In August 2017 I encountered a new type of alien, it was a slender humanoid with dark red black colored skin and pointy ears, later I saw that it had wings on its arms like bat wings. When I asked him what species he is he said he is a modified Sirian. I asked an Arcturian what species this was and the Arcturian also told me that it is a modified Sirian.

I do not know if it is part of the Agenda group organization or not so it is listed as of unknown Agenda designation. I also do not know whether it is a benevolent species.

Read about the being in the original notes The black-red modified Sirian?

Interesting that I ran into a "modified Sirian". Because several days later but in the same month, in August 2017 I learned from a Vega that the Vega created the original Sirians. The Sirians had then "fallen hopelessly in love" with the enemy of the Vegas. The enemy of the Vegas seems to be a group consisting of at least Zeta Reticulans and Black Ones, and Black Ones is most likely referring to Alpha Theton Dark Lords. The Black Ones created new versions of Sirians, said the Vega.