after Malik was over and done with, I told Hamish that I honor Hamish and I want Hamish to toss me too. Hamish came up to me and did some tosses and I giggled as I said "Hamish!". It is great having a tumble with Hamish my Sock Puppet Turtle Dragon.

This morning Hamish did some slow-pace stompety stomps on the bathroom rug, his original snuggy rug that I had at college that he fell in love with so, the one that started out beige and got discolored pink in the laundry. I caught Hamish lifting his feet and pressing them down on the rug, one after the other. He was really enjoying it. I have a habit of placing the rug right next to my bed just for these moments, if he would feel like stomping his feet here in the bedroom with me. Hamish is so far away if he goes to the bathroom rug in the bathroom. I prefer to have him stomping right next to me, it is such a delight to see a big red Dragon Turtle pressing feet into a soft bathroom snuggie ruggie right next to your bed. There is nothing like it. Kind of like waking up in the mornings with a cat purring in bed next to you. Hamish.


March 01 2013 - First thing this morning Hamish was around, just being Hamish, a bright fire engine red Dragon Turtle, a big alien reptile with a fun cute turtleshell hump back cushion on his upper back, orange blunt bumps on the forehead and arms, and that Sock Puppet Head of his, and Duck Kissy Feet. Hamish was closer to me than usual. The best thing of all was when Hamish tossed me around in bed when he and the Dinosaur said they wanted to collect some "dew" from me, meaning various samples from my lower region, and Hamish pushed me around to lie on my right side and closer toward the wall. As I was manipulated and tossed by him, I got to see Hamish from up closely, almost as if he were right behind me, with his body wrapped around mine, my Red Dragon Turtle.

I've now seen that Hamish indeed does have two nostrils. He has no nose extending from the face. The nostrils sit in a slight depression in the face in between the eyes. His nostrils flare when he sniffs at things. He is such a magnificently beautiful beast, my Hamish. It was like being hugged by him, when he positioned me and was pushing me closer toward the wall and had turned me over to lie on my right side. It was a beautiful moment.

Hamish has two versions, like I've said before. One of them is the humanoid version, when I see Hamish standing on two legs, with an overall human-like body configuration and upright posture, but still with that cushion on his back. This is the way he presented himself in the beginning. His other version is the camel turtle version in which he adopts a hunched posture and looks more "animal" than "human". This morning Hamish had the humanoid form. And so I asked him - probably the first time I've asked him about this - why he sometimes looks one way then another and why now this way. He said that it was either "Aulis Greenshaw" or "Sargent Wilkes" who had told him he has to be in the humanoid form when he interacts with me (can't remember which of the two gentlemen he mentioned, both work for the military surveillance team that oversees the Draconian involvement in my life). I told Hamish he could be just the way he is with me. No need to make appearances of anything else.

Hamish means the world to me. He watches me everywhere I go. If Hamish goes away, for instance today I saw him watching me from a forest somewhere, then he continues watching me from there. He can literally watch me and he stares at my crotch, taking his job seriously about guarding my eggs. He's amazing. Thuban was around for a bit too. I normally don't work mornings. Normally I work night shift or evening shift and both of these mean I will sleep in the morning hours. Now I had a rare day shift which means I was at work in the morning hours, and the Aliens are not used to that. Seems that they have adjusted their abduction schedule to fit with my work schedule...

They used to always abduct me at 4 AM sharp. Every night. Then I started working night shifts and was out and at work at 4 AM. So they started abducting me in the morning hours, say from 8 AM to 10 or 11 AM somewhere there. I suspected that they were doing that. This morning I think I had some confirmation, because when I was getting out of bed at 6 AM me doing so collided with seeming Alien abduction activities, because Hamish was trying to push me to keep me down on the bed (that is what he was doing), and Dinosaur was talking about collecting "dew" (some of my body fluids). I said that they're gonna have to hurry up, and I told them they have about ten minutes but I can't give them more time than that, before I would have to get up and go to work. I could go lie down in bed as soon as I get back home from work. And in the morning hours say at 11 AM or so, Thuban was around. Hamish was staring at my crotch all morning too. Poor guys, see I can work at any hours at all, which means I'm out of the house and doing things. I can work from 9 PM to 7 AM night shift, or from 7 AM to 4 PM day shift, or from 1 PM to 9 PM evening shift, and it changes a lot and on short notice! Poor Aliens.