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Letters to SETI 1

Letters to SETI brings you the actual letters I wrote to The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI when the Orion man, Dinosaur, Reptilians and other ETs contacted me. Uncensored material and more in depth than the website could be.

Lengthy conversations written down verbatim with the Orion man, Dinosaur, Reptilians, Zetas, and hybrids not found anywhere on the website. Find out how they introduce themselves and get to know them the way I did in the beginning! Great stories not found on the website. Such as when I suspected the Orion man of having put sulfuric acid into my eye, or my horrid description of first encountering the chubby Illuminati hybrids who look like corpses from the morgue.

SETI never answered but I continued to write. These letters became a silent monologue documenting a case of real alien contact as it unraveled.

Letters to SETI have no affiliation with the SETI Institute.

35 letters, 204 pages

The original letters to SETI contained enclosed pictures, videos and links. Find them here:
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The Orion man gave these four symbols of Orion writing especially for this book. Find out what they mean, in the book.