Here are the MILABS guys from my life. They are either human military officers, or what I call surveillance people or survey people. Most of the military officers wear military uniforms when I see them, or otherwise they wear dark suits, some perhaps wear casual or part formal clothing. Surveillance guys either wear a black business suit with tie, or more casual with dress pants and a colored shirt and no jacket or tie. There have also been a few medical staff, such as "the doctor of Radiology". Another outlier is "Jack with the NASA team".

Note that more than likely, these guys were giving me false names, especially since "General Patton" is clearly a code name, and because for example Major Cunningham was called Agent Donovan Brown by the others. Here are the ones that I remember, there might also have been a few more.

There have also been other officers or survey people who are not listed here, one reason being that someone might interact with me for a short amount of time and especially when they do not give me their names then they are more likely to end up not being on this list. One example of someone who did not make it onto this list is the male officer who accompanied the female officer from the Wright-Patterson base on July 22 and 23 2017.

I have begun adding portraits I am making of the military and surveillance people. Some of them I make in the videogame The Sims 3 and copy the picture.


Captain Daniels aka Jacob Greene

He goes by the name Greene, with first name Jacob, but the other guys call him Captain Daniels. He does not wear a military uniform, most of the time he wears a black business suit. He is tall and slenderly built with blonde thinning hair and pale icy blue eyes. These people were from the United States and spoke English, but I was from a European country where English is not the first language. Greene was the one who spoke by far the most with me during my teenage years, and he spoke with me in my other language. Greene had a tendency to try to talk about sex with me, but that was only awkward or even only traumatizing since I was too young for those things. I have one clear memory of Greene taking me into Admiral Benson's office and molesting me. In 2018 I learned that Greene was hired by the team because either he was a child molester or that he was willing to be a child molester for the team, which then makes sense how he was talking and behaving around me.

Click on the image for a larger view

Major Cunningham aka Agent Donovan Brown

Goes by the name Major Cunningham but I have overheard the others call him Agent Donovan Brown. He is the only one on the team who is not Caucasian. He has dark skin but not black, he is probably at least part African American. He was extremely verbally abusive toward me when I was 17 to about 21. His specialty was not so much threats of sexual abuse, but demeaning insults.

Cunningham is shallow and materialistic. He was all about label clothing and expensive cars. He and I are two completely different, and incompatible, personalities. He was always very muscular like someone who goes to the gym five days a week for hours. Many years later after the years of our interaction, we had a long conversation where I learned that he is with the Special Forces and works with "battle tactics". He is into boxing and the martial arts Tae Kwan Do. He has matured over the past 20 years and is no longer as mean to me, also I can handle him better now I am stronger.

Read: And Major Cunningham and Commendant Larsen June 3, 2017
And: Barbeque grill cookout with Major Cunningham June 4, 2017

In June, 2017, I finally took the time to investigate the specific details of Major Cunningham and after hours of researching into specifics about the U.S. military, I concluded that Major Cunningham is a likely real individual, a Major in the Army in the Special Forces "Green Berets". Read the details and learn a lot more about Major Cunningham here:

Page about him: Major Cunningham a.k.a. Agent Donovan Brown

Excellent example conversation with him:
Major Cunningham and Assistant Carlisle, Cookout and Telemetry June 8 2017

Click on the image for a larger view

Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens

A bit heavy built, thick brown hair and brown eyes, most of the time he had a moustache. Skin color not pale but a bit darker. He had a strange humor and was always making strange jokes. He likes slapstick humor. He made sexual harassments and said disgusting things. He said he was a widower and he used to call me his "wife" and say that he would have "three sons" with me. He was a faithful Catholic, he said he grew up in Scottsdale Arizona. His favorite foods were Salisbury steak and lamb with mint, and he would sometimes go wild boar hunting. Today, many years later, his hair has turned salt and pepper color and he is married and living in London, England. Stephens was trying to learn to speak with me in my native language, but he was not so good at it. Maybe he was taking a language course.

Captain Stephens, Captain Greene, and Major Cunningham formed a trio who were sexually harassing me for a long time.

A perfect example of Stephens, from when I just decided to talk to him one night:
Captain Stephens provides Answers and Recipes, July 28-29 2017

Captain Michael Marsden

In the beginning when I was 14 years old, Captain Marsden was the leader for the team. He was always nice to me and once he took the time to explain everything to me (regretfully I refused to listen so I missed out on good information). Later he retired from this job and was replaced by Commandant Larsen.

Commendant Larsen

I realize now because of the auto-correct that it is actually written as "Commandant", but I want to keep writing him as Commendant as it always was in my notes. Commendant Larsen appeared a bit later in my teenage military contacts, as he replaced Captain Marsden as the leader of the team there. Commendant Larsen looked to be in his late 30's early 40's, he was somewhat slender and tall, blonde hair, I think his eyes were brown. He had the kind of tan skin color that comes from being very physically active and being outdoors a lot. He looked very fit and in great shape and good health, like the kind of person who gets up at 5 AM every morning for a jog and eats oatmeal for breakfast. I tried to bond with most of my military and surveillance guys, because deep down I was afraid of them, and of this, but I never reached out to Commendant Larsen because I was sad about him replacing Captain Marsden.

It is far-fetched, but perhaps I spoke with Commendant Larsen on July 13, 2017, and if I did, then perhaps he was the one out of the two officers whose first name was Paul, which would mean that his name would be Commendant Paul Larsen, but this is not confirmed!
We Need Them For Germination, July 14 2017

Adjutant Carlsen

I think he was a tall blonde slenderly built man, who never spoke much with me.

Captain Richard "Rich" Swansea

He has brown hair and I think his eyes are brown. He has been kind to me. On July 8, 2017, I learned that he goes by the name "Rich" and that his favourite food is "spaghetti with bolognese". The aliens are using him to father children with me. On February 14, 2019, Swansea is 46 years old.

Read: "The misunderstanding". Starring: Captain Richard Swansea, July 8, 2017

On Valentine's Day February 14 2019 I got to meet and make out with Swansea. Find that story here,
Valentine's Day making out with Captain Richard Swansea

Chief Hugh Daniels

Another one I had forgotten, found him on a list in my teenage notes where I also wrote that his branch of the military was Navy.

Chief Hugh Daniels finally spoke on June 2 and 3, 2017:
Chief Hugh Daniels and Captain Marsden talk!

Lieutenant Jackson

Black hair. He never spoke to me much.

Admiral Benson

Not easy to draw, but I tried

Dark hair, darker skin, tall, robust. Jacob Greene once dragged me into Admiral Benson's office. In recent years when I talked with Admiral Benson I learned that he was a creep who likes cheap women and that ruined the image I had had of him in my teens.

Fantastic anecdote: So. All throughout the years when I was age 14 to about 21, Admiral Benson was one of the military officers who visited me. He distinctly was the only one to wear a white military officer's uniform, and also, as I find yet again in my teenage notes, he always said, and it was always said about him, that he belonged to the military branch of Navy. However. Years later, after these military contacts have long since quieted down, I am in my late 20's and dating the guy I call the "Free Mason ex". I tell the boyfriend about my military personnel from my earlier years. He is skeptical and wants to convince me that it was just nothing, he wants to talk it down, but most importantly, he is an American and about twice my age, so when he tells me, that "There IS NO rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy!", he lets me feel that this is a strike against the credibility of my teenage military contact experiences. Ever since the guy told me that, I have carried the feeling that is like knowing that I have to let go and put down this big thing that I am carrying, I have to admit a kind of sadness and disappointment, because the military guys were always so real.

If a person were only imagining a story such as this, then their mind would want to defend or re-write the fantasy, and of course, whether imagined or real, I started to ask my mind, "Well maybe he did not always wear the white Navy uniform like I remembered him to?", and "Well maybe he didn't really always say Navy?", because now from the boyfriend I had learned that the character of an Admiral Benson of the U.S. Navy was an impossible character. But, I knew what I had seen all those years, and I knew what I had heard them say, and I was not going to be able to change my story. I knew that there had been a U.S. military character who wore a white officer's uniform and said he was an Admiral of the Navy, I was by no means able to change it or to even make my mind doubt or question what I had seen and heard. So I was just sad about it, and even though the boyfriend had revealed to me what meant that the story did not add up, it was a story I was unable to change any of the details of.

However, today on March 9 2017 I decided to do an internet search on the U.S. military rank of Admiral. And would you guess what? ADMIRAL IS A U.S. NAVY RANK! So take that, skeptical boyfriend!

Wait a minute! Read here on Statutory Limits for Admiral, does it say that the U.S. is only allowed to have no more than four Navy Admirals at any given time? That gives us an easy way to check if at the time when I was experiencing the military abductions, someone who fits with the description of Admiral Benson was one of the four Admirals of the USA. If not, then the possibility still remains that the military I experienced were lying to me about their titles, or that they were something else.

A lengthy conversation with Admiral or Captain Benson, May 30, 2017:
Admiral or Captain Benson Being a Sleaze

Colonel Richmond

I don't know much about him. He had brown hair and was tall.

General Owens

A larger guy with salt and pepper hair color and brown eyes. We never talked much with each other, he is kind to me. It was either he or General Warwick who likes hunting. On February 2, 2020 I got to meet General Owens in a military abduction, Meeting General Owens and Gillespie

Generalmajor Clifford

There was a Generalmajor but I forget his name. Update, I found him listed in my teenage notes. It was Generalmajor Clifford! I love how the puzzle pieces are falling to place.

General Warwick

General Warwick doesn't talk to me much. It was either General Warwick or General Owens who hunts wild boar. I like General Warwick.

General Whitcomb

I had forgotten all about this one, but now that I have my old notes from my teenage years, his name was listed on my notes.

Com. Bradshaw

I had forgotten all about this character, but found him written in my teenage notes where I'd written "mil.gov, Gen. Warwick, Com. Bradshaw". I don't want to assume that it was "Commander" Bradshaw, as it could have also been "Commendant Bradshaw", hopefully other notes I find will show.
On June 15, 2019, a military said that his wife is named "Kerrie Bradshaw", so I put that note here, since this Bradshaw here is the only one by that name I have got, of course it does not prove this man from today to be the same man as some 20 years ago, but I make that note here anyway.

Sergeant Wilkes

A slenderly built guy with brown or red brown hair. Sometimes also called Commander Wilkes.

"General Patton"
General Harris "Gunman" Richards?

making the portrait of General Patton made me feel tense and nauseous and started to bring back forgotten memories of other hardships with this man

In my teen years, every now and then I would hear the surveillance guys become real excited and they would say "General Patton is on the phone!", or sometimes General Patton was visiting them in their office. I would ask them who is General Patton and ask if I can talk to him but I never got to see who it was or speak with him at all, so he was just some mysterious VIP person over there. Years later I got to interact a whole lot with General Patton. Turns out he is an MKULTRA specialist there and he was training me, I have written conversations between us and written down what he did and many of those pages are here on this website. General Patton is of course not his actual name.

General Patton is large built and has black hair and brown eyes, he wears a black business suit to work. His assistant was Sergeant Wilkes. General Patton had a huge office with red carpets and he had an old toy car in one of his desk drawers. General Patton had the habit of making a tight fist with one of his hands and his hands used to hurt, I think he had some kind of arthritic rheumatism in his hands. Oh and let us not forget that at one point I had a huge crush on him but that has faded.

In my late 20's or early 30's, General Patton became the one who spent the very most time with me with surveillance. They decided that I am ready for MKULTRA mind control and that is when General Patton took over. He is the one who performs the MKULTRA tackles. He can move his mind into my body and it becomes as if his body and my body are overlapping. If he then makes a fist with his own left hand, my left hand also makes a fist. General Patton then tackles me, he can push me around and he is very strong. General Patton would often tell me, "Welcome to MKULTRA."

In July 2017 I learned a lot more about General Patton, about his military life and personal life, I also maybe have his real name as General Harris "Gunman" Richards.
Find the new information through here: General Patton

Senior Officer Willard

I met Willard in November 2017. There are several entries about him and conversations with him on the news page 59, he was also earlier mentioned in those entries without the name Willard but as the "man with the deep set eyes". Willard seems to have replaced General Patton with the MKULTRA training as his substitute. I have flirted with Willard, but he prefers young women on Spring Break. He likes whiskey.

The Korean guy

On July 20, 2017, I encountered a big Asian guy who insisted that he is "Korean" not "Asian". He also said that they are with the "military". He reminds me of General Patton, but there is no real way for me to find out if he is General Patton. The Korean guy did not give me his name.
The Korean guy and Jack the NASA Ames guy. Oh and Carlisle. Langdon. Was there also., July 20, 2017

General Davies

General Davies probably only appeared in later years, and not in my early teenage years. He has a high rank and he knows very much about extraterrestrials. Every time when I see him, he seems to have a Pleiadian who stands right next to him whispering into his ear. The Pleiadians are really keen on working closely with him.

General Bryant

On April 18 2017 a U.S. military man, tan with white hair, wearing a dark green camouflage uniform (which based on a simple internet search would imply Navy), showed up in my room in the other dimension because Hamish my Reptilian had almost "breached the safety requirement" by starting to manifest physically in my home because Hamish was getting excited to see dogs fighting in a video game I was playing. The man's name was General Bryant, and he propped himself diagonally across the door opening with Hamish in the hallway outside and grasping onto a firearm not allowing Hamish to come in to my room. You can read the conversation and the events in
Dogs fighting in video game almost makes Hamish manifest in real physical form out of excitement, but General Bryant makes a stop to it


I met Alain on May 24, 2017, when he was in a US military base, the one that I have seen in mental images several times now, the one that has the cafeteria that interests Hamish (because Hamish is interested in food) and with the waving US flags at the front. Alain looks to be in his 30's or 40's, he has brown hair that is a bit long, I think he has brown eyes, he is muscular and fit which you can especially see on his arms, his skin is a dark tan, he wore beige clothing with long pants and a short-sleeve shirt out of the same material, with brown shoes, and no hat. He told me that he knows Captain Marsden! He was talking to me about whether to let me stay awake during an alien abduction.
Read about Alain here in the original notes and conversation

There is another long conversation which includes Alain from May 25 2017. In it he states that he works in a naval facility and that the Navy is paying him a good salary for his work.
More from Alain here

January 14 2018 I talk to who must be a different Alain from the first, this one works in the United Kingdom as a secret operative for the British Ministry (whatever that means). This conversation with him is very informative: Alain the secret British operative

Female Officer

On July 22, 2017, I attempted to remote view the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base because I wanted to find Warren Allen. One male officer and an African American female officer talked to me telepathically that day and the following day.
Read here: Female Officer

Korporal Olav "Olli" Vetti

He only showed up in recent years and was not featured in my teenage years at all. However he is Russian whereas the others are a United States team! He is supposedly a Russian missiles expert. So here is the scoop. General Patton was training me with MKULTRA and I overheard conversations over there that the U.S. team was going to "train" me and then hand me over (or sell me) to Olav. Olav was then going to put me to work with remote viewing Russian missile sites to protect the sites and to remote view Russian satellites in space. But me and Olav had a serious problem with personal chemistry and we did not like each other at all, so the whole thing was a fail. Olav loves to play ice-hockey and Zeta Reticulans show me often mental images of Olav in the ice-hockey skating rink with some of Olav's own spawned Zeta-hybrid children hanging out around the rink. Olav had a girlfriend named Natalya if I recall her name correctly. Olav's favorite place to have sex is the sauna, that has been a thing for him since he was a boy. Don't ask me why I know that. The aliens let Olav have sex with me to make children that are human or part alien and hybrid children that are kept with the aliens. Some of the boys I have with Olav, that look to be at least mostly human, are called "Iroquois", they are handsome but charmingly shy boys with long dark hair. And as much as I hate Olav, I really do love our boys. Olav and me make gorgeous kids.

Here is an excellent example conversation with Olav:
Olav in the sauna

This will be a page all about Olav Vetti.

Russian Officer

There has also been a Russian military officer who has white hair. I don't know his name. Pavel is a Russian officer with white hair, so perhaps this one and Pavel are one and the same.


On March 17, 2017, I met Pavel, a Russian military officer. Read about Pavel here.
Pavel speaks also here: Olav in the sauna
A Pavel wanted to talk to me, but then never did, I was told in February 2018. See a small mention of this in the news61.html page but it was really nothing, just the mention of his name and his intention to speak with me.



Slenderly built, black wavy or curly hair, wears a black business suit. Obnoxious how he talks to me. On February 2, 2020 I got to meet Gillespie in a military abduction, Meeting General Owens and Gillespie

Mark Fowler

I had forgotten all about him, but found his name written in my teenage MILABS notes.

Agent Jones

August 7 2017 there was a MIB who told me his name was Agent Jones. First time I hear this name.


August 8 2017 there was a MIB who told me his name is Anthony and that he was there instead of Mark. I asked him if he meant Mark Fowler, who is a MIB I already know of, but he did not say.

Alan Mark

On August 9 2017 one of the MIBs said to me: "My name is Alan Mark.", see August 9 2017 about the Russians here. Later probably he unless another one said: "Alain", which would suggest the same Alain as we already have met before.

Warren Alan

Warren Alan is one of the surveillance persons, meaning that he is not a military officer. Also, military officers introduce themselves to me by their military title and last name, and here we see a first name. I still do not know whether Alan is his second first name, or if it is his last name. He is always called Warren Alan, and never just Warren or Alan. I have known of Warren Alan since my teens, and he also talks to me now when I am in my 30's. Warren Alan has black hair, he looks to be in his mid 30's to mid 40's in age. He is a Caucasian man with dark eyes, either dark brown or dark blue eyes. He has for the most part always been decent and kind towards me.

The best interview with Warren Alan was published in this YouTube video The Orion Project - Getting to know Warren Allen - 29 November 2016. In it, we get to know how Warren Alan got involved with working for the military with monitoring alien activity.

Another large piece of conversation with Warren Alan happened on February 22, 2017, in the Zeta Remulan interview which was published on the Zeta Remulan page in full, Zeta Remulan Interview. In it, Warren Alan comes in representing the U.S. military since he has found out that I am talking to the aliens and am "bothering" the aliens, he says the aliens have weapons aimed at them, Warren Alan also confides that he and I have a son together.


Derek had light brown or light red brown hair and wore glasses. He wore a business suit to work and was a surveillance staff. Derek was always kind to me. He was married. In recent years I have been told many times already that Derek was killed by the Alien Agenda, seems he was about to rise up against the bad things that he was witnessing. Since I was told that Derek was killed, I have not heard him speak or seen him since.

The classic conversation with Derek and Gillespie who are drinking coffee at the same time while we speak:
Coffee with Derek and Gillespie

In July 2017 in conversations I think with General Patton, I learned that Derek died from a disease (which could have been inflicted on him to kill him, General Patton was inflicted leukemia by the aliens).

Assistant Langdon Carlisle

Assistant Carlisle was always different from the other surveillance people, although Carlisle also had regular times of day for his shift to survey me. He was always talking to me a lot, talking about my emotions. He would often tell me that he has a daughter my age and that I reminded him of his own daughter and he used to cry a lot because he was sad about what the military (and perhaps also aliens?) were doing to me. Carlisle seemed to be trying to form an emotional bond with me but I personally never bonded with him. Instead I used to confide my problems in Greene or Captain Marsden and MacIntyre. Carlisle used to talk to me as if he were my father and he would give me fatherly advise for or against things, but I never let him be like my dad and I would oppose against that. Only in recent years, many years after my teen years with Assistant Carlisle, did I learn that he was in fact all these years hired there as the psychologist to see how I was doing, and then it finally made sense first of all why he was "Assistant" Carlisle and not just Carlisle when none of the other surveillance men had such a title, and why he was always talking to me so lengthy and about my emotions. Assistant Carlisle is slenderly built and was perhaps in his 40's back then. He had brown hair and glasses and he never wore the black business suit but formal casual.

In February 2017 I contacted Carlisle for a chat, and learned that his first name is Langdon. He has two grown up daughters who are both married but he has no grandchildren yet. In 2017 Carlisle lives in California. In school he used to run track and also played some baseball. He was hired as an outside resource by the Air Force to be a "government co-op or co-operative". He also later worked with the Navy dealing with traumas. I suspect he was a psychologist but he did not tell me about his educational background. He said he worked for a short time in Moscow since the Russians had wanted to collaborate with them. Carlisle said that his friends back then in what I call my "teenage years" when I was about 14 to 21, were Nolan and Simmonds, meaning Gary Simmonds of course.

Excellent example conversation with Assistant Carlisle:
Major Cunningham and Assistant Carlisle, Cookout and Telemetry June 8 2017

August 23 2017 I decided to remote view Carlisle again. In the remote viewing I learned that he used to work for the military with reverse engineering a gunned down Russian UFO craft. And he seems to be my biological father?
The Secret Life of Assistant Carlisle - Is Assistant Carlisle my father?

Here is a page all about Assistant Carlisle

Assistant Parker

On January 16 2018 I was spoken to by someone who said he was Assistant Parker, he asked me if I wanted to know about, I think he referred to them as "Croakers", he told me that they "smell" I said yes they smell like the ocean and like forest. This here is the only note made at this time of Assistant Parker, and this is all I know of him.

Army Fort Psychiatrist

In July 2017 I encounter an Army Fort psychiatrist who works at the Fort which trains Army recruits. His work includes conversations with recruits about their life and about why they feel like they want to quit the training. He works a lot on suicide prevention. He plans the environment for the recruits with respect to their mental health. He has the final say on sick leave for recruits and for those approved he stamps their papers with his red stamp in his office. He has golden tan skin, he was young in the 1970's, his hair is white and not thinning. In the 70's he did a speed contest which involves canoe and archery and he injured his right shoulder and he had to change his military career track to medicine instead. At his office he does not wear a doctor's lab coat. His uniform includes a thick brown jacket and a brown tie and polished shoes.

Find the material on the Army psychiatrist here: Army Fort

Page about the Army Fort Doctor Army Fort Doctor

Assistant Carmichaels

I had forgotten all about this one but found him listed in my old teenage notes of the MILABS on a list of personnel. So perhaps he was a second Assistant other than just Assistant Carlisle. I heard of his name mentioned there a few times. I think he had light brown hair and glasses and was slenderly built and looked to be in his 30's. I don't recall having had any conversations with Assistant Carmichaels. Assistant Carmichaels spoke to me on December 23, 2018, read about it here.

Aulis Greenshaw

He was one of the surveillance staff. I could have set the clock by when he shows up for his shift at work and at what time his shift ended. He tended to wear black dress pants and a green long sleeve shirt, perhaps also sometimes a black jacket that goes with a business suit. He has brown hair and his skin is a bit darker although he is Caucasian. He has dark eye color. I think he has glasses but I don't remember. He was rather kind toward me. His job, as a typical surveillance person, was to remote view me and take notes with paper and pen. Unusually for a survey man, his name was always given to me as "Aulis Greenshaw", first name and last name.

Page about Aulis Greenshaw with 3 hour remote viewing of Greenshaw


How could I forget about Nolan. I contacted Assistant Carlisle telepathically in February 2017 to have a chat, and it was Carlisle who mentioned Nolan, that Nolan had been a friend of his during those years back then. Nolan was a somewhat more heavier set man, he always wore the black business suit with tie, he had white hair, and large facial features. By his own admissions, Nolan was homosexual. He was a happy and cheerful friendly sort.

Ian Cartwright

Found his name in my teenage notes, where I had also written that he was said to be a "DNA analysist".


Suleski is the most "MIB" out of the survey men. He seems to always wear the black business suit and tie to work. Brown hair, not slenderly built, in his 30's-40's, a bit darker skin but Caucasian, I think he has brown eyes. If I am not mistaken, Suleski might have showed up later and not already in the early teen years of my MILABS thing.

Daniel Nielsen

This guy was blonde and I think he was European and not from the United States, but I will have to check my notes to see what I have on him. I had only very little contact with this one.

Puerto Rican MIB

In February 2018 I encountered a MIB who mentioned that he is of Puerto Rican descent (when I asked him). He is somewhat small build, has dark brown thick hair, brown eyes, he is a friendly and sweet personality. Perhaps he mentioned that he is Gillespie, however his personality and energy is not the same sharp harsh of the Gillespie I know. Small notes of the Puerto Rican MIB is found here.


On May 16, 2020, I got to get acquainted with a MIB who told me his name is Nunez. I wrote about him on news72.html#Nunez. He is from Puerto Rico or Costa Rica I forget which, meaning that he seems to be the same MIB as the one listed above as the "Puerto Rican MIB".


See news61.html from February 18, 2018 for the story. Rodriguez is it seems a new MIB or how could I have missed him all of these years? He is most likely the one and the same as the Puerto Rican MIB, I am almost entirely sure that they are the same, but let's wait on that conclusion just a little bit. The aliens have asked him to father children with me and he is considering it if he wants to have sex with me and if he would have children with someone like me, it is just annoying that I have to hear his thoughts about it because he isn't exactly entirely keen on me, so it is annoying to listen to his thoughts as he is judging me.

Officer Agent Trellis

On February 19, 2018, I encountered Agent Trellis and we had a long chat. As far as I know, he should be a brand new MIB for my collection. He is a big large build, has brown hair, brown eyes, wears large square glasses. But get to know him and find all of this information in Agent Trellis And Bologna Sandwich
Trellis gets in trouble about spaghetti March 20 2018

On June 1, 2018, Agent Trellis said "The real name's Jake Blumenthal." and it seemed to be referring to himself. Find this story of this date in news62.html.
October 20 2018 a MIB with black business suit and black hair tells me about himself that his name is Jake Blumenthal, see here. This man is by no means Agent Trellis, so Jake Blumenthal could be a new MIB.

Officer Agent Mulholland / Eddie Mulhoon

Agent Mulholland has a brown short full beard and he replaced General Patton when Patton resigned due to his illness. Mulholland acts nice to me. I first met him in the night between March 20-21 2018. Here are the two stories about Mulholland, his real name might be Eddie Mulhoon:
Mulholland 1
Mulholland 2
Mulholland shows up also on the night between January 24-25 2019


Patrick was encountered on March 20, 2018. He wore a dark green camouflage military uniform with his military boots that have shoelaces. He has short silver colored hair. The story is found here:
Patrick and Trellis and other things

Friedrich or Freidrich

Name found in teenage notes, presumably part of the team of Germans who were working with the U.S. team.


Name found in teenage notes. He spoke German to me back then, a language I did not understand at all.


Found his name in my teenage MILABS notes. It had seemed back then, that he was part of a group of Germans, collaborating with the U.S. team.


This man was working together with all the United States military and survey men, only that Stanislav was from Europe and seemed to be working from out of Europe.


I had forgotten all about him, but found his name written in my teenage MILABS notes. I also have a Nikolai from 2017 who appears to be a young blonde man who works on computers for Russia presumably for military or something related. I doubt that it could be the same Nikolai because the 2017 Nikolai is too young to be the same one as in my teenage years.


August 12 2017 a man said to me telepathically: "Hello. My name is Sergej." That was all that was said.


I don't have any notes on this one at the moment other than that this one was sometimes visiting the U.S. team.

James Holmes

James is the most proper and typical of the MIB surveillance guys. He always shows up to work in his black business suit and tie and does his work impeccably and well. He has black hair and was in his early 30's from the look of him. I don't recall whether he had glasses or not. I read from his thoughts, although he never talked about his personal life, that he had a very close relationship with his girlfriend, that he was the kind of man who wants to (be proper) be married rather than be dating, and that he had his personal finances, his home, his insurances and papers and affairs all in good order. A very neat and tidy person who has his life under control. He is not a chatty type, but it seems that the survey guys were never meant to chat with me, just to look at me and to ignore my questions and whining. James is an all-timer, he was around when I was in my teens, and he has also been a regular reoccurrence in my later years. For some reason I always forget whether his name was John or James, but James seems to be the right one especially since I am now looking at my actual teenage notes.

In January 2019 the MIB named James tells me that his "real name is Holmes".


Not nice

He was by far the youngest on the team. His job was surveillance, which is presumably done with remote viewing. Remote viewing was either enabled by Zeta Reticulan Greys or taught to them. Andrew was very slenderly built, pale, with orange-red hair, he never wore a black business suit, but clothes such as beige dress pants and colored long-sleeve buttoned shirts. Reading his thoughts I learned that he had braces in his teeth in his school years and that he was bullied in high school. Andrew is Jewish and it was always him watching me during Christmas holidays so that the other surveillance guys could have the holidays off work. Andrew was the cruelest meanest one. In February 2017 I learned from the guys that Andrew is today married, he met his wife at a club. In February 2017 Andrew did the overlap or conquest of me for the first time, he overlapped my hands.

Actual conversation while I was making the portrait of Andrew, March 5 2017:
My flatmate: You fine?
Me: Yeah.
My flatmate: Looks like you're watching a horror movie.
Me: Oh I'm just concentrating on a game.

Gary Simmonds

I have him on a list of survey people names from my teens and I had forgotten all about him. I cannot remember anything about this gentleman but he was for sure one of my survey guys during my teenage years. It's good to get acquainted with my survey men by reading the teenage journal notes that I haven't seen for eleven years. In some of my teenage notes, I had written his last name Simmons. In the teenage notes, I had written about Gary Simmonds that he was a "UFO Researcher"!


A larger built Caucasian man with red brown hair and brown eyes, was kind to me. I think it was Brian I met in the basement of a house during a MILABS abduction, but I would have to check my notes.

Tyler "MacDaddy" MacIntyre

I loved this guy

MacIntyre always wanted me to call him MacDaddy but I didn't. The other guys called him Tyler when they talked to him, and referred to him as MacIntyre when they talked to me about him. MacIntyre was tall and not skinny built, he had thick white hair and gray blue eyes. He was always in a cheerful mood and I was always very happy when he came around. He would wear a black business suit with tie and a beige or gray (I forget) trench coat over it. MacIntyre was my most favorite one and back when he had regular shifts with surveillance, I would eagerly expect the time when he would start his shift and the previous not so nice man would leave. In recent years I learned that MacIntyre had esophageal cancer and he was in a hospital being cared for. He was unable to eat any food. I begged to be allowed to go see him in person but I was not allowed. MacIntyre has passed away and I will never ever forgive the military surveillance team for not letting me ever meet MacIntyre especially not when he was suffering and I would have wanted to give him a hug and cheer him up because he was always so nice to me. I will not forgive them for this.


I got to know Jeff in the later years and not at all in my teens. Jeff is slenderly built and dark tanned with a weathered look. Dark scruffy hair. I think the first time I ran into Jeff was when he was wearing the red Hawaii shirt and he was in an underground alien base, he was armed and facing the white dragons there. Jeff talked about visiting "Tijuana, Mexico" to acquire firearms. Jeff seems to work there as a security guard.

Doctor of Radiology

He wore medical clothing, not the white doctor's lab coat but like green pants and t-shirt like surgery staff wear. He wore glasses and had brown hair. A gentle and kind science guy. Not a surveillance guy, but some kind of medical staff there.

The Anesthesiologist

I don't know any more than that.

Doctor Captain Bryant

In the morning of June 14, 2017, I had a lucid dream which was like a military abduction where I seemed to meet about 5 to 8 military and men in black suits and one of them was a woman, she was the only one wearing a white lab coat. She looked to be about 45 years old, she had dark mahogany brown hair with many individual strands of dark gray hairs in it, her hair was shoulder length and very large and wavy like from a perm. Her eyes were dark. Apart from only one exception when a woman was about to work as a surveillance person many years ago and then she didn't after that one time, Bryant is the only woman to have been on the team.

One of the other persons there with her was a military officer in a white uniform that had a short sleeve shirt with military patches on the shoulders that were pointy v-shaped on one end and had yellow stripes. Later after I returned back to my room, Assistant Carlisle had joined in to the group there.

Bryant was perhaps a Captain, and perhaps a medical doctor. It seemed that she had perhaps been there to inspect my female parts for any signs of pregnancy and that she had also inspected my breasts perhaps to see if I was forming milk in them. She spoke as if she was married to Assistant Carlisle and she was concerned that I may have committed adultery with Carlisle, all these accusations started when I told the other guys not long ago that I remembered being in Carlisle's house many years ago, and I did not know but according to the guys there, an alien abductee is brought to one of theirs house so that the man could have sex with her, so then after that Carlisle was being accused by the others of having had sex with me, which Carlisle denied, and which I had no memory of either, and Carlisle was upset with me about the rumor, and now this lady, Bryant, was concerned that I would have committed adultery with her husband, which sounded like would have been our Assistant Carlisle. Read the conversation with Bryant here,
Female Captain Doctor Bryant June 14, 2017

There is also a General Bryant and how this all relates I am not going to try to decipher.

Officer or Agent Josh Bryant

On July 13, 2017, I got to know a man who said he is an Officer or Agent by the name Bryant. We already have a General Bryant here on this list, who is a man who is tan with white hair, looks and personality of General Bryant are not the same as Agent Bryant. We also have Doctor Captain Bryant who is a female. So this Agent Bryant would be a third Bryant, which yes does seem like too many.

Agent Bryant is one of the men in black suits working for the U.S. military involving monitoring of the authorized alien abductions. He says that one has to be a military officer in order to be this kind of an Agent, which opens up some insight into the kinds of men who are our men in black surveillance people. (Earlier we also found out that Warren Allen, another MIB, was not with the military himself but working with monitoring the skies for UFO activity at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.)

Bryant is very energetic and cheerful and easily excitable, I suspect it to have to do with psychiatric trauma from military experience and possibly made worse from what he witnesses during the alien abductions that he monitors. He has brown hair and probably brown eyes, Caucasian skin color.

He says he is an Army officer and that he served in both Kuwait and Iraq. The aliens had asked him if he would have sex with me to get me pregnant and he agreed to do it. Read the conversation where I get to know Agent Bryant: We Need Them For Germination, July 14, 2017

Page about him: Officer Agent Josh Bryant

On July 15, 2017, without it being a lengthier conversation, on two separate occasions some of the guys told me referring to Agent Bryant that his first name is Josh.

Agent Bryant also speaks on July 18, 2017, where he appears to be protecting me from the dangerous green Reptilian:
A wild Draconian and a tamed Draconian?, July 18 2017


On July 13, 2017, I spoke with Agent Bryant (see above) and another man who I called the "2nd officer" in my notes. One of these two men was named Paul. Probably not Agent Bryant, who was already going by the name Agent Bryant and had already told me that he was not going to tell me his first name, whereas the "2nd officer" had not given me any name for him. There is also some possibility that the "2nd officer" could have been Commendant Larsen, which then could mean that Commendant Larsen might be Commendant Paul Larsen, but none of this is confirmed. But at least there was someone with the first name Paul.
Paul mentioned here: We Need Them For Germination, July 14, 2017

"Professor Gatwick"

Every once in a while I hear the guys say to one another, "Professor Gatwick is on the phone!" and then everybody gets stirred up. And then I ask, "Who is Professor Gatwick? And what is he a Professor of?" They never tell me.

"Jack with the NASA team"

Click on the image for a larger view

Jack is different from the surveillance staff and he says he is with "the NASA team" or "NASA field team". He is a bit short and he looks to be in his 50's. He has blonde hair and wears glasses. He talks and behaves as if he has known me for many years and as if he has developed genuine feelings toward me as if I were true family to him. It seems that he sees me during alien abductions. He has fathered many children by me, he calls those hybrid children "the cabbage patch kids" because he thinks they look like the cabbage patch kids dolls. In 2017, Jack was feeling jealous and sour when I was visiting an ex-boyfriend of mine. Jack says he is hunting aliens, and he tells me that I have twelve DNA strands. He calls me an "alien bug" and an "insect". When I get up in the mornings if Jack is here and he sees me wake up and start my day and move about, he says that "the insects are crawling". So I call him a "prosimian".

On March 18, 2017, Jack told me that he is with "NASA Ames", which turns out is a real NASA research center. Jack just became the most interesting person among all the military and surveillance people.
Jack works for these: NASA's Ames Research Center

Some insight into Jack's feelings for me: We Need Them For Germination, July 14 2017

Ivan Sokolov

As far as I know, this man was not a military officer, nor was he a surveillance person. He was Russian and in one way or another he was connected with these things. He was very creepy. He had white blonde hair, was young and with blue eyes.

Joseph Beňes

In the night March 16-17, 2017, he was doing surveillance on me, he said, "My real name is Joseph Beňes." He looks to be in his 40's, has black hair, skin a bit darker not pale, face not rounded, dark eyes, he wears not a black business suit with tie, but casual formal with long sleeve shirt that has a dark possibly blue color and black dress pants. I do not know if he is one of my all-timers from my teenage years, or if he is new to the 2nd era of military surveillance which begun in March 2017 when my alien incarnation came back. I do not seem to recognize him from the teenage years of surveillance, so he might be new. Read about the contact with Joseph.

"I was never here in the 1990's.", Joseph says to me telepathically now. So he was not one of the surveillance staff in my teenage years, he is brand new to this time around. He seems really docile and kind, I am happy to get to know him better as he does his surveillance of me. "What is your educational background, might I ask?", I ask. "Military surveillance. We do that, that is what we do here.", he says. "About my eggs!", Hamish my Reptilian says. "We wanted to know that you were ok.", Joseph says to me. "I am ok. About what?", I say. He is now writing some things with pen on paper, just like in the old days, they would always take their notes on paper, and never type it into a computer.

Peter Hawkins

A man who tells me his real name is Peter Hawkins spoke to me telepathically on June 3, 2017. He might also be a military officer, but since he did not give me his military title when he spoke to me, therefore he is listed here under the non-military section. Scroll down a bit when following this link to find the conversation:
Chief Hugh Daniels and Captain Marsden talk!


Agent Josh Bryant was around together with a colleague of his named Geoff. Whether Geoff was a military officer or a men in black worker I do not know. Geoff was possibly the older man with white hair whom I saw in those conversations and who also spoke to me a bit. If Geoff is the same as one of my previously encountered military officers whose first name I was previously not given, I do not know. I do know however that Geoff is not the same man as Tijuana Jeff.
A wild Draconian and a tamed Draconian?, July 18 2017


I recall that in January 2018 I spoke with someone named Dunlop. I searched for the file of the telepathy and could not find it anywhere even though I wrote it just a few days ago! I did an internet search for Dunlop and indeed it brought up "Dunlop Tires" (a product or a business) which I remember from the time right after I had written about Dunlop that this appeared in the internet search then, so I am absolutely sure of the name. But where did the text material disappear to?

While searching for my page with Dunlop I found another page where I write about encountering a human Dr. Dunlop who later turns out to have been an Alpha Orion in disguise all along. Whether this applies to the January 2018 Dunlop as well is not known.
The old Alpha Orion Dunlop page: The Orion doctor checks my heart - July 08 2013


And here's to all the various military guards I have seen who seem to be guarding me and others during alien abductions and alien encounters. Thanks for keeping us all safe, but please do not ever hurt my Hamish. If anything happens to my Hamish, then you guys have to worry about me. Even though Hamish looks like a dragon, don't forget that he is my precious little baby. And he is really cute if you get to know him.


Written on May 22, 2018. On the night between May 21 and 22 2018, in the morning at around 5 or 6 AM I had a lucid dream encounter with this man. It seemed we were in his home, and if I recall correctly, that would have been in Chicago (or another similar city in the United States). We were cuddling a bit in his bed and then we went to his kitchen, at that point he had clothes on and I was naked, I remember having wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders. He said his name was Trudeau if I remember it correctly. He then said something about "drugs", and at least I understood it to mean that I could say if I have ever used recreational drugs. For some reason - I was not completely awake in my mind - I said I had used many different kinds of drugs, whereas the truth is I have only used one recreational drug in my whole life and only one time and that was magic mushrooms once. He was going to give me a drug. I woke up in my home right after and I was upset that I had woken up from that vivid dream (because I had wanted to stay it was comfy there).

Lucid dreams can happen in the early morning hours, which this was. However regardless of if this was a real encounter with a real man in another world or just a lucid dream, it is still one of those experiences and a close encounter with whoever or whatever these men on this list on this page are who have been talking with me since I was about 15 years old. When I was awake in my bed I was talking to this man telepathically and I asked him what drug he was giving me, he said "dimethyl Rohypnol". I could tell from the way that he pronounced it, and the hesitation before he said it, that this is a man who is not a chemist and who struggles with chemical nomenclature. Me on the other hand I studied chemistry so I started to ask him why it is a dimethyl form of Rohypnol, I wondered if it is another version which might have a lower solubility in aquaous solvents or if the two methyl groups which I assumed to be added to an original Rohypnol form could perhaps alter the effect of the drug.

Last night, meaning the night before I fell asleep to have this encounter, the MIBs were talking a lot about how they had used, well, what do we call it, scare tactics with a sexual theme, to dislocate my mind or what they called it, and Greene would have been the one they had hired to do that. (Once you read my teenage years diary notes it is all documented there.) It is unusual of them to talk about this or to mention it in this way at all, they were talking amongst themselves I think and maybe they wanted me to overhear it, it was spoken in a way as if not addressed directly to me but I was hearing them talk about it.

And this morning when I remembered the encounter with Trudeau, the other guys were upset with him, it seems he messed it up somehow. I also overheard Trudeau thinking about how he gets paid between $300-400 for this whatever he did with me this morning and he was thinking about how this was going to be good money. He is clearly new to the team and I of course want to welcome him to my team of mystery guys. I like when they are new, they are more likely to mess things up then and to reveal information to me then, or that I end up being awake and remembering an encounter. The encounter with Trudeau was just fantastic, I enjoyed spending time with him very much and I hope to meet him again soon.

Tony Franco

Written May 22 2018. There has been a new surveillance MIB for the past several days. He is rather young like I would guess him to be between 32-40, he has black silky hair and dark eyes either blue or brown. He is new so when he does surveillance and he is seeing me, then I am seeing him in a mental image and I am feeling his emotions and reading his thoughts, which gets annoying because it disrupts my awareness of myself and it is stressful and frustrating to be aware of his thoughts and especially his thoughts of me when I want nothing to do with it. With new surveillance people there is usually this kind of a problem but not always. I was getting really upset at him for a few days because his staring was too intense.

Anyhow, I am glad to announce that today when I was clothes shopping we had the chance to get acquainted and I now feel better and easier about having him around. He said, and I wrote down, "My name's Tony." and "My last name is Franco." He is married and has a four week old baby. I have finally gotten used to him, it was tough in the beginning but now I have a friendly attitude to him, him telling me his name was helpful and because I went underwear shopping and he was around I guess we are like best friends now.


Mr. Reddick is annoying and pesky and he likes to make insults. He first appeared in late September 2018, read about him here: Meet MIB Mr. Reddick

Black man

November 2 2018 when I had gone to bed I saw in mental images a new MIB who was a black man and he is very big and he talked with me telepathically. He complimented me on my breasts, though I was wearing a night shirt, and the point of that story is that it implies that he can see me. He gave an impression of being friendly and cheerful as a person, nothing sinister or serious or mean about him. We did not have any lengthy conversation and I did not learn of his name.


Kyle is a young man 30 or 31 years old in December 2018 and he wanted to be a Navy SEALS but didn't make it and he was offered a job on my team. It seems that I have a new team than the team I had in the 1990's and he would be part of the new team. He is tall and has blonde hair. I met him the first time that I know of on December 22, 2018, see the story here.


Gomez first showed up on January 31, 2019 as a new MIB. He told me that he likes to drive cars. That is all I know about him. Welcome Gomez hope you become a regular so I can get to know you.

Nathan (Nathaniel)

In the night between February 22-23 2019 a new MIB Agent who said his name is Nathan, that his real name is Nathaniel, talked to me telepathically. There was also another MIB with him I forget who it was but one of my regulars I seem to recall. They asked me if I would work for them and if I could be their "alien spy" I think they called it. I asked him why doesn't he do it himself, he meant that they cannot do what I do. I told him I will not work as a psychic spy for them because it is dangerous. He acted oblivious to any dangers, so I informed him of some of my concerns. I told him also that I think they are wanting other people like me do this kind of work so that they can remain hiding. I will not be working as a spy or any other kind of work for these people.


Mendoza first appeared in June 2019 and the second time on June 12, 2019. The first time was one or two days or so before June 12th. The story about Mendoza can be found in the short stories section page news69.html dated June 12 2019.

Young red-haired MIB

I met him on July 24, 2019. The evening before, Greene spoke to me telepathically, and I had said something dismissive-sounding to Greene. That night I encountered a young man in a dream, he is of a thin build, rather tall, with long slender hands, and red hair. He was flirting with me in the dream, but not touching or groping. Even though he would not have seemed to be my type at first, I kind of started to like his character, he is good at flirting in a way that is not typical, because I started to like him for real, I could feel kind of a respect and trust for him which is genuine and is coming from me. It was fun because that kind of thing is rare to happen. When I woke up, this man was talking to me telepathically. He said something such as "the military is talking to you and that is ok?", but not in those words. He then said that he is here to replace "Jacob". I assumed I had said something wrong to Greene the night before to lead to that, and I would not be happy to lose Jacob Greene. This young red-haired man asked me telepathically if I would give him oral sex, I told him I don't know him and that I can't be asked to, it is something I would choose to do. He also referred to himself and them as Agents at one time. What exactly these people are I do not know, but it is interesting to document this MIB Agent phenomenon.

Jake Gyllenthal

July 24, 2020 at 10:20 PM one of the MIBs tells me his name which is Jake Gyllenthal.

Only military and surveillance men, and no women? I recall there having been one woman at one time, if my memory serves me well she was being trained by the survey guys to become a surveillance person but she did not stay for long, also I was reading her feelings and it felt as if she was a bit appalled with the whole situation and not made of the tough indifferent material as the guys were.