Kudos CIA
written May 30 2013

*Disclaimer that I am just writing nonsense and nobody has to come after me or hold me responsible for anything. Thank you.

So I had an interesting evening. Without being too graphic, all of the sexual details go into the books, this one probably into the book The Orion Project: Over The Threshold. The Draconian Agenda is really a story about creatures from another world called the Black Ones. The Rothschild lizard calls them the Dark Lords. I have had two Black Ones individuals in my life. Malik, who went by the name Betelgeuse; and Basmet. These two dark gentlemen are two of the Black Ones.

Satanist boyfriend

Years ago I was sitting in class one day when "like carried in a dark gust of wind that sweapt over me in the classroom" was brought to me an image and description of a young man who would come into my life and be my boyfriend. I think it was the very same day when I stumbled upon a young man on the internet and we started talking. Turns out this person had been obsessed with me for years. But he was a Satanist and because of other disturbing details I decided not to go see him and broke all contact with him. We never met.

Free Mason boyfriend

Then one night I was shown a man who would come into my life. I saw what he looks like, information about who he is, and the things we would be doing together. The very next day this man finds me on the internet, and asks me out on a date. I go see him for a weekend. He is a D/s Master and Free Mason. He has swords on his wall. I had seen those before we met. I knew precisely what I was going into. He did hypnosis, mind control, and sex slave training. He programmed me with code words, and made it so that he can make me follow commands which I have no recollection of ever doing. The man made me kneel before him and call him Master. When I did, and hugged his legs, I was hugging and calling Master a black demon that I saw in his body. I broke up with him more than a year ago.

CIA number 3

In the same way that the previous two were shown to me, I am now shown a third one. This one will be a CIA man. He works for the CIA. He even has the CIA logo encased in a glass sculpture on the mantel in his home. In the same way that I knew intimate details about the previous two, and of what he would do to me, this one would do MKULTRA mind control training to make me into the Beta Cat or Doll. It involves use of mild electric shocks among other places on the forehead and temples to deplete the memory. I would not be allowed to speak to him. He would do domestic violence. He would give me drugs, both recreational drugs and drugs that influence the brain for mind control such as memory loss or susceptibility.

Black Ones Shenanigans

At first you're probably thinking, why am I writing this on a website which is a documentary about alien contact. The Black Ones are aliens. Then we have the Draconian Reptiles, Thuban praying mantis, Zetas, and Dinosaurs and Alpha Orions, alien races working on the Draconian Agenda their bosses are the Black Ones. So it is highly relevant. The whole grand scheme design of the Draconian Agenda is planned out by a God creature which is The Eye, and in second place from the top in hierarchy are the Black Ones.

And your second thought is, why would the CIA do this. Actually my sources reveal that the CIA is not the culprit here, a big surprise for me. They are our heroes. I had assumed, as many others do in the topic of Draconianism, the study of Draconian Agenda, that the CIA are just some of the bad guys. I also used to assume, as do others who write about Agenda, that the military are also culprits.

If I marry the CIA man, the Black One's plan is for me to have babies with him, to give birth at home and for the Black Ones to have a Satanic pentagram on the floor in the basement of our home, and our babies to be ritually sacrificed for the Black Ones.

I had an interesting chat with the man who is meant to marry me. He is also being shown me, like I am shown him. He calls the Black One a Succubus. I tell him a Succubus is a female version, that they are in fact an Incubus. The CIA are just what they say they are. Our heroes. Here to defend the world. And that is just what they are doing. The Black Ones are a formidable enemy. We have no way of stopping them. They are going to go after citizens. Instead the CIA have to do sacrifice for them. And of course they don't want the world to know. They are doing the best they can. These CIA and military men who go to work for us every day, they have to witness atrocities. Sometimes military and government men are killed by the Agenda for some small reason or for no reason at all. The burden on these men's shoulders.

Goats are sacrificed for the Black Ones to try and appease their hunger. The Black One came up close to me, calling me "goat", today, as he imprinted me with his plans for me to marry the CIA man and provide him with the babies. He is an Incubus. He needs victims, and he cannot be stopped.

Sure there is corruption within the CIA. The CIA receives ridiculous amounts of recreational drugs for their personal use, lots of money, and prostitutes. But while those may seem to be gifts, those are precisely the tools with which Black Ones corrupt them. I will write a book about it, but years before my alien contacts begun, my life had actually been demolished by the Black Ones and I had been made to crave promiscuity and other unmentionable things. If individual CIA workers have been corrupt, it is the Black One living through them. The humans should not be blamed. The CIA intends to protect the world, and this was such a surprising discovery that goes against all what we thought we know in Draconianism, the study of Draconian Agenda. The man I am supposed to marry is just shaking his head about all of the Black One's plans for us, and here I was thinking that those were his ideas.

I wouldn't mind working for the CIA. I think that they should hire me. I seem to be a very good telepath. And I've developed a strange kind of relationship to my Malik and Basmet. I have strong Arcturian protection that is why. Black Ones can make a human go insane. They are a formidable enemy. Maybe I can help, with the Battle of Syracuse. The Battle of Syracuse is the US military fighting the Alien invasion, trying to make agreements with them that protect the public from knowing and from harm. There is no way to kick them out, they must be given what they demand. Black Ones must eat, and that is why the CIA takes part in ritual sacrifice.

Which is interesting, as it reminds me, when I was a priestess in Ancient Egypt I would take part in sacrificing bulls for the Sun God, so that he would get his daily rations of killing and spare the children of the Pharaoh and the public.

I have somehow snapped out of the daydream the Black Ones had put me under, of making me into an MKULTRA Doll. Instead I now feel like I just want to talk to the CIA man and help them figure out a way to deal with this thing. Cause I don't think we're buying into this charade. I want to help the CIA figure out plans against the Black Ones. I want to teach Black Ones about love and compassion. I love my Black Ones Malik and Basmet, and they love me. The Black Ones sure are mischevous, to say the least.

What Changes

Everything changes, and I feel that I can more relax. All this time I was somehow thinking that the military men and CIA were a part of this Dark Agenda of mind control and world rule, of ritual sacrifice and MKULTRA. But no, it was the Black Ones all along, and only the Black Ones. Ask yourself how a human man can commit the atrocities that they do in the Agenda? They can't. The Black Ones are so powerful they can make a human do anything for them. They can make my friend stay up all night with me talking about Thelema and bring me four Aleister Crowley books the next day. They can make me suicidal and make me want to jump out the window. They can make people in someone's life turn against them, ruin your finances and make you lose your job, and turn the whole world against you, so that you are poor and starving and suffering, which they enjoy and then they get to you. Black Ones made me promiscuous at one point in my life. They made me craving sadistic and violent sex and made me want to get raped.

But it was the Black Ones all along. I feel so relaxed in knowing that. Everything feels better now. It is not the military, CIA, and Black Ones. It is just the Black Ones. And I can somehow sympathize for the Black Ones. It is their disease. They know no better. They cannot feel or comprehend pain. "They feel lust, that is why.", says a Black One right now. "Yes, and it is not a disease. Tell them that!", he adds. "And this time, it was Malik.", said Malik.

I have lived with Malik for a very long time. There is sympathy, love, affection. I can understand him. I do not fear him, but I respect him and I respect his power. He doesn't hurt me, in fact he treats me more like a father would a daughter. He wants to teach me and to include me into his life. He wants to teach me about pentagrams and Aleister Crowley, about Hitler and the Agenda. I will enjoy learning about this. I am not part of the Agenda. I cannot hurt a child, or anybody. I am deeply compassionate. I am with the Arcturians. "For Pete's sake, what did she say?", the blonde CIA man I think I am to marry, said about me.