Short Stories

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January 14 2013 - February 16 2013

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Feeding Frog with Hamish

February 16 2013 - There is a pet frog and Hamish watched me as I cleaned the tank and brought a piece of raw salmon fish and a knife to cut the fish into little pieces with and started feeding the frog with little bits of salmon. Hamish watched me. When Hamish saw the knife he got scared and retreated to where the desk is in the room trying to find a safe corner to crawl into. When Hamish gets afraid he reacts in a special way when he retreats. I guess I can't describe it but he wants to go away and hide someplace safe and feels no anger and seems more like a dog that runs off with its tail between its legs and ears tucked back. He walks rather fast but he walks carefully when he is retreating and he holds a slightly lower hunched position as he walks away, and when he finds his place of retreat he twirls his body around a bit to find the best angle to stand in and he likes to face the direction of the danger rather than hide his face away from it, so that he can see if something is approaching.

One would think that Hamish Dragon would get fierce and fiesty when he feels afraid, that he might hiss or assume the threat position which is hunched with arms rigid and facing forward and fingers and toes spread out and mouth wide open and he also I think turns darker when he does that. But no, Hamish goes all limp and crawls into a safe place like a dog that doesn't want to get yelled at.

I told Hamish that I would protect him from any dangers. I don't want him to be afraid of the knife. He is also afraid of my sewing machine with all the pins and needles. Very scared of that so much that I have to put it away or it affects Hamish's peace of mind at my residence with me. He also fears fires and candles. Poor Hamish, I would lay my life down for him, I would take any hit or injury to protect him. In fact if the Japanese in Komi Saki were shooting at my Hamish Dragon I would run into the line of fire without thinking twice and take the bullet. Why? Because I have a very special friendship with Hamish. I've never known anybody for as long and deeply as I know him. I mean, sure I have had people in my life for many years, but Hamish and me spend all of our days and nights together.

We talk, we share ideas, we have fun together, we experience life. He spends his time with me. His beautiful, special, Dragon life beside me. He is always there for me. Always my friend. It is a friendship, a deeper more meaningful friendship than I have ever known. I still remember that first day when he appeared. There he was, suddenly. And I would have a Red Dragon Turtle in my life for the rest of my days.

And then I fed the frog some food pellets, little dark pebbles that sunk into the water one at a time and the frog snapped them up. Hamish saw that, and Hamish came up close to me and while looking at the feeding Hamish started doing his guttoral palate sounds one after the other. Either that he was pleased, or that he was somehow acknowledgeing that the frog was eating. We share life together. Hamish and me. Feeding the frog.

Hamish doesn't like the lights on. He went to retreat under a bridge that sits over a walkway near the woods not far from here, the traffic with cars runs atop that bridge overhead. I sometimes walk that way under the bridge on my way to work. Hamish went to be there under that bridge late last night while I was still awake. I told him to be careful, I didn't want my Hamish Dragon out there in the woods all by himself at night! I worry so for him. I feel so much better knowing that he is some place safe. I mean, he is a big grown up Dragon and he has taken good care of himself all those years before I knew him, but he is my Dragon now. And I won't ever let anything bad happen to him.

I would literally die for him, not that I want that to have to happen. He is a living creature, but most of all he is a person. He is a somebody. A guy. A person. Somebody. He thinks, he feels, he wants things, he fears things, he worries, he wishes for things, he has plans, he knows who he is and what kind of a race (species) he is. He lives in a world that is full of Dragons, and Reptiles. It is not an easy world to live in. But that is what he has. He is a gentle soul. He doesn't like the Black Ones. And he defends me from all other Reptilians except for on the rare occasion when he loses a power battle, such as against Arek the other Red one (I don't know if Arek is also a Dragon Turtle but he is red but doesn't seem to be same as Hamish).

I must remind myself to do guttoral palate sounds at Hamish next time that he snuggles up close to me. I've learned to do them. I think it means "I am pleased". I would never do the goose basooning sound, it sounds horrible like a horn and I get scared and nervous, and I would never do that against Hamish. Sometimes I hiss at him, but only if I want to warn him from something that I fear would harm him somehow. I would never hurt Hamish in any way. I wish I could just spend time with him. Last night the Zeta/Thubans paid a visit and said they wanted me to take my pants off. I expected an abduction but it didn't happen. This was at 4:30 AM or so. I was still awake, and Hamish was over there under that bridge, and I wanted him home but I let him be. Hamish travels a lot.

Hamish doesn't spend all his time here with me. Sometimes he goes to Komi Saki Japan to spend time with the Dragon Dynasty humans. I am happy when Hamish visits there, because I think that the Japanese men treat Hamish rather well. I would fuss at them otherwise, if they were to harm my Dragon Turtle. They address Hamish very differently than I, more like a distinguished person, whereas I go more of the puppy route. To me Hamish is more of a cutie-pie, to the Dragon Dynasty Hamish is like a respectable man. So we are different that way.

Sometimes Hamish goes to his favorite creek in the forest, to splash around and groom. He likes to stand in the shallow water and he hides his shedded sheets of scales there underneath piles of leaves. I'm trying to teach him to bury the scales in a dug out pit, but he hasn't figured that out. I'd love to go there and help him dig it out for him. That way he doesn't have to worry about the scales scattering about before they decompose.

Watch out for being helpful! - Hamish now in the other European language
Why, Hamish? - me in English
Only Draconians may see it. - Hamish in other language about the pile of shedded scales
I will watch out. - me in other language
Yes! I will steal your eggs! - Hamish in other language

I love Hamish. I really really do. I mean, we live so intimately together! He really hangs out with me every day. There is a big red scaly lizard living with me, he follows me around and I see scales, turtleshell hump back, big yellow eyes, tail, and that soft toothless fleshy mouth of his. I hear hisses (rarely) and growls, grunt-purrs and Yes-No's, No Onions and No Santa and he wants to see Harry Potter movies and makes guttoral palate sounds when I feed the frog. He is Hamish. The best friend I have ever had.

Red Panties!!!

February 15 2013 - Hahahaa!! Hamish shows me suddenly a mental image from my bedroom floor. That there is a pair of my red panties on the floor. Then Hamish's eyes flare up looking at me wide open. I realize what he is communicating. The panties are red. And they are sitting on the bedroom floor like a red flag, just like that red Santa in the flower pot in the living room, just like anything red, it catches his attention and makes him feel challenged and provoked. Oh Hamish. (I'll have to hide the panties so he doesn't see.)

Hamish likes Flowers

February 15 2013 - So I was playing the game The Sims 1 and fully caught up in it like the world around me doesn't exist. So I'm planting some flowers in the garden in that game, Hamish comes up right close to me and starts sniffing, sniffing, he is trying to smell the flowers. Isn't he Darling? I mean, like, isn't Hamish just wonderful?

Hamish has a very sensitive nose for smells. He detects smells even that I don't. He doesn't like the smell of trash, and the smell of onions or garlic he complains about. And once when I tore my bed sheets down and piled them up on the floor to change them, Hamish said that the sheets on the floor that they "smelled like me" and then he stomped his Dragon feet standing on the pile and peed on the sheets to put his own scent into it.

Hamish himself has a very strong pungent body odor so his body odor might not be a "natural consequence" of perhaps metabolism, or some "random accident". It must be scent messages! The scent of Dragons must be their signature, their presence, their identity. I wonder what Hamish smells like to himself? To me he smells like rotten cheese and vomit.

But Hamish loves the smell of flowers. I am going to buy for him some cut flowers and put them on the floor so that he can stompy stomp on them with his Dragon feet because he likes to stand on flowerbeds. Then he can also smell the flowers. Another fragrance he likes is Seth Shostak's perfumes in the bathroom. I once tried to ask Hamish to go visit the man (he works with SETI and would perhaps like to meet Hamish?) so Hamish went over to his house. I don't know where he lives but somehow Hamish figured it out. Hamish likes the fragranced products in the bathroom there and Hamish also loves the smell of Dr. Shostak. I couldn't make that up if I tried.

But this isn't the first time Hamish gets all pleased as punch Dragon when I'm placing garden flowers in The Sims game. He wants to smell them, he likes to see the flowers. One day, Hamish, you and I will have a huge garden all for ourselves, and I am going to plant all kinds of fragrant and beautiful flowerbeds for your feet and nose to enjoy. Hamish deserves a Dragon Garden, not to be cooped up in an upstairs apartment with me.

I want to go places with Hamish. I want to take him to the zoo to watch all the animals, although knowing Hamish, he would only want to challenge them to their power, and collect their eggs. It might be a stressful eventful day, if I were to take him to the zoo, so maybe not. I should take Hamish to the park, meaning that if I go, he troddles along with me. Hamish I love that you love flowers. Let's go to beautiful flower gardens together, you and me. And then you can put your Dragon feet on all the flowers, and watch all the bright yellow colors and smell the flowers.

Crocodile Musk, and Hamish being Cute

February 15 2013 - This is a splendid evening with Hamish the Dragon Turtle. He is just hanging around. I thought that maybe he might get bored, just watching me and my "hunnun". I asked if he would perhaps like to watch some tv (we don't have Harry Potter movies yet). Hamish said Yes-No. He said Yes and showed me his mental image/thought of myself, and No and showed me the switched off tv as it is. Yes-No. He wants to watch me, but not television.

I keep seeing glimpses of Hamish here watching me. His soft feet, not only do I see his feet but I feel them the way that he himself feels his feet. Because he conveys to me not only in images, but we are also connected in feeling and thought. I feel what he feels, and he undoubtedly feels me too. He and I communicate a lot in emotions. Hamish can instill in me peace and calm, in a way to soothe and calm me. I will never forget that time when he thought I had breast cancer, and there was so much love and affection coming from him to comfort me and reassure me. I did not have cancer, I was only writing about it for a school project. I have never before or since, especially from a human or any animal, felt such affectionate tenderness and kindness.

Hamish feels his feet all the time. They are soft and sensitive. His Dragon feet are at least ten times more sensitive and sensual than human hands, imagine that. He really feels the surfaces he stands on, and he spends quite a lot of time exploring different places to stand and put his feet on. He is quite happy Dragon just standing on soft bathroom rugs, stomping his feet or wiping his feet, and he even loves standing in soft flowerbeds. He especially likes to stand on top of yellow flowers, because then it is a soft texture experience for his feet and that bright color he responds to for his eyes. He is drawn to things of red, orange, and yellow bright color and tends to look at them closely. These are his body's own colors, red, orange, and yellow. Scales, bumps, and eyes respectively.

I also catch glimpses of his sock puppet head watching me. That tiny little head of his that sits on the end of a long tubular arched neck. A tiny little face, no nose, just those two round all-yellow eyes like headlights of a car. Sometimes I see his awesome turtleshell hump back, that tiny pad on the upper back just beneath the neck. It is a very peculiar structure and it still strikes me as odd every time I see it. It captures your attention to see such an imposing and awkward structure, and it has a similar "shocking" response on other Alien races who see it. It is of course fleshy, not a hard enamel shell. Black thorns grow from the humpback but he isn't allowed to keep those and they are plucked.

I realize that I have a crush on Hamish. I get all giggly and every time that I see Hamish I burst with bubbles, love and affection for him. He is just such a splendid creature. I could never invent or even imagine a creature more fantastically perfect and adorable. His color, his little sock puppet face

I don't have one of those. - Hamish now in the other European language, he means penis
I don't need one of those. - me responds in the other language

Everything about him. The way that he watches goldfish in Japan. The way that his eyes see the world. Adult humans have lost the art of living, we feel stressed, or bored, but rarely just content. Hamish is like a child in that way, he can look at things and just live in the moment and wonder at things. The way he looks at Christmas tree ornaments the red balls, most humans would just give a quick glance and never look again, but Hamish can contemplate on the shape and color for quite some time, flooded with gentle impressions in his Dragon Turtle mind, feelings and thoughts that only a Dragon has. He teaches me how to live, because humans lose the art of living.

The way he enjoys his body and living life. Just standing in that shallow creek with his feet in the slowly running water, feeling out the soft smooth medium-large rocks in the water beneath the soles of his feet. Just like that. Watching the bright orange colors of autumn leaves. And he comes to me just to show me his mental image of a goldfish with its mouth open against the surface as pebbles of fish food drop in the water. And not just a quick glimpse of an image. Several seconds long like a movie. He watches that fish, and he has no hurry to go anywhere. He is like a child, and he knows how to live. He never gets bored or stressed, my Dragon Turtle.

Oh yes and Crocodile Man just briefly asked if he could come visit, and when he connected telepathically I saw him and then I also smelled him, he smells like a wonderful manly musk. It is a smell like a man, very pleasant and aromatic, like cologne. I think I've noted this of the Crocodile Man's smell before. His musky smell puts a spell on a woman of my species. (But I didn't answer his question as to whether he could visit, he can do as he pleases. I'll just hang out with Hamish.)

Bath time

February 13 2013 - I slipped into a hot bath and got to thinking of my Hamish Dragon. (He is a real live Dragon.) I missed him, and it's been a long time since I've had some good quality time just hanging out with Hamish. So I started calling for him (telepathically). It wasn't quite the same, I find that I am unable to enjoy a bath or to fully relax having one, without Hamish my dear Dragon stomping his feet on the bathroom rug, which he does to groom his scales, he says. And how does anyone take a bath without a Dragon Turtle on the snug ruggy next to them?

So I called and I called for Hamish. Hamish come visit me, I want to see your scales. He didn't come. Sargent Wilkes with the humans who oversee alien activity told me not to bother him. I said to Sargent Wilkes that I miss Hamish, and that we are good friends. I started begging (and whining) to the Aliens that I want to come visit. Other humans have got to see Dinosaurs up close, and Draconians too (well, to be fair I've seen Draconians up close a few times, but I'm greedy I want more close contact with these fun guys). And so I whined and I whined and I threatened to start crying as I whimpered. I'm such a girl.

The Black Reptile said "quiet dog!". Hamish did the what I call the "goose basooning sound" which is him yelling at me to stop because he is irritated. Hamish told me I am a flower in his garden and I need to stay put where I am. But then Hamish came around, and started hanging out with me like usual, and I was so pleased and relieved to have my Hamish Dragon spending company with me! Hamish asked if I would cut his scales with a knife, I said no Hamish I would never do that. Hamish then did several Yes and No about various things that he approves of, and disapproves of. He will show me images of things followed by either Yes or No depending on if he likes it. I can't remember what those were now.

Then Hamish told me to pack my rucksack, so maybe I could go visit after all? It's adorable that I would get to pack a rucksack to take with me. I had no idea. I asked him what I should bring in it. He didn't say. Oh and earlier today before my bath, Hamish said that he wanted to see them "fighting with magic" in the Harry Potter movie. I said to dear Dragon that I would buy him the movie soon, once I get money for it. (Ironically I'm not much of a fan of Harry Potter movies, I find them sinister and part of the Illuminati Agenda. The Agenda even told me once many months ago that the author of the books/movies, I now forget her name, is also part of the Agenda. Which should not surprise anyone. It is part of making children susceptible to the concepts of monsters, black magic, and such, so that Satanism and the Black Ones can have a better grasp of the world especially children. All Satan's work, who I sometimes believe might be Malik himself. Wow, there's a whole mouthful, there's food for thought.)

Then to top it off as I got out of the bath, Thuban shows up to tell me "Hysch!!", which means quiet, stop talking, stop what you're doing. Obviously my whining and demands of contact were not well-received. Thubans often say "Hysch", "Hunch", or "Hynsch", they use all three varieties. They also say it to the hybrid children when those need to be quiet or to stop. It's funny. I often respond by saying it back to the Thuban, so I said "Hysch, HYSCH!!!" They don't seem to mind when I throw it back to them. I guess I mean to say it as acknowledgement.

Now I just want to go spend some quality time with the Aliens up where they are! I wanna hang out with the Dinosaurs! And I want to see my Hamish. Oh hey, I once saw the Thuban from super ultra extra close. It was the closest encounter you could ever imagine and it was totally real. It was awesome. Excellent. In that abduction experience I was on the workbench but then I had to pee and hopped off, and then I saw some odd medical equipment on a table and started fingering those, and later I was told once I got back home that I had contaminated them by touching them and that they were ruined now. A hybrid girl had ran off with me to go find a bathroom. Ha ha ha I ALWAYS have to pee when I am abducted! And if they don't take care of that, I ALWAYS pee on the floor heheh! That is why the Japanese, when I am brought to Komi Saki associates, ALWAYS take me to the toilet to pee FIRST THING. They put me in the bathroom and close the door and don't let me out until I am ready. Ha ha the Japanese are so prude and special. Thuban abduction here on bottom of the page.

Oh and I nearly forgot! Hamish showed me his mental image of one of the large goldfish or koi fish that the Japanese associates have there. It was all orange color. Hamish showed me how he had connected with the head of the fish. Hamish can do that with me too. It is part of his communication, and of establishing hierarchy by power measure of sorts. Hamish said that he cannot "feel the power" with that fish. I promised Hamish that in the future I will have a house with a garden, and that it will be Hamish's Dragon Garden all for him and with a pond with fish for my Dragon. Without words (Hamish can speak with pictures and emotions) Hamish told me that the fish pees and poos into the water that it also drinks. Hamish then showed me the most adorable thing. He showed how the fish spends time at the surface with its mouth gaping wide open just holding it against the surface. Hamish has watched it do that, it seems. Isn't it cute that Hamish goes to Japan to watch goldfish in the pond? This is such a gentle Dragon, with such delicate curiosity of the world.

I told Hamish that the fish was probably hunting for "snacks". Hamish calls food "snacks", another thing that I adore about him. Things for me to buy for Hamish Dragon:

1. Armchair. "One that is not a revolving armchair."
2. Harry Potter movie DVDs.
3. Yellow flowers that I can put on the floor for him to stomp his feet on.
4. Red ball Christmas tree ornaments.
5. Goldfish and koi fish in a pond just for Hamish.

In the future when I have a home and garden, the garden will be for Hamish to enjoy. It will have Dragon garden ornament statues (no gnomes, Hamish would go bananas if he saw the red pointy hats my god) as a tribute to his excellence... Lots of soft grasses and comfy textures for his delicate sensitive feet to walk on. Yellow flowerbeds for his feet's delight. Leafy trees that turn golden in the fall for him to enjoy all the bright colors. A pond with bright orange and yellow goldfish and koi fish for Hamish to look at (no red fish, he might feel challenged and provoked and start to hiss). And it really needs to have a creek for Hamish to splash around in. He likes to pee into a creek and to wash himself, and it needs to have soft round medium-large rocks for the delights of his feet. I know what Hamish's favorite creek looks like, and I will have to try to recreate that.

Hamish will also get his own room in my home. He might prefer the attic, someplace without windows since he likes the dark. The door will say "Hamish's room". It will be his private quarters, and I can only come in if he lets me. Hamish wants, and needs, his own territory. He likes to claim rugs as clearly marked boundaries for his own territory. When I was drying up after the bath and standing on the bathroom rug, Hamish told me to "get off his territory". And I did. And apologized.

*Hamish can't have the basement, if the house has one, because the Black One would like the basement and Hamish fears the Incubus One. If I'm extra nice I could draw a pentagram on the basement floor for the Blackness to use as a portal of entry (yes) and have black-and-white checkered floor there, but that's like opening a portal to hell he'd have a field day the gates would be huge and who knows what monsters come through. If ever I have children their rooms will have (safely) candles lit all night and garlic cloves strategically placed. My husband will find out about the Dragons of course, and I will also tell my children stories about them but carefully. Ideally I would have my children know Hamish and love him like I've come to love him. The Black One will have to stay away. I probably won't have children because I don't want the Black Ones and Thubans getting to them. My children would for instance be touched in their privates by these aliens, like I was when I was a young child. And that's not ok.

Hamish's room will be his own private quarters, where he can retreat to for peace and calm and a place to feel secure. He can decorate it with me. It will have plenty of soft rugs, the comfortable armchair that he will get to pick out when I take him shopping for it. Hamish will of course have to test sit on chairs and pick one of his liking. There will be some kind of bed there for him, but I don't know what he likes yet. A vat of water if he feels like splashing his feet a bit, and with plenty of rugs to wipe his feet clean and dry on, he likes that.

And there will never be music there. No Onions. No garlic. No Santa. No Spiderman. No. Yes Snug Ruggy. Yes Hamish. I love him.

Update: when I thought Hamish was showing me the goldfish and that it poos into the water, I interpreted that when I saw the goldfish and little browl pebbles. Hamish spoke in pictures not in words. Now Hamish showed me again, the fish at the surface with its mouth wide open against the surface and those brown pebbles falling through the water. Turns out Hamish was showing me feeding time, when the fish are given brown pebbles of food to eat. Isn't he magnificent? How Hamish shows me images like these? These are the thoughts in the head of a Red Dragon Turtle named Hamish The Great, also known as Hamish the Elder.

Update 2: Hamish still thinking about the goldfish in Japan. He wants to eat it. He thinks about how it would feel in his soft fleshy mouth. Hamish has no tongue to feel food with like we do. Instead, he feels the soft fleshy food against surfaces of the inside of his mouth. He prefers smooth soft foods, like slivers of kidney or liver, and this goldfish would do just fine too. He also likes to put feet, hands, and fingers into his mouth (not his own). Interestingly the North Port Florida Gargoyle also has sensitive feet, and a delicate mouth that likes to feel feet (the Gargoyle's own feet) in the mouth. Must be a Draconian attribute.

The Japanese associates (who are also called "the Dragon Dynasty") tell Hamish that he may not eat the goldfish. The Japanese by the way speak to Hamish very differently than I do. Me, I'm such a girl. But the Japanese say different things, and in a different way, to my Hamish. They seem overall very polite, calm and gentle and respectful toward Hamish. They are also the ones who taught (who insisted) that Hamish has to practice personal hygiene and that is the reason WHY Hamish spends time in creeks washing up. The Japanese didn't like the Draconian vile smell. Me on the other hand I never made Hamish feel bad about that smell of his, that smells like vomit and rotten cheese. Draconians smell. So what. He is my Dragon Turtle and I'd cuddle him anyday.

We are not exactly worried about your security. - says one of the government/military associates now from the United States
I'm ok with Hamish. - me
Yes, but we don't like what they do to women. - the man
I'm ok! I have Hamish with me! And, Dinosaurs! - me


February 13 2013 - In the past few days, either Malik or the Crocodile Man was feeling romantic one night and wanted to snuggle. He was filled with lust and had an erect penis. I'm not making this up, these are the black Incubi and they've been having romance with human women for centuries. I turned him down of course, because I've found that it's not mutual romance. It's him devouring my soul and energy leaving me drained and weak, so it's not for me. Also when he approaches me it makes my heart feel weak. If he comes too close I feel physically sick and near to vomit, sometimes I could swear that if he got too close even closer than that I could die. What these creatures are I don't exactly know, but they are real. I can handle him, he backs off when I tell him.

He still shows up with hologram illusions of a black widow spider or Egyptian scarab beetle the size of a pillow to try to scare me with. Last night he showed me an image of my heart and that the black widow spider would crawl inside my heart. He thought that was really clever that would scare me, but I just went meh and said get away you silly man and let me sleep. What a character.

A few nights ago I had another MILABS abduction, meaning that the Reptilians bring me to the "other place" dimension to meet some of their cohorts the human men who work with them who also get to hang out in the other zone. That guy touched my boobs and then I woke up back here and I was very upset about it and he was still talking to me and I told him a few words of my mind. What a jerk, I didn't like him. It totally ruined my morning.

Hamish has been his usual sweetness self. The other night when Malik or Crocodile Man (sometimes I can't tell these two apart there are similarities) was especially ruthless and draining my energy guess who showed up none other than Seraphim, one of the high order Angels. He presented himself with a sword like a knight. He is very tall. The Seraphim can kick the Reptilians to the curb no problem, it's the Age Old battle between Angels and Demons, the Reptilians being the Devils of the Bible. Seraphim threatened the Black One (or Crocodile Man, which ever it was) with fire and the sword, and Black One reluctantly took off.

But poor Hamish got scared and Hamish ran and retreated to the bathroom to his one safe place the bathroom snug rug**. Hamish was afraid of the threat of fire. Guess what? Hamish keeps telling me about how Reptilians have been burned to death in the underground bases. Fire actually does kill them. That is why Hamish fears fire, he knows that it can hurt him. Hamish always tells me to put out candles when I have them. And if I don't put out the candles then Hamish just won't come into the room with me. (Reptilians also fear and despise the smell of onions, and garlic. Vampires, anyone?) So if you have a Draconian Reptile problem. Have some candles burning and put out some chopped onions and cloves of garlic with a few cuts to get the juices oozing. That will keep them away, guaranteed.

**I told Seraphim that Hamish was a friend and not to hurt or scare Hamish at all. Seraphim honoured my wishes, though he wanted to chase off Hamish too. I demanded that Hamish be kept safe and secure, Seraphim did nothing to threaten my Hamish Dragon. And I assured my Hamish Dragon that he was safe.

Poor Hamish, my heart goes out to him ever since. I can't get that image out of my head and heart, of him retreating to that rug and feeling afraid. I wouldn't want anything to harm my Hamish Dragon! Because he is such a sweetie, so cute! Hamish isn't like all the other Dragons. He is actually a Sweetie-Pie, my Camel Turtle Kissy Feet.

I did some laundry last night and Hamish was a very pleased Dragon he came up to me and started doing his guttoral palate sounds, which are when he opens his mouth a little and then closes the roof of his mouth against the base of his mouth making a soft fleshy palate sound. He does those one after the other in a rather quick series when he is pleased. I love it when my Dragon is pleased. He loves it when I clean and wash, that makes him happier than anything.

Hamish still asks me about Harry Potter movies, and I have yet to buy one for him. He totally loves Harry Potter movies, so much that he had a hard time following me to the kitchen to "guard my eggs from theft" when he wanted to stay in the living room watching a Harry Potter movie. Hamish still sits on sofas with his tail between his legs and the tail then hangs down to the floor. I'd figure that a Dragon would tuck his tail behind his back when he sits on a sofa, but I guess it's more comfortable this way. I don't know. I don't have a tail. The Reptilians still always ask for permission before they sit down on sofas. I've told them they are welcome to sit down anywhere they like, but they still like to ask. Must be some kind of Draconian manners. Reptilians LOVE to sit on comfy sofas. They really feel it out and enjoy the experience. It's great fun for them to sit on sofas, it's like a cat in a cardboard box or something, it makes them really snug and pleased as punch. There is nothing like seeing a Draconian sit on a sofa.

A few nights ago one of the blue Reptilians showed up again. These guys have a bit of a snout and sharp teeth. They are handsome Reptiles and their color is black with a hue of purple-blue. They are different. Their eyes are mostly black. They wear a bodysuit that is blueish-gray or black with some blue or something. He told me lots of things, I kick myself that I didn't write the conversation down, but I was sleepy and didn't bother taking out writing material. He told me about how the Reptilians need my eggs, I have twelve strands of DNA, and all the usual stuff.

The other day Hamish asked me to remove the red santa from the flower pot that is sitting on the living room table. Poor Dragon. He's been looking at it since Christmas, it still sits there. Hamish doesn't like the pointy red hat on the santa. "It is showing me his power", Hamish said to me. Because Hamish is red, he thinks that other things that are red are threatening him to power. Isn't Hamish magnificent? Don't you just love Hamish Dragon? I mean, how could anybody resist a red Dragon Turtle that hisses at a little santa sitting in a flower pot?

I didn't remove the santa, well frankly because I couldn't be bothered and it's not really a big deal. And Hamish has been upset about there being a Spiderman DVD still in the bookshelf in the bedroom. I haven't yet removed it. But the funny thing is that Hamish (or someone) must've taken DVDs out to see what's on the front cover, cause you can't see the character on the side end of the case. Hamish wants to take a kitchen knife and hold it against Spiderman. Hamish feels very threatened and challenged by Spiderman. Yet again the other day I told him that it is a fictional character that doesn't even exist. "Then why does it look so real?", Hamish said, or something like that. Oh! Poor Dragon! Wait till he sees me dancing in a red neglige again! Because I'm about to. I do things like that. I haven't worn that red neglige but that one time when I did, because Hamish had stared at me in a special way that made me feel uncomfortable, but that was before I figured out that Hamish has a negative thing about red color.

But Hamish is just Hamish Dragon. He follows me around all the time and everywhere. He even comes to work with me and finds dark rooms there to hide out in, in between his excursions to come closer to me. It's like bringing a kid with you to work, you kind of worry as a parent about the many things that he could get up to, not wanting him to get to any harm, and wanting to be there always for your Dragon to guard him and to shield him from inappropriate things. I feel responsible for my Dragon Turtle, I want to guard him and watch over him always. I want him to be ok, even though he mostly takes good care of himself. I know he's an adult Dragon Turtle, and he has been around. I mean, when he first appeared at Komi Saki Japan at the army hangar by the coast the Japanese soldiers had fired their arms at him (unsuccessfully) (and that breaks my heart) (and I still fuss at the Japanese about that, telling them that I would kill them if any harm ever came to my Dragon Turtle Hamish). And Hamish lives in a very ruthless world, where he lives with fear and troubles. But I love it when he gets to have those precious fun moments. When Hamish can just be Hamish. When he can hang out around me, and when I try to provide for him a safe and nurturing environment, and I try to protect him from all harm and distress. Because I love my Dragon Turtle. And I always will.

But my heart is always tied to this Dragon. I will always worry when he is not home with me. I always cry out for him when he has been away for too long. First thing I do in the mornings is think of Hamish, and call for him to come see me, if he isn't already up to his things in my bedroom. More love than I have ever had for a pet, all pets combined, and all friends and humans I have ever known and loved, multiply that by the thousands, that is how I feel for this best friend, this Hamish the red Dragon Turtle. And our relationship is purely nonsexual, for those of you who were wondering that. Hamish and me are just buddies. Like a girl and a dog. He is fantastic.

Hamish and his feet. His Dragon Duck Kissy Feet. I just want to touch his feet, but I never have. His feet are so sensitive, he loves to wipe them on bathroom snug rugs, I call them. And he asks that floors be kept clean for him. Which is strange because the underground Reptilian bases are filthy. There is a lot of filth in the underground Reptilian bases. For instance once when I asked if I could please visit, the Reptilians said that "first they would have to clean out all the insects from the hallways". Oh. Ok I said. And there are body fluids and all manner of things you wouldn't find in a human hallway. Ever. And Hamish's own den, his own room, is covered in his body fluids, from his urine and the secretion from his orange bumps on the skin, you know, that stuff in his bumps that glows neon orange in the dark. But I would love to visit his den anyway. I don't care if it smells. It's my Dragon Turtle. I just want to live with him.

I love it how Hamish has taken up the habit of showing me when his eyes are closing. Hamish has taught me that when his upper outer side eyelids (he has more than one set of eyelids) are closing it means that he is happy. So nowadays when I tell him something that he especially likes, SUCH AS THAT I PROMISE HIM TO BUY HIM A HARRY POTTER MOVIE!!, he shows me himself with his eyelids closing. He has taught me that it is the same as when I smile. AAAAHHH MY DRAGON TURTLEEEE HAAAAMIISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! KISSY FEET KISSY FEET TURTLESHELL HUMP BACK AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! He is real too, can you imagine. How blessed am I to know and to love this Dragon Turtle. Oh Hamish you have captured my heart. Oh Hamish my Hamish Hamish. I will always love you. My cutie-pie. He doesn't want me to eat red bell peppers. Because the inside of red bell peppers "resembles his scales". And he says that I may eat broccoli and he says that broccoli looks like trees (or was it "like forest"). Isn't he cute?

And, I've been fussing at the disgusting rude bastard Thubans who should die in hell and their filthy whore hybrid children who should be destroyed, because they really try to ruin my life. You will never know an arrogance like theirs. There is no compassion, understanding, or respect or dignity toward living beings. They are racist, they instigate rape and torture. They should be stabbed to death, through their disgusting strange eyes, both they and all of their disgusting children. Even though those kids have (some of) my DNA, kill them. They are not humans, they are not normal. I shed DNA on the floor in my strands of hair and skin cells too, but that doesn't make them living or worthy other than trash. These kids are Thubans, and they are not worthy of life. If I didn't have Hamish I'd cut my ovaries and uterus out myself with a dull letter knife.

More Hamish Gossip

January 28 2013 - When I started cooking broccoli (just broccoli) Hamish said that the "frog" was here, meaning the Dinosaur, who has to watch what I'm eating. A while later I had some orange juice. Dinosaur asked me if it was juice I was drinking. Yes I said. He said that I was not allowed. I said huh I don't see why not. They said it changes and disturbs my gene expression.

Hamish let me see other red Dragon Turtles that are living in the mountains I won't say where, but this is another location not too far from the first. They are so pretty. I admired their beautiful appearance, as they are Dragon Turtles with bright red color and Sock Puppet Heads and Kissy Feets. Hamish then said that they are red because of "iron and power". I did not know that. So it would seem that Hamish turns brighter red at moments of power. Makes sense, from a biological and behavioralistic point of view.

And Hamish said that there had also been "a yellow one", he thought of the combed dinosaur I was sure. And Hamish said that he had chased it away. I praised my Dragon for being so strong, and for chasing away all others, and I felt a great sigh of relief that Hamish, and only Hamish, will remain to be my Dragon Turtle here.

I forgot to say. That a small Zeta showed up last night to take some biological samples from me. I said that he looks like a Zeta, when I saw it. It was a very clear image. I wasn't scared or startled at all, just happy to see such a nice friendly visitor. I told him that he was more than welcome to take samples, and that I would lie still and not move and not bother him. I would help him, I said. I am much bigger and stronger-looking than he, so I wanted to make sure that he felt comfortable and safe around me. I was not aware during samples-taking, I must've been asleep when they did that. And I do not recall having been awake during any abduction experiences. Too bad. At least one of the samples I know they would take are from my mouth. They are studying my oral bacteria.

Watching TV with Dragon Turtle

January 28 2013 - Hamish and me are watching a nature program. Hamish doesn't want to watch it. He wants to watch a Harry Potter movie instead (I don't have one bought yet). I told Hamish to come watch the lobsters and the crabs on the program. He asked me if the lobsters lived in the ocean, like they do. And I said that yes they do. Hamish is watching even though he didn't quite like to. Hamish always reacts when he sees a species of animal, he sort of feels as if he wants to make contact with it. It's iguanas now. The iguanas are doing their aggressive head bobbing. Hamish doesn't say anything about it.

Dragon Footsies

January 28 2013 - Yesterday evening Hamish informed me that he had "switched out" my floors, to some other floors over in some other place. Because my floors here were not clean for his feet, he said. He is so sensitive on his feet, they are more sensitive than human hands. He is very careful with where he steps on. I love my Hamish.

No Snuggles, Malik

January 27 2013 - Malik the Black One in Crocodile form showed up last night carrying a hologram in his hands of a black widow spider or black scarab beetle the size of an ornamental pillow. He kept changing it between being a black widow spider and being a black scarab beetle, as if he could not decide which of these two were the most gruesome of the two. Like a little toddler carrying a teddy bear wanting to come snuggle in mom and dad's bed because he can't sleep. Malik was going to go under the bed and also put his little insect there too. But I turned Malik down. I told him that he can't come and that he also can't drink my juice (energy). He was disappointed, he "pouted" in a way, and left. This afternoon he showed up again while I was out and he was showing more indications of wanting to have a Draconian energy drinking embrace, but I don't think I'm having it anymore. It just drains me and makes me lethargic, plus it might be the reason I've been having kidney trouble, though it might be too much to suspect blame to a Draconian Incubus.

Don't miss Hamish talks about goldfish!

January 25 2013 - Don't miss today's new telepathy page. Near the bottom of that page Hamish has a delightful chat about how the Japanese men showed him goldfish, but they don't let him eat the goldfish as "snacks". >Boys Malik and Hamish answer Dariush's questions about Draconian Human World Politics

Hi hi don't giggle at the Dinosaur! And Yes-No, pregnant. Sock.

January 25 2013 - I was fixing some supper, porkchops and boiled potatoes with some dairy sauce and fixing it in the microwave oven to heat it up from yesterday's supper. Dinosaur appears to have a look-see at what I am about to eat. Dinosaur always needs to see what I am eating. I have a really good look at him. He has an over-sized round big head and a very slender narrow frog-body. He is green. His eyes are frog-like too. I start laughing and giggling because I am so happy to see him. I tell him that he is more than welcome to see me fixing my supper and that he is welcome to watch me eat the meal.

After the meal I retreat to the living room to work on my computer. I'm gonna find a cryptozoologist and team up to go on that North Port Gargoyle excursion with. But then I start thinking about the Dinosaur and what he looks like and how precious he is, and I start giggling so much. That is when Dinosaur looks at me and says that he has got the bat. I guess he didn't like my chuckles and giggle attack so he gave me a warning with the white bat that I should behave. They do that with abductees. But the Dinosaur is friendly. I don't think anybody would like it if I giggled at their looks. But he is oh so precious to see! I was gonna get right on the computer and draw him, having such a perfectly close look at him, but then I remembered I had drawn this: and this picture is perfectly good, it is precisely what he looks like. Dinosaur I can't help it if I love you so!

We want to see that one, once it comes out as bowel movements. - Dinosaur in the other European language
Yes yes you will get to see it! - me, oh dear so much for cute and cuddly, eh? Nobody likes poo. Except for maybe the Dinosaurs doing metabolism studies do. I still love him.

Right now Dinosaur puts his hand on my chest and is happy with me. He looks at me deep into my eyes and he has these happy moments and makes me feel happy too. I love my Dinosaur. Which reminds me. Yesterday evening sometime, a Reptilian touched me on the face, I don't think that's ever happened before.

Now the food is going down here [I point with my finger down my esophagus and to where the belly is] and is going here and turning into nourishment and then it comes out. - friendly me says in other language to friendly Dinosaur
Do not speak with it. - Hamish to me about the Dinosaur in the other language
(I don't want to say to her that I am going to hit her with the bat.) - Dinosaur to Hamish in other language
(Yes-No!) - Hamish to Dinosaur in other language, Yes-No simply put means No

Oh darn, Dinosaur shows up again and looks at me real closely and I see him. At first I smile. I put my hand against my mouth to try to keep back my immense joy at seeing this thing. But then I burst out into some more happy giggles. Oh how I love to see this big humanoid frog creature! Oh the joy of seeing a Dinosaur! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Seeing a Dinosaur! Oh my goodness! SO CUTE! SO CUTE!

That one with the red nose doesn't like me/you. - Dinosaur, in other language, I didn't catch if it was "me" or "you", and obviously Dinosaur means Hamish

More conversations that continued are written in my computer files in the other language. I can't translate them all right now but I have the originals. All telepathic conversations will be in the books, or that I can publish more of them once I take the time to translate them. Too much work, too much Aliens!

I just wrote down 3 Word document pages where the Dinosaur is talking with me, we talk about infants, about me going to medical school (they want me to specialize in infant mortality), we talk about foods that I eat and foods that hybrids eat, and the Dinosaur wants me to eat yoghurt. And Hamish adds to our conversations now and then as the moderator. That will be another 6 or so book pages. I can't translate them all now, it would take far too much time.

Here's another treat: earlier today Hamish said: "I do not look like a sock." I just smiled, that is one of my all-time favorite Hamish-comments. He says that because obviously he knows I describe him as a Sock Puppet Head. Oh Hamish. Oops. Just now Hamish possessed my hands and pushes my body back against the sofa backrest and he puts my hands firmly against my throat. My arms are out on the sides like a V and my hands are on the throat, left hand on left side of the throat, right hand on right side of the throat, and he squeezes my throat firmly almost so that it hurts, and he says "No!" in my other language. I guess the Sock Puppet thing isn't so much fun for him. I didn't die, so it's ok. We're all good. My Honored. There there. Honored scales. Honored tail. And honored turtleshell back hump. Not honored Sock Puppet. No socks here. Do you see any socks here? I don't see any socks here. Only an angry Dragon. "No, sock.", I say to my Dragon in the other language. "No, sock", I repeat to him just in case. "Otherwise I will not make you pregnant.", Hamish says. "Yes-No", I say to Hamish, because I've learned to use this phrase and what it means, so there! And Hamish delivers yet another good classic phrase that I will cherish for years and years to come: "Yes-No pregnant. Sock."

Snake tackled me real good

January 25 2013 - Yesterday evening as I was admiring my Reptilians telling them how handsome they are, one of them and I'm darn sure it's Snake cause he was around (nowadays in his raptor form) contracted or grabbed my left arm then tackled me real nicely with a twist and down on the sofa that I was sitting on. I was real impressed. The speed and agility with which they maneuver a tackle on a person is just great. Bravo! One of the best Reptilian tackles of all time. I've also forgotten to note that a few days ago now, Hamish tackled me against the wall. Or did I catch up and write that down somewhere?

Red lipstick and Bell Peppers - but not sex

January 24 2013 - Last night I went out on a date with that guy I was chatting with and for that date I bought some red lipstick and red lipgloss. Hamish was very keen on the red lipstick. Well, he must have been watching me ever so closely because at the store I tried some of the sample lipstick on top of my hand, like women do in the makeup store, and so at the bus stop Hamish was 1) upset that I was dishonoring his race by wearing "his color", and 2) wondering if I was going to smear that red on my face and arms, as he had seen me smearing it on my hand and he mentioned in images that it was on my hand when I was confused at why he doesn't know it's only for the lips.

I explained to my Dear Dragon that the red lipstick goes on the lips only, and I tried to tell him mildly phrased that we humans think that red color is sexy and attractive on women when we go out on a date, without making it too obvious, not to rephrase Hamish's power color into some sort of womanly sexy color of course. Hamish then talked about it with a Thuban and got the Thuban whispering over there about how rude it was of me to dishonor Hamish's race and all. I felt nearly ashamed, but I thought it would be ok.

When I got home I put all my shopping layed out on the bed and invited Hamish to come see what I had bought. As I went to have a bath, Hamish asked me from my bedroom whether it was ok of him to look at my things there on the bed, yes of course I had said to my Dragon. He was curious to see the red lipstick and red lipgloss.

I thought going on a date would be a big deal (for the Aliens). At one point Hamish showed me his mental image of the slices of red hot pepper that'd been on my plate of Thai food a while earlier with my date, but he didn't say anything about it, Hamish didn't. Surprisingly I was able to be intimate with someone and completely forget about my aliens for a while, although at night before bed I told him that I am an alien abductee, but I didn't go into details about Draconians, Dinosaurs, and the various races.

It wasn't until I got home and I started talking to Hamish and telling him that I miss him and inviting him to come watch television with me that Hamish finally said what was on his Dragon mind. What do you think it was? No, he hasn't said anything about me having sex with someone, or me being somewhere else and up to things and traveling. All Hamish said was that "he was not going to talk to me" because I had eaten the red bell pepper in the vegetable soup a few days ago (and today when I got back home, maybe it's today's soup that he is unhappy about) because it resembles his scales. When I said something to him, I was in the bath by now, he said again that he was not going to talk to me. And so I told to my Dragon that "he was just going to have to forgive me".

The Thubans, their hybrids, and Illuminati guy had been watching (the sex)** but lucky for me they aren't talking about it with me, I just know afterwards that they were watching because they've thought a little bit about it and sometimes I catch glimpses of them where I know what they are thinking about in images. But they didn't make a big deal about it last time either with the previous guy, I just worry that they might. But they don't. The Aliens don't make me have to feel awkward about anything. That is what I love about my Aliens.

**Hamish had also watched, he had watched carefully he said last night, to make sure that I wouldn't get pregnant. It was more of a hazard for him than anything interesting really. I'm just glad Hamish doesn't make a big deal out of it because otherwise I would be traumatized and turn celibate.

Now let's just hope that Hamish can forgive me for eating red bell pepper because I realize that I love Hamish more than anything, and I also realize that just having Hamish around (in a non-sexual way by the way, with me and Hamish) is even better than sex. Having a Red Dragon Turtle Lobster around is better than anything else in life, nothing and no one new can come in that can change that. I love my Dragon, he is my best friend. (He had his mouth open at me today, aha, when I was fixing some of that vegetable soup in the kitchen. Mouth open means he is unhappy, it is perhaps to be thought of as an expression of disgust or upset.)

Just now Hamish appears. I am delighted and say "Hamish! Hamish" and it's great to have my Dragon Sock Puppet Head back here with me. Hamish shows me a mental image of a grocery store with the produce section, and a table with red bell peppers. He points toward the peppers with his red Dragon finger, and says, "That one we do not want to see" (translated from another language). Oh dear, my Dragon. It's just a red bell pepper, oh please forgive me! Hamish. I want you to be my friend.

Oh and in the morning when I woke up next to that guy, Hamish informed me that they (Aliens) had done a pregnancy test and I was not pregnant. That's good to know Hamish, thank you. "Yes, no sperm got there", Hamish says now. Hamish, gee! Oh stop it already. But I love my Dragon, even when he is awkward. I just want to see those Kissy Feet on a bathroom rug, then all will be well with the world. Love my Dragon Turtle.

Life with Dragon Turtleness

January 23 2013 - Fun with Hamish:

1. I wake up and within seconds I see sights of a red scaly Dragon with turtleshell back hump, a tail, and that little sock puppet head of his. "Good morning Hamish", I say to my Dragon and explain that we greet each other that way in the morning. "How was your night?", I ask, remembering that I had wished him to have a wonderful night last night as I went to bed and closed my eyes and I had promised to be with him again in the morning. "Malik has stolen my snacks", Hamish says although not in those exact words, but that is what he was telling me. Seems that I am a food source for Draconians and Hamish wants them (because he needs to eat) and Malik comes here stealing them, so it is a food fight.

2. Hamish has a thought about the Spiderman DVD still being in the bookshelf in the bedroom and I see his expression of rage. Again I say, "No", about it to him, meaning that I concur with it being a very bad thing, and I promise again to my Dragon that I shall remove it. He doesn't like the Spiderman character, it is red and scary and he probably thinks it is real. He still thinks Santa is real too, or just that he doesn't like seeing them that's all.

3. Hamish tells me that he can smell onions. Which isn't surprising since yesterday we cooked with chopped onions again. Poor Hamish. He doesn't like the smell.

4. I am in the bath. Hamish says something about "hillock", which I still don't know what it means. It's one of their own Alien words. Then Hamish has a thought about wanting to see construction shows on tv again, where they build wooden plank floors. Hamish likes Harry Potter movies especially the Malfoy character, Hamish likes a commercial ad about a steam mop, and Hamish likes construction and demolition shows where they work on houses, he likes to see work done on floors. He then thought about his feet. Hamish has sensitive feet and he really feels the surfaces that he stands on, which is why soft rugs mean so much to him. He is fascinated with floors, because he touches them with his feet. (The North Port "Devil" Gargoyle - Sister Site, also by me - ALSO has extra very sensitive feet and thinks and talks about feet a lot!)

5. I am doing the dishes, and get lost in thoughts of soapbubbles and plates. "No, Santa!", a red Dragon suddenly speaks, while he shows me his mental image of the little Santa's elf sitting in the living room flower pot since Christmas, with its little red pointy hat. I ask him why he doesn't like it, although I already know the answer, just to see what he says, just to hear him say it again, and because I love him so. "I will bite it!", Hamish says with quite a serious rage. He feels threatened by Santa characters because they have those red clothes on.

6. "I will eat your soup, because it contains scales." - Hamish says just as my eyes close after doing the dishes I had lied down on the sofa to have a rest. Yesterday we made vegetable soup, that is the soup he is talking about. "Where does it have scales?", my eyes open, so much for the nap, and I ask my Dragon Turtle. "There!", Hamish answers and shows me his mental image from the kitchen and into the pot of soup and he indicates to the red bell peppers. Read the below entry, titled My Cutie-Pie Boo to see how he mentioned this last night also. The inside of red bell peppers reminds him in both color and texture of his red Draconian scales.

The day has barely just started, and Hamish is already entertaining me with his delectable cuteness. How I love having a fire engine red Dragon Turtle living with me in my home. There is nothing else like it. Hamish? I love you, I honor your scales, and you are cute. "No, I am not your Dragon", he answers to that. "I should be honored more than this", he adds.

Nah, on a second thought

January 22 2013 - Entry removed out of love and respect for my Hamish Dragon
Love you Hamish. More than anything. Ever. And always.

Update January 23 2013: changed my mind. Here it is. The entry I had up but then removed, because Hamish had showed up knowing what I had written and he was thinking about the sheets pile on the floor and I didn't know if he felt confused or offended or what. But, like everything in this website, it is a documentary. I am only tellin' it like it is, not like it ain't. And to exclude something relevant is another form of lying, so to speak, since it distorts the truth. And the purpose of my website and little "documentary" here, is to show what Draconian contact really is like. So here it is. Enjoy. Be sure to click on the link and to read the original cat poem that I mimicked here by clicking on the book and reading the sample page.

-------Previously removed entry------------------------

I Could Pee on This

January 22 2013 - I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

No offense, but:

This new bathroom rug doesn't smell of me
I could pee on that
These bed sheets piled up on the floor smell of her
I could pee on that
I could pee on this
I could pee on this

No offense intended toward Hamish Dragon, and no copyright infringement intended for book's author, but here was a Hamish version based on true stories. (See the sheets story here, and the bathroom rug story is all over this website.)

See the pee and sheets story further below on this page in the January 17 2013 entry. Bathroom rug stories are all over, though to be fair I'm not completely convinced that Hamish actually pees on the snug ruggies to accomplish them to have his scent on them. But I love him, you know I do.

My Cutie-Pie Boo

January 22 2013 - "Yes-No, Sugar", Hamish The Sweet says to me right now. This morning Hamish was extra special cute and it broke my heart in several places having to get up early in the morning and go to work, because Hamish was up and about and I was seeing red scales and back hump and tail and tiny sock puppet head and hearing sweet little comments that can only come about and stir in head of Dragon Turtle, and there were thoughts of eggs and of pregnancy and bathroom rugs and floor washing and Harry Potter movies and all sorts of Dragon Sweetness, and I just had to neglect Hamish and not even answer him because I had to get to work.

Oh it broke my heart to have to neglect my Red Scaly Puppy rather than just stay and play with him and chat to him a bit about rug snuggies and bathroom floors being dirty and need a wash and No Santas and all sorts of things that only a Dragon Turtle can tell you about. And it was his sweetheart - and must I say awkward - body and tiny head and yellow eyes and turtleshell hump back and kissy feets and all of it. My precious little Dragon Turtle, how I love you so. And it hurt me having to neglect you so this morning. I love you Hamish more than anything. More than anything ever in the whole world. How I love those kissy feets and hump back and that fire engine red color. My Hamish. Hamish!!!!!!!!!!

Snake the Reptilian now tells me "We have many torture devices here". Snake feels lust if he gets to play with torture devices with someone. Anyhow. Once I got home from work I was reunited with Hamish again (though he stayed with me all day, though I didn't notice or pay attention to him while at work). As I lay on the couch I showed him a mental image of his kissy feet and I pointed at them in the image and said, "Yes!", and I did that with both of his feet, then his hump back, and other cute parts of his body, such as his tail. Then he understands that I appreciate his cuteness, I especially shower fondlz over his feets. They are such cute little feet, for a big red Dragon. They are like little sweet things, like duck feet. I'll have to draw them properly. Hamish!!! He is so handsome, wait till you see him (if I get to take a picture).

PS. Hamish said "No" about me eating red bell pepper. Because the inside of a red bell pepper looks a bit like the surface of his red scaly skin. Red inner surface of a bell pepper, red scaly surface of a red Space Dragon, get it, red, ...? Yes? No? Oh, whatever. Just don't eat it, ok, because then you're eating red Space scales, because bell pepper... oh forget it.

Ham-mish Wants A Pet Bed

January 21 2013 - I was browsing through the adverts that come in the mail and looking at the back of a catalogue with sheets and things. As I looked at the cat and dog pet beds for sale, didn't take long (actually maybe one or two seconds at most) for my Dragon Turtle to declare "that he wants one of those". Oh my beautiful Hamish Dragon, I shall get thee a pet bed! It might be awfully small for your Dragon Turtle Self, but I shall sure try! Hope it doesn't turn into another episode like where I bought him the biggest softest and reddest nicest bathroom rug snuggy but he rejected it. "Because it doesn't smell right". And went back to his old snug ruggy in the bathroom. But one can always try, try to get their pet Dragon a cat and dog pet bed that is. I would place it in my room and my darn how ever precious it would be to watch Hamish stomping his feet up and down on it, and maybe even lying down for a comforting rest. I love you Dragon.

Prehistoric Earth dinosaur with three combs on the head tells me not to masturbate

January 21 2013 - "Don't finger it it belongs to us mut!", says a Reptilian now, ehh, he doesn't think I should touch myself. For the sake of scientific documentation, I guess I haven't touched myself for months and months. Having Reptiles and Aliens in my life sort of kills the passion. But just yesterday I actually did (not when the Reptiles appeared at night but earlier in the day when I wasn't interacting with Aliens). The Aliens were keen on it of course, especially the Dinosaur who wants to know everything about human reproduction. It *almost* killed it for me when the Dinosaur started telling me what happens in my body when I do that, he was talking about "hormones" and "contractions" and "secretions" and I was like yeah, ok. But that was yesterday and I ain't touched myself since then. Sorry to be personal but this is relevant and it involves real and intelligent alien creatures that communicate with me.

The dinosaur, he or she appeared just now. First it showed itself as a black humanoid reptilian man and he has three combs on the head, these are like half cut off circles, one runs center the top of the head, and then two at a slant on either side of the head. He had said to me "Don't forget about me", when he appeared.

But then it morphed into an actual dinosaur instead, like a small slender raptor about the height of a medium sized dog (sorry for using the word "dog" here, reptiles). It was then yellowish coloration and looks real pretty, just like one of Earth's prehistoric dinosaurs. It still had those three combs on the head. A protruding snout filled with several small sharp teeth. It looked me deep in the eye, and it saw that I was alright with seeing it as a dinosaur instead of as a humanoid black scaly man. I told it that it was "very intelligent".

It then thought to a nest with eggs, and then to my left side ovary, and then to my eggs and that they eat those eggs. I said to it that they could eat some of my eggs yes, after I also told it that it was beautiful (because it is). That is when it said that rather shocking statement about my lady parts.

There is a lot of activity now with the Aliens and they are visiting me much much more because just yesterday I found a guy (a regular human guy) to go on a date with, and yes we are planning on having sex probably, unless the date is a total fiasco. The Reptilians and Aliens are petrified that I'd get pregnant.

"We may be here!" - the combed dinosaur (ie. not Dinosaur, who are the green frog people) says to me and is happy and delighted at that

I'm Indoctrinated (almost) to the Reptiles Club

January 21 2013 - Malik talked to me last night after all the snuggles behavior and he said that "the Crocodile Man" has put his "DNA" into me (with the sex that Crocodile Man had with me, ie. Crocodile Man DNA) and that is why I am part Reptilian now, he said. I was delighted. Malik said that was why I do not fear the Reptilians. He said other things too but dang I didn't write it down, it was a good talk with Malik, he rarely talks or explains so well. He also said that I had the "right pedigree" so I am very valuable to them as an egg donor for their Easter Egg Hunt Baskets (not literally). Yay. I'm part Reptile. Hope I get scalyness and a tail. I love my Reptiles, I just LOVE EM!

That's because you haven't been hurt by them. - a beige Reptilian says
I don't want to be hurt by them. I just want them to be cute. Like big Lizard Men. - me

Oh! Forgot to add! There's gonna be like an actual indoctrination ceremony for me having Reptilian DNA from when I had sex with the Crocodile Man! So it's like not completely official yet.

I nearly forgot to add the most splendid bit of all. When I was all excited about Reptilians then Malik called me what? Why he called me a SNAKECHARMER LADY of course! Oh I love it when they call me a snakecharmer. Only, the Pleiadians don't like that.

*Disclaimer. I am not interested in harming others and I will never take part in those of Reptilian activities. I just love animals and people and these lizard men are just wonderful to spend time with. They treat me nice enough, and I love big talking lizard people it's so fascinating and exciting. But I'm not a bad person, and I teach the Reptilians about love and light and ethics and decent manners, like when I tell Malik that grown men don't hide underneath people's beds.

Night Night with Hamish (and Malik)

January 21 2013 - I know you all are wondering about my romantic rendezvous last night with Malik the Oh Black Incubus One And Only (read previous entry below). It wasn't cozy or cuddly. Malik just devoured my life force as I slept. And I woke up feeling totally and utterly drained as if my soul was gone. So I didn't like the arrangements at all. And this morning they asked me whether I would like to be "taken away by the Black One" or something like that, no, they said "captured", and I think I answered them with "no" and then they (probably Malik himself) said that "then let's pretend it didn't happen", or something like that. So I was like, meh.

But Night Night with Hamish was more fun! So. Last night as I went to bed, I had left my digital camera battery charging on the floor. You see I'm in Europe and using an American camera so I had to buy this big adapter box and connect it in the wall and then connect any of my American appliances, such as this computer here, to that box. So I had placed that flat battery charger on the adapter box, and the battery sits in it. Anyhow. It shines with an orange-red light while it's charging, and once it's charged fully then it turns into a green light instead. So it was there charging on the floor with an orange-red light.

Malik was afraid of it. He thought it was a land mine and that if he were to step on it with his foot it would injure him. At first I thought that Hamish might have lied to Malik that it's a land mine, just to keep Malik out of my room, so I decided to go with what I thought was Hamish's clever pun and not tell Malik the truth, i.e. I wasn't gonna lie that it IS a land mine but I didn't say anything about it at first, only told Malik to watch out for it then and to not step on it. But then I'm such a nice person I explained it to Malik, I said that it's a battery charger and it's just an orange light telling me that it's still charging and it can't injure his foot in any way.

But I still saw Malik very clearly, he was showing me his looks and body more last night than he had ever before, and I saw his black reptile foot paw as he thought of his foot as he stood right next to the charger on the floor, he was still worried that it was a land mine. It is a big black box with an orange-red light on it. So I explained it a second time. "Malik, it's a battery for the camera, it takes energy from the wall kind of like when you drink my juice, and it will drink juice from the wall - although it's electrical energy I added so that Malik wouldn't go searching for any human life force from the walls - and once it's finished and it's full then the light goes green", I said to my Malik Oh Vicious One The One And Only Beastness Black Reptile Foot Pawz.

But then HAMISH showed up in my door and Hamish too was afraid of the battery charger on the floor! So I knew it wasn't some pun of Hamish to try and trick Malik into fearing what was on the floor. So, since both of my Scaly Boys were afraid of the mere simple battery charger with a rather large black box and an orange-red light on it, I just sighed and hopped out of bed and disconnected it. For my Boys' sake. My Draconian Lizard Men.

Malik kind of went away at that point and Hamish was gonna camp out with me in my room, which I think is nice cause he rarely does that at nights, he usually retreats to his bathroom snuggy. (Malik now is putting his black scaly hand right against my left-side large artery you know the one that is the largest that goes up the neck from the body and he is feeling out the pulse. He is all into blood because it has my life force in the "iron" and the "juice", he feeds off that. He is pressing his black scaly hand with black claws against that blood vessel and feeling the pulse. He is doing that right now.)

So Hamish was having Night Night with me. First I disconnected the battery charger for him because Hamish too was afraid of the light on it. Then Hamish directed his attention to the bookshelf where - among hundreds and literally hundreds of other items of pocketbooks, DVDs and other similar items - Hamish must have gone through every last one of them to see that yes indeedy, there is a Spiderman DVD contained there. And Hamish expressed contempt about the Spiderman character. I had to promise to Hamish that I would remove the DVD. Hamish feels challenged and provoked by any red characters, be it Santa, garden gnomes for their pointy red hat, Spiderman, or yours truly dancing in a red neglige.

He then thinks about his snug ruggy, the pink bathroom rug I had packed with me for him because he loves it so. He knew that I had it folded on the desk chair underneath a pile of clothes. He didn't have to say anything, just direct his thought of it to me and I instantly hopped out of bed (again) and pulled it out and laid it out nicely for my Dragon Turtle on the bedroom floor beside my bed. Then Hamish says that "he is going to ask for one more favor", and he thinks toward the candleholder which holds five little tealights that I used last night (and never before in this place). He didn't have to say a thing. I know that he fears fire. I covered the (unlit of course) candleholder with candles with my white skirt and said to Hamish that is this good enough? That he won't have to see it. And then I went to bed. Hamish had went Night Night with me, and Malik was about to drink my juice and have me wake up all drained and lifeless the next morning.

By the way guyz, I've decided to put some cloves of garlic under my bed, where I've cut some marks into the cloves just to make'em extra stingy. That should keep Oh Holyness Mischief away from under my bed. I know it sounds like a joke, garlic, monsters, get it, eh? But Malik (and Hamish) actually both seriously detest both onions, and garlic. And I just don't wanna have a Big Black Fearless Monster Incubus Mischief under my bed at nights giving me nightmares about scary spiders.

Malik wants to be my one and only lover

January 20 2013 - Yesterday I found this great guy and we're flirting online and we're gonna go out on a date. The Alien team is very keen on this. This evening Malik has been really on my case. I have seen Malik the Black Incubus Reptile more clearly and for far longer time than ever before in our more than a year together. Malik's business here is that first he said he was "hunting for iron" which means he wants to drink the "juice" (life force) contained in the iron in my blood. It's a sexual feeding Incubus thing.

He's also been on my back (literally on my back) and close to me and touching. He tells me that I am "his witch". He doesn't explicitly spell out that he has some jealousy issues regarding my plans of having a human boyfriend, but he's been more snuggly than I've ever seen him. Malik also started talking dirty or sexy or just cozy about his scales. He was saying to me how his scales are not soft and that his body feels rough and coarse. Well who is to say no to a sexy Draconian Beast so I invited him to touch me with his scaly self, but I'm not sure that he did then.

He is a handsome scaly black man and I do fancy him a lot. Earlier today Malik suddenly started growling at me, I think this has got something to do with it. It *could* be all about their Easter Egg Hunt in my uterus or just that Malik is an Incubus and he wants me to be "his witch" which is a sexual relationship kind of thing.

It was a CIA personnel who, through alien-mediated telepathic contact with me, told me that Malik is an incubus. Before he told me it wasn't all that obvious to me, but when he mentioned it I was like yeah. Incubus actually is Latin for, "lay or sleep with or on". See here for a picture of an Incubus, reminds me of Malik indeed, a bit.

Malik kind of feels fondly of me. But he won't give me his penis, which he and the other Draconians including Crocodile Man call "dong", who ever told them that word not me. It is interesting from Malik's cultural sociological psychological sense that he backs off when I expect or I ask to have some of that. It seems to be a serious matter, and it seems that if I am to have Malik the Incubus' dong then he and I would have to be ritually married somehow. He did use it on me once, and that is what I refer to as the "best sex I ever had".

That is why we wanted you to do bestiality. - says Malik now
But, .. are you a beast? - me
The one and only. - Malik, haha!
What kind of beast are you Malik? - me
The dangerous kind. - Malik
Wow Malik, you are so awesome. You are such a sexy man, I want to drink juice, and iron with you. - me
We have been doing, none other. - Malik
Malik, you are the best. Did you know that you are an "Incubus"? - me
Does it, say that there? - Hamish asks in English too, (all this in English), he shows me mental image of the Incubus picture I linked to above
No, Hamish. I was just wondering, about what Malik is. - me
He is the one and only. - Malik
Malik, you are so cool. - me
Even though we have made you depressed? - Malik
Yes, Malik. You are awesome. - me
Did you want to say something about my dick? - Malik
Do you have one? - me, heheh I blush

Hopefully I get a good nice cuddle with Malik the Demon Incubus tonight as I go to bed now. Actually, Malik was gonna come on top of me in bed when I was near the bed earlier today, but I was doing my aerobics and I said to Malik to wait until night time when I go to sleep. So now let's see if I get some cuddlz with the Scaly Man Oh Holyness Incubus Malik himself. He is so delicious when he puts those black scaly hands on me, I just kiss his hands and caress his scaly self. Love Malik.

Overheard my Draconians talking:
Go to the bathroom. - Malik says to Hamish
Yes she is mine. - Malik to Hamish
I don't want to give her to you. - Hamish to Malik

In fact, dear readers, Malik comes to my bedroom every night, or tries to. He gives me nightmares and makes me depressed and weak and low on energy and unmotivated about life, but in the process he draws my energy life force into him. Most of the times he visits my bed chamber I will never see him, for he does so at night when I sleep. He puts scary spiders into my dreams to give me nightmares, black widow spiders are his favorite, and sometimes even Malik makes an appearance in my dreams, like Freddy on Nightmare on Elm Street, only, black and scaly, and more agreeable and more manageable.

Like it says in texts about Incubi, if they come too close you get sick. And if they get even closer, you die. Malik's breath smells like sewer, pestilence, and death. His energy is hellish and sicklish. He is a frail black body of a man, he feels weak and insane. His eyes are white with a pale gray dot for a pupil. But he is sweet and gentle to me, and he listens to me and he is friendly, and he backs off when I yell at him that his close presence is making me sick.

Hamish tries to keep Malik from getting to me every night. Hamish himself fears Malik. A few days ago Hamish had a big cut on his right cheek on the face and I asked Hamish why he had that he said it was Malik who had done that. Malik and Hamish fight a lot. Hamish will come to my bedroom in utter terror some nights, telling me to "lock the door" and asking me if there is a "key" to lock the bedroom door with to keep Malik out. Hamish's urgency sounds like people in a horror movie when the axe murderer is about to come in through the door. Hamish wants to hide in the closet or under my bed or in some safe corner. I always cry for my Hamish and I invite Hamish to come to my bed that I would protect him all night, my precious red Dragon Turtle.

But Malik finds his way to my room. I try to think that "it's not too bad", but I'll never forget that scare when I woke up the first night at my new place with Malik standing over me and just looking at me. I nearly died from the terror, I'm not exaggerating. If Malik comes too close, you die. He sucks the life out of you and you feel utter terror. Yet, he is also my sweet little uncle that tiptoes around the house and speaks sweetly and fondly to me. I do not fear Malik when he comes, rather I welcome him and I speak to him like a girl would to any puppy dog or sweet friend. My Malik. "Malik, I love you!", "Malik my King!", I say delighted like a little girl to my Black Incubus Uncle who visits.

Turns out that night when Malik had been over me at night at my new place, he had only been trying to see where I was, he was curious - like all the other Aliens were too - because I was not in my usual bedroom and place. (It took two weeks until the Aliens believed me that I was not at a hotel. I was there to stay.)

Malik likes to lie under my bed to have close access to me. Some nights I get scared and have to jump into bed and turn the night lights on because Malik the Monster is under the bed, and you know how it is with monsters under the bed, you are afraid that they might grab your feet. Then once I'm in bed and under the covers, I fuss at Malik the Uncle to get out of under my bed, "you are a grown man Malik, and grown men don't hide under beds", are some of my favorites to say. I don't scare myself about it, Malik is just Malik. It is SO MUCH EASIER KNOWING HIM. I talk to him, so that makes it ok. Plus, I love it when he caresses me with those black scaly hands, sexy and yumm. I hope to have a cozy snuggle with Incubus Mischievious Self.

Do you have any torturous devices here? - Malik asks now
So much for ending on a happy and comfortable note
Malik I don't have any torture devices! - I sigh to my Blackness One
What kind were you looking for? - me
Malik shows me his mental image of a very large hook to put against my throat

Malik I don't play that rough. It's too rough for a girl, maybe a little bit of bondage or something like that, but nothing like that. - me, heheh

Good night! Don't let the bed monsters bite!

My beloved King. - me to Malik in my own language
Yes my woman. - Malik, or "My woman", in my language
Malik was behind me here as I sit on the bed and he put his hands on my upper arms and it just felt so romantic like a man holding you out on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the waves crashing in

Malik the Incubus
See the whole cartoon

There is something irresistible about him, after all he is only after some sensual sexual erotic cuddle, and as a woman how can I say no? I've known this man for several years now, and there's just something comforting and sensual about the way that he cuddles me. It works, somehow. I love a cuddle with him. And, if my batteries are low in the next morning, I can only rest for about three hours and all my energy comes back. And so does Malik.

Don't you have any toys here? - Malik asks in my language
What kind of toys? Tell me. - me to Malik in other language
Ones that we could put into your pyy-pyy. - Malik
Oh dear, I blush. Malik is getting naughty here, ahem, AHEM! Please refer to the Zeta vocabulary if you don't know that word. Ahem. Find it somewhere on the website, ehh...

Malik looks a bit like the Gremlins only black and without ears and with various other differences. I've got to start painting Malik more often and trying to get it perfectly lifelike. You'd love to see what a real life Incubus looks like. He's surprisingly frail looking, but he's my Malik, and now for some cuddlz with Incubus Self The One And Only. Without toys though I might add, eh.

Hamish sad Malik angry

January 20 2013 - I uploaded the pictures from my camera and Hamish must have been watching very closely because he caught the less than a second glimpse of the pics of New Year's baked lobsters. Hamish came up to me and started doing guttoral palate sounds one after the other more than he ever has before. I wondered why he was doing that and assumed it was because of the pictures of me that I was working on. Then Hamish showed me his mental images of the lobsters and I realized, and Hamish even said,

It is like pytt to me. - Hamish

"Pytt" is in the Zeta vocabulary it means "small child". Hamish was whimpering because he was sad, and here I thought that his guttoral palate sounds meant that he was pleased. Oh well, Dragon mine dear.

And just now Malik the Black One got up close to me and out of nowhere for no apparent reason he was growling at me. I never heard Malik growl at me before. I don't know what that's about.

Hamish sees I wanna start dating

January 19 2013 - So in the spur of a moment I'm signing up to a number of online dating sites to make a profile and find some guy to go on a date with that would be fun to go out with someone. It took a few minutes into it and then Hamish came up watching what I'm doing on the computer. He's just watching. Thing is, I thought my Turtleshell Dragon was gonna be upset with me. But when I ask him about it, all he says is he hopes it's gonna be someone (some guy) with "torture devices". He wants me to date a D/s somebody. Hahaha. Draconians love to see that sort of thing. No Hamish, just good clean fun.

Not only is it embarrassing browsing for guys and thinking of finding someone to date when somebody is watching let alone that being my Space Dragon, but Hamish is showing me his back hump. Maybe it is a warning to remind me that he is in charge. Is he in charge? Hamish if you don't let me go on a date then you're gonna have to cuddle up with me on the sofa and in bed YOURSELF! HA! So how bout it Hamish? Lemme cuddle that back hump of yours, ouch, it's got thorns on it. Oh Hamish, my big red space lizard.

Do you see me? - Hamish comes up close, lets me see him and brushes the hair away from my forehead and eyes from both sides of the forehead
Yes. - me
I don't want you to start to date someone when you have got my/your eggs. - Hamish approximately
You may not date someone, I said. - Hamish
But Hamish, I am feeling lonely. I need to cuddle. Will I cuddle you in that case? - me
*Translated from other language

We have suction cups. - male white ET in English, they have suction cups on their fingertips

I just look at Hamish and his handsome red back hump, and I sigh, "The Honored", trying to think of a way to sneak out without Hamish noticing.

Hamish and me watching television

January 18 2013 - Hamish and me are watching television it's a show with funny clips about things that dogs do. As soon as I woke up this morning Hamish snuggled up close to me and first thing I saw this morning was a red turtleshell back hump of a Red Dragon Turtle, oh he is grand I just love my Hamish Dragon!!!

Life with Hamish - sometimes involves pee

January 17 2013 - I am changing the sheets on the bed and have piled up the old sheets and also the covers and pillows are in a big pile on the bedroom floor. Meanwhile I go to ironing the newly washed sheets before I can put them in. Hamish:
Would you like to pee on the floor? - Hamish I forgot the exact words, but in English!
No! - me
I am going to pee on the floor. - Hamish, or "I would like to pee on the floor", I forgot the exact words as I came here for typing

Isn't Hamish grand? The thing is, I think that he was serious. Hamish isn't quite like a human. He likes to stand in a creek here on earth and pee into it. And many times I have seen Hamish standing in the underground reptilian bases in the hallways and sometimes he just spontaneously pees on the floor. And every once in a rare while when I shriek at Hamish or do something (I forget exactly what context it happens in) but that can cause Hamish to pee a bit. He isn't a human. And I think, seriously and quite sincerely so, that somewhere there in his other dimension, there are several bits of shedded scales that look like white bubblewrap, and now some invisible Draconian pee on that pile of sheets.

I know that Hamish buries his larger sheets of shedded scales under a pile of leaves in the forest next to his creek. But Hamish has an interesting behavior, where he will recognize things from my surroundings and he associates it with things from his life. For example, he recognizes any real or mythical creature with red clothing as a potentially threatening other red Draconian Reptile Turtle. And when he sees me with big ziplock plastic bags, he will blurt out, "Plastic bag of snacks!", because I have seen that someone gives Hamish big ziplock plastic bags filled with his "snacks", being slivers of organ meats.

So when he sees that pile of sheets, he probably associates it perhaps with his pile of leaves in the forest, and I do believe that he most definitely was sincere and that he felt like peeing on it. I have known this beast for one year and five months and I know that he wasn't being sarcastic about it. Did he pee on those sheets? I don't mind if he did, only that I still had my covers and pillows there too. I don't mind it if Hamish pees on used sheets on the floor, because those are going in the wash anyway. But Hamish is a Dragon. And I still think that he is grand, just grand, my precious ever Dragon Turtle. I love living life with my Hamish Dragon. He is the best friend that I have ever had.

The birds told me that I may not touch it. - Hamish about the sheets, the Bird Race who created the Draconians and who are "master geneticists" I've been told, obviously informed Hamish that he should not touch that pile of sheets

Interesting, that Hamish still thinks about that pile of sheets. If Hamish so desires, I would be most happy to prepare for him his own pile of sheets to pee and to muck around in.

Hamish, would you like to have your own pile of sheets? - me
I don't want to take a shit there. - Hamish, I swear he said this, but in the other European language

Hahaha, life with an authentic Dragon Reptile can be just full of surprises! Oh Hamish, you precious ever Dragon. It's like when you have cats and they will use as litter anything that looks like sand or rubble because it looks like their litterbox. I guess Hamish's litterbox must literally be piles of stuff, quite probably piles of leaves in the forest, he just recognizes the overall shape of stuff in a pile like that.

Now wait, that one sheet on top is my turquoise bed sheet. Hamish doesn't like turquoise. Was he wanting to pee on it to make a statement? I would like to ask and I know that I should ask him but I don't dare to, ha ha ha.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Hamish is standing on that turquoise sheet and he is lifting his feet, slowly, up and down on that sheet! Just stomping on it, delightfully ever as only a Dragon Turtle Hamish can be! He just loves stepping on soft things on the floor! Isn't he grand? Don't you just love Hamish?

Hamish you may pee there if you wish, those are going into the wash anyway. - me
I already have. - Hamish

Oh man. Facepalm.

The Eye in Sims

January 16 2013 - This kind of notice was up on my computer screen literally for less than a second, but Hamish caught it anyway and he reacted. Literally it flashed up for less than a second, enough for me to see that the job offer wasn't in the Music field and click it away. But Hamish saw it. And here it is (a new one, not the exact time that Hamish saw it), The Creepy Eye Almighty in the video game The Sims 1 on the computer, a job offer for work in the Psychic field.

I made this family as a lady who works on the piano and she runs an orphanage with seven children. Hamish had been sitting quietly next to me here on the bed, just looking at the screen when I'm playing the game. He's that observant. And he'd been quiet all this time, but sure enough, he had to say something when he saw their Eye God Creepy Almightyness.

I started writing down Hamish's comments, as his comments were frequent and one after the other, after a day when he was mostly quiet after talking about missing the rug snuggy, and commending me for eating grilled chicken as that would be nourishing for his "hunnun". Here is Hamish and mine exchange regarding The Eye appearing on the screen in the video game, and like I said, it popped up for literally less than a second:

You forgot that it is to be Honored. - Hamish said in other European language, approximately not his exact words
I say something that "Oh yes Hamish, if it shows up again I will remember to Honor it next time.", as I continue browsing for the right job. There are like 20 different jobs in The Sims 1 and they pop up randomly. I was looking for the right one, so I kept closing the game and restarting just to get the one that I want, so chances that The Eye would pop up again were somewhat reasonable, if not the Music one got to me first (it didn't).

Did you wish to speak with our President? - Hamish in other language
No, I wouldn't dare to. - me, still quickly popping up job offers and clicking them away as long as they're not Music
It is that. - Hamish says and shows me mental image of The Eye picture from the game, i.e. The Eye is their President
I explain to my Hamish that these are job offers in a game, and that I am browsing different jobs looking for the right one. And, to be very brief, I just say to Hamish that "one can also work with the eye, here in this game", as I keep browsing.

The threat of it will not come. - Hamish says in other language
No, not if one can work with it. - Hamish in other language
Hamish also says that "The threat of it will not come to your city", except that he explicitly used the name of my city, he said this sentence at least two times in these conversations.
Hamish! You are the best! - I say to my Dragon as I think he is acting just delightfully cute
Yes, I tend to clean myself in your bathroom. - Hamish says, his thoughts back again on grooming on the snuggy ruggyness (bathroom rug)

Ouch, it is a pity for the poor children if it comes. - Hamish when he sees the game's children in this family
There is nothing wrong with this, for her security. - one of the military humans says to Hamish, Hamish has clearly gone to them to ask for help because he thinks that The Eye is getting to me, and here is this military man reassuring Hamish, since this man must know that it is only a game. Hamish spoke to me in my language, whereas this military man spoke to us in English.
Yes, but it is not loving. - Hamish says in my language, about The Eye

Isn't Hamish grand? But above all, look at how their God The Creepy Eye Almightyness has seeped itself all over our culture. It is even in the video game The Sims. It is on the one dollar bill in the United States. It is in concepts of culture and society all over, and it is most definitely the God Symbol of the Draconian Agenda that uses Satanic power to rule the worlds. But, note how Hamish fears it. Hamish himself is a victim of it.

By the way, I have finally figured out what The Eye is, and of that I will tell in a future upcoming page all of its own. Meanwhile, back to the game. Orphanage lady must need to get that Music job, if she is to support all those seven children on her own.

More fun Hamish gossip

January 16 2013 - The other day when Hamish talked to a Dinosaur for a while that evening, can't remember what day it was, oh it was the night when I asked Hamish to come look at my cranberry sauce on the oatmeal because Hamish always likes to see the red berries because he says it reminds him of his scales, and Hamish didn't because Malik the Black One was with me in the kitchen, then I heard Hamish roar at Malik. And earlier that night when Hamish had talked to a Dinosaur, Hamish had done the goose sound at the Dinosaur. The goose sound sounds like a horn, it basoons, it is a scary sound to hear and he only does it when he yells at someone. He has done the goose sound at me maybe twice I think. I always feel yelled at after he does it.

But the other fun Hamish gossip for the day, is that when Hamish saw that I was eating grilled chicken, and I rarely eat any meat, Hamish got real happy, he said that it was "good food for his hunnun" and that "now his hunnun had good food". He thinks that meat is good for me because it nourishes the eggs (hunnun), and he doesn't like it when I eat anything with sugar. They also frequently thank me for "not smoking nicotine" because that would harm the eggs and the DNA. Don't you just love Hamish? I do. He's my boo-boo Bear, ehh... Camel Dragon Kissy Feets, I wanna kiss his feet and cuddle my Dragon! HAA-MISSSHHH!!!

Got Sex With The Crocodile Man

January 14 2013 - "The Gator boys want you too", was said to me this morning. Turns out who ever it is that said so, was right. I am trying not to make this too x-rated, but Crocodile Man surprised me when I was napping in bed and he had sex with me. And it was great. But it didn't last long, like last time. You HAVE TO buy my book, once it comes out, to read all the juicy details. It really is a sexy story, and even Malik joined in. I really want to write it here but it's far too x-rated for the internet. I love a good tumble with the scales.

Added: It seems I must've been ovulating, because I just finished one of my rare periods (I have about two a year, not twelve) about a week ago. I just wrote down eight book pages (4 Word document pages) of the account and Crocodile Man joined in for a rather lengthy conversation about what he is doing and where he lives. You will have to read it in the book because it is rather sexually graphic, including how it felt and everything. I leave nothing out. Or if you can't wait for the book to come out, just email me at contact@orionmindproject.com, swear that you are 18 years or older and it's yours (for free) just like that, no waiting required.

He says he lives in the "sewer" and he talks about "eggs"

You are not our Queen here, but you can be. - Croc Man says now
I don't need to be treated any special. I am more worried about your feet now. I really would like to tend to your feet, I believe I could soften them with a nice foot bath and massage. I really care to help you, about your feet. - me

He complained about

What is, "a massage". - Crocodile Man
It is when I touch your feet with my hands, I soften them and make them all good again. Massage is a form of touch, that stimulates circulation into the area, and helps the body to heal. It is really good for sore spots, such as sore feet. It is perfect for achy feet. - me
Yes but, we don't have normal blood. - Croc
You don't need normal blood. All you need is me to touch your feet. I would be good with them. I want to help your feet. - me
(See, now? She wanted to be a nurse.) - says someone to Croc Man
I won't take you in with the ambulance anymore. - Croc Man, ambulance means UFO abduction

He complained about his feet being sore and "scabby" because of a uniform and shoes. He got down on one knee as if to propose to me, probably thinking that as a woman I would expect marriage after we had sex, but I explained to him that I was not an old-fashioned woman, and I said to him that instead, he should give his heart to the one he loves. Can't wait to get that book out to you guys (Hopefully this website has readers. Does it?). I'll have hundreds of pages of verbatum telepathy in those books. Obviously I am not the only one coming with these stories, such as about Reptile Sex, but I am perhaps one of few who has been documenting everything very carefully and tirelessly (though I have been tired...)

I don't want a foot bath, and a massage. - Croc Man says now
Then how will we help your poor feet? Will your feet be alright? And will you find food in your tummy? Will your tummy get some snacks? - me

All for now! Until next time!