When I first got to know my Dragon Turtle Hamish, I learned that he spends one part of his life with me guarding my eggs, and that he also has another part of his life where he visits Japan. He told me about a place in Japan called Komi Saki. Hamish showed me the story from his memory images of when he for the first time visited Japan and he let some of the people there see him. The Reptilians have entered into agreements with some of the Japanese people, which includes that the Japanese are feeding the Reptilians. Turns out that Komi Saki is not only a real place in Japan but that it is also a coastal site just like what I had been shown by Hamish.

Komi Saki is not found on Google Earth and also not on Google Maps, but it is mentioned here: Komi Saki, this link takes you to a page which provides a very high quality satellite map of the area and we see that the harbor with the cargo ships is not there.

I have learned from the Reptilians that they have underwater bases deep in the sea off the coast of Japan. These Reptilians eat fish gut trimmings that are provided to them by Japanese people.

Hamish has shown me several sites that are in Japan.