The Military Abductions is a phenomenon. It involves the experience of telepathic voice communications with these men, images mentally transferred to my mind depicting the men in their whereabouts, and waking up at nights and finding myself in other places with these men, sometimes fully conscious and awake, at other times in a part dream state. A phenomenon, an experience. I need to know whether it's real or imaginary, because I have a lot of emotional trauma invested into it that can only be justified and have its foundation once I can know it is real to the extent that anybody else would also know it is real. It is not enough to be personally convinced, I have to have a way to know that my experiences could convince others. Only then can I find peace.

On April 20th 2012 I spent many hours chatting to the General Patton character. I Googled the name and turns out "General Patton" was a well-known character in war history. I did not know that, and maybe my subconscious did not know that either. Maybe it is the man's name, or maybe they are lying about having high-ranking military titles in order to win some sort of trust in abductees.

I know that the MILABS men use false names with me. For instance, the so-called "Major Cunningham" is in fact "Donovan Brown". "Captain Jacob Greene", his real name is "Jacob Daniels". And sometimes every so often the men get their high-ranking officer's titles wrong, such as when they said "Captain Benson", and I said "wasn't he Admiral Benson?". And some of them, most notably the so-called "Captain Robert Stephens" does not act like a notable Captain at all. But I don't know.

How about Syracuse? Over the years I've heard plenty of references to indicate to me that these men are located in New York, for instance some of them or at least one of them lives on Staten Island. Or so I have overheard. There are many places in the US named Syracuse, but Syracuse in the state of New York is the largest Syracuse, not that that is reasonable evidence to pinpoint it there.

How about the hospital, presumably military hospital, in Syracuse, of my abduction night April 20th? I have started looking at pictures of hospitals in Syracuse to see if any of them are white and with that restaurant at the ground floor, and surrounded by tall black buildings.

I don't want to dig too deep into this, but it's good to look into it. I know that whatever MILABS is, I am a MILABS abductee. But are we imagining it, or is it real? I have the right to claim ownership to the traumas from my teens when I was subject to painful and difficult abduction experiences and interrogation, and for as long as I have to have "the rest of the world" wanting me to say that it's nonsense, I can never heal from my traumas.

If all they are is dreams - dreams both while awake and at sleep - then I would accept it as such. Only the MILABS experience is far too extensive to classify as dreams or even as schizophrenia. Over the years, there are little bits of personal evidence. Evidence that convinces me - even though I never wanted this to be real in the beginning - that it is real, but evidence that by nature cannot be lifted out and shared with other people.