The Agenda has been showing me images of a man who is supposedly of a European aristocratic family. Last time when the Agenda showed me a man in that manner the man showed up in my real life. The man told me telepathically that he is related to Mussolini. I see a lot of resemblance between the man I have been shown and Mussolini in appearance, facial expression, and behavior.

Benito Mussolini is not mentioned as being part of the Illuminati bloodline families and I do not find any reference on the internet of him having any of those connections. Researching to see if there might be a family connection between the man shown to me by the Agenda and Benito Mussolini is perhaps pointless since there is no way to know if the link could have been an unofficial child by a mistress, and I would need to know if the man means that he is a descendant of one of Mussolini's children, as one could be related to him also from a sibling or a cousin or an uncle of Mussolini for instance.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini is a very interesting historical character to research into. Wikipedia - Mussolini. I recommend just watching this documentary video on the right.

First of all I am certain that this is the individual that was referred to. He was born in 1883 and died 1945. He was an Italian politician, journalist, and leader of the National Fascist Party. He founded Italian Fascism. He was Prime Minister of Italy between 1922 to 1943. He removed democracy and set up dictatorship in Italy. His nickname was Il Duce which means The Leader.

Rachele Guidi was the daughter of Agostino Guidi and Anna Lombardi. When her father passed away, her mother formed a relationship with Mussolini's father who had also lost his wife by the time. Mussolini and Rachele married and they had five children. Mussolini also had a son from a previous marriage to Ida Dalser but he disowned that son, this son was ordered to stop declaring that Mussolini was his father and was forcibly committed to an asylum where he was murdered after repeated coma-inducing injections! Mussolini also had many mistresses.

Italian Fascism

The notes here below are a bit messy but I wanted to have these notes here as a reference on his political work. Wikipedia - Italian Fascism

Italian fascism was a political movement which governed Italy with Benito Mussolini as its leader from 1922 to 1943.

Italian fascism had syndicalism as the economical structure instead of capitalism, one of the intents of this economy was to resolve class conflict through collaboration between the classes.

"The Fascist state is a will to power and empire. The Roman tradition is here a powerful force. According to the Doctrine of Fascism, an empire is not only a territorial or military or mercantile concept, but a spiritual and moral one. One can think of an empire, that is, a nation, which directly or indirectly guides other nations, without the need to conquer a single square kilometre of territory." - written by Giovanni Gentile on behalf of Mussolini

Fascism opposed liberalism. Liberalism is a political philosophy based on liberty and equality and individualism and supports limited constitutional government. Liberalism rejects hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the divine right of kings. Individualism is the emphasis on the moral worth of the individual person and states that the interests of an individual should have precedence over the interests of the state or social group. These were political views that were opposed by fascism. Fascism was also agains Marxist socialism because it opposes nationalism.

The fascist party declared itself as totalitarian. Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible. A distinctive feature of totalitarian governments is an elaborate ideology, a set of ideas that gives meaning and direction to the whole society. Mussolini described totalitarianism as seeking to forge an authoritarian national state that would be capable of completing Risorgimento of the Italia Irredenta, forge a powerful modern Italy, and create a new kind of citizen - politically active Fascist Italians.

Italy had a history of having a monarchy. Fascism was fundamentally republican meaning that it denounces monarchy, but Mussolini incorporated the acceptance of monarchy into fascism since Italy still supported the existence of its monarchy and also because monarchy strengthened the Italian sense of cultural heritage. Mussolini allowed monarchy to remain in Italy but he intended it more as a symbol instead of with real power. The king initially had rule over Italian military but Mussolini changed it so that he and the Italian king had equal rule over the military. Mussolini wished to have sole rule in Italy.


Mussolini used to be active in socialism but changed to nationalism. After the First World War ended in 1918, Italy was in great debt, unemployment, strikes, organised crime, and had anarchist, Socialist and Communist insurrections. Fascism declared war on socialism, stating that democracy, socialism and liberalism were failed systems. Italy had the right to greatness. Fascism grew slowly at first, but Mussolini gained followers in unhappy workers and peasants who were opposing socialism, these were country and working class people. He also gathered support from industrialists and land owners who feared strikes and socialism, fascism promised them good profits based on costs of labor and wages and political stability, and Mussolini retracted his former support for Lenin and the Russian revolution, Mussolini had even referred to himself in 1919 as "Lenin of Italy".

The elected Italian Liberal Party government was unable to control this Italy, and the Fascist Revolutionary Party with leader Mussolini took control of the situation with the Blackshirts. Prime Ministers allowed the Fascists to take the law in hand.

Mussolini with support from military, business and liberal right-wing support did a March on Rome to depose the weak parliamentary democracy and to oust the Prime Minister and assume the government of Italy, to restore nationalist pride, restart the economy, increase productivity with labor controls, impose law and order. At this time the King of Italy withdrew his support of the Prime Minister and appointed Mussolini as the Prime Minister of Italy.


By reasoning and explanations, fascist Italy was going to claim ownership of several pieces of land surrounding Italy, with given justification being if the land had historically in the past belonged to Italy, or if it today had a significant Italian population, or if the people of that land had benefitted culturally from Italy, then the land should now belong to Italy. The people within Italian borders, and of those claimed lands, should all subject to Italian language and way of life. German and Slavic minorities in Italy should no longer teach their own languages in schools and newspapers in their languages were closed. By this reasoning, Italy would have grown to include Slovenia, part of Croatia, part of Switzerland, part of North Africa, to name a few. Italy also wanted to take over the colonies belonging to Portugal, with the justification that Portugal was simply too weak to hold those colonies.

Fascism had the desire to restore and expand Italian territories, which Italian Fascists deemed necessary for a nation to assert its superiority and strength and to avoid succumbing to decay.

The National Fascist Party declared that the party was to serve as a revolutionary militia placed at the service of the nation. It follows a policy based on three principles: order, discipline, hierarchy.

Italy started a war against Ethiopia to take over the land, and Mussolini gave Italy an active role in the Second World War seeming to be optimistic about Italy's chances of success in conquering new countries for Italy.


Hitler was a contemporary to Mussolini. Hitler and the Nazi Party believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race and regarded the blonde blue eyed Nordic Aryans to define the purest form of the Aryan race. According to Hitler, the northern part of Italy which had a fairer Aryan population were descendants of the German or Nordic Aryans and he attributed them to the greatness that had been in Italian culture, whereas discarding the darker southern Italians as inferior Aryans who were mixed with African and other lesser races and posing that these were behind the fall of the Roman Empire.

Mussolini and the fascist movement were also strong believers in the supremacy of the Aryan race however it was insulting to Italy to have their darker southern Italians be regarded as impure Aryans and they rejected this and wanted to refer to themselves as the Mediterranean type of Aryan. Mussolini believed that Africans were an inferior race culturally and spiritually and that it was the obligation of the white race to colonize and civilize Africa and that black and white races must remain separate in the colonies. He saw the need for the white race to increase its birth rates that were lower than the birth rates of other races.

Fascist racial opinion stated that Oriental and African people and the Jews had undesirable physical and psychological characteristics and should not be allowed to interbreed with Italians. The Italian racists concluded, that since ancient Greece and Rome could be regarded as culturally superior to ancient Germany, that this settled the matter and meant that the Nordic Aryans should not be regarded as superior to the Mediterranean Aryans. Mussolini is regarded to have emphasized racial differences not based on biological distinctions but on spiritual and cultural ones.


Jews were an integral part of Italy also in Mussolini's political circuits. Mussolini also had a Jewish wife. Antisemitic views were not easily accepted by the whole of Italy or even by the whole of the fascist movement. Mussolini seems to have had a distrust of Jews but he chose to keep his antisemitic opinions mostly to himself, after all he felt that Hitler had gotten himself in trouble for being openly antisemitic.

Fascism also aimed to have Catholicism as the state religion and this did not allow space for Judaism in Italy. He questioned if Italian Jews could stay loyal to Italy as their nation. Fascism officially declared that the loyalty of Jews could not be guaranteed to be to Italy, which could be destructive to patriotism and Christian civilization.

The World Zionist Organization asked Italy to take in Jews who were refugees from Nazi Germany. Mussolini agreed to let them into Italy so long as these refugees would not harm Italy. Mussolini also wanted to set aside conquered land in Ethiopia to be a new homeland for Jews since there were already many Ethiopian Jews living there, but the Zionists rejected the offer and wanted only to have their holy land.

Mussolini felt that the Jews had sided with Britain to be against Italy in the war that Italy had had against Ethiopia, and Italian fascism began to promote racial antisemitism. Some authors interpret that Italian antisemitism was based on spiritual factors and not on biological factors as it was with the Nazis. Fascist Italy passed laws that forbade Jews from Italian citizenship and forbade Jews and Italians from sexual relationships and marriage.

"Fascism is for the only liberty which can be a serious thing, the liberty of the state and of the individual in the state. Therefore for the fascist, everything is in the state, and no human or spiritual thing exists, or has any sort of value, outside the state. In this sense fascism is totalitarian, and the fascist state which is the synthesis and unity of every value, interprets, develops and strengthens the entire life of the people." - written by Giovanni Gentile on behalf of Mussolini


Fascist Italy was sexually conservative and condemned pornography, most but not all forms of birth control, homosexuality, and prostitution as deviant sexuality. According to Mussolini, the primary role of women was to have children and for men to be warriors, he said, "war is to man what maternity is to the woman".

Fascism wanted to install women's right to vote, minimum wage, eight hour workday, reorganized public transport. The Fascist party initially had a strong feminist wing, but changed in 1925 allowing limited women's rights to vote.


Respect for tradition and Italian heritage and a commitment to modernizing Italy were key. Mussolini wanted Italy to cherish its past and to work on modernizing Italy. This was to also be reflected in the art produced in Italy. The symbol of Italian fascism was the fasces which symbolized unity, authority, and the exercise of power.

Italian fascism was based on Italian nationalism, Italian fascism also emphasized on their legacy from ancient Rome and Italy was going to be established as a third and new Roman Empire.

Fascism as a doctrine was formulated that perpetual peace is rejected as fantastical and Man is a species continually at war, those who meet the challenge achieve nobility. Inspired by the Roman Empire.

"The Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly. Life as he understands it means duty, elevation, conquest; life must be lofty and full, it must be lived for oneself but above all for others, both near bye and far off, present and future." - Mussolini

Gentile defined Fascism as an anti-intellectual doctrine, epistemologically based on faith rather than reason. Fascist mysticism emphasized the importance of political myths, which were true not as empirical facts but as "metareality". Fascist art, architecture and symbols constituted a process which converted Fascism into a sort of a civil religion or political religion.

Fascism was to be a "religious conception of life" and to form a "spiritual community". Political faith was important, and the slogan was Believe, Obey, Fight. Mussolini said about a democracy, "beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy" and spoke of celebrating the burial of the "putrid corpse of liberty".

Mussolini worked on industrial reconstruction for Italy and judged that three fourths of Italian economy, industrial and agricultural, came into the hands of the state, Italy was nationalizing its economy. The state was to have the power to direct economic production and allocation of resources. Fascist Italy became second only to the Soviet Union in the highest rate of state ownership of an economy in the world.


In a vastly religious Catholic Italy, Mussolini was however an atheist. He once said, "religion is a species of mental disease" and he refused to feel subordinate to Catholicism. Meanwhile the Pope protested Mussolini's "pagan worship of the state". Nonetheless, during Mussolini's rule, the Vatican City was established as a sovereign state in Rome and given a large amount of money and religious education introduced to state funded schools.

Originally Italian fascism was against Catholicism, but later Mussolini let go of that because he realized that most Italians are Catholic and Catholicism had major influence in Italian society.

Socialist and Catholic organizers of farm hands were attacked by squads of Blackshirts who were like an army for Fascism who used weapons. Blackshirts were paramilitary squads of First World War veterans and ex-socialists. Socialist and Catholic labor headquarters were burned down at nights. Mussolini's fascist squads also did violent attacks against the Church at this time, several priests were assassinated churches burned by Fascists. Fascism also formed a group of elite troops called the Arditi, soldiers specifically trained for a life of violence.


In 1943 Mussolini was removed from office and placed under arrest by the king of Italy. Italy had a new non-fascist government. The fascist movement returned to republicanism and condemned the monarchy. Mussolini was rescued from arrest by allied Germans, Hitler was an ally and Mussolini condemned the Italian king for deserting Italian fascism.

Mussolini's establishment of law and order to Italy and its society was praised by Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud and others, as the Fascist government combated organised crime and Mafia with violence and vendetta. Hitler's Nazi Party and fascism is Russia, Romania, and Dutch fascists were inspired by and copied Italian fascism.

Some Italian fascist slogans: "Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State", "Believe, Obey, Fight", "He who hesitates is lost", "If I advance, follow me. If I retreat, kill me. If I die, avenge me.", "Many enemies, much Honor", "Mussolini is always right".


Reading about Mussolini's fascism, he comes across as a complicated man whose exact political convictions in many areas seem to be flexible and subject to change if he saw that he needed to change in order to maintain support from the Italian people. He was once socialist, yet changed to fascism and anti-socialism. He once called himself the Italian Lenin, yet later claimed to oppose Lenin. He was against Jews, but had a Jewish mistress and was willing to take in Jewish refugees. He was not a religious man himself and seemed to have opposed power in Catholicism, yet he did agree to grant them the Vatican State and many other benefits including money. Maybe his frequent changes on important topics was a sign that he was willing to cater to the best interests of the Italian people as a whole, or maybe his adaptability was intelligent calculation so that he could play his way toward leadership of Italy. It also does not fully come across, to what extent fascism, and the work of Mussolini, was his own creation, as he was not the only originator and supporter of fascism even though he was the front figure.

One cannot help but to have the impression that Mussolini comes across as relentlessly ambitious to express political leadership to the point of being vague and adaptable in his political visions which sort of makes him seem as a liar. It seems as if he did not care if he made success in socialism or in nationalism, or what he had to claim allegiance to to win support from the people, as long as he could excel to be the leader. But I have to admit there is much I cannot figure out about this fascinating personality. He must have been extremely intelligent but I do not see what his actual ambitions would have been.