The relevance of Jewish people?

When I first met with my very own Draconians it was surprising how gladly and openly they were willing to talk. Me, a humble human, and an egg donor at that, the Draconians do a lot of show-and-tell. It seems that they have wanted me to see and to know exactly what they are doing. But one topic that seems to come up far too often for it to be irrelevant, are the Jewish people of Earth.

Hitler and the Nazis

Early on in my Draconian connections, the Draconians spoke gladly about Hitler and Himmler and Nazi Germany. They even asked me if I had read Hitler's manifesto book "Mein Kampf", they said that it was "filled with many good ideas". Draconians claim to have been the engineers and masterminds of Hitler's agenda. As shocking as their claims seem, they also make a lot of sense. Looking at the gruesome and inhumane behaviors of the Nazis, but contrasting them to Draconian Reptile behavior it would seem to make a lot of sense. The Nazis in fact behaved just like human versions of Draconians.

Draconians claim to be able to possess human minds and bodies, and can be very persuasive at that. Draconians claim to frequently possess earth militaries, priests, royals, government, and other authoritarian figures. I have also experienced Draconian possession, which takes place in the Draconian version of a "greeting" when the Draconian takes over body and mind of a human just to display its strength and measure yours, and your place in the hierarchy is thus established (invariably as being inferior to that of the Reptile).

Draconians have a big thing for racial and caste systems, and regard themselves as a proud race of Draconian Reptiles and wish to regard all other races as inferior to them. They even instill this racistic system into their occupied Zeta Greys, who then pass it on onto the Zeta-human hybrids, who all then call us humans as "dogs" and "sheep" and as the "inferior race". So if Draconians were to come to Earth, they would undoubtedly play the racism card here as well.

But learning about Hitler Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, I always had one question: why target the Jews and call it racial propaganda? While the Jews had a bit of their own culture in Germany, and their own religion, they are Caucasian people and they don't look all that different from other Caucasian Europeans. It just doesn't make sense. What on earth would the Germans have seen in the Jews to consider this people so inferior and unworthy?

Let's back up a while. Thousands of years ago, there was an extraterrestrial race of Blue People who themselves live in a Paradise Kingdom, they came to Earth and wanted to share their gifts and way of life here on Earth with humans. They came to India first, and one of the things they brought with them were scrolls with their messages. Those scrolls had the symbol of an eagle with spread wings and beneath the eagle the swastika. This was a benevolent symbol of the Blue People.

The Blue People were powerful and they called themselves Kings here. Not to be impudent nor to look down on us humans, but because they truly live in a beautiful world and they had wanted to share that world with us humans, so that us humans too could be Kings and Gods. The Draconians want supreme power and were jealous.

The Blue People also came to humans in South America and lived there as the Blue Kings at the Incan temples. Then came the jealous Draconians and drove the Blue Kings out, and took their place as Kings of the Incan people. That is when the ritualistic sacrifices of humans begun at the temples.

Many ET races have visited the Earth and meddled with us humans. They just can't resist the temptation and stay away, so here they are, throughout history and still. Thousands of years later, Draconians are still bitter at the Hindu Blue Gods, and so when the Draconians go to German power figures, it is by Draconian design that the Hindu swastika came to be used as the symbol for Nazi rule. The Draconians stole the Blue Gods' symbol, distorted it in ways to spit at it, and used it not only to signify power, to somewhat steal the power of the Blue Gods, and to show that the Draconians instead, were in power.

But why target the Jews? Age old dispute and Draconian grudge against benevolent ET races and any other ET races with power.

The Vega seeded the Jews

The Vega star system had an old race of ETs that are said to look very human and to be human ancestors who seeded the Earth. Years ago, before my own Draconian contacts begun in August 2011, I once watched a documentary on tv about Jews in Israel. Somehow ETs sense what my thoughts are, as if my thoughts beam into space and it can directly connect to associated ETs without my intention of doing so. Such as when I was reading about the North Port Florida Mothman and lo and behold, Gargoyle has been with me ever since!

I was shown and told that the Jewish people I was watching on the programme were God's chosen people by direct connection to the people of Vega. They were in fact children of people of Vega, and the very same. I was shown scenes from thousands of years ago when the Vegas came here and when ancient Jewish people had met with them and known of them and received teachings, knowledge, and guidance from them.

Through what I learned then, I have since become able to sense and recognize that Vegan strain in Jewish people that I see. I would think that the Jewish people seem to "interbreed" a lot within the Jewish population and do not intermarry with other religions or groups much, so the Vegan strain has remained quite strong. Interestingly, if ETs were to seed a human population as their own, by giving that population its very own religion, strong religious faith and by not intermarrying from other faiths, serves to also preserve the bloodline.

Did humans evolve from the primates? Were primates on earth seeded and genetically engineered and perfected by ET races? Are humans solely the creation of ET races without a primate ancestry in the mix? Are the ETs Gods? I will need to look into it, but I think Jewish religion tells the Jewish people that they were created by God, and not some natural descendant stemming from the primates. We in science like to scoff at religions, but maybe the Jewish religion is right after all?

The Vega people are a highly advanced old race of ETs. They are benevolent. Draconians do not like the Vegas, because the Draconians were unable to enslave or destroy the Vegas or to use them for their purpose, which the Draconians want to do with all races. The reason why Draconians do not like the Jews, is because Draconians do not like the Vegas. And these peoples are the same.

Jewish humans are not precisely like the Vegas but many of them carry a lot of the Vega strain. Jewish people that have blonde and curly hair and a particular shape of the head, large eyes, and there is also a distinct attractiveness, golden skin tone, those are some of the traits of the Vegas. There is another larger group of Jews who have mostly black hair and are more pale, who are not the major Vega strain. But they probably have some of the Vega strain too.

Draconians take genetics and bloodline very seriously, sometimes I think too seriously. For instance, the Draconians have my children there with them, most of them are hybrid children part Zeta Grey or part Dinosaur. Draconians fully believe that those children somehow are me. Meanwhile I believe in soul and personality and to me the genetics and body is more irrelevant. But by similar fashion the Draconians believe that the Jewish people are responsible for anything that the Vegas are responsible for.

I think the Draconians take genetics and bloodline too seriously. For instance, the Jewish people have their very own culture and human way of life here. Just by being genetically related to the Vegas should not matter as much as it does to the Draconians. The Draconians are obsessive about genetic heritage. Maybe because Draconians do not understand spiritual things like soul and personality, so to them anybody is strictly just a body and genetics.

So now the Russians want the Jewish gold

I do not want to start an uproar, and this probably does not reflect the views of the Russian population nor the official views of Russian government. (Political views of a nation rarely reflect the overall views of the people anyways.) But the Draconians are seriously into power structures and hierarchies in societies. The Draconians have carefully structured systems with their own leadership figures. So naturally when they come to Earth, they talk to human leader figures. One of the groups of humans they go to are military leaders. For how could they resist?

Draconians will tell human military officers to let the Draconians rule. Obviously the officers will probably be surprised to see a space Reptilian at first, but of course will say that no the Draconians can't just rule the Earth. But Draconians won't go away, so the earth militaries have to go into some sort of dealings with the Draconians to make things work. The Draconians are given gifts and services from Earth and the human militaries are given gifts from the Draconians (including sex with humans and hybrid children and drugs, if they want to, and not pertaining to Russian militaries in particular).

The Russians said they would cut my head off and also act out other threats that are unmentionable if I talk about what they have said to me. But here goes. The Draconians put me into direct telepathic and remote viewing contact with the Russian military officers who are working with the Draconians. These Russians themselves told me that they want to expand Russia and build new lavish cities in the Russian wilderness. For this they need money. And they are after the Jewish gold at Goldman Sachs.

And they want me to remote view for them a way to get in. Don't worry! I wouldn't do it even if I could!

But the Russian officers also had the same Nazi grudge thing against the Jews. And this comes from the Draconians. Trust me, there is nothing in the hearts of Russian people that could contrive such an odd grudge that doesn't even make sense. Why are the Jews always targeted? It's because the Draconians don't like Vegas.

Added information:

Then there is this whole Jew and Goldman Sachs and Jewish gold and Hitler and Nazis and age old battle. I am not supposed to tell you this. But the Russians work with the Draconians. The Jewsish people are not Draconian bloodline. In fact years ago I was told by direct sources that the Vega people seeded the Jews and that therefore the Jews were in fact God's chosen people, as they say they are. Especially the Jews that have blonde and curly hair are part of the Vega strain, I learned then. So it is not a matter of the religion, but a genetic bloodline connection that sets some of the Jewish people close to the Vegans.

Vegans are humanlike ancestors that have lent their genes into parts of humanity. Well, the Vegans are good people. The Draconians are anti-Vega, and in fact also anti-Pleiadian and anti-Air People (the Air People are such as the Airship Admiral, see in the BOARD section of this website).

Well, here's how it goes. Since the Draconians don't like the Jews, then the Russians don't like the Jews either. Russia wants to expand and build lavish luxurious cities in the Russian wilderness. So they are after the Jewish gold. And that is held at Goldman Sachs. The Russians want me to remote view Goldman Sachs and tell them a way in. Why me? Because they can't do it. And because I somehow have some skills that they all drool over. Don't worry though, personally I absolutely love the Jews and I am not into taking money from someone. Plus with the tough history of the Jews, and look at all the good things that the Jews have brought to this world. So much culture, science, technology, and other things to civilization have come from the Jewish population. And in general the Jewish make a good impression of being highly civilized, law-abiding, religious spiritual and wonderful people. In fact for reasons I don't even understand, every time I have met a Jewish person here in the US, I have really felt something very special and wonderful about them.

I always wondered why Hitler and the Nazis were after the Jews, for purported racial reasons, when in fact the Jewish are white people and all of that. But it is an age old battle, dating back thousands of years. The Draconians took credit for Hitler early on and they are very proud of the Nazi accomplishments. The Draconians steered it so that the Hindu Blue God People symbol would be distorted and tainted and used, because the Hindu Blue Gods were good ETs and the Draconians feel challenged by their power. And this whole spite against Jews stems back from them being part of the good ETs such as Vegans. I have also been shown how Jewish blood is different from other human genetic populations.

However mind you, just by having Jewish faith does not imply that one is part of the Vega bloodline. Jewish who are pale and with black hair tend to be other strains of genetics that merged in with the Vega strain to become part of the Jewish population. Vega Jews have blonde golden hair and curly locks of hair, big eyes, have that exceptional attractiveness of the Vega people, a particular shape of head, golden skin color. There were aliens on Vega who are humanlike and these Jews are genetically seeded by the Vegans.

What did Icke say about the Jews?

Based on David Icke's lecture video to the right, the Jewish represent a small world population, and Zionists are some sort of political organization supposedly stemming from Judaism, and there are even fewer Zionists than there are mainstream Jewish people - yet a surprisingly large number of world leader figures are Zionists. Zionism would be some political organization supposedly stemming from Judaism, but not being the same as Judaism itself.

David Icke simply points to the interesting fact that a large number of world leaders are Zionists, but he also makes mention that Zionism and Judaism would not be the same nor would Judaism stand for the same political opinions and actions as made by Zionism. There has been some uproar that Icke would be antisemitic (this video illustrates the issue), but based on this video lecture (to the right) alone I would have to say that - again based on this video lecture alone - there is no evidence of that. (I am not antisemitic either. I love the Jewish people. They are one of my favorite cultural and religious groups, if one is allowed to pick favorites.)

So based on this video lecture by Icke, the Jewish were not pointed as part of the Reptilian Agenda, by Icke. The Zionists being some sort of offshoot of Judaism, but perhaps not officially recognized by Judaism itself (I really have to read up on Judaism and how it feels about Zionism!).

And according to my own sources, the Jews are on the good side. The strongest indicator of the Jews being not part of the Reptilian Agenda is of course that if Nazi Germany was supposedly by Draconian design, and if the Jews were part of the Draconian Agenda then why try to wipe them out? And if I go by my psychic hunch it says that the Jews are one of the most beautiful people we have got. And look at all the good they do in this world.

Disclaimer: all of this could be nonsense. But there is a big widespread cultural fairytale called the Draconian Agenda, which involves all manner of topics. It is either real, or imaginary.

Note: I mean no disrespect nor harm to any of the peoples mentioned or affected herein. Not to the Jews, nor to their religion, nor to their history. Nor to the Draconians. Nor to Russians or Russian military. Nor to Vegas. Perhaps I mean a bit of disrespect to Nazis, and also to the racist Zetas and their bratty Zeta Hybrid children.

Note that I have seen no evidence or indication that Jewish people would have to worry about the Draconians for now. Draconians focus on Earth militaries and would not seem to approach or target individual Jewish people at all. Things of this nature seem to be done on larger scale political and military fashions. For instance I would not be worried to have Hamish and a Jewish person in the same room, Hamish wouldn't attack. I hope that removes any concern that the text may have instilled.

Update: I asked Hamish what the Draconians think of the Jews. Hamish has now said a couple of times that the Draconians are to "request payment" from the Jews. The Jews are to be "ruled" by the Draconians, Hamish said. (Translated from other European language.) Indicating that the Jews are currently not under Draconian rule, otherwise Hamish would not speak in the way that he did. Any Jews contacted by the Draconians would surely think that the Draconians are the Devil. I am sure it is in the very scripture of Jews not to fall for the temptations of the Devil.

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