There is a mysterious man who has shown up at several different times in my life. He is a very real physical man who at least looks to be a human, and he has verifiably spoken with me telepathically.

First time I was a little girl

I think I was 5 years old. I was playing with other children in the park. There was a large performing stage which was a platform made out of wooden planks and at the back of the stage there was a wooden plank wall where actors could hide and change costumes behind the stage. I was playing running around around around the wooden plank, I was laughing and hot from the running and it was fun. I remember I was wearing the light pink cardigan which is tiny which means that I was tiny back then, my mother had knitted it for me. All of a sudden as I am running behind the stage to go around once more, I stop because there is a man standing there, and I look up at the man. I think he was wearing a black business suit with tie. He was blonde with blue eyes. I don't recall us speaking or interacting. This was the first time I recall running into him.

At the drugstore

I was I think somewhere between the ages 17-19 years old. My mother had sent me to pick up her prescription of a medicine at the drugstore in town. I had taken a queue number and had sat down on one of the waiting chairs for my turn to go to the counter. Behind me and the row of chairs was a glass wall facing to the inside of the wide mall walkway. I noticed the man already when he was still just at the entrance doors to go to the pharmacy. There was something very, very bright and noticeable about his charisma, his energy, which made him impossible to miss. He stood outside the entrance doors for a while, it was clear that he was focused and aware of what he was doing and about where he was about to go, yet he seemed to hesitate for a moment before he walked in.

He was a tall and somewhat slenderly built man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked very Germanic or Nordic, one would guess that he was either German or Swedish. His jacket was beige with a plaid pattern. He stood in the entrance of the drugstore, he was not looking toward his right to the shop area, nor did he pick up a queue ticket for the counter pharmacy, nor did he look around as if to orient himself as to where to go. I forget by now if he came to sit next to me or if he after a while left, I will have to check my earlier notes on the encounter. I don't know if at this time I recalled having already run into him at the age of 5 behind the stage in the park, but meeting him here I knew that there was something special about this man, his charisma was so strong. His charisma and awareness was so bright that it made ordinary humans seem like they were asleep and unaware. We did not speak or make eye contact or interact.

At The Museum

This encounter with the man happened either before or after the encounter at the drugstore, I have forgotten. I was either in my teens or in my early 20's. Me and my mom and one or two of my siblings were at the natural history museum in the big city to which one has to take a train for about 1 hour. I was in the room that has a big skeleton of a whale hanging from the ceiling. The room was quite dark and in black and blue colors. My mom and siblings had already walked to the next room, but I found reason to stay and to look at the whale for longer.

The man showed up in this room. I forget if he said something to me or not but he was around me. He was a handsome blonde man who looks extremely Nordic, like a Swedish or a German man. I recognized him, so that is why I am thinking that this encounter could have happened after the drugstore encounter, since I am not sure if I would have recognized him if the only previous encounters would have been the one when I was 5 years old.

I recall feeling agitated and nervous, or perhaps you could say excited, because I recognized that this was a man who had come here to see me, and there is just this feeling whenever he shows up. I went to the next room where my mom and siblings were. I was pretending to, or trying to, focus on the exhibition which was there, it was one that the visitors can interact with. The man stood right next to us, very near, and this room was well lit up. My mother or a sibling asked him something, I think they asked him if he wanted to see the exhibition because they might have thought that we were standing in the way and that he must have been very eager to see it too, since he was lingering so close to us and close to the exhibition. And the man spoke out loud, politely expressing that it was fine that he did not need to see it. And he was looking at me.

Martial Arts class

I would take a train on Wednesdays to go to the capital city of my country to take a beginner's martial arts class. It was a long way to go, first by bus, then almost an hour by train, then another train, and a somewhat long walk, but at the time it was worth it. I had already been to a few lessons, so most of it was starting to feel like routine, I was familiar with the people who one might expect to run into here, and what a typical day at the class might be like. But one day was different, because a very unusual man showed up there.

I had already changed into my martial arts outfit and I think the class had already started. A man wearing a black business suit with tie showed up at the door and he stood there for a short while. None of the other students, or instructors, nor any of the family and friends who were already sitting in the area where people get to watch, reacted to the man showing up. No one paid him any attention or seemed to know him. The man went over to sit where already some family and friends were watching us take the class. And he sat there for the remainder of the class. I was trying to ignore him, but I felt that there was something special about him. I do not recall if I recognized him from the drugstore or from my encounter of him as a 5-year old, but it was the same blonde man who looks very German or Swedish.

The class ended and I was very curious to see if any of the others knew him. Now that the class had ended, he and the person he had come to see would surely go and greet each other, or if he was here to inquire about a class then he would surely go and talk to the teachers, but he made no approach to anyone in the room. I think I just went to the showers and went home and I did not see him more at that point.

Best one - At the trains

I think this was when I was on my way home from another martial arts class at a later time, and not after the martial arts class where I had already seen him during my class. I had finished another class and I was standing on the platform waiting for my train to arrive the long one that takes me to my city and that lasts for almost an hour. It was winter and already dark in the evening and a bit chilly. I noticed the man standing on the platform quite close to me. I knew, I felt it, that there was something very special about him, and it made me feel nervous, it was almost overpowering, overwhelming. He was wearing a black business suit with tie, that same otherworldly handsome blonde man who looked very German or Swedish. I was uncomfortable and nervous and I walked far toward the other end of the train platform. I now stood at such a distance away from him, that it was entirely certain, that once the train arrived, and with the normal way how people enter into a train to take the doors that are closest or at least no more than a few doors away if they want to adjust or change train cars for some reason, that he would be too many doors away from where I stood so that we would not end up in the same train cars.

The train arrived, and I went into the train and I sat down. To my horror, after I had already sat down, the man enters through the same doors that I had. I am sitting on the right side of the aisle in the direction the train is going, and he chooses the left side of the aisle. I sit facing forward in the direction of the train, and he faces backward in the direction the train is going, and so we are able to see each other's faces and make eye contact. I feel tense and a bit uncomfortable having him near, because I can feel that there is something about him, also at this point I am sure I recognized him from the martial arts class, and probably also from the drugstore earlier.

He has with him a black bag that is flat and looks like one where you would store papers and files, even though it is made out of a woven synthetic material, it has some printed logo on it. This was the times before portable laptop computers, when most people just had those big PC monitors on their desks at home, so we cannot say that it was a laptop case. It has begun to rain and the rain is showering against the train window glass, it is dark outside and because of the dark and rain one cannot see much outside, but nonetheless I am trying to keep looking out the window, and not directly at him, because I do not want to interact with the man, but I keep looking at him from the corner of my eye, and sometimes I glance my eyes across the train compartment so that I can take a better look, but letting my eyes move across so that no one could ever think that I was looking at him specifically.

He sits with his legs wide apart and feet a bit far in front of him and he leans his back forward so that it looks like he is in a somewhat slumped position, and he takes out a book from his bag. It is a book about Ancient Egypt, that is clear to see from the book cover with familiar pharaonic kings and queens and the golden color. I watch as he opens the book in an entirely random place. What is interesting is that he already has a bookmark, one of those flat long colored paper bars that fit nicely along the length of most books, it shows that he has read almost half of the book already, either a bit less than half, or a bit more than half, but he has opened the book at a random location and not at where the bookmark was, and he had opened the book earlier than where the bookmark was, on pages that he would have already read! But guess what could possibly be more peculiar than that? He keeps his book in front of him, holding it with both hands wide open as he sits slumped and looks to be deeply contemplated and focused on the pages in front of him... the book is held upside down. He looks very focused and aware, yet it takes a surprisingly long time before he turns the book around the right way, and if I recall correctly, at that point he also turns his head toward me so I look away. I go back to looking out the rainy window to the right side of me.

This is when yours truly turns on her telepathy. While looking out the window and making sure that I am not looking at him at the same time, I send my telepathic thoughts to this man. There is no way that anything I am seen doing could provoke any kind of reaction of him, because as far as anyone could be concerned I am looking out the window. "Can you hear me? If you can hear me, can you prove to me that you can hear me?", I say to him telepathically while looking out the window.

Right then the man puts the book down and he turns his body around where he sits so that he is facing right toward me, and he looks right toward me and his eyes are right on me. I forget if it was before or after this, but I guess it was after this, that he tells me telepathically: "We are watching you." Even though I do not know fully what is going on, he is an important part of my life, he has become a mystery that I have to solve, and I do not want to let go of him. What time we might have left together on the train could only be too short of a time for me to find all the answers. I say to him telepathically, "When can I see you again? I want to see you again." He says to me telepathically, "Why do you think that we would need to?", meaning why we would need to see each other again.

I would have wanted to go sit next to him, to put my arms around him and to squeeze him tight, to look at him and have all the answers, or to connect with the secret me that I cannot understand because no one is giving me all the answers, but I sit where I am, watching as the precious few seconds we can have together are slipping away, even though I don't want to let this time go away. He steps off the train one stop before mine. I did not want to let him go, and to my awareness I have not seen him again.

And so...

One might think that this man is just imaginary. With the way that he showed up behind that stage in the park of my small community when I was 5 years old, not to mention that I was with other children and one of the grown ups there would have gotten upset if they would have seen a strange man near the children like that. And the way that he was behaving especially on the train, speaking to me telepathically, reading the book upside down, responding to my telepathic messages to him, you would surely have to try and think that he is not real. But he showed up at the museum as well, my family saw him too, my family spoke to him and he answered them and spoke in the language of my country. These were all the same man. So we know for certain that he exists, I did not imagine him, and I did speak telepathically with him on the train.

He tells me his name

In late December, 2017, this man spoke to me telepathically. I knew it was him because when he talks to me telepathically, which he rarely does, he reminds me of the times that we have met. He told me that his name is Carl Runge. (He is of course not the German mathematician named Carl Runge.)