Telepathy: The MUFON Zeta

The below telepathic conversation was lifted here to its own page from the page ufos.html on which it was originally written.

The MUFON Zeta

January 9, 2018. I was reading through the bios of the MUFON Experiencer Research Team and this led to a Zeta who I suspect belongs to one of the persons I was reading about or that the Zeta is otherwise connected to MUFON directly or indirectly, the Zeta made contact with me. I got to see the Zeta in a mental image which was clearer than what my aliens usually award me. It has a bulky and not smooth head, making it look more likely to be an Alpha Reticulan. It has pale gray skin, wore no clothes, and large all black eyes and long fingers. The contact started with that the Reticulan placed the long fingers of a hand across my eyes so that my eyes closed and I was seeing him. The Reticulan was not physically here with me but this all happened across a distance. He talked to me about how they grow new little beating hearts inside my womb. He had the metal triangle with blunt edges in his hand and was going to put it into my hand, I have seen this item before. He said that it records my thoughts so that the hybrid children can later know what my thoughts were. Although the item was not literally in my hand, I could feel it as if it were in my hand and it was making an uncomfortable magnetic feeling in the hand, the feeling is similar to what you feel on your tongue against a lithium battery. The Reticulan was in a large room that was cold and dark and had the colors black and blue. This Reticulan told me that they are closest connected to someone named Jimmie or Jimmy who must be their abductee. I was reading here.

I return now a few minutes later on the same day, the alien who connected to me from when I was reading on the MUFON website is back. He is trying to push me down on the bed. I am sitting on the bed and he is implying for me to lie down flat on the side on the bed, I feel this as almost a real physical push that he mentally exerts and I also read it in his thoughts although he does not state it in words. The push is strong and he does it about three times also with a mental image from him of me laying in the desired position. I will lie down a bit later. He then shows me as if he would have placed a bent hard metal object into one of my nostrils, the object reminds me of a bent wrench and it goes up as a handle to hold it on, then bends 90 degrees to become horisontal to go into the nose passage, then makes another 90 degree bend downwards and yet another bend. It is thinner in the nose but is rather large like a wrench on the outside. I have also been seeing new Reptilians who have connected with me mentally, because I told this visiting Reticulan... "We do not always need to see you in the nude. But please undress yourself naked. We are waiting for that now.", the Reticulan says now, the middle sentence was in my native language the others in English. I had told the visiting Reticulan that I wanted to meet with Reptilians and a few Reptilian individuals have made telepathic contact to me and some of them have been very sassy and irritable which is normal.

We don't want to give flu to your whole entire race. If you do what we say. NOW. - the Reticulan speaks
*brr* Can you hear that? - Reticulan, the *brr* was that he gave me the sound into my head of when the doorbell here rings although it did not ring this time, the doorbell from downstairs not the one on the door, I heard it clear as day in my head, this of course is a Reticulan way of letting me know that they are visiting
I am colored like the pumpkin. And I really do not like this! - Hamish, he is laying down rather flat under his humpback shield, he is not happy about the visitors
I have a team of Reticulans already. I think you need to speak with my Lasarus. - me
No need to. The Navy or Naval team have already authorized this. Given since you wanted to speak with us. - Reticulan guest

So the aliens connected to MUFON are very active ones.

Yes. We are. We are very active. And we also do not like to feel chased. So, get out of here, if you are chasing us? We are alive and well. - Reticulan, I almost wrote that they are "alive and well" so he picked that up from my thoughts
Why don't you take your panties off? And let us investigate it. - Reticulan with mental image of panties of a make that I do not own
This is great. I would love to visit you. - me
First, we take this thing into your nose. And then there will be an anal examination. - Reticulan, the thing into my nose was the wrench-looking instrument
Will I remember everything? As that is my incentive for seeing you. - me
We need to be farming more hearts. - Reticulan guest and as if he would have placed both of his hands on my belly as if my belly would have been a bit large from a pregnancy
Can I come there tonight? If Hamish allows it that I go? - me
I would say, Yes-No farming with them! I was the more prominent race therefore. - Hamish
Tik, Tok. - Hamish
Tik, Hamish. - me
We will take you down, on your shoulders. If you only would lay down flat. Then we will come to you. We will take you down on your belly. And take off any of your shoes. - Reticulan
Hello. This is Langdon. Welcome!, to our... to our, ehh... you will see. You will see what this is ALL about! - Langdon, I see him, he has brown hair, he is wearing a short-sleeve buttoned shirt of a light color white or light blue
Hi Langdon! - me
We don't have to tell them that you are our giraffe. - Reticulan, meaning to hybrids they often say that about me so the hybrid children aren't scared because I'm so tall
"I am not going to be so confused", she said. - Reticulan narrates me
I am not confused. I am happy to see you! And I also want to meet Langdon of course. - me
We are with the Langoustines. - Hamish
Hello Hamish! I have seen you Hamish! - me
Tik, Tok! - Hamish
Tik! Tuk Tuk, Hamish. And, Tok. - me
Tik, Tok! - Hamish, aha, Hamish is starting to assert that these are his eggs, Tik Tok means that
You won't become so dizzy here next time. We have to give you an amphetamine. And then the Crocs will come in and see you. - Reticulan
Do not be afraid of me. I am with the transport team, and I assess the risks. There are no risks involved. - Croc with the typical Crocodile Man voice that is difficult and out of breath to speak
Hello Crocodile Man. I was happy to see you. I am happy to visit you too. - me
I would love to visit the aliens, and I would also subject to some of what they need from me. - me
To only, "some"? - Crocodile Man or Dark Lord
Yes? ... And under the contingency that I am allowed to stay awake and to remember all of it. Otherwise, you may not take me. - me
Oh boy, yes, this will become interesting pretty fast. - Langdon
Why, Langdon? Don't you think I can handle it? - me
The little ones need to come in here for school. We are training them. - Reticulan about hybrid children
I don't care about them. They are rude and obnoxious. - me
What does that mean, what mommy said? - a hybrid looks up at Reticulan and asks
It means, she thinks you are rude. - Reticulan to the child, the child becomes upset
We are not telling them, that you are a giraffe. But that will go better. These are not, giraffe's legs. They are just very tallely made. - Reticulan, as if tallely is a word, made tall
Do you need to drink a lot of water? - a hybrid child asks me
No, not anymore. Do you drink water? - me
Mommy asks me something, what is it? - the child looks up to Reticulan
She was not causing any trouble with you here. - Reticulan to child
Ok, this is not fair. They get to see me but I wanted to see the Alpha Draconians and the Alpha Remulans. - me
Those insects, do not need to come in here. - Reticulan about Alpha Remulan, the child got worried and spoke to the Reticulan
No, we do not need to worry them. - Reticulan said because the child was worried

Can you hear us well? Then we can speak better. - Reticulan speaks to my ears in the wordless language
I hear you well. - me, I now speak more in the wordless language that is enabled when Reticulans talk with me
Then this will all go better. WE WILL NEED TO EXAMINE YOU FIRST! Then we take your tits out and show them. - Reticulan, meaning to show to the kids
That is offensive. I demand to get to visit the Reptilians in person in a close contact. Those are my demands. I need things too. - me
I like my sofas here. - Hamish about the sofa in my home
I like you, Hamish. - me
Why does she not like to show us her tits? - the child asks the Reticulan
BECAUSE IT'S PRIVATE!!! - me I yell to the child
I want to meet Draconians. The hybrid children should leave. - me
They were made with your blood in mind. That is why we brought them in. - Reticulan
I am not happy to see them. - me
We don't want trouble with them and your race. - Reticulan to me
We don't want to victimize them he said. - Hamish adds to what Reticulan said, victimize "them" or "you" I forgot
This MKULTRA is so cool. This is so cool. - Langdon is thinking to himself
What's that, you said, Langdon? What is your part in this Langdon? - me
I am just overseeing, call it assisting. - Langdon
With what? - me
We don't want trouble with any of your race! - Reticulan, meaning me and Langdon
Tok, Tok. - Hamish very clearly to me
Tok Tok Hamish. - me
I was already there. - Hamish, with hands on the lower back for "do not follow me"
Oh man, this is the best. Oh god, this is gonna be a good one. Man, this stuff must suck for her. Damn! This is gonna suck! - Langdon
What sucks, Langdon? You mean alien abductions? - me
No, we won't get fired for telling her. So? What is really going up with this barbie? What is she doing? - another human man to Langdon
We don't want her to know. - Langdon to the other man
Hello you two! I can see you! - me to the men
Do you mind us, talking? Eh, you see, what we mean is that, um... We've gotta do something to you now. We've gotta steer you around, and do something to your mind. Do you mind us doing that? Do you, are you gonna remember any of it? Do you wanna know? - Langdon
Hey! She is hearing you! - the man to Langdon
Are you sure? - Langdon to the man about me hearing him
I hear both of you well. - me
We are the, alien treatment team. - the other man, but I see the Reticulan
So, you gotta see this thing a little bit more! And then you gotta remember it. Ok? Got'cha? Get it now? So, you are gonna remember it. So, you got that now do you? So, me and Langdon are gonna be here. Be here when you faint and puke. - the other man, "this thing" that I have to see is the dark metal triangle with the blunt edges
Carlisle doesn't want to be your daddy anymore. And we don't want to show your tits to anyone. They told us not to. - Reticulan
So, are you worried about any of this? - the man
I am only worried about one thing. About not remember. I want to remember. - me
Hoold on! Hold on! - the man
We wanna do psychic surgery on her now. She is with our team now. We do it! - Reticulan to the men
Well, this is gotta get really advanced, this is gonna suck for her... - the man, either with or without "for her" but meaning me anyway
Why do you not fight or bother them? When, they are with the not-alien teams? - Reticulan to me
They bother me all of the time! They tell us where to go! - Reticulan to me about the men
So, first of all, you are going to get feeling really very sick. And then they make some lascerations on your arm, to test your memory skills. So? Hon? How are you coping? - the man, it looks like he is pressing a cigarette butt into an ashtray

The man and Langdon are in a small tower like the tower at a small airport with large windows the windows have brown blinds like wooden blinds. Langdon sits by the small brown wooden desk and the man has been standing next to him in that small room. It is daylight here which makes sense because here in Europe it is evening now and dark already and Langdon and the man are in the United States.

So, which... better. - the man asks me, I saw him clearly I didn't hear the middle part
We gotta make her unfocused. - the man or Reticulan I forgot
We wanted to show her breasts her tits to the little ones. - Reticulan to the men
So, we are here at airport Gatwick. What can we do for you? What do you wanna know? - the man
You're in England? And we are talking telepathically? - me
Sure, call it what you want. - the man
I am... telepathically engineering these aliens for you. Do you mind me doing that? - man
I am pretty sure that you have not been engineering my Draconian Hamish for me for the past six or seven years! - me
Hamish? What? Hah! - man
Hamish is my Reptile. And he is very real. - me
He is a very naughty guy, with you. Do you know what he does to you, Eva? He talks to you about Sugar. And he makes love to your jeans. Do you know that huh? - man
I don't wear jeans. I don't have any jeans in my home. So you mean my pants. I didn't know he did that. - me
Hah hah! - the man laughs
So you're in England? - me
No. We were in Nova Scotia at first. And that's where this thing, this shit, hits hard. - man

I was allowing

So these things, these guys, are not harassing you? - man
We wanted to do some surgery. - Reticulan
These guys are not fakes. We wanted to make sure you were alright. So? Are you alright Hon? - man to me
Oh god, I don't get paid enough for this! - Langdon thinks
So you are going to want to puke in your toilet when you see them! - man about Reptilians
Why so? I love Draconians. I am proud of their race. - me
Thank you thank you. - Hamish in my other language because I said I was proud of their race
Allow them to visit me, please. - me
So, you wanna see that, huh? - the man with mental image of a gray baby being pulled out of me with the gray umbilical cord still attached, gross, then Langdon wanted to say something
We are not with the Battle at Syracuse anymore. But that is where we met Langdon. We wanted to operate on you first. So that you cannot remember us! - Dark Lord to me
This is the NASA team. Oh god! - NASA team member
So, you are talking to us, about being not our sheep. We wanted you to remember. - Reptilian in orange color probably Hamish
I want to visit my Draconian friends. I like them. That is the bottom line. - me
I remember you when you were a kid, when you were a kiddo! I remember you lots and heaps! I gotta say you something, I almost feel like I were your father too. I remember you a lot! - the man to me
Why was I robbed of those memories? - me
Those are very heavy and painful burden memories to carry. - the man approximately some of this not exact
What is your name? Do I know you? I know lots of you people! - me
Look at that one! He does not want to be one of our sheep! - the orange Draconian with sharp front claws about the man
You are going to be, so deeply disgusted! Once you see what we have done. Once, you know, what we have done... - Langdon to me
What HAVE you done? I just want to meet the Draconians. - me
This does not concern you! This is a, world peace phenomenon. - Dark Lord to me
Those langoustines are not disgusting. They were my friend, back! - Hamish, he points to his back when he says back
Hamish is my langoustines friend. - me
We wanted to do an operation on you. - Reticulan to me, meaning surgical procedure
Which one? - me
One that makes you terribly dizzy. - Dark Lord
That kind of an operation. - Crocodile Man adds
Hello Crocodile Man! I like Crocodile Men. They are my friends too. - me
This is Langdon. Do not say that to them. - Langdon to me about Crocs
Well, well... - the man
I gotta see you first. - the man to me
Hello. Nice to meet you. - me
So you look the same, as you did all those years ago! Nothing much has changed! - the man meaning what I look like compared to as a child
I don't seem to know you? - me
I was on that team, with Robert! - man
I remember Robert Stephens. He was always rude to me, he said he was going to marry me, ... - me
Probably better you don't know more. - Hamish I think says, or at least I saw Hamish and Hamish thought about blood, meaning to not know more about Stephens
Did you used to talk to me? - me
No. I was on the engineering staff. - man
What kind of engineering? - me
We were looking at a UFO! And then all these little guys they started coming out at us! - man
The aliens? They are my friends. I have Lasarus the Zeta Reticulan and Hamish my Draconian. - me
I am also the Elder. - Hamish
Hamish the Elder, and Hamish the Honored Draconian race. - me
Stop victimizing her with that. - man to Hamish about why I honor him
I am not victimizing her. - Hamish, but Hamish's inner eyelids were closing out of infatuation by my honoring him, Draconians really love to be honored
Have you seen, my back spike? - Hamish asks me
Yes Hamish. - me
That is why I was the honored. - Hamish explains
.. I love you turtles. - me, the man looks at me and smiles because of how nice things I said there
So, what do you love about them? Heh? - man, heh meant as a huh
Well, I... Hamish is a good friend. - me
They wanted me to look at you topless. And I am not gonna. Given since I have got a wife back home. And she would not like it if I stared at another woman's teats. - the man, and I see Hamish standing somewhere I see Hamish's flat red duck feet
Hamish is beautiful. - me
Well? Is he? I haven't noticed. - the man, now he presses another new cigarette butt into the ashtray, this one is longer than the previous one so he has lit another cigarette since the last one
So, what do you want us to say? Huh? Or, is this Langdon's time to talk? - man
Hello Langdon. - me
Oh god, you wanna go inside of a UFO. I would never let you do this, if I was your father! - Langdon
We are the langoustines. And we do not eat any oatmeal. - Hamish tells everyone
We are Langoustines. - Hamish says and sways his body side to side a bit out of content
Hey, do you remember Robert? He was always very fond of you, right? He was, not on the Navy reverse engineering team, but he wanted to be, because of you. He wanted to be with you, like married. I mean, err... - man
Stephens was, a creepy man. - me
He wasn't a real soldier. He wasn't a soldier man. He was never made to fight. But he was made to marry. - Langdon
Who was he? A human? - me
Undoubtedly yes! - man, about Stephens being a human
This is getting creepier than it was before, and not because of the aliens, but because of Stephens. - me
This is Langdon, uh, err... I don't want them to play any music when you get here. And I've gotta see you through it. - Langdon
And we will also monitor your blood pressure during the whole event. - Reticulan
We don't get to play music? - the orange Reptilian that is shaped like a raptor with front claws that curve inward
What is important here, is that I get to stay awake, and that I get to remember all of it everything. I am very happy to go through with it then, under those conditions. - me
Do you want to see us? - an alien
Yes. I would love to. - me
We won't dress you up as a dolly here. But we do that for them. - a dark Reptilian, for them meaning the hybrid children
I don't need to know that. - me
We need more goats, and red blood! - Dark Lord thinking about his thirsty throat
Do you remember me? - Dark Lord, he reminds me of the apartment I had at college with the black and white checkered floor so he is the same one as then
Yes. I remember you. - me
We wanted our snacks and lunches. - Crocodile Man or Reptilian standing in the absolute dark so that he looks black
Can I visit you tonight? - me
Yes. Sure! Langdon says yes. - Langdon
Ok then. And...! - me, oh whoa, the image of a Reticulan steps forward as if he is surrounded in a white fog, and here he is, in my bedroom, and the air gets this tingling sensation, I remember all of this instantly from my teen years when the alien abductions were happening, how familiar these sensations are to me even though it was years since the last time
Do you want to come into our large-sized UFO? - Reticulan
Yes please. - me
Then we will prepare for a bed for you. - Reticulan
This is Lasarus. The Zeta. - Lasarus
Hello Lasarus! It is nice to see someone I recognize. - me
(Hamish reminds me of his back or asks if I have seen his back I didn't write it on time because Lasarus starts talking about "vanillin".)
We do not smell like vanillin. But, we do have something soft for your head. So that you can get comfortable. But! We remind you, that we do not smell like vanillin! - Lasarus Reticulan to me
My only concern is that I wish to stay awake during our contact experience. And that I also deeply request that I get to remember the experience afterwards. - me
So that you can write books? Or so that you can remember for your own purposes? And these here, are your children, that we are gardening here. - Lasarus
We are Lasarus the Zeta team! - a Reptilian I think who said
We will give you this soft pillow here. It will also stay quite warm here. - Lasarus, the pillow is very small and thin and pale gray or white, reminds me exactly of the little pillows that are attached with velcro on the headrest of airplane seats, I would not be surprised if it is one.
Hello Lasarus. It sounds lovely there. - me
Yes, as long as those guys do not come in here and argue. - Lasarus scoffs at Dark Lord or Croc or both
(Hamish said something cute about himself being red, but I couldn't write it on time, the talking goes fast here phew I am typing as fast as I can but sometimes I cannot keep up!)
We are faster than the fastest sportscars for them. - Lasarus with mental image of a red sportscar
I don't like cars so much. But the pillow sounds nice. - me
And then we give you a nice cup of water. - Lasarus with image as if feeding me from a cup of water
(Hamish said something again which I heard but now forgot because I have to write so much.)
We are feeding you with pills so that you do not remember. - Lasarus
And tonight, no pills will be given. - me
Sure. And then you write a great bestselling novel about alien abductions. - the man
This would break my heart, if you knew about all of this! - the man
About what? - me
We don't want them to stroke. But sometimes we ask them to strip down and to do that. - Reticulan with image of you know what he means, for a man to stroke himself
We will give you this cup. And it has got your vitamins. - Reticulan
Did you call them her vitamins? - man
Oh sure! - Reticulan to man answers
I don't want you to get pregnant with that man anymore. - Reticulan to me about that man! so he has!
Could we let me visit in the conscious state - me interrupted
Can you help us with the battle in Iraq? Because we are battling with the civilians right now. - Dark Lord, either "now" or "right now" I forgot
I don't deal with wars or battles. - me
We are not with Croc. That one, that guy, left. We were told to show our backs to you. So that you can remember us better. Tik, Tok! - Hamish to me, he sways his back side to side with the backs sentences and remembering better sentence, the guy that left was the Crocodile Man
This is getting pretty easy, this battleplan. - the man says as he overlaps his hands with mine and he makes a quick not so tight fist and mine makes a fist as well
I am with the man named Dunlop. His name is Richard Harris the other one. This one is named Dunlop. - Hamish! Hamish you good boy! This man is named Dunlop and as I was thinking about General Patton doing the hand fists and overlaps as I wrote about what Dunlop did just now, Hamish picked up from my thoughts and Hamish is calling General Patton by the name Richard Harris!
We have gotten some very advanced DNA strands and strains from you, so we thank you. That is what we do here. - Reticulan to me
You there, go to the kiosk. - Reticulan says to Hamish in my other languages a bit mixed languages
We wanted this to feel like an airplane ride. That is why we said to those guys to talk to you. So that you would not be afraid of us. But we are like riding in taxis. Would you like to come with us? - Reticulan to me
(Hamish tells me that he is going to be given and fed with blood, from the kiosk of course, but I didn't write it on time to get it in his words.)
Are you going to have a snack? - me, I try to say that with a palate click but it fails
Tik Tok! - Hamish

I am not going to do this, I am not interested in adultery. - Dunlop to aliens
But you are an adult man? - Reticulan to Dunlop
Tik Tok! - Hamish
I am not! I have got a son at home! - Dunlop in tears
Let me visit. I once asked the Reptilians kindly to let me see them, and a Crocodile Man floated me through a white space into a spaceship where I got to meet some very nice and friendly Reptilians - me interrupted
A lie!!! That part is a lie!!! - a Reptilian the orange raptor one objects when I said nice and friendly Reptilians
We would like to make these with you. And that is why we need your ovum. - Reticulan shows me as if he is holding a white large alien fetus in its both hands, it has that squiggly umbilical cord attached to it
Tik! - Hamish with a sound
Can I visit? - me
What were you saying about the Reptilian ones? - a black Reptilian wants me to finish the story
We have got many feces, they turn into soil. - Reticulan in my native language
I once got to meet with Reptilians in their spaceship. - me
This is Dunlop. Do not talk with them anymore. - Dunlop
Why not? - me
We wanted you to see our fetuses! - Reticulan to me
I ask that you aliens show gratitude toward taking my eggs and gratitude toward my collaboration and my friendship, and in exchange I only ask to be allowed to stay awake during my time spent there - me interrupted
Then you are very welcome to our laboratories. - a Reticulan
Where we treat you like lab rats and mice! - a very sassy Alpha Reticulan, possibly the same as the previous line
I only ask that you repay me in the form of letting me stay awake when I am there and also letting me remember the time spent there when I return back to my home. That is all I ask for. - me
This is Langdon. Do not talk with them again. - Langdon
I have got many feces here. - Reticulan in my native language
We wanted to look at your vagina. - Reticulan
If you agree to letting me stay awake there and letting me remember then I will agree to all of those things this one time, ok? - me
So, you want to remember? - Reticulan
Yes. - me
Then we cannot take your manure then. - Reticulan, "manure" was my native language, he must think I cannot handle that particular procedure when I am awake
No, you can do that also. I will not interfere with your work. - me
But you always begin to cry then. And the laboratory procedures need none of your collaboration or assistance. - Reticulan
We are being instructed to leave. By those two male officers. Who have told us to be gone. - Reticulan
We have been paid with money, he said. To do this, for us. But now they want to leave us. And it is because we have stolen. - Dark Lord about Langdon and Dunlop, the image when he said money was of U.S. green paper money
We have gone there now. - Hamish about the secret Dragon Turtle base in a secret mountain that I won't say where it is, I saw the mental image of that mountain top
Hamish, I love you. I am proud of you every day. - me
I was going there, to visit my peers. To tell them about you. About my race, Draconians. About, Yes! - Hamish, he swayed his body side to side with the "about my race, draconians" sentence
I love you Sock Turtle. - me
We have gotten to eat, because of you. For me I have been given bread. - Hamish the last sentence was in my native language and he set his flat foot forward and down to assert himself when he said that and the image was of blood-soaked fetuses of a larger size
Hello, this is me, and Dunlop. - Dunlop, with or without "and"
You are not eating any more sugar, that is good. - Reticulan, true
So in return I ask to be awake for the next visit. I would be happy there. - me
Dunlop says no. - Reticulan
I don't care about what Dunlop says. - me

I need to stop writing now because I am exhausted from the writing. It is now 8:38 PM on January 9, 2018, the writing has taken probably between one and two hours.