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February 17 2013 - February 28 2013

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Socks and Rat Yuck Poo!

February 28 2013 - So I was sitting here working on translating some of the last pages for the first book. I'm in April 12 2012, where Malik says that he needs to "vacate my space", and that "your race will not live here anylonger". Malik must've been listening to my thoughts as I'm translating these texts and so he gets all turned on and erected. I invite him to come closer, and he does for a brief glimpse of a moment, during which I catch a whiff of his smell. I make a careful note in my journal entries: "yuck POO! I can smell a horrible smell from him suddenly now! It smelled like rancid old socks and a dead rat. Just briefly then it was gone" This and more stories like it in the books. Too censored to post here.


February 28 2013 - I just had a major argument with the Thuban Lady about why 12-year old boys should not learn to masturbate with their own mothers. There are seven Word document pages written on the argument. I'm sorry but it will be in one of my sequel books, perhaps the third one, and you won't like reading it. In it I am trying to explain to the Thuban, while my human son who is there, his name is Sam and he is 12 years old, this argument scares him and he tries to hide under the boomerang praying mantis arm of the Thuban Lady. Sam says that the Thuban has always been his mother for him.

Then Malik shows up and tries to be all nice and friendly, like all is ok. Dinosaur tells me they want me to go swimming in the local poolhouse here, and they say they would bring the smallest children there to swim with me and I am shown a little Thuban-human hybrid girl in a bathing suit. I ask them if the children even can swim, and Malik Himself says that yes, the Draconians have taught them how to swim. The Draconians? Imagine yours Malik teaching a child how to swim. How very fatherly of him.

But our differences on the development of human sexuality places a huge rift in our contacts. Thuban says that since I work in nursing I should be able to understand, and they have wanted me to become a doctor of medicine "so that I would understand". I tell them that the more we understand about the human species, the clearer it gets that what they are doing is wrong. This is threatening to tear up our contacts. The Thuban starts talking about leaving me and "no longer working with my pyy-pyy", which is their word for my lady parts basically vagina uterus and all of that junk. I don't want to lose the Aliens, I don't want to lose contact with my son Sam, (I couldn't care less about the Thuban-human hybrids cause they are brats and racist and condescending arrogant shitheads), but I can't lose Dinosaur, Hamish, not even Malik. I can't have this end, but I also can't condone what they are doing to these children. Oh, this is Hell. This is a nightmare. Why can't I wake up and all things will be alright? And the Thubans will treat children correctly. Please?

Don't tell them that, Deb, Deb. - Dinosaur about me writing this sensitive information here. Deb Deb is in his own Dinosaur language.

*Note: nothing sexual or inappropriate took place between me and Sam. The Thuban just briefly mentioned something about it and I started arguing and explaining. I will continue objecting and educating the Thuban creatures. I will change their ways, I will.

Ice-cream and Side Notes

February 27 2013 - Today while in the grocery store as soon as I approached the ice-cream section I hear Dinosaur say a word or a sentence in the Dinosaur language which makes out sounds consisting of two clicks or two sounds at different pitches. It sounded like "Dub Dub!" Frog sounds, little frog chirps. I tried to say it back to him (telepathically) of course but it's really hard to pronounce. I love it when Dinosaurs speak. The best is when I get to see a whole room full of Dinosaurs and they are chirping "Dub Dub", "Croak, Croak!", "Dib, Dib!" to each other, looking all cute like Frog People. It's like having a box full of toads, better than an armful of kittens. When Dinosaurs were made, somebody poured extra lot of sugar sweet and spice into the Frog Batter. A girl like me could just burst it is too much cuteness overload. Sorry, and yes that is my scientific observation, ehh...

Box of Toads
The Dinosaurs actually eat white grubs

On a side note, Hamish is getting really excited about my promise to buy him a goldfish. He has been looking at those Japanese Karp in Japan that belong to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men.

Also I had a surprisingly long and from-him talkative conversation with the Orion man today, who told me all kinds of things, but mostly about there being horrific bacteria here and there on my body and about the importance of collecting fecal samples from me. He also revealed more about the Orion people and his culture, some shocking things too I might say. Find it in one of the sequel books, unless I post it here on the website first! Note: the Orion man is a black reptilian, not related to Draconian Reptiles since the Orion does not have a tail, he says. He has a distinct snout on the face, sharp teeth, he does not defacate or urinate rather his body waste accumulates in saliva in the mouth, he revealed. And his eyes are black. Not yellow. Such a magnificent being, how privileged am I, to have the Orion genetics expert in my life.

Hush Hush! You should sleep with your city! - Thuban Lady says now all of a sudden, she means that because "my city" is sleeping, it is night time here, then I should be sleeping too. That can only mean abduction time approaches.

Night, then Morning

February 27 2013 - When I went to sleep last night I saw (mentally remotely) Hamish and Malik fighting out in the hallway outside our apartment door. It seemed as if Hamish was trying to keep Malik from coming in to my home from getting to me. Hamish guards my eggs, but he also tries to keep Malik the Black One from me.

Oh well, I then tried to have a private moment with myself, and that provoked the curiosity of the Thuban Whale who came around to watch. It brought a tiny little Thuban hybrid girl to see (presumably my daughter), and then a boy around 12 years of age who has brown hair and is human and also presumably my son. This son is being taught martial arts that involves swords. The Agenda likes to see the boys learn martial arts, and the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men like to see the kids doing martial arts. The boy wanted to have a certain large C-shaped white blade sword and had not been allowed. I told them that no wonder, that sword is bigger than the boy is.

I told the Aliens that these children were too young to watch women do adult things and that it will inhibit on their development of identity and self. And I said for the boy that he is too young that he needs to grow up first, and find a nice girl his own age to play around with if he so must. It is the Aliens who show no respect or dignity toward the slow and delicate development of human sexuality, whether in those human children or the human-alien hybrids. I try to tell them, but do they listen?

I was called "dog" by the Thuban and then also a male juvenile Thuban hybrid showed up, one of those with long slender neck. He was a beautiful sight to see, as a living creature, just too bad that he acted like a total jerk and made me furious at him and didn't take long for me to threaten to kill him with a knife again. They really tick me off and I am the sweetest person you ever knew, that's how bad they are. So patronizing and rude. They tell me I am cattle, I am a cow in their pen in a barn, or sometimes I am a mere plant in their botanical garden and my female genitals are nothing but the reproductive parts of flowers, or that I am a giraffe in a zoo, a cat on a leash, a dog in a cage. An inferior race, my genetics are inferior, although I have twelve strands of DNA, and my DNA is ever so precious to them.

It really seems that the Thubans (and Zeta-types too) are really fond of human sexuality. They're not just studying it scientifically. It seems that they, as the Aliens are so mentally receptive they can feel what I feel and feel it with me, they enjoy the feelings. Lady Thuban was telling the little girl that me touching myself I was in fact "getting ready to take semen from a man". I fussed and said that no I wasn't because there was no man here. When I said that there was no "man here", at that very moment Hamish puts his one hand superimposing with one of my hands that was on my chest somewhere or on my belly and Hamish rarely makes his red scaly presence so known as he did then. As if he wanted me to know that "he" was my man here. In fact Hamish doesn't let me daydream or even think about getting married to some man. A man would be dangerous since a man could get me pregnant and ruin my eggs. Oh well, I don't mind Hamish being the man in my life. Even if he doesn't have any sex with me or touch me at all, he's still my guy.

Then the Thuban showed me in mental images and without words how my body was reacting to what I was doing on the tissue level and turns out the Thuban was right that my body was on a deeper tissue level preparing to take a man's semen. For instance my uterus was changing the tissue and blood flow to get ready for a fertilized egg.

Dinosaur showed up too and Dinosaur wanted to watch. This was perhaps the first time I decided to shrug and not be interfered, although I told them that having people watch me switched off some of the mental participation and ability, which is true. But I don't mind the Dinosaurs, I don't feel ashamed or embarrassed around them. And the children seemed to be cleared away so I could mind my own business again, albeit with a Dinosaur staring into my naked crotch. I've had the Dinosaurs looking closely at my ladyparts before so it's ok. After all they are like a midwife. In fact I would trust my childbirth to the Dinosaurs. I would be honored to have my midwives be Dinosaurs the day I have my own child, I mean in my real life. I would be in such safe hands. They know everything about the human female. All about our sexuality and body. Every single hormone, chemical response, tissue contraction, they know it all. They have those beautiful big yellow citrine quartz eyes. Big head on an otherwise very slender body.

The Dinosaur showed me a mental closeup image of his cells. They were large cells, much larger than typical human cells, and they were cuboidal and reminded me of plant cells here on Earth, just without the organelles tucked to one side like plant cells have. They had one cuboidal face, well just a bit rectangular, and not a perfect cube but like a flat box. It was really neat to see. Dinosaur then asked if I had seen what he had shown me, and then he said something like if it's ok that he touches me in my privates with those cells, basically he just wanted me to be aware that his Dinosaur cells were against my human cells down there. He wanted to help me masturbate. I think I felt some things but not for long. I didn't mind, it's a Dinosaur. They take a scientific interest in these things, why you ask? Not because they're pervert or anything, but because their job specifically has them take human genetic DNA and incorporate it into infertile Alien races to make sexually fertile new races. So they are teaching those hybrid kids sexuality, and evaluating all the different batches of genetic mixes to see what they can do in terms of reproduction.

As Dinosaur watched my technique very closely, he then told me how every woman uses a different technique, and he described to me in pictures how some other woman had masturbated. There were so many different techniques, he said. I told Dinosaur that there is no procedure, women just do what feels good and that even that varies at different times depending on what we want. (Sorry to offend anyone, but this website is a scientific documentary on real alien contact.)

Oh and I also forgot to say that one of the first things this night with the Aliens, after Hamish had quarreled a bit with the Blackness One, Hamish shows me a clear mental image that just suddenly pops up from him into my head, of an orange and white Japanese karp over there in the water in Japan where Hamish visits the Dragon Dynasty men. Hamish was so fond of this fish that he made those pleased palate clicks about it. I then showed the image I had seen, back to Hamish, and did my best attempt at giving Hamish some palate clicks to tell him that I liked it too. Me and Hamish, best buddies. I told Hamish that I would go shopping tomorrow and could buy him a goldfish, if he really wanted one. (Or to be fair, this Japanese karp incident *might* have happened this morning, instead of last night. Why I'm so nitpicky about when things happened? Because I'm a scientist, nothing on this website is extrapolated or assumed. That's how it is.)

I managed to not be interfered by the Alien presence. Even Thuban was ok after a while, and the kids were gone it seemed. I don't mind the Dinosaur. Dinosaur said that "after he watches me, he gets to take a bath". Dinosaurs love bathing more than anything. It is their reward if they do their job. I told the Dinosaur I was so happy that he will get to have a bath. Dinosaurs are yay. They talk with each other and with Hamish in click sounds that make two clicks as a word or a sentence. Different pitch clicks. And Dinosaurs have a very sharp bitter smell like forest or decomposing water vegetation. They are the best, the very best.

I nearly felt like I was getting a conscious abduction, and I noted how I was starting to feel very nauseous like I might have to vomit. The Aliens have always told me that if I go there in an awake state, I would throw up. They've even shown me how they have a throw up bucket next to the work bench and they tell me that me (and if I recall also other humans who get taken) throw up. It has something to do with the journey. Like motion sickness. And I am not one to easily vomit. It takes the likes of food poisoning, and I manage to suppress most vomiting where other people wouldn't be able to hold back. But I felt really nauseous, and that was unusual. But I didn't get a conscious abduction. Nor did I vomit.

Oh no how could I ever possibly forget! A Praying Mantis showed up too. It had that tiny V-shaped praying mantis head, and two antennae that look like made out of marbles connected in a string. It had praying mantis arms. I complimented it on how beautiful it looks. All these magnificent Aliens, I told them how lovely races they all were. How magnificent to see them, really is. I just want to have conscious

No!! You are an animal in our Noah's Ark! - shouts Thuban now before I get a chance to finish my sentence
I just want to visit you consciously. Please let me. I don't mind being an "animal", just let me come visit... YOU'RE SO MEAN! I want to come see you! I want to be your friend! - me

Yep, this was the white praying mantis Thuban lady who said. I see it standing there with the pointy tips of its arms resting firmly against the floor in front of it as it leans down on the arms, I've not seen it adopting this resting posture before, the arms are usually off the floor. I just want to have a conscious visit. That is all I could ever ask. This is the Thuban who keeps telling me "Hunch!", "Hynch!", "Hush!" and "Hysh!". Thuban also says those words to hybrid children, and also to other Aliens. It means "outrageous! stop it! be quiet!" It's funny when the Thuban says it because it can yell it at the top of its lungs, but it only musters a weak effort but still. It's fun to hear "Hunch" at various things.

And then in the morning I made some breakfast. I made oatmeal and Hamish snuck up real close to me and did two smacks with his mouth, opening his mouth and closing it as if it were he who was getting ready to eat. He did those two munching motions with his mouth like a person who is reaching out to take a bite and eat and swallow. I think he did that to acknowledge that I was eating something. I don't think that Hamish wants oatmeal. He then saw the red berry jam I was going to put on the oatmeal like I always do, and Hamish says that "it resembles his scales". I invited him to come closer, as I took some out to show him on the spoon. Hamish was invisible in some other dimension so I didn't know what way to direct myself, but I took some out on the spoon. I told him that this year I can take him out to the forest to watch these berries growing in the forest so that he can see where they come from.

I then made a salmon sandwich after oatmeal and Hamish again did two or so smack munching motions with his mouth like someone eating, he did that again before I was eating. He was such a cutie. Then as I'm thinking of what foods to buy from the store today whether to buy some more salmon, he shows me a very clear mental image of a pink prawn and I know he means "don't eat it", and so I show it back to Hamish and I say to him "No!!", to acknowledge that I won't be eating a prawn. (Hamish sympathizes with animals that have "red shell" or "red scales" like he, he calls them "pytt", which is their alien language for "small children". So much for prawns.)

Hamish has been in a good mood this morning and been really cute. He seems happy and cheerful and overall curious about what I am doing. I love it when Hamish is having a good day, because then I have a good day too because we spend all days together. I love this Dragon more than anything. Today I am going out shopping and will look for Harry Potter movies for him on sale, and will get him some yellow cut flowers because he likes the texture of flowers under his feet and he likes the smell of flowers and always wants to sniff at the virtual flowers I plant in The Sims 1 computer game, he comes up and sniffs at the screen toward the flowers. I've of course told Hamish that he might be getting a Harry Potter movie today, and I also told him to come shopping with me and take a look in the stores and that he can get anything I can afford to buy. And then I apologised to my Dragon that I can't just yet afford to get him that good armchair that he wants. One day Hamish! One day I will get you an armchair of your choosing! Because Dragons love comfy sofas like nothing other.

Just another night and morning with the Aliens. Now for another day with Aliens...

Note: Dinosaur wonders what you all, who are reading, think of him. Dinosaur often wonders what people will think of him when they see his picture or read about him. That is why I would like for all of you reading (or at least some of you) to send us a little email note where you tell the Dinosaur what you think of him. Feel free to take a look at the Dinosaur page here. But the Dinosaur would like to hear from you people. Dinosaurs are very insecure and shy even around me, but they're also insecure about how humans would feel about them.

Is there anything you would like to say to all the humans? - me
Just that we didn't want to hurt your pyy-pyy. - Dinosaur
I have said it now. And they know that. They understand what you do. - me

Pyy-pyy is Alien language for female genital parts. That is all for now!

What do they think about that I like to take a shower? - Dinosaur wants to ask you guys reading too
We will ask them! They will tell you! - me
And what they think about the flowers thing. - Dinosaur
They will tell you what they think. - me
And that we are collecting your DNA. - Dinosaur
They will tell you that too. They will be happy with you, Dinosaur. I think humans will love you. Don't worry, my Darling. And they know that you are forced to do this work. - me
Yes. That's what we wanted to know. - Dinosaur
And! *wink wink* Have you had any coffee? - Dinosaur suddenly cheerful; someone I live with made coffee with breakfast but I never have any, the Dinosaurs know it disrupts my heart beat rhythm and they've wanted me to have some coffee ever since I told them just so they can see what might happen. They get really excited if I ever have as much as a sip of coffee and want to see what might happen.

Tell them that we don't take you in with a penis. - Dinosaur wants me to tell the readers, that is true, Dinosaurs don't have a penis not that I ever saw

Write to us at contact@orionmindproject.com
You guys are MORE THAN WELCOME to write letters to the Dinosaurs, to Hamish, or to anyone else featured here even the MILABS guys if you want, and I will read those to the recipient. I will not read offensive or otherwise inappropriate material to my friends, but if it's just a hello or such, then feel free to write them! I will write down their response to you in a return email. Thanks!

They know that we collect with the semen. - Dinosaur now adds
Yes, they know that. - me
Do they have any for us? - Dinosaur
Dinosaur, I am sure that there are human men out there who would give up some semen for the sake of getting to meet you wonderful Dinosaurs. - me
And? Are there women too? - Dinosaur
Yes, Dinosaur. Women would love that too. There are many people who would love contact. - me
Then we would like to meet with them. - Dinosaur
Hunch Hunch! - Thuban says to Dinosaur
Hynch! I am the one who makes the decisions here! - Thuban to Dinosaur

Malik walks around butt naked

February 26 2013 - I have a Black Incubus named Malik. Malik is Arabic for Ruler, King, Prince, even God. Read about what an Incubus is, it is very spot on for Malik. Read also about the female version, Succubus, because it tells you more about these beings.

Today when I was having a private moment with myself, Malik of course came around to play. Well, he ingests my vital life force energy, he calls it "drinking juice". He puts sadistic torture images into my mind and other sinful sexual scenes. And I'm like, "No Malik, I'm not into those things", so then he tries another sadistic scene of his fancy. But what I really came here to say was that I just had another one of the most memorable moments with the Drac boys. It went as follows:

So I see Malik sitting here on the sofa. He's just sitting on the sofa. And his black penis has an erection. He's just sitting on the sofa like that, fully erect. So I'm like hmm. I look at Malik and I glance at his male appendage and I'm like hmm. I say to my Malik the Black Incubus: "Do you really have one of those?" Because is he just sitting there, fully erect? Or is it some kind of mirage, something he is showing me, as a hologram perhaps. Like when he comes for a night snuggle carrying a make-believe hologram of a pillow-size black widow spider or the Egyptian scarab beetle under his arm to scare me with. And so Malik says: "I don't have any underwear on." Badum-tish. One of my top ten favorite most memorable moments with the Drac boys.

Oh gee. I have this Black Incubus sexy beast of a man walking around my home. Now don't get me wrong, he rarely if ever uses his black erect penis on me. But I am just a girl. And there is a sexy black scaly man tiptoeing around the house with a fully erect penis. That makes a girl both giggle and blush. For real. Also don't get me wrong, it doesn't look like on a human. Well, I have to draw the line somewhere, so based on censorship I will have to refer you to one of the sequel books for that splendid and most detailed description of the Black One Incubus' fully erect penis. Giggles.

"Oh, he is so cute." - I think to myself
Yee-es? - Malik responds and looks into my eye with his white eyes that have a little pale gray dot for a pupil and no colored irises

He is a cutie. I've known this fellow for quite some time now. He is actually kind to me. He wants me to be his daughter and for him to be like my father. He teaches me things and shows me things. He appreciates me and he values me. He always backs off when I tell him to. He never yells back at me when I fuss at him for sleeping under my bed giving me nightmares, or for the other mischief that he does. He is sensual and he caresses me. He approaches me gently and carefully. He just loves me so much. He just loves to cuddle and to drink my juice. He's just my cute little uncle Malik that tiptoes around the house, sometimes with a fully erect penis.

I don't like slander?! - Malik now
Forgive me my Malik. What have I said wrong about you? - me
That I love you. - Malik
How do you feel about me then? - me
You are like my coffee, my energy. - Malik
Yes, Malik. I understand that. Forgive me so much for slandering you. - me
Yes, you will give us the juice. - Malik
I don't want you to feel good about me. - Malik
I am sorry Malik. Please forgive me for misunderstanding. Forgive me. - me
Am I not 'my Honored'? - Malik
Yes, my Honored Malik. - me
It is not about love. - Malik
Yes Malik, it is not. - me
And it is also not about porno! - Malik
No, Malik, it is about coffee. Coffee only. - me
Yes, and we have liked to call it the juice. - Malik
Yes, my Honored Malik! My cutie-pie. - me
I am not a softie.. - Malik
No Malik, you are a demon beast, maybe you're even Satan himself, who knows. I don't know who you are, you are an Incubus. - me
And? Does that make you fall a tear? - Malik
No Malik. I don't cry. - me
Polyfemos was also me! - Malik, see here
Yes Malik, you eat people with one eye. The one-eyed... monster, god, that you listen to, or maybe even are. - me
We are not a monster here. - Malik
What are you then? - me
I am not your soft sensual lover. - Malik
What then are you? A coffee drinker? Describe yourself. - me
I am not a demon. - Malik says with a softer voice
What are you? Are you a Draconian? Did you come from the star Draco? How old are you? - me
I am not a softie. I just drink my coffee. - Malik
All above conversation in this paragraph occurred as written in English

Hamish is fighting with Gargoyle

February 26 2013 - I was looking at the moon shining at me and contemplated on the moon. That is when Gargoyle, the White Dragon who is the North Port Devil of Florida, decided to speak with me again. It appears that Gargoyle watches me very often, if not all the time. He is very fond of me. I am not aware of him watching me, but he will show me his thought images of things that I have done, things dating back to when he first got in contact with me (he showed me having watched me eat corn on the cob in the apartment I had back then), to things I've done very recently here back in Europe again (me watching black crows and birds here on the street, and me looking at my chubby self in the mirror after having eaten chocolate). He watches everything. But now Hamish is chasing him away. Hamish always chases Gargoyle away. The conversations of tonight between me and Hamish and Gargoyle are written down but parts of it have to be translated since it's in another European language.

It is just a verbal fight Hamish is not acting physical on Gargoyle. Gargoyle is not impressed or scared but tries to keep away, but his curiosity and fondness of me keeps bringing him back to me. It's a really fun conversation listening to just Hamish and North Port Gargoyle talking to each other. Oh, these Dragon boys. White Dragon, and Red Dragon. Dragons! Yep!

So, what's up?

February 26 2013 - In the past few days: a few nights ago, let's see, not last night, and not the one before, but the one before that I think it was, I was approached by a military soldier in a black uniform in the sleep state where the Aliens bring me to during abduction and where I often meet with human military too. The Orion doctor, of all people, tells me to run! So I run away from the soldier, and the soldier chases me. I don't remember any more than that.

And then not last night but the one before, or something like that, when I dozed off I was fully conscious and with my eyes closed. All I could see was bright white, and Hamish's scales up close and personal! I was watching his bright fire engine red body and all the patterns in his red scales. So magnificent. Then suddenly I snapped out of it and was back awake in the normal human world, I told Hamish what I had seen and asked him if I had seen him, but he would not say, maybe he didn't know. But I sure dang saw him! How magnificent to see a red scaly creature named Hamish the Elder.

Malik the Incubus
See the whole cartoon

Last night I begged and I pleaded for the Aliens to lemme stay awake for an abduction. I so want to see the Aliens. They asked for permission from the US MILABS team, who said no. I begged and I pleaded some more. Then little Greys appeared but in another place. Our two whereabouts were somehow connected. They started asking me tons of questions of nitpicky things about what I've eaten and what my foods are made of and all kinds of things. They are so curious! Even about trivial things! So I answered all of their questions, and they told me what medical procedures they wanted to do. And I said sure go ahead I want to stay awake for that.

I didn't get a conscious abduction. But I got like the preview of one, so we're making progress. Also today a two-legged Thuban hybrid showed up to ask me about the pancakes I was making, what it was called, what it was made of, and so I told him exhaustively all about pancakes. Then Hamish said that they will also want to see it (the pancakes) in my rectum as poo (said without words but I know what he thinks and I know what he says) and I said Hamish first I have to eat them before it gets there. I didn't snap at my Turtle for almost ruining my appetite, but I reminded him that come on, let me eat the thing first?

The male Thuban hybrid had those weird binocular eyes that adjust and focus in a strange way. He also said that I "can't be like his daughter", because I am an inferior race. I've gotten into many furious arguments with these creatures over their patronizing behavior, they'd best not start again because we just said during the pancake conversations when he commented on how well our contact was going I said that that's just because you're behaving so don't start any of that. And it didn't take long for him to nearly get that way again. Jerks.

And earlier today I had probably what was the most sensual fondle that a man has ever given me. Forget all the many human men I have ever dated they don't even come close. The way Malik Blackness came up to me and wrapped his black scaly body around me. He possessed my left hand so that it was he who was moving my left hand, and I felt him intertwined with my left hand and arm as if he were melted in together with it. He made my hand run across my skin in a way that I have to refer you to the book to read about (one of the sequel books, not the first one). Mm it was lovely, I've never been sensually caressed by a man like that before. I'm telling you that Black One Malik the Incubus is one sexy beast.

It's My Boys

February 23 2013 - Hamish was with me to work again last night. One of my patients was wearing red socks and if I recall red pajama pants again. Hamish was hissing and wanting to attack the lady because of the red socks. I don't think Hamish would, but Hamish wanted to speak threatening words into her mind. I told Hamish sternly the way it was. He is not to harm anyone here, and if he does I don't have a job and I don't get money to buy "snacks" (Hamish calls foods "snacks"). It is ok. Hamish just feels challenged, he must think that somebody with red socks looks like Red Dragon Turtle paws. And then Hamish was happy when I did some laundry again. Hamish loves it when I wash floors or do laundry. He is such a neat and tidy Dragon Turtleness.

Which gives me an idea. Me, Hamish, Malik, and SETI should have a slumber party. Because I'd love for SETI to know about Hamish, SETI ignores me when I write to them about Hamish. How about me and one or a few SETI members have a slumber party where they dress up in red pajamas and red socks, we light up some candles and play some music and have some lobster to eat. That would send Hamish into a raging fit he would go insane. Because he gets angry and wants to attack any red things, and he hates music, candles, and when people eat lobsters. I should invite SETI for a lobster dinner slumber party. Hamish would throw them across the table and hiss, maybe even grace us with a goose basooning sound.

Then to make up for him, me and SETI would wash the floors for him, turn all the lights off (Hamish likes dark), change into green clothes (because Dinosaurs are inferior and green is an ok color for humans to wear), and watch Harry Potter movies with him. Hamish could sit in a comfy armchair that is not a revolving armchair and Hamish would be happy Dragon Kissy Feet. SETI would be happy too because they would have been tossed by Hamish, and seen his back hump cushion, scales, toothless Sock Puppet mouth and all. And if Hamish decides to give us a delightful treat he will stomp his feet and wipe his feet on a bathroom snuggie ruggie. Oh damn it just bugs the hell out of me that these guys working at SETI think they want nothing more in the whole world than to have an alien encounter and here I am living with Dragon Turtleness every single damn day and they could have the whole Hamish-experience if only they bothered. How could anybody want to miss out on Hamish?

I will eat them then! - Hamish says now
Whom will you eat? - me
Those guys, that come here. - Hamish, and he thinks of people in red socks
But Hamish, people want to see you. We won't upset you with red socks, I am sorry. - me

Last night I thought what *if* I would just dress up in a red pajama and lay myself on the bed and let Hamish have at me. What would happen? That guy is super strong and he could toss me. No, I would never put Hamish through the stress of people dressed in red and I would NEVER put SETI into such a situation. But they need to be tossed by Hamish. And smell his breath. And see his scales. Hear his exhale in their ear. Look into his eyes. His magnificent turtleshell hump back. And just get to fall in love with Hamish like I have.

We won't eat chocolate with them. - either Hamish or Black Reptile
Why do you say chocolate? - me

Oh well. This morning when I woke up, it was like in that cartoon image. Some mornings I wake up and Hamish and Malik both are right up close to me and it feels as if they've been up all those hours I've been sleeping and just waiting for me to wake up because they're bored and want to hang out with me! Because as soon as I wake up they come interact with me! And I wake up with both boys right over my head. Both Hamish and Malik this time. They must've been so bored all night.

Hamish showed me his mental image in which he munches on one of my fingers, chewing the skin off and then the flesh. And then he says he is sorry, that he had to show me that because I am planning a lobster dinner. I'm planning to have a lobster dinner and I worry about how that will affect Hamish. I think it will be the last lobster dinner - or any shellfish - I ever put Hamish through. I love him too much, more than I love lobster... and crawfish, and crabcakes, and... oh gee, yes. I love Hamish more. But why should I have to make a choice?

Then Malik showed up with his erect penis asking me why I don't want to have his black penis. I said that sure I do, come on over. Malik came up on top of me or over me and gave me an embrace. (Not with his penis, he rarely if ever uses his penis on me. I think he just lures me with it, because he thinks that's what human women want, or expect, if a "man" is to come snuggle with them in bed.) Malik was really caressing and sweet, he touches my skin so gently, with those big black scaly paws that have black claws on the fingers. He told me to watch out for his back, he genuinely meant to caution me, showing me his humped arched back that has a bunch of black thorny spines. He did some "pleased exhale" at me, when a Draconian does an exhale when they are pleased.

Malik said that he wished I was his "daughter". He seems ever so loving and cuddly, sweet and gentle when he caresses me. And if I ever ask him to go away, he immediately backs off. He doesn't have sex with me, he just wants to cuddle. And eat my energy. Because I had a hard time getting out of bed again this morning. He drains me of life force completely. And to think, he's been tiptoeing and hovering over me all those hours when I slept. Hamish tries to keep him away, but he can't.

I asked to see them clearly, and why are they hiding from me. Then Hamish came up close and I got to see him mentally very cleary, he let me see him that way. He is such a beautiful Sock Puppet. My Red Dragon Turtle.

These boys are so gentle with me. They are my guys. My two Draconian men, Hamish and Malik, red one and Black One. Shucks, I kind of want to cuddle and snuggle with Malik the Black One, but he is an Incubus. He drains me of my energy. But he seems so sweet and he begs like a precious little puppy that just wants to be held! It is hard to say no sometimes. Note: he does not use his penis on me, or wait a minute. It was either this morning or last night I could have sworn someone or something was having sex with me. It was nice. I don't know who it was I couldn't see. Maybe it was Malik, and that "erect black penis" of his.

Sorry if this has been offensive to anyone. If it has, then don't read my books where I publish my-gosh so much shocking and repulsive stuff I'm having a hard time even going through those pages for the book I keep asking myself "Is it ok to publish this kind of stuff?" But such is the tale of a real live Incubus and his lady. And Hamish wants my eggs, he said again this morning. Hamish!!

Hamish did another coffee brewer sound last night when I was on my way home from work! I think what it was is I said to Hamish "No, Santa", and I said a few more things like that, just to appease my Dragon. He then did a grunt-purr that was the coffee brewer sound. Oh god I could kick myself how I love that sound! It is ten times more pleasant to hear than a cat purring. It sounds just like the steam in a coffee brewer, just moments before it starts dripping coffee. Oh Hamish, I could not ask for anything else of this world, than to have a Sock Puppet Dragon stomping its Kissy Feet on my bathroom rug, and waking me up with "No, Santa!", and "My eggs!" and "Hunnun!" Hamish I love you so.

Now Hamish opens his mouth, more wide open than usual for the palate click, and he does a palate click, he does three of them one after the other. That means he is pleased, I think. I do palate click sounds to him too nowadays. I think Hamish likes that, at least I do. I must have a weird human accent when I speak his language. There. I just did four palate clicks for Hamish, just the way he does them to me.

Last night the Bird Person (with white feathers, one of the Master Race, the one who did a "fertilization rite" to get me pregnant after the Crocodile Man on Arek's team had sex with me, back when I had that horrible flu after Arek's team took my immune system down so that my body wouldn't destroy the baby) asked me if I knew "why" Hamish does the stomping behavior. Hamish either did stomping behavior or that the Bird Person showed me its mental image of Hamish doing stomping behavior, I can't now remember which. Bird Person then said that Hamish is "building a nest" when he does that. That made a world of sense.

So when Hamish loves to make the span of a bathroom rug his marked-off territory and spends hours just standing on the rug and stomping his feet on it, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, sometimes lifting his feet higher up, sometimes lifting little, he is in fact nesting. He has got some kind of nesting behavior, says the Bird Person. And it makes sense. It also makes sense how the Bird Person said that Hamish was put to guard my eggs because of his nesting instincts. He must somehow think that my eggs are "part of his nest". Hamish chases off and hisses at any intruding Aliens that show up every once in a while to steal my eggs. Hamish protects me, and his eggs, and he builds a nest on that soft ruggie snuggie. Isn't Hamish grand? He is surely the world's best? Oh yes, last night I said that I would die for Hamish if I ever had to. Then one of the US Military probably Sargent Wilkes I think it was told me not to say that.

Oh and Hamish came with me to work last night even though I told him to make himself comfortable here at home while I was gone. I even moved all the cables under some furniture so that Hamish might not trip on those, made my bed for him and told him that he could lie down there if he wanted to. But he came to work with me anyway. But as soon as I got back home through the door, Hamish went right back to the bathroom rug. He seemed to relax and feel comfortable being back on that rug. I felt sorry that he had had to come to work with me.

All for now! More Hamish stories coming up soon again I am sure! I can't tell you how much I love this Dragon.

But I love him...

February 22 2013 - One of the first things this morning is I see bright red and orange Hamish about my bedroom. He sees that I am awake and he gives me a mental image of the Google Chrome desktop icon he has seen on my computer screen. "What is this?", he asks, and in that mental image that he is showing me he points with his scaly red index finger with a black claw at the red portion of the icon. I declare, my Hamish sees every detail around me, and he especially notices everything red. In his own visual image of the icon, the red really stands out for him, it shines bright and catches his attention. My computer was switched off in the morning when he said, so he must've been thinking of this all night at least.

The other day I watched a tv show about a farm. They had a pig give birth to several piglets. Hamish had seen that and he was very curious and had asked me more than once (several times in a row) if he could see it again. He thought the piglets had come out of the pig's intestine. I said that no, Hamish, the pig is giving birth from its womb. Oh poor SILLY Hamish how could he not know that he works with eggs and babies all the time!!! HAMISH!

This morning Hamish had said that he had thought I would be ok with seeing him butcher the Dinosaur, he said without words and in images and pictures, because I had seen that show about the farm where they butchered and gutted and then ate farm animals and I had been ok with that. I tried to explain to Hamish that I don't eat any animals and that a Dinosaur is a person, not an animal. Hamish has been a bit confused about my reaction to last night's event. When I got a bit upset about it again this morning, Hamish said that he would go outside and sit on the sofa. The living room sofa is right on the other side of the wall from where my bed is. Hamish has been his normal sweet and gentle self this morning. He follows me around and watches me. He is docile and cautious, like he always is around me.

Hamish said to me, "No, stay awake all night. Yes-No.", something like that and in the other European language. I had stayed up all night, that is because I work night shifts so although I wasn't at work last night I want to stay in the right pace. I noticed that Aliens were appearing when the time was approaching 4 AM, which is their abduction time. They must've adjusted to local European time zone, after I moved here from the United States where local time too abduction was at 4 AM. But I'm not so sure that they abduct me at 4 AM here in Europe, I have a feeling it might be some time in the morning hours when I sleep.

My heart breaks and my heart melts for this beautiful bright orange and red beast, with that sock puppet head of his and muppet mouth and innocent big yellow eyes. I can't be mad at him for longer, I just love him so. Hamish is the cutest there ever was or will be. I'm in love with him all over again. He's been doing clicking palate sounds this morning. How could I not love that? And he didn't know, because humans slaughter pigs. Oh Hamish if love could be measured.

I can see him now, watching him so clearly. That hunched camel body of his but on two legs not four. Bright fire engine red and orange. Little soft fleshy cushion turtleshell hump back on his upper back right underneath the back of his neck, such an odd feature, covered in blunt orange bumps of varying sizes. Long arched tubular neck that terminates in a face without much of a head, just a face on the end of a tube. Yellow round bulging wide-open eyes like the headlights of a car, with a brown thin vertical slit for a pupil. Eyelid wrinkles both above and below the eye. No nose to speak of, but perhaps little nostrils there in between. The mouth, a wide slit, sits right underneath the eyes. That cute soft toothless mouth like on a frog like a velvet pocket, a lighter pink red interior than the rest of his body color.

Two rows of blunt orange bumps run from above each eye across that long tubular neck until where the hump back begins. Two rigid coarse arms with hands and fingers, black claws. He hardly ever uses them, he uses his feet and mouth to grasp and do things with. Little protruding fingernail scales stacked in tight rows like the roof of a gingerbread house, that move beautifully in sheets of rows in response to when he moves his body. Legs with three sections each like on a frog, not two like on the human, with a thigh, calves, and an extra section, then comes the soft feet. His feet are cupped upward like a seashell, the toes are small and webbed together. Sensitive feet at least 20 times more sensitive to touch than human hands, he likes to feel what he stands on, and seeks out soft comfy bathroom snug rugs, and thinks about floors a lot. He likes to stomp his feet up and down, either when he gets excited or when he gets stressed out, I don't know which, he doesn't tell me how he is feeling at those times. He likes to wipe and stomp his feet on bathroom rugs when I go to sleep, when he can tend to himself at those times.

Hamish has a long tail, but he never uses it. My precious Dragon Turtle, he is so handsome. Everywhere I look on him, he is adorable and magnificent to see. And when he makes his many sounds. Palate clicks when he is pleased. Grunt-purrs. The rare coffee brewer sound. Various exhales. Exhale growls. Hiss. Goose basooning horn sound. When he says Yes-No.

Yes-No, means he is comparing two things with one another and the first one he says is the better alternative of the two, it took me a while to figure out. He likes soft comfy bathroom rugs. Yellow flowers underneath his feet, he likes to stand in flowerbeds, in a shallow creek with soft medium-large rocks. He makes rugs his territory and pushes me off them if I stand on them sometimes. He lifts me up on all fours in bed so that he can show me his power. He sympathizes with lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and other shellfish that remind him of his red scales. He calls them "pytt" (small children in the Alien language) because they are like a small Hamish, "and his ancestors were red crustaceans in the sea", he says. No, Crabcakes! He doesn't like the smell of onions or garlic, No, Onions! he tells me first thing when I wake up in the morning if we have been cooking with onions the night before. He feels challenged by anything with red color. No, Santa! Or yours truly dancing in a red neglige (that happened once).

I love the way he looks. I love the many things he gets up to. I love his sweet gentle nature. His curiosity and how he finds little things that he shows me, like showing me for several seconds when an orange goldfish in Japan was eating fish food pebbles at the surface, or when he finds yellow flowers in a flowerbed, or the red Christmas tree ball ornaments. My Honored Camel Dragon Turtle Lobster Sock Puppet Head Kissy Feet. How could I not love you. I go to work soon and am going to spend my last hour at home just spending time with Hamish. It breaks my heart when I have to go to work and can't spend my time with him. It kills me not to have time for him when I see him. I could cry I love him so much. I'm going to look at him and make for him palate click sounds, so that he knows that I like him.

Note that I've never actually hugged him. This is a dramatization. But Hamish is real. And so am I.

Hamish! - I declare out of infatuation
My eggs! - Hamish says to me in the other language


February 21 2013 - So one of my rare menstruations started yesterday. I don't have one every month. It was either late last night or today when I got out of bed and was getting ready in the bathroom, I was told by the reptiles, maybe even by Malik himself who knows, but it probably wasn't Hamish who said this, that "the Jewish women never talk about their period". Here again, is their fixation by the Jewish humans. The reason why Jewish are a fixation to the Draconian Reptiles, which is the same reason why they were persecuted by the Nazis since the Nazis were of Draconian design, is because - again according to Draconian tales - the Jewish people are close direct descendants of Vega and/or Lyra people, an alien human-like people who came to Earth and seeded the Earth with their genetic offspring.

I have always known that the Jewish are very special. Now, there are many different and somewhat distinct Jewish genetic populations, as in any religion or population overall, but especially those that have curly golden hair are very special genetically, in the most positive and wonderful way. I was told that once by a being who said that it was from Vega. The Jews are very much loved by the Vega people. But since the Vegas are ever so loving and culturally advanced and they have refused to join forces with the evil sadistic murderous Reptilians, Reptilians have declared the Vegas, and any offspring of theirs, the foe.

I was then told by the Reptile that historically, women have always known (or that Jewish women have always known) that demonic entities could be attracted to them during menstruation. Maybe they didn't say demonic entities, but something like that anyways, meaning the Reptilians and such ones as Malik for instance. I said that in my culture of my European country, women traditionally talk quite openly about their period, even out in public, and that we are not ashamed to describe it or to complain about it if we so wish.

Hamish seems to not like the smell of my period. He was sniffing me out a bit last night and didn't like it. And just a while ago he said: "I don't want to smell you, because you smell like the iron." Draconian Reptiles seem to have some kind of lustful fondness of human blood, and so when I'm menstruating it seems to stir up some things.

Last night or when I woke up today I was told that Malik wanted to taste some of my blood and I was being asked whether he could. I had said that sure they can taste my blood, only that they shouldn't taste blood from my you-know-where, that I would be happy to in that case cut open a fresh wound somewhere to bleed cleaner blood for them. Malik then said that "Do you think that I care?", he wasn't disgusted by my feminine parts, and he didn't think that blood there would be anyways disgusting. I was then also told that he already had had some of my period blood. Ok my warning flags are starting to go up again as I'm watching myself writing this. This will probably have to be pulled out and censored off the website, and placed into one of my books instead, but this time because some cultures feel offended from mention of menstruation, whereas in mine and many other European countries this kind of conversation isn't nasty at all. So it depends on what countries my various readers from worldwide are from.

Update: Lady Thuban is threatening Hamish with the white bat (bat as in baseball bat, not bat as in flying creature) and she is the reason why Hamish is curled up in a corner someplace else in the dark somewhere. Hamish looks at me from there. Hamish wanted to eat that piece of my uterus that came out, and Hamish is not allowed to want to eat from me so seems Hamish might be getting carried away due to my period and Lady Thuban is protecting me by keeping him away. Lady Thuban is saying "Hunch!" at Hamish and threatening with the bat, and Hamish stays curled up and looking a tad bit miserable in that dark corner somewhere. What an action. You can read all about it in one of the sequel books that contain February 2013, I can't post the verbatum notes here, it's far too graphic and might repulse some of you lighter-minded readers.

Hamish's stomping nesting behavior and mating behavior
Toys for the Hybrid children
And new Reptile takes me up on having a bed for Reptiles

February 17 2013 - Last night there was a Reptilian visiting and we had a great conversation but alas I didn't write it down because I was in bed and lazy. I pledge from now on to stop missing out on taking notes. This is supposed to be a documentary. He just talked about resources and such. Then the Black One came for romantic rendezvous and I begged to get to see him up close. I got to see his one arm and hand real clearly and he was so handsome. A black arm like on a crocodile, firm and muscular. Very handsome. But I turned down his romantic invites. He then asked if it was ok for him to put his "briefcase" down there over by the dresser. I said that sure it was, go ahead, knowing full well he did not have a briefcase with him. He then showed me a mental image that there would be the skeleton of a human hand and forearm all bones attached as if they would (don't they fall apart in a skeleton?). He is just trying to be scary. That's what it was. I wasn't scared. I just told him I have two of those still in me and tried to show him a mental image.

Oh yes the Reptilian who visited, either him or the Black One, looked at me like a piece of meat. Like some juicy chicken on the grill. He thought that I was food, but I said that I am living in my body and he can't eat it. Again I was not scared.

Then Hamish. When I went to bed and all was quiet and I was waiting to fall asleep, suddenly I hear a whisper, "No, Santa!" It was my Hamish Dragon of course, expressing his feelings about the little Santa sitting in the living room flower pot on the coffee table. He feels intimidated or challenged by the red color pointing out on the Santa hat. Then I got to see through Hamish's eyes. He conveyed to me an experience of what and how he sees. Hamish's eyesight is at least 20 times better than ours. He sees everything bright and clear, and his color vision is superb. Red color really pops out at him like a flare. He also sees other colors clearly, but mostly red really pops out. He also sees blues brightly but reacts to seeing blue in a softer way. Isn't that neat?

I was asked by the Aliens last night if I would buy toys for the hybrid children from the toystore. I said that I would, if they can somehow tag along to pick some out. It was the Black One Crocodile Malik who was asking this. He then said that the children may not play with little miniature reptiles or crocodiles because then they would play that those are injured. I was also told not to buy little toys that the youngest children might put in their mouth. I said that first we will have to come up with a plan where we decide on an item that the Reptilians remove from my room so that I can know that they can receive the toys, or otherwise I will only have wasted my money and the toys will stay put in my room, if they have no way of taking them with them. Oh how I remember now how the visiting little children loved to play with my stuffed animals! Oh how they loved the zebra more than anything! I don't have any stuffed animals or toys out for them here after I moved. Oh and last night just prior to this conversation I think, Hamish asked me if he could look at the brown teddybear sitting in the living room. I said that he could. It was perhaps with the children in mind.

This morning I was glad to awaken with Hamish Dragon. Hamish was still in the bathroom on the snug ruggy, just being a Dragon. He was standing slightly hunched on the rug. I asked him if his feet don't hurt, standing on his feet all day and night, and so I invited him to use the sofa or my bed if he wants to rest. I told him that I would be happy to make a bed for him in my bedroom. I want him to be comfortable.

Oh shucks, I now remember more of what the Reptilian from last night said, the one who was new here. He said he wants to take over the Earth and have vast armies here on Earth. He was training me for the MKULTRA, and MKULTRA has been going on since the 60's or 70's, I was told. Things like that.

This morning one of the Bird People, who are the ones who genetically created Hamish's Dragon Turtle race, told me that the reason Hamish loves bathroom rugs so much is because of his nesting behavior, that Hamish is in fact building a nest. And that Hamish is also naturally very territorial and protective of his nest. That is why his instincts bode well for having him guard me. The Bird Person also asked me if I know why Hamish stomps and wipes his feet on the rug like that? He said that Hamish by doing so is building a nest.

Hamish is always very territorial about his chosen rugs. He chooses a bathroom rug and he stomps and stomps and wipes his feet on it and stands on it and twirls around while standing on it, and there is something genuinely pleased about him when he does that. He feels emotions that I can feel from him, he feels calm and happy like a child playing with toys. He can spend many hours just enjoying being on a rug. It sufficiently entertains him and I don't have to worry that Hamish might be getting bored. He usually retreats to his rug when I go to bed so that he knows he doesn't have to watch me so closely, when he knows where I will be in bed. I find him there in the mornings, so presumably he stays there all night.

Last night Hamish paid a visit to Komi Saki Japan to the Japanese Army hangar right by the water's edge. I was shown a little hybrid child perhaps about 9 or 10 years old and they keep one hybrid in one of those large ocean-faring containers. There is also squid and fish trimmings for the Reptilians to eat.

Last night Hamish was told that someone would put stones into his plastic bag of snacks or that they would put poo into it. I was thoroughly upset that someone (probably Malik) would offend and chastise my Hamish Dragon that way. I said that if anybody is to harm Hamish they will have to go through me first and harm me first, I would protect Hamish with my own life. I felt a bit scared saying that, because my promise fully entails that if someone intends to cause harm to Hamish that harm would have to be caused onto me. I am not as strong or resilient as Hamish is. But I stand by my word. (No harm was done to me though.) Hamish then said that it was ok, and he expressed in thought images that he could go to Komi Saki Japan to receive squid to eat from the Dragon Dynasty Army people there. I was so pleased that Hamish has another food source.

Oh yes, the new Reptilian appeared last night because I had said to Hamish about my plans of having a big house with rooms assigned for Reptilians and a big Dragon Garden and how I would furnish and provide for my Dragons. This new Dragon showed up because he was pleased of the thought that I would provide (him) with a bed and with crates of food. I said that I could only feed and provide for a handful of Draconians, not hundreds or thousands. He thought of laying in a bed and then he thought of himself having a penis and then he thought of something where it was as if he was thinking that he and I could be intimate a bit. I was surprised. By the way this one's penis was slender and beige and otherwise looked just like on a dog. Malik's penis is very different, I'll have to describe his in the book I don't want to be too graphic on a website.

I asked the Bird Person if there was anything else I could provide for Hamish for his nesting behavior on the rugs, such as pieces of fabric or something that he might like to mess around with as he is stomping and fixing nest on the rug. I was not given an answer. Hamish and his rug. I declare Hamish and his rugs have a better relationship than Hamish and me do. But I sure was happy to see my Dragon this morning, his splendid, bright fire engine red body with that odd little cushion turtleshell hump back on his back. His quirky and special behavior that I just love and adore. And this morning I saw that a family member had removed the flower pot that had the little Santa in it. "Hamish, the Santa is gone!", I said to my Dragon. Just as well, cause last night I had suggested to my Hamish that I could take that Santa out and cut it with a knife or that I could cut its little red Santa hat into little pieces with scissors. Hamish was so pleased from the thought of my suggestion that his eyelids were closing so much there was hardly any eye left! (Hamish's upper outer eyelids close when he is happy and smiling.) Come to think of it Hamish smiled with his eyes a lot last night and if I recall also this morning. That is when I tell him nice reassuring things based on what he likes. I had also said I would cut the Spiderman character on the DVD box and cut the front cover into shreads. I think he liked that too. Last night he had also thought of the Spiderman character and how it is red with a netted pattern on the body. I must've offered to cut Santa after he had said "No, Santa!" to me again.

Oh Hamish how I love you. Oh by the way! There is another new Hamish behavior that I have observed! I have observed this on two occasions, possibly three but not more than three in that case, and all very recently within the past few days. Namely based on Hamish's thoughts and thought images, if Hamish were to have sex with me or with someone, he would first stomp with his feet on the lady's backside! I think I've seen lions do that to their females? I know I've seen some animal that does that when they're mating. And Hamish had asked me if I knew why he was doing that (in the image)? And then he had said that it was to prepare the female for intercourse, though he had said that without words.

Interestingly Hamish's stomping behavior. If Hamish uses it when he mates, then presumably there might be some sensory reward for him for doing the stomping on a female's backside (it is done before intercourse). Then perhaps when he is "nesting" and stomps his feet on a rug it simulates in him that same, perhaps "erotic" sensation. Because I know that Hamish has sensitive feet. He feels something pleasurable when his feet touch on certain surfaces, and when he stomps his feet up and down up and down he also feels something. So perhaps this feature comes from mating behavior. Isn't Hamish grand?

I need to mention yet another one of Hamish's behaviors here. Every once in a while Hamish thinks about standing with one foot on top of someone who is laying on the ground. He wants to do that to show himself as the upper person who is superior, though this thought in him does not instill feelings or behaviors of fierceness or power, rather just complete calm and like nothing is going on. He has thought of standing with one foot on top of hybrids, perhaps also on a Dinosaur, and also of standing this way with me. Sometimes he does that it seems to show that he disapproves. Kind of like if he is fed up with someone, he wants to do that. Needless to say I would do anything to have Hamish's soft Duck Kissy Foot on me. His feet are amazing. They are very smooth and slender, shaped like a fanned seashell with a nice top bulge. The toes are webbed together and they have no black claws. They are just soft very sensitive Kissy Feet.

I don't want to mate with you, tell them that. - Hamish now
I have told them that. - me
Because you do not have Dragon eggs. - Hamish
No, Hamish. I didn't think you would. I have never solicited sex from you. I don't need it from you, you are a dear friend. - me