written February 02 2015

I have a bunch of aliens who show a lot of interest in me. Their main use of me is to take my eggs to make human and hybrid children. But I also have human military and men in black who also show interest in me. Both aliens and the humans do mind control on me. Today I learned more clues to help me understand what the mind control exactly is about.

What is mind control and MKULTRA?

Mind control and MKULTRA are techniques, or procedures, that are done to a person so that other persons will become able to control the behavior of that person. MKULTRA as a term and procedure is thought to have started with the Nazis in Germany. After the end of the second world war, MKULTRA traveled to the USA with some of the persons who had used it in Germany. In the USA the MKULTRA was used by the CIA and also worked on by some American universities. MKULTRA was banned and supposedly discontinued. This part, about its history, I get from reading on the internet.

I am an abductee by both aliens and by human military and men in black. I became aware of both alien and human abductions from the age of 14 but the alien contact if not both were already taking place before I was that age. Both the aliens and the humans use mind control and MKULTRA on me, one evidence of that is that as I am now going to write an intelligent summary on that my mind starts acting weird and I feel like I write like a 2-year old and my mind is in a thick fog, but I'll give it my best shot.


MILABS means military abductions. It's like alien abductions except you don't see aliens in the other place, you see military officers, men in black business suits, and sometimes also hospital staff who are all humans. I was 14 years old when these men first talked to me telepathically, one of the very first things they ever said to me was, "We're not gonna hurt you." Ever since that first day, these men would talk to me telepathically every day, and I was also seeing mental images of these persons in their surroundings.

They were the men in black suits, and they were high rank military officers. The men in black suits, I called them the "survey people" because their job seemed to be to use remote viewing to look at me 24 hours a day all days of the week, all the time. I would see a mental image of the survey person in his office watching me and taking notes by hand on paper. I saw these images of the survey men for large parts of the day, though not exactly all the time. Most of the survey men wore a black suit with tie to work, others had a more casual formal wear with dress pants and a colored long-sleeve shirt with no suit jacket or tie. Some of the survey people I had were Assistant Carlisle, Tyler MacIntyre, Andrew, Aulis Greenshaw, Brian, John. There are more of them but I don't know all their names.

Each survey person is a unique person. Tyler MacIntyre had white hair, slightly heavy set, and always in a cheerful mood and happy. Andrew was the youngest on the team, red hair, glasses, skinny, he was Jewish so he always worked when the others were having their Christmas holidays. Andrew had braces when he went to public school and he felt bullied, maybe that is why he was always real mean to me, Andrew was horrible. Assistant Carlisle, in his 40's perhaps, brown hair, glasses, he always thought about how he has a daughter my age and started to cry, he also gave me lots of fatherly advice and was really sweet. John never said much, and unlike Andrew and Assistant Carlisle, John made sure to always wear the black suit to work. John has black hair and was in his early 30's I think back in those days.

The survey people were on shifts. I could have set the clock by who is watching me and when and when their shifts change. They were obviously not meant to talk to me at all, but some of them chatted a bit, maybe because they couldn't resist.

The military officers did not do remote viewing surveillance, but they checked in to the office regularly to see how things were going and get updates from the survey men. Captain Michael Marsden was the head of my team of people. Other military officers were General Davies, one Generalmajor but I forget his name, Liutenant Jackson, Captain Robert (Bob) Stephens, Major Cunningham whose real name was Agent Donovan Brown, Jacob Greene or Captain Jacob Daniels one of which is his real name, Colonel Alan Richmond, Sergeant Wilkes...

Don't say Donovan Brown, he doesn't like that. - someone says to me now
What now? Who doesn't like that? - me
Aw gee!! - Major Cunningham?

Others were Admiral Benson, and I always forget the name of the new team leader who replaced Captain Marsden. But anyway, those were most of them. The military officers spoke to me even less than did the survey men, with the exception of three of them who had an active role in things.

Captain Stephens, Major Cunningham, and Jacob Greene spoke to me tons. These three, now that I look back on it as an adult, seemed to have the job to break me down mentally. Stephens talked about marrying me and having three sons with me, he talked about rape and at least did his best to talk sexual things which were highly indecent and inappropriate, Stephens caused me a lot of damage and agony therefore. Cunningham perhaps tried to talk about rape or sex but he ended up just being really mean and condescending putting me down for my appearance all the time, really brutal especially because I was so young. And Greene talked about rape and sex talk all the time. In fact, if you take a look in the UNCENSORED version of the first telepathy book "The Orion Project: Real? Or Imaginary?" you find there an authentic sex talk with Jacob Greene. I had the nerve to put it in there, sorry Greene. To some extent, Andrew was also instrumental in breaking me down and bullying me, and it must've been part of his work assignments unless he was just an idiot and mean.

MILABS abductions

I wish you didn't write about me, or us. - one of the military officers says now sadly
Why not? What's the problem? I'm trying to sort this out. It's all a big mystery. - me
I wish you didn't talk about us. - the military officer says again sadly
I don't know what else to do. What else is there? - me
We don't like, to do this to our women. - he says
Are you human or alien? - me
Well, Bingo! - a Dark Lord
Bingo what? I didn't understand anything? - me
We are training for you with war. - General Patton and/or Dark Lord
We are going to confiscate your planet and resources. - a Black Reptilian
What has that got to do with me? - me
Yes? Palate click, yes? - Hamish
Palate click, Hamish. - me
My bunny. - a Dark Lord... and/or Black Reptile?

I remember far more MILABS abductions than alien abductions. Many times in my teens I woke up at night to find myself in the USA amidst these very military officers and survey men that I had gotten to know during daytime.

What happened during MILABS abductions? (1) Jacob Greene took me to Admiral Benson's office and molested me. (2) One of the survey men, probably John, attached electrode wires to one of my hands and activated an electrical box which electricuted me and I fell to the floor, military officers were standing in the shadow and watching. (3) I woke up in a small glass room, a man walks in gives me what he says is a "muscle relaxer" injection in my arm, he needs to help me walk to the other room, someone puts a cloth over my mouth and counts backwards was it from 10 and I lose consciousness was it at 7. (4) I find myself sitting on a sofa in a home in the USA, one men in black standing behind me gets a signal on his cell phone and says "Ok let's go" and walks with me to the basement of that house, I sit on a chair and a man with reddish brown hair walks down the stairs and up to me and starts interrogating in an uncomfortable manner that I can't remember more. (5) I find myself in the dream world or astral world one night and Tyler MacIntyre and another of them with reddish brown hair run after me. (6) Tyler MacIntyre walks past me twice, then stops right in front of me when I am dreaming in the astral world. (7) I dream at night that I am chasing a boy that I want to kiss. I catch up to him, lean over, and give a kiss on his lips. I hear laughing and the dream instantly fades away, I had kissed John by accident and he feels awkward about it and he is pushing me away from. (8) I woke up on the floor in one of their larger offices with the lights off and Aulis Greenshaw is on top of me molesting me.

I might have more memories than just those but those give good examples of what my MILABS memories are like. I never saw an alien in the MILABS abductions. However the first time I ever saw these men in mental images was when Zetas were transmitting the images to me. Zetas and these men in black were in a meeting room together, the men sitting around a large round table and the Zetas stood closer to the wall, and one of the men in that room saw me somehow, he turned to where I was seeing this from, and he said, "It must be one of the abductees."

General Patton

I never quite knew what the MILABS people wanted from me. I always assumed that they had to watch me because I was an alien abductee, but I always felt that there was something more to it also. Sometimes it happened that the survey people would say "General Patton is on the phone" and they would all get excited as if General Patton was a VIP. Sometimes General Patton even visited them in the office. I would ask, "Who is General Patton?", and "Can I talk to him?", but I was ignored and the man remained a mystery until many years later when he returned and would spend lots of quality time with me as my MKULTRA trainer or handler.

The obvious surveillance and telepathic conversations, not to mention the harassments by the trio Greene, Stephens and Cunningham, lasted well into my 20's. Then there was a several year break where they seemed to be gone with just a few rare exceptions, plus that during those years another one joined their team but he was "Jack with the NASA team" so he was different that way. I had been aware of some alien activity before alien abductions in my teens, I was also shown lots of UFOs in those years from 15 to 19 or so, but then that alien activity also seemed to die off.

But then, in my later 20's, aliens introduced themselves to me and talked about the work they do in collecting my eggs and studying bacteria. They were the Dinosaur, Orion man, Hamish the red Reptile, Black Reptile, Dark Lord Malik, Zetas, and hybrid children. Alien contact was back and big time. This is when The Orion Project, which is this website and the books that are now being published one after another, begins. And you see there is a lot happening.

A year or two into this very busy alien contact, General Patton returns. It's not the surveillance I used to be aware of. It's not the frequent visits by the military officers. And it's definitely not been the trio of Stephens, Cunningham, and Greene back. Those days are gone. But now the mysterious VIP General Patton would single-handedly spend lots of time with me.

I would see General Patton sitting in his huge office and he would be looking at me with remote viewing. He has black hair, dark tan skin, he wears a black suit to work. It was just General Patton, just General Patton and me. The man who could not spare a minute of his time to talk to me back when I was a teen, was now going to spend hours with me just him and me. And nobody else there, nobody else who took his shift when his day ended. The man even put in long days at work just to get the job done.

General Patton told me how he was in the Navy. He showed me mental images of himself as the young Navy officer. He was in the Vietnam war. And in the 1960's he was asked whether he would join this team he is currently on, and he agreed. Turns out General Patton is their expert MKULTRA trainer. Everybody else on the team looks up to him as a legend.

General Patton can focus and then make himself able to superimpose my body and his. You know how you are aware of what your body looks like and what your body feels like? He overlaps our two bodies that way. It is the most intimate experience I have ever had. It is more intimate than a hug or sex. It's probably as close as you can get to another person. And once he has me focused that way, he can move my body around. In the beginning he made a strong fist with my left hand. He would tackle me and turn me over, flip my body over to the side. He also takes some time to take over my hand and feel out my hand as if he were trying on a new glove. He was training me for mind control.

General Patton wanted Sergeant Wilkes to also try doing this with me, but Sergeant Wilkes was afraid to and only once did Wilkes dare to dive into the experience. It's probably pretty invasive and intimate for them too, just as it is for me. Russian Korpral Olav Vetti also did some of these "conquests" as I call them. Korpral Vetti was supposedly a Russian missiles expert who had requested a woman of my sort from my country and General Patton was handing me over to the Russians once General Patton felt that he had trained me sufficiently after just a few days. Korpral Vetti asked me to help him with remote viewing Russian missiles, submarines, and satellites.

The Free Mason ex

In my late 20's my life was ruined by a series of unbelievable events. Every person in my life had hurt me or quarreled at me and turned against me. After years of unfair treatment and losses I had reached a point where it was easy to send me to the man who would use mind control and hypnosis to train me. One night I knew about a man who would come into my life and what he would do. That same night this random person finds me on the internet and it is exacty the person that had been described before my eyes just minutes previously. I agreed to go see him, after all I was looking for an escape.

The man was a D/s Master and did slave training on me. He used hypnosis and mind control and programmed me with code words. I'm convinced that the Dark Lords are real entities. Especially since a Dark Lord once tore down books from the bookshelf and tore one of the books into four pieces on the floor, so we are talking about a real entity that can impart real physical forces, so Dark Lords are not to be suspected as neither an imaginary creature nor as some construct made by the military. A Dark Lord had possessed the Free Mason man and it was in effect the Dark Lord who slave trained me. In fact, Dark Lords linger around this man. The Dark Lord Baphomet came over to visit me from the man, and a few months ago when I agreed to go visit this man again and had already prepared my travels to go see him, no fewer than five Dark Lords came in to see me the night before and I was so freaked out I didn't go see him after all.

I've thought all along that the Free Mason ex who slave trained me with mind control is part of this whole MKULTRA thing. And it would seem that Dark Lords are real entities, not imaginary.

So what about the aliens

The Zetas let me be aware during the stages of events leading up to their alien abductions when I was a teen. Zetas made me know that I should go to my room, close and lock the door, lay down on the bed on my back with arms on my sides and close my eyes. There would be a strange fog in the room and I would hear Zetas telepathically and see them in my mind's eye in my room. Then my soul would be rocked to sleep inside my body and there would be a sudden swoop that pulled and sweapt me away into someplace else, but I was never allowed to remember past that point.

The alien abductions were real events and not imaginary because I was able to confirm events with witnesses, I had a scoop mark on my heel, and I was able to confirm that the UFOs in the sky were real and not imaginary.

When Reptilians and Dark Lords came into my life I saw that they could push my body around. I was once even thrown across the air by a Reptilian or Dark Lord. And I have always known that the Zetas can move my body around. They often do that before abductions to prop my body, to spread my legs apart with my knees up, to put my arms above my head, or just to push me around seemingly for no other reason than to call me a dog and despise me. Reptilians can also use their mind power to move my body around, and Dark Lords can also.

What is what

Some people believe that there are no aliens and that the aliens are a cover created by the military who are doing MKULTRA. Some people think that there are no military and that it's just the aliens. And others like me want to think that there are both human military and aliens working together, that's what I think at this point but I have been undecided for years. Sometimes I think it's just the humans, or more often sometimes I think it's just the aliens. But my leading theory is that it's both. There's like a tug of war going on in terms of whether it's more aliens or more the military.

Today on February 2 2015 I got some more clues. I was having a private moment with myself and that is when often a Dark Lord arrives in recent years to put MKULTRA images into my mind. He does it at these times because he wants me to learn to associate MKULTRA things with something sexual or positive so that I will accept and take in the images. This time it was the Doll images. In the beginning when the Dark Lords were putting images into my mind which they wanted to associate with sexual pleasure, whether I was having a private moment with myself to begin with or not, it started with images of torture and satanic images. But this time it was the Doll images.

The Doll images involve that I would be brain damaged from use of drugs that they would have put on my tongue and electric shock treatment to a point where my mind is numb and where the mental awareness of an MKULTRA handler is able to insert itself into my mind in a most intimate or close way. This time they even showed me a mental image in which a string had been attached through a pierced hole through my tongue, being a reference to strings on a puppet. Puppet and Doll are slightly different MKULTRA personas that they can use. There is also the Cat which is also different.

Then General Patton showed up. He was in a remote location of course but he was interacting with me telepathically and doing the superposition to overlap the sense of awareness of our bodies. He took over my hand and gently touched my hand and skin with my own hand but it feels like it is his hand doing it. Then he was talking to Colonel Richmond who was there with him and General Patton was wanting Richmond to give it a try for the first time. Richmond was apprehensive about it and new to this. General Patton kept saying to Richmond that there's nothing to it that it's like flying an airplane. Turns out Richmond is a pilot, so eventually Richmond gave it a try. I intentionally stayed calm and very still to let Richmond give this a try. After all, I am an inquisitive and adventurous sort, I am going to get to the bottom of this MKULTRA thing to find out what's going on so I revel in these moments when I can see what happens and make observations and find more clues.

To Richmond it was a bit more interesting the fact that he was now more or less superimposed with a woman's body. He even felt the need to feel out my breasts and did. He put my hand to my chin and one of my fingers between my teeth so that I would bite on my finger. And while this is happening it's like our bodies are overlapped and it's him moving my body for me and it feels like his hand more than mine. Richmond confided that he is a crossdresser. I was happy to hear that I told him I love transgender people. I even asked him if he has found good shoes because he would obviously have mansize feet. I asked him what color lipstick he would wear, I told him I would love to dress him up. I asked him about wigs. But he never gave me any more information on these things. Maybe he had said it just because he was now literally superimposed with my woman's body and it felt like being a woman, or maybe he really meant it which would not surprise me too much.

But then, then finally some more clues which is why I came here to write this page. They say something like, "You are ready to see us now" or something like that. Then I see super clear mental images of a handsome green Reptilian. And not long after, the Black Reptilians who are thinking of the mental image of the yellow pyramids of Egypt (unless some other yellow pyramids in the sand) tell me that they are using battle plans to take over the Earth for resources. The green Reptilian superimposed himself with me and rolled us around and called me his "pet", he was enjoying it like a cat rolling around with catnip.

Do we know what this is?

There is a part of me that still thinks that real aliens might be helping real military in training people like me for military purposes. Once the Reptiles had made themselves known, I was asked either by the Reptiles or by the military persons that they would need my help with Irak once I'm trained like this and stuff. I've always thought that both the aliens and human military are real, that one isn't faking the other one. But the aliens could be faking the humans, or the humans could be faking the aliens. Or they are both real at the same time and working together, which is what I still think.

But the aliens definitely have their own personal interest in doing the MKULTRA mind control training. From what I was told once the Reptiles arrived, this training was done on me by the aliens so that I would not be as "wild" (as an animal that they abduct), they also need it to make it easier for them to get the eggs and to let people have sex with me to fertilize the eggs. So the aliens are doing MKULTRA.

I am fascinated that you liked my dong. - Arek, see here what he means
Why is that fascinating? I think it's fascinating that you had sex with me. - me
You are not my buttercups. - Arek, the voice was Arek's, probably Hamish had told him to say this

But are the aliens helping the military to train people like me with MKULTRA and is the purpose for the military to also have use of MKULTRA trained persons?

Today I make the following conclusions, which is great progress in solving the mystery. It is NOT only the military humans doing the MKULTRA and MILABS abductions on me at least. It is either ONLY the aliens, or BOTH the aliens and humans working together. Aliens are included in it in any case.

But I probably knew that already, but I have been careful to not make any conclusions prematurely just to be absolutely certain. After all I didn't conclude that the alien contact is real, and not imaginary, until months and months of various evidence when I was absolutely sure, even if I "knew" or "suspected" the aliens of being real long before the conclusion.

And one last note: this green Reptilian was like Snake the Reptilian had been that day when Snake did this. They love to possess a human's mind and do the superposition or conquest and then to roll around with the human, like I said it's like a cat with catnip. They call the human a "pet", they caress the human, they love and fondle and adore. It was interesting when the green Reptilian had made me bite into my finger. Remember how Snake did the very same, how Snake during his conquest had a fetish for me biting my fingers with my teeth?

Was it the green Reptilian training me with or for Richmond? At least we know it wasn't JUST the military, it wasn't JUST Richmond. It was either Green Reptile with Richmond, or just Green Reptile in which case Richmond would have been a false image projected to me or a shapeshift.

Another note. I have long suspected General Patton of being a false image or shapeshift of a Dark Lord or Black Reptilian. A further note: I have long suspected the Black Reptilian of being a shapeshift of a Dark Lord.

So here's what we have. It's a mystery. It's also a mess. I'm part of something where I am not being told the entire truth. Something where I am abducted and not let to remember. Something where things are not made obvious to me. I keep asking questions and I feel I am on to something, I feel there is a bigger picture and the puzzle pieces will all fit into their place but the progress in piecing it together has been painstakingly slow, but today I've made progress. Do I have to solve this mystery? Do I have to know what the Agenda is and what my part in it is? Yes of course I do. I am driven to understand. It's been too many years, ever since my teens. I won't simply push them aside and say forget it. I want to know. I will feel very satisfied and at peace once I know the rest of it.

Or wait, I now seem to remember some of the things that General Patton said after the Reptilians had showed up, which made me think that the Reptilians might have been just fake images made by the military for the military to hide behind. Damn, this is so exhausting not knowing exactly what this is. Will I ever find out?