Life Force Or Juice Explained

I want to explain a central topic very carefully, and I hope that you have the patience to read this. Many who find their way to my website are perhaps hoping to read about biological alien beings who ride in physical UFOs and do actual abductions of humans, but as you read along I expect that the material becomes a bit like fairytales and science-fiction and might not be taken seriously. I will here clear out some of the more complicated concepts so that you can keep up with the stories in my work.

If you happen to be a strictly down-to-Earth science-minded person, one who feels well-rooted in things such as mathematics, physics, and the physical reality which humans can see and touch, well the aliens I have encountered, specifically the leaders of their group the Dark Lords, are far more exotic than that and you are going to need some tools of information to understand them with, or you will feel far too alienated by the material I write on them, you would dismiss them that they could not possibly be real entities, and your world would remain the human one inside of a box rather than being open to realizing that alien life can be extremely exotic and different from human life.

Consciousness brings forth Compassion and Light

Some of this information comes from Arcturians. Imagine that all things have in them an amount of material that is not physical but is more like an energy. Not just living beings have this substance, but also things have it. We can also imagine a reincarnation cycle in which this material, which is life force, can leave a body that it was in, to move to another body. Life force can go to things that have the same or perhaps a little bit lower complexity in the structure of those things, but cannot go into things that are too complex for them just yet. Life force evolves through experience, when things happen to the things that they inhabit, the life force absorbs the memory of the complexity of those experiences. Life force evolves, and can live in ever more complex bodies.

One thing that evolves parallel to the evolution of the complexity of life force, is compassion and empathy. The level of complexity of life force is equal to the consciousness in that life force. It requires consciousness to be conscious and aware of other things outside of oneself, and to have empathy and compassion toward other things requires one to be conscious of them. The more conscious the life force of a body is, the more compassionate it becomes. Consciousness and compassion evolve together.

The higher the consciousness of a life force, which also means a higher compassion, then the brighter is the light of that life force. There are beings who are called "light beings", they are very conscious and also very compassionate and loving and their light is so strong that they no longer incarnate into physical bodies, instead they have light bodies.

Dark Lords hunt for Life Force

Dark Lords are an extraterrestrial species who say they are from a place called Alpha Theta. Although they are very old and wise and they have many powers and abilities, and even though they are conscious in the sense that they are aware and intelligent, the level of consciousness as it is measured in the amount of simultaneously developed love and compassion, is extremely low in them.

Dark Lords are able to injure another being and to not be hindered in this act by any sense of compassion. It is because their consciousness is not high enough to envelop the other being. They feel that there is a border between themselves and the other. They cannot feel the sensations of pain, fear and suffering of the victim.

Dark Lords are incubi or succubi, it means that they are energy vampires. They cause fear or pain or use sexual predation to cause the life force of a victim to flare up so that they can ingest it and steal it. This does not always require the victim to die, but they can also do a ritual sacrifice of the victim to steal their entire life force, or soul. They ingest the life force of the victim into themselves, and for that brief moment they can enjoy the pleasure of what it feels like to "have a soul and a heart". At that moment they are aware of the great contrast and jump that is between their lower consciousness state and the higher consciousness state of the more conscious victim, and it feels good to them to get to experience the heaven of what it feels like to be someone who is of light and love.

Dark Lords are proud to be themselves. They are an ancient species and civilization. They have built cities and religions and civilizations, they have recruited many other species to work on the same team as they, notably the organization I call Agenda whose symbol is the yellow pyramid, which has recruited many extraterrestrial species, enslaved many extraterrestrial species to work for them, and also has many humans from Earth working for it. Dark Lords, as far as I understand them, do not try to change into loving beings of light. They seem to be deeply rooted in their satanic ways and darkness.

Dark Lords treat many beings who are of light and love, as their enemies, especially when such beings oppose the sinister things that they do and try to stop them, but Dark Lords also seem to despise the very nature and culture of beings that are of light and love. But the great irony is, that at the same time that Dark Lords revel in their own satanic darkness that is the level of their consciousness and as they reject the way of life of light beings, they also crave the light and love that they ingest from their victims. They want to be dark beings, yet they do not want to live without the light, but instead of working on building up their own light in themselves through consciousness and compassion, they steal that light from their victims.

The light that they steal cannot stay in them for long, but the Dark Lords know this and they pass it on to their God The Eye. And, little by little, the light that they had stolen evades them as it was only passing by through their bodies, and the hideous feeling of being a satanic Dark Lord comes back to them, and they dream of their next victims.

Do not be fooled. We are not interested in the light. - a Dark Lord says to me now, August 13-14 2017, 1:23 AM

But those who have immersed themselves fully with a Dark Lord

We are velvety, and satin. - a Dark Lord, 1:24 AM
Many have told that to us. - it says

Those who have fully immersed their mind and body with a Dark Lord, melting and fusing together with them, can find themselves in a very different world which is also enjoyable but in a different way, but it can only be enjoyed by giving up a sense of light and love.

This whole concept about the life force or "juice" as the Dark Lords call it and how they ingest it from victims, and how it relates to consciousness and compassion, good and evil, how the Dark Lords have their own world that has no light or compassion, is a complex topic since it lacks any reference from our ordinary human world. I will add more to this topic later, but here this was a start.