The Orion Project
Letters to SETI 2

These are the actual letters I wrote to SETI sharing daily adventures and discoveries in alien contact, as the shocking realities of the Alien Agenda were revealing.

In these letters I get to know the Alien members who had entered my life and were using me as an egg donor.
It was very valuable, I said. - adds Hamish now, about the eggs

"Contact is a lifelong engagement, and by their choice, not yours"

This little book is a must-have for anyone interested in the UFO and Alien abduction phenomena. The book contains special lengthy word by word conversations with the Aliens, many that took place while I was writing the letters. Get to know the Aliens and their work intimately and in their own words.

Featured: Zeta Greys, Reptilians, Dinosaurs, Hybrids, Orions. The book explains Reptilian "dominance games", possession, and sex with Reptilians. Aliens talk about their use of MKULTRA mind control as a plan to take over the Earth. Unique stories and more disturbing details than on the website. Find out how Reptilians feel about their scales. Reptilian talks about their food in a plastic bag, and Orion man talks about Astronomy and his home planets around the star Betelgeuse. Find out what goes on with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men who call Reptilians "the Dragons". Sad stories, fun stories, violence, romance, lust and blood all contained in these 42 letters.

"Reptilians can easily get frustrated and irritated, then the yelling starts"
"torture and sadism"
"unimaginable cruelty and medical torture"

Human-Alien Hybrids begin to show sexual interest in me. As if taken directly from my journal entries a detailed account of when I had sex with the Illuminati hybrid, a very hot and toasty read.

"I saw his pale white back from closer and it really felt like a dead corpse"

The last letter describes the romance that me and Dionysos the Red Reptilian were having in our honeymoon period as we got to know one another. This Red Reptile is the same one as Hamish.

"There is the most intense sexual feeling about the reptilians"

This book is for anyone who was ever fascinated or curious with the Reptilians, and exposes and explains many of their behaviors and thoughts in their own words. You get to know the Reptilians and their way of life more intimately perhaps than anywhere else.

"I have a lovely red Reptilian who comes to visit fairly often"

Hamish talks to Dragon clip art
As I was inserting several Dragon clip art pictures into the book Hamish started talking to the Dragons in those pictures as if they were real Dragons that could hear him. I wrote down what Hamish said and decided to add his comments into the book. The very best part of this book became Hamish's comments as he talks to Dragon pictures. If for no other reason then you need to get this book to see what Hamish talks about to those Dragon clip arts, it is some of the best material that ever came out of The Orion Project!

See samples of Hamish conversations with Clip Art Dragons here

"I feel his soul in my soul"
"he is my lover, and I love him"

42 letters on 208 pages
Letters to SETI have no affiliation with the SETI Institute

You can read this second book in the Letters series without having read the first one. In spite of some sexual content this book should not seem overly graphic and should be suitable for ages 16 and up.

The original letters to SETI contained enclosed pictures, videos and links. Find them here:
>The References from the Book are found here

The Kindle page has the best preview of the book.

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*If you love me, Hamish, and The Orion Project, you will get your paperback book from CreateSpace because they give me $4 instead of $2 at Amazon. If lots of people buy our books we can get Dragon lots of presents, like leather purse (he thinks they smell great!), leather armchair, goldfish in a bowl, and all the Harry Potter DVD movies.
Yes-No Santa. - Hamish says now, don't know what he means
Why do you say Yes-No Santa now? - me
Ahh. It's because I ALMOST wrote something about getting rid of Spiderman movies. Hamish picked up my thinking of Spiderman, he calls Spiderman and all red things "Santa" and when he says Yes-No he really means "NOO!!!!!"
If you don't love Dragon Turtle I will have to hit you on the head with a shoe. Isn't he precious?

Kindle $3.99

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"If his body enters into my body I will see his big red scaly paws with thick black claws."
"It is a quick firm roll, similar to like how a lizard snatches a prey and rolls over to entangle it. Or he will make me raise up on all fours, holding my body very still, while I hear his exhale and feel him all over."
"But don't worry, this is not violence, it is passionate."

"He has told me that he was Dionysos. When he said this I did not know what Dionysos was."
"I find myself losing myself into him, I obsess over him, I wait for him to return, and while he is with me I am enchanted in his spell. I feel him and I becoming wrapped together, and I crave for him to enter into my body and mind."
"It is a very sensual experience, the most beautiful connection between two souls."

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